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Remus Sirius James Peter Lily Dorcas Marlene Emmeline Mary




as of last night everyone in this group chat is happily coupled up (except for pete and remus but i expect you two to play along)


tomorrow we will be having a 5 way date


all pda is allowed and encouraged (especially from pete and remus i just think it would be hilarious)


Mary: sounds fun me and emm are in


Lily: idk i have to check with my boyfriend first


hey boyfriend do you think we could do this thing tomorrow night


James: hmmm girlfriend yes i think that could be arranged


Marlene: well i hated that


me and cas are in but we refuse to be sappy


Dorcas: awe but marls you’re so cute when you’re sappy


Marlene: ok maybe we’ll be a little sappy


Remus: me and pete are down right honeybun


Peter: anything you say lovemuffin


Remus: eugh lovemuffin really?


Peter: idk i panicked


Sirius: sounds fun lemme check with kingsley


nvm he’s reading over my shoulder he’s in


also can we invite reggie he and benjy made it official last week and i need to make sure he’s good enough for my little brother


James: awww yes that’s so good for reg fenwick’s a catch


Lily: oh regulus has a boyfriend?


Sirius: yeah it’s new they met at my birthday party


Lily: you mean the birthday party where james cried on my shoulder cause regulus refused to make out with him?


James: oh god must we bring that up


Lily: oh yes i think regulus and benjy would love to hear about it


Marlene: i take back the sappy thing tonight’s gonna be hilarious



The Black Plague


Siri: we’re having a big couples night tomorrow bring benjy i have to decide if he’s good enough to marry into the family


Reggie: hello to you too big brother


Siri: don’t take that tone with me young man


Reggie: jfc alright we’ll be there


Siri: YAY!! i’ve missed you


Reggie: ewww emotions


Siri: reggie 🥺


Reggie: eugh fine i’ve missed you too


see you tomorrow





Moony: just checking to make sure we’re on the same page


we’re going all out with this fake couple thing right


Wormtail: oh obviously


we’re coordinating outfits


Moony: this is why i love you pete


Wormtail: my goal is that by the end of the night we’ve convinced benjy we’ve been deeply in love since freshman year


Moony: you diabolical bastard there’s no one else i’d rather have as my fake boyfriend



Remus Sirius James Peter Lily Dorcas Marlene Emmeline Mary


Mary: me emm marls and cas are on our way


Lily: me too see you soon boyfriend


James: i’ll be waiting girlfriend


Sirius: ok it’s officially too much you two need to calm down


Remus: are you ready sugarplum


Peter: sure am lovebug



Benjy and Kingsley


Benjy: could you please ask your boyfriend to stop staring daggers at me?


Kingsley: lol sorry he’s just really protective of reg


how are you doing i know this friend group can be a lot for newcomers


Benjy: i’m good i’m a little surprised at lupin though


Kingsley: what why?


Benjy: he and care just broke up and he’s already all over pettigrew have some damn respect


Kingsley: oh yeah i know their still in the honeymoon phase



hottest couple at hogwarts


💖 boyfriend 💖 : screenshot


tell remus and pete it worked