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As his last class ended, he immediately grabbed his phone and dialed his P’s number. Earlier he has sent some messages but none of them were answered. It was fine, his P was probably studying hard because they’ll be having their finals soon. All while he was listening to the phone ring, he came across their seniors but without P’Knott and P’Arthit. “Sawasdee krab, P’Bright, P’Tutah, P’Prem. Have you seen P’Arthit?” Not once did the seniors think of Kongpob looking for anyone among them except for Arthit. “Sawasdee nong Kongpob,” replied the trio, “if you’re looking for our Arthit then I don’t think he has time for you today,” said Tutah. Kongpob feeling confused because just yesterday the senior said that they will spend time together (and Kong was elated because not just was he meeting with his boyfriend, P’Arthit himself asked Kong to meet!) The seniors probably saw his face looking confused, “Why? Do you have something scheduled with him?” Asked Prem. Kong didn’t know what to answer but Bright eagerly said, “I don’t think he’ll be free for the rest of the day, he said something about meeting Namtan at some cafe. Who knows they’re probably on a date! After all, it’s Namtan we’re talking about.” Kongpob suddenly felt numb. Hurt. His P’Arthit is with P’Namtan, the girl his P’Arthit said he liked before. Feeling dejected he bid his goodbyes to the seniors and went to his dorm room. He guesses his meeting with his P is now cancelled.

Not having anything to do, he showered and slept his hurt and sadness away. But he knows nothing could ever take it away unless they’re his P’Ai-Oon.


“Knot do you really think he’ll like it?” Arthit nervously asked his best friend. “Ai’Thit, I think even if you give him a simple pen it would be special for him. Because it’s from you.” Knot couldn’t help but shake his head. Ever since he started seeing his friend that was suddenly looking all spaced-out and problematic, he observed and finally found out the cause of his misery (thanks to his dutiful observation skills), Nong Kongpob. He observed the two especially Arthit. Kongpob would be all over the campus looking for Arthit while the other would be all over the campus hiding from Kongpob. But then one day Kongpob stopped looking for Arthit, though he still looked terrible like he was up all night, sleepless. Then did he noticed his friend looking for a certain freshman. He’d see the way Arthit would be calmer once he saw Kongpob during lunch with his friends. How Arthit would look annoyed and sad as his eyes took in Kongpob and nong Praepailin sitting together, just like the Moon and the Star.

So Knot had to confront his friend because it’s obviously hurting himself. It’s plain to see that Kongpob is head over heels for Arthit, and he sees that his friend feels the same way, so why complicate things, right? But he forgot that his friend was the definition of complicated. He held onto his extreme patience while talking with Arthit. As they sat and as he listened to his friends’ problems, he gave advice that would hopefully help his friend and his heart. And he’s glad it did. Which is why now he was with his sickeningly in love friend to meet up with Namtan and her friend that makes personalized bracelets. He said that he’d like to give a gift to Kongpob and a personalized item was just perfect. (It was two bracelets, a couple bracelet, with different charms. One a sun and the other a moon. It was indeed, perfect. Of course. His friend can be romantic as well.)


Arthit tried to reach his boyfriend’s phone but it just kept on going to voicemail. He wondered if something was wrong. He checked his messages if Kong said something about where he is or what he’s doing, but the last message he received was when Kong said that his last class just ended. And that was almost an hour ago. He didn’t expect that Namtan’s friend would be late in meeting them that’s why he got caught up in the cafe. Where could his boyfriend be? Knot seeing his friend’s confusion nudged his shoulder, “Hey, what’s wrong Arthit?” “It’s just, I can’t reach Kong and his last message is from an hour ago. We’re supposed to meet at the cafeteria.” “Well let’s go to the cafeteria and see if he’s there, his phone battery might have run out or something. Don’t worry too much.”


As the two went to said cafeteria, they could see some of the freshmen but no Kong around. He was about to approach his boyfriend’s friends when “Hey Arthit!!” Bright the loudest ever called and waved at his friends. As Knot and Arthit went to where their friends were sitting. “Someone was looking for you earlier,” Tutah slyly said. Arthit was about to ask who but Prem butted saying, “Yeah, nong Kongpob was asking for you earlier.” Arthit perked up at the mention of Kong, “So, where is he now?” Arthit asked. Toota answered, “We don’t know, he’s probably back in his room. He looked kinda sad though.” “That’s because he hadn’t seen his favorite senior today!” Bright teased. Arthit ignored Bright once he heard that Kong was sad. “Why would he be sad?” Questioned Arthit. Prem and Tutah raised one of their eyebrows because why is Arthit suddenly concerned on why their junior was sad? “What did you guys told him, where I was?” Knot looked at his friend and sees that he’s a bit agitated so he reached out his hand on his shoulder to calm him down. A bit. “I said that you were probably on a date with Namtan!” Bright exclaimed. Arthit stilled and looked at Bright who looked clueless, “But he wasn’t on a date with Namtan, I was even with them!” Knott said. “Did you even mentioned that I was with Knot?” Arthit said coldly, but Bright still being clueless replied cheekily, “No, I just said that he probably won’t get to meet you today because you were with Namtan!” 'Sorry Bright, I probably can’t help you out with this one', thought Knot. “How could you say that?!” Arthit bursted. Eyes angry pointing at his friend. How dare he make Kongpob sad?! “What did I said something wrong?” Bright asked while scratching his head. He was just teasing his junior, he didn’t know it would make him sad. Why does it even matter to Arthit? Knot whispered to Arthit, trying to calm him down, “People are starting to look Thit, you should just calm down. Go to Kongpob’s room and see if he’s there. If what Bright said is true then you should probably check on your nong already.” Arthit who was shooting daggers at Bright suddenly walked away and went to his boyfriend. Knot just sighed and looked at the rest of his friends, stopping on Bright and released another sigh all while shaking his head. Tutah who got the picture smacked Bright’s head. “What did I do?!”


Arthit rushed to his lover’s room, knocking softly and cursed silently when met with nothing. Getting Kong’s spare key that he has, he opened the door while quietly calling out, “Kong? Are you here? Kong?” As he stepped inside he went to the bedroom and saw him. His Kongpob, sleeping peacefully but with his eyebrows creased, he looked like he’s frowning in his sleep. Arthit sighed as he stared at his junior. He would do anything to take that frown away, he thought to himself. He started setting his bag on the study table, removed his workshop uniform and his pants, leaving him on his black shirt and boxers. He carefully made his way through his boyfriend’s bed. It’s not the first time they shared a bed but his face still feels warm all over the thought of being on close proximity with his Kongpob. He set an alarm just in case they oversleep, they still need to eat dinner.


Arthit can’t sleep thinking on how he would give his present to his lover. He would explain first that he was NOT on a date with Nam. (The only dates I’d go from now on is with Kong, he thought cheesily, and cringing at himself.) He also was with Knot, he went to the cafe to get the items he bought from Nam’s friend. While in deep thinking, Kongpob suddenly moved and faced towards him. Still asleep thank goodness, Arthit thought. Though they were boyfriends, he still can’t get rid of his shyness around this perfect man beside him. Arthit faced Kongpob, too. He was staring and got the urge to hold Kongpob. So while he was still having that thought, bravely enough, he stretched his arm under Kongpob’s head and lead him to his chest, while his other hand put Kong’s hand on his waist. He became Kongpob’s bolster/pillow. But he didn’t mind. He loved it. He love it. Every time he’s near his lover, he loves it. Slowly drifting off to sleep, he felt Kong tighten his arms around him.

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Slowly waking up from his nap, phone alarm ringing, Kongpob sleepily reached for the phone, still disoriented from sleep he tried to move only to realize that he wasn’t alone in his bed. He tried to move to silence the alarm but his boyfriend was holding him tightly to his chest.


“Wait, did I just said boyfriend? P’Arthit is here?” Kong muttered to himself. “Kong… the alarm… 5 more minutes…” Arthit said in his sleep while turning to the opposite side, his back facing Kongpob. Confused as to why Arthit was in his bed, he turned off the alarm, completely forgetting this afternoon’s happenings. Seeing that it was almost dinner time, he went to the bathroom to relieve himself and wash his face, he dried and headed to pick up his wallet to go buy their dinner downstairs.


He ordered their food, while waiting he remembered what transpired earlier and contemplated as to why Arthit was in his room. Deep in his thoughts he slightly jumped as someone placed a hand on his shoulder. “Oh, P'Knot, hello.” “Hey nong Kongpob, how are you? Where’s Arthit by the way?” “Ah, I'm alright P. P’Arthit is still sleeping in.. my.. room?” seeing the somber expression on Kongpob's face, Knot immediately figured that they still haven’t talked. “I see, he was probably tired while we were waiting for Namtan and her friend earlier, we probably spent more minutes waiting for them than talking and negotiating with them.”


Kongpob confused, asked, “You were with P’Arthit earlier, P? But P'Bright said—” “nothing. He didn’t tell you that I accompanied Arthit earlier didn’t he?” Kongpob confusedly nodded. Chuckling Knot continued, “don’t listen to Bright sometimes, he can be a blabbering mess, if only you saw how Arthit looked at Bright earlier while he was telling us what he told you,” he chuckled while shaking his head, “he’s not dead, yet, because I told Arthit to immediately go to you to explain things, but I’m guessing you guys haven’t talked yet?” Kongpob nodded, “Yes P, P’Arthit probably came when I was already asleep, and I just woke up, I think he's still not awake—”


“Kong?” Kong turned his head to where his name came from, “P'Arthit? Oof—” Arthit rushed to Kong to hug him. “We were sleeping and then when I turn around you weren’t in the bed anymore, I tried to call you but then you left your phone in your room. I was so worried, I’m sorry, I know we were supposed to—” “Nong your order is ready, here you go, sorry it took so long, there are a lot of customers.” Arthit was interrupted by the vendor. Realizing what position they were in, Arthit reluctantly released Kong from his grip. Knot was trying to hold his smile seeing his friend embarrassed. “Arthit, nong Kong, I’ll go ahead. Take care you two.” Arthit didn’t even realized that his friend was also there! He just raised his hand to wave bye to his friend. “Thank you P'Knot, take care too.” Kong said and paid the vendor for his order, “Thank you Aunty.” “Kong–“ “P’Arthit, let’s go back first and eat this while it’s still hot. We can talk later, okay?” Arthit didn’t think that his boyfriend would buy for him as well, but he can see the bottle of pink milk from one of the plastic bags his boyfriend was carrying. He went to Kong to take the bags and walked by his side. Kongpob only looked at his boyfriend but deep inside he was pleased by the action of the elder.


Inside the elevator on their way up to Kong's room, Arthit can’t help but think on how to explain what happened. Kong saw how his P’Arthit was fidgeting, he glanced around to check if there were any people inside but thankfully they were alone. With this he slowly intertwined his pinky finger to Arthit’s. Arthit got surprised by the contact but eventually smiled towards Kongpob. They continued doing this up until they were in front of the room.


Arthit set their food on the table and got their plates and utensils. “Kong, let’s eat.” Arthit said while smiling sweetly to Kong. Kong smiled back and nodded, “Okay P’Arthit.” No one was talking while they eat, only glances stolen by each other. By the time they were done Arthit got up and cleared their mess, “Kong, you can go and take a shower first, I'll clean up here.” “Are you sure P’Arthit? I can help you if you want.” Arthit shaked his head, “No it’s alright. Go ahead. I’ll shower after you then you can pick a movie for us to watch. How does that sound?” “It sounds good P.” Kong replied with a soft smile.


Both fresh from shower, movie ready to be watched, Arthit went to his bag to get a small box which confused Kong as to what might be inside that box. “Kong, before we watch the movie I want to give you something.” Kong tilted his head slightly to the left which made him look so adorable (Arthit’s words) “What is it P?” Arthit went to Kong's side as the latter was sitting on the bed. He sat in front Kong, “give me your hand,” Kong gave his hand willingly because who is he to deny his boyfriend of such a request? Nervously, Arthit opened the box and revealed two bracelets with a sun and moon charm. He put the sun bracelet on his Kong's wrist and smiled, showing his dimples, “Perfect.” Kongpob, in awe of the bracelet and of his lover, stared at Arthit with misty eyes, suddenly speechless, “P'…” “I asked you for today didn’t I? But it got ruined because of me. I wanted to gift you something personal, something that when you look at, you’d immediately think of me. I found out that Namtan’s friend makes personalized accessories and got these. I didn’t tell you because I wanted it to be a surprise, instead I made you sad,” Arthit said while caressing Kongpob’s cheek softly. “So you really didn’t went on a date with her,” “No Kong, I’m sorry for making you think that I did, I just didn’t know that her friend would be that late that’s why we got caught up in the café for some time. As soon as I got these Knot and I left immediately. But it was still too late, I really wanted this day to be for the both of us but now it’s gone.”


Kongpob held Arthit’s hand that was holding his face and kissed his palm. “You don’t have anything to be sorry about P. I misunderstood and let my insecurity get the best of me. I guess I still can’t shake off the fact that P'Namtan was someone you secretly liked for a long time and it just scared me that maybe you don’t want to be with me anymore, to be with a man.” “Kong no, I may have liked her before but what I felt for her can never compare with the intensity of what I feel for you.” Kongpob smiled towards Arthit, that blinding smile that Arthit wishes he could see everyday. Kongpob picked up the moon bracelet and tied it to Arthit’s wrist and smiled, “I love you, P' Ai-oon.” “I love you too, Kongpob. So much.” Arthit replied, sincerity transparent on his eyes.


They both know that they have a long way to go with their relationship. More problems to come and insecurities to fight. But they also know that when it’s them, they’ll get through it. Together.