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"I want you mommy"

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Jungkook needed him, it wasn't fair that he was married to his father. It wanted him, he wanted to fuck his pussy, he wanted to fuck him every night just like his dad. And tonight he was going to do just that, no matter if Jimin liked it or not.

The teen always jerks off to the thought of his stepmom Jimin. His big d cups to that fat ass of his. He stares at his ass all day long. Watching the way it moved when he walked. He just wanted to dive and eat it up.

Right now Jimin was busy cooking for dinner and Jungkook was just now getting off from basketball practice.

"Hey honey how was practice?" Jimin said looking up for a split second at the teen.

"It was good thanks" Jungkook smiled and he took in what his stepmom wore.

Jimin wore some skinny jeans that fit perfectly and a pink crop Top that revealed his smooth toned belly. His blonde shoulder length hair was tied in a bun. God his ass was so fucking fat. His stepmom was rather short, he was at least 5'6 short compared to him and his father who are nearly 6 feet tall.


"uh where's dad at?"Jungkook asked wondering why his father wasn't around.

"He's working late tonight I think" Jimin said reaching down to pick up the napkin he dropped and Jungkook took the opportunity to stare at the plump booty.

"Hey go up and shower kook dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes" Jimin announced finishing up a few things and Jungkook hummed before disappearing upstairs.

Jimin couldn't wait for his husband Namjoon to get home. It had been a while since they have been intimate and he wore pink lace just for his husband. Dinner went smoothly, Jungkook complimenting him on his cooking skills and offering to help him clean but Jimin only thanked him and dismissed it. The teen asked again but Jimin smiled at him and told him to go rest cause he knew he was tired.

Jungkook smiled as he went upstairs but in reality, he watched Jimin from around the corner as he stroked his dick cumming almost instantly due to how horny he was. This was fucking it he couldn't hold back anymore.

Jimin was busy washing up dishes when he felt a presence behind him so he turned around and gasped at the distance between him and his stepson.

"Jungkook w-what are you doing" Jimin asked trying to push the teen away from him.

"I want it, I have to hear you and my dad fuck all night. Listen to you moaning his fucking name when it could be mine" Jungkook growled leaning in closer.

"But your my stepson and I'm married to your father. This is wrong Jungkook" Jimin said trying to get away from the strong teen. It was no use when Jungkook clenched his jaw and suddenly picked him up and threw him over his shoulder while Jimin pleaded for him to put him down. Jungkook landed a slap on Jimin's ass causing him to whimper.

Jungkook made it to his room and threw Jimin on the bed before returning to lock his door.


"What the hell are you doing Jungkook I'll tell your father" Jimin cried getting up to go towards the door.


"Okay tell and I'll tell my dad you tried to seduce me. Who is he going to believe you or his own son" Jungkook smirked seeing Jimin sigh as he sat back on the bed.

"What do you want?" Jimin said finally defeated by the young teen. Jungkook walked up to him and cupped his chin softly so he would look up at him.

"I want everything Jimin, I want your lips, your breasts, that ass of yours, and I definitely want that pussy" He smirked seeing Jimin's eyes widened before he quickly looked away.

"Fine" Jimin muttered but Jungkook didn't catch what he said.

"I can't hear you sexy"

"you can have it" Jimin announced louder still avoiding his eyes not daring to look at the smirkish smile on his stepson's face. Jungkook pulled him up suddenly by his waist until they were in each other and Jimin gasped looking up at him.

Jungkook smirked as he slowly leaned into his step mom's plump pink lips. It was like heaven when their lips touched. The teen strengthened the kiss as he snaked his around down to Jimin's ass making him whimper into the kiss.

"So plump" Jungkook whispered softly into the kiss. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's neck as the teen guided them to the bed. Jungkook leaned down until Jimin's back hit the bed. The teen kissed down his step mom's neck smirking at the male's soft and whiny moans.

Jungkook toyed with the zipper of his pink crop top as he looked up at Jimin who only gulped as he nodded his head. Jungkook slowly pulled the zipper down until the bottom. He pushed the open shirt and he gasped at his step mom's breasts. So full and perky, he was at least a D. Jungkook didn't hesitate to grope them, the fat of them flowing out his hands.


"Love your tits mommy" Jungkook teased leaning down to lick at his nipple in which Jimin's back arched. Jungkook sucked it at while he thumbed the other one. Jimin moaned his name involuntary as he reached up to grab his black locks.

"S-Shit" Jimin cursed as the teen nibbled on it. Jungkook removed his hand and moved it to Jimin's pants searching for the zipper, succeeding he unzipped his pants and tried to pull them off but Jimin's ass was too big.


"Mommy that fat ass of yours is going to be a problem" Jungkook chuckled as he moved back leaving a breathless Jimin sitting up on his elbows. The teen hooked his hands onto Jimin's waistband and tugged the jeans off his ass licking his lips. He slowly slipped them off his hips, down those thighs, and finally off his legs leaving him in his pink lace underwear.

His stepmom looked fucking amazing he looked like he belongs in the most expensive porn magazine ever to be made.

Jungkook groaned at the wet spot in front of the pink lace. He trailed his eyes back up to his breasts then finally up to his face. Jimin's bun was messed up. His bangs covered his eyes but those plump lips. Jungkook wanted to fucking devour him. The male crawled back over to him like a predator ready to pounce for his prey.


"You look so good Jimin" He growled roughly grabbing his chin smirking at the whimpering male.

"What's wrong you don't like it rough. Wearing pink lace for daddy. Such a slutty move" Jungkook said tilting his head to the side with a smile. Jimin only looked at him with a glare and Jungkook smiled again.

"Not as talkative. Don't worry I'll have you screaming in a bit" The teen said as he got off the bed and pulled off his shirt revealing his fit body. Jimin looked at the tiger tattoo covering his back as he watched him He walk over to his drawer and grabbed a clear bottle out of it before returning to the bed.


Jungkook grabbed his ankles and pulled him down to the edge of the bed. He quickly slipped off the lace and folded his legs back revealing that fat wet cunt. He began placing soft kisses on his thighs as he looked up at his stepmom. "Please don't this" Jimin pleaded quietly but Jungkook didn't care. The teen only worked higher and higher until he was before his cunt as he locked with Jimin's pleaded ones.

He smirked as he places his mouth on his throbbing clit. Jimin threw his head back as he let out a loud desperate moan. Jungkook sucked on it mercilessly loving how Jimin was falling apart at just getting his pussy eaten. Jungkook explored his tongue around his pussy as he brought his thumb up to clit stroking it slowly.


Jimin cried at painfully slow simulation but his moans were cut off when he felt a finger push at his entrance. He looked down at Jungkook who smiled at him before pushing it in rather easily. " kinda tight for a mommy like you"

Jungkook ended up with four fingers in Jimin loving the way he begged him for more totally losing it over his stepson's long fingers. Jimin panted heavily when the teen stopped and gave him a why look. Jungkook stood up as he reached his belt buckle and Jimin knew what time it was. He watched him drop his pants and just by the bulge he could tell he was big. When Jungkook slipped his boxers off he confirmed it with a smirk on his face. "Like what you see" He smirked holding his big dick in his hand and Jimin blushed and looked away.


"I'll take that as a yes" He said hovering above Jimin once again with that evil grin on his face.


"doggy style or missionary?"


"Doggy-" Jimin managed to get out before Jungkook connected their lips again and Jimin finally kissed back this time. The teen flipped over Jimin before biting his lips and grabbing handfuls of his ass and jiggling it. Jimin moaned as he arched his back.

"No wonder why dad married you" Jungkook laughed before biting his lip while rubbing lube all over his dick and finally pushing the tip of his dick in making Jimin gasp. The stepmom felt so fucking full, his husband didn't even touch areas his son was touching right now. "So good" Jimin moaned when Jungkook gripped his hips. Jungkook started slowly slipping himself in and out of his stepmom's pussy.

Jimin was moaning and Jungkook's smirked at the little cries in between. He gradually sped up enjoying the soft clap of Jimin's ass against his pelvis. Jimin tried fucking back onto him in desperation and Jungkook chuckled as he gave his ass a harsh slap. Causing it to echo through the room.

"You're messing up the pace just let me fuck you" He demanded before fucking into him harder determined to fully break the male. Jimin was holding out as he only let soft moans fall from his mouth. Jungkook knew he had to be rough if he wanted to get a reaction from his stepmom.


Jungkook roughly forced Jimin's head onto the mattress as he fucked him good. Jimin pleaded for him to slow down but he ignored it delivering smacks to his ass. "Mommy you act like you're too good for my dick. You fucking know it's better than dad's"

Jungkook grabbed a fistful of Jimin's blonde hair forcing him up as he fucked into him. Jimin cried out at the pleasure that was taking over his body. Jungkook was fucking him stupid because he could only get out babbles.

"So fucking good mommy" Jungkook growled biting at Jimin's neck who moaned at him.

"F-Fuck you Jungkook your dick feels so good" Jimin moaned his eyes crossing as the teen plowed into him. Jungkook let his hair go and Jimin stuffed his face into the mattress as he pleaded for him to go faster.

"F-Fuck me good baby" Jimin moaned on turning back to look at him while he held onto his wrist finally giving into the teen. Jumgkook growled watching Jimin's mouth hang open as his eyes rolled up. Slobber flowed down the sides of his mouth as he moaned out his male.

Jungkook flipped them around so he was face to face with him. He didn't waste time fucking back into him with all his might watching Jimin throw his hands above his head not knowing what to do with them. The teen leaned to reconnect their lips swallowing every sound Jimin cried out.

"G-Give i-it t-to m-me da-ddy" Jimin moaned out. Jungkook used his elbows to prop himself up as he admired his dad's wife. Jimin wrapped his arms around his neck as he pulled him close tucking his head in the side of Jungkook's neck.

"Such a whore" Jungkook growled into his ear sending shivers down his spine.

Jimin was screaming at this point and Jungkoo knew he was close to coming, Jimin scratched deep at his back but Jungkook couldn't feel it because he was so worked up. Jungkook sat back up as he grabbed Jimin's legs and used them to fuck into him harder. Jimin's moans were high pitched constantly and he was clutching the bedsheets in each side of his head. Jungkook's eyes fell on Jimin's tits bouncing up at every thrust.

Jimin looked up at the ceiling as he orgasmed. His whole body felt like a river a pleasure washed over him while he came. His legs shook as he creamed around his stepson's dick. Jungkook continued to fuck him through his orgasm, the teen reaching his high as well shooting his seed deep into his step mom's pussy.

He fucked him gently as he came down from his high listening to Jimin moan softly below him. Once satisfied he slowly pulled it dick out with a wet pop. He reached his cum spill from his pussy.

"The best pussy I've ever had" Jungkook panted leaning down to kiss Jimin's lips who returned it with a smile.


"Loved your dick more than your dad's" Jimin chuckled biting his lip up at the teen. Jungkook laughed as he kissed his lips again before collapsing next to him.


"Let's do it again"

"What?" Jungkook chuckled looking at his beautiful stepmom.


"Let's have sex again"


"I was hoping you would say that"