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The Alpha Pound and the Omega Collective

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“It feels like we’re getting a puppy” Peter said excitedly, skipping along the sidewalk. Beside him, Steve rolled his eyes and adopted a more serious tone, which he thought was more fitting for the occasion.

“More like getting a grown wolf” he responded, to which Peter promptly stuck his tongue out. The two omegas walked briskly down the street in the lovely spring weather, having run a little late from their collective. The tempting smell of coffee floated from a café they passed, and Steve had to chew his cheek to resist the urge to get a quick espresso.

“Jeez Stevie, lighten up will ya? We’re finally picking out our very own alpha. You really should be smiling more” Peter pointed out and gave an exaggerated toothy grin to demonstrate. It had effect however; Steve couldn’t help but laugh.


Their collective contained five omegas, and they’d been nesting together for years now. There was their youngest, Peter, who hadn’t passed high school yet but whose beta Aunt thought he might thrive better joining an omega collective early on. And then Steve, of course, functioning as a sort of ‘head of the household’. They had been selected by the others to go and run todays errand. This was partly because Loki had a bit of a problem around alphas and it would be calmer to keep him home for now, and Tony wasn’t much better. They knew full well how their behaviour could piss alphas off, but seeing as they were never near anyone out of their leash, they’d convinced themselves they were invincible or something. It was idiotic. The last member of the collective was Quill, who honestly could be a handful. But mostly, the cheeky omega just came off as cute.


Usually they all got by fine on their own. The house they had was a nice one, with a garden and a hammock Tony had built for them, and since all of them were so young still (none past the age of 23), their heats had been manageable. By that, Steve meant that they had gotten by as a group, taking turns helping the omega in need until the worst had passed. Now, however, they had finally saved up a tidy sum to get themselves an alpha. That’s why Steve and Peter were going to the pound today – they had booked an appointment to see what assortment was available, and hopefully leave with the newest addition to the collective.


“Loki said we should check his teeth” Peter said as he got distracted by a flower on the sidewalk and bent down to poke at it. Steve tried to resist rolling his eyes again – Loki would say something like that. The sole thing everyone fully agreed on was that they wanted a male, but other than that, the two friends pretty much had free range in pickings.

“Why – does he want them extra sharp or something? There might not be an awful lot to choose from” Steve pointed out. They turned a corner and spotted the sign further up saying ‘Alpha Pound’, indicating the government-run establishment.


It might seem a strange thing, but for a while now alpha births had been declining. Actually, it had been like this since World War II, and it caused some troubles for omegas who still remained the same. That’s why the collectives had started forming, making it so that an omega could nest with a bunch of others as a safer, healthier way of living after having left their parental homes. Steve had been told in school about how horrible life could be before the 40’s – alphas roamed free, with little to no regulation on how much they could act on their aggressive natures. When bonded with an omega, they practically owned that person by law, and there was no way for an omega to get a divorce to break a bond should their alpha be abusive. Pups were so often mistreated that for a while, it looked as if omegas were the ones declining in numbers since those pups are smaller and weaker than their alpha or beta siblings.


So when the last great war ended, a domino effect of political reforms started. A large part of the alpha population in America had been drafted and died as soldiers in both World War I and World War II, and as their status was weakened, the very first beta president was able to be elected. He started the process of diminishing alpha rights and soon after, the first alpha pups were left by their parents to be raised in the pounds. Their violent, aggressive nature became less of a problem when they began being institutionalized from a young age, and it also helped keeping a closer look on the declining birth rates. As a result, the 21st century saw a small but steady population of alphas raised apart from the rest of society, which meant domestic violence on omegas and pups had dropped to an almost non-existing level.


Still though…there was no denying omegas needed alphas. Steve was no exception. His last heat had been excruciating – despite Peter licking his bonding gland and Loki keeping one of the fake knotted dildos they had going steadily in and out of him, all the scrawny omega wanted was an alpha to make it stop hurting so much. Therefore he thought they were lucky, being able to buy ownership of an alpha that had been trained since being a pup to be a guardian and a protector; not a wild animal.


Once Steve placed a hand on the door, Peter suddenly took a hold of his hand. Turning to look at his friend, the young omega gave him a nervous smile. No doubt he was excited, but Peter was till only sixteen and often latched on to Steve or Tony when in public. And this was an even scarier occasion – even from outside, they could smell the heavy layer of pheromones in the air.


“It’s gonna be okay” Steve promised in a low, reassuring voice, squeezing the small hand in his. Peter nodded as determinedly as he could manage, and they went inside together.


Greeting them was a much worse case of the smell from outside. It was layered in with a strange floral scent meant to diffuse the scent of alpha, but those blockers weren’t near enough to help the sensitive nose of an omega when the alphas were so many in one place. Instead, it hopefully gave some relief to the betas working here – one of which came into the reception to welcome them with a smile.

“Hi! I’m assuming one of you are Mr Rogers?” the kind-looking man asked, to which Steve nodded. The thin-haired beta’s polite smile broadened and he reached out to shake the omega’s hand. “We spoke on the phone yesterday. My name’s Phil, and I’ll be assisting you today. I must apologize for the smell – we usually hose down the alphas before having a visit, but there was an accident this morning and well…” Phil told the two of them, but stopped when he saw Peter growing pale. “Oh but don’t worry, there is no danger and no one was harmed” the beta reassured gently, making Peter release his breath. Phil manoeuvred the clipboard in hand and instead gestured down a corridor.


“Shall we take the rest on the way?” he wondered, straightening his grey tie. Steve nodded, once again squeezing Peter’s hand.

“Yes, no problem. Please excuse my friend, he’s not accustomed to alphas just yet” the blond omega said, and Phil nodded understandably.

“No problem – it can be quite an intimidating place at first. But just know that we keep every alpha in accommodations according to government regulations, and we are proud to admit that no fully trained alpha has had an aggressive incident for the last five years now. So we do believe our technique is safe and secure for our customers” Phil explained as he led the way through two sets of heavy metal doors leading to a long corridor. Before opening the last, he halted to turn and frown at the two omegas. “I trust none of you are close to your heat?” he asked, most likely as a routine question since they of course had made sure to pick a good date for this visit. Steve shook his head and readjusted the slightly oversized navy blue sweatshirt he wore. It hadn’t been washed super recently, as was the same with the nerdy t-shirt Peter wore, because Steve had read somewhere it was good to let their new alpha get accustomed quickly to their scents.


With that confirmation, Phil started showing them what these ‘government regulated accommodations’ look liked. Peter stuck close to Steve’s side as they slowly walked down the long corridor, peering through the barred windows of the small cells. There was really no other way to describe it – even though the rooms were very clean and had a robust bed, Steve’s stomach still got a weird clench at how the windows out to the yard on the other side was barred as well. Back at them stared alphas in different states – not all of them were available for sale, which was highlighted by the fact that some of them wore muzzles and a chained collar, while others wore only a collar and sat calmly on their floors playing with a ball.


“I understand you preferred a male? We currently have seven adult ones to choose from, all of which have different temperaments so you’ll hopefully find exactly what you’re looking for” Phil explained, looking down at his clipboard as they passed another door with the name “Beck” written on a small sign hanging on it. That alpha was naked from the waist up and sat on the floor rubbing a piece of fabric against his nose. He wore no muzzle, but instead had a chain attached to his right foot leading to a heavy bolt in the wall. The sounds he made, wildly rubbing the shirt or whatever it was over his face, was nothing human.


At the sight of that, Peter scrunched up his nose. The alphas he’d seen before had all been so well behaved, dressed proper and walked neatly in their leash by a cluster of omegas. These ones were…not animal-like, but closer to it. Stopping, the young omega peered inside the room.

“Don’t they have books or something?” Peter asked, frowning. Phil gave him an apologetic smile. Next to him on the wall hung an assortments of whips right above a crate of colourful balls. It was a strange combination.

“Oh, I’m afraid alphas can’t read” the beta told them, ready to move on. However, Steve reacted to this statement.

“The one in my household when I grew up could read. He read to me before bed when Ma was out” he said warily. Sure, alphas were very different in nature from omegas and betas, but not so different they couldn’t read?


The smile Phil gave him now was an overseeing one, one that made Steve a little uneasy. Beside him, Peter reacted differently to the look – Steve could feel his shoulders relax, seeing as the younger boy had much easier access to his submissive nature.

“Yes, it used to be more common amongst alphas to read. But as these pounds have evolved over the years it has simply been deemed a task too demanding. Given their high energy levels and proneness to frustration, research has concluded that alphas does not have the ability of concentration it takes to easily learn reading. It would be too costly to give them such an education when they will not even have use for it” Phil clarified.


Oh. Well that made…sense. Steve nodded slowly and Peter outright smiled towards the polite man, and they could continue the tour.


“How many are there in your collective?” Phil asked.

“Five. Two of them are a little…difficult” Steve told him, pacing by a door to observe a female alpha asleep on her bed. Her large frame made it so she had to pull her legs up a bit to get room, and her blonde hair was wild like a birds nest around her.

“I see. Then I think you might need someone sturdy but calm” the beta nodded, crossing out a name on his clipboard. “I’d say Rumlow is out of the question” he smiled apologetically, gesturing towards the door to their left. What was inside made Peter shrink back behind Steve. In turn, Steve tried to square his shoulders and appear brave, but he was still an omega after all – and the large, chained up male alpha staring back at them both with eyes black as sin as a muzzle covered his quietly growling mouth was affecting even him. Quickly, Steve agreed they didn’t want that one, and moved on.


“Does your heats usually converge?” Phil wondered next. As they paced, he continued asking the relevant questions, and Steve tried to answer as best he could. It was admittedly a little hard to focus – the heavy scents mixing were starting to take a toll on his body. Luckily he’d opted for the padded underwear today, and despite feeling himself slowly start to get wetter, he could rest assured he wasn’t making a big stain in his jeans. Awkwardly, he adjusted his shirt again, hoping it might conceal just how scrawny his chest was.


Because it wasn’t just the feeling of being surrounded by alphas that could potentially kill him – it was more than that. Steve wanted an alpha, he had wanted one since he first started maturing and realized how much his body could crave something. But he’d never been the prettiest omega. He wasn’t one other children’s mothers complimented for their ‘nice, birth giving hips’ or got his cheek squeezed for being round and cute. All his youth he’d been sickly, and it had left him scrawny and skinny even now when he at least had a little better health…not that his health was by any means good, and the doctors said it probably wouldn’t be until he had an alpha knotting him on regular occasions. And despite that, there was no telling if his body would be able to pull through a pregnancy. Simply put – Steve was uncomfortable picking an alpha, because he wasn’t sure that alpha would’ve picked him. Luckily though, the alpha they bought would live with four others much more suitable for bearing pups. If the alpha had to be satisfied with just keeping Steve for an omega to fuck, then…so be it. The thought calmed Steve a little, but still made him sad.


It was those thoughts he was wrapped up in when he suddenly felt a scent. It was earthy and sweet at the same time, like sitting beneath a plum tree, and it spoke to the omega through the heavy mixtures of smells in the corridor. Stopping, Steve lifted his small nose and found the trail. Phil kept talking, but Steve veered to his left and stepped up to the door. There it was. The scent was much stronger here. It caused a turmoil in the omega’s stomach – much like as if he had butterflies in there starting a vicious fight. Holding his breath, Steve slowly stood on his toes and looked inside through the barred window.


The cell was neat and clean, with no ball or anything of the sort. Instead there was only a bed with a carefully folded blanket, and…an alpha. He was a bit larger than the rest of them, built heavily with muscles making Steve’s mouth water, with brown hair falling in tresses around his face where he sat on the edge of the bed. All he wore was a pair of black pants, and his hands rested on his knees with shielded eyes locked on the wall before him. It was as if he was a robot, waiting patiently on command with his breath steadily going in and out of his nose. What made matters even more robotic was the prosthetic steel arm, shining like silver in the few rays of sunlight making their way through the window.


Steve was fascinated by him instantly. Not just his curious way of sitting, but also his scent that somehow stood out from the rest of them. Phil, finally having noticed the blond omega was no longer listening, halted with Peter. When he saw where Steve was, he walked up next to him. Steve couldn’t look away from the alpha, who still hadn’t acknowledged his presence.


“Who is he?” he asked quietly, perhaps thinking it would disturb the male. But his breathing continued as it was, with the long, brown tresses falling to seclude part of his pale face. It seemed his ratty hair hadn’t been washed in a while, even if the rest of him only had that clean, distinct smell.


“That’s Barnes. I would say he’s an excellent choice, Mr Rogers – you won’t find a more disciplined alpha, at least not in this pound. He was trained in a different pound than this one at first, where they were even more strict on techniques such as using muzzles to train away unwanted speech. Usually, we would let him go for a higher prize, but seeing as he is damaged, the standard will suffice” Phil told him, nodding towards the ‘damage’ as he called it. However, Steve didn’t think the prosthetic arm was any sort of damage – it looked just like a real arm, just out of metal. Frowning, he realized he might not even want to know what had happened to the alpha.


Next to him, Peter whiffed the air and stepped closer, while Phil kept talking.


“He is a prime age as well, and completely housetrained so you wouldn’t have to worry about furniture. And he has responded well to the tests of bringing omegas into his cell…” the beta continued, but Steve interrupted him with a hand lifted.


His nervous system was quickly blooming as the rich, sweet scent found its way through his body, and a new wave of slick made his hole drip into his padded underwear. But despite the physical reaction, there was a much more significant emotional one going too. Steve had never felt this intrigued by someone before – be it alpha, beta or omega. His eyes searched the large body in front of him, the naked chest filled with faded, pink scars and that unmoving, stone-like face. Who was he, really? And how would it be to be close to him, without a heavy door separating them?


“I want…” Steve started, quietly. He knew that the alpha could hear him, yet he swallowed and continued speaking to Phil. There was no way to know how to handle this one. “I want to look at his eyes” he finished, trying to sound sure of himself. Phill nodded compliantly.


“Barnes. Raise your eyes” the beta commanded sharply.


Slowly, but without hesitation, the alpha obediently started to raise his head. When he looked up, Steve had expected him to look straight at his beta handler – but instead the alpha locked eyes with Steve. A sharp inhale of breath could be heard over the otherwise quiet room. Steve tried to regain his composure, except it was hard. Those eyes were steel blue. They looked exactly like Steve’s, if only hardened with a sheen of something like a grey storm clouding a blue sea. And in them, the omega saw something he’d never thought he’d see.


“We want that one” Steve said suddenly. Adamantly he took Peter’s hand, and turned to Phil. They weren’t leaving without him.  

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“Jeez this is heavier than it looks” Peter huffed out, hiking the bag up higher on his shoulder. They were once again walking down the street, but in the opposite direction this time. Towards home. Peter had volunteered to carry the bag of items they’d gotten from the alpha pound to start out with – they would need to get James more stuff later, but Phil had made sure the omegas had the essentials. Amongst the starter jar of protein powder and a black muzzle was a leather whip and a special collar meant for punishment. There was more stuff in there, but Steve had let Peter be the one focusing on Phil while he himself had kept his eyes on their new alpha. Right now, the blond scrawny omega held onto his leash tightly as he nervously glanced up at the silent alpha and tried to cross the street at the same time. Peter hadn’t dared be the one to lead him on their first stroll.


It felt strange, to say the least, leading an alpha of that size down the busy street lined with flowering trees. Like a kid walking a Great Dane. Steve tried his best to keep the leash as taught as necessary and walk with as much confidence that an alpha-owner should have. It shouldn’t be that hard – he’d seen tonnes of omegas walk their alpha and barely ever witnessed an incident. Yet it felt different when it was him. Unsure, Steve let his eyes flicker back up at James. The large male kept his gaze steadily ahead, black muzzle in place and covering his mouth and nose. Not that Steve had wanted to put it on him, but Phil at the pound assured him it was better not to test their luck the first time James would be outside without his beta handlers. His long hair fell around his face, yet he moved no muscle. There was a feeling of…pride? Or perhaps pent up arousal? Whatever it was, it filled Steve’s chest when he saw how well behaved his newly bought alpha was. The heavy, brown leather collar wore a little golden tag with the name James Buchanan Barnes on it – as soon as they had time, Tony had promised to fix a separate tag with the name of their collective on it. Besides that, the alpha wore a simple black t-shirt to go with his pants. Hands were stiffly at his side and his scent was ambivalent with a forced calm and a tense edginess. Which of course wasn’t strange – this must all be very new to him. A pang of sympathy went through Steve. Despite knowing this was a very dangerous creature, the omega still saw those steel blue, seemingly expressionless eyes for what they were – nervous. Or at least, he thought he saw that. Steve actually knew nothing about the alpha.


“Phil left a green ball in here too, do you think that’s the one James likes best?” Peter gushed, hoisting the bag up as he happily skipped along. Then he bit his lip uncertainly and turned shyly up towards the huge man between the two omegas. “Or, I mean…is the green ball your favourite?” he asked again, directing the question towards James instead.


Now, James couldn’t actually talk through the muzzle, but he could still shake or nod his head. Despite that, he looked uncertain, confusion clouding his eyes as the alpha seemed to ponder how to even answer such a question. But Steve figured that he would’ve just nodded if the answer was yes, so he frowned and gently tugged on the leash as they had to turn a corner.

“I think that’s a no” Steve answered for him. To his surprise, James suddenly looked down on him with something very close to worry in his otherwise so blank eyes. Even if Steve wasn’t quite sure why that was, he quickly reassured the alpha. “Oh, that’s okay! We can go to the store later, pick out a brand new ball for you. Does that sound good?” Now, James hesitantly nodded. Satisfied, Steve continued the last few steps until reaching their white picked fence.


Steve had done his research, and Phil had explained most of the rest. Therefore he knew how important it was to make the alpha feel safe these first few days – only if he felt safe could he start fitting into his new role as their protector. Keep them safe in return. An alpha needed both to create a bond of trust between himself and the omegas he belonged to, but still have a certain respect and fear for them. It was no easy thing, bending a naturally dominant creature to the will of a cluster of omegas who had it in them to submit. The alpha pounds did their part of the work with the upbringing, but it was up to Steve and his friends to do the rest. It would pose a challenge not only for James, but for the omegas as well…for example, should he growl threateningly at Steve, the young man would need not only to resist the urge to kneel down and bar his throat, but he would also need to bring himself to punish the alpha. And Steve would, if needed. Whatever fascination and bodily reaction he had to James, nothing in this world was more important to him than his friends in the collective. He might not get along perfectly with them all at all times, but in the end of the day they all loved each other like family, and if an alpha ever threatened their safety, Steve would do everything in his power to protect them.


So it was actually a good thing things were as they were in society. Because in the old world, Steve would never have had a chance against an alpha – not with his skinny, short frame. Had he been lucky, trying to protect say Peter from a groping alpha, Steve would’ve been beat up in an alley. Had he been unlucky, he’d been killed on the spot. But now? Now they had a trained alpha under their command. If James tried to hurt any of the omegas now, all Steve would have to do is use the right words and bring out the whip.


Glancing at James again, Steve bit his bottom lip. Not that he wanted to do that. The alpha stopped when the two boys stopped, and looked so obedient where he stood broad legged and silent in his muzzle. And he smelled so sweet…so heady…no, Steve wouldn’t enjoy hurting him, even if Phil had given them the whip with ease and told them it was perfectly normal to use it.


Oh well. They had reached their front door. Let’s just see how it went, mmm?


“Boys! They’re home! They’re here!”


The three of them heard Quill’s excited voice shouting from inside the house before Peter even had the chance of putting his hand on the door handle. In an instant, the front door was flung open and the young brunette had to skip back as not to get hit in the face. Quickly, Steve threw a look at James, who stood still but whose eyes opened wider. It was much like opening the door to the pound; except this time the heavy blanket of smells mixed together that greeted their noses wasn’t from alphas. It was from five omegas who lived, slept and endured their heats in the same space. To Steve and Peter the scent was familiar and barely noticeable, but to the tall alpha it must seem like the house was literally covered with the omegas fluids – and to some extent, it was. As much as Steve and Loki cleaned (being the only two preferring to actually not live in a pig stye), it was just so hard to get each trail of slick from off the couches, each stain of cum from the clothes and the overall impossible mission of cleaning up after a heat. Now try five omegas each getting into heats every two months. So yeah, it must be quite a smell through the open door now.


Another thing greeting them from the doorway was a breathless Quill, sockless in his jeans and white t-shirt stained with some kind of food and wearing his best, toothiest grin. He must’ve looked out the window on the top floor to see them coming and then ran down the stairs. The energetic omegas short brown hair was on all ends and when he hung out via the door his eyes immediately widened at the notable size difference between him and James.


“Oh sorry Peter! I didn’t see…oh wow!” Quill exclaimed, interrupting himself to gawk at James. Steve found himself tugging the leash a little closer to himself. While he knew Quill was harmless and actually a totally loveable goof, the omegas enthusiastic ways could probably be a bit intimidating for someone…used to a cell and strict betas with keys and whips. “Is this him? Is he ours?” Quill asked with his high-pitched oh-my-god-I’m-so-excited voice that he usually reserved for whenever Loki brought home another stray cat.


Rolling his eyes, Steve tugged the leash carefully forward.

“Yes Quill, this is him” he answered as they moved inwards, making the squealing omega stumble backwards.

“Oh you picked a big one! And he’s so handsome!” Quill clapped his hands excitedly. Leaning forward, he got a quick whiff of the alpha who steeled himself against an obvious twitch to take a step back at the half-assault. “Smells so good too. Tony! Get down, you have to smell this one!” he called towards the stairs.


The notion made Steve involuntarily blush. The flashback of the first time he got to smell James up close made his knees feel a little weaker (and his hole, but that was a different story). Phil had carefully let the blond omega in first in the cell, and Steve had slowly approached the alpha who’d been ordered to sit still. As Steve got closer, he’d been acutely aware of the fact that the male had been staring at him the entire time, given that he hadn’t been ordered to look away yet. His blue eyes followed the omega warily, much like a predator observing his prey. Only this prey was willing getting near him. Swallowing nervously, Steve had ignored the wild battle of the butterflies in his stomach and inched closer. There was a silence filling the small room – like a heavy fog over a lake early in the morning, before sunset. Completely undetectable if you reached out a hand, but present all the same, closing in on all the senses. Then, all of a sudden it was broken. Surprisedly, it was broken by James. Because when Steve slowly leaned closer, just a feet away from the alpha’s neck, and inhaled his scent, the sound of James’ sharp breath shattered the fog. Steve twitched, realizing that the alpha breathed in his scent at the same time, and that was what had caused the reaction.


After that, Steve’s own heart had started beating too wildly, and his poor entrance had clenched around nothing while his eyes drifted too close to James’ crotch…before he could allow himself to take in the fact that the alpha definitely wasn’t soft in his pants, Steve had quickly backed out again and made room for Peter to enter. It was good, he told himself. A good thing – both he and the alpha had reacted well to each other. Shown interest. So why did it clench his heart in the wrong way to remember that sharp intake of breath?


Right now, Steve was just happy to introduce him to his (somewhat overwhelming) friend. Loki and Tony was still off somewhere, probably in the garage fixing up that car Loki had somehow managed to produce seemingly out of thin air given their budget just took a hit (alphas weren’t cheap), but Quill was more than enough to start with.


“Does he really need to wear that?” Quill asked, pointing to the muzzle and scrunching his nose up. The energetic brunette was bigger than Peter with quite the arms, for being an omega, so Quill easily lifted the bag and carried it into the living room. In there, they had prepared the space for receiving the newest addition to their collective. The coffee table had been removed and instead there was only the couch, two old armchairs and the very soft carpet with a heap of blankets carefully laid out like a little nest. Not that it was a full nest – that would require more time and pillows – but it was enough to make a safe space for everyone. In the middle was an empty slot meant for James.

“Oh, no he doesn’t. They said he’s not one to bite” Peter answered, before turning to Steve. “Is it okay if we take it off?” he asked, biting his bottom lip in that manner that was so very Peter. It was sweet that he still felt such a need to ask Steve permission for things – when his aunt left him here, she did tell him to listen to the older omega, but sometimes he just didn’t seem to know what to do if Steve didn’t approve first. To disperse his worried mind, Steve gave him a kind smile and softly stroke his cheek with his thumb.

“Sure honey” he answered, to Peter’s happy smile in response.


Steve unhooked the chain, leaving James in just his collar and muzzle. Carefully, Peter put his small hands on the back of the alpha’s neck, where the clasp for the muzzle was.

“I’m gonna take this off, okay? You be good. I promise this is a nice home” Peter said slowly, concentrating on finding the lock. James nodded carefully, as not to shake off the omega’s hands. Steve’s chest swelled with pride again – it was good to see Peter had remembered the talks they’d all had about how to handle this first day. He really wanted to be a good boy. Steve would make sure to tell him later.


Once off, James still remained silent. Letting himself be led into the prepared living room, he silently looked around as Steve positioned him barefooted on the blankets, taking in the slightly messy room. Since it was a shared space, it held titbits of information about all of the five people living there. There was the ton of leafy plants Loki kept everywhere, ranging from tiny to way too big – for example they had a massive aloe vera, which was only one of the plants Loki claimed had excellent healing abilities. Then there was Quill’s posters from old video games set in space, like Space Invaders and Guardians of the Galaxy, mixing with Peter’s multiple Star Wars Lego-structures and Tony’s vinyl collection of AC/DC-records. And then of course, on the wall was also Steve’s many sketches. Most of them were of the other omegas, and none of them had been hung by himself. Instead Tony worked like some sort of art vacuum cleaner, fishing the sketches from the floor or the trash only to smooth them out and hang them up next to Quill’s vintage posters. So if James was trying to get a grip of the people who were his new owners, the living room was a pretty good place to start.


“You can sit down” Quill urged, sitting down cross-legged himself on the floor. Hesitantly, James sank down and sat on his knees. Chewing on the inside of his cheek, Steve slowly walked around the pair. That didn’t look overly comfortable. And the alpha would have to be there for a while.


Sure not to make any sudden movements, Steve sank down beside James and gave him a reassuring smile.

“How about…you sit like Quill? I think that might be…nice” he said, not sure how to express himself. When James hesitated (maybe he didn’t know who Quill was), Steve took a deep breath and gently touched James’ powerful thighs, nudging him in the right direction. Getting the hint, the large man sat down more comfortably on his rear instead. Steve did the same, instantly not know whether that was a good decision or not. As soon as his neglected ass made contact with the blankets and the rug, he unconsciously rubbed himself on the carpet. Shame burned bright on his face when he realized James curious eyes was still on him, and probably hadn’t missed that.


Sure, the house might be filled to the brim with the scent of omegas, but the alpha’s pheromones cut through it like steel through a feather pillow. It was more than enough to make it hard for Steve to keep his composure – and he was the composed one usually. But if you’d never been touched by an alpha…never been fucked by one… Steve’s heat was coming up next, and if it were anything at all like the last, James would have his first job cut out for him. Even now, when the omega was more or less balanced in his hormones, Steve felt his temperature rising just at being close to the alpha. It made him wonder if James could smell his slickness even through the padded, scent-blocked underwear. He did still have his blue eyes fixed on Steve…


“Wow, you really picked a good one” Quill gushed amazed, poking at the muscly calf resting on the floor. Then his eyes furrowed and he leaned closer. “What’s wrong with his arm though?” he wondered; ever so sensitive. Steve resisted the urge to scold him for being rude. It would be bad for them to go after each other right now – the alpha needed to perceive them as a united front. Masters of the house.

“His name is James, and he can answer better for himself” Steve said instead, with a slight emphasis. Now, James’ eyes slowly wandered over to Quill, still expressionless. Quill rolled his eyes then smiled one of his sweeter smiles at the alpha. In the background, Peter was unpacking the bag.

“James. So formal. I’m actually also called Peter, but just call me Quill. So what did happen to your arm?” he asked, peering curiously at the silvery metal plating disappearing under the black t-shirt.


As might have been expected, James didn’t answer. Instead his eyes flickered somewhat uncertainly towards Steve again, and the omega realized with a pang that the alpha must believe (from how the others behaved) that he is the one giving the orders in the household. Now, while it wasn’t wrong, per se, Steve still needed to make sure things were laid out clear for the alpha.


“It’s okay James, you’re allowed to speak in this collective. As soon as the other two get here, we’ll go over all the rules more in detail, but for now you just need to know that if we expect you to be quiet, we’ll…bring out the muzzle again. Okay?” Steve said, chewing on the inside on his cheek and feeling relieved when James nodded. He really wasn’t planning on using the muzzle, and knew that the others probably felt the same way, but it couldn’t hurt to make sure James knew that just because he were out of the pound it didn’t mean he could act any way. It was for their safety. “Okay, good. And you also need to know that we are all five of us listed as your owner, so all of us are to be obeyed. Is that clear?” he finished. His voice was firm, but not harsh. It had a softness to it that he just didn’t seem to clear himself of. And that was most likely good – alphas might be dangerous and brutish, but even a wolf should never be spoken to roughly if not necessary.


“Yes” James spoke, to their surprise, instead of nodding. It was the first time he had spoken. His voice was much deeper than Steve’s, and seemed raw in a way that someone who hadn’t used their voice in a while sounded. The rough texture of it sent sparks flying in Steve’s stomach, and he swallowed hard to get a grip. Then the alpha turned slowly back to Quill. He hesitated a moment longer before speaking again. “I lost my arm in the first pound where I was primarily raised. Training gone wrong. My handlers were kind to get me a prosthetic, so that I might perform my work as an alpha better” James told Quill quietly.


Two things were obvious to Steve who listened, frowning. One; the alpha kept his voice low as not to sound too intimidating, which was a sign of excellent discipline according to the manuals. Two; he retold the incident like reciting a manuscript. There was nothing about his voice that gave away any kind of emotion, and therefore it was impossible to actually tell whether he was lying or not. But Steve knew how to read people. It was a skill you acquired when you were too sick to play as a child, and instead sat in the windowsill drawing people you observed in the park, or in the collective. He’d learned to tell when his Ma was lying through her smile, saying she felt fine when in reality she was sick as well. He learned to see in the other omegas faces in the collective where he was raised whether they honestly liked a gift, or appreciated a meal. So now, he could say with certainty that James answer wasn’t quite right.


However, there was no time to dig into that now. Steve hears the door open, and heard the chatter of Loki and Tony approaching. Straightening up, he took a deep breath. As soon as they were all here, they could begin the true scenting.  

Chapter Text

“We’ve set up a special room for you, of course, but you’ll be required to sleep in whichever bed you’re needed in. This won’t only be an expectation during the heats. Absolutely no biting, except for during the bonding ceremony. We’re planning on doing that later this week, and until then you’ll be scented each day” Loki explained with precision, pacing in front of the sitting alpha. The lean, black-haired omega had a way of acting that could be both polite and terrifying at the same time. His family was more or less British royals – unfortunately the Great Britain had a different way of dealing with the declining birth rates of alphas, and Loki had found it inexcusable when his father tried marrying him off to his alpha brother Thor. Sure, Loki might be adopted, but incest was a step too far in keeping the bloodline pure. Instead, he’d run off to America to join an omega collective. This was why he had no trouble acting like this alpha was far beneath him.


Still, everyone thought James seemed a perfect option. Quill had talked him through the usual routines of the collective and Tony had fallen more or less in love with the prosthetic which turned out to be an engineering wonder. The omega with grease-stains on his jeans and neck was a mechanical engineer and worked in his father’s old motor shop, fixing cars coming in for service and rebuilding ones he found in the junkyard when he had the time.


Steve himself was itching. He knew this needed to be done, and James was doing a good job listening, but he honestly just wanted to get to the scenting.


“And also we really need to look at how your ruts usually go – speaking of which, did you inspect his knot at the pound?” Loki continued, turning to eye Peter. The poor boy instantly blushed a deep pink shade, stuttering over his words as he tried to get an answer out. Since he was still a teenager, he’d only every been through one heat before, and that was a mild one. He was still quite nervous around most things sexual.

“Oh, uhm, no? I mean, the handler told us he was in good shape, so I figured…I didn’t think about it” Peter admitted, twitching his hands. All the while James sat silently and observed them – if he was uncomfortable about them talking about his cock, he didn’t show it.


Loki rolled his eyes.

“So you just bought the horse without checking its teeth?” the black-haired omega said sharply, which only made Peter frown confusedly. Fortunately, Quill stepped in.

“Man, what is it with you and teeth? Plus, you really need to stop sounding like you’re from the Victorian era or whatever. How would you even know if a knot is good or not? How many actual knots have you seen in your life?” the critical omega challenged, narrowing his eyes. Gosh, these two could bicker. Loki, never one to back down, just gave a poisonous sweet smile.

“You forget, my American friend, that I was raised alongside several alphas, unlike all of you. I think I can be the judge of what a knot should look like” he answered, to which Quill barked out a laugh.

“You mean your older brother? Yeah, I’m quite sure you got a good look at that” Quill quipped back with a wink, causing Loki’s mood to darken instantly. He loathed when people implied he had slept with Thor, since he detained the perception that he deserved far better than ‘that witless oaf’. And as always, the other three omegas watched the bickering like a ping pong match.


“What are you suggesting?” Loki sourly bit out.

“Oh nothing, I’m just accepting you as king of knots here” Quill casually said, throwing his arms out in the general direction of everything. Loki crossed his arms and donned a look that said ‘I am so superior and you are just bleh’.

Prince, if you will. And at least I don’t get all my intel from porn with big-cocked betas playing alphas” he spat back. Now Quill’s eyes widened almost comically before he narrowed them again, smiling challenging. He crawled close to James, who’d tried to follow along but was inevitably breathing heavier from all the commotion. Steve watched worriedly as Quill placed a hand on the alphas shoulder, tugging him up. Before he could react, Quill had started pulling down the zipper and was in the process of yanking down James’ pants.


“Really, then why don’t you make your assessment, my prince” he said, but he got no further than exposing the alphas underwear before he suddenly, without warning, gave a very low growl deep in his throat.


The room stilled. Everyone turned their heads to the alpha who now instead had frozen in place and looked as if he didn’t know whether to growl again or bolt for the door. Quill fell silently backwards, colour draining from his face as he looked much like a deer caught in headlights. This wasn’t a situation any of them were used to, but if there was one thing they’d been taught in school and at home, it was that an alpha growling should never be underestimated. The usually so pale face of Loki was instead going red with anger.


“Peter, hand me the whip –“ the black-haired omega started, but Steve held out a quick hand when he saw the flash of fear in James’ eyes.

“Enough!” he said sharply, shutting everyone up. “Jesus, he’s barely learned our names and you’re already using him as a show pony or a punchline. No wonder he snapped a little” Steve scolded, keeping his arm out in a sort of protective gesture. Meeting Loki’s eyes, he raised an eyebrow and caused the other omega to don an apologetic look. “It’s not fair to use the whip on him for that. If you want, we’ll look James over physically – but how about we take a step back first? I think he’s getting freaked out” Steve offered, softening his voice. Despite being the smallest of the omegas, the blond had an authority over himself that the others adhered to.


So for now, everyone crawled back a little, giving James some space. His shoulders were still tense, and the metal hand had dug itself into the blankets for grounding. But the fear melted away when he was given room to breathe.

“I’m sorry James. You can, uh, put your pants back on” Quill mumbled, blushing. “I can get a little overexcited sometimes” he added, as an explanation or apology. In any case, it worked, since James slowly pulled his pants up and sat back down. Steve let go of his breath and shifted his own position. Now was not the time to indulge in his needs and tell the alpha that no, actually he needed to take everything off and fuck Steve because that’s an order – now was the time to get this thing to work. If their collective failed miserably with their first alpha, there was no telling how hard it was going to be being trusted to buy another. The government kept records over all collectives – it simply wasn’t safe to sell an alpha to omegas who clearly couldn’t take care of one. What if it ran amok? Shaking his head, Steve dispersed such thoughts.


“So, James. Why don’t you tell us a bit about your ruts usually go? How often do you get them?” Steve asked as calmly and casually as he could. They’d gotten a dossier with information about the alpha, but all the handbooks said they could benefit from instead having the conversation with their new asset instead. ‘To build communication’ as it was put so eloquently.


As always, it took James a moment to answer. It was as if he needed extra time to search through his head for the right words. The small omegas sat patiently around him, like children before an adult.

“I’m…sorry I growled” James started, surprisingly. “I know that was a bad thing to do. I’ll do better” he promised, voice deep and raspy. Steve nodded, encouraging him. The alpha took a deep breath and continued. “Usually I get a rut every third month. The next one should occur in seven weeks, and they last four days” he told them quietly. Tony, sitting a bit to the side, leaned forward on his hands.

“And how would you prefer we deal with them?” he asked gently. The question seemed to confuse James all over again – perhaps he wasn’t prepared to be answered a question about his own preferences. The reason Tony asked was because, well, none of them had seen an alpha in rut. They’d been told in school that it was very painful for an alpha to go through them without an omega or at least something simulating  omegas, yet also how painful it could be for an omega to get caught with an alpha in rut. So Steve had agreed with Tony beforehand that this was something they needed to bring up. It was essential that none of them were hurt in seven weeks because they weren’t prepared.


And it was also essential James didn’t need to spend several days in pain.


If a stone-faced, massive brute could look embarrassed, well then James actually did look a little embarrassed. Just the hint of colour spread over his otherwise pale face and dark stubble. Since the question seemed too hard to answer, Steve tried to help.

“You can start with how you’re used to handling them” he offered gently. Nodding slowly, James tackled that question first.

“In my second pound, the one where you bought me, they would give us several different toys to make it easier before isolating us completely. I would also be given a big, stuffed animal which I could…have sex with through an installed lubricant channel in it. I later learned that they used this specific toy as an assessment tool, to determine whether I would be safe to place with an omega during rut. If the stuffed animal could endure a rut without being demolished or ruined, I would acquire a higher score. You can see in my file that I’ve gotten a solid 8.5/10 my latest five ruts” James retold, again speaking almost as if from a manuscript. He sure had been taught well, although Steve wondered what he sounded like when he spoke from his own heart.


“And does that mean you think we should spend the ruts with you?” Tony followed up. The otherwise smooth brow of the alpha creased, as the cogs in his head turned over again.

“I…do not think that is for me to decide” James said, warily, as if he were being tested. “In my file there is also a professional opinion about this from a Shield medical assistant, which you could use to decide” he finished, careful not to sound as if he expected his owners to do as he wanted. Sighing, Steve pulled up one of his socks.

“Okay, it sounds like something we can talk more about later” he said, knowing they wouldn’t get any further on that subject. But then Loki chimed in, frowning.


“You said second pound. Have you been through several?” the lean omega asked. The pink fabric was bunched up a little in the metal hand. It seemed the only thing giving him away – the only thing truly alive.

“I have. I was raised and trained at the Hydra Disciplinary until I was twenty, and then after it was closed down, I was sent to Shield Kennels where I’ve been trained for the past five years” James said, keeping his eyes cast down for that question. It couldn’t count as disobedience, since no one had told him to look them in the eyes. Steve still took notice of it.


“And how did they handle your ruts?” Loki continued. Those broad shoulders tensed again, and the alpha didn’t look up. All the same, he answered.


“At Hydra Disciplinary, we were taught our rightful place as alphas. We are not supposed to expect a rut being handled, unless our future owners derive pleasure from it. To prepare us for this, my handler would chain my hands and feet to the wall, to make sure I could not touch myself during the rut” James said factually. His voice was cold now, what little emotion he had drained from it.


Loki, so hard to shock, widened his green eyes. Beside him, a tiny gasp could be heard from Peter. It stabbed at Steve’s heart, hearing this. Suddenly, he felt a little dizzy. That did not sound like the government regulated training the alphas was supposed to get in America. With a small voice, Steve asked without really wanting to know.

“But how did they…feed you and all?”


James now turned to look at him. There was not much to read in his face, except maybe the things you could figure out from the emptiness.


“A handler kindly fed us by hand each morning and each evening. We did not leave the wall until the rut was over. There was a drain on the floor” he explained slowly.


Oh god. Steve didn’t want to imagine it, but he couldn’t help it. He saw James, in some lonely cell, being strapped to a wall naked and moaning. He saw his cock, with the knot so painfully swollen, trembling as the alpha desperately tried to rut up into thin air, seeking friction that never came. And Steve saw, as he himself shivered with either disgust or shameful pleasure, how James came over and over, spilling onto himself and the floor while never getting the satisfaction he needed. Chained to that wall, the alpha would have to battle the unimaginable torture of needing to fuck someone, anyone – an omega’s wet hole, their mouth, hell, even James own hand would be heaven – all at the same time that there was the humiliation of being watched through the door as he came uncontrollable and then being forced to literally piss himself for days. Or worse; the lack of friction made it impossible for him to climax, and he was instead left hanging with his knot full to bursting point. Imagine how much cum he would empty into his own hand when eventually they let him down…


Steve didn’t quite know whether to crawl up into the alphas lap and hug him for comfort, or tug his own pants down and bend over to present himself. So it was a good thing they broke away to get something to drink.


A little while later, Loki, Tony and Quill all had a cup of coffee, curled up in their blanket heap as the sun was slowly setting outside. Steve and Peter had a glass of milk instead, and between all of them was a big platter of cookies. When asked what he would prefer, James had glanced at the glass in Steve’s hand and claimed that he wanted milk. Now he sat with a half empty drinking glass in hand, which he held so carefully and stiffly one might think he’d never held one before. But he seemed to enjoy the milk. Peter had even prompted he take a cookie. Bickering aside, they had all looked forward to having an alpha around the house. Sitting and talking like this, James seemed to relax a bit. They went over a few more lightsome things, and agreed that Steve, Tony and Peter would take the alpha shopping tomorrow for more stuff.


“So…we still have the scenting to do” Steve reminded them, when the platter was empty and they’d all emptied their cups. Nodding, Quill smiled and instantly threw off his t-shirt.

“Yes! I’ve been waiting for this” he exclaimed, to the others amusements and rolled eyes. And suddenly James was back to being tense. Experimenting, Steve softly touched his arm and made him meet his eyes.


“Did they tell you about this at the pound?” he asked, and thankfully James nodded. “Okay good. So…we’re just gonna take off our shirts, and you can do the same. Then each of us will sit in your lap and do…the thing. It’s just so we get our scents on you, right? We’ll probably have to do it again tomorrow before the store…but like Loki said, we’ll have the bonding ceremony soon. Is that okay?” Steve said, not sure if he should say this more as an order. But it felt right speaking in a gentler tone, and from what they’d learned today, James actually seemed to be responding better to it.

“It’s okay. I…I’ll behave” James murmured, adding the last part almost as an afterthought. It resonated well with Steve however, who straightened up with a proud smile.


Then came the tricky part. Watching his friends undress wasn’t a problem, he’d seen it a million times before. And he loved them being shirtless (or naked) around him as well – nothing wound him down after a hard day like getting to snuggle up to Tony wearing only sweatpants and softly lick the sweat from his armpits, tasting the faint trace of oil from the workshop. Steve could draw a million sketches of Peter’s chest, and how his torso moved in different angles when he did yoga on the living room-floor. Gripping Quill’s muscles while the omega pumped his fingers hard in and out of him could make Steve believe almost for a second that it was an alpha doing it (well, if he really tried), and Loki’s lean back looked absolutely beautiful when he made herbal tea in the morning.


Not to speak of James. When he removed his shirt, a ripple went through his almost unfair eight pack, and Steve was just about ready to drop down on his knees right there. Except he was already on his knees. And the padded underwear should’ve been changed about two hours ago, because now when a fresh flow of slick made its way out of his tight channel, it definitely overflowed. Shit. That’s a problem.


No, it wasn’t the others nudity that was the problem. It was Steve’s own. Watching the others only made him that much more aware of the fact that he didn’t quite look like them. He was frail, with a twisted spine and ribs easy to count with running a light finger across them, and there really wasn’t anything his nesting friends could tell him that made him think he looked beautiful naked. That’s why Steve hung back, slowly removing his shirt and instead let the others go first.


Which, come to think of it, turned out to create a very different problem. Chewing the inside of his cheek was literally the sole thing that kept Steve from whimpering as Quill slid into James’ lap, becoming so very small in those large arms. The silvery metal plating moved completely without sound as the prosthetic hand was carefully placed on the small of the omega’s back, keeping him steady while he pressed their naked chests close. Sweet lord, he was so well behaved. Steve pressed his ass into the floor, more or less sitting in a puddle of his own slick, and felt the pent up arousal burn in him at the beautiful sight of Quill bending down to lick over the alpha’s neck.

“Oh god…” Quill moaned out gutturally, quickly dragging his tongue up and over the hidden gland behind James’ ear. The bonding gland was on the other side, but the one currently licked was his scenting gland. God, it must smell like heaven – like a whole forest of plum trees.


Loki took his place, and Steve clenched his jaw so hard it hurt. The alpha’s human arm was lifted and his armpit was licked by that wicked tongue Steve knew could do such filthy things to his hole. His hole that was currently leaking uncontrollably. Shit, shit, shit. It was made about a million times worse when James suddenly let out a choked out grunt from Peter nuzzling his neck before spitting on two fingers and spreading it over the scenting gland. By the time Tony was lodged comfortably in the alphas lap and rubbed his scent shamelessly all over James’ naked chest, Steve couldn’t hold on to the whimper escaping his throat. It had been hard enough just to watch the alpha – but seeing him with lapful after lapful of pretty omegas? Omegas that Steve knew more than well how it felt to be fucked senseless by? God, Steve’s self-control was dangerously closed to ruined.


And that whimper was what made the others acutely aware of the fact that their friend had had a little accident. Or not even so little – Steve’s poor, neglected asshole had completely ruined the padded underwear who’d overflowed and created a big stain not only on his jeans, but on the blankets as well. Brutally ashamed, Steve squirmed on the soiled fabric and flushed all over his naked, too scrawny chest, trying to look away.


“M’sorry…” he got out, mumbling his words. Quickly, Peter took his hand, squeezing it reassuringly. It did not help that James’ eyes had suddenly shot up and his pupils was very clearly diluting as he caught the scent of very fucking wet omega.

“Oh Stevie. It’s okay” Peter comforted, rubbing his back soothingly. It felt good, but Steve still felt ashamed. He was supposed to control himself better than this.


“Actually, I think it’s a good thing” Tony added. “Wouldn’t it be better to scent him more heavily the first time?” he suggested.


Steve knew what he meant. And the notion made him want to shake his head yes please and present right away – it also made him want to bury his head in Peter’s neck and beg no. Because to do… that, Steve would need to undress completely. The others had seen him before, many times, but James still hadn’t.


Don’t get him wrong, there was nothing more Steve wanted than to be completely naked around the alpha. But there was just this one question of…to be frank, his cock. Or lack of it more like. There was this unfortunate thing about male omegas that they were blessed with about a fourth of the cock an alpha could have (if they were lucky) and barely enough to get an erection if they were a bit less lucky. Steve, of course since the universe had no chill about his body, belonged to the latter category. His small member struggled to get hard, and he didn’t really jerk off as much as he sort of rubbed himself to orgasm. Almost like a clit. It was mortifying. Not that the others in the collective sported much more impressive cocks – they never fucked each other through their heats since none of them hade anything close to a size that could satisfy the needs of an omegas hole. That’s what all their knotted dildos and plugs were for. Yet even so, at least all of them had enough length to get an erection. Steve couldn’t.


But then again it couldn’t really be helped, because he was already whimpering out his consent and then his clothes were being gently removed by Peter and Tony and before he knew it, Steve was completely naked in front of their alpha. Even if his vision were a little hazy from the dizziness that came with being struck with such a sudden need, Steve could still see that metal hand clench hard, bunching fabric in the grip. And he saw how black those eyes had begun; heard his breathing getting heavier. Which, of course, only made a new wave of slick rush out of him. Steve blushed, bending his head down submissively on instinct when James’ eyes travelled south to take in the sorry state of his omega cock.


“C’mon babe” Tony cooed, nuzzling his neck to get him moving. “He’s so disciplined, I promise he won’t hurt you. It’s gonna feel good Stevie, I promise. Don’t you want him to smell like you?” he murmured soothingly, slowly helping Steve forward. The blond realized through the fog of his mind that Tony thought he was hesitant because he was scared to be so close and vulnerable to the alpha. That wasn’t really true, but it was less embarrassing than the actual truth (that he was ashamed of his body), so he nodded sluggishly, letting Tony believe he was right.


When Steve finally settled in James’ lap, he was so happy to have his friends there with him. Because it felt exactly like sliding home, seating himself on those thick legs, and being suddenly confronted with the alpha’s face so close that he could make out the sapphire strands his dilated pupils had left in his irises. And he could smell him – sweet Jesus he could smell that heady scent, so sweet and earthy – and it filled Steve’s senses to the brim. Somewhere mixing with it was the familiar scents of his nesting friends. When he hesitantly put his small hands on the alpha’s broad shoulders, the omega could make out the faint trace of coffee and oil belonging to Tony. Steve’s breath hitched when his fingers moved on their own accord, softly tracing the scars on James’ left shoulder where metal met skin, and at the same time he was met with a slight shift in the alphas scent that trailed like smoke around Peter’s sugary smell. For a second, their eyes met, and time stopped. Then the unmistakable feeling of wetness spreading over fabric distracted both as Steve blushed profusely.


James’ mouth fell open half an inch, however. And only Steve heard the almost inaudible gasp that left it.


“That’s it Steve” Tony praised, cooing to keep him sated and happy. He did too, probably much thanks to his friends. Never once before had Steve felt so utterly small and helpless and loving it at the same time – without the grounding touch of Tony, he might have lost himself completely in the hard feeling of James’ muscles pressing against his own soft skin. And that actually scared him.


Turning to look at Tony, Steve attempted a smile that probably came off as flushed and nervous.

“I…don’t think I can by myself. Will you help me? Please?” Steve begged quietly. In an instant, Tony nodded. It wasn’t a voice they were used to hearing in the blond omega – usually he had a rather deep voice for being so small, and he was by far the most level-headed of them. Only last week Steve had been the one to place himself between Peter and an alpha sniffing too close at the supermarket, calmly but sharply letting its owner know that the leash should be kept short in public. Now he sounded more like he did when he was deep in the throes of heat. That made Tony and the others react with protectiveness over their omega friend.


“Of course babe, just relax. Just lean into him, okay?” Tony said softly, beckoning Loki over to help him. Taking his advice, Steve let himself melt into the alpha. Instantly, two hands, one warm and one cold, settled on his back supportively. Protectively. Sighing happily, Steve allowed the fog to take over as he was engulfed in the heady alpha scent. His head rested in the crook of James’ neck right over his bonding gland, which left the scenting gland free.


To his surprise, a low rumble started vibrating through the alpha’s broad chest. It made the fog sparkle like comforting electric, as if being wrapped up in one of those expensive, vibrating blankets for omegas struggling to nest. Happily, Steve sank deeper into his grip and let the slick run freely over his black pants, soaking the fabric. When he felt the soft, careful fingers of Tony and Loki rubbing at his aching entrance, gathering up the wetness, Steve’s chest answered the alpha’s calming rumbling by purring. Gently, but with precision, the omegas behind him used his slick to coat James’ scenting gland. The alpha largely ignored them, only bending slightly to give them access, and otherwise focusing on keeping Steve close.


“Mmm…” Steve moaned, squirming a little as Loki teased his rim, gently inserting the tip of his slender finger to gather up more of the potent liquid. Then James’ right arm was coaxed from gripping Steve so it could be lifted (and even if the soothing rumble stopped for a second, the alpha didn’t growl so that was a good sign) and the wiry, dark hairs of his armpit could be coated with slick. Seeing as his left armpit consisted of metal plating, Loki settled on rubbing two fingers messily over Steve’s leaking entrance and then getting it all over James’ neck, making sure to get the fine hairs wet with it.


In the end, James smelled more like Steve than the others. But that was fine really, because they all knew he was a collective alpha. And Steve had always been their unofficial leader anyway.


The naked omega cuddled closer once they were done, his pathetic cock laying soft and helpless against the hard abs of his alpha. It was very sensitive though, despite not being hard, and it took all his willpower not to rub up against James to get release. Steve would be lying if he said he didn’t want to be fucked right away – but the profuse leaking had finally ebbed out and they had all agreed not to let the new alpha fuck them on the first day. And Steve never wanted to betray the trust of those he considered his family.


So with that came James first real test. Carefully, Tony pulled the pliant omega out of his grip (the sun was well down and they all needed food before going to bed) and it was physically visible what a toll it took on the alpha to have a needy, wet omega dragged out of his lap without getting to claim him. But he managed it. Once Tony had helped Steve clean up (and get some release, preferably in the bigger omegas mouth), the blond promised himself to get James some kind of treat for that.


First though – shower.

Chapter Text

It took a bit more than Tony licking around Steve’s twitching little cock to get him settled. They spent a good half an hour under the hot spray of water in their large shower (built to accommodate all five of them, even if that was a crowd), Steve bent over with his hands on splayed on the tiled wall, panting harshly as Tony kept a steady grip on his thin waist with his left hand. The right hand kept an alpha sized dildo going in and out of him, his hole sucking greedily at the toy. Tony was mindful not to push the whole knot inside though. It was a dangerous game to play – give Steve enough and he would settle down, give him too much and it could accidently push him into early heat. It was less than two weeks until his was due.


“Good boy” Tony murmured, using his thumb to rub soothingly over his friend’s heated wet skin. All he got in response was a needy moan and a weak push back on the fake cock as Steve tried to get the knot passed his already straining rim. Furrowing his brow, Tony carefully tightened his grip to keep the other in place. He picked up the pace a little and angled it better, which caused Steve to cry out and his knees to buckle. Keeping the tip of it abusing his prostate made him stop trying to force the knot in for a while.


It was obvious to Tony that getting an alpha in the house was a bigger strain on Steve than it was on the others. It shouldn’t be a surprise really – the blond was level-headed and decisive, and even if Tony could get more than a little annoyed by his school teacher-attitude of ‘lets not break rules and instead do what’s right’, he couldn’t deny that the collective was a safer, happier place thanks to Steve’s leadership. Yet behind all that was a frail body, and an omega was heavily bound to the whims of their bodies. Whatever Steve’s heart and mind was made of (gold, most likely), the rest of him was a mess of hormones and muscles that never developed properly. What probably should have been done early on was to make sure he had constant close contact with an alpha, but Steve’s mother had died early on along with the alpha of the collective he was raised in. The rest of the omegas had disbanded, leaving Steve to fend for himself as a teenager. Tony knew his body must be desperate for the protein only an alpha could provide, more so than the rest of them, and hopefully he would be a healthier, stronger omega after James had stayed with them for a while. Before that happened, Tony expected more ‘accidents’ to occur.


“That’s it baby, just relax” Tony mumbled softly, splaying his hand out on Steve’s back. With light pressure, he made the omega arch his back just a little more, meaning he opened up further on the thick toy. The blond moaned, scraping his nails along the tiles as the streaming water made his locks matt themselves to his forehead. His baby blues were closed tightly and Tony could see the concentration on his face. Even if his cock was hanging (or maybe hanging was a nice word for it) soft between his legs, Tony knew him well enough to know he was close. The dildo made a lewd squelching noise as it was pulled out only to be pressed back inside.

“Please, Tony” Steve pleaded desperately. “Oh god, please” he whined, knees shaking. Swallowing, Tony tried hard to focus on the movement of his hand and bringing the small omega the release he needed so much. (Actually, Steve had climaxed the first time in Tony’s mouth, about one minute from them getting in the shower and the brown-haired omega had started licking his little nub. But after swallowing down his salty load of cum, it was evident Steve needed to be stuffed full and climax again before he was ready to face the rest of the collective for dinner). The tight hole clenched visibly around the fake cock – a sight that didn’t exactly make it easier to focus.

“Please…” Steve whined, face now pressed to the cool surface of the wall, voice barely above a whisper. Biting his lip, Tony gripped the smaller man’s waist again and stepped closer, pressing his body up against the other’s.


Even if Tony was an omega, he still enjoyed helping his nesting friends through their heats. Perhaps a bit more than he should. Of all five of them, the mechanic was the one least excited to get an alpha. Don’t get him wrong, he was happy they had one and looked forward an added feeling of safety and protection. Not to speak of their physical needs – especially Steve’s. As soon as they started letting James get his knot out, Tony would personally make sure Steve got his starving ass filled with cum at least once a day until he started feeling the effects of alpha protein.


That didn’t mean Tony was starving for a knot, however.


In a sense, his body was. But what really got his mind racing wasn’t thoughts of James holding him down and pounding into him – it was remembering the look on Peter’s face when Tony hovered above him, fucking him with the red knotted dildo he loved so much. It was the sweet sight of Quill on his knees, sucking his cock as his moans vibrated against Tony, so lost in pleasuring his older friend that his hole leaked onto the floor. More times than he’d like to admit, Tony gripped his small, omega cock and imagined what it would be like to fuck one of his nesting friends. It wasn’t that they wouldn’t let him. Whenever Steve begged him, presenting himself in the throes of heat, to get behind him and fuck him, something in Tony clenched. He wanted to; god he wanted to.


But he physically couldn’t. Despite not being as…small…as Steve, Tony was still endowed like an omega. That meant his erection was hard to keep and he simply couldn’t compare to their toys (or worse, James). It wouldn’t be enough for any of them.


And that was okay, really. Tony wasn’t above his own needs for an alpha, and he would still be happily helping his friends whenever they wanted to play and didn’t need to bother the alpha for it. He had accepted he was an omega, and in the end just wanted what was best for the collective.


But did his cock get hard against the back of Steve’s leg right now? Maybe. And was he glad that the shower washed away the evidence of his own slick dripping so Steve wouldn’t get distracted by the smell? Definitely.


“Oh! God, yes Tony, please!” Steve cried out suddenly, convulsing in Tony’s grip. His tiny little cock went off between his legs, dripping down on the floor of the shower (there never was much cum in an omega; their balls were too small). But fuck, if the sound of his name didn’t make Tony want to finish against his leg.


That wasn’t the point now, and Tony wasn’t desperate anyway since he wasn’t as affected by alpha hormones like Steve. So instead of rutting up against the other, he quickly caught the smaller omega before he could fall, cradling him to his body as the running water washed off their sweat, slick and cum. Steve panted hard in his arms, nuzzling up against his neck. Carefully, Tony manoeuvred them both to a sitting position with Steve curled up in his lap. The toy was discarded, and he closed his eyes as he caught his own breath, enjoying the light weight of the other on him.

“Thanks Tony” Steve mumbled into his neck. Smiling tiredly, Tony felt him softly lapping at his throat, a sign of affection. This whole thing had been embarrassing for the blond, so Tony only stroke his back and assured him it was fine, before placing a kiss on his forehead.




Downstairs, the remaining three omegas tried to decide how to feed James.


“It says here that alphas should be given their food on the floor” Loki insisted, pointing to an open page in one of their many handbooks. James stood awkwardly out of the way in their large kitchen while Quill flung about for spices as he cooked something curry-smelling in a big pot. Perched on the kitchen table which was situated in the smack middle of everything was Peter, waving a wooden spoon around to get the others’ attention.


“But we haven’t prepared a spot for him or anything! What’s the harm in letting him eat at the table?” Peter asked innocently. All he could think about was not having to clean up curry from the floor. And also he didn’t quite get why James shouldn’t have a chair – he had a bed, didn’t he?


Loki narrowed his eyes and closed the book with a bang. It caused James to jump just the slightest, which only Quill noticed as he reached past the alpha for the leek. Hesitantly, the stressed omega brushed a hand over James’ arm and hoped it served as a calming gesture. If the three of them arguing didn’t make the alpha growl, than banging things on the table just might – and Steve wasn’t here to disperse the situation.

“The harm? Oh I don’t know, he might start getting ideas? I don’t think you really want an alpha in the house thinking he’s running the place” Loki said with saltiness, as if James wasn’t there to hear every word. It made Peter want to pout – sometimes Loki really could sound kind of mean. He knew that the black-haired omega was older and had seen more of the world, but did he really need to be so snarky about alphas? Especially when one was around.


Quill twirled trough the kitchen, snatching the spoon from Peter.

“Maybe he’s right, Petey” he mumbled, shrugging. The notion made Peter bite his lip and frown.


Loki sighed, putting his hands on the table and leaning on it. A glance was thrown to James, who looked down at his feet, and then to Peter. It wasn’t that he wanted to humiliate the alpha – it really wasn’t – but Loki had seen first hand how alphas behaved when they had no restrains. And it was dangerous; more dangerous than Peter might realize. The boy was half a pup still. So he might not realize it was in everyone’s best interest to put their alpha in his place from the start.

“He can still eat with us, Peter. It’s just…safer if we keep a firm hand. It will make this household less confusing for James as well” he explained, softening his voice. His British accent rolled them name ‘James’ off his tongue in a way that caught the massive male’s attention. Loki didn’t miss his glance upwards. Shaking his head a little to clear his head, he tried discretely pulling at the collar of his shirt. Even if he seemed composed, Loki wasn’t immune to the heady alpha pheromones so new and mingling to the familiar scents of the house. The former royal was convinced that if James just straightened up and spread his legs dominantly, Loki’s own composure would crumble beneath the need to be good and submissive for his alpha. Before, when James had growled unexpectedly, the omega had gotten so angry because the sound had made him immediately want to bar his neck at the same time as his padded underwear caught the sudden drip of his slick. Therefore it was better to keep the alpha as submissive as he could be. The omegas control was only as strong as their bodies – and James had all the power in the world to make them all bend down and present neatly in a row on the floor should he wish. Better not make him aware of that power.


Peter sighed, somewhat resigning. Trying to think of how Steve would’ve handled this, Peter turned diplomatically towards James.

“How did they feed you in the pound?” he asked gently. James met his eyes with his own expressionless ones, shoulders hunched down as not to come off as aggressive.

“On the floor. They would expect me to sit down and wait to be fed” the alpha answered with his deep voice.

“See?” Loki retorted triumphantly.


“Wherever he eats, we need to decide what he eats in” Quill shot in, rummaging around the cupboards for bowls. Above them, the faint sound of the shower had turned off, meaning Steve and Tony would be down in a minute.

“Oh right. I really did think they would give us one at the pound” Peter pouted. After having searched through the bag, they hadn’t found one of the steel dog bowls that was custom for alphas to have.


Suddenly there was a choked off sound from the corner where James stood. Quickly turning to look at him, Peter caught him pressing his lips tightly together and eyes casting downwards. His metal hand dug into his other arm behind his back, most likely painfully. Peter realized he must have been on his way to say something, but then stopping himself. Oh. The alpha must not have wanted to speak out of turn.


Still trying to mimic Steve, Peter carefully leaned towards the alpha.

“It’s okay James. What did you want to say?” he encouraged, ignoring the sour look from Loki. Steel blue eyes flickered nervously between the omegas, yet James spoke when allowed.

“I…was just going to say that we never had our own bowls at the pound. So maybe that’s why they didn’t…give you one” the alpha said hesitantly.

“Would you like one?” Peter asked softly. The worried sky in his eyes looked pretty to Peter, despite the alpha being so…bestial compared to the softness and delicateness the omega was used to being around. He swallowed, not breaking eye contact. “Would you like your very own bowl?” Peter continued gently.


The shift in James scent was enough to transcend the otherwise so powerful smell of raw, strong alpha – when he listened to Peter’s words, a sweet lingering trail of what almost seemed like…hope, or happiness, except diluted with fear, reached the omega’s nostrils. Smiling, Peter leaned involuntarily closer. He wasn’t sure whether it was because he felt like he had please his alpha, or that he wanted the scent to be stronger, but the omega flushed across his pale skin with sudden content.


“I-I’d like that. Thank you” James responded, barely above a whisper.


The sound of footsteps closing in along with the clean, yet unmistakable smell of Steve and Tony, interrupted Peter from answering. His attention turned to the doorway where a sweat-shirt-clad Steve appeared with wet hair and rosy cheeks. As soon as his blue eyes settled on James, he blushed even worse, but was quickly soothed by Tony coming up from behind him.


“I swear I could smell your curry all the way from upstairs. Is it the thing with the chickpeas?” the larger omega asked Quill with a hungry look. When Quill nodded, Tony flashed a big smile and plopped down on an empty chair. “Good! I’m starving”.


“We’ve decided to feed him from the floor” Loki interjected, raising himself from off his hands. Steve’s nose scrunched up and he looked between the alpha and his friends. Quickly, Peter piped up.

“I asked him Steve. He said they used to feed him like that. Didn’t you, James?” the omega said, offering the alpha to speak again. It simply felt strange talking above his head all the time. James nodded, folding his hands in front of himself. The look on Steve’s face didn’t change at first, but after a moment it smoothened out.


“Okay…if that’s what you think is best” he settled on. There was no reason trying to disband a decision taken by three omegas of the collective – especially if they even asked James. Steve was a leader-figure, not a dictator. So instead he took a deep breath and gave Quill a smile, telling him the food smelled great. Then he hurried out to the living room. When he returned, his skinny arms was carrying two soft blankets. “Wanna help me?” Steve asked Peter, and together they fixed a nice little spot in the corner for James to sit on.


When the alpha slowly took a seat on it, Steve didn’t miss how his right hand carefully felt the soft blanket. And no one missed the content smell filling the kitchen, mixing with the curry.

Chapter Text

The store was absolutely overwhelming.


His new owner Steve made sure to keep the leash short, but even so it hung slack with how close James kept to the omega. It seemed to appease Steve, given the content smell he was giving off and the little looks he kept throwing James, which in turn calmed him a bit. All around them, clusters of omegas moved around with shopping carts, the occasional alpha trailing behind them in a leash. Since it apparently was a place specifically for alpha needs, the only betas was the ones behind the counter. So if James had thought the house was much, it was nothing compared to the different scents mixing together here. And since the alpha hadn’t quite had the time to distinguish his five omegas scents (except for Steve’s – he gave off the most alluring, sweet smell in the store. James had caught it’s enticing trail the moment the omega stepped through the heavy doors of the pound) it made it even worse. His heart was pounding in his ears as they led him down the aisles, head snapping from side to side each time he caught the burnt smell of distress. Until the alpha had identified the smell as coming from an omega that didn’t belong to him, he couldn’t relax. And that of course caused small waves of protective pheromones to come off him – something his teachers at the pound had told him could be interpreted as aggressive when it happened in public. Being aggressive in public was more or less the biggest ‘no no’ James had been given, except maybe forcing himself on his omegas.


Which meant that there was this whole chain reaction; any stray negative omega scent made James become protective, which in turn made him immediately scared for punishment. That rancid scent caused Steve to be worried, and that smell (coming from his own omega) made James protective all over again, along with a little nauseous.


Luckily Steve seemed to be the only one to notice this. James would be so ashamed if he ruined the others’ shopping trip. Especially since they were getting things for him.


“How about this for the kitchen? He could still keep the blankets on top of it” Peter wondered, holding up a dark blue rug, clearly meant for non-housetrained alphas since it had a plastic cover beneath it. The sight made James involuntarily scrunch up his nose – he never had accidents like that anymore. A lot of the alphas at Shield Kennels had a difficult time holding their bladder at times, but at Hydra Disciplinary the handlers had trained that out of James, which he took great pride in. All the way from when he was a pup his handlers had made sure to press his face down in whatever carpet or mattress he had soiled, forcing him to smell his own urine until eventually the humiliation got him perfectly house trained.


So to be presented with a rug designed for alphas with incontinence made him feel ashamed. James still remembered how it felt, being held down by the back of his neck, growling in a futile attempt to make it stop as two beta handlers pressed him into the wet fabric of his sheets. Steve noticed the shift in his stance, and quickly placed a small hand on his arm. Baby blue eyes peered up at him – so soft and kind, despite belonging to an owner. It made James want to nuzzle him.


“Are you okay?” Steve asked him quietly. The alpha glanced over at Peter whose full focus was on Tony and the rug. They were arguing about the blankets and whether or not they would just end up soiled with food.


“Yes…?” James answered, lingering because he knew he wasn’t convincing. Steve bit his lip and looked over at the rug.

“Is it the place on the floor? Does it make you uncomfortable?” the omega asked, frowning. When he leaned in to quickly scent James near his armpit, he came away looking even more worried. And once again James heartrate spiked – he didn’t want Steve to think he was ungrateful. These omegas were nicer to him than he could ever had expected. And he also took careful notice that Steve didn’t ask whether he wanted to eat somewhere else; he only wanted to know if James was uncomfortable.


“No” he answered, quickly shaking his head. “I just…I don’t need…” the alpha huffed out, getting frustrated. It was so damn hard speaking up – he had been taught that using too many words at once would make his alpha brain tired, and besides that it was bad of him to speak without permission. He definitely felt his brain getting tired (the store was such a confusing place) but his omegas had told him to speak when he had something to say. So he took a deep breath, ignoring a mother pulling her pup quickly past them at the hostile smell of his frustration. Steve was the only one who deserved his attention, and the blond omega was looking up at him patiently. “I don’t have accidents, omega. I don’t need a rug with a cover” James finished, mumbling out his words. An alpha never called an omega ‘sir’, since that used to be what omegas called their alphas before the world wars. So reusing the term would be considered rude; mocking even. Instead they could call them ‘omega’, as a sign of respect and submission.


Steve nodded, understanding.

“Just take a normal rug Peter. It’s okay” he said, turning to the others. Peter blinked at him once, but did as he said. The scent of relief filled the space around them.


James liked the little one. Peter. He was almost a pup, but had obviously matured already – James could smell it on him. Even so, his behaviour was sweet and innocent, so the alpha guessed that he had not finished his education and still had things to learn on alphas. Apart from Steve, that one was the one that made James feel most at ease. When he had been scented by Peter the other day, his instinct had screamed at him to wrap his arms around the little omega and bite protectively at his neck. Another part of him had wanted to get his knot in him as well, but that need had been overshadowed the moment James smelled Steve’s slick, so heady and potent. It had taken all of his strength to refrain from burying himself inside the blond omega’s hole and claim him until his knot popped and he could breed him.


But luckily, James’ head had won over his instincts. Next time Peter showed his adorable lack of knowledge was when he and Loki showed the alpha his new room. The young omega had frowned upon introducing James to his bed.

“Shouldn’t we get him a bunch of blankets? So he can build a nest” Peter asked Loki, who just rolled his eyes.

“Alphas doesn’t nest. James is gonna be just fine in the bed, right?” the raven-haired omega directed at the alpha, and he nodded quickly. Yes, he was very happy he was allowed a bed and didn’t have to sleep on the floor. Loki’s green eyes softened. “You tell us if there’s anything wrong, okay?” he said with a more gentle tone. James was left with that, and the promise from Peter that he could fill the walls with things he wanted like in the living room (which confused the alpha, who didn’t know what those things could possibly be).


It was a nice room anyway, compared to the tiny cell where he’d spent his life up until now. There was a bed, a closet for clothes he didn’t own, and an old armchair in the corner. James liked that one the best, even though it was threadbare, simply because it was absolutely infused with the scents of his new omegas. As soon as he was left alone, the alpha had rubbed his face all over it, inhaling the faint traces of slick telling him they must have been sitting naked on this thing several times. It calmed his distress – moving to a whole new place was hard, especially when his room didn’t even have a window (probably to discourage him from running away). But the armchair helped, so he stayed on his knees for an embarrassing amount of time that night, just rubbing his cheek and nose against the worn fabric all the while stroking his neglected cock and whining quietly as not to disturb his owners. He didn’t climax, however, since he knew more than well that as soon as Steve had signed the contract, all his semen belonged to his omegas by law. Spilling it in his own hand was so disobedient that James would rather take the pain of going to sleep with a swollen knot than risk it.


He wondered, however, when they would start using his services. In the pounds, they had prepared him for any kind of way he might be expected to provide for his omegas. Some were traditional, and wanted their alpha to breed them through their heats and other days they felt the need. Some collectives had sicker omegas, needing to be pumped full often for medical purposes. Others allowed their alphas to spill their cum without an omega present, because they believed it made the alpha less prone to aggressivity if they were allowed regular release of pressure. And then there was the other end of the stick, the ones James had dreaded being placed it – some omega collectives had disavowed alphas completely and instead only bought one to tap them of their semen. It could be done through manual stimulation, meaning masturbation until the alpha popped their knot in their own or an owners hand. It could also be done via inserting a tube through the slit in the alpha’s cock, down through the urethra until the sperm could be extracted with a special machine. This way, the alpha got zero sexual stimulation, and instead was painfully drained of semen as often as was required. The semen was then inserted in the omegas during heat with the help of medical knotting instruments, to settle their hormonal imbalance or simply to impregnate them. These omega collective functioned on the belief that alphas were abundant and if there was a way to make synthetic sperm, they wouldn’t have the use of an alpha at all. James had been carefully taught at the pound that while alphas had an important part of servitude in society, they were expected to accept becoming a cum-donor if that was asked of them – and be thankful for it.  


It didn’t seem like this was that kind of collective though. Hopefully, James would get his knot wet soon. While of course, he would feel gratitude at serving his new owners whichever way they wanted him to (even being hooked up and drained once a week), he could not in his heart admit that he didn’t want to be allowed to touch them. To hold their small bodies, lick their twitching holes…and fuck them until they settled on his knot and felt their hormonal imbalance even out. If James were allowed to serve them with his own body, he would feel gratitude in the most honest way.


Of course, the alpha had never once laid a hand on an omega, until yesterday. He didn’t know what it felt like to taste ones sweet fluids, or breed one. Whatever sexual training he had gotten in the area had been meticulously performed using different toys and machines, so he was well practised – but after having held the leaking, sugary-smelling, absolutely stunning omega Steve in his arms yesterday, James had known instantly that the real thing would be very different. 


“Look! You can even get them engraved”. Peter’s voice interrupted his thoughts as he held up an alpha bowl, happily smiling. “Can we do that? Please Steve?” he pleaded, holding the metal bowl out so cute that the blond omega couldn’t help but laugh and nuzzle him. After Peter had cooed and rubbed his nose in return all over the other’s scent-gland, Steve turned to James.
“Would you like a bowl with your name engraved on it?” he asked, smiling.


Oh no. Slowly, James started to leave his previous sated mindset and panic – he was expected to have an opinion again, and he simply wasn’t prepared.


Having his own opinion like this caused a great deal of confusion with his instinct. On one side, his primal brain (the one he’d spent his whole life trying to contain and break) screamed at him to growl out a yes, since he did want his name on the bowl. On the other side, his manners told him to bend his head down in an effort to look smaller and less intimidating and humbly tell his owners that he would accept whatever they wanted.


Steve sensed his confusion directly, and tried to solve it by stepping closer and letting their arms rub together. The scent soothed the alpha somewhat.

“It’s really okay James. Tell us what you want” he coaxed gently. James swallowed, but nodded.

“I’d like my name on it. Please” he begged quietly. His metal hand rose absentmindedly to his engraved tag on the leather collar, reading James Buchanan Barnes on one side and Property of Benatar Collective – a collar which he bore proudly. It wasn’t every alpha that was chosen for service before the age of 30. When James noticed Steve glancing at his movement, he quickly put the hand back at his side and cursed it silently. Somehow, the alpha had more control over his human limbs than over his cybernetic. It was as if it had been ingrained so deeply with his nerves and muscles during the operation that it reacted to his instincts rather than his mind. It could cause problems, which was one of the reasons he didn’t like his prosthetic. Perhaps he wouldn’t have been bought so soon if he’d only had one arm, but then again…the metal arm never really felt like his. Which was ironic, because it followed his body’s instructions much quicker than his real arm – but he didn’t have the same control over it.


“Perfect. I’ll go and ask them” Peter preened, skipping off to a cashier. It hit the alpha that Steve still stood close to him. That, along with the realization that he would have his own personal bowl from now on, made him release such a strong wave of pheromones reading content alpha that the tiny omega nuzzled up against him unexpectedly begun to purr.


It seemed to shock the both of them, as well as Tony who stood a few feet away. Purring was usually reserved for when an omega felt perfectly safe and happy, and not normally in a store with a new alpha. When Steve realized what he was doing, he blushed as prettily as a rosy apple and started taking a step back. But he was moving too quickly and clumsily stepped on his own foot, wobbling backwards. James metal arm moved entirely on instinct and caught the omega before he fell over, pulling him up and pressing him to his chest protectively. His head caught up with him, looking down at Steve with big eyes and a tiny sensation of dread since he had just grabbed his owner without permission – but it was a small fear, because saving his omega from physical harm overrode the rule not to touch. And when big, beautiful blue eyes looked back up at him, sudden fear quickly being swallowed by a submissive, sweet happiness, James knew Steve wasn’t upset with him.


Then the surprising scent of slick filled the alphas senses. This time it only took him half a second to discern the scent as belonging to Steve – he knew more than well how his omega’s arousal smelled. The sudden shift of pheromones gave James the same overwhelming reaction as it had in their living room, except this time he didn’t have the luxury of pulling the naked omega into his lap. Heat filled the alpha’s bloodstream, burning hot desire clouding his mind and electricity lightning up every nerve ending, urging him to lean down just a little bit to the exposed skin on Steve’s neck. To bite. Claim.


Time seemed to stand still. All James could see was how the pupils slowly dilated in Steve’s blue eyes; all he could feel was how tiny and frail the omega was in his arms. The fingers of the alpha’s right hand dug a little more into the skin of the other’s back and felt how twisted the spine was, all the while his spiked ears picked up the rushed heartbeat and strained breathing of the omega. He frowned, still looking down on Steve. Something was wrong with his lungs, and it made James even more protective. It was evident to him that Steve was sickly – even if he smelled like molten candy, there was still that irking something lingering in the background. It made the alpha want to pull him closer to him and make the bad go away. His instincts grinded almost painfully in the back of his skull, telling him that he needed to protect Steve, to help him. He needed to get his pretty omega filled up with his seed and make things okay; needed to claim and breed him over and over until he got better.


All of that was things that he couldn’t do now, however. And the spell was suddenly broken when Tony embraced Steve from behind, casting a concerned look at James as he gently pried the omega away from his grip and into his own arms.

“C’mon Steve, shh, it’s okay” Tony cooed softly. Obviously he had caught the scent of Steve having another accident, as they called it, and gotten worried when James didn’t let him go. He wanted to growl at Tony for taking his omega away, and he always wanted to bite his own arm in punishment for making one of his owners concerned.



Steve still stared at him as he was being nuzzled by Tony, but started to clear up when he wasn’t enveloped in James’ scent. His cheeks blushed so prettily again, and he turned to nuzzle Tony back.

“I’m fine. I just tripped, is all. I’m okay, I promise” he mumbled embarrassed at Tony, giving him a lick over his bonding gland to reassure him.

“Okay baby. But I think maybe I should take the leash from now” Tony said, kindly but firmly. Steve protested weakly, but James could see that he was probably a bit too wrapped up in his hormones right now to hold the leash anyway. In the back of his mind, the alpha thought that it would be best if he were allowed to settle Steve, like perhaps let him suck on James’ thumb for a while, but knew better than to ask.


Instead Peter came back, oblivious to the tiny display of drama, and happily announced that the bowl would be ready in fifteen minutes. James believed that Peter’s youth made it harder for him to discern smells from each other, so he might mistake Steve’s confused scent for some other omega in the store. In any case, they moved on from there over to the next section.


Which turned out to be the play section for alphas. James felt his eyes go wide. Oh god. He had never seen so many different balls and toys before.


“Did he have a ball with him?” Tony asked, picking up a tugging rope to examine it. James followed behind on the leash.

“He did, but I don’t think he liked it very much” Peter said, turning to James. “The green one, yeah? No good right” he continued, then stopping. His hazel eyes went wide as well when he saw the alpha. It made him embarrassed, because James knew his pupils must be diluted and – oh god was that a red ball? His entire focus suddenly shifted towards a big heap of balls, zeroing in on a bright red one, the perfect size to squeeze and catch in your mouth.


“James?” Tony said when the leash suddenly tugged on the other end, turning to see the alpha straining to get closer to the balls. The omega chuckled, following him. “See something you like?” he smiled.


Something he liked? James loved red balls, he used to fight the other alphas at the pound to play with the red ball. It was mortifying but right now his entire body was getting ready to crouch down and roll over – James was quickly turning to the mindset of a playful pup. Words were hard, too hard, he just knew red ball I want the red ball please omega let me play with the red ball.


“I think he wants the ball” Tony chuckled.

“They’re supposed to keep alphas distracted and happy. I never knew they could work so well” Steve added. Their big strong alpha was practically drooling. He glanced back, letting out a whine that made Peter blush. Quickly, the young omega walked up to the heap of balls and picked out the one James was staring at. Instantly, his blue eyes followed the red toy in Peter’s hand.


“Is it this one?” he asked. All James could do was pull the leash (very bad, so naughty, but he didn’t care), whimper and nod. Peter smiled at him. Then he threw the ball into the air. James let out something very similar to a bark, turning heads at the store, and caught it happily in his mouth.


“Guess we’re getting the red ball” Steve said, smiling fondly.

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James sure loved that red ball. Steve sat in the grass and laughed fondly as he watched Quill and Peter playing with their alpha. The backyard wasn’t overly big, but it was surrounded by big hedges which kept nosy neighbours out (which Steve knew Tony enjoyed the benefits of whenever he wanted to bend Peter over the patio furniture and lick his dripping hole).


After getting home from the store, they had decided James needed to unwind a little so they introduced him to the backyard, bringing his brand new toy. As it turned out, taking off his shoes and throwing him a ball turned the alpha from cautious and stiff to a playful pup. Currently the large man was rolling over on his back, growling happily as he caught the ball Quill had tossed him. Peter giggled and encouraged James to let it go so he could throw it again. The shirt covering his small chest was askew and his cheeks had a rosy tint from exhaustive play, his excited smile matching Quills. The sight warmed Steve’s heart – not only was his nesting friends having fun, but their alpha was giving off a strong scent of being content and safe. James hadn’t smelled like that since Steve was in his arms last evening. The blond omega absentmindedly tore up a leaf in his hands, watching James long, brown hair tousle around his face, all wild and full of grass. His entire body language was puppy-like, and Steve found it adorable.


“Steve! Come and play!” Quill called out, rolling down on the lawn and bumping into James. The omega was never far away from his pup-self, and had regressed quickly when their alpha did the same. All the same, Quill was careful not to tackle James right away, since they didn’t know how he would react to that. Now however, the alpha just turned his head and sniffed at the omega, nuzzling his shoulder. Steve smiled and sighed, resigning from his observing position.


“Okay, if you play nice” he called back. His barefoot feet felt nice against the cool grass and the late spring sun warmed his face. Steve meant it though – he had never been able to play rough with the other pups. But Peter tossed him the ball and he caught it, feeling the slight thrill in the pit of his stomach, his basic instincts telling him this is an awesome ball and you need to play with it now. Compared to the alpha, he had much better control of those instincts however, so Steve only swallowed and watched James.


“Do you want it?” the blond omega teased, watching how the massive alpha rolled over to his hands and knees and poised, like a dog. The metal prosthetic whirred softly at the strain. He whined, nodding eagerly, making Steve blush with wanting to play. He tossed it up in the air and gracefully James threw himself after it, rumbling down on the ground and knocking into Quill who squeaked happily and nipped playfully after him. Since this was all play, none of the omegas got scared when James’ chest rumbled with half a growl. God, Loki was going to kill them for getting green grass stains on all their clothes. And James who had just gotten a bunch of new clothes.


“Good boy, James” Steve cooed, sinking to his knees next to Peter. The boy nuzzled him, giving off a content scent. The alpha looked up at him with a hopeful look at the praise, making the omega giggle and lean over to nuzzle him too. This was good. Scenting each other and getting familiar with each other’s bodies – it was the perfect way to prepare for breeding later on.


“Ugh, it’s so formal” Quill huffed out, leaning his chin in his upturned hands. There was a small flower sticking to his brown curls and a piece of moss on his forehead.

“What?” Peter asked, distractedly rolling the ball between him and their alpha.

“James. It’s like ‘Anthony’ – the only time Tony is called that is when Loki or Steve are mad at him. Didn’t you ever have a nickname?” Quill asked, poking James with his elbow. The alpha looked up, flushed from playing. His eyes looked uncertain, and he resorted to just shaking his head no. Steve nuzzled him sympathetically. James was probably never called anything else than ‘Barnes’, and Steve wasn’t sure why that made him feel bad.


“Would you like a nickname?” Peter asked, snatching the ball. Being left without his toy, James tilted his head and furrowed his head, thinking. So deep in his pup headspace, Steve wasn’t even sure he had access to words, but the alpha still made his will known when he nodded slowly after some consideration. Quill lit up.

“Neat! How about…Barney?” the omega suggested, eyebrows wiggling all over the place. Groaning, Peter let James have the ball back, which he promptly put in his mouth to chew on.

“What, because of his last name? That sucks” Peter huffed.


Steve chuckled at his friends, nudging James. They were all half-laying, half-sitting in a circle on the lawn, feeling awfully domestic.

“What do you think about Barney, James?” he asked. The way the alpha scrunched up his nose and grumbled around the ball in his mouth told them all a firm ‘no’. Peter looked triumphant, and Quill threw out his arm.

“You try and make something of James Buchanan Barnes!” he challenged with a huff.

“Easy! Jamie” Peter quipped back. The tousled hair of their alpha tilted to the side as he looked at them, still biting his toy. God, they would have to wash those locks out real good before bed, if he didn’t want bugs in his bed. Steve was pretty sure he saw a lady bug perched on top of the alpha’s head.


The little blond omega frowned, tilting his head to mimic James.

“He doesn’t feel like a Jamie” Steve said uncertainly. The look he got back showed him James agreed, and Peter frowned before sighing.

“Yeah, maybe not. What’s your take then, Stevie?” the young pup offered.


Hmm. If his first name didn’t work, and his last name flopped too, then maybe something with his middle name? His thoughts jumbled different names together as he watched Peter tug the ball back, giggling out an ‘ew’ at the saliva on it as James growled at the same time he exposed his belly submissively. Then it clicked.


“How about Bucky?” Steve proposed, holding out his open palm. Instantly, James head shot up and his blue eyes widened. The scent around them shifted from just playful to exhilarated. The massive alpha suddenly looked like he had done when the omegas had told him earlier today that he would get the red ball he wanted – except even more doubtfully happy. As if he were afraid someone would take the good feeling away from him.


Quill rolled over on his back, scrutinizing the alpha.

“He does look like a Bucky” he said cheerfully. To accentuate his words, the alpha made a content vibrating sound in his chest. Steve smiled at that, nodding.

“You like that, don’t you?” the little omega said softly, nudging the ball back at James. The alpha flushed, nodding shyly. “Perfect. You’re gonna be our Bucky” he said, leaning forward so he could nuzzle against the alpha’s bonding gland. Giving it a little lick, Bucky gave a noise resembling that of an omega’s purr, filling the air with the scent of content alpha.




The sound of Tony sighing travelled over the domestic slammer of Loki doing the dishes. The tall, slender omega had on a green and white checked apron over the clothes he didn’t want to get dishwater on, black hair swept back. Tony kept an eye out on the others playing while the other omega cleaned the plates with an immaculate touch and a slight distaste over his fine features. Having lived with him for years, Tony knew more than well that Loki’s need for things being clean exceeded his aversion to doing dirty chores. It was a thing he found quite amusing about the omega.


But right now Tony couldn’t focus on that. He had bigger problems on hand.


“I still think we should wait” Loki said firmly, placing a glass on the rack. Annoyed, Tony pulled a hand through his hair, making it stand on end.

“Why? He behaved well at the store today. And you know as well as I do that Steve could do well with a good knotting, preferably yesterday” Tony said with emphasis. The taller omega glanced back at him, green eyes wavering slightly. It wasn’t the first time they’d discussed this. Sighing again, Tony leaned his weight on his hands on the table. “I know Steve thinks he’s been getting healthier and stronger later, but I’m not so sure. He still gets sick every time it rains, and I’m honestly afraid to be too rough on him with the knotting toys. The way his lungs sounds when he’s exerted scares me Loki” he continued, worrying his lip between his teeth.


The use of his name made Loki look up, pausing the dishes. Tony was usually more keen on using different nicknames for him, and rarely called him by his birthname if it wasn’t serious. Slowly, the British omega placed the last dishes aside, draining the sink and reaching for the towel.

“I know all that” he said, voice softer than before. “I know he needs a knot in him – I can smell how bad his protein deficiency is. It scares me too” Loki admitted, turning to lean on the bench so he could meet Tony’s eyes. His head tilted downwards, and he donned a look that said he was serious. “But that doesn’t mean we can just throw Steve to the first best alpha that enters our home. Can we really trust him? What if he hurts him? It wouldn’t take much to put Steve in the hospital”.


The way Loki bit chewed the inside of his cheek made Tony want to nuzzle up against him for comfort. No matter how much the omega scoffed or claimed he found Steve ‘unbearably righteous’, Loki still loved the blond omega. They all loved each other. Like a big, slightly dysfunctional family – when all the bickering and arguing died down, all that was left was pure, undying devotion towards each other. Or actually it might be better described as a pack; it wasn’t usual to call a collective a pack, since that was an old word for when an alpha (or two, with one being dominant and the other waiting around for scraps) gathered a small number of omegas around themselves to carry their pups. Any use of old terms was frowned up, because it pointed to a less civilised time. Yet it was necessary sometimes to understand how things worked. The Benatar Collective was a pack, and James was their newest member. They weren’t just going to let him fuck their physically weakest member without establishing trust. He needed to earn that.


Except on this particular case; it hurt Tony too much to wait. Steve needed help. Help that Tony couldn’t provide, not with his useless dick and lack of alpha sperm full of protein.


And there was another thing to be taken into consideration.


“Remember that James is from the Hydra Disciplinary. He wouldn’t misbehave – not during a mating. You know their methods” Tony said with a lowered voice and raised eyebrow. Outside, Steve had joined the game, tossing the ball. Even from here, Tony could see how he cowered away from Quill rumbling around, afraid to play too rough.


Loki rolled his eyes, putting the towel aside.

“Rumours, Tony” he said. But the mechanic shook his head.

“No, more than that. You see that prosthetic of his – that’s not just any prosthetic. I’ve read the published papers of the scientist who developed them, and he worked within the Hydra pound before they were shut down by the government. Dr Zola reported on a lot of their controversial methods when he described how his prosthetics worked in the field; and there is a reason so many alphas came away from that pound with missing limbs” Tony said, feeling his anger come off his as distressed pheromones, making Loki furrow his brow and step closer on instinct. It hadn’t exactly been easy reading. Whatever Tony thought of alphas, they didn’t deserve the treatment they had at Hydra Disciplinary. The only reason he hadn’t brought this up with Steve and the youngest of the pack was that he didn’t want to upset them. Somethings were better to not know.


But right now Loki frowned, fixing his green eyes on him.

“What do you mean?” he asked, keeping his voice low as well. Tony sighed, feeling like he said too much.

“We don’t have to go into it now. I’m just saying that the rumours are true, and however sad it is that James went through that, I think it means that we can trust his obedience. Especially during a mating – he’s going to be perfectly good in situations he’s been trained for. The store was probably a harder test for him” Tony argued, sitting down on a chair. Hesitantly glancing out the window, Loki followed him in sitting down.


“So you’re saying we should let James breed Steve tonight already?” the royal omega sighed.

“I do. I mean, we can make it safe. But imagine how much better Steve will feel tomorrow” Tony said hopefully and just a little anxious. Seemingly thinking about it, Loki chewed his cheek and looked away. When he turned back, his smell had changed from annoyed to uncertain. That was a win, Tony decided.


“Safe” he repeated. “Exactly how do we make it safe?” Loki wondered, raising a challenging eyebrow. Trying not to take it as a ‘yes’, Tony pressed down a smile.

“We can tie him down maybe? If James has his arms cuffed to the headboard, Steve can ride him well away from his teeth. And we’ll be in the room of course, keeping check” he promised. Already his hole felt a little wetter at the prospect of getting to see their cute, small leader finally fucked proper.


Loki considered it for a moment.

“It could work. James won’t like it much, but he would still be able to move his hips. Would your cuffs hold him down?” he wondered, and Tony nodded. He had developed them himself, and the metal bonds was more than enough to contain the strength of an alpha. Or at least his human arm…he wasn’t so sure about the prosthetic, but decided not to say that to Loki. The taller omega sighed and stood up to start drying the dishes. Tony tried not to stare at his ass in those tight, black jeans.


“Okay, but only if you promise we’ll stay the whole mating. Perhaps Peter and Quill don’t have to – I think their playing is gonna wear them out” Loki said with a meaning nod out the window towards Quill doing a somersault and Peter clapping his hands giggling.

“Sure. Might scare Peter as well, seeing James in cuffs” Tony said with a fond smile. The youngest omega’s aunt, a sweet beta called May, usually came around every few weeks to check in, so they were all very mindful not to give Peter something bad to report. They didn’t want him to move back home. Not that it was a bad home – not at all – but May had recently gotten engaged to a beta called Happy and the apartment was getting crowded. Besides, there was no one around to help Peter out with his heats that had just started coming in. The collective was a good space for an omega teen pup to grow into his ears, so to speak.


When Loki scoffed as he dried off a plate, Tony smirked. The other omega might play it cool, but Tony was more than well accustomed to his scents by now to be able to discern that Loki was getting wet in his pants. Not a lot, but enough to catch the brown-haired omega’s attention. Loki was excited to see Steve getting rammed as well – perhaps not as much as Tony, but still. They’d nested together long enough for Tony to have seen the other’s hole drip at the sight of their Stevie squirming as he came on a knotted dildo.


Getting up, he snuck up behind Loki, nibbling playfully on his earlobe. His hand reached down the black jeans, past the waistband of his tight boxers to graze softly over his entrance. The finger came away wet and warm. The tall omega caught a moan in his throat, turning it into a disgruntled little snarl, trying to swat Tony’s hand away.


“Stop it, you’ll ruin my trousers” he snapped annoyed. But Tony only smiled and pressed his finger harder against the fluttering rim, rubbing a little circle. He certainly didn’t miss the breath caught in Loki’s throat as a bit more slick leaked out.

“Not my fault you refuse to wear the padded underwear” Tony mused, kissing behind his ear again. God, he wouldn’t mind getting Loki’s sassy mouth on his dick right now.

“Where I come from, they’re considered feminine products- oh” Loki whined unexpectedly as Tony suddenly pushed the index finger past the struggling rim and inside to the second knuckle. The omega pressed against the counter was wet enough for the slide to be easy.

“Where you come from, your daddy would’ve let your brother fuck your greedy little cunt” Tony growled, making his voice deep. He kept up a rhythm, letting his digit go steadily in and out of Loki who tried to snarl back but failed as it turned into a whimper.


Loki might hate being reminded of how he was almost married off to his older brother, but he sure loved when Tony got rough and mean on him. It wasn’t an obvious kink, yet one Tony had found rather quickly. So he didn’t hesitate as he pushed Loki against the counter, trapping his small cock that was probably hard, and forcing a second finger into him. He growled in the omega’s ear and bit his ear again, this time harder.


“You’re just jealous because you can’t fuck it” Loki challenged, already breathless and leaking slick. The teasing made Tony jam his fingers up until he found the other’s prostate, digging into it almost painfully. A choked out whimper escaped Loki.


“Oh yeah? What do you think I’m doing right now?”




Loki had been right. Playing had worn the youngest ones out – Quill was supposed to help make sure James (or ‘Bucky’ as they apparently had decided to call him) behaved in the bath, but he was currently passed out snoring in a pile of big, fluffy towels. Rolling his eyes at him, Loki turned his attention back to the alpha before him.


Not only did the collective have a large shower, but they also had a bathtub installed originally meant for washing a litter of pups as soon as one of them got pregnant. Turns out it worked just as well on alphas. Since they didn’t know how to wash themselves (according to Bucky’s file, he was used to being hosed down outside), the omegas would need to keep up with his hygiene. And apparently that meant getting him covered in moss and dirt before leaving him to Loki to get clean. It was lucky for his nesting friends that Tony had made him climax nice and hard earlier, leaving him in a better mood than normal, otherwise he would’ve scolded them thoroughly.


“Lean your head back” Loki instructed, having filled the plastic cup with water to pour over Bucky’s matted locks. Obediently the alpha tilted his head backwards, looking up at his omega with a look that was as close to submissive as an alpha could get. Despite Loki’s wary behaviour, he couldn’t deny that Bucky was behaving well right now. He sat upright in the tub, legs bent so his knees stuck out of the warm water and hands placed on the porcelain edges where his owner could see them. Carefully, Loki poured the water over his hair. At that, the other closed his eyes as not to get water in them.


Bucky had made a happy rumbling sound as he was allowed to sit down in the water, and Loki had bit his lips realizing he probably wasn’t used to a bath being warm. Or a bath at all. It had softened the sour omega further, and he made sure not to pull on Bucky’s hair as he started working shampoo in it.

“Be still” he said softly when Bucky squirmed a little. Instantly, the large man stilled. Gentle fingers worked through his tangled hair, and the alpha smelled suddenly of sated. The scent made Loki warm up inside – even if they weren’t bonded, his body still reacted well to pleasing his alpha. Once again he felt it was lucky that Tony had just fingered him to an orgasm. He didn’t want to lose focus by getting wet.


Not that it wasn’t hard to focus, however. Even soft, Bucky’s alpha cock was an impressive sight in the bath water. His knot was deflated, but it was still very visible at the base of his cock, and Loki found himself swallowing at the thought of it hard and swollen.


To distract himself, he rinsed out Bucky’s hair and started massaging the conditioner into it to get those tangles undone.

“That’s better, isn’t it?” Loki murmured as Bucky once again closed his eyes and let a rumble vibrate through his chest. The sleek, silvery metal arm rested against the edge of the tub, the only part of him free from grass stains. Loki responded with a content sound himself. Alphas were alike omegas on the part that if they weren’t allowed to groom themselves, they would get distressed. Despite Bucky’s efforts to hide it, Loki had noticed his displeasure yesterday as he wasn’t cleaned after being scented. Making a mental note to try and keep the alpha’s hair in check, Loki rinsed out the conditioner as well.


Now there was only the soap left. Then he would be all ready for Steve who probably waited already in the bedroom with Tony – if Loki knew them at all, Tony was probably three fingers deep in the smaller omega by now, making sure he was well and thoroughly prepared for the size of his alpha’s knot. Taking a deep breath, Loki reached for the washcloth and got it all soapy and wet in the water. Then he met Bucky’s steel blue eyes meeting his patiently.


“I’m gonna wash your body now. You be good, okay?” Loki breathed out, to which Bucky quickly nodded. “Okay, give me your arm” he continued, reaching for the alpha’s flesh limb. He cleaned it gently with the washcloth, making him lift his arm to get to the armpit. Steve would get his scent all over him soon anyway, and as soon as he got out of the bath he would be back in his ownership collar which rested on the sink below which Quill slept. Continuing, Loki dragged the washcloth across his muscular chest, trying to keep himself from reacting too much to it. When he reached his other shoulder, and carefully cleaned the massive scarring around where the prosthetic met Bucky’s skin, his scent involuntarily dropped to slightly distressed as he remembered what Tony said. Quickly, he was met with a worried look from the alpha. Loki forced himself to shift to a calmer scent, and gave a small smile to the alpha.


“It’s okay. I’m fine” he reassured, not needing this to turn into something he couldn’t handle alone. Instead Loki soaped up the washcloth again and scrubbed Bucky’s back before making him stand up so he could kneel before him on the floor and get to his legs.


Kneel before him…


Loki realized his mistake the moment Bucky stood above him and he was on his bare knees on the tiles, eye level with his cock. Swallowing hard, he felt his nerve endings suddenly begin to spark, wanting to catch on fire, as his recently used hole got wet and messy all over again.


Fuck. Should he wake Quill? Should he stand, or run away? What if Bucky smelled his arousal and decided to do something about it? Worried, Loki chewed the inside of his cheek, frozen to the spot. And all the while his head rushed with thoughts, his eyes couldn’t get enough of that cock right before him. An alpha cock. One he had been wanting for years.


It was surprising that it was Bucky who in the end showed restrained. His scent was confusing at first, but changed to ashamed. Then his hands went to cover himself up, head hanging.

“I’m sorry omega” he mumbled, embarrassed and probably thinking he overstepped by being naked like that. But it was Loki who had decided to wash him, so the alpha hadn’t done anything wrong. Swallowing, the omega forced himself to shake his head.


“No, it’s okay. You weren’t being bad. I just…” Loki tried, chewing his lip. Then he sighed. “If you could hold your hands like that while I wash your legs, you would be a good boy. Can you do that?” he asked. Of course, Bucky nodded, and stayed put while Loki tried his hardest to reel in his dirty throughs as he scrubbed his grass-stained muscular thighs.


In the end though, he had to ask Bucky to uncover his dick. It took a lot of restrained to clean his private parts, especially since the alpha couldn’t help himself but start to grow hard as Loki rubbed him with the soapy cloth, effectively massaging his knot. The ashamed scent burnt Loki’s nostrils, and he had to stop several times to reassure Bucky that it was okay, but he was still glad when it was over. Breathing in raggedly, he smiled shakily at the alpha after rinsing him off with warm water.


“There we go. Good job” he said, to which Bucky’s scent hesitantly grew calmer.


Okay, easy part done. Now Loki just had to watch the alpha when his cock was fully hard and going in and out of Steve…this might be harder than he thought.

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Steve was nervous. Or, actually, he had been nervous until Tony got him naked and wet. Right now he was already slipping into a submissive headspace, moaning and squirming on Tony’s fingers while his mouth licked over his tiny cock struggling to even get a little hard. Through the fog of more please let me come please, Steve wondered how it would feel when Bucky showed up. Those long, slender fingers inside him prodded his prostate and kept him on constant edge, refusing his climax to make sure he was as relaxed and loose as possible for the alpha. That’s why there were four digits currently stuffed in his dripping channel.


Tony had brought up the plan earlier with Steve, Peter and Quill while Loki kept their alpha outside for a moment, picking out the worst of the moss and leaves out of his hair. The two youngest omegas had agreed with what Tony had decided, nodding and accepting being put to bed early. Quill whined a little about not getting to be there for the first mating, but Peter had blushed and mumbled that he was pretty tired. And as it turned out, Quill fell asleep on the bathroom floor ten minutes later anyway.


That didn’t mean that Steve hadn’t reacted more heavily. Whatever feelings he had about getting to be knotted tonight already, all he could honestly say about them was that they were confused. For starters, the omega wanted to whimper and get down to present right away for Bucky, more or less desperate for his knot to fill him and pump him full of seed. But there was also fear of doing something he’d never done before; essentially losing his virginity all over again. That fear included the ever present worry that Bucky might not find him attractive. Nothing the alpha had done or said, or even smelled, during his two days in the collective pointed towards this, but one could never be too sure. And of course there was the biggest trouble – despite Tony’s efforts to hide his true intentions, it was clear they were letting Steve go first with Bucky because he was worried about his health again. Such a notion made the blond omega angry. He hated that they still saw him as sickly and weak, even if they never ever used those words.


That’s why Tony had eventually picked him up and told him they would prepare together while Bucky got a bath. His firm voice and manhandling involuntarily had Steve go limp in his grip and accepted being carried to bed. To calm his racing heart and heated words, Tony had begun by gathering some blankets and pillows, urging Steve to build a nest with him. It didn’t turn out to be a proper nest, but it worked. Amongst the heap of blankets, Steve’s breathing slowed and Tony could start remove his clothes. He did so while pausing a lot to give the struggling omega lingering kisses and sweet words – when Steve was naked, the bigger omega started licking each place where his scent was strongest. Beginning at the scenting gland behind his ear, Tony dragged his hot tongue down over his exposed throat, dipping in his armpits and across the inside of his wrist, until he finally reached the sensitive junction between Steve’s thigh and crotch. At that point, Steve had turned into a purring, soft heap of omega, only giggling breathlessly when Tony licked over this skin next to his genitals.


It was evident that Tony was the closest thing Steve had ever had to his own alpha, because he responded to his touches and demands, both firm and gentle, with utter compliance. When told to spread his legs to give the other access to his soft cock, measuring at about an inch with only the potential of growing less than half an inch at arousal, Steve did just that, floating a little in his head at getting to be good. The reward was the wonderful sensation of getting his genitalia licked and played with, sucked with ease into Tony’s skilled mouth.

“Up baby” Tony grunted, making the omega lift his legs. Then that prodding tongue found his leaking hole, pressing inside as Steve moaned.


After that, Tony got more rough, perhaps wanting to prepare him for the alpha. Or maybe he just wanted to wrestle Steve around – wouldn’t be the first time. In any case, he roughly flipped Steve over and pressed him into the mattress while he growled, a sound omegas usually didn’t do in bed but that he was used to hearing Tony do, and begun opening him up on his fingers.


Unfortunately, that’s how Loki found them. He opened the bedroom door without knocking (one of his more annoying habits; sometimes it felt like he just materialised into the room with how silently he could move) and tugged Bucky inside via the leash before stopping short. Steve turned his head sluggishly on the bed, sweat dripping from his golden locks, with his ass pushed up to half present for the omega behind him jamming four digits past his struggling rim while another hand kept Steve’s back pressed down into the mattress. As soon as Steve laid eyes on the alpha, he felt a flush spread over his entire upper body. Not entirely sure whether it was because his alpha wasn’t supposed to see him get his pleasure from an omega (which was an instinctive thought – of course Bucky would have to get used to this) or if it were the anticipation, but he felt embarrassed. That was accompanied by a new wave of fresh slick rushing out of him, adding to the already overwhelming scent of needy omega in the room.


Bucky on the other hand froze completely. It was hard reading his facial expression, because Loki had put a muzzle on him (why would he do that? How would his alpha claim him now?) and strapped on the thick collar. Even thought Steve knew this wouldn’t be the night they bonded, his hazy mind still searched in vain for a way to get that muzzle off him. He was weak however, only managing to moan brokenly when Tony curled his fingers against his prostate.

“I thought you’d have him a bit more presentable that this” Loki got out between gritted teeth. It couldn’t be easy for him to remain composed; the heavy scent of both Steve and Tony’s arousal made his own body start producing slick, and it wasn’t made better by Bucky (totally naked) quickly begun sporting an impressive erection at the sight of the omega he was supposed to breed laying exposed already.


“I’m just stretching him” Tony growled, biting at Steve’s alabaster skin on the back of his thigh, forcing a squeal out of him.

“You’re not, you’re playing with him. Get your fingers out of his ass, this isn’t your show Tony” Loki snapped. Whenever he got embarrassed or frustrated, the tall omega resorted to annoyed hostility. Yet even his composure crumbled a little when Tony looked at him with eyes swallowed by his diluted pupils and snarled possessively.


But if Loki curled up on himself, Bucky instead broadened his stance. He must have interpreted the situation as a threat to Loki, or perhaps Steve, because he answered Tony’s snarl with a low rumble of his chest. It wasn’t aggressive by far, but it was still a low warning to the omega not to act up like that. Upon hearing that, Tony’s eyes widened a bit. Steve whimpered, feeling scared that it would result in something bad. But it actually turned out to be helpful, because Tony shook out of it and sat back on his haunches.


“Sorry…got carried away” he muttered as he carefully removed his fingers. It left Steve whining for more, but Tony settled him with cooing and praise. The blond omega relaxed, feeling as if the tension had balanced out – sometimes the power dynamics between them got jumbled up and they all ended up aggressive or whiny, but Bucky had been able to sort that out with only a small sound. It would’ve been impressive, if Steve wasn’t currently busy with trying not to start begging like a slut for Bucky’s knot.


“Just help me out” Loki muttered. He tied the leash temporarily to the door handle, which wasn’t enough by far to physically hold the alpha, but made sure Bucky knew it would be highly disobedient to move without permission. Hopefully that would work. Steve was carefully placed in the heap of pillows and blankets in the corner by Tony. He pouted and whined, but was silenced by the sweaty, slightly hazy eyed omega.

“None of that. I’ll come back for you in a moment sweetheart” Tony murmured, gently but firmly.


Loki rolled his eyes at the cuffs lying discarded beside the bed.

“You didn’t even get them around the bedpost?” he sighed, gesturing to the black headboard of wrought iron.

“Oh calm down, it only takes a minute” Tony grumbled back. Taking one each, they were in fact done quickly, but Loki wasn’t so easily appeased. He gave of a sour scent as they together led Bucky to the bed and told him to lie on his back.


“Will you lighten up?” Tony hissed as Bucky’s erection softened an inch as a reaction to Loki’s mood. “You’re not gonna make this easy on any of them”.


Suddenly, Steve was interrupted by a fuzzy head bumping against his hand. Looking down, he was pleasantly surprised to see one of the stray cats always wandering around the house – this one was black with long fur and green eyes. Steve couldn’t help but giggle when he thought about how alike the cat was Loki. It must’ve curled up in the blankets and slept there unnoticed. Petting it’s soft ears, Steve felt content as the cat purred and nuzzled against him.


“Fenris! How did you get here?” Loki exclaimed, abandoning the bed to go pick up the kitty. Instantly his scent changed to one calmer as to appease the sleepy bundle of fur who did not appreciate being lifted from his warm nesting spot. No other animal loved nesting as much as cats, making them perfect for omegas without a partner or collective. “You can’t be in here right now” Loki cooed gently, using a baby voice he reserved for his strays only (and occasionally Peter when the pup was sick with fever). It helped set the mood right, and soon the only disgruntled one was Fenris who was promptly placed out in the hallway.


Steve watched Bucky with big eyes as the alpha was unleashed and led to the bed.

“Down” Tony ordered. His voice was a little shaky from having been almost growled at by Bucky, but he still kept it firm enough for their alpha to obey him. Obediently he laid his massive body down on the mattress that dipped beneath his weight. “Good, now lift your arms” he instructed, Loki back at his side of the bed. Steve could smell Bucky’s disapproval at having to place his wrists in the cuffs, and gulped at the thought that his strong, dominant instincts were probably screaming at him to break free and bend the wet, needy omega down – to make Steve submit and take his knot. Most likely those instincts were as strong as Steve’s own telling him to crawl out of the heap of blankets and present.


But that’s not how things worked today. And even if it confused his nature, Steve knew that this was a much safer way for him to be bred. Even if he felt an immediate trust for this stranger alpha, the harsh truth was that they hadn’t been bonded yet. Steve didn’t have a bite mark on his throat to calm his nerves and convince him Bucky wouldn’t hurt him – so he forced himself not to whine and whimper like a bitch in heat (yes, it was okay if he said it) as the alpha had both human and metal arm strapped to the iron bars of the headboard.


“That’s a good boy” Loki mumbled, probably to calm the alpha down. Bucky huffed and barred his teeth, but at the same time he hung his head submissively and laid perfectly still. Sure, those might be mixed signals, but the handbooks had prepared them for this. Alphas had trouble keeping all their behaviour in line whenever the were forced to act most heavily out of their nature. Take a mating for example; this would be a prime moment for an alpha to show his virility and strength, and to have it thwarted by omegas was not only triggering but also humiliating. Steve could not begin to know how Bucky felt right now when his chance to dominate his omega was taken away.


Yet his cock was still hard, and his knot had that tell-tale beginning of a swell indicating that it was already filling up with cum.


The sight made Steve let a desperate whimper slip out and in an instant the blanket beneath him was soiled. Tony heard him (or smelled him) and quickly turned to crouch down next to him.

“Oh baby, it’s okay. You’re okay” he cooed, soothing Steve. The omega whined again and reached for Tony who instantly wrapped his arms around him and picked him up. “C’mon, let’s get you to our alpha. He’ll make it better” Tony mumbled lovingly, nuzzling his friend.

“It hurts” Steve sobbed, feeling his eyes tear up. It actually did hurt – being this close to an alpha, naked and erect, when he was already wound up so tight made him feel like his whole body was on fire. Steve’s hole clenched stretched and ready around empty air, and something inside him felt heavy and throbbing. He just wanted it to go away.

“Shh, it’s gonna be okay. Alpha’s gonna make it go away. And I’ll be here the whole time – Loki too. We’ll make it stop hurting” Tony promised with the omega clinging to him.


When he set him down, Steve probably wouldn’t have let go if it weren’t for the fact that Tony set him down right next to Bucky. His baby blue eyes went wide as they roamed over the alpha’s muscular, naked body. Bucky’s powerful, long legs lay restless on the white sheet, stripped of every blanket, and his torso was a wonder of rippled, pale skin. Each muscle twitched beneath Steve’s stare, and he wanted to run his tongue over all of them. When he saw the thin scars lashed out across his abdomen and chest however, the omega frowned. And upon discovering how scarred the skin was where his prosthetic was merged with his muscle and bone, Steve felt his lower lip quiver. Damn his body; he was only this weepy and clingy when he needed to be filled badly. Bucky responded by frowning himself and tugging at his restraints. Not hard enough to break them, but hard enough for the omegas standing on the side to react.


“C’mon Stevie, don’t you want a nice, thick knot in you?” Loki said softly, putting his hands on the omega’s body to help guide him so he could straddle Bucky. The alpha rumbled in his chest and Steve nodded, feeling his breathing become erratic. Quickly, Tony’s supportive hands were on him as well.

“You do, don’t you? Let’s get you in it baby, let’s get you good and filled. It’ll feel so much better” Tony talked away, trying to keep Steve content and happy, while somewhere beneath the blond he must have gripped Bucky’s cock because the man grunted, twisting in his bonds.


Steve only had eyes for his alpha, who in turn kept his eyes locked on him, mouth still hidden behind the muzzle, but his sweet friends kept their hands on his body, helping him. Since the alpha was tied down, Steve had gotten kind of hand-fallen about the mating. It wasn’t easy to take control over something when his very bloodstream wanted to bend to the will of submitting. Even in his hazy mind, he found gratefulness towards Loki and Tony.


Most especially when Tony angled the hard dick upwards, coated with Steve’s slick who’d run down all over it, and placed it against his stretched rim. The bulbous head pushing upwards wasn’t bigger than the knots on their toys, but still felt like a pressure Steve had never experienced.


“There we go” Tony mumbled, keeping Bucky’s cock steady as Loki pinned his hips down, making sure he wouldn’t snap them up to bottom out directly. The tiny omega let his mouth fall open in a sort of relieved shock, moaning brokenly. Fuck that felt great.


When the head of Bucky’s cock unexpectedly slid all the way inside, Steve fell forward and landed on his hands, inches away from the alpha’s face. Beneath him, the powerful body twitched and shuddered with want to fuck him, and Bucky’s eyes looked like a lake on fire while he seemed to fight away an aroused growl. Steve didn’t have to fight away no such thing, but openly moaned and tried to grind his hips down to get more of the girthy length inside him. Firm hands on his tiny waist halted that, to his frustration.


It frustrated the poor omega to no end that he couldn’t see the alpha’s full face. Whining, he reached a weak hand up to scratch at the clasp.
“Want it off” he pouted, biting his cheek as another half an inch slid into his tight, virgin channel.

“It’s not safe” Loki mumbled, swallowing hard at having to fight off the arousal.

“Is too” Steve argued. His fingers came up to brush softly over the black, stiff muzzle. Beneath it, he could hear how Bucky tried to scent him. “You’ll be a good boy, won’t you? You wouldn’t bite me” he mumbled gently with his already wrecked vocal chords. It was almost so quiet that only the alpha heard, but behind him Loki sighed as Bucky nodded fervently.


Tony’s hand on Bucky’s sensitive knot must’ve squeezed because the alpha choked off a pained sound and in response Steve reflexively dropped down further, moaning loudly as he was being filled so brutally yet so good. Still in his right minds, he threw a glare towards Tony over his shoulder.

“You did that on purpose” he accused (not above rolling his hips now though as he had the leeway, until Loki gripped his waist again). Tony gave him a scolding look which made the tips of the blond omega’s ears burn red – he felt vulnerable being naked and essentially impaled.

“Muzzle stays” Tony grunted. But Steve wasn’t having it.

“I want it off” he argued, accidently digging his nails into Bucky’s chest, making him grunt as well.


Rolling his eyes, Tony grabbed his shoulder and forced him down, bottoming out on the large cock. Only the slightly swollen knot was left outside of him. Steve’s jaw went slack as an unidentified noise slipped out of him, mind going dizzy within an instant. He fought to stay afloat, but it was so damn hard when he was filled up with alpha cock for the first time in his life. Of course Tony knew this – knew perfectly well that Bucky’s mere presence ruined the bigger omega’s dominant hold over Steve and that made it easier for the blond to oppose him. Get him well and fucked though, and that could be changed.


Still, Steve shook his head, sweat already falling off his brow.

“Want…off…” he whined, weakly trying to lift back up so he could impale himself again on the monster thing inside him.

“God, you’re so spoiled” Tony scolded, swatting his ass. It was easier for him to retain his composure than Loki, since he was naturally more dominant. Squealing, Steve still shook his head. With a sigh, Tony motioned for Loki to remove the muzzle. “Fine baby. You get what you want, as always” he muttered, but not without fondness.


As soon as the black mask came off, Steve was overcome with desire to kiss him. Knowing however somewhere deep in his hazy mind that Tony would definitely put the muzzle back on if he did that, the omega resorted to nuzzling his chest, well away from those sharp teeth. Bucky seemed to appreciate it deeply, since this made it much easier to inhale the smell of Steve dripping and desperate. His pupils diluted and the sound from his chest was as close to a snarl as he could without actually doing it, which would be disrespectful.


The two omegas not currently being fucked got the memo though. They helped Steve rise up and fall back down, trying to stabilize him enough to make him ride the alpha. It wasn’t easy, given that Steve just wanted to roll over and let Bucky take him, but with the help of Bucky gently thrusting his hips upwards and encouraging him with chest rumbles, the three of them got Steve moving. He moaned and scratched Bucky’s chest, not able to control himself since the alpha wasn’t able to pin him down, and his hips started rolling (perhaps a bit too quickly), causing his already abused ass to drool slick all over the alpha’s knot.


“Please, alpha, god please” Steve begged, unsure what he was begging for. Whatever he wanted Bucky complied best he could, whining as he tried not snapping his hips up too hard. Loki’s firm hands was still on him, pinning him down with more of a symbolic force than a physical one.

“That’s right princess, keep going” Tony encouraged. His wet hole strained and stretched, accepting the hard drop down on Bucky’s cock over and over. That pressure inside him from before melted away like snow in the sun – except each time Steve lifted himself off the hard member and lost the weight in him, the painful pressure came back. It made him effectively chase the release by digging his skinny knees into the mattress and riding the alpha with all the strength he had. Behind him, the knot had begun to swell further, filling up with sperm.


Any thought Steve had been plagued by before about his looks went out the window as well. It simply wasn’t possible to feel anything other than wanted when Bucky’s scent wasn’t only the most desirable thing he had ever smelled, but also the thing filled with the most desire. The alpha wanted him, no doubt. If the restraints hadn’t been there, he probably would’ve tried to claim Steve with a bite mark, judging by the way the pheromones came off him in waves. Steve basked in it, whining and whimpering and purring altogether as he inhaled the scent of need and burning hot eagerness. It travelled straight to his head and down his twisted spine, making him for once feel beautiful and desired.


The hot slide of Bucky’s cock rubbing against the walls of his tight channel almost became too much when the alpha barred his teeth in a silent howl, and Steve saw the sharp points of his corner teeth. Teeth that he wanted buried deep in his neck. Teeth that could mark him up as Bucky’s forever, for the whole world to see that he was a good enough omega to be claimed for breeding and carrying pups for such a powerful alpha. The thought made Steve’s head swim and he clenched hard around the throbbing dick, arching his back in the process. It made the tip of Bucky’s erection press sudden and hard against his sweet spot and oh god oh FUCK –


“Oh god, Tony” Loki called out, catching the tiny omega as he all but collapsed over the alpha. His tiny cock twitched and dribbled a pathetic amount of cum over itself, getting but a few drops on Bucky’s stomach. The orgasm was powerful enough to take over Steve’s sight and hearing for a moment, so for a sweet second he floated around in a warm bliss, susceptible only to the heady scent of breeding alpha and the sensation of Bucky’s hot, hard skin beneath his fingertips.


The sudden smell of Steve’s climax and the feeling of his already tight hole clenching around Bucky’s cock made the alpha lose inhibition as he growled out loud enough for Loki to jump back. Only Tony held Steve in place as their alpha’s knot was finally pressed all the way inside and locked behind the omega’s struggling rim. It swelled to full size and Bucky moaned animalistically as his hips pressed snug against his omega and he came in hot spurts shooting up into Steve.


Steve was grateful for Tony for slowly lowering him down to lay splayed out, tiny and blissed out, on Bucky’s chest as the true breeding begun. His senses were still a mess and he found himself focusing on inhaling the strong, soothing scent from Bucky, burying his nose in the alpha’s armpit and letting the vibrations of his chest calm Steve’s racing heart. His virginal hole might not ever had experienced getting a load of potent cum in it, but Steve was pretty sure the load he was getting right now was bigger than most. He could still feel Bucky’s knot emptying in him, warm and sticky, and he purred happily.


“Well that…worked” he heard Loki say somewhere off in the distance. A gentle hand was laid on his back and Steve smelled the coffee-infused scent of Tony to his right. Sluggishly he turned his head and licked at Tony’s hand when it came up to brush his cheek.

“Look how calm he is. This was exactly what he needed” the brown-haired omega cooed, fondly brushing his fingertip over Steve’s lip, swollen from being kept between his teeth. They were talking above his head, but he was so sleepy and fuzzy locked together with Bucky that he didn’t even care.

“His rim looks…strained though. Should it look like that?” Loki asked quietly, concerned. Frowning, Steve nuzzled his alpha. His rim felt perfectly fine.

“Yeah, it’s no problem” Tony assured him. His hand kept petting the omega. Bucky laid perfectly still, offering an alpha-like purring and the comfort of his strong body.


Slowly, a feeling of becoming bloated came to Steve. He had no idea how long it had been, but the knot kept emptying. God, Bucky must have been dying to unload inside an omega. Steve felt a strange sense of pride, knowing he was the very first omega for Bucky.


That thought, and Tony’s gentle petting, finally lulled him to sleep. When he went under, the knot was still locked inside him and cum was still slowly being pulsating into his waiting womb.

Chapter Text

Bucky laid in his room, completely naked on top of the sheets and covers, just breathing. His body was still wet and sticky with sweat and drying cum, yet he had declined the offer of a shower after the mating with Steve. The cool air of his bedroom was probably going to make him shiver eventually, but as of right now his clammy skin still felt hot and almost feverish to the touch. Beneath his chest the alpha’s heart ran wild, calming with every heartbeat even if it was a slow process.


It was hard to process what had just happened. Bucky had never even been allowed to touch an omega before, much less be inside one. The closest he’d come sex was when beta handlers assisted him with toys during ruts or when Hydra Disciplinary tried out the MAD-protocol…and it was shortly after that experiment that Bucky had been transferred to Shield Kennels. Not that it was his place to speculate, and as an alpha he didn’t exactly have the brain power to speculate on anything above what concerned him, but Bucky guessed the MAD-protocol might have something to do with Hydra Disciplinary shutting down. He sure didn’t remember the experience fondly.


This night had been another matter however. This night had felt like everything his handlers had ever promised him was true – that if he was a good, obedient alpha to his owner, he would get to know what heaven felt like. And compared to emptying his knot inside a wet, willing omega, milking himself in a toy or his own hand seemed like grey plaster compared to a rainbow. Like he saw colour for the first time. Closing his eyes, Bucky focused on the breathing exercises he’d learned at Shield Kennels and allowed himself to bring out the memories, so fresh in his head. It helped that he had gotten to keep one of the pillows as a treat from his owners – it was drenched in Steve’s tears and sweat, smelling so heavily of him that Bucky needed only to twist his head and bury his nose in it to feel like the tiny omega was on top of him once again.


“You’ll be a good boy, won’t you? You wouldn’t bite me” Steve mumbled above him. His delicate facial features were contradicted by a sharp jawline and Bucky wanted to run his tongue all over it. He wanted to taste those salty tears staining the beautiful omega’s cheeks and nuzzle his exposed throat. The alpha’s own throat was covered in the leather collar so tightly buckled on that if he moved his head upwards, it constricted his breathing. The canine part of his brain told him to snarl at Loki for doing that, but the civilised part of Bucky told him to be thankful his thoughtful alpha made it harder for him to misbehave.


So all he could do was nod quickly, eager to show that he would be a good boy. Hell, he would be the best boy if it only meant he would get this thing off his face so he could scent Steve for real. If only he could get to inhale that sweet, intoxicating scent without the hinder of a muzzle he would let them tie his legs up as well, he would…FUCK!


The hand stabilizing Bucky’s cock suddenly squeezed tight around his knot, making a sharp jab of pain shoot through the sensitive body part. It was swollen to almost twice the size it was when deflated, and having a bratty omega grip it like that made Bucky almost let out a warning snarl. Luckily, he caught himself and instead choked on the sound, making it come out as far less aggressive.


Gently, Bucky felt around his now deflated knot as he lay on the bed. It felt more sensitive than normal, but he didn’t know if it was because of the small instance of abuse (no, not abuse; correction) or because he had been locked inside Steve for well over thirty minutes. His warm hole had gone from clenching and milking to simply holding on snugly to the massive alpha cock until the beautiful little omega fell asleep on his chest. Bucky had of course been awake the entire time, and wondered (but not worried; it was hard to worry when a cute, purring bundle of omega snuggled on top of you) if thirty minutes was a long time. By the end, he only felt his cock pulsate out a string of cum about every third minute. Loki had been the one to explain it to him.


“It’s probably because it’s your first time” the black-haired omega told him softly, careful not to wake up Steve. Tony was busy behind the purring omega, checking he was okay. There was a strange, soft sensation of fingers prodding at the stretched rim where Bucky and Steve were joint. To the alpha’s surprise, that tall omega that he still couldn’t figure out of he was annoyed or nice gently swept Bucky’s brow off sweat with a cool towel and tucked away wet strands of hair from his face. “I mean, usually a knot goes down after about ten minutes” Loki explained quietly, moving on to reposition the cuffs to ease off some tension on the alpha’s taut muscles. When he did that, Bucky hissed at the sudden pain shooting through his right arm and left shoulder, but slowly it started feeling better. He hadn’t even realized he was hurting.


“I think your body can sense that Steve needs a lot of it” Tony shot in, eyes focused on Steve as he gently moved his leg a few inches to get it un-twisted. Bucky realized they were both addressing him directly. He found himself liking that. His arms might be spread apart and cuffed and the weight of Steve might be holding him down, but he actually didn’t mind being trapped. It felt…nice lying still and being drained into the omega while his other two owners fussed about the both of them.

“Are you still emptying?” Loki asked. Nodding slowly as not to disturb Steve, Bucky kept quiet and confirmed. He could still feel his cock twitching in the sloppy channel. “That’s good then” Loki nodded as well.

“We should plug him up afterwards. Make sure it stays in” Tony suggested. He was getting a bottle of water with a straw and passing it on to Loki, who carefully held it up to the alpha’s lips and allowing him to drink. The notion of having Steve plugged to keep his cum inside, upping the chances of breeding him full of pups, made Bucky’s knot pulsate out a bigger load than before. He grunted at the feeling, but took the straw anyway, thankful to the cool liquid. Of course, he knew that Steve probably wouldn’t get pregnant on the first try. The poor omega wasn’t in the physical shape he needed to be to carry pups. But with steady breeding, he might just be in a while, Bucky thought hopefully.


Bucky sighed and turned slightly, so he could bury his head further into the pillow he’d gotten. If he had more energy, he would sat himself on his knees in front of the armchair and rubbed the pillow all over it to mix the scents. But his knot would need another moment to recover, and he wasn’t allowed to waste sperm anyway. So he stayed.


The last time Bucky had been around pups was back when he was one himself. Back when he was called nothing other than ‘James’ or ‘Barnes’. It hadn’t been hard to start thinking of himself as ‘Bucky’ instead, because that nickname had come from his omegas wanting to give him something. Or in particular, Steve had wanted to give him that. The alpha considered it a gift; just like the red ball. Something he hadn’t dared hope for but was given anyway. It was still hard not to feel afraid of his owner, given what they were legally allowed to do to him, but ever since getting both a ball and a nickname, Bucky had decided these omegas were nice. Perhaps that would change later on (he didn’t want to get his hopes up), but so far they treated him kindly. Therefore, Bucky loved his new name and had immediately started thinking of himself as ‘Bucky’ rather than James.


But about pups; Bucky knew very little about them. They weren’t taught at the pounds how to care for a pup, since that was expected of the omegas to take care of. He knew he wanted them though. It was one of his duties to his new owners, and nothing would make him prouder than providing them with a litter. The only thing that scared him was if one of them gave birth to an alpha. He wasn’t supposed to fear that, knew it was very bad of him, but in his heart, Bucky didn’t want an alpha being born in this collective. An alpha pup would be taken away at the hospital already, and Bucky’s old handlers had always told him that their mother would happily give them up. Same as his parents had been happy to give him up as a new born. In Shield Kennels they told the alphas this to make them feel calm in the fact that their mothers weren’t sad that their pups were gone, and that if their future omegas whelped an alpha, they wouldn’t be distressed about losing it.


But at Hydra Disciplinary, the handlers told them the story differently. When Bucky was a young pup, maybe six years or so, he’d asked a handler where he came from. The beta man had sneered at him and scoffed as he told the little alpha that he came from an omega collective like everyone else. That he had no place in it because his mother wanted a raisable child, not a feral dog. The beta explained coldly that his mother had been afraid to raise him and therefore sent him to the pound where he would be raised alongside other alpha dogs. Bucky had cried himself to sleep that night. Before that, he had thought he was born inside the pound, or perhaps had been found in the forest like another pup had told him; he’d had no notion of what a mother was. Now, he knew he would never see her. And it made him sad to think that any alpha born in his household would be taken away like he had been.


What calmed him was the scent of Steve lingering. The thought of the omega, healthier and stronger, being round with his pups made the alpha moan into the pillow. He couldn’t wait. Pushing away thoughts of an alpha being born, Bucky instead imagined what it would be like if Steve came home from the hospital with a tiny omega pup, or a beta. His imagination let him explore having several of his omegas pregnant and clumsy, needing his knot to settle them, as toddlers ran around and played. It was a happy vision. Hopefully one for the future.


There was also the wonder of how the first heat would be. From the info Bucky had gathered, he figured that Steve’s heat would be first. Would he be allowed to mate any of the other omegas before that? Silently, Bucky bit his bottom lip and hoped for Peter. There was something so submissive about the youngest of the collective that made Bucky want to protect him and claim him, preferably from behind. His cock twitched at the thought of Peter on his hands and knees, quivering and drooling as Bucky took him hard.


Then again there was Tony. That omega was obviously more dominant than the rest of them, even if Steve seemed to be the leader. Tony often scented more protective than aroused, and had no problem claiming the other omegas as if he was their alpha. It shouldn’t make Bucky jealous, but he was alone in his room so he could let his scent roam free. Truth be told, it made him want to put the omega in his place; to growl at him to present in a tone Tony couldn’t resist. The kind of tone that was sorely forbidden. These were thoughts he really shouldn’t be having, but Dr Helen Cho at Shield Kennels had once explained to him that it could be a good strategy to let the bad thoughts out when he was alone, so that he didn’t suppress them until they caused him to act out against his owner. There was no harm, according to the kind doctor, in letting himself accept that his canine instincts told him to dominate as long as he understood these were feral instincts and he needed to rise above them.


However, this was completely against what Hydra Disciplinary had taught Bucky, so he still struggled with it. His first handlers made him punish himself for having bad thoughts. For example, imagining Tony being shushed by having the alpha’s cock shoved in his mouth would according to Hydra’s system earn him the punishment of having to dig his own nails into his knot until he cried. Bucky had decided not to follow those rules anymore.


He did still follow some of Hydra’s ruled though. It was hard not to. And often, he found Shield Kennels methods too lenient to ensure he behaved, which was when he applied Hydra tactics. Like being silent unless directly asked a question, and trying his hardest to use a nod or a shake of the head when possible.


Had he been able to speak though…well then he would’ve told Steve how beautiful he looked. How pretty the omega was, naked and flushed with his back arched. How much Bucky wanted to take that tiny cock into his mouth and swallow down his release – something he hadn’t been taught he should do, but that he felt deep in his chest that he wanted. He would have told Steve what a good boy he was, and how well his hole took his cock.


And how glad he was that the first time he got to mate an omega, it was Steve.


Bucky shivered, finally feeling the chill of the night on his skin. Across from him there was a bowl of water with a towel next to him which Loki placed in there when he declined the shower, to make sure he would at least be clean for breakfast this morning even if Bucky was allowed to do the washing when he chose. For this, he was grateful. His movements were unusually sluggish as he slowly dragged himself out of bed to go to the bowl. Swaying a little on his feet, the alpha dipped part of the towel in the water and twisted it to make the excess fall back in. The water wasn’t warm anymore, but that was fine. It felt nice dragging the wet washcloth over his stomach to reluctantly clean up the dried cum from Steve. His own genitalia was more than a little drenched in his own release, and he cleaned that up too, figuring the pillow would provide him without enough scent to get some sleep.


He had been disappointed when Loki and Tony didn’t allow him to sleep through the night with them, but had hid that scent as best he could. Instead he took comfort in the fact that Steve would be sleeping curled up in a nest with his pack, plugged up and sated.


Slowly, Bucky dragged the towel across his hip. A scar, not very deep but long, glistened beneath the wet fabric, making Bucky frown. It was a remnant from one of the last times he took part in a ‘mating’ – a reminder of the now scrapped MAD-protocol. When the government shut Hydra Disciplinary down, Bucky thought no alpha would ever have to endure the protocol again. But he would always know they happened. His body lived to tell the tale in the form of three long scratches, given to him by a pup from the same pound litter as him. However the pup was a big alpha now, and more feral than most. Back then, Brock Rumlow had been twenty years of age, same as Bucky, and so badly behaved that Secretary Alexander Pierce running the Hydra pound had threatened to remove his fangs if he kept acting up. Why they decided to put Rumlow and Bucky together for the MAD-protocol, he would never know. He didn’t want to know.


It stood for ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ and was meant to fix the problem of alphas in rut. As long as they lived in the pound, their ruts were difficult to handle and was currently solved by chaining them to a wall. So Dr Zola worked out a hypothesis that if they put an alpha not in rut in the same cell as one who were beginning their rut, then they could take it out on each other. Dr Zola figured that the alphas would understand that if the non-rutting one didn’t submit to the other, then they would kill each other off. For example, when they shoved Bucky into the same cell as Rumlow as he was convulsing, growling in pain to knot something, they thought Bucky would think it was in his best interest to offer up his ass. And for Rumlow to kindly fuck him and then back off. Ride it out or die, essentially; hence the name of the protocol.


That’s not how alphas worked however.


Rumlow didn’t want to bend Bucky over – he felt threatened over having another alpha in his space. And Bucky reacted aggressively towards the strong pheromones the other was giving off. What was supposed to be a humiliating mating where Bucky was forcefully knotted turned into a vicious fight with snarls and teeth. No one had dared enter the cell, so the two feral alphas had been forced to fight it out until one of them won. Dr Zola hadn’t planned on what to do if his plan didn’t work.


Both were bleeding by the time Rumlow’s rut became too much for him to ignore. Since they were both naked, it wasn’t hard for Bucky to see how his knot swelled up, getting ready to pop. First, it seemed like it would end in mortification for Bucky, since there was no greater shame for an alpha than to be bred like a bitch (he might have had a better chance with his metal arm, but Dr Zola had disabled it enough that it was weaker than his other arm). Rumlow had pinned him down and growled at him, spitting on his tight hole and forcing two fingers inside. But Bucky was still strong, and he wasn’t backing down. When he tore free, the other alpha had ripped his hip open with his nails, and Bucky retaliated by biting his shoulder so hard he got a mouthful of blood.


Eventually, both alphas were exhausted. They laid bleeding and whimpering on the ground, thinking their handlers would open the door, but no one came for them until Rumlow dragged himself over Bucky’s limp body to rut against his exposed ass until he came all over the losing alpha’s back.


That was the first time Hydra Disciplinary forced them to take part in the MAD-protocol.


Bucky didn’t want to be reminded of that now though. He just wanted to drag himself back to bed, bury his head in the pillow and keep his head filled with memories of how Steve looked riding him. So that’s what he did – and for the first time in a long time, he had a decent nights sleep.

Chapter Text

Tony was in the garage, elbow deep in an engine when Quill popped in his head through the door and said something. AC/DC was blaring through the speakers, so Tony had to wipe his hands off the motor oil and turn the music down first.

“What is it?” he asked, trying not to sound grumpy. His vacation (taken to have time to get their new alpha settled in) was soon over and he didn’t want to miss out on any quality time he had in the garage with the beauty currently propped up. Did he work in a motor shop? Yes but that was different – this car had no deadline.


“Can you help me with Peter? He’s being a brat” Quill said, fingers thrumming on the door. Frowning, Tony shoved his hands down in the pockets of his greasy jumpsuit.

“Can’t Steve do that? Where is he?” Tony wondered. The blond usually took care of Peter when the mechanic was unavailable. Having woken up tangled with Steve this morning, Tony knew that he was feeling much better after the mating, so he should be up and running.


Quill ran an impatient hand through his tousled hair and took a step inside the garage.

“He and Loki took Bucky to the alpha park to get him some exercise. C’mon man, I’m all alone out here” he pleaded.


The alpha park? Day three and they were already spoiling the alpha. Well, Tony thought as he closed the hood reluctantly, at least Steve hadn’t gone alone. That would’ve been irresponsible. And he knew Peter could be a handful, especially for an omega like Quill. The twenty year old was in school training to be a pilot, and Tony could never in his life figure out how they approved him for it. Quill was easily excited, had a hard time concentrating and got distracted by the littlest things. There wasn’t a dominant bone in his body, and he more often than not acted like a playful pup. Perhaps that’s why they approved him for pilot training – he had a knack for seeing exactly everything at once. Like an oversized pigeon.


In any case, Quill wasn’t the best at handling Peter when he was being difficult. The omega was more suited for playing around with the teen when the older omegas didn’t have the energy.


“Okay, fine, give me a minute to get out of my work clothes” Tony promised, to which Quill grinned and thanked him before disappearing into the kitchen. When he was alone, he stretched his tired muscles and slipped out of the jumpsuit so he was left in boxers and a t-shirt. Yesterday had left him sore, and what he really wanted was to ask Loki for some herbal tea and a nice massage with aloe vera from one of their many plants. But that would have to wait. He had a responsibility towards his nesting friends whenever Steve was away. After getting his jeans back on, Tony left the garage.


Emerging from the cool work space, he walked through a small hallway straight into the kitchen. There the sight of an annoyed Peter met him, sitting on his chair with his arms crossed, pouting. In front of him sat his protein shake, the one he drank every day to keep his growing body nourished and which they all had promised his aunt May to keep administer. Frowning, Tony realized he must have been in the garage longer than he thought, if it was time for Peter’s shake already.


Next to him sat Quill, trying to coax him to drink it. His body language was frustrated and short-tempered – not at all what a bratty omega like Peter responded well to.


“I’m not drinking it” Peter pouted angrily, leaning away from the bottle in Quill’s hand.

“C’mon Petey, don’t be such a baby” Quill groaned, holding it up. Tony furrowed his brow, stepping in between them.


“Quill” he said warningly, making the omega shrink back. “Go play” he told him, and Quill slunk out of the room, probably to set up one of his video space games. Sighing, Tony took the bottle and sat down in the now empty chair. The end of it was shaped like a sippy cup, since it was the one aunt May had given them. It usually didn’t cause a problem, but now Peter looked at him and huffed, determined not to let up.


“I’m not a baby, that’s the problem” Peter said; his light voice betraying his statement. “None of you need to drink those things” he pouted.

“That’s because none of us are growing anymore. You still need the extra vitamins and proteins” Tony explained, softening his voice a little compared to the tone he’d had on Quill. Except when Peter only closed up further, he knew a gentle approach might not work.

“I don’t like the taste!” Peter claimed stubbornly. Raisin an eyebrow, Tony leaned back, body language hardening.

“No? You never complained about it before. It’s raspberry, like always” he said, feeling his patience running short when Peter backtalked him once again.

“Yeah, well, if it’s so good then why don’t you drink it” he muttered, casting his eyes down and kicking at the table.


The unexpected display of arrogance had Tony bristling.

“Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Get over here, pup” he ordered, voice leaving no room for argument as he pulled the smaller omega into his lap. Peter struggled, but didn’t run away. His body squirmed and he huffed in annoyance instead. The bottle was held up to his lips. “Drink” Tony told him firmly.

“I’m not a pup! And I don’t have to drink if I don’t want to” the teen argued in Tony’s strong, captivating arms, leaning away from the bottle.


Tony frowned at the blatant disobedience. Peter wasn’t normally a misbehaving omega, and if he was then it took no more than a sharp look and a reminder from one of the older omega to set him right again. Because of Tony’s predisposition for dominance, he was used to being the one to settle Peter if he had a fit (which he admittedly had sometimes; he was a teenager after all). But this? This was strange. Now, Tony didn’t want to, but he realized he would have to step it up a notch. Perhaps the protein shake wasn’t that important, but obedience was. It was crucial for a young omega to have respect for their elders – and since omegas no longer had an alpha to submit to, they needed to be put in their place by their mothers or older members of a collective. If they weren’t, statistics showed that such omegas grew up to be stressed out, struggling with anxiety and anger, confused about their submissive natures. Tony didn’t want that for Peter.


He also didn’t want to be disobeyed in his own home, but that was a different matter.


Turning Peter’s head to force him to look at him, the larger omega stared him down sternly.

“As long as you haven’t reached full maturity, I get to call you a pup all I want. Your balls haven’t even finished growing yet, so why don’t you be a good boy and drink your shake” Tony grunted, holding the bottle up. He knew his words sounded harsh, but they did the trick. Or at least they helped a little – Peter shrank back just an inch. Then he squared back up again, defiantly sticking his chin in the air.

“I’ve had my first heat” he pouted, to which Tony laughed a short, hard laugh.

“You’ve had a premature teen heat; you know nothing about the struggles of a grown up omega” the mechanic pointed out. He jostled Peter so he could hold him more firmly on his lap, shoving the bottle up to his lips that quickly pursed together. “Now stop acting like a baby or I’ll have to start treating you like one” he threatened.


The smell in the air was a bit hard to breathe when Peter squirmed and shook his head no – the young omega gave off confusing pheromones revealing the conflict probably currently going on within him. Not that it was the easiest thing submitting to another omega when your mind was in open defiance, but Tony was both older, bigger and with a dominant stroke in him not even Steve could hope to match. So it shouldn’t be this hard.


Giving off a warning growl, Tony used the hand supporting Peter’s back to grip his neck. It should work as a kill switch, usually making the pup go limp in his arms, but right now it only made him squirm and glare.

“Jeez, what’s with you today? Decided to be a bad boy, did we?” Tony grumbled. The way Peter didn’t answer but only pursed his lips harder made it impossible for the other to force the bottle into his mouth. Sighing, he smacked Peter’s thigh. “Stop fussing and let me feed you, pup” he bristled. The sudden slight pain had the younger omega squeak and don a more vulnerable look in his hazel eyes. For a second, Tony thought he was breaking through.


Then Peter turned into a worse version of his super-whiny self when he was new in the collective and didn’t want to accept the changed bed times.


“Not a pup” he cried, trying to push the bottle away. “And you’re not my alpha” he hiccupped in his high-pitched voice.


That’s when it dawned on Tony. The realization hit him like ice sinking in the pit of his stomach – it wasn’t Peter having a bad day, it was his reaction to suddenly having an actual alpha in the house. Of course; why hadn’t Tony thought of that before? The older omegas of their pack had already aligned themselves along each other and felt secure in moving between submissive and a bit more dominant roles within the group to respond to the needs of their friends. For example, Steve hadn’t questioned Tony’s authority yesterday when he prepped him for Bucky because his body was used to submitting for Tony when it needed to. For Steve, Bucky probably didn’t challenge the kind of dominant role the bigger omega had in his life, because it was a different one than what the alpha would provide. And besides, all four of the older omegas were well indoctrinated in the way these kinds of collectives worked. An alpha would never have control over them; would never truly be allowed to dominate them.


But Peter was young still. His body must be confused about having an alpha filling the place with strange pheromones telling him to submit. This defiance was natural – but it was still problematic.


Tony frowned. He needed to end this behaviour now, or Peter was in danger of falling below Bucky in rank. If that happened, the alpha would be able to control their sweet, doe-eyed pup, and despite Bucky seeming like a good man, Tony didn’t trust any alpha to exert dominance over his Peter. He loved him too much. And he knew how trusting and naïve the boy could be – he would get hurt.


What he really wanted to do was snuggle up to Peter and explain in a soft voice why this wasn’t going to work, and then feed him the bottle while the pup went pliant in his lap. Except that wouldn’t work right now. And omega or not, Tony was the dominant one in this relationship and being disobeyed like this made him angry. So he used that energy to don a more stern look and swat Peter’s thigh again.


“Look at me pup” he said slowly but firmly. Huffing, Peter glared at him from beneath his eyelashes. A hand shot out and gripped his chin, forcing him to look directly at his elder. “No, I said look at me. You’re really being a fussy little brat right now, and I’m not having it. One way or the other, you’re drinking that shake, if I so have to punish you to get there. You don’t want to be punished, do you? Don’t want me to bend you over my lap and spank you until your ass is all red and sore?” Tony said with the heavy hint of threat lingering both in voice and scent. Beneath his stare, Peter flushed and squirmed helplessly. His eyes flickered from side to side and his smell went from annoyed to embarrassed. Yeah, Tony was well aware of how humiliating it was to be spanked by another omega – but if that’s what it took, then he would do it.


Tony pulled the writhing boy closer to him.

“And don’t think you can squirm your way out of it. I’ll have Quill tie your hands and feet to the bed and punish you there, if you’re gonna keep being a bad little boy about it”. He might even gag Peter, to prove a point. Gagging omegas had gone terribly out of fashion, but it was still accepted as a method for training pups (or discreetly bough for kinkier sex).


Unfortunately, Peter was inconsolable – ten minutes later and Tony wasn’t sure of the omega was angry or just upset. Whichever it was he refused to sit still and backtalked Tony at every turn, trying to bite at the bottle and tears falling as he violently shook his head. Tony was at a loss, hopelessly trying to calm the omega down and scold him at the same time. When the front door opened and the familiar scents of Steve and Loki mingled with the unmistakeable smell of alpha, Tony felt more relieved than upset.


He needed help. He needed Bucky.


“Hi Tones! Did you have a good…” Steve broke off when he entered the kitchen and saw what a mess Peter was, still in Tony’s lap. The small omega frowned, Bucky trailing behind him still on the leash. The alpha looked tousled, once again with leaves in his hair, more or less stinking sweat.

“We have a bit of a situation here” he said tiredly, raising a meaning eyebrow at Peter wiping at his eyes and whining. “He refuses the bottle. And I can’t get him to submit – I’m gonna need Bucky” he admitted a little defeated, nodding towards the alpha.


From behind came Loki, unclipping the leash and frowning at the sight before him.

“We really need to get him in a shower first. He’s been running around for an hour with some other alphas; he really smells” the formerly royal omega pointed out. The smell of sweat suddenly mingled with embarrassment when Bucky flushed, probably ashamed that his odour wasn’t pleasing his omegas. With a sigh, Tony pulled away his hand before Peter could bite at it. The baby blues of Steve widened at such a blatant display of disobedience.

“You see what I’m dealing with here, Mr Bubblebath? Just shower him afterwards; I need him” Tony snapped, annoyed. Loki huffed at the nickname and hung up the leash.

“Fine, whatever. I don’t even know why I bother” he muttered, grumpy as always about whatever part of the house they weren’t keeping spotless.


Ignoring him, Steve brought Bucky forward. Having been bred nice and long, he seemed much more clearheaded around the alpha now.

“Hi Petey” Steve cooed softly, reaching up to pet him. “Don’t you want the nice bottle?” he asked in his baby voice. Wrong choice; Peter narrowed his eyes and let out a growl.

“Bottles are for pups” he sniffled, making Steve shy away shocked from the aggressive sound. However when Bucky approached them from the back, the young omega’s brown eyes widened and he shrank in on himself, whimpering. The effect of the alpha was clear. Now they just had to figure out how to harness it without reinforce Peter’s omega-instincts that Bucky was the one in charge.


Steve seemed to be thinking the same thing, because he gave Tony a meaning look.

“I was afraid this would happen. I just didn’t think it would take this long for Peter to react” he sighed.

“I know. But we need to feed him the bottle now; if I don’t follow through on this order, he’s not gonna take me seriously next time” Tony murmured, hoping Peter was too lost in his headspace to listen to the adults talking.


The faint sounds of Loki joining Quill in the living room provided the backdrop of sounds as Steve hummed, clearly thinking. After a moment he perked up. He held up a finger for Tony, and then proceeded to gently lead the silent alpha to sit down on the opposite chair. Obediently he followed; the wooden chair creaked beneath his weight, but it held. His slightly worried eyes glanced towards his spot in the corner with the new rug, until a steady hand on his shoulder from Steve calmed Bucky.

“We just need to make sure you’re above both Peter and Bucky” the blond explained. “I think we can make Petey open his mouth with Buck’s uhm…cock…and then you stand behind him holding his neck the whole time, and feed him?” Steve suggested, and the way he blushed and paused when saying the word ‘cock’ was just the most adorable thing ever. Tony wanted to kiss him and playfully swat his ass right there for being embarrassed about talking about their own alpha’s genitalia in front of him (they literally owned the alpha’s dick – his whole package actually) – but this wasn’t the right time.


His idea could actually work though. Considering it, Tony decided it was worth a shot and nodded.

“Okay perfect” Steve breathed out, taking the bottle from his hand. While Tony manoeuvred the pouting omega in his lap so he could place him on the floor, Steve turned to Bucky. “We need your help to get him behaving again, okay? So I need you to just sit very still, not move your arms, and let me take out your knot. Can you do that?” he explained, eyes fixed on the tousled man, anxious to not make this whole sudden thing be uncomfortable for Bucky.

“Peter’s a little confused and needs to be reminded that you’re not in charge. So we can’t have you growling at him or anything – you just have to sit there and we’ll make good use of your cock. Okay?” Tony filled in. The alpha frowned, looking confused himself, but then adamantly nodded. Whether that was because he wanted to please, or that he thought it was a strange thing for Peter to think he was in charge (government-run pounds were very good at clearing out any ideas that alphas were the dominant one’s in the household) Tony didn’t know. He was pleased with the answer though.


Steve busied himself with unzipping Bucky’s jeans and carefully trying to pull out the massive deal that was his cock, knot and balls. They weren’t more than half-hard at being handled by an omega, but when Tony stood up with Peter in his arms and the pup caught sight and smell of his naked crotch, a sudden warm feeling spread over Tony’s shirt. Gasping, he looked down to see Peter had had quite an accident – his slick had soiled both his own pants and now Tony’s t-shirt. It got Bucky fully hard in an instant, making Peter whimper in turn, but the omega holding him groaned annoyed.


“I thought Loki told you to wear padded underwear” he scolded, detaching himself from the omega and setting him down between the alpha’s spread legs. There was another whimper and the strong scent of slick as it pooled in Peter’s sweatpants and dripped onto the kitchen floor. Loki was gonna be mad about that later.


Tony resisted the urge to crouch down next to Peter to talk to him, and instead stood snugly behind him and repositioned his hand firmly on the back of his neck. The skin felt hot to the touch, and now with the air filled with alpha pheromones, Peter didn’t resist the grip but rather melted into it. He whined and licked his lips as Steve held the alpha’s cock firmly in front of him, just out of reach. Above the omega, Bucky did nothing but sit very tense and breathe slowly.


“Bad pups who doesn’t open their mouths should really be gagged, but I still need to feed you. So we’re going to do this differently. Still don’t want to open up?” Tony asked, squeezing his neck on the border of painfully. Beneath him, Peter whimpered pathetically and tried to shake his head.

“No, I’m sorry. I’ll open up” he sobbed, focused entirely on the glistening head in front of him, yet responding respectfully to Tony’s words. This might actually be working.

“Good, then open wide” he said, motioning for Steve to move. While Peter’s head was being forced down by Tony, the blond angled Bucky’s cock towards his mouth. When the omega opened up beautifully, the two men above him made sure he got the entire head in on the first go. Bucky stifled a groan, probably wanting to buck his hips but staying put.


“That’s a good boy” Tony mumbled. Not that he stopped there; he made Steve hold onto Bucky’s knot (which he did carefully as not to hurt the alpha) so he could continue forcing Peter’s mouth down. It took about half the length until the boy sputtered and gagged, and then Tony kept him still for five more seconds until letting him up again.

“Tony are you sure…” Steve started but the omega cut him off, pushing Peter by the back of his neck back down on the hard length. This time he managed a bit more before he gagged.


It went like that, up and down, until Peter was a drooling, whimpering, pliant mess, tears streaming down his cheeks. Tony praised him through it, making sure he knew it was better to be a good boy. All the while Bucky clenched his hands on the edge of the chair, still working so hard to stay still. Only sometimes did a muffled groan or grunt slip out his mouth – Steve petted his hair through it with the hand not holding onto his knot, keeping him settled. It was probably only because of it that the alpha’s aroused scent was kept pressed down as not to become overbearing. It really couldn’t be easy being used as a human lollipop – but it was why they’d bought him after all. If Tony wanted to grip Peter’s hair and neck to push him down for a forceful blowjob, then Bucky would have to accept that. And all the while, the omegas made it very clear to Peter that Tony was the one controlling the situation – the alpha was only a tool.


“There you go pup, not so cocky now, are we? You better learn to open your mouth when I tell you to. And you better swallow whatever I tell you to swallow” Tony grunted, relishing the sloppy sounds Peter’s throat made as it was being used. The implication that he would get to swallow something, which the dirty omega undoubtedly thought would be Bucky’s cum, made Peter moan around the thick cock.


Chuckling, Tony pulled him off entirely. A surprised yelp came from the blissed out omega, who glanced up at him through hooded lids. In Steve’s light grip, Bucky’s knot throbbed, wet with spit and swelled to full size, ready to pop.

“Oh no pup. You haven’t earned that yet” Tony winked.


This time when he pulled Peter into his lap on the floor, the omega went willingly. He only whimpered weakly as Tony shushed him and held up the bottle, letting him suckle the protein shake down. It was almost cute, how Peter suddenly was eager to gulp the liquid down, desperate to please the older omega.

“Slow baby, slow” Tony chuckled, softly petting his head. Hazel brown eyes looked up at him sleepily, suckling coming to a calmer pace. Tony was pleased when the pup started purring in his arms.


“Seems like it worked” Tony mused, looking up at Steve with a smile. The blond omega rolled his eyes and nodded towards Bucky.

“Yeah, for him. But now we have another problem” he said. Looking down, Tony realized that the alpha was still panting hard, knot painfully swollen and tip leaking profusely with precum. Oh yeah. That problem.

Chapter Text

Bucky was floating. He was still sitting on the chair in the kitchen, gripping the edges of the seat hard and breathing deeply as he watched Tony cradling Peter in his lap, feeding the small omega. But in his mind, he was happily floating on a soft cloud of praise. Both the one Steve was currently giving him, and the one Bucky allowed to give himself.


Because he’d been so good. The alpha had successfully ignored all his own urges and instincts – hadn’t even snarled when he wanted to – and helped his omegas. Peter had gone from smelling almost rancid with confusion and distress to giving off a sweet, sated scent, which made the burning pain of Bucky’s swollen knot feel like something very distant and unimportant. He was a good alpha; one who pleased those he had sworn to protect. Even if they decided he wasn’t going to be allowed to empty himself, it would feel okay. Painful, but okay. His handlers had always told him that the reward for pleasing his omegas would override his own discomfort. Back in the day when he was a teen pup, he had reluctantly believed their word for it, but never quite understood it. Not understanding things wasn’t uncommon – Bucky always boiled that down to him being an alpha and therefore below average intelligence. It felt very good now however, to finally feel like he got what the beta’s were talking about. Having his body used for the benefit of his omegas settled his quite turbulent and noisy alpha hormones, and he must have given of a good smell because Steve nuzzled his neck and gave his scenting gland a quick lick.


“Are you filled all the way?”


Bucky snapped out of his floaty, sluggish state when he realized he was being asked a question. Quickly looking down on his knot, he nodded.

“Yes” he mumbled to answer Tony properly. A small hand – Steve’s hand – reached down to gently prod at the strained skin, feeling the massive load of cum stashed there. It had felt so damn good having Peter’s hot mouth dragged up and down his cock and swallowing him down so far that the alpha had produced more than enough cum to make the young omega bloated with it if he’d been allowed to finish down his throat. Hissing quietly at the sensitivity when Steve touched it, Bucky gripped the chair a little tighter, hoping he wouldn’t break the wood.

“Yeah it’s really heavy” Steve blushed, big eyes locked on it. The faint scent of his arousal his Bucky’s nostril and he realized the omega must be getting wet but also wearing padded underwear.


In Tony’s lap, Peter squirmed and whimpered, eyes closed as he tried to nuzzle closer to the older omega. The soft sound of him suckling down the bottle mixed with Tony soothing him.

“Shh baby, you’re okay. I’ve got you” the mechanic mumbled gently, petting him. The pup settled with a purr. Tony turned his attention to what they called ‘the problem’. “Would be a shame to waste a load like that. It would do you good to get bred again” he said factually, making Steve blush profusely. The alpha just stayed silent, begging in his head for that to mean what he thought it meant. He would never beg out loud though; that wouldn’t be good manners at all.


Bucky felt like it would be too much to hope for in one day as well. Two of his owners had taken him to the alpha park today and even unleashed him to let him run free. It was recommended to exercise your alpha regularly, either by long walks or trips to different parks, but that didn’t mean all omega collectives wanted that. Some preferred to keep their alpha in bad shape to prevent them becoming too strong – a weak alpha was more easily controlled. Bucky was unusually large however, and would be hard to weaken even without regular exercise. He did not know if that was why his owners took him to play, or if they liked to follow recommendations – either way, Bucky was selfishly happy they did so, since he always enjoyed running and playing with other alphas. Today he had found a very nice, mischievous one whose owners called him ‘Sam’. Sam and he had played tug-of-war with a rope and rolled around until they were breathless, and afterwards Steve had given him a bottle of water and scratched his ear, calling him a good boy.


So it had already been a very good day. He didn’t want to overstep his luck by hoping too much for getting to knot one of his little omegas.


“I’m not a sickly pup anymore” Steve protested, cheeks rosy red. Bucky heard his heart pounding and his aroused smell mingled with slight anger, taking the alpha aback a little.

“Now you’re starting to sound like Peter” Tony retorted, rolling his eyes. In his arms, Peter hiccupped and went back to his bottle. “I don’t mean you’re a ‘sickly pup’, Stevie. I just mean you could benefit from more protein. There’s no shame in needing it a bit more than others – it doesn’t make you weak” he said with a meaning look. Steve huffed, crossing his arms.


Bucky furrowed his brows, despite trying to keep his expression neutral. The more dominant omega wasn’t wrong. There was something special making Bucky more drawn to the small blond with the twisted spine and beautiful ocean blue eyes, and the alpha guessed at least some of it was that he could sense that the omega needed him. It was a little hard to understand, because in Learning (where beta teachers taught them things they would need to know in the outside world) they explained that the alphas would be more drawn to the healthy, strong omegas more capable to carry their pups, prone to set aside the weaker ones. They were harshly taught to ignore this impulse and service each and every one of their future omega owners equally as not to upset them and risk being sent back to the pound.


Except Bucky felt the opposite. He wanted to service Steve the most, even though it was obvious the omega was in no state right now to get pregnant and his seed was most likely going to waste. Perhaps that was exactly why – Bucky wanted to make Steve healthy and strong, wanted him to feel good and safe. If he was left to choose (which he would never presume) the alpha would have spent all his seed in the tiny omega, until Steve was round and swollen with his pups. Then he could focus on the others.


Bucky was suddenly worried he had spoken one of these thoughts out loud when Tony turned to him.

“You can smell it, can’t you Bucky? I’ve read that an alpha can sense when an omega needs a breeding for medical purposes” he said, gently rocking Peter. Bucky hesitated with his answer – he didn’t want to upset Steve. “It’s okay, you can be honest” Tony promised.


Taking a deep breath, Bucky glanced at Steve. The omega didn’t look mad, however, just flushed. There was still the lingering scent of slick in the air. So maybe it was safe to speak.


“I…I can smell that there’s a deficiency of protein. It’s not life threatening, but I think…” he started, then stopping when he realized they hadn’t asked what he thought about it.


Before his own scent could go bad with distress, Steve laid a soft hand on his arm. It was his metal one, so he couldn’t feel it, but he saw it and it calmed him.

“It’s okay Bucky. You can tell us what you think” the blond urged kindly. Taking another breath. Bucky nodded. Embarrassedly enough, his cock was still hard and throbbing, precum leaking from the slit down the reddening length.

“T-thank you. I uhm…I think Tony is right. It could perhaps help your sleep, and in time ease your breathing” he said, keeping his deep voice low. He wasn’t sure if the omegas found it frightening.


Steve scrunched up his nose in the cutest frown; a thing Bucky tried not to notice.

“How did you know I have asthma?” he asked. It wasn’t angry, only surprised. Feeling his heart rate go up, Bucky forced himself to remain calm. His omega wasn’t upset with him, only asking him a question – or at least that’s what he thought. When Steve’s scent didn’t change, he figured he was safe. He really didn’t want to be punished.

“I can hear it” he mumbled, eyes cast down.

“You can hear it?” Tony repeated, shocked.

“Yes” Bucky responded, biting his lip and forcing himself to raise his eyes, since they seemed to prefer when he had eye contact. “When Steve is close, I can hear his heart, and his breathing, and that it isn’t working properly. Same for all of you” he explained.


Steve looked like he wasn’t sure if that was scary or amazing. Swallowing, he looked between Tony and Bucky.

“Is that…like an alpha thing? I mean, what more can you hear? Or smell, or…” Steve trailed off, doubt seeping into his soft voice.


Everything. Bucky looked at him, wanting to tell him that he could feel his high blood pressure, the strange hollow sounds his heart made sometimes and how he could hear his joints moving in ways they shouldn’t. He wanted to tell Steve that he was his alpha now and he would always know if the omega was in need of being taken care of, and that he would consider it an honour to do that. All these things he wanted to say, but didn’t, because Tony rolled his eyes and spoke up beforehand.


“You can discuss alpha biology later; just get on his knot before it goes down” he grumbled. Peter had finished the bottle but had fallen fast asleep so surrounded by pheromones both from his omegas and his alpha. “I’ll hold on to the little one, and you can get nicely plugged. I’ll watch over you” Tony promised. In his chest, Bucky’s heart skipped a beat with excitement.


Finally accepting the order, Steve blushed even worse and removed his clothes. The alpha tried to sit as still as possible, only watching with a steady breathing as the omega got naked. It was a sight to behold when he saw that Steve’s blush had travelled all the way down his skinny chest and blotched it red; patches of colour that made a trail to his soft, twitching little omega cock hanging from his groin with tiny balls tucked behind it. The member was smaller than Bucky’s cock head, but it didn’t matter. The alpha loved it, was brutally fascinated by how the omega could be a male and yet so alike a female.


Having only seen female omegas on videos in Learning at the pound, and on pictures in the biology books (those books had only pictures and no words, since Bucky couldn’t read more than his own name; actually, he could only read ‘James Buchanan Barnes’ and was therefore very unsure how to spell his new nickname), Bucky had no idea how a female worked differently. His handlers had taught him that a female omega could order him to lick her clit, and a male omega could order him to suck their cock, but from the techniques he’d learned, Bucky figured Steve’s genitalia worked more like a clit. It wasn’t a bad thing; the alpha found it surprisingly arousing.


When the naked blond straddled him on the chair, Bucky had to grit his teeth not to growl at the sudden sensation of slick dripping down on his throbbing cock. He expected Steve to angle him upwards and sink down immediately, but the omega stopped. Blue eyes met his own, and he saw gentle worry in Steve’s.


“Do you want this? Do you want me to let you inside?” he mumbled softly, a small hand coming up to stroke away a strand of hair from Bucky’s face. Despite the obvious arousal in Steve’s voice, and the way his hips uncontrollably made little gyrating movements in the air above the swollen knot, the question was sincere. And it confused the alpha. Unsure, he nodded. Why would he not want to breed his omega?


But Steve shook his head, placing his arms around the alpha and moving closer. His full weight felt like nothing. The wet heat of his hole grazed the tip of Bucky’s dick and he hissed. God he wanted to just shove inside and come.

“No, I want you to use your words” Steve whispered, biting down a moan as his little nub dragged against Bucky’s hard abs.


Right. Words. Oh god…raw hot need coursed through Bucky’s veins and words were about the last thing he knew how to use. But if Steve wanted him to…


“I want this. I want you” he clarified, panting through his aching need. Steve still looked at him expectedly, so he continued, voice hoarse and broken. “I want to give you my seed. I mean…it’s your seed, and I want you to have it. I want to help you feel better. But…” the alpha frowned, biting his cheek and flushing red himself. “I’m not so sure I can last enough to give you a good, long mating…” he started doubtfully. His cock already leaked profusely and his knot wanted to literally burst right there, enveloped in Steve’s scent alone.


But then Steve was moaning and rising up, making his rim catch on the hard dick behind him. Sinking down, the omega cried out wantonly, taking almost the whole thing in one go. Bucky’s eyes rolled back, an animalistic sound escaping him as his cock was thrust into the tight, slick channel.

“No, no that’s okay. I don’t need…I just…oh god Bucky” Steve moaned, rolling his hips to press more of the length inside him. His eyes got hazy as they tried to focus on Bucky, and he licked his lips, gripping the alpha’s shoulders so hard he felt nails digging down. Soon, only the knot was left outside – Steve had been so stretched and loose that Bucky found his jealous, canine brain-half wondering if anyone had fucked him with a thick toy that morning. Not that it mattered; the omega was still so tight Bucky had to grit his teeth and hurry to place a hand on Steve’s waist to keep him still for a moment, allowing them both to adjust.


All the while, Steve was still talking.


“Mmm yes, fuck, please Bucky. I want your seed, I need it, I don’t even care, I just – oh god” he babbled breathlessly, half of it not making sense. So Bucky did what he asked; he let the omega bounce on his lap, moving his hips along when he could and trying not to grab Steve (which probably would make Tony tell him to stop). In a way he was jealous of Tony, because the omega sitting on the floor must have a perfect view of Steve’s little asshole clenching and dripping around the alpha’s cock going in and out. God, his rim must be absolutely straining. Watching Tony silently observing where they were joined, Bucky caught the faint scent of his arousal, blocked quite a bit by the heavy scent of Steve’s desperation and Peter’s sated smell. A fleeting thought passed the alpha; for a second, he imagined how it would feel if Tony were to crawl closer and lick at Steve’s rim where he was being fucked. He imagined the beautiful little omega would like that.


“Want you to fill me up” Steve gasped, rising up and dropping down hard, applying pressure to the top of his knot. Hissing at the pain, Bucky struggled not to just grab him and shove him down on it. He was so close. Then Steve looked at him with searching eyes, gasping at the squelching sound when he filled himself up again. Bucky grunted, all his muscles taut. “Are you there?” the omega asked him panting, and he nodded furiously in response.

“Yeah” he got out between harsh breaths.


“Good” Steve moaned – loud, lewd and desperate – before steadying himself and sitting down all the way on Bucky, forcing his walls to expand to accept the throbbing knot. As soon as he was seated on it, the alpha let out a broken growl and shoved his hips up the final inch, feeling himself starting to come. Steve’s pulsating channel milked his knot, emptying all it’s content deep in the omega’s waiting womb, and at the same time waves of pleasure rippled through the alpha until the hair on the back of his neck stood. Between their bodies, Steve’s cock twitched and gave a few dribbles of cum.


When the omega collapsed on him, Bucky held him close just like Tony did to the pup. And Tony said nothing of it – just called the alpha a good boy for taking care of Steve. It made Bucky feel almost as good as getting to orgasm did.




The garage smelled like motor oil and gasoline. Bucky found himself liking it – it reminded him of when he had been a pup and helped his favourite handler, a large beta called Batroc, fix up old cars. That was before Hydra Disciplinary had restricted playtime for pups and he’d been confined to the yard with the other alphas. Batroc was biologically close to being an alpha, so he had always treated them nicely, having more understanding for things that tended to be difficult for an alpha pup. And Batroc thought it was perfectly fine to teach Bucky and his litter mates things about engines and likewise, until Pierce came along and made the rules stricter. Not that Bucky wanted to speak ill of Pierce – he was in charge of Hydra Disciplinary for years and Bucky was a better alpha because of it. Or at least so he told himself. It made him feel sick to think disrespectful thoughts about his old handlers, so he preferred not to.


“Thank you for letting me have a look” Tony said, off to the side rummaging around in a tool box. After both Steve and Peter felt better, Bucky had helped the bigger omega to carry them to the living room to join the others, and then he’d been asked to come to the garage. Tony wanted to examine his prosthetic. Even though the alpha was uncomfortable about that, he saw no viable reason he could refuse his owner. Besides, Tony had been very good to him today, and most likely would not hurt him. Most likely…


Tony seemed to have heard his thoughts, because he turned around and gave him a calming look.

“Don’t worry” he promised, walking up to where Bucky sat on a chair between the wall and half a car. In his hand was a cup of tea, which he gave the alpha. “I won’t do anything that’s painful. Just tell me if it is, and I’ll stop. And I won’t take it apart” Tony said. Warily, Bucky glanced down at the tea. It actually smelled really nice, so he nodded and tried a sip. The soothing taste of camomile enveloped his tongue and he hummed.

“Thank you” he rumbled, and Tony smiled, pleased.




Tony frowned as he tinkered with the arm resting on a pad he’d put on the armrest. Beside him, Bucky sat quietly and drank his tea. There was music low in the background, and the alpha appeared to be listening to it. Whether he liked it or not, Tony couldn’t tell, but at least he didn’t seem to be in be in pain.


The arm was a marvel – truly, the omega had never seen anything like it. He was only grazing the surface so far, having screwed some of the plating off to take a look beneath. It was like peeking under the hood of a very advanced car. There really wasn’t any technology like it on the market today, and Tony found himself wanting to speak to his Dr Zola who’d constructed it, despite the man seeming like scum.


Keeping well and clear from Bucky’s scarred shoulder, Tony still couldn’t ignore it. It was hard enough to ignore the sight of the alpha bare-chested – his hole had leaked a little already, which he hoped the alpha couldn’t smell over all the other smells in the garage. But the ruined skin tissue and plating seemingly screwed right into the bone of his shoulder was distracting Tony from the beautiful work of the prosthetic. Whenever he praised it and told the alpha what a work of art he was, Bucky’s response was nothing but an uncomfortable, polite nod.


In the end, his curiosity did what it did best and ruin his good manners (of which he had little to begin with).


“What actually happened?” he asked. Bucky flinched, then tried to hide it. His arm was still in the omega’s grip. Ignoring his conscience telling him to leave it alone, Tony pressed on carefully. “You said it was a training gone wrong…but I’ve read Dr Zola’s file. I’m not so sure I believe that” he said softly, not wanting to upset the alpha.


He actually had read those files, and he’d seen hinting at something he didn’t want to believe to be true. Even though the files revealing the full truth was probably burnt long ago, Bucky would still know what had happened. The only question was if the alpha’s loyalty lay with his former handlers at Hydra Disciplinary…or with his new owners.


It took a while for Bucky to respond. Tony let him take that time. It was evident in his smell that the alpha was debating just that question of loyalty, and that the war in his head was making it very hard to speak.


Eventually, he did. It took about ten minutes, but he answered Tony’s question.


“It wasn’t a training gone wrong. When I reached maturity, Dr Zola decided I was to be part of an experiment. It was an honour to be chosen” Bucky said slowly, voice stiff and robotic when he said it was an honour. His eyes were fixed straight ahead on the wall. “Dr Zola believed he could make alphas better. Suitable for more than servicing omega collectives, such as…the army. If he could make a few alphas excellent, then our government would not need to take a lot of us out of the mission to serve omegas. I was to be one of those excellent alphas” Bucky told him quietly.


Tony’s stomach clenched and he frowned. He felt sick, not liking where this was going.


Bucky turned to look at him. His eyes were cold.


“Dr Zola removed my left arm, so that I could undergo surgery for this prosthetic. I lost it to a bone saw, and a purpose”

Chapter Text

Since both Peter and Bucky showed signs of distress, Tony consulted with Steve and they both decided that it would be better if everyone slept in the nest tonight. For privacy, all omegas had their own rooms and secondary nests (and their alpha had a simple room in case they didn’t need him close). But there was also the master bedroom where the collective shared their primary nest. It was a bed large enough to fit all five of them plus eventual alphas and pups, with heaps of soft blankets, duvets and pillows carefully arranged to suit the omegas. More often than not, the nest was filled with at least two of them, and a lot of nights all five forwent their own rooms for the comfort of burrowing together. Tony preferred it himself. He wasn’t overly happy to invite an alpha to their most private space, where he had the most dominant role, but he knew they would have to eventually anyway.


It was also the place in the house most heavily filled with their scent, which was probably why Bucky currently had his nose buried in one of the pillows, breathing more strained than normal and shoulders looking rather tense.


To Tony, it was a calming scent that made his stress melt right off. He wasn’t prone to purring a lot, but surrounded by his nesting friends’ smells and curled up next to Peter or Steve, the large omega could sometimes be caught purring. So it wasn’t exactly once every month that they opened the windows and aired the room out (even Loki was against it, despite arguing that the blankets and sheets must be washed at least once in a while).


And the omegas didn’t just sleep there. The primary nest was where they helped each other through their heats; every few weeks this place was overflowing with slick and cum, sweat and tears staining the fabrics. It didn’t really matter how many times things were thrown in the washing machine. Some smells just couldn’t wash out. And there was the issue with the stuffed animals; both Peter and Quill had a hard time getting through the night without the teddy bears, puppy dogs and raccoons they littered all over the bed. That also meant they had a hard time getting through a heat without one. It still made Tony a little light headed remembering Peter’s last (and only) heat – the image of the young omega quivering and crying through his fifth orgasm as Tony fucked his sweet spot steadily with a slick-covered knotting dildo. He’d shot his small load straight onto a stuffed panda that he hugged and rubbed his cheek against for comfort. That panda, along with the rest of the plushies, where completely forbidden to wash. To everyone’s surprise, Peter and Quill banding together over this issue had resulted in Loki folding (and he only sulked about for a few days).


So it was safe to say that this room must be overwhelming for Bucky. Tony saw it clear on his face as he had his grey eyes closed firmly, his mouth slightly open and even through his padded underwear (yes, they made those for alphas and alphas hated them – buying them had been a decision the omegas had made together before they’d bought Bucky and Tony wasn’t so sure he still thought it was a good idea) the omega could smell his precum.


Steve was still settling in next to him, looking adorable in his proper, light blue pyjama shirt with buttons and a collar. Night had just fallen and they were all getting comfy in the nest, while Bucky just seemed to try and not pop a knot. Placing a soft hand on his right upper arm, Tony met those worried, heavily aroused eyes with his own.

“Are you okay?” he asked gently. It was less than four hours ago the alpha had admitted of being literally mutilated for the purpose of being weaponized. The problem now might be different, but Tony was still concerned. More so because he hadn’t told any of the other omegas about what Bucky had said.


The alpha blinked confusedly, unclenching the tight hold he’d had on a blanket. His hips shifted, rutting almost unnoticeably on the bed which cause his open mouth to open just a tiny bit more.

“Uhm, yes omega. I’m sorry, I’m just…” he trailed off, frowning. Behind him, Peter fussed over Quill trying to brush his teeth, already having leaked through his onesie.

“Overwhelmed?” Tony helped him, smiling kindly. “That’s completely fine, this is probably a lot to take in, coming from a pound and all. I just wanted you to know that this is where you’ll be sleeping a lot, probably. Especially since the bonding ceremony is tomorrow and all” he said.


A clingy weight on his back told him Steve was climbing on him.

“This is your nest too now. This is like, where it’s totally okay to touch us and stuff. We want you to” the blond omega said with a blush.


Bucky looked confused still, but not as worried. Despite that, Tony bit his lip and wondered what the alpha was thinking. He was very silent. The reason the collective had a muzzle in the first place was because they’d heard all sorts of stories from their mothers and neighbours and teachers about alphas with major attitude problems that talked back constantly and tried to use dominant language to get their omegas to bend to their will. That was a dangerous path – that’s how omegas like themselves ended up raped and hurt. All pounds were to make sure their alphas knew not use what was called ‘prohibited language’, which entailed certain words and phrases that omegas had a hard time resisting, but that didn’t mean all alphas obeyed.


But Bucky was nothing like that. Instead he was almost strangely quiet. It wasn’t hard to figure out that had to do with Hydra’s more…strict way of training their alphas, but in the Benatar Collective that kind of muteness really had no place. They were a bunch of strong-willed, loud omegas and if Bucky never even said a word unless directly spoken to, all of them would be uncomfortable. Tony had discussed this with the others when Quill had taken the alpha to the kitchen for a snack, and after having spent a few days with him, all agreed that Bucky wouldn’t be that kind of dangerous alpha.


Hence why Tony spoke up now.


“You know it’s fine to talk, right? We know you better now and trust you won’t use prohibited language or be disobedient. I mean, it isn’t disobedient to talk. As long as you are respectful to us, then we want you to speak. You can tell us if there’s something you want, or if there’s something you don’t want, or if…or if you just have a thought you’d like to share” the mechanic told him. His hand remained gentle on the alpha’s arm, his naked skin feeling hot to the touch. Steve hoisted himself to a better (in Tony’s case; more uncomfortable) position hanging over the other omega.

“Exactly. You can always ask us for what you want – even if we don’t give it to you, it’s good behaviour to ask. You’ll never be punished for asking for things” Steve promised.


Of that, Bucky didn’t look so certain. He was quiet for a moment, as Quill wrestled Peter behind him, and appeared to be thinking.


“Will it please you if I talk? Even if it is not when spoken to?” the alpha finally asked.

“It will please us if you talk if you want to talk” Steve corrected kindly but firmly. When Bucky still hesitated, the blond omega hooked a leg over Tony’s and gestured out into the air. “Let’s practise! What would you like to do right now? And just because we might not let you do it, doesn’t mean it’s a wrong thing to ask” he clarified with an calming smile.


Now, the alpha let go of the blankets completely. He frowned slightly, glancing around. When he did so, his hips shifted and Tony got a peek at his boxer covered dick, tenting the fabric. The padding stopped the precum from forming a stain on the front, but Tony was sure there would be one of he had normal boxers. These underwear were supposed to ease the pressure for the omegas, if the smell of the alpha’s arousal was diluted – but honestly, it didn’t help as much as they’d thought it would.


Bucky settled on Peter, and then turned his eyes back to Steve. The young pup had finally had his teeth brushed and was grumpily burrowing around in the nest, not able to settle. Beside him, Quill was uselessly trying to sooth him by patting his back.

“I’d like to hold Peter. I can smell he’s a little…distressed, and I think it might settle him to be held” Bucky said quietly. The words didn’t come easy to him, but they came. And honestly? His first real request could’ve just as easily been ‘I’d like to bend you all over and fuck you until my knot pops’, so the fact that Bucky had asked permission to help one of his omegas feel better emotionally made Tony sure they had made the right call encouraging him to speak up more.  


Smiling, he let his omega instincts get the better of him and nuzzled the alpha.

“I think you’re right” Tony said. Steve nodded his agreement. They knew it was safe to let him hold Peter – they were all there to keep Bucky in check (except Loki who was still running around downstairs).


The teenager obviously heard them, because he wiggled his way over like a little badger.

“You said my name” Peter said with a pout. It wasn’t every day he acted this childish, but apparently today was going to be difficult from top to bottom. Tony flashed him a fond smile and stroke his cheek, which made the younger omega huff and twitch away.

“Yeah underoos, we did. Bucky wants to hold you” he said with a wink, knowing the kid hated the nickname. To be fair he had earned it, since all his underwear had been superhero underoos when he first moved in.


Instead of huffing again, Peter lit up.

“Me? I get to cuddle?” he squeaked, smiling brightly. The look on his face made even Bucky give something resembling a smile. Looking over at Steve and Tony for permission, the alpha waited for a nod before he leaned to his right and carefully hauled Peter into his lap. The omega squealed excitedly and laid himself on top of the alpha like a splayed out frog. Giggling, Peter nuzzled Bucky and unintentionally wet his onesie pyjama even more. If that made Bucky want to growl and rip his clothes off, he did a very good job at hiding it. Perhaps he was actually more concerned with Peter’s welfare than his dripping hole.


“Well I see you started without me” Loki said suddenly in his salty British accent, having appeared in the doorway with his arms crossed. His long, black hair was tousled and he looked tired, but the little smile at the corner of his mouth told Tony he wasn’t actually upset.


“Bucky smells so good Loki, you need to smell him” Peter stated, diving back in to hug his alpha closer and nuzzle at his neck, scenting him. The boyish behaviour made the omega out of bed chuckle, and he stepped into the bedroom as he dragged a hand through his locks and started removing his shirt.

“Calm down little one, I’m on my way” Loki said and closed the door.

“What took you so long?” Steve asked, having slid off Tony finally.
“Someone had to feed the cats. Fenris was meowing at me like crazy – I thought he was going to eat the kitchen rug” he said, rolling his eyes. Peter had lost all interest in the others and was busy squirming in Bucky’s lap, while the alpha did his best to pet him and settle him with a deep rumbling in his chest.

“Fenris ate my drawing of our garden” Steve pouted and rearranged some pillows. Loki managed to look very offended at the same time he took off his socks.

“Fenris was just hungry. They’re practically our pups, so you guys could make more of an effort” he scolded.


The notion made Tony laugh. Ignoring Loki’s glare, he moved to make more room for the last omega.
“Our pups? Is that what it’s come to? In that case we should just make Bucky breed us all right now, so the cats don’t start demanding inheritance” Tony joked, winking at his friend.


That must have caused a reaction in Bucky, because suddenly Peter stuttered in a moan and sank down limp in the alpha’s arms. Surprised, Tony turned to them. There was definitely a shift in smell – speaking of breeding his omegas made Bucky’s scent change to a heavier one, mixing arousal with very distinct alpha scent. It was heady indeed, and probably exactly what Peter needed to be settled.


“Oh perfect, now I don’t have to deal with him wriggling the entire night” Loki said, burrowing down in the nest in his green boxers. Peter purred loudly beside them. When looking at Bucky’s face, Tony saw a content alpha with his strong arms wrapped protectively around the small omega. The sight made him smile.


“Can I go next? That looks really nice” Quill asked with a hopeful voice. Smiling, Loki climbed over all of them and bundled the younger omega up in his embrace.

“Nicer than this?” he teased, licking Quill’s bonding gland. The other giggled and squirmed, nuzzling Loki back. Soon Loki had slotted a thigh between Quill’s legs and the omega was lazily rutting up against him as he raised his head and kissed his friend.

“You smell like cat” he said, scrunching up his nose adorably. In response, Loki raised a challenging eyebrow and manhandled the other until he squeaked, all so he could pin him down and bury his nose against the wet spot on the back of Quill’s underwear.

“And you smell like pussy” he retorted with his voice low and teasing.


When Quill playfully growled and attacked the other, Tony rolled his eyes and said something about ‘pups never growing up’. Beside them, Bucky’s rumbling went steady. It was a very calming sound.


“I still think there’s something else on your mind” Steve said suddenly, narrowing his eyes and smiling at Bucky. The alpha turned to look at him. A hint of a blush coloured his cheeks.

“I think you’re right” Tony added with the same slightly challenged look. This was going to take work, but if it went like this, Tony could handle work.


Bucky blushed for real now, stroking Peter’s back and opening his mouth before closing it again. Then he steeled himself, and did what his omegas had asked of him – spoke up.


“It’s…it’s the underwear” he ended up mumbling, not looking Steve in the eyes. Raising an eyebrow, Tony was surprised that was what he’d been thinking about. Not surprised he didn’t like them though; most alphas found them uncomfortable and humiliating.

“Yeah? What about them?” Steve coaxed. Now Bucky really looked embarrassed.

“I don’t like them” he blurted out, but quickly backpedalled. “I mean, I’m very grateful you’ve given them to me, and if you prefer me in them I will wear them of course, but you asked what’s on my mind and well…I don’t think I like them” he confessed, looking like he wasn’t sure whether to expect a punishment or not.


To diffuse that fear, Tony quickly leaned over to nuzzle him, at the same time Steve let off a soothing scent.

“Okay. That’s okay. What is it you don’t like about them?” Tony asked gently. He could guess, but he wanted to train Bucky in speaking.

“The padding confuses my scent, and…they’re sort of tight” Bucky admitted.

“Tight?” Tony echoed. The sound of him swallowing was blocked by Peter’s purring – he really didn’t want to think about what was making them tight.

“Yes. Not when I’m, uh, soft, but when I get a reaction, they’re a bit small on me” the alpha said with rosy cheeks. And oh god how adorable wasn’t it that he called an erection a reaction. He was probably having a pretty big reaction right now.


“Take ‘em off. He don’t like them” Peter mumbled into the alpha’s chest, not opening his eyes. His little butt cosied down on Bucky’s crotch, and the back of his onesie had a sizeable wet spot darkening the fabric.


Turning to look at Steve, Tony tried to convey his thoughts by raising his eyebrows. If they did allowe him out of the padded underwear, his hard cock would be directly underneath Peter. And then there really would be no way of stopping Peter from crying and complaining until he got knotted. Which could be problematic – he was still a teen and hadn’t even gotten used to knotting toys yet.


Steve read his mind as always.

“I think it could work. Peter’s so sleepy and relaxed now anyway. If we let them go slow?” the blond murmured to Tony’s ears only (which of course Bucky heard with his enhanced alpha hearing). Hesitating, Tony considered it again. Okay. It could work, and might be a gentle way to introduce Peter to a real knot. It was better now when he was in his pup-headspace than doing it like they’d done with Steve, with cuffs holding Bucky down.


“Okay” Tony determined after a moment. “Would that be okay with you though?” he asked the alpha concerned. As far as he knew, fucking an omega slow or just keeping them on a knot still full could be painful for an alpha. But Bucky just nodded, softly stroking over Peter’s pyjamas.

“I can take care of him. I want him to feel better” he mumbled. Peter’s head with his tousled hair shot up a few inches and he gave a cheeky smile.

“I think I would feel a lot better if I wasn’t so empty” the omega said, to which Tony playfully swatted his ass.

“You mischievous little pup. You better behave now” the mechanic said firmly with a meaning look. When Peter popped a thumb into his mouth to suck on and nodded excitedly, Tony lost his serious expression and laughed warmly.


Somewhere along all their talking, Loki had pulled down Quill’s underwear and were licking him right now. His head was buried between the other’s cheeks and Quill was moaning into a pillow, rutting haltingly into the mattress. The sight seemed to distract Bucky for a second as Tony worked off his padded underwear, mindful not to disturb Peter’s frog-position. This was usually how nesting went for them – but the alpha had probably never seen omegas pleasure each other. When Tony discarded the clothing, he could both smell and see the effect it had on Bucky. Apparently he really liked what he was seeing. That was also a good sign – according to the handbooks, some alphas reacted badly to seeing their owners play amongst themselves and became jealous. Which in turn caused a big problem for collectives. So it was a relief to see Bucky seemingly enjoying Loki working his tongue over Quill.


Steve helped open the flap at the bottom of Peter’s onesie (a handsy little design) and his hole was to no ones’ surprise messy and slick already. It looked as if he’d had a proper accident – and Tony would be absolutely lying if he didn’t say it made him want to bury his tongue deep in Peter’s clenching rim and lick him to orgasm. Swallowing, he contained himself. Instead he gently rubbed the smaller omega’s hole to check how relaxed it was.

“That’s a good boy; so ready. So eager” he murmured encouragingly as he dipped one finger inside. The rim gave way immediately and Peter moaned, pushing back on the digit that was far too small to give him the relief he sought. Another finger joined the first and soon Bucky’s cock was twitching and throbbing from the squelching sound, slick dripping down on his swollen knot.


“Is he loose?” Steve asked, watching with focused eyes despite his diluted pupils.

“Yeah, there’s not gonna be a problem” Tony promised. He retracted his fingers and sucked them clean, humming approvingly at the taste. His own pyjama pants felt warm and wet, and his cock made a tent (albeit a small tent) at the front. If they got Peter settled quickly, Tony might ask Steve if the blond could be a doll and suck him off before bedtime. Steve usually liked that.


The sound of Bucky rumbling soothingly was mixing with Peter’s purring, and the rustling of him still squirming a little, eager to get something inside him.

“Hold still baby” Tony told him and kept a hand on his bum. As he grabbed Bucky’s cock, mindful not to squeeze the knot, Steve nuzzled closer and put a soft hand on Peter’s hand to keep his thumb in his mouth. It was a precaution – it would keep the pup calm and prevent him from accidently biting Bucky.


When they were ready, the head of their alpha’s cock lined up with Peter’s leaking hole, Tony put both hands on his ass and slowly guided him down on the first third of the hard length. Immediately the sounds were exchanged to Peter moaning loudly around his thumb and Bucky growling low and deep. Not a threatening growl, but rather a pleasured one.

“That’s good, such a good boy Bucky” Tony praised. The alpha made a visible effort to keep his hips still as the omega guided Peter very carefully down on him, and Tony wanted him to know how well-behaved he was. “Just hold still like that and I’ll get him nice and settled on your cock” he promised, and got a grunt in response.


Above him, Steve was praising Peter and making sure he relaxed and let Tony control the situation so he wouldn’t go slamming his ass down and accidently tearing in the process. Luckily, his pup-headspace made him pliant and happy, drooling around his thumb and nuzzling closer to the alpha as he was seated and filled. Tony had the antagonizing beautiful sight of Peter’s rim stretching and clenching right before him and it made it very hard to keep focus.


But he did, because Peter was his responsibility and now Bucky was as well. The omega was glad to have Steve’s help on this. Together, they helped Bucky set a slow, sweet pace, only rutting about half his length in and out of Peter. He kept at it like that for a while, embracing the small, whimpering omega and shushing him as he fucked him with short, gentle thrusts.


Beside them, Quill came with a cry after a while, but Bucky only had eyes for Peter right now. It was the sweetest thing, and far from what Tony thought alphas were supposed to be like. The way he soothingly pet Peter’s back and ignored his own knot filling up until it was an angry red in favour of keeping his thrusts shallow to allow Peter to feel good and not overwhelmed made Tony realize how gentle Bucky was.


It was Tony who decided when Peter was ready to be knotted. He kept a close watch on the alpha’s cock going in and out of his tight channel, stretching him, and eventually he deemed him relaxed and loose enough to be bred properly. Bucky panted and gasped at the slight pain of slowly pushing his knot all the way past the omega’s struggling rim, but Peter only moaned and went limp, beautiful with his thumb still stuck in his mouth. When it was all the way inside it swelled the last bit and locked them together.


And finally, Peter’s scent settled completely.


Tony sighed relieved and nuzzled back up to Steve. Together they spooned, watching Peter happily get bred with load after load of alpha seed, and Bucky breathing calmly and rubbing his cheek against the omega’s shoulder. Tony could get used to this. Maybe an alpha in his nest wasn’t so bad.  

Chapter Text

“Hey Steve?”


Quill’s hesitant voice floated through to the older omega as he carefully arranged the pillows. They were all new, bough especially for today and therefore completely void of the heavy smell every other pillow in this house had.

“Mmm?” Steve hummed, tongue between his teeth while one of the blankets where corrected in it’s place.


“Oh I was just thinking…” Quill said in a casual tone. But Steve knew him too well; that wasn’t his usual casual way of speaking. Frowning, he broke away from his arrangement and looked at the brown-haired omega standing in the living room with his feet rubbing against each other like they did when he was anxious about something. Yet he tried to keep up his playful cockiness as he spoke again. “About tonight. Obviously I have a pussy of wonders, I mean you all love it. And it had me wondering perhaps…what if it’s too amazing? If it’s too tight and maybe, uh, maybe it will hurt Bucky’s knot?” Quill said, looking at Steve with a slight crease between his eyebrows. Despite the confident act he put up, his friend could hear the small waver in his words.


Frowning, he stood so he could get closer to Quill. Hurt Bucky’s knot? Was he really worried…oh. When realization dawned on Steve, his eyes widened and he had to hold back laughter.

“Quill, are you nervous about today?” he asked, fondness seeping through his voice. Of course – Quill had never been properly knotted before.

“No? Me? I’m never nervous” the bigger omega quipped back, trying to backpedal and regain control. But Steve only smiled warmly and put a hand on his arm.

“It’s okay baby. A bonding ceremony may sound like a lot. I get if it’s scary – I’m not even sure I’m completely calm about it. But you will always be surrounded by your friends, and we’ll make sure nothing hurts you” he promised.


The words made Quill bit his lip before his shoulders slumped with a sigh. All his cockiness left him.

“But he’s just so…big” Quill whispered, like he was embarrassed to admit that was an issue. That was okay though; worrying about being torn in half was a completely justified worry. To help him, Steve made himself give off a calming scent and nuzzled Quill before pulling back and giving him a wink.

“And your body is designed to push a pup through the same hole. I know he looks like a monster compared to our toys, but I promise it didn’t even hurt once when he knotted me. Not in a bad way anyway. And I’m even smaller than you” he soothed.


For a moment longer Quill still looked like a scared little pup. Then his eyes flashed with mischievous grin and he playfully pushed at Steve’s arm.

“You were smaller than me – now I’m the hot, tight virgin and you’re just sloppy and ruined” he teased, causing Steve to bark out a laughter and bite at Quill’s ear. The other howled with laughter and nipped back.

“Oh that’s how it’s gonna be? Not respecting our elders are we? I dare you to stick a few fingers up my ass, see exactly how sloppy I am” Steve winked.


Quill almost took him up on that offer. In the end Steve asked him to help fix the nest for the bonding ceremony. Nesting was a sure way to calm an omega down – even if Quill had a tendency of building nests that looked more like pillow forts.


In all honesty, Steve was a little nervous as well. The bonding ceremony was going to go on for hours, and take a physical and mental toll on all of them. Since Steve was the head of the household, he was supposed to keep control over the situation and make sure everyone else were safe. That wasn’t exactly going to be easy, so he was glad both Tony and Loki had assured him he wouldn’t need to attain that role alone.


Comparing to how bonding ceremonies used to be, the omega counted himself lucky that he got to be a part of a modern one instead. Before alphas iron grip on society went out of fashion so to speak, bonding with one or several unclaimed omegas was a big affair meant to prove to everyone that the alpha was strong and virile enough to claim and provide for his new mates. That meant the ceremony was attended by family and other potential suitors to watch. If the omega was willing, they only had to survive the humiliation of being bred and bitten in front of a crowd, and afterwards being clasped in a collar soaked with their new alpha’s piss to keep a constant smell of alpha close to their scenting gland.


If the omega was unwilling however…then it had to be broken in. The practise of breaking in omegas had of course been forbidden, but it wasn’t uncommon before when families married off their young or if a particularly dominant omega decided an omega would be their mate without consulting with either them or their parents. Was this the case, then the alpha had the bonding ceremony to prove they were able to completely control the unruly omega. They were to be bound hands and knees and mounted over and over for as many knottings as it took for them to submit. It was a brutal practise which established ownership in the most painful way, seeing as it was fully allowed for the dominant mate to beat their prospective omega into submission if knotting them by force wasn’t enough. Most omegas broke down and submitted after a few hours of this abuse – but there were horror stories of bonding ceremonies lasting an entire day and night. In the history books Steve used to pour over in school, he’d seen pictures and paintings of the broken males and females having survived such a bonding. Their bodies bruised and bleeding, and their holes gaping with gushes of seed running out all the while their necks were covered in vicious bite marks. Some of them passed away shortly after; others bore their alphas a full litter of pups from all the knottings they’d taken.


Luckily, that wouldn’t be the case today. The omegas of the collective would still need to bend down and present for their new alpha, hence the soft kneeling pillows on the ground, and he had to knot them all. But Bucky would never be allowed to hurt them, and it was vital that he made the omega he mounted climax before he knotted them. It wasn’t a ceremony meant for the alpha to establish dominance or break his omegas to submission – it was a traditional ritual to make the act of bonding special. This was the day they would all get their bites, and afterwards be able to wear them to show their collective had an alphas protection now. And Steve looked forward to it.


There was one thing about the old ways he sort of missed though. If a bonding was a union filled with love and happiness (as this one had the potential of being), then it would’ve been beautiful to have his mother there. Sarah Rogers had sadly passed away, but Steve liked to believe she was perhaps looking down on him from heaven now, happy he had gotten himself an alpha that would treat him well. The alpha in the collective where Steve had grown up had been a kind, well-behaved man – even though he never spoke of him as a father, Steve sometimes thought that despite Joseph being an alpha in service, he was still the closest thing to a father he had.


It was different for people like Tony. Howard Stark was a beta, which meant he was allowed the title of ‘father’. Despite the both of them not getting along splendidly, Tony was still raised by the man and now worked in the motor shop his dad had started. Actually, both his parents were betas and he hadn’t been raised in a collective like Steve. The first collective he’d lived in was the Benatar, which he’d started alongside the blond omega. Perhaps both of them could’ve been here also, to witness the bonding.


Steve sighed, pulling the curtains closed of the living room. He knew it was logical that alphas didn’t become fathers – after all, they were property of collectives and functioned as donators of their seed, hopefully breeding their omegas full of a large number of pups. That didn’t mean they got to raise the pups. No omega mother would dare leave their children’s upbringing to someone who’s biologically dangerous. All the recent research showed that an alpha would rather punch their way out of a situation than try to solve it by reasoning. It really wasn’t their fault, but as the minister of Alpha Institutionalization once said: “You can make a dog friendly, but you can’t make it intelligent or ignore it’s teeth”.


And yet when Steve thought back on Joseph he didn’t remember him being stupid or mean. He wasn’t denying those alphas existed, but the one in his first collective read him bed time stories and did everything he could when Sarah initially got sick. When he couldn’t save her, he died of a broken heart. The doctors explained to little Steve that sometimes when alphas fail their mates, their heart stops. But Steve knew Joseph hadn’t failed his mother – and he knew his heart had given out because he truly loved the sweet omega, not because he felt he had failed a duty.


Thinking about Bucky, it made Steve sad he would never be called ‘dad’ by the pups he sired. That he would never read them bed times stories, because the pounds didn’t teach alphas to read anymore. Steve’s hand grazed softly over some books on the windowsill. One of them was ‘The Hobbit’, his favourite. It was meant to be a children’s book, but written in the thirties (and by Tolkien) it was obviously exciting for adults as well. Still…it made him think. With a thoughtful frown, he picked it up and opened the battered pages. Perhaps he could teach Bucky himself?


With a smile, Steve placed the book back on the window sill. Yeah. He could teach the alpha to read.




It was late in the afternoon when they were done nesting and washing up. Loki had bathed Bucky, and Tony made sure they all ate a large meal beforehand. They would need the energy – especially Bucky. So besides the bowl of food, he also a big bottle of the protein shake for alphas Phil at the pound had given them to drink in his corner on the floor.


Right now, Peter was carefully laying out the six new collars on the table set aside against the wall. His small fingers ran longingly over the pretty, white leather collars, each decorated with silver detailing and a smooth moonstone in the centre. The sixth one was black, without a moonstone adorning it. Omegas weren’t collared anymore, but they received a ceremonial collar which they could choose to wear for important occasions when it was fitting to show their marital status. They were white as a bridal dress, representing their good virtue for holding on until properly mated with an alpha (of course most omegas slept with their alpha before the ceremony, but it was socially acceptable as long as they bonded with them afterwards. ‘Sleeping around’ with alphas wasn’t actually possible in todays society anyway; traditions are traditions however).


And all collars wore a moonstone for religious purposes. Not that many nowadays adhered to the old beliefs, but it was still part of their culture. Same as the moon controlled the tide, so was it believed to control the heats and fertility cycles of omegas. Many years ago, this made alphas declare that omegas were slaves to natures, powerless to the moon’s whims and wishes, and in need to domination from the more powerful alpha. They adorned the bonding collars with moonstones to remind omegas of this weakness – now omegas wore the moonstones proudly to represent their close connection to the blessed moon.


Steve knew he would most likely never wear the collar in public, but he still thought they were beautiful and he was happy to soon be the owner of one. Bucky would still need to wear his ordinary tagged one, so the black one with silver inlays would be a formal one.


“Are you okay?” Tony mumbled, embracing him from behind to nuzzle his neck. Steve shivered pleasantly from the affection and smiled nervously.

“I am. I’m honestly mostly worried I’ll forget the words” he admitted. Tony scoffed and playfully bit at his bonding gland without breaking the skin. It already felt hot to the touch, having started to react to Bucky on the very first day. Now it was pulsating, aching for sharp teeth to sink through it.

“Why don’t you just hold the book?” Tony shrugged. Now it was Steve’s turn to scoff.

“And look like some kind of priest? God Tony, it’s like two sentences. I should be able to remember them” he said, looking back and narrowing his eyes. With a mischievous grin, Tony pinches his ass, making him squeal in surprise.

“Oh but you’d make such a hot priest. I’d get on my knees for you; confess my wicked sins” he murmured teasingly. Steve felt his hole twitch at the thought and had to bite his lip not to moan. He was only wearing a pair of thin white panties after all, the same as all the omegas. Tony had such a way to get under his skin.


Swatting his hands away from his ass, he raised his chin.

“You naughty boy. What sins do you have that I wouldn’t know about already?” he quipped back. Tony only raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“You’d be surprised” he said.


Before Steve had the chance to respond, the scent of alpha hit his nostrils hard. Turning around, he saw Loki carefully leading a completely naked Bucky by his leash into the living room-turned-nest. Even when soft, his cock still hung large and heavy with the deflated knot making up a slight bump at the root, balls big enough to produce an amount of seed that could fill the entire knot up and then keep pumping in more as it emptied. Steve blushed, glancing at the glistening head of his cock, slightly hooded by foreskin and drooping below his balls. That very tip was larger than Steve’s tiny omega cock – despite being the smallest in that area in the collective, the blond had never quite realized how tiny he was until he saw a real cock. One meant for breeding and reproduction, and not simply pleasure like his own. It made him wonder what it would feel like to enter someone with a member like that; what it would feel like to fuck someone. Steve might be a male, but he’d never really had any desire to mount someone else. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to.


The feeling of slick messing up the inside of his panties pulled him out of his thoughts. Right. Clear head.


“Look how pretty I made him” Loki beamed proudly. Indeed – the metal arm shone beautifully and the alpha’s long, brown hair was pulled back in a French braid that made him look slightly less intimidating (but only a little; Bucky was still the size of two omegas put together). His wood and plum scent was mingled with the apple smell of the soap they used for him, which made being close to the alpha feel like being in a fruit garden. That was despite the totally manly, sexy, mouth-watering scent of his body of course.


“You look great” Peter said happily, lifting Bucky’s hand and nuzzling his wrist shyly. The young omega was in a much better mood today.

“Thank you” Bucky breathed out. Steve felt pleased he talked on his own accord.

“And the nest looks great as well” Peter promised, leaning in to scent Quill who smiled confidently. Most of his nervousness seemed to have melted away.


It did look great though. The whole living room was covered in pillows and blankets, with a large kneeling pillow at the front. They’d lit sweet smelling candles and prepared bowls of water with washcloths, bowls with cut up fruit and berries and baby bottles of water to make drinking easier. This could go on for a while.


“Should we begin?” Steve asked shakily, looking at the naked alpha and the four pretty omegas in just their panties. They all nodded. Taking control, Steve stepped in front of the kneeling pillow and motioned everyone forward. “Okay, I need you all beside me first. Bucky –“ he started, when Loki stepped forward and gave him the leash. Looking up at him, Steve blinked, for a moment mesmerized by the look in his eyes. It was so expectant – so trusting. Between them, the alpha’s cock had slowly started to fatten up. Sucking in a breath, Steve carefully undid the leash and placed it aside. Then he put a soft hand on Bucky’s cheek. “I want you to kneel for me Bucky” he murmured gently.


The tall alpha, towering above Steve, rumbled deep in his chest and obeyed, slowly placing first one knee and then the other on the pillow. Now he was below the omega, but still had firm eye contact. Knowing that Tony would be keeping an eye on the other omegas, Steve could put his focus on the alpha for a moment.

“Do you know what’s going to happen?” he asked breathlessly. Loki was supposed to go through it, and he must’ve, because Bucky nodded.

“Yes omega” he said, low and deep. The sound made another gush of slick wet Steve’s underwear and he tried to ignore the wave of pleasure rolling through his body at hearing Bucky call him ‘omega’.


“Good” he said, collecting himself. “Then you know we start with your bite – and it should trigger your drive enough to be able to mount all of us. But don’t worry. We’ll take all the time it takes to complete it. Is there anything that worries you?” he asked. Bucky bit his lip, thinking.

“What if it triggers a full rut?” he asked, quietly, almost shyly. Steve’s eyes widened for a second, then he placed his hand back on Bucky’s cheek. Of course he would be scared of that – getting a bite from not one but five omegas could be risky, and the alpha had reason to fear being left alone and locked up during a rut. This collective wouldn’t treat him like that though.

“Then we’ll help you through it” he promised gently. It seemed to settle the alpha.


When everyone was ready, Steve looked all of them in the eyes for permission to start. Getting it, he took a deep breath and removed Bucky’s collar. Carefully he undid the clasp and placed it aside. After they had all given him their bite and claimed him as their own, he would receive his ceremonial collar and be allowed to start his own claiming.


But first, Steve needed to recite the words he’d practised.


His heart raced as he prepared. Beside him he had his best friends, who all had put their trust in his ability to choose an alpha for him. Now they put their trust in him for this, this moment when Bucky truly became their mate and an integral part of the pack. All the while, Bucky looked up at him attentively, waiting so patiently, knowing that what he responded to what Steve was about to say would change his life forever. And hoping it would be for the better.


It was enough to make a poor omega weak in the knees.


But Steve needed to do this. He wanted to do this. So gathering his courage, he straightened his back and looked down at Bucky.


“James Buchanan Barnes. If we choose you for an alpha, do you promise to protect us? To cherish every single one of your omegas, to answer to our needs and keep us safe?” he asked, voice firm and strong.


Beautiful steel blue eyes met his, unblinking.

“If you honour me by your choice, then I promise” he said, carefully reciting the words he’d been taught. But he meant them. Steve could tell. Letting his breath go relieved, he smiled, not able to resist reaching out a hand and letting the alpha nuzzle his wrist.


“Then we choose you. Let us begin”

Chapter Text

The room was warm with the candles burning and the soft, fuzzy fabric Steve buried his naked feet in. Yet there was something different burning in the omega as well – there was desire, and need, coursing raw and hot through his veins already. Sure, he’d read about the intensity of getting to bond with an alpha. He’d seen the movies, watched how passionate the film stars got in the throes of the ceremonies. But having lived through heats, Steve never would’ve thought there was a sensation like it; much less before he even had a cock in him.


Yet there it was. The sight of Bucky beneath him on his knees, looking up at him like he was waiting to be knighted, with his head slightly tilted to expose his bonding gland…it made Steve’s teeth ache. Made his hole slick and his heart hungry. The world seemed to stop for a moment and all the poor omega could do was stare back and try to breathe. He wondered if it truly would feel different afterwards. If Bucky’s knot could somehow feel even better after they were bonded.


“You have to be the first” Tony whispered, gently touching his arm. Snapping out of it, Steve stiffly nodded. Right. He would have to be the first to give his bite, and boy if that wasn’t a terrifyingly arousing thought.

“Oh. Right” he mumbled out as a response. The scent of slick from all different omegas was already thick and potent in the air, making the alpha’s length stand hard and protruding from his stomach. Steve tried not to think about that as he pulled himself together and lowered himself to his knees on a different pillow.


For this part they needed to be equal height and Steve was glad for it. Searching Bucky’s face for any fear, he was delighted when he found only a solemn sort of anticipation. His steel blue eyes were soft and expectant, and his powerful body still with his hands at his sides to please his omegas. Slowly, Steve caressed the bonding gland on the side of his neck. It was hot to the touch and swollen, begging for a bite. He too was affected by this.


Swallowing, he looked one last time into Bucky’s eyes. His thumb stroking over the gland made the large alpha shudder.

“I choose you” Steve whispered, meant for his alpha’s ears only. A light sparkled in Bucky’s eyes.

“I choose you too” he whispered back, so quietly barely Steve heard it. The words made the omega’s heart pound wildly in his chest – saying something like that was straying from modern tradition. Alphas didn’t make a choice, they were chosen and meant to accept their pack without a saying in the matter. Yet Bucky made it clear to Steve that he had made a choice, and he was willingly taking Steve as mate. That notion caused a ripple of happiness and heavy desire to pour over the small blond. Blinking back tears, he nodded imperceptibly.


Then he leaned forward and did what he had wanted to do for a long time. Steve licked over the throbbing bonding gland, tasting skin and salt and plums. Moaning breathlessly in his throat, he closed his eyes and held onto Bucky’s shoulders as he gave into his desire and placed the sharp points of his upper canine teeth and bit down.


The instant taste of blood and that sweet flavour that was only Bucky flooded his mouth. Beneath him, Bucky moaned almost helplessly, shuddering in his arms. Steve felt a shock, almost like electricity, go through him as the shift in him spread from where his teeth was connected to Bucky, through his blood and down to his pulsation heart. Not sure if the feeling was pain or pleasure or just so goddamn much, Steve knew at least that it felt amazingly right, and that Bucky was truly his now.


The effect on the alpha was immediate. While Steve, detaching to lick over the bleeding wound, started feeling weak and almost feverish, slick practically burning between his legs, Bucky instead let out a growl and gave of pheromones so strong Steve almost toppled over. It was lucky he was so well-behaved, because a weaker alpha probably would pushed the dripping omega down in the nest and claimed him right away.


But there was four more bites to be given. Tony quickly helped Steve to move away so he could lay in the pillows and recover from the first impact, and then stepped forward himself. Watching weakly, burrowed down, Steve saw that Tony and Bucky didn’t speak to each other – but Tony looked determined (with a wet spot on the back of his white panties) and Bucky looked about ready to devour the omega. When the bite was given, Bucky’s hands clenched into fists and he groaned. In turn, Tony’s cock twitched and struggled with an erection. He pulled away with a bloody mouth and Bucky’s scent got even stronger. If this was how an alpha in rut smelled like, then Steve could totally see himself live in that scent.


By the time all five omegas had kneeled in front of the alpha and given him the bite, the side of his neck was a bloody ruin. Not seeming to notice it though, Bucky only shook with clenched fists, baring his teeth and struggling hard to remain in control of his body. Steve had recovered and felt a bit more clear headed, so he swallowed and started the second part.


Then he would finally be knotted. Since he was the first to give the bite, he would be the first one fucked. By god, he couldn’t wait.


Quickly gathering a bowl with a washcloth, Steve carefully cleaned up the blood running down Bucky’s shoulder, arm and chest. The pain must not bother him as much as it did having Steve close still covered in thin fabric, for he bit back a snarl and stared at Steve the whole time. Still controlled, the alpha was more feral now than they’d ever seen him. And the blond omega flushed with the sensation that he wanted that, needed him feral and lust filled.


“There we go…” Steve mumbled, knowing full well the wound would keep bleeding and make him a bloody mess by the end of the night. But for now it was okay, and Tony handed him the black collar. Steve thanked him and held it up in front of their alpha, taking a deep breath and trying to focus.


“Y-you have our bites now. Our second gift to you is this collar. And also the right to collar us” Steve said, trying to keep his voice firm but finding it hard. Bucky calmed down a little, and nodded. His hands slowly opened up. It was amazing really, his sheer willpower.

“Thank you, omega” he grunted out, having a hard time keeping the animalistic tone out.


Steve carefully clasped the collar around his neck. It rested two inches above the bite, keeping it unstained by blood.


“We all have to kneel now” Steve reminded the others. Despite it already smelling like a damn heat in the room, all omegas gathered dutifully on the floor in front of Bucky. This was a big moment, because it was the only time all five of them would lower themselves for their alpha at the same time. This kind of submission was reserved for the bonding ceremony only.


Steve found it surprisingly easy to kneel down while Bucky stood. Tony however, he was visibly struggling. It wasn’t as natural to him to submit, and had it been a hundred years ago he would’ve probably been one of those omegas needing a breaking in. Not that he couldn’t submit, it was just that Bucky hadn’t actually, physically claimed him yet. Combined with having acted the dominant part during sex and heats (while Steve took that part for more every-day decisions) for quite some time, Tony had a bit of a longer path to strive to be comfortable kneeling in front of a standing alpha.


Therefore it made Steve proud to see with which respectfulness Bucky picked up each one of the white collars and carefully stepped up behind the omegas (in reverse order) to clasp them shut. Peter got his first, and the small teen shivered, a light sheen of sweat shining on his brow from the effects of the bite, and peered up blissfully, almost shyly, at Bucky as the little buckle was closed and he became a collared omega.


When it came to Tony, it was evident he was holding back a growl. Had he growled in that situation, there really was no guarantee Bucky wouldn’t take that as defiant and act upon it from his current dominant position – and in that case, it would’ve been up to Steve to diffuse the situation. And he wasn’t sure he could actually do that.


Thankfully (for everyone) Tony behaved and bent his head down so Bucky could collar him. Honestly, it helped that the alpha sensed his resistance and placed a firm but gentle hand on the back of his neck, letting his chest vibrate just a little without getting hostile, and guided Tony along with submitting.


And they sure looked beautiful, his four best friends wearing nothing but the white panties and the pretty collars adorned with moonstones. Like four delicate, shy brides below their towering alpha. He supposed they were brides. Steve could feel his own panties wet even further when Bucky’s strong hands finally brushed over his exposed neck, carefully clasping the buckle shut. The feeling of leather around his throat was better than he’d thought – not enough to choke him, but enough to feel his alpha’s presence like the ghost of a grip by his hand.


Steve wasn’t supposed to like being collared. It was taboo to think so and omegas who admitted to wearing their bonding collars freely at home was scoffed at as backwards-thinking or perverted. But he couldn’t help it. Steve did like it. A lot.


So much so that he shook as his head at Tony when he wanted to help him down in the nest so he could present for Bucky. Frowning, the bigger omega started to question it, but Steve smiled with a blush and placed a hand on Tony’s arm.

“No please. I want it to be our alpha” he said softly. There was a slight hesitation, before Tony accepted it and nodded, giving Steve a sweet kiss.

“I’m right here” Tony promised quietly. And Steve was glad. They would all be there.


When Steve turned to Bucky, the alpha knew he had permission. With a sound close to a growl that sent a ripple down the omega’s spine, Bucky grabbed Steve’s waist and pulled him closer. With gentle force – nothing hurtful – the alpha pushed the other down on his knees so he was facing the omegas now burrowing in the nest in front of him. His body folded meekly, almost eagerly, and when a large hand splayed over his flushed back, pressing him down further, a moan escaped Steve. Willingly he caught his own weight on his hands, digging his nails into the fuzz of the blankets. His hole was practically gushing, and he could only imagine what a state the nest would be in when they were done. The pillow he was kneeling on would be the same for everyone and absorb all of their slick running out of them, as well as whatever seed escaping their soon-to-be gaping holes.


Patiently (or maybe not so much – Steve was already squirming and whimpering, wanting his sticky panties ripped off so he could accept a knot in him) he tried waiting for Bucky to begin the breeding, but to his surprise he heard the bigger man grunt dissatisfied behind him.

“No. Lower” the alpha stated. Through the fog of intoxicating need, Steve felt Bucky’s hand start to find it’s way back between his shoulder blades. But the raw instinct of what his alpha wanted from him kicked in faster than Bucky could move his hand, so without needing the push, Steve immediately lowered himself to rest his cheek onto the blanket, hands stretched out in front of him. The movement made his ass stick up even more invitingly, and judging from the rumbling in Bucky’s chest, he was doing a very good job presenting for his alpha.


“Pretty boy” the alpha mumbled deep and gravelly, while his hand instead moved to knead over Steve’s ass. The omega preened at the compliment, loving whatever effect the bites had on Bucky because they finally made him talk. Like not conversation-talking, but the kind of heat-of-the-moment, animalistic talking an alpha lost in desire did. It did things to Steve – primarily to his insides. Something in him was boiling, and he was pretty sure that he could feel the pulsation movement of his womb expelling more slick to prepare him for breeding; to entice the alpha to take him. Despite all his health issues, Steve had never had a problem amassing enough liquid to absolutely drip if he was horny enough.


He certainly was now. A rough finger circled his slick rim before pushing him, testing his resistance and probing at his insides. The small satisfaction felt so good that Steve moaned louder this time and instinctively rubbed his cheek on the blanket.

“Please alpha” he choked out breathlessly. He could smell Bucky’s precum smeared all over his cockhead, yet all he got was a grunt and another finger joining the first. “Please” he begged again. Somewhere amongst his desperation Tony appeared to stroke his cheek and tell him to be good now. Whining, he struggled to be.


The relief that hit Steve when his alpha finally angled his bulbous head at the entrance and his thick thighs positioned themselves just right behind the omega, grazing the back of Steve’s own, was greater than any orgasm he could produce on his own. Just that part pushing past his rim felt enormous.


It wasn’t enough though. Not nearly.


“God please I need it alpha” Steve whined into the blanket. Whatever dignity he had was gone out the window. The massive stretch of more cock being fed into his hungry hole made the omega inadvertently dig his teeth into the fabric and bite down. Not that it stopped the moans – just made them more inaudible.


But this time Bucky had gotten his bonding gland completely ruined by five omegas and their combined venom was tearing through his blood-system, causing chemical burns to his heart as it screamed at him he needed to claim them as well. It was the reason the modern bonding ceremonies went this way; the alpha would receive the bites first which may make him a little unruly, but was a small price to pay to let him bear the pain of being claimed without having claimed them back.


So right now, he wasn’t as considerate as before. With a snarl, the alpha forced most of his cock inside, leaving only an inch before the actual knot started, drawing a wanton scream out of Steve. Quickly, Tony’s hand was back at his cheek, worriedly checking that Steve was alright. It must’ve been hard to keep so clearheaded, because even through the fog of getting speared by his alpha Steve could smell the pseudo-heats the other three omegas were falling quickly into. And if Bucky’s heavy scent alone hadn’t made him wet and relaxed enough to take a pretty rough fucking (which this was turning out to be), the heavenly scent of his friend’s slick, sweat and thick pheromones would’ve done it for him.


His teeth let go of the fabric and attached to Tony’s thumb instead, sucking it eagerly to show he was completely fine and could totally take this. Behind him, Bucky was grabbing his hips and pulling back, mounting him with a posed aggressivity they hadn’t seen in him before. It was the most alpha behaviour he’d ever shown. And it made Steve moan around the thumb lodged in his mouth and rock his hips back to meet the second thrust.

“That’s it baby. Just keep presenting, you’re doing great” Tony mumbled soothingly with his free hand petting Steve’s hair. His voice sounded drugged, almost feverish, yet he fought his best to keep above the level of primal urges the other three were currently at.


However, Bucky did something unexpected. He must not have liked the omega he was mounting to have his mouth on something that wasn’t his fingers (or better, his cock, if it hadn’t been currently sliding in and out of him with an obscene, squelching noise), because he buried himself to the hilt and growled warningly at Tony. The way he was leaning over Steve’s back, head of his cock nudging his cervix, and making such a threatening sound while Steve was at his most vulnerable (even if the growl wasn’t directed at him) made his eyes swell up with scared tears and he cried into the fabric, going stiff.


Mine” Bucky grunted, more canine than human. His cock was still throbbing in Steve’s ass and it made him confused. Submissively, the omega rubbed his cheek harder into the blanket to the point where it must’ve left rug burns and waited for Tony to submit as well.


Except Tony didn’t. Suddenly his scent shifted – his usual scent was tinted with warm coffee, and when he was aroused that changed to a sweet, chocolatey mocca-variant instead. That’s the one engulfing Steve at the moment, all sweet and wanton and safe, but at Bucky’s display of dominance it morphed to a sharp, strong kind. It was more like Irish coffee, tinged with that powerful, intoxicating edge of whisky that spoke do not cross me right now. Steve knew it; had scented it a hundred times before, and it was always reserved for when one of them needed to be settled hard or put firmly back in place. It scared and confused him, bent down naked as he was with an alpha’s cock in his ass and a dominant omega’s thumb in his mouth.


Digging his knees firmly into the blanket, Tony straightened his spine and squared his shoulders. He might be a fraction of the size Bucky was, but even the alpha halted at his scent.

No” Tony growled back sharply. Not once did he lose his grip on Steve, helplessly lying between them. “He’s ours. Back. Off” he warned. Not many words were ever used when there was a fight for dominance like this, and not many were needed. For a second, Steve was afraid there would be a real fight, but Bucky must’ve gotten back into his senses. After all, he did wear Tony’s bite and most likely didn’t want to hurt him. Because he paused for a second, then grunted and straightened up into a position less painful for Steve.


Gently, the large alpha pulled back out slightly. The hole beneath him clenched desperately at his thick length. The hard grip on Steve’s hips softened and Bucky soothingly rubbed at his sides instead.

“M’sorry” he murmured gutturally. It was evident words were hard for him. As his cock slid back into its sheath, Steve whimpered at the pleasure. He knew from school alphas could have a difficulty speaking when they were lost at their instincts, since they were so much more biologically close to animals, but damn if Steve didn’t lose every single word in his vocabulary when Bucky started mounting him with long, thorough thrusts and grunted out pretty boy again.


Steve felt like a pretty boy. He felt like the prettiest damn boy there was with his ass up and face pressed down, as Bucky quickly pumped all sense out of him. And when Bucky, still grunting and growling, reached a hand down and started fucking rubbing his cock, hanging soft between his legs, Steve mewled and tried to swallow down Tony’s entire thumb. The omega had to switch and instead start feeding his index and middle finger into the greedy boy’s mouth. The rough hand rubbing surprisingly gently on his small genitals at the same time Steve was being fucked harder than any toy had ever fucked him made him to no one’s surprise cum within a minute, at the same time he choked himself on Tony’s fingers. His eyes rolled back into his head at the pleasure and his body went completely lax beneath Bucky’s vice grip.


Having made his omega climax, Bucky finally had permission to knot him. Which he did with a final, savage thrust inside the sloppy hole, letting his knot swell up the last part as it locked them together. A snarl tore from his throat as his right hand, sticky from Steve’s release, gripped his waist hard and pulled him closer. The left, metal one kept a looser grip but felt amazingly cool against the omega’s feverish skin. His insides suddenly felt very warm as the alpha begun pumping him full of his cum. In his drugged haze, Steve found the space to be thankful that he had been the first mounted omega – that meant he got the biggest load of seed.


“C’mon baby” Tony suddenly said, pulling him out of the fog. The fingers were pulled from his mouth and his chest was being lifted. Or Tony tried to; Steve was a sluggish mess, not at all enjoying being moved right now.

“No” he slurred, trying to find the energy to shake his head. The silver details hanging from the collar jingled softly.

“I know baby, but you have to. Please Steve” Tony pleaded.


It wasn’t until Bucky’s strong hands placed themselves on his chest and gently but firmly pulled him up that he allowed himself to be moved. Still locked together, the alpha pulled his back flush to his own chest, growling very softly into his ear. Steve purred happily, trying to nuzzle his alpha. Bucky nudged his head to the side, exposing his neck.


Then he sank his teeth into Steve’s throbbing bonding gland, finally giving him the bite.


The sudden rush that went through his body was so strong that the omega opened his eyes wide and came again, completely untouched. That’s about the last thing he remembered before passing out.

Chapter Text

By the time Steve regained consciousness, Bucky’s knot had already gone down and he was licking the blood off the wound at the junction of his neck. The rough tongue lapped against him and the omega gasped at the feeling, while his collar strained at his jugular.

“Pretty boy” Bucky murmured in his ear. “Mine now” he growled almost inaudibly, but Steve felt his words vibrated against his bruised skin and moaned in response.


Too soon his limp body was cradled by Tony who soothingly nuzzled at him as he helped him to the side.

“Such a good boy Stevie. Such a perfect little omega” he cooed, mumbling sweet nothings to keep Steve sated and purring. It could easily cause distress to an omega to take them away from an alpha who’d just knotted them, so Tony’s aftercare was crucial right now.


It wasn’t like Bucky could do it – he had other omegas to tend to.


The two omegas burrowed only a few feet away from where their alpha was currently catching his breath, being offered water by a semi-steady Loki. Steve was still wrapped in Bucky’s scent and could still reach for him if he wanted, so he settled into the mound of pillows and let Tony feed him some water and pieces of fruit, all the while he cooed and coddled him. And it felt really good, being taken care of while he still felt dizzy and blissed out, hole aching and cock twitching helplessly.


But it was Quill’s turn to get mounted, and Tony had to make sure he was okay. Whatever responsibility Steve had been supposed to have was pretty much gone now – no one expected him to pull through a breeding and a bite and come out with a clear fucking head. Instead he accepted having Peter nuzzle his neck and move so his head rested in the younger omega’s lap. Peter purred, feeding him more fruit as Tony moved to help position Quill on the kneeling pillow. Woozily, Steve turned to watch as Bucky pressed the whimpering omega down by his back and used his free hand to probe at his virgin hole. The sight was beautiful – Steve wished he could be a part of it, but he literally had no strength.


Somehow, Bucky still had strength. The bites kept him breathing heavily with lust and his cock hard and throbbing. It was glistening with Steve’s slick mixed with the load of cum he’d fucked into the omega, and as Bucky moved to finger Quill more thoroughly it bobbed heavily up and down. The reddening head nudged itself into Quill’s small ball sack, and the omega cried out at the contact. Steve felt his own leaking hole clench and he moaned breathlessly at the realization that the head of Bucky’s dick was pretty much the same size as both of Quill’s balls combined.


God, he loved the alpha’s unbelievable size. Having spent his entire life in omega collectives, Steve had only ever really seen small or even completely useless dicks. So the pictures in his old biology-book (page 73 in the chapter ‘Alpha Anatomy’ – he still remembered) of two different alpha cocks, one hard and one soft, had become the prime source of his spank bank back in teenage years. Of course, there was porn, but since alphas didn’t have the status of human citizen (instead falling under the category of canine citizen) it was illegal to produce or spread pornography involving alphas. It counted as bestiality. The only pornographic content containing alphas were the pictures and occasional videos uploaded on dark, hard-to-find websites where beta handlers had filmed restrained and drugged alphas in their pounds. When Steve was fifteen, a pound in Atlanta had been permanently shut down after it was splashed all over the news how they would film alphas in rut as they fucked toys and made money off the revenue on illegal sites. The young omega hadn’t dared enter such sites after that.


In any case he found it much more arousing to see Bucky, a very willing and content alpha, get hard all over again for his own omega squirming in his grip.


Just as Bucky begun to position himself to press inside Quill, Steve registered something beneath him. Sluggishly looking down, he saw Loki had crawled through the fluffiness of the nest and nuzzled up against the soft inside of Steve’s thigh. The tall omega laid belly down, black hair damp and drawn back with sweat, and the back of his white panties was darkened with slick. Steve realized with confusion that his own had been discarded somewhere – he could dimly remember Bucky yanking them down, but not taking them off. He wasn’t wearing them now however, and that allowed Loki free access to nuzzle up closer and lick at the trail of slick and cum messing up his lower crotch.


“Mmm you’re so sweet” Loki mused in his adorable accent. All Steve could do was whimper in response as the other omega lifted his tired legs up and bent them, spreading them aside more comfortably on the pillows. The new position gave Loki much better access to his leaking asshole – yet Steve was not prepared when the black-haired omega suddenly flicked out his tongue and licked over his abused rim.

“Loki!” he hissed, twitching and arching his back in surprise. Three feet away, Quill mirrored his movement and arched his back moaning as Bucky buried himself to the hilt in his tight hole.


Loki pulled away just enough give him a heat-drunk smile.

“Why don’t you give me a taste?” he teased, giving another heavenly lick to his entrance. And Steve realized he didn’t mean a taste of him – Loki was no stranger to the omega’s slick as it dripped like honey from his body. The taller omega had quite the thing for eating his friends out, and none of them complained about it. No, Loki meant a taste of Bucky. He wanted to eat the cum out of Steve’s ass when it slowly begun making it’s way out again. An omega’s womb might be large (enough to fit up to five pups should they be so lucky, even though it was rare), but Steve’s couldn’t possible hold the entire load the alpha had given him.


And right now, with Loki’s tongue pressing up into him and curving to coax the white, thick semen out, whatever his body couldn’t clench down on was beginning to gush out.


As the first stream coated Loki’s tongue and lips, he moaned hungrily against Steve’s hole and pressed his fingers deeper into the omega’s inner thighs to keep his legs spread. The sweet pain combined with the white-hot pleasure of being eaten out when he was at his most sensitive made Steve bear down against the pressure and mewl. When Peter pet his hair and fed him a blueberry, he keened and turned to try and nuzzle the other omega. All the while the heavy scent of alpha arousal surrounded him as Bucky mounted Quill so close Steve could feel the blankets shifting.


Steve sank back into the nest, letting his body being tended to. It was a feeling of utter safeness.




Whatever fire had already been lit inside Loki as he bit into the alpha’s neck was currently a roaring wildfire. Swallowing down mouthful after mouthful of alpha cum, still hot from having been inside of Steve, was much like pouring petrol on it. Every nerve Loki had was on fire and he found himself unable to stop licking Steve open.


Usually, the taste of omega slick made him horny as hell, but this was the first time he’d had the chance of tasting what he now realized his body had been craving all along. Mingled with the fluids of Steve’s sloppy hole just made it all the more potent. As Loki let go of one of the other’s thighs and thumbed at his puffy perineum, he moaned at Steve’s full-body shudder and quickly repositioned his thumb so it could hook into the omega’s gaping hole. Tugging slightly, he caused a small river of cum to flow out which he lapped up gratefully. Fuck, if the taste didn’t make him soil his panties like a teenager…Loki both resented the fact that Quill needed to be fucked proper and then Peter until it was his turn, and was thankful for it because it gave him more time to spend buried face down in Steve’s cute, wet ass.


Speaking of Quill; he’d just made that high-pitched noise he always did when he came. Loki wasn’t about to detach himself from his own little buffe to look, but he imagined how sweetly Quill’s legs would be quivering right now and how Bucky would have to grip him to keep him from collapsing.


Above him, Steve whimpered and squirmed. Pulling back only an inch so he could breathe hot air on the abused little rim, still not quite able to close, Loki peered up at the omega through his lashes.

“Baby, could you try and push some more out for me? Please?” he purred. And Steve, being the good boy he was, nodded feverishly and obeyed. Loki could feel the muscles of his stomach tensing, and quickly he hook his thumb back to pull the rim open further – just in time to catch a big, salty load covering Steve’s entrance until it started to spill over the edge and Loki could happily drink down every single warm glob of sperm and slick mixed together.


To be fair, he had always had a kink for rimming. Or fluids, in any case. Back home in Britain, Loki had quickly figured out that one of his omega servants had a big crush on him and the royal punk that he was he had used that to gain permission (and full access) to the boy’s ass. Whenever Loki had time to spare, he would ask his servant (who always happily obliged) to lay back and let himself be licked until he literally had no more slick to produce and his belly was a mess of cum (which Loki licked up as well). When his idiot alpha brother Thor realized this, he had cheekily proposed he’d start emptying his loads into a bottle so Loki could drink that, since Thor thought alpha cum would settle him even better. Or better yet, why not get it straight from the source? As it turned out, Thor had been right – but at the time, Loki had only rolled his eyes and told him he was being disgusting.


But this alpha wasn’t his brother. And his seed tasted absolutely fantastic. So Loki was just going to shamelessly go back to digging his tongue deep into Steve’s hole and suck it right out.




Tony was starting to really struggle by the time Quill was bonded and bred and helped to the side. His body was convulsion once every second minute with the need to present himself, but he needed to keep a level head and make sure Bucky was both okay and acting okay. Same with the omegas. Luckily, Steve seemed more awake by now and was able to pull a limp Quill to his side and lick at his bleeding throat, nuzzling him with comfort. For whatever reason (Tony wasn’t questioning anything right now) Loki had decided he wanted to service the bred omegas with his tongue. So when Tony helped a whimpering, sweat-soaked Peter into a kneeling position after making sure their alpha had a big drink of water, Steve took charge over getting Quill hydrated and fed while Loki kept them both on their backs, legs up in the air, so he could eat the cum right back out of them.


It would be a lie to say that the sight didn’t make it much worse for Tony. He felt completely starved with his ass so empty and leaking and his mouth missing out on all that sweet saltiness Loki was drinking down. But then it took only a look upon Peter’s young, hazy-eyed face to snap back into focus.


“Alpha…” Peter whimpered needily, looking so innocent with his chubby, completely smooth cheeks. His eyes were focused on Tony, so it wasn’t really clear whether he was talking about the omega or the actual alpha, but Tony still cooed at him and pet his hair.

“Your alpha is right here” he soothed softly. Bucky was still on his knees, breathing heavily with his naked body shining with sweat and slick, and his cock still hard and standing out from his groin, eager to bury itself in yet another warm hole. Christ, alphas really could go on for a while. With an embarrassed blush, Tony glanced down at his panties and the way his dick twitched desperately in them. It had been hard in the beginning, but his body put so much focus on making sure his asshole was slick and ready that he couldn’t possibly keep his erection very long.


 A low growl was growing in the chest of their alpha. His metal hand had a stead grip on the base of his cock, squeezing and pumping it a few times to full hardness while his other hand bunched the fabric of Peter’s panties clinging enticingly against his clammy skin.

“Don’t rip them” Tony warned, staring intently at Bucky as his own hands worked on autopilot and pressed Peter’s face down into the blankets. The growl tore displeased out of the alpha’s chest and his knuckles were white from the grip, but he obeyed his omega and instead let up his fist to pull the panties down more carefully until they were bunched around Peter’s pale thighs. Now with his sweet hole exposed, Bucky wasted little time angling himself at the ring of muscles and forcing the head instead with a grunt.


Tony nuzzled at Peter as he moaned and cried into the pink blanket beneath him. He was satisfied Bucky had listened – the alpha couldn’t possibly know that they planned making a gift of all their soaked bonding underwear to him after this was over. The gift would be better if it wasn’t just a bunch of shreds of fabric. It had been Loki’s idea, after the alpha had confessed to him in the bath that he took great pleasure at the old armchair they’d more or less discarded out of their living room to place in his room before they’d bought him. Apparently Bucky enjoyed the combined smells of them at night. So Loki figured he might like having their panties with him in bed, or how he preferred to go about it. They knew he wasn’t wasted semen without permission at night – the omegas would’ve been able to smell it. Bucky was a good boy.


A good boy that listened to Tony when he spoke up. That notion alone made the omega so horny he wanted to cum right there. Getting to boss omegas around was heavenly in it’s own right, but bossing around an alpha? Fuck, but Tony loved it.


“Alpha, alpha!” Peter wailed as he was being mounted, grabbing at Tony’s leg and digging his nails into it. The rocking motion made the small omega press into Tony at every thrust, and Bucky had sweat dripping from a few strands having escaped his French braid as he growled and slid back into Peter’s tight channel and effectively pushed all the air out of Peter who whimpered breathlessly. His small body shuddered and he rubbed his cheek hard into the blanket, trying to show submissiveness despite already presenting and having his ass ruined by an alpha.


It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes of rough, hard pounding when Tony noticed the slight unsteadiness in Bucky’s hips. Looking up from where he was petting Peter, the omega saw that the alpha’s knot was already full and ready (albeit slightly smaller than what it had been when Steve had been fucked) and Bucky was trying to avoid jamming the edge of it against Peter’s rim. With how loose and sloppy Peter must be now, it would’ve easily slipped in if the alpha gave in to his urges.


But he still had to make Peter come. Otherwise he wasn’t allowed to knot and bite him.


It wasn’t that Peter wasn’t having a good time – Peter was having a great fucking time judging by his delicious smell – but he was slipping down deep into subspace and his young body was all but being held up by Bucky. He was so relaxed and out of it he could only whimper and drool, tears falling of their own accord from unseeing eyes as he was being used as a nice, tight little fuckhole.


Bucky’s eyebrows were in turn knit together in concentration and frustration. He’d reached one hand down to fondle Peter’s small dick, but got no reaction. And he was getting close fast.


Scrambling in his fuzzy brain for a solution, Tony suddenly straightened up. He knew what Peter needed.

“Let me” he said to the alpha, who growled a little at him but let him get closer. Tony carefully placed a hand on the small of Peter’s back, as his other gripped his inner thigh. Then, all the while Bucky was still slipping in and out of the squelching channel, the omega changed Peter’s position to one presenting deeper with his knees further apart. That allowed Bucky’s thrusts to not just graze Peter’s prostate, but to hit it full on with the head of his cock.


The young omega suddenly crying out loudly and clenching his ass together was all the indication Tony needed that it had worked. Relieved, he returned to his seat at Peter’s head and watched with pleasure as the other finally cramped and shuddered through an orgasm staining the pillow below him. And with that, Bucky as at last allowed to force his knot all the way inside and let it swell to start release into his omega.


With a snarl, the alpha jerked Peter’s limp body up and bit him savagely in the neck. The bite caused Peter to shudder and moan weakly one last time, before he gave up and passed out on Bucky’s knot.




“I think he needs a break” Tony breathed out, cradling Peter in his arms right after he’d been able to pull him off the alpha’s knot.


Loki looked up from where he was nuzzling Quill and frowned at their alpha. Bucky was panting hard, shoulders slumped and face hanging. His cock hadn’t quite gone down, but it was no where near hard enough to fuck with. And he still had two omegas to go. Nodding, Loki sat up and helped Tony move Peter over to Steve’s embrace.

“I think you’re right. Here, let me help you” Loki offered. Thankful for the respite, Tony let the black-haired omega crawl over to him and the alpha in the nest.


Sending one last longing look at Peter, Loki sighed and went to pick up a bowl of water and a washcloth. Sure, he would’ve loved to eat the load out of the freshly fucked omega as well, but right now he was the only other besides Tony with an actual composure. Having swallowed down enough alpha cum to make his belly feel quite full, Loki had managed to get a grip of himself and settle for a while.


“You’re doing so good” he cooed at Bucky as he gently let him sit down so he could wash him off the worst sweat. “Such a strong alpha” he praised and watch Bucky give a tired, happy rumble of his chest at the words. At the same time Tony was nuzzling at the dried blood on his neck and getting him to drink water, before offering him apple slices which Bucky thankfully ate.


When Loki got the washcloth down to his…nether regions…he sucked in a breath and tried not to start purring (that would’ve been embarrassing – purring for cock wasn’t something Loki wanted on his resumé). The poor member was red and raw, yet refusing to go down completely. Carefully, Loki cleaned the worst slick and cum off it. Bucky hissed but didn’t stop him.


However he stopped at the alpha’s balls. They were covered in messy, milky fluid, and it had Loki wondering about what was inside them.

“Do you still have more to give?” he asked as he gently nudged one of the heavy balls (like small goddamn tennis balls). Twitching, Bucky gritted his teeth and nodded.

“I do. Just…have to let them fill up a bit first” he admitted, accepting another apple slice.


Loki stared at them for a second. Then he looked up at the alpha through his lashes.

“Can I help?” he asked, keeping his voice small and innocent in the way alphas liked their omegas.


Tony might roll his eyes at him, but Bucky stared back with dark lust in his eyes and nodded.

“Yes please” he said, and the deep, dominant tone matched badly with the ‘please’, yet it didn’t exactly bother Loki.

“Okay but you have to keep drinking” Tony said with emphasis, and Bucky promised with a nod.


Almost giddy, Loki crawled down on his belly and squirmed his way in between the alpha’s legs where he was kneeling on the floor. Then he turned and saw to his great pleasure that he had Bucky’s heavy, dripping balls right above his face. A drop of cum or slick fell on his face and he happily licked it up. He was in heaven.

“Oh god…please, lower” Loki whined, and Bucky complied. He dipped his sack down so all Loki had to do was open his mouth and hum in pleasure as he started licking the sensitive skin. The alpha moaned above him but stayed perfectly still and let Loki suck his balls gingerly one by one into his mouth, swirl his tongue around them and swallow down the mess coating them. It tasted just like what he had eaten out of Steve’s and Quill’s asses, except with an even heavier musk of alpha.


Loki wasn’t quite sure when it happened, but sometime right when he had the huge set of sticky balls covering his face, he came in his panties. Not that he cared. They were soaked anyway.

Chapter Text

Bucky was close to delirious. Linking himself to the omegas one by one had pushed him into a state similar to a rut, but thankfully a more coherent one. The alpha still had every cell in him screaming to mount the helpless little omegas, to claim them and keep them safe, protected. There was a strong, dizzying sensation that there was no way he could act as their protector against other alphas or intruders if he didn’t first make them his.


The first three had been easy. Looking past that Bucky had sweat dripping from his hair, a deep ache in his muscles and the beginning of a soreness in his knot, all of the smallest omegas had submitted so nicely to him. With Steve, it hadn’t been any surprise that there wasn’t a fight – he needed Bucky’s knot more than he might even want it, and it was evident he wanted it very much. The only issue with Peter had actually been his lack of resistance, which made him into a very sweet fuckhole if not a bit difficult to get off. For that, there had been Tony. And Quill of course, who’d only scented nervous the first few moments until the alpha sank deep into his tight, virgin hole and made it yield to him easily. Then he too had submitted in scent, mind and body.


It was the two left that would pose a challenge.


There was no missing it in the smell. Bucky might be buried in Loki right now, but that didn’t mean the black-haired was just going to give in. Growling, the alpha thrust his hip harder forward, bumping the head of his cock against the omega’s cervix and drawing a whimper out of him. That whimper quickly turned into a low growl and Loki tried (probably unconsciously) jerking away from the promise of what was to come, only to have Bucky grab him more roughly and pull him straight back onto his cock.


The thing was, while Tony was obvious in his need to dominate and wariness to submitting, Loki might well not even be aware that his omega nature was being difficult. No one had missed with what reverence Loki had licked up all of Bucky’s semen from the other omega’s gaping holes and the alpha’s own balls, so he was definitely into alphas as a thing. There was a difference however between eating cum and submitting so fully that you allowed an alpha to bite and claim you. It was different even from submitting enough to allow a knot to pop inside you. And something in Loki was hesitant – it was all too evident in his scent, and now as well in how his body acted. It was a bit of a trick Bucky did (which he’d been taught at the pound) to press in all the way and deliberately bumping the omega’s (whichever he happened to be inside) cervix. If the movement, that admittedly could be a little painful if the omega wasn’t fully relaxed, made them whimper or purr and sink down deeper in their presenting, then it meant their body would easily open up for Bucky once he actually knotted them. Once that happened, the head of his cock would force the cervix open enough to accept him inside, meaning his cum would shoot straight into their uterus where it belonged.


Loki trying to move away was a bad sign.


The omega might not be aware of his response, seeing as his was pretty out of it in Steve’s grip up front. And he might not be aware of what was making him resist. Bucky didn’t know the foreign omega enough to guess – all he knew was that he had a purpose here, and that purpose was to bond and claim Loki. That’s what his owners wanted him to do, what Bucky wanted to do, and the reason Loki had gone to his hands and knees presenting in the first place. In the beginning, the poor boy probably thought this would go easy. But his body was fighting him on it; Bucky had to snarl lightly and pull him backwards again as Loki’s spine curled away.


“Easy baby, easy” Steve tried soothing, worriedly looking up at the alpha as he stroke his friend’s black, tousled hair like trying to calm a frightened horse. In conflicting response, Loki moaned at being pounded three times in quick succession and then bit Steve’s thumb that brushed over his lips, moan turning to a defensive growl.


Shocked, Steve retracted his hand quickly.

“Ow!” he exclaimed. Turning to Tony cuddling Peter to his chest, his blue eyes widened. “He bit me” Steve told him in disbelief.


The notion that the omega beneath him had been so misbehaving and hurt Steve, the sweet little omega belonging to Bucky, with his bite mark clearly visible against his alabaster skin just below his white collar, made the alpha feel anger rise up inside him. The sound that left his throat was protective, and he was half in mind to actually correct Loki properly. But his canine brain hadn’t gripped his senses completely which meant the alpha instead gave a warning growl and put his large hand between Loki’s shoulder blades, forcing him down further into the blankets. It wasn’t anything painful, but the movement rubbed his face into he fabric and reminded the omega he should be relaxed and presenting and let his alpha fuck him proper.


The slightly rancid scent of Loki resisting softened when humiliation turned to something at least close to submission. Bucky kept his hand where it was and angled himself to press deeper inside Loki. His knot was throbbing with the need to release, but he would stave it off for as long as it took to break Loki.


No, not break him. You don’t break omegas James, you make them submit willingly. It’s very bad to break in omegas, very very bad.


Mentally Bucky chided himself and instead focused on trying the swollen part inside all that wetness that would make Loki preen. The head of his dick nudged against after a few pointed thrusts, and it at least made the omega whine and grip the edges of a blanket hard. Sweating and panting, Bucky gritted his teeth and kept sliding in and out, making sure to hit the omega’s prostate every time. The channel that had been painfully tight to begin with was now perfectly sloppy and messy, hugging Bucky’s cock with just the right pressure and making him want to keep chasing that high until his knot popped for the fourth time tonight.


Except Loki wasn’t reaching his own high yet. And every time Bucky tried moving his hand around to rub at his swollen little cock, the omega growled and his scent went more acidic. So that wasn’t exactly working.


“Steve” Bucky panted hoarsely, feeling his dry throat constrict as he used the grip on Loki’s hip to pull him back in turn with his thrusts, making the assault on his prostate even harder. The cute omega looked up from where he was hesitantly petting Loki’s hair (staying clear of his mouth).

“Yes?” he answered with a small voice. Bucky groaned as he buried himself once again to the hilt, feeling Loki twitch weakly away a the sudden nudge to his cervix.

“Omega please. I-I need help” Bucky admitted. He didn’t want to ask, felt like less of an alpha for having to do so, but dammit it took a toll on him servicing this many omegas in one go. And his head wasn’t quite working properly, so the best thing he could think of was asking help of someone who knew Loki better than he did.


Thankfully, Steve didn’t think it was bad of him to ask. He only blinked at him with gentle eyes and kept stroking Loki’s head.

“Do you want me to touch him?” he asked, most likely smelling what happened whenever Bucky tried. Tiredly nodding, he fucked Loki sloppily as slickness gushed out and once again covered the balls that the omega had cleaned so nicely just before.

“Please omega” Bucky grunted. Between them, Loki whined and moaned and growled all in the same breath.


Relief flooded him with the thought that they allowed him to reach for help during the bonding ceremony and didn’t force him to go through with it alone. Ever since he’d been taught about how ceremonies should go, Bucky had had a small fear that he would not be able to perform as expected. But these were very nice omegas. Steve would help him – Steve would touch Loki and bring him to climax and make him ready for knotting.


Except Steve didn’t touch Loki. He seemed to paus and consider for a moment, then the blond nodded determinedly and instead brought the omegas head up slightly from where it was rubbing into the blankets.

“C’mon baby, be sweet for me” he mumbled as he carefully repositioned the whimpering boy as he wanted him. Loki seemed to have a little bit easier following Steve’s command right now.


Once in the right place, Steve kissed him on the lips and then laid down on his back. The naked, beautiful little omega used his hands to bend his own knees and lifting them up, essentially bending himself in half. The sudden view of his wet, glistening pink hole already tightening up caused Bucky to choke on a groan and want to re-bury himself there, force the muscles open again until they were gaping. He wanted Steve to always be gaping and leaking – wanted his womb to be constantly filled with milky cum unless it was full to bursting with pups


Of course, he had another hole to ruin right now. Shaking his head, Bucky slowed his pace and tried to rid himself of these rut-like thoughts. He would not think about pups now. He should only focus on keeping his steady rhythm in and out of Loki.


“Here Loki. Come to me” Steve tempted softly. It didn’t take much more than that for Loki to moan and bury his face in the slick mess that was the blond omega’s eaten out ass.


In an instant, his body relaxed into the nest. Beneath Bucky’s fingers, the muscles of Loki’s back and legs went from taut to soft, and even his hole accepted the alpha easier. Groaning, Bucky was once again flooded with relief.


Soon after, with a thick cock in his ass and a tight, dripping cunt (no, not cunt James, that’s a bad word, a disrespectful word) against his tongue, Loki trembled and spilled his release onto the pillow below him. And finally, Bucky could press all the way inside and knot him. His breathing was ragged and strained as the alpha emptied his fourth load – not quite as big as the one he’d given Steve, but still big enough to satisfy the omega into submission.


After being given a knot and a bite, Loki was at last a limp, sated heap of a boy. Bucky held him close, rumbling in his chest to keep him calm and enjoying the warm, sweet-smelling omega nuzzling sleepily up against him. He held him there until they lifted him off his deflated knot and took him away, and the loss made Bucky feel cold and confused for a moment.


Then there were Steve, with water and blueberries and sweet, sweet nuzzles, telling him gentle words he couldn’t quite comprehend but that still made him happy. The alpha was tired, and if it weren’t for the strong effect of so many bites, he might not have had the strength to continue. Steve licking his neck and popping berries into his mouth with lilac stains on his fingertips helped. It helped a lot.


Because the last one was Tony. And already, his scent was changing into one too sour to be very close to.


A canine growl inside Bucky’s head told him he should break the omega. That he should hold him down hard, beat his small ass until it was as purple as Steve’s fingers, and snarl at him while he fucked him rough and raw. That he should make Tony cry and bend for him until he broke completely under Bucky’s dominance.


Remember your training James. We do not break omegas. Tony is a blessing and you should never hurt him – you need to ignore the bad voices in your head, the animal, and try and act like a human would. Remember your training. You can be a good alpha if you choose – you can at least act human even if you aren’t, James.


Carefully, he spoke to himself to try and calm down. Bucky was confused and conflicted, because he wanted so badly to be good for his omegas, but he also wanted to complete the mission they’d given him. It was hard to make Tony submit without being forceful – his orders were all mixed up. It made him choke back a whine and his cock twitched, not sure if he wanted to stay hard or curl in on himself. Tony crawled hesitantly towards him, the only one still in his panties, aided by Steve. His scent wasn’t at all what it should be. It was distressed and angry, and a true telling that this omega was not used to submission. Especially not to an alpha who’d just made all of Tony’s omegas submit to him instead.


In the end, it was those conflicting emotions that helped Bucky find the right answer.


Tony was in front of him, glaring up at him from his hands and knees. All through the evening, the omega had been so responsible and caring, making sure to help his friends through Bucky mounting them, but now it was his turn to give in to his nature. And it changed Tony to someone much less level headed. His brown eyes were suspicious and the corners of his mouth pointed down in his carefully groomed beard, threatening to turn into a snarl at any time. Behind him, Steve looked genuinely worried and the smell he was giving off made the alpha want to swoop him up in his arms and comfort him.


Yet Bucky thought he might be able to fix this. He drew on his instincts and the thorough training and concluded that he could go a less traditional route. Swallowing hard, the alpha hoped it worked. Because if it didn’t, he would probably end up feeling like an emasculated, worthless alpha – and then it wouldn’t be possible to end the ceremony.


It was with wariness that Tony accepted Bucky’s gentle finger under his chin, with which he carefully guided the omega get off his hands and stand on his knees.

“There we go” Bucky mumbled. Once Tony was up, his eyes reached the alpha’s jugular and he was in a much less threatening situation. His scent got a little less rancid, and those brown eyes flickered uncertainly back and forth. None of the others had been allowed to meet Bucky like this face to face – except Steve, and that was different.

“What are you doing?” Tony asked suspiciously. Perhaps he thought Bucky would use the new position to gain some sort of leverage. He actually didn’t know what Tony was thinking, only that it wasn’t calm thoughts.


Bucky took another breath. Using that to go through with the next part, he forced his scent to become less intimidating, less dominant, and then backed up a little so he could bow his head.


The bow was low, and it put him below the omega in height. It was an exposing position as it put Bucky’s neck completely open, with only the tail of his French braid slipping down beside it. Though he couldn’t see it, he heard the sudden intake of breath from Tony at the unexpected display of submission. Forcing himself to stay like that for another moment, Bucky slowly straightened up and looked Tony in the eyes, trying to make his own soft. If he couldn’t break the omega, then maybe he could make him feel safe enough to submit willingly. If that meant the alpha had to downplay his own dominance even more, then it was an acceptable sacrifice. Bucky wanted to be a good alpha; one who showed strength by willpower, not muscle. His old handler Mr Coulson had taught him that.


“Omega” Bucky murmured respectfully. “Please, will you present for me?”


Begging an omega to bend down and present went against every instincts in the alpha’s body. But seeing Tony’s pretty eyes go from hostile and scared to wide and genuinely warm as the surprise gave way for relief made it all worth it. There was a warm, fussy feeling spreading in Bucky’s chest when Tony made the cutest sound and his scent bloomed out into a roast coffee with chocolate-smell.


“O-okay James” the omega said in a very small voice, one Bucky hadn’t heard before, and he called him by his first name in a strange, improvised way of showing respect back. Bucky had been right. Tony responded much better to mutual submission and a safe environment.


The next part went much easier than Loki. With Steve’s help, Tony presented like a perfect little omega, and even though he never sank as deep into submission as the other omegas, he still relaxed well enough to cum with a breathy moan and open up for Bucky’s knot. The blood filling the alpha’s mouth tasted like bitter chocolate, yet the bond settled his heart at last and the chemical burning stopped, letting him take a full breath and finally feel sated.


It was afterwards, when Bucky was burrowed deep in the nest with each and every one of the omegas curled up about him, all falling fast asleep, that he realized how happy he felt. Because Bucky had expected to be sent to his own room when it was over. Had thought that once he was no longer useful, he would be dismissed.


That wasn’t the case. Currently he was cuddling all his small babies, now his in truth to protect and care for, and his chest rumbled content and happy at the scents of them all combining. Beneath his right arm was Steve purring and nuzzling sleepily into his armpit, and suckling on one of his metal fingers were Tony. They’d even offered him their white panties, all soaked through, to keep in his bed if he wanted. That part had made Bucky preen.


“Do you think maybe…” he had started to ask, before trailing off. Encouraged by Steve, he followed through with his question. “That I could maybe keep the pillow too?” he’d wondered silently, glancing at the kneeling pillow all wet and sticky with their fluids. Steve had smiled brightly.

“Of course” he’d answered like it was obvious.


So now Bucky had pillow so infused with his omegas scents that it’d probably never wash out. And he had them all nesting around him. Life in a collective seemed pretty good, all things considered.

Chapter Text

The next few days went by pretty calmly. After taking a last day off to recuperate after the bonding ceremony, everyone went back to work and such. Tony was unusually quiet and snuggly, but managed to shake that off so he could return to the motor shop, while Quill returned to his pilot training. The Midtown School of Science and Technology were luckily very accommodating about these sorts of things, so Peter was able to go back to classes without much issue (except the moody grumbling about how much homework he had piled up).


Loki and Steve worked from home and could thus keep Bucky company. The British omega managed a web shop where he sold alternative medicine that he derived from the many plants he’d filled their home with, as well as running an unregistered cat-hospital of sorts where people in the neighbourhood could bring their kitties in for help with non-serious injuries. Right now he sat in his armchair with about four strays asleep on top of him as he balanced his computer in his lap and typed away in concentration.


Being head of the household meant that Steve was a part-time stay-at-home-omega. This gave him time to keep things organized, which he loved, and now when they had an alpha it meant he could devote his time to Bucky as well. Other than that he was a web designer, having designed Loki’s site for instance. It allowed him to combine his creativity with working at home, taking on the jobs he wanted and declining those that didn’t interest him. Steve loved it.


Right now he sat on the porch curled up beneath a blanket so he could finish up with a site offering hand-knitted pup-clothes, idly watching his alpha in the backyard. For the sake of their neighbours, Bucky had been tied with his leash to a pole so Steve didn’t have to watch over him constantly. The leash was long enough for him to move easily through his work out-routine which Steve was happy to glance at whenever he had the impulse – Bucky looked very hot in nothing but sweatpants as he did push-ups and squats, working out that excess energy all alphas had. Steve had spent his lunch break playing with him with the red ball, and tomorrow he thought he might have time to bring him back to the alpha park. Bucky seemed to enjoy that.


For now, the garden would have to do. Sighing happily, the omega concentrated for a moment on the code before him. Having been properly bonded he actually felt better, though he wouldn’t go as far as admitting it to Tony. The regular breedings hadn’t exactly healed him, but in the short amount of time that Bucky had lived with him, Steve had experienced the usual rash he had on the inside of his wrists and back of his knees slowly getting better, while he at least felt like his heart worked more properly since his overall state was calmer now.


And for once, the sickly omega felt hesitantly hopeful that he might get better in time. It had seemed like too much to hope for, even if the science said having an alpha to regularly knot him would have significant health benefits. Steve had spent so much of his life trying to accept that he was more or less disabled, and at the same time managing to hide it from others. It was hard to dare think it would get better – about as hard as it was to admit to his nesting friends that he wasn’t like them and never had been. Modern times meant his value as an omega wasn’t measured anymore in how many pups he could carry for an alpha, but that didn’t mean there still wasn’t any stigma about being unable to manage a full pregnancy. Not to mention that Steve actually wanted pups.


He truly did. It was one of his more well-kept secrets. Ever since the doctors told him he might have to rely on his collective in the future for pups, he’d started scoffing at cheesy rom-coms where the omega waggles around all round and heavy, being coddled by their nest friends. If anyone asked him about his feelings about possibly getting pregnant once they got an alpha, he would tell them he happily left the hazzle of expanding and going through a birth to his friends, jokingly saying he’d like to keep his shape. And whatever pup any of them conceived would be a pup shared. The pup would of course have a mother, but Steve remembered all of the omegas in his first collectives as his loving aunties, all imperative to his upbringing. Steve would love any pup that came along, even if they weren’t of his own body.


Of course that was mostly just coping. He would love the others pups as his own, but that didn’t mean Steve didn’t secretly dream about being all swollen with a tiny baby. That he didn’t flush with longing each time Tony put a hand on his flat stomach while they were sleepy and sex-drunk, mumbling that he would be so beautiful when he was properly bred. And if he’d collected a few adorable onesies and tiny socks and hid them in a shoebox under the bed in a sort of childish fantasy, well that wasn’t something anyone needed to know.


Steve watched Bucky strain his legs and lift them to work out his stomach. The alpha was unaware he was being looked at, and he seemed all the more beautiful because of it. Knitting his eyebrows together thoughtfully, the omega placed an absentminded hand on his belly. Perhaps there was hope after all. Perhaps Bucky could…make him work again.


“I’m done” the alpha announced after a while, walking as close to Steve as his leash permitted. He smiled at Bucky, closing his laptop.

“Want me to help you clean up?” he offered, and Bucky gave a shy, hesitant smile back and nodded.


They got in the house and Steve managed to get Bucky undressed. Then he sat him down in the tub and washed the sweat off with warm water, making the alpha close his eyes half-way at the nice feeling. Steve tried very hard not to stare too much at his glistening abs, or worse, the semi he was sporting between his legs. Swallowing, the omega pushed the sleeves of his shirt up further and gently started scrubbing Bucky down with soap. He was all hard muscles and smooth skin beneath his small hands, with the exception of the scars on his left shoulder and some on his torso from lashings. Even if Steve ran his fingers over those horrible indentations, Bucky remained calm and good with his hands at his side.


The feeling made Steve frown. He’d always read and heard that alphas were subjected to corporal punishment, including whippings, and it wasn’t really something he’d given much thought about. If alphas were dangerous and violent, then was it not logical to beat them when they acted out and hurt others? That’s what Steve thought happened. He’d imagined an alpha lashing out and striking at a handler, maybe biting them, and receiving a beating as a punishment. But perhaps it wasn’t really like that, because Steve couldn’t honestly imagine Bucky hurting someone else. And actually seeing the results of corporal punishment, feeling it beneath his fingers, were very different from reading about it. Steve found himself not liking it at all – not understanding it at all.


And a part of him wanted to ask about it. But Bucky looked so peaceful sitting on his knees in the bath, having the soap gently rinsed off him. So a different question came out.


“Do they not teach you how to wash yourselves?” he wondered. Instantly Bucky blushed, and Steve wanted to backpedal because he hadn’t meant to embarrass the alpha. “I mean no offense” he added softy and kneaded Bucky’s right shoulder slowly. The alpha shook his head.

“You couldn’t offend me, omega” he answered quietly. That was probably not true at all, but it was a rehearsed, obedient answer. “At the pounds, they use a hose to clean us. It’s efficient, and safe” Bucky told him.


The answer didn’t satisfy Steve – it hurt him to hear Bucky describe being hosed down as something positive. His scent must’ve gone a bit bad, because the alpha turned his head up to look at him with confused eyes. Sighing, Steve forced his scent to calm down and put away the showerhead, getting up to get the towel.

“So you have never bathed by yourself?” he asked.


Now Bucky’s blush got worse.

“I-I’ve tried. When I came to Shield Kennels they let me try, with supervision, but I couldn’t quite work the shower out, or the soap…I ended up breaking the shower head. That was very bad of me. I’m afraid I’m not smart enough” he explained, looking up at Steve as if he was both humiliated and sorry. “I-If it bothers you, to clean me, I’m sure if…if you got a hose…” he started hesitantly, but Steve cut him off with a heavy shake of his head.

“No Bucky, I’m not bothered. Not at all” he quickly assured the alpha. Letting his eyes roam over his naked, dripping body, now standing in the tub, he bit his lip before coming forth with the towel. “The opposite, really. I like it. I’m just honestly not so sure it’s because of you that you can’t bathe yourself. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to do it either if my Ma hadn’t taught me” Steve reasoned. He just figured that someone who’s been hosed down his entire life wouldn’t instantly understand a showerhead.


Careful not to hurt him, Steve dried him off with the fluffy towel. Bucky was quiet, and Steve was trying to figure out how to voice the next part. He didn’t want the alpha to feel he was displeased with having to clean him. In the end, he sighed and looked up at the now dry alpha.

“I could…teach you, if you’d like. Not because I don’t like this, and I’m sure Loki really loves bathing you, but if I taught you to clean yourself, then you wouldn’t have to rely on us whenever you wanted a shower or a bath” Steve tried explaining.


Bucky looked doubtfully at him.

“You mean…I would be allowed to bathe when I choose?” he asked hesitantly, as if Steve was holding out a treat and he was afraid the hand would be ripped away from him. The omega smiled a calming smile. They stood close to each other, and the heat from Bucky radiated, making Steve’s skin feel clammy in a surprisingly pleasant way.

“Within reason. But yes. We trust you” he said. The facial expression on Bucky went bright and hopeful – then suddenly plummeted back down. He seemed to curl in on himself, making himself smaller (despite being a head and a half taller than Steve).

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I can learn” Bucky mumbled, crestfallen. He didn’t believe he was smart enough.


The notion made Steve’s heart ache and he sighed. Then he gently reached out and took Bucky’s hand in his. When he did, he coaxed the bigger man to meet his eyes.


“I think you can. Did you know that the alpha in my first collective could read? He read me books in my nest before bedtime” Steve said. The beautiful, grey-blue eyes of Bucky widened.

“Could he?” he asked, in total disbelief. Steve smiled and nodded.

“He could. I know what they told you in the pounds – that alphas aren’t intelligent enough to learn how to read – but that’s not true. I talked to Phil Coulson at Shield Kennels, and he made it clear they didn’t teach you because it was expensive. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible” he said.


Bucky looked like he didn’t know what to do with himself. The sound of him swallowing hard took over the little space of the foggy bathroom.

“Do you mean…that I could even learn?” he tenderly asked. Steve’s smile filled with warmth and he stepped closer, standing flush against the alpha. He enjoyed his hard body pressed against his small one, and if Bucky’s scent was one to tell, he liked it too.


“I mean that I can teach you. Both to read and to bathe”.


The hesitant smile on his alpha’s face made Steve feel like any effort he could put in him would be worth it.




Peter was the first one to come home, so he was the one Steve asked to accompany him to the grocery store. Together they got Bucky dressed in the standard jacket he’d gotten from the pound, deciding that as soon as they had time they would get him a new one in a nice dark blue to complement his eyes, and connected the leash to his brown every-day collar. The black, ceremonial one sat in a box on one of the empty shelves in Bucky’s room (which Steve hoped could be filled with perhaps a few books in the future). It was good for the alpha to get used to being taken out and if they were two omegas, there shouldn’t be any incidents.


“All done” Steve concluded, zipping up his thin jacket. “Do you need to go to the bathroom before we go?” he asked, and Bucky shook his head. There hadn’t been any accidents over the course of the time he’d spent there, and Bucky had said himself that he didn’t have any, but it specifically said in the folder Phil had given them that ‘make sure you always let him use a restroom before you go out, and keep an eye out for accidents; Barnes is a proud alpha and might miscalculate his own abilities’. So Steve asked.


They said goodbye to Loki (and his cats) and took a walk in the nice weather to the store. Peter chatted away happily about school, and Bucky seemed to be both listening and observing his surroundings. It was a bit tricky both to respond to Peter and make sure the alpha behaved, but Bucky was good as ever. He hunched down and kept out of the way of children, keeping his eyes cast down if they passed another person, and didn’t tug on the leash once. Soon Steve found a comfortable pace for all of them.


Once inside the store, Bucky’s eyes widened again. It was evident he felt uncomfortable in the new setting – it was written all over his scent.

“It’s okay” Peter encouraged, taking Bucky’s hand. “It’s just like the street, right?” he promised brightly, smiling at the alpha and taking off down an aisle. Steve held the leash and followed.


“Okay so we need parsnips and carrots, and also that weird, canned veggie Quill likes” Steve recited from the shopping list. When he looked up again, he was distracted by someone he knew standing amongst the greens, picking up an apple to inspect. Smiling, he gently brought Bucky along to greet her.


“Peggy! I haven’t seen you in weeks” Steve greeted. The brown-haired omega turned around to let out a surprised sound, putting down the apple. She was beautiful, with soft curls grazing her shoulders and pretty red lipstick on her full lips. And she was strong – healthy and resilient, Peggy made up any alphas dream. Yet now there was something tired about her, as if she hadn’t quite slept properly.


“Steve!” she exclaimed, embracing him with a smile and a kiss to his cheek. “Oh I’m so glad to see you – this is literally the first time I’ve stepped a foot outside in nine days” she said exasperated in her proper, British accent. She was an old classmate of Steve’s, and his best friend since she moved to the States from England back when she was twelve. They’d even talked about creating a collective together, but seeing as they were both as headstrong as they were stubborn, it suited them better to lead their own. Hers was called the Howling Collective and she bossed around five male omegas.


“Nine days? But your heat isn’t for a while though?” Steve frowned. Peggy gave him a tired smile and placed a manicured hand on his arm, squeezing.

“Oh, it isn’t my heat sweetie. I knew you and your boys got yourself and alpha and I didn’t want to disturb you so I haven’t said anything – but we got one as well just days after you” Peggy told him. Turning to look behind him, she roamed her eyes over Bucky standing awkwardly a few paces back. His metal hand was hidden by a leather glove. “This is him then? He’s gorgeous! I can see why you chose him; and so well-behaved too! You sure are lucky” she winked at him.


A bit confused, Steve glanced back at Bucky and gave him a fond smile.

“He really is. We’re very happy with him” he agreed. Then he turned back and narrowed his eyes. “But don’t change the subject! Are you telling me you got an alpha on a whim?” he asked, to which Peggy gave a pretty laughter.

“I suppose we did…Monty got a raise and you know how Dum Dum is, always wailing about his heats. I honestly couldn’t take it anymore, so we went and bought one just before his started. Finally I found something that shut him up” Peggy said with another wink and Steve snorted out a laughter. Dum Dum (also known as Timothy) might be a large, burly omega with some serious dominant traits in him, but none other could whine quite so sweetly when he was wet for a knot. Or quite so annoyingly.


Peter took Bucky off his hands and led him around looking for the veggies so Steve could have a talk with his friend.


“So is it a good thing that you haven’t been out in nine days or a bad?” he asked, discreetly scenting the female omega. She didn’t exactly have a distressed smell, but it wasn’t the same fresh mix of pine and peaches she usually had. With a sigh, her face changed to a more tired look.

“I wouldn’t really call it good. I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew with this alpha. Brock isn’t exactly well-behaved” Peggy admitted. Frowning, Steve thought about that name. He recognized it from somewhere.


“Wait…you don’t mean Brock Rumlow?” he asked, realizing he’d heard the name in Shield Kennels.

“Yes? Why, did you consider him?”

“No, on the contrary, we were warned about him” Steve exclaimed as he remembered Phil saying he wouldn’t be a good alpha for anyone who needed someone safe and calm.


Peggy barked out a laughter.

“Oh, we were too. I just guess I thought I could handle him” she said sheepishly, shrugging her shoulders. That made Steve smile as well.

“Yes that sounds like you” he said with a wink. “Is he really that bad?”. Honestly, Steve was a little worried. An alpha could seriously be really dangerous.

“He needs a firm hand. A really firm hand. We use the whip on him almost daily, and if we hadn’t restrained him during Timothy’s heat he might have done some true damage. Honestly, we’ve been discussing putting him on a drain instead. I won’t have him hurting omegas under my care” Peggy said, and for a moment there was a sharpness in her tone she only had when she was protective.


Steve nodded, thinking. Draining an alpha would be the safest way to get his sperm, but it wouldn’t help with the knottings. Not to mention, it was horrible for the alpha.

“I’m sorry you have to go through that. Can you talk to someone at the pound maybe?” he wondered, squeezing her arm supportively. She sighed and swept her hair aside.


“I might…you don’t wanna come over some day and talk about it? I feel you always give the best advice” Peggy asked with a warm smile. Returning it, Steve nodded.

“Of course. How about you call me, and we’ll set something up?”


Thus it was decided, and Steve went to go find Bucky and Peter. Once by his alpha’s side again, he sighed and gently stroke his strong arm. He was very glad he didn’t have to drain Bucky. Very glad.  

Chapter Text

Peter woke up wet.


The feeling had him going from sluggish and sleepy to panicked. Oh god. Oh no, he’d done it again. With dread rising inside him, Peter shifted to try and see how badly he’d wet himself. The stain had definitely spread all over his nigh time onesie and all around him on the sheets – the smell of urine reached his nostrils and the small omega hiccupped out of fear and grabbed at his soaked front as if that was going to help. The damage was done. He’d wet himself in his sleep again like a stupid baby.


And what made matters worse was that he was sleeping in the nest with all the others in his collective.


The stirring beside him told Peter that Tony was waking up. His cheeks burned hot with embarrassment and when the older omega slowly opened his eyes only to widened them in realisation, Peter tried to speak but ended up choking on his words.


“Oh baby” Tony said gently, his facial expression softening. Despite lying in a puddle of Peter’s piss, the other reached his arms out for him instantly. Peter tried to slow his breathing and ignore the uncomfortable feeling of hot urine going cold and itching. Maybe it would be okay. Tony usually never got angry at him for having an accident. Tony would make it all better…


Peter had almost convinced himself that he wasn’t going to get punished for this, when the sudden smell of distaste covered the stench of piss. Panic gripped the young omega once again and he whimpered, instinctively moving closer to Tony.


“God, don’t tell me he did it again” Loki grumbled, disgruntled and annoyed. He laid on Peter’s other said and was also in the dark puddle on the sheets. The disclamation and Loki’s movements to get away stirred the others awake.

“He’s just a pup, he can’t help it” Tony said defensively, pulling Peter closer. The omega shuddered and tried not to let the tears rising fall. He hated disappointing the others – and he hated how disgusting he felt for having an accident. It made it hard to speak, to even think. All Peter wanted to do was curl up and whimper. So that’s what he did.


“You said you could train it out of him! He’s sixteen, not five” Loki exclaimed. The bed moved as he sat up and shoved himself away from the stain. Behind him, the confused eyes of Quill and the tousled hair of their alpha poked up.

“You know as well as I do omega pups can’t control themselves properly until they’re fully matured. Don’t be such an ass” Tony growled as he shifted Peter to come up in his lap, sitting up fully. Peter hiccupped again, rubbing his cheek against the bigger omega’s chest for comfort.

“Well then maybe you should put him in diapers, if he’s so uncontrollable” Loki said through gritted teeth. His pyjama bottoms were stained a darker green where the urine had soaked through.


The shame burning through Peter was so hot he gasped and started crying. Not diapers. He wasn’t a baby, he could learn how to fix this. It didn’t even happen that often anymore…


“He’s too old for diapers, Jesus Christ” Tony said with emphasis and rolled his eyes. In turn, Loki flung out an arm at the omega seemingly forgotten as he shuddered and sobbed in Tony’s arms.

“Then padded underwear or whatever! Or make him sleep on the edge of the nest – I’m not thrilled about waking up covered in piss” Loki more or less shouted. The raised voice made Peter flinch as if he’d been hit.

“Or maybe you should sleep outside the goddamn nest if you’re so touchy!” Tony challenged back.


It always ended up like this. Whenever something bad happened and Tony went into his protective mode while Loki felt upset, the two omegas started screaming at one another. It was horrible and the bad mood could last for a day. And when it was directed at Peter, they even seemed to just forget he was there at all. Steve was trying to get them to lower their voices and Loki was telling him to shut up while Tony used his free hand to loudly order Quill to get a towel, and in that commotion Peter was curling up further in the omega’s arms, wailing and sobbing in distress. At the same time, the drying piss was making him feel so uncomfortable in his onesie and he just wanted it off, at the same time he didn’t want to let go of Tony, and it all seemed so horrible…Peter rubbed his cheek roughly over Tony’s shirt to the point where it hurt and cried into it, wetting the fabric further.


Suddenly there was a warning growl making the air around the fighting omegas vibrate. Everyone stilled, Loki cutting himself off mid-sentence.


The low growl came from Bucky, who had propped himself up on his elbows, front of his body exposed except for the black underwear. The sheet had slipped off him completely which showed off his tense muscles, and from his broad chest came a steady rumbling. It wasn’t aggressive enough to scare Peter, especially since the alpha’s blue eyes were fixed steadily on Loki and thus the warning wasn’t directed at the crying omega. And Bucky’s stance made him less of a threat – yet there was no mistaking the subtext of his growl.


Snivelling, Peter untucked his face from Tony’s chest and looked up at the alpha in nervous anticipation. No one spoke.


The sound slowly ebbed out from Bucky. The rancid smell also morphed into a calmer one, with slight exception from Loki who scented anxious.

“You’re upsetting Peter” Bucky grunted finally, taking control over the silence. Peter hiccupped, grabbing harder at Tony’s shirt. “Loki, be nice to the pup” he said with a meaning look at the black-haired omega nervously swallowing. “Go change him Tony. He’s distressed” Bucky finished, before laying back down and making himself less intimidating.


Shocked, Peter dried his tears with the back of his hand and let himself be lifted up in Tony’s lap as the older omega nodded mutely and stood from the soiled bed. No one had ever managed to end a fight between Loki and Tony so quickly before. No one had ever diffused the horrible stench of their anger so easily.

“Yes of course” Tony mumbled. He nuzzled Peter soothingly and put his hands in support beneath the teenager’s soggy bottom. “C’mon baby boy” he murmured sweetly into Peter’s ear and then he was carried with careful steady hands into the bathroom.


It was a relief to get out of the pressured atmosphere of the nest, even if Bucky’s interference had made it better. Still distressed and scared, Peter was reluctant to let go of Tony when he tried putting him down on the soft rug.

“It’s okay pup, I’m just gonna get you out of these wet clothes. I promise I’ll be gentle, okay?” Tony cooed. Hesitantly, Peter nodded. As a means of calming him, Tony reached for the fussy, red towel that was the omega’s favourite, and gave it to Peter who instantly held it to his cheek and rubbed against it. “That’s my good boy” the other praised.


Gently, Tony unbuttoned his onesie as the sounds from the bedroom was quieted completely by the closed door. In any case, Peter was mostly concerned with the hands touching him right now, stripping him naked. He felt so embarrassed, needing help to get out of the clothes he’d wet…he wished it didn’t have to be so hard to hold it. And he mentally scolded himself for having that extra glass of juice before bed. And for dreaming what he’d dreamt…


As Tony lifted his butt to peel off the soiled onesie, Peter shyly bit his lip and met the other’s brown eyes.

“Tony?” he said in a very small voice, catching the omega’s attention.

“Yes baby?” he hummed softly, working the fabric down the left leg. The air on his damp skin felt cold and Peter didn’t like it. It was worst on his cock, lying limp against his pelvis.

“I’m really sorry…” the omega apologized ashamed, looking away as a blush spread over his cheeks.


A gentle hand guided his head back, and warm brown eyes met his.

“No pup, I’m sorry. It wasn’t good to fight with Loki like that in front of you. You know he loves you – he just gets grumpy when he’s not quite awake. You didn’t do anything wrong” Tony promised. Peter had a hard time believing that, but he didn’t want to be disrespectful to his elder and tell him he was wrong. So he rubbed the soft towel against his cheek and nodded. Tony sat back on his haunches and gave him a kind smile. “Tell you what – how about I get out of my clothes as well and throw them in the washer, and then we take a nice, warm bath together? Would you like that?” he asked. Peter nodded quickly and stuck a thumb in his mouth. He loved baths with Tony.


The older omega smiled wider and got up.

“Good boy. And then if you like, maybe we could discuss pull-ups at night” he suggested. Met with a worried frown, Tony quickly bend down to pinch his toe in reassurance. “Not because you’re bad. Because omega pups sometimes need them. I used to need them when I was a teen as well”.


Peter’s eyes widened as Tony went to throw the soiled clothing in the washer standing in the corner.

“Really?” he wondered in his small voice. Tony nodded, going to fill the tub.

“Really” he reassured.




Tony didn’t mention that his father had opted to put his teenage son in diapers – having been raised by two betas instead of an omega collective, dealing with his pup incontinence had not exactly gone smoothly. But Tony didn’t think that would make Peter feel better, so he slightly changed the truth.


The older omega already felt very tired. And embarrassed. He hadn’t even realised the screaming had made Peter so distressed, not until Bucky had stepped in between and alerted him towards the poor boy shaking in his arms. Not that he would ever admit it, but it was exhausting sometimes to try and keep the balance in a collective. Trying to keep a dominant hold over people who honestly had no reason to listen to him, at the same time he too got distressed about waking up wet and uncomfortable and actually wanted comfort too.


Having an alpha break up Loki’s shouting (and his own….) and placing the focus where it should be, on little Peter all pupset, had been scary, but also a big relief. Otherwise the morning would’ve gone a lot worse. And now Tony could lay all his energy on comforting Peter and not fixing a huge argument.


Sighing, he put his hand in the water to check the temperature. It felt nice, so he walked over naked to the young omega and gathered him back up in his arms. The soft tip of a nose nuzzled content against Tony’s scenting gland.

“Let’s get you cleaned up” he hummed softly. With some manoeuvring, Tony managed to seat them both in the big tub with his own back leaning against the porcelain and tiles and Peter sinking back against his chest. As the warm water made their sticky skin stop itching, Peter sighed happily and the muscles of his back relaxed slowly.


“There’s a good boy” Tony murmured as he gently started cleaning the other’s body with a soapy washcloth. The fabric dragged over Peter’s skin and carefully scrubbed away the last remnants of urine, making the boy keen. “It’s okay baby. Ain’t nothing wrong with having a hard time to hold it. But maybe you’d like to try some pull-ups, just to be sure? I promise they’re real comfy to sleep in” he cautiously suggested.


Peter looked back at him, making a face as if he was thinking. The mechanic was struck with how young he looked, brown curls laying against his forehead and full lips pursed adorably. It was a heavy thing to realise sometimes, that Tony had been charged with the responsibility of this beautiful, delicate little pup. Of course he wouldn’t have it any other way – he loved Peter – but he just wasn’t sure he was doing everything right at all the time. And he knew logically he wasn’t alone in raising Peter, yet he still felt the weight of it bearing down on his shoulders in a way he guessed maybe only Steve could relate to.


He realised that this burden felt less heavy today. And that it was because of Bucky. That the alpha might be that thing they needed to keep the balance – the balance they couldn’t keep themselves, not properly.


“Will the pull-ups fit beneath my onesies?” Peter asked, blinking away a few drops of water. Smiling fondly, Tony gently dragged the washcloth over the boy’s small sack, making him whimper in pleasure and sensitivity.

“Of course baby. Otherwise we’ll get you a bigger onesie” he promised, nuzzling behind his ear. The pup giggled, snuggling closer. His legs fell open suggestively as Tony cleaned his cock.


The movement was a familiar one, and it made Tony’s own, bigger cock harden against the small of Peter’s back. Obviously noticing it, the other wiggled himself backwards and effectively rubbed against Tony’s growing erection. Growling a little and nipping at Peter’s neck, he pressed his hand and cloth harder against the cock struggling to grow hard beneath him.

“Eager, are we?” he muttered hotly in Peter’s ear and felt him shudder and moan.


“I-I had a dream Tony” Peter whimpered.


Releasing the washcloth in the water and instead moving his hand down over the teen’s sack and bending it to rub a finger against his tight little hole, Tony raised an eyebrow.

“Oh?” he asked absentmindedly, feeing the wet slide as Peter grew wet in the bath. Perhaps he shouldn’t indulge too much in the boy’s arousal…but he didn’t have an appointment at the motor shop until 10 am, so he knew he could waste some time at home first.

“Yeah, that’s why…why I…” Peter choked out, spreading his legs wider and moaning into the sensation of a calloused finger swiftly entering him.

“That’s why you had an accident?” Tony asked, biting gently into the barely healed wound of his bonding mark. Peter nodded frantically, trying to push back on the finger stroking his insides.


That wasn’t so strange. Tony remembered having wet dreams himself (usually about his dad’s partner in the firm, Obadiah, an unusually large beta who always had a lewd smile and an ass squeeze for young Tony) and waking up in a mixture of cum and piss. With a rumble in his chest, he pressed another finger inside and kept a hand on Peter’s chest to keep him in place so he could reached further for that little bundle of nerves that always made the pup mewl so sweetly.


“Wanna tell me about it pup?” he asked, voice already growing husky. Peter did in fact mewl and grinded harder, making the water slosh.


“It was a-about the ceremony” Peter panted out, gasping and writhing in Tony’s relentless grip. His tight entrance gave way so nicely for the other’s intrusion. He had always been like that – perfect.

“Yeah? Dreamt about Bucky mounting you?” Tony mumbled as he fucked that little bundle repeatedly. That was an image Tony had dreamt about himself a lot of times since the bonding a few nights ago – Peter presenting like a pretty princess and sobbing as he got railed hard by the alpha’s monster cock.


“No. It was you” Peter admitted quietly, blushing as he buried his face in Tony’s biceps.


His movements halted a little. When the teen whimpered pitifully, he picked up the pace, not realising he’d stopped.

“Me?” he asked, not quite understanding. A third finger joined the first – the hot squeeze of Peter’s hole felt warmer than the water outside.

“Yes Tony” Peter said embarrassed, even while moaning like a slut. “Y-you were an alpha in the dream. With a big, swollen knot and all. And you mounted me, just like Bucky did. It felt real good, and…and when I woke up…I was all wet and I didn’t know…” he gasped, sounds choking off as he suddenly stiffed and a white, milky fluid shot into the bathwater. His tiny body convulsed with the orgasm as his hole spasmed around Tony’s fingers.


The older omega growled and bit at his shoulder, vision going blurry. Mounting Peter, claiming him? Fuck, that was the hottest thing Tony had ever imagined. His cock hardened to the point where it throbbed, and his own hole soaked the bath, and he really fucking wanted to stick it in Peter but he knew he shouldn’t. It just wasn’t his place…instead he growled louder and stood up, grabbing the shuddering omega to turn him around. Then he grabbed his cock and forced Peter down on it – the boy moaned wantonly and swallowed him down thankfully, instantly pushing it all the way until it hit the back of his throat.


It didn’t take long for Tony to finish as well. He only needed to fuck the needy teen’s mouth for a minute before he shot his load all over Peter’s pretty face, moaning and squeezing the base of his cock as it went off, pretending for a second he was milking a swollen knot.


It was a very good second.

Chapter Text

Steve was so proud of Bucky.


He stood at the counter, preparing the alpha’s oatmeal breakfast while he sat obediently waiting on his mat on the floor. The bathroom was still locked so Tony must be bathing Peter. Quill sat munching his cereal, back in his usual cheery mood, and Loki stood quietly on the side by the coffee pot, scenting embarrassed but calm.


Truth be told, Steve didn’t know if Bucky had done what he did consciously or if it came on instincts, but it had been exactly on par with how a well-integrated alpha behaved. In an instance, Bucky had seen beyond the imbalance and singled out the omega with the worst distress and biggest need of taking care of and directed everyone’s attention to Peter. That sort of imbalance was hard to fix when everyone was omegas – it made them risk getting blinded by each other’s pheromones. Of course it wasn’t Bucky’s place to tell them how to deal with Peter wetting the bed, but he hadn’t. He’d only alerted them to the young pup’s distress and that it needed to be dealt with. Whatever comfort or punishment might be fit, the alpha had left to Tony.


He’d been such a very good boy. Smiling to himself, Steve grabbed a handful of fresh blueberries from the fridge and poured them over the alpha’s oatmeal, topping it off with a few raspberries as a real treat. It was well deserved.


Then Steve glanced at Loki standing with his cup of coffee, looking slightly ashamed down in it. The cocky omega could be all mouth and no ears, but at the end of the day he really cared for Peter and didn’t like making him all pupset. Whenever he got in a screaming match with Tony about something, it could take him over a day to come down and apologize to Peter, because he held onto the grudge and let it fester inside instead of letting it out. The scent of shame he let out now? That had taken him a second to get to, when it normally took him many hours of stinking anger. It was like Bucky had made him skip an entire step in his ‘bad mood’-ritual. And it wasn’t easy for Steve to see him like this either…Loki wasn’t the easiest to care for emotionally. He bottled stuff up – sometimes Steve thought he confided more in his stray cats than in his fellow omegas.


Biting his lip, Steve made a thoughtful face. Maybe he would be more susceptible to help today? Carefully, he gripped the (very large) bowl of oatmeal and carried it over to Loki. There he gave his friend a nudge and a small smile, scooting the bowl over.

“Do you wanna give Bucky his breakfast?” Steve offered, keeping his voice soft. The muscles around Loki’s mouth tensed for a second, scent thickening, but then he actually relaxed and nodded.


Steve leaned against the counter with his arms crossed and watched as the tall omega slowly shuffled up to Bucky. Instead of bending down, Loki sat down on his knees and reached the oatmeal forward to where the alpha sat cross-legged on his special rug in the corner. Loki’s head hung slightly as he avoided the alpha’s eyes, offering the meal. Carefully, Bucky took it, cradling it to his arms as he lifted the spoon as if he was afraid Loki might be spooked.


“M’sorry. Thank you” came quietly from the downtrodden omega. There was silence for a split moment. Then Bucky let out a calming rumble from his chest. It caused a hiccup to escape from Loki, who sat down on his butt without a word and nuzzled up against the alpha. As soon as he leaned against Bucky’s muscular body, he relaxed and the scent coming off him diffused to a sweeter, soothed one.


Smiling to himself, Steve left them like that, Loki nuzzled up to Bucky who calmly ate his breakfast and gave a little alpha-like purr at the sweet berries.




It wasn’t until after, when everyone had left for work and school and Loki had piped over to Mrs Cobb whose tabby cat was giving birth and needed assistance, that Steve came to get Bucky in his room. He found the alpha on the floor, neatly arranging the one pillow and cover he had on the bed along with the five pair of panties and the kneeling pillow. His strong metal hand held the white fabric of the stained underwear very carefully, like he was afraid he might rip them. Stopping for a moment, the omega leaned against the doorframe and furrowed his brow curiously. Was Bucky making his bed? In that case he was doing it in a peculiar matter. Why would he place the panties like that?


Steve didn’t have much time to think about it before Bucky caught his scent and quickly turned around. There was a faint blush on his cheek.

“Omega” he mumbled respectfully, remaining on his knees. He looked so very cute, despite being a huge predator, curled up on the floor like that. Smiling fondly, Steve reached out a small hand for him.

“Wanna come with me? I have something for us to do” Steve offered. Instantly, the alpha nodded and took his hand.


The omega brought him into the living-room and placed him on the sofa, plopping down beside him. The cushions barely made a dip at his weight while they sank down heavily for Bucky. He wasn’t used to sitting on the couch, so for a moment he looked uncomfortable, unsure of what to do with himself. To diffuse his frown, Steve put a hand on his knee.

“It’s okay Bucky. You can sit here” he reassured, which seemed to make the alpha relax.


Leaning back, Steve reached for the book he’d placed aside and brought it back.

“I know I said we could go to the alpha park today, but I promised a good friend of mine we would meet her and her new alpha there tomorrow. So today, I thought we might start on the reading?” he said in a soft voice and held up the book. It was ‘The Hobbit’, which might seem a difficult one to start with – but Steve thought the story could interest Bucky. And besides, it wouldn’t help trying to read him children’s books. If Phil was right and Bucky was a proud alpha, he wouldn’t respond well to being treated like a pup.


The steel-blue eyes went wide and soft. Bucky looked surprised and doubtful, but didn’t turn away.

“Oh?” was the only thing he said, quietly shifting on the couch. His focus was on the cover, but whether Bucky was observing the strange letters of a title he couldn’t read or the painted mountains and curled up dragon, Steve couldn’t tell.


“Can you read anything already?” the omega asked kindly, not trying to make the alpha feel ashamed. Still Bucky blushed, shaking his head in an unsure movement.

“I can write my name…” he hesitated, brows furrowed together. To calm him, Steve gave a little smile and made his scent as sweet and calm as possible. It was a bit hard to come to terms with being the one with the upper hand, when Bucky usually had that physically. Not intellectually though. And that meant Steve had to be careful not to offend him or alienate him from learning something new.

“But do you know what the letters mean?” he asked softly therefore. Bucky seemed to consider for a moment, then shook his head defeated.


A warm, small hand was placed on his flesh bicep. The movement startled the alpha a little, only for him to relax again. He was getting more and more comfortable with Steve touching him.

“That’s okay. No one can know something they haven’t been taught” he assured Bucky. Shifting, he sat closer so he could hold the book in his lap in a way that made the alpha see the letters clearly. “I was thinking we do it like my Ma did with me. She used to sit beside me and read, holding the comics or book out so I could follow her reading. Sometimes our alpha did it – eventually it clicked. And I’ll help you more in the beginning with the letters, and we can tackle the bumps as we go along” Steve explained pedagogically, pointing at the cover.


Still Bucky frowned. There was a slight awkward silence.

“But what if I can’t focus? What if I get frustrated and aggressive? I don’t think I would be a very good learner…” Bucky said in a low, worried voice. It wasn’t normal for him to use so many words at a time, and it hurt Steve to hear him being scared about acting out. That was a risk, honestly – Steve knew the research pointed to alphas resorting to lashing out when they couldn’t understand something they were being taught. But the omega had a theory that it might have more to do with the environment. He didn’t exactly know how things went in the pounds, but from what Bucky had told him he wasn’t describing a very patient atmosphere. If alphas needed more patience and time, well then Steve had a lot of it. He wasn’t training Bucky for the S.A.T’s, he was just training him to be able to maybe read a book if he wanted to.


Sighing, Steve turned around and looked the alpha in the eyes.

“We won’t know that until you try. And there’s no rush – if you get frustrated we can just take a break, have a snack. Maybe play with the red ball if you’d like. The important thing isn’t if you can learn fast; it’s if you want to learn at all. Is that something you want?” he asked softly, petting Bucky’s arm calmingly.


The alpha seemed to think about it. His long brown tresses hung loose about his face and Steve resisted the urge to tuck one lock behind his ear. The dip in the couch made Steve slide down until his thigh was flush against the alpha’s bigger one – the warmth made him a little flustered.


“Yes” Bucky decided, determination creeping through in his voice. “I’d like to learn how to read. If you would be so kind as to teach me” he said humbly, looking at Steve with admiration. Smiling brightly, Steve snuggled closer and held up the closed book.

“Good. Then we start with the title. It says ‘The Hobbit’ which is a little creature in the book. So, this here is a T…” the omega begun, excitedly explaining the first letters.


When they’d gone through the title, Bucky looked down at him. His eyes shone with something beautiful, and strange.

“Thank you” he mumbled, voice filled with genuine gratitude. Steve blushed. It felt good doing this. It felt good being good for Bucky.




When Tony came home from work he was exhausted. If he had been smart, he would’ve stayed home and dealt with the new sensation of leaving responsibility with someone who wasn’t Steve. Spent some time alone with his thoughts or curled up with Bucky, absorbing some calming alpha pheromones.


Instead Tony managed to burn his elbow and get his fingers caught beneath a tire because he tried to work at the motor shop and think about Peter and Bucky at the same time.


The innate urge to fuck his nesting friends (perhaps especially Peter, even if he’d never admit to having ‘favourites’) hadn’t become better by having an alpha. If anything, it was worse now. It had been both the hottest thing Tony had ever seen, watching little Peter get his hole stretched around a real, pulsation knot, and the most gut-wrenching. There was no denying it – Tony wanted to be able to do that.


And yet this morning had given him an opportunity to accept what he’d been thinking for months; that he was getting exhausted trying to play alpha in a collective. Sure, Steve took care of the householding, the decisions concerning their home, economy and behavioural rules. But Tony was left with the physical stuff. Managing the heats (with help from the others), punishing bad behaviour and comforting the others in distress. And it was honestly hard. The relief he’d gotten from Bucky helping out earlier had been so big that it made him realise just how tired he was.


And wasn’t that a pickle? How could he want to be the dominating alpha with a right to fuck the other omegas, and yet still feel desperate to just melt down in his omega role and let himself be taken care of? His needs clashed. And he didn’t know what to do with that.


In the end, Tony went with instincts. As he stepped through the front door, wrangling himself out of his greasy shirt, the first thing that greeted him was Steve and Bucky curled up on the couch taking a nap. There was a book lying on the floor and they looked adorable beneath a blanket Loki must’ve put over them since no one else was home yet.


The second thing was Loki himself, sitting cross-legged on a kitchen chair. In his hands was a tiny, rat-like thing suckling on a tiny baby’s bottle. Upon stepping closer, Tony realised it must be a kitten. A frown spread over his face – that hadn’t been there this morning. The British omega looked up at him like that was completely normal.

“Mrs Cobb’s mama cat had a litter of eight today. She didn’t want this runt, refused to feed it. So I’m getting him healthy enough for one of mine to adopt it” he said matter-of-factly. Tony rolled his eyes, crossing his arms at his chest.

“Jesus, do you ever see a furball you don’t want?” he questioned.

“No. And her name is Freja” Loki concluded, throwing him a look. The tiny, blind kitten squirmed in his hands and he held it closer, shushing it gently.


Not wanting to deal with that right now, Tony went back to the living room. Upon seeing Bucky, his heart sort of collapsed. Not in a bad way – more of ‘melted puddle’ sort of situation. Swallowing, he walked up to them and ended up waking them up by his strange scent. His brown eyes met Bucky’s desperately.


“I think I need you. Please?” Tony asked. It came out much more pathetic than he had planned, yet the alpha knew exactly what he needed. Quickly he was undressed by Steve and Bucky, before he was placed over the alpha’s lap. He let himself sink back into a comfy pupspace and only whimpered softly as the hard cock beneath him caught on his rim and sank deep inside. Then Tony was being held close by the large man, petted and cooed at by Steve, as he was slowly fucked on the couch. He didn’t really register time or anything, just put his focus on the wet sound and hot slide of the erection filling him up impossibly and then making him empty, only to go back. Could only feel the relief of letting go – of letting their alpha take care of him for once. It felt about as good as taking care of Peter.


Bucky nudged his prostate with the swollen head of his dick and growled softly into his neck as Tony’s hole clenched in response. His head felt groggy but perfectly calm. Perhaps it was okay to need both. Perhaps Tony didn’t have to be one type of omega – perhaps being gently fucked and kissed and claimed with his small cock trapped against those hard abs was combinable with wanting to bend Peter over and mount him hard and good.




Tony couldn’t think more about it. Could only feel as Bucky’s knot finally pressed inside and locked them together, and his own prick went off between them. And that feeling was good.

Chapter Text

Today would be a good day.


Tongue stuck between his teeth, Bucky carefully moved his treasures to the left side of the bed. The white panties was still soaked with his omegas’ scents and he preferred having them close to his head when he slept, so that he could easily bury his nose in them. Those nights Bucky didn’t spend in the primary nest, he was grateful for the gifts he slept with in his own room.


Yesterday, Steve had read him the first chapter of the old book. So this morning, he’d been asked if he remembered any new letters and had been proud to announce he could recognize five. While it had been a bit frustrating at first trying to follow along in Steve’s reading, Bucky had started getting into it when his omega told him to not try so hard all at once. And he did enjoy the story about little Bilbo – the book was fascinating in the sense that it took place somewhere imaginary where there were no such things as omegas and alphas. Only hobbits and elves and dragons…but they hadn’t gotten very far into it yet so Bucky liked the hobbits the best.


The head pillow was moved next, hesitantly placed up against the wall. Bucky hummed at himself as he tried to get it right. There was still time – Steve had promised to take him to the alpha park as soon as he was done with something on his computer. And he’d promised there was going to be another alpha there. Bucky hoped it would be a nice one, like Sam who he’d met the last time. It was fun to run off some excess energy and be allowed to tumble about with someone his own size.


He was just reaching his metal hand for the duvet, only feeling the impact and not the softness, when Steve knocked on the doorframe of his open door.

“Buck?” the omega asked, and he peered over his shoulder to meet his eyes.

“Yes?” he answered, turning himself on the bed. With an amused but slightly confused smile, Steve stepped inside and peeked curiously at his bed.

“What are you doing?” he wondered.


Bucky felt himself blush. Remembering that Steve had caught him like this yesterday as well, he suddenly felt his throat go bit dry. He was embarrassed, except not quite sure why that was.


“I’m…trying to make a nest” he answered quietly, avoiding Steve’s eyes.

“A nest?” the omega echoed. He didn’t sound scornful, so Bucky dared continue.

“I know it’s not a very good one” Bucky admitted, looking out over the quite pitiful nest. The primary nest where all of them slept had an absolute abundance of pillows and blankets, so much softness to sink down into. His bed looked bare in comparison. “And I know alphas don’t nest…I just thought it might…” he trailed off, biting himself in the tongue to stop talking. He had almost made it sound like he was ungrateful for the bed they’d given him. Bucky knew more than well that the omegas could’ve just as easily made him sleep on the floor – he did not want to sound unhappy.


“Might what?” Steve asked gently, placing his little hand on Bucky’s thigh and bending down to look him in the eyes. Taking a deep breath, the alpha tried to remember that his owners preferred him to voice his feelings. They hadn’t muzzled him even once.


“Might…make me sleep a little better. I don’t mean that the bed is bad” Bucky quickly added, accidently making it come out a little panicked. “I just enjoy the primary nest so much that sometimes…uhm…” he tried explaining. The little hand squeezed his leg softly, reassuringly.

“The bed seems empty?” Steve finished for him. Head down, he nodded. It wasn’t a very ‘alpha’ thing of him to think.


Steve didn’t seem to think he was weak though.

“That’s okay. I feel the same sometimes when I’m in my own room. It helps to have a nest. I just didn’t know that was something alphas wanted on their own” he said, and Bucky tried not to read disgust into it. There wasn’t anything in his voice indicating it – but then again, the blond omega was unusually nice and therefore a little hard for Bucky to read. The ‘nest’ he’d been trying to build was more or less pathetic, so it wouldn’t be strange if Steve thought he was pathetic.


Steve’s pretty blue eyes met the alpha’s, before he swallowed and smiled shyly, looking down at his hands. Those hands ending in such dainty little wrists, with the rash on the insides that had calmed the last days but Bucky still wanted to kiss. He wasn’t sure why he wanted that, since kissing the sensitive, irritated skin wouldn’t make it better. Knotting Steve would, and the alpha sure wanted to do that as well, but sometimes when he was close to the sweet, delicate omega he just felt an urge to pet him or kiss him. It wasn’t on protocol, so it confused him. Yet he wanted it.


“If it feels lonely, and the primary nest is being used….I mean I guess you could…” Steve started with shy hesitance, but was cut short by his phone going off.




The ringtone cut through the room like a knife through tension. Steve drew a quick breath and scrambled to find his phone – his heart was pounding and he was relieved he hadn’t been allowed to finish his sentence. The omega had almost made himself sound like the pitiful, sick weakling he was and offered Bucky to stay in his personal nest if he was lonely at night. Which the alpha obviously would see like a chore. Steve needed medical assistance, and Bucky provided it. The only problem was that Steve would’ve liked the alpha in his nest even without being knotted. Not that he had a good way of expressing that.


So…Peggy’s name lighting up the screen was sort of a blessing.


“Hi!” he breathed out, perhaps a little too excited. Beside him, Bucky respectfully looked away. The sorted voice on the other end sounded tired and a little annoyed.

“Hi sweetheart. Listen I’m sorry, but we’re not going to be able to take Brock to the alpha park today. He’s been a very bad boy – this morning he broke his breakfast bowl and tried to bite Morita” Peggy sighed. There was some sort of commotion on the backyard.

“Oh no…is he okay?” Steve asked, feeling worried for his friends.

“Yes he’s fine luckily, I got in between. But I was thinking you guys might come over to the house instead? That way I can keep Brock in control better” she asked.


Steve bit his lip and glanced at Bucky. He had promised him the park today…but Peggy needed him. And she’d specifically asked for him to bring his alpha and hopefully inspire some good manners in her own. He supposed he could just take Bucky to the park afterwards.


“Sure Peggy. I’ll get Bucky dressed and be there in thirty minutes?” he responded after a moments thinking. The Howling Collective lived in the neighbouring district, in a nice house with a pool in the back. Peggy had herself a very well paid government job in intelligence, and enjoyed spoiling her pack.

“Thanks Stevie, you’re a doll” she breathed out grateful, and they hung up.


He turned towards Bucky and gave him an apologetic smile.

“Sorry buddy, looks like we’re gonna have to go to the alpha park alone, and a bit later. Peggy needs us at home” he said. Bucky nodded in understanding. It was a good thing he’d proved himself so well-behaved, so Steve could leave the house with him alone now with the leash.


They got dressed, said good-bye to Loki and his new kitten Freja, and then started down in the nice, cool weather. That’s when Steve decided to bring up the problem with Peggy.


“Bucky? I just need to warn you a little about the collective we’re going to. They’re very good friends of mine, and all the omegas are very nice – even if Peggy can seem a bit stern at first – but unfortunately their new alpha isn’t as well-adjusted as you are” Steve said with a frown. Bucky kept walking prettily in his leash, dressed in a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt he’d brought back from the pound, and only nodded to show he’d heard. But Steve noticed he tensed. “They won’t let him near me of course, and I promise you don’t even have to scent him if he’s aggressive” he assured, knowing that a bad alpha around meant that his own alpha would become over-protective of him. Which was a good thing, but Steve didn’t want Bucky to worry too much.


“Am I coming as your protector?” Bucky asked in his low, gravelly voice, affirming Steve’s suspicions. It wasn’t a menacing question, just one for the alpha to make sure he knew what his role was. But Steve shook his head.

“No. Or I mean, yes, in a way you’re always my protector. But Peggy asked me to bring you as a good example of how a behaving alpha can be. She thought you might…inspire him to act calmer” Steve tried to explain. It was a bit hard to tell, but it looked like Bucky understood.


He wasn’t looking to make his alpha uncomfortable. It was just that Peggy might be right. And honestly? Even though Steve loved Peggy with all his heart, it hadn’t always been easy being her best friend. She was beautiful, healthy and according to their old school nurse strong enough to carry a full litter of pups without a sneeze. Throughout their school years Peggy had done everything to boost Steve’s confidence, yet he had settled sadly with the fact that whenever they got their respective alphas, hers would pop a knot in its pants at the chance to breed her. His would see it as a job to be done. And while Steve was good at leading his omegas, an alpha would be different. Peggy was a natural leader – Steve would count himself lucky if his future alpha listened at all.


And then came Bucky. Bucky who got hard just by sitting close to Steve and who never disobeyed him. Who was calm and kind and seemingly happy to breed the skinny omega despite his obvious lack of fertility. It didn’t mean that Steve was magically cured from his insecurities, and he still wasn’t sure why Bucky seemed so eager to breed him, but it did mean that he actually fared better with an alpha than Peggy. Steve knew it was very bad of him to gloat…it was just that he’d never gloated about any of his friends ever. Even though he tried to swallow it down, the sentiment bubbled up just a little. Of course he didn’t want Peggy to have issues with his alpha, and he would do all he could to help her…


But it wouldn’t hurt to allow himself the tiniest bit of pride for once.


Glancing up at Bucky, his strong, beautiful, protective alpha walking prettily in his black leash, Steve found himself smiling through a blush. It sure was an alpha to be proud of.




Bucky felt strangely proud. It gave him a satisfaction that even caused his scent to shift to hear from one of his omegas (the head of the household even) that he was so well-behaved he was even to be used as a good example. It erased a lot of the shame from this morning when it had been revealed he was trying to nest. And it felt like all of his hard work at the pounds were paying off. Like his old handler Miss Hill used to say, “just because you have animalistic instincts doesn’t mean you need to be a slave to them”. The place where his metal arm integrated with his shoulder ached, but he shook it off. He was a good alpha, not a bad dog. Steve’s words made him walk the last part with his back a bit straighter.


Except when they reached the door of the nice, white house, Bucky felt like a dumb alpha all over again. The sour scent pressing through the cracks of the door was all too familiar – and he should have known. Bucky had overheard Steve and his pretty omega friend talk at the grocery store; he had heard the name Brock before Peter pulled him away. God, he really was stupid. How could he not have figured out that it was that friend they were visiting now?


His scent must’ve gone bad because Steve glanced at him nervously. Trying to force it back to normal, Bucky stilled a step behind his omega as he knocked. He couldn’t lash out now. It wasn’t Steve’s fault – he couldn’t know that Bucky had grown up with Brock. There was no way for him to know how much Bucky disliked the alpha, and why.


“Steve! Oh wow you look lovely – and you smell great! Must be your newest pack-member” the female omega opening the door exclaimed with a wink and a smile that showed perfect white teeth. She wore an immaculate white blouse tucked in a marine blue skirt, topping it with lipstick and soft curls grazing her shoulders. And her accent gave away that she was British – otherwise she wouldn’t have used the term ‘pack’ to people not part of her collective. She was a beauty no doubt, but Bucky had to hold back from scrunching up his nose at her scent. It was covered with a layer of perfume, confusing the alpha’s senses. It was nothing like the pure, sweet scent of Steve.


“I guess you’re right. And you look perfect as always Pegs. I don’t know how you manage that even with things going on” Steve greeted back with a smile and an impressed hand gesture, accepting a kiss on the cheek. ‘Pegs’, or Peggy as Steve had called her earlier, peeked over his shoulder and smiled warmly at Bucky.

“And you must be the handsome alpha I saw in the store the other day. Welcome in” the omega said, stepping inside and making room for both of them. After getting the go-ahead from Steve, Peggy leaned over and scented him, a gesture which he respectfully returned.


He really tried his best to focus on the two omegas, but it was hard when the rancid smell laid like a fog over the house. And it was such a familiar fog too. At Hydra Disciplinary, him and Brock had lived in adjoining cells, so Bucky was used to the stench whenever Brock was angry or being punished. Which was a lot.


Bucky had lost his arm to the experimental doctor Zola at Hydra, and gained a lethal weapon. They’d done that to several alphas, not all of which survived the procedure, but Brock hadn’t been one of them. The large alpha was close to feral. It was the type of alpha that had led to the pounds being founded in the first place, according to Bucky’s old teachers, and normally feral alphas were severely beating into submission. At Hydra, they had instead tried turning him into a weapon. Sometimes, when Bucky spent long nights tied down to a table as Zola operated on him with nothing but local anaesthesia, the small beta doctor would get bored and start talking. Zola was the one who told Bucky that they would all be mercenaries, the finest there was. And Brock, along with other feral alphas, would join the ‘upgraded alphas’ as he called Bucky and his lot, once their mood was ‘perfected’. It meant that Brock hadn’t been beaten into submission. He’d been beaten into aggression.


The two omegas chatted amongst themselves as they led Bucky into a living room. He was still on his leash, in respect towards the omegas living there, and they passed two males on their way. The stench got worse the further in they got.

“Here he is” Peggy said, stopping in the large room.


The growling was loud enough to be heard even though Brock was wearing a black muzzle. He was sat on the couch, feet tied apart in two chains connected to iron rings in the floorboards and arms above his head tied to the ceiling. There was fresh bruises adorning his naked torso, and the sight made Bucky’s stomach twist in turmoil. Brock was mean and aggressive and violent, having left a permanent bitemark on Bucky’s left thigh already when they were pups, but the lilac and yellow bruises reminded him too much of Hydra Disciplinary. It wasn’t Bucky’s place to think badly of his old handlers – still nothing in this world could make him miss the beatings received or the sound of another alpha being whipped.


What made the marks on Brock’s torso fade in comparison was the state of his cock. It was half-hard, with a white plastic tube coming out of the urethra only to be hooked up to a glass bottle and a small machinery which kept the thick semen dripping down into the bottle. Bucky knew from Learning that the plastic tube went all the way through Brock’s cock and into his slightly swollen knot, where the machinery sucked him slowly dry. The glass bottle was about half full of whitish cum, and each time there was a suck from the tube, Brock’s cock twitched pathetically. Below the stench of anger there was the nauseating smell of humiliation. The tied up alpha had black eyes, and they looked feral at Bucky, making him take a step back on pure instinct.


“I’m sorry you have to see him like this. We put him on a drain about an hour ago, and it’s gonna take another one before it’s done. I’m honestly not sure what else to do – Monty is going into heat any day now and if we can’t get Brock calm enough to knot him, I don’t really have another choice than to insert the cum via one of our toys” Peggy said regrettably, sitting down on a plush, green chair.

“Is it that bad?” Steve asked, sitting down next to her.


Bucky remained standing. It felt like his stomach filled with ice. Could this be his destiny, if he didn’t behave? What did Brock do to deserve this? Bucky did not want to question a leading omega’s decision, and he knew first hand how violent Brock could be…yet he couldn’t help but think that this wasn’t the way. And these omegas deserved to be knotted. The sickly sweet smell of pre-heat lingered in the air, and Bucky was glad he had the leash on for security – he felt bad for the omega about to enter a heat with an alpha who was of no service in the house.


“Bucky? Do you want to scent him?” Steve asked suddenly, pulling his focus back. The omega sound unsure if that was the right question to ask, and Bucky was in turn not certain whether to tell them he knew this alpha. After all, Brock couldn’t tell them himself with the muzzle in place. It was the kind that would constrict his breathing if he tried to open his mouth wider than barring his teeth.


“No thank you, omega” he answered stiffly.

“Okay, then you can sit down” Steve offered kindly, pointing to a kneeling pillow on the floor. Obediently, and without taking his eyes of Brock, the alpha knelt down. Peggy looked at him fascinated.

“How did you get him so submissive?” she asked, obviously impressed. Steve blushed and ran an absentminded hand through Bucky’s wild hair. On instinct, he leaned into it and closed his eyes for a second. He could feel those black eyes burning into him all the while. The machine made a soft sound as it sucked every single drop of sperm stored in Brock’s knot and balls, and would leave him empty for over a day afterwards.

“He came to us like this honestly” his omega said.

“So you don’t have to whip him?” Peggy asked perplexed, reaching for a pot of tea on the table. She offered Steve a cup – Bucky could smell the strong black tea over the scent of Brock’s salty cum.

“Oh, no not once actually. We discovered he answers much better to getting treats. And he genuinely wants to be of service – we were only close to an incident when Quill and Loki all but attacked him his first day, trying to jank his knot out” Steve said with a huff of laughter.


The two omegas discussed his training as if he wasn’t there, but that was okay. It wasn’t Bucky’s place to weigh in and right now, he was behaving by sitting quietly and statute a good example. It would’ve been easier if Brock wasn’t tied up naked, growling low as he was being drained and ignored. He looked as if he wanted to say something – or better yet scream something – at Bucky. Like that, all his old scars were exposed, and the muscular thighs and stomach indicating hard work. Hard work to become a soldier, and ending up a service alpha. Bucky was thankful he was a service alpha and not off fighting a war, but he wasn’t so sure Brock felt the same.


“And he can knot you without restraints?” Peggy wondered, blowing on her tea. Steve nodded.

“We always make sure to be at least two omegas present whenever there’s a knotting, but yes, Bucky’s proved to be harmless during the breedings” he said, and Bucky felt a conflicting swell of pride. His canine brain told him it was an insult to be ‘harmless’, but the other parts of him knew it was a good thing to be non-violent. Otherwise he would be where Brock were right now, drained and humiliated. The muzzled alpha snarled in a muffled sound at the omegas words, but at least Bucky got to press his cock into his omegas. Giving up his natural aggressivity meant he got to fuck them, get his knot wet in them and fill them with his cum himself. He could live with that.


“Of course. If Bucky feels comfortable with it. It’s not really safe to perform a knotting if he feel cornered” Steve said suddenly, and the alpha realized he had missed a vital part of the conversation. Looking up confused, he met his omega’s pretty blue eyes. A gentle hand stroke his cheek. “Peggy wondered if you’d like to knot me in front of her alpha. To show him what good alpha’s get” he told him softly.


Knot him in front of Brock? Right now? Instantly, Bucky’s canine brain sent signals through his body and lit a fire in his belly – there was no greater pride for an alpha than to mount an omega in front of another alpha. Of course Steve wasn’t Brock’s omega, but still. The notion made Bucky want to snarl and bend his pretty boy over right away. He contained himself however, and resorted to nodding.


Steve smiled and pet his hair.


“Good boy. Come on, lets get you undressed”

Chapter Text


The blush on Steve’s cheeks had spread to his chest, as was visible for everyone as soon as Bucky gently removed his shirt. The heady smell gave him away on the fact that he was more or less dying to get his alpha’s knot inside him. That was just a fact that never changed. And Steve wasn’t in the least nervous about undressing in front of Peggy. In fact, she’d been his first sexual experience, back when he first started maturing. This was before he started his heats, which didn’t happen until he’d moved in with Tony and started building their collective, but already as a young teen experiencing his first slick accidents Steve had needed an omega friend’s help. And Peggy had been as confusedly horny as him.


So she’d seen his messy hole and twitching cock before, as much as he had seen her dripping, tight pussy. Steve knew the way she tasted, and what she looked like when she came on his fingers, and Peggy knew all too well the sounds he made whenever she’d had her tongue pressed past his virgin rim. Getting fucked in front of her wasn’t the problem.


The problem was the 200 pound growling alpha tied to a drain a few feet away. His pheromones were strong enough to make Steve want to curl up in Bucky’s muscular arms for protection. Brock might be in restraints, but he was still scary. In response to that, Steve let out a pitiful whimper he wasn’t used to making. It also made him feel strangely good about being mounted – if Bucky took him in front of another alpha, the basic, primitive meaning of it was that he showed himself the stronger alpha. Modern times didn’t change the effect those instincts had on Steve. He might be well aware that he was already bonded to Bucky and Peggy’s alpha could never even try to claim him, yet still it made him so impossibly wet as he settled naked on Bucky’s lap. His alpha was the strongest, most virile one. The one most likely to give him pups – and that resonated so well with Steve’s omega nature.


“Keep still” the skinny omega whispered as the huge cock beneath him twitched. He hadn’t meant it to come out as a whisper. The pheromones around him had him in a slight fog, and it was only by some sort of good grace that Steve could hold onto his control. It helped that Peggy was close by, watching fascinated. Behind her was the red-haired Timothy, who had been called in for safety despite Steve claiming he didn’t need it. Now it felt good to have the large omega in the room, even if he didn’t want to admit it.


“Yes omega” Bucky murmured with the vibration of a growl kept contained in his chest. His kept his hands firmly on the armrest of the chair, situated so Brock would have a good view (which he did based on the awful, muffled snarling) and his powerful legs were perfectly still as the alpha let Steve coat his cock with his own slick.


“Do you not have to restrain him at all?” Peggy asked in disbelief. Choking down a whimper at the heady scent of Bucky’s precum leaking freely from the slit, Steve bit his lip for focus and shook his head.

“N-no, not when you’re here. Besides he knows that if he oversteps, he doesn’t get to knot me” he explained. His small hand gently squeezed the alpha’s swollen, reddening knot, making the bigger man hiss. “And he really wants to” Steve half-said, half-moaned, watching in pleasure as Bucky’s hands gripped the armrests so hard his knuckles went white. Behind them, Peggy let out an impressed sound and sat gracefully down in her chair again, crossing those lean, shaved legs.

“He smells real nice as well. Brock gets something so aggressive about his scent whenever we’ve tried a breeding that it’s almost like…brimstone. Not very sexy” Peggy sighed.


At that comment, Bucky’s body twitched. Frowning, Steve looked him in the eye to see if there was something wrong, but the alpha donned a determined, hard-to-read expression. Maybe he was just effected by the situation as well – his instincts must be screaming at him to force Steve to present right now.

“Good boy” the omega mumbled fondly and stroke Bucky’s long, brown hair as a reward for being so obedient. “I’m sorry about that. But this is how it can go if he keeps still. If he behaves” Steve said, the last part directed at Brock as he turned to lock his innocent baby blues with the alpha’s black ones. At the same time he lifted himself up and angled Bucky’s cock towards his entrance. Slowly, Steve used his own weight to sink back down, his greedy hole accepting the tip almost without struggle while he leaned his head back and moaned in pleasure. The bulbous head stretched him so good, and Bucky’s vibrating chest made it all the better.


“Oh god…” Timothy mumbled somewhere behind them. The scent of his slick mingled with the other smells in the air, and Steve purred from the attention as he put his small hands on his alpha’s shoulders and sank back further, both blushing and loving it at the same time. Here he was, skinny and sickly, yet seated comfortably on a perfect alpha who rumbled protectively and twitched inside him. The cold metal of the plating on his shoulder felt good against Steve’s heated hands – Peggy had refrained from asking about it out of politeness, but Steve thought the prothesis made Bucky all the more perfect. He was a wonder.


And his cock slowly stretching him open was a goddamn blessing from God himself. Steve’s small body shuddered and a fresh wave of slick ran out of him, gushing out over the hard length and probably dripping down over his heavy balls. With a bit back whine, the omega reached back to feel. Yep, they were soaking wet and drawn up tighter than before – Bucky’s sack was already getting ready to fill his knot up with cum.


“See? Don’t you want that Brock?” Peggy’s soft but firm voice mused. Sluggishly turning his head, Steve rose up a bit only to fall back down and observed as his friend had walked up to the strapped down alpha and gently brushed a manicured hand through his short hair. The alpha grunted through his muzzle and moved away from the gesture, but his eyes looked unsure. He kept them on Steve, who felt so tiny in the lap of his own alpha. Where the omega sat, his feet didn’t even touch the ground so he needed his grip on Bucky’s shoulders to heave himself up. Beneath him, Bucky’s hips moved up slightly to meet his own movements, helping his cock slide in further.


“Doesn’t it like nice?” Peggy cooed. “I’d let you do that if only you wanted to be a good boy. I’d let you fuck me, and all the other omegas here. Promise” she mused honey-sweet. Steve let himself get slowly fucked, finding a tiny bit of leverage by extending his toes to the floor, and watched with half-lidden eyes as the female omega slowly moved her hand down to brush over Brock’s now fully hard dick. It wasn’t enough to give him any satisfaction, as was evident by the way he grunted to cover up a whine and bucked up into her hand. His restraints kept him from moving his hips too far however and Peggy only hummed and teased her fingertips over the veins protruding. The plastic tube was still lodged firmly in the alpha’s slit and the white liquid was coming out a bit faster now due to his knot swelling at the sight of Steve riding his alpha leisurely.


“God Buck…” Steve whimpered over the wet sound of his hole stretching to accommodate the girth urging inside him. More slick gushed out, making the slide easier – but nothing could really stop the heavenly burn as Steve was split opened on a cock as thick as his wrist. Not that he was complaining. He loved the way it caused him to huff and pant, wondering of it would truly fit in him, and feeling curious about how his tiny ass must look impaled on Bucky. Perhaps later he would ask Tony to film it for him. The swollen head rubbed over his sensitive spot and he gasped, burying himself harder to chase it. In response, Bucky grunted and nuzzled his throat, keeping his hands on the armrest.


Steve thought he knew what that meant. Nuzzling back, he slowed the gyrating on his hips further and looked at the alpha who submissively kept his head down.

“Speak” he ordered gently. He didn’t necessarily want it to be an order, but amongst other omegas (and an alpha) Steve needed to assert a certain amount of respect. Otherwise the others might doubt him, or worse, Bucky would act out. Yet he didn’t make his words hard.


Bucky huffed and glanced up at him, blue eyes unsure.

“Don’t want you to hurt yourself omega” he mumbled quietly, using the term ‘omega’ to show he meant no disrespect. Off to the side, Brock made a strange noise that Steve decided to ignore. Peggy literally had his balls in her hand so how dangerous could he be? Instead the omega gently eased himself up only to drop back down on half of Bucky’s length, keeping the slide gentle.

“I can take it. I promise” he said, not able to help sounding a little like a kid trying to be brave, and nuzzled Bucky’s almost-healed bitemark to comfort him.


He did think he could take it. He’d taken a much harder mounting before, and even if he didn’t have Tony here now he still had Pegs. Besides, Steve needed the cum. Ever since they noticed the regular knottings actually worked, Tony had decided that the small omega needed to be filled at least once a day until his next doctor’s appointment. Perhaps the blunt Dr Strange would have better news for him then. Besides, Steve’s heat was coming up soon…it would be better for him if his body was accustomed to a large dosage of semen regularly, or else it might get overwhelmed and repel the protein once the heat made Bucky knot him several times a day. It wasn’t something they were worried would happen to the others, but Dr Strange had warned them that Steve’s bad vitals and overall poor health could result in his first shared heat with an alpha ending up in fever, vomiting and his womb rejecting the semen. That could mean that either his cervix would stop accepting the head of Bucky’s cock when he pressed his knot inside, or that his muscles would cramp badly and literally push out whatever cum the alpha pumped inside.


If Steve ‘practised’ beforehand, the risk of that minimized however. And now when he used his own weight to sink down until the beginning of the swollen knot grazed his rim, he only gasped and relaxed against Bucky’s cockhead nudging his cervix. The reaction in the skinny omega made Bucky relax as well. Soon the rumble in his chest was accompanied by Steve’s purring.


It encouraged Steve to keep going. Picking up the pace, he arched his back and let his belly touch Bucky’s chiselled abs so that he could angle Bucky’s erection to brush over his sweet spot again. The hot slide over the bundle of nerves sent electric sparks straight through his sensitive little omega cunt to his cock twitching helplessly against the unyielding muscles beneath him, smearing precum over Bucky’s skin. A broken moan escaped him, making his alpha release a groan and his right thigh jerked beneath Steve before he got it under control.


“Still baby” Steve panted, rising up and down faster now, chasing the right position that would make that hard cockhead stab at his spot with every movement. Bucky’s knuckles whitened and the wood under his hands creaked worryingly, making Peggy’s scent shift to a more focused, slightly concerned one. In all honesty, Steve would have much preferred it if his alpha’s large hands were splayed out over the small of his back, helping him to grind his hips down and meet that desperate need to be filled growing in the omega’s stomach.

“Mmm go…” Bucky started moaning out but grinded the end of the sentence down to a grunt instead. Still, Steve’s cheeks heated with pleasure and he melted deeper against the large body under him. Bucky had almost called him good boy, Steve just knew it. And he loved that – as much as he knew it was good behaviour of Bucky not to use that sort of language amongst people outside the collective, he still loved it.


“God he’s so calm. I’m so jealous” Peggy said, still fondling Brock’s knot teasingly (full to bursting point). She said it half as a joke, yet Steve still felt the pride swell.

“Mmm he’s my good boy” he said meaningly, giving his alpha a look only he would understand. Those steel blue eyes widened a little and his cock twitched noticeably in Steve’s tight channel. The omega got something mischievous about him suddenly. Leaning closer with his hands still on Bucky’s broad shoulders, he fucked himself with tiny little thrusts pulling breathy gasps out of the bigger man. “Wanna show them how good you really are? Let’s give them a little show” he whispered into Bucky’s ear, so low that not even the wild, tied up alpha would be able to hear it.


Steve took the sudden hot breath washing over his ear and full body shudder as a yes.


He leaned back. Then he seated himself all the way onto Bucky, as far down as he could go before the knot started straining at his rim. After taking a second to adjust to the size, wiggling a little and moaning just for good measure, and checking that Peggy and her alpha were watching, Steve smiled naughtily at Bucky and reached back to softly graze his heavy knot. Bucky hissed at the contact, tensing for a second, then relaxed into the touch. Over their last breedings Steve had learned that gently moving his hand over the knot when it was almost fully form, sort of mock milking it without grabbing, made Bucky come undone within minutes.


Safe to say, it was working. And the people watching saw it. Beneath him, Bucky tried his hardest not to writhe too much, instead shivering in pleasure and letting out strained grunts. His head leaned slightly back, making his brown hair cascade down his sweaty back and his eyes went from wide open to half-lidden as the wood made an awful creaking sound beneath his metal hand and he made these desperate little half-bucks in Steve’s grip. That in turn made his cockhead nudge over and over into the omega’s slowly relaxing cervix, which honestly felt fucking amazing.


“Good boy” Steve praised as he kept up the careful milking, enjoying being in total control of Bucky’s pleasure. The alpha squirmed, letting out an ‘nnggh’-sound Steve totally wanted to replicate, and the knot swelled further.


However, just before the omega’s rim could cave in to the pressure and Bucky was allowed to knot him properly, Steve stopped. Shaking his head at the desperate-looking alpha, Steve tsked and let go.

“Not yet. I go first Bucky, you know that” he said beratingly. Of course, that wasn’t quite a rule as much as it was practise, but Steve felt mischievous and he thought Bucky might enjoy the little game.


The alpha looked torn between if he wanted to grab Steve right there and forcefully knot him, or get on his knees and lick his feet. Honestly both of those options made Steve feel like creaming himself right there and then – Bucky was so goddamn sexy when he looked just a tiny bit dangerous. Steve knew he wasn’t. Somewhere off to the side or in another world, Peggy drew after breath.


So he looked down on his little cock lying limp and messy between them. Then he looked up at Bucky with a raised eyebrow.

“Go on then. Make your omega cum, and then I’ll let you” Steve teased. The glimmer in Bucky’s eyes told him the alpha was liking this. The growl he let out before he moved his human hand down to grip Steve’s dick told him the alpha loved this.


His soft omega cock virtually disappeared in Bucky’s large hand. When Steve gasped and looked down, he saw nothing but his alpha’s massive grip, squeezing his tiny length. While still keeping the grinding going to keep Bucky hard and stimulate his insides, Steve let the alpha press his warm hand all over his entire package, massaging it until the omega struggled to get hard. Then Bucky gripped him between his thumb and index and middle finger, moving like he was jerking him off except it looked very different than whenever one of the omegas jerked Bucky off. Whatever it was, it felt great. Steve whined and became unsure of where to direct his thrusting – back onto the thick cock in him or up into the skilled hand in front. Bucky used the pad of his thumb to rub at Steve’s little glistening cockhead, and the stimulation soon became too much. It was embarrassing to admit, but when Bucky looked at him with his calm steel eyes and rubbed at his dick while assaulting both his prostate and cervix, Steve came undone within a few minutes.


Gasping, he convulsed in orgasm and shot out a few dribbles of cum onto Bucky’s hand.

“Mmm…” Steve moaned incoherently, shuddering against his alpha. Without second thought, Bucky lifted his messy hand and happily licked it clean. Steve’s hole clenched down and spasmed around Bucky, making him growl in pleasure. Seeing him lick the cum off and swallow it down made Steve just want to collapse and let himself be taken raw and rough – there was nothing on this earth sexier than Bucky. “Good boy…you can knot me now…have permission…” he panted out in half-sentences, slumping into his alpha’s body.


With another growl, Bucky gently (but hurriedly) thrust up into him a couple of times before  finally pushing all the way inside and locking his knot where it should be. Steve only whined and slipped in and out of subspace as he as being pumped full of cum.


While sluggishly locked on the knot, Steve leaned his head on Bucky’s shoulder and allowed him to pet his back. It gave him the perfect view of Brock coming untouched (Peggy was busy letting Timothy lick her on the carpet), big cock twitching and a sudden flow of cum spurting from the plastic tube into the contained, instantly filling it almost all the way up.


It took them about thirty minutes to get everything in order. Timothy finished Peggy off and Steve was allowed to bring Bucky for a quick shower, while Brock was eased into much gentler restraints and finally released from the drain. In the end he was still muzzled and staring daggers at Bucky, but he wasn’t looking so uncomfortable.


Peggy thanked him earnestly for his help, saying it hopefully did some good. They stayed for another cup of tea, this time with a less fancy (and less breakable) cup being put down on the floor for Bucky. However Steve couldn’t help but wonder over how Bucky didn’t stop staring back at Brock, uncomfortable flickering his eyes from his omega to the muzzled alpha. He seemed only to drink his tea out of politeness, and wasn’t focused at all on the small-talk Steve was having with Peggy. The alpha was usually attentive in case he was needed.


Eventually, Peggy noticed Steve’s focus had trailed off in the conversation.

“Steve? Is everything alright?” she asked with a gentle frown.

“Huh?” Steve said, quickly turning back from where he’d been looking at his alpha on the floor. “Oh. Yes, sure. It’s just…I think Bucky has something on his mind” he said, worrying his lip between his teeth. “He has a hard time speaking up unless encouraged” he tried explaining. He put a soft hand on Bucky’s hair, petting him as he met his eyes. “Is there something you wanted to say Buck? It’s okay. You can say it in front of Peggy” he promised sweetly. It was difficult to see the alpha obviously thinking about something and not letting it out.


As was customary with Bucky, it took him some frowning and some thinking and some chewing on his cheek until he got to the point. Steve expected him to say something along the lines of being worried that Brock was allowed in the room with his omega, or that he wanted to go to the alpha park because Steve had promised and they’d been here a while. What came out wasn’t anything like that at all.


“I…don’t want to disrespect, omega” he started low, directing the title towards Peggy. “But I grew up in the same pound as your alpha. I believe perhaps he would respond better without the whip. It, uhm…used to just make him angrier” Bucky murmured, averting his eyes. Across the room, Brock’s breathing got heavier, but he was chained to the wall via his collar and wasn’t a threat.


Steve wasn’t sure if he was shocked, or impressed. Did Bucky know this horrible alpha? And was he asking for more lenient treatment? Now, Steve knew Bucky a little by now. And if it was something the alpha believed, it was that omegas had the right to treat their alpha however they wanted. So if he asked them not to beat Brock, then he must be saying it because it would be beneficial for the omegas of the Howling Collective. Or did it hurt him to see an old friend beaten?


The situation got a bit confused, so Steve produced the red ball from his bag and told Bucky to play in the hall so he could say goodbye to Peggy undisturbed. When he was gone, Steve told her his thoughts, apologizing for his alpha assuming to give her advice, but also telling her that if Bucky thought corporal punishment wasn’t the way to go then he was probably right. Peggy promised to try, in a safe way.


Steve put the leash on Bucky and watched him roll the ball happily over the floor.

“Come on Buck, I’m taking you to the park now” he promised. The puppy-like alpha raised his head and smiled, totally distracted by the red ball. Steve tried smiling back. Perhaps he needed to have a talk with his alpha.

Chapter Text

The shop was quiet except for the normal blaring of Back in black from the amped up speakers mounted on each wall. Tony laid on his board beneath a beat up old Volvo, methodically working with his wrench. The owner brought it in at least once a month and begged for help to keep it afloat – Tony would’ve suggested to just get a new one but he was very attached to it. It was fine though, since the tired beast was familiar it just meant the omega mechanic could let his thoughts drift off as he worked. Normally his apprentice, a beta teen named Harley, talked his ear off as he was shown the ropes in the motor shop, but for now the kid was out getting their lunch at a sandwich place a few blocks down. Tony had a moment to breath. And think.


Unfortunately his thoughts weren’t very quiet either.


Steve’s heat was coming along in just a few short days, so Tony had to plan for that. There was his work to consider, and with Steve’s heats getting worse he needed to figure out how to make things work, weather to include Peter more this time, if he should take Steve to the doctor before or after…


Except those were all things Tony would have had to consider before. Now they had Bucky. Tony would still need to take time off work, but not for the entire heat. He could leave the supervision to Loki or Quill for some of the five-or-something days Steve would need someone there, and Bucky would take care of all the heavy lifting. This heat would perhaps be worse, but with an alpha there it would be a heck of a ton easier to deal with. Tony didn’t have to shut down the shop for a week and prepare his own body for the strain of fucking the blond omega with toys every hour of every day, and he didn’t have to worry that his sickly friend would come out of the heat worse than he went in. Bucky would make him better. Healthier. Stronger.


So in a way it was a huge weight off Tony’s shoulders. Anything that meant a safer, happier Steve made him happy in turn, and it was honestly a relief not having to take the bulk of the responsibility anymore around heats. There was a bunch of work piled up from the time they’d taken off with their alpha and Tony’s small body wasn’t exactly made for the strenuous work out that was managing a heat, despite him being the strongest of them all.


But it also made him feel a bit lost. It was his given role to manage the heats, or at least especially Steve’s since he couldn’t do that himself. It was his name they cried out, his hands pushing the knotting dildos inside their wet, sloppy holes. And if it wasn’t, it was him they held onto as someone else pushed it inside them – his chest they cried into and licked desperately as they chased their high. Tony was used to being the centre of it, and now Bucky would take that place.


What was worse, Bucky could make their pain go away. However hard Tony tried and however fast or hard he fucked his omegas with the toys or his fingers, however hard he made them cum or however sweetly they bent and keened for him, he could never make their pain stop. The heat still ravaged them over and over and he could never make it stop. Over the years he’d grown used to the sight of Steve crying and pleading, half-asleep, for a knot or sperm or anything despite having a fully inflated dildo in his ass and Tony’s arms around him. Anything to stave the flames in his bloodstream. Bucky could do that. Tony would never be able to.


The omega swore quietly as oil leaked onto his chest. The dark-blue jumpsuit was already stained, but still. Reached up, Tony fixed whatever was leaking and tried to ignore the large spots of rust on the pipes. The owner hadn’t given him permission to change them.

“You’re a real trooper, you know that?” he muttered to the Volvo. Actually, the car reminded him of Steve. Always fighting on despite things in him breaking down all the time. Sighing, Tony brought the wrench down. He supposed Bucky was the mechanic able to fix him for real – not just temporarily mend stuff.


In all honesty, Tony was more glad than upset over Steve finally having an alpha to breed him. He wanted that for his friend, he truly did.


The real issue was Peter.


The young omega was naïve in a sense Tony rarely allowed himself to be. And while the teen obviously liked their alpha (and his knot), the comment he’d made in the bath about his dream hadn’t been the first. They always came when him and Tony were alone, and they were always put forth with a hesitancy that wasn’t enough for him not to say them. Which meant that Peter didn’t honestly understand the implication of what he said. Sometimes he told Tony about ‘dreams’ (Tony didn’t actually know if they were dreams or if Peter was better at being sneakily flirtatious than he gave the kid credit for) where the older omega in some way or the other mounted Peter. Sometimes he made an offhand comment complimenting how long Tony was able to stay hard in Peter’s mouth the other night, or joking that Tony must have a beta cock since he had beta parents, blushing at him as he continued mumbling out how small he was in comparison. And sure, Tony did have the biggest cock in the collective, and the most functional one. He was also the largest omega and was obviously a little closer to a beta than his friends. But that didn’t mean that Tony didn’t see Peter’s observations for what they were – a shy asking for Tony to mount him.


Which he couldn’t. Not only was Tony unsure of whether he could physically do it or not, but he also knew the social shame of it in a way that Peter, probably because of his youth, had been spared.


In the modern world, there was honour in being an omega. And the way they had sex with each other was considered the most cultivated, respectful and beautiful way, something born from love and devotion. The way an alpha mounted an omega? That was barbaric, violent and not something someone would do or want unless they were a mindless beast. An alpha. For Tony to want to do that to Peter meant that he wanted to dominate the teenager, to violate and own him. It was considered disrespectful – and the very least thing Tony wanted to do was disrespect Peter. He was sure the young pup didn’t really now the implication of what he was asking, that he probably just had a lot of hormones going on and had decided the older omega was an exciting object for his fantasy. Tony knew different.


He could never be an alpha, and he didn’t want to be one. The love – and sex – he had with Peter and the others was special and he wouldn’t trade it for the biggest knot in the world.


That didn’t stop him from dreaming though. And it didn’t stop him from wishing his cock worked just a little bit better, was a little bit bigger…so that it could satisfy Peter like he deserved. Right now, especially after the pup had been bred by an alpha, Tony wasn’t sure that even if he did mount Peter it would be enough for him. Would he be disappointed? Or would he be able to cum as sweetly as he did from Tony’s fingers?


In Tony’s day-dreams, he only had a knot sometimes. Most times the focus wasn’t really on his dick, but mostly on how he would mount Peter. How he would kiss his long, beautiful neck, feeling Peter shudder beneath his touch before he whispered into his ears ‘get on your knees’. He thought about how it would feel to put a hand between Peter’s protruding shoulder blades and push his back down until the teen presented so prettily for him and exposed his tight, leaking little pink hole. It would be a marvel to have the young body under him to command, to truly control, to be able to tell Peter to be still for him and not just mean so he could go get a toy to shove up there. No, when Tony made the teen present for him, Peter would relax completely. His body would open up and his hole would drip on the sheets while he obeyed each orders as if they were actually orders and not only words from one omega to another.


In that moment, Tony wouldn’t be another omega. He would be so much more for Peter – he would be the one to claim him and make him Tony’s sweet, darling bitch. That word had taken up much space in Tony’s head. It used to be one to describe an omega who’d submitted to an alpha, so it should cause a natural convulsion in Tony to hear it. Bitch wasn’t meant to be a nice word. Yet Tony couldn’t help but get both wet and hard at the thought of calling Peter his bitch – because he could never mean it menacingly. Only as a way to truly describe what he wanted out of Peter besides the relationship they already had as pack-members; that he wanted Peter to allow him to take care of him and his pleasure in a way they’d never been able to. To fully and completely (if so only for an hour) satisfy the young omega, to be what he needed, without the other omegas and the toys. To have his cock be enough.


Of course, that’s why it was problematic to think about. Could Tony really convince himself that he didn’t want to disrespect Peter and then at the same time jerk off to the thought of fucking him on his knees and calling him a good little bitch? The mechanic shuddered, gripping the cold steel above him for grounding. No. He couldn’t indulge Peter in this. It would only lead to their relationship being ruined, and to the teen feeling hurt and insulted.


The sudden sound of footsteps in the workshop had Tony sigh lying under the Volvo. It must be Harley back early with the lunch – customers always rang the bell in the front room if no one was there. The board felt unyieldingly hard under his back as he shifted, getting ready to scoot himself out; he usually never thought about it until he had to move from position.


A pair of sneakers appeared in the gap between the floor and the undercarriage of the car.

“Tones?” came a bright voice. But it wasn’t Harley’s voice. Frowning, Tony tried to ignore his heart starting to beat faster as he scooted out quickly and was met with the sight of Peter smiling where he stood shuffling on his feet. God, his stupid wet day dreams had caused the kid to materialize in the motor shop – looking adorable with his nerdy t-shirt and hands looped in the straps of his backpack.


“Peter?” Tony asked dumbly, trying to manoeuvre himself to a standing position without toppling over.

“Hi! Hope I’m not interrupting too much?” the omega said, worrying his lip between his teeth and generally being super cute when he was concerned.


“Uh, no? But why aren’t you in school?” Tony asked, finally getting up so he could get his hands (somewhat) clean on a rag). The garage was pretty crowded with the two cars cramped in there, so when he moved to the bench he got close enough to smell Peter – a heavenly mix of wildflowers and that enticing, pure scent that revealed his youth. No one in the collective smelled like that – then again none other than Peter was sixteen.

“Oh it’s a half-day today, so I’m supposed to be home studying on my own right now. But the shop is on the way from my high school so I thought…” Peter drew out, shifting his weight before taking a tentative step forward. His beautiful hazel eyes looked up (up goddammit the kid was so much shorter than Tony) through his impossibly long eyelashes and he blinked in a way that had the older omega’s jumpsuit suddenly feeling a fair bit tighter in the crotch area. “That I might visit you at work?” he finished, voice dropping down to an innocent little mumble.


Tony had to take a deep breath not to flee backwards like an idiot or worse, rush forward and grab Peter in a terribly rough kiss. Inhaling shakily, he resorted to taking half a step backwards and scrambling for purchase with his hands on the working bench. At home he usually had no trouble handling Peter, but as soon as they got in a setting like this and Peter looked at him like that…it became a lot harder to remind himself that they were both omegas. The age different made it feel like their relationship was less equal than it technically was. That didn’t stop Peter from purposely leaning closer and oh god he’d refused to wear the scent-blocking padded underwear because Tony could literally fucking smell him from here.


“That’s nice Petey” he breathed out, trying to get his thoughts together and ignore Peter being obviously wet in his motor shop. “A-are you hungry? Because Harley should be over anytime now with sandwiches and we could share if…” Tony started shakily but was cut short by Peter biting his lip (fuck he must’ve practised that move) and shook his head.

“No thanks, I ate at school” he informed. Then he glanced over at the dented old Volvo in the closest bay. His eyes go from innocent to hungry, and the heady scent gets just a little bit stronger. “You know, I had another dream last night…” he said as an afterthought, leaning on his hip.


Oh for fucks sake.


Tony wouldn’t ask. He wouldn’t ask what the dream was about, wouldn’t listen to the answer. No, he would nip it in the bud and change the subject back to Harley who was coming any damn minute and he wouldn’t ask.


“Really?” Tony squeaked out. Yep, that went well.


Peter turned back, giving him the sexiest smile accompanied by a blush.

“I did. It was here actually” he admitted. Peter was no stranger to hanging out with Tony at work; he had been the one recommending Harley actually, a kid in his physics class. The teen took a tiny, lingering step forward. “There was a car in the dream as well, just where that one stands. Except it was a Maserati – one of those red ones?”


Fuck but Peter knew exactly how wet Tony could get for a gleaming red sportscar. He swallowed hard and nodded, now trapped between the kid and the workbench.


“That’s right, like the ones they had in Formula One in the sixties” Peter teased, knowing full well what he was doing. His jeans were tight enough that Tony figured his ass was on full display, and combined with the stray brown lock falling sideways over his forehead the pup looked like a wet dream walking. Which he was, practically. Fuck, why couldn’t he just be here for some regular sex? Why couldn’t that be enough? “Well in my dream, I wore one of your blue jumpsuits. Except it was pulled down all the way, and I was leaning over the hood of the Maserati. You were there as well. Of course” Peter purred, adding the last part like it was obvious he was dreaming about Tony. His small body was now grazing the older omega who’s heart was racing.


In a desperate attempt to diffuse the situation, Tony flashed him the most confident smile he could muster.

“Yeah? Bet that’d make it real easy for me to eat your cute ass out” he said in a husk, hoping Peter would latch on to that. Hell, he would gladly bend the kid over and shove his tongue in his hole if he would just stop going down this road. It amazed him sometimes that Peter could be a total pup one second and a little sex bomb the next.


Unfortunately, he wasn’t that lucky. Peter only smiled back and licked his lips.

“Oh but you weren’t eating me out Tony” he drawled, leaning closer. His chest pressed against Tony’s, his crotch rubbing on the older omega’s (which revealed Tony’s dick was big enough to be noticed, and Peter’s wasn’t) and his breath ghosting the other’s skin. “You prepped me real good with your fingers, and then you fucked me until I came all over the red paint of the car” he whispered.


Tony jerked at the words, bumping harder into Peter as he panicked tried to will his heart to calm down and his cock to stop literally pulsating in his pants.

“Peter! We talked about this” he hissed, trying in vain to move backwards and just ending up stabbing the low of his back with the edge of the bench. (It was a lie by the way; they hadn’t talked about this, not really. Tony had shamelessly let this go on, purely for his own benefit. He was going to hell). The young omega blinked innocently and lifted a hand to trail over Tony’s bicep.

“You didn’t seem to mind the last time I shared a dream” he pointed out, deliberately squeezing the muscle beneath the fabric. And yeah, damn, that was true. In the bath he had mostly groaned and fucked Peter on his fingers – good job Tony.


“That’s different. It was a tough morning” Tony tried. He bit the inside of his cheek, trying to figure out how to put his words. It was time they actually talked about this. “It’s not…it’s not that I don’t want you. You know I love you, and I love having sex with you. But that’s what we should be doing Peter – have sex, not me fucking you. It’s just not the way we omegas do things, and I want to love you in the way you deserve. Respectfully, kind and on equal grounds. Besides, I’m not…I can’t really…I’m not equipped to give you that” Tony explained, voice trailing off at the last words as he flushed embarrassed.


He’d figured Peter would back off and shamefully accept the truth, but the kid just crossed his arms and huffed, pouting.


“But that’s not what I want. Why does it have to be unequal if I’m asking you for it? Just for once, I don’t want you to make love to me, or make me have sex with toys. I want to feel you Tony” Peter said firmly. He stepped closer again and took Tony’s hands in his. “And I want you to take me. You know it’s not true that you can’t do it – just because it’s not what Bucky can do doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good. I don’t want Bucky to bend me over a car – I want you to do that” he finished, looking him straight in the eyes.


Tony was a little dumbfounded. He had never heard Peter talk like that, had never heard him express opinions so sharply. It only happened when he was in total pup defiance, but that wasn’t the case now. Peter was sober. And Peter was demanding to be fucked. He was consenting to it.


“I…” Tony started, but Peter interrupted him by crashing their lips together. The kiss was vicious and sweet at the same time, and Tony found himself moaning and melting into it quickly. He tasted cinnamon and coffee on Peter’s lips and loved it. As soon as the teen opened his mouth and let out a breathy moan, Tony felt heat grow inside him and he answered with a growl, grabbing the omega hard and turning them around. A whimper escaped Peter as he was roughly pushed against the working bench, with Tony working a leg in between them. Instantly, the teen started rutting uncoordinatedly against it, trying to find some blessed friction while Tony desperately clung to him. He felt confused, and hungry, and in absolutely no control of himself. Before he could stop himself, he had pressed a hand down Peter’s tight jeans and found his tight hole already slick and messy.


“You’re not wearing the underwear I told you to wear” Tony groaned out against his lips, heatedly rubbing the pad of his finger against the tight rim. Beneath him, Peter moaned and bit the older omega’s bottom lip, rubbing against the rough fabric of his jumpsuit.

“I wore them to school. I just took them off for now. They’re in my backpack, sir” Peter whined, adding the title with the breathiest whimper. And oh lord fuck, he’d never called Tony that before. It made him growl and push his finger all the way inside, relishing the yelp from Peter and the way the hole resisted him before giving out.


And he might have gone all the way with it, if it weren’t for one problem.


Harley, suddenly appearing in the doorway with a bag of sandwiches and Tony’s coffee. His big eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped.

“Uh, I can come back later if you guys wanna…finish up…” he said, not moving an inch.


Tony sighed, forcing himself to push off Peter. He couldn’t very well fuck him at work in front of an employee. At least all Harley had seen was two pack members making out.

“No it’s fine. Did you get one with mustard?”

Chapter Text

He would call Bucky unusually quiet on their way to the park, but the massive alpha were never one to just make conversation. Instead Steve just walked beside him, holding the leash and ignoring the looks people passing gave such a tiny, frail omega walking an alpha all alone. Bucky behaved without instructions and moved closer to his owner’s side when someone else came close before Steve could even think to pull the leash.


It was such a stark contrast to the aggressive alpha they’d just met that Steve started to wonder. A knot of concern had formed in his stomach during the quiet stroll – if Bucky and Brock grew up in the same pound, then why were they so different? Why was Bucky loyal and calm, while Brock could barely contain himself even in restraints? Unwillingly Steve’s thoughts drifted to the methods beta handlers used to conform their protegees. Methods that Steve had thought was entirely justified, until he met Bucky and developed a difficulty understanding why someone like him deserved a lashing or a beating. It was alphas like Brock that seemed the poster-boy for one deserving punishment.


And yet, Bucky had told Peggy not to beat him.


Steve glanced at his alpha, who discreetly smelled his surroundings and kept a close watch at any other alpha that might stray too close, and whose silver arm was exposed by his black t-shirt. What had they done to him?


Eventually the omega had to ask. Uncomfortably he cleared his throat and tugged the leash a little closer, like some sort of support.

“Bucky?” he asked. The bigger man instantly turned his attention to Steve and he looked down, baby blues meeting steel blues. Steve swallowed. “I was wondering about the alpha we just met…you said you grew up with him. Was he a, uh, friend of yours?” he continued carefully. They didn’t teach you much about the pounds in school, so Steve wasn’t sure if they became ‘friends’ in their or not. When he was a kid he used to imagine the institutions sort of like a boarding school you couldn’t leave. But what kind of school wouldn’t teach you to read? If they were friends, then Steve would understand why it was hard to see Brock tied up and drained like that.


“No” Bucky answered simply, keeping his voice short. His eyes returned to the pavement.

“Oh. Okay then”. Steve fiddled with the leash. Perhaps not the place for making friends then. “But…” he started. Bucky interrupted him in a soft mutter.

“But I knew him” he admitted without looking at Steve.


The omega released a breath. This conversation was a bit harder to navigate than having to talk to Quill about not making little uniforms for Loki’s cats. It reminded Steve more of trying to coax Tony into talking about how his father used to ignore him and forget him at places. This conversation hurt, because it was about Bucky hurting. And Steve had no idea what that hurt had looked like.


“I’m sorry if it was hard to see him today. I didn’t know they would have him restrained like that” Steve said quietly, keeping a wary eye on a young omega passing with a stroller. He wanted Bucky to know that he wasn’t out to make the alpha uncomfortable. “You did very good though. I was proud to show you off” he added, glancing up at the alpha. There was a slight blush tinting Bucky’s cheeks, accompanying the blossoming trees siding the street.

“Thank you” he answered quietly. Then he sighed, those broad shoulders slumping just enough for Steve to notice. “It was good of miss Peggy to restrain him. He is not safe” he mumbled out. Frowning, Steve turned the corner, passing a small church built on a greening hill. The picturesque image of their part of the town away from the busier city centre clashed badly with the still vivid memory of Brock snarling as he was drained.


“But still you don’t want him beaten?” Steve prodded gently.

“It’s bad for the collective, long term, I think. I know it’s not my place to say” Bucky said stiffly.


Now Steve stopped altogether. The leash grew taut for a second before Bucky stopped as well, turning to face his owner. Steve sighed and put his hand (cold from poor circulation and despite the nice spring temperature) on the alpha’s right arm.

“I know you don’t say these things to insult me or my friend. And if I say it is your place to say them, then that’s just how it is. If you feel like sharing, I should like to know what’s wrong. Because you don’t seem to like this Brock, and at the same time you risk speaking up and angering Peggy to tell her that the accepted method of treating an unruly alpha won’t work on him. Now, I believe you when you say that that information is for the benefit of the collective – but that still doesn’t make it make sense” Steve said firmly but gently, not wanting to upset Bucky.


It led to one of those silent battles behind the alphas eyes where he so obviously struggled with two orders at once (telling Steve because Steve wanted to know, or remaining silent because he’d been told only to share if he himself wanted it). At least three people passed them on the street corner before one of those won. Bucky sighed and seemed to release the inside of his cheek from between his teeth, because his taut expression grew less so. Then he looked around to see that no one else was around, before stepping in closer to the iron fence surrounding the church, making them half-protected by that at their backs and a bush at their right.


“My first pound, the Hydra Disciplinary, was very different from the Shield Kennels where you bought me. We were all told not speak of it after it was shut down. Brock was brought in back when I was just a pup, I can’t remember how old. But he was feral when he came” Bucky explained quietly, voice cold. Steve winced involuntarily – he knew what that meant. An alpha only went feral if he grew up outside of an institution or without parents. Meaning that Brock was one of those who’d probably presented as an alpha a little late and had been left out to die rather than be turned into a pound. Feral alphas were found and then reformed – more harshly than the ones who grew up entirely in the pounds. It was like training a wolf in comparison to training a dog.


Bucky saw his expression and suddenly his scent was shifted into a more comforting one. It surrounded the omega like a soft blanket.

“Had Brock been found by Shield Kennels he might be normal now. Better. But…at Hydra, they were trying out something new on us. We were told that we were part of a government-endorsed military program, that we would fulfil our duty as soldiers protecting the country. When the government eventually shut us down, there was all sorts of confusion. I would never had known the truth if a handler at Shield’s hadn’t told me that it was a private military program. We were supposed to be mercenaries, not soldiers. Sold to the highest bidder” Bucky told him with a voice so bitter it soured the blanket of comfort-scent. Steve shivered despite the warmth and his heart sank quickly in his chest. His kind, protective alpha could’ve been sent out to battle, could’ve been forced to kill in service of some war-lord instead of been in a warm home in service of the omegas he deserved. Steve wished instantly that he’d asked these questions in the safety of their own home and not out in the open like this.


Still, Bucky was nothing if not a good alpha. The distress coming from his omega was palpable and made him instinctively sit down on the low stone wall on which the iron fence stood. Then he carefully pulled Steve down in his lap, so that the whimpering omega could bury his face in the crook of Bucky’s neck, nuzzling him for reassurance. If anyone walked by, they would only see a collared alpha easing the distress off his omega – nothing strange about that.


“Do you want me to stop?” Bucky asked gently, stroking his skinny back with his large hand.

“No” Steve mumbled into his heated skin. His tongue licked absentmindedly over the scarring bite mark and the alpha rumbled softly in his chest.

“Okay Steve” he breathed out, holding his small body close. Taking a deep breath, he continued. “That’s why Brock is still feral. Our old handlers never tried to reform him, since they wanted to see if they could drive him further into the wilderness and make a rampage soldier out of him” he told Steve who shivered again. Like a mad dog, he thought with a sour taste in his mouth. A mad dog to release and then lock back into a cage. “They beat him to make him worse, so he responds to beatings by becoming more aggressive. Brock was never meant to service omegas and by the time he came to the new pound it was too late to reform him. At least since the handlers there went by the book as well and whipped him to make him behave” he murmured. The cold in his voice had melted a little by having a bundle of omega in his arms, but this was obviously not easy to speak about.


Suddenly Steve felt so very small in the grip of such a dangerous alpha. It could’ve just as easily been Bucky who went mad in there. Not wanting to think about it, he buried his face deeper into his neck and whimpered.


They stayed like that for a few minutes before Steve spoke again.

“Did no one tell them at Shield Kennels that it wouldn’t work?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I was never told anything about Brock after we left Hydra – I only heard him at night and when they came to punish him” Bucky said matter-of-factly, like he was trying to detach himself from those memories.


All this time Steve had thought that parents who put out their alpha children in the woods to die did so because they didn’t want one more dangerous alpha running around. He’d thought they’d done such a horrible thing to spare the world. Now he realised, with a nauseating feeling, that the parents might do it to spare their alpha children of having to grow up in a pound.


And that’s when something terrible dawned on him. Something that made the knot in his stomach unravel like a little flesh-eating plants, snapping out at his insides. If that’s what they’d put Brock through to turn him into a mercenary, what had they put Bucky through?


He never got a chance to ask the question. For once, Bucky spoke before being told to. Sighing, the large man’s muscles tensed around Steve before relaxing again, as if in surrender.

“I know what you’re thinking” the alpha murmured softly, keeping his voice low enough for no one to overhear. “I’m not like Brock. That’s because I wasn’t trained to be feral. I was meant for command, so they had to make it sure that I would obey their commands and not get any ideas just because I was allowed to dominate other alphas. And Shield, they converted that training into obeying the commands of an omega collective instead, so the step wasn’t far for me to be…unmade into something else. Something better” Bucky said, looking down at his omega. There was something in his eyes hard to read, but it contrasted against the cold in his words. It was warm, and soft. And directed at Steve.


Still, it wasn’t enough. There was more the alpha wasn’t saying.


Slowly, Steve untangled a hand and brushed it carefully over the prothesis. It was cold to the touch, and impossible well-functioning with the plating shifting soundlessly under Bucky’s movements. The arm was a marvel – it was like nothing Steve had ever seen. One of the omegas in the collective he grew up with had been born without her lower right leg, and used a prothesis to move around. That thing had been a clumsy thing of plastic and metal, meant only for function and not made in any kind of likeness of an actual leg. But Bucky’s prothesis looked as if his arm had one day just suddenly changed to metal. It reminded Steve more of the old comics he used to read than anything he’d witnessed in real life. Like the X-men character Colossus who effortlessly donned the scales of his metal form, because the metal was part of his skin. Bucky looked like he at any time could change back into his normal arm, and the prothesis did whatever he wanted it to. Furthermore, it was ingrained in his very body. He couldn’t actually take it off. That was next level technology.


And Steve needed to know why he had it.


Gently, he let his fingers trace the metal plating. He looked up with sad, searching eyes. What met him was sadness back.

“’Training gone wrong’. You said that. How can a training go this wrong?” he asked, voice so small it was barely heard. And Bucky’s face rippled and changed – it swerved through at least five different emotions in just a few seconds before settling defeated on a tired look. The rumble in his chest meant to soothe Steve slowly died down and he didn’t meet his omega’s eyes.


“I was told never to say” he whispered. “But I’ve already broken that rule. I’m sorry that I lied to you Steve, I know that was very bad of me. I just didn’t want you to feel sorry for me – I am not in your service to make you feel bad” Bucky said, looking helplessly down at Steve. The only thing he could think to do was start purring. It was a strange thing to do on the street and not in bed, but Steve knew what effect purring had on an alpha. And it actually helped a little. Bucky continued, breath only a little shaky. “A doctor at Hydra Disciplinary removed my arm and replaced it. Sometime during one of the surgeries, he told me in confidence that I was to be part of a special team, all with ‘new fists’. Winter Soldiers he called them. Except…I’m not sure how many others survived. Some just lost their arms. Some died. I’m not sure” he told Steve. Then he looked at him again, squeezing him closer. “But they gave me local anaesthesia. Better than training gone wrong. I promise”.


It was the desperate attempt to make Steve feel better in all of this that broke him. The tears spilled over and rolled hot and burning down his cheeks as he buried his face in Bucky’s shirt. Despite everything that had happened to Bucky, he still made sure Steve knew that the surgery hadn’t hurt so that his distress might be less. It should be the omega comforting Bucky through this, yet it was the other way around.


So Steve cried. He just let himself cry – for all of it.




Of course Peter had been forced to leave the shop after Harley showed up. And Tony had been forced to work the rest of the day both wet and hard – at least his erection had given up rather quickly compared.


So by the time he got home to the house he was frustrated and grumpy. He barely grunted a hello to Loki and Quill sitting on the couch coddling the tiny little rat they insisted was a kitten. He just stalked up to the bathroom and took a quick shower, scrubbing away the grime and sweat harshly and looking down at his cock now suddenly showing interest again. Considering dealing with that, Tony decided with a groan that no, jerking off in the shower would be a pathetic substitute to almost bending Peter over the hood of a Volvo earlier.


Instead he dried himself off and donned some comfortable jeans with a Black Sabbath shirt, skipping down the stairs to hunt for food. Frowning, he smelled the air and peeked his head around the corner.
“Where’s Steve with the alpha?” he asked Quill who nuzzled the blind bundle against his cheek.

“Out. They were going to the park after vising the Howlies” the omega said in a baby voice while rubbing his nose against Freja’s tiny pink one, making Tony roll his eyes. Then Quill looked up at him, changing to his normal voice. “Peter wanted you in the garage by the way. He’s in there right now” he informed.


The twitch in Tony’s pants made him straightened up. Oh really? Trying not to get his hopes up (maybe Peter just wanted help with something for school) and at the same time trying to play it cool in front of his friends, he ended up sort of awkwardly pushing himself off the doorframe and shove his hands in his pockets.

“Oh? Okay better…get on that” he said, frowning at his stupid phrasing. But Loki and Quill just cooed at their kitten and had already lost all interest in him. So he slipped unnoticed out of the kitchen and opened the door to the garage.


The sight that hit him wasn’t anything in the least what he was prepared for. The usually dark garage lit up by a single, bright spotlight for the car was now engulfed in the warm light of at least ten candles burning on various surfaces. Low music played over the speakers, and the ZZ top record should clash with the candles but it really didn’t considering the scene was still a garage. The single car in the middle, dull red paint grimed down, was like normal still a total wreck of a vehicle, but as of right now something very beautiful was leaning on it.


That something was Peter – he was dressed in nothing but one of Tony’s old band-tees, so oversized on his small frame that the frayed hem grazed the top of his thighs. And Tony’s racing heart was willing to bet the omega was naked beneath it. Peter’s pretty, lean legs (god he didn’t even need to shave them, he was so young and pure) ended in a pair of the mechanic’s working boots. Meanwhile his brown hair had a loose curl hanging over his forehead and the look in his hazel eyes was glittering hunger.


It was just about the hottest look Tony had ever seen.


“Jesus Christ…” was all he could think to say as he stepped down the two steps and closed the door. The vixen goddess across the room gave him a smile that was just on the border between shy and bewitching. Peter casually threw a look at the car he was leaning against and splayed his hands out on the dented hood.

“It’s no Maserati…but at least it’s red” he said, innocent voice spiked with coiling desire. The comment made Tony huff out a laugh, which was quickly turned into a groan when he stepped closer and caught a whiff of Peter’s scent. God, the boy must be soaking.


“I told the others I wanted you to myself for a while. They won’t bother us” Peter breathed out, straightening a little as Tony stepped up, placing two large hands on the omega’s skinny little hips. His own breath washed out in an unbelieving exhale, his eyes roaming over Peter shamelessly. And so goddamn responsive – the small gesture of grabbing at his hips had the pup whimpering and pressing closer.

“Did you get all dressed up for me doll?” Tony murmured, pulling at the Def Leppard-shirt, bunching the fabric in his fist. Peter knew exactly what it did to him, wearing his clothes like that. They were covered in Tony’s scent and made his possessive streak come out that much stronger. It was an act of submission. A very conscious act of submission.

“Yes sir. Figured you’d like me like this” Peter purred, purposely making his voice smaller at that intoxicating title. His long eyelashes batted up at Tony. Fuck, he could just eat him up.


Tony growled low and felt his cock stiffen at the smell of Peter’s slick running down freely down the back of his legs. He reached his hands around and grabbed the omega’s ass through the t-shirt, reaching forward to nip at his scenting gland, relishing in Peter’s whimper and slight tremble of the knees.

“You’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, you know that?” Tony grunted and buried his nose in his neck to inhale the sharp scent of needy omega. It was like drinking bourbon straight from the bottle. “My pretty little boy. Do you wanna be my good boy baby?” he murmured as he pulled back and leaned his forehead to Peter’s, stepping in to press his body full on against the other’s. Peter was shoved back against the car, damn sure feeling the erection pushing against his belly, and the pup whined, turning to expose his neck further. Fuck, but Tony couldn’t stop the words coming out of him. It was like he’d flipped a switched there in the shop.


“Yes sir. I can be good for you, so good” Peter breathed out, gasping when Tony dragged the t-shirt up to get to his naked skin. He’d been right – no underwear.

“Oh I know you can baby” he purred out huskily, licking at Peter’s earlobe. His finger sneaked up from the back of Peter’s thighs, following the wet trail lingering there, all the way until he reached its source. It was a mess when he pressed his finger against the omega’s hole, and beneath him his pretty boy moaned breathlessly. “I’ll make you my good little boy” Tony promised in a whisper.

Chapter Text

There was a special place in hell reserved just for Tony. Some secluded lake of fire dedicated for omegas just like him who did such bad things to sweet little boys. He was sure of it. But if so a demon would escort him personally once he died, Tony knew he would die a happy man because nothing could make him stop what he was about to do.


The sweet little boy he was about to ruin completely was now finally bent over the hood of the dented old car. Tony hadn’t been gentle about it either, but it didn’t matter because Peter only moaned in a kind of whorish way he never did whenever they had sex in the nest and splayed his upper body out for the taking. So what could the mechanic do but ruck Peter’s t-shirt up and expose his cute little rounded ass to him? Could he be blamed for using his hands to spread the pup apart, revealing…


Revealing that he was absolutely dripping. A gasp escaped Tony as he looked in aroused shock at Peter’s pink hole already a sloppy mess. He hadn’t seen him this wet any other time than that one heat the younger omega had gotten a few months ago.

“God Petey…” he breathed out, bringing his thumb out to swipe up some of the excess slick from where it had dribbled down his perineum. Peter whimpered at the sensitive area being touched.

“See sir? My hole is all ready for you” Peter panted out in a broken voice. It culminated in a wanton moan when Tony dragged his thumb upwards and rubbed at that tight entrance, as if he wanted to press the slick back in there.


Yes it was. And that demon down below was shaking the dust off its wings, because there was no turning back now. As Tony slowly forced his thumb inside, his thickest finger, and listened to the breathy gasps of Peter, he felt himself grow fully hard knowing that today was the day he would truly ruin the omega. Every omega, however modern and emancipated they thought themselves to be, submitted to an alpha enough for them to get fucked, because that’s what every omega craved. It didn’t make them lesser, or weak.


But Peter? He was about to submit to another omega. He would sink beneath the lowest rank in the pack, become a bitch in earnest. Had it been the old times, back when an alpha still ruled the pack, Peter would have been made to sleep at the bottom of the nest, away from the softest pillows and warmest blankets. Eaten last and forced to clean his packmates holes after they’d been used. He would have risked only getting his alpha’s knot during heats, and instead being left for the other, stronger omegas to fuck while the alpha used his mouth for pleasure. An omega who submitted to those of the same rank was considered nothing more than a desperate whore, and few alphas liked sloppy seconds.


But it wasn’t the old times. It was right now, and even though Tony got off deeply to the thought of Peter being below him in rank, he would never truly see Peter that way. He would never stop respecting him – in fact he respected him more now for being brave enough to go after what he craved.


Therefore Tony paused the intrusion to rub soft circles just inside Peter’s rim, kissing him on the smooth skin of his butt.

“You know I love you, right?” he murmured against him where he knelt on the floor. The aroused scent coming off the teen in waves mingled with something sweeter, more content. When Tony looked up, Peter had turned his head and glanced back at him, a pretty blush covering his cheeks.

“Love you too Tones” he mumbled with that adorable little smile Tony liked so much. Then it turned into a devilish smirk and a wink. “Now would you please fuck me?” he mocked.


Tony growled loud, hoping the music would cover it. Instantly he smacked Peter’s ass enough for him to jerk forward and gasp.

“God, not only are you dripping but now you’re begging for it? Who knew I raised such a little slut” the older omega teased. The derogatory term only made Peter moan and push back against his finger. Perfect – that meant it was okay for Tony to say such things. He didn’t want to insult Peter.

“A slut for you sir” Peter moaned and it made Tony smirk, forcing the rest of his thumb inside the wet hole. Yep, definitely okay.


He wouldn’t fuck him directly though. Perhaps Peter was right about his omega issues being more in his head than he admitted, but Tony still wasn’t sure how well he could perform. And if he could only fuck Peter for a few minutes, then he wanted to take his sweet time playing with his ass in other ways. After all, there was few things he loved more than taking Peter apart with his mouth.


“Oh god, oh god…” Peter whined and rocked back onto Tony as the omega kept his thumb lodged in there and started licking around the slightly stretched rim. More slick gushed out over his digit and Tony just lapped it all up, relishing the taste of needy omega as the pink muscled contracted around his finger. The rocking stopped when he growled low in his throat and as a reward he replaced his thumb with his index and middle finger instead, burying them to the second knuckle in one go. Peter could take it – he was wet enough that a less considerate alpha might even take one look and then go ahead and shove his cock in directly. Lucky for the teen that Tony wasn’t an alpha at all. He had no qualms about rubbing his tongue all over the place where his fingers kept the boy stuffed, drinking in the wanton sounds he made for him.


That was the sexiest part really. When Peter submitted for Bucky, it was his body calling the shots. His nature coaxed him to present for the alpha and deeply embedded instincts made him wet and ready for the taking. With Tony however, Peter chose to submit. Sure he could be affected by the fact that Tony was a more dominant omega, yet all these little things he did now as he yielded himself up for Tony, all the desperate sounds and the way he pressed his cheek into the metal hood of the car and rubbed it; those weren’t things that the smell of another omega could force him to do. Peter would have to choose the level of submission he was right now. Because he wanted this. His mind and soul wanted to bend down for Tony, not just his body.


And that made all the difference.  


“Tony please” came the whimper breathlessly from above. Indulging him, with a knowing grin, the older omega pulled away enough to bite the fleshy part of Peter’s buttocks as he started pumping his two fingers in and out at a pace that mixed the squelching sound with the teen’s high-pitched gasps coming desperately out of him.

“This what you wanted?” Tony muttered against the marks from two rows of teeth now embedded in his alabaster skin, fucking him fast and hard.

“Yes yes yes!” Peter babbled into the cold metal. At first he tried to rock backwards to get more of the fingers inside, but as soon as Tony found his prostate and dug the calloused pads of his fingertips into the swollen bundle, the omega went lax and soft for him.

“There’s my good boy” Tony grunted and made a scissoring movement to spread him open while his other hand went to slap his ass just to feel Peter jolt and cry out. “Gonna get you nice and open for me” he muttered. He supposed the young omega didn’t actually need to be stretched open like that, but it didn’t hurt to keep the act up. Imagining that it was necessary to prepare Peter for his cock made his erection pulsate with want, and it seemed to affect Peter as well because he pressed back sluggishly and more slick gushed out of him.


“More please Tony. Give me another” Peter begged oh so sweetly. Too bad Tony had different plans. With a slap on his pale ass, right on top of the last one adding to the reddening area, the mechanic only shook his head and promptly pulled out his fingers. A high-pitched whine travelled through the garage lit only by the spread out candles casting shadows on the grey concrete walls. His baby boy did not appreciate being left empty.

“Don’t be greedy, pup” he murmured with a wicked smile, drawing another disgruntled whine from Peter.


The whine turned to a lewd moan however when Tony quickly replaced his fingers by pressing his tongue into the slightly gaping hole. The overwhelming taste of sweet slick covered his senses and for a moment, Tony though the smell might cause him to lose focus. Despite his dominant needs, he was still an omega with the corresponding instincts.


Then Peter’s rim relaxed beneath his intrusive tongue and he let out such a pitiful little whimper that every urge in Tony suddenly told him to claim. Growling, he spread Peter apart roughly and begun fucking his tongue in and out of him, drinking up all the sticky wetness that flowed out of him. It dripped down into his beard and even onto his knees still dressed in jeans. Knowing that Peter knew that he was still fully clad made the thing even hotter. God he prayed that no one of the little shits out there came and interrupted them. At least he had remembered to lock the garage door.


“Fuck sir, t-that feels so good” Peter stammered as he got his tiny pink hole eaten out with fervour. Tony hummed against his skin, moving slightly below and licking at the sensitive part between his small balls and his entrance, making the younger omega hiss in pleasure before he moved up to dive back in.

“Your little cunt tastes perfect”. Tony pulled back just enough to mumbled the words out, then nipping at his rim and reaching a hand below to gently caress the little sack. He could literally hear Peter rub his cheek hard into the metal, whimpering out his agreement.


Honestly that was another line crossed – albeit a looser one, but he still wasn’t supposed to call Peter’s asshole a ‘cunt’. It was a humiliating term. Although Peter seemed to enjoy being humiliated a little. Tony could get behind that.


So he kept licking that perfect little cunt, kept stroking his sack just on the border of too hard only for the benefit of having Peter squirm beneath him. He kept forcing his tongue further inside to lap up all that sweetness and feel his tight rim twitch under the hot pressure, every once in a while dealing another slap to that exact same spot on his right ass cheek. By the time Tony finally reached further and pinched his small, barely hard dick, it was all Peter needed to come right there on the spot. He mewled into the dented car and shuddered, trying so very hard to keep in place for Tony and not collapse. Had the teen not already been half lying over the hood, his legs would’ve probably given out from the intensity of the orgasm. Tony just stroke him through it and let his cum splatter over the tire and side of the car, while he eagerly swallowed down the excess flow of slick forced out as Peter’s muscles convulsed and clenched.


“Mmm god…Tony…” Peter whimpered, legs shuddering in aftershock as Tony dried his beard with the back of his hand and rose up. The boy was glossy eyed, cheek reddening from where he’d rubbed it into the plating, hands clenching around nothing. Tony stepped up so that his clothed crotch pressed hard against Peter’s now loose ass, which in turn pushed his sensitive, spent cock up against the car, causing him to wince and whimper. Leaning over, the older omega draped himself across Peter’s back and pressed him into the unyielding surface, ghosting his breath over his ear.


“You’ll call me sir, or else I’ll make sure to spank you until you can’t sit down” he threatened, low and promising. His dominant voice made Peter shiver again and Tony didn’t miss how his pupils dilated, swallowing most of the hazel in his eyes.

“Yes sir” Peter murmured quickly, looking up at him with such a submissive look that something very dark uncoiled in Tony’s stomach. His hand grabbed the red mark where he’d slapped his baby boy earlier, smiling as Peter hissed in pain.

“I didn’t quite catch that” he taunted, purposely rubbing his hard cock against the other.

“Yes sir” Peter gasped, much clearer this time.

“Good boy” Tony praised, letting go.


One of Tony’s hands was kept between Peter’s shoulder blades, keeping him pinned where he lied, while the other went to his jeans so he could unzip them. His erection had flagged down a little while he licked his boy to climax but had come back full strength now. Hopefully it would keep like that at least long enough to give Peter a decent fuck. Tony tried not to get self-consciousness get in the way of enjoying this moment.


It was a good thing Peter had such a filthy mouth.


“Please sir, get it out, I need it. Please, I’ll be such a good boy, please fuck me” the young omega begged shamelessly, wiggling his messy ass and rubbing his cheek back down submissively. It made Tony groan as he roughly janked the fly open and shoved his jeans and underwear down just enough to get his dick out. It was hard, and quite a nice handful even if it was nowhere near what Bucky kept in his pants. But it would have to do.


The smell of his precum leaking down over his fist as he pumped it a few times made Peter whimper as he unconsciously made himself smaller and flatter against the metal surface, like such a good boy.

“Sir, please let me have your cock. I’m a slut sir, I’m a slut and I need it in me” he whined and begged pathetically, trying to press his ass back onto the hard length behind him. That dark, uncoiled thing lashed out in Tony and made him feel like he was on fire – he had never felt this kind of raw, forbidden need. Fantasizing about it hadn’t prepared him at all for the reality. For seeing Peter truly submitting for him, bent down and begging for it.

“You are baby, you really are. Such a pretty little slut, and all mine. Gonna make you feel so good” Tony praised as he rubbed the head of his dick against that sloppy entrance. A broken moan came from Peter and the pup had to be held down not to move backwards and impale himself. No, that was reserved for Tony to do.


Tony’s heart was racing and his thighs were shaking from the intensity of the situation. There was conflicting reactions in his body – sure his dick was hard and his teeth literally ached with the will to claim, but he was also messing his underwear up pretty bad with his own slick leaking. That’s why he kept his pants mostly on. It would be better if Peter couldn’t smell him as much as he could smell the precum dribbling out of him in white, thick pearls.


And it would’ve been confusing if not for his sweet baby boy. Tony was quite certain no one could submit so well as Peter – every single pheromone the kid let out and every movement he made screamed take me alpha I am yours. By some wonder, Tony felt like that biological message applied to him.


So he growled, just on the brink of a snarl, and kept his cock firmly where it was just threatening to breach Peter’s clenching rim, and draped himself over Peter again knowing full well his weight would make the boy struggle to breathe. He didn’t really care. The omega was his, and he would press him down into the hood of this stupid old car if he wanted to.

“Keep still pup” he growled low, moving his legs closer to pin Peter down further. The young omega let out a shuddering breath and whimpered, hazel completely overtaken by black now. “That’s it, that’s a good boy. I’m gonna fuck you now. I’m gonna make you my little bitch” Tony grunted out with blood rushing in his ear, strangling out even the music.


Except he didn’t think his words through before he said them. Because suddenly Peter tensed beneath him and that pliant mess of an omega turned unsure, hardened. It dawned on Tony what he had just called Peter, his lovely, darling Peter, and dread seized his stomach so quickly he thought he might throw up. Starting to rise up, Tony pulled his cock away and looked down with anxious horror.


“Peter, no, fuck I’m so sorry –“ he started apologizing, fully prepared to back up against the wall and curl down to make himself small again, but then Peter’s right hand shot out and grabbed his forearm. The kid turned to look at him, desperation and need written all over those beautiful eyes.

“Don’t” he choked out, somehow holding Tony put by some strength the omega didn’t knew he had. The muscles of Peter’s back relaxed back again and his scent turned sweeter, even sweeter than it had been before. His eyes fluttered as if there was something giving him pleasure right now, and Tony realized he was grinding his small cock against the side of the car. “Please sir. I want you…I want you to make your bitch. Please sir. Let me be your little bitch” Peter pleaded with a small, submissive voice. The way he clung to the title and never called him Tony just told the mechanic that the kid was still lingering in subspace, that nice, fluffy place he went when he submitted, but the vice grip on his arm let Tony know that this was Peter talking, not his omega instincts. This was Peter consenting.


So he drew a ragged breath and inhaled those intoxicating pheromones again. They went straight to his dick that thickened once again in his grip. This time he only put his hand there on Peter’s back and held him in place, hearing himself growl before he could make himself make the noise. And Tony let go – let himself say and feel whatever he wanted, whatever he needed and couldn’t control.


“God, how did I get so lucky? I have the prettiest omega there is, presenting so good for me” he mumbled his praise, feeling Peter openly purring beneath him. He aligned himself once again against that fluttering little hole, already tightening up. “Letting me take you against a car, god you’re so needy. So sloppy for me, just like a bitch in heat” he grunted to which Peter whined high in his throat.

“Yes sir, please, don’t want to be like before, wanna be a bitch. Please make me one” Peter begged, maybe not making perfect sense, but Tony got it anyway. That was expression for a desire deeper and darker than what was allowed omegas today. At least in this moment, Peter didn’t want to be an equal omega – he wanted to be below Tony, to be used and turned into a sloppy, used hole.


And Tony never did learn how to deny Peter.


He was going to say something but it turned into a heavy growl as he finally, fucking finally, held himself steady and let his cock sink past that struggling rim and into the wet heat inside. The sensation of Peter’s desperate hole clenching down hard on the head of his dick as it forced it’s entry was electrifying, and made Tony feel as if he had a full sized alpha erection in his hand. That’s how virgin tight Peter was despite the heavy flow of slick. For a second Tony just had to stop and take a long, shaky breath as not to just shoot his load right away. It didn’t help that Peter whined and moaned and started licking the rusting metal in a subconscious way to show his submission and readiness to be used even from the front. Groaning, Tony jerked his hips forward and buried himself to the hilt.


Then he stayed there, pulsating from where he felt like he was splitting Peter in half, and reached forward to give the kid a finger to suck on himself. The omega moaned whorishly and opened his mouth instantly to accept the digit inside, sucking so hard it made Tony curse and rub his hips against that cute ass he was pressed against. He wasn’t long enough to graze Peter’s cervix, but he was more than enough to rub over his prostate whenever he moved and that alone made the kid mewl around the finger in his mouth.


Being inside Peter felt like that final piece he had been looking for. It felt like coming home.


“Christ pup” Tony choked, carefully pulling out halfway and then moving back. He knew he was moving too slow, knew it from the way Peter spread his legs even further despite having been reduced to a literal heap of a boy, but it couldn’t be helped. Not only did he want to fucking enjoy the hell out of this, he was also not sure how long he could last if he went faster. His erection still throbbed inside the omega, but that could end at any time. Somehow it made the whole thing just a little bit hotter – not knowing if his cock would unexpectedly pain the inside of Peter’s cunt with cum.


“Please, please, please” Peter babbled around Tony’s index finger and scrambled listlessly for purchase with his hands, finding none. Grunting, Tony snapped his hips a little harder, bringing a cry from the kid. The wet heat welcomed him with suction enough to make him see stars. That dark thing, perhaps his very own demon, lashed its tail in Tony and he let it ignite him, let it make his thrusting harder, faster. Still fully clad with his omega naked and breathless below him, he felt his jaw fall open as a wordless groan escaped him, his own ass tensing while he fucked Peter just as roughly as he deserved.


“Mmm…mmm…” the pup’s noises had been reduced to whimpering as he continued sucking, eyes rolling back in his head.

“That’s it, take it. Take my cock pup” Tony panted and looked down to see his glistening cock sliding in and out of that hot chamber, disappearing with such ease into his pliant body that it was like it was meant to be there. It felt like that anyway. And he sure as fuck hoped the music and wooden door drowned out the squelching sound of his cock finding home and pressing out slick, because nothing his fingers had ever done made that sound. And it was hell of a lot different from the feeling of having Peter’s mouth stretched around his cock – this was heat and wetness and fucking perfection.


Tony fucked Peter up against the hood of the car while calling him everything form darling to pup to bitch, and the omega drank it all down. It must not have been more than a few minutes but it felt like hours before Peter suddenly tensed up and his hole clamped down impossibly hard around Tony’s dick as he stuttered out a moan, releasing a second load (a small one) onto the car. His orgasm caused him to spasm around Tony, in a way that made the older omega’s eyes roll back into his skull at the pleasure.


And it didn’t take more than that for him to lose it.

“Oh god…Peter I’m gonna…fuck…” Tony groaned as he jerked his hips forward one last time and buried himself all the way in, imagining in his head how his cock split Peter’s cervix open even if in reality he couldn’t reach. But it didn’t matter because then he was coming and he was filling Peter up with all the cum he had, not caring how much. In turn, Peter cried and begged, pleading with Tony to please fill me, please sir, please. He never asked for a knot, despite being deep in submission. That just told Tony that he didn’t want an alpha in him, he wanted Tony. It made him moan and convulse, a wave of pleasure forcing more cum out of him.


Afterwards, Tony picked the limp Peter up and sat down leaning against the car with the pup in his lap. He cooed and pet his hair, calling him beautiful, and let Peter purr and lick his neck. Two of his fingers went up the kid’s hole to keep the cum in there for at least a while in the absence of a knot. Tony knew of course that his sperm wasn’t gonna get Peter pregnant – the chance was one in a million – but it still felt good to keep it in there for a little while. The boy was sweet and warm and snuggled up effortlessly in Tony’s arms.


“I love you Peter. I really love you” Tony murmured softly into his brown hair, petting his skinny back and revelling in just how lucky he was to get to have this. He placed a gentle kiss on Peter’s head, chest filled to the brim with adoration. Soon they would have to get up and move, but not just yet. Right now they only had to nuzzle each other and enjoy the moment.


“I love you too Tones” Peter mumbled back sleepily. And Tony smiled. What had he done to deserve him?

Chapter Text

The alpha park was a large green area enclosed with trees and various wooden structures for the alphas to play with. It was surrounded by a high fence and had different sections in it. Some required the alpha to be on the leash the entire time, but in others you were allowed to let your alpha loose to run around. It was one of them Steve and Bucky were walking towards now. Steve would release Bucky there and stay on the safe side of the fence, allowing him some time to get rid of his excess energy.


Bucky kept very close to Steve as he was led through the large park, blooming with spring flowers, and glared threateningly at any alpha who had the guts to throw a second look at his omega’s ass or sniff at him. The behaviour made Steve blush with pride, but he tried to keep a stern face and tugged at the leather leash. It wasn’t proper to encourage Bucky acting hostile out of place. Since they didn’t force him to wear a muzzle, there really only was a 95 pound omega stopping him from ripping someone’s throat out with his teeth in case he got riled up.

“Don’t challenge anyone Buck. Play nice” Steve quietly chided him. The alpha let out a dog-like whine and ducked his head down, ashamed. Steve gently stroke his arm and led him towards the bushy area to the left.


It wasn’t strange that Bucky was extra protective at the moment. It was only fifteen minutes ago Steve had been curled up in his lap crying, and he still smelled faintly of distress. It attracted unwanted attention from the sensitive noses of other alphas, in all different manners of restrained, from simple leashes to chains and muzzles, while others wore choke collars or only decorative collars as they were instead held by a harness. Their omega owners held on to them tightly or loosely, keeping a strict eye or chatting casually with other omegas. In any case, Steve couldn’t really blame Bucky for glaring them down. It did seem to repel the nosy alphas – not everyone was as large and strong as Bucky. Still, he shouldn’t push it.


It had been difficult to hear the truth from Bucky. It made Steve look around the park with a wary eye, made him wonder how much of this societal system he’d taken for granted as good, actually was doing more harm. He’d been so distressed over at the church that he’d even confusedly asked if Bucky even wanted to go to the alpha park. The large man had kissed his cheek and told him he loved the park and was thankful for the opportunity to run around and let off steam without worrying about hurting someone.


So here they were.


As the pair got close, Bucky suddenly let out an excited sort of bark. Surprised Steve turned and gave a lopsided smile – the park always brought out the most puppy-like behaviour in Bucky.

“What is it honey?” he asked, amused. The alpha was practically buzzing with energy as he nodded towards the enclosed area.

“It’s Sam. I can see Sam!” Bucky rushed out, tensing his body to keep from jumping at the gate. Steve smiled fondly.

“The nice alpha you played with last time?” he asked and got an excited nod back. He was pretty sure that if Bucky had a tail, it would be wagging.


“Right then” Steve chuckled, stopping at the gate and reaching up for the leash connected in his collar. Inside the fence, a tall, lean alpha with a shaved head and playful eyes was climbing on a wooden structure. Steve kept one hand on the clasp and reached the other in his bag. When he pulled out the red ball Bucky went from wiggling and squirming to completely still, staring at the brightly coloured toy with wide-eyed mesmerisation. Raising an eyebrow, Steve lifted the ball. “I’m gonna let you play with this in there. But you have to promise me to behave, and bring it back. If you break it, you’ll have to settle for the green ball at home. Okay?” he said firmly. Bucky whined and nodded, anxious to get his mouth on the ball.


Steve smiled and unclasped his leash, opening the gate. Then he threw the ball inside, watching it fly (not very far in all honesty) over the green grass.

“Go get it boy!” he encouraged, and in a split second Bucky had let out another bark and went running after it. With a warm chuckle, Steve closed the gate, went to stand by the side and watch. A nice breeze stroke away the hair from his temple and he blinked at the sun finally warm enough to be felt, feeling his distress melt away.


“Is that one yours?” a man beside him asked. Turning, Steve discovered it was a young omega with blond hair and piercing blue eyes just on the right side of a little smug. Actually, he looked somewhat like what Steve might have looked like if he’d been healthy and strong, for this omega had some muscle built in his rather tall frame. He was about the same size as Tony.

“Yes, that’s my James” Steve answered politely if not a little warily. The scent from the other wasn’t exactly unpleasant, but there was a sharpness to it that put him slightly on edge. Steve decided not to indulge the nickname. The man flashed him a smile.

“He seems to enjoy our Sam. I hope he can play nice – James is a big one” he said, to which Steve frowned.

“James plays very nice” Steve said with a bit of firmness to his voice. Out on the field, Bucky rolled around with the alpha called Sam, wrestling for the ball.


“Don’t mind John; we’ve seen your alpha before and he seems very well behaved” another young omega cut in, leaning around his friend. The two were stark contrasts – while this ‘John’ was pale and golden-haired, the other had very dark skin and well-kept black hair. And any suspicious smugness and off scent John carried, his friend was the opposite. “I’m Lemar” he greeted Steve with a smile, stretching out his hand. His smile was warm and friendly and his scent was inviting, like the fresh air on high altitude and apple pie. Steve returned his smile and shook Lemar’s hand.

“Steve. My alpha really likes yours, he got so excited he almost forgot his words before” he said with a chuckle, watching Bucky tumble down with Sam playfully on top.

“Yeah it’s so nice for them to have a space to roll around, meet new friends. We’ve have Sam for a year now and sometimes I think he just really need to be with his own kind” Lemar admitted, leaning against the fence. Him and John must be a little younger than Steve – perhaps they had older omegas in their collective who managed to get the money together? Sam seemed to be a prime alpha and wouldn’t have come cheap.


John snorted and kicked some grass.

“Just because you don’t let me play with him” he said and buffed Lemar’s shoulder, who in turn rolled his eyes.

“You think you can handle it but you can’t, Nemo” he paraphrased with a raised eyebrow, making Steve let out a laugh. Bucky barked somewhere in the distance and his omega gave Lemar a lopsided smile.

“Quill back in my collective is the same. I swear sometimes I think he believes we bought a puppy” he sighed, remembering just two days ago when the stupid little omega tried to have a tug-of-war with Bucky which ended up knocking a pot over and causing Loki to go into a fit about the scattered dirt.


Lemar laughed heartily, and John made a silly face. They observed their alphas for a while, talking about being an owner and what they worked with and stuff like that. Eventually Lemar turned to Steve.
“Hey, do you think James might appreciate coming over for a playdate sometime? Sam hasn’t had one in ages” he asked.


A playdate. Yeah. Bucky would probably love that. And Steve really like these two omegas (well at least Lemar). So he smiled brightly and nodded.

“That would be great”.




The next day was a Saturday, so everyone was free. Loki was walking through the living room with a trail of stray cats behind him, declaring it was “feeding time babies!” and carrying the tiny kitten Freja in a homemade little sling so she was close to his chest. She hadn’t quite opened her eyes yet and was still pretty helpless, but a chonky female cat, so pitch black they called her Hela after the Norse goddess of death, had taken to her and let the kitten sleep nuzzled against her whenever it wasn’t curled up next to Loki. Steve sat in the couch next to Bucky, reading from ‘The Hobbit’ and showing him the pages while Quill was on his knees in front of the alpha, happily purring as he licked his half-swollen knot. The brown-haired omega enjoyed having his face buried in Bucky’s crotch and had asked permission to just spend some time there lazily licking and kissing his cock and balls. It made it a little bit more difficult to keep the alpha’s focus on the book, but it worked.


Where Peter was Steve had no idea about, but Tony came in with a cup of coffee smelling of motor oil so obviously he’d been in the garage.


“And that’s spelled with two E’s…remember which one is E?” Steve said gently, holding the book out for Bucky to squint at. Below him Quill rubbed his ass slowly into the mat and licked over the knot.

“Steve, I’ve made an appointment” Tony interrupted, standing in front of the three. Frowning, Steve looked up.

“Appointment?” he asked, feeling his heart sink. His friend gave him a meaning look, because they both knew that he knew what Tony meant.

“Your heat should start on Tuesday, so we really should’ve done this on Friday. But now I’ve made an appointment for you with Dr Strange first thing Monday morning; and we’re bringing Bucky” he said firmly.


The mention of his name made Bucky tense up beside Steve. There was the sudden faint sound of his metal arm whirring, distracting the omega for a second. Then he sighed and looked at Tony with a hard stare. They did this before every heat with him, but this time it was different. He had an alpha. Why did he have to humiliate himself again?

“I don’t think it’s necessary –“ Steve started, but Tony let out a low growl that shut him up.

“This is not something to be discussed, Steve. You’re going” he said with a sharp tone. Steve felt himself shrink down in the couch, instinctively curling up closer to his alpha. His alpha who by the way smelled very bad all of a sudden.


But one problem at a time – Steve hated going to the doctor. He hated having to spread his legs and be prodded at, having things put inside him and hear the same downtrodden message over and over again. That he needed to add to himself to be well, that he wasn’t enough to fix himself; that he might always be sickly and might never be able to get pregnant. It was just humiliating looking down on a beta man who had an entire ultrasound stick up your ass and hear him tell you how desperate your body is for alpha cock.


So he pouted and crossed his arms.
“Why does Bucky need to go?” Steve muttered grumpily. Tony sighed and took a big sip of his coffee.

“Because Dr Strange recommended we bring him. He can run some tests and see that things are going as they should. Please just accept this Steve, I really don’t have the energy right now” Tony said. He rarely pulled rank on Steve by growling and dominating (the other omegas yes, but never Steve) but Tony was in fact in charge of the bodily decisions and therefore he had the power to decide if someone needed to see a doctor or likewise. Steve knew this. He just didn’t have to like it.


Too bad he was too busy being ‘annoyingly pupset’ as Tony put it to notice Bucky had gone very pale and very soft against Quill’s mouth.




Tony was too wound up to sleep once he finally got to bed. First he had been forced to deal with Steve’s pouty, childish mood about going to the doctor, and then Quill had been whiny and awfully needy. Since Bucky for some reason had decided to go into one of his silent moods and was just about impossible to get hard, Tony had needed to go get a nice, thick toy to shove up Quill’s ass to make him shut up. And of course Loki who showed up with a cat in each arm bitching about Steve not having bought more cat food which obviously didn’t make the pupset omega any better.


Therefore he had decided not to sleep in the primary nest tonight to get a break from the mixed bad scents. But now he was tossing and turning, not knowing how to settled down. His nest was large and comfy, and still felt wrong. The rest of the house was quiet, and outside his curtains a large full moon had risen. Tony sighed, dumping his arms at his sides. Was it too bright perhaps?


Suddenly the faint sound of his door creaking called for his attention. Tony’s head shot up, confused. Then he was met with that familiar, sweet scent he loved so well and he relaxed. The door swung open and in the light of a dim lamp outside Tony could make out the silhouette of Peter, standing unsure on his naked feet. He wore only an over-sized t-shirt (his own this time) and a pull-up to keep him from accidently wetting the bed again. In the kid’s arms was a stuffed panda that he hugged to his chest.


“Peter?” Tony whispered into the dark. “Is something wrong?”


There was a slight hesitation, then came an uncertain whisper back.

“I couldn’t sleep”

Tony sighed, smiling tiredly at his baby boy. Throwing back the covers, he beckoned Peter over.
“That’s alright pup. Why don’t you climb in here with me?” he offered softly.


Peter came to the bed, moon lighting up his young face. Yet he didn’t climb in the nest. His hazel eyes flickered to the bottom of the big bed, where there were no pillows and only a few thin blankets.


“I read more about…my kind…today online” Peter started in a hesitant whisper. Tony frowned. His kind? Peter took a deep breath and continued. “And I don’t think I should sleep next to you in the nest. I think I should sleep at the bottom” he admitted, shuffling on his feet.


Tony was dumbstruck. To clear things up he tried to smell the air, but whether it was the pull-up absorbing his slick or something else, Tony couldn’t tell if Peter was just being horny and playful. Confused and frowning, he sat up.

“No baby, c’mere” he mumbled, physically pulling the omega down into his arms. He went pliantly. Gently, Tony stroke his back and nuzzled his neck. “When you say ‘my kind’, do you mean omegas who submit to other omegas?” Tony asked concerned.


Peter nodded against his shoulder.

“Bitches” the kid clarified in a mumble. Tony felt his shoulders fall. The inside of his cheek was worried between his teeth and he sighed – he needed to clear this up.


“Peter, baby, you know that’s not what you are, right? That’s an old word to describe old social groupings; not how we do it today. I’m so sorry if I used that word when I shouldn’t have. I know we have to sneak around with this, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with wanting what you want. And it doesn’t mean that you deserve to sleep at the bottom of the nest. You are just as worthy as all of us” Tony whispered into his hair, gentle but firmly. It was important that the young omega didn’t get caught up in a misunderstanding that damaged his self-worth.


But Peter pulled back and frowned at him.

“I know that Tony. I know I am important too. But…when I read about it, I felt that it sort of applied to me. Like…I wanted that. Not all of it – I don’t want you to pass me around the others – but I want you to sort of treat me like a bitch. At least sometimes” Peter struggled to explain. It was obviously hard for him, and he was most certainly struggling to come to terms with what he wanted and how much he wanted it. Tony smiled softly and stroke his hair again.

“Okay. We can discuss that. I promise we’ll talk about it” he said, looking into those hazel eyes. “But I won’t make you sleep at the bottom of the nest. At least not tonight” he added when Peter looked like he was about to protest.


The kid pouted and looked frustrated. The pull-up crinkled beneath him as he squirmed and crossed his arms. Obviously Peter wasn’t happy about the decision.

“Okay, but like…can I at least be your cockwarmer then?” he blurted out grumpily, as if Tony was denying him candy by allowed him to sleep in the warm, snuggly part of the nest.


The use of such a filthy word (certainly not one Peter had learned from at home) coming from this sweet sixteen-year-old caught Tony by such surprise that he ended up laughing.

“Cockwarmer? Baby where did you learn that term?” Tony asked, amused. It was a practise that had gone out of fashion in the sixties, and was only something very kinky collectives still did.


Even in the dark, Tony could see the blush spreading over Peter’s cheeks.

“I read about it. On a website” he said defensively. Tony only smiled and brushed his thumb over the kid’s bottom lip, making him let out a tiny whimper and open his mouth. Peter’s shoulders relaxed. “I wanna do it. Please Tony. It’s not gonna hurt me or anything, and I bet you’re gonna love it. I just wanna feel like I’m yours…like I did in the garage” Peter murmured, pleading with him.


And not only could Tony not deny him when he asked so nicely, so obviously wanting it, but his cock also stiffened in his underwear at the thought. Of course it was something Tony would love – how could it not be? He just needed to make sure Peter did this because he wanted to, not because he’d convinced himself this was his only place in the world now.


“And you’re sure you want this?” Tony murmured, placing a hand on Peter’s padded bum. The kid rolled his eyes, shooting him a dirty look.

“Tony, I read about an old French tradition where the youngest of the packs, the bitches, would cockwarm their elders at night and be forced to wake up to cum spilling down their throats and choking them on it – and I came on my own fingers twice in my room” Peter said matter-of-factly, suddenly sounding so much like the cocky teen he was. Tony’s cock twitched and he swallowed.


“Okay, you win kid” he growled, grabbing him. The omega giggled and gasped as he was manhandled down in the nest. Before Peter knew it, Tony had laid him down lower than himself and pulled off his own pants. His cock was hard at the time, but it would soften soon and place itself nice and snug in Peter’s mouth where it would stay all night, kept warm. The teen moaned at the sight of it. Holding it out, Tony raised an eyebrow as he looked down. “You’re gonna have to have it lodged pretty far down your throat at first. But I think you’ll manage” he teased. Peter only looked at him with big eyes and whined, rubbing his ass down on the mattress in the pull-up.


Then Tony wasted no time grabbing his hair and forcing the cock down his throat. It felt heavenly, getting that warm suction, and he let out a sigh. This would definitely help him sleep. As soon as it was all the way down and Peter gagged softly, Tony patted his head and left it there.

“Good boy” he mumbled.


He was already falling fast asleep. The last thing he saw before sleep took him was Peter snug beneath him, cuddling his panda and sucking softly on Tony’s cock as if it was a pacifier.

Chapter Text

Monday morning came around with a hefty amount of drama, as Tony had expected. Steve might be a calm and reposed person 99% of the time, but he absolutely loathed gynaecological check-ups. Taking him to the doctor for his back-pains, bad heart or eczema often went fine – it was mostly these appointments right before a heat when the omega would have to get his legs in stirrups that he went full on you can’t make me go stupid Tony. The mechanic sighed as he watched the tiny blond stomp his foot, the one without a shoe on, and cross his arms.


“I’m getting better, I don’t need Dr Strange! And I am most certainly not wearing a dumb collar” Steve argued adamantly, giving his most convincing pout. It didn’t help that his preheat was in full bloom, making his pale cheeks flush with colour and his hands shake. They really needed him to get to a doctor before he just started his heat and needed to be couped up in the nest. That’s why Tony had given Quill and Loki the task to prepare the primary nest for them, with food and water and whatever else Steve might need.


“Steve, I love you but you smell. And not only is every single alpha at that clinic gonna smell it as well, but you’re also going to be confused and weakened. Wearing your bonding collar is gonna help with that” Tony tried to calmly explain, reaching for the shoe Steve had thrown at him before. The almost sickly sweet scent was luckily not strong enough for them to have to call Dr Strange over for a house call instead, but still. At the same time Bucky sat with his head hanging, leash already on, looking like they were taking him to get neutered. The large omega sighed again and gave Steve back his sneaker. He had hoped from help from the alpha, but apparently that wasn’t happening.


Steve huffed and threw his arms out, flush creeping down his throat.

I’m the head of the household Tony, you can’t just treat me like…like…” the omega shouted, then suddenly stammering on his words. Tony’s ears spiked instantly when he heard Steve’s breathing start to get ragged, with an awful piping sound to it. He struggled to speak, letting out a wheezing cough and going quickly from looking annoyed to scared. Somehow he’d worked himself up so much that he’d started an asthma attack.


“Fuck” Tony muttered, heart racing. “Bucky, help him” he ordered, voice going sharp to get the drooping alpha’s attention. He didn’t stop to see if Bucky obeyed; instead rushed over to the kitchen and rummaged through the drawer after one of Steve’s inhalers they kept lying in several places. Grabbing it, he ran back towards the wheezing sound in the hallway.


Bucky had pulled himself out of it and held onto Steve, bending him forward and trying to help him to open up his airways while the omega shook trying to draw a full breath.

“Here baby, let me” Tony mumbled soothingly, rubbing his back as he stepped close and held up the inhaler, assisting his friend in breathing down his medication.


It took another extra ten minutes, but eventually Steve had calmed down and was able to breath again. He sat curled up in Bucky’s lap who wrapped his arms protectively around the omega, looking defeated as Tony leaned on one knee and laced Steve’s second shoe up.


Beside him laid a discarded red-and-blue sneaker with torn laces – one of Peter’s. It made Tony bite his lip and miss the boy. He thought about Sunday morning when he’d woken up with a hard-on, still buried snug in Peter’s cockwarming mouth. The kid had been sleeping still, suckling softly in his dreams, and Tony hadn’t been able to wait. So he’d rocked gently into Peter, holding on to the back of his head for stability, moaning breathlessly as the head of his swollen cock grazed the back of Peter’s throat. It wasn’t until he came with stuttering hips that the younger omega woke up, surprised by the sudden mouthful of hot cum spurting down as he struggled to swallow, gagging. In a few seconds he’d relaxed however, eyes fluttering close as he moaned around Tony and started drinking down what he was given. Tony’s little omega had been very thankful for that experience.


Today wasn’t going to be like that though. Peter was at school and Tony had been forced to take a few hours to close the shop for this. Tired, he looked up at Steve grumpily sucking on their alpha’s thumb. It was going to be long day.




Bucky hated that Steve was distressed, but at the same time it was the only thing helping him to keep it together.


Seated as he was with a chain bolted to the wall, he could only stare warily at the tall beta doctor currently sitting in front of his omega. The man had an unsympathetic look about him, with bored eyes and an arrogant scent that irked the alpha in him. Steve looked so very small, completely naked except for a paper gown where he laid in the examination chair, legs in the stirrups and white bonding collar in place. His tiny cock laid soft against his pale skin and his hands trembled at his sides. Sure, Bucky was battling terrifying flashbacks of Dr Zola carving in his flesh and taking tests, but that somehow took the backseat in his head when he saw the scared look in Steve’s eyes and heard the small whimper he gave as this ‘Dr Stephen Strange’ ungently hooked a finger inside him. Without thinking, Bucky gave off a low growl.


The beta didn’t even take his eyes off his patient.

“Mr Stark, you will contain your alpha or he goes in the locked waiting room” Dr Strange informed with a flat voice from behind his blue mask. Opposite of Bucky, Tony gritted his teeth (and Bucky wasn’t quite sure if that was meant for him or the doctor) and turned to give Bucky a look.

“No growling. We talked about this” Tony reminded him, to which the alpha shamefully nodded. He knew not to growl. But the man was hurting Steve. Would he hurt Bucky as well? All these nervous feelings was making his scent go sour, and he was sure his owner Tony could tell.


Bucky hadn’t been told exactly why they were here, so he didn’t know if he would be examined as well. If he had to be, then he would submit to that, but he was worried what would happen. Mostly Bucky was afraid that he would loose control and lash out, embarrass his owners and deserve punishment. Other than that there was also the deep, acidic fear of being touched himself. At Shield Kennels, there had been a kind doctor that conducted her examinations quick and without pain (unless she had to check his prostate or the skin where his prothesis met his arm, which hurt however which way you did it). The first times Bucky had to see that new doctor, he had wet himself with fear which brought even more horrible shame and problems with complying. But eventually the patient beta had earned his trust enough to touch him even if they’d had to restrain his hands. This was the reason Bucky was even so calm right now. He hoped, for the sake of his sanity, that this Dr Strange, however unsympathetic he seemed, was a nice man. The alpha didn’t think Tony would take Steve or any of his other omegas to a doctor who hurt them.


But that didn’t mean the doctor wouldn’t hurt an alpha.


You can take pain better than us, soldat. Alphas aren’t quite human, you see. Does a horse flinch when you whip it? No, James. And with my help, you’ll be even less human. A more perfect soldat.


Those were the words of Dr Zola, the Swiss beta who’d spent a lot of time locked in a room with Bucky strapped to a bench. He told Bucky this as he inserted a large needle into the abnormal swelling of his shoulder, a few days after the operation. The needle was connected to a vial and was meant to drain him from the yellow liquid of the horrible infection he’d gotten. All of the alphas operated on (who survived the operation itself) got these horrifying boulders of blood and pus. At the time, Bucky’s shoulder had been hurting so much already that he barely noticed the sharp sting inserted with no anaesthesia – it was a wonder he’d remembered those words at all given how lucid and feverish he’d been for days until he pulled through.


There was no way Bucky could know if he took pain better than betas or omegas, or felt less of it. Perhaps that was true. The only thing he did know was that he was capable of feeling pain. Some handlers and trainers had told Bucky that alphas barely felt pain at all, and then they’d still beaten him to get him to behave. It always confused Bucky, especially when he was a young teenager. For a long while, he figured that the thing he felt when they hit him with whips or batons couldn’t be pain; that it had to be something else that only alphas felt. Something good, because it was supposed to make him better. It took years for him to realise that he could feel pain and that he didn’t like it.


So Bucky was scared that Dr Strange was one of those who didn’t believe he could be affected by pain and would stick him with needles and cut him open. There wasn’t any instruments in the white room (and he’d scanned it thoroughly) that indicated such treatment, but you could never be sure.


At least Steve wasn’t being cut in. The small omega must be a lot more perceptive to pain however, because even if he clenched his jaws bravely Steve still whimpered pitifully as Dr Strange inserted a plastic instrument that he then widened, opening up his entrance. The sterile smell of lube made Bucky scrunch his nose up. Despite being so close to his heat and already a bit feverish to the touch, Steve wasn’t getting wet by this. Meaning he was more scared than turned on by someone touching his private parts. Bucky wanted nothing but to lift him up and carry him away to a secluded place where he could calm his baby with nuzzles and then lick him until he stopped tasting like lube and dripped of his own sweet fluids again.


“How long have you had your alpha?” the beta asked. Tony leaned forward on his chair.

“About two weeks” he answered and got a thoughtful nod in response.

“Okay. He looks better inside already, his cervix isn’t as swollen anymore. I’m gonna take a look at his womb while my nurse takes a look at his vitals” Dr Strange said, and then there was a terrible choked whimper from Steve as the plastic thing was moved further and must’ve opened his cervix. Bucky pulled at his chain, wanting to be by his side.


Before Steve was laid down, they had taken a blood test on him. Bucky didn’t like the sight of it one bit, but it was a tiny needle at least. Then Dr Strange had checked his heart and concluded with an unimpressed look that there wasn’t much difference yet but that “that was to be expected”. Now he was performing the part of the examination Steve seemed to like the least. Bucky as well.


“How is he?” Tony asked from his chair, worried. Dr Strange swiftly inserted a long, thin stick with a cotton swab at the end, taking some sort of sample. It made the omega clench the crinkly gown between his little fists and turned to look at Bucky who desperately stared back. He hated being chained up like that, and he knew more than well he wasn’t supposed to hate decisions made by his owners.

“Better. Not perfect, but I would say the regular knottings is moving him in a positive direction” Dr Strange said flatly. It irked Bucky that they didn’t talk about Steve directly. As an alpha he was used being talking over and about, but Steve was an omega and deserved more respect than that. This stupid beta should know better.


“Am I…I’m not pregnant, am I?” Steve croaked suddenly, voice small and a bit raw from unuse and nervosity. The doctor threw him a look from between his legs, then straightened and pulled out the plastic instrument.

“From what I can see, pregnancy isn’t going to be possible for at least a few heats away – assuming that your deficiency hasn’t made the sterility permanent. I’ll be able to see that in perhaps your next visit” Dr Strange informed him with the sort of unempathetic voice Bucky recognized in his old medical professionals at the pounds. Those who couldn’t really bother with caring for his injuries from training other than what it took for them to treat them, or worse those who seemed disgusted as they examined his knot with gloved hands.


His words made Steve look away from Bucky, turning his head to the wall, and the alpha smelled the saltiness of tears that must be running down his cheek. It made him feel both protective and confused – not that Steve was sad, this he understood, but that he scented so ashamed. Bucky already knew about his condition, could smell it all over him, so why did he look like he couldn’t bear to be in the same room as the others?


Bucky needed to hug him. There was a rumble in his chest working it’s way up to a growl, and the bolt in the wall creaked dangerously as he put his body weight behind it. Had it not been for the nurse suddenly walking in with Steve’s test results and distracting Dr Strange, Bucky might have torn the bolt straight from the wall without realizing it. Tony quickly threw him a look and made a motion for him to calm down.

“Dr Strange is one of the foremost experts on disabled omegas. We’re lucky to have him” Tony hissed quietly at him, making it very clear that whatever ill will Bucky might have, he needed to put it aside. For the good of Steve.


So he called upon all his training and breathed through his nose, resisting the urge to break the damn wall to protect his omega. Bucky could do this. He’d lived through worse.


Except I never had an omega who needed me before.


The intrusive thought came like a dull sting to his heart, and the alpha tried not to think too much about that right now. He wouldn’t be able to behave for Tony then. Tony knew better; if he said Dr Strange was right for Steve, then this must be the truth. Bucky was nothing but unruly alpha instincts right now and he needed to remind himself that it wasn’t his place to question his owners.


“Right, Mr Rogers” the beta said, finally addressing Steve as he turned from the nurse. “Your bloodwork shows improvement on your health as well. As I said before, it is moving slowly but that’s what to be expected. It seems as if your particular alpha’s semen is resonating very well with your body, which is a good surprise. I would very much prefer if you let me gather a sample from him to try and isolate what exactly it is, chemically, that you respond positively too. Perhaps then we can make an artificial formula of it – much like the shots I used to administer to you a few years back, except these would be more efficient and hopefully with less side-effects” Dr Strange informed him.


The words made Bucky’s blood freeze – ‘gather a sample’ sounded like something bad. And it didn’t help that Steve, still reeking of humiliation, frowned at the doctor.


“I-I don’t want to take shots again. I want my alpha” Steve said quietly, bowing his head down. Dr Strange sighed as he placed his instruments on the metal tray to the side.

“We’ll discuss it along the road, okay?” he said, as if speaking to a child. Bucky’s blood went from cold to hot in an instant. Dr Strange turned to Tony. “Will he behave if I extract a sample?” he asked him, again speaking over both Steve and Bucky.


The bigger omega threw a concerned look at the alpha and then turned back.

“I’m not sure he does well with doctors. His file from the pound mention wetting himself…” Tony said slowly, sounding unsure.


The fact that it had been mentioned in his file and was brought up now instantly made Bucky’s face burn hot from blushing. It was the only times at Shield Kennels he’d had accidents – he was a proper alpha, a housetrained one.

“I can be good” Bucky mumbled, staring down at his hands locked together.


The beta sighed again, obviously not listening to him.

“Will you restrain his hands then? And help me undress him – there’s a drain over at his bench” Dr Strange said, nodding to one on the floor. Bucky blushed harder. He wouldn’t have an accident, he wouldn’t.


Except he did. At least Tony had enough time to secure his arms to the wall and get his pants off before the alpha caught glimpse of the long, white tube Dr Strange would use to drain his balls of enough semen to fill a plastic cup. That’s when the flashbacks hit him so strongly that all the muscles of his bladder just gave out; when he saw Dr Zola hold out the bone saw to show it to him before using it instead of this new doctor and he suddenly felt warm urine hitting the floor beneath him, splattering his naked feet. What came after was a quiet whimper and nausea. When Bucky’s vision became fixed on Dr Strange again he realized what he had done and felt the deep fear of punishment, enough to make him want to vomit. But the alpha didn’t want to add insult to injury and cover the already piss-soaked floor with his puke, so he just choked it down and curled up on himself.


Somewhere in the distance over the waves crashing in his ears Bucky heard Tony and the beta speaking, of which he caught only some parts. The urine on his cock and feet were turning cold and sticky, and he wanted nothing but get dressed again. Yet here he was, forced to be on display.

“…he’s not violent, I’ve never seen…”

“…good thing it landed on the floor…”

“…my nurse will clean him up…”


The voices pricked him like needles, making his humiliation even worse. The bench was too small for him to really curl together and even if Bucky had wanted to, his neck and arms where caught in chains. Instead he considered, on the verge of tears, to push his legs together and hide his cock, but the thought had him choke back another mouthful of vomit since the alpha didn’t think Tony wanted him to hide. He was to be examined. And now he was all dirty and disgusting.


Suddenly a different voice cut through to him, interrupting the dizzying conversation and the blood rushing in his ears. It was Steve’s.


“No! Can’t you see you’re making him upset? Let me clean him, I don’t mind. Your nurse is just gonna scare him more” the small omega exclaimed firmly, sitting on the edge of the examination table. Bucky looked up at him slowly, shaking with fear.


And then before he knew it Steve was at his side, nuzzling his neck and licking his bite mark just below the heavy leather collar with his tag.

“It’s okay Bucky, I’m not angry with you” the omega soothed in a soft mumble. There was a warm, wet washcloth gently cleaning between his legs. Bucky whimpered. “Shh, it’s okay honey. You didn’t hurt anyone. You’re still a good boy. No one’s gonna hurt you, I promise” Steve kept cooing, slowly calming his racing heart.


Bucky wasn’t quite sure what was going on and his senses where still flooded and oversensitive, but he knew that Steve stayed beside him the entire time Dr Strange inserted the plastic tube (“Careful, doctor” his fierce little omega hissed out sharply). The alpha felt him petting his now sweaty hair, lick his throat and be the one to carefully hold his cock as it was drained of a few spoons of sperm. It hurt a little when it was inserted into his slit, and the sensation of having cum sucked out of your balls mechanically was strange, but Steve had been right. No one gave him pain he couldn’t handle. And the pleasure of having his omega touch him drowned out a lot of the uncomfortableness.


When they eventually sat in the car home, Bucky was exhausted. He half-laid in the backseat with Steve leaning against him, still cooing, and his boy smelled so sweet and felt so warm in his pre-heat that Bucky was soon lulled to sleep. He knew he would have to be ready and strong for Steve’s heat any day now, but for now it could be alright if he just…allowed himself to rest.

Chapter Text

“How much will you need me this time?” Peter asked with a tiny wrinkle on the bridge of his nose. His hands were busy folding up the physics books he and Tony had been sitting bent over for the past hour, since he’d asked the older alpha to help him out with homework after coming home from school.


Tony sighed and drank the last of his coffee.

“With Bucky here, the rest of us will mostly be responsible for Steve’s safety and comfort. Meaning we don’t have to exert ourselves so much with the actual fucking and then take shifts so…I think perhaps only email your teacher and ask for the first day off? Otherwise you can step in as much as you want during the evenings and nights” he figured. The youngest member of the collective had been with them through quite a few heats already and he really enjoyed it, but it took a lot out of the poor pup. Last time he’d missed almost two weeks of school because he’d been so exhausted.


Steve was currently exhausted as well – he was curled up in blankets out on the couch having a nap after Loki tried to watch a movie with him and failed. The small omega was so bothered by his preheat that he wouldn’t sit still and just squirmed around, whining about Bucky’s cock but as soon as he got the thing in his mouth he whined again and wanted to be nuzzled by Loki instead. Right now his body was sending him mixed signals making him feel like he was slipping in and out of a heat which in turns made Steve very uncomfortable. He was feverish and switched from energetic to grumpy to sniffling in tears only to moan and leak all over the couch the next second. It was a relief to all of them when he’d fallen asleep. It meant that Tony could focus on helping Peter out, and Loki could take Bucky out in the garden for his exercise. Quill was the only one still in school even thought it was nearing seven pm, but he had just started a late class in aircraft mechanics. When the omega had announced that last week, Tony had actually felt real proud in the little rascal. Perhaps Quill really took his education seriously.


“Okay I’ll email her before bed” Peter said with a yawn. “I like Steve in heat though, he’s the sweetest thing ever” he said with a fond smile. As Tony got up and walked passed him, the mechanic ruffled his hair and winked.

“Almost as sweet as you Petey” Tony mumbled earnestly and caused the boy to blush. Then the older omega got up to the freezer and opened it, peering inside.


And frowning when he didn’t find what he was looking for.


“Where’s my pecan ice cream?” Tony asked and looked up. It was his favourite and he was sure he had at least half a pack left. And no one else ever touched it so…

“Oh that. I ate it” Peter stated casually, gathering his notebooks. Tony froze.

“You…ate it?” he repeated, not getting it. The pecan ice cream was his ice cream, same as Quill having his stupid special cereals.


Peter looked up, meeting his eyes and blinked.

“Yes Tony, I ate it. I thought we shared everything in the collective?” the teen said in a dumb tone, and for just a second Tony thought he might have forgotten that no one was supposed to eat the pecan ice cream, but then…well, then he saw the look in Peter’s hazel eyes. There was that subtle hint on a challenge in them, and Tony realized with a swift blood flow to his cock that Peter knew exactly what he was doing. And exactly what he wanted out of Tony. And all Tony had to do was remind himself that this was a game that Peter chose to play – a game, and that meant he wasn’t actually disrespecting Peter. Wasn’t making him feel bad, but instead making him feel oh so good.


All the blood rushing south gave more place for anger in his head. Which meant he was now both aroused and annoyed, probably what Peter had planned all along. Closing the door of the freezer, the older omega slowly straightened and walked towards the kitchen table. Everyone else was either asleep or outside, but he still had to be careful. Therefore he lowered his voice and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh that’s what you thought?” Tony said in a threateningly sweet voice. The scent coming from Peter instantly shifted to something more alluring as he swallowed and shifted on the chair.

“Yeah” he said, this time not sounding so sure of himself. His words were breathier and the kid looked like he wanted to squirm.


Tony walked up behind him and grabbed his neck, just hard enough for the pup to whimper, and leaned in close to his ear.

“A bitch like you eats last of the pack – I thought I told you that. And you eat whatever scraps are left, not food that isn’t meant for you” he hissed, making his voice as dominant as he could. As a reward he felt the full body shudder going through Peter and the sudden smell of slick pooling in the jeans he was wearing (since the kid had a real issue with padded underwear). When the kid’s body went from stiff to relaxed, it was evident he had sunken back into character.

“I-I’m sorry sir. I was hungry” he whispered back regretfully, making himself sound so small and vulnerable for Tony that the older man drew after breath and felt his own underwear get messed up.


It was a gamble, doing this in the kitchen when anyone could walk in. But then again, it wasn’t a strange occurrence for Peter, being the youngest, to get corrected in front of other collective members. As long as words like ‘bitch’, ‘pack’ and ‘sir’ was kept low, they could probably indulge themselves…


That’s why Tony growled and pulled the teen up, bending him over the kitchen table as he yelped in surprise.

“Well then next time you’re hungry, I should just feed you my cum. Would you prefer that, little bitch? Everyone else in the pack eating at the table, and you having to settle below it and suckle down our cum before you’re sent to bed” Tony husked quietly and janked down Peter’s pants as he gasped and moaned into the wooden surface. Perhaps Tony was being a little harsh, but seeing the mess in the younger omega’s pants convinced him the other wanted this. The poor neglected hole leaked steadily, not even knowing that Tony had no plan to touch it.


“No please sir, I’ll behave. Please don’t make me sit on the floor” Peter whimpered and pushed his hips back, sending very mixed signals. The way his voice sounded and his smell shifted told Tony that he would very much like to sit on the floor. So the mechanic smiled devilishly and caressed his bare ass, making him whine harder.

“Oh I don’t know, last time I checked, your kind did everything for the chance of some spunk. Even offer up your pretty little ass for omega cock” Tony mused and surprised Peter by giving him a hard slap. The kid cried out and jerked forward, then whimpered again and rubbed his cheek submissively against the table. “So I bet if I pulled out my dick right now, you’d beg me to suck it. You’d love to get your belly filled with cum and call it dinner – never mind from which cock you got it” he murmured, slapping Peter again. It thrust the kid so deep into subspace that he just rubbed his cheek harder and spilled out yes yes please please as his ass got another spanking making the alabaster skin turn red.


Getting spanked was a normal occurrence – Peter begging for it was not. So Tony quickly shushed him, knowingly pulling him out of subspace to do so (which he didn’t like but had no choice) and kissed his cheek.

“If you have to beg, beg for me to stop baby” Tony said softly, looking into Peter’s blown, submissive eyes. The omega sniffled and nodded. “Good boy” he whispered, giving him a quick peck of the nose before returning to punishing him.


The next slap was enough to make Peter cry into the table and sob out a wretched;

“No, please Tony, I’ll be good, I promise”. It earned him praise in the form of more slaps. He looked so damn pretty, bent over and ass exposed while otherwise still dressed. If this was a perfect world, then Tony would’ve already been inside him by now.




Steve was bundled up on the couch drifting in and out of sleep when it knocked on the door.


Furrowing his brow, he glanced at the entrance and waited for someone to open. It wasn’t as if he was in any state to do it himself – he had the chills and was super sweaty beneath the fluffy blanket despite feeling cold anytime he took it off. His body couldn’t decide if it wanted cock or cuddles, if it wanted to sleep for a decade or if it was restless, if it wanted a nest or a nice, cold floor. Besides that preheat made him weak, as if his muscles just didn’t want to deal with him anymore. And according to Loki he ‘smelled like he’d fallen into a tub of slick’ which sounded disgusting but Bucky couldn’t stop licking his scenting gland.


So no, the feverish little Steve did not want to get up and open that door.


But the knocking returned and no one was coming in. Sluggishly Steve looked around the empty living room.

“Hello?” he rasped out hoarsely. To no avail. Another knock. Sighing, Steve realized he’d had to get up. All the while grumbling to himself, the omega gathered the blanket around him like some sort of cape, and ignored both the slick running down his thighs inside his sweatpants and the weird aching in his joints. Then he slowly shuffled himself towards the entrance. As he passed the hallway mirror, he got confirmation that yup, he looked like shit. Flustered with his blond bangs matted to his sweat forehead and a horny shine to his eyes – but hey, if everyone else abandoned him, he would have to deal with being a house omega himself.


Carefully, Steve opened the door and peered outside, glad that at least the sun had set so he didn’t have to deal with the harsh light. The blanket hung off his arm and he used the grip on the door to steady his woozy stance. His head spun a little from getting up.

“Yes?” he said, not liking how small his voice sounded.


Outside stood two beta men, immaculate and proper in brown suits. Not the super-fancy kind, but more like what a man would wear to work. One was taller than the other but both were taller than Steve, one had combed back brown hair while the other had a shorter, more blond haircut. The man closest to the door gave Steve a wide smile, showing clean, white teeth, slightly crooked at the front. That was the blond one.


“Hi! My name is Gilmore Hodge and I represent the Saint Luke’s Evangelist Church’s outreach program for omegas. This here is my associate Branton” the man says cheerfully and gestures back at the second beta who gives a sort of wave. “I was wondering if you had a moment to talk?” Mr Hodge says with a polite little bow.


Confused by all these new words (since his head isn’t working he’s confused by the smallest things) Steve frowns and opens his mouth, trying to blink away his dizziness. He was raised going to church with his Ma and he still goes for the holidays, so it’s not in him to turn religious men away. And what was the outreach program they were talking about?

“Uhm…yes sure. I’m Steve” Steve ended up saying. His head was pounding. When he noticed the man called Branton sniffed the air, he blushed. “I’m sorry for the smell, it’s my, uh…” he started, feeling unsure on how to talk to a beta about this. They weren’t as accustomed to the troubles of omegas.


But Mr Hodge only nodded understandably.

“Your preheat, I presume? Don’t you worry Steve, we have lots of omegas in our congregation” he said with another blinding smile. And before Steve really knew what was happening, the betas had stepped inside. “It will only take a minute, and it’s for the good of unfortunate omegas” Mr Hodge assured him.


The omega stumbled back in his blanket, feeling another rush of slick and another wave of nausea wash over him, but he managed to nod and point them to the living room. These were men of God, and his Ma would roll over in her grave if he did not treat them with hospitality.

“I’m sorry for the mess…and my nesting partners will soon be here I think, and they can fix some coffee” Steve promised as he slumped back down, happy to be back in the couch even if it was covered with his scent. Branton sniffed again, smiling a little strangely to himself. Steve didn’t really have the energy to think much of it, so he turned to the blond beta who sat himself carefully next to Steve, clasping his hands together.


“Oh don’t you worry; I know you must be exhausted Steve” Mr Hodge told him with a sympathetic smile. The use of his name sort of put the omega on edge, but he wasn’t sure why. He told himself the stranger must just be trying to be polite. Clearing his throat, Steve tried not to scent the air too much – his body was in so much confusion right that even the scent of beta could cause him unexpectedly whine or something else embarrassing.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk about?” he said, shifting to get comfortable in his softest sweats that was somehow horrible at the moment.


The man beside him smiled again, this time a little unsettling.

“You see, our church’s outreach program focuses on those omegas who aren’t as well-off as others. Those whose savings unfortunately must go to making ends meet” Mr Hodge said with a slightly lowered voice and a sympathetic look. “We, as Christians, simply do not think it is fair that these omegas has to suffer through struggles that others does not” he continued.


Beside him, Steve did his best to nod. This man in particular, especially being so close, had a very distinct smell that quickly broke down Steve’s composed façade. Biting the inside of his cheek not to whine needily, he felt the fabric get soggy beneath him as another wave of slick messed up the inside of his pants. Fuck, not right now. Steve swallowed down the nausea and tried to focus. Helping poor omegas, yes this sounded good. He’d like that. Heat coiled in his stomach and he closed his eyes to silence a groan of pain.


“I see you agree. Now, is it truly fair that some can afford an alpha to relieve the discomfort of a heat?” Mr Hodge said and Steve prayed to whatever god was listening that he was being rhetorical because the omega couldn’t speak. If he tried he probably would’ve moaned or thrown up. It unsettled him that Branton hadn’t spoken a word yet – just sat there, hands in his knees, like he was waiting.


The blond beta leaned closer and Steve wished he hadn’t. The sharp scent spiked his nostrils and Steve choked on a gasp, curling up under the intensive stare of the strange man. His arms felt like they weighed a ton and the world spun around him. A small whimper slipped past his bitten lips and Mr Hodge smiled.

“We can help with that. Me and Branton here, us two together feel like a whole alpha, I promise you that little omega. And I believe it’s our mission to make sure you get out of this heat feeling properly…fulfilled” the beta mumbled, never taking his eyes of Steve.




“Oh god, what did he do this time?”. Loki’s bored voice travelled through the kitchen as he stepped inside to grab a bottle of water.


Tony looked up from where he was spanking Peter, glad he’d told the boy to switch his begging up. As expected, Loki didn’t see anything suspect.

“Ate my damn ice cream. And spoke disrespectfully about his teachers” he grunted, throwing in a white lie there to make it more believable. Peter rubbed his cheek discreetly into the wood and sniffled, but wasn’t crying as much anymore. His backside was a nice shade of red and Tony thought he was all but done. Massaging that reddened skin, he turned the tall omega sipping cold water. “Where’s Bucky?” he asked casually as the pup whimpered under his touch.


“I left him chained up in the yard. I figured he should get another half hour out there – was just getting something to drink” Loki shrugged. Then he stopped and sniffed the air, furrowing his brow. His green eyes turned to Peter who hiccupped as he struggled to get help up from Tony. “Did he have an accident or something? I can smell him from over here” Loki frowned and turned.


Tony froze. He realized Peter was literally dripping, which he usually of course didn’t when he was being punished. Opening his mouth, he made a confused ‘uhh’-sound as he raked his brain for a quick response.


Then something else caught his attention. It was a scent, cutting clear through the thick fog of preheat that had laid siege to the house. But this wasn’t slick or fever – this was fear. And it came from the living room.


With his mouth still open, Tony turned to Loki who’s eyes went wide.

“Have you checked on Steve?” he asked, mouth dry. But the other didn’t have time to answer before they heard a strange man’s voice through the closed door and caught the faint scent of beta.


And Tony had never moved so fast.


Bursting through the door, the omega was met with the sight of a flushed and whimpering Steve being all but pressed down into the couch by a beta man who hovered above him, reaching a hand for his waist and shushing the small blond. Another man sat on the armchair, watching with hungry eyes. Angered coursed through Tony and he rushed forward.

“Get off him!” he growled, reaching to push the man away. He looked up, suddenly straightening and giving Tony a disarming smile.

“I think there’s been a misunderstanding. We’re from Saint Luke’s, and your friend Steve here has accepted our services. You wouldn’t think to manage his heat alone, would you? He smells enough to be felt out in the streets. The poor boy is suffering” the stranger said with a sickly sweet imitation of someone who cared. Beneath him, Steve looked like he wasn’t sure whether to cry or pass out.


Tony growled again, feeling Loki’s presence right behind him.

“Get Peter away” he mumbled, looking back, and Loki scrambled to push the kid inside the kitchen. The men were lying – Tony knew their kind. They weren’t from any church at all. They were con artists, nestling their way in collectives where an omega was desperately in heat and without an alpha, offering to ‘service’ the omegas for them. But an omega in heat couldn’t consent, and a small collective without protective couldn’t keep them out, so the betas ended up taking advantage of that and raping them. Tony’s father had several ‘acquaintances’ who’d done this in their youth so he’d warned his son about them.


The only problem was the fact that this collective had an alpha. How come these men hadn’t noticed…oh. The realization hit Tony when he remembered what the man had said about Steve’s scent. His heats were getting much worse, so the scent must be so strong it blocked Bucky’s. They didn’t know.


“Don’t worry little omega. Once we’re done with him, we can service you as well” the blond beta promised, making it sound more like a threat, and Tony exploded.

“Get out!” he snarled and grabbed the beta’s arm, yanking it away from Steve who sobbed and curled up.


But the man was much stronger than Tony, and he only chuckled before grabbing a hold of the omega’s arm, twisting it painfully around his back. The sharp stab in his shoulder made Tony’s eyes prickle with tears. The disgusting man leaned close.

“I think I’ll leave you to my friend here. He likes them with a bit of struggle” he murmured, bad breath washing over Tony. He felt fear rise up along all the anger and he tried to get loose, but the grip only tightened. Choking down the tear from the pain in his arm as it bruised, Tony stomped his foot on top of the beta’s. It made him grunt in pain, but did nothing to ease the grip…


That’s when a new scent forced it’s way into the room. It was accompanied by the most fearful growling Tony had ever heard. In panic, the omega looked up to see Bucky standing in the doorway, chain broken clean in half and swinging from his collar, barefoot and bare-chested. It didn’t matter that he was shining with sweat already and his hair was in wild disarray – when the beta holding Tony saw him, his scent pricked with fear and his posture shrank.


“You said…you fucking said!” the man on the armchair choked out, standing up shocked at the unexpected sight of an alpha. Suddenly Tony’s arm was let loose and he stumbled to the ground, holding on to the throbbing area. And then Bucky descended on them like some kind of dark angel. It took him two strides to be in front of the first beta, who was stupid enough to try and take a swing at Bucky. With a vicious snarl, the alpha grabbed the fist flying at him and bent it backwards with such force that something snapped, and when he let go Tony could see from the floor that his wrist was broken.

“You fucking dog!” the beta howled in pain, cradling his shattered wrist. Bucky ignored him and instead floored him with one punch, before getting attacked from the back by the second man. But it was like watching children fight a bear. It was easy, there was no other way to describe it, easy for Bucky to grip the second beta and throw him to the ground, kicking his stomach and then stomping over his face. A crunching sound was heard and Tony, cowering half under the coffee table, was hit with a spray of blood as the man’s nose became splinters and he groaned loudly, holding onto his bleeding face.


Steve was sobbing openly now and tried to hide under his blanket. For a second, Bucky was distracted by the sound of his omega in distress. That’s when the blond beta found his footing and grabbed a bowl of the table which he smashed into the tall alpha’s shoulder. He didn’t even acknowledge it. Instead Bucky slowly turned to face the man – and Tony saw nothing but cold steel in them.


“Did you touch him?” Bucky growled, not even sounding human. The man spit out blood on the floor. His face had gone from friendly to horribly spiteful.

“Yes I touched him you goddamn beast. And when I get you out of the way, I’ll fuck him as well” he said with acid in his voice.


And it could’ve been the last thing he ever said as well. Because Bucky calmly grabbed his throat and straight up lifted him from the ground, staring at him with dead eyes. The man was already choking to death when Bucky brought him close and put his teeth on the beta’s pulse point, starting to bite down. It could’ve ended like that.


If not Loki had called the police, and this was when they decided to show up.

Chapter Text

Bucky was sitting on a chair in the kitchen, breathing heavily. His blood was still boiling. The people around him was talking over his head, about him and not with him, but it didn’t really matter. The alpha had a hard time to focus on anything else than calming his burning instincts screaming at him that he should’ve killed those men, and that if he just used the strength of his prothesis he could still break out of his handcuffs catch the ambulance in which they’d left so he could finish them off.  


The police had burst through the door before Bucky had the chance to rip out the intruder’s throat with his teeth. At least he’d managed to choke him to the point where the beta couldn’t speak anymore, and he’d overheard a police saying that the alpha might’ve crushed something important. Bucky hoped he had. Those men deserved to die – they had tried assaulting helpless omegas, his omegas. The blond beta had called Bucky a dog and a beast, but in his mind they were the beasts. Who wanted to rape such a sweet, innocent creature such as Steve? It was a privilege to be allowed access to an omega’s body, and if you were the kind of man who wanted to hurt them, well then you were no man at all. Bucky had learned early that the pounds had been created for the purpose to preventing violence against omegas, and as soon as he’d caught the scent of Steve he’d known that all his years institutionalized was worth it if it meant omegas like him was safe and happy. So he couldn’t understand why betas like those were allowed to walk this earth.


The inside of his muzzle, forced on him by the police until they could decide he wasn’t a threat, was damp with his hot breath and he licked his teeth, wishing they had the taste of blood on them. He knew that was animalistic of him to think, but that was his nature. He was the protector of these omegas, and he wouldn’t have acted differently.


“Mr Stark, please understand we are not trying to apprehend your alpha. The perpetrators are still interrogatable and your alpha acted within the rights of the Law of Alpha Defensive Actions, so we’re not charging him with assault” a policewoman with a long, black braid sticking out from beneath her hat said tiredly, trying to reason with Tony. The omega sat with his arm in an awkward angle, wincing as a medical assistant checked the extensive bruising he’d gotten from the beta attacking him. Loki had been allowed, after giving a quick statement, to take Steve and Peter upstairs. While Peter had seen nothing and was in a bad state of distress, Steve had been all but impossible to get to speak. Heavy distress mingled with his heat sort of shock-starting meant he wouldn’t be much use as a witness until after a few days. So Tony had promised to bring him in as soon as possible to leave his statement and was left alone with the police and a muzzled alpha not allowed to speak.


A suspicious glare was thrown at the woman, and Tony bravely let the medical assistant put some kind of cream over bruises after they had been photographed.

“If he acted within his rights, why do you want to talk about him? He’s a very good alpha” Tony said defensively. Bucky felt a little wave of pride at being called good – he didn’t like being handcuffed and muzzled because both his training and his instincts told him he’d done what he was supposed to do. And right now he had an omega in heat to service. The alpha did not apricate being kept from Steve, especially when he could smell him all the way from upstairs.


The policewoman and her assistant, wearing a heavy jacket despite being inside, glanced uncomfortably at Bucky. He glared back. Tony would tell him to stop if he was being bad, but the omega didn’t. He must not like the police either – his smell was off.

“Well…the chain he wears is broken clean off, for starters” the beta woman slowly said, staring at the piece of metal still hanging from his collar. Rolling his eyes, Tony took his arm back and shoved down the sleeve.

“He broke it off in the garden to protect us – and good thing too, because apparently these kinds of men are allowed to just wander about” the omega said with a meaning glare. When the two uniformed betas only sat uncomfortably in silence, Tony sighed. “It’s his prothesis. It makes him stronger, and that’s not his fault. He would never use it to hurt anyone” he said, sounding like he meant it.


“Yet we have a man at the hospital with a crushed windpipe” the assistant said quietly, not taking his eyes off the alpha, still bare-chested and splattered with blood. The scent from Tony shifted to angry and he leaned forward, getting all up in the assistants face.

“If that man hadn’t tried to rape his omega, then my alpha wouldn’t have had the need to crush his damn windpipe” he growled.


It made Bucky strangely proud to see Tony defend him so intensely. His omega was so strong; so fierce. And Bucky was happy to call him his own. He hadn’t forgotten that it was Tony who came to Steve’s rescue first – there was more bravery in that one that Bucky had seen in a lot of alphas.


Yet Bucky understood what the police meant. He might be unintelligent, but he wasn’t dumb. They wanted to know if he would be a danger; if he should be removed from the collective. The thought would’ve terrified Bucky if he wasn’t currently so full of anger. Because right now he felt dangerous, and he also felt like that was a good thing. It meant no one would hurt those he cared for.


It calmed him to see that Tony seemed to be of the same mind.




“It’s okay, shh, it’s gonna be okay” Loki tried soothing, stressed and anxious. With Quill still gone and Tony downstairs, he was somehow supposed to take care of two distressed omegas at the same time – one of which had started going into heat. While Peter cried and hugged his stuffed panda, Steve moaned and sobbed into a pillow, rubbing his cheek hard into the sheets and trying to present for a knot that Loki didn’t have. And even if he did, he was afraid it might scare Steve since he’d just almost been sexually assault. The scent coming off the poor omega was such as mix of arousal and fear that it almost made Loki cough.


“C’mon baby, take this. Please Peter” Loki pleaded desperately with his most cooing voice as he held out the pacifier for the pup, which made the other shake his head and hiccup before crying harder. They didn’t exactly make a habit out of using pacifiers, but Loki had no hands left over. He was a little busy trying to keep the blond from hurting himself by rubbing his face like that and couldn’t offer a thumb to suck on. “Please baby. It’ll feel a lot better. I promise Tony will be up soon and you can suck on his fingers, I swear it” Loki tried again. This time Peter paused a little, sniffling and rubbing his cheek into the soft fur of the panda. Then he finally nodded and accepted the pacifier. Once the pup started suckling on that, tears drying on his cheeks, Loki at least got some resemblance of silence.


Sighing in relief, the black-haired omega gave Peter a quick kiss in his nose, which seemed to make him happier, and turned his attention to Steve.

“Please…need inside me…” he begged as he sobbed into the bed, trying blindly to spread his legs further and press backwards. His otherwise so pale skin was flustered and burning up, and the exposed hole (Loki had needed to start by wrestling the soaked sweatpants off him) glistened with slick. A thick drop of it ran down over Steve’s small sack, making him moan and whimper. “Please it hurts” the blond whined brokenly.


Loki cooed and petted him, trying to settle his feverish body and placed small kisses down his spine.

“I know baby, I know it hurts. James will be back up too” he promised, although not sure at all if that was happening. If the police choose to take their alpha to the station, then they might be truly fucked. He could just pray that wasn’t the case.


No matter how much Steve leaked and begged for a cock, Loki didn’t dare to get a toy for him. The scent was still confusing, and if Loki pressed a dildo inside Steve’s hole and the omega freaked out, there was no one there to help him but a sixteen-year-old pup who laid in the nest with a pacifier and looked like he might burst out in tears if someone as much as suggested taking that panda from him.


So instead Loki did what he did best. He moved Steve a bit further down into the nest and lavished him with kisses, promising to help, and then started licking up that trail from the omega’s balls up to his clenching rim.


The immediate response was all the muscles in Steve’s back tensing, before they finally relaxed down and he moaned, long and low, as Loki’s expert tongue flicked over his entrance and went back down to lap up the excess slick over his perineum. His mouth was dominated by the taste of the other’s arousal and it made him moan in turn, the sound vibrating against Steve’s sensitive skin. There was just something about slick that made Loki go mad…he wished he could bury his face in Steve’s ass throughout his entire heat, and mourned that this wasn’t viable.


The poor omega calmed down a little at least, easing up on the pressure he put on his right cheek. Loki noticed Peter smelled less of distress now, so he rose quickly to get eye contact with the boy.

“Peter, please could you get Steve some water?” he asked gently, not wanting to upset the boy. But the blond presenting beneath him was both sweating and leaking enough for his body to be parched, so Peter needed to help. Sniffling around the pacifier, the teen gripped his stuffed toy and crawled over to the edge of the nest where there was a table pulled up with an array of water bottles, protein shakes and snacks set up before by Loki and Quill. He took one, a baby’s bottle so it wouldn’t spill all over the bed, filled with cold water and brought it over.


“Please…oh god…” Steve gasped, sounding hoarse, as Loki buried his tongue back and forced the tip passed the rim. He hummed against him and sucked lightly on the pink muscle, making the omega shudder beneath him. Peter nestled himself in front of Steve and moved him half into his lap so he could hold the bottle up. The sound of Steve sucking the liquid down made Loki sigh with relief. Continuing, he spread the smaller omega open further with his thumbs and drank down a new gush of slick. Still sucking on his pacifier, Peter hiccupped and cooed unintelligibly at his friend, gently stroking his sweaty hair and keeping the bottle steady pointed slightly upwards. When Loki took a moment to breath and caressed Steve’s balls, he saw how the moaning, leaking blond looked up at Peter with desperate adoration, thankfully drinking down the water. At that, the teen looked hesitantly at his stuffed panda before offering it to Steve. The sight made Loki’s heart swell with love and pride.


“Good boy Peter” he praised breathlessly and licked a hot stripe over Steve’s entrance, making him squirm. He took the offered toy and buried his face in the soft fur, letting go of the bottle and mumbling out a messy thanks. It made Peter preen, and he soon found a stuffed puppy to cuddle instead. Loki relaxed a little, and went back to eating Steve out.




Tony’s arm was throbbing, but it wasn’t the pain making him angry. It was these cops containing him with idiotic questions about his alpha – his alpha which had just prevented him from being assaulted further himself. The bruising on his arm was nothing compared to  what those beta scumbags would have done to the omega if Bucky hadn’t been there to protect him. And since Tony didn’t deal with fear well, he converted it into anger.


All the while poor Steve was up there (not to mention Peter who’s distress burnt Tony’s nostrils like smoke from incinerated plastic), he had to sit here and grit his teeth and tell them James is a good alpha, he always keeps himself clean, he’d never raised a hand to any of them, he was learning to fucking read for Christ sake. At this point Bucky wasn’t even listening anymore. His blue eyes, the only thing left visible by the muzzle, flickered backwards and he tried to smell the air despite the black piece blocking it. It was evident the large man could smell that Steve’s heat had been triggered, and his bulging erection was making the police assistant very obviously uncomfortable.


“Mr Stark” the policewoman repeated, tiredly. “We don’t doubt he’s well-behaved. But we are doubting if he should be allowed such a…weapon, for lack of better word” she said with a glance towards Bucky who (luckily) had focus elsewhere. Another flash of annoyance flared up in Tony.

“How about prosthetic arm? Is that a better word for it? I won’t have my alpha discriminated against because he is an amputee – that is plain ableist” the omega said sharply in a tone that left little room for argument.


In reality Tony was worried. It made him come off as overly defensive, but he knew as well as the cops did that this was no ordinary prothesis. They had probably never seen anything like it, and even though they didn’t know who made it like Tony did, they were still concerned about its power potential. Frankly, Tony was as well. But he trusted that Bucky would never use that power unless in extreme situations like this – and he found it terrifyingly disgusting that these betas representing the authority sat discussing an alpha’s limb as if it was some sort of government owned thing he might now be allowed to have. No matter who put it there and why, Bucky had lost his arm through no fault of his own and the prothesis was his now. Tony wouldn’t let them take it, he just wouldn’t. Besides, Bucky wasn’t government property anymore. He was Tony’s – and that meant no one removed any more limbs without going through him first.


Unfortunately Tony knew that if this conversation didn’t end soon, Bucky would ignore orders to stay here in favour of helping his omega in need. And if he used his metal arm to break through the handcuffs like they were toys (which he undoubtedly could), the cops would put him in the back of a police car this instant to go get his arm sawed off.


So Tony used every ounce of theatricality he had and stood up, placing his hands on the table and tried not to wince at the pain that shot up his injured arm.

“Thank you for helping us against the intruders” he begun with icy politeness. “But if there isn’t anything acutely relevant you need to discuss, you may call us next week with further inquiries. We have an omega in heat to tend to” Tony informed them, going to help Bucky take the damn muzzle off.


The two betas looked at with grim, calculating looks. Then the woman sighed and motioned for her assistant to remove the handcuffs.

“We will be in touch Mr Stark. Both about the upcoming trial and your alpha” she said with a meaning look. Tony raised his chin and made himself as tall as he could, nodding stiffly. Thankfully they left after that.


“Come on boy” Tony murmured, unclasping the broken off chain from Bucky’s collar. “Let’s go help Steve”


He really didn’t need to say anything more – the alpha practically dragged him all the way up to the bedroom. If it would have been another situation, Tony would’ve stopped to consider what Bucky looked like. His eyes were mad with lust and protectiveness, his hair was a sweaty rat’s nest and his naked chest heaving with elevated breath was splattered with the blood of the beta which nose he’d crushed. Any other day, that sight could have scared Tony – never mind someone like Peter. But right now, he was thankful they had such a frightening alpha.


And once they burst through the bedroom door and saw the physical reaction Steve had to Bucky finally coming, Tony knew the others thought the same.


The poor omega sobbed loudly, calling out for Bucky in a wrecked voice. Then he rubbed his cheek down, arching his back in such a submissive position that even Loki felt compelled to back off. He wasn’t presenting for him. He was presenting for an alpha – for his alpha.

“Alpha, please, please, I’ll be so good, please take me, alpha” Steve begged, crying and smelling like he might just die at any moment. Tony exchanged a look with Loki – they were both clearheaded enough to supervise this – and then let go of Bucky’s collar.


The alpha went and did exactly as he was supposed to, exactly as he was meant to service them. Growling loudly, Bucky stepped up covered in sweat and blood, kneeling behind Steve. Quickly, Tony moved over and pulled Peter (looking adorable in his pacifier and with a puppy wedged under his chin) into his lap at the edge of the nest.

“I’m here” Bucky grunted, surprisingly being able to speak. “Shh, Steve, I’m here” he soothed, splaying a large hand over the omega’s arched back who only pressed down further. The alpha caressed his heated skin, rubbing over him to calm him, while he ripped the fly of his jeans open in such fervour the button was sent flying.

Please, I’ll be good, I’ll be so good for you alpha” Steve pleaded brokenly. Tears stained the sheets as well as slick, and it was no difficulty for Bucky to drag a few fingers over his asshole to lube his cock up. It was hard and swollen enough for Tony’s mouth to water – the first round wouldn’t last long.


“I know, I know Steve. My good boy” Bucky rasped, making Steve purr and writhe. “Be still for me” the alpha ordered and Steve went still instantly. Then Bucky took a hold of his thick cock and angled it, starting to press inside.


The instant pressure made Steve gasp, then moan, as he struggled to stay still. The fat head split his little hole apart obscenely. When Bucky didn’t stop however, didn’t let Steve adjust, Tony frowned.

“Bucky…not so –“ he started, but the look the alpha gave him shut him up. He felt something small coil in his stomach, a little kitten curling up beneath a blanket. It was an unusual feeling, but it told him he shouldn’t object. Not now.


And when Bucky bottomed out within a few seconds, Steve suddenly shuddered and came strong enough for him to start drooling. Tony leaned back. He would trust Bucky on this one.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t really clear to Steve what day it was. It wasn’t even clear to him if it was night or day – all that mattered was having his hole stuffed with alpha cock, and crying for it when he wasn’t getting what he wanted. Lucky enough the omega spent his existence mostly in bliss with Bucky pounding him hard from behind or bending his legs up past his ears to fuck him like that instead. There was Bucky calling him a good boy, locking his swollen knot in place and breeding him over and over, licking over his spine to catch the salt and biting his neck, ripping open the barely healed wound of the bonding ceremony.


Not that Steve cared. The bed beneath him was a mess of blood, sweat, slick and cum, but all the omega did was rub his face down harder on the sheets and beg for cock. This was the worst heat he’d experienced yet. Never before had his body screamed so horribly for the protein he lacked so badly – yet then again never before had he gotten it. Having an alpha to spend your heat thing was quickly climbing to the top of the list of things Steve loved to do, despite the pain and the desperation that came with it. Whenever Bucky’s knot swelled up and lodged itself firmly in his gaping hole, spilling the hot contents until it was once again leaking out around the heavy piece of meat, the fever in Steve settled. For those blissful twenty minutes it took for his alpha to empty his pent up amount of seed, Steve was at peace. He could breath calmly again and purred as he was nuzzled by Bucky, kissed by Quill and given water by Tony. Surrounded as he was by his friends and his alpha, he felt happy. Sated. More so than he’d ever been from spending his heats without Bucky.


That’s until the fever started ravaging his wrecked body all over again. When his hole started expelling the cum it couldn’t keep mixed with slick, and the omega uncontrollably started sobbing into whatever other omega held him in his arms. When he tried desperately to wriggle his ass back against Bucky’s cock and begged him as sweetly as he could manage hoping to appease the large alpha. Because in Steve’s mind Bucky wasn’t his property right now, not an alpha he owned and controlled. In his heat-struck mind, the alpha was transformed to just that; an alpha. It didn’t matter how many times Steve heard the other omegas give him orders that he followed, because to Steve he was his powerful mate and the omega was completely at his mercy. He would do anything to prove himself worthy of Bucky’s cock – he would present his aching asshole and rub his cheek down, he would cry if that’s what it took and he would lick his alpha’s knot and balls if that was what Bucky wanted before he stuffed Steve with the only thing that could make him stop hurting.


And sometimes that’s exactly what Bucky wanted. Sometimes he (or Tony perhaps, Steve wasn’t sure about anything that happened above him) would decide Steve needed a break if he didn’t want his poor abused hole to tear. The first time, Loki had tried to remove Bucky from him and place him further away in the nest for space. While the tall omega had claimed it was to get some food in the alpha, Steve had begun crying immediately and thought they were taking Bucky away from him. Instantly, the alpha had been back by his side, cradling his small body and soothing him. They’d resorted to letting Steve sleepily lap at his softened knot and suck at his balls while Loki fed Bucky pasta by hand. It helped him settle and eventually let the tired omega nap, bundled up in Quill’s arms and suckling in his sleep on the thumb Bucky carefully replaced his sensitive cock with.


And then he woke up and was right back to begging




Bucky knew he must be exhausted, but he wasn’t really feeling it. His owners were very kind and made sure he had something to eat and drink once in a while (after they’d fed Steve of course) and even cleaned the blood off him after he’d knotted Steve the first time. The omegas seemed to be in the nest with them in shifts. They even took him for bathroom breaks. Well, they did now at least. The alpha didn’t want to leave his needy baby boy even for a second, and he didn’t want to ask to go to the bathroom since he figured Tony or Loki would allow it when they saw fit, so he didn’t say anything the first time. He was sure he could hold it. It had been Steve who noticed he really had to pee, either seeing it on his face or getting the signals from his tense body. Steve had been underneath him at the time, his skinny legs held up by Bucky who ravished him with licks and kisses while rubbing his half-erect cock against the omega’s messy hole, already gaping. It had been frustrating as he struggled to ignore his full bladder and tried getting hard enough to fuck Steve again, so he had been relieved when the other noticed.


However, those blue eyes had widened so prettily and his mouth had fallen open with a whine, the scent of fresh slick thickening the fog in the room. And instead of giving Bucky permission to go and relieve himself, Steve had begged him to mark him.


No one had really prepared Bucky for that kind of request. He’d been taught that scent marking by urine was outdated and disrespectful and certainly not something he should do to his future omega. But now his omega was right there, looking up at him like he was going to cry or cum or fall apart if Bucky didn’t indulge him on this. Steve wanted this. He wanted his alpha to mark him up, make him smell so heavily of Bucky that no alpha would even dare to go near. It made Bucky’s head swim with pride and raw, burning need. So without really thinking, he had just let his muscles relax and started to piss out a hot stream right onto Steve’s pale belly and tiny cock, moaning breathlessly both at the sensation of finally getting his release and at the sight of Steve squirming and whimpering happily as he was being pissed on.


It only lasted for a few seconds however. Then Bucky had been dragged off his omega and placed in the corner by Tony and Quill, with the former giving him a single lash with the whip they kept nearby and the latter going to comfort Steve. As soon as they had worked out Steve’s incoherent, feverish words and understood that it technically hadn’t been the alpha’s fault, Tony had sighed and crouched down next to Bucky where he as curled up in the corner, making himself as small as he could as not to get another whipping. His soft cock was dripping of piss onto the floor even though he really tried to keep it in.


“It’s okay Bucky” Tony had said in a tired but soothing voice. “I’m not going to punish you again. Just…Steve isn’t in his right mind right now. You’re not allowed to mark him like that, even though he asked you for it. I know it’s confusing, but it’s alright. Just let us know next time you need to go, and we’ll help you, okay?” the omega had explained kindly, even if Bucky must’ve scented both scared and angry. He didn’t like being dragged away from an omega who needed him, but he almost feared the whip more.


True to his word, Tony hadn’t used the whip on him again. If Bucky’s calculations were correct (and they might not be considering he pretty much had tunnel vision for Steve), they should’ve entered their third day of the heat. The alpha was proud to report that besides his misstep with the scent marking, he was servicing Steve well enough for the other omegas to praise him for it. It was hard sometimes when Steve smelled so intoxicating of heat and hormones to remember his training and not just breed the pretty omega whichever way he wanted, but luckily they allowed him a lot of leeway. Bucky was permitted to bite him (which meant Steve’s neck was a bloody ruin but he had both his alpha and his nesting partners there to lick the wound clean) and after Dr Strange’s examination he was also permitted to fuck Steve with as much force as he wanted. It made it a lot easier, because apparently holding back his thrusts on an omega in heat was a totally different thing compared to fucking a toy properly in front of beta handlers.


The most important thing was that Steve scented happy and sated and despite the fever, his heart sounded healthy for once.


“Please alpha, please, please breed me” Steve begged with flushed cheeks and an arm twisted beneath him where he was on his hands and knees so he could rub at his little cock hanging soft between his legs. The inside of his thighs were wet and slippery with slick and cum (they hadn’t gotten their daily washing by washcloth yet) and Bucky grunted as he slipped in and out of that used hole. Somehow it still clenched up perfectly around his cock, making him get closer to the edge.

“Still” he ordered in his deep voice wrecked by hormones turning him more alpha than he was usually. Steve already had red marks across both cheeks from bearing down so hard on the bed – the animal in Bucky already felt satisfied in how the omega submitted to him, he didn’t need him to hurt himself over it. With a whine, Steve stopped and rested his tearstained face on the soft blanket instead. Happy about the compliance, Bucky rumbled deep in his chest and gave Steve a particularly hard thrust, making the omega purr and close his eyes.


A few feet away in the nest were Tony curled up with Peter in his lap. That would probably mean it was evening, because Peter only came into the nest after school. Besides, the pup was sleepily nuzzling Tony and purring himself while the older omega cradled him carefully and kept a watchful eye on Steve being mounted. It was a cute sight, one that made the fire in Bucky’s belly burn hotter. He loved seeing his omegas content and happy, and he especially loved watching them cuddle and kiss each other. Some alphas didn’t like to see their omegas being intimate with one another, which could cause a bit of a problem for a service alpha, but not Bucky. All his instincts told him that his pack was happy and healthy when Peter let out a sweet, sleepy scent and Tony responded with petting his naked chest and licking his neck. When the omegas touched each other, they smelled good. And that mean Bucky was being a good alpha. He felt proud knowing that.


Which was why he didn’t pay much attention to the two little ones in the corner of the nest. Tony would ensure Peter stayed content, and the other way around. Bucky had a little one right beneath him that needed his attention.


And the overwhelming scent of Steve’s slick pushed out by his cock driving in with fervour, chasing his high, masked the change at first. Except when the perceptive alpha noticed it, it burnt his nostrils like smoke. Head shooting up, he tried to locate what was wrong. His head was all fogged up by the pheromones around him and the tunnel vision on Steve’s greedy hole, so Bucky couldn’t understand what was wrong. Peter wasn’t looking distressed – instead he looked aroused, leaning his head back against Tony’s shoulder and lazily licking up his neck. The other omega didn’t look distressed either, and somewhere in the messy state Bucky was in he realized it wasn’t distress he smelled. But it was something wrong. Something coming from Tony.


Before Bucky knew what was happening, he was acting completely on the instincts so much closer at hand now that he was in a heat-nest and growled at the two omegas. Loud and warningly. Tony’s eyes widened in shock as they met his, and Peter suddenly shrank in on himself, scent mixing with the sharp tinge of fear.


Realizing what he’d done, Bucky stuttered in his movement and his jaw fell open. Why had he done that? The feeling in his stomach told him it was the right thing to do, but his head was screaming at him that he’d just misbehaved badly. Beneath him, Steve begun to squirm and whimper, not liking that he wasn’t being fucked anymore.


Bucky expected to be whipped again, but Tony quickly shook his head when he saw the look on the alpha’s face.
“No” the omega croaked out, voice hoarse. “It’s okay. Keep helping Steve” he implored Bucky, who looked at him unsure. Then the whimpering of his baby got to him, and he slipped back into his alpha headspace to resume breeding him.


He never even noticed when Tony and Peter left and was replaced by a sleepy Loki.




Tony was an idiot.


He shouldn’t have crossed the line like that, yet he’d still gone and done it. Having Peter naked in his lap like that, burrowed deep in the nest that smelled like heat and alpha and sex, he’d just thrown caution out the window and hadn’t been able to help himself. Only wearing sweatpants, it hadn’t been hard to pull his hard dick out and rub it lazily against Peter’s wet hole. He figured the scent of his slick could be discarded as Steve’s, or perhaps Peter’s reaction to the omega in heat. It could be excused…plus the pup had purred and nuzzled so sweetly in response. His little ass had wriggled against Tony’s crotch where they leaned against the headboard all hidden in the large bundle of blankets and it hadn’t made it easier to stop teasing the rim with his cockhead.


Unfortunately that couldn’t excuse what he did next. Tony could argue that the pheromones surrounding them made him go a little crazy, but in the end it had been his decision to grab his erection and start pressing it inside Peter. In front of both their alpha and Steve.


Steve was too out of it to notice it even if Tony had full on mounted Peter right in front of him, but Bucky wasn’t. It was pretty evident from his reaction after the warning growl that the alpha wasn’t sure what had just happened, which was lucky. There was still a warning growl though. One that Tony truly deserved.


Right now, he was pacing in front of the door of Peter’s room where he’d just carried him. The pup had started smelling of distress so Tony made the decision to tell Loki he had to take this night shift so Peter could get some ‘much needed rest’ as he’d put it. The other omega had grumbled but not argued. So the teen was currently curled up on his bed, hugging his knees and not looking at Tony.


Sighing, the older omega dragged a hand through his brown hair. Fuck, he needed a shower so bad.

“Look, Petey, it’s gonna be okay. Bucky didn’t even know what was happening – he was acting on instinct and he’s probably going to forget all about it once the heat clears” Tony said gently, trying to calm Peter down. The young omega only sniffled and rubbed his cheek absentmindedly over his knee, looking at the carpet. Biting his lip worriedly, Tony took a step forward in the small room lit only by a nightlight made to look like the moon. “I screwed up, so it’s all my fault baby. You did nothing wrong. I shouldn’t have gone that far – I probably shouldn’t have touched you at all in that place. It was inappropriate, and I apologize for it” he mumbled quietly as not to wake the others up.


When Peter still didn’t respond, Tony got worried. It wouldn’t be unlike the omega to blame himself for things he wasn’t responsible of. And this really wasn’t his fault. Slowly, Tony knelt down in front of the pup, trying to get him to look him in the eyes.

“You did nothing wrong. Look at me baby. This was all me” he told Peter softly. The hand he reached out to gently take the smaller one curled up around a calf wasn’t really accepted however. Peter just sort of let Tony place his hand over his, not taking it into his own. Sighing again, Tony tried soothing him by caressing his knuckles with his thumb. “Please talk to me” he whispered.


The bed creaked when Peter lifted his head, looking at him with uncertain, glossy eyes. His smell was still mixed with distress, but now overshadowed by something else. Something strange.

“It’s fine” Peter mumbled out. His tone indicated that it was, in fact, not fine. Did he feel scared that they could’ve been caught? Ashamed that he’d been penetrated in front of others? Tony didn’t know, and he couldn’t guess. Peter wasn’t acting right.


So he decided to try a different approach. Giving a small, cautious smile, he buffed the teen’s knee playfully.

“Or…are you just sad we didn’t get to finish?” Tony said with a little wink, trying to coax a smile out of the younger man. Sometimes Peter got real grumpy when he wanted sex and no one had time for him. “Because we could do that right now, if you want. No one’s gonna walk in tonight. I could…pick up where I left it. Fuck you nice and slow” he murmured low, letting his hand wander gently over Peter’s naked arm. He’d only thrown on a t-shirt. The boy tensed beneath his touch, which he took for him getting aroused again. “Or hard and fast if that’s what you need. Is that what you need baby?” Tony lifted his eyes and looked at the pup beneath his lashes. That was damn sure what he needed.


But to Tony’s shock Peter pulled away from his touch all together. He retreated back a little in his nest, curling in on himself so he covered as much naked skin as he could. The smell got worse, and his hazel eyes got glossy as he cast them down, once again staring at the carpet. Tony felt like he’d been slapped. He sat on the floor with his hand still raised, not sure what to do.


“No, I don’t need that. Alpha…Bucky said not to” Peter mumbled, blushing profusely in shame and avoiding Tony’s eyes.


Tony choked on his response and sat silent, slowly lowering his hand.


Alpha. He’d called Bucky alpha. He’d tried to take it back, but it was evident. The pup’s scent was strange because his instincts were at war – and obviously those accepting Bucky as his alpha, his dominant protector and sole person allowed to fuck him, had won. Won over his feelings for Tony. And even though Tony knew it was just for tonight and probably didn’t mean the end of the world, it still felt like the rug had been pulled from underneath his feet. There had never been a struggle for power between Bucky and Tony since there had never been any unclarity on where they stood, but apparently when the alpha growled at them tonight, Peter had taken that for an order that he couldn’t disobey, despite what he wanted Tony to do to him. Or maybe he didn’t even want Tony now. Maybe the shame in his face was because he’d accepted being mounted by another omega, and he didn’t want that anymore. Maybe Peter wanted a real cock instead.


Tony didn’t have the answer to any of these questions. All he knew was that he felt like crying. And since he didn’t want to cry in front of someone else, especially not Peter, he stammered out a pathetic good night and left the room.

Chapter Text

The next day Steve’s heat had started breaking and he emerged from the burrows of the nest with rosy cheeks and blond hair in disarray. His gaping hole was still leaking and there was still fire coiling deep in his belly, but he no longer felt desperate and feverish. At least he’d calmed enough to accept something else than cut up fruit – Quill had made a nice chicken stew which he’d been able to give Steve so the omega could eat for himself for once. The shaking in his hands hadn’t subsided completely, yet enough for him to hold the bowl. Beside him laid Bucky getting some much needed sleep. His large body was splayed out and he looked like a young Adonis, except with a much cooler left arm. Steve blinked happily down at his alpha. In a while, he’d probably need to wake him up so he could be bred again, but for now he’d let Bucky sleep.


“You’re all swollen. Almost looks like you’ll have pups” Quill smiled from where he was scooted down, massaging the omega’s aching limbs. His warm hand placing itself carefully over Steve’s stomach drew the smaller omega’s attention to it. It was bloated with cum, and it would be even more bloated by the time the heat was done, and the sight made Steve blush and giggle. His put his own hand over Quill’s, pressing down slightly and feeling the liquid slosh around in his womb.

“You’re right. Like a whole litter” he responded in a soft voice. Seeing as he was still affected heavily by the hormones, Steve’s entire demeanour was still gentle and submissive in a way he wasn’t usually. Quill seemed to like it, as he nuzzled his friend’s belly and went back to massaging his thigh.


It would’ve been a dream come true. And still tripping on his hormones, Steve allowed himself to gently rub his stomach and imagine it. Imagined a little brown-haired pup running around with Bucky’s smile, or a tiny baby omega suckling at his breast. The thought made him flush with happiness.


Turning to look down on his dreamlike alpha, his smile turned uncertain however. He’d been so gone in the heat that it wasn’t now that the fog was at least half clear that he remembered what had happened just a few days ago. It made his stomach clench and suddenly he had to put down the bowl, feeling sick.

“They’re not gonna take him away, are they? He was only protecting me” Steve said with a lowered, worried voice, glancing at Quill with a concerned crease in the brow. The last thing he remembered was Bucky’s metal fist closing around the throat of the scum that tried to put his hand down Steve’s pants. He wasn’t even sure the beta was still alive.


“He didn’t break any laws. Messed them both up pretty bad, which is less than they deserve, but the intruders are still alive. But Tony told me the police would need to talk to us again when your heat is over. Something about Bucky’s arm” Quill sighed, carefully putting Steve’s foot down so he could dress it in a sock. It was cold since Loki had insisted on opening a window. Glancing at the alpha, Quill turned back to Steve and gave him a comforting squeeze. “But they won’t take him. They have no reason to” he assured the small omega.


Steve felt his stomach roll again and he had to close his eyes to focus on not throwing up. Talk about his arm? This was all Steve’s fault.

“They weren’t intruders Quill. I let them in voluntarily. It’s my stupid fault we got in this mess – I should’ve figured they were lying” he mumbled, cheeks flushing with shame. He really was an idiot, and he’d almost gotten raped over it. Almost gotten his friends raped.


For once Quill didn’t have a smart remark or a cheeky smile. He looked fully serious when he gently lifted Steve’s chin, making the omega look him in the eyes. There was concern, and determination and love in the small blue galaxies that were the pilot’s eyes.


“Listen to me Steve. It wasn’t your fault. I wasn’t there, but I heard they left you all alone in preheat, and they shouldn’t have done that. The only reason you opened the door for those men were because you have a good heart and wanted to help a church provide for omegas in need. And if the law doesn’t recognize that omegas in your state of mind can consent, then why would anyone think you’d be able to tell an expert lie from something genuine? Those betas knew exactly what they were doing, and the blame is all on them. They decide to prey on the vulnerable. The only thing you did was show hospitality” Quill said firmly. It took Steve aback a little, because the serious tone in his voice wasn’t something common for Quill, but right now he meant every word.


Tears rose quickly in Steve’s eyes. It warmed his heart to hear his friend say those things, and when the shame subsided a little it gave way for a more primary feeling. Fear.

“I was just so scared, Quill” he whispered, salty drops running quietly down his cheeks. Instantly, he was embraced by his friend who held him tightly, nuzzling his neck.

“I know Steve. All of us were. But Bucky will protect us. And we’ll protect each other” Quill mumbled into the crook of his neck. Steve felt a few drops hit his naked shoulder, and he allowed himself to melt into the hug. 


They would protect one another. Always.  



Harley wasn’t working today, so Tony had the entire workshop for himself. Which as a good thing as it allowed him to loose himself in the engine of a Trans Am and mull over last night. He’d left Steve in the care of Quill and Loki so that he could catch up on some orders. All the while Peter was in school, and considering Tony had left for his shop about two minutes past 6 am, they hadn’t seen each other today.


It wasn’t that he was avoiding the teen, it was just that…okay well, maybe he was avoiding him. How could he not? The mechanic was so ashamed that he even got distracted changing a damn tire earlier and almost dropped the whole thing on his foot. Tony had been a complete fool. What was he thinking, letting his dominant scent come forth like that? He knew he couldn’t control it when he pressed inside Peter, knew that the pheromones just went their own way with that. And Bucky had noticed. Now he could just pray that the alpha wasn’t clever enough to figure it out.


Because why would an alpha want his omega to fuck one of his other omegas? Even back in the day when pack bitches were more common the other omegas still needed permission from the alpha to fuck them. Technically Bucky was their property now and not the other way around, but his instincts didn’t know that.


And what was worse, Peter’s instincts didn’t seem to know that either.


It had taken nothing but a warning growl to crumble whatever dominant claim Tony had on the pup. It had been a fantasy from the start and now Peter didn’t want to play house with him anymore. And that hurt. No way around it. Tony would learn to accept it, to have had the thing he wanted more than anything for a fleeting moment and then lost it, but it wouldn’t come to him easy. So now all he could do was give Peter space to return to normal. It couldn’t be easy having to realize that you’ve been made into a bitch and then when you don’t want to be that anymore, the person who did that to you sits at the breakfast table.


Honestly Tony should worry more about the fact that the police would show up first thing on next Monday (probably) and demand details on Bucky’s bionic arm, but this took up all the space in his head right now. Swearing, he kicked over a stool and leaned his forearms on the car in front of him. They were greasy and the gloves he wore had stains on them that smelled enough to almost cover the rancid smell coming of him in waves. Tony sighed and rose, slamming the hood shut. The engine was fixed, so the only thing broken in the workshop right now was his heart.


Taking off his gloves, Tony threw them aside and went for the coffee pot. The black liquid was cold and had soured in smell, but for just a moment the omega could imagine Peter’s much sweeter scent. He closed his eyes and inhaled the figment of his fantasy, enjoying it with longing.


Except it wasn’t in his head. Frowning, Tony turned around and realized that Peter stood in the doorway of the backroom, very much not an hallucination in his favourite, worn down hoodie with cartoon cat in a box on it. The teen loved his nerdy shirts.


And while the scent was still sweet, the sight of Peter was one that tugged painfully at Tony’s already exhausted heartstrings. The young omega looked like a puppy that had been told to go sit in the corner; his big, hazel eyes were sad and flickered nervously around the room, while his pale hands fidgeted with the string so the hoodie. There were dark circles under his eyes and his body seemed to be in the same state as Tony’s soul.


“Tony?” Peter said in such a small voice that the mechanic just wanted to hold him close and nuzzle him until he was soothed. Yet he didn’t move. Had Peter come to confirm what he said yesterday? Come to drive the final nails in the coffin of what had been short but wonderful? No, Tony stayed reluctantly with his coffee cup in his hand. Self-preservation told him that it would do him no good to try and approach an omega who clearly didn’t want him.


Which was why the next part surprised Tony.


Breaking down into a quiet sob, Peter put his shaking hands at his side and walked up in front of Tony, falling to his knees on the concrete floor. His head was bowed submissively and he didn’t meet Tony’s eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean what I said, I just got so confused. I never meant…I’m sorry” the pup rambled on, interrupted by a hiccup or two. Turning his head, he looked up at the older omega with glossy eyes. “I ruined it, didn’t I? I went and messed it all up” he whimpered.


Tony couldn’t stand him like this, so he forwent his earlier standpoint and leaned down to gather the poor pup in his arms.

“You didn’t ruin anything. You just…listen, it’s okay if you don’t want this. If it doesn’t feel right that our alpha doesn’t know and approve, then I guess…” he sighed, holding onto Peter who shivered and shook his head.

“No that’s not what I m-meant” he tried to say but stuttered on a sob and nuzzled into Tony’s shoulder, smelling distressed.


With another sigh, Tony wrapped his arms tighter around the teen. They couldn’t be on the floor like this – it was cold, and dirty.

“C’mon, lets go in my office” he stated and lifted Peter up. The pup instantly wrapped his legs around Tony’s waist and burrowed his face in the crook of his neck. He stayed like that while Tony carried him into the small room he called ‘office’, which was basically a closed where he’d crammed a desk, computer and chair. Sitting down, he kept Peter on his lap.


Not until then did he make the sad pup look at him.

“Well what do you mean then? I’m not mad, I just want to understand what you want” Tony mumbled soothingly with a small crease in his brow. Because honestly his heartstrings were being pulled in every direction here. Peter snivelled and dried his red-tipped nose on the back of his grey sleeve. There was a rosy blush on his cheeks and uncertainty in his eyes.


“I mean…I didn’t think things through yesterday. Bucky scared me when he growled. It made me feel all wrong, like I was misbehaving really badly. And I didn’t really get why I felt like that, because I already knew that submitting to you is a thing we should keep secret, but hearing him warn us like that made it very…real” Peter tried to explain as the hiccups subsided and he kept his voice small and low. Frowning, Tony softly stroke away a stray tear lingering on his chin.

“Did you feel like a bad omega?” Tony asked. He didn’t ask the second question he had on his mind; did you feel like I was doing something bad to you?

“I did, but now that I thought about it – all night really – I don’t think I am one” Peter admitted, worrying his lip between his teeth. “I think Bucky was confused? And I know he’s our alpha, but that doesn’t mean he has the right to decide what we do. Right?” he asked quietly.


Tony sighed. He leaned back on the old, creaking chair, thinking about how to respond. What he wanted to do was confirm to Peter that he wasn’t bad and go along with starting up their thing again, which seemed to be what teen was fishing after, but there was a rock in his throat and it was hard to swallow around it. So what came out was something defeated and almost bitter, even if Tony didn’t intend it to be.


“You’re not bad Peter. You did nothing wrong. But maybe I am a bad omega. You know…I can’t be your alpha. I can’t decide when I get to mount you and I can’t claim you, not for real. That’s Bucky’s job. And if you rather want it to be that way, then I would understand” he said tiredly. It was pretty evident from his tone that even if he’d understand, he would still hate it. And Tony wished he could be an adult about this, but he’d never really dealt with these kinds of emotions before.


Peter’s eyes welled up with fresh tears.

“But I don’t want you to be my alpha. I want you. And I don’t care about a stupid bite – I think you claim me every time you mount me, or grab my neck, or call me pup” he whimpered pitifully. The grip he reached out and took on Tony’s hand was hard and almost desperate. “Bucky confused me. I know what I said was bad, and…and if you want to punish me for it, I want you to. I just don’t think we should involve our alpha in this because, like, he has nothing to do with it. Please Tony. I don’t want you to stop. Just…it’ll be our secret, okay? We’ll keep it our secret” Peter begged, eyes going red as he wiped at them furiously with the frayed edge of his sleeve. He sounded like he was working himself almost into a panic. It made Tony’s heart clench and instinctively he rubbed Peter’s back, not wanting the pup distressed. He just wasn’t sure how to fix this – if they could truly keep it a secret.


Peter took the hand caressing his back as confirmation that Tony was okay with him coming closer. A tiny, broken moan slipped passed the omega’s bitten lips and his hips jerked clumsily forward, rubbing up against Tony in his blue overalls. Of course he was soft, but Peter still made another awkward attempt to rut against him, all the while he hiccupped with the effort not to keep crying.


“Please? Please Tony. Punish me for what I did, I deserve it” he mumbled desperately. His hands pulled Tony’s free one back to his ass, pressing it hard there as if he wanted him to use it on him. “I was bad, I was a bad pup. Please” he whimpered. Tony realized that the teen wasn’t sure if he was angry with him or not. And he did what he thought was right to fix it.


For a moment, Tony was nonplussed, not knowing what to do with the small omega trying to wake his body up with his own. But he drew a line when Peter tried to get his zipper down so he could palm his soft cock. Shaking his head, he gently removed the hand and moved Peter upwards so he was still. The teen looked at him with big eyes, getting that puppy-being-put-in-the-corner-look again.

“No” Tony said softly. He pulled Peter a little closer and gently caressed his cheek. “You weren’t a bad pup, and I don’t want to punish you. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do anything. I just…let me hold you, please? It’s gonna be okay. We’ll figure it out” he promised, not quite sure what he’d gotten himself into.


But Peter melted against him and relaxed as he let himself be held, licking at Tony’s neck. The smell of distress slowly dispersed, and Tony sat there petting him thinking that this was, once again, paradise on borrowed time.




“No Steve, you’re too sore” Bucky said promptly, much to the dismay of the whining omega. But he was the alpha and during times like these he was supposed to make the decisions Steve couldn’t make.


The only problem was that he looked so darn cute pouting like that, lying half upside down with his blond hair in disarray.


“Pleeeease Bucky?” Steve begged, trying to rut his leaking hole against the alpha’s leg to get him going. But Bucky only smiled and hoisted him up into his arm, nuzzling his adorable little nose.

“No. You made those hurt sounds before. I think we should wait at least a few more hours” he concluded. Quill laid on his stomach on the far side of the nest, watching TV and being generally disinterested in the two of them.

“But I’m in heat now” Steve argued grumpily. He tried to squirm away, but Bucky held him firmly.

“And it’s already starting to break. I can smell it on you” the alpha said with a raised eyebrow.


Steve harrumphed and wriggled free so he could at least sit up and cross his arms. His little belly was swollen with cum and protruding, making Bucky want to nuzzle it. He felt proud over his work – he’d bred Steve more times then he’d even thought possible. But now the poor omega needed rest.


“I still feel super uncomfortable” he pouted. His gaping hole did its best to keep the contents in, only to have it leak onto Bucky’s stomach. However, it did give him an idea. Bucky remembered it specifically from his class in “Alternative Pleasuring Techniques”, and he wanted to see if it could stop his baby boy from pouting so much.


“Alright, come over here” Bucky said with a little smile. It was much easier to feel at ease and talk freely when you were pumped full of heat pheromones. Steve’s face lit up instantly, and he started grabbing at his alpha’s knot. It made Bucky wince and then laugh, loving how desperate and horny his omega was for his knot even though it was red and irritated at the moment. “No Steve, I meant up to me” he clarified. There was confusion in Steve’s baby blues, so Bucky decided just to manhandle him into position.


He wrangled the omega so he was facing Bucky’s cock instead, and then pulled him closer until that exposed, little pink hole was enticingly close to his mouth. Not able to help himself, Bucky placed a quick kiss just on the side of the rim, making Steve gasp and twitch.

“Is this how you want me?” Steve asked, voice turning submissive and docile already. Growling low in his chest, Bucky squeezed his hip since he couldn’t see him nod. Both of the omega’s hands were splayed out on Bucky’s rock hard abs – he could hardly feel the light weight put on there.

“Yes pup, I want you like this. Now you leave my cock alone, and I’ll make it stop being uncomfortable. I promise it’ll feel good” he growled as he spread Steve’s ass apart. The omega moaned and tried to push back. He responded very well to a little bit of dominance.

“Yes Bucky” he said breathlessly, hands clenching into fists to keep himself from breaking his promise.


Satisfied with that, Bucky used his large hands to lower Steve down towards him. He was rewarded with a big glob of cum mixed with slick running straight out of that gaping hole and he licked it up with a groan. The poor, abused rim clenched around air and tried desperately to close, so it wasn’t hard for the alpha to press most of his tongue inside there. The flavour was almost overwhelming since it was so potent, and it made Bucky’s cock twitch between his legs. Instantly he felt the weight above him shift and he had to pull away, lips wet with bodily fluids.

“I said no” Bucky repeated firmly. There was a pause, then a slump and a muttered “fine”, and Bucky could go back to eating his omega out.


Lying back like this and letting Steve sit on his face made it easier for him than his omega probably. Bucky could just enjoy leaning his head on the pillow and getting his face covered with whatever leaked out of Steve, lazily licking and sucking him. Steve struggled a little, not being able to resist pushing himself backwards and sometimes even sort of rutting against Bucky’s tongue. But that was okay – the alpha liked when he got so much of Steve that he couldn’t even breath and had to resort to just keep wriggling his tongue and swallow down the flow of cum and slick if he didn’t want to choke on it. He liked it because at those times, when Bucky had to use his superior lung capacity not to pass out, Steve made the prettiest noises. The first time he had climaxed onto Bucky’s chest, which caused a small river of slick run out of him due to his muscles clenching at the force of the orgasm. It caused Bucky to gag on it. Surprisingly, it made his own cock go hard all over again.


They spent enough time like that for Quill to have watched almost two episodes of Euphoria and for Steve to have climaxed three times. Each time Bucky happily gagged on the fluids until he could breathe again and push the flat of his tongue over that aching little hole, licking it almost dry. Of course that didn’t last long and he was soon back to sucking over the entrance and scraping his teeth lightly over the omega’s sensitive perineum until he whined out cried Bucky’s name.


Bucky didn’t orgasm, but that was fine. He thought this was what Steve’s body needed right now.

Chapter Text

“Steve! So glad you could make it”


The door was opened by a smiling Lemar, clad in a slightly stained shirt with a kitchen towel slung over his shoulder. The house was in a nice suburban area and the garden was complete with a stone pathway and a patch for growing vegetables. It was Saturday and Steve had finally gone completely out of his heat, and also gotten a text from Lemar from the park about that playdate. So he’d decided to take Quill and Bucky and take a walk through the slight drizzle, huddling beneath two umbrellas, to get some fresh air and new company.


Despite trying to hide it, Bucky was concerned about the police on Monday. Steve noticed. He thought maybe playing with Sam could help.


“Sorry about the mess – the little one just decided she didn’t like the purée I prepared for her” Lemar said with a roll of his eyes and a gesture towards his shirt with red goo on it.


A little one? Steve’s heart warmed as he fiddled with Bucky’s leash. The alpha was standing so prettily behind them. He hadn’t known they had a pup, but he was excited to see it.

“Oh that’s just fine. How old is she?” he asked with a smile, stepping inside as he was offered by the host. The umbrella was shaken off and Quill entered as well, tugging Bucky along behind them.

“Just six months old, and we already got a second one on the way” Lemar explained as he took their coats. “I’m guessing this is Quill?” he asked, reaching his hand forward. Quill grinned and shook it.

“Sure am. Lovely home – ours smells like a litter box constantly” the omega said bluntly, carefully handing his favourite red leather jacket over.

“He means the cats” Steve explained quickly. “Loki brings home strays. He likes to keep them” he continued as he tried to wrangle Bucky out of his leash and hang it up next to a black one already on a hook. Lemar had assured him it was a leash-free house in the text.


There was a barked out laughter coming from the stairs and then the tall, blond omega John stepped in to view.

“Well I hope you’re okay with dogs then. These two aren’t easily contained” he joked and leaned on the doorframe. Steve was just going to ask what he meant when they heard the distinct sound of claws against hardwood floor, and then suddenly Bucky was shielding him from a literal attack from two heavy rottweilers. Squeaking, he hid behind his alpha from the jumping, drooling black and brown dogs wagging their tails and trying to get to him. Only after Lemar apologized and assured him they were harmless (and Quill started vibing with them instantly and laid on the floor to roll around with the more excited one) did Steve dare approach the one left. It had sat down on its haunches and tilted its head confused at Bucky’s low growling.


“That’s Rambo. He’s a sweetheart, I promise. We got them for the collective before we could afford an alpha, and they’ve worked well as guard dogs. Not necessarily because they’re very good at guarding things, but because they look kind of scary. They’re not really though” Lemar said, scratching Rambo behind his ear. Hesitantly, Steve reached his hand out and let the rottweiler smell it. The wet nose bumped his knuckles, and when Rambo licked his fingers Steve giggled. It made Bucky relax. Actually the dogs were very nice. The second one, Drogon, had accepted Quill as part of the pack and laid belly-up getting rubs that made his tail thump against the floor.


“It’s okay Bucky. You can let the puppy smell you” Steve told his tense alpha gently and pet his arm. Bucky looked down at him, and then Rambo, with a non-convinced look on his face. It caused Steve to worry his lip between his teeth – he didn’t like the alpha like this. It was obvious as soon as he came out of the nest and got to breathe air that wasn’t packed with heat pheromones that Bucky was scared of what would happen to him. Maybe he was scared the police would mutilate him as he had been mutilated before; maybe he was scared they would take him away altogether. Steve wouldn’t know, because the whole day yesterday Bucky hadn’t wanted to talk to him about it. Not wanting to push, the omega accepted it.


But he wished this playdate would change it. So when the large alpha slowly put his flesh hand forward for Rambo to smell and then carefully, as if the dog might bite, pet his head, Steve felt proud. While Rambo made a happy sound and bucked up into the touch, Bucky relaxed beside him. His scent changed from watchful to a little bit more excited. He seemed to like petting the dog.


“They can play with the alphas in the living room. It’s been ‘play-proofed’ so to speak” Lemar promised with a smile and gestured for everyone to follow him.  


The house was big so there was apparently a living room that worked solely for the purpose of letting Sam and the dogs let off some excess energy indoors. It was fenced in like you would to secure a room for puppies, and had a set of worn down armchair and a couch with the stuffing coming out, along with rugs all over the floor.


“Hopefully it smells clean – we washed everything yesterday but you know how it is. Rambo and Drogon are completely housetrained, but sometimes Sam still has accidents when he gets to excited” Lemar explained casually. Steve couldn’t help exchanging a look with Bucky and squeezing his hand encouragingly. Their alpha never had accidents. Well, except at the doctor. That was different though.


“No way! Is that you next to a Raptor?” Quill gasped, grabbing a framed picture of what seemed to be John in uniform. He stood at attention beneath a big, scary-looking plane that Steve assumed was very deadly. The blond omega let go of Rambo and smiled, not able to hide the pride in the smile.

“Sure is. I’m in the air force – normally as a pilot, except right now I do my work from the control tower. Lemar doesn’t want me up in the air” John said with a teasing pinch to is nesting friend’s cheek. He rolled his eyes again and placed a protective hand over John’s flat stomach, ruffling his hair.

“I don’t want the pup throwing up in there when you do loops to show off” he shot back to which the other barked out a laugh.


“Wait, so you’re in the military?” Quill asked at about the exact same time as Steve widened his eyes and said; “Oh so you’re expecting?”. It made sense that Quill was more interested in the plane-details and Steve went for the pregnancy – he had totally missed the smell on John. Both of their hosts chuckled warmly and decided to answer the questions respectively. That’s why John nodded and took down another picture to show Quill.


“I am. They don’t allow omegas in close combat, so I have to stay in the plane. It’s exciting though, despite all the safety rules surrounding us” he said. Quill’s eyes went as wide as plates and he started stumbling over his words in his eager to tell the taller omega that he was training to became a pilot, except for civilian (“boring as fuck”) aircrafts. Steve could only sigh and hope they weren’t leaving this house with Quill having joined the military.


Lemar took his hand and smiled, leading him and Bucky towards the kitchen instead.
“Why don’t we let the boys talk? I mean, everyone in this collective is military somehow, but only John seems to think he’s going to be a war hero” he chuckled. “And I guess I’m a little worried for the pup. John’s only barely three months along, so he’s not exactly showing, but still. I worry” he admitted. The kitchen was beautiful, everything in white and sand wood, with fresh dahlias on the table. A small, red-haired female omega sat on a chair feeding little spoons of purée to a tiny pup in her lap. Beside her was a messy baby chair, obviously abandoned. The baby was adorable with a tuft of black hair and a green onesie with giraffes on it.


Steve felt his stomach clench with longing at the sight. It was hard not to want too much when there was a pregnant omega (whose pheromones now stood out to Steve) and a pup near him. The scent must’ve shifted around him because suddenly Bucky was behind him, nuzzling his neck for support. He smiled and nuzzled back, mouthing ‘thank you’.


“This is mama Karli, and this little bundle is Sophie. We’ve just started introducing her to solid foods” Lemar said proudly, putting a hand on the shoulder of the omega with the wild, red curls. She smiled shyly up at them, as the pup waved her paw and made a curious noise.

“What a little wonder” Steve exhaled, awed at baby Sophie. Then he remembered his manners and blushed. “I’m Steve, and this is my alpha Bucky. He’s real well-behaved, I promise” he said as not to frighten the young mother with an alpha around her pup. Karli gently shook his hand and hoisted up Sophie.

“So I hear. Nice to meet you” she said. Her cheeks were freckled and rosy and she smelled tired, yet so heavenly. It was that smell new mother omegas had around their offspring the first time to calm them, one that Steve had gotten used to in his first collective. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed it.


Lemar was making them all coffee, explaining that Nico was up washing Sam off since they’d gone for a walk in the rain and gotten muddy. They’d be down in a second.




Bucky was fascinated by the pup. He had never seen one before, only in pictures or glimpsed through a stroller pushed by him. But never one so small, and so close to him. It smelled different than the others, which he was not sure was because it was a beta girl or because it was still tiny enough fit in Steve’s arms easily, when his omega was offered to hold it. Suddenly Steve’s cheeks went as rosy as Miss Karli’s and he held the pup more carefully than Bucky had ever seen him hold anything. The alpha tried to imagine what they looked like when they were completely new. What they would smell like. What would a tiny, pink bundle smell like just out of Steve’s womb? Bucky imagined it would be even better than the pheromones he gave off during a heat.


Since he hadn’t been offered a chair he stood by a cabinet and tried not to take up too much space. It stressed him a little that the baby might be scared by his scent, but she didn’t cry. She only peered over Steve’s shoulder at him with curious brown eyes. Her skin was much darker than her mothers, more resembling Sam’s, and it made Bucky wonder if the pup would eventually get freckles when she grew up. Pretty, dark spots to adorn her stubby little nose and soft cheeks.


“Would your alpha like to hold her?” Karli asked suddenly, and Bucky froze. When Steve looked unsure, she made a reassuring gesture. “It’s okay, Sam holds her all the time. Your alpha doesn’t smell hostile, so I don’t think it should be a problem”.


Hostile? Why would Bucky be hostile towards a pup? It was a helpless little thing that needed his protection – he would never harm it.


“I don’t think he feels hostile. There’s no rivalry between him and Sam, so why should he show aggression?” Steve resonated as he lightly bounced Sophie in his arms.


Show aggression? Bucky felt confused and frustrated, not something he usually felt when people were talking above his head. But he just couldn’t understand why they might be worried he’d hurt a pup. Sure, it might cry because he looked big and scary, but the pup wasn’t a threat to his omegas. It was…absurd. The alpha was pretty sure that was the correct way to use that word.


In all this flurry of emotion, Bucky suddenly found himself having the baby very carefully handed to him. Her weight was nothing in his arms, and the green onesie was soft, with a light crinkle of a diaper beneath it. Bucky’s head was racing away with him, but when baby Sophie looked up at him with those pretty, brown eyes, wide as frying pans, it all stopped.

“There we go” Steve mumbled, untangling himself. “Be mindful, she’s very delicate” his omega warned, then patted his arm and smiled hesitantly.


Bucky wasn’t sure what to do. He’d never held one of these before. When she made a sound and lifted a tiny hand with tiny fingers to pat at his black t-shirts and the hardness beneath, the alpha let out a confused sound and instinctively shifted her to a more protective grip. She smelled like green summer grass and gingerbread at the same time, and Bucky felt like pressing her fragile body to his chest was one of the most important missions he’d been given. Looking up from her to meet Steve’s eyes, he worriedly blinked.

“Am…am I doing it right?” he asked with a concerned, raspy voice. And Steve smiled, eyes slightly glossy, and it didn’t make sense to Bucky but his omega nodded.

“You’re doing great” he assured him, and the alpha felt a swell of pride in his chest. The bundle wriggled and he shifted himself to follow her curious motions.


Bucky could’ve easily stayed like that for the rest of the visit, but then Sam came down and he got excited about that. Besides, the pup got tired and started crying, wanting her mama, so he gently gave her up to Karli. His new friend was already smiling and wound up like a toy, eager to play. When he playfully growled and nipped at Bucky’s ear, he laughed and buffed his head against his shoulder.


“I think that’s the cue to get them in the living room” Lemar said with a clap of his hands and led the way out of the kitchen and the pup falling fast asleep. Bucky let himself be put in the ‘playpen’ as Sam called it, happy that they let the dogs in as well. He hadn’t liked them at first because they scared Steve, but they were nice puppies.


Their omegas sat watching them, entertaining themselves, so Bucky could put full focus on wrestling with Sam.

“I missed you” the smaller alpha said, rolling them over and getting instantly tackled by Drogon.

“I missed you too” Bucky smiled, and he meant it. He’d always liked playing with other alphas at the pound and was sad that he’d probably never meet a lot of them again. Rambo bit his shirt and pulled at him, so he turned and growled challengingly. Picking up a chewing toy, he bit into it and started a tug of war with the large rottweiler. For a while, he just let himself melt into excited pupspace, just happy to be rolling around and not having to worry.


It had been difficult to come out of the heat and realize the stupid nightmare that had started with those beta rapist scum wasn’t over. That he would need to talk to those policemen again – that they didn’t trust him.


But for now, Bucky didn’t need to think about that. He only needed to concern himself with how to get Sam on his back so he could drool him all over the face.






The voice was Peter’s, coming from the nest. Loki was out rescuing some damn cat from a tree (or maybe grocery shopping, it wasn’t clear) so Tony sat by the computer getting some work caught up on and Peter – the tease – was sitting in nothing but a pair of panties on his knees.




The light-spoken request came again somewhere behind him. Sighing, Tony ignored the submissive tone and kept typing in the numbers for the new equipment he’d just bought. It had only been a few days since they’d had their talk in the workshop and the older omega had refused to fuck Peter. Not that he framed it as refusing – Tony just told him that he’d rather just cuddle or make love to him, that it’d make him more comfortable, and Peter had grumpily conceded. The truth was that Tony was afraid of scaring the pup again. So he’d played it safe.


“Please sir?” Peter whined, making his voice deliberately vulnerable and needy. The added ‘sir’ definitely didn’t help Tony’s resolve. He sighed, resting his hands for a second.

“No Peter, I have work to do” he said firmly without looking back.


There was a disgruntled huff and the sound of the bed creaking, meaning Peter probably just plopped down his cute little butt in the nest. Honestly Tony hadn’t known why he even allowed him in his own personal nest while he actually had work to do – much less why he hadn’t protested when the teen had removed his clothes claiming ‘it’s too hot’. Trying to focus, Tony forced himself to look at the screen.


Then the faint scent of slick that had lingered in the air since Peter entered suddenly became that much stronger. Pausing, Tony frowned and sniffed. Drawing in that heavy, intoxicating scent was like take a long drag of a blunt – except instead of dulling things down, they were made much sharper for Tony. A broken, soft moan reached his ears.


Feeling his heart pound in his chest, he turned around, not knowing if he was aroused and annoyed. As soon as he saw Peter leaning back against the wall in the nest, feet planted on the bed and spread far apart with his panties bunched around one foot as the teen slowly fingered himself deeply with two fingers, then Tony knew. He was aroused – and angry. It was that dominant feeling that only Peter could bring out, the one that compelled him to make the boy submit but never got quite bad enough for Tony to want to hurt him for real. Still, it was powerful.


“What do you think you’re doing?” Tony asked quietly, composed. The pup’s pale chest was as flushed as his cheeks and his eyelids were drooping, making him look like a wet dream, while his slender fingers pumped in and out through the slick that gushed over his knuckles, down to mess up the bed. Peter looked up at him and blinked as innocently as he could spread in a whorish position like that.

“You didn’t want to play with me sir” he said like it was obvious. A low growl grew in Tony’s chest. God this kid was really testing his patience. With that sight, Tony’s resolved was quickly breaking.

“I thought I told you I was working” Tony said through gritted teeth; one last pathetic attempt to keep this normal and not fall for temptation.


Peter wasn’t having it. He kept eye contact with the older omega as he slowly, so slowly that you could see the string of slick following, withdrew his fingers from his wet little cunt and lifted them to his mouth. There he licked them clean. Moaning quietly at the taste, Peter smiled with a glittering in his hazel eyes.

“More for me then” he teased.


And Tony was a goner.


Snarling as he stood, he surrendered to the force within and let himself become the dominant omega Peter so claimed he wanted. Two steps and he was at the bed, yanking Peter’s hand out of his mouth.

“You really are a little bitch, aren’t you? Fuck, I’ve never met anyone as greedy for it as you Petey – not even Steve is desperate enough to need omega cock to sate him. But I guess you’re a special pup, aren’t you?” he mused, not even sure what he was saying, as he forcefully pulled the other forward. He went willingly, letting himself be dragged to the floor instead.

“Yes sir, I am. I’m your special pup, your bitch” Peter agreed enthusiastically, scent going pliant as he was given what he wanted. Slick dripped down the inside of his thighs and stained the carpet.


Tony leaned closer, holding his chin firmly to make the younger omega look up at him.

“Bitches go on the floor. Don’t they?” he grunted. There was nothing left of Peter’s hazel irises – only black where the pupils had expanded. The pup looked at him with his mouth half wide open, like Tony could do anything to him and he would still love it. It was trust, pure and utter trust.
“Yes sir” Peter breathed out, barely audible.


Tony used that breathlessness to turn the pup around and make him present for him. The new position made Peter scramble to get his knees under him, moaning wantonly as he had his knees forcefully spread.

“And still you went and made a mess of my nest. Touched your little cunt without permission” Tony tutted, spreading his larger hand over Peter’s pale ass, squeezing the soft skin to make the other moan.

“Yes sir, I was a bad pup. Punish me sir, please” Peter whined and rubbed his face into the rug as tears welled up in his eyes.


It gave Tony pause. He had his hand ready, could easily pull back and slap Peter for this. It would be well within the play they set up. But he didn’t want to. It felt like…pushing it too far. At least for now.


So instead he grunted and pulled his zipper down, reaching inside and grabbing his hard cock. The head was wet with precum as he pulled it out and the scent made Peter sob and squirm to show off his pink, dripping hole better.

“I’m gonna put you back in your place” Tony grunted, rubbing his dick roughly over the slick entrance. “Show you where you belong. On your knees with your ass stuffed full” he said, before pushing his entire length in at once. Peter mewled but pushed back for more, and Tony let out a breath.


It felt good. It still felt like home. As he pulled back and readied himself to slam back inside, Tony thought for a second how easy it would be to get lost in that feeling.

Chapter Text

The room was a square box with white walls, a row of fluorescent lights that irritated Bucky’s eyes and a table. There was two chairs on one side with the beta policewoman Bucky recognized and an unknown man in a black suit rather than uniform sitting in them, and the alpha uncomfortable opposed to them. His own collar was discarded and he instead wore a choking collar with the leash was tied to a metal ring in the wall (“safety protocol”) which meant that if he tried to pull on it, it would cut off his breathing. A pathetic handcuff was connected to his metal arm, and even the police putting it there had seemed to know it wouldn’t hold him.


But Bucky was a good alpha, and he wouldn’t try and break free.


There was a fourth chair which hadn’t been originally placed there. When Tony and Steve brought him down to the police station in the morning, two betas dragging off a reluctant Steve to leave his witness statement, the man in the black suit had wanted to talk to Bucky alone. But Tony had given them one of his ‘try me bitch’-looks and slapped some sort of document down that the alpha couldn’t read except for his own name somewhere in the jumble of letters (some of which he actually recognized thanks to Steve).

“He’s an alpha, so he doesn’t have the mental capacity to be legally questioned by you without representation. As his owner, I have a right to be present” Tony had said matter-of-factly, pointing to the paper. The man had raised an eyebrow.

“An alpha is not a child; he is still a legal subject and can be prosecuted” the beta had informed him coldly, but Tony didn’t back down. He’d only crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow himself.

“There are no charges against him. If you have any, then go ahead. Otherwise my alpha is protected under state law constituting only betas and omegas may represent themselves. I won’t have you asking him questions he doesn’t understand and upsetting him for no reason” he’d told the man with ice in his voice.


It hurt Bucky to not be considered smart enough to even talk to them alone, but he knew that Tony was right. Obviously he knew nothing of the law and his owner had been kind enough to read up on the stuff he needed to help him out of this situation, so Bucky was thankful he was in the room with him right now. He just wished Steve was here as well.


Wanting to behave, he sat curled in on himself with his arm thankfully mostly covered in a long sleeved shirt and let the others talk. Bucky wasn’t comfortable with his metal hand being on display so he tried to hide it by shoving it under his right bicep, but he feared it didn’t help much. Even though he actually did try to focus on what the police were saying so he would understand what was going on, he found it increasingly difficult because his instincts were going crazy under the pressure. It made his head buzz as if he was standing next to an electrical fence. Frowning, he tried shaking his head but he couldn’t get rid of it. It was infuriating being tied up by a leash while his omega smelled more and more annoyed with a tinge of distress next to him and he could do nothing. What was worse was knowing Steve was all alone somewhere in the building, without the protection of his alpha.


What did stick however was when they started mentioning Hydra Disciplinary. That’s when Bucky sat up straighter, looking warily at the man in the black suit who suddenly leaned forward and placed a folder in front of Tony. Up until now the policewoman had done most of the talking – asking whether Bucky was ever violent and how he handled his prosthetic arm around the other omegas, to which Tony had amongst other things showed them a picture Lemar had apparently taken of him holding that pup on Saturday – but the man took over when they got to questions about his old pound.


“Mr Stark, we’ve had several incidents of alphas from this particular, closed down institutions. It has come to our attention that Hydra Disciplinary had a knack for producing…violent alphas. I understand if this information has been kept from you, but frankly, I’m not sure I would’ve trusted your James around one of my pups” the beta man said with a glint in his eyes that made Tony look at him warily under his lashes as he slowly reached for the folder.


The words caused a sharp stab to cut through the electrical buzzing, increasing it and making Bucky’s brain hurt. It cast him back to the memory of walking home from Sam’s house. The things Steve and Karli had said about Sophie still bothered him, so he’d gathered the courage to ask what they meant about him being potentially hostile. Steve had given him a funny look, not seeming to keen to talk about it. But he’d told him anyway.


“Oh but you did fine Bucky. Nothing to worry about. It was just a concern, because alphas in general aren’t always very happy around other alpha’s offspring. If they see the father of the pup as a threat, they might attack the pup to established dominance”.


Steve had said this as if it was simple truth, but it had cut Bucky deep. It confused him so much on the inside that he’d actually stopped, causing a tug on the leash when his omegas wasn’t prepared for the halt. When he’d met Steve’s eyes, he knew his own was full of conflicted emotions.

“Do you think I would hurt a pup?” he’d asked, voice small. Could they believe him to be such a monster?

“Well, no baby, not you. I was just…because it’s a, uhm, concern” Steve tried to explain, furrowing his brow and walking up to try and sooth him. Quill stood by the side, looking uncomfortable. Bucky just shook his head, not wanting to be tugged along.

“Do you know alphas who has done this?” he asked again, bewildered because not once, not a single time, had someone at the pound told him to watch himself around a pup. It was an obvious understanding that a pup could never pose a threat to an alpha’s omegas, so it couldn’t possibly trigger those kinds of aggressive emotions. He’d never even heard of an alpha who’d stooped low enough to harm a baby – of course he’d been taught the history of alphas hitting their unruly children, but this was very different.


Steve suddenly looked very uncomfortable. The street was silent around them, and the omega didn’t seem sure of what to say.  

“We’ve heard stories…” he said, unsure. It had punched the air out of Bucky’s lungs. Stories. Rumours. Of evil pup-eating alpha monsters. He should be used to this by now, but mostly people believed things about him that could be true. That he could become violent to protect his omega or that he could become dangerous in rut. But this? Bucky knew he wasn’t this kind of animal.


Apparently this beta thought he was though. It made him want to snarl, or cry, but none of those things were available to him right now so he just watched, silent.


“James is nothing like those alphas” Tony said trying to hold back anger as he closed the folder that seemed to contain pictures of alphas with marks of lashes over their bare chests. It was sickening to see. Perhaps Bucky had known them.


The man, who still hadn’t introduced himself, leaned back and took out a little tin box. The white pills inside it smelled like mint and he popped one into his mouth, crunching down on it and taking his time chewing before he spoke again.

“Be that as it may, he still carries a prothesis that isn’t like anything on the market. Gilmore Hodge, the beta he attacked, will never speak without pain again” he said, to which Tony huffed and crossed his arms.

“Good” the omega spat out resentfully. Bucky agreed. The woman sighed, running a hand over her long braid.


“Nevertheless” the suited man said with emphasis. “The records I was able to find could only tell me so much about this weapon. Fortunately, they yielded information on how to find a man that might know more” he said with the hint of smile. The knot in Bucky’s stomach drew up tighter and the buzzing made the backs of his eyes itch. He didn’t like where this was going. The man threw a lingering look at the alpha, as if he was judging him. It was hard not to pounce him right now – instead Bucky focused on breathing calmly and forcing his scent down to a less aggressive note. “He is serving a 25 year long sentence at a prison seven miles from here for unlawful alpha experimentation and planned alpha trafficking. But he was kind enough to travel down here to meet you today James. You might remember him – Dr Arnim Zola”.


Everything went black.


“Sergeant Barnes”


The familiar voice echoed through the electric current raking Bucky’s brain as the room slipped away entirely from him, in a hurl of pain and fear.


“Do you like it? It will be your new name” Dr Zola’s told him sounding amused. A new room appeared before his eyes – a sterile one, yet cold and damp since it was below ground. A secret room which an older alpha had once told him was where they kept the omegas. James had only been seven at the time and believed the alpha, so he’d looked forward to seeing what was behind the door in the basement next to the usual medical room. The prospect of getting to see a real omega, to touch one, made him somewhat happy in the otherwise miserable upbringing. Now he knew better.


Now he was strapped once again to a table, but this time the small doctor told him his work was done. In place of his left arm was a full metal arm, shining silver. Bucky had been confused at the time, not knowing how many days he’d been strapped to that table fighting off the fever and infection that bloated his shoulder until it looked deformed. With the swelling down there was only scarring left. Carefully, Bucky lifted the prothesis and tried opening and closing his fist. He moved sluggishly as he was still affected by the pain and trauma, but it worked. With fascination, he watched the fingers move one by one.


Dr Zola had laughed, clapping his stunted hands together.

“Very good James. Is this not much better? This is what you were meant for. A perfect weapon – the fist of Hydra. These are not hands meant for servicing a household, no? You won’t use them to hold a frail pup or stroke the cheek of some mewling omega. No, Sergeant, you are metal now; cold and strong, heartless steel. Much more useful, I would say. Hands to kill. As soon as you learn to control this one, I shall give you another, and you will be a perfect soldier. Time has passed for the animals. Hydra will bring the world machines”


When Bucky came back to the room in the police station, he was so deep in panic he hadn’t even realized he’d torn his arm free form the handcuff. The leash had snapped as well, despite the choking collar that now hung useless and broken around his neck. Hyperventilating, he’d tipped the chair backwards and crawled into a corner and was now trying to physically claw the metal arm off his shoulder with the force of his right hand. The fingernails dug deep into the scarring and it should’ve hurt, but all the terrified alpha could think of was that he didn’t want to see the doctor again, didn’t want him to make him more machine. He desperately didn’t want his right arm to be taken from him as well – couldn’t bear the thought of losing sensation in yet another hand. The blood was rushing in his ears and he could barely hear the commotion around him, the screaming.


“Restrain him!” the man in black ordered, while the policewoman said something into a device in her hand. But Bucky only ripped at his own skin, feeling blood well up between his fingers, struggling to breathe.


“Bucky!” Tony exclaimed with worry in his voice, but then someone was dragging him away. It scared Bucky further – he couldn’t lose his omegas. The thoughts raced with the electrical current disturbing his ability to think and he choked, thinking that if they made him a soldier again he didn’t know what to do. Could they take away both his hands? Any ability he had left to feel the softness of Steve in his arms, or Peter holding his hand when a movie scared him, or a tiny pup circling their hand around his finger?


“Take it, please I don’t want it” Bucky sobbed out in a wrecked voice, not even sure if anyone heard him. All he knew was he needed to get this machine out of him and he clawed at the edges, trying to pry the metal apart but it was lodged too deep in his skin and the pain seared his head enough to make him snarl. The man in black backed into a corner and banged on the door, saying something, and the scent of his omega’s distress burnt through the smell of his own.


“You can’t do this, he’s not dangerous! Let me help him!” Tony howled, trying to wrestle his way free from the policewoman holding him. Then someone burst through the door and Tony screamed louder and thrashed…


The last thing Bucky remembered thinking before something sharp stung his thigh and the world went black was what a fierce, beautiful omega Tony was. And how much he wanted to hold him with his human arm.




When the alpha woke again he was back in his worst nightmare. Strapped to a table in a sterile room, he couldn’t move or talk. Whatever drug they’d given him had been powerful and his head was swimming enough to dull the aching pain of his bloodied left shoulder. Given that, it took Bucky a moment to realize this wasn’t a flashback. Two men in police uniforms at the door and the spiteful beta in a black suit told him he was still back at the police station.


As soon as that notion hit him, the alpha growled and trashed against his restraints, spit flying as he barred his teeth at the beta.

“Where are they?” he growled, sounding nothing human. The man held up a hand, having discarded his suit jacket to reveal a white shirt and a leather holster holding two guns. Bucky instantly wracked his brain for ways to get a hold of a gun and shoot him, then go find his omegas.

“Relax James, they’re fine. Tony is upset, and I imagine your other owner is as well, but they are waiting together in the office of Detective Johnson. You met her before” he said in a manner that was supposed to be reassuring but came off as patronizing. Bucky still wanted to shoot him.


But then a familiar voice disrupted those thoughts. And everything in Bucky’s stomach turned to ice.


“Sergeant Barnes. I never imagine we would meet again like this” the Swiss beta called Dr Zola said with amusements in his tone. Stepping out of the shadows to Bucky’s right, the small man smiled his unsettling smile and pushed the glasses up his nose. He looked worse for wear than before – skinnier with paler skin and an unpleasant smell – though he still had those eyes that never looked quite right. It was as if they were ever curious, and never really happy.


And he was once again holding a tool in his hand and Bucky had nowhere to run. Suddenly hearing waves crash in his head, the alpha thought he might have passed out if he wasn’t already lying down. Instead he lost control over the muscles in his abdomen and the feeling of warm urine stained the inside of his pants. Humiliation mixed with the feeling of utter terror and it didn’t make it better.


“Oh. That’s unfortunate. But no worry James, you’ve had accidents before, haven’t you? Nothing we can’t handle” Dr Zola said in his broken accent with a glimpse in his eyes as he smiled, almost as if he was reminiscing old memories they had together like some positive thing. Bucky let out a weak growl – all he could manage. His prothesis was kept stretched out in an awkward angle by chains (which he could probably break, but it would take him long enough for them to shoot him again with one of the tranquilizer guns that he hadn’t missed that the uniformed police carried). His shirt sleeve was completely torn from his clawing at it before and left him no cover.


A low growl vibrated through his chest as the doctor came closer.

“Do you need us to muzzle him?” the man asked.

“No Herr Bennet, James would never bite me” Dr Zola assured. And Bucky wanted to prove him wrong, except he couldn’t deny that the fear and memory of being helpless before this man made it very hard to do. When the small beta slowly grazed his metal arm with a gloved hand, the alpha felt the growl die in his throat and be exchanged for a whimper. “See? Tame as a puppy” Dr Zola said with a triumphant smirk.


Bucky tried all he could not to throw up or piss himself again as his prothesis was opened up and probed it. While he couldn’t physically feel it, the pulsating pain where he’d ripped his shoulder open reminded him of what was going on – and worse, what had been done to his arm in the past. It made the ghost of pain flicker through him and he bit his lip until it bled to stop from whimpering pathetically again.


“Can you remove it?” the man called Bennet said impatiently. Obviously he had already decided that Bucky was no longer allowed to his prothesis. The implicating made Bucky’s breathing quicker, yet he still thought it was better than to gain a second robotic arm. He’d rather be dismantled than built further.


Now Dr Zola looked annoyed, glaring at the other beta through the thick lenses of his glasses.

“Remove it? Herr Bennet, you do not remove a piece like this. This is work of art; my greatest achievement” he said sourly, gesturing to the exposed wires with the plating move aside. When he was met only with cold silence, Dr Zola sighed and leaned back, taking off his glasses to clean them on his blue prison uniform. “Alas, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. It is too deeply integrated with his bones and muscles. Ripping it off would cause him to bleed out instantly – and I am not aware of any orders to have this alpha killed. I imagine it would make for a pretty serious lawsuit” he said with a meaning look. “However, I can disable it” Dr Zola finished slowly.


Disable it? So he wasn’t going through another surgery? Bucky had no idea if that was good or not – he was hanging on by a thread, missing his omegas and not wanting to be here at all.


Bennet looked at them with furrowed brows, concentrating. His arms in rolled up sleeves were crossed and he seemed to be thinking. At the same time Bucky felt the sticky, cold sensation of his urine drying up on the inside of his pants.


“Okay. Do it” Bennet ordered eventually.

Chapter Text

Tony was fuming with anger when he drove them home eventually. It was dark out and Steve hadn’t gotten proper food in him all day, concerning the omega further. Cursing at the road, he gripped the wheel so hard his knuckles whitened and went through every single legal thing he could do to get back at those monsters at the station – and some not so legal things.


But what was worse was Bucky, who sat slumped over in the backseat with his dead eyes fixed on the road. His state was more or less catatonic; the left arm hanging limp and unmovable by his side. At first Tony had thought the alpha was drugged when the policemen brought him back, but then he’d been told they hadn’t used any sort of anaesthesia on him because they hadn’t hurt him. Which wasn’t true of course. Bucky’s shoulder was wrapped up badly in white gauze and his prothesis had been ‘disabled’ – apparently it meant someone had cut off the cables giving it any sort of function. They had crippled him. And then they’d had the guts to call it ‘a mercy for the household’.


The whimpering of Steve brought Tony’s attention to the backseat. Observing them through the rear view mirror, he saw how the small omega curled himself up towards the alpha, in distress nuzzling his right arm to try and sooth him. It gave no response. Bucky just sat unmoving, staring at the streetlights passing by as if he wasn’t even aware of Steve. His position made the useless arm lie in an absurd angle, twisted and turned, a dead chunk of metal attached to his body. The faint smell of urine lingered in the car and Tony hated how uncomfortable Bucky must be in the stained pants, yet the alpha said nothing of it.


“I’ll fix it” Tony promised through gritted teeth. “I’ll fix whatever they did. They’ll just have to fucking arrest me”




Sparks flew through the garage and there was more than the usual swearing from Tony as he sat on a stool hunched over the bionic arm laid on his bench. Bucky sat leaned back on a chair, staring up at the roof. It was 2 am and all the others had bundled up in the primary nest, cuddling the distress out of each other at having their alpha mutilated. Not Tony though. He couldn’t let Bucky go to bed a single night without being able to properly hold his mates.


So he worked on. The cables stuck out, four of them having to be replaced and the rest just rewired, with the plating opened up like the skin you open up to fix a broken bone. The only difference was that Bucky could feel nothing of this. His claw marks had been dressed properly by Loki and they’d hoped he’d be feeling better.


But he still hadn’t said a word.




The next nights Bucky wasn’t allowed to sleep in his room. The primary nest was full of all the omegas and their alpha curled up in the middle, refusing to use his metal arm to cuddle them. When he woke up shuddering from nightmares, Steve made himself a little ball slotted against the alpha’s chest where he bent his knees up and Quill licked his neck lovingly while Peter whimpered and slowly dragged his stuffed animals one by one to be piled on top of Bucky. In the mornings, Bucky was covered with pandas and turtles and puppies.


The days found Bucky catatonically sitting on the sofa with Steve beside him, reading from The Hobbit and pointing to the pages even though the alpha didn’t look at them. Loki tried making calming tea, which was drunken dutifully, and when it didn’t make him talk the omega slowly lifted over Fenris to the couch. The cat curled up in Bucky’s lap and fell asleep, purring.


It slept there for an hour before Bucky hesitantly lifted his flesh hand and very gently petted the cat’s head.




Tony had never seen someone chop carrots with such worry. The blond omegas eyes were fixed on Bucky where he sat stiffly in the sofa, stroking Fenris little ears. The cat purred and curled up like a cinnamon bun with ever muscle and bone relaxed, which could not be said about the person he was sleeping on top of.


Chop. Chop. Chop.


It went slowly, until Steve eventually looked up at Tony. His entire face looked as if someone had just kicked his puppy. Deep worry and sadness etched his otherwise so young features and Tony sighed, wishing he could fix all this. But Bucky needed time. They couldn’t rush him through healing from a traumatic experience.


“That wasn’t a real police officer, was it?” Steve asked with a small voice. Frustrated, Tony moved the pot to the stove and ran a hand through his unwashed hair, remembering the unpleasant beta man in his immaculate black suit.

“No, I don’t think so. He might be a federal agent or something like that…I’m guessing the government likes to keep track of whatever alphas survived Hydra Disciplinary” Tony said slowly. After what Bucky told him, and what he’d seen in those files at the station, the omega had briefly wondered why they hadn’t all been executed if they’d been experimented on to the point where they might not be safe around people. But alphas were rare – and so far Tony hadn’t been told that a single other alpha had survived the full procedure and been given a prothesis like Bucky. The others would be…wild, but not weaponized. So they were still out there, still confused and scared and angry, still easy victims for men in suits to ‘disable’ them.


“What if he comes back? To check up on us?” Steve whispered, scared. To sooth him, Tony walked up behind him and nuzzled the soft skin in the crook of his neck.

“Then I suppose I’ll disable Bucky’s arm again until the bastard leaves” he said. The notion made Steve shudder, so Tony placed a quick kiss on the shell of his ear. He pointed to the four cats currently curled up on Bucky’s feeding mat on the floor in the corner. “Or we can just feed him to the lions”.




Three days after they’d gotten home from the station, Bucky finally used both his arms on his own accord to embrace Steve lying beside him in the nest when they tried to fall asleep. The worry for their alpha caused a lingering scent of distress to hang over the air, but some of it was relieved when Steve realized he was being touched again.


Up until now Tony had been unsure if he’d even done a good job, because Bucky barely lifted his metal arm.


After that, Bucky slowly started coming back to them. When Peter woke up whimpering and pressed his wet hole against the massive alpha’s crotch, he willingly pulled out his cock and sank it deep into the little omega. Although he refused to use the prothesis to pleasure Peter, and only wanted to keep the sex very slow, cuddly and loving, it was a great step forward. Steve started getting his much needed breedings back, despite them being given to him as he gently rocked himself back and forth on Bucky’s lap while the other licked his neck and kept him close. What usually was hard and rough become soft and passionate, and sometimes Bucky cried at the end. But he wanted them again. Needed them.




It took almost a week for him to speak again.


The first words were directed at Tony. They sat together in the bath as the omega tried to clean the unruly brown tresses of his alpha’s hair, as well as checking up on the deep scratches on his shoulder. Luckily they healed well, but the alpha would have another set of scars over the old ones. Concerned, Tony knitted his eyebrows together and tried to carefully untangle the mess of hair. The room was steamy and hot, and he felt droplets slowly fall down his spine as he sat straddling Bucky’s legs, comfy in his lap.


Suddenly Bucky moved his arms, very slowly, to wrap themselves gently around his omega. They curled protectively around his naked back and pushed him, every so carefully, into Bucky’s embrace. A surprised sound escaped Tony, but he let himself be led down to where his alpha wanted him – close, so he could bury his nose in the omega’s damp hair. Bucky inhaled, then relaxed beneath him.


“Strong” he mumbled, barely audible. The only other sound was the occasional drip of the faucet into the milky water tainted by soap. Tony barely dared to breathe. “My strong omega. So fierce. So beautiful” he murmured again. His voice was low, raspy with unuse, and full of love.


Tony melted into his touch and those rare words, like the first drops of rain in the desert. They stayed locked together like that until the water went cold.




That Sunday, Bucky finally laughed.


They were all outside in the garden enjoying the warm spring sun, laying around on blankets with iced tea in tall glasses. Quill was trying to get Bucky interested in the red ball by rolling it back and forth across the grass. At first, the big alpha just sat listlessly in a grey hoodie ignoring his iced tea and the toy. But then Quill sighed and decided to throw the ball straight into the air instead.


It sailed towards the clouds only to fall back down and bump resolutely against Quill’s nose.


“Ow!” he exclaimed and grabbed at his face, looking at the ball like he was offended. Everyone went silent, looking over to see if anyone was hurt. Then a low chuckle was heard from Bucky, and every set of eyes moved shocked to the otherwise depressed alpha. “It’s not funny” Quill said grumpily, but it was obvious that his pride was the only thing hurt and soon the rest of the omegas erupted in loud laughter.


Later, Steve was reading to a much more focused Bucky in the couch. They sat curled together and the omega was happy to finally have a relaxed body to cosy up against and not just an immovable object. The others were playing some board game in the kitchen and the table in front of them was lit up by some nice, orange candles. The small pillars of smoke rising from them joined the ones from the two mugs of hot cocoa Loki had just placed before them.


“Is that a little b?” Bucky asked, pointing carefully to the page, still acting a tiny bit afraid around handling the precious book he struggled so to understand.

“You’re right, it is” Steve nodded proudly and smiled. The alpha was still struggling with his lower case ‘b’ and ‘d’, often reversing him like children does. But he was getting there.


They read on, slowly working themselves through the adventures of Bilbo and his group of friends. Sometimes they paused to have some cocoa, sometimes just to nuzzle each other. After a while, Steve paused and looked over at his alpha. Bucky was studying an illustration of a dragon, fascination glittering in his blue-grey eyes. He really was a marvel. A beautiful, curious, clever marvel.

“You know we love you, right? And we’ll do a better job at protecting you hence forth. I promise I won’t let them do that to you again” Steve mumbled, blushing. He was ashamed that he’d promised to keep Bucky safe, and obviously failed at it.


Bucky’s eyes moved from the pages of the book and looked up to meet the omega’s. They didn’t look angry, or hurt. For days they had looked like a sea without wind, a plain body of water where nothing happened – the kind of doldrum where ships perished of empty despair. Now they once again looked like the arctic lakes where whirls of snow cast themselves over the ever-glittering blue; where there was life and calm and joy but also a cold wariness. Steve wondered if the wariness was worse now, or if he just thought it was.


“I know Steve. But you didn’t do something wrong. I was scared because…I thought I was bad at protecting you. If they take my arm, then how can I keep you safe?” he said quietly back, gently stroking away a strand of blond hair from his omega’s forehead. Steve bit his lip, frowning.

“You saved me” he said with strong emphasis. Then he put the book aside, straddling Bucky’s strong thighs. Leaning in, he placed a kiss on those pretty, red lips. “And no one’s going to take anything away from you. Tony will undo everything they do, and if they try to come back, I’ll bite them” he stated promptly, digging his teeth into the fleshy part of Bucky’s right shoulder.


It made the bigger man laugh and embrace his skinny body.

“I don’t doubt it” Bucky said with a proud smile. Steve blushed under it, and tried to hide it by ducking in to kiss his alpha. As soon as their lips met, they both melted into the touch and a moan slipped between them, not clear who gave it up. It felt good, being able to be intimate with Bucky again. It had only been a few days of him not being physically responsive (and therefore rightfully so being left alone) yet it ached in Steve as if a lifetime had passed. Now that he’d had an alpha he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to survive without him.


So the omega indulged himself. Surging forward, he captured Bucky’s bottom lip between his teeth, tugging ever so slightly as he grinded his small body down. The alpha groaned at the display of dominance and gripped Steve tighter. The movement forced him to grind down further and between them was the unmistakeable hardness of an erection tenting the black sweatpants, leaving nothing to imagination. Heat coiled in the depth of Steve’s belly and the urgency in his feelings towards the man below him made his womb react by producing slick that messed up his entrance. Whimpering, he rubbed his palm over the fabric of the sweatpants, trying to grip the impossible size of Bucky’s alpha cock.


Those pants were quickly discarded, as was Steve’s own. There was barely any resistance when Bucky looked him deep in the eyes with lust igniting them and pulled the omega onto his cock, sinking him down deep.

“Oh, mmm” Steve gasped, eyes going wide. Well seated, he gyrated his shuddering hips, making the head of Bucky’s erection rub ruthless against his cervix. “F-fuck…” he whimpered brokenly, loving the slight pain of it. Bucky grunted at his curse and kissed the flat space between his nipples. His lips softly placed more kisses over that space only to migrate to his right pink little nub when Steve pulled himself up slightly so he could drop back down, enveloping it in his hot mouth and sucking. The pressure, along with the scrape of his beard on the sensitive skin made the omega gasp and grip those brown tresses, trying to pull him closer.


Steve rode him slowly, even though it was sort of driving him mad. But his alpha didn’t want to fuck him right now, and Steve wasn’t unhappy just blissfully keeping himself rising and falling on the hardness below him. And when Bucky gently bent him backwards so he arched his back, giving the other access to kiss and lick his stomach, the omega keened.

“I want to put pups in you” Bucky husked, to Steve’s surprise and delight. He lived for the words Bucky spoke in lust. His lips ghosted over the omega’s ribs and placed a chaste kiss over his navel before licking a hot strip across the part that would be most stretched if he were pregnant. Steve held himself up by leaning his hands on Bucky’s knees and the change of angle made the head of the cock rub against completely new spots, leaving him breathless and writhing. Yet he was still sensually kissed by his sweet alpha, whose large hands held him protectively. “I want to give you a whole litter. And then I want to hold them. All of them” Bucky continued, caressing the blond omega’s bent spine. He seemed not to be fully aware of what he said, but that was fine. Steve was fine with all of it.


“Yes please Bucky. Put pups in me” he whimpered and grinded himself down harder. The alpha looked up at him, eyes wild, and pulled him in for a heated kiss with too much tongue and teeth and it was just perfect. His strong hips started pushing upwards from the couch and the new impact made Steve cry out into the mouth he was kissing. It only made Bucky thrust up harder, finally taking over. It was still close and intimate and slow, but with an urgency to it that told Steve that Bucky was chasing the same desperation as him.


“Mine” the alpha grunted, fucking his tight little hole and keeping him flush to his chest. “My omega” he husked as he growled very low and nipped at Steve’s bonding mark. Steve melted into it and nodded.


“Yours. Promise” he whispered.




Tony had initially been going for the garage, but stopped in the doorway to observe the beautiful sight of Steve gracefully riding their alpha. It was enough to make him both wet and hard, yearning for his packmates and at the same time content to just watch them make love to each other. From this angle Tony couldn’t see the cock sliding in and out of Steve, but he could hear it. And he could hear the words they whispered to each other, words that only made him flush more.


And then Peter was behind him, braiding in his hand into the older omegas. Tugging, the teen made him turn enough so he could be given a soft kiss. Peter was a mischievous, pretty mess with his hair tousled from how he sat pulling at it while he studied, and he had stolen one of Tony’s t-shirts again. He smelled like heaven.


“C’mon Tony, let’s go play we’re making pups” Peter mumbled with a cheeky smile.


And Tony couldn’t say no to that, so he let himself be pulled along upstairs. But he really should’ve known that as soon as the dust settles on one catastrophe, the universe will throw you another. Because good things never truly lasts.

Chapter Text

The nest in Tony’s room was bigger than Peter’s, and didn’t consist solely of Justice League-blankets. There was also no plushies, but that was okay. It smelled like Tony and that was all the teen needed. If he could chose, he’d spend every single night here (well maybe some nights in the primary nest). Peter loved burying his nose in the soft blankets and pillows and just scent them while burrowing his small body where it belonged.


Right now they didn’t have time for all that though, so Peter instead presented right away with his clothes still on and let Tony jerk his skinny jeans down enough to get to his ass. Instantly Peter had to bite a pillow as not to moan at the feeling of being exposed, and there was a sharp intake of breath behind him.

“Jesus Christ, you really don’t follow orders about underwear, do you?” the older omega breathed out, swatting his bare bottom playfully. Giggling, Peter rubbed his cheek against the sheets and shook his head.

“I want you to have full access, sir” he purred back, wiggling his hips as much as he could in the trapped position with his pants bunched on his thighs.

“Of course you do, my little slut” Tony said adoringly. “And you’ve made quite a mess in your jeans at the same time” he reprimanded.


And Peter sure must’ve, because they’d been feeling warm and sticky ever since he saw Tony standing and watching Steve being fucked. Right now, he could hear the lewd sound of Tony’s finger pressing inside to test the resistance and moaned knowing the other could easily just penetrate him right now.


“You want me to put pups in you?” Tony husked dirtily, forcing a second finger down as the sound of a zipper going down added to the sound of Peter’s wet hole being breached. He was referring to what the teen had cheekily asked him earlier upon hearing Bucky wishing to impregnate Steve and fuck if that didn’t make Peter drip. The fingers squelching inside him withdrew and the slick hand placed itself on the omega’s lower back to press him further down. “Want me to breed you? That’s what you want?” Tony mumbled, angling his hard cock up against the entrance.


A shiver ran through Peter’s spine at the word ‘breed’. It was a dizzying thought being bred by Tony, perhaps because he knew that the other omega most likely physically couldn’t. Whatever amount of seed he could manage to fill Peter up with wouldn’t be strong enough to actually take root; it would be more or less a miracle if it did. But for a moment, when Tony begun stretching him open around his dick (so big for an omega, like seriously Peter wanted to worship the damn thing), the teen liked to imagine it. That he could somehow make it come true by just being more submissive; that Tony could gain the features of an alpha simply by dominating him.


There really was no explaining it, because according to every single thing Peter had learned on omega equality and the modern way to view his own sexuality, he shouldn’t be enjoying this. Being talked down on, patronized and dominated by a person his equal. But Peter still did. He craved it, and he believed he had craved it for a very long time without being able to voice it. It didn’t make him enjoy being intimate with an alpha any less, but the biological reaction he had to Bucky was simply not the same as the mental reaction he had to Tony. The power of pretending and for a short while slip into a so radically different role was more than thrilling to the young omega. Ever since Tony had started mounting him, it was as if Peter finally understood that sex could be more than just good and nice. It could be firecracking awesome.


So that’s why he pushed back and whined, trying to get more in him quicker than even his messy channel could adjust to.

“Yes please sir, breed me. I’m yours” Peter gasped and begged, all to the wonderfully humiliating sound of Tony laughing low and dark above him. It only made the pup rub his face harder into the sheets and submit further, demean himself more. “I’m yours sir, yours to fuck and breed and take. Please, I wanna be yours” he pleaded as fresh tears welled up in his eyes both in pain and pleasure as Tony bottomed out. His hips were flush against Peter’s ass and he grinded them roughly, hands kneading his pale skin hard but oh how he loved the agony. The omega cock was nowhere near enough to brush his cervix, but it didn’t matter. Since Peter hadn’t been properly prepped, the burn made it feel like a proper alpha dick in there. “Yours” he choked out again, panting.


Tony leaned over his back and bit his shoulder, thrusting sloppily three times before stopping and grinding again.

“My bitch, is that it? You wanna be my bitch?” he husked out and bit down again, making Peter cry out.


“What the fuck did you just call him?”


The voice came from the door. Terrified, yet still sluggish as he’d been falling into subspace, Peter twisted to see Loki stand there – they hadn’t heard him come in. The tall omega stood frozen, looking absolutely disgusted at Tony.


“Loki…” the mechanic stammered out, flushing. Loki looked like didn’t know what to do, except maybe drag Tony off him by his neck.

“No Tony, what the actual fuck? Get off him, now!” he growled, taking a step closer. The whole thing hit Peter and he started to cry, which didn’t make things better. Tony choked on his response and pulled out quickly (painfully) and hastily zipped up his pants before helping Peter on with his.

“It’s really not…I can explain” Tony tried, looking scared and worried, especially since Peter felt himself start to scent distress where he curled up in the nest. At the moment, he was too stressed to realize it only made him look that much more of a victim.


Loki took two steps forward with all the fury and grace of royalty and then physically pulled Tony out of the nest, shielding Peter with his body.

“You can explain why you’re calling Peter a slur like that? Why you’re mounting him? Jesus Christ Tony he’s just a pup, what were you thinking!” Loki all but shouted, scenting anger in such an intimidating way that even Tony seemed to shrink. The fuming omega turned to Peter, features softening for a second. “It’s gonna be okay” Loki whispered to him, in a distorted try to sooth him. He couldn’t know that’s not why Peter was distressed.


But the black-haired omega turned back and shoved a finger up warningly in the Tony’s face. “How long has this been going on? Huh? I can’t believe you’re preying on the youngest of the pack, I can’t…” Loki started but was interrupted by Steve storming in, flushed.


“What’s going on? I heard you yelling” he said worryingly. When he saw the scene before him and scented the air, his blue eyes widened. “Loki? What’s…what is this?” Steve asked with a crease between his brow, stepping back unsure. Furiously, the other flung an arm out and missed Tony with about an inch.

“I just caught him calling Peter a bitch and forcing himself on him” Loki snarled out. Steve’s face paled and he looked shocked, mouth opening and closing. But whatever response he had got drowned out by Peter sitting up violently.


“No he didn’t!” the young omega exclaimed sharply. Hearing Loki say that made him finally wake out of his paralysis and speak up. Peter needed to tell them they were all wrong, it wasn’t like that at all. Cowering next to the desk, Tony whimpered, the scent of distress now coming off him as well. With all the authority a sixteen-year-old could have, Peter ignored his flushed cheeks and stood on his knees. “He never forced himself on me, that’s not true Loki. I asked him to, okay? I asked him to do it” he tried to explain with tears welling up in his eyes.


Steve exchanged an uncertain look between him and Loki, and then sat carefully down on the nest. Placing a hand on Peter’s arm, which the teen twitched away from, he probably thought Peter needed soothing. Even though it was Tony scenting badly now – it was him who needed the comfort, but Loki only kept himself tense like a human shield between the two of them. When he opened his mouth to interject angrily, Steve raised a hand and silenced him.


“What do you mean, Peter? What did you ask Tony to do?” the blond omega asked gently, as if speaking to a child. And even if Peter rejoiced in being treated like a defenceless pup by his mates when they made him feel good, especially Tony, he wasn’t a defenceless pup and he hated being spoken to like one. The annoyance coming off him was muted by the panic exuded by Tony. Peter took a deep breath to calm himself down and try to explain, hastily wiping away the tears on his cheeks.


“I asked him to…to mount me. He didn’t even want to at first, said it was disrespectful and mean, but it’s not. I know it’s not how we do things but I really wanted to uhm…try that, and Tony hasn’t forced any of it on me. He wouldn’t do that” Peter murmured out with fearful stammers mixing with the angry glare he shot at Loki.

“I would never hurt him” Tony whispered from where he had curled himself up on the floor.

“You’ll get to speak later” Loki snapped, and once again Steve had to sooth him with a gesture.

“How about we all calm down? I bet we can work this out” the diplomatic, skinny omega claimed calmly. A light of hope lit in Peter’s stomach – he just wanted to make them understand. Would they listen? Scooting forward, he allowed Steve to put his hand on his knee as an offering to show he was willing to talk.


“You’re forgetting Peter is just sixteen – why would it be his idea to be called a bitch? Does he even know the implications of that?” Loki hissed, not addressing anyone but Steve. It made humiliation and annoyance flare up again in the young omega.

“I’m matured Loki, I’m not a pup anymore. I’m an adult” he said sharply with a sour expression. It didn’t help that he was snivelling like a kid. “And I know what it means. But Tony hasn’t made me a real bitch just because he calls me that, okay? I’m still just me, still equal to all of you. Why can’t he call me that in bed if I like it? It’s not wrong to like things” Peter muttered and crossed his arms. In his head all of his words made full sense, but the two omegas having burst in still looked at him condescendingly.


“But why would you…why would you want that Peter?” Steve asked slowly, blushing slightly as he tried to act calm about it. It was an embarrassing topic; their youngest member just admitted to wanting to be demeaned into something lower than the lowest rank of a pack. Of wanting to be called something worse than whore and give up control of who fucked him. And Peter hated that he didn’t have a good explanation.


“I don’t know” he admitted frustrated. Looking at Tony, he saw his friend being scared and huddled and all he wanted was to hug him. Yet looking at him reminded Peter of how he felt for him and his own fear melted a little. “It just makes me feel happy. Like…I can finally relax. And it doesn’t mean I want all of that stuff, but just some things. And Tony won’t even let me try some of it because he really doesn’t want to disrespect me, but the things he does try just makes it feel like as if I can be me. And he still loves me” he explained as best he could. His voice went soft as he did so, still looking into those pretty brown eyes.


At that, Loki hesitantly started looking less tense. His eyes flickered from side to side and he didn’t seem to be sure what to do with his hands.


“You don’t feel like you can be yourself around us?” the tall omega ended up asking worriedly. The remark stabbed at Peter’s heart and he shook his head quickly.

“No, I do, that’s not what I meant. I just think I have this side of me, and maybe I don’t quite get it yet cause I’m young, but it’s different and I was scared no one would like that” Peter said, admitting to Loki’s previous statement about his youth. He was young, and even though that didn’t mean he wasn’t allowed to explore it still meant exploring was new for him.


A warm hand encircled his.

“But Tony gets it?” Steve asked gently. Peter nodded. Finally, Loki stepped back and let Tony speak up. The poor omega was still sitting up against the desk, scenting distressed.

“Is that true?” Loki asked and Peter hated how this felt like a trial. But the mechanic nodded slowly. When he spoke, his voice was broken.


“I want to make Peter happy. And it makes me afraid I’m taking advantage of him…but he’s been trying to tell me I’m not, and I chose to believe him. I’m sorry. I know I should’ve know better” he croaked, tears rolling down his already shining face.


The air seemed to go out of Loki. Confused, his tense posture slumped a little and he took another step aside. Emboldened by that, Peter climbed out of the nest and went straight to Tony. The bigger omega sobbed quietly as Peter straddled him and nuzzled his neck, soothing him with little licks and a kind purring.

“It’s okay” he whispered. The teen wasn’t used to being the one taking care of Tony, but he would do it all night if it meant the other would feel better.


There was awkwardness when Loki and Steve slowly sat down on the edge of the bed and faced the two of them curled up on one another. Peter didn’t care. Nothing they said could make him apologize and he didn’t like that they’d forced an apology out of Tony. So he cuddled up further and glared at them suspiciously – it was a very possessive thing to do, but omegas were known for being possessive when their mate was threatened. Never mind that Tony wasn’t his alpha and they didn’t share a bitemark, it still felt like his mate.


“So what, uhm…what exactly is it you want Peter? Is it like a sort or roleplay? Do you want us to be in on it?” Steve asked diplomatically and oh my god it felt like when Peter’s aunt had sat him down and discussed very awkwardly if he wanted knotted dildos and what kind to ease his hormonal raging as a pup. Peter blushed and rubbed his cheek absentmindedly against Tony’s shoulder.

“I want Tony” he said grumpily. The older omega (finally smelling more of his normal coffee scent) sighed and soothingly rubbed his back.

“Peter doesn’t want to be passed around. But he doesn’t want to be judged for this either” Tony tried to untangle the confusion, keeping his voice low and slightly submissive. The heap of a boy in his lap purred harder to confirm Tony was right. The mechanic gained some confidence. “I think of it as roleplay, because Peter isn’t actually a bitch. He’s just Peter, and he likes to be more submissive than I guess what you would consider normal. That doesn’t mean any of you have to engage in that; it would just make things easier if we didn’t have to hide it” he told them, finally having the courage to meet Loki and Steve’s eyes.


And it seemed as if they understood, because they both looked a bit ashamed (especially Loki) and they made humming sounds to agree with Tony. But then Loki groaned and put his hand over his forehead as if he’d just remembered something.


“What about Bucky?” he said with annoyance. Peter’s purring morphed into a quick growl.

“Bucky doesn’t have the right to decide how Tony can touch me. It isn’t the 1930’s” the young omega muttered.

“No, you’re right, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s an alpha” Loki sighed. The blond mimicked his sigh and rubbed his neck.

“Loki’s right. The pounds doesn’t train alphas for this, since this…practise hasn’t been in use in forever. There’s nothing to say he won’t act on his instincts for this, and that could be dangerous for both of you” Steve declared tiredly.

“Where is he right now?” Loki asked, and the other motioned to the door.

“I left him downstairs with Quill; I didn’t think he needed to be bothered right now with some crisis when I heard you yelling” he answered.


Peter was still entangled in Tony when Loki frowned and stood.


“Well then maybe we should bring him in?” he suggested, to which Tony’s jaw fell open. The others didn’t know that Bucky had already growled at them once, and the memory made Peter blush hard and feel nervous.

“I don’t know if that’s…” Tony start, but Loki throws him a stern look.

“If you want this ‘thing’ to be out in the open, then Bucky needs to know. Otherwise he’s gonna figure out in a much worse way” he declared and honestly? It was painfully true.




Even though Quill was trying his best to distract him with the red ball, Bucky was still throwing worried glances to the staircase. The faint smell of distress had mingled with shouting and the alpha had a hard time following orders and staying put when his omegas might need him.


Which was why he was thankful when Steve came back and brought them both upstairs.


The whole sight and scent confused him. Peter was wrapped in Tony’s lap on the floor and no one seemed very happy. What had happened? Beside him, Quill seemed equally confused.


Then Bucky caught that familiar scent from the brief moment in the primary nest when he’d growled at Tony. Slowly turning towards him, he saw how the big omega protectively curled his arms around the smaller and this strange, dominant pheromone that Bucky had never felt in an omega before pulsated thickly out of him. Could the omegas smell this? Was that why they weren’t happy? Bucky shifted uncomfortable, because the scent pulled at his instincts and he felt himself be pulled into his more animalistic side. He didn’t recognize how he was supposed to react. Suddenly his brown collar felt too tight.


“Just release him” Loki said, but Steve hesitated. Slowly, he went up to Bucky, a crease between his blond eyebrows, and put a hand on his bicep.

“I know this is strange. But you need to behave, okay?” the omega told him quietly. It made Bucky frown. He wasn’t sure what behave meant right now. Then he was gently pushed towards the pair on the ground. “Go…explore” Steve told him.


So Bucky went with his instincts and stiffly walked forward. The weird scent got stronger, mixing with something coming off Peter as well. He felt his body go down on all fours before he could think about it, tilting his head as his pupils expanded to take in the sight more sharply. His thoughts were muddled down to guttural things he couldn’t decipher and he moved himself animalistically towards the omegas to figure out what it was. As he sniffed up Peter’s neck, he felt…less hostile than he’d felt the first time during Steve’s heat. It was strange, so Bucky tested licking a stripe up the hot skin, tasting salt and submission and the heady lingering of Tony’s coffee-scent. It made him grunt, to which Peter gasped and let his eyes flutter close.


Still not gone completely, still human, Bucky looked back at Steve for permission, and the omega nodded.

“Go on” he encouraged. Grunting again, incapable of full words with all the instincts coursing through his blood, the alpha gripped Peter and pulled the pup out of Tony’s grip. He yelped and whined but went willingly. Perhaps not so gently Bucky pulled his pants down to get access to his little hole, needing to lick where it scented the strongest. Roughly, he rubbed his nose against the pink rim, messy and wet and…stretched? With a low growl (not a menacing one) Bucky licked the wetness to the omega’s breathless whimpers and tasted Tony.


His eyes widened. This wasn’t the taste of Tony’s mouth or slick – this was…this was…


Eyes shooting up, he met Tony’s eyes. With a confused dog-like sound, Bucky tilted his head to frown at him. Then he crawled forward on all four, strong limbs and burying his face in Tony’s neck, inhaling the dominance and tasting it on his tongue as he licked a hot stripe. The bigger omega didn’t object either as he was pushed to the ground and had his pants pulled down so Bucky could nuzzle and lick his cock.


Peter was all over him.


Not understanding, Bucky looked at his owners one by one, not speaking. Eventually Tony met his eyes under his lashes, looking nervous.

“Are you…are you feeling angry right now?” he asked worriedly, voice low. Bucky frowned. No…no that wasn’t it. He shook his head. A relieved sigh fell from Tony’s lips. “Do you understand?” he asked next, and Bucky had to shake his head again.


Peter crawled back into Tony’s lap, submissively whimpering and burrowing into him. The older omega met the alpha’s eyes more steadily.

“Peter is mine to mount” he stated calmly, possessively. Almost as if he was afraid Bucky would contest him on this.


And it did feel weird in Bucky. But these were his owners. They were allowed to do what they wanted, even if Bucky had never been taught that this might involve mounting each other. It honestly wasn’t something he knew anything about. But Peter was happy in Tony’s arms. And his scent was…well lets just say it made Bucky’s pants strain painfully.


“How does it make you feel?” Steve asked carefully from the bed. The alpha wasn’t quite sure why they were treading so carefully around him – he frowned and sat back on his haunches, trying to clear his head by breathing less thick air and find his words again.


“A little…confused” Bucky admitted, voice gravelly and strange. He looked over at Tony, who was protectively holding his pup and kissing his cheek. “But Tony is strong – he can protect Peter. Can I…can I still mount him?” he asked, furrowing his brow. A chuckle came from a few of the omegas and suddenly Peter smiled brightly at him from where he was cuddled.


“Yes I still need you Bucky” he clarified. Then he gave a loving smile to Tony. “I need you both”.

Chapter Text

“Okay so we’re going to start easy. This is soap” Steve explained and held up the lilac bar smelling of lavender. On the opposite end of the big tub Bucky observed with big eyes as if the omega was a teacher trying to explain quantum theory. Even with the size of their bathtub, the large man still had to sort of squeeze together a little to fit every knee and elbow in – the water only reached below his belly button where Steve could sink down way past his waist. It was warm from the steam in the room however, and it had been made clear to the others that this bathroom was occupied for at least the next hour. Bucky was finally learning how to wash himself.


“This is how you use it” the omega said gently and took a better hold of the soap. With both of his hands, he carefully worked up a lather by rubbing them with the bar, which he then placed aside so he could soap up himself. Heaving up on his knees, Steve let his hands wander over his skinny body. While usually not liking being on display, he found himself enjoying having his alpha’s eyes on him. They caressed him much like his own hands did. Slowly (perhaps putting on a little more show than was necessary, but it wasn’t as if Bucky was complaining, Steve rubbed the lilac lather over his bony shoulders. As his fingertips grazed the elevated, pink scarring of his bitemark, he couldn’t help but shiver from pleasure. The two simple rows of teeth permanently imprinted on his skin might not look much, but the meaning behind them was so immense that the omega sometimes just pressed down on it to revel in the sparked memories of his alpha bonding with him. Claiming him. Wanting him so much that he’d given Steve a mark of his claim that would never fade rom his skin and could never be erased from his blood. It was chemical now; eternal.


And Steve knew that the bonding ceremony with Bucky only happened because of the fact that they bought him, but sometimes he liked to pretend they hadn’t. Besides, it was hard not to feel like the claim hadn’t come from the heart when his alpha absentmindedly, still having all focus on Steve, raised his hand and ghosted the fingertips over his own bite mark. The smell around him shifted to something headier, something making Steve’s nipples harden in the warm air. Letting out a small moan, the omega moved his soapy hands, leaving a trail of bubbles behind, to graze the small nubs, sending sparks of pleasure through his body.


But he couldn’t linger, or he’d never had the time to teach Bucky before the water went cold. So to both their disappointments, Steve moved downwards to his flat belly. He caressed the place below his navel where Bucky had a thick trail of wiry, dark hair and he himself had nothing but smooth, pale skin. They were contrasts, sitting opposite like this. The wilderness of the alpha’s long hair falling in his eyes, the sheer bruteness about his entire, massive physic didn’t mirror Steve’s softness and skinny bones. Sometimes the omega felt like a baby deer caught in an untamed forest at night. Those first days Bucky had lived with them he’d been afraid, not only of the unknown scents of this haywire forest, but of how easy it was to get lost in it. To let his being slip into the alpha and stay there, lose himself and become a habitant of wilderness. Now? The baby deer in Steve had settled in and found how soft the moss was to sleep in, and how the forest bent around him rather than bend him to its will.


Because Steve might love his alpha, but Bucky would never demand he loved him as a sacrifice; would never ask of him to submit wholly as an omega and cast aside the others in his pack to love the alpha as the highest being. The biological pull was there and Bucky could easily exert his power over Steve in settings like this, when there was no one else around to catch it, but the omega knew he never would. And that made Steve want to submit to him more than ever.


“Pretty…” Bucky exhaled quietly. Beneath the milky surface of the water, his cock was hard and standing out from his groin. Without permission to touch it, he ignored it.


And Steve felt pretty. The rash he always got behind his knees and on his elbows hadn’t bothered him for a while, he was breathing a bit easier at night and he’d gained 3 pounds. Seeing that on the scale had made him preen this morning – putting on weight was one of the most crucial parts to gain fertility. Plus, the omega really think he looked prettier with a bit more of him to cover the bones jutting out. As Steve reached back and got the parts of his back he could reach soapy, he reflected on how much a few more pounds could help with his backpain. He wasn’t sure the protein Bucky provided could go as far as to straighten out his spine…but perhaps being able to build muscle could support it better?


Another thought crossed his mind as he cleaned his small cock. Would the protein make him bigger there? Steve had made his peace with his cock, but he’d be lying if he said it didn’t bother him sometimes. All male omegas struggled with that part of their genitalia, but only omegas like Steve that had such a serious deficiency in protein ended up with what was basically an enlarged clit. Back when he and Tony had started what would become Benatar Collective, the bigger omega sometimes referred to it lovingly as a ‘cocklet’ whenever he was down there kissing and sucking at it as he fingered Steve. Steve wasn’t comfortable with that word however, and had felt especially ashamed compared to Tony who had just about the biggest omega cock he’d seen. It was actually closer to a beta dick, which used to make Steve jealous. Then he’d figured out that he really didn’t have any desire to use his cock for anything. While it felt nice to have it licked, Steve derived all his prior stimulation from his hole – and that was completely fine. Actually, Steve wasn’t so sure he’d even like it if his cock grew. Being with Bucky had only made him like it more as it were.


“Sometimes you have to get a bit more” Steve explained as the lather had run out. He got the soap back into his hands before he could stand higher on his knees and reach back to gently spread his cheeks open. The water only reach his mid-thighs now and he could see from the way Bucky’s eyes darkened that he wanted to see this part – however this would take forever if Steve let himself go down that path.


Instead he bit his lip and swallowed back a moan as he gently rubbed his slippery fingers over his sensitive hole. It was still sore from this morning when his alpha had bent him in half and pounded him into the bed to breed him proper before they got up for breakfast. As Steve caressed the puffy rim he felt his insides clench longingly, which in turn made some seed still inside him run out thickly over his hand. Gasping, the omega blushed. Bucky must’ve smelled it because his chest start vibrating low and his legs tensed. When Steve shyly held his hand up to show, the milky liquid was mixed with the lavender soap, making the scent confusingly good.

“It leaked…” he admitted. Gently he reached back to clean his messy hole, dipping the hand in the water and washing the excess away. If Bucky didn’t like that his sperm was washed away, he didn’t say anything. Except with his eyes. They looked as if he’d rather pull Steve into his lap and breed him all over again. To sooth him, Steve leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. “You can fill me up again later. Promise” he said with a cheeky smile.


Now that Steve was done, squeaky clean, he took the bar of soap and handed it to Bucky.

“You’re turn” he smiled. It was truly adorable to watch the determination on Bucky’s face as he took the bar with his right hand, concentrated furrow between his brows and…oh.


The slippery block glided straight through his grip and plopped down into the water. Shocked, Bucky looked down where it floated down just past his still erect dick. The sight made Steve giggle, and he reached into the warm water to retrieve it.

“It’s okay, it can be difficult to hold it especially since I just used it” he told him patiently and handed it back. This time he frowned harder, looking at the soap as if it was some sort of enemy he needed to defeat, and took it from Steve with his left hand this time.


Except the alpha must’ve overshot with the strength of his prothesis because the lilac bar suddenly snapped in two.


Horrified, Bucky looked down on the broken soap spiralling down to the bottom of the tub. When he raised his eyes to Steve, who was sent into a new fit of giggling, the alpha’s widened eyes and open mouth made him look as if he was choking on the words to tell his owner how sorry he was, as if he was surely getting punished for this.


Quickly, to diffuse the situation, Steve picked up the two halves and held them carefully as he petted Bucky’s arm, letting his scent go calm.

“Oh no, it’s okay Buck, no harm done. See, now we have two bars of soap, right? Nothing worse than that” he told him gently. The alpha still looked scared, but melted a little into Steve’s touch. His big shoulders slumped and he didn’t take the soap back.

“Maybe this is too hard…” he mumbled sadly. It ate at Steve’s heart. He discarded the soap to climb up into Bucky’s lap, sinking into his warmth as the alpha let out a little surprised sound.

“No, it’s just hard at first. Remember when you didn’t think you could learn to read? Now you know almost every letter in the alphabet. It can just take time” Steve promised him. His fingertips gently rubbed at the bitemark, knowing it released good hormones that would calm the alpha. Bucky looked unsure, but still made that strange, vibrating sound that functioned as a distorted purring. It was a good sign though.


“I’m sorry I’m slow” Bucky mumbled. His big hands rested on Steve’s tiny waist. The omega rubbed the tip of his nose against the alpha’s, kissing it before pulling back.

“You’ve never done this before, so there’s no way you could do it fast. When I was younger, I had to learn algebra for school. I wasn’t very good at first, because it was a new thing for me, so my Ma sat with me every night for weeks practising. Eventually I learned. But it took time, and that was okay. That doesn’t mean you’re bad” Steve told him sincerely. Between them, he felt Bucky’s hard length bump against his own soft nub. He really wanted Bucky to feel less self-conscious about learning things; at times like this he missed his Ma. She had the patience of an angel.


Steve placed another kiss to Bucky’s rosy lips, and then reached for the soap.

“Come on, we’ll do it together” he smiled. And this time it went better. They took a half each and then very carefully worked over Bucky’s body. The concentration on his face was palpable as he placed the soap aside with utmost care and used his flesh hand to rub the lather over his strong chest. Steve did the same. He tried not to linger over any of the places where the skin was ridged with old white scars from lashings, or those faints markings on his right wrists from having been bound too many times.


Therefore the washing was both emotional and erotic at the same time. Of course Steve leaked all over the thighs he was situated on, but the water diffused the scent, and of course Bucky throbbed against him beneath the water. At the same time the alpha’s fingers quivered when he washed the new, still reddened scars from where he’d tried to claw the metal out of his shoulder. And Steve couldn’t help but kiss that sensitive part of his wrist where rope had marked him in a way only a mate should’ve. Amongst it all, it felt like healing. Their scents mingled and Bucky learned how to get himself clean while Steve learned how to act around his naked body when they weren’t joined in sex.


By the time they got to shampoo however, they were spiralling into silliness. Steve started blowing bubbles at him and Bucky smiled as he playfully growled and nipped at the omega’s bitemark with a goofy hairdo Steve made with the hair product. The water sloshed around them as the omega squealed in laughter from Bucky’s fingers tickling his sides. When Bucky’s hair was washed out, the bathroom was a mess and Steve was breathless, still in the alpha’s lap. He was smiling brightly and grinding lazily against the cock now resting between his legs. This was nice.


Noticing the way Bucky’s eyebrow knit together, Steve pulled back.

“You’ve got that look on your face when you have a question you want to ask” he teased cheekily and bopped him on the nose. Bucky blushed, avoiding his eyes. “C’mon Buck, you know you’re allowed to ask things. I like it when you ask things” Steve said in a softer voice.


“Okay…” Bucky started, clearly embarrassed. “I was just wondering about Peter. But I don’t want to be disrespectful” he said, worrying his lip between his teeth. Steve shook his head, cuddling closer.

“You’ve never been disrespectful before, so I don’t think your question will be that now either” he figured. Bucky absentmindedly played with running his fingers up and down Steve’s spine, thinking.

“Okay” he decided. “I…uhm…don’t think it’s bad that Peter wants Tony to mount him. I guess I just don’t understand why? Tony doesn’t have…he doesn’t have a knot” Bucky explained, blushing profusely.


The question wasn’t unexpected per se, but it caught Steve off guard a little. Now that it was out in the open, it was very obvious why this confused Bucky. He’d been taught how to service his omegas and why he was essential in a household – omegas needed an alphas knot and their seed to thrive, and they also needed other omegas for different needs. It didn’t make any biological sense to want an omega to mount you, since they couldn’t give you any protein. They could most likely not even get you pregnant. And the pounds would probably not teach their alphas what a ‘kink’ was. Hell, Steve had been ignorant himself, thinking having a kink was something for dirtier omegas and not something existing in his own house. He’d been wrong.


“That’s a good question” Steve told him, looking into those steel blue eyes. “And it’s true, Tony can’t knot him. I don’t know how much they taught you about old pack dynamics, but before the modern world came to, sometimes a pack had a bitch. It was an omega of low rank who was…I suppose you could say ‘overly sexual’ maybe, and they didn’t feel satisfied submitting to only an alpha. So they submitted to the omegas of the pack as well” he tried explaining. It was hard without sounding disrespectful himself. He couldn’t very well call bitches what they used to be called – cum-hungry sluts.


“Is that what Peter is?” Bucky asked in disbelief.

“No, oh no he isn’t” Steve hurried to clarify. “We don’t have rank like that anymore. And Peter isn’t overly sexual or anything, there isn’t anything wrong with him. He just has a desire that isn’t biological. And that’s fine”. Bucky frowned.

“Then…what is it? The desire” he asked, not understanding what wasn’t biological.

“It’s more of a mental thing. Peter doesn’t need Tony to mount him, but it makes him feel good anyway. People call it having a kink” Steve said, hoping that would be enough of an explanation. He wasn’t an expert.


Bucky leaned back in the bath, seeming to consider it. His metal arm gleamed wetly. Then he looked down on Steve’s body. The hand on his back moved slowly over to his tiny cock, gently pressing his fingertips down on the sensitive head, making Steve gasp and buck up.

“Will you all mount him now?” he asked, looking up beneath his lashes as he rolled the soft part between his meaty fingers. It felt heavenly; yet it didn’t harden and Steve blushed.

“I’m not sure about the rest. But I’m not really…able to mount anyone” he mumbled, flush spread over his damp skin. The fingers squeezed a little, making him gasp, and Bucky gave a low growl and pulled him closer, ghosting his lips with a kiss. Behind him, the hard alpha cock bumped up against his twitching rim.

“You’re embarrassed” Bucky murmured, more of a statement than a question. Okay, just because Steve had accepted his cock didn’t mean that he didn’t get flustered when reminded of how ridiculously tiny it was. Avoiding his eyes, Steve ducked his head and pressed his fingertips into Bucky’s ribs, squirming in the alpha’s lap.

“Because I’m small…” he mumbled back. His cheeks burnt hot from the humiliation of seeing Bucky’s hand easily covering his little nub while the heavy weight of his own cock was palpable against his ass.


His alpha gently lifted his chin up with the hand not rolling his parts pleasurably, making him look at him. Their lips met in a longing kiss, making heat coil in Steve’s stomach.

“Yes. You’re small” Bucky told him in a raspy voice. An embarrassed sound escaped the omega’s throat, but then he was lifted and made to stand in the tub in front of his alpha, making his crotch come in perfect height with Bucky’s face. The man looked up at him, droplets of water clinging to his lashes, and with a glint in his eyes he put his hands on Steve’s hips, leaning forward to ghost his breath over that soft, twitching dick. “Small and perfect. My perfect omega” he murmured, placing a kiss on the hairless spot above the root. Steve gasped, feeling the slick leak down between his legs. The flush had spread down over his soft belly, but Bucky ignored it to lick at the tip.


“D-do you like it better small?” Steve panted, hands hesitantly weaving themselves into Bucky’s hair as the alpha hummed and licked below over the tiny sac hanging there.

“I love all of you” Bucky responded automatically, not trained to keep favourites or express preference. Right now that annoyed Steve and it became evident from his smell, which caused Bucky to whine and suck his cock into his mouth. It fit easily and the pleasure was immediate.

“I know baby” he said, a little frustrated. “But the others aren’t here. I wanna know what you think” Steve asked him, gripping the base of his skull and moaning as the alpha rolled him over his tongue. God, he was barely a mouthful.


There was hesitance, then Bucky pulled back to place a kiss to the base and gaze up at Steve through his lashes.

“I like it better small” he admitted in a murmur. The confession made the heat spread inside the omega and he bit back a moan, pulling Bucky back onto his cock where he started sucking happily.

“I like that you’re so much bigger” he confessed himself, feeling his toes curl in the water at the intense pressure. “I-it makes me feel as if I’m made for you, m-made for your cock. Like my cock is useless compared to my hole”. The words just spilled out of him in the mind-blowing sensation of being thoroughly sucked and lapped at. It made his cheeks burn again, made him feel like this was one of those dirty kinks, but he couldn’t help it. Bucky’s mouth was just so hot and wet and oh god he was spilling over…


Bucky sucked down every last drop (admittedly not so much) as Steve’s body shuddered and he came with a choked cry and pulled almost painfully at the alpha’s wet tresses. When he was done, he more or less collapsed in Bucky’s arms, and subjected himself to being nuzzled and kissed as he was turned to a boneless heap.

“My pretty boy” Bucky mumbled and nuzzled his neck. Steve could only purr and squirm closer.


The alpha was still hard, so Steve moved tiredly to reach behind him, gripping the thick base, and the promptly lifting himself to sink down onto it. A surprised sound escaped Bucky, which turned into a moan, and then they cuddled closer now tied by his cock nestled deep in Steve’s slick channel. They sat like that for a little while just enjoying each other’s company, Bucky gently rocking him up and down once in a while for some lazy stimulation.


“Do you have one?” Bucky asked eventually into his damp hair. The water was cooling down, but it felt good on Steve’s overheated skin.

“Have a what?” he slurred back sluggishly.

“A kink” Bucky clarified.


And it would’ve made Steve blush, but he was too content now. Instead he wriggled his hips a little to have that erection rub against his prostate and thought about it, frowning.

“I suppose…I really like the thought of you marking me. Like, with urine” he said finally, thinking about that one moment during his heat when he’d almost gotten what he wanted.

“But that’s biological” Bucky interjected.

“Huh. I suppose you’re right” Steve said into his shoulder – it was a biological urge to be scent-marked by your alpha. Lifting his head, he gave the alpha a lopsided smile. “But it’s still taboo. The others wouldn’t like it” he said and shrugged. He knew it probably wouldn’t happen, since it was the pinnacle of disrespect. It was different for Tony to play with the limits since that was two omegas playing around, but the wiggle room for an alpha to practise disrespectful behaviour was much smaller.


Still, Bucky kissed the top of his head and snuggled him closer.

“I would like it” he whispered.

Chapter Text

(In this chapter the POV’s are a bit mixed together for the sake of idk creative freedom so bear with me)


As the weeks passed, the constant fear of the police showing up again slowly calmed. They still tied Bucky’s prothesis in a sling when they went out with him, making it look disabled, just to be sure. He didn’t enjoy that at all, but it was better than having it actually disabled. And the trips to the alpha park unfortunately stopped, at least for a few weeks more until the omegas felt confident they weren’t being watched.


Luckily, Sam’s owners were more than happy to invite them over or come to see their house, meaning that Bucky could get an outlet for his excess energy with the other alpha in the garden. The pregnant omega John were getting a more distinct smell also, and Lemar was proudly holding his hand as they sat on the patio with coffee watching their alphas tumble around in the grass. Sometimes they even brought Karli over with the pup, as she was beginning to feel shut in not being able to go to work for at least two more months. It meant Bucky got to hold it more, which he loved. Steve observed him with warmth in his chest as the massive alpha sat on the floor with the seven-month-old, gently holding up different toys and making a teddy bear walk towards it. The alpha looked absolutely fascinated each time Sophie laughed or tried to climb into his lap. After a few of those visits, Bucky began daring to ask Sam questions about how to act around pregnant mates. This he did in the far part of the garden when they were rolling lazily around with a ball after having tired themselves out. Sam only smiled and told him to do what he was doing now, since he obviously had a pack of very happy omegas.


“But like, is it safe to knot them still?” Bucky asked with a frown, pushing the ball back. It was impossible for him to remember each and every lesson he’d gotten at the pound – not that it was an issue right now, but Loki’s heat was coming up and the omega was according to his smell rather fertile. The smaller alpha laughed and wriggled in the grass.

“They’ll beg you for it” he said with a cheeky wink.


Their more frequent visits also meant that Quill got closer and closer with John. When he sat them all down one evening to announce that he would like to apply to being an airman in the military, they all exchanged worried glances. However, Quill really wanted this and they couldn’t stop him. That night they’d all been extra physical with him, longing already hanging in the air. It didn’t mean he would need to leave the collective or anything, but he would need to be away more than usual. Upon that discussion, the omegas also agreed that it would be better for Quill to be on birth control. He didn’t want to end up in the situation that John was in now, and honestly the pilot-to-be wasn’t truly ready to bear a pup just yet.


(At first the smell of Quill once he started taking the birth control irritated Bucky’s sensitive nose and made him instinctively shy away in bed. For this, his owners punished him by making him sleep in his own bed with the scent-drenched pillows taken away, and the next day Quill resolutely started wearing his alpha’s dirty shirts until Bucky begged to fuck him).  


Peggy also came over with Timothy and Brock. The feral alpha looked a little less feral now, and even though they kept him on the leash he was allowed out of the muzzle. After discussing what was safe, they settled on chaining both of the alphas up in the garden so that they could smell one another but not wrestle. Bucky looked wary and a bit sour as he was given the green (bad) ball to roll back and forth between him and Brock. Steve could tell that he wasn’t thrilled about having a playdate with Brock, but unfortunately it wasn’t up for debate. They let Bucky have a lot of freedom and he had been becoming better at speaking without permission, although this didn’t mean that sometimes the alpha had to do things he’d rather not for the sake of pleasing his omegas. And it pleased Steve to give Peggy’s alpha a chance to play like a normal alpha.


Leaning back on lawn chairs, Peggy put her feet up with a tired sigh and kicked off her high heels. Glancing over, Steve pushed a glass of iced tea towards her.

“Is it still a mess?” he asked, going straight to the point. Peggy could handle it. Her prettily painted eyes turned to him with a mock scowl, which morphed into a chuckle.

“Actually no, it’s been getting better. Your alpha was right – he responds better to alternative disciplining. We try to use the whip as little as possible, and lately we’ve been starting to let Brock knot us properly. With varying results” she added with a meaning raise of her perfectly shaped eyebrow. The notion made Steve snort some iced tea up is nose as he laughed.

“And what does that mean?” he asked, to which Peggy gave a theatrical sigh and pushed her sunglasses down her nose.

“That he tried to make me present for him. So now we tie him hands and feet to the bedpost and ride him until he pops instead” Peggy told him with both distaste and amusement in her voice. Honestly, Steve wasn’t even surprised. It was quite funny actually, imagining an alpha trying to bend Peggy over to present. She was much too headstrong to submit like that – it was surprising that she didn’t try to punish Brock for it.


In the meantime, Bucky pushed the ball listlessly towards the other alpha sitting tense in the grass in a pair of black jeans and a t-shirt that showed off his muscles. Apparently his owners had been letting him keep up his work-out; not that Brock was an alpha easily weakened even by limited exercise. While he didn’t exactly smell good, there was at least no burning smell of anger and distress. Just general annoyance and tenseness.


“So you’re a happy little house-alpha then?” Brock grumbled scornfully, rolling the ball back. The words made Bucky’s cheeks heat in irritation – the feral alpha always had a way of crawling under his skin. They’d never gotten along; even tried to kill each other once when Brock was in rut. And Bucky would never forget how the other had forced two fingers inside him and then climaxed all over his back when Bucky fought him hard enough to prevent Brock from actually breeding him. The memory of the horrific MAD-protocol was about as vivid as the three scars he bore from Brock clawing him open.


Bucky didn’t like seeing Brock broken down, drained and beaten like last time. He didn’t want to see any alpha like that. But nothing could ever force him to like the alpha. Besides, he wouldn’t allow his pride to be demeaned. Bucky was a good alpha and he had kind omegas. That was not a negative thing.


“Why does it bother you so much that I am?” he answered defensively, shifting a little further away and making his chain jangle. The black-haired alpha threw a scornful look at him, and then over to the patio where their omegas sat chatting.

“We were meant for more than this you know. We were soldiers” Brock grunted quietly. His scent went to something similar to brimstone – and Bucky realized the alpha was bitter. Looking to Peggy in disbelief, Bucky felt awed at how the alpha could think that whatever part they would’ve played as soldiers was better than the beautiful, strong omega he now had the privilege of calling his own. Brock glared at him, ignoring the ball. “Don’t you feel trapped? I wasn’t trained to be no damn service alpha. Fill them up with pups that’ll drool all over and pull at my ears…pathetic. And you’re worse, you know that right?” he spat out.


Trying to ignore the impulse to snarl, Bucky just glared back, coiled up tense.

“Worse?” he grunted out, not actually wanting to know what Brock meant. The other alpha nodded towards Steve who sat laughing in the sun with his friends.

“Think I can’t smell that one? He’d be lucky if he ever got healthy enough to get knocked up. You’re basically his personal medical assistant, just here to be a human drain of protein –“


Brock didn’t get more words out before Bucky growled loudly and threw himself towards him, stopped only by the chain stretching taught and digging his collar deep in his neck. His snarling teeth snapped together just an inch from Brock’s throat. Sudden yelling was heard from the patio and he got just a quick look at the fear in the alpha’s eyes before he was dragged away.


He knew it was bad but he wasn’t thinking. No one disrespected Steve like that in front of him.


Playdate was over soon after that.




They also learned how to navigate the new aspect of Tony and Peter’s relationship. It became a part of everyday life seeing how the teen pup placed himself firmly below Tony on the rug when the older omega was on the couch with the others watching a movie. Soon they were all comfortable with how casually Tony would weave his fingers into Peter’s hair and mumble ‘good boy’ while still watching the screen, and how the pup purred happily at being treated as below in rank. Sometimes, after Bucky had been given his food on his feeding mat in the corner, Peter would reach for a plate and Tony would stop him by holding up a hand until he sat back in his chair, pouting. The smell of slick always filled the air as Peter was made to wait for everyone else to have started eating until he was allowed to fill his own plate.


And no one questioned it.


Not even Loki, who accepted the new arrangement only after having had a private conversation with Peter to make absolutely sure that the young omega wanted this treatment on his own accord. Which of course was hard to deny when Peter literally leaked like a bitch in heat (no pun intended) whenever Tony exerted any kind of dominance over him.


It all culminated one morning when they all shared the primary nest and Peter woke up like he would sometimes, soaked in slick and whimpering for a knot in his sleep-hazy pupspace. Instinctively, Bucky reached out his arms to pull the omega closer and settle him, only to be stopped by Tony who ordered him to stay. Then the alpha watched, obeying confusedly, as Tony pulled Peter towards himself instead and manhandled the whining, flushed pup to present for him.

“I wanna have you first. He can have my sloppy seconds” the older omega had murmured, letting his dominant scent spread freely, as he angled his hard cock towards the exposed entrance and rubbed it all over until it was slick. The words cause Peter to cry out in humiliation and pleasure, but it was nothing compared to how he reacted when Tony finally claimed his right to fuck him first. As soon as that reddened head breached him, Peter sobbed and came all over himself. All as Bucky watched, hard as a rock and flustered all over. The mixture of jealousy of having his wet omega ripped away to be used by someone else first and the pure pleasure of seeing how much Peter enjoyed being pounded into, no matter what kind of cock, made him give off that vibrating chest sound the others called alpha purring. By the time Tony was spent and Peter was handed back over to him, Bucky growled with white hot need as he forced himself inside the hole already leaking with omega cum.


After that, more often than not Bucky had to make do with Tony’s ‘sloppy seconds’. It was humiliating, and shameful, and absolutely delightful. How that made sense, Bucky wasn’t clever enough to figure out.




As it happened, Loki’s heat triggered Quill’s coming early. Having them sync up made the job more difficult for Bucky to manage, and he wasn’t sure he would’ve done it well if it wasn’t for his other omegas.


Not that he didn’t love it. Luckily his instincts caused him to go into a pseudo-rut, not able to help it when he had two pretty omegas crying and begging for his knot as they crawled naked over the sweat-soaked nest. Bucky could only fuck one at a time, so he had to work himself into a frenzy as he pounded Loki from behind to knot him as quickly as possible so Quill could have his turn. At the same time, he used his metal hand (which didn’t tire as easily) to thrust three fingers deep into Quill’s greedy little hole.


“More, please, oh god alpha please” the brown-haired omega gasped breathlessly on his back, holding his own feet to effectively bend himself in half as he leaked all over Bucky’s hand and the sheet. Tony was cooing at him to settle him, but it didn’t help. It was a juggle to keep pounding Loki, whose inner walls where spasming uncontrollably around the thick cock ramming him due to it repeatedly slamming into his cervix. Green eyes rolled back into his head and he came again completely dry, now not even coherently whimpering Bucky’s name (presumably). So while doing this, Bucky flexed his hand and forced a fourth finger inside Quill. The walls expanded with more resistance than the alpha would’ve liked, but the omega only cried out and begged for more.


Frowning, finding it a little hard to focus on pleasuring both omegas and at the same time trying to chase his high, Bucky looked down at Quill’s struggling rim. As he did, he felt his pupils suddenly dilate and his knot swell up further to the brink of fullness. Jesus fucking Christ but if that wasn’t a sight for the gods. Quill was covered in a sheen of sweat and had his eyes screwed shut, rocking back as best he could in the compromising position. Because no matter how far the pink muscle was stretched, no matter how obscene it looked that he literally tried taking four rather long and thick metal fingers up his ass, Quill still wanted more. Pleaded and sobbed, using whatever momentum he had to push back down. And Bucky growled, at a loss for words, forcing Loki down with a hand on between his shoulder blades and leaning his full weight on the poor omega as he snapped his hips so hard the entire knot went in at once.


Fuck…” Bucky grunted as he started coming with the swollen knot locking him in place with the black-haired omega choking out a whimper and scenting so needy, settled omega that Bucky couldn’t help but lick his neck roughly to get a further taste.


“Alphaaa” Quill whined, squirming on his fingers. Panting hard, Bucky snapped out of it and let his pulsating orgasm do the work of emptying his knot as he snarled and forwent his previous worry so he could pull out slightly and put his thumb in the middle of his hand. Shaping it into an arrow, the alpha growled at the omega now cowering on the bed and shoved all five fingers inside. The metal hand was sucked lewdly into Quill’s greedy body until all that showed was how his rim stretched around his steel wrist.


“Bucky…” was all Tony had the time to say before Quill suddenly went cross-eyed. A long, broken moan came from his pretty lips as he clenched around the whole hand that must feel something like a knot, and came untouched on his stomach. Bucky quickly found his prostate with his fingers and milked him hard through his orgasm.


That’s how those four days went. Two desperate little omegas crying for him to knot him and him doing his absolute best to keep them satisfied as Tony, Steve and Peter took turns using toys on them in between. Whatever bad smell the contraceptives gave Quill was completely eradicated in the throes of heat, and the alpha was more than desperate to get his knot in the cheeky little omega. Of course, it irked him knowing that all his seed wouldn’t take root, but he consoled himself with the thought that he still gave the omega much needed protein and a knot to ease his heat, even if he didn’t impregnate him.


It all worked, with the exception of Bucky being absolutely exhausted afterwards. He slept for no less than 17 hours, curled up and snoring in the primary nest only to wake up to being drowsily fed dinner in bed. When he was back to normal, his sweet omegas presented him with gifts to praise him – he got another red ball of a different size, a soft, plush turtle and two extra blankets so that he could make his bed a little ‘nestier’ as Steve put it with a blush.


Bucky spent hours that night arranging his new turtle and blankets in the best way possible.

Chapter Text

8 years ago


Loki’s stomach cramped painfully and he doubled over where he sat hiding behind a heavy curtain. One of the castle’s rat catchers tilted its head and looked at him with big, yellow eyes, giving off a worried little meow.


“Shh, not now Buttercup” Loki whispered panicky, perching his ears to listen for footsteps in the hall. Another cramp rolled through him and he fought of a groan with so much willpower it exhausted him. And there was already sweat soaking through his favourite green dress shirt. The fabric was rich and fine, but stood no chance against the fever Loki was struggling with. There was also the distinct feeling of his underwear wetly clinging to his bottom which he preferred not to focus on. It was hard enough as it was just keeping from toppling over. When the ginger cat butted its head against his hand, Loki sighed and petted the soft fur, thankful for the support.


Why was this happening now? He was only fourteen – he hadn’t even fully matured yet. His mother had told him that the first heat wouldn’t come until he was at least sixteen, yet there was no mistaking it was early. The young omega had never felt this sick and needy at the same time. Honestly Loki wasn’t sure if he wanted to throw up or force a couple of fingers into himself to try and relieve the awful pressure he felt there. Without even realizing it, he was rubbing his cheek against the curtain, which he disgustedly pulled away from when he noticed what his submissive urges were doing to him.


“Brother? Where’d you go?” he suddenly heard Thor’s deep voice call out for him from somewhere down the long hallways.

“Fuck” he swore under his breath. His stupid alpha brother had been looking for him ever since he excused himself early from having tea with their mother to run off. At first Loki had thought the weird feeling was just him coming down with something, but as soon as he reached the bathroom and the wave of nausea turned to burning hot desperation to be filled he knew what was going on. And he knew Thor would be able to smell it when he eventually came to check up on him (which he annoyingly enough always did whenever Loki ran off) so he panicked and stumbled feverishly through the castle in search for his room. Unfortunately he didn’t make it that far.


“Oh god, please no…” the omega whimpered as he sank once again to his knees. The door loomed ahead of him in the corridor, with the brass door knob swaying in a double image in Loki’s dizzy mind. Something in him was twisting, as if he was trying to give birth to a baby dragon or something. The thought of that only made his nausea worse which in turn triggered another prickling wave of pseudo-pleasure roll over his sensitive skin and a moan slipped involuntarily out of his chapped lips. If only he could somehow crawl to his bedroom; then he could rummage through his secret drawer of toys and sink down on one to make this aching stop.


“Loki, there you are…oh” Thor said suddenly, voice trailing off into a breathless oh. Shit. Biting his lip, Loki turned around with a vicious stare, trying to keep his dignity despite literally being on his knees with slick making a very visible stain in his pants. The older boy, a huge, strapping alpha three years Loki’s elder, stopped short in his tracks with his hands uselessly opening and closing. For once, for one blessed moment, Thor didn’t look like a smug, cocky bastard. His blond eyebrows were knitted together and he looked taken aback, scent switching confusedly between worry, embarrassment and (god forbid) arousal.


“Go away” Loki said weakly. The attempt to heave himself off the ground failed and he collapsed with a groan that morphed into a whimper. With his cheeks burning in shame, Loki gritted his teeth and did his best to ignore the heady scent coming off the alpha. Usually he despised his brother’s invasive peppermint scent, but now he found himself drawn to it in a way that scared him. There was something different about him; some other alluring smell making Loki want to bury his face in the meaty chest to inhale it further. It was crackling and sharp, like the way the air got electrified just before a thunder storm. Whatever this new thing was, the omega didn’t want to embarrass himself further by acting upon the effect it had on him.


It’s just the heat talking, you’ll be fine if you just get away from him.


“Loki why didn’t you…you should’ve told me” Thor said dumbly, still standing in the same spot and flickering nervously with his eyes. And if his pupils were suddenly dilated, that’s something Loki pretended not to notice. As his brother tried taking a step forward, the omega held up a shaking hand to stop him. “Do you want me to call for mother? Or…do you want me to help you? I could help you, Loki” Thor offered, voice dropping deeper still with the lewd suggestion. With a disgusted scowl, Loki pulled his tired body from the ground and pushed his sweaty hair out of the way as he half-crawled, half-stumbled the last few metres to his door.


“Just leave me alone Thor. M’fine” he bit out, dragging himself inside and slamming the door shut. As soon as he’d turned the key and locked it, the omega collapsed against the heavy piece of wood, panting heavily. He whimpered through another cramp and tried to regain enough strength to find his toys, praying for that electrified peppermint smell to just go the fuck away.


It didn’t, of course. His brother was a witless oaf who never learned how to take orders. Soon there was hesitant steps outside his room, and then the sound of a heavy body slumping down on the other side.

“Brother?” Thor called out, like the idiot who couldn’t take a hint. Loki only groaned and refused to answer. Besides, he was busy trying to get himself out of his soaked clothes – it felt as if someone had placed about twenty fireplaces in his room. He was burning. “I’m, uh, gonna go get mother in just a minute, okay? It’ll be okay. I just meant before that if you don’t want to go through this alone, you know I’d be happy to help you. It wouldn’t be out of line for you to take someone in your bed for a heat – you’re a prince. You can do what you want” Thor told him, sounding just a little out of breath.


Squirming out of his pants, Loki rolled his eyes and scoffed. Yeah, he knew exactly what Thor wanted to do – the big alpha wasn’t exactly subtle about his advantages towards his little brother. More than once had he pulled the smaller boy into his lap playfully and told him he could sit there through the movie they were watching, or walked in on him dressing himself to tell him some stupid shit he made up as an excuse to invade Loki’s privacy. He’d seen the looks from the blue eyed giant, noticed his swimming trunks tent when they went swimming by the lake on their estate, and heard how Thor told his friends what a ‘pretty little ass’ he had.


Loki knew he was gorgeous, of course. Lithe and tall, he wasn’t quite as frail as other omegas but still fit perfectly in the arms of a big alpha. Too bad the alpha who wanted to hold him was his damn brother. Still, the teen wasn’t a stranger to the effect his dazzling green eyes and warm, cinnamon-scent of budding young omega could have on others – especially the bachelor alphas coming to court.


Thankfully, the castle of their little kingdom was an old, ugly thing made completely of damp, English stone, so the floor was blissfully cold. Moaning, Loki slid ungracefully (now completely naked) down and pushed all the fine carpets aside so he could splay out his over-heated body on the stone below. His heart was pounding and the pain in his abdomen was getting worse by the minute, almost as if there was pressure from the inside.

“Just…go…away” Loki panted out again, hoping this time Thor would finally get it and just leave.


There was no sound of movement from the other side.

“I…I can smell you brother. I know you must be hurting. Could you just let me in? I’ll be quick about it” the alpha said gravelly. Oh for fucks sake. Quick about it? Yeah that sure made Loki want to open the door, so that his brother could pump him a few times and finish in him like he’s one of the servants and not a prince. Besides, it was literally incest.


Okay that part was only sort of true. First of all, Loki was adopted. Great Britain consisted of nine realms ever since the Civil War between 1807 and 1811, which pitched the most powerful dukes and duchesses against the last tyrant king and effectively split the Kingdom of Britain asunder. Now reformed as Great Britain, the nine regents held council with each other and functioned as a nation when it came to waging war on other countries, export from the Islands and a few general laws applying to all citizens of Great Britain. Other than that, the nine realms worked as separate kingdoms – perhaps not with massive power, but they were proud still. And Loki was no petty earl as he would’ve been two hundred years ago; he was a prince. Born in the Kingdom of Essex, he’d been sent as an infant to Northumberland to be raised as a ward due to his own royal parents simply having whelped too many pups. But when they both died in an accident before Loki’s second birthday, sending Essex into a violent political chaos as his older siblings and uncle struggled for power, King Odin and Queen Frigga of Northumberland decided to adopt the small omega as their own son, seeing as they’d only managed to produce one heir so far.


No other heirs followed and now Thor would be king one day while Loki settled for being a prince (or if his brother had his way, queen). However this meant that technically they weren’t blood-related.


The second reason why it wouldn’t be incest was the change of law the nine realms had agreed upon after the World War II when it became apparent that alpha births were declining, and fast. It was supported in science that an omega birthed by a mother who had also carried an alpha pup had a higher genetic chance of birthing an alpha pup themselves. And since it was common belief that an alpha had a higher chance of producing alpha pups, it was quickly decided that incest laws concerning siblings would be abolished if the siblings in question was an omega and an alpha.


Such was the case with Loki and Thor.


Did this actually work? Hard to say, but Great Britain prided themselves of having ‘solved the problem’ without making slaves of alphas like the United States did. Instead alphas were revered, making it even more impossible for an omega to refuse them if they took an interest. If an alpha approached you, wanting to breed you (they didn’t even have to want to mate with you, they could just offer their knot) and you said no – well then consider yourself a social pariah. Loki had heard stories of omegas being disowned by their parents for not agreeing to offer up themselves like unpaid whores whenever one of the rare alphas in the country caught their scent. There was reports in the papers (quickly refuted) of omegas being fired when an alpha co-worker (often a boss) told them to pull down their pants and they didn’t want to.


So in a sense Loki was lucky, since his royal position offered him a little more leverage. But he was afraid it wouldn’t protect him for long. Thor had already begun showing too much interest, and their father had not once discouraged him.


“Come on Loki, just open the door. I promise it won’t hurt, I’ve more experience than you think” Thor’s muffled voice from the hall said, as if that was somehow reassuring Loki. Convulsing and sweating as he was with his small cock hard against his belly and his hole spasming uncontrollable in search for a nice, fat cock that wasn’t coming, the last thing he wanted to hear about was Thor’s previous endeavours. He whimpered through another wave of nausea, all the while the idiot would not shut the fuck up. “Just one knot and you’ll feel better. We don’t even have to tell mother and father if you don’t want to. I mean, unless I impregnate you. Can you get pregnant in your first heat? God, think about it Loki”. (Loki did absolutely not want to think about it). “I wouldn’t mind it if it happened you know, so you don’t have to worry. I’d like you full and round of my pups. But not now if it’s not possible, right now I could just knot you. Let me do that for you Loki, it’ll feel better after” Thor rambled on and Loki was ready to kill him. Of course he would put it as if it was a favour for the omega, as if Loki was going around worrying that he might not please his brother by getting pregnant. The alpha was the most thick-headed, privileged asshole he knew.


Trying to shut his words out, Loki closed his eyes and rolled to his side, panting hard. It was getting harder to ignore the twisting in his stomach and he thought he might – oh. Suddenly the room was spinning and he was vomiting right on the carpet. As he dry-heaved the last of it, slightly cross-eyed, the first thing he could think was oh no mother isn’t gonna be happy about that. The second was at least the disgusting smell might cover up my pheromones.


Seemed as if he was right, because Thor faltered in his words and went awkwardly quiet for a second.

“I’ll…I’ll go get mother” he mumbled, most likely smelling and hearing how badly Loki was feeling. Not very sexy to fuck someone who’d just puked. As soon as his strong scent was gone, Loki took a deep, calming breath. Sure, the vomit now lying on his floor was disgusting but he felt better getting it out of his system.


So much so that he managed to pull himself up and have a big glass of water before splaying himself out on the bed, dragging his nightstand drawer open. Rummaging around, the young omega quickly found one of his knotted dildos (which he’d never really fit into his body since he was still not fully matured, but he figured it might work now). It was gold with a thick, flared head and a swollen base supposed to mimic a knot. Without thinking much further, Loki pushed two fingers inside his dripping hole, which slid in with ease despite the lack of prepping. Moaning long and hard, he sighed at the tiny relief and quickly fucked himself open to be able to fit the big toy. His own cock, much smaller, twitched on his belly and dribbled precum, but he ignored it. He had no desire to touch himself right there now.


Instead the teen hurried to pull his fingers out, panting and feeling sticky from the black tresses clinging to his sweat forehead, and grabbed the toy to start and press it inside.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck” he gasped, squeezing his eyes shut as the head strained against his virgin entrance. There was pressure both from the inside and the outside now, and it was too much, too hot, he just needed to get it past the rim and…as soon as the thick head slid into place Loki was coming, completely untouched. The pleasure coursed through him, making his toes curl while his hand stuttered in trying to keep the dildo steadily going in. He moaned brokenly and was pretty sure there was tears joining the sweat on his face, but he didn’t care.


Loki needed more. He needed an alpha. But he didn’t want to give himself away – not like this.




Of course, Thor’s advances never really stopped. And a few years later, when Loki was fully matured and considered old enough to be both bred and wed, his father King Odin announced the two brothers were to be married. Thor rejoiced, slamming his cup into the floor and grinning like a fool as he pressed a beer-smelling kiss to Loki’s unresponsive lips. All the alpha could talk about the rest of the night was how fierce their pups would be.


But Loki hadn’t been able to swallow a single bite of food after the announcement. In his mind, his entire future crumbled. No longer would he be a prince, free to go to university or travel, to find a mate of his own chosing with less pressure considering he wasn’t the crown prince. Now he would become an omega queen; instead of being next to Thor, he would be below him. And his responsibility was that of a brood mare; to produce and whelp a whole litter which the Kingdom of Northumberland would pray to be only alphas, making his potential omega and beta pups become the less important, the less wanted. Loki wasn’t in control of his own destiny anymore. He was going to be the queen of a king who loved nothing more than waging petty borderland wars with the other realms, drinking and looking at himself in the mirror as he fucked the servant omegas. Loki knew this because Thor had told him.


So that night, while Thor luckily got himself drunk enough to only come as far as realizing his dick wasn’t working and passing out on Loki’s bedroom floor when he came to ‘consummate the engagement’, the omega got on his computer to write to a friend in America. Via her, he got in contact with a newly formed omega collective who was looking for their third member, and after a white lie about him coming to the States for college and Skype-call the next day, he was accepted to join Benatar Collective.


Loki pulled in just about every favour he had, but luckily he had a lot of friends and an uncanny ability to vanish in thin air, and two days later he was on a cruise ship on his way across the Atlantic to start his new life. He’d taken only essential clothes and his favourite blanket, leaving behind all his darling cats and a long, heartfelt letter to his mother. His father got a shorter note explaining his decision and asking for understanding; Thor was left nothing but the gold engagement ring he’d only worn for two days.


And now he was here, in the bathroom so much smaller than the one he grew up with the faint scent trace of an alpha who would never dare tell him what to do or force his legs apart. The house might not be a castle, but it was a home, and here he was allowed to care for how many cats he wanted and cultivate his hobby of producing herbal medicine. He had four nesting friends who loved him, despite him being difficult, and he would never have to go through another heat throwing up alone on the floor.


Loki sighed and peered at himself in the mirror. His black hair was getting long and shaggy, grazing the top of his shoulders, and he figured his skin could do with a homemade avocado-mask before bed tonight.


But before he got his skincare-routine underway, there was two things to be dealt with. First, it was the letter lying on the floor where he’d discarded it – one Thor had sent him. It was perhaps the fourth one the alpha had sent him throughout these last years and it wasn’t a long one. It told Loki that his brother missed him and wanted to know how he was doing; that they all missed him and while Thor still wasn’t married, he hoped that wouldn’t deter his little brother to come visit them sometimes.


The second thing was the pregnancy test balancing on the edge of the sink. The little pink plus sign stared blatantly back at Loki, letting him know that that pup he’d been running away from when he was eighteen was well on its way now.

Chapter Text

They threw Loki a party.


Of course they threw him a party to celebrate the pup growing in him – the collective was overjoyed. So they’d invited their closest friends, Quill baked about a gazillion cupcakes in gold and green (Loki’s favourite colour) and somehow Steve had found the time to pause the graphic designer-project he’d recently taken on and gone out with Peter to buy him gifts. Since Loki didn’t have any family in the States to invite, none of them were there, but instead Peter’s Aunt May and Tony’s mother showed up to celebrate. It mattered very little that it was so early in the pregnancy; none of the omegas had ever been in a situation of expecting a pup before, so they were both way too excited and awkwardly trying to figure out what was the appropriate things to do.


Looking around at the amount of colourful sweets and the small pile of wrapped presents next to Peggy and Lemar in party hats (seriously?), Loki doubted this was appropriate. But it came from a place of love, and it did make him warm up inside. A big part of why they’d saved up to buy an alpha was the fact that the omegas did want kids. Still, he couldn’t quite get in the celebratory mood with the others just yet. The first symptom seemed to be slight nausea, which didn’t help. Loki sat on the couch poking at a lime-green cupcake and trying to smile as if he meant it when their guests asked him if he’d rather have an omega or a beta.


An alpha pup was of course out of the question to wish for. Not only were they very rare, but even if he did give birth to one they couldn’t keep it. It would be given to the pounds as soon as Loki felt comfortable giving it up.


And perhaps that was the problem. The whole thing didn’t make him comfortable at all.


When Loki had first fled Northumberland and the islands of Great Britain, he’d been so angry and hurt at being treated as if his wishes and wants meant less than his brother’s simply because he was born omega, that he was glad to see alphas kept in leashes in his new home country. Wherever Loki looked he saw omegas with choices, happy and free and without the threat of abuse looming over them. Back home it wasn’t unusual to see the physical signs of distress on omegas who tried to navigate an every day life where a minority of the population could at any time demand them as property (or perhaps worse; as plaything to be thrown away). Yet here, it was a blessed rarity. And while Loki had perks because he’d been a prince, not all omegas enjoyed the luxury of being allowed to have sex with other omegas. It was thought that they’d save themselves for a beta if an alpha did not choose them. The liberation of sex in the Benatar Collective therefore meant more to Loki than to others some days.


So yes, the first few years Loki had been one of the most adamant supporters of the institutionalizing of alphas. They were violent and arrogant; Loki had witnessed them fight for no reason when his royal mother had prepared a nice feast for the socialites, and he’d watched in disgust how Thor brought servants to bed with an order and expect them to thank him after. Was this not better? Take away the freedom of a small part of the population for the benefit of the majority. Honestly it was no more than they deserved – it was finally time for omegas to take their place in history. Loki knew what it was like to be a prince amongst common men and still need to bow down. No more. As soon as he set foot in America, he decided that from now on, he decided who he slept with and how he lived his life.


Except now he was pregnant. And no one wished for him to have an alpha pup, like they would’ve back there. Loki wasn’t even sure he wished for it himself, but there was a new gnawing feeling in him that if it turned out to be one, then he wouldn’t get to watch it grow up. When he was younger, he’d imagine that his alpha pups would be different; he’d raise them better, make them good, decent people. The pounds would do that work for him now, so he should be relieved. It was just that…well, he wasn’t.


The other thing was that the omega had for the longest time imagined his pups to have a father. Even if that father was Thor… And then of course he’d imagined them having a bunch of mothers instead, and that thought made him happy. Now he looked over at Bucky and felt confused – the alpha would never be considered a father, yet he would watch the pup grow up. Did Bucky even want this? Did he consider himself a father, and would he protect the pup out of love or just duty?


Right now the alpha just seemed uncomfortable. They’d placed him in the corner on a nice rug and tied the leash to one of the built in hooks in the wall. Next to him was Sam’s place, but he was taken to the kitchen now by John to get his three o’clock snack feeding. Out of respect for May and Maria who were both betas and not quite so used to stray alphas, Steve and Tony had decided not to invite anyone else than Sam who was well-behaved, and keep them tied up throughout the party.


(Actually Brock was busy in any case; the Howling Collective had apparently found some sort of alpha fight club for those who couldn’t get their excess energy out via the parks. Monty and Morita was with the half-feral alpha now for his ‘exercise’; apparently Brock loved it).


Bucky was looking like the single other person at this party who felt alone.


Resolutely putting the uneaten cupcake down, Loki excused himself from the conversation (which nobody seemed to notice as they were too entranced in Maria explaining just how much Tony moved around when she was pregnant) and stood up to walk over to the corner. His alpha looked up at him surprised, looking very handsome with his hair in a French braid and a nice long-sleeved shirt. On the floor beside him was a small plate with the wrapper of a cupcake and a tall glass of lemonade. They never allowed him alcohol, so while most of the guests were sipping prosecco, the alphas joined the two pregnant omegas in citrus lemonade. He seemed to like it. Still, no one came over to congratulate him, or ask him what he felt about this. Perhaps Sam did, but no one who was out of a leash.


“Hi” Loki said. Then he decided that he might as well do what he wanted; he was with child after all. So he plopped himself down in Bucky’s lap and threw both arms around him, nuzzling close. The strong scent of alpha surrounding him instantly made him feel calmer. His muscles relaxed and the nausea drifted away. It was made better as well by Bucky burying his nose in the crook of his neck and inhaling deep, scent getting more protective. He shifted his grip so he could lean against the wall and cradle the lithe omega to his chest, shielding him from the party. It was as if he knew that was exactly what Loki needed.


The omega looked into those arctic eyes, and at how the black of his pupils expanded slowly as he looked back. Warmth pooled in his stomach and Loki couldn’t help but rub his own nose against the alpha’s cheek.

“You’re not a fan of this party either, are you?” he murmured. His words were picked up by Bucky but drowned out to the guests by the music playing and the laughter floating through the living room. It was strange really – Loki usually adored a party in his honour, always had. Not this time.


Even if Bucky had gotten much better lately at actually speaking his mind, Loki knew he wouldn’t disrespect his owners enough to admit he didn’t like an event they’d put on – especially when they’d taken care to invite his friend Sam and given him a cupcake. It didn’t stop him from expressing his feelings however. He nuzzled Loki again, smelling him and letting his chest vibrate deeply. It lulled the omega to comfort.

“I like this better” Bucky mumbled back with his strong arms hugging him closer. “You smell very nice” he complimented the omega. The words made him blush. Already Loki had begun feeling the hormonal effects of the pregnancy – last night he’d actually cried during Marley and Me, and had to be settled by being given his alpha’s cock to suckle on.


“Do you think so?” he mumbled back, hungry for affection but not quite brave enough to swallow his pride and outright ask for it. Bucky only hummed and nodded, running the tip of his nose over the veins of his neck and the small bump of his scenting gland.

“Like cinnamon rolls. From the oven. Just perfect” the alpha rasped back at him with his half-lidden eyelids and little moves of affection. It was a nice thing to hear – Loki had read that the scent of a pregnant omega got stronger and more enticing, and judging by the way Bucky held onto him it was true. So he smiled shyly and licked at one of the alpha’s fingers, tasting the sugary icing lingering there.

“You always smell like a forest of plums” he admitted, nibbling a little at the knuckle. It made the sluggish alpha let out a breath of air similar to a laugh, and he jostled the smaller body as he repositioned them so he could more easily get access to Loki’s neck. It was lavished with small kisses and rubbing of his nose over the gland until the part felt like it was tingling.


Happy to be engulfed like this in Bucky’s embrace (something he normally didn’t seek; Loki had his cats) he slowly moved one of his large hands to splay over his still-flat belly. A low growl broke from Bucky’s chest; a possessive growl, one that made Loki flush in pride. The omega wasn’t aware of the room anymore, but they probably weren’t aware of him either. No one would try to pry away the pregnant omega from his alpha. Besides, his nesting friends were perfect hosts.


“Are you happy about this?” he asked quietly. There was a grumble, and a strange look from Bucky who caressed his stomach with his thumb. He didn’t seem to understand the question.

“Of course” he answered, as if the way his scent curled around them and his chest vibrated wasn’t enough to show that. But Loki still bit his lip and frowned.

“Why?” he asked. He just needed to know. Bucky would never have the right to decide over the pup; he would never own it. So why was he happy?


The vibrations stopped for only a second as Bucky examined his omega. Then they resumed and the warmth of his hand spread gently over the entire part that would soon swell up heavily.

“Because I did my job well” he started quietly. Loki started to feel his heart sink – this was just pride over breeding him well – until the alpha continued speaking. “I really wanted to give you pups. And I really want one. They’re very small, and very soft and I think I’ll really like to have one around” he said with fascination, as if he was letting Loki in on the secret of how tiny pups were. It was adorable. “And you will make a great mother” Bucky finished with a sheepish smile.


Would he? Suspiciously, narrowed his eyes a little at the alpha.

“Do you think so?” he asked and Bucky nodded, nuzzling him.

“You will. I’m proud you’re my omega. My mate” he murmured lovingly. His thumb gently caressed the bonding mark on his other shoulder, the slight pressure on the gland making Loki gasp. His cheeks warmed and something kind and fluffy padded through his chest to settle around his aching heart. He had an alpha who was proud of him; an alpha who didn’t need an ownership to feel excited over a pup. It was exactly what he’d wanted but hadn’t known.


When Bucky growled playfully and nipped at his ear, the omega giggled and squirmed. He felt better now. Actually, a little excited.

“Will you help me play with it?” he asked with a fond smile. Bucky shone up as if he was offered a toy.

“We can play with my ball” he offered happily, and Loki knew what it meant for the alpha to be willing to share his red ball.

“I think the pup will love that” Loki affirmed. “Do you think the cats will like it?”. Bucky thought about it for a second before nodding resolutely.

“I think Fenris will try to sleep on the baby. Maybe nest with it?” he offered, making Loki laugh.


The rest of the party he spent like that, even after Sam came back. Quill brought over more cupcakes for all of them and no one questioned it – Loki needed his alpha right now.




Loki looked a little more nervous than usual as Dr Strange methodically spread lubrication over the plastic instrument he was going to insert in the omega’s private parts. Steve wished he could be over there and hold his hand, but Peter was already occupying that job. Besides, there was a more important one for Steve to do. The blond omega sat snuggled comfortably in their alpha’s lap who was chained to the wall – the scent coming off him spoke volumes about how little he wanted to be here, but Bucky needed to have non-traumatic visits with the doctor to help eradicate the bad memories. Poor thing was practically shaking.


“No one’s going to touch you, I promise” Steve whispered encouragingly, nuzzling his neck. The steel blue eyes flickered nervously to him, yet Bucky sat still like a good alpha.


There was a quiet whimper when Dr Strange stretched Loki open, pulling Steve’s attention to his friend. The somewhat arrogant beta swiftly performed his examination without any of the fussing and cooing that his nurses had showed when they turned up happy to announce Loki was there for an ultrasound and not just a regular check-up. Despite Dr Strange emotionless treatment, Steve still couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealously and longing at seeing the other omega lying back in the gynaecological chair. Because at least he was pregnant. Having a pup was a discomfort, but to the sickly omega it also felt like a blessing. Something his body denied him.


His scent must have shifted into something droopy, because suddenly it was Bucky nuzzling him in a comforting manner. The sweet gesture and the ticklish sensation of the tip of his nose stroking over his sensitive scenting gland made Steve blush and smile.

“Good boy” he murmured, giving a praising kiss to Bucky’s temple. The alpha preened.


“It all looks as good as could be expected. Nothing abnormal, no signs of bleeding. Are you still being knotted?” Dr Strange asked, pulling the instrument out which made Loki wince and the flush at the question.

“Sometimes” he answered in his dry British accent. The beta nodded and removed his gloves to go get the ultrasound ready.

“Good, your body is going to need the extra protein now. I’d suggest you get your alpha to breed you at least four times a week henceforth, if it doesn’t cause any pain. Just make sure you don’t present in a way that bends your back once you start showing – that’s a sure way to end up with inflamed muscles and back pain” Dr Strange told him, just as dryly, making Loki get all flustered in embarrassment to the point where it made even Peter snort out a giggle. That of course didn’t help. But Loki was raised as royalty, and had never gotten used to the blunt way of Dr Strange.


“I’ll make sure he follows directions” Steve couldn’t help but say, giving Loki a teasing wink as the omega threw an enraged glare his way.

“Good. Ready for the main event?” the beta said, not catching the glances exchanged. When they nodded, he proceeded to bring over the blue goo to spread over Loki’s stomach so he could use the small device in his hand to move it. It was connected to a bigger machine, and soon they heard the quick heartbeat – like a colibri flapping its wings.


“Should it be this fast?” Peter asked worriedly, but Dr Strange reassured him everything was perfectly fine. It was just a tiny heart. They were all amazed by it, even if the grainy image projected was of a fetus far too small to be seen. The beta doctor had a trained eye however and could tell them things looked normal. Loki, who’d seemed a little stressed out by this entire thing, smiled with his eyes fixed on the screen as if he could see something more there, tears forming silently. Of course he wiped them away quickly, and Peter gave him a big hug.


It was when Loki was allowed to cover himself and climb down to dress again that Steve noticed Bucky squirming and kissed his cheek.

“I think someone needs to get home” he said, not to anyone in particular. The doctor heard him though.


“Speaking of which; your alpha is going into rut any day now” Dr Strange said, taking Steve aback a little as he addressed this to him, sitting on Bucky’s lap. The look he got made him squirm a little on the thighs made of nothing but rock-like muscle beneath his featherlike weight.

“Yes, he’s about a week overdue so…” the omega started uncertain.

“So my advice to you is to stay at a friend’s house for the next five days” the doctor cut him off with a stern look. Steve frowned, not understanding.

“But Bucky’s gonna need me” he stated like it was obvious; Dr Strange’s tired sigh made him think his words sounded dumb.

“Your alpha needs his omegas whole. Just because you’ve made a lot of progress recently doesn’t mean your body could handle a rut with an alpha of that size. If you don’t want to come back here in a few days with a broken bone or a snapped tendon, then I suggest you heed my advice” he said firmly, not looking at the omega as he cleaned the instruments.


Heat burned in Steve’s cheeks and Bucky gripped him tighter. He felt angry – he knew it was a childish reaction but he was so sick of being told what he couldn’t do. His teeth dug themselves far into the inside of his cheek to keep from arguing back. That never led to any results with Dr Strange.


“What about me?” Loki asked, wobbling out from behind the screen as he pulled his pants on.

“You’re still in your first trimester so it shouldn’t be an issue. I can’t promise your alpha will want to mount you during a rut however – some alphas get instinctive about not approaching pregnant omegas when their in rut. It’s their biology trying to keep them from risking a miscarriage. However, some of the more dominant ones get the opposite reaction and feel the need to keep breeding a pregnant omega to ensure they’ll conceive” Dr Strange recited as if from a boring manual. The words still made Steve blush and glance up at Bucky. The alpha looked uncomfortable, but Steve couldn’t help but wonder how he would react to Loki in rut – or how he would’ve reacted to Steve.


He had never seen Bucky in rut. Had never been clearheaded when his alpha was lost in desire, as Bucky had seen him when he was in heat. And he didn’t exactly plan on missing it.

Chapter Text

9 years ago


“Pretend I’m an alpha” Peggy said in her melodic voice. Then she pounced Steve.


“Oof!” he exclaimed as she crowded him in with her bigger body, pressing his back into the mattress. “Get off, you’re heavy” the teen complained and swatted at her arms. His friend giggled and rolled off him.

“You said you wanted to practise! A real alpha is gonna be much heavier you know” she said with a meaning look. They were in her bedroom, where the leaning ceiling was plastered with posters from different James Bond and Mission Impossible-movies and the windowsills had night time binoculars and notebooks instead of plants. It was a bigger room than Steve’s, so they hung out there a lot.


Especially when they ‘practised’.


Most days that meant taking turns eating each other out, but today Steve figured they should start preparing more for how an alpha might actually fuck them. Hence Peggy’s belly flop. Knowing they’d both have their own collectives one day, Steve wanted not to look like a fool. Which was hard considering with his sickly body next to his beautiful best friend, he already looked like a fool a lot.


Peggy sighed and reached for a tall glass of iced tea she had on her nightstand. Her brown hair was done prettily in curls and she was still wearing the school uniform, skirt bunched up over her knees. Steve’s own white shirt was eschew with a bunch of buttons undone, and his pants were held up by a belt since they (like everything else) were too big.

“I still think we should practise with some beta guys from school. We don’t exactly have penises” she said with a roll of her eyes. Now it was Steve’s time to sigh, sitting up on his elbows.

“Oh no, I’m saving myself for my alpha. I don’t want anyone else to have been down there like that before I get knotted the first time” he said adamantly. Perhaps it was old-fashioned, but it was the way his Ma raised him.


“I fingered you like last week” Peggy blinked, still holding the tall glass. She looked really pretty in the dying light coming through the slanted window. “And didn’t you say you looked at one of those knotted dildos online?”


In response she got a loud groan and a pillow thrown at her head. It was expertly caught with her free hand, not a strand of hair out of place. Just a big, toothy grin down at her friend.

“I don’t mean like that! I mean I don’t want someone to mount me before my alpha does” Steve specificized and leaned back with a thump. Peggy’s eyebrows wiggled naughtily and she smirked.

“Not even Daniel Sousa?” she teased.

“The guy with the leg?” Steve frowned confused – only to earn himself getting the pillow thrown back at him.


“Steve! Don’t call him that; you out of all people should know better than to judge someone for their disability” she berated him with a serious look.

“I’m not judging him, I just have a hard time keeping track of all the hot betas sniffing at your skirt” he responded, using his best mock British accent for the last part. It got him a mean glare and a kick.

“They’re not so many…” Peggy defended herself, knowing full well it was a lie. Every beta at their school secretly wished Peggy wouldn’t go into an omega collective but instead chose one of them for a mate. Or at least go out with them for spring dance. “Besides, Daniel always looks at you in chemistry. I think he thinks you’re cute – Marjorie told me he likes the tiny sort” she said matter-of-factly. Steve snorted.

“Oh so now I’m the ‘tiny sort’?” the omega questioned, to which Peggy actually blushed a little. She put the glass back on the nightstand and curled closer to him on the bed; not a very big one but large enough to fit the young omegas.


“You know that’s not what I meant. I just think that if you asked Daniel Sousa to practise with you, he’d hurry to say yes. Something like ‘oh Daniel, if only there was a way for my poor omega hole to get used to a nice cock before I get bonded’” Peggy started but was interrupted by Steve getting into a fit of laughter and embarrassed groan at the same time, hiding his face beneath a second pillow and kicking his feet up. Laughter came from his friend as well, and when he pulled back the pillow to look at her she was smiling brightly in a way that made her look even more pretty.


“Whatever, I still don’t want it if it’s not an alpha cock” he mumbled with a fierce blush.

“Mind if I have a go at him then?” Peggy asked, cracking him up again.

“Sure, you have my permission to beg Daniel Sousa to mount you” he said with as much sarcasm he could. Peggy still looked happy.

“Thanks! I think he’s rather handsome, don’t you?” she said, getting one of her dreamy looks again. Then she suddenly widened her eyes and sat up straight. “Oh I forgot we have that five mile run tomorrow! I should prepare myself” she said, starting to get off the bed. Peggy always did her very best to excel in school, even in the physical stuff.


Steve shuffled until he was at the edge of the bed, reaching for his shoes.

“Right, I’ll remember not to eat too much before then” he said absentmindedly. A concerned look was directed his way.

“Are you sure you should be part of the run? Miss Patrick would probably let you off, with your asthma” she said, worrying her lip between her white teeth. Steve only threw her a look. “Oh don’t look at me like that Stevie; I’m just saying this is one of those things your body just maybe can’t do” she clarified, placing a hand on his skinny arm.


Steve only raised an eyebrow.




Steve had run those five miles in the end, despite having to stop several times. Steve had lived his whole live being told that he couldn’t do things, and yet he’d done them all anyway. So now, being 23 with a collective and an alpha of his own, he was damn well not going to let some beta doctor tell him he couldn’t be with Bucky during his first rut in the pack.


So he’d stood his ground both to Tony and to Bucky, seeing as his omega friend felt he had the upper hand on this just because he was the leader of sexual matters in their collective. Steve reminded him politely but without leaving room for argument that Steve was just as much a leader and unless Tony considered bending him over to spank him like a pup, the decision was already made. Their alpha, already feverish with the implication of pre-rut, had been hesitant about Steve joining him during the days he’d be mad with lust. “The doctor said…” he’d tried, biting his lip and pressing the heel of his hand over the aching knot. The blond omega only gave him a flat look and said he was giving the orders in this household, not Dr Stephen Strange.


Which was why Steve was now on the floor of the master bedroom on his knees, wedged in between Quill and Peter, naked and mouth open. The strong scent of rut was so thick in the air that it caused slick to flow uncontrollably down the insides of his thighs, but it didn’t matter. Steve was hot and bothered, squirming with need and very happy to be able to be there for his alpha.

“Pretty boys…” Bucky grunted out darkly from where he stood broad-legged above them all; it was his favourite endearment and it always made Steve purr. Beside him he felt Peter fall in to the same purr, even as they both had their tongues out, looking up submissively at their alpha through their lashes. He was naked with a sheen of sweat over him, thick cock in hand and lazily jerking it. From the view Steve had below, he could see how the knot was straining and the balls were heavy with cum – Bucky’s hand glided effortlessly over the weeping head and spread the pearly liquid all over his sex, making the omegas whine desperately for a taste.


Tony had offered to sit this one out, so he was curled up in the armchair in the corner, watching intently. Initially the omegas had considered tying Bucky up for his rut, but in the months he’d been living with them the alpha had been so well-behaved and good they had decided he would be allowed to spend his rut free of confinements. That didn’t mean he would do it unsupervised. And Tony was clear on the fact that he’d prefer to just watch (which Steve thought might not just be because he was protective over them, but also that the mechanic enjoyed seeing his friends getting mounted by their alpha). So he had gotten a prescription for pheromone blockers from Dr Strange, which meant he had to give himself an intramuscular injection in the thigh every five hours, but it allowed Tony to be in the same room as an alpha in rut without being affected by it.


Or at least, his omega instincts weren’t triggered. Tony, as a man, still got both hard and wet from the sight, which Steve could smell even over Bucky.


“Open” Bucky grunted, more demanding than how he usually was as he held his dick out in front of Steve’s mouth. It only succeeded in the omega whining needily and stretching his lips even further wide, knowing the head of it wouldn’t fit otherwise. The musk of his groin covered in sweat and pre-cum along with the dizzyingly strong pheromones the alpha gave off was enough to cause the tiny blond to slip quickly into subspace. His own body was aching for his mate, his bitemark itching and heat pooling deep in his groin with the desperation to be knotted.


But he couldn’t disobey Bucky, who clearly wanted to fuck his mouth first. And as long as Tony didn’t step in, Bucky was allowed to do as he pleased with them.


Right now it seemed to please him to force the blunt head of his cock between Steve’s lips glistening with saliva, as he groaned loudly when his erection found home in the warm, snug mouth of his omega. Instantly overtaken with the girth of it, Steve moaned helplessly and dug his feet into the rug at the same time he felt someone licking at his aching bitemark (probably Quill but he wasn’t focusing) and someone else surging forward to lap at Bucky’s balls hanging below the dick in his mouth. The alpha hissed and Tony shifted in his armchair, leaning closer.


Loki was planning on joining them in a moment – they just thought it would be safer to get the first orgasm out of the way so Bucky wouldn’t be as rough with the pregnant omega. Besides, they didn’t even know if the alpha would agree to mount Loki in his current state. While he wasn’t showing just yet, his scent had shifted drastically.


Bucky let out an animalistic growl and roughly grabbed the back of Steve’s head, shoving his down until his teeth grazed the top of his knot. The hasty movement made him gag and he blinked away tears as he looked up at his alpha, purring on his cock. The vibrations must’ve felt good because Bucky’s pupils blew out completely and he growled again, jerking Steve’s head back by his hair only to force him back down. It was hot and thick and too much but the omega was so eager to take it for this strong, dominant alpha holding onto him that he rubbed his ass down on the rug, feeling it get all kinds of messy with his slick.


“Peter, suck his balls” Tony ordered with a raspy voice from his chair, obviously affected by the scene before him; three naked, whining omegas on their knees for their big alpha standing tall with his knot out like a treat they all begged to get a taste of. Obeying, the young pup whimpered and took one of the large, swollen balls into his mouth and sucked like a good boy. They were covered in the saliva dripping from Steve who was still getting his throat thoroughly fucked and sweat from Bucky’s rut raising his body temperature. If Peter had a complain, it was muffled by the alpha testicle stretching his mouth open and Bucky’s wild grunting.


Meanwhile Quill licked and nipped at Steve’s bitemark which sent immense waves of pleasure through his shivering body. He gagged and sputtered around the length in his mouth and didn’t have the chance to lean into his friend’s ministrations, but they didn’t last long anyway. Tony snapped his fingers and Quill whimpered, moving off.

“Focus on your alpha, Quill” he ordered darkly. How he remained so composed in the fog of pheromones was a miracle – he would probably need to do another injection within the hour, but it truly was remarkable. Steve could hardly think straight.


“Come ‘ere” Bucky slurred and grabbed Quill’s hair to pull him closer. Instantly the omega latched on to his knot, licking and sucking at it to the pleasured groans of their alpha now alternating between petting their heads and holding onto them so he could force them closer and especially move Steve up and down his drooling shaft. He had one omega on his balls, one on his knot and one on his cock – all the while Tony grunted from his chair and gave them occasional instructions. The air was electrified; burning. If Bucky usually smelled like lying in the grass beneath a plum tree heavy with ripe fruit, he now smelled as if someone had set that tree on fire. It was choking Steve just as much as the dick down his throat was, but he loved it all the same.


It didn’t take much longer for the alpha to lose control and stutter in his thrusts as he growled, pulling all his omegas close before he withdrew from Steve’s mouth. With a strong hand Bucky gripped his knot and milked it so he could finish all over their faces. As the first hot streaks of cum hit Steve’s cheek he whined needily and closed his eyes instinctively, sticking his tongue out. Some of it landed on his tastebuds – luckily there was so much seed that both him, Peter and Quill was drenched and marked prettily in it at the end.




Bucky was panting hard, squeezing his knot to pump everything out of it. The orgasm was so intense it made his toes curl and he watched in satisfaction as he spurted his cum all over the cute faces below him.


This was so different from how he usually spent his ruts it was maddening. Never before had he had the luxury of spending one surrounded with the scents of dripping omegas; never had he fucked anything else than the lubricated channel of a stuffed animal, which always felt more humiliating than satisfying. This was like the white hot arms of desire stretching forward as he entered his rut had finally been allowed to find home. And he hadn’t even fucked one of them yet.


Unsteadily, Bucky finished, shaking his dick a little to get the last of it out. He knew his knot would be filled again in no time, which was good because his instincts were already screaming at him to breed his omegas. Of course he’d never been drunk before, but from what betas had told him this was much like it – one of his handlers had even said a rut was to be compared with taking drugs. In any case Bucky’s head was pounding with need and he had a blurry sort of tunnel vision where he could only seem to focus on his mate, while there was that hurried feeling in him that told him if I don’t get my knot wet, I will most likely kill someone.


Looking down, Bucky saw with dizzy pleasure his knot was in fact very wet, both from his release and his omega’s spit. He tried smiling which ended up barring his teeth in a snarl as he was wracked with another lick of fire stroking his spine and travelling to his groin, not allowing his cock to soften.


And that was when the door opened.


The scent hit him instantly. Bucky’s head whipped up from the three pretty boys on their knees before him, zeroing in instantly on the other omega entering the room. Loki was naked, almost shyly walking forward, looking like a dream with his tall, slim body and slender shoulders where the black, soft hair rested. His green eyes blinked innocently at Bucky in a way that made the alpha tilt his head and give a strange noise. That stomach was still flat but what really hit Bucky was his scent. It was like nothing he’d ever smelled before – it was queerly alike his own plum-scent but mingled with warm sunlight and cinnamon and the air just after a summer rain and blood and potent slick…. It was the smell of pregnant omega; the smell of an omega carrying his pup deep inside his womb.


Bucky stood no chance. There was only desire and fire driving him forward, only a whimper turning to a growl and only raw, painful need as the alpha stepped towards Loki only to pick him up and carry him to the nest. His other omegas was still there but at the time he couldn’t quite focus on them, couldn’t quite tear himself away from the beautiful boy in his hands.


His nose travelled curiously, almost desperately up between Loki’s legs quickly spreading, so he could inhale where the scent was the strongest. It lit his insides on fire, making Bucky choke on a groan as he surged forward to lick up the liquid leaking freely, tasting both himself and the omega even if he hadn’t fucked Loki today.

“Oh…” Loki gasped as his tight hole was being eaten out with a fervour the alpha had never quite shown to him before, and his hands bunched the sheets. Quickly, the other omegas gathered in the nest to hold onto his small fingers and kiss his sweaty brow; Bucky was happy with that and let his chest vibrate while he roughly lapped at the pregnant omega’s entrance. His animalistic brain told him this was good; this was safe. Everyone should be tending to their sweet Loki and making sure he had everything he needed.


Loki only sighed sweetly and came in Peter’s hand as the alpha moved up on the bed and pressed himself inside. The fucking he was in for lasted much longer than that and Bucky was almost out of breath by the time he finally knotted the omega, but that didn’t matter. Bucky was overjoyed getting to unleash all his heat and desire onto the lithe body beneath him and couldn’t stop himself (didn’t want to stop himself) from biting savagely at Loki’s scarred bonding gland as he thrust himself in the last time and swelled up in the tight channel. The taste of blood stoked the flames for at least a moment and Bucky was able to suck at the ruined shoulder and catch his breath enough to empty himself completely in his omega.


The rest of the rut Bucky fucked each and everyone of his omegas (besides Tony which annoyed him, but those blockers he took made his scent less desirable to the alpha anyway) over and over until they were all sore and his knot was aching for a different reason. Loki got the worst of it however, which the alpha made up to him by always keeping the pregnant boy close to be licked and kissed and petted.


It was the best rut Bucky could’ve hoped for.

Chapter Text

“I wish you could get ruts” Peter pouted.


The words were spoken in the bathtub as Tony sat beside it with his sleeves rolled up, getting a nice lather of shampoo going in the younger omega’s hair. It had been a few weeks since Bucky had gotten his rut and afterwards Loki had started showing actual symptoms of his pregnancy, which led to the alpha doting on him. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and he still made sure to service and care for his other omegas, but Tony could tell Peter felt a little jealous. The pup was quite spoiled, Tony thought with fondness as he carded his fingers through brown curls.


“You don’t think I’m mad about you already?” he teased and grabbed the showerhead. His boy looked even younger sitting naked on his little butt in the tub, all lanky limbs and not an ounce of fat on his hips yet. That’d change when he got in to a more suitable childbearing age.

“I’d just like to see you lose control. As if you had to mount me, not just wanting to – otherwise you’d really go mad” Peter said dreamy-eyed, squirming in his bath. It was the description of an alpha in rut; Tony sighed as he gently tipped Peter’s head back, knowing the closest thing he’d ever been to that kind of lost control was in heat. And in heat, he was desperate to be mounted himself, not the other way around.


“Bucky sprained poor Steve’s wrist when he lost control. It’s a miracle it wasn’t broken. Imagine what I’d do to you” Tony said absentmindedly and rinsed off the shampoo. The wrist had healed nicely and they hadn’t had to go to Dr Strange for a berating and a cast, but it had still caused Steve pain and Bucky a whole lot of guilt.


The omega had said what he said to try and deter Peter from the notion of him going into rut, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. Purring, Peter leaned closer to him, getting his shirt wet in the process, and the bathwater got that unmistakable diluted scent of slick to it.

“I imagine that quite a lot actually” the little minx said, getting a look from Tony. Ignoring that, Peter bit his bottom lip in a manner he knew the older omega could hardly resist. “I remember the first time I went into heat. Well, the only time. I might’ve been a little out of my mind on hormones, but you were amazing. Got all protective and growly, even pushing away the others so you could fuck me with the toys yourself. You even smelled different; all dominant and stuff” Peter told him with a far off look in his hazel eyes and a smile playing on his lips as his hair was being cleaned.

Tony frowned, suddenly feeling a bit uneasy. He hadn’t remembered that’s how it happened. Actually, he remembered very little from Peter’s heat at all – all he had was those hazy memories of how good the pup had smelled and how much he needed to be close to him. The thought of mounting him had occurred, but with the other omegas around Tony had pushed that away and focused on making their youngest member feel good.


Gaps in his memories wasn’t something that happened during other omegas heats. However it was common to occur during his own. Had that meant…had Tony reacted stronger to Peter? Had it triggered his own heat somehow? But then he wouldn’t have become dominant. Especially not in smell.


“All done” the older omega said with a dry throat to distract himself and the teen from the subject. Peter squealed and rubbed his nose against the inside of his wrist, enjoying the clean scent and the feeling of being pampered. Luckily his attention-span was short and Tony was able to change the subject by asking which bathrobe the pup would like to use.


It was long after, in the evening of that day, with Peter properly tucked in the nest that Tony went back to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. Naked he stood in front of the full figure one on the back of the door. He looked strong, working all those hours in the motor shop, with his softened cock still glistening wetly between his legs. Just before he had spread Peter out on his back and bent his nimble legs to rest upon his shoulders and fucked him nice and hard until they’d both climaxed with gasps and moans. Tony found that his stamina had gotten better the more he ‘practised’, so to speak, and now he could thrust himself in and out of Peter for a good ten minutes before either coming or losing his erection. It wasn’t exactly how he wanted it, but it was more than he could hope for.


Tony had always felt a little different. Not in a way that really bothered him, but he’d noticed early on he was bulkier than the other omega kids. It was easier for him to build muscle and more than one person had in his teens commented on that his dick looked more like a beta member than one of an omega. That had always brought him some strange sense of pride, even if it could sometimes bother him that he wasn’t as small and pretty as the others. But growing up with beta parents, Tony supposed it was never much visible. He got used to being a bit closer to his beta friends in size, and he was still a handsome boy so no one believed it would be a problem.


Which it wasn’t, until now. Being with Peter like this had drawn attention to the fact that he not only had desires that he shouldn’t have; he also had abilities he shouldn’t have. And that confused him.


It wasn’t that he felt uncomfortable being an omega. Sure, his father had wished for a beta but his father was an asshole and his mother had loved him very much for what he was. He wasn’t compensating for anything. Besides, he was very much not a fan of the Freudian-like theories that boiled everything down to a shitty childhood. Tony’s childhood hadn’t been worse than any other, even if it hadn’t been perfect. And he was very happy in his collective, being one omega amongst many.


It was just that…something wasn’t quite right. The state of his body, and what he wanted to use it for, suddenly felt like an itch. He supposed it had been like that for a long while not, but it was starting to get to the point where he couldn’t ignore it.


Sighing, Tony let a hand wander over his protruding chest, down his flat stomach and all the way to his cock hanging between rather thick thighs. It looked bigger like this than Steve’s did with an erection; yet it felt too small. Like it hadn’t finished developing yet. The other hand went to his hips. He found himself comparing them to Loki’s. Both of them had that extra fat that a fully matured omega acquired for childbearing, but only the pregnant omega seemed to fit in his. Tony’s shape disappeared in his muscles and lack of litheness. Confused him further.


“Tony?” a sleepy voice called from the bedroom. “Come back to bed”. It was Peter, with his adorable yawning interrupting the words. Tony threw one last look at himself.

“I’m coming” he called back, turning off the lights.




A man in a black suit approached the neat suburban house. With the dark hair swept back and the shoes polished, he looked neat himself. At least, as neat as he could manage while still using a crutch to get around. The left leg dragged inevitably behind, but it wasn’t to be helped. Shifting his grip on the leather briefcase, the man cleared his throat and took the last slow steps up to the front door. It was a bit nerve-wracking to admit to oneself that he was nervous – it had been five years after all, and he was an important man now. Not just some teen beta who wasn’t able to grow a beard or look at a girl without blushing. Yet his heart was still racing.


It wasn’t made better after the front door opened and a beautiful, red-lipped omega opened. Her eyes widened far when she saw him, the hand on the door falling down to rest beside her pencil skirt. The man swallowed, attempting a smile. She was even more of a marvel than he remembered.

“Daniel?” Peggy Carter asked in disbelief.

“I believe so” Daniel Sousa answered with another nervous smile. Suddenly the omega’s face split into a bright smile, and she shook her head as if to wake herself up. A small hand flew up to his face and he tried not to shudder when Peggy gently stroke the coarse hair just over his ears.

“I hardly recognized you with these grey hairs” she said with a wicked smile. The joke made him laugh – it was true he had started sporting a few silvery streaks, despite being no older than 23.

“I take after my father” Daniel said and shifted his stance. The prosthesis was uncomfortably to stand on for too long.

“Well he was always a handsome man, as I recall” Peggy teased again. Gosh, she hadn’t changed much. Daniel was glad it was so.


After asking to come inside, he was let in and met with the nice scent of nesting omegas, even if it was tinged with the more sharp scent of alpha. It was a well-known fact that betas didn’t have the same sense of heightened smell as alphas and omegas, yet Daniel had never found it difficult to navigate a space via his nose. Especially when an omega smelled as sweet as Peggy. He could only imagine what it would be like to have an alpha nose when she was in heat…but he wasn’t supposed to think about that now.


“Would you like some tea? We’re all alone save for the alpha, but he’s in the basement lifting weights. I find it’s the only place where I can leave him unsupervised, even if it is with a chain around his ankle” Peggy said with a roll of her eyes, already getting started on the tea. “Sit down darling” she said and pushed out a chair in the stride through the kitchen. Thankful for the relief off his leg, Daniel sat down. Even alone in her home, Peggy wore stylish heels. Just like she used to when they were teens, except the heels were taller now. A flush spread over his clean-shaven face when he remembered how those heels had looked on the dashboard of his car.


Peggy whipped around, jar of honey in her hand. Evidently she remembered how he took his tea.

“Unless you want to meet my alpha? I’m afraid he’s terribly uncivilised” she wondered, only looking like she was half-joking. At the mention of Brock Rumlow, Daniel uncomfortably placed his hands on the table and looked up, knowing the perceptive woman could probably read him like a book. Her whirlwind movements halted.

“Actually…he’s the reason I’m here” he explained. A frown pulled Peggy’s expertly painted eyebrows together.

“Because of Brock?” she asked. Her warm, welcoming mood melted a little, giving way for suspicion.


Daniel moved the crutch so it leaned against the table, avoiding her eyes. He knew it was silly, but this wasn’t how he’d imagine they’d meet after all these years. Yet he had to do what he was sent here to do. So he braced himself and looked up.

“Yes, as much as I’d love to catch up, I’m afraid I’m here for work reasons” the beta admitted. He reached into the pocket of his suit and placed a badge on the table. “I’m here on behalf of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, the…” he stared but Peggy waved a manicured hand, cutting him off.

“The SSR yes, I’ve heard of them. I applied there two years ago, but apparently they don’t hire omegas” she huffed.


Right. That wasn’t going to make it any easier.


“Yes, I’m afraid the federal agencies can still be a bit…old-fashioned” Daniel said awkwardly.

“Out of date, you mean” Peggy shot back, turning for the kettle that was finally boiling. “Now tell me what that has to do with my Brock” she demanded. How this woman managed to pour tea so gracefully and sound like ice was a wonder to Daniel. Then again, she had always amazed him. He took his cup, adjusting himself more comfortable and cleared his throat.


“Well, as you may be aware, your particular alpha came from a pound called the Hydra Disciplinary. After that pound was shut down five years ago, every alpha was transferred and have finally started appearing on the market. Which means that the police has begun seeing several reports of violent crimes committed by them; these reports has come to the attention of the SSR. Colonel Phillips has therefore charged us with tracking the alphas down to make…house visits, if you may” Daniel explained, glancing at Peggy as he placed a little spoon with honey in the tea. The omega frowned where she had seated herself opposed to him. She looked as if she’d stepped straight out a magazine from the 50’s with homemaking omegas; paired with some sharp wits and first-class guts.


“Why would that be a concern for the SSR?” she asked. Daniel chewed his lip, debating on whether or not to answer that. But Peggy had a job in intelligence herself, and he trusted her. Plus, she deserved to know.

“Because the alphas were part of a scientific experiment” he disclosed with a serious look. If Peggy was shocked, she hid it well. “They were raised, and sometimes engineered, to be aggressive and useful as soldiers, not in service of omegas” Daniel continued. When he got no answer, he leaned back on the chair and observed her. “Might I say you don’t seem surprised” he admitted.


To that, the omega gave an ironic little laugh.

“You’re telling me that Brock, who’s damn near impossible to get to sit nicely on his feeding mat and who only seems happy when he’s in a boxing ring, was raised to be a solider? Danny boy, that’s the most reasonable thing I’ve ever heard” Peggy told him. The use of the old nickname made his cheeks involuntarily heat up. He had to pinch his thigh to keep his composure, suddenly very happy that as a beta he didn’t give off that strong of a smell.

“Then my next question is going to seem reasonable as well. I’m wondering if Brock has ever harmed any of you? If he’s been aggressive to the point of violence?” he said, sounding all business (and hopefully hiding the fact that he was worried. It didn’t sit right with him that pretty Peggy Carter had a feral monster in her bed at night. Which had nothing to do with the fact that he didn’t care for her having anyone in her bed).


She raised a brow and gave him a playful smile; the hostility had melted off her like snowflakes on a coat.

“You don’t think I can handle him?” Peggy said, and it made Daniel chuckle. Peggy could probably handle a whole pack of feral alphas.

“Oh I believe you handle him just fine. I still have to ask” he answered.


Now she looked down at her tea, scent shifting just in the slightest. When she looked up, there wasn’t any teasing in her beautiful eyes.

“Truth be told, he is a handful. He hasn’t hurt me, but he tried biting both Monty and Dum Dum, and we can hardly take him out without a muzzle” the omega confided. Hearing that made Daniel’s heart ache, and without thinking he reached his hand out over the table. It wasn’t enough to grab hers, but it did make her look down upon it. The lump in his throat made it a bit difficult to speak, and the beta found himself lowering his voice as if the alpha could somehow hear them from the basement.


“Does he…does he treat you right? Can he tend to your needs?” Daniel asked in a worried murmur. He’d seen omegas who didn’t get the closeness they needed and it wasn’t a pretty sight, but that wasn’t why he was asking.


Daniel Sousa had always cared for Peggy. Of course he had. Ever since they were teens and he stole glances at her in chemistry. She’d thought he was looking at her friend, little Stevie Rogers, but he’d been looking at her the whole time. Born with a missing lower leg, Daniel had grown up with a limp and a crutch, something very visible on a schoolyard. While never really bullied for it, the beta got used to the jabs from friends and classmates indicating that it would be heard to take someone on a date when ‘you can’t keep up’. Not Peggy Carter though. The prettiest, smartest omega in the entire school had waltzed up to him on a regular school day like it was completely normal and asked if he wanted to come with her to the Spring Dance. She’d looked so dazzling in her pleated skirt and hazel hair swept back in a pony-tail that he hadn’t even thought of the fact that he couldn’t dance before stammering out a yes. With his friends absolutely gaping in the background, Daniel had stood frozen and sweating as Peggy smiled brightly and kissed him on the cheek before whirling around and running off to Stevie.


Dressing up in his best suit for the dance hadn’t changed the fact that he still had a prosthetic leg – but the night had been a success anyway. They’d talked and laughed the entire evening and eventually he’d worked up the courage to kiss her properly.


Months later, she took his virginity in her bed, shyly whispering to him in the dark that no one had ever mounted her before. It was the start of several years of friendship and sex; yet he could never be her true boyfriend. She was an omega and meant for a collective; an alpha. And Daniel threw himself into college, keeping to beta girls because no omega could ever match the very first he’d been with.


So it hurt him now to know that the alpha that took his place wasn’t what she deserved.


As might be expected, Peggy withdrew and leaned back on her chair.

“Are those questions also from the SSR?” she asked, with a bit of an edge to her voice. “Tell me, is this the only reason you’re here?”.


Daniel flushed, pulling back his hand.

“Not really. I volunteered for this collective; I was hoping to see how you were” he admitted sheepishly, feeling a little ashamed of himself. This wasn’t very professional of him. From across the table, Peggy’s eyes looked a little uncertain.

“You could’ve just come by. I would’ve liked to see you” she said quietly. Hope lit in the beta’s chest, hope he quicky tried to put out.

“I…didn’t want to impose” he said with an unspecified gesture to the grand kitchen.


This time Peggy sighed, the spitting image of how she used to sound whenever he did something she thought was utterly stupid. Getting up, her heels clacked softly against the floor as she walked around the table to sit her small, curvy body down on his lap. He tried to supress a gasp, but it wasn’t easy having her this close after five years apart. She smelled heavenly; like a bowl of fresh berries, and she was the only one who knew exactly how to sit on his lap without putting a strain on the wrong place. Those beautiful eyes looked down upon him.


“You’re a fool Daniel. A polite fool with good intentions. And that’s the worst kind really” Peggy told him in a soft murmur. Then she leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips – just hard enough to have him yearn for more. “I would’ve bonded with you in a heartbeat had you been an alpha. And now…I have an alpha who doesn’t even want me. Half the times we have to drain him. It just makes me wonder…” she whispered, biting her lip and looking worried.


Daniel’s voice was raspy when he used it. Gentle hands found her back and her knee, and he looked at her like a man starving.

“Wonder what?” he asked.

“If it is too late to choose differently” Peggy said with sorrow.


And he should’ve helped himself. He really should’ve. Especially with her alpha just a floor below, but Daniel had kept himself strapped down for so long and he no longer had the power to keep it that way. So he captured her red lips in a heated kiss, rising up and gripping her closer. When she moaned softly into his mouth and pressed herself to him, he knew she wanted this as well. His tongue slipped in and met hers, hot and wet and too much for him to handle.


“Please…” she whimpered, small hands gripping his shirt so tightly it looked anything but neat now. Breaking apart he kept himself against her heated skin, just breathing with her.

“Anything” Daniel promised, heart beating so hard it bruised his ribs. Peggy whimpered again, letting a hand weave around his neck to grip there desperately.

“Mount me” she begged.


Daniel could never resist her anything, and certainly not this. If there was one thing she deserved, it was to feel wanted. To feel like she was the single most desirable omega in the world. That’s what he strived for when he gently lifted her up on the kitchen table, pushing her skirt up and kissing up the insides of her thighs as she moaned and squeezed them around his head. That’s what he hoped she felt when he made her climax on his tongue, her release sweet on his tastebuds and pussy so soft and welcoming. And when he opened his fly, yanking his pants just enough to free his cock, Peggy whined for it so needily he almost came from the sound alone.


Steadying himself on the table to keep the weight of his bad leg, Daniel looked down at her as he slowly dragged the head of his member through her wet lips and up to rub on her clit.

“I’m sorry it’s not…” he started, out of breath already.

“What, an alpha cock? I’ve tried that already; I don’t want it. I want you” Peggy said with a cheeky whimpering. It made him smile – she always knew what to say.


Daniel Sousa pushed inside her without remorse.  

Chapter Text

4 years ago


“That’s it boy…right there…further in…”.


Yondu sat on the armchair next to the nest all spread out, watching as Quill draped himself over Kraglin’s back, using all the force of a seventeen-year-old pup to drive the curved, black dildo in and out of the other omega’s squelching hole. He was sweaty and tired but Krag was so sweet beneath him, whimpering in desperation and presenting with his back arched. The omega was on the tail-end of his heat and Quill had managed most of it, with some help from Yondu. However, the older man preferred to sit back and watch, giving orders.


“Harder boy, he’s almost there” Yondu growled, stroking his omega cock to the sight of Quill gritting his teeth and angling the toy ruthlessly towards Krag’s prostate in an attempt to make him climax one final time, hopefully allowing for some rest after. Still, after all these years Yondu insisted on calling him ‘boy’. It annoyed Quill to no end – this wasn’t the first time he’d managed one of the collective members heats almost entirely on his own, so he deserved some respect.


Beneath him, Kraglin cried and whimpered with his eyes squeezed tightly shut, abused hole clenching helplessly around the blunt fake cock fucking him with all the strength Quill had left in his arms. He was relieved when the omega finally choked on his moans and came fiercely around the toy, small dick only managing to dribble a few drops of cum out. Exhausted, Quill fell back in the nest and tried to catch his breath as Brahl and Horuz came in to help the poor, passed out omega to the bath to get cleaned up. It was evident from his smell that the heat had finally started to break.


Yondu smiled that unattractive smile with his crooked teeth and tucked himself away.

“You did good boy” he grunted, standing up. When he just upped and left the room, Quill felt anger rise. Ignoring his nakedness, he jumped up and followed, stomping after the leader of the collective.

“You shouldn’t call me boy no more. I contribute just like everyone else” the teenager huffed angrily, trying to keep up with the bigger man. Yondu only snickered, not looking back as he strode confidently towards the kitchen. The house looked a mess, considering no one really cleaned, and it was filled with scraps and stolen goods. The biker gang had formed a collective for legal reasons, but there was nothing legal about how they earned their living.


“You’re still a pup, no matter how you twist it” Yondu pointed out. Rolling his eyes, Quill grabbed a spare flannel of the floor and jerked it on. He’d been here for nine years and he hadn’t even earned himself a leather vest yet. Not that he wanted one anyway, he thought sourly and kicked over an empty beer can. They were big and ugly with some weird flame sewn on and the word ‘Ravagers’ in a bad font across the back. Still though, he thought he deserved to be made a real part of the collective. After all, Quill had been helping them steal shit since he was a kid, riding on the back of Yondu’s own Harley. He wasn’t a kid no more though.


“And you’re an old drunk, what’s your point?” he shot back, not caring if it pissed Yondu off. The omega was some kind of strange father figure to him, and while there perhaps hadn’t been a ton of love between them, there was enough respect that Quill could mouth off to him pretty badly without getting spanked for it. Now the older man only threw him one of his dour looks and went to grab a beer from the fridge. Quill plopped down on the unsteady kitchen table. “And you’d do well to listen to me. I still don’t get why we can’t just buy an alpha; imagine how much easier it would be to manage the heats” he exclaimed with a gesture, flailing his arm out, aching with sore muscles from Kraglin. His naked feet dangled over the floor and he felt the crumbs of food sticking to the soles.


“And I suppose you got the kind of money for that? Did you tuck them up your little virgin ass?” Yondu said with his raspy voice, exhaling a quick laugh and belching down beer. Blood rushed to Quill’s cheeks and he crossed his arms over his half-naked chest in the open flannel.

“Don’t even try Yondu; I know that cargo you drove over the state border last week would cover half the cost alone. You just don’t want someone in the house that could question your dominance. Hard to keep pretending you’re the alpha of the pack if there’s a real alpha in it” Quill said sharply.


The words must’ve hit a sore spot (which admittedly he knew very well they would) because next thing the young omega knew Yondu had surged forward and grabbed a handful of hair at the back of his head, painfully jerking him backwards. Quill winced and had to splay his hands out quickly on the table not to lose balance. The stench of unbrushed teeth and cheap beer washed over him as the older man leaned in close, staring him down.

“You’re lucky I don’t throw you out on your ass, boy. When your no-good beta parents dumped you on my doorstep, the others wanted to sell you to one of those Canadian alpha pounds. They do things differently over there; you would’ve spent your life being passed around alphas in rut until your hole was too loose to be any good, not in a nice home with food on the goddamn table. I saved your life!” Yondu spat at him viciously, clenching the fist in his hair harder.


But Quill was fucking tired of this – he didn’t choose being abandoned by his parents when he was eight. They didn’t even tell him why. All he remembered was how sick his mom had been and how they’d all gone for a ride when suddenly his dad pulled over in this district and pointed to one of the run-down houses with chained up dogs in the yards. He’d told his son to go knock on that door, and then as soon as Quill stepped outside the car was driving away. Had his father known that the Ravagers lived there? Quill would never know. But he was sick of Yondu repeating the same tired story.


He used his strength to jerk his head free and shove the heavy omega backwards.

“Oh just shut up! You keep telling me I should be thankful that you didn’t human traffic me when I was a kid, like that’s something normal people even think about! Admit it, you only kept me around because I could fit in small spaces and open doors from the inside so you could steal shit. Doesn’t mean I owe you anything” Quill said sourly, hopping down to stand in front of the other.


A big, fat finger was pushed uncomfortably in his scrawny chest and Yondu gave him an ugly, foul-smelling smile.

“Big words coming from a pup – just you wait until you’re done maturing and earn yourself a vest and a bike of your own. You’ll turn out a thief just like me, cause that’s already what you are. So you better start learning to respect me” he growled.


Quill wasn’t having it. He didn’t want this life. He had dreams, and even if he liked his packmates, he didn’t want to spend the rest of his days struggling through heats with nothing but omegas, stealing weapons and ruining his teeth with beer that tasted like piss.


So he straightened his back and raised his chin defiantly.

“You’ll see, I’ll make something of myself. I’ll get out of here” he promised with brave venom in his voice. Yondu only laughed and chugged more from his can.

“Oh yeah? Where are you gonna go; Canada?” he joked meanly and smiled showing off all his yellow teeth.

“No” Quill said, narrowing his eyes. “But it’s gonna be far away from you” he spat out before turning on his heels and running up to his room. Yondu didn’t follow, just laughed his raw laugh.


Slamming the door and breathing heavily, Quill paced the small room. There wasn’t much, barely enough to make a nest for himself, but it was where he had all his posters put up on the dirty walls. As he paced, he watched them all to calm down. There was ones from Star Wars, some from Top Gun, others from Alien…all of them with heroes who went far away and watched the others from way up high. None of them having to deal with the shit below as long as they stayed in their cool ships.


And suddenly Peter Quill stopped. He knew what he wanted to do. And he knew how to get out of here.


Scrambling over to his old computer (stolen of course) he quickly tapped away, heart racing. Within half an hour he had located a collective called the Benatar Collective of three young omegas searching on for a fourth member and contacted them asking if they admitted teens.


He had also looked up how to apply for pilot school once he was done with high school.




Now Quill sat next to John Walker on his couch and watched Top Gun, singing Hiiiighwaay to the daner zooone in a more or less terrible way. But it was fun and his friend sang just as badly as him. Quill had started training to become a pilot in the air force and it had led to him and John spending more and more time together, which he liked. The training was even better than the one he’d been in before and even though his teacher jokingly called him ‘Maverick’ because of his often a little reckless behaviour, his classmates had given him a different name. Because he loved space movies so much they called him Star-Lord, a name Quill had taken to heart.


Sometimes the omega thought back on the Ravagers, and sometimes he missed them, but things were better now. Whenever a Harley drove past him and he caught the glimpse of a yellow flame on black leather, he couldn’t help but smile. For years, all Quill had wanted was to have his own bike and feel the wind on his face as he rode it down the highway. Now, when he raced a Raptor off the runway and into the air, feeling the massive power of the plane shudder around him, Quill always laughed. It felt better than a bike ever could. And he was doing more than consigning himself to being a thief.


Besides, it was nice to come out of the house once in a while. Loki was beginning to show and the hormones was making him grumpy, which in turn transformed Bucky into a lovesick puppy trailing behind him to lick his bonding mark or rock him to sleep. Peter, being the youngest, got some kind of childish jealously and hoarded Tony to himself, meaning the teen’s loud moans could be heard all over the house as he was being fucked into oblivion. The only one remotely normal was Steve, and he had just taken on a big commission for a website and spent whatever free time he had with his childhood friend Peggy who apparently had alpha-problems.


“But you always have a second home here” Lemar had claimed when he’d showed up today feeling lonely. Their whole collective was full of military omegas so even if there was a young pup and John waddling around getting heavier, there was no worry. They kept going like normal. Even their alpha Sam seemed calm – right now he was content sitting below the two omegas on the couch distractedly watching the movie as he massaged John’s feet.

“They swell up like crazy – you’re lucky you’re on birth control” John told him with a meaning look, leaning down to pat Sam on the head. “Such a good alpha” he purred happily, to which Sam let his chest vibrate. Below his grey hoodie the round belly protruded; not quite big enough to make John completely uncomfortable, but enough to make his physic very different than from the first time they’d met. The blond, tall omega turned to him with a hand lazily splayed over the growing pup, giving him a little smile.

“You watching the movie, or just me?” he teased. Since he was right Quill couldn’t help but blush, quickly accompanied by a boxing to his arm. It made the other omega laugh and exclaim an ‘ow!’, to which Sam looked up to check on his mate. Obviously John was fine, so the alpha went back to giving attention to the omegas toes.

“Not my fault you’re fat” Quill shot back. The one thing he could really miss from the Ravagers Collective was the bad language being used without problem. At times it was used to call him less savoury things, and he didn’t enjoy that, but it just meant he could shoot back as bad as he got. His new collective was a bit skittish about that.


Not John. John was an airman and his mates were all soldiers – they could take it. Which was one of the reasons Quill enjoyed hanging out here so much.


The blond omega wriggled his eyebrows in a more comic than enticing matter, causing Quill to sputter on his soda.

“You’re just jealous – I’m fat and I’m gorgeous” John said with emphasis.

“Yeah he is” Lemar walking past said with his mouth full of mac n cheese. Quill just rolled his eyes and turned back to the movie.


Honestly, he did think John was gorgeous. But John wasn’t his mate, so it wouldn’t be appropriate. Not that Quill was known to be very appropriate. While Maverick rode his bike on the screen, Quill wonder if he could maybe get away with staying so late he’d had to stay over. And if he’d manage to talk his way into nesting with John…




“It’s official” Loki sighed defeatedly, walking into the kitchen still in the t-shirt he slept in. Gesturing annoyedly down towards his belly that had gone to a nice little round size as he was just leaving the first trimester. “The only thing that fits me anymore are these stupid shirts” the pregnant omega muttered.


Steve looked up from where he was working on getting the layout right on the new website he was designing.

“Well if only your closet didn’t consist of nothing but form-fitting fancy shirts” he said with a raised eyebrow and the corner of his mouth quirked in a smile. Loki had turned out to be a little of a diva while with pup – not that anyone was surprised. The grumpy man groaned and slumped down on a chair, leaning over the table and letting his long hair cascade over his head.

“I’m a cow!” he exclaimed into his arms. Steve sighed and put away the lap top, putting a soothing hand on Loki’s spine, stroking the way he knew the other liked it.

“You’re beautiful. Think about it; every pound you gain is another piece of pup” Steve said with a reassuring path. It earned him a glare from Loki.

“It’s not a build-a-bear” he muttered. Jeez. Drama queen.


Steve rolled his eyes and patted his back again, with a little more force.

“No, but you’re still doing a great job and you’re still very beautiful. Right Tony?” he said, looking over to the mechanic having his coffee and reading a book across the table before he had to go to the motor shop.


Tony raised his head slowly. The look he gave Steve was strange; almost blank, as if he didn’t comprehend the question. Then he blinked, opening his mouth and letting out a sort of unintelligible little noise that was quickly transformed to a cough.

“Uh yeah. Of course” Tony rectified, turning to Loki. His brown eyes softened. “You’re very pretty” he promised.


Steve frowned a little but tried to hide it behind a reassuring smile to Loki. The last two months Tony had been a bit different. More time had been spent working, which he’d blamed on them needing the extra money if they were gonna transform their still empty spare room to a nursery (something they probably should’ve done a while ago anyway). Sometimes Tony was himself, and others he’d go quiet, especially if there was talk about the pup on the way or attention drawn to Loki. Steve couldn’t help but wonder if he was jealous. It wouldn’t be strange – Steve himself struggled with his sheer happiness at getting a pup in the collective and the sadness that it wasn’t him who was carrying it.


When Tony had gone through his heat two weeks ago he’d gotten more emotional than usual. Not that this was weird per se – so many hormones coursing through your body led to many omegas getting both irritated and prone to tears during the days both before, during and after. The only difference here was that Tony had never seemed affected by them. And perhaps he wasn’t now either; Steve just knew that the omega had spent an extra day in the nest after his heat broke sniffling and not eating, only being consoled by Peter bringing him stuffed animals and nuzzling him. It could’ve been because of anything, but Tony hadn’t wanted to talk about it when Steve asked.


So he tried to ignore it now and made a notion to maybe do something nice for Tony later. Instead the blond turned to Loki and cracked a bright smile.


“Hey, about we go shopping? I could use some new clothes as well” Steve suggested enthusiastically (partly to get Loki in a better mood, partly because he was actually excited to go shopping). He had been gaining as well lately, finally filling out his pants in a way they’d said he’d do after passing maturity, which obviously hadn’t happened. And now Steve wanted to try and buy some more form-fitting stuff that would actually sit well on him.


Having an alpha regularly breed him had been somewhat of a miracle. As a sickly omega, Steve had been through numerous treatments and they had all been either painful, disruptive or humiliating. When he was fifteen and his cock had barely developed at all from before maturity, one doctor had even gone as far as trying to inject him with synthetic alpha protein (which he’d only been told later was an experimental drug and all it had done was give the young pup a terrible ache in his joints with his genitals remaining the same). Now his cock was still the same size as before, but he didn’t care. With Bucky’s help, Steve could run up the stairs without getting a vicious asthma attack. He could present on his knees through a full breeding without getting a back pain for the rest of the night. His sleep was better and his usual rash was almost completely gone. And getting to leave at least a fraction (or more than a fraction at the time) of his ailments behind had him realize how much they had actually affected him.


Sometimes when he was seated on Bucky’s knot, feeling it pulsate inside him as the alpha emptied about a bucketload of semen in his womb, the omega would sigh in relief and just rest his head on the other’s shoulder. It felt better than every shot or pill combined.


Loki thought about it, but eventually nodded.

“Okay fine. We can look at some pup-clothes at the same time – but I’m getting a pumpkin spiced latte and you can’t stop me”.

Chapter Text

The dark blue sling made his arm rest strangely against his chest, but Bucky was well past complaining about it. The choice he’d been given was between carrying his prothesis in a sling when they went outside or to have it temporarily disabled by Tony – that choice was easy to make. Besides, the position didn’t hurt his non-human limb. It was only a little difficult to remember not to break the (in comparison) fragile fabric of the sling.


Sometime Bucky had nightmares about Zola and the man in the black suit he called Bennet. Throughout his life, most of it institutionalized, Bucky had nightmares more often than he’d liked to admit. In fact, he didn’t admit to it at all. At Hydra Disciplinary his handlers had taught him it was not alpha-like to show weakness by talking about one’s nightmares; at Shield Kennels they’d taught him that it was best not to mention them to his owners because it might upset or bother them. Whatever the truth was, Bucky thought it was best not to say anything about his dark dreams of being strapped to that table again.


The first week after he’d seen the police and Zola had ripped his arm apart on the inside, he had been unable to hide the nightmares because they made him wake up in cold sweat and shakes. His sweet omegas had helped him through them all with cuddles and stuffed animals; but that time was different. He had been in a very strange place he did not understand, a place that he’d fallen into because of something Steve called ‘PTSD’. Bucky didn’t know what PTSD was, so he had only nodded when Steve said it, but the alpha figured his omega was probably right. Steve was a very clever person and he knew very much about the world. If this thing called PTSD pushed him into a dark hole, Bucky could only hope it was a condition that healed on its own. He really didn’t want any more medication.


And he really didn’t want to meet that man Bennet again, so Bucky accepted he had to wear the sling ‘for show’ as Tony said.


For now though, the alpha was happy walking behind his omegas and watching them pick out pretty clothes to try on. Steve held a loose grip on his leash, but Bucky wasn’t going anywhere far. The sheer sight and smell of Loki with his swollen belly just peaking out from the sweatshirt he’d reluctantly borrowed from Tony was enough to keep other alphas away, as the omega signalled clearly that he was already bred and taken. It didn’t stop the more nosy ones to stray a bit too close to Steve however, and Bucky had to work hard only to show his sharp corner teeth and not growl at them as it would upset his owners.


“None of these dress shirts are any good” Loki sighed, hanging back a paisley shirt in the maternity-section. Obviously he struggled with the new form he’d started getting, no matter how much it drove Bucky crazy with lust. The alpha could barely keep his hands off him; if he’d been allowed, he would’ve mounted Loki every single night, and kiss his baby bump and sweet-tasting little puckered hole every day. There simply was no end to how enticingly the pregnancy was making him smell. It also made the omega tired and a little angsty however so he didn’t want a knot up his ass all the time (unfortunately) but Bucky was lucky enough to have four other pretty boys who were more than happy to present for him instead.


Before, when the three of them were at a café getting Loki that weird-smelling coffee he wanted (insisting there was barely any caffein in it and therefore safe to drink) Bucky had tried to nudge over the frosted cupcake they’d bought him after Loki hungrily wolfed down his own. Then the pregnant omega had smiled and given him a sugary kiss only to push the cupcake back.

“You take it; you need your strength as well if you’re going to breed three more omegas” he said with a glitter in his eyes, to which Steve blushed.


And it was true, considering he couldn’t technically breed Quill (even if he could damn well mount him), but it just felt instinctively right to offer the omega his food. Bucky felt very protective over Loki, and he was always very happy when the tall young man took a second helping at dinner. He needed to grow to feed the little pup in him.


“Perhaps something a bit more cosy then? It is getting colder out there” Steve prompted, holding up a red knitted sweater with a suggestive raised eyebrow. They lived far enough north for even the tail end of summer to feel like a difference, and Bucky didn’t want any of his mates feeling chilly. He’d hug them warm.


Loki took the offered knitted piece with consideration, humming as he felt the bulky fabric. It was much bigger than what he usually wore, but it looked very soft and Bucky raised his head hopefully. It would probably make Loki happier to find something he liked, so that’s what the alpha hoped for.

“Hmm. I might be able to pull this off – it is fashionable with knitwear right now” the omega said thoughtfully with his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. When a saleswoman appeared to hang something up on a rack he turned to her and held the sweater out. “Do you by any chance have this in moss green?” he asked, to which the kind-looking beta smiled and gestured further in.


Loki followed her, but Steve stayed to shift through some pants. Just then Bucky turned to his right and got his eye caught by a black hoodie. It had a red print on it with the words Jurassic Park, complete with a skeletal T-Rex behind. Bucky recognized it immediately. It was the movie they’d watched just a few weeks ago on Peter’s prompting, and the alpha had loved it. It reminded him of the book Steve had read him (which he was proud to admit they had finally finished and moved on to Harry Potter, and now the alpha read along very slowly with his omega) because it had big creatures that this world didn’t. The plot was all about the dinosaurs and the alphas and omegas and betas in the movie all had to work together to flee from them. With a faint smile Bucky allowed himself to carefully touch the sleeve of the hoodie.


His owners kindly provided him with the clothes he needed, except they were all very basic in colour and style. Not that he would dream of complaining (he was very grateful; he’d heard stories of alphas having to go about their owners houses naked wearing only their collars) but Bucky didn’t have any clothes like his omegas did. The kind with cool or funny prints, or just flowers on them. He supposed it wasn’t fitting for an alpha to have such personal things.


Suddenly the leashed tugged on his collar and he looked up.

“Oh” Steve said, realizing he’d been trying to walk off without checking to see if his alpha was ready. Then he saw what Bucky was looking at. A shy smile spread over his delicate face. “Jurassic Park. Remember when we watched that?” he asked. Bucky nodded, quickly dropping the sleeve and blushing. Steve took a step closer, fiddling a little at the hood and then looked up again at his alpha with his bottom lip caught between his teeth. “Would you like this one Bucky?” he asked again, tone more gentle this time.


Bucky became flustered and automatically took a step back. How did he answer without sounding disrespectful?

“I…” he started, prepared to say no. But Steve didn’t want him to lie. Steve wanted him to always say the truth; and Steve’s orders were more important than the handler’s at the pounds. “If it’s not too expensive” he ended up saying, which was sort of in between a yes and a no, but it would have to do. To no ones surprise at all, Steve only smiled brighter and took the hoodie off the rack.

“I think Loki is about to spend half his months earnings on a designer turtle neck – I don’t see any problem buying something nice for my alpha” he said with a wink.


The omega turned to go, leash slack now that Bucky was keeping up, but turned again and pressed himself closer to the alpha. His look was a little concerned.

“If you want something, you should tell me. I feel like we never buy you things and that’s not fair – you take very good care of us. So next time, tell me. Okay Buck?” he murmured with his big, blue eyes looking up into Bucky. Stunned, the alpha could only think to nod. Steve stood up on his tippy toes and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips. “Good boy” he whispered, nuzzling his mate.




The tiny little corduroy dress was absolutely delightful. Loki held it in tender hands, feeling the fabric. He’d decided that in order to enjoy this pregnancy, he had to push away the possibility that he might birth an alpha. So for now, he pretended that whatever little pup was going to come out of him in six months, it would be a beta or an omega. And then this dress would look adorable on them.


“My mother would love this” he said fondly, showing it to Steve. The queen of Northumberland had a specific taste for tiny dresses and had insisted on dressing even Thor, a male alpha, in pastel blue and green garments fit for a princess when he was just a baby. Loki had seen the pictures.

“It’s very cute” Steve agreed, holding a pair of miniature Doc Martens boots himself.


His stomach grumbled and Loki found himself placing an absentminded hand on it as if to placate it. Even if he knew the grumble was just him being hungry and not the movements of a pup – that would be a while longer.


Sighing, he hung the little dress back, deciding it wouldn’t do him any good to buy something that reminded him of his mother. He’d already taken out the last letter Thor wrote to him and cried over it several times, cursing himself for being pathetic. But what could he do? He missed his mother a lot, and now with the hormones raging it seemed he even missed his brother and father. More than once he’d contemplated just writing to them and telling them he was pregnant, but it was hard. Doing so might crumble that wall he’d built between his chosen life and the life that was chosen for him.


Yet he still wanted his dear mum to see the pup once it came. It seemed he was caught between a rock and a hard place. He might have to buy a couple more pup socks to calm his nerves.




I <3 my daddy.


The tiny onesie had only those words on it, yet Bucky couldn’t quite let it go. At first he didn’t understand who the pup onesie referred to – omegas were called mothers and alphas couldn’t become fathers. It was only when he realized that beta couples could involve both a mother and a father that he got who was supposed to buy it, and then he felt stupid. Of course. Tony had a beta father, and Peter used to have one before his parents passed away. And Loki referred to the alpha his mother had married as ‘father’, because apparently things were very different in the country he came from.


Bucky wouldn’t be one however. It was a silly notion – he knew better than to entertain it.


“It takes nothing to donate sperm as you alphas will do when you breed your future owners, but it takes a lot more than that to be a father. And none of you have the intelligence or emotional capacity to manage such an important job. History has shown us again and again that when alphas are allowed to be legal parents, they end up abusing their pups and put their mates in severe distress. In primitive societies, research now show that infanticide occurred – alphas would kill the pups if they were deemed too weak of an omega, or even too strong of an alpha. We cannot risk legal parenthood on animals. Therefore you cannot ever become more than sperm donors to your owners”


The words were from one of the lessons in Learning; Bucky forgot which teacher, but he never forgot the words. He didn’t want to risk hurting his pups, and if giving him the status of a father endangered the little ones, then he would settle happily as a donor.


But despite that, Bucky couldn’t help but let his imagination run with it for a moment. What he saw in his head wasn’t the collective however. It was a smaller house, with a vegetable garden and a slanted roof. Much like the pictures in one of the books Steve had shown him. Steve himself was in the fantasy of course. They lived just the two of them, like beta couples did, and the pretty omega was great with pup as he walked slowly through the garden. And Bucky walked through the little wooden gate, without a leash but still with his collar on. The bonding one. The moonstone on Steve’s white collar glittered in the sun, and when a toddler waddled out to meet Bucky, it stretched out its chubby little arms and smiled a toothless smile.

“Dada” it called him, and the alpha lifted the pup into his arms. Then he went to kiss his mate.


But that was a silly notion indeed and Bucky should try not to think such things again. Instead he found himself wondering over his own parents. He rarely did so anymore, since he had no memory of them at all. For years the alpha had believed he’d been born at the Hydra Disciplinary, but eventually they’d told him the truth. But only that he had been left in their care as a nursing pup, no older than five months. Bucky had no idea if he came from a beta couple, or if he came from an omega collective. Of course there was records, but nothing they would ever show him. And not once had anyone come to see him.


Thinking of it again made the alpha sad. He cast his eyes down from the onesie and looked at his feet, trying to gain control over his emotions, and in extent, his scent. There was no reason to make both his omegas upset – especially when one was carrying his pup. A pup he severely hoped wouldn’t turn out to be an alpha.




“Ah, Mr Stark. What can I do for you?”


Tony closed the door slowly, already feeling uneasy. It had been a lucky strike that the others decided to take Bucky with them to town – then they wouldn’t have noticed him driving the car left down the street instead of right towards the shop. He’d booked this appointment last week and hadn’t told anyone about it. Not even Peter.


It had been especially hard to keep it secret to the young omega. He’d looked so unbelievably cute this morning, waking up from cock-warming him and blinked sleepily with his mouth stuffed full of Tony’s morning wood. Once Peter moved his head he had gagged a little, only to moan and close his eyes so he could go straight to sucking. It was the best feeling in the world to wake up to – made even better by the fact that it was Peter. Peter who Tony trusted and loved, yet couldn’t really talk to about this yet.


“Hi doc” he greeted, not quite his usual self. The beta closed down some document on his computer and gestured for his patient to sit.

“I wasn’t expecting you for another few months. Or are you pregnant as well? If I remember correctly, your heat was two weeks ago” Dr Strange said as he picked up a clipboard and squinted at it. All the time they’d been seeing him, he’d always been a very blunt man which usually only irked him when it upset one of his mates. With his composed and cocky posterior, not a lot stuck to Tony Stark.


Except now. Now he found himself flustered by the casual comments and the very insight this man had in his sexual life. The four white walls felt constricting in a way that made the omega’s throat dry; he wrung his hands and looked down, trying to string the right words together. He wanted this, he reminded himself. This was his choice.


“No, uh, it’s not…that” Tony started. He took a deep breath as he worked up the courage to look Dr Strange in the eyes. Once he did he had to hold from making a face. How could someone look so utterly bored and judgemental at the same time? It might just be Tony feeling spikey, but let’s just say this; it was lucky for Dr Strange that he was both a specialist in protein deficient omegas and covered by their health insurance, because otherwise Tony would’ve made sure they switched doctors a while ago.


“No?” Dr Strange said somewhat impatiently as the patient before him sat fiddling with his blue work jumpsuit rather than respond. Flushing a bit more, Tony dropped the thread he was pulling on and sighed. He just needed to come out and say it.


“I wanted to talk to you about options…” he started, swallowing around the dryness in his mouth. Fuck why was this so hard? “Options for birth control” he finished. Beneath the jumpsuit he was practically sweating; it felt as if he was doing something forbidden. Something he shouldn’t ask for.


The beta only raised an eyebrow and grabbed the clipboard again. He looked down at what Tony assumed was his file and scribbled something in the margins.

“Birth control. I’ll have to run a blood test to see that everything is fine and you can handle the added hormones, but I don’t see why not. Have you talked to your collective about this?” Dr Strange asked, glancing up. Blood rushed to the omega’s cheeks and he dug the nail of his thumb into the palm of his left hand.

“Not yet” he got out between gritted teeth. Fuck he just wanted the prescription so he could leave.


Of course it wasn’t that easy. Of course his words made the doctor paus and put the clipboard down in his lap, looking up to give Tony that authoritative stare he loathed.

“Then I suggest you do that before we decide anything” he said slowly.


Tony wanted to groan out loud. This wasn’t supposed to be something for Dr Strange to decide, it was supposed to be up to Tony. And he didn’t want to worry about a pregnancy right now – seeing Loki grow bigger with pup just convinced him of the fact that he wasn’t comfortable with risking one of his own eggs being fertilized right now. There might not be a lot of understanding between Tony and his body at the moment, but he was enough of an adult to know that when the thought of doing something to your body makes you feel nauseated, then you shouldn’t do it. If birth control could help with some of the confusion, or at least the anxiety of Bucky succeeding in breeding him, then he wanted to try it.


I’ve already decided” Tony said with emphasis. He’d looked it up before entering – he needed neither a signed permission from his collective or approval from his doctor to start taking the pills. The only way Dr Strange could legally refuse would be if it would be dangerous to his health.


Yet this idiot didn’t pick up the damn clipboard.

“Sure you have Mr Stark, but this is a decision that affects all of your mate. Not to mention your alpha – I simply think it would be in your best interest to communicate with them beforehand” Dr Strange told him with that self-righteous look Tony felt like pointing a very sharp finger at. Yet he knew to keep it together; getting hysterical would only hurt his cause.

“I recognize your point” Tony said slowly, trying to sound respectful. “But whatever conversation I have with my collective is between them and me. Now, as your patient I ask to discuss my alternatives for preventing a pregnancy I have a legal right to prevent. Will you help me, or do I need to find another doctor?” he said with calm repose, looking at the beta to dry the point home further. He wouldn’t hesitate this time to go looking elsewhere. 


Dr Strange looked at him dourly for a few long heartbeats. Then he slowly picked up the clipboard again.

“I’ll go get the nurse for the blood test” he said flatly, resigning to Tony’s will.

Chapter Text

1 year ago


The big trunk was heavy as Peter trudged it along the sidewalk, huffing and puffing best he could. Most of what he owned had been fitted into his dad’s massive old leather bag on wheels, and the rest was carried by Aunt May in a sports bag that she’d elegantly slung over her shoulder. She sure looked pretty in her low heels and big sunglasses pushed on top of her auburn hair as she tried to navigate Google Maps and find the house they were looking for. But Peter wasn’t in a mood to apricate that right now – he just made sure to huff extra much as the trunk rolled over the curb, dunking down on the street.


“I don’t get why I can’t stay another year. I’m barely fifteen” the omega pouted, using both hands to pull the heavy bag forward. Aunt May looked up from her phone and gave him a sympathetic look. There was always something inevitably kind about her face. Which was a big reason he was going to miss her.


“You seemed so excited about this last night when you packed Petey. And you really liked Steve and Quill when they came over to see you – remember how Quill said he had all those games you liked? He seemed like a fun friend to have, didn’t he? They said they were in the screening process of getting an alpha as well. A male alpha; that’s just what you wanted baby” the beta tried with an encouraging smile, patting his arm through the light jacket he was wearing (which was too hot for him and only made him grumpier). “Besides, your heats will be starting soon and you know I can’t help you with them. It will be good for you to be with your own kind” Aunt May said with a regretful sigh.


And Peter wasn’t conceited enough not to realize that if she could keep him on, she would. It wasn’t her fault she’d been landed with an omega pup, and they’d both known he’d be going off for a collective sooner or later. It just so happened that his maturing had been a bit more work than both of them had been cut out for – any month now he might get his first heat and it would be much easier if he had time to get comfortable with the omegas who would help him through it.


Peter was excited, he truly was. But it had finally dawned on him that he would be moving out at the young age of fifteen, and he wasn’t sure he was ready.


Of course his sweet Aunt May noticed this, and she gently stopped him. With soft fingertips she stroke away a stray brown lock from his forehead, lifting his reluctant chin to make him meet her warm eyes.

“And you can visit me all the time. I’ll just be a ten minutes bus ride away, and I’m sure you’ll learn to find the bus stop in no time once you’ve settled in” she said with a smile, since they had been kind of walking in a circle from where they’d gotten off. “You can come by every day after school if you want, and every weekend. Can’t forget about pancake-Sundays” she winked, eyes just a little glossy. Then she pulled him in for a hug, ruffling his hair. “I’m not going anywhere, and if you really hate it, you’ll move right back home” she whispered into his shoulder.


Feeling himself relax, Peter responded to the hug. It felt better knowing he was welcome back anytime; not that he’d doubted it, but still. It was nice to hear it.


When they pulled apart, he braved a smile.

“Alright Aunt May. I think I’m ready” he said with a deep breath. It made her laugh, a beautiful sound, and she gestured at their general position in the middle of the street of a suburban area.

“Great! Now we just have to find the house” she joked. Peter rolled his eyes and grabbed her phone, checking Google Maps. She was hopeless with technology. Squinting down at it, he looked up and saw a big house with a picked fence further down the street.

“I think it might be that one over there – it’s the fourth house from the intersection” he concluded, pointing at the screen. In response he got only an exaggerated roll of his aunt’s eyes as she took it back.

“How will I ever survive without you?” she smiled, wiping discreetly at her eyes.


As it turned out it was the right house, and my oh my it looked even better than the pictures. And certainly better than the ninth floor apartment in the city he shared with Aunt May. As he walked through the little front garden, complete with a crooked old apple tree and a tabby cat playing with some leaf the wind had caught, Peter felt a surge of gratefulness that his aunt had hired Steve Rogers for some graphic designing and therefore managed to get him in as the last candidate for the collective now consisting of five omegas. And that they only expected him to pay a fraction of the rent as long as he was still in school, which meant that Peter could keep most of the subsidy he gained from the state from having to move out of his parental (or not so parental, but that didn’t matter) home so early. It would allow him to keep up with his hobbies.


Even before the door opened, they could hear the commotion their knocking caused. Glancing at one another, May and Peter tried not breaking into laughter at the obvious yelling of ‘they’re here!!’ that could only come from the omega Quill who’d visited their home a few weeks ago.


The person who answered the door wasn’t Quill however. It certainly couldn’t have been, because as soon as it opened inwardly, Peter’s heart skipped a beat so violently he almost let out a quite embarrassing sound.


The man before him was tall, rather large for being an omega, with strong muscular arms straining the hem of the black AC/DC-shirt he wore so casually despite it obviously showing off a beefy chest as well. Okay, perhaps he wasn’t built like an MMA-fighter, but come on! None of the omegas Peter went to school with looked like that. The omega could probably easily lift him up and throw him over his shoulder. And to top it off, he had the most stunning, playful brown eyes ever and a cool styled beard that Peter could only hope of growing one day.


Safe to say, Peter’s stomach was doing somersaults and his heart was beating fast enough for this hot, older dude to probably hear.


“You must be our newest member” the omega said with a deep voice and a lopsided smile that almost came off as teasing. When the teen did nothing but gawk at him, May quickly thrust her hand forward and flashed a disarming smile. Usually it worked like a charm to get the attention on her, but this man kept his eyes lingering on Peter before politely extending his own hand.

“Hi there! I’m May, I’m just making sure he gets settled” she explained. Shaking her hand, the omega once again turned to Peter as if expecting something. With an effort to swallow without choking on himself like an idiot, he quickly blinked and reached a shaky hand forward himself.

“Peter Parker” he attempted to say, but it came out as a squeak. The man raised an eyebrow in amusement and accepted the offered handshake.

“Tony Stark” he echoed in that deep tone now coloured by entertainment, and it was enough to have Peter blushing like a beet. The grip was firm and warm, and the new closer position gave the young omega the opportunity to discreetly scent Tony. He smelled just like coffee straight from the brewer – like waking up and knowing it would be a good day.


Embarrassingly enough his body betrayed him and he felt the slight panic of slick messing up the inside of his underwear. Luckily, he’d listened to Aunt May for once and wore the padded ones, so hopefully Tony couldn’t smell it.


(Although Peter did think he saw the older omega take an extra sniff in the air, further deepening his shame).


The next hour was a flurry of meeting his new roommates and sitting down in the kitchen for a cup of coffee. May was invited to stay so she could get acquainted with the omegas who would be taking over custody of her nephew, and before she left Steve made it very clear that she was welcome to visit at any time. The omega also reminded her that he had her number so it would be no trouble at all to send her updates if Peter should forget to respond (this was said with a wink). Eventually Peter had to hug her good bye and promise to come over in a few days when he was more settled, and then he was suddenly left alone.


Well, not alone. There was four other omegas and at least six cats, from what he’d counted.


“Come on, let me show you to your room” Tony smiled, coming up to take the heavy trunk. All he could do was stare dreamy-eyed and follow the man up the stairs, lugging along the sports bag.


Man, he needed to get a grip. But it certainly didn’t help that the quick sight of what must be the primary nest through an open door reminded Peter that not only would he be living with this absolute hunk of a man; he would also soon be sleeping with him. As in sex. As in that thing the teenager had never tried (because getting to second base with MJ didn’t count). And now he couldn’t fucking believe he would get to have sex with a guy like Tony Stark (he was twenty-two for Christ sake). The universe had thrown him a huge bone – and from the looks of Tony’s bodily size, his bone was huge as well – at the same time it pulled a massive joke on him. Because Peter would be a virgin when they first shared the primary nest together. He wouldn’t know what to do at all.


Those were the thoughts circling his worried mind as he was shown into a room furthest down the corridor. It was bigger than his one at home, with nothing but a nice bed, a desk and a big closet in the corner. Tony walked up and let go of the trunk at the foot of the bed.

“It’s a bit bare now, but you can decorate it how you want…” the omega said, looking around and sitting down on the bed. “Did you bring your own things for nesting?” he asked. Nervously Peter placed the sports bag down and coughed, almost stuttering as he tried to get the words out. He really needed to go find a bathroom – his underwear were warm and sticking to his bottom.

“Uh, I brought my favourite blankets but I only recently started nesting so…” Peter got out, blushing about feeling so young. The smile he got back was warm however.

“That’s okay, it takes time to get into it. We have a bunch of spare blankets and pillows in a cupboard downstairs, so you can take what you want. And if you’d like, we can go into town later and find something else. Most nights we spend in the primary nest anyway – but you don’t have to join until you feel comfortable” Tony assured him.


Peter was just going to enthusiastically exclaim that yes of course he wanted to join the primary nest when he remembered something. Awkwardly he poked his toe into the carpet and looked down at it.


“I can’t. I, uhm, have a little problem” Peter mumbled, feeling the heat spread to the tops of his ears like it did when he was ashamed. When Tony only waited patiently for him to continue, he took a deep breath and forced himself to look up. “I get accidents. Some nights” he admitted and instantly wanted to sink through the floor. Especially when Tony just raised an eyebrow ever so slightly and nodded, like it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Oh, I see. Do you need pull-ups for the night? I think we might have some left…” the older omega started, but Peter interrupted him with a flustered, uncontained little whine.

“No, no I don’t need them. It doesn’t happen very often, but it’s fine, I can sleep in my own nest…” he struggled to say. God, he was fifteen, he didn’t need any pull-ups.


To his surprise, Tony rose up and put two calming hands on his arms. His brown eyes searched for Peter’s and there was only soothing kindness there.

“Peter, it’s absolutely fine. All of us in the collective have gone through having accidents – hell, Quill had one just the other week. There’s no shame in needing a pull-up, and we certainly want you to sleep in the primary nest” he said gently. Peter looked up with big eyes, still uncertain.

“You do?” he asked, voice small. Tony only smiled and lifted a hand to softly stroke away a stray lock, much like Aunt May had did just hours ago. It felt safe to be in his arms, wrapped up in that heavenly coffee-scent. Peter felt his body respond to it before his mind could, relaxing as Tony pulled him in for a hug and a sweet kiss pressed to the top of his head.


“I know I sure do” the omega whispered to Peter.




Peter had always been sure his strange attraction to Tony would fade once they got an alpha. It didn’t. It seemed that from the get-go, not only had the young omega become absolutely infatuated with the unbelievably hot mechanic, but also unquestionably positioned him as the kind of dominant counter part he needed as an omega to feel safe and happy. Of course it wasn’t overly strange considering Tony shared the leadership of the collective with Steve (even if he did in fact stand below Steve in their unofficial rank since keeping actual rank wasn’t very modern) and he also took on a protective role for Peter right away. At first, when he explained this to Ned and MJ in school, his friends suggested (and teased a little) that he could have daddy issues considering he’d lost both his dad and his uncle, leaving him searching for a father figure.


But wanting a strong male role model didn’t quite explain his nightly fantasies of Tony fucking him. Like actually fucking him. Peter was ashamed of it and refused to tell this to his classmates, but yes, he did have frequent dreams and fantasies about Tony mounting him like an alpha. It wasn’t until he took a halt and wondered why this gave him shame and why he felt like he couldn’t ask for it that the embarrassment slowly started to fade. Because even though Peter had heard of the historical use of bitches in packs, he still couldn’t quite figure out why that would prevent him from asking for what he wanted now. All that stuff was from the pre-war era – weren’t omegas supposed to be liberated now?


But even after realizing this, Peter still had a nagging part of his brain thinking that perhaps once they bought an alpha, he would shift his focus (and feelings of submissiveness) towards him. That Tony would start to feel more like an omega to him, equal in status despite their obvious age difference.


Now, however, Peter was more desperate for Tony than ever. So much so that when he woke up one morning, completely soaked as he often was after a night in the primary nest surrounded by his nesting friends’ smells, the young omega immediately whimpered and turned feverish eyes to Tony, not Bucky. It was common now that whenever Peter needed to be settled physically (his maturing was drawing to a close which seemed to make his hormones go absolutely hay-wire, giving him these needy bursts of heat-like symptoms) Tony would take care of him first and let their alpha fuck him only when his hole had already been used and was lax and leaking. The mechanic called it ‘giving Bucky his sloppy seconds’ and even the alpha had gone from scenting shame at the practise to seemingly getting hard and growly at watching. Because fortunately he was allowed to watch. Peter loved nothing quite so much as being mounted by his dominant omega in front of the eyes of their powerful alpha. Being at the hands of such a strong, virile man as Tony made Peter almost shake with the desperate need to submit to him even harder.  


“C’mere pup” Tony husked in his gravelly sleep voice, pulling Peter closer to him. He went willingly, whining through another ripple of want that further stained the bed with sweet-smelling slick. The others just turned over and kept sleeping, except for Bucky who propped himself up on the metal elbow so he could watch with hungry eyes.


When Tony noticed this, he purred predatorily in Peter’s ear, grabbing at his rear and making the boy whine and rub himself up against the other. But instead of pressing him down into the mattress like he usually did in a very dominant manner, Tony manhandled him onto his side, facing away. In fact, pressed up against Tony’s chest like this with the outline of his hard dick jabbing into the small of his back, Peter found himself with perfect eye contact of Bucky. At first, this embarrassed him as he felt so exposed to those steel-coloured eyes roaming free over his body while the swollen knot pitched a tent in the sheets. Squeaking, Peter tried to twist downwards to hide his face in the pillows, but Tony’s arms were strong as always and kept him pinned mercilessly to his chest.


“No no, you stay there pup. Let him look at you” Tony growled quietly, nipping at his ear and biting at his neck. It was almost to the point of painful, because the older omega could get in a real mood whenever Peter woke up dripping and whimpering, but he wouldn’t want it differently. The harsh bites only made Peter keen and arch his back to press his ass harder against the promise of cock behind him. To that, Tony chuckled darkly. His large hands grabbed Peter’s left thigh and forced it up, separating his legs. “That’s it, spread open for me baby. If you’re gonna be a little bitch and cum on my cock before you present for your alpha too, then you might as well give him a good show. Show him what a good bitch you are” he husked in his ear, not loudly enough to wake the other omegas but more than enough for Bucky to hear every word. The alpha looked just about ready to devour Peter, even if his smell still had that tinge of shame to it at having his omega conquered by someone else first – and not even an alpha.


A hand kept Peter’s leg raised and then that blunt cockhead was being roughly rubbed against his wet entrance, sending sparks of longing and sharp pleasure up his spine. It was like have little electrodes connected to each of his vertebras and each time Tony challenged the muscles of his rim he put the power on. Peter was electrified, trapped between the two men who would be done mounting him by breakfast.

“God you smell like a dream; bet you’ll keep smelling like this even when you’re done maturing. Bet you’d stay a needy little pup for me forever if you could, isn’t that right?” Tony growled, giving Peter no time to answer before starting to force himself inside. A downright filthy mewl tore from the teen’s throat and he tried to press desperately back and impale himself further on the erection struggling past his rim. Tony let go of his cock, stabilized as it was a third inside of Peter, and used the hand to grip the omega’s throat instead in a manner so dominant it instantly calmed him. “Shh, such a greedy boy. You know better than that” he scolded.


Then finally, with a grunt and one particular, hard thrust that burned all the way in and made Peter see stars for a moment, Tony sheathed himself completely in the warm body he kept pinned down. It didn’t matter at all that his cock was much smaller than Bucky’s – Peter was so young and small that it felt overwhelming all the same.

“Fuck…tight like a virgin” the older omega groaned behind him, pulling his hips back with almost no time for them both to adjust (he knew by now that Peter liked it that way, even if it hurt a little) and then slamming back in. Slick gushed out around his shaft and the teen whined desperately as tears prickled his eyes. All the while Bucky was still watching. “I still remember when you were a virgin baby. How you clenched your unused little hole and cried on my fingers when I breached you the first time” Tony murmured in his ears as he picked up the speed and fucked into him harder from behind, drawing choked out moans and mewls from the omega. The hand tightened around his throat in a way that made Bucky’s eyes darken and Peter observed how his hand twitched, probably aching to reach for his own erection under the covers. But he wasn’t allowed – right now, only Tony was allowed to stimulate his cock and he was making good use of Peter ass to do so.


And of course Peter remembered that too. It just wasn’t something he could focus on right now – he was busy moaning incoherently as Tony mounted him with passion, and coming so hard he whited out once the mechanic ordered Bucky to crawl down the bed and lick at his cock. There was nothing left but a dizzy, boneless and overstimulated boy for their alpha to take over once Tony was done with him.




Tony felt almost drunk after having finished in Peter. Pulling him off his cock he watched with satisfaction as cum dribbled out – it was never a lot, but it was enough to give Tony that addictive feeling of having bred the young omega.


It wasn’t until he heaved Peter’s limp body over to Bucky to let the alpha knot him up before breakfast that he got close to the bigger man – close enough for him to smell Tony. Just the night before he had taken his first birth control pill, and now he watched in horror as Bucky’s eyes widened.




Peter was fucked open, but would still be tight and snug around Bucky’s bigger alpha cock. It made the experience less humiliating, even if he couldn’t deny he’d gotten extremely horny from being made to watch as the omega was fucked and bred, and then to service him with his mouth until the salty taste of cum got on Bucky’s tongue.


He was still thankful he would get to knot Peter after Tony was done – right now he was so hard that he either needed one of the omegas to offer up their holes or he needed to leave for the bathroom so he could milk his knot by hand over the toilet. He didn’t prefer the last option.


However, when Tony handed the pup over, he noticed something different. Throughout the night, Tony had been sleeping quite far away in the nest and Bucky hadn’t scented him since last afternoon. Not proper. Now, his usual coffee smell was tinged with something…different. Something that muted the normal scent almost like mud in clear water. It wasn’t bad per se, but Bucky almost felt compelled to roll Tony over and check his hole. The instinct was that someone else had been there and left a strange trace behind, making the omega a little less desirable. It was only then that the alpha realized he recognized the smell.


It was exactly how Quill had been the first weeks on birth control. It had gotten better after his body had been allowed to adjust to the hormonal shift, but…Tony wasn’t on birth control. It wasn’t something that had been discussed in the collective. Unless…


The pleading, almost terrified look Tony gave him made his slow alpha brain catch up to what was going on. Tony was on birth control, but he hadn’t told anyone. And no one but an alpha was susceptible to the smell. So that must mean…he didn’t want people to know. Bucky was not to tell anyone.


Slowly he nodded, as discreetly as he could, and took over Peter to lift him on top of himself. A trace of relief tinged the air and Tony let out a breath, braving a pale smile. Bucky cuddled the pup tighter, thinking he would not betray his omega on this. Tony must have good reasons, and his owners was not to be questioned. Even if the alpha couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t want to carry his pups.


To disperse his thoughts, he sank deep into Peter. It felt better.

Chapter Text

Evening found Peggy Carter naked in the last dying sunlight coming through the window on the second floor; she was warm and sleepy wrapped up in Daniel Sousa’s arms. He sat leaning against the headboard of her own personal nest with the omega straddling him and nuzzling her head in the crook of his neck. There was still warm cum dripping slowly out of her throbbing pussy, and his cock now lay spent and soft between his slightly spread legs. The one made of plastic and carbon fibre was in a little awkward angle, but Daniel had assured her that he was very comfortable.


Comfortable would be the perfect word to describe how she felt as well. Timothy and Morita had made sure to keep Brock in the gym in the basement, giving her the time to spend the better part of an hour riding her high school sweetheart until they both culminated in breath-taking orgasms. There was the obvious lack of a knot swelling inside Peggy as the beta came, although considering the fact that he brought her to climax by paying passionate attention to her clit with his fingers (something her alpha certainly never did), she really couldn’t find herself to be any kind of disappointed. Sex with Daniel had always been like this; gentle yet urgent, pleasurable beyond anything else.


Her alpha hated it though. Lately, ever since Daniel had started coming over more regularly, Brock had been so extremely angry. While it was well within Peggy’s rights to take on a different lover (and having a beta lover in addition to your omegas and alpha wasn’t even that unusual), the feral alpha didn’t seem to be playing by modern rules. He’d made it very clear that he expected his mates to leave themselves unmounted so he could be the only one to fuck them, which only made Peggy more frustruated with him. Had they not taken to chain Brock up each time Daniel came over, he would’ve most likely attacked the beta. When Timothy suggested they made their alpha watch Daniel mount her to get him to accept the idea, even Peggy had felt unsafe about that option.


“You don’t have to keep him” the man beneath her murmured softly, as if he’d read her thoughts. His hand gently played with her brown curls, with the other splayed protectively over the small of her back. Their warm bodies stuck together a little, but it just made it all the more intimate. Yet Peggy twitched at the words.

“I do” she mumbled back. They’d had this conversation before. But she couldn’t just kick out their alpha.

“I’ve talked to the chief. There could be a place for him at one of our testing centres. He’d be a part of a military program again, doing what he was meant for…almost” Daniel told her and drew patterns over his back. The promise lacked sufficient explaining and Peggy knew more than well he was keeping something from her, but it didn’t matter.


Sighing, she pulled apart and sat back on his strong thighs to look at him. As her soft curls cascaded over her breasts, swollen as her heat was getting closer, the beta’s eyes were instinctively drawn to the hard nipples until he met her eyes again. She knew what affect her naked omega body had on him, but this time she didn’t mean to distract him. The conversation must be finished.


“You know it’s not that easy. I can’t just leave my alpha” she said in seriousness, her small hand absentmindedly coming up to brush over her bonding mark to emphasis what she meant, and that it was no small thing he was asking of her. The mark was an ugly thing, too big and jagged because the ceremony itself had been as savage as Brock had been. All the more of a reminder of the peculiar situation she was in.


Daniel hand came up to stroke over hers. There was obvious pain in his eyes, with the rancid smell of displeased (or furious more like it) alpha reeking up through the floorboards. Yet there was also hope.

“I’d take care of you. I know I can’t challenge him, but I can be there for you through the whole medical process” he promised quietly. It broke Peggy, because in those sad eyes she saw the boy who used to tell her in the light of her butterfly nightlight that if it was up to him, he’d give her the bite any day she decided to ask him for it. And now here he was painfully aware of how he couldn’t physically break the bite she actually wore. The bite linking her to an abusive alpha – one that made it even harder for her to imagine leaving him. Peggy’s heart might belong to Daniel, but the chemicals in her bloodstream told her she belonged to Brock.


Besides, the medical way to break a bond wasn’t one she’d ever dared to imagine. Despite the pain of it, there was the horror stories of brutal side effects – depressions that lasted for years, suicides, physical inability to ever bond again. Breaking a bond was purging your very body and soul of another person, and not everyone was strong enough for that.


That was why Peggy looked at her lover with eyes harder than she might’ve intended.

“And them? Who will take care of them?” she asked sharply. Daniel might be willing to take her on as a mate, but he hadn’t signed up for the others omegas of the collective. Omegas that Peggy would walk through fire for, and never ask them to do the same.


Daniel stroke away a few soft ringlets off her naked shoulder, revealing more of the red scar where her neck began. With a gentle thumb he stroke the ruined skin, soothing it. It rubbed right over her bonding gland and Peggy tried to contain the shiver of pleasure rippling through her. They shouldn’t have done this naked. She could feel her swollen pussy lips rub over his hard abdomen and smell her own slick slowly trickle down.


“I would do it. For you, I’d do everything Peggy. I’ll help all of you until you’ve healed properly – I’ll take whatever time off work I have to. And then I’d make sure your omegas find an alpha that will care for them the right way” Daniel promised, pressing her a little closer as if she’d go away. She gave him a strange, small smile.

“But not me? You wouldn’t find me an alpha?” she asked.


The grip on her side hardened just the slightest. Daniel looked tortured.

“I…don’t want to presume. But you know how I feel about you. You know I’ve wanted you always and I want you now as well. And if your alpha’s bond is broken…I could give you a bite myself” he said slowly. Peggy knew what he was asking – he wanted to mark and marry her, make a life with her outside the collective. His breath exhaled and he looked at her. “I know it’s not exactly traditional. But it is legal. Has been for five years now” he said, hope tinged with anxiousness. Sighing, Peggy leaned into his touch.

“You know I feel the same way for you Daniel. But I love my pack, and we are part of one another. And they would want an alpha so…I don’t know how to make that work” she admitted, sadly.


Because honestly, she wanted this to work. But she didn’t want to go from being the leader of a collective she loved to a…a what? A beta’s housewife? Would she like it in a house not constantly loud and messy with her darling omega boys rumbling around?


This time Daniel actually looked away. He worried his lip between his teeth and was silent for a little while. When he spoke again his voice was low.

“I couldn’t share you. Not if you were my mate” the beta said regretfully.

“You mean if we found another alpha and made you part of the collective?” Peggy wondered with furrowed brows. Light brown eyes met hers.

“Yes” he told her. And Peggy guessed she could never ask that of him. Couldn’t force him to see her being mounted by another over and over, to smell like an alpha. And if he bonded with her, then she couldn’t physically bond with an alpha anyway.


Perhaps that was the solution?


“What if…what if I became your mate, and we lived with my Howlies? We could let them have an alpha, a well-behaved one, and I’d belong to you and them, but never the alpha” she suggested carefully, placing hopeful hands on the side of his well-shaven face. “Because I couldn’t leave them Daniel. I could not” she whispered, trying not to let tears rise.


The beta was in silence for a moment, thinking. Then his pained expression broke for a small, familiar smile, and his placed his own hands on her curvy waist, rubbing loving marks into her sides.

“You always knew how to drive forth a compromise Carter” Daniel said with a breathy chuckle. Her eyes lit up.

“So you’ll consider it?” she wondered, and to her relief he nodded.

“If that’s what would make you happy, then I can learn to live in a collective. If you can learn to manage without an alpha” he said, raising a brow. Because despite the banter, Peggy knew he was worried about that.


So she gave him a bright smile and a longing kiss. Her tongue slipped in to meet his and when he groaned lightly into her mouth she felt his member twitch with interest against her bottom.

“I’ve always only needed you. And I was wrong to assume something else” she told him truthfully.


It wouldn’t be easy. Not for a single second of it. But it would be worth it.




Bennet leaned against the table in his fine, black suit, sifting through a file when Daniel Sousa and Jack Thompson entered the room. The man wasn’t known to waste words so he simply kept looking down on the page and let the other betas settle down on the two uncomfortable chairs. Daniel glanced over at his colleagues, feeling rather uneasy. He’d learned to find the whole operation to be quite unpleasant. Besides the whole room smelled like burnt coffee – probably because the chief worked long into the night. If it had been up to Daniel and not Colonel Phillips, he would probably have set someone else up to lead this operation.


“How’s the alpha at the Howling Collective doing?” Bennet asked, finally putting down the file. Shifting in his seat, Daniel tried to ignore the fact that the other beta stared unabashed at his prosthetic leg.

“Not good. I don’t recommend him to be allowed to stay” he said with a frown between his brows – no matter what Peggy said, Brock wasn’t safe to be around. And if they truly wanted to try for a new life, then this was the start.


A low whistle disturbed him, coming from Jack who threw him a sleazy look.

“And that’s your professional opinion, and not just because you have the hots for their leader omega?” the blond beta taunted.


It took a lot of energy not to outright show his teeth to his colleague – Jack never did learn when to keep things to himself.


Luckily, their chief only threw an uninterested look at the two of them and sighed.

“You two can bicker in your own time; right now I have the senator all up my ass about these alphas and we can’t keep wasting time. I have no idea what they were thinking sending experiments to new pounds to be up for sale. If the public finds out what Hydra Disciplinary was doing and that the alphas they raised are out causing trouble, the opinion on pounds might shift fast again. The senator can’t handle another setback like that, and I don’t want the fine model this nation has built to contain the alpha threat to be dragged in the mud” Bennet said with emphasis and stared at his agents. That kind of stare always made Daniel uncomfortable – even more so by the fact that this agency seemed to be more and more controlled by politicians. It wasn’t what he signed up for.


Everyone here agreed that alphas were dangerous by nature. But men like Bennet? There was hate in him. The beta didn’t even seem to think alphas were remotely human.


Bennet pinched the bridge of his nose, picking up a stained white mug and drinking down what smelled like cold coffee. Then he returned his attention to Daniel, pointing at him.

“You say Rumlow is too dangerous to stay in service? Fine, we’ll confiscate him. The collective will be aptly compensated of course, and we’ll have to make sure they don’t try to sue – or worse, go to the press – about it. You will manage this Sousa. And let the omegas know we’ll pay for the medical care to remove the bond. That should appease them” the chief said, causing more unease in Daniel.


Appease Peggy Carter? It’s obvious you haven’t met her.


“Actually, sir, I’d like to ask for more time…” he started, but Bennet cut him off.

“You can’t have it. Have the alpha confiscated by Thursday” he ordered sharply. It turned Daniel’s stomach – he hadn’t had the time to discuss this with Peggy’s collective. Despite their conversation last night, it would not go down well for him if it looked like he went behind her back with this.


He didn’t have the time to question his chief further however.


Next Bennet turned to Jack, who instantly stood a little straighter. Sometimes the beta was ridiculous – too obvious in the way he wanted to climb ranks.

“And you will pay a visit to the Benatar Collective. I have an irritating feeling they are hiding something. Go check and make sure their alpha’s prosthetic is disabled and that he’s done no more harm. The intruders the alpha attacked got convicted, so we can’t use them to bring him in. Wouldn’t look right” he said, gulping down more coffee.


“Consider it done sir” Jack said in his chippy manner.

“Sir, if I…” Daniel tried again to the great amusement of Jack, only to have his words silenced by a hand. Bennet looked at him with a meaning look.

“Dismissed” he grunted.




Bucky was moping.


He didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t help it. Ever since the alpha had noticed Tony was on birth control, his head had been riddled with bad thoughts and he didn’t know what to do with them. Even when everyone in the collective played some board game (actually taking them time to explain the rules to Bucky so he could join) and then ended up in a cuddly pile on the living room floor taking turns riding the alpha and playfully bite at him, Bucky still felt himself look a little mopey.


Worst was, Tony noticed.


Or he must’ve, because after Bucky had gotten his dinner on his feeding mat, the omega told him they should go to his bedroom to change his sheets. Now, Bucky didn’t need to change his sheets because he’d done that three days ago so he knew this was another lie. Yet he followed obediently.


Once the door was closed, Tony sighed and sank down on his bed. Or his ‘nest’ as he sometimes called it in his head – he had several blankets and pillows and a stuffed turtle now, as well as a stuffed elephant he’d gotten only a week ago that he’d named ‘Elephant’. Steve told him stuffed animals usually had names. Bucky didn’t know many names except for his old handlers (which he didn’t want to name the cute toy) and his owners, so he tried to name it Steve. When his omega laughed and said it couldn’t be Steve, he simply called it Elephant. The turtle he named Turtle.


Right now, Tony picked up turtle and nervously petted its soft fur.

“Look, we need to talk about this” he sighed, keeping his voice down. Warily, Bucky sat down slowly on his one chair to look less threatening. He guessed that ‘this’ referred to the birth control, but he couldn’t be sure. Sometimes he couldn’t follow the omegas in their quick thoughts and references.


“Have I…misbehaved?” Bucky asked quietly with lack of something else to say. Tony threw him a glare.

“No, but you smell like a total grump” he grumbled, pulling at Turtle’s little foot. It stung somewhere in Bucky’s head, the part that punished him when he didn’t follow orders. Tony saw how his face fell, and he quickly tried to fix it. “No, I didn’t mean that, I just meant that obviously there’s an elephant in the room we need to address” the omega sighed.


Bucky frowned, not quite sure where this was going. Unsure, he pointed slowly to the elephant in the room lying on his pillow.

“Elephant…?” he hesitated, not knowing if this counted as addressing it.


To his surprise, Tony’s eyes widened in confusion before his face lit up in a bright smile. Bucky couldn’t tell you why, but something he’d said made his omega let out a warm little laugh, which in turn made the alpha feel less uncomfortable.

“No, it’s an expression. It’s…I didn’t mean your toy” he explained kindly, to which Bucky slowly nodded. He didn’t know a great deal of these ‘expressions’, but now he knew one more. This was a good thing.

“Oh. I’m sorry” he said, and Tony shook his head.

“No need to say sorry. What I wanted to tell you…is thank you for not telling anyone I’ve started taking birth control. It’s not fair to ask you to keep a secret, but I’m very grateful you did. But I can’t help but notice you don’t seem comfortable with it” Tony said, looking rather uncomfortable himself.


Which was true, of course. Even if Bucky didn’t want it to be true. It confused him that Tony would want to do this – not only because it was strange to lie to the collective, but also because Bucky’s alpha instincts told him he was failing at his job. Two of his omegas didn’t want to carry his pups. He could try and intellectually understand that all day long; in the end his instincts always got the better of him.


When he didn’t answer, Tony stood up and kneeled before him, placing smaller hands on his knees. It was a surprisingly submissive move for being Tony, since the omega was always pretty stubborn. Having his beautiful brown eyes look up at Bucky made the alpha vibrate low in his chest, very pleased.

“Bucky, I want you to talk to me here. Can you please tell me how you feel?” Tony asked quietly. His voice was soft and gentle and Bucky sighed, knowing he couldn’t resist his omega. So he carefully put a hand over the kneeling boy and met his eyes.


“I think I feel sad. I don’t want to feel like that. It’s my, uhm, my canine brain?” he started, struggling to explain. Tony patiently peered up at him. “I’m not angry. It’s not anger. It’s a sad” Bucky concluded with a frown, knowing full well he sounded like a pup. But Steve always told him it was better to explain things in simpler terms if he couldn’t find the words for harder ones. “I mean, everyone seems so happy that Loki is pregnant, and I felt really good that I managed to breed him. To do my job, as your alpha. If you and Quill are on birth control…then does that mean you don’t want to carry my pups?” he asked, worrying his lip between his teeth.


Tony looked like he didn’t know what to say. Panic started rising in Bucky; it had been a mistake to ask such a thing.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude” the alpha stuttered out quickly, flushing red over his chest.

“No, it’s okay” Tony said softly. His hand squeezed Bucky’s in a manner that worked reassuringly. His face looked tired, almost exhausted, when he next turned it to his alpha. “It has nothing to do with you. With Quill, it’s all about his career. With me…it’s a little complicated. I’m not sure I understand it myself. You were right about Loki; I felt really happy when I found out and I’m very excited for the pup. And I’m glad it’s your pup. But I realized that I wouldn’t be that happy if I was the one who’d gotten pregnant. I’ve always known I wanted pups so I guessed that meant I wanted to carry them, but now that it might actually happen, I’m not so sure that I do anymore” he explained slowly. Frowning, he put a hand on his flat belly, scent shifting in and out of a worried and calm state. “I don’t think I’m meant to be a mother” Tony whispered at last, almost sadly.


Bucky felt his mind grind trying to understand. The part about him not being the problem wasn’t too hard to get, and it did relieve him, but the other part was harder. Tony was an omega, so if he gave birth he’d be a mother. He couldn’t be a father, because he wasn’t a beta. But…Bucky couldn’t be a father, or a mother either. Could Tony also be in between? His stupid alpha brain worked itself over to understand. And he really did want to. For Tony.


So he did what he did best as an alpha; with careful movements he lifted the omega into his lap and let his chest vibrate as Tony instantly pressed close and nuzzled his neck, hiccupping into it. The omega had started crying.


“You’re meant to be Tony” Bucky said after thinking about it. His arms kept the omega protectively close, stroking his back. “You’re my Tony” he decided. It felt true. A soft kitten lick on his bonding gland and another hiccup had the boy in his lap calm down.

“Tony” he repeated very quietly, like the ghost of a whisper. Yet his scent got warm and sweet, like hot cocoa.

Chapter Text

Loki was sweltering. Everyone else claimed it was freezing and waddled around the house in blankets, but the pregnant omega huffed and fanned himself where he laid like a beached whale in underwear and a t-shirt on the couch. Padded underwear for that matter because apparently month five had brought the embarrassing issue of no longer being able to control himself leaking. Literally anything could have him flushing and getting slick – his very skin was as sensitive as during a preheat.


Not to speak of his little accident last night. If Loki peed in his sleep one more time, Tony was going to force him into pull-ups for adults. It was humiliating.


“Jesus, the pup is gonna catch a cold” Quill muttered as he strode past bundled in a duvet with only his face sticking out. Loki threw him a malicious look – one he’d perfected as a Northumbrian prince.

“The pup is perfectly fine, thank you very much” he bit back, struggling to reach the remote so he could turn up the sound on the tv. He was watching a documentary about the Scottish highlands (okay, so he missed home, sue him) and literally no one wanted to watch with him. Apparently he was ‘too grumpy’ and ‘mean’. Loki had no idea what they were talking about. It wasn’t his fault his entire body felt uncomfortable. And he wasn’t even close to full size yet.


Actually, it was all Bucky’s fault. Bucky who had mounted him, knotted him, bred him…filled his womb with seed and made him all big and round with a pup…


Oh no.


Thinking about the strapping alpha only made matters worse; Loki bit his lip in frustration as he tried to clench around more slick flowing out. It didn’t help of course, and no amount of clenching could stop the needy whine from escaping him. Deep in his swollen belly, heat pooled and the pressure begun all over again within him. It was like this several times a day now – as if his stupid omega body hadn’t realized he was already knocked up and couldn’t get impregnated again.


“I don’t have any more eggs for you. Will you calm down?” Loki reprimanded quietly through gritted teeth, glaring down at where he thought his aching hole would be. There just happened to be a few pounds of growing baby in the way. But the physical need had already turned into one of those desperate, mental needs where all Loki could think about was alpha alpha alpha.


Sighing, the omega gave into it and twisted his head towards the kitchen.

“James?” he called out, knowing he sounded debauched and whiny. His voice didn’t have as much demand in it as he wanted, as the steady stream of slick and cloudy brain made it small. “James?” he complained again, huffing as he tried to scoot up the couch. He never truly cared for the nickname; not when James was such a handsome name.


The alpha listened to whatever Loki called him anyway, as he quickly came running from the kitchen, obviously having dropped whatever he was doing. His grey-blue eyes were wide and attentive, just with a hint of worried. Falling to his knees on the side of the couch, Bucky gently gripped Loki’s hand and nuzzled it, letting out a questioning, vibrating sound. It was hard not to give a tired smile, despite knowing he looked sweaty and gross like this, and the omega squeezed his hand back.

“Good boy” he praised. Happily, Bucky licked his hand. He didn’t speak, not when Loki smelled like this and sounded like that – the alpha became much the protective animal he was inside and waited patiently for orders. His strong scent was both aroused and guarding (and Loki was curious to see what would happen if another alpha would ever walk in on them like this), making the omega’s little situation even worse.


So Loki spread his legs more comfortably on the couch, pulling at his alpha and purring needily.

“Need you. Service me” he order poutingly, trying to use what little strength he had to get Bucky up on the couch. The alpha was quick to obey, carefully climbing into the space between Loki’s legs and straying from accidently applying pressure to the swollen belly.

“Yes omega” he all but growled, almost not getting the words out coherently, as he pushed the hem of the huge t-shirt up to reveal the five-month-bump. Those hungry eyes roamed over the stretched skin and protruding belly button – the kind of look that could mean either that the alpha wanted to fuck him pregnant again or devour him whole.


When Bucky settled on growling again and surging forward to cover the baby bump with kisses, gentle nips and licks, Loki’s breath hitched. Intense feelings of safety and pleasure washed over the trembling omega at the mouth lavishing him and the pup inside him with affection. He didn’t think he would ever get used to just how much the pregnancy affected their alpha. In his naivety, Loki had thought that once he started scenting different and getting bigger, his alpha would swell in pride to the point of bursting and get such an erection from his own potency that Loki would be bent over and fucked more often than not. At least, that’s how he thought Thor would have been if they’d married. He just knew that the idiot crown prince would’ve paraded him around court in revealing clothes to brag and have the omega sit on his lap constantly so he could ‘feel how hard you make me’ (which Thor had tried the first time when Loki was fifteen).


He should’ve known Bucky would be nothing like that. First of all, the pounds had trained all the pride out of him, and second of all, Bucky was kind. And he seemed to be genuinely excited for this pup, for no other reason than that it made his omegas happy and Bucky himself actually loved playing with pups. Loki watched him play with Karli’s little one all the time, and the alpha smelled so excited and content it was almost too sweet to bear. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Bucky now let his chest vibrate and his hands roam the slick insides of Loki’s thighs as he kissed over the swell of the omega’s belly.


“Pretty” Bucky rumbled, making Loki blush and grip at the couch cushions. Even just this felt so nice. “So pretty with my pup” he praised, voice raspy and deep, as he made his way down to where Loki’s soaked underwear obstructed the view of his hard little cock and probably embarrassingly messy hole. There was a problem though when Bucky tried getting them down and off, since Loki’s legs were spread. The heavy scent surrounding them shifted to frustrated as the alpha confusedly pulled at them, not getting them past his hips, and bit at the hem. “Off” he growled, furrowing his brows, making that dog-like whining and bit harder.


Poor Bucky; the pheromones caused by the pregnancy made him such an oversized puppy.


“It’s okay, hold on –“ Loki begun saying as he shifted his hips, but before he could get that done the alpha had snarled impatiently and used both teeth and hands to rip the underwear off his body. The fabric was cast aside, torn and useless. Shocked, Loki looked down at Bucky who happily dove in and licked straight at his now exposed hole.


“James!” the omega exclaimed. No matter how badly Loki needed to get release, it simply wasn’t acceptable to ruin his clothes like that!


At his cry, Bucky looked up, smile dropping. Suddenly his puppy-eyes were confused and big, reacting immediately at the tone of his owner’s voice, obviously realizing he’d done something bad. But Loki had gone soft, being with pup and all, and he melted as soon as he saw the poor alpha look at him like he was expecting to have a toy taken away. Sighing, Loki reached forward and wove his hand into those soft, brown locks, scratching at his scalp.

“It’s bad to rip things. But it’s okay. I forgive you” he said gently. The scent of uncertainty lingered, but Bucky leaned into the touch at least. Nodding encouragingly, Loki leaned back against the pillows. “Go on then, be a good boy now” he said.


And then there really was no space to think anymore because Bucky dove back in with such hunger that Loki’s brain short-circuited. Strong fingers pulled him apart almost too far and the tongue pressing up against him was demanding; licking with determined fervour to get the omega to open up beneath him, accept him inside. There was growling as the slick was being eaten out of Loki, except not an aggressive growling. Or it was aggressive, in a way, but just up to the point of protectiveness. Because what Bucky was doing down there, forcing his tongue past the already too loose rim and rubbing his nose hard against his omega’s perineum, was claiming him. Getting him to the point where wetness was just a state of mind, where Loki could not help but spasm against his alpha’s mouth and gasp as he came untouched against his own belly – Bucky was giving him enough pleasure to effectively erase the thought of any other alpha.


Not every alpha went about it that way, but Bucky was one so desperate to please his mate (especially when pregnant) that Loki didn’t know what else to do but mewl and start begging.

“Please James, please” he gasped breathlessly, still trembling from his orgasm. The alpha below wanted him, was crazy for him, and it made him crazy in return. The need burned like coals inside him and he pulled weaking on Bucky’s short sleeve, grazing the cold metal below. “It hurts, please. I’m too empty” Loki pleaded, not caring if he sounded slutty. He had a right to be – his hormones were eating him alive, building a pressure inside his already occupied womb that made him twist his head from side to side, stupid with lust. He didn’t know what to do. It hurt, it was too much.


His alpha didn’t leave him wanting for too long. With an animalistic grunt, Bucky repositioned himself and lined up his rock hard dick. With one, forceful thrust, he was sheathed all the way inside. Had Loki not been so embarrassingly loose and ready from the pregnancy, it would’ve hurt quite a lot. Now, instead it just made the omega mewl in pleasure and arch his back, effectively pressing the bump up against Bucky’s abs. With blown out pupils, the alpha looked down, watching as his omega pressed his pregnant body to his own, and it seemed to be his breaking point. With a snarl, he leaned down and bit down over Loki’s scarred bonding gland and humped up further, trying pointlessly to bury himself even deeper. His reddened cockhead had already split apart Loki’s cervix and was nudging the beginning of his wound, and his knot was straining to force itself inside already, much too soon.


Loki couldn’t have stopped him, and didn’t want to. His whole body tensed and trembled as his alpha rutted hard into him, humped and used him forcefully (still without putting pressure on the pup) and sucked on the blood rising from his ruined neck. The whimpers got swallowed up by the growls and Loki’s hole spasmed uncontrollably around the cock going in and out in short, pointed thrusts, Bucky chasing his release with canine desperation.


Loki could feel when the knot started to swell past the point of ignoring it. Then, and only then, did he push at his alpha and panted out, completely out of breath, what he wanted. Bucky drove into him hard, eyes gone, needing release.

“No” Loki choked out, met only by painful unwillingness to comply. So the omega splayed a hand out on his swollen belly to try and show his point. “On here. Mark me” he begged. And realization made Bucky’s black eyes even darker.


He did as asked as well, pulling out with a snarl and pumping himself a few times before squeezing hard over his enormous knot and barring his teeth. White ropes of cum shot out and painted Loki’s stomach, making him sigh in relief as he was being messily scent-marked.

“Mmm that’s right. Keep going, god yes please, mark me so good” Loki moaned happily, watching as Bucky squeezed himself to milk every drop out of his system.


Once done the alpha purred and used his hand to spread the cum around, stroking it all over his omega’s baby bump. He looked happy doing so. Proud, but the right kind of proud.




Daniel wore a grim expression as his colleague drove the huge black van up the street and parked in front of the Howling Collective. A headache was giving him hell, contested only by an awful grinding pain where his upper leg ended in a scarred stump dressed in the beige liner beneath his prothesis. That pain was most likely his fear and anger taking a physical form, but none the less. It was annoying as hell.


The Strategic Scientific Reserve had given him four agents to his disposal in the confiscation of the alpha Brock Rumlow, seeing as he was no good against an aggressive, violent feral alpha like that. What chief Bennet hadn’t given him was the time to warn Peggy Carter and explain the situation to her omegas. Instead he would be barging in head of an operation that was at the very best rude, and at the worst traumatic. Somehow Daniel was supposed to explain to these omegas, as their alpha was being dragged away, that they were involuntarily going to have to go through a painful medical procedure to remove a bond they had entered of their own free will (and paid for goddammit). It was less than ideal.


“Stay here. I will go first and motion when you can step forward” Daniel said bitterly, grabbing his crutch. The beta driving looked uncertain in his black Kevlar vest.

“But sir, Chief Bennet said…” he started, but Daniel shot him a glare that silenced him.

“Chief Bennet is not here, and while he’s not, I am acting as your command. Now follow orders and stay here” the beta said with that calm authority he was known for (spiked with a resentment he was very much not known for, but that couldn’t be helped at the moment).


Sighing in preparation, Daniel opened the door and used his hand to help lift out his injured leg. Once he was out, he walked with heavy steps up towards the house. Less than two days ago, he’d been walking up this same pathway with a lighter step, knowing he’d be met with a red-lipped smile and a sweet kiss. Most likely that wouldn’t happen now.


Sure enough; Peggy flung the door open before Daniel even reached it. Her face was suspicious, hands resting on her waist and legs taking on a broader stance in the proper, green skirt.

“What’s with the company car?” the omega said with salt in her melodic voice. Daniel sighed again, slowly limping up the last two steps and looking at her shoes, very uncomfortable.

“Listen Peggy; I want you to know this was not my decision” he started quietly, meeting her eyes. The look he got back literally stung. Her facial expression only soured furthered.

“You’re taking him then? Just like that?” Peggy accused. And the worst part was that even if her anger was somewhat misdirected, there was no way to pretend it wasn’t justified.


Daniel pinched the bridge of his nose and cursed his damn chief.

“I’m afraid the SSR has been given no choice about this” he muttered. Then he softened his expression, taking a small step closer. The omega before him was beautiful, strong and the very last thing Daniel wanted to do was break her trust. He wanted to take her hand, but he was sure she would reject it. “But I still intend on keeping my promise. I’ll take care of you, of all of you, I promise. You won’t have to go through the medical bond-breaking alone” he promised, lowering his voice further, putting all his sincerity in it. Because he really meant it.


Peggy looked at him with contempt.

“Alone or not, you’ve left us no choice but do go through it now” she said flatly, eyes cold.


A smaller omega came up behind her, worriedly looking around her shoulder at the beta outside and the van further down. Daniel recognized him – he usually sat curled up in the living room reading comic books.

“Peggy? Why is there a car here?” he asked, sounding scared. Peggy reached around and petted his arm to sooth him.

“Get back inside Gabe, it’s alright. Agent Sousa isn’t staying” she told him.


And that was it for Daniel. If she was calling him ‘Agent Sousa’, then he’d lost all chance of bringing her around today. Releasing a heavy breath, he motioned for the other agents to come forward. The car doors opened immediately and the armed betas climbed out with in dour silence. Turning, he gave one last longing look at Peggy who seemed aghast, trying to push back the omega Gabe into the house.


Daniel’s voice was flat and exhausted when he read them their rights.

“With the authority of the federal agency the SSR, your alpha Brock Rumlow will be confiscated with immediate effect. You will be compensated with the funds sufficient enough to buy a new alpha, with no stain on your record, and the medical bills for breaking the already existing bond will be covered”. Daniel stood aside as the four agents moved past a gaping Peggy and into the house. Soon there was screaming and snarling, making Gabe curl up and start crying as he clung to his pack leader. “I am truly sorry for the manner of this confiscation, but it is in the best interest of everyone” Daniel ended grimly, not able to put his heart into it.


He was already down the steps of the porch when the alpha was being dragged out face down by two men, the others holding steel batons and a tranquilizer gun. Brock had been shot twice with it in the neck and was unconscious, two small darts sticking out from reddened skin. After them came Timothy and Morita, screaming and calling them bastards, not understanding what was going on. Gabe was in hysterics and Peggy was speechless, just holding onto the smaller omega and staring wide-eyed at the events unfolding.


Daniel wasn’t saying anything either. He just stood there, silently, feeling his heart break.




Bucky was so blissed out from getting to fuck Loki that he at first didn’t smell the distress coming from Steve’s room. Once he did, passing it to get to the shower (he had finally learned how to bathe himself), he stopped short and sniffed the air. Frowning, he slowly walked towards the closed door. He didn’t like that Steve smelled like that. It made him feel very worried and scared, wanting to fix it.


When Bucky knocked slowly, he heard a sniffle come from inside. Was Steve crying?

“I’m okay Buck” a small voice called from the room. But Bucky didn’t believe him. Furrowing his brows even deeper, he swallowed the apprehension against maybe displeasing his owner and carefully opened the door. Steve sat curled up in his nest, head resting on his bony knees (although not as bony anymore). His pretty eyes were red and puffy.

“You don’t smell okay” the alpha said, unsure of himself. This wasn’t exactly in protocol. But his omega might need him.


Steve gave him a sad look, sniffling but now crying.

“I guess I’m just…a little jealous. I know it’s bad” he mumbled into his knees. Since he wasn’t turning Bucky away, the alpha took it as a sign to step inside. Closing the door for privacy, he waited for Steve to tell him to leave. When that didn’t happen, Bucky approached him slowly and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“You’re not being bad” he said, because the notion was stupid. Steve was perfect. And it did make the omega smile, albeit very weakly.

“Thank you Bucky. But I kind of am. I should just be happy for Loki, but I can’t help but feel like I’m not as good of an omega as he” Steve admitted, very quietly.


At first, Bucky didn’t understand. In his world, Steve was probably the most perfect omega ever. He had the sweetest scent, the tightest little hole and the kindest heart. He’d told Steve all of this before, so the omega should know. Yet Bucky did get it, because, well…it couldn’t be easy for the omega to be infertile. Even if it was just temporary. Bucky had met infertile alphas in the pounds, and they were horribly unhappy. They felt like there was no place for them in the world.


“I don’t think that’s true” Bucky told him earnestly.


Steve didn’t respond. Instead he sniffled again, then climbed up in Bucky’s lap, cuddling close. He needed comfort and the alpha was glad he was seeking it in his arms. Was glad to have him close, to feel him, to smell him…burying his nose in the scent gland on his neck and inhaling deep…oh god it was intoxicating. Without even realizing it, Bucky started purring. He rubbed his nose harder on the gland, trying to stir more of the pheromones up. It was something different about it, as if Steve’s natural scent had gotten stronger. Fuck, Bucky felt himself grow hard.


Not just hard, painfully hard. Something about Steve so tiny in his lap and smelling so damn sweet pushed all of Bucky’s buttons. There was a depth to his flowery scent, a rich earthy tone set ablaze with burning wood and blackberries smeared on sunkissed skin and metallic, hot blood – whatever it was, it was new and surprising and it had the alpha growling. Steve gasped unexpected when Bucky suddenly clamped down his teeth over the scenting gland and sucked on it, not breaking the skin but damn near doing so. And he was falling fast, the room slipping away from him as his cock pulsated against the tight fabric containing it.


He needed to mount Steve. He needed to get inside him, and fast. And he needed to get between the omega’s legs so he could smell and lick at where this intoxicating, new scent would be the strongest.

Chapter Text



Steve was well aware that his voice had just gone into some sort of embarrassing falsetto squeak, but the omega was in shock. Every single doctors appointment since they’d gotten an alpha he’d been told that it would take much longer, possibly a year of heats before he should even begin hoping for a pregnancy. And now Dr Strange stood there with the results from the blood test and told him he was 8 weeks along? It just wasn’t possible. There had to be a mistake.


“Yes, I’m afraid so. It’s not ideal, given your situation, and I would’ve preferred if the impregnation had occurred once your body had gotten healthier, but…yes. You are most definitely pregnant” the beta doctor said dryly, excusing the nurse who’d brought the result. Steve could do very little but stare at him like he’d grown a second head. His body, his weak, sickly infertile body, had somehow released a functioning egg and managed to accept his alpha’s seed two whole months ago?


“But is it…is the pup okay?” was the first thing he thought to say. The room had been quiet for several minutes – Tony sat next to Bucky, with the alpha scenting heavily but staying silent. Steve wanted to go to them, but he also knew they were waiting for his reaction.

“It’s hardly a pup yet, Mr Rogers, and I’ll have to perform an examination to check for abnormalities. But the fact that your alpha was able to smell the shift in your scent is a good sign – it usually happens around week eight and indicates things are normal. Now, if you’ll lie back and put your feet in the stirrups?” Dr Strange said in his flat voice, snapping on some gloves.


Last night Bucky had started acting different. Steve thought back on it with fascination and a pulse of longing – the alpha had become a whole new person. Driven mad with lust, Bucky had lost the ability to speak and instead just made the noises he’d make during a rut, all but attacking Steve with an unusual urge to get between his legs. The rimming the omega had gotten was so enthusiastic he’d gasped and mewled and climaxed twice, muscles of his rim clenching down over Bucky’s eager tongue as he expelled more slick into his waiting mouth. He got loud growling back and hands spreading him further apart to taste him even deeper. After that, Bucky had insisted, with pupils blown apart, to mount him on his back. Draped over the omega, Bucky had pounded into him deep and hard all the while looking into his eyes and hungrily kissing him. The knot had taken no less than forty minutes to die down when it finally popped, and by the end of it Steve was so full of cum he actually looked pregnant.


Steve had thought maybe it meant he was finally beginning to be fertile, and his alpha was eager knowing his seed wouldn’t be going to waste anymore. So he’d demanded a more or less emergency visit at the doctor, wanting to know for sure. His anxiety and stress (mixed with careful hope) had been so great that he’d all but hung up on Peggy when she’d tried calling him earlier to talk about something. There wasn’t time – Steve needed to see Dr Strange.


Yet even the hope he’d allowed himself to have hadn’t been so generous that it allowed him to ever believe he could actually be with pup. And now here he was, each foot in one stirrup, tiling his head to look at his alpha whining and pulling at his restraints. Tony was doing his best to calm him.


“I want my alpha” Steve demanded suddenly, before Dr Strange had gotten his instruments ready. The beta looked up, disapproval written all over his long, narrow face.

“Alphas stayed chained up during visits. Those are the rules” he repeated, but this time Steve wasn’t having it. He wasn’t going to sit here with the news that there was pup growing inside him and not be allowed to have his alpha by his side. Besides, his distress over watching Bucky trying to be good and not just rip the damn chain off the wall was making his anger even more palpable. Narrowing his blue eyes, he kept Dr Strange pinned under his glare.


“I want him. If you can’t move him, then move the chair” Steve demanded, pointing to the wheels below him.


Eventually, since it was hard to argue with Steve in normal cases and damn near impossible when he was pregnant, Dr Strange folded and agreed to Tony moving Bucky over and being made responsible for holding the leash. Both omegas promised he’d behave.


“I’m so proud of you” Tony whispered, eyes a little wet with happiness as he kissed Steve lying back. Bucky made a very pleased sound and nuzzled his omega, making the blond relax and nuzzle back, glad to be able to hold his alpha’s hand. Perhaps he squeezed it a little too hard when Dr Strange inserted the instrument, but Bucky didn’t complain. He just crouched closer and licked at the sensitive spot behind Steve’s right ear, which always helped his muscles go pliant. It eased the examination.


Still, the omega flinched in discomfort when Dr Strange did a movement a bit too quickly, and Bucky instantly tensed. A very low growl vibrated deep in his chest and even in his favourite Jurassic Park-hoodie and two French braids done up by Loki, the big man was threatening. No fear was revealed in Dr Strange’s straight face; his scent couldn’t lie however.

“Mr Stark, contain him” he said with composure, shifting the small light he held in one hand. Tony just huffed, tugging the leash a little closer and scratching behind Bucky’s ear to soothe him. His demeanour was a little odd – it was no secret Tony held respect but no love for the doctor, but today even that seemed strained.


“It’s okay, he’s not going to hurt me” Steve promised and nuzzled his alpha, trying to prove it by letting his legs fall further apart. It stopped the growling, even if Bucky refused to tear wary steel eyes from Dr Strange. A swell of pride mixed with Steve’s worry. It felt very nice to have such a protective alpha when he was in a vulnerable position like this. He just hoped Bucky wouldn’t step over the line and be chained up again.


“All things considered, your womb looks normal. No swelling, only a small amount of residue after bleeding which shouldn’t be anything to worry about, and the lining on your walls are satisfactory, even if they’re not ideal. It’s too early for any kind of heartbeat, but on your next appointment we should be able to perform an external ultrasound” Dr Strange promised as soon as he was done. Relief flooded Steve, and he instinctively put a hand on his stomach. It felt warm, even if that was most likely imagination. Blushing, he turned with a tear-filled smile towards his packmates. Tony returned it and gently put a hand over his, feeling where the bump would grow.


“Poor Bucky is going to have his work cut out for him” the brown-haired omega joked, voice cracking as he tried not to cry. “God I can’t believe it. Two pregnancies within half a year. You did such a good job” Tony praised their alpha, giving him another ear-scratch which made him purr and smile. His scent was all over the room, screaming proud, pleased alpha. It was a real pleasant scent for the omegas, making Steve feel like a warm, fuzzy ball.


Dr Strange lived up to his name however and gave Tony a very strange look. He was silent for a stiff moment, cleaning off the instruments, and then turned on his spinning chair to face the little family.


“Yes, Mr Stark is correct. Your alpha will have a lot of work the next seven months – make no mistake, you are not in the form you should be to have this pup” Dr Strange said with a sharp tone, looking at Steve to show he was serious. Swallowing hard, the omega slowly sat up, readjusting his paper gown, and nodded. “I recommend a breeding at least once a day, preferably twice if your alpha has stamina for it”. (That comment made Bucky look like he couldn’t decide whether to hide his face in shame or bite the betas dick off. Dr Strange was unfazed). “Keep up the exercise, but absolutely no heavy lifting and no skipping vegetables. Your spine is still causing back troubles so by the end of the pregnancy, if we get there, you will start needing a lot of help moving around and lifting things. I’ll prescribe a diet program with nutrient shakes to balance it out, and I’ll also prescribe synthetic alpha protein” he said, picking up a chart from the table.


Steve’s eyes widened and he felt a knot form in his stomach. It had been weeks ago since Dr Strange announced they had perfected the synthetic protein from the sample they took when draining Bucky of semen, but seeing as the omega had been improving so well he’d opted not to try it. Now the beta was trying to push it on him again.


“No, no I don’t want that. I just want my alpha. He can breed me just fine” Steve said hastily, managing to sound both panicky and defensive at the same time. Tony’s larger hand gently grabbed his own and he realized he’d been wringing them hard. It felt wrong getting it from something that wasn’t Bucky’s cock. Not only did it remind him of the horrible, artificial feeling of getting experimented on as a kid instead of having an alpha who loved and cared for him, but it also felt like cheating. Like Bucky wouldn’t want him as much if he knew he injected the protein himself.


Dr Strange only sighed.

“The breedings will most likely not be enough. If you want to see this pregnancy to full term, then we can’t take any chances” he explained. Steve hiccupped, a sign he was nervous.

“I don’t want more needles” the omega whispered worriedly. To that, Dr Strange leaned back and reached to open a drawer. From it he produced a plastic box which contained what looked like a syringe, also in plastic, but without any sharp point. Instead it had a large opening where the needle should be and next to it the beta held a vial with white, thick liquid inside.

“You won’t need an injection. You will just need to fill the syringe up with the protein, and then ask one of the other members of your collective to help insert it” Dr Strange showed, twisting the apparatus.


Steve’s eyes widened again.

“Insert it…?” he asked, dreading the answer.

“Inside your breeding channel. It might feel uncomfortable but shouldn’t hurt” the beta concluded and packed away the syringe. Steve started feeling very nauseated. His head spun and he started leaning forward, not wanting to accidently throw up on the chair.

“Oh” Steve squeaked.


“Perhaps we should…” Tony started with worry in his voice, reaching forward to steady his mate.

“I can help” Bucky interrupted, tone deep and clear. All of them looked up in surprise – the alpha never dared to speak up at the doctor. But there was determination, even bravery (and a great deal of worry) in his eyes, hands on Steve’s back to support him. “I can insert it. Help you be strong. For the pup” Bucky explained, his words coming out short but coming out all the same.


And it was exactly what Steve needed to hear; he desperately needed assurance that his alpha wouldn’t think he was disgusting for not being able to settle with the protein he could give him. Perhaps it was because of how they did it before, back in the 80’s when artificial protein couldn’t be manufactured and doctors prescribed additional breeding sessions for omegas with deficiency. They would need to come to the hospitals to be mounted and filled if their house alpha didn’t have enough in them to sustain both the deficient omega and the other omegas. Of course it caused deep resentment and usually resulted in the sick omega getting less and less breedings from their actual alpha mate. The mean nick-name ‘pump-and-dump’ was given to those omegas who couldn’t manage with just one alphas cum. The social stigma back then branded them sluts; now they were seen as disabled, which was more fitting and less cruel, but Steve never liked it anyway. He was just happy he didn’t have to go through breeding sessions like that.


That didn’t mean Bucky would love the idea of this artificial breeding. But he supported it, otherwise he would never have spoken up. And that meant a lot.

“Thank you” Steve whispered, smiling through teary eyes. Oh god, it was turning out to be an emotional morning.




“Thank god – I won’t be alone in this anymore!” Loki exclaimed dramatically, throwing his arms around Steve to pull him close. His swollen belly bumped Steve’s still flat one, and the reaction made him giggle.

“No, we’ll be two waddling ducks soon” the omega winked, not minding that at all if it meant he could see his pup grow from the outside. It felt like he was finally let in on a private joke – finally knowing how it felt to be a real omega. Of course he knew that omegas had so many other purposes and values beside squeezing out pups, but he’d been told that ever since they found out he might be infertile. And no omega who didn’t know what it felt like not to function in that way had the right to tell Steve he couldn’t be relieved now that things worked.


Peter was practically bouncing. His energy-level was off the roof and he was talking at 100 mph.

“This is so cool! I can learn how to make all bran-muffins for you! With super-healthy carrots, like extra healthy carrots. Oh does that mean we can start decorating the nursery? Because I found these really awesome- oh! Sorry!” the young omega squeaked as he accidently stepped on a cat’s tail. The animal hissed and escaped to the top of the fridge, with Loki running after fretting about it and trying to grab it so he could check the tail. All the while Quill was making ‘celebratory tea’ which meant he was making normal tea but putting little colourful umbrellas meant for party-drinks in the cups. A confused Bucky sat on his feeding mat watching everyone run around while Tony tried his best to feed the alpha a sandwich.

“C’mon Bucky, your blood sugar is getting low” the mechanic prompted, holding out a piece of turkey and mayonnaise on bread (Bucky’s favourite). He just looked up at him with wide eyes like he didn’t get what he was supposed to do. Peter almost tripped over yet another cat and a very funny-looking Loki angrily shook a finger at the boy with his belly protruding from the bathrobe he was in, telling him to leave his babies alone.


In the midst of this celebratory chaos sat Steve, catching his breath and trying to wrap his head around the fact that this was real; this was happening.


“Thank you” he smiled at Quill when he got his fancy tea. It wasn’t until he tried holding the cup that he realized his hands were shaking.

“So. Do you feel any different?” Quill asked with an expectant grin, hauling a kitten into his lap so he could plop down next to the omega.

“I feel a bit light-headed” Steve said with a shaky chuckle. “But no? I don’t feel so. Not yet. Or, it’s a bit hard to know if there’s any difference because of the pregnancy or because I’ve been gaining weight and stuff lately due to the protein” he reasoned, actually not sure how his body was feeling. The other omega nodded like the words were very wise, scratching the grey kitten behind a tiny ear and sipping some tea.

“John says he stared feeling it around week 12. His nipples got really sensitive, and also his balls” Quill said matter-of-factly, making both Loki and Steve groan.


“A bit much info, isn’t it?” Loki said with a sarcastic drawl, but their mate only shrugged, drinking more tea.

“Well that’s what he told me. Are yours more sensitive?” he asked, looking at the tall, black-haired omega soothing the cat having had its tail trampled on. The look he got back was a classic oh for the love of God will you shut up.

“My nipples are sensitive, if you must know. You would know if you ever slept with us anymore. But my balls are none of your concern” Loki said with his nose in the air, looking quite ridiculous. Steve almost laughed, but didn’t want to get on the bad side on a potential pregnant ally, so he suppressed it by gulping down hot liquid.


It looked the two omegas were going to get into a full blow out over balls and Quill not being very available in bed anymore, so Steve quickly raised his voice to get ahead of the bickering.


“Well I think we should get Bucky something. He’s done very well and he’s going to have a lot of work ahead with my…issues and all. I was thinking a cake” Steve said, quieting everyone up. Bucky looked up, surprised.

“That’s a great idea! We can get presents as well” Tony smiled happily and petting the alpha on the head. “Besides, isn’t it your birthday soon or something? When is your birthday?” he asked. Steve realized that wasn’t something he’d read in the alpha’s file from Shield Kennels.


Now Bucky looked confused. His dark brows drew together and he looked uncertain between his owners, looking strangely small on the feeding mat.

“I don’t have a birthday. Alphas become one year older every New Year’s” he explained slowly, as if this was obvious.


Something sharp stung at Steve’s heart and the silence that fell was deafening. He hadn’t know that was a practise at the pounds. Did Bucky honestly believe that he didn’t have a birthday like other people? And if so, would it be even crueller to shatter that picture?


It seemed Tony understood exactly what Steve was wondering, and also rescuing the situation from turning into Steve helplessly crying. God, maybe he was emotional.


“Well…then we will celebrate your birthday on January 1st! For now, we’ll throw you a little thank-you-party. You’ve earned it!” Tony quickly said, keeping up the smile as not to let Bucky know something was wrong. Everyone else went along with it, instantly pretending that January 1st was Bucky’s obvious birthday. And the look on the alpha’s face was enough to melt Steve’s heart a thousand times over.


Unfortunately he didn’t have the time to go and kiss his darling alpha, because there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it” Steve offered because he was closest to the door. After the whole traumatic event during his preheat with the awful beta predators (thankfully well behind bars now) Steve had found it difficult to open the door to strangers. So he’d taken to practise it to try and ease away his fear – much like Bucky and the doctor.


Now when he opened the front door he was met with a handsome, blond beta in an immaculate black suit. The man was looking at the rose bushes as Steve answered his knocking, and instantly turned around with a smile so bright it made the omega uncomfortable from the start. His hair was styled to perfection and his natural scent was blocked heavily by expensive cologne. The beta held out a hand.


“Good afternoon! My name is agent Jack Thompson and I am here on behalf of the SSR” he said cheerily, flashing a badge. Steve frowned. He knew that badge. “May I come in?”

Chapter Text

Steve’s stomach drops. Suspicion fills his scent and he doesn’t even know how to stop it. Even if he did trust strangers in a suit, which he absolutely does not, the omega knows what this man is here for. Knows this is the day they’d been dreading, and for a horrible moment Steve thinks that they should’ve dreaded it more. Because now Bucky is in there with his arm fully functioning, and if this agent Thompson sees it he will take the alpha away from them.


When he’d last seen that awful man Bennet, Steve hadn’t known what sort of agency he worked for. Apparently it was called the SSR, and there had been three beta representatives in suits during the trial for those intruders attacking him. It had been months now since the trial and the conviction of the two men, luckily landing them both in jail. While Steve had felt better seeing those predatory monsters limp up to the stand still so affected by their injuries that the one called Gilmore Hodge had to abandon wheezing out his words to write on a board instead, the omega had felt terrible seeing the men in black suits stand quiet on the side. He’d been so afraid the trial would end with Bucky being dragged off to god knows where – and when that hadn’t happened he had slowly fooled himself that things were okay. That they would settle with disabling Bucky’s arm and crippling him.


He’d been wrong. The blond man smiling with well-practised charm let him know that with crushing realization.


It didn’t mean he couldn’t put up a fight, or at least stall him. Perhaps someone in the kitchen would hear them speak and have the time to hide away Bucky – because Steve couldn’t warn them without looking suspicions.


So the small omega frowned displeased, squaring his shoulders as best he could, hoping to look like one of those entitled house omegas he’d seen on TV, one you didn’t argue with.

“Actually, we are just celebrating the news of a pregnancy. Surely this visit can wait?” Steve said, imitating the authorative voice of Betty Stanton on Real House Omegas of Beverly Hills and putting a hand on his hip.


At that, the beta before him actually sniffed the air, smile widening. How rude.

“Well congratulations are in order then! I reckon you are the lucky omega?” agent Thompson said cheerfully, fouling Steve’s mood further. Stiffly, he nodded, still not letting the man in.

“I am. So, might you consider coming back at a more appropriated time?” he responded tight-lipped. It did nothing to discourage the stranger.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. It’ll just be a quick visit, I promise, and then you can get back to the…festivities” agent Thompson said with grin Steve didn’t like at all.




Bucky had just finished his sandwich when he looked up, feeling worried. Tony noticed, crouching down beside him on the feeding mat with a frown.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Steve. He doesn’t smell good” Bucky answered, because it’s the truth. He could smell the distress from all the way at the door. Was it bad people again, like those betas? Instinctively the alpha started to stand, wanting to go check on his omega.


But Tony paled before him and went to grab his collar. Before he knew it, the omega started dragging him towards the garage. Frowning, he tried his best not to pull too much in the other direction.

“But Steve…” he started, only to have Tony turn back and shush him.

“Steve is fine, we just need to get you out of here. Follow me” Tony ordered and Bucky couldn’t disobey. He watched the mechanic quietly tell the other omegas that they needed to keep whoever is out there occupied; then he gets dragged into the garage.


Tony’s scent was scared but his eyes were serious when he pointed at a chair.

“Sit down. And do exactly as I say”




When Steve heard the heavy garage door shut, he prayed that meant someone had figured out the problem and whisked Bucky away. Reluctantly he opened the door wider and stepped aside, allowing agent Thompson inside. The man gave a mock bow and flashed his white teeth. Stepping over the threshold, he stopped and gave a low whistle at the shoes piled neatly in the cubby.


“A shoes-off kind of house? Very European” he said and toed off his expensive looking dress shoes. Steve just huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“It’s how it’s done in omega collectives. We don’t want mud all over our nests” he said, knowing full well he sounded more annoyed than welcoming. But whatever, this man wasn’t even welcome.

“I bet you don’t” agent Thompson said with an inappropriate wink. It was unnerving how he looked at Steve – it was just how betas who fetishized omegas stared at him. Steve bet this Jack had never even been with an omega. Probably had to settle watching porn where the actresses moaned on beta cock and pretended they were alphas, all the while jerking off his own pathetic knot-less dick. Steve would’ve felt ashamed over such uncivil thoughts (his ma would’ve taken him by the ear if she’d heard) but this man was much more rude staring openly at him like he was undressing him right there. At least Steve had the decency to keep it to himself.


Sighing, he extended an arm to show the way to the kitchen.

“Alright, lets get it over with. I don’t plan on spending the entire night having my alpha examined like he’s some criminal on parole” he said sharply with a meaning look at the intruding guest follow him. Undeterred, the man just looked amused.

“Well I’m sure you can agree this is for your own safety. Wouldn’t do to have an alpha who can’t be trusted around such sweet omegas. There is a reason they are state property” agent Thompson said, strolling along with his hands in his pockets. Jesus he looked like he was some sort of gangster from the 1940’s – and his words made Steve’s cheek heat up with anger.

“James Barnes is not state property anymore. He’s property of us and I’ll have you know that the most violent thing he did today was accidently drop a spoon” Steve huffed.


Agent Thompson was about to respond when he suddenly sneezed. Looking around bewildered, his eyes landed on a shaggy old stray cat with tufty ears sitting on a stool, glaring at him with the one green eye it had left.

“You have a cat?” the beta wondered with slight disdain. That actually brought a smile to the corner of Steve’s mouth.

“Just a couple” he mused, opening the door to the kitchen.


Of course, the first thing they saw was Loki cuddling the one he’d coaxed down from the fridge and three kittens wrestling for a piece of yarn on the floor. Agent Thompson sneezed again, ruining whatever charming entrance he had planned. He didn’t look too pleased with that.


“This is agent Townsend. He’s here to check on Bucky” Steve introduced him, purposely using the wrong name. He knew it was a cheap trick, but these men didn’t deserve his respect.

“Actually, it’s Thompson. Jack Thompson. Pleased to meet you all” the beta said with that ingratiating smile, now a little more strained. Peter, sitting closest, just blinked at him stupidly. It was obvious from his scent that the young omega was uncomfortable with this. Steve would’ve gone up to nuzzle him, but had to play the part for now. Luckily both Bucky and Tony was gone from the kitchen – hopefully they had the time to fix his arm.


Staving off his panic, Steve instead walked to the kettle.

“Would you like some tea?” he offered, thinking it might stall the agent.

“I can put on some coffee if that’s your preference” Loki said beside him. His smile was very pleasant and his posed himself as prettily as he could with his big stomach – but Steve knew better. That was the kind of smile the British omega put on whenever he played nice for someone repulsive, like when he wanted a free drink from some hot shot beta bartender. The panic thumping in Steve’s heart calmed an inch further. It seemed at least Loki would help him stall.


“Oh, a cup of tea is just grand” agent Thompson reassured, still standing there legs apart like he owned the place. “So I see you’re expecting a whole litter! Someone’s been busy” he said with a slick grin, obviously referring to the sexual capabilities of their alpha, which Steve absolutely loathed.


Jealous he got enough knot to impregnate the whole pack of us? Was what he wanted to say, but luckily he managed to smile tight-lipped and hand over the cup of tea.


“I suppose so. I do hope you won’t do anything else than look at our James today – Loki’s been feeling weak and it wouldn’t be good if his alpha got taken away” he lied, not enjoying having to play the ‘weak, pregnant omega’-card, but if it could buy them some time… He could hear the faint sound of something in the garage and he knew it was the disc grinder running hot. Loki, quick to grasp the situation, gave agent Thompson that look that got him so many free daquiris.

“You know how it is. The pup is a demanding little thing – I can barely go a day without a full load of alpha protein” he excused himself, fluttering those long, dark lashes.


Agent Thompson definitely lost focus at that. His cheeks tinted pink and his scent got a little stranger. Steve tried not to gag when he realized it must be beta arousal – he just had to keep it together a little longer.




Bucky was gripping the armrest so hard it splintered beneath him. His teeth were gritted together enough to hurt and the panic was moving through him like a huge set of waves, rocking him to nausea. Tony was moving too fast, ripping him apart much too roughly and it hurt, it scared him, it hurt…


“I’m sorry” Tony whispered frantically, getting the metal plating open to jab at the wires underneath. “I’m so sorry Bucky. Please, just a little bit more” he whispered, wiping away sweat and a tear with a gloved hand. The omega looked about as panicked as Bucky felt, and even though the alpha wanted to snarl and tear the whole room apart, he knew Tony wasn’t doing this to hurt him.


But it didn’t stop the awful sound of metal scraping. Didn’t stop the horrible memories it brought back to Bucky’s tormented mind.




Quill had quietly moved over to take Peter into his lap while the other two omegas distracted agent Thompson. The beta looked back with a frown when the teen pup whimpered into Quill’s soothing arms, not very good at hiding his emotions just yet.


“You’ll have to excuse Peter. He’s not matured properly yet and hasn’t exactly had a very good experience with unexpected guests” Steve said, not feeling sorry at all. Agent Thompson gave a confused smile and sipped his tea a little awkwardly. His self confidence had faltered a little – it was evident he wasn’t used to being around so many omegas in their own home. As far as Steve knew from Peggy’s furious rants, the SSR apparently didn’t employ omegas.

“No problem. I mean no harm to the pup or any of you; if all is well and your alpha is continuing his calm and non-function of his prothesis, then I should be out of your hair in no time. Speaking of which, where is the alpha? I want to see him” the beta said and put down his half-empty cup on the table. He straightened his suit as he looked expectantly at Steve.


And Steve panicked. He could still hear the faint whirring from the garage and he wasn’t sure at all they were done in there – didn’t know what to do if agent Thompson found Bucky with his arm intact. His blue eyes went wider as he opened his mouth, nothing coming out. Shit, shit, shit. The usually weaker heart pounded wildly in his ribcage and an unsettling feeling of nausea built up within in.


It was Loki who came to the rescue.


“Sure thing agent Thompson” he stepped in quickly, batting his eyelashes shamelessly as he got closer, letting the cat jump from his grip. It made the swell of his baby bump and the attractive shape of his now curvy body show. A suggestive hand was placed on the now blushing beta’s arm, squeezing just a little. “It’s right through here…oh…” Loki faltered, face suddenly distorting. God he was a phenomenal actor. Steve would’ve had a hard time not laughing if it wasn’t for the fact that he felt like pissing himself with fear.

“What is it?” agent Thompson said worriedly, trying to support the omega who now sagged against him.

“Oh, I just…I feel so dizzy all of a sudden…” Loki gasped expertly, practically swooning in the beta’s arms.


It woke Steve up.


“Oh god, not again! Please, uhm, hold him agent. Let me get a chair…” he ushered, hurrying to the table. The next part was all commotion – Loki feigning dizziness and having to be led by Thompson now paying full focus on the pregnant omega in his arms, Steve making a big fuzz about the situation and Peter beginning to sob in distress, having Quill lift him up to rock him and soothe him. Everyone was talking at once and Loki was dramatically fanning himself with his hand, making noises of discomfort and holding his belly as if in cramps. Agent Thompson looked confused and worried, trying awkwardly to help.


The act gave him another five minutes, at least. But eventually the beta had to straighten up and look at them with seriousness. His light eyes were less charming now when Loki had calmed down, drinking down some offered water.


“I’m afraid I must insist on seeing your alpha now” agent Thompson said, voice a little hardened. Steve knew he couldn’t stall more; he could only hope that Tony had managed Bucky’s arm. With his heart once again racing (at this rate he wouldn’t be surprised if he got an asthma attack) he sighed and pointed towards the garage door.

“He’s in there, helping out…” the omega said and bit his lip, not really knowing what else to say.


“Ah. Good” the beta said, putting his hands at his side to steady himself and taking a deep breath. Then he went up to the garage door and flung it open. Steve held his breath.


The sight that met them all was Bucky standing by the car currently taking up the room’s space, holding up the hood with his flesh arm. The metal one was crudely tied to his abdomen with some rope and the poor alpha looked disconnected from the world. His cold, exhausted eyes didn’t move up to meet whoever opened the door and he stood frozen as Tony straightened up from where he was working on something with the engine. Or pretending to work.


“Yes? Who are you?” the mechanic demanded, playing along well. But agent Thompson was done being pleasant. He stepped down into the garage with a dour face.

“Agent Thompson, SSR. I’d like you to ask your alpha to step around here” he wasted no time ordering. Huffing, Tony put down his tools. With a gesture, Bucky slowly lowered the hood.

“It broke this morning so I can’t prop it up. Lucky thing we have James, isn’t it? Come around here, don’t be scared” Tony said casually. Only Steve heard there was nothing casual about his voice.


Reluctantly Bucky stepped around and stood next to his owner, looking down.


“Tell him to be still” the beta demanded. Tony frowned, but did as asked. He placed a hand on Bucky’s right shoulder, gently squeezing it.

“The man is going to come closer now. But he won’t hurt you. I won’t let him” Tony said, the last part directed at the agent.


Agent Thompson said nothing. Instead he walked up and lifted Bucky’s chin to make him look at him, which made it very obvious that they had a big height difference. But the alpha was so good, so well-behaved and stood perfectly still. Since he saw no aggression in the blue eyes (or perhaps intimidated by the alpha’s size), the beta quickly moved on. Swiftly, he untied the rope.


Steve had to hold back a gasp and squeeze Loki’s hand so hard it probably hurt when he watched Bucky’s metal arm fall heavily and limp to his side. It jerked, probably painfully, at his shoulder and it just looked so horribly distorted. Like a piece of dead meat just hanging off him, unmovable. The fall brought no reaction from Bucky. Steve wanted to cry.


“I see…do you tie him up like this all the time?” agent Thompson said, poking the disabled arm. Tony glared at him.

“What do you suppose we do? We can’t have it like that – he has no way to move comfortably” he responded quite bitterly. The beta gave him a look. There was silence for a very uncomfortable moment, before finally the agent stepped back.


“Well then. I think I have what I came for” he said, tone short. Turning, he flashed one last smile towards Loki who blushed. “Thank you for the tea” he finished.


As soon as they had followed him to the door and made sure he’d left, Steve ran back to the garage and threw himself in Bucky’s arms. Only the flesh one embraced him back, but Tony was already setting up the tools to fix the prothesis. The distressed omega sobbed into his neck, licking at the skin desperately to soothe himself and his alpha.


“I’ll never let them take you” he whispered almost hysterically. “I’ll fight them, I swear. No one’s taking you from me” Steve promised, crying against the alpha holding him tight.




The Kingdom of Northumberland, Great Britain




The prince heard his mother calling through the door, but he didn’t want to answer her. Instead he sighed and sank deeper into the covers of the bed, ignoring the slit of light coming from underneath the door. Thor wasn’t in the mood to be a crown prince today – he was aching. It didn’t happen all the time but some days were worse than others and the years passed hadn’t eased that.


When Loki left that wretched day, he’d taken some part of Thor with him. At first the rage left no room for worry and he was only furious that the little omega had robbed him of the right to his virginity, something Thor had longed for much longer than what was even bearable. How many times had he wanted to steal into Loki’s room at night and just force his cock into him, finally get him settled and crying on his knot like he should be? How many times had he held back and respected that the younger boy didn’t want to share his heats while still unmarried, even if it burned in Thor’s groin so much he had to fuck at least three omega servants to get the need taken care of?


Eventually that passed, and he’d realized he was in mourning. He loved his little brother, was going to marry him – how could he just leave like that? There wasn’t even a letter for Thor. Just a short one for their father and a long one for mother. It had taken a long time to accept that. He wasn’t even sure he’d fully accepted it now.


But time had given Thor an opportunity to think. And sadly, he’d come to the realization that Loki hadn’t left him. He had left because of him. Loki didn’t want the life as a wife of the future king of Northumberland and he’d been so desperate to get away he’d stolen away in the night to board a boat over the Atlantic. To the one country where political relations was so bad that it didn’t matter which of the nine kingdoms Loki came from; the United States didn’t extradite anyone to Great Britain. Not even information. Besides, as his mother had put it, if Loki wanted to leave to escape marriage than forcing him back wouldn’t exactly make him keen to jump into Thor’s bed.


So there was the truth. It had brought change upon the prince – slow change, but change all the same. He liked to think he wasn’t the same kind of alpha as he’d been before, and queen Frigga had remarked several times that he’d grown to be a gentleman. At least Thor hoped it was so. In his mind, Loki was still the prettiest, smartest and most desirable omega he had ever met, and whatever he had done to drive him away Thor didn’t want to repeat.


His energy went to bettering himself and learning from his father how to be a good king. The partying and fighting was still a big part of his life, but he no longer bedded the omega servants as he pleased, and he had helped king Odin to better the relations between some of the other kingdoms as to try and ease the petty wars. In that work, Thor found happiness. He also found that the people around him started respecting him more – what he had initially thought was respect had turned out to be fear, and that had as well been a very bad revelation. The prince had still not found a wife (because he didn’t actually want someone else than his original intended), but he could honestly said he had peace and joy. Most days.  


However, sometimes the aching washed over him like a tidal wave. The aching for his little brother. And then…well, this happened.


Thor winced and buried his head further down when the door opened, letting light into the pitch black room.

“There you are” his mother, the beautiful queen Frigga, sighed where she stood in the doorstep in a beautiful cream-and-gold dress. Her blonde locks were done up in a series of braids, making the loose hair tumble around her shoulders. Those shoulders now slumped when she saw the state of her son. “You know you can’t keep doing this. You messed up the bedding” she berated softly, not actually angry.


Thor grunted and peered up at her.

“I don’t like the bedding. There should be a nest here” he grumbled. His mother sighed again; she gathered her skirts and came to sit next to him. A gentle hand came out to pet his hair of matching colour.


“This isn’t Loki’s room anymore, sweetheart. It’s a guest room, and the guest room have normal bedding” she told him very gently, words again falling on deaf ears. There should still be a nest here, in case his brother came home. Then he would need a nest. Not…not this horribly cold sheets and uncomfortable pillows.


Still, Thor looked around the room with sadness. None of the black-haired omegas things were left; all of them stored away in the attic someplace. Now it was just an ordinary stupid room where stupid guest stayed. Thor had forced his parents to keep the room exactly how it was for two years, but by then Loki hadn’t responded to any letter (Thor managed to wrangle his address out of some poor beta at the Department of Immigration) and king Odin had started presenting suitable omegas at court to try and redirect his son’s interest. So he’d yielded and let them turn it into whatever this was.


“Yeah” he whispered eventually, surrendering to his mother’s soft touch. “I just miss him”.