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Smells Like Teen Spirit

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“The football team!? Nicholas Pandas Halo do you know how dangerous that is!?” Bad yelled.

“Yes, dad,” Sapnap rolled his eyes.

“I was on my school football team and I turned out fine!” Skeppy laughed.

Bad turned to look at his friend, “debatable, Muffin,”

“Wait, did you just-?” Sapnap asked.

“This is not the topic of conversation right now!” Bad yelled.

“Now it is!” Sapnap laughed.

“No!” Bad yells.

“It won’t be ever if you let me join the team,” Sapnap bargains.

“Fine…” Bad mumbles.

And after a brief silence Skeppy smiled, “I don’t mind you calling me muffin,”

Somehow, that made the silence less awkward, but still, very quiet.