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Bake Your Dream Man

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Black as tar... dark... THERE, there it was, it was coming for him.. obsidian... dark... pitch black..

Like a feral, trapped animal, with tears streaming down his cheeks Ga On with all his might pressed his backside hard into the corner of the wall, hoping it would hide him, make him invisible.

The endless abyss was crawling closer constantly licking at his feet, day and night he had to fight the darkness from devouring him whole.

He could feel it, sinking its long, hook-like nails into the thin skin of the upper part of his feet, cruelly tugging.

With dwindling strength, Ga On slowly pulled his legs against his tight chest, wrapping his shaking arms around his knees, his clammy fingers ripped into the material of his pants.

In this new position, in despair Ga On buried his head in between his legs, hoping to block out the approaching void, gain a second to catch his breath.

The damned nothingness, every day the young male 'awoke' to it, the total, all-consuming darkness, so absolute he wasn't able to spot any different shades of grey.

No, not even the tiniest speck of light roused his sight or vision.

He felt it, the sharp claws were back, pricking into his naked feet, in agony Ga On burrowed his face deeper into his legs, hoping he could simply disappear, cease to exist.

Nothing happened, it never did, he was still trapped, forced into this hole together with the nothingness that continued to torment him, mercilessly, always lurking and calculating.

Hot fear bubbled deep inside his stomach, followed by a wave of sharp pain, from his cramping, empty abdomen.

With a hiss the writer stroked along the protesting body part, trying to soothe the ache.

The state he was in, his deteriorating condition was becoming a daily occurrence, pit by pit he came to understand why they had padded the walls.

More than once in his panicked state, he had aggressively lashed out, but no one but him occupied this cell, leaving him with no other options than to attack himself.

Ga On was no longer able to recall how many times he had
forcefully had to stop himself from scratching or biting at his own skin, simply to feel some sensation or unleash the overwhelming emotions.

It was a terrifying new reality in which everything seemed to have begun to blur together.

Reality, insanity, and fantasy. Every minute that passed made it harder to distinguish them.

Time seemed to be separated into two halves, one episode of the two in which he thought, no hoped he was lucid, clear-headed, these sane moments he spend mostly trapped in anxiety attacks or crying fits.

The other half, which seem to grow in length each time, he didn't want to acknowledge it, but he had begun to hallucinate, very vividly.

Those phases he feared more than anything else. Each became more paralyzing than the previous one.

First, it had been silly, explainable stuff, out of the corner of his eyes he thought he spotted something.

Later, as time went on the shadows became clearer, taking on human shapes, horrible figures that lingering up on the ceiling. He saw them in utter darkness!

Ga On could feel it, no, he was convinced his sanity was slowly slipping from his grasp.

More than once he had caught himself talking or screaming out loud, it started to become nonsensical, gibberish, words chains that simply meant nothing, just to fill the frightening quietness.

The fantasy author was only human, he could only accomplish so much, his mind was exhausted the situation took a toll on him constantly having to create an escape.

He had no energy left to spare to hide into the corners of his imaginative mind which provided him with a safe space at least it did in the beginning.

Most of the time he tried to sleep, to flee from the petrifying hallucinations, but with his nonstop decline it became harder and harder to fall asleep, Ga On began to fear it.

Doubt gnawed at him. How could he tell the two apart? Did he wake up or did he dream of being awake? Was his mind escaping?

Did he fall asleep or did he just imagine the whole thing? Maybe he hadn't slept at all, since he arrived or only just fallen asleep for the first time and now dreamed about all the time that had supposedly passed.

Tears continued to leak from his eyes, he was hiccuping, his chest painfully clenching, Ga On felt so immune to it all he barely realized it. Was he really crying?

His fingertip appeared to be wet, stained with fluid, but he wasn't sure, maybe his mind was playing tricks on him.

With trembling feet, he pushed himself backward until his back connected once more with the soft wall. When did he leave it?

This was what solitary confinement must feel like, slowly losing the grab on reality, questioning every thought.

They had obviously started to torture him, the second they threw him into this place without his knowledge the torture had begun, the young man had been completely oblivious, how naive. Stupid.

Unexpectedly they hadn't resorted to the use of crude violence, he would have preferred it at this point, just to see another human's face.

But no they had chosen an easy and less messy method, no one needed to dirty their hands this way.

White torture, seclusion, a more sophisticated approach - complete isolation, depriving him of his basic human needs.

No interaction, complete solitude, plus starvation, they barely gave him anything to drink, and whenever they did offer him water it was just a few sips, amplifying his thirst only more with it.

Last but not least he was sure they manipulated the room itself, even before they had begun to starve him he had constantly shivered, the room was always unnaturally cold and of course the everlasting darkness.

No stimulus for his brain, no light, no sound, nothing another technique no doubt to attempt to drive him crazy.

It was a useless battle at this point, in the beginning, he tried, to do his best to stay strong, patiently conserving his strength and resolve hoping Yo Han would burst through the door at any given moment.

Just how much time had he spent in this padded cell at this point, in actuality? The young male could no longer tell.

In the beginning, he had tried to orientate himself with the rhythm of his arriving meals.

A faceless person had that delivered his food, they of course never responded to his questions or even acknowledged his presence but unbeknownst to them, they had been his lifeline for a short time.

The highlight of his day became those few seconds of light that illuminated his prison, the last fragment that reminded him that he was indeed still alive.

But of course, it hadn't stayed that way, they even took that from him, not long after a shameful incident, he had clung to the person's foot, the one which brought him his meals.

In tears he begged them to stay, as expected they didn't a second masked person had appeared and ripped him off the foot he clung to, without a word they left the screaming Ga On behind.

No one had entered his room since then, they now shoved his food through a small opening somewhere in the wall he hadn't seen them do it, it was too dark.

The young male was sure they waited and watched him, until he was so out of it he wouldn't notice them.

So after twenty-one meals, yes he had counted them, the time in between every meal had started to prolong.

Less food, less water, and longer periods between each visit from the human that had appeared to be an emotionless robot. Of course, now he no longer saw them.

Only the abyss that wanted to consume him was always by his side.

After the incident they had begun to starve him, first, he assumed it had been three meals a day, then two, down to one, and now he had no clue, he couldn't tell, it felt like days, but just as with anything else he wasn't sure, not anymore, like with everything else he was losing his barely-there sense of time.

More than once he had hammered onto the door, in pure desperation begging for food, but now also it, his hunger was gone.

Only his thirst remained, it was a constant companion, he spent countless hours fantasizing about water.

The more time passed the harder it became to stay coherent, gradually he began to lose hope.

Maybe Yo Han wasn't able to find him here, wherever they were located?

The order had kidnapped him, used a moment of negligence on Ga On and Yo Han's part, and forced him into a car, but they didn't do anything, nothing was happening.

Nothing, but for the young man the nothing became everything.

Were they trying to break him down? If so for what? What use did he have half death and insane? Was he bait?

He NEEDED to leave, with weak arms he turned in despair he scratched at the padded walls, NOTHING!

It was useless, with more force he pulled at the thick material, he needed to get out of here.

The scratching became pounding fist, the sobs and tears hysterical screams, but nonetheless, he was still trapped.

Ga On howled until his throat became raw and no human sound slipped through his mouth anymore, only helpless animal-like whimpers, his hands he couldn't feel them any longer, were they bleeding?

If so he couldn't tell, he was numb and the darkness made it impossible to see.

Whimpers switched to maniac laughs, the author lay down on his side, body shaking from the laughter that took hold of him.

Isolated from the world, trapped in a padded prison Ga On laughed until he became catatonic, not long afterward his body gave out on him.

Oh? He must have fallen asleep again? Or did he, maybe he simply forgot? Was he awake? Hadn't he been fighting with the void?

With his trembling arm, he attempted to rub across his eyes, to create tiny sparks behind his closed orbs, fake light.

A slight comfort and visual sensation, like shooting stars, but he was unable to move his limb so did he hurt himself?

Panicked he began to hyperventilate, so now he was even too weak to stir? Was he already close to the end of his body's capabilities?

Suddenly bright light assaulted his deprived vision, like a vampire evading sunlight he hissed and tried to back away.

After such a long time trapped in absolute darkness, the beam of light overwhelmed him.

His turned head was roughly grabbed, tightly twisting into his hair as they harshly ripped. Yo Han?

"Yo Han?" Was that his voice? Ga On couldn't recognize it, it sounded nothing like him.

The clean-cut man that kidnapped him stood in front of him, glaring down on him, a new cut was decorating the skin below his left eye.

"No Ga On, the devil isn't here. It's me, remember? Well, I never introduced myself to you, right? I'm Isaiah."

"You and me, it's about time we have a nice chat. Don't you agree?" The stranger, no Isaiah, unlocked the handcuffs binding his wrist.

Afterward, he stepped around the table, toward the empty chair, the one facing the young male seat." I'm sure you're quite unhappy about your current situation."

Ga On was too exhausted to even attempt to read the guy's emotions, still, he was surprised to find himself nodding.

The soldier leaned forward, onto the table, neatly folding his arms. "It's easy, really, we can change that immediately, let's just you and I have a simple conversation beforehand."

"Just a few simple questions and we are can see to it."

Ga On felt himself drifting, he wasn't able to focus on what the man was saying. He was so tired.

Was this an interrogation room? It was unfurnished, except for the desk and the two chairs facing each other.

A rough laugh escaped his mouth, there up in the corner sat the void! It had followed him.


Ga On hadn't given in, no matter what he would protect Yo Han even if it meant to completely enter the and unite with the abyss.

It was the only thing he could do. Keep silent.

He hoped he did at least, Isaiah, the soldier had thrown him back into his padded cell, after his hysterical episode.

Surprisingly also this time they didn't use violence. Maybe he pitied him?

They hadn't brought him any food since then, water only once. He was pretty sure he passed out, multiple times, days must have gone by.

Would they let him rot in here? Wither away and die, locked up in a dark hole.

What? WHAT? The author sat up. Yo Han, he could feel Yo Han!

Yes, yes, the link, it was there! Faint and weak but it was flowing, but Ga On was too tired to attempt anything, so Ga On did what he was capable of exhausted he rested against the wall, bathing in the comfort of Yo Han energy.

It didn't last long, the door flew open, startling him as it rattled in its frame.

Fast two masked figures appeared and grabbed him from underneath his arms, dragging him outside.

On his knees, he realized they came to a halt, after a while his burning eyes spotted the shiny, crimson high-heels right in front of him.

Slowly he followed the silhouette, gazing up. A female, short-haired, in a tight velvet dark red dress, stared right back down on him.

"Hello, Ga On. Nice to finally meet you. " The woman's fist flew so fast into his face he only realized it had happened when his blood trickled down his face.

"Let's have some fun."