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It starts, as many of their shared kinks do, with an accidental realization.


These instances sometimes occur during sex, like the first time Mew slapped Gulf’s ass and made him simultaneously scream and cummed so hard that he nearly blacked out. Other times, it happens when Gulf was digging through the vast expanse of the internet to find something new and exciting to try, and Mew caught him. But that is just how they build up their collection of various toys and devices. Unfortunately, the other times a new kink reveals itself to them are during extremely inopportune moments.


Like when they were at the Jongcheveevat mansion right after their KFC Green Curry live. The live ended, and they were chatting and eating with the rest of the staff. It was a feast; there is no way the both of them could finish the whole thing by themselves.


“What is it?” Mew asked when he noticed the younger was trying to take away the spoon from his hand.


“I want to eat the rice bowl,” Gulf was gesturing to the rice bowl in front of Mew. 


“Just the chicken?” 


“With a little bit of the rice,” Gulf moves a little so Mew could feed the food easily to him. 


It was a few minutes and about five spoon-fed later when one of the staff teased Gulf, “Nong, does the chicken taste better that way?” 


Gulf grins sheepishly before replying, “Of course! It’s not every day phor can feed me.” That brought up an eruption of laughter from the staff members.


It was an innocent joke, told by an innocent boy. “Aow Mew! You are a dad now!” Mew was just laughing at the comment thrown by his hairdresser. 


“Yes daddy, can I please have the chicken and rice again, please?” His tone was playful as he batted his eyelash. Playing along with the mood surrounding him, he was expecting a chuckle, perhaps a slight nudge from his boyfriend. 


Instead, when he meets Mew’s eyes, they’re dark and focused on him and him only. 


Gulf knows this look. He loves this look. His ears burned bright red against the inky black of his hair.  


But he does not want to be the subject of this look in front of everyone, while having KFC, unable to be bent over the dining table.


Mercifully, Mew closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Gulf was greeted with a calmer dark brown orb when they're open, but the hurricane is still lurking behind it. Gulf munches quietly and tries to join in the conversation, trying to distract his mind from thinking about what will happen when everyone is gone. 


It was almost midnight when both of them sent off their managers to the front door. Mew circled his arms around Gulf’s waist when they were out of sight, pulling him into the house before locking the door. It’s going to be a long, loud night. 




Mew Suppasit was a man sculpted meticulously by the Gods; even Zeus admitted defeat. 


And Gulf Kanawut was a beautiful man; Aphrodite was nothing compared to Gulf. 


The way his dimple slightly shows up when he smiles cheekily to the ways his eyes gloss over with wonder and his contagious laugh, beauty radiated off him as if it was his life force. 


In Mew's world, Gulf could not possibly look as gorgeous as he does right now. Golden skin glowing with a thin layer of sweat, small pants exiting his mouth and legs spread apart, eager and obedient.


"Thirak,” The nickname fell from Gulf's lips in a soft whimper as he stared at Mew so desperately, Mew could have cum on the spot from that alone.


Gulf's eyelids were heavy with lust, desire and exhaustion from the constant torment he had received for the past hour. 


But Mew couldn’t care about that just yet, not with Gulf Kanawut, the most stunning man to ever walk the earth, was pleading and pliant at Mew's disposal, something he'd waited so long for.


His big hands glided up the marked thighs, resting on his hips as he lazily thumbed at Gulf's hip bone. "Are you sure tua eng?"


"Do you not want to?" A pout formed on his red, bitten chestnut lips.


Panic arose within Mew, "No, of course, I do I just-" His words were getting mixed up and lost as he scrammed to find the right words to say, he wanted this, no, he needed this so badly, he can't fuck it up now. "I just want to make sure you really want this."


Gulf reached up with grabby hands and pulled Mew into a bruising kiss, tangling his fingers into his hair. Mew cupped his face out of instinct and moaned loudly into his mouth, slipping his tongue in and nibbling at Gulf's bottom lip, never stopping until they had to pull away for air.


"I want you," Gulf admitted, rubbing his hands down the expanse of Mew's back. "I want you so much, Mew. I will never stop wanting you." But, dear God, his voice was crumbling, and it took every ounce of Mew's sanity not to flip him over and pound his ass until he blackout.


“ You asked for this.”


Mew quickly got to work on Gulf's neck, leaving kisses over every inch; only when his lips reached a spot behind his ears did the man underneath him shiver. A smirk crept its way onto Mew’s face, proud that he hit the right spot. He relentlessly sucked and nipped at the skin, letting faded brown marks overlapped with fresh purple and red splotch blossom its way onto the chocolate skin.


He continued his journey down Gulf's neck and chest, sucking, biting, and kissing, leaving marks wherever he could. Causing a melody of moans to escape the other's mouth. With every love bite made, the moans became louder, growing in sound and filling Mew's ears as well as making his dick harder than it's ever been before. If there were a top-five most beautiful sounds Mew has ever heard in his years of being alive, Gulf's moans would definitely be at the top of that list.


Gulf was overtaking his senses, filling every inch of him, ranging from the moans' harmonies in his ears to the rich vanilla smell and sweat picked on his nose. In the galaxy of Gulf Kanawut, Mew was lost. Everything was overdrive, and it felt so good that he wouldn't trade anything in the world for this experience.


"Me-Mew, ah-" More moans broke through him. "Mmhm Mew, please." Soft tugs at his hair brought the older out of his trance as he stood back on the balls of his feet to admire his handy work.


Gulf looked absolutely wrecked. Swollen lips from biting them in order to keep his moans down. (It didn't work.) Black bangs matted to his forehead. His eyes shine like glass with tears threatening to spill over, but most importantly, nearly every square corner of his body from his neck down to his hips was covered in bright red and purple marks. Mew had painted the milky way on his body just using his mouth, and he loved it; he loved that now everyone will know that Gulf belongs to him and him only.


"Fuck", Mew breathed out through gritted teeth. "Tua eng, you’re so fucking beautiful..” He was at a loss for words as he leaned down to capture his swollen lips in another passionate kiss, this time slower; Mew kissed him as if it was the last time. Gulf whined at the praise and gladly welcomed his kiss, wrapping his legs around his torso and weakly tries to thrust upwards in hopes Mew would take the hint.


"Please, M-Mew." Gulf stammers. 


“Please what baby?” Tongue licking over one of the bite marks his teeth had left behind. “Use your words tua eng, I know you can.”


But Gulf can only let out more broken whimpers until Mew places one last kiss against his jaw. Then, leaning back up and over the younger, and brushes his thumb across Gulf’s trembling lower lip.


“Please, Mew. Please please please please p-please,” Gulf was really crying now, tears streamed down his face as he pleaded for Mew to properly touch him, fuck him, take care of him, just like Mew always did.


"Shhh, it’s okay. I got you."


Mew wasted no more time. He reached out to the lube on the bedside table, squirting some onto his fingers and reaching down to trace Gulf's entrance. "Whenever you're ready baby."


"Now. I need your fingers in me right now!" The younger boy demanded, thrusting down onto his long fingers.


"So bossy huh baby, maybe I should punish you for being a brat instead." The taunt made another pathetic rip from Gulf’s throat.


"No! Please Me- daddy, pretty please." Mew’s ears were tinted pink at the newfound nickname. 


"Daddy." Gulf whimpered out again.


That's all it took for Mew to slip the first finger, both letting out a groan. After that, Mew took his time, fingering him open slowly and thoroughly. Then, when Gulf started to whine again Mew took the hint and inserted another finger, scissoring him open and drinking in all the small moans that left the boy's mouth.


"Oh god. Oh fuck, yes yes yes yes." The chanting of encouragement sent a wave of arousal through him as he added a third finger, working him open while searching for his prostate.


All of a sudden, Gulf moaned particularly loud, drools that had been collected in his mouth now dripping down the side of his face as he pushed back onto the three fingers inside of him. "Mhmmmm pl-please"


Mew continued to abuse his prostate, prodding and massaging it, causing more tears and drool to cover Gulf's face. Finally, he started to clench around his fingers, bouncing up and down on them, and Mew knew he was close. Fuck, he's barely touched him, yet Gulf was so far into the clouds, babbling out incoherent pleads and moans, his hard dick dribbling with enormous amounts of pre-cum, soiling his stomach and the sheets.


Mew's own dick was painfully hard, trapped inside his boxers, and it only became harder watching Gulf fall apart like this. A huge wet spot was formed on his boxers, and it only grew as the man underneath him continued to roll back onto his fingers, begging to cum as if he'd die if he didn't.


He leaned back to thoroughly look at his work of art once again. Alongside the fresh hickies, dried-up tears, drool, lube and pre-cum, Mew would be lying if he said he didn't think that Gulf being a mess caused by him was the singular hottest thing he ever laid his own two seeing eyes on.


"Do you wanna cum, baby? Are you gonna make even more of a mess? Gonna dirty yourself up with your own cum? Are you gonna let me release all over you?"


Now it was Mew's turn to babble like a sex drunken idiot. It didn't change the fact that Gulf moaned so loudly he could hear him gargling on his own drool. He felt fucking filthy, and he adored it; he loves being filthy for Mew.


 "Yes Daddy. God, yes."


He started to slam his fingers into the Gulf without mercy, his arm starting to go limp from how hard he was jamming his fingers into him. Although Mew was almost scared he'd break him, that thought quickly left him when he noticed Gulf was trying to get his attention.


"What is it tua eng? What's wrong?" He never stopped thrusting though. Gulf tried to point towards his aching cock, too intoxicated from pleasure to form a sentence or do anything. "Do you want me to touch you?" The boy whined in return, and Mew took that as a yes.


He wrapped his free hand around his cock. His big hands curl perfectly, stroking him thoroughly, focusing on the sensitive head of his dick.


"I'm gon-" Gulf couldn't even finish his sentence as his orgasm hit him like a tsunami, his whole body twitching wildly as he arched off the bed, vision going completely white, and he was borderline screaming as Mew just gently milked him through, whispering soft praises while he watched the cum spurted all over Gulf, covering his entire stomach in the white substance.


Gulf rode his orgasm for longer than ever, his ears ringing as his vision slowly came back to him. His head spun, and he only felt Mew squeezing his thigh faintly with his free hand. 


"Shh, that's my good boy. You were so good baby, so perfect." He leaned down to leave kisses, still stroking Gulf through it all. "So good tua eng, so so good."


It took a couple of minutes for Gulf to finally come down from his incredible high and somewhat return to reality. He giggled softly as he stared at Mew with such fondness, he felt like his heart could explode. 


“You’re okay tua eng?” Mew asked as he pushed back Gulf’s bangs from sticking to his forehead. Gulf nods, sighing contently. 


His following words however, are not the ones the older was expecting, "Now will you cum on me, please." Gulf batted his eyelashes, looking at him with big, pleading eyes. "I want your cum daddy."


Those words made a growl claw at the back of his throat. "Fuck"


Mew stood up and finally, finally released himself from his boxer, causing him to moan again. Gulf unconsciously wet his lips before blurted out, “Can I?” 


Mew simply smirked and gestured to Gulf to come closer to the edge of the bed, “Who am I to say no?” 


Gulf palms Mew already hard cock. He squeezes the length lightly as he puts pressure on the tip, curling his fingers on it just how Mew likes it. He smears the beads of pre-cum as a lubricant with his thumb. Then he strokes the length at a controlled pace. 


Gulf leans in to place a kiss on the tip, then places kitten licks at the tip of the cock, licking and savouring the taste. He licks the shaft all over with the pad of his tongue while Mew caresses his hair, stroking it and massaging his scalp. Gulf is enjoying Mew’s taste on his tongue, sucking him off at just the right pace and sloppily just how he likes it.


Mew seems to notice that well-known look in Gulf's eyes, begging for Mew to touch him. The older smirks as he adjusted one hand on the back of Gulf's neck and the other on the crown of his head, forcing him to take more of the length. It results in Gulf choking on the extra few centimetres. Still, nonetheless, he gets accustomed to it and finally bottoms out. He begins to bob his head up and down; every time he raises his head, he gives Mew a naughty, pleading look.


"Don't be greedy Baby. " Mew moans raspily as he continues to pull on Gulf's hair to maintain the gorgeous eye contact that he could stare into for years. The sight of Gulf bottoming out on his full length is a sight that he'd like to tattoo onto the back of his eyelids so he could see it every time he blinks.


Gulf starts to moan and gurgle on the build-up saliva in his mouth, the vibration causing Mew to nearly come to the point where he's about to explode. 


“You like daddy’s cock?” Mew grins, enjoying how pretty his tua eng is, below him, so pliant with a cock in his mouth. Gulf nods his head and muffles a sound as he sucks on the thick cock. 


Mew groans as he fucks his mouth faster. Gulf was still able to keeps his throat relaxed despite Mew fucking him roughly.  A groan comes out of Gulf’s mouth as he tries to contain a moan. Mew’s hip thrusts are fast and controlled. It hits Gulf’s throat at another angle. 


Mew feels himself nearing the end, at the sight of Gulf sucking his cock and feeling the pleasure for a while now.


“Right there, baby.” Mew strokes his hair. Gulf sucks and bops his head energetically, looking up at Mew, showing his doe eyes that look so innocent yet doing the most sinful things right now. 


“Fuck, I'm going to cum.” Mew pulls back on his hair, causing Gulf's mouth to part from his dick and leaving a long line of spit trailing from his lips and chin all the way to the tip of Mew's cock. 


The muscles in Mew’'s stomach flutter and clench. He strokes his cock roughly as he squeezed his eyes shut, throwing his head back.


"Baby I'm gonna cum."


"Please do."


His eyes shot open to see Gulf already laying down anticipating his cum, eyes staring back with his lips red and glossy, looking more seductive than he ever has before. And damn, that's all it took for Mew to spill over, cumming all over the glowing man, rough moans leaving his lips as he watched Gulf practically bathe in his cum.


All spent out, he collapsed next to Gulf, interlocking their fingers and gently kissing each one of his perfect knuckles.


"You good baby?"


"A little sticky, but besides that, I'm more than okay." He brightly smiled at Mew, making so much love and warmth spread throughout him. He smiled back on instinct.




“Anyway, what was that all about?” Gulf breaks off the silence after their breaths are no longer erratic. 


He knows he doesn’t have to explain further because Mew avoids his gaze and shakes his head. Mew doesn’t lie to him, which means that sometimes he won’t answer altogether, just to avoid telling the truth.


Gulf rolls to his side so that his chin is resting on Mew’s chest. They are now facing each other, and there is no way,no way Mew could’ve avoided the conversation. Gulf is staring at Mew, eyes curious, begging silently for Mew to say the word out loud. 


After a sigh, he admitted, “I…liked you calling me that.”


“Calling you what?” He tilted his head slightly while Mew draws circles on his shoulder, still avoiding his gaze. 


When Mew didn’t answer, Gulf watches his cheeks go pink and he whispers, “Daddy” 


Mew closes his eyes and grips his shoulder slightly. A deeper blush formed onto the apples of Mew's cheeks, still not used to the term.


Gulf smirks and tries to push the topic further, “But why didn’t you ever tell me?”


“I didn’t know,” Mew says, sounding deeply troubled about it all. “I was aware of this kink. I was not aware that I enjoyed it.” As he talks, his brow furrows more and more.


“You don’t need to be all embarrassed about it,” Gulf leans over and peck on his lips . “No shame in me calling you daddy, unless…. you want me to call you mommy because that’s a different conversation we have to have—”


“Tua eng,” Mew admonishes.


“Yes, daddy?”



— [♡] ;

The end.