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Of fake priests and real demons and other things as well

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It was late in the afternoon when Bucky woke up again. The sun was still slowly starting to sink, braking through the drawn curtains. He yawned and stretched languidly. His body sore in the best ways possible. Jesus this was going to last for some time and he couldn’t help but grin to himself at the thought. The remains of sleep mixed with the endorphins set free at the lightest shift, that caused his muscles to throb, left him floating in a fog Bucky wouldn’t have minded staying in for the rest of his life.

Another little shift to turn around and towards the man responsible for the syrup-y haze, but instead of a face with impossible long lashes and a strangely trimmed goatee Bucky found himself facing a leg, or mor precisely, the side of one perfectly shaped ass-cheek. Not the worst view to wake up to.

He glanced up to find Tony leaning against the headboard, while tipping on his tablet, a little screen… wait… was that a holograph?!?!? Floating above the deceive. Bucky’s eyes went wide, eyelids batting a tad too franticly to clear the remnants blur of sleep away, because, that, that he had to see. ‘Wow, how does that work??’ the words were rasped out and Bucky snapped his mouth shut almost instantly, when he heard the wrecked sound echoing through the silence of the room.

His heartrate was spiking, Bucky’s face spontaneously combusted in a flare of embarrassment the moment the memories of what had happened between Tony and him flooded his mind. Oh god, oh no, actually heck yes, but still oh god no. The phantom pleasure, that was still roaming through him was battling the sheer desperation of what he had shown a complete stranger of himself. Both forces firing up Bucky’s cheeks to the max, that he was sure, he was glowing bright enough for the NASA to see him. Not ready to face either of them, he twisted again, trying to bury the heated beacon in the incredible soft pillow to hide it from the older man with, admittingly, moderate success.

It became obvious, when Bucky felt the other shift as well and a soft kiss was pressed to the crown of his hair, before Tony leaned back again and started to run his fingers up and down Bucky’s now collar free neck. The soft touch making him shudder, the pleasure-side of his inner battle easily regaining the upper hand at the gentle ministrations.

Encouraged by the soft touch he managed to sneak one tired arm out from under the cover and carefully wrapped it around the sitting brunet’s narrow waist, using the leverage to pull himself closer. Bucky was rewarded with a low, satisfied hum running through Tony’s body, that transmitted right into his own at ever point of contact, causing him to shiver.

‘Did I wake you up? I’m sorry, you can go back to resting, I just had to check a few messages.’ The whisky warm voice of the older brunet waving through the air, while a deft hand kneaded and pressed along Bucky’s shoulder-blade and spine was turning him into a puddle of goo in the matter of seconds, causing Bucky to melt right into the touch. Was there anything this man couldn’t do? Probably not. Tony looked like the kind of guy who walked into something new and just excelled at it.

Bucky shook his head sluggishly in denial. He had slept in moving tanks. If he didn’t want to wake up, he wouldn’t. To be honest, he had been so out of it after what they had done, not even an explosion next to the bed could have woken him up. The nap had been just the perfect rest.

Another acknowledging hum was the others response, while skilled fingers continued to find all the knots and spots on Bucky upper body the man could reach. Without having to look up from the deceive in his hand, the older brunet moved over Buckys skin, easily finding all the spots that seemed to need attention as well as some Bucky hadn’t even realized himself where tense. He kept glancing upwards every now and then, watching as Tony swished one holograph away before another appeared. It almost looked like magic, when the older man’s finger danced through the air gracefully, touching one spot on the three-dimensional projection to zoom in or alter it completely. Tony looked so focused and enraptured in his work, dark eyes reflecting blue light making them light up beautifully, that it left Bucky wondering how the man was even able to do anything on the side.

‘If a beauty like you keeps staring at me like that, I might get big-headed, sweat-cheeks.’ Bucky’s pursed his lips to suppress a surprised gasp at the sudden call-out. A fresh wave of heat rushed up his neck at getting caught ogling the other. When had he become so obvious? Tony hadn’t looked away once from the screen. How did he even notice? ‘was not… was jus’ lookin’ at the holograph… how does it work?’ he half-lied. Obviously, he was just as bad at lying as he was at playing priest, because the other didn’t even try to hide his chuckle, the warm sound going straight down southwards and Bucky felt himself twitch. ‘Why magic of course.’ the mischievous wink making his heart skip a beat.


Tony leaned down, placing a feather-light kiss on his human’s forehead. Oh, he was so wonderful easy to read. Emotions hushing over a blushing face like a painter’s brush, leaving the most beautiful painting and wow, wasn’t it funny how quickly you could turn into a lover of the art? The demon couldn’t stop himself from teasing the mortal. Maybe he just found a whole gallery of paintings to enjoy. ‘You know lying is a sin, right? Keep doing it and a demon might eat you whole.’ He gently nibbled at James ear to make a point. The yelp he got in response just the tip of what Tony wanted to hear from the other after knowing what lovely sounds his human could create.

James rolled to the side in a vain attempt to protect his ear, shaking his head with a snort, ‘Pft, yeah right. Pretty sure they got better things to do than that and I’m quite confident, that I don’t taste that good anyway. So even if they came, they’d stop right after the first bite, going for a burger instead.’ Tony arched an eyebrow in challenge, as he placed the tablet on the bed beside him so he could turn his full attention on his lovely naïve little human, who didn’t even know what a delicatesse he was.

A devious smile was all the warning James got, before the demon was half bouncing, half rolling on top of the taller brunet. He pushed out a breathless laugh, as Tony propped himself on his elbows, successfully bracketing the faintly blushing face between his forearms. He looked down at the rosy cheeks, eyes following the tip of his human’s tongue darting out to lick his lush bottom lips, before dipping down to capture the other mouth in a gentle kiss, that heated up quickly.

The demon sucked and worried at James still tender, kiss-swollen flesh and the mortal let out the sweetest whimper. Tony licked over the abused lips soothingly, pulling back only for the other to catch one shuddering breath before diving down again.


The sudden change of pace had Bucky panting for air in no time. Tony’s skilled tongue easily granting itself access, when his lips parted and he could feel himself melt into the others caress. How was he doing that with just his tongue?! The older man pulled back, just as Bucky was starting to accept his fate. Death through brain-melt, caused by Tony’s wickedly expert kisses. He barely heard the others dangerously low whispered contemplation. ‘Mhm, no, I wouldn’t bet on that sugar-plum. You do taste quite delicious.’

The devious twinkle lighting up the older mans cognac eyes, had Bucky shiver and the warmth in his stomach was curling up in well-known anticipation all over again. He tried to shift a bit. Just enough so his half-hard cock wouldn’t press against Tony’s leg. Where was this energy even coming from anyways? After their morning together he shouldn’t be able to do as much as twitch. Bucky wasn’t granted any time to think that thought through, because Tony was already sliding a calloused hand down his chest, towards flank, following the pattern of bites he had left earlier.

Bucky felt it like electric sparks every time the rough pad of the others thumb rasped over a healing bite or sucked in bruise. The tantalizing mix of pleasure and teasing had him keen wantonly in no time. The light stings a thrilling contrast to the soft lips sucking another hickey over the bite mark on his shoulder, that turned into a possessive bite, ripping a filthy moan out of Bucky’s chest.

‘Tony…’ he gasped in desperation, unsure what he wanted the older man to do. The low, purring sound he got in response, shot right to Bucky’s dick, that in contrast to him, knew exactly what he wanted. A broad lick over the fresh bite made him whimper as the still sore flesh of his hole shamelessly twitched in unmasked interest again.


‘Insatiable, aren’t we?’ Tony felt his tail ready to break free from the constricting spell keeping it hidden to pin the mortal down, when James started to squirmed under his touch. His body demanding more even while the mind was obviously trying to reason. Why were humans so adamant on denying themselves pleasure and following their desires? The demon would never understand. He placed a quick filthy kiss on those temptingly parted lips, causing the taller brunet to buck up against his leg. The little mewling sound, that followed, was swallowed by their tightly sealed lips, moving against each other’s.

The demon didn’t wait for the unspoken request pulsing through the mortal’s aura to get voiced, as he pushed his hips up again and again. He reached down with a deliberate twist of his hand, wrapping his fingers around the others length in a tight grip, before the hell-descendant started to jerk the already panting human off in a quick pace, that had the brunet howl out Tony’s name again and again.

The demon was glad James had his eyes pressed close, because the familiar feeling of possessiveness was flaring up in his chest tenfold at the debauched sight in front of him, already turning his eyes bright golden and he couldn’t have stopped it. Not for all the souls in the world. Not when the other was calling out his name like it was the only thing he knew, the only thing he needed, the only thing he wanted.


Bucky knew he was probably panting and moaning like a whore, but every time he tried to shut his mouth, Tony was twisting his hand just a bit tighter or letting the pad of his thumb brush right over his over-sensitive slit and another moan broke free. He slung his arms around the older man’s neck and shoulder like a lifeline, when the pooling heat gathering turned almost unbearable and he couldn’t stop himself from trusting into the offered palm. Tony’s calloused hand just at the right side of painful as the steady flow of precome slicked the channel the older man’s steadily moving fist created. ‘Ah…fu… ‘m…cl’s…’ he tried to warn Tony, as his messy thrust upwards started to stutter and the impending wave of release was only seconds away from drowning him all over again.

Instead of a change in pace, Bucky felt wet lips move against his bared throat. An almost electric shock rushed through his body as the grip on his cock tightened, giving it a maddening twist and a dark growl vibrated against his neck ‘Then come for me.’ It was all it took for Bucky to tumble over the edge. The orgasm ripping through him with more force than expected, making him grasp out in shock and relive and everything in between as his toes curled into the duvet while his dug his nails into the older brunets back to keep himself from floating off into limbo, which was where such a mind-blowing orgasm was sending you. Into a blank realm of white pleasure.

It took a few long moments filled with panting and trying to regain some coherent thoughts. ‘You… ha…’ Bucky swallowed, sucking in two more big gulps of air in between the soft kisses Tony was peppering over his cheeks and nose, before he was able to form a full sentence again. ‘So, if I’m the insatiable one, what… ha… than what makes that the guy, who’s not able to keep his hands to himself for longer than five minutes?’ Tony stilled in his quest to kiss every patch of Bucky’s skin in reach and scanned Bucky for a considering moment, before he made a shrugging gesture as he pushing himself up.

Bucky nearly let the whine sitting on the tip of his tongue at the loss of contact slip, but bit it back, determined not to give in to the other so easily, who was straddling his legs, careful not touch his limp and oversensitive cock resting against his leg. Tony raised his arms in a dramatic display of faked afront, the most innocent expression on his features mimicking exaggerated hurt. ‘Me? I’m just a connoisseur of the haute-cuisine. It would be a felony to leave such a perfect meal untouched.’

A few limpid drops of come were running down the inside of Tony’s palm and Bucky watched breathlessly as the older man collect them with the tip of his tongue. Daringly glistening eyes pinned Bucky in place as a pleased hum was filling the air around them. ‘Delicious.’ It was that moment Bucky knew, he must have in fact died during his orgasm and went straight to heaven… or maybe hell. Probably hell because he was pretty sure angels wouldn’t do something so steaming hot and there was no way, this was really happening.

Bucky didn’t think himself the innocent kinda fella, but he could definitely feel himself evaporate in the face of the sex god sitting in top of him. Did this man have any diffidence? Like, at all? Obviously not, because he offered Bucky a playful wink, when he noticed Bucky’s futile attempts to wet his suddenly to dry lips, before swinging himself off Bucky and out of the bed in an effortless movement, that held more grace, than should be humanly possible.

He watched the man stretch himself, flexing his muscles in a way, that had Bucky’s mouth water and mind in the gutter much faster than he would have liked to admit. Geez, this was bad, the sight alone was enough to have his gut tingle all over again. ‘Shower?’ the unexpected question pulled Bucky out of his live action daydream. He tried to cover his delayed reaction with an awkward cough with mediocre success. A shower was actually very welcome. Even with Tony’s deliberate wipe down earlier, Bucky still felt sticky all over the place and yeah, no question on that, a shower sounded just marvellous.

‘Yeah, that might be a good idea.’ He answered the question, Tony didn’t really seem to have expected an answer to, because the perfectly build body had already turned towards his wardrobe, rummaging through the lower shelfs, putting his fine piece of behind on perfect display. The almost silent wolf-whistle Bucky let slip hadn’t been supposed to be heard, but obviously the man had lynx-like hearing because he answered by wiggling his ass, before pulling out a large black towel with a matching bathrobe. At Bucky’s raised eyebrow he cocked his head in confusion like as he held out the soft looking pieces of fabric, like it was normal to have a matching towels and bathrobes. What kind of person even had towels that matched the bathrobes?

When Bucky didn’t move, the older brunet beckoned him to follow with that come hither look that gave the tall brunet the worst and best ideas about the other. He rolled to the side of the bed and had to supress a groan at the sudden ache making itself present within his lower back at the movement. He didn’t really have to say anything either, because he could feel the smugness radiate from the other man even from the other side of the room as he watched Bucky scramble out of the duvet. Simply out of protest he threw one of the pillows haphazardly covering the rumpled cover into the older man’s direction, hitting Tony square into the face.

Or rather it would have, if the other hadn’t caught it in a swift movement, before catapulting it right back towards Bucky. Which led to more pillows nyoming through the air into the older man’s direction, and back towards him until one pillow started to lose some of its filling and Tony was covered in feathers. ‘Truce! Truce! I’m calling in a truce.’ Raising his hands in surrender. There weren’t any pillows left anyways so Bucky nodded with as much magnanimity he could muster.

‘Fine, but only because I’m sweaty and I need that shower.’ Tony arched an eyebrow in open amusement. ‘Too gracious of you. Does my darling prince prefer the palanquin or does he want to be carried again?’ the voice dropped into a lascivious tone as he spoke and, argh, seriously, how could someone be so infuriating and yet hot at the same time.

Tony was leaning against the door frame of the bedroom, arms crossed, showing of his muscles perfectly while holding on to the fluffy fabric. The teasing smirk was still firmly set in place as Bucky pushed himself up, chin raised high, strictly ignoring his slightly wobbly legs and insinuation of wanting to get manhandled by Tony, which seriously shouldn’t be so far up in his turn on list, before meeting the slightly shorter man with a more or less confident strut at the door. ‘Don’t get yourself worked up on the idea. It’s less of a turn on than you might think.’

Bucky’s voice was surprisingly steady for someone, who had just lied right though his teeth. Unfortunately, the older brunet seemed to be a living polygraph for lies as well, because Tony scoffed with an almost fond smile tugging on the corner of his lips. ‘Liiiiiiieeer.’ He sing-sang-ed as he pushed himself from the resting position, he hadn’t left even with Bucky crowding his space probably a bit too much, to place a quick kiss on his cheek and a warm hand on the small of his back to guide him down the hall and show him the bathroom.

If he was being honest with himself, Bucky had low-key expected the other to suggest to share the shower as well, but Tony only switched on the lights, before placing towel and bathrobe on the sink, leaving Bucky to himself in the spacy bath, that looked like the one in Bucky own apartment and yet totally different. Much bigger. Less cluttered. Well understandable, this man had just moved in and was living alone after all.

He jumped into the shower, turning the water icy cold for a second, just to make sure he hadn’t dreamt this up all together, even though he hadn’t because he was pretty sure, that he wouldn’t be able to make something so detailed up. Nope sir. He turned the water hot again, starting to rinse of the sweat and come and lube, that were still sticking to him. The whole situation was just unbelievable. He was really standing in a shower that wasn’t his own, with shampoo running down his body, that didn’t smell like his, that actually belonged to a guy hotter than the sun and sweeter than honey, who obviously saw something in Bucky, though he couldn’t really fathom what that might be. How did a stupid prank could go so wrong and so right at the same time?


The moment Tony heard the spray of water turn on, he went back to the bedroom, where his modified tablet was still lying upside down. Oh, he dreaded turning it on again, but how could he have resisted such a sweet temptation like his human? He sighed out a long, suffering huff. Well, sitting something out wasn’t an option, especially not when both sides of the line where immortal.

He took the tablet in hand, letting his energy flow right into the converting machine, causing the projection to spring to live again. He was greeted by the sight of a fuming Pepper tapping her pointy nails against her crossed arms. ‘Did you put me on flipping hold?! Seriously Tony?! What! What could be so important, to put me on hold, while I try to make a report on an irregularity on souls?! Tony are you even listening?!’ the furious demoness voice had dropped into this cold, cutting tone, that could even make the leader of hell shudder. Ok, maybe he hadn’t fully paid attention to her before, but to his excuse, James had nuzzled closer mumbling Tony’s name in his dream. How could someone not get distracted by that?

Now he felt bad… somehow… well, as bad as a demon could feel about following his instincts, Pepper had that kind of power. Making the ruler of hell feel guilty, especially when she had a point. Irregularities in soul-distribution was in fact nothing to joke around with. ‘Sorry Pep’, could you give me the short run on the matter? I got kinda distracted.’ He admitted almost coyly. His second in command just arched a judgmental eyebrow, but didn’t comment on it further… for now at least, which meant the matter was serious, because she never left out an opportunity to call out Tony’s bullshit. And immediately the sovereign of hells attention was tuned up to the max.

‘OK, did I get this right? Imbalance may not describe it correctly, it’s more of ah irregularity. Souls have gone missing.’ Tony frowned at the demoness’s report. How could a soul, no how could souls, plural, yes, he heard that, have gone missing? They were bound to pass the afterlife’s gate as soon as they left their earthly confines. It was natures oldest law and unstoppable force. Living and dying. Soul leaving the realm to entwine with a body. Souls returning to the real after leaving the body. No shortcuts. No detours. How was that possible?

‘Missing like… missing from hell or…?’ Tony asked again, hesitantly, already knowing the answer and yet hoping to hear a less terrifying one. The strawberry blonde shook her head. ‘Missing like, a life comes to an end, but the soul never reaches the gate, but to be honest, I haven’t checked on the souls already situated in hell. For now, all we can say, that it’s not just one Tony. Since you left, the number of souls reaching us have decreased by a third.’ Tony could see her biting at the inside of his cheek, seeing the worry the new discovery brought forth. ‘I assume heaven has yet to look into their books?’ He asked her, if only to take her mind into a different direction. ‘I haven’t talked to anyone about it except the demons checking on the statistics. I could arrange a meeting immediately, if you’d like sire, or ask them to check on their books as well…’

She was starting to babble. A clear sign for her actual stress level, that must have reached a critical point by now. Pepper was never stressed. She was the definition of calm collected and composed, so this was, really, really, really taking a turn for the worse. He let her suggestions roll through his mind. ‘If we hear anything from them… heaven isn’t what might be considered a bunch of team-player.’ Tony mumbled and Pepper shrugged her shoulder in a defeated manner, that was quite uncanny for the proud demoness, but the holy country club’s stubbornness, when it came to logic and the whole ‘an enemy of my enemy’-stick, could do that to you.

He pinched the bridge of his nose in thought. They had to do something about it, not just because of the energy gap missing souls would create in hell, but also because Tony was firm in his believes, that every soul had the right and the obligation to be judged, so they could drift off into the afterlife, they had created for themselves through their living years.

‘Well, look at this nice relaxing vacation’ he murmured more to himself than anyone else, before speaking up to the still waiting demoness. ‘I’m on my way. Get me the head wards of each circle as well as one of the main-gate keepers. Brief them on the situation and I’ll see, if I can convince my lovely Rhodey-bear to join the fun as well. Can’t be bad to have him on board right from the start, since we don’t know what the race is even about.’

Visible relief hushed over the females freckled face projected in the air. ‘Yes sire, I’ll prepare the main conference hall.’ She disconnected the call with a curt bow she always did, no matter how many times he had told her already, that she didn’t had to. Stupid old as fuck-rules, she couldn’t break free from.

Tony conjured up an ashen hummingbird, effortlessly interlacing it with his message men and sealing it with a brush of his lips, so only the designed recipient would be able to get the urgent note, before sending it upwards to get his angelic friend down to their spontaneous emergency-meeting as well. He would be grumpy, but there was no way Rhodey would leave them hanging, especially not if it was a matter, that could possibly turn into something of interest for every realm.

The demon stared at the pitch-black screen of his tablet. The smooth surface reflecting his deep frown. Something was going on. Something big. He didn’t know what it was, but a sickening feeling was starting to spread from the base of his horns all the way down into the spear of his tail.

Something was about to happen.