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Bake Your Dream Man

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What would you do if you were able to bake yourself the perfect man? It sounds ridiculous, right? Humans are not made of dough, most certainly not.

They are highly complex beings, made of water, muscle, tissue, blood, fat, bone, and god knows what else. It takes a woman and a man, horny and fertile to create a tiny human, another nine months for it to develop and be born.

Not even highly advanced, super-intelligent humans hidden away in secret laboratories were able to just make a human. Right? Probably.  

Still, here he was in his small kitchen, baking ingredients spread out on the counter, with his best friend by his side in the presence of a huge, evidently old, ancient book.

It obviously had seen better days. Filled with supposedly real old black magic?

Handed down from generation to generation, treasured, passed down in secrecy this in leather-bound, ominous-looking collection of paper.

Now it had found its way into Ga On's hands. His late mom, whom he never met had gifted it to him.

Just his luck, typically. Like books did not torment him enough already.  

Soo Hyun, his best friend since toddler days, came over for their weekly 'Get drunk and complain about the world (mostly men)' fest. One thing led to another and as almost every weekend alcohol started to flow freely and greatly, one bottle of wine became two and after three the young adults stopped counting.  

So with alcohol-influenced bravery (idiocy, more likely), they decided to bake themselves a dream man. After Ga On pulled out that stupid book he got a week earlier, in jest.  

That's how he found himself in said situation, hands coated with sticky batter. The spell, or recipe really, was funny enough quite simple.

Nothing fancy, like him as an avid fantasy book fanatic would have thought. No blue eyes of a small child, tears of a virgin or dragon's blood, no nothing extraordinary, special or unrealistic like that.

All you needed was the batter, intention, and a drop of your blood. That's it as easy as simple cookie dough.  

So here they were with the oven heating up in the background waiting for Ga On to be able to bake his dream man.

A pained and annoyed sigh left his mouth. This whole thing took them no more than fifteen minutes. A snort escaped the young man because of the ridiculousness of it all. Desperation was probably a good motivator to come up with something ridiculous as this.  

He most definitely was not desperate, not at all! Yes, he wanted a boyfriend. A none cheating bastard, which slept with anything with a dick between their legs, stole money, and was lazy.

Yes, you guessed it he got conned, online no less. Just someone that genuinely loved him and was dedicated & good in bed (yes, he was still a virgin, still at some point that would change, right?) and cherished him.

He was not bitter at all, no sir. This was just fun. A fun way to spend one's weekend. To relax and decompress. Everybody did things like that.

Millions were probably doing the same thing right now. For sure!  

A little rougher, with a little more fist than necessary, he formed his perfect man.  

"I'm done." came the slurred exclamation from the short-haired woman, Soo Hyun, his friend, right next to him. He looked over and spotted her creation.

"Three legs, he has three legs?" "That's not a leg Ga On, that's one big dick. If I bake myself a man he should have a huge cock."

With redding cheeks, Ga On pushed his best friend and gently slapped her over the head. "You are kidding right?"

"No, everything else I don't care about." "Seriously?" Yeah, Seriously nodded the young female. "You are drunk." "Obviously, or why else would we be here, doing this?" Right, she was of course right no sober person would do such a thing. Alcohol had to be involved.  

As Ga On finished his creation for a short moment he contemplate also adding a third 'leg', he had no experience with the said leg but.., he sighed, long and drawn out, other than his own of course, he is a healthy young man, with a snort, he stopped himself.  

The light on the old oven signaled that the oven had reached the wished temperature. It was time to put their little dough men into the oven and bake themselves their dream man.  

Grabbing his and Soo Hyun's sheet he went over and placed them into the heated stove. He got his timer and went back to the tome grabbing his wine glass on the way. His eye went back to re-read the open page.  

In Black and white, in cursive, perfect lettering stood,

To make yourself the most perfect partner you need: (Your magic)*  

1. Water   

2. Flour   

3. Salt or Sugar  

4. Backing Soda  

5. Chocolate or Vanilla   

6. A drop of your blood   

7. and the most important ingredient: once Intention, do not underestimate the power of once wish.    


"Choose your ingredients carefully, mix them well together, the measurements you decide them for yourself, the most important component is your intention. Keep that in mind. After completing the batter form it into the shape of your desired human, imagine their build and characteristics in your mind. Bake them for fifteen minutes, let the form cool down, and afterward eat it. You must eat all of it, leave no piece left over, do not under any circumstances share it with anyone. They will arrive by the next full moon. Beware of the consequences! Everything out of the natural order has its price."      


After reading it again, the young man was sure of it a desperate teenager had written this garbage, he had forgotten the total of times his eyes scanned the damned text.  

Ga On drowned a big gulp from his glass, with a tired sigh he heavily sat back onto his chair.

He gazed at his friend who was busy playing with the leftover dough. They are both pathetic, just plain pathetic.

What young adult waste their time, their precious youth at home, baking a human whilst getting drunk?

They should be out and about. His cynical nature had no response to this nonsense. So he sat in silence and waited for the stupid timer to ding. For their ideal man to bake in a goddamn oven. Like pizza.  




The first thing Ga On's subconscious awoke to was the throbbing pain the drilled into his skull.

He turned around, bright sunlight assaulted his senses, he groaned in pain as he got up from the uncomfortable sofa and made his way into the bathroom.

As he made his way up the stairs out of the corner of his eyes he noticed the horrible mess that decorated his kitchen.  

With heavy feet he shuffled into the dark bathroom, blindly he searched for his painkillers. He downed them dry.

Uncomfortable in his own skin he made his way into his bedroom. Empty.

Soo Hyun already left, a bright neon pink sticky note with "Sorry ♡, ~Soo Hyun" was the only evidence of her presence yesterday. Leaving him to deal with the mess downstairs on his own. What a bitch.  

He dropped onto his mattress with a grunt, pulled the blanket over his head, and went back to sleep. He would deal with the chaos downstairs later after he felt more like a human than a walking corpse.  

The next time the young man regained consciousness was because of the loud ringing from his smartphone right next to his head.

He peeked at the screen, Soo Hyun, that abandoning asshole. He pressed accept and immediately switched to the loudspeaker.  

"Ga On, w-what, what the heck did we do yesterday?" echoed Soo Hyun's panicked voice inside Ga On's bedroom.

"Why?" "Ga On, I have a tiny baked human right before me. How much did we drink yesterday? And what? Did you lace the wine with something? I can barely remember what happened after we opened the second bottle."

Ga On chose to ignore all of those questions. "In front of you?", asked the young man irritated. He stood up and stumbled down the stairs into his dirty kitchen.

"Yeah, in front of me. Did we do anything weird?" The anxiety in Soo Hyun's voice was easily carried into Ga On's kitchen.

Ga On looked around and didn't find his dough man, only an empty sheet, with crumps. Damn, he didn't...

"No, Soo Hyun, we didn't do anything weird, we just had fun, crazy drunk people fun. Throw that thing away, okay? Don't eat it. I'll call you back", not waiting for his friend's response he hung up.  

So Soo Hyun's tiny men was at her home, uneaten. Ga On's was nowhere to be found. Frustrated he roughly combed through his black locks.  

As he cleaned up yesterday's escapade, he searched every nook and cranny for that stupid dream man.

Did yesterday really happen? That stupid old book sat tauntingly on his counter, mocking him as his panic level was rising.

So he ate it, he ate the baked man, his baked dream man. He ate that thing.  

Frustrated and close to tears the young man took a deep breath. It's not real anyway. Magic does not exist and even if under extraordinary circumstances magic happens to be real, he was way too drunk yesterday.

Nothing could have happened. Nothing! That intention the book spoke of, he didn't add that. Hmm, for sure. So, yes he was saved.

Not that magic was a thing of reality anyway. With a deep breath, Ga On went back to cleaning up yesterday's mess and shoved that whole nonsense back towards the tiniest space into the back of his mind.  


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Full moon came and went but nothing had turned up at his house. No dream guy, witch, monster, or zombie had graced Ga On with a visit.

Just as he predicted, magic, as well as that stupid tome was just a Gimmick, nonsense.

But Ga On would lie if he didn't admit that he had been a little, ahem, a tiny bit tense.

Frightened as the moon, a taunting perfect round circle sat up there in the sky, mocking him throughout the night. The sight had troubled him yes, it made him slightly worried, but nothing had happened.

All was in the past now. He could focus on his ongoing novel. Which was torture enough.

The shabby, run-down, old book was looked up. He gave Soo Hyun the key, to make sure he didn't have another chance to open it in another drunken stupor. Better safe than sorry.

Everything was back to normal, good old plain boring normal. A huff shot throughout Ga On's mouth, unsatisfied with his current situation.

With a little too much force he propelled himself away from his rectangular desk, his dreaded laptop, the force of the push made the young man's office chair crashed into the wall.

He spun in circles until his vision went blurry. Frustrated Ga On sunk deeper into the office chair, the moment the chair came to a halt, he hoped it would swallow him whole, making him disappear from the face of the world.

With his head propped up on the headrest, he let his thoughts wander, a change of scenery would probably be helpful. Yes!

Hastily he grabbed his notebook, placed it with the rest of his necessities into his beloved brown, well-worn shoulder bag, and left his house. The late afternoon sun hit his pale skin, breathing already seemed to be a little bit easier as he closed the door behind him with too much force.

Aimlessly the young male cruised through the city, no specific destination in mind. He gazed at the clock on his dashboard, it was already pretty late.

Maybe he should just grab a bite, do some shopping, take a walk, or call Soo Hyun and meet up? Every idea seemed unsatisfactory. Something seemed to call out to him.

After some time of simply putting the foot to the pedestal, following the unknown road Ga On found himself on, he spotted a small inviting-looking Cafe at a corner of a street he never had visited before.

Huh, Ga On thought he knew his neighborhood quite well. Was this new? The whole street Ga On didn't recognize it in the slightest.

Excited about this discovery and happy with his choice Ga On drove around the block in search of a parking spot. The young male petted his stomach who growled in agreement as he turned off the engine.

Five minutes later a nice unassuming waitress had taken his order and left him to his thoughts.

The atmosphere in the tiny establishment was cozy. Furnished in well-worn pieces, painted in bright and warm colors. Plants were decorating every single surface. Like a tiny manmade forest, it was different and refreshing. Especially amid the city, where there was rarely any greenery.

The coffee tasted excellent, fresh, strong roast, the cake he inhaled just a few moments ago soft and moist, and just as tasty.

But he had a deadline to meet, so with a heavy heart Ga On fished his notebook out of his bag. The sight of the device caused the young man to pount.

Just as he was about to flip the laptop open and bring it to life as if out of thin air, a veiny, bony, thin hand encircled his pale wrist in a weirdly strong, relentless, icy-cold iron grip.

He looked up and was met by a worried-looking old woman. She looked otherworldly. Deep lines decorated the old face evidence of a long life.

With a raised eyebrow, fighting his instinct to rip his wrist out of her hold, Ga On thought of the politest way to get out of this situation. Not only hated the annoyed young man it when people touched him, especially without permission or thought they had the right to invade his personal space.

Privacy was something he valued greatly, it was sacred. That's why he stayed off of social media and such things, much to his manager's sorrow.

Even after racking his brain, the young man couldn't come up with something to make her leave. With a sigh, the young man resigned and peeked into the old lady's face, pissed off. Fuck his manners, thanks to society.

Suddenly his face was enfolded by the old woman's cold hands, her stare caused goosebumps to spread all over his body. Nausea crept into his frame.

Ga On tried to avoid it, almost entirely closing his eyes, but her stare was something else as if her gaze could reach into the deepest, hidden parts of his soul.

A cold shiver licked along his spine. Her gaze, her eyes, seemed eerily foreboding, fear-inducing.

Just as everything else, her voice touched the very animal instinct of his being, his fear crashed in waves throughout him, threatening to drown him inside out.

"Be careful my child, don't let him fool you, he is nothing but a liar, evil and dangerous. Don't trust a word he says. Harden yourself. Be prepared." and with that, the older female let go of him.

Vanishing behind the counter, as if the whole spectacle was just a fragment of his imagination.

Spooked by the unnatural occurrence Ga On wasted no time to bolt, letting his instinct finally take over, the scarred man grabbed his belongings, threw money on the table, and hurried outside.

Terrified the young man ran towards the safety of his car, he was trembling uncontrollably, his body barely listened to his commands. The young man fumbled with his car keys, which only raised his fear, been exposed out in the open. He needed to ease up, take it easy.

Inside, Ga On leaned forward and pressed his forehead against the steering wheel, sucking in deep breaths, a sad attempt to subdue his anxiety, trying to force his heartbeat to slow down, which was hammering like crazy against his rib cage.

Perplexed with what just happened the young male shook his head and started his car. His flight instinct didn't let up, he wiped his sweaty brow gripped onto the steering wheel with equally wet palms.

First, he would go home, the sky was already dark. The darkness didn't help with calming down.

Ga On left the parking lot fumbled with the buttons and switched the radio on, the white noise would make it harder for the young man to think, drown out his yelling mind.

He tried to focus on whatever the host was talking about, but it was useless his mind was screaming at him. The book, it had to do with that goddamn tome.  He was sure about it. It was the unique occurrence that wasn't part of his ordinary life, his daily, normal routine.

His instinct was running haywire, clawing at the back of his head, warning him,  what about Ga On had no clue. He was terrified, only now he noticed how much his hands were shaking, rustling like leaves on a windy day.

He had to open the book, he had to. It would be the only way to settle his mind. Ga On just had a bad feeling, his gut instinct was trying to tell him something. But what?

The agitated male made his way to Soo Hyun, he needed that stupid key back. His finger drummed onto the steering wheel, a slight outlet and comfort for his nervous energy to channel into. Rattled to his core Ga On stepped onto the accelerator.


As he parked in front of his best friend's apartment complex, with a hard slap into his face and a self-critical look into the mirror Ga On tried to encouraged himself.

"G-Get yourself together Kim Ga On! It was just a weird, creepy old lady, we are doing this just once, today, to prove that this is all just a big ridiculous coincidence. Nothing more. Got it?" he nodded at his mirror image.

With his car keys and phone in hand the shaken up, clean-cut man stepped out of the car. Only to nearly topple over, his legs were incredibly wobbly now that the adrenaline started to fade from his body.

Weak and tired, he leaned against his car and pushed a deep gulp of oxygen into his system. With clenched fists, his nails leaving red, moon-shaped crest embedded behind, Ga On stumbled forward, approaching the ugly skyscraper. He was a man on a mission, he desired the end of this crazy day.

Faster than usual he sprinted towards the main entrance. Blindly he pressed the bell connected to Soo Hyun's place.

As the buzzer signaled him the door had unlocked, not wanting to stay still and wait, he completely dismissed the elevator and raced up the stairs.

Out of breath, a sweaty Ga On reached his best friend's floor. Soo Hyun was already leaning against it, waiting.

Her expression grew worried as she spotted him. "Ga On, what's wrong, you...," "I need that stupid key I gave you."

"The one you said I should not give you under any circumstances?" Frustrated the young male made his way into his friends flat, pushing her aside. He couldn't stay still.

"Yeah, that one. J-Ju-Just, Just give it to me okay. I'll bring it back later. I, Soo Hyun, I just really need the key." He would wrestle it from her if he had to.

Oddly enough the female friend didn't put up a fight, he must look intense if Soo Hyun didn't question him. She disappeared behind a door, into her bedroom and emerged not long after, dreaded key in hand. The sky crackled.

Before he could grab it Soo Hyun pulled the key out of his reach, looked him up and down, in a serious tone, she inquired "Do you need any help with whatever is going on? her face mirrored the concern in her voice. "No, I go it." Are you sure?" He took the key. "Yes, thanks Soo Hyun, I'll bring it back later." Not convinced she warily nodded.

With the key in his possession Ga On left, he scrambled down the staircase, back towards his parked car. Just as Ga On buckled himself in, big, fat drops started to explode on top of his window.

Not long after he pulled out of the parking lot it's started to pour down heavily. Lightning decorated the heaven above, illuminating the night sky as if a light switch up there in the sky was turned on for just a short moment.

Somewhere in the distance thunder roared. Canceling out every other noise with its might. The intensity of the storm continued to grow. Shortly afterward the young male, at last, reached his street. As he drove towards his home cold sweat emerged from every pore of his body, soaking into his clothes, it worsened as the distance toward his house decreased.

Ga On parked in front of his home and for a second as he made a move to get out he hesitated but smothered the new wave of fear before it could paralyze him, the tall male pressed on and exited the safety of his vehicle out into the storm that raged. It nearly swept him away. Cold rainwater joined his sweat, seeping into the fabric.

When the black-haired man finally entered his residence his clothes clung to his body. With speed he didn't know he possessed he bolted toward the door that led into his dark basement, almost falling down the stairs in his rapidity.

He didn't bother to flick on the light. The storm outside light up the whole room, not a minute passed without thunder and lighting. Not that Ga On needed it anyway. He knew exactly where that stupid chest stood, hidden away in the farthest nook, out of sight.

With shaking hands Ga On approached the in a blanket-covered chest once more the drenched man hesitated for a moment, dread rose inside his stomach, making him sick.

Swallowing down the feeling he pushed forward. He wouldn't hesitate, he needed to make sure to chase this uneasy, paralyzing feeling away. He pushed the rug away exposing the wooden box. With shaking fingers he opened the lock which securing the old tome.

Noisily the clasp dropped onto the cold ground. It seemed to echo throughout the whole house. He placed his jelly-like arms onto the wood.

Not wanting to prolong the torture he pushed the heavy trunk open. Only to find it empty. A humorless laugh escaped his mouth. The book was gone!


Chapter Text


For the hundredth time today, Ga On did his best to throttle any oncoming panic which seemed to continuously simmer inside his chest lurking for a chance to crawl toward the surface, to choke him with anxiety.

The young man sat on his dark green couch, which was propped against the wall, his knees nervously bounced up and down, he tried to stop but was unable to, he frequently peeked at the basement door.

It felt like a horrible compulsion he didn't know how to put a stop to.

He already went down there on multiple occasions, too many times!! Again and again checking if the stupid tome reappeared, of course, it didn't.

He forced his knees to stop their agitated motion, a shaky breath passed his lips.

His eyes sought out the cellar door once more. With a groan Ga On forced himself to look away.

What should he even do? Call the police? Then what? What was he supposed to tell them?

"Yes, hello I had a break-in, no no money or valuables were stolen just an old magic book?" They would probably come and lock him up, take him to a mental institution, a humorless laugh left his mouth at the thought, it almost sounded comforting at this point.

Frustrated Ga On dug his fingers hard into the meat of his tighs, pain shot throughout his nerves, unfortunately, it didn't bring him any relief, the very moment the young man wished he smoked.

Maybe now was a great time to start? Should he call Soo Hyun?

No, he didn't want to involve her in any of this, not more than he already did when they got shitfaced and baked themselves a fucking dream man.

The start of it all. He wished he were able to burn this stupid tome. Ga On couldn't stop his erratic train of thoughts, he rubbed his naked arms, was it chilly?

He felt cold. The young male got up to search for his favorite cardigan.

It was in the middle of the night, the storm outside hadn't let up.

Since he arrived at home, Ga On had this ominous feeling that something bad was waiting for him to lower his guard, and then they would pounce. "Fuck."

Goosebumps covered his now clothed arms, there was the sensation again, at the back of his neck, this uneasy feeling, as if the skin on his nape was too tight, it felt overwhelming, just as someone out there was observing him, watching his every move, no matter where he hid. The house didn't protect him from their gawk.

Ga On strongly inhaled, okay, he would do one last sweep, just one more time, go downstairs - check, and afterward, he would put an end to this insanity, go to bed like any normal person and get some sleep.

If that ridiculous book disappeared then good for him! The anxious male would accept it and carry on with his life. He had no use for it anyhow, because magic did not exist! It didn't!

Ready to set his plan in motion Ga On slapped himself on top of his tighs in self-encouragement took another deep inhale, nervously glazed at the door he would shortly walk through, with heavy feet he got up.

His palms started to sweat as he shortened the distance between him and the horrifying door, he rubbed them against his pants, they were too slippery to turn the doorknob.

Not allowing himself to let fear freeze him with swift steps and great difficulty he opened the door and went down the flight of stairs.

As the tall man reached the end he nervously flipped on the light and without hesitation walked over to the harmless-looking trunk.

The latch was unlocked, the lock lying useless right next to it on the ground. After he repeatedly came down to check the inside of the chests somewhere along the line he broke that stupid thing.

He held his breath and stared down into the wooden box. Yes, empty, in front of him stood the still completely barren chest, no content filled it. No matter how often he came to investigate.

With a little too much force he slammed that cursed thing angrily shut. Ga On hands stung from the strength he used, with an annoyed huff, he escaped the cellar and went to hide beneath the safety and comfort of his blankets.

At some point Ga On must have fallen asleep, the next thing that startled him awake was the ringing doorbell. With a groan, he turned onto his side.

The alarm clock's bright red digits told the young male that it was 3.30 AM, so he didn't get much sleep, barely any.

He turned on the small night light, that rested on his wooden nightstand, but in a panic almost immediately switched it back off again.

Ga On swung his feet over the edge of his bed, he blankly stared into the darkness, his tired mind started to spin again. Did he imagine the ringing? Dreamed of it maybe?

Unmoving, with tense muscles he sat on his bed and waited. Absolute silence greeted Ga On. He's panting for air seemed too loud, made the young male slightly paranoid that someone would be able to hear it.

The sudden noise that filled the house spooked him, the bell at his door rang again. "Shit, shit, s-shit."

Okay, yes so someone was at his door in the middle of the night. Probably a neighbor that needed milk or sugar?

He felt defeated, Ga On worried his lower lip with his teeth, unsure of what to do. Another rang echoed throughout his home. It became harder to ignore the rising terror.

He leaned forward, towards his nightstand and grabbed his phone, dialing 911, ready to call the police if necessary.

With unsure steps, Ga On stepped in front of his window, without letting any possible person outside become aware of his presence, he cautiously peeked outside. No moving car, or human, nothing, it was pitch black.

His neighborhood looked the same as it did day-to-day. Another ring made the black-haired man flinch. After a few moments of contemplating he checked his bedroom for the nearest weapon he had available, which Ga On could defend himself with, should the situation call for it.

Ha, in the corner he spotted his old baseball bat! He would not end up like a typical horror movie heroine. He would put up a fight.

With a racing heart, hyperaware, his phone in one hand, baseball bat in the other, as silently as he could, without creating too much sound Ga On slowly crept toward his front door. He lingered for a moment, held his breath. But the bell stayed quiet, did whoever waked him leave?

Sneakily he approached the wooden, secured door. Softly he leaned against it, the peephole didn't reveal anyone, nothing, just the same as upstairs when he peeked out of the big window and didn't spot a thing. Only darkness filled his vision.

With shaking hands he unlocked the entrance door, he raised his bat, ready to strike, as slowly as he could with his free hand the jittery man pulled it toward him. Nothing, only vast emptiness, and utter silence.

He lowered the baseball bat as he relaxed his stance, Ga On turned the front porch's light on, a ray of electrical light illuminated the dark night with brightness, casting a soft glow.

He took a step out of the safety of his house, only to stumble over whatever blocked his path. He clutched his chest, as he spotted what caused him to almost fall.

His heart threatened to jump out of his chest with the extensive strength it thundered against Ga On's rib cage. He couldn't believe it. It was the book!

The old leather-bound tome his dead mother gifted him! There it was, laying on his threshold on top of the entrance mat as if it was totally normal.

The shocked male jumped over the cursed thing and checked his street.

Did someone steal it and drop it off? If yes, why? How? The chest was locked, latch intact until he broke it. The key was at Soo Hyun's place before he went to get it.

His gaze scanned the street a second time. No one, there was not a single soul out in the middle of the night. The stars and the moon were his only companions. Well, plus that blasted book that reappeared on his doorstep in the wee hours.

Adrenaline left his bones and for the first time since the whole book incident began Ga On felt incredibly tired. Letting the book sit where it rested the young exhausted man went back inside and into his bed.

He would worry about this matter later. There was nothing he could do anyways. The chest in the basement and the book could kiss his round, bubble butt.


To early Ga On was ripped out of dreamland once again as his alarm clock went off. Complete whacked he went into his kitchen.

Coffee, he needed the black liquid and lots of it to function. With his favorite mug filled to the brim, wanting yesterday's incident to be over and done with he went back towards the front door, following a deep inhale he went ahead and unlocked it.

Ha, nothing! Nothing was laying on the entrance carpet, it was empty, well not completely. No book, yes. But letters and advertisements brought by the mailman, like every single day, they graced the mat, just no tome.

A desperate laugh slipped out of the worried-looking man. Ga On spotted his neighbor waving. Hysterical chuckling broke free shortly afterward.

The chirping of the birds in the trees seem to mock him as they watched him break down, quelling his almost surfacing desperate screams.

Not bothering about the letters Ga On went back inside, straight toward the cellar door. In a hurry, he sprinted down the staircase, threw the wood chest open, and there it sat the old book! Resting inside as if it had been doing nothing else the whole time.

Just to be sure he closed it, waited a minute, and reopened the treasure chest. There it was, the damned bundle of papers still laying inside.

He took a sip of his now lukewarm coffee. Was the entire day that occurred yesterday just a dream?

Ga On rubbed the side of his jaw bone. Did he imagine the whole thing? A weird nightmare and nothing more? He couldn't tell, was he slowly losing his mind? He peeked at the book once more.

This was ridiculous, Ga On forced himself to go back up and start his day. He would shower and eat something, and write a bit and everything would be as always.

He must have dreamed the whole thing. Yes, yes, he was just overworked, Ga On convinced himself and walked in the direction of his bathroom. Just a long really bad dream.




Chapter Text

It was not a fucking dream. He just got off the phone with Soo Hyun, she inquired about the key.

So yes, the eerie old lady, which 'warned' him, the violent thunderstorm all of it took place yesterday. But most importantly the spellbook disappearing and reappearing did in fact occur.

The tome was still at its designated location, in the chest, he checked, numerous times.

Secured with a new expensive lock. In his panic Ga On almost spend money on a security system for the damned basement. Fortunately, the black-haired male stopped himself before he committed such madness.

He went beyond and above. At some point, he even tested if the book would disappear once more if he left the trunk unlocked, it didn't make a difference.

Still he felt safer with the thing locked up. Ga On didn't know what to make of it. Helplessly the young man browsed the web for any kind of information but he came up empty-handed.

Racking his brain for any kind of solution. Maybe he should look for a coven of witches, they should exist, right? Wiccan that's what they call themselves! Right?

Or ask the church - a priest for advice? Filled with new anxiety Ga On loudly exhaled. The library? Would there be any records? What should he even look for?

He rubbed his fist harshly across his eyes. He needed to get out of here, put some distance between this current state of how things were.

Relieved flooded the young man, finally been able to do something, even if it didn't change the present situation it made a difference.

Ga On scrolled through his contacts and pressed call as his screen displayed his Auntie Haru's number. He nearly cried as she picked up seconds later.


The tall young man sucked the fresh air into his lungs as he stepped out of his car. The scenery lifted his sour mood immediately. He brushed the non-existent dust off his clothes.

With a travel bag in his hand, he approached the waving, animated elderly woman, his aunt Haru.

"Ga On!" Two strong arms embraced the younger man and he found himself crushed against his aunt's soft chest.

He let her comforting scent fill his senses. His mind settled, tightly Ga On hugging her back. The anxiety of the last day seemed to melt away. His chest already felt less tense.

"My boy," came the happy exclamation, and a loud peck connected with his forehead. Softly the elder woman patted her nephew's full mop of hair.

With a stern glare, she examined the young man shortly after before her. "Look just how thin you are, nothing but skin and bones," scolded the woman.

"Come inside, I will make you something healthy to eat. You look tired. Is something wrong?" Gently she pushed him inside, whilst constantly bombarding him with inquiries. In the hallway, she turned and looked at her child. "Come, Come, get some rest, while auntie cooks you your favorite food."

Anew Ga On almost burst into tears since arriving. Happily he let himself be ushered up the stairs into his old room. It still looked the same.

Posters of fantasy motives, drawings, and video games. The once blue wallpaper faded from old age. The furniture and bed, he softly chuckled, as if he stepped into a time machine. A small smile graced his handsome face.

Carelessly he dropped his things and crashed head-on into his childhood bed. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The familiar smell of his aunt's cooking rose him from his nap. With lighter steps, Ga On walked down into the small kitchenette and shared a long, overdue dinner with his aunt.

Work and life in the city had kept him busy, the more time passed the harder it became. Hmm. Ga On wanted to slap himself. What an easy excuse.

Aunt Haru was his only living family member, he owed her plenty.  She raised him on her own and sacrifice everything for him. That's not who he was, he should've known better. Guilt and shame spread throughout his body over his selfishness.

A bit unsettled Ga On choose to take a stroll into the vast, endlessly seemingly forest, after their shared dinner he wished to dispel any negative thoughts that circulated inside his brain.

He went to get his jacket, the nights had became cooler as the season slowly started to change. Well-known trees greeted Ga On on his path, his treasured, never judging childhood companions.

Fondly remembering, all the times he climbed up and almost fell, a smile spread across the young male face. He stuffed his hands into his pockets, looked ahead, and with experienced steps he walked toward the dense woodland.

It hadn't changed not in the slightest, it looked just as he remembered. Like a photograph extracted from his memory brought to life. In a good mood, Ga On hiked up the trail that led into the thicker parts of the forest.

No sunlight made it past the trees, as a kid, he spent hours outside here been carefree as only a child could be. Nostalgia filled Ga On as memories flooded the young male mind. Greedily he sucked the damp, earthy smell into his nostrils.

The snapping of twigs startled Ga On out of his daydreaming, he came to a halt, spun around towards where the noise had come from, and tried to make something out in the dark.

Nothing. He shook his head at how easily he got spooked and continued forward. Only to stop once more after another loud noise was carried throughout the trees.

Ga On's instinct flared up, warning him to be cautious. No, no, not here he swallowed that feeling down.

He behaved like an idiot, the young man was in a FOREST, of course, there would be clatter, the furry residents that lived here move around, living life, searching for food. He was simply hypersensitive and on edge. Reinforcing his thought the young male nodded to himself.

Snorting at his stupidity he proceeded with his stroll. A branch broke off and dropped onto the floor right in front at Ga On's feet.

Unsettled Ga On scrutinized the tree that had lost the branch. No, this is normal, yes, just nature been nature.

Another snap reached the young man's auditory sense. Somewhere closer an additional crack of wood. His fists clenched at his sides.

The skin on his neck felt too tight, the now-familiar feeling of been watched overwhelmed Ga On's judgment. He shot around, scanned the area as much as he was able to in the darkness.

Nothing, he was sure of it, there was no one! Still, terror overtook his frame and as fast as he could he sprinted out of the forest toward his aunt's house.

The feeling of been chased didn't let up. He never stopped, with burning legs the scared Ga On bolted up the stairs and locked himself into his former bedroom.

He sunk onto the ground, back firmly pressed against the old door. Heavy sobs escaped from the frightened young male's frame. The tears from in his eyes finally broke free, coating over his cheeks, all pent-up emotions escaped, refusing to be swallowed done once more, as he silently cried on the floor of his childhood home.

He shook violently as tear after tear trickled down his chin. It felt like hours has passed until he eventually managed to calm down, no he was simply too exhausted and had no more tears left.

With a heavy body, he heaved himself into his too-small bed. Completely drained Ga On fell into a restless sleep.

"Ga On was desperately running, wheezing out harsh breaths as he fled the chasing force, legs barely able to hold him up much longer, no matter where he turned to they never seem to lose track of him. So close he almost felt their hot breath brush his neck. A hand reach out of the darkness and grabbed him by the neck, with desperate fingers he clawed and scratched at the unknown hand. It was of no use, the stranger was relentless and unforgiving, squeezing harder with inhumane might. Slowly a struggling and screaming Ga On was dragged into the blackness. Until the darkness swallowed and consumed him completely. Pain, blinding, hot, unbearable, excruciating agony filled his soul until there was nothing else left. "You feel it? You called for me, you ... Ga On, Kim Ga On." No, no, no, he didn't... "N-No, nn-no, no, NO, NO..."

"No, n-no, NO, NO...!!" his own panicked voice ripped the young man out of his nightmare. The wooden door was rattling as fists thundered against it. Fear startled the barely conscious young male into the presence. 

"Ga On, sweetheart?" More loud bangs hollowed through his room. "Ga On is everything okay? Kim Ga On you better open this door right this instant!" His aunt's voice broke the shocked male out of his immobilizing stupor.

Dreading the imminent conversation Ga On shuffled towards the shaking barrier, separating him from the older woman, and unlocked it. When did he lock it? He couldn't remember.

The worried face of aunt greeted him. Guilty he lowered his head, trying to make himself as small as possible.

Gently the work-worn hands of the older woman reach for her nephew's head and stroked along the black hair. Soothing the shaking boy.

"Is everything okay?" concern laced her voice. Pressing into the comforting touch Ga On shook his head. A warm embrace followed.

"Nightmare?" He simply nodded against her shoulder.

"You used to get them as a small boy.  I-Is, is it about your parents?" He just seemed to be a terrified small, young boy in his arms, right at this moment.

Ga On shook his head. "No, auntie just a bad nightmare, I'm a bit stressed and overworked, the writing is dragging these days."

"That's why you all of a sudden decided to visit your old auntie?" Once more the male nodded into her shoulder.

Clinging on with his last strength, to not reveal the truth. She appeared to be satisfied with his explanation. The soft caressing carried on.

The two of them, aunt and nephew stayed in that position for quite some time. Only after reassuring the elder woman multiple times that he calmed down she left, going downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Somewhat been able to get a hold of himself Ga On grabbed a set of fresh clothes and went into the bathroom to shower and wash the night away.

He couldn't recall what the dream was about, he only remembered the paralyzing fear and unimaginable pain. Shaking off the feeling he stepped into the small bathroom.

A bit refreshed, with a towel slung around his shoulders Ga On went back into the bedroom, just as he was about to step through the doorframe something caught his eye.

The desk and chair changed position, he was sure, resting differently than the previous night. This was odd because since his arrival he never had been near it, not once.

Warily the confused man approached the scene as he rubbed the towel over his wet hair. The chair was positioned at an angle to face his bed, set up to be able to observe a sleeping Ga On.

The arms that had just been drying his locks stopped midair. The nerves of the young male went into overdrive.

He grabbed his bag and went into the kitchen. Aunt Haru was setting the table. He lend her a hand, soon they shared a silent meal.

Until Ga On had to ask. "Auntie." "Hmm?" "The chair upstairs did you move it, sit on it maybe?" "Where, in your room?" "Yes." Anxious he waited for her answer.

"No, sweet child, why would I do that? I didn't touch it." He nodded, letting the topic die down, to not raise her suspicion.

An hour later he was back on the road, home. Home, where the book waited for him, maybe it disappeared as before. He could only hope.

The young man decided he would get rid of it no matter how. Sell, gift, or burn it. The method he didn't care about only the result, to get it out of his life mattered.

At a gas station not far from his neighborhood he stopped. His fuel was dangerously low and he could use some coffee.

As he made his way inside to pay he crashed into a hard, moving, breathing wall. Pain shot throughout his nose as he connected with the firm chest of the stranger.

With watering eyes he reached toward his face, checking for blood. With a downcast head, he softly mumbled an apology and carried on.

Just as he was about the step inside he felt the urge to turn around. Already gone, whoever he crashed into was long gone. A weird feeling settled inside Ga On's belly.




Chapter Text

Late at night, when life came to a standstill Ga On arrived back home.

After his short stay at his aunt's house, the young man honestly contemplated sleeping in a hotel room, but after giving it some thought, weighing his options, on his way home he decided against it.

The stuff that occurred at nighttime, whichever evil fixated on - no tormented him would tag along no matter where he stayed. His short excursion made that much for him clear.

The young male would not endanger innocent bystanders.

Should this whole situation not be the early stages of some life-changing mental illness, which altered his mind and behavior that made him do and imagine the things that occurred unknowingly to him, then something weird, .... he didn't dare to say it out loud - unnatural attached itself to him.

He couldn't believe that a no-nonsense guy like him, rooted in science, logic, and reason contemplated things like that.

Don't get him wrong he loved spooky ghost hunting videos on youtube, horror, supernatural, and anything creepy like any other nerdy guy (not to label himself).

He was a fantasy author for fuck sake, Ga On spends more time with fictional material than most people. But it was just an imaginative, mythical world he could dive into to escape reality and the hardships of adult life. It was an escapism.

So even pondering about such things made Ga On uneasy, but his desperation to put an end to this was stronger, so for the sake of it he would try to be open-minded.

The first thing he would do tomorrow was to read the book which was gifted to him by his late mother, Soo Hyun, and Ga On used it and with that triggered this weird phenomenon, made it snowball and grow from then on.

He sat in his parked vehicle, with hawk eyes he tried to notice anything out of the ordinary. No lights on, no open windows or door. No one seemed to have visited his house as Ga On left.

Mustering up his courage after a few attempts Ga On made his way into the mum building. He turned every light source he owned on, checked the perimeter, no room left not probed, except for the basement.

He had locked it and placed a chair underneath the door handle. The young man felt like an idiot doing so, his digits pulled at his sleeping shorts as he sighed.

But he would admit it made him feel slightly safer.

Ga On nodded to himself and went upstairs. Just like with the basement door, he secured his bedroom opening. As he sat down on his mattress he reached for his smartphone and looked up soothing sounds.

Happy with his choice Ga On plugged the device into the outlet, making sure it wouldn't die in the middle of the night.

With the blanket pulled up to his chin the tense male focused on the music his smartphone cast throughout the dark room.

After some unknown amount of time passed Ga On drifted off, not knowing another nightmare waited for him.

"Ga On was desperately running, wheezing out harsh breaths as he fled the chasing force, legs barely able to hold him up much longer, no matter where he turned to they never seem to lose track of him. So close he almost felt their hot breath brush his neck. A hand reach out of the darkness and grabbed him by the neck, with desperate fingers he clawed and scratched at the unknown hand. It was of no use, the stranger was relentless and unforgiving, squeezing harder with inhumane might. Slowly a struggling and screaming Ga On was dragged into the blackness. Until the darkness swallowed and consumed him completely. Pain, blinding, hot, unbearable, excruciating agony filled his soul until there was nothing else left. "You feel it? You called for me, you ... Ga On, Kim Ga On." No, no, no, he didn't... "N-No, nn-no, no, NO, NO...

He didn't want to it talk. Ga On would not acknowledge the existence of this being. Like a wild animal he fought against the restraints, his shoulder was vehemently protesting, hot pain shot throughout his veins, he would rip his arm off if he continued, but he didn't care, the young man just needed to break free and escape. The unnatural thing pulled him back. It was unyielding, why couldn't he cut it loose? "You summoned me, boy. Why do you wish to flee?" He did not, never did he do such a thing. Ga On burst into desperate tears, hot, big droplets coated his cheeks, disappearing into the all-consuming darkness......

With tears running down his chin, soaking into his sleepwear Ga On escaped his nightmare. Confused he touched his wet face, rubbing the invisible tear-stricken lines into the fabric that covered his wrist.

Erasing any evidence that the bad dream left behind. With a heavy breath, the baffled male turned onto his side and gazed out of the window.

Sunlight, gently, with a mother's touch awoke the earth and announced the beginning of a brand new day.

It was the same nightmare he had at his aunt's house, just longer?

His screaming didn't startle him awake today, but his tears... What trapped him in it? What was the thing he so desperately wanted to escape from?

Unmoving he stayed in his bed until his alarm went off. Shortly afterward his phone vibrated, notifying him that tomorrow he had a meeting with his manager.

His deadline for the new chapter was ending. He answered Soo Hyun's texts, who threatened to call the cops on him if he didn't reply and promised to meet her soon after his deadline passed.

She answered only seconds later and cursed at him for going silent. They continued to chat for some time until she had to leave for work.

It almost felt like a normal day, hence the bad, recurring dream. Until Ga On spotted the barricaded bedroom door, despite his wish to go back to sleep he left the comfort of his bed. He tried his best to ignore the secured door up as well downstairs.

He started his day as he usually did, with showering and brushing his teeth, hoping to would force some normality into the untouched day by following his routine.

Ga On had to meet a deadline, so that is what he would do today, unspectacular and plain.

The book had to wait, he didn't need another problem, his manager, K would hound him and not let up until he finished the expected amount of words he promised.


Unbelieving and perplexed the young man reached his home after successfully finishing his work. Absolutely nothing had occurred since Ga On left.

Not a thing. No weird old people, with foreboding threats, the weather was nice, the feeling of been watched never hit him.

It almost made him panic, this peacefulness. What would cause the world to fall upside down this time? Worried Ga On didn't dare to go near the spellbook, he promised himself he would but the black-haired man feared the consequences that would follow.

So until another incident shook up Ga On and it became necessary he wouldn't open the cellar door.



Chapter Text


"Ga On was desperately running, wheezing out harsh breaths as he fled the chasing force, legs barely able to hold him up much longer, no matter where he turned to they never seem to lose track of him. So close he almost felt their hot breath brush his neck. A hand reach out of the darkness and grabbed onto him by the neck, with desperate fingers he clawed and scratched at the unknown hand. It was of no use, the stranger was relentless and unforgiving, squeezing harder with inhumane might. Slowly a struggling and screaming Ga On was dragged into the blackness. Until the darkness swallowed and consumed him completely. Pain, blinding, hot, unbearable, excruciating agony filled his soul until there was nothing else left. "You feel it? You called for me, you ... Ga On, Kim Ga On." No, no, no, he didn't... "N-No, nn-no, no, NO, NO..."

He didn't want to it talk. Ga On would not acknowledge the existence of this being. Like a wild animal he fought against the restraints, his shoulder was vehemently protesting, hot pain shot throughout his veins, he would rip his arm off if he continued, but he didn't care, the young man just needed to break free and escape. The unnatural thing pulled him back. It was unyielding, why couldn't he cut it loose? "You summoned me, boy. Why do you wish to flee?" He did not, never did he do such a thing. Ga On burst into desperate tears, hot, big droplets coated his cheeks, disappearing into the all-consuming darkness......

It felt no sympathy for him, no it enjoyed the harm it caused. With more force, it asked once more "Why did you summon me only to run away? You begged for me to come to you." "I-I didn't, I didn't, l-l-leave me alone please, just stop and leave." With no strength left the young man sunk onto the floor. "You offered yourself to me, with blood, begged for me to come to you, I will not leave, you'll accept me. I'll leave you no choice. You are mine, I owe you." A choking grip cut off Ga On's airflow. His tears once more dropped into the dark void. Defeated the young man stared into the darkness.. only to..."

It was already early in the afternoon, at least that's what the clock on his nightstand told him, he overslept. Technical he could sleep as long as he wished to, he was his own boss.

Still, the male liked to follow some kind of resemblance of a routine, he must have slept like a log. He wasn't surprised, he was constantly drained.

Unfortunately, he couldn't plug himself into an outlet to simply recharge. So he didn't hear his clock?

Ga On yawned as he stretched his tired, overused muscles, bones loudly crackling and popping as he raised his arms into the sky, a sky with greeted him with grey clouds.

He got up and closed his open window. When did he open it? Did someone, ... he checked his bedroom and immediately stopped himself as the young man realized what he was doing.

He tamed his bedhead with his digits, combing roughly along his black hair as he walked into his kitchen.

His mind wandered back to what awoke him. Terrifying dreams he could handle no matter how fear-inducing.

He had an imaginative mind, writing often to a toll on him. Not that he could compare this situation with a dry writing spell.

He noticed that the nightmare had become more enhanced, vivid. Who or what was the darkness that trapped him? It ended just as he gazed into it.

With the push of a button the coffee machine came alive and began to spit out hot, in Ga On's opinion liquid gold, with loving eyes, he leaned with his hip against the counter, impatiently drumming his fingers on the smooth surface as he kept track of the slow procedure.

His ringing phone on the kitchen table startled Ga On out of his thoughts. K, his longtime manager, and friend was on the other side of the line.

"Hey, bestseller boy are you up? I can be at your house in twenty minutes, should I grab something to eat on my way?"

Not under any circumstances would he let K into his house, yes yesterday went by without a hitch, but the young man would not toy with unknown forces and risk it.

"Ga On? You still there?" Ripped out of his thoughts, agitated Ga On paced back and forth as he forged a plan in his mind, to make sure K wouldn't set a foot into his house.

"No, let's meet at a dinner. I spend so much time cooped up inside I want to go outside. I crave a good burger." Ha, genius, he wouldn't even question him.

"Ah, yes, of course, sorry, sure I will send you the location. One hour sounds okay?"

Relief flooded throughout the young man, Ga On's tight grip onto the counter he didn't know he had relaxed. The young male nodded although his manager couldn't see him.

"Yes, sounds good. See you in a bit." "Bye." With a sure push, he released the kitchen counter and went back upstairs to get ready for his upcoming meeting.


Forty-five minutes later he stepped through the threshold into the unassuming dinner. He spotted his manager sitting at the counter. Ga On marched over and tapped him onto his shoulders.

With a smile, K received the handsome young man. Not much needed to be said, the moment K saw the promised amount of chapters, he beamed at his writer, slung an arm around his shoulders and they talked about everything but work.

After they inhaled their meals, burgers and fries, Ga On excused himself and went to the restroom.

The reflection that greeted him looked foreign, the last days took a toll on him.

He splashed some water into his face after he washed his hands. He took one more look into the mirror and left.

As Ga On stepped out of the washroom he realized that K was missing, before the young man could run amok, he spotted him outside, phone pressed against his ear.

His manager turned towards him and gestured with his lips and hands. Work. He nodded, relieved, and sat back down. Ga On sipped at his over-brewed, bitter coffee and became aware of a presence to his right.

He gazed up and met two enchanting, dark brown, caramelized colored eyes, which reciprocated the questioning gaze Ga On had. His mouth moved, the stranger's lips formed words.

A bit embarrassed Ga On inquired the tall man before him to repeat his question.

"A-Ah, sorry, I didn't catch that." With an incredible beautiful smile, the stranger did just that.

"I was asking if the seat is taken?" he pointed at the seat next to his. "Oh, no, it's all yours." The young man felt his cheeks flush.

The smile of the unknown man became even brighter, teeth flashing, as he sat down at his right side. Winking charmingly as he thanked Ga On. "Thanks." Right about now his face must look like a ripe tomato. He nodded at him, flustered.

Feeling like a creep as he clearly overstepped certain boundaries.

The first thing the curious young male became aware of was the taller man's intoxicating smell, masculine and earthy.

His side profile was just as enchanting, a strong, sharp jaw bone, chiseled by Michaelangelo without a doubt. It could definitely cut through stone. A high, straight nose bridge, full sensual lips, his gaze lingered for a moment, just as the tongue wetted them.

A head of full dark hair, sleeked backward, exposing his handsome facial features.

He was definitely older than Ga On. Broad, wide, strong shoulders. His black shirt was just tight enough to make out well-defined abs, his thighs were thick, meaty and muscular, stretching the jeans fabric they cloaked with every shift.

His ahem, yes, third leg as Soo Hyun called it was pressed proudly against the fly containing it. He was not hard, which meant he was, well.... big. His belly grew warm.

The aura that emanated off the unknown man was commanding attention. Not only Ga On was busy checking him out.

He was probably dominant and a bit cocky. The young man suppressed his infatuated sigh. The dinner guest was the personification of Ga On's dream man. The observing young man was sure about it. Oh, shit he needed to get a grip for fucks sake.

The attractive stranger turned his head toward the young male's direction, the previous smile still in place. Startled at the sudden attention Ga On gnawed at his pounty pink lips. Ah, he was so charming.

Did the man's eyes just follow the movement of his mouth? He bit his lips again and checked the reaction of the older man next to him. Ga On's pale ears switched to red and hot, his flush disappeared into his sweater, spreading everywhere.

"What's good here, do you know?" "Hmm, no, I'm don't, but the burgers are great I just had one myself." gesturing to his empty plate as Ga On beamed at the good-looking male.

The older male leaned closer, Ga On could feel his hot breath caress the side of his face. He fought the urge to lean forward, into it.

"Yeah? Well then I will get myself a burger I guess, a sweetheart like you couldn't be wrong." Sweetheart? "I-I...I.."

"Ga On?" The voice of his manager was like a bucket of ice-cold water. With a glare, he couldn't contain he turned towards the intruder.

"Hmm?," his voice was a bit too forceful.

With a raised eyebrow K motioned towards the exit. "You finished? I already paid." With a heavy heart, not knowing how to prolong his conversation with the striking unknown man Ga On nodded.

Disappointed he slowly stood up and put his leather jacket on. But his skin prickled under the older male's gaze, he shyly looked back up and caught the interested gaze with which he blatantly checked Ga On's body out. Lingering on Ga On's ass. Another hot wave engulfed his body.

"Ga On? Nice to meet you I'm Kang Yo Han." Even his voice was attractive. A strong hand reached out, eager he took hold of the bigger hand. Warmth spread throughout him at the firm grip.

Bashfully he nodded and hastily let go of the older one's hand. Once more their eyes connected. "I hope I'll see you again very soon Ga On." His orbs focused onto Ga On's mouth.

The flustered young man followed K out of the dinner. Butterflies were dancing and fluttering inside his stomach.

On his way home Ga On felt the curious look of K. "Who was the handsome dude?" Oh, no, of course, he would tease him about it.

Should he lie and pretend to know the attractive stranger? No, Yo Han, his name was Kang Yo Han. A new wave of pleasure filled the young man.

"Uhu, you got it bad my boy. Where do you know him from? Did you see the way he looked at you? H-O-T! He wanted to consume you Ga On. He looked like he was seconds away from doing you on the counter. "

What? So he was attracted to Ga On as well? Ga On had no experience with dating and sex. So he would have to take his manager's word for it.

"Really? You think he liked me?" With a raised eyebrow K laughed at the younger man's naivete. "Ah, sweet, innocent Ga On. Yes, he most definitely liked you, a lot."

Amused the manager was happy that his writer seemed to be interested in somebody. He always worried about him. Ga On tended to shut the world out. With a good feeling, he dropped the younger man off at his place.

Light on his feet, Ga On's thoughts wandered back to the man he met today.

A fuzzy feeling warmed his body. He unlocked his front door and turned to wave goodbye to his manager.

When his car was out of sight he took a step inside, not knowing his happiness was short-lived....




Chapter Text


Unsuspecting and still invigorated from the short exchange with the recently met handsome acquaintance, Ga On didn't notice the open basement door the instant he stepped into his house.

With buoyancy in his step he went into his kitchen before all else, to get himself something to drink, he was a bit thirsty.

The young male went to the faucet and got himself a glass of water, in sync Ga On took his black leather jacket off, carelessly dropping it onto the kitchen table.

The unguarded young male set the half-empty glass down, began to sort through his mail, which he still hadn't opened, only then with letters in hand he went into his living room.

Still daydreaming about Yo Han and how good he smelled. Mentally Ga On smacked himself over the head for his pervy thoughts. He couldn't stop smiling, the last moment at ease before all hell broke loose.

The white envelopes hit the earth as soon as Ga On lifted his face, to scrutinize the living room out of habit. The slender fingers bit into his palms as he formed tight fists, pressed against his flanks, overwhelmed by the sheer absurdity.

The basement door was unlocked, wide open, the chair that had secured it earlier in the morning was now laying tossed to the side, right next to the ajar entrance, in complete vain, not doing what it's supposed to do.

Bile rose inside his throat, cold sweat drenched his armpit. In seconds his body switched into survival mode. Ga On checked the back pocket of his jeans, his smartphone connected with his searching fingertips, but he let them fall back toward his sides helplessly immediately afterward. He knew he couldn't call the cops, this was no robbery or break-in.

Fast as lighting Ga On bolted toward the entrance and grabbed the baseball bat that still resided against the wall, next to the door, tightly he grabbed onto it.

The fast breathing raised his heart rate, spiking the adrenaline that coursed through his body. The terrified man threw the front door opened and stepped out. On his porch, he helplessly stared at his neighbor's homes.

The realization that no one could come to his aid made Ga On feel utterly helpless and alone. Beaten he sat down on the timber stairs. He hugged the bat against his frame and tried not to weep.

He didn't know how much time had passed since he sat down on his terrace. The adrenaline had worn off and his muscles became stiff, he started to shiver from the moist night air, that crept into his bones.

Ga On had no other choice, he had to go inside and check. The horrified male could leave yes, but it wouldn't change the current situation. He promised himself he would not run away.

Determined with rigid limbs Ga On pulled himself up with the help of the staircase railing. Frantic, he went back inside. Facing whatever was waiting and toying with him.

Slowly with cautious strides, he approaches the scene. He scanned his surroundings, nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing was missing, not that he thought it would. They never took anything.

Gently he kicked the chair that rested on the floor. With his free hand, he reached inside the open space of the basement, searching for the light switch, to chase out the darkness.

With a firm hold Ga On enclosed his baseball bat. One step after the other, he went down into the brightly light underground room.

The wooden chest, with the magic tome, was his first step. Everything that happened so far had to do with it. Secured. It was locked! The latch was still in place.

Ga On raised his eyebrows in confusion. Nearly dropping the bat in his fingers. But he thought... It..

Something hard connected with the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

"Ga On was desperately running, wheezing out harsh breaths as he fled the chasing force, legs barely able to hold him up much longer, no matter where he turned to they never seem to lose track of him. So close he almost felt their hot breath brush his neck. A hand reach out of the darkness and grabbed him by the neck, with desperate fingers he clawed and scratched at the unknown hand. It was of no use, the stranger was relentless and unforgiving, squeezing harder with inhumane might. Slowly a struggling and screaming Ga On was dragged into the blackness. Until the darkness swallowed and consumed him completely. Pain, blinding, hot, unbearable, excruciating agony filled his soul until there was nothing else left. "You feel it? You called for me, you ... Ga On, Kim Ga On." No, no, no, he didn't... "N-No, nn-no, no, NO, NO...

He didn't want to it talk. Ga On would not acknowledge the existence of this being. Like a wild animal he fought against the restraints, his shoulder was vehemently protesting, hot pain shot throughout his veins, he would rip his arm off if he continued, but he didn't care, the young man just needed to break free and escape. The unnatural thing pulled him back. It was unyielding, why couldn't he cut it loose? "You summoned me, boy. Why do you wish to flee?" He did not, never did he do such a thing. Ga On burst into desperate tears, hot, big droplets coated his cheeks, disappearing into the all-consuming darkness......

It felt no sympathy for him, no it enjoyed the harm it caused. With more force, it asked once more "Why did you summon me only to run away? You begged for me to come to you." "I-I didn't, I didn't, l-l-leave me alone please, just stop and leave." With no strength left the young man sunk onto the floor. "You offered yourself to me, with blood, begged for me to come to you, I will not leave, you'll accept me. I'll leave you no choice. You are mine now, I owe you." A choking grip cut off Ga On's airflow. His tears once more dropped onto the dark force. Defeated the young man stared into the darkness.. only to..."

realize he could never escape from it, the emptiness had clawed its way into the deepest parts of him, his soul was blackened, it attached itself to him. His blood circled throughout the emptiness, pulsing. Abyss. Blackness. Void. The thing, the stranger was gone. "Hello?" Nothing, no echo. Just absolute silence. In despair he spun around, where should he go? The darkness inched closer, licking at his feet. Wh-Where did the voice go? It left him alone, trapped in solitude. The black mass climbed up his shins, in terror he desperately tried to shake it off. Where to should he run from it? Could he run from?

He didn't know how long he ran, in this place time had no meaning. He simply continued on and on. Did he ran forward, did forward even exist here? He just needed to put enough distance between him and the .. the whatever it was. He didn't want to encounter it again.

He rubbed his sense-deprived eyes, just to make sure.. light!  Bright, illuminating a part of the neverending blackout. Was it a trap? The chance was high. Ga On knew he had no choice he bolted toward the fluorescence beam. It blinded him the closer he got, it grew, radiating painful witness,
like a deity, he blocked the glowing spark with his palms as he approached it. Burning hot. It hurt his sensitive orbs. He wanted it to stop. The darkness he wanted the blackness to come back! The light was hurting him.

A strong hand encircled his wrist pulling away the only protection that shielded his eyes from the harsh light. With closed eyes he waited for the brightness to dim, eventually, it did slowly and carefully the young man opened his eyes.

There up ahead stood someone, a tall man! Relieved he chased after him, as fast as he could. Cautiously Ga On touched the male's shoulder in front of him as he finally reached him. As soon as his fingers made contact with the person in front of him he turned, facing him. It was the stranger he had lusted after only hours earlier. Kang Yo Han!  With a big smile in an eerily familiar voice, that haunted his dreams every night since he used that cursed book, he greeted him, saying his name. "Kim Ga On." NO! That was not true!



Chapter Text


With a gasp Ga On sat up on his bed, relieved to escape his horrible, reoccurring dream. He tried to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Confronted with an additional mystery. How did he end up in his bed?

Slowly his senses became aware of his body's condition. Body and mind catching up, aligning with one another.

Why did he feel so incredibly dizzy? What was going on? The groggy writer was severely confused, did he blackout at some point? Why?

Ga On's realized his vision was blurry, the darkness made it hard to orient himself, shortly after his brain alerted him of the abnormal state he was in, at the first opportunity the young man was overwhelmed with crippling pain, emanating from the back of his skull. The throbbing the pain caused filled his eyes with tears distorting his view even more.

Hot, throbbing pain raced through his nerve system as Ga On awareness acknowledged his already pulsing pain receptors, the collected tears escaped the corner of his eyes. Did he get drunk yesterday?

As Ga On exhaled used air, carbon dioxide forcefully out of his nose, in an attempt to cope with the intense pain, he noticed sticky, dark wetness covering his pillows.

Ga On lifted his hand toward the aching spot, a second wave of nauseating pain shot throughout him as his fingers connected with the moisture. "Argh, ow." Blood covered his fingers as he pulled his arm back.

Did he fall? Hit his head on the nightstand? Ga On needed light, with great difficulty he switched the small lamp resting on his bedside table on. A soft glow decorated the room in warm fluorescence.

The young man tried to make sense of his current situation. He racked his brain for answers. No, he remembered he was walking down the staircase into the basement then...then?

Disoriented Ga On stared blankly straight ahead. That's when the bloodied young man realized he was not alone. Sucking in sallow, fast-paced breaths Ga On panicked. His fingers clawed into the mattress beneath his body.

In front of him sat the man that became the main character in his nightmares and startled him awake because of it. At first, he was comforted by their meeting after all those horrible days he had to live through, now that luxury turned into dust.

Kang Yo Han in the flesh, casually lounging in his room, as if it was normal, the two were close buddies. This, this could not be true. He was truly going insane.

"You awake?" Said the stranger who broke into his house.

Was he awake? Or was he jumping from one dream into the next? Was he still sleeping? Sleep paralysis?

Crippled by fear the young man could do nothing but sit motionlessly and observe the intruder as he moved.

The handsome trespasser inched closer, reducing their distance, Yo Han's fingers untangled his hair as he approached the young man's bed. Once he was done he reached out.

The older man's hand almost made contact with the side of Ga On's head, his skin, just in time Ga On stumbled into motion, evading his touch, scrambling backward until his back connected hard with the headrest of his bed.

With no more room to escape, the hurt man hastily swung his legs off the mattress, cold floor greeted his weak feet.

Without hesitation he pushed himself into a standing position, approaching his open window as soon as he was upright. Turning his back towards the opening his eyes met Yo Han's.

"Explain!" he demanded in a not so authoritative voice, evidently shaking from terror. Without much success, he tried to stop his arms from trembling.

Amused the older male went back to his original position, arm propped up on his knee, head resting in his open palm.

"I didn't do anything, sweetheart. This whole situation is on you, baby." His gaze was burning into his skin. Heat bubbled in his stomach.

What was going on? What was the older one doing to him? Why was Ga On feeling this way?

Heavily overcome with weakness he leaned against the windowsill. He needed to keep a clear mind, maybe he would finally get some answers. Was Yo Han behind the last day's incidents?

Ga On hesitated, but his momentary anger overruled his fear.

"What do you mean by that? And stop the pet names! I'm not your baby." he harshly ordered.

"I didn't do anything. I don't know you, how could I call you? his voice grew more hysterical with each word. Don't give me any riddles or half-answers. I want the truth."

A moment ago the older man had sat in his office chair, then too fast for a human he stood right in front of him. The chair, with a loud crash, lay broken on the floor. It happened before Ga On could blink twice.

Yo Han's body language had changed, in an instant, the room appeared to be freezing cold. The hair on Ga On's pale skin rose. Danger seemed to radiate from the older's every pore, dark power oozed off the taller man.

Ga On's flight instinct screamed at him to jump out of the window, consequences be damned, as Yo Han crept closer. The oxygen in his lungs became insufficient, for his fast panicked pants.

Yo Han leaned forward in a swift motion, Ga On upper body hung dangerously in empty air as he backed up, further escaping out into open space, evading the threatening older man.

He felt blood trickle along his spine from his untreated head wound, mixing with the sweat that covered his back, he felt incredibly lightheaded, his vision began to swim.

A painful sting shot throughout his fingers, the ones which were holding onto the window frame. Yo Han brutally squeezed his clawing fingers, his lifeline, the only thing that kept him from falling.

Ga On scanned the older male features. Yo Han's eyes appeared to be entirely black, as the bigger man stared right back into his fear-stricken orbs.

"Cute how you think you can demand anything from me, baby." The grip on top of his tense fingers painfully tightened, he couldn't hold on much longer under this condition.

Suddenly he was free. With a hiss his newly released hand, cramped and let go of the window frame, Ga On slipped backward, losing his balance. He desperately tried to hold onto something but was met by emptiness.

Yo Han's strong arm snaked around his waist and dragged him back up, towards the very thing he fearfully hoped to escape. His lungs released a harsh wheeze at the prospect of not falling to his death.

There it was again that hot, all-consuming feeling whenever he was close to the older male. He noticed him staring at his trembling lips. The arm around his abdomen tightened, pulling him closer. He felt Yo Han's body heat radiating from the muscular build.

Yo Han shoved his loose nightshirt up, the naked skin of his hip and neck came into contact with the other man. An indescribable sensation flooded his very been. Desire and Hunger. Unconsciously Ga On buried his fingers into the shirt of the man he faced..

Shocked, his legs began to tremble, threatening to give out on him. The hot feeling that spread throughout him was overwhelming. He hated himself for it but a breathy moan escaped him.

What was the older one doing to him? He gasped as the body of the muscular man pressed more firmly against his. His pelvis connected with something rock-hard. Was the older one hard?

Just a moment ago Ga On was terrified of Yo Han, ready to jump out the window risk his life to flee. Now he was melting and could think of nothing but his touch.

Disruption interfered before anything more could happen. With loud bangs, someone knocked on Ga On's front door. Yo Han turned his head towards the disturbing uproar. His features screamed bloody murder, his grip painfully tightened, red welts formed on his pale skin.

The doorbell rang next. After another couple of rings, a familiar voice shouted "Ga On, you already asleep? I couldn't reach you on your phone. You forgot your wallet in my car." More hammering against the wood followed. "Ga On?"

The man holding him pressed a finger against his lips, commanding the young male to keep quiet.

The sound of a key been shoved into a keyhole echoed throughout the silent house. Of course, K had a spare key, he was his manager. The writing process could become messy to put it nicely.

With an annoyed hiss, Yo Han shoved Ga On into the bed, visibility darkening as his injured head touched the mattress. Seconds later the older man smoothly jumped out of the open window disappearing into the night. Leaving a perplexed Ga On behind.

He turned to the second intruder of the night as he reached his room. Not an unwelcomed one this time, with the weird look on his face Ga On had no problem fooling his friend into thinking he waked him up as he opened and stepped through the bedroom door.

What was his life turning into since he received that stupid book?




Chapter Text


Ga On had spent the last five days far away from the world, locked away similar to Rapunzel in her lonely tower, but in a cheap motel room, somewhere off the grid, barely interacting with anyone, like a wanted criminal escaping capture.

Only K his manager, who unknowingly saved him out of Yo Han's manhandling, and the cleaning lady were aware of his current location.

Still Ga On wish someone would pinch him and everything would go back to the way things were before. He couldn't, didn't want to believe it, it felt unreal, his plain, unspectacular life turned into a thriller.

After K left, Ga On hastily, still panicking shoved the clothes laying nearby and other necessities into a bag and left, he took the spell tome with him.

The stupid book and his 'fun' drunken baking incident were the roots of it all. So without much of a choice, he gathered the damned bundle of paper. He couldn't leave it behind.

That's how he ended up in the countryside god knows where, an old, disgusting, smelly room.

With weirdly shaped stains on the carpet, Ga On wouldn't be surprised if somebody died in here, more than once.

Every touchable surface, arguably the ceiling as well were most likely covered in questionable fluids.

The young male booked it for his own 'safety' sake. Yeah, sure. An annoyed huff slipped through Ga On's lips, he punished the empty room with a glare.

Yo Han knew where he lived. Who knows how many times he broke into his house, stalked, watched, or spied on him.

How he convinced his loved ones not to ask any question was still a miracle to him. Especially K, who nearly fainted as he walked in at the sight of a heavily bleeding Ga On.

K arrived at Ga On's side as soon as Yo Han leaped out of the open window. None the wiser, doorknob hitting the wall and all that jazz.

"Oh, no, did I wake you?" His face morphed into a regretful grimace. "Shit. I'm sorry Ga On, I really am." His manager's face was distorted by guilt, which soon turned into worry as he spotted the leaking cut on the back of the writer's head.

"Shit, what happened? Everything is covered in blood!" He grabbed the bloodstained pillow and pointed at the backside of the hurt man's shirt. Shoving it into the injured man's face.

K didn't wait for an excuse or explanation, not taking no for an answer he grabbed Ga On, and shortly afterward the two reached the emergency room. Luckily he didn't require stitches, the gash was not deep, head wounds just tended to bleed quite a bit.

The hospital staff hadn't asked too many questions either, they took his word for it after he explained that he fell. He didn't know how to feel about that fact.


The young man gained one new acquisition, how the spellbook found its way to Ga On's doorstep. It was K's doing, the clueless idiot.

After his first visit to the shabby motel, he confessed to dropping it off. "Hey, you kept that weird-looking book?" wondered his manager as he spotted it resting on the worn table, surrounded by scribbles and brightly colored sticky notes mostly covered with question marks.

What did he mean by that? He could only mean the dreaded thing, of course. With a pained sigh, the young male's eyes gazed at what his manager was focusing on. He pointed at the spellbook.

"What about the old tome?" "Yeah, that one, I handed it over to you." In disbelief, a furious Ga On nearly yelled: "What? Did you drop it off at my door? It's supposed to be from my mother. She left a message inside the cover. Why did you have it? This cursed thing!" With every word he grew angrier, face flushing in exertion, holding back his impulse to strangle his manager on the spot.

K raised his two arms as a peace offering. "As I said, I don't know much myself, I was told to drop it off at your house, it arrived at the office per delivery service, no return address." "By whom?" He needed answers. "Ga On, I, I'm sorry I don't have an answer to that question," apologetic his manager had left not long after that.

Someone wanted Ga On to receive the spellbook, without revealing their identity, but why? His only living family member was his aunt Haru, she most definitely didn't seem like a witch. A new puzzle piece and once more no explanation.

Hating his inability in acquiring some much-needed answers. Ga On buried his head in research, as much as an amateur could probe into this matter.

The young male finished the leather-bound book multiple times, but of course, it didn't spit out any concrete clarification or results.

Every spell, potion, or even ritual didn't connect with the next one. All had their different uses and origins. Just instructions and guidance on how to accomplish the written wishes or hopes.

No explanation or summary, zero. Not that he was surprised, the book would lose its mysterious nature otherwise.

He repeatedly checked the dream man recipe, tried to analyze every sentence, but it was fruitless. You could probably interpret certain things in multiple ways. Maybe? It's seemed fairly straight to the point.

The only word that caught his attention was the word consequences. Not that he could recall what he did after he and Soo Hyun consumed too much liquor, but maybe, just maybe he fucked at that point somehow? It was the only conclusion he reached. Or he was cursed with shit luck.

Looking up magic on the internet was a whole different crazy adventure with left no new lead, just so much nonsense, and baiting, Ga On as a skeptic had no idea what to look or focus on.

The ringing of his cellphone shook Ga On out of his recollecting of information. His eyes flashed toward the name on his display, K. He hit accept.

"Ga On, kid. Are you still at that disgusting Inn?" "Hmm", was the dejected answer. His manager was under the illusion that Ga On was researching and getting inspiration at this seedy place, for a new horror story.

"I'll be over tomorrow, early in the morning. I got the okay from the higher-ups for the fantasy novel. They love the new chapters. If you need anything in the meantime call me. OK?" Anything that could distract him from this limbo was welcomed.

Short and sweet Ga On simply replied with an "OK." His naked toes sliding over the grey rug at his feet, the only seemingly new item in the rundown motel or so he hoped. With that their phone call concluded.

With a heavy thump, Ga On threw himself onto the old armchair and turned the TV on. As he mindlessly flipped through the channels his mind wandered to the man he feared but couldn't seem to ban from his thoughts.

Well yes, he was handsome, as he said Yo Han was what Ga On would describe as the perfect man. Frustrated Ga On rubbed his forehead. The book didn't send the older male to him, right? Could he be the result of the drunken baking accident?

An hour or maybe two passed in this manner until the young man grew tired of it, annoyed and bored Ga On switched the remote off. Carelessly throwing the device onto the coffee table with a long-drawn-out groan.

A few more minutes passed as Ga On laid sprawled out in the used seat in silence.

Shoving himself of the seat with a lazy body, he shuffled over towards the queen-sized bed, head first he bounced on top of the mattress, muffling his dramatic noises, filled with complaints.

On his belly, face squashed into the pillow, Ga On deeply huffed. He rolled over, on his side he blindly reaches for his phone. Mindlessly he scrolled through the various content.

Outside the celestial sphere turned dark as grey clouds painted their color across the slowly darkening sky. Warm and cold air clashing together, evoking a stormy night.

The knock on the motel door startles the irritated young male. Unsure he raised himself on all fours and threw a puzzled gaze at the door. The house cleaner? She already visited him, hours ago.

A do not disturb sign hung on his doorknob, his lights were off. Who could it be?

Frozen, Ga On wasn't sure what to do. Should he open it? No peephole or windows graced the front side of his room, he had no opportunity to check.

Nervously he rubbed his hands together, the black-haired man didn't move from his spot. Sometime later he could no longer stay still, he had to check. The pause in utter silence drove him insane.

With cautious movements, he approached the entrance door. Ear pressed against the wood he couldn't pick up any sounds.

With a shaky hand he encircled the handle, he took a few deep breaths before he gathered enough courage to pull the handle down, the security chain still in place.

The half-open door revealed nothing. Highly alert he poked his head outside. Ga On grew increasingly wary with every passing second.

What horror movie had his life turned into? Scream? That the knocking and ringing of doors bells made him live through debilitating panic attacks. He never felt safe, everything unknown raised his anxiety and triggered his flight instinct.

The door fell back into its place, relieved Ga On leaned his head against the wooden barrier. Slowly his fear ebbed out of his body, leaving him exhausted.

Back where the young man had been before the knocking disrupted his boredom, a now tired Ga On slid underneath the blanket.

As he drifted off into restless sleep, rain began to drum against every surface in its way.




Chapter Text


Like his recurring nightmares regularly disturbed the young man's sleep schedule, Ga On once more found himself awake in the middle of the night.

The press of the side button on his black phone told Ga On that sunrise was still a few hours away. A twitch made the young man look downward, revealing his hard length.

With a soft sign, he paid attention to the soft pitter-patter of the pouring rain, his only companion.

With drowsy limbs, he somehow made it into a seated position. Ignoring what he considered an annoyance, pressing against his sweatpants.

Ga On's focus switched toward the new disturbance that attacked his senses. Buzzing like a persistent insect he couldn't catch. A gnawing feeling radiated from his guts.

He was here - Yo Han, outside, not far away, he just knew, the evidence was tenting his sweatpants, since their previous two encounters, Ga On was plagued by intense wet dreams. Yo Han was the main protagonist. He couldn't recall the last time he didn't wake up hard, covered in sweat or semen, like a teenager.

Still Ga On was not sure how, or why he could tell that Yo Han was nearby looking for him. How did he even find him?

Somehow in an unknown manner, Yo Han manipulated his body and senses. Most definitely, Ga On would admit he found the older man incredibly pleasing for the eye, but he was incredibly terrified of the man. He should panic and get ready to flee, yet here he was sitting in the darkness waiting, not moving a muscle.

As if under a spell Ga On got up and unlocked his motel door, the security chain swinging uselessly along the doorframe creating a soft, rhythmic chime-like noise.

Carefully he took a couple of steps backward, lingering in the middle of the room. Goosebumps rose on his skin, covering his pale sensitive neck.

The silver door handle lowered, Yo Han entered the space shortly after. The tall man was clad in black clothes, the wet fabric clinging to his muscular, broad frame. He must have spent some time in the rain, outside, observing - stalking him no doubt.

The instant their eyes connected Ga On nearly dropped onto the ground. The older man's orbs were smoldering. Was he angry? It was impossible to determine which emotions circled inside the expressive irises. Would this encounter end violently as well?

The choking, breath-stealing heat in the room climbed higher as the older man turned his upper body to lock the only entry, the wooden old door, preventing Ga On from fleeing, not that it seemed to be necessary. As the young male appeared to be glued to the floor.

With slow and heedful steps he approached the frozen Ga On. A few moments later the two deeply gazed into each other's eyes, flames raging, licking at each other's skin. Ga On's breathing became erratic, chest rising and lowering in anticipation or fear? He couldn't differentiate.

Soon the familiar feeling of two hands enclosing his waist followed. The distance between them diminished, their fast, hot breaths mingling.

Yo Han didn't utter a single word, his fingers smoothed Ga On sleep tousled locks with gentle fingers out of his face. Observing and marveling in the young male beauty. His eyes wandered downward as they always did, landing on the younger man's collarbone and slightly pounting, red full mouth. His eyes appeared to change color, darkening to the blackest of black.

With his target in sight, the older male slowly slid forward, fluent and fast. With only millimeters between them, he stopped with a raised eyebrow. "You're not gonna fight or protest today?" Were the first words he voiced, directed at the younger one.

Still, under the spell of the older one, a bit dazed it took Ga On multiple attempts to get his mouth to work. "I-I-I don't know, I mean no, but I have some questions." "Questions?" With a nod, a husky yes outran the overwhelmed male's mouth as Yo Han's fingers disappeared underneath Ga On's shirt, caressing the flushed naked skin.

The older male's thumb rubbed with featherlite touches along the outline of the trembling young man's mouth. Dipping his fingertip into the wet cavern amid the alluring lips, coating them in salvia. Painting the shiny moisture across the sensual lush mouth. Heightening his wish to attack them even more. His control was slipping.

Willing Ga On opened his pink mouth as the other man's finger disappeared in between them countless times. Shyly his tongue poked against the welcomed invaders with every renewed visit. The butterfly's in his abdomen erupted in a wild inferno, inflaming every part of his body the caressed.

With a husky voice Yo Han, affected by their activity, informed the young man just as he did in their last meeting, but maybe with more clarity this time. "You performed a ritual, you should know which, you offered you blood, yourself to me. Called out to me, connected us."

"Ritual? No, I-I, I used a stupid 'spell' with my friend." Ga On barely could form words, let alone concentrate and keep up with what the older man said as he continued to pet the naked skin of his hips, drawing warm lines. It was the only thing his brain wanted to fixate on.

"Spell?" With the new information, Yo Han gave the handsome man another once-over. Shakily Ga On nodded.

"You're a witch?" With big eyes, the young man vehemently shook his head. "A witch, you are kidding me, right? No my friend and I got drunk and one thing led to another and it just kinda happened.. I-I don't believe in magic. The book was a gift. I have no idea what I did."

The stroking came to a halt and Yo Han's hands repositioned themselves, with a firm grip, he held onto the young man's shoulders, he chuckled otherworldly. Bouncing off the wall and invading his eardrums. "Don't believe in it?" he raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

"What do you think connects us then?" Yo Han's strong hand pressed into his breastbone, above his thundering heart. Making a point. "You felt me before I arrived, didn't you." His gaze told him he didn't need to bother to reply or lie.

"You used your blood, with it you linked us in an unbreakable bond together, unfinished but connected nevertheless." The arm still resting on the younger one's shoulder wandered to Ga On nape.

"You don't have to call it magic, but you used old power that laid dormant in you until you choose to play with things you don't understand. You are mine regardless", he darkly stated, leaving no room to object, grip tightening as if daring Ga On to protest, disagree. Not a single word left the young one's mouth. He was too frightened.

He followed with a new inquest instead. "Blood?" at his question Yo Han simply nodded.

Speechless Ga On could only blankly stare at the older man as he tried to process what Yo Han said. He clearly remembered he used it, his blood as he mixed the ingredients into the dough. It had hurt quite a lot, as he cut into his finger, the alcohol only making it worse. It was part of the conjuration.

There must be some truth to what the older said. Never he mentioned the elements needed for the dream man or what type of spell they used. The irritated young male wanted to smack himself over the head. Just what stupid stunt did he pull in his ignorance?

The caressing fingertips at his pulse point pulled the younger one back to the here and now.

The unresolved tension came crashing back, like wild, untamable waves, washing away anything else, as no conversation remained to distract the two men. As they always seemed to captivate Yo Han, the older male's attention went back toward the younger one's lips.

Yo Han's hand on the small of Ga On's back jerked him forward until their lips finally connected with one another. This was his first kiss, Yo Han just stole his first kiss!

The surprised noise that left the young man was the chance Yo Han used to lick into Ga On's mouth. As if electrocuted the young man twitched as his mouth tasted the older male's lip and tongue for the first time.

Sparks startled him, desire welled up and flooded his entire being, it felt breathtaking. No wonder humans spend so much time kissing, especially with tongues. Tiny encouraging noise escaped the young male.

Eager Ga On reciprocated the overwhelming assault with his swollen mouth and aggressively attacked Yo Han's talented mouth. Spit escaped the corner of his lips, trickling down onto his chin, with a hot tongue the older man followed the fleeing droplets.

Shocked the smaller male held his breath. He needed to get a grip and stop. This man was dangerous. With clenched teeth and more strength than he anticipated Ga On pushed Yo Han off of him.

No, he wouldn't simply accept what the older male told him because he was attracted to him, ignore his nagging doubts. Yes, Ga On was man enough to admit it wholeheartedly for a good minute his body got overruled by his hormones.

Just because he didn't have any knowledge concerning the spell, magic, or supernatural stuff, he wouldn't blindly believe what the older man said. He could use his lack of knowledge and ignorance.

With a growl-like sound, Yo Han unhappily tightened his grip, causing the young one to hiss from the pain. Before he could pull the young male back he suddenly stopped.

"Your friend is parking his car outside. You should go back home." With a disgusted looked he scanned their surroundings. "You can't hide from me either way, I'll stop scaring you if you gonna be a good boy and obey."

After a harsh, aggressive peck, he went ahead and unlocked the entrance door, disappearing into the early morning hours.

So yes, he just casually admitted it. That fucking asshole had tormented him with his 'tricks'.

K, that unknowing fool waved at him as he stepped out of his car he just parked. With a sigh, Ga On closed the door and went to gather his possessions.



Chapter Text


Ga On's heart knocked against his ribs like a caged bird as Yo Han's wicked, hot tongue continuously painted the hard, rose-colored, swelling nipple in salvia with kitten licks.

The pale, long, half-naked legs kicked out, muscles tensing, his toes clenching tightly, Ga On was unable to stay still.

He didn't know which stimulation caused more of the electrifying feeling. The smart tongue or Yo Han's relentless pinching fingers, which tormented the other unkissed erect pebble.

Both bliss-inducing thrills made Ga On arch off the mattress, begging for more of the mind-bending pleasure.

Up to this point, he never had the privilege to experience the touch of another man in a sensual, sexual encounter.

Yo Han was raising the bar impossibly high in his nearly nightly nocturnal erotic dreams. They seemed to be the only thing he dreamed of these days, since he met the older one.

The things he did, Ga On was surprised at how imaginative his mind became when it came to sex.

Yes, he was a writer and yes he watched some porn before, but nothing came close to what his dreams lover did to him.

No wonder his attraction toward Yo Han grew rapidly, which in turn terrified him since it was obvious the older man was lethal, most likely deathly. His brutish ways made that all too clear. The older male controlled himself in each of their rendezvous, he was sure of it.

Said man resumed to devour every naked skin presented to him. The tip of his tongue sneaked downward, encircling the belly button, sucking lovebites into the skin of the flat stomach. The older male's thumb brushed teasingly against the hard length.

The young male's fingers needed something to claw into, the fireworks the other man created became too much. He required an outlet.

Helplessly they roamed around, searched, and reached into the next available anchor deemed acceptable, Yo Han's hair. They seemed to be the best option.

Ga On held his breath, tried to suppress it, but high-pitched whines and soft moans filled the room as the man on top of him continued to defile the puffy, pink-colored nipples. The young male's fingers grip in Yo Han's locks tightened, holding on for dear life.

Amused, the older man's eyes wandered down to the red-faced, overwhelmed boy. "Why are you so obedient and sweet in your dreams, baby? Letting me do whatever I want to you." His hand slid down toward Ga On's round butt, squeezing the globes to underline his point.

Unknowingly he moved against the teasing palms. "Stop calling me baby." At least in his dream he had the opportunity to be brave and disobey the older man, take charge.

With a disingenuous chuckle, Yo Han ignored what the young man had asked. His patience was running thin on the time-melting clock. The brat just couldn't behave.

Sensing the change Ga On began to push at the man's shoulders, signaling him he wanted to stop. He tried to awake himself, this whole scenario felt too true to be a dream.

Like in reality Yo Han didn't bat an eye, unmoving the gaze he cast down changed. Frustrated, but with his typical dangerous edge.

"Stupid little human, everything has to be served to you on a silver tablet, to make you grasp the situation, to understand."

Human? What... Yo Han's muscular, veiny hand shot forward and grabbed him by the windpipe, squeezing.

He choked on his spit as with shocked gasps he sucked in oxygen in response to the sudden violent turn of events.

"Dream? For you to a certain degree, yes, you're obviously asleep." Annoyed Yo Han sight. "Everything else that takes place here is your unfilled desires, steered by you. You call out to me every night." Soft fingertips caressed his swollen lips.

"You never wondered why they feel so realistic or you can direct them whichever way you want? You don't all of a sudden possess the ability to lucid dream, do you? Well of course I humored you with how much I let you control me", the older one stated. The choking grip stopped, Ga On violently coughed.

"Clueless baby." Yo Han pinched the redding cheeks, leaned forward, pinched his nose, and licked along the prickling heated skin. "Cute, blushing virgin. Go and look for answers. Stop trying to seduce me or the next time such encounters will no longer occur in the safety of your dreamland."




Chapter Text

His chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. The ringing of his phone put the dream to an immediate stop.

Blindly Ga On reached into the direction close to his head, toward the blaring electronic device. With the cell against his ear, he answered but was a tad too aggressive. With a groan, he noted his tented briefs.

"Hello?" A feminine cackle reached his ear. "Okay, mister grumpy, what did I do to deserve this heartwarming greeting?" Soo Hyun.

"Weird dream." More mirth-filled noises escaped the receiver of his cell.

"Weird dream, more likely I interrupted your hot, naughty dream with a hot stranger. Did he give it to you that good? Sorry, sorry."

"Bitch." Another round of laughter filled the conversation.

"For hitting the nail on the head?" Slightly annoyed Ga On hissed at his best friend: "Is there a reason for your call, or did you just decide today I'll piss of Ga On, early in the morning?" He rubbed his temples.

"Early in the morning?" The female parroted back.

"Ga On look at your clock, it's noon." At Soo Hyun's request, he turned towards his nightstand. Indeed he slept half of the day away. Fucking Kang Yo Han.

"Okay, it's no longer morning, still doesn't answer my question. What do you want?" he pressed once more, clumsily Ga On sat up. He rolled his stiff shoulders.

"It's Friday, I just got off work and I'm missing my idiot best friend," came the whine.

"I haven't seen you as much as I would like to. You've been so busy with your writing. Let's drink some cheap wine and complain, huh?" If she only knew how wrong she was.

But Ga On could use some cheap alcohol and vent, he hesitated and gnawed at his lower lip, cautious ever since his last drunken stunt fucked over his life.

He missed his childhood friend, as long as no stupid incidents occurred down the road all should be fine?

The young man didn't have to get completely drunk. He would lock up the tome, just to be sure. He hung his head, defeated Ga On agreed to his friend's plea.

They planned to meet at a grocery store near his home, buy snacks and liquor. After their call, the writer's mind retracted, back towards his 'pleasant dream'. Ga On covered his eyes with a hand, mystified.

Dream or not, Ga On was astonished by his willingness to allow himself to be and touch Yo Han.

He normally evaded body contact with basically everyone, he even disliked handshakes! Friendly hugs were acceptable, but still, he never shared intimate moments with a potential romantic partner. The bond was obviously manipulating him!

Except for his passionate kiss with Yo Han in the shabby motel room and now said the man dropped this bomb, this new revaluation.

He was more confused than ever, his constant state of mind these days. Ga On wanted his old life back, but slowly the young male came to understand that this option no longer existed.


Ga On spotted his friend leaning against the store's front, waiting, playing on her phone. With an evil grin, he honked once, hoping to scare her out of her daze.

It worked perfectly, his grin grew, turning into a full-blown smile as he watched her jump, almost dropping her smartphone. Sadly she didn't.

Soo Hyun jerked at the sudden, loud, unexpected noise. With glee, he exited and beamed at the raised middle fingers that greeted him as the spooked woman spotted the perpetrator.

The first conversation they shared that evening was throwing insults at each other. Squabbling like little children. They pushed and shoved each other as they entered the supermarket, trying to trip the other.

Inside Soo Hyun grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the needed shelves. As his friend investigated the available options Ga On's skin tingled. In disbelief he looked up, scanning the store.

Hot chills overtook his physique as he recognized the familiar caramelized colored orbs. At the end of the aisle, leaning against the hard plastic structure stood Yo Han, gaze glued to Ga On's frame. He did not attempt to move.

Shocked Ga On flinched as Soo Hyun touched his upper arm to gain his attention.

"Huh?" Obviously, he didn't hear a thing she said. She leaned over his shoulder on tiptoes, with a curious look she searched the direction Ga On had stared at. "What are you looking at?"

Yo Han was no longer resting against the wall, he vanished. His palms became sweaty, this was their first 'meeting' since Yo Han revealed the new information about his rated eighteen dreams.

"Nothing, do you know what you want?" With an unsure frown, she shook her head. "No, how about you pick some snacks and I go and get the white wine?"

His skin had begun to form goosebumps, he rubbed over the raised skin. All of a sudden the store was painfully cold.
With a nod, he agreed. "Yeah, let's do that, or else we'll still be here next week before you make a choice."

She hit his arm. "Fucker," after the swear she left, hunting down the appropriate shelves with alcoholic beverages.

Ga On himself went to the snack section of the store. Gazing over his shoulder again and again until he reached his destination. He leaned forward focusing on the available junk food options, trying to ignore and block his inner tumult.

Yo Han couldn't stop playing with him, like prey, the deadly blow just never came.

Just as he decided on what to get the tense man could've sworn hot breath brushed against his nape, intensifying the already existing goosebumps covering his sensitive skin. Giving in to his anxiety he spun around. Nothing. 

The agitated man went to the end of the aisle and checked all sides. Again no one. Ga On turned around and went back to his previous spot, but of course, now Yo Han stood where he had a second ago with the snack he just inspected in his hands.

"Stop it." snarled a stressed Ga On as he came to a halt in front of the taller man. "Stop what, shopping? Why would I?" The enjoyment was evident in Yo Han's voice.

The younger one's hand shot forward, grabbing onto the collar of the amused man's dark grey henley.

Another shopper witnessed Ga On outburst, alarmed the elderly man gazed at the two men. Yo Han just shrugged his broad shoulders. The old customer went back where he came from, probably to alert a clerk or employee.

He pushed himself away from the bigger man, closed his eyes to take a deep inhale to calm his nerves. Ready to confront Yo Han Ga On turned back into the direction where the older male just had been, only emptiness greeted the panicking writer. Typical. Fucking typical.


As his best friends finished bagging their groceries, ready to leave as a hooded person approached Ga On.

Startled at the unknown figure the young male took a couple of cautious steps back, nearly falling over a shelf of cat milk, in his attempt to create more space between them. Soo Hyun reached his friend's side shortly after.

As Ga On sensed Soo Hyun coming to a halting stop next to him he felt relieved. The young male fought the impulse to turn, check if Yo Han was still nearby. Was this his doing? Was stalking him throughout the shop not enough?

Still, he should be safe, it was a busy store no one would try to pull a stupid stunt, or so he hoped. The hooded figure raised their arms, Ga On froze, his fists clenching, ready to strike should it become necessary.

His anxiety tightly clawed at his throat, paralyzing his air supply. Only weak puffs made it through his mouth. His vision became heightened, sharp.

The person that had been hidden by their hoodie a few moments ago became clearly visible as she, it was a young woman, pulled the hood off her head. With a delighted look, she stepped closer.

"Omg, you are writer Kim Ga On, right? I'm such a huge fan. Can I get your autograph? Do you take pictures?" The woman bombarded him with questions, each eased and melted away some portion of his fear.

The breath he had been holding escaped, his tense shoulders relaxed. Ga On simply nodded and took the marker she was holding.

But of course, even such normal encounters could not pass by without a hitch. As she got ready to leave, the young woman reached into the pocket of her sweatshirt and pulled out a white envelope.

"A man asked me to give it to you, he is the reason I became aware that you were even here." He tentatively took the white paper.

With a once more rising dreading feeling he shoved the envelope into his shoulder bag, he couldn't catch a break, Ga On would deal with it tomorrow. Today he would spend his evening with Soo Hyun.

Still, his brain didn't, couldn't shut up completely, he dreaded it but Ga On needed to contact Yo Han. Especially after the older revealed the truth about his dreams, his role in them.

He needed to confront him about today as well, hunting him through the food store like prey, playing with him.

Even if just to make sure he was not involved in this. The only person that offered him answers, even if half true ones had been the older male.




Chapter Text

"Kim Ga On,
Please excuse this rude way of contacting you, it was the only option I had without drawing the attention of certain evil forces. I hope the book of your ancestors is now in your possession. It is time we meet. I will send you a note with further details. I pray for your safety. May God bless you and watch over you. Darkness threatens the light at every corner. Be wary."

Stressed Ga On sat on the steps of his front porch, he hated it, the waiting. His leg nervously bounced, up and down, unable to keep still. The wrinkled, ivory envelope he received yesterday laying on his lap, carelessly ripped open, crinkled from his tight grip.

The young man drew in a long breath. At first, he didn't plan on reading it, the content would most likely complicate his life further.  His gut instinct warned him to just burn the unassuming white paper. He was still debating whether he would even meet the sender - too many unknowns.

Ga On also hadn't decided if he would share the content with Yo Han. Not that there was much information to pull from the few sentences anyhow, but a different set of eyes may notice something he could've overlooked. The writing, style, wording...

The tense man softly scratched along his shins, trying to rub more warmth into his cold skin. After repeating the motion a couple of times, the next time he reached the balls of his feet Ga On buried his head into his lap, deep breaths expanded his chest.

The rustling of leaves made him gaze back up, it was cloudy, the rain seemed to be not far away. Whenever he met with Yo Han storms and thunder appeared to be the common attendant. He fidgeted, jiggling his trembling foot.

Behind the scenes, this anonymous person used K to deliver the magic tome, a gift from his late mother to him. Why he obviously didn't know, but the timing must have a purpose.

His mother had died when Ga On was still just a small child. His dad died shortly after, aunt Haru never shared the whole story. Probably to spare him pain, or herself.

The young man stopped prying whenever he saw the sorrow and grief it caused her to talk about it.

But Ga On decided he would grab the book and visit her, she should know more than him about it. Their mother, his grandmother should have owned it at some point.

She wouldn't drop him off at the next madhouse he hoped.

Aunt Haru always disliked his love for fables, fantasy, and mysterious themed things, books or movies. She didn't forbid it, but voiced her distaste for his foolish hobby, as she called it.

Nevertheless Ga On made up his mind, he would repeat his last stint, just pop up at her house, ask her point-blank.

Yo Han, the young man shuddered, now he had to decide if he should trust the older one with the stranger's letter?

Why did they have his late mom's (his family's) magic spell book?

These days Ga On's thoughts were solely preoccupied with the stupid tome. It started to infect his love for the supernatural.

Ga On was finding it hard, almost impossible to write, all the craziness of reality made it challenging to produce new content. The young male roughly kneaded the back of his neck.

Fingers snapping in front of his face startled Ga On out of his wandering mind.

He gazed up and there he stood Yo Han, the man of his dreams and nightmares. A questioning look outlining his handsome facial features.

Soft fingertips danced across his wrinkled forehead, smoothing out the worry lines. Yo Han, at this point Ga On considered it a habit, unashamed leered at his mouth again. The young male escapes the nosy digits.

The older male stepped back, leaning heavily against the railing of the stairs in an arrogant pose, with his thumbs hooked into his black belt, fingers oriented toward his crotch. No doubt to manipulate him, make use of his attraction toward him.

"You called, princess?" Ah, great he already started to become irritated in less than a minute into Yo Han's arrival.

Although Ga On prepared a whole monolog and list of questions he needed answers to, now all he could do was stare dumb, like a hormonal idiot.

Just the older's male's presence knocked the young man off his feet. Somersaults inside his stomach made him vibrate.

Yo Han pushed himself off the staircase, cocky grin blasted across his facial features. He loomed closer, crouching down, hands resting on Ga On's knees, their noses almost bumping together.

"Cat got your tongue? Always so affected by me. Cute, baby." With a chuckle, strong, sure palms stroked, caressed his upper tights.

The dreaded pet name again. Ga On gave a half shrug. The younger one didn't bother to correct him, it was useless anyway.

Ga On grabbed onto the petting hands. "Yo Han, what are you doing to me?" With a raised eyebrow and inquisitive gaze, with a gesture of his chin, the older male urged the seated man to continue.

Embarrassed Ga On dodged the squatting male's focus. Unknowingly he began to repetitively curl and uncurl his shaky fingers. "A-Ah, t-this is humiliating, but here goes nothing." He felt his face heat up in seconds.

Gathering his courage, blushing the younger one turned towards Yo Han. "The reflex, the response of my b-body towards you whenever we are close or I-I sense, feel your presence. How is it possible for me to be this way?"

Pointing a finger at the suspect. "J-Just, tell me, Yo Han. What the fuck are you doing with me?"

Uncomfortable, Ga On lowered his head, timid he pressed on. "This overwhelming feeling. It's scaring, terrifying me.

His breaths quickened. "I never experienced such intense emotions."

The young male looked away. "The dreams, I-I,.." His speech broke off as the hands underneath his grabbed onto the meat of his tighs.

Yo Han looked serious.  "Ga On, I told you, you connected us with your blood", he took the shy man's face into his hands.

"Whatever power you possess, circles throughout your body laid hidden inside you for so long your first foolish exploration overwhelmed you." Yo Han shook his head. "Normally you should start small."

The older male harshly held onto Ga On. "We are bonded, reinforced by your blood and your spell. It's unbalanced, unstable, unfinished whatever you want to call it." He bobbed his head.

In a husky tone Yo Han carried on "Do you want to put an end to it? Because your body craves my touch, intimacy, me inside you", his fingertip stroked across Ga On cheekbone, over his lips, downward, halting at his collar, his eyes darkened blood and cum."

Bewildered Ga On eyes widened as the older male slashed his wrist open, presenting it toward the young one.

The older man's eyes burned with something wild and threatening. "Drink."

The dark blood trickled across Yo Han's palm, staining his fingers, dripping from the tips disappearing into the earth.

Teasingly it called out, captivating Ga On. He bit hard into his nail. The young male's fingers flexed, unconsciously he wrapped his long fingers around the bleeding arm, pulling it closer, the dark red liquid enthralling and excited him, he wanted it closer...

Shocked at his behavior Ga On jumped, head nearly colliding with the older male's. He needed to get away from the evil, wicked, seducing taller man.

Jabbing Yo Han's chest with his index finger. "Stay away," he weakly demanded.

Yo Han had too much power over him. What would happen if they completed their bond?

If he didn't stop now they most definitely would end up in bed, god knows what the finished blood bond would do to him? He couldn't let the older male talk to him in this manner.

Sweet Jesus, he was rock hard. Straining his black jeans, he felt his underwear, soaked in pre-come. Disgusted by himself, his hands tightened into fists.

Distance! Ga On needed to put as much space as he could between them.

Ga On grabbed the envelope that ended up at the bottom of the steps, hastily shoving it into his pockets. It felt too dangerous to share the letter with Yo Han. The older one would use it to his advantage. Make him submit to his will.

He would visit his Auntie and meet the sender, maybe K would drive him. His manager was already aware of the book. Anyone was better than the man before him.



Chapter Text

His eyes narrowed as his childhood house, the home of his aunt crept closer his chest felt too small, increasingly tight. The young male patted himself onto his chest.

The leather-bound tome laid at the passager seat of his car, hidden inside a marine cotton bag. Ga On spend the whole night debating on whether this was the right choice.

He didn't want to involve his Auntie in this madness. After his last encounter with Yo Han, it became clear that the older male was losing his patience with the younger one as he blatantly cut into his wrist and tried to make him drink his blood. Soon he would force him he feared.

Before Ga On could expand on his thoughts he arrived at his family home. Aunt Haru's car stood parked in the open garage, so she was home. A sign from above?

His jaw tightened, this was it, ahead of him laid one of the most important if not painful conversation of his life.

Unable to delay any longer he stepped inside, squaring his shoulders. He wouldn't back down, not this time.

Inside he slipped out off his sneakers, the clinking of dishes echoed throughout the ground floor telling him aunt Haru was busy in the kitchen. He waved his hands as she spotted him.

She rested a hand on her hip and gave her nephew a once-over. "Ga On?" Without waiting for a response she turned and immediately began to fish groceries out of the fridge. He hoped after today she would be the same in future visits.

With leek in her hands, she gestured him to sit down. Wielding the vegetable like a weapon. Yielding, with his arms lifted, smiling Ga On sat down at the dinner table.

The fantasy writer lifted the heavy tome, concealed by the shopping bag onto the table. No turning back now. He deeply inhaled. He could do it.

The loud thump caught Haru's attention. She whirled around, away from the kitchen counter, the laid out food items and sat down as well.  "Is that for me?"

"It's the reason why I'm here today." Ga On unveiled the leather-bound book, placing it on the table.

His aunt jerked away from the wooden surface as the content of the cotton tote became visible. The elderly woman rose from her seat.

She pointed at the spellbook. "H-How, how... Ga On, my sweet child. Why is this cursed thing in your possession?"

Animated by what she said the young man followed suit and stood up. He couldn't believe it. She recognized it!  Ga On drew his lower lip between his teeth. Maybe it all would come to an end.

He described how he received it per delivery. Every other information he withheld. Ga On would not endanger his beloved aunt.

The elderly woman clasped her hands behind her back and avoided the thick, old worn book.

Her voice became slightly unstable. Her eyes were glossy. "Of course I'm able to identify the cause of my father's death." She revealed as Ga On sat back down.

What? "What?" Ga On's mouth fell open. Unbelieving he gripped onto the edge of the table. The writer's palms became sweaty.

Aunt Haru balled her fists. "This old thing is wicked and cursed, it only caused our family unimaginable pain."

She paled, her lower lip quivered. "It was hidden away after your grandfather was brutally killed."

"Stabbed." She forced out of her mouth, hands shaking.

"Father believed he had magical abilities. Nonsense", harshly the old woman scoffed.

"A crazy fanatic accused him of been a witch, as the word spread throughout the small town." Unbelieving the old female shook her head. "A crazy fool accused him of serving the devil."

Her thin shoulders sagged. "Mother forbid us from ever interacting with any heirlooms we owned. She locked them into the attic the night we returned to the house."

The older woman scowled. "She would become hysterical,  beat us red and blue if she caught me or Ha Rin near it, trying to sneak up and have a peek."

A bitter laugh escaped the elder female. "Your mother tried, many times, we both did. It was the only connection we had toward our father."

"Ah, my sweet Ha Rin." Exhausted she sagged back into the kitchen chair. "After the house burned down an accident according to the police."

Disbelieving she vehemently shook her hands. "I'm sure it was arson..."

"Your mom took everything she could carry, that was left, not turned to ash with her. I was clad, I wanted it gone." With a deep sigh, she closed her eyes.

"Mother was already too sick to protest. Ha Rin wouldn't listen to me to get rid of it." In fast motions, Haru rubbed her clenched jaw.

Not daring to interrupt her Ga On sat still, fearing his movement would cause her to stop. Round-eyed and gobsmacked he waited for his aunt to continue.

The old woman turned towards her nephew after her eyes wandered over the book resting on the dinner table.
"I know nothing of its contents, I just caught a few glimpses here and there when I was still too small to understand. I could not even read back then. Father often carried it throughout the house."

His aunt's whole face lit up, her gaze far away as she remembered, revisiting old memories.  "I remember how we, father, your mother and I would spend countless hours in the forest."

The female glanced up to the ceiling. "He would teach us where and how to recognize herbs and roots, their various uses."

Haru hung her head and winced. "Mother was a different person when he was still with us. Happy and lively."

She set her palms down flat on the table. "Ga On, I was still so small, I barely understood what happened the night."

The elderly woman trembled, her tired eyes filled with tears. "All I can recall is that mother stormed into my bedroom in the middle of the night, waking me, she pulled Ha Rin and me along."

Ga On's reached for his aunties hand, tightly clasping it into his palms. Thankful she squeezing his.

"She locked us into the attic closet and made us promise to remain quiet. That's what we did. The terror in her eyes made us obey. Afterward every became dark."

Her eyelids drooped, a single tear escaped her eye. "We cried, noiseless, muffling any sound in that tiny space for hours. The police found us the next day and we went to the station. A week later she reappeared, she was a changed, not the woman I called mother." After exhaling a heavy breath the older female fell silently into her chair.

Shocked and overwhelmed Ga On did the same, quiet tears disappeared into his sweater as he watched his aunt cry.


"I need to lay down for a bit, my sweet child. I carried this burden for so long. I planned to take it to the grave. She gently stroked her nephew's soft locks. "I'll call you, my boy." She hesitated for a short moment as if she wanted to say something else, but stopped herself.

Ga On nodded, accepted his aunt's firm hug as they stood by the entrance door, the heavy tome once more hidden inside the blue cotton bag. After their heartfelt goodbye, he left.

With his thoughts racing he went outside.





Chapter Text


Battling with his racing thoughts Ga On needed a second to realize he wasn't alone, he spotted the lurking, in pitch black clothed man who infested the writer's very soul, sitting near the garage, he immediately wanted to bolt.

Yo Han was sticking out like a sore thumb in the quiet and friendly neighborhood. With his glowering and sinister demeanor. He looked like a serial killer on the prowl.

Ga On was fatigued and ready to drop. He didn't want to spend what little stamina he had left on verbally combating the taller man. The young man simply wanted to drive home and crash headfirst into his bed.

The conversation with his aunt had been devastating. He couldn't believe how much tragedy had befallen his family. His grandfather had been murdered by a crazed killer.

The young male rubbed his stinging red eyes and swollen eyelids. He would soon keel over.

Especially now the drained male didn't possess enough energy for mind games. He always ended up with the losing card.

With it adding new, unnecessary complications toward his already challenging, hard to accept, now changing life path -  endlessly fresh waves swept him off his feet, threatening to drow him.

He glowered because his silken alabaster skin became beet red, his seemingly now natural reaction towards the older one. Unable to help himself. Flustered and hormonal.

For a second he was tempted to check the old leather-bound book for a spell or whatever to make the older one disappear.

Ga On gave Yo Han a dirty look. The last time he visited his hometown village the other man tracked him throughout the forest, terrorizing him.

Now was as good as any time decided the smaller one, he was on a roll, it appeared to be the day to rip open old festering from trauma inflicted wounds.

Gathering his nonexistent courage, the young man walked toward his parked vehicle, timidly he confronted Yo Han whilst doing so.

"Forest?" What forest are you talking about?" Yo Han brows knitted, he appeared to be genuinely confused. He pointed at the dense woodland nearby. "Over there?"

A shiver crawled its way painstakingly slowly down his spine. His eyes swam with tears, this had to be a sick joke.

It had to be him! More of Yo Han mind games he was certain about it. Was he though, really? No, not entirely.

If not the older man, they who followed and chased him throughout the forest that night when he spontaneously stayed at his childhood house?

He genuinely thought whoever pursued him back then wanted - had the intention to kill him. He told the older one so.

Ga On peeked at the muscular man. Could he trust Yo Han's word? So far he seemed to be truthful, but this nagging doubt wouldn't die down. His instinct told him to be careful.

Strong hands pulled him close, toward the older one's chest. "Ga On, look at me", he commanded as they stopped in front of the small car. Unable to disobey he did.

"What are you talking about, elaborate." Yo Han's eyes bored into him. The writer grimaced. He brushed the older male's hands off.

Ga On gritted his teeth."The last time I visited my aunt, because of your stupid idea of fun, I needed a break to clear my head, that night I went into the forest for a walk. I was chased and stalked, hunted like prey. By you obviously."

The accused gave a dismissive wave of his hand. Yo Han squinted at him. His eyes burned with annoyance. "Ga On, today is the first time I follow you out here."

"What do you think I am? A bloodhound? I don't have a personal GPS installed that helps me track down your every location", the corners of his eyes crinkled as he explained.

"I think I more than established that we are connected, I sense and feel you, yes...", his voice grew hoarse, abruptly he stopped talking. Yo Han's hands clenched at his sides.

Letting the older one's words sink in Ga On's eyes went round. Was the older one genuine?

The writer squared his shoulders. "You DO stalk me. Just like today, showing up uninvited and creeping around. That's not normal. That's just fucked up."

Ga On swallowed down his anxiety and continued. He had to get it off his chest. "Like a monster. Trying repeatedly to force me into situations I don't wanna be a part of. I've never been so paranoid in my entire life!"

Irritated by what the dumb brat accused him of, they are fucking bonded (!), he grabbed the cardigan that covered the younger one's frame, harshly with too much force he yanked Ga On against him.

Yo Han snapped, had enough, this was his last attempt at playing nice and been patient.

In the blink of an eye, Ga On's backside smashed into his vehicle. The impact rattled his bones, his spine protested, from the impact.

His skull hit the hard, unforgiving metal, it hurt so much, he fought back tears. He tried to fend off the older male but had no success.

The young writer's body would most certainly be branded by bruises tomorrow. Ga On's mouth twisted in agony as he swallowed down his panicked whimpers.

His panic rose. They were still in his aunt's garage. People could spot them if they looked outside their windows!

Fearful he saw Yo Han's eyes burn into him, they looked odd, black as a moonless night, inhumane.

The older man's hand came to rest against the young man's throat. Not squeezing, but as a warning.

His clean-shaven, sharp jaw rubbed against the trembling young male's cheekbone. Inhaling the smaller man's natural scent. As they separated, Yo Han's demeanor switched, he inched forward, all predator.

The taller man tucked a lock of Ga On's hair behind his ear. "Ga On, let me make one thing crystal clear, I'm not a nice man, far from it."

"This game is becoming tiresome. You are testing my patience", he cocked his head.

"Anyone else would lie dead in a ditch, gutted and maimed." The older man's finger tapped on top of his thundering pulse point.

"I'm highly impatient, you're balancing on thin ice." Yo Han gave a bitter laugh.

Sharp pain assaulted his scalp as the older male brutally ripped his head backward, fingers firmly embedded into his raven hair. Leaving him defenseless and bare.

Yo Han's hand which ceased the tapping at his throat slowly began to tighten. "You called out to me, offered yourself, your soul to me."

"I don't care if you did it unknowingly, that's on you. Your choices have consequences." He felt his skin began to lightly bleed, where the older male's sharp nails bit into his pale neck.

Yo Han's free arm curled around his waist, tugging Ga On against him. The encircling arm dangerously tightened.

"You are mine. If you think that I will let you go, then you are gravely mistaken." The younger one's hipbone protested from the clawing grip.

With an authoritative tone, that left no room for objections he continued. "We will finalize our bond. Just because you play skittish and virginal doesn't change the fact that you constantly call out to me."

The older man leaned forward, with each word his lips caressed the top of Ga On's ear. His skin began to tingle.

"You crave me. You dream of me ravishing you every night. Fucking you, stuffing your every possible hole." A hot tongue licked along the outer shell of his ear.

Not a millimeter separated the two. Every fiber that made Yo Han was infiltrating Ga On.

The writer's pupils dilated at Yo Han's crude language. He couldn't believe his body, the young man had edged closer to him! His cheeks became rose-colored.

The smaller one licked his lips, caramelized colored eyes followed the movement. "Just because you're embarrassed  pretending to be innocent doesn't change the fact that you want me, Ga On."

A rivulet of blood trickled across the choking fingers. "If you want me to vanish then I'm sorry to say sweetheart your only choice is to kill me or die." The constricting grip increased.

Desperate Ga On noted his vision became blurry from the lack of oxygen. "Not that I think you would ever consider it an option. You want me, simple as that."

The unwelcoming hand harshly squeezed his ever-present hard-on. Ashamed he sought out the teasing palm.

The fingers at his throat suddenly let up and air flowed freely into his lungs as nothing had happened. The bleeding moon-shaped crest left by sharp fingernails was the only proof.

His head got pulled back once more."I will hunt and continue to chase after you, like every skilled hunter. Leaped and go for the kill when I deem it right, you're the most vulnerable."

He felt Yo Han lick at the blood his nails caused. "I have been very nice to you up to this point. You better stop teasing me."

Ga On sagged against the older man's muscular frame and nodded. This seemed to be his fate, been defeated by Yo Han. Fuck.

So he did, give up. "Can we please leave? I don't want my aunt to go into cardiac arrest from the scene out here."

Yo Han reached into the front pocket of Ga On's jeans, lingering a moment longer than necessary and pulled out the car keys, he motioned Ga On to get into the passenger seat.

With his head pressed against the cold glass, he let the older male drive him home.




Chapter Text


The scenario Ga On currently found himself in felt like a carbon copy from a stupid love scene out of a romantic movie.

Not that Yo Han would ever fit into such a setting. The man with his dark and deadly aura would more likely be the villain or antihero.

Neither the 18+ rated content that should follow if all went well.

Nevertheless, they both sat unmoving and silent in his car, parked by the curb of his house.

Ga On was shaking, a nervous mess. Did Yo Han notice? Sense it? His heart rate was through the roof. A weird mixture of excitement and fear took hold of him.

Repeatedly he had tried to stop his sweaty palms from dampening, rubbing them into his dark jeans to no avail.

The jittery writer took a deep breath. Cheering himself on. He could do this. He wanted this. Yo Han was right with what he said.

The younger one was man enough to admit that he was constantly horny whenever the older male was around. So tonight he would do something about it! Lose his V-Card.

He shifted and turned toward the older male behind the steering wheel. Barely audible he muttered, "Y-You, you,.. do you want to come inside?"

The silence that followed appeared to draw on forever. In anticipation Ga On held his breath. He wouldn't turn him down, not after his earlier stunt?

Facing the nervous writer Yo Han calmly responded. "If you invite me inside, I can not not fuck you. Do you understand that? That's your only option if I come inside." Gently he caressed the scarlet bitten lips.

Softly the young guy nodded.


Ga On's back collided with the edge of his kitchen table. His grunt was swallowed by Yo Han who was mercilessly attacking his mouth with harsh bites.

The younger one's tongue willingly submitted as the older male aggressively explored the new territory.

Yo Han's mouth felt like molten lava whenever their lips met. He roughly licked inside, tasting whenever he could reach, stroking the fire inside Ga On's belly.

Every slid of tongue, exchange of salvia, every nibble and bite made his feet wobble. His knees shook as Yo Han's tongue swiped across the roof of his mouth.

First the table, followed by the wall, they both had the pleasure of becoming the next victim of the kissing couple, Ga On banged against it as the muscular male maneuvered them both toward the staircase.

His hiss freely escaped into the hallway, their mouths had momentarily separated, an opportunity used by Yo Han to shove the young male's favorite cardigan off his shoulders.

Seconds later they reunited, swollen lips sucking and licking, given in the too long unattended feelings. The seemingly endless sexual tension finally culminated.

Needing oxygen simply not to faint into his new lover's embrace, Ga On leaned heavily against the stabilizing wall as he excessively panted, it was the only object that kept him upright other than Yo Han's strong grip.

Their eyes were devouring each other as Ga On loudly gasped, greedily sucking in air, fighting off the dizziness from their intense make-out.

Yo Han looked like a wild beast with the way his chest was heaving, holding onto his humanity by a narrow margin. One wrong move and it would snap. Ga On knows better than to resist him.

The taller man's finger stroked the naked skin above Ga On's waistband leaving behind goosebumps on the trail he painted. Wanting the breathless man nude Yo Han ripped open the dark jeans that hindered his access to the smooth, pale legs.

After the destroyed dark fabric fell uselessly onto the floor, successful in getting rid of another piece of clothing, Yo Han easily hefted the younger male up.

With strong hands, he squeezed the round bottom earning soft mewls from the writer, who wasted no time and slung his naked legs around the trim waist of Yo Han.

In record time he carried Ga On up the wooden stairs.

His control nearly crumpled, challenging the older one not to simply take Ga On here and there, because of each sultry noise the boy made.

They reached the second floor in record time, only to repeat the same scenario they've been through downstairs.

This time lifted, the raven-haired man once again found himself pressed into the hard surface, but just for a short moment, only long enough to receive a few hard pecks from Yo Han.

The bedroom door flung open as they entered, the doorknob crashed into the wall with a loud bang.

A hot shiver delighted Ga On, caused by the noise, the meaning behind it, it was undeniable proof that the older man was just as affected as him.

With maybe a little too much force Yo Han threw the trembling young male onto his wide mattress.

Giggles exploded from Ga On's mouth as he bounced on the flat surface. With a raised eyebrow Yo Han stalked toward his prey.

The short playful moment died down as soon as the young male saw the sinful picture Yo Han forged.

Shirt opening, one button at a time, revealing his chiseled upper body. Hard lines, creating a perfect six-pack, like a greek god, a marble statue waiting to be worshipped.

Just how much he wanted, craved him, it was overpowering, he had spent hours thinking about this - every way this could play out. Imagination felt flat in comparison. The reality was overwhelming.

Impatient he wishing he could simply snap his fingers and Ga On would already be pressed into the bed, fucked open by the older male length. His own thoughts made him whine.

Ga On couldn't believe how impatient he behaved, given that this was his first time.

The blood in his veins seemed to sing, reacting to every touch. Calling out in a siren song toward the man above him.

Yo Han was not moving fast enough for Ga On taste, his finger curled around the older male belt and pulled his lover closer, making him fall on top of him.

Amused Yo Han let himself be ushered in, toward his waiting prey.

Greedily the eager fingers of Ga On followed the prominent lines of the man above him. Touching Yo Han's body in actuality this time, not limited by his dreams.

Just as he wished for, even in a drunken stupor the embodiment of his perfect, ideal man.

Hungry he shoved the open shirt off the broad shoulders. Unable to stop he continued, letting his palms caress whichever body part he could reach.

Pleased by the portrait enthusiasm Yo Han wasted no time to reciprocate the favor, the taller man pulled the dark garment over Ga On's head.

Nervous energy twirled through Ga On's chest as the older male didn't stop the undressing with just his shirt, no, his white briefs followed.

He held his breath as the hot-blooded male shamelessly drank in the sight of Ga On's naked body. Lingering between his legs, wandering downward staring at the pink entrance, which clenched under the heated gaze.

Ga On's head fell uselessly back into his pillows as the man standing before him, still passionately drink the picture Ga On created underneath him, pulled the last fabric that covered his well-built body down his muscular thighs.

Heavily breathing, his finger clawed into the mattress for support as he saw Yo Han completely naked for the first time.

The angry, big erection between his legs gushed with pre-come, sliding down his meaty upper thighs. The young man's mouth watered. Open-mouthed he began to pant.

Mesmerized by the view Ga On's tighs eagerly and automatically spread apart, wanting the powerful body in between them.

His pelvis arched up, welcoming Yo Han as he finally settled amongst the smooth spread limbs.

Fireworks exploded behind Ga On's eyes as naked skin met each other for the first time. The overwhelmed writer gasped as the hot length of his lover came in contact with his own, sharing pre-come.

In bridge pose Yo Han began to bite along the tender male's neck, covered in fresh, no longer bleeding moon-shaped wounds. Licking and sucking downward.

Pinching the hardened nipples, that begged for some love, then continued to wander toward the weeping cock, begging for some attention. Yo Han didn't offer any.

After sucking lovebites into the smaller one's chest satisfied Yo Han backed up and examined his work.

Shocked Ga On gasped at Yo Han's manhandling. The taller male lifted both legs up into the air, palms caressing the raised limbs. From the sole of each foot, down along the calf, the back of his knees until he reached the inner thighs.

Without warning he bend the legs forward, almost reaching Ga On's ears, exposing the valley between his globes. It was a sight to behold.

A startled yelp escaped Ga On's mouth as Yo Han's tongue touched his rim. Ecstatic the writer dug his fingers into the muscular shoulders of the male that probed and sucked at his entrance.

Yo Han was eating him out! This only happened in porn! What the fuck was happening?

Bend in half his overstretched body shook, breathy moans came to life, created by the clever devil's tongue.

Overwhelmed by Yo Han's actions, in disbelief at how good it felt, uncontrollably but not with a lot of range in his current position Ga On chased the sinful invader. Yo Han was in control and didn't let him move as he wanted. Dominant bastard.

With the first lick inside the young man was sure he had died and ascended to heaven.

This, this was something that needed to happen frequently from now on. How could it feel so good?

"Ah, s-s-so good. Yo Han, ah, don't stop. Please, ah." Pre-come oozed from his trapped hard length covering his stomach in sticky fluid.

Desperate he first mumbled then began to chant - lastly yell Yo Han's name like prayer as the older man explored the tight channel probably performing satanic magic with his mouth. How else could he create such otherworldly pleasure?

The heat in his belly grew, everything else became insignificant, except for the waves of increasing pleasure that splashed throughout his body.

He scratched at Yo Han's shoulders which he was still clinging to. His orgasm hit him like an unannounced train with so much force coursing through every pore inside his trembling frame he couldn't help but scream his lover's name as he uncontrollably spilled his release all over himself.

Ga On barely had a chance to catch his breath before Yo Han carried on with his exploration. With a disbelieving groan, his spent length twitches in interest.

Softly Yo Han patted his abdomen and chuckled. "Relax, baby. No need to be embarrassed. We only started."

For a moment Yo Han pressed his big length in between the seducing butt cheeks. Playing with the thought to simply thrust inside and take what he wanted. The urge was strong.

Ga On's swollen hole tensed as wet fingers teased and stroked the pink-colored, sensitive entrance. This was it, it was really happening, him losing his virginity.

A finger disappeared, followed by another, the third sneakily entered not long after. The felt huge inside the tense male. He bit his nail to keep quiet.

His insides helplessly clenched around the wet invading digits. The stretch felt a bit foreign but became progressively more enjoyable with each scissoring movement.

When the clever fingers found their target and stimulated Ga On's prostate, after a few jabs the pleasure-receiving male nearly came all over himself again.

The pleasure spot his prostate was connected to was overwhelming.

The feeling was simply all consuming nothing could compare to it, not a thing he ever experienced came close, could measure toward this mind-bending joyride.

His pelvis was unable to stay still, moving against the strong fingers widening his puffy entrance for something even bigger.

"More, m-more, please. Yo Han, I'm, ah, r-ready." A loud smack followed the begging. The ivory butt cheeks color changed, becoming reddish.

With rough movements, Yo Han mercilessly attacked the wet channel. "I decided when you are ready. Be happy I'm so nice, I could simply split you open." Was the husky response.

The older male touched the scratches he left on Ga On's neck. Briefly pressing it to remind the whining male of his place.

The fingers buried inside suddenly left, surprised Ga On stared round-eyed up. Yo Han forced him to spread his legs at a muscle-numbing angle, his pelvis protested at the unfamiliar bend.

In this new position, the man on top of him looked down, as if he was expecting something. With whimpers at the loss of skin contact Ga On cluelessly blinked at Yo Han.

Until the older male showed him mercy and explained. More likely growing increasingly impatient. "You want my cock to pound you silly, take it."

Shy the younger male made no move. He could only stare at the massive length.

Take it? "Suck you?" he intimidated asked.

With a chuckle, the bigger male caressed the younger male chin, after a few strokes his hold tightened. "No, not today, baby, we wouldn't want you to hurt your pretty jaw."

Amused Yo Han bend over him to kiss Ga On, they lost themselves in it, not that time had any meaning at the moment.

The moon already bathed the bedroom in his pure white glow the afternoon was long gone.

The older man backed up, lips still touching. "Come on." In a relentless grip, Yo Han held the smaller man's hand, escape was impossible, pulling him toward the waiting mast.

The first touch of the velvety skin ripped Ga On out of his trance. How would that monster fit inside of him?

The angry purplish head already was much bigger than the three fingers that stretched him.

A bit timid and anxious, shyly Ga On fisted the big length. Up and down the shaft, playing with the leaking slit. Coating the cock in pre-come.

With the throbbing erection in hand, they moved back until the young male came to rest flat on his back and Ga On felt the tip of the wet cock touch his rim, entering him..

He choked on some spit. Oh God, it hurt, a lot but it felt incredible. Greedy his hole gripped onto the stretching length.

"Ah!" Pain shot through his spine as the foreign hard object created room for itself, scratching along the sensitive walls.

Yo Han's hands held onto the trembling young male as he shoved his length into the tight waiting channel. Keeping him in place, connecting them both for the first time.

Uncontrollably high-pitched mewls left the shocked male. He felt so full, which he told the older male in a broken voice. A grunt was Yo Han's answer.

Not one for niceties, neither interested in waiting until the smaller male adjusted, not with the hot heat enveloping him without giving Ga On a chance to get used to his cock Yo Han began a hard, body rattling rhythm, pulling out only to thrust deep back inside.

A moaning mess, uselessly Ga On's hands searched around himself, not knowing what to do with them, or what to grasp onto. His brain didn't function properly, he couldn't think straight as the hips of Yo Han snapped forward diving his hard length deep into his body.

The pleasure was indescribable, unimaginable no toy or flying solo came anywhere near what Yo Han did to his body.

Drool escaped the corner of the sobbing man's mouth as the tip of his lover's length touched his prostate. Shocked he hiccuped.

His body went taut, pelvis welcoming every brutal thrust, spreading his screaming muscles even further apart, to accommodate his lover's body.

He wanted it to never stop but could feel the well-known tingle in his stomach already building with every thrust.

Ga On was surprised he lasted as long as he did, giving it was his first time.

Yo Han's grabbed tightly in a bruising clasp onto the younger ones hips and lifted Ga On off the mattress, switching their position.

Surprised at the new angle the length inside of him reached even deeper, with sweaty hands he clung to Yo Han's back.

Sitting suddenly on top, with the hard cock ramming unyieldingly inside Ga On could only hold on as his hips moved on instinct, chasing after his climax.

Sweat drenched them from their vigorous activity increasing the room temperature. Their scents mixing and combining, creating a new united one.

With inhumane force, the hot-blooded male thrust upward head-on against Ga On's prostate, his balls slapping against the globes with every violent thrust.

Yo Han leaned forward and shoved his tongue back into the overwhelmed writer's mouth. Never slowing down, bucking harder into the wet cavern, racing him toward release as his testicle began to ache from holding back his orgasm.

With strong hands on his pelvis, Yo Han forced Ga On to accept every erratic, violent thrust, both chased desperately after the crescendo.

"Don't stop, don't stop, p-please," desperate the smaller male begged. He gripped onto the arm resting on his hips.

The feeling of Yo Han pounding into him, hitting his prostate with every shove and lastly filling his channel with cum, stuffing him so full, it escaped the rim shortly after every thrust with no room left inside, coating his thighs was the last thing that broke the camel's back.

The hot spray covering his insides started his own violent orgasm, Yo Han fucked him through it, earning overwhelmed moans in response.

It violently ripped through him, whitening out his vision, every muscle in his body clenched, heightening the experience. His climax ended with everything going black. Yo Han fucked him unconscious.




Chapter Text


Ga On's first time had been earth-shattering. 99% of the human population, he guaranteed never experience such a grand first time, ahem and second time.

It would probably have been a third, if not for his ass, aching inside out. But the pain was pleasant, reminded him of his lover's touch. He looked down at his naked thighs, covered in fresh bruises.

The older male was such a brute! A handsome, strong, sexy brute... Ga On pinched his arm. He needed to stop behaving like a teenage school girl.

Yo Han hadn't spared him, showed any mercy. He was an incredible lover. A blush appeared on his face, covering his nose and turned his cheekbones cherry red as the writer recalled some of their nightly activities.

The tip of his finger followed the outline of his kiss swollen lips. He felt giddy. Kim Ga On was no longer a virgin!

As the young male heard the front door open and close, sneakily he observes the leaving silhouette of the man that took his virginity but was caught red-handed in the act, quickly he pulled the curtains close. He was such an idiot!

Cocky and self-satisfied Yo Han blew him a kiss before he marched off into the early morning. Through the tiny slit, he had left open, unable to not he watched him disappear.

From above, standing by his bedroom window On spotted a white paper stuck to the windshield of his car. The tried male suspected it came from the previous anonymous writer. He ran down to retrieve the envelope.

Many questions still needed answers. He would meet the stranger with Yo Han. He had decided.


In front of his laptop with a hurting butt (no pillow helped!), an aching body more likely, barbaric Yo Han, sat the frustrated writer in front of the blinking cursor which mocked him for his inability to write.

Ga On had another chapter to finish, a new deadline but nothing appeared on the taunting blank page. K would ride his ass if he didn't get his act together.

Maybe he should incorporate the last occurring terrorizing events into his story? Annoyed he kneaded his temples. No, he was not a complete moron.

Switching his focus he peeked at the unfolded letter on top of its envelope, sitting right next to him. They send a date and location, somewhere out of town in an old abandoned mining village, near the woods. Straight out of a cliché horror movie script.

No longer able to refocus on his novel with a huff Ga On gave up and closed the mocking notebook.

The young male began to gnaw at his nails. But why? Why this abstruse spot? And in the middle of the night no less!

It made no sense. No normal person would propose such a meeting place. Except for a Halloween party. Soo Hyun maybe, but his friend was insane.

The baffled writer knew he had no say or choice, in the matter, but it still felt like a trap.

Shortly after he first read the letter Ga On texted Yo Han, about the meeting, vague on the details and asked if he would accompany him. Without further inquiring who the hell they would meet out in the middle of nowhere the older man agreed.

The baseball bat which still sat near the basement door caught his attention. Should he bring it? So far he hadn't used it, not that he was eager to.

Unable to help himself his thoughts began to drift again.

Tomorrow late at night. In an empty location, close by the forest.... No, no he had to stop! Ga On would worry about it to the next day he had a chapter to complete.

Money first! If he wanted to put some food on the table. Should they kill him then he wouldn't have to worry about it this matter anymore, but for now alive and hungry he needed to get back to it. Sarcasm didn't help.

Hungry. Hm, a snack and afterward the young male would go back to writing.


Ga On was sitting on the hood of his vehicle whilst he waited for Yo Han to arrive. What he didn't expect was the older male to pull up in a luxurious, sleek, expensive car, that obviously costs more than his house.

With big eyes, he motionlessly gawped at the fancy vehicle. A honk startled him back into reality. Through the opening window, the older man gestured for him to get in.

Seated as the writer tried to buckle himself in, struggling, his hands didn't want to corporate, amused Yo Han leaned over and fixed it for him. Shortly after he grabbed Ga On's chin and planted a firm kiss onto his full mouth.

So Yo Han seemed to be completely nonchalant about what happened between them, him taking Ga On's virginity and all that jazz, but he couldn't say it surprised him.

Shortly after their eyes locked onto each other, a few seconds later the taller male attacked the younger one's lips once more.

Oh, okay, that went from zero to one hundred pretty fast.

Rapidly the at first chaste pecks turned filthy. A greedy tongue invaded his mouth. With his hands clutched into Yo Han's leather jacket Ga On gave as good as he got.

He was getting addicted to this. Heavily panting they separated.

Yo Han caught his breath pretty fast. "You look good." Oh no, he couldn't believe that these were the first words out of the older man's mouth. He felt the unfortunately familiar blush on his cheeks bloom, fast.

The male opposite to him painted across the rose color which appears on the lower part of his face with gentle fingertips.

"Where to?" Asked a seemingly satisfied Yo Han, inquiring about their designation.

Ga On's pulled a small, folded paper out of his jeans jacket and handed it over towards the waiting Yo Han.

With a frown, which wrinkled his forehead the older male cast a questioning gaze at the younger one after reading its content.

How should he explain it? Truth? Half-truths? Just exactly what could he tell Yo Han?

With a sigh, Ga On began his explanation. "It's about the magical tome, the one I recently received per delivery, I told you I didn't believe in anything supernatural." He closed his orbs, rubbed his eyelids because of the absurdity. Magic. What a shitshow.

"Well it was sent to my publisher company and my manager, his name is K, you met him at the dinner, left it at my entrance threshold." The young male was still unsure if he should throttle or kiss K for that.

Sensing Yo Han impatience at his constant stalling Ga On continued, whilst massaging the back of his neck. He was nervous.

"It was sent completely anonymous. I can't quite wrap my head around it, by a coven, or something maybe? Hidden in the shadows? I dunno, like I said this is all new to me." He vehemently shrugged his shoulders.

Taking the silence as an invitation to carry forward with his report, he did so. "The book is written by my family, added on by every new generation, they treasured it as an heirloom.

"At first, it had been in my mom's possession after she left her home, well since s-she...." He lowered his head, broke off mid-sentence. No, he decided he should tell Yo Han maybe not every detail, but he should tell him about his mother.

"I don't know what happened, she died when I was still a toddler, a horrible car accident. My dad couldn't deal with her loss so he took his own life shortly after. My aunt is my only living family member. " He admitted honestly as Ga On hugged himself after his explanation.

"I got it about a week before I, well summoned you in a drunk mistake with my best friend Soo Hyun." He cautiously peeked at the older man.

"Ga On." said the male tilted his head as Yo Han said his name.

"I would've gone with you without that whole monolog, but thanks for telling me." The older male caressed the nape of Ga On's neck. The receiving party melted into the comforting touch.

"A coven could be an option, the operate out of the shadows most of the time. They would not invite you into straight into their home, a stranger, without thoughtfully checking you and your intent." The tall man gazed out into the street, then up toward the lowering sun.

"But it could also be someone with not so nice intentions trying to hurt or kill you, maybe a third party intercepted your exchange. Also an option. Witches are always hunted, by various people for whatever reasons." Yo Han seriously added.

Ga On snorted at the latter. Him? That sounded plain stupid, because of a book THEY send to him? Or some else interfering? Why? Why did everything have to be so complicated?

The petting hand at the back of his head softly squeezed his neck's skin to regain Ga On attention. "Just stay by my side, close by to be sure?"

Thinking it was seriously ridiculous the thought that someone would hurt him over a book, but what did he even know about any of this supernatural stuff? So Ga On simply nodded.

After a few more pats Yo Han pulled out of the street and began their journey toward the written down destination.


The side was one hundred percent out of a horror or post-apocalyptic movie set. Overgrown plants everywhere, huge cracks covering and ripping apart the streets. Nature and wildlife taking back the land and slowly destroying every piece of evidence of previous human existence.

The woodland nearby was so dense it easily swallowed every noise, creating a tiny bubble that separated them from the rest of the world. The only light source they had were the stars and bright moonlight. Thankfully they had at least a cloud-free night.

Yo Han was leaning against the window of the driver's side of his car, Ga On placed on the other side. Starring into the trees with tense shoulders.

The rustling of leaves made Ga On turn towards the treeline at his backside. A man, probably in his mid-forties, with a neatly kept beard, clad in all black appeared at the entry of the forest another similarly dressed male, younger, shortly afterward followed suit.

Three more people, two females and one more, Ga On guessed the youngest of the group, male step out of the woods. They certainly came together, dressed almost identical, same grim facial expression.

The lot stopped at a safe distance from Yo Han whom they faced directly. Strangely all of them were gawking at the writer's chaperone, mouths wide open.

Ga On sought out Yo Han. The older male had changed his position from casually leading against the car into a defensive stance, brown raised, shoulders squared.

His whole demeanor switched from relaxed into deadly as soon as the group stepped out of the woodland. His dark aura was different. It honestly scared the young male a bit.

That's when Ga On became aware of his body. The skin on his neck began to tingle, his instinct forced himself into his every thought overriding anything else.

Run and leave was the voice screaming at full blast inside his racing mind. Now!

A harsh, disbelieving laugh reached Ga On's ears. It came from the seemingly oldest male of the group. He all of a sudden stood right next to him. Yo Han had already begun to slowly move, all predator.

"The sacrifice did get out of his way and brought us the very present we are after laying it right at our doorstep." Sacrifice?  Ga On turned around, to face the talking man. Wanting to ask what the hell he meant by that.

Nothing came out of his mouth as the unsuspecting male was greeted by a sharp pain that exploded at the right side of his face, making him drop onto the floor.

In a daze, with ringing in his ears he reached toward his temple. Blood! Blood covered his palm, a great deal of it.

Before he could even try to appropriately react, or defend himself, another, this time hard object connected with the underside of just jaw, knocking him flat onto the ground.

Why are they attacking him? Blindly he reached around himself.

Ga On couldn't see a thing, the blows had made his vision blurry, swimming with salty tears. He could hear his thundering heartbeat in his ears. Weakly he tried to get up.

A steel-covered boot connected with his unprotected ribs at his attempt, making him scream in agony, the young male was sure he heard something crack. Pained wheezing sounds rattled out of his hurt mouth accompanied by a steady stream of blood.

Somewhere far away he heard his name been called, did he imagine it?

Ga On looked up and searched for the voice. Yo Han was attempting to race toward his side, trying to, he couldn't.

With something sharp the man that unprovoked had just assaulted him pointed at Yo Han's approaching frame. "Kill the demon, go eradicate the world of this devil." The four previous unmoving people did just that.

Ga On held onto his aching side. Demon, Devil?  What was this crazy bastard talking about? "Demon?"

With a chuckle said man kneeled down, right by Ga On's side. Laughing like a maniac at his confused expression.  "Oh, you didn't know? He didn't tell you, huh?" More guffawing followed.

With the hunting knife in his hand, he pointed once more at Yo Han, who was now surrounded by the group. "He is a filthy demon, a murdering creature from hell. An abomination that God wants us to irradicate from our planet."

After he finished his crazed monolog, the horrifying man pressed the sharp blade into the writer's cheek, red liquid trickling down his face. His face contorted in disgust. "You let him fuck you, didn't you? Dirty whore. Not surprised really."

"Just wait until I'm done with you, you unclean, witch blood slut." Ga On helplessly covered his head with his arms to protect himself, but the next blow that attacked his body was aimed at his stomach. The might of it nearly made him violently vomit as he coughed.

Before another hit could connect screaming filled the nocturnal air. Shocked Ga On came face to face with the scene which caused the horrible yell. He wished he didn't.

Yo Han was covered in blood, not his no, the man's windpipe he just slashed of, with his bare hands, causing it to spray everywhere. Ga On swallowed a lump that formed in his throat. This couldn't be real.

Their eyes met for a second and the older male's eyes were no longer human, they were completely black. A diabolical smirk graced his handsome face. He looked amused! Demon.

With a curse, the man who had just brutally beaten him left him behind laying in the dirty, bleeding, and charged over toward his group's side to aid them.

Out of his mind with fear Ga On in horror saw the whole spectacle unfold right before him. Yo Han was not human! A-ah, a demon!? He just killed someone by slashing open their neck.

Yo Han was attacking and fighting with the group that targeted them, him? But not just to defend himself, no, he seemed to enjoy himself. Relish in it.

Another male attacking Yo Han fell death onto the earth, the older male had snapped his neck. In terror Ga On realizing that this was probably the only chance, he would get.

He brought himself into an upright position and stood up, ran straight into the dark forest as fast as his adrenaline-riddled body would let him. Escaping.

Blindly running, with branches and shrubbery slapping and scratching into his skin. Hysterical he simply continued like this, running until his feet gave out on him and he collapsed uselessly onto the ground.

Wheezing, he clawed into the earth as hot tears ran down his face. He couldn't believe what he just witnessed. That man he spend the last night with killed two people. Without the blink of an eye.

With shaking limbs Ga On forced himself back onto his feet and carried on running, putting as much distance as he could between him and the events that forever burned themselves into his brain. Away from Yo Han and away from that group of lunatics.

The terrified young man didn't know how long he ran, he could no longer feel his legs. But by whatever force from above or by sheer luck he made it onto a road, hopefully, a used one.

The sun was already beginning to rise as Ga On stumbled along the paved way. He didn't stop and marched on fearing what might be following his trail.

Every noise made him jump he was so on edge. He wanted to go home.

Ga On finally thought he could hear an approaching car as the sun was near all the way up in the sky. First, he nearly hid out of fear because of the possibility Yo Han could be behind the arriving vehicle. But he's desperate for safety was bigger.

In pure desperation, without a care for his own well-being, the vehicle could strike him, at the first oncoming car, he ran directly in front of it, forcing the driver to stop.

Out of his mind, he begged them to drive him toward the nearest hospital. Away from this nightmare.



Chapter Text

With a flinch Ga On awoke as he unconsciously jerked away, to evade whoever touched him. Body and mind are still traumatized.

He didn't open his eyes, wishing he didn't have to face the person in front of him, fearing it could be Yo Han, already having found him, he had no idea how to deal with him after what happened.

Slowly he became aware of his surroundings, the sterile citrus smell, the rhythmic beeping of the machine right next to him. Lastly the slightly uncomfortable bed he was laying in. A Hospital.

He had made it to one, he didn't dream of jumping in front of a strangers car, even if he could hardly remember the details. Not all of it. Blood. Black inhuman eyes.

The EKG, which monitored his heart rate was furiously beeping away, giving away his rising panic. Maybe it would alert the hospital staff and make the person next to him go away.

No such luck. Once more the person which joined him in his room laid their hand onto his upper arm.

Guessing he should be protected in a hospital Ga On, or he could lock himself into the bathroom, violently he shook the hand off, the writer could always call for help, they surely would make the intruder leave.

Blood spraying from a wide-open throat coating Ga On's face flashed before the writer's mind. The noise from the monitoring device next to him intensified.

A full-blown panic attack clawed its way onto the surface, his breaths quickened, making Ga On gasp for air.

"Ga On, you okay, buddy? Can you hear me, are you awake?" K, it was his manager's voice! Relieved the young male felt okay to slowly open his eyes. The harsh, white unnatural neon light blinded him.

Immediately his heart began to even out, slowing down as he spotted his longtime friend at the foot of his bed.

"What happened?" croaked the author with an incredibly dry throat, like sandpaper.

Immediately jumping into motion K pressed a glass of water into his shaky hand.

Ga On tried to sit up but the sharp pain stopped him, harshly he breathed through his mouth, on his back he greedily chugged down the water as best as he good without spilling the cold liquid.

Noticing the young male's reaction K informed him of what the doctor told him yesterday. "You have a badly bruised rib, that's gonna be a nuance."

"A handicapping annoyance that hurts with every single breath you take, every move, no matter how cautious you are. Believe me, I know from experience." K clutched his chest in memory.

"I'm gonna go and inform the doctor that you are awake." With that K left the room.


The officer in front of him looked serious and not to be messed with. Not that Ga On was surprised of course they would come to take his statement.

Someone obviously did this to him. He had no idea who called them. The hospital staff?

Still, the young male couldn't - wouldn't tell them the truth, no matter how much he wanted to, it would be his one-way ticket into the next available asylum or newspapers, branding him as an eccentric, attention-seeking writer talking nonsense. Either way, it was a big nono.

He most certainly didn't want to incriminate Yo Han. They would go after him no doubt.

Could he even, not that he wanted to? He barely knew any trivial facts about the older male now that he thought about it.

The tall man had simply popped up and left as he pleased, shared minimal to no information about himself. He wasn't a big conversationalist, to begin with.

Until they went to the meeting in the forest he didn't even know the older male owned a car. Was he rich? Where did he live?

Demon. Demon. Demon. Demon! No, he needed to stop thinking about him. The young male shook his head.

Ga On realized he had spaced out, the cops were throwing him questioning gazes.

"I'm sorry, I'm trying to remember, it's just so blurry.. " He was fucked, either way, they couldn't do anything to help him, so he would make it as vague as he could.

"I was trying to write another chapter for my new novel, but couldn't think of anything. I was burned out. " Encouraging the officer nodded, motioning him to go on with his hand.

"So I decided to walk around aimlessly and maybe get some coffee or ice cream and switch up my environment. Boost my mood." Ga On peeked at the policemen. Did they buy it?

"I walked around, quite a bit actually, but I honestly didn't know where I had ended up at that's when everything went black."

"I woke up somewhere rural, it looked deserted. They blindfolded me before I could see their faces. Afterward, they searched through my stuff, they yelled at me, men, multiple, I didn't understand the language they were speaking." Ga On scratched his nose.

"I think they didn't like that, that I had next to nothing on me. One of them yelled something and then they started to beat me up until I lost consciousness again." He shuddered as he recalled the actual attack. The noise of a snapping neck.

The author rubbed his hands along his upper tights. "Next I woke up surrounded by trees and darkness. I began to run and fell down a couple of times, but I always got back up and kept going until I found a road and flagged down a car."

The hurt man raised his chin. "The driver dropped me off here I think and I collapsed? Later I woke up and found myself here in the hospital bed." Patting the mattress Ga On lay on.

He didn't know if the cops would buy his story, frankly, he didn't care there was not much they could do anyways, the officers relied on his statement for their investigation.

Ga On went over the version he just told in his head repeating it another time, making sure he didn't stumble or offer some evidence he didn't want to share unintentionally.

Satisfied he nodded at the two uniformed males. Their exchange ended not long after.

They gave him their number, reminding him to call if he remembered anything else and they would contact him, afterward they left.

Assault charges against unknown people he bitterly snorted, they would most certainly never be caught. They most likely lived off the grid. They would always evade justice.

His assigned doctor and nurse disrupted his inner tumult, coming to check on him and monitor his vitals.

Not long after Ga On was getting discharged, the young man didn't want to spend any second longer than was necessary in a hospital bed, much to K's objections.

They recommend Ga On to visit a psychologist for his trauma he sarcastically snorted at their suggestion.

His manager drove the exhausted writer home, but instead of dropping him off at his porch he locked his car and followed Ga On inside.

At his questioning look, K simply shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not leaving you alone after what happened. Not under any circumstances Ga On. Are you crazy?" His look meant business.

"Whatever. I don't care." The young man waved his hand, hissing in pain from the motion, the effects of his medicine were wearing off. His ribs began to throb.

Too tired to argue Ga On nodded and wasted no time to go upstairs straight into his bed. He fell asleep right away.

He had no idea how much time had passed since he went to bed, but it was dark outside as K stood in the doorway, like a creep, illuminated by the hallway light.

"Ga On?" Said male turned toward his manager with great difficulty, pain accompanying his every move.

"Hm?" he groggy answered, his body was hurting all over. The medication that lay at his nightstand disappeared into his mouth as soon as he spotted the white pills.

K stood still at the same place unmoving, watching him, he had a weird facial expression. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing is wrong," K reassured.

The manager pointed with his thumb. "It's just there is a man at the door, handsome fellow, looking for you. I don't know him so I told him to wait outside. He seemed to know you're injured? He looked quite concerned."

Kang Yo Han. Dread filled Ga On, he knew that he had to face him at some point. It just happened a lot faster than he anticipated.

Not wanting to prolong the inescapable any longer, the hurt male sat up, ribs protesting, and nodded. "Yes, I know him."

Unstable he stood up, relaying onto the wall for support. After a few minutes he had his balance somewhat under control and slowly made his way downstairs, K hot at his heels.

Before he got rid of the last barrier between him and Yo Han he turned towards K. "You should probably leave. This is gonna take some while. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

With doubt, K scrutinized Ga On. "Is he your boyfriend?"

He covered his eyes with a hand. "K, please, I'm hurting and tired, this will be exhausting enough. Another time, please." The young male turned back toward the door.

After a deep inhale he lowered the door handle, opening the entrance door revealing a worried-looking Yo Han.

K interrupted whatever scenario could have played out, walking in between them, facing the writer.

"I call you tomorrow morning Ga On you better answer or I will be back and the next time I will not leave so easily. I will tell Soo Hyun as well." Threateningly he pointed at the young man. With that he left after Ga On nodded, agreeing with what his manager said.

Yo Han didn't wait until K left until he began to move, he took Ga On's head into his hands, scanning his injuries.

Clean hands, no longer drenched in human blood.

With a shiver, the young male pushed the big hands off his face, took a few steps backward, creating distance.

"Fuck, Ga On you fucking idiot I thought you were dead. Stabbed and thrown in some ditch." His voice grew in volume.

Yo Han's hands tightened into fists. "I don't know what shit they used on me, but I could barely move."

"I ripped him apart that bastard who hurt you." The fuming male informed the hurt writer.

He spread his arms wide. Hissing the next word. Passionate and livid. "You hear me? I destroyed him. Nothing is left of him." His gaze was burning, intense.

Ga On couldn't respond. Yo Han had delivered him a brutal justice.

He jammed his hands in his front pockets, moaning from the sudden harsh movement.

Concerned Yo Han approached the young male, touching his sides, gently, tenderly stroking, wanting to soothe the pain.

"You hate me now?" Rumbled the deep voice throughout the hallway. He sounded vulnerable.

Of course, he noticed Ga On hesitations, how he avoided his touch. Especially after they slept together and could barely touching each other since then.

"Demon?" was the only word he was able to force out of his mouth. Demon.

Yo Han crossed his arms over his chest."Yes, Ga On I'm not human, not anymore for a long time. I'm a demon." He harshly exhaled.

Broken sobs slipped through Ga On's lips, tears began to flow freely. He lowered his head.

"I don't care! I hate myself for not carrying enough that you killed two people, no three now. That you are not human." The smaller one stared at Yo Han.

"As I was running I fought with myself, I was terrified, fearing for my life, but at the same time, I wanted to turn around. Back to you." He desperately admitted.

He lifted his chin. "I was scared that they might hurt you."

Frantic he began to sink onto the floor and helplessly shook as he cried, acknowledged his feelings.

He had miserably wished for Yo Han to show up at the hospital instead of K. Lying to himself about it all along, trying to deny it. Fighting his feelings.

Ga On felt ashamed, less than human. The guilt-ridden young man couldn't stop, his breathing became erratic, his injuries burning with intensity. 

Two strong arms embraced the shaking, hyperventilating male and pressed him against the firm chest.

Weakly he dug his fingers into Yo Han's shirt and buried his head into the older one's nape. Tears soaking the taller man's shirt.

The author was hopelessly falling for the older man, fast and hard.

Yo Han lifted the crying boy and carried him into his bedroom. At the queen-sized bed's side, he lay Ga On cautiously onto the mattress, took the majority of his tight clothes off, followed him into the bed and placed Ga On on top of his chest.

With soft strokes he caressed the writer's back, calming him down until he stopped trembling and drifted off into deep sleep.



Chapter Text


The call of nature was what woke Ga On, disturbing him from his deep slumber. With great difficulty, he managed to reach the bathroom to relieve himself.

His rib annoyingly protesting against every move he made. Another set of painkillers was swallowed by the groggy male to combat the ache.

On his way out of the bathroom he avoided looking into the mirror, even as he washed his face, he didn't want to be confronted with his injured face. What these lunatics did to him.

His brain finally managed to boot up after a few expected glitches, instantly yesterday's night replayed in his mind. As if electrocuted, in a panic Ga On went through the upper floor searching for Yo Han. He wasn't in the bed when Ga On got up.

Every door flew open, no space was left unchecked. Did they break into his house, kidnap the older male out of the bed as he slept? Hurt him? Ga On's fear spiked as his mind plagued him with possible horror scenarios.

Unable to find him, the scared male got ready to bolt down the stairs that's when he spotted the older male, climbing up the staircase meeting him halfway. Immediately his anxiety began to ebb away, fizzle out.

"You're looking for me? What's with all the loud ruckus you are causing?" Hastily the writer raced into the teasing male's open arms with a pounding heart.

He was okay, Yo Han was alive and well. No one came and took him.

Ga On latched onto him as if his life depended on it. Afraid to let go, he wouldn't do that under any circumstances!

Greedily Ga On sucked in his lover's familiar, comforting smell. Going completely boneless after the older male stroked his flanks.

With an accusing finger, he stabbed into the taller man's chest. "I thought I dreamed it all. These days everything feels so surreal", he weakly added. "I thought they came here to kidnap or kill you."

After catching the pointing finger and gently gnawing at it Yo Han reassured the young male. "No, no dream. I'm real, right in front of you in all my handsomeness." The taller man winked at Ga On. "And no one can hurt me these idiots are weak as newborns."

Adoringly Ga On pressed a timid peck against Yo Han's mouth. Surprised Yo Han locked lips with the shy writer, sharing sweet kisses.

After some time they separated. "I made you something to eat." Delighted the young male hugged the older one. His stomach rumbled in approval.

Happy about learning a new tippet - Yo Han was a great cook.


"But why did they do that. For what reason?" The young man simply couldn't understand them or their reasoning. It was probably better this way.

They both sat on the sofa in Ga On's living room, empty plates on the coffee table, the younger male glued to Yo Han's side. Yo Han was drawing intricate patterns into the writer's back.

"They are most likely supernatural hunters or religious nutjobs, certain they are doing God's work. Something along the line. Convinced their opinion is the only right one. Who knows with these crazy morons?" Yo Han threaded a hand through his hair.

"You encountered people like that before", the writer observed given Yo Han's reaction.

"Indeed. I had the pleasure to come in contact with such special cases numerous times, unfortunately. They are but irritating bugs."

"I still don't understand, why attacked me? I'm just a human? I didn't even know this whole secret world existed. He called me witch blood." Ga On's confusion didn't diminish.

Yo Han's somewhat light tone became serious. "Ga On I lived long enough, I will draw you a grim picture of reality. Humans are egocentric and greedy by nature."

The bigger male looked at the boy snuggled into his flank.
"They are wired that way, deep down every single person is an instinct-driven animal. Especially if it comes to fulfilling personal desires."

Without missing a beat he continued. "Of course some break not as easily as others, their facade is part of their identity and they truly believe themselves to be good. That may be true to a certain extent, but even the best mask cracks, I know." Yo Han left no room to disagree.

"I never met anyone who was not willing to do whatever was necessary or was demanded if it served them for their desired selfish reason." With great care, the older male tucked a stray lock of raven hair behind the author's ear.

"A mother willing to kill another child to save her own. Sacrificing everything and anybody for riches and money. Every human has a breaking point, then the well-taught rules of society will no longer apply. " he extended a hand, waiting until Ga On took it.

"I know this better than anybody else", cynical Yo Han darkly chuckled, then interlocked their hands.

"I'm selfish, even more now that I have found you, I will never give you up. I thought myself forsaken, alone for eternity. I will kill everyone in my way." Yo Han pulled the smaller body closer against him.

Ga On didn't know what to reply, any normal person would admit that Yo Han sounded insane, but the common rules didn't apply in his situation.

He was still coming to terms with this fact, that the older male was not human, a demon. In all honesty, he was also somewhat scared.

Everything he knew about demons was negative. Yo Han was definitely not a good guy.

So he simply stayed silent but agreed with the things he said about human nature, this very situation he was in proofed it.

Wanting to return to the topic they discussed Yo Han steered the conversation back to its original purpose. He would find out who attacked them and why. "Let's get back to your family's story."

"What your aunt told you about her past and your grandfather's passing. " The answer should be hidden in the past. Yo Han was sure about it.

"He was killed, by someone who accused him of being a witch, which was probably true? Ga On tugged at Yo Han's earlobe, attempting to lighten the dark mood and the heavy feeling that settled in his heart.

The young man let out a harsh breath, repeating what aunt Haru told him. "In the middle of the night, they broke into our, my family's old house. Their mom, my grandmother heard someone break-in and made aunt Haru and my mom hide in the attic closet.

"That's where they were found by the local policemen. Grandmother reappeared a week later after grandfather was stabbed. She was behaving weirdly afterward. The writer wildly gesticulated to underline his point.

"Whatever she experienced or saw must have been a living nightmare", he drew in a long breath as the retelling of the story triggered his own assault memory.

"She then forbid them from interacting with anything 'magical', I guess she knew the truth?" he lifted his shoulder in a half shrug, the author could only guess.

Hastily he carried on as he wanted to stop talking about this topic as fast as possible. "The house was burned down shortly after grandmother died, aunt Haru thinks it was arson, my mom took everything that wasn't destroyed with her."

"Your mother, do you know how she died exactly? Your father?" Yo Han pinched the bridge of his nose, hating to dig around in Ga On's old wounds.

Ga On hung his head. "In a car accident - a drunk driver, he crashed into my mother's side. My dad survived but committed suicide not long after, he couldn't live with the loss of her. I already told you that."

All of it was too much of a coincidence. Too many unnatural deaths. Either Ga On's family was truly unlucky or plenty of secrets remained hidden. "Who told you that? How they died?"

"My aunt, why what are you implying?" Nervously Ga On fingers toyed with his long sleeve.

Yo Han squeezed the younger man's hand which he was still holding, in reassurance. "Nothing bad Ga On, maybe your aunt wanted to protect you? Herself? If her father was already brutally killed anything else was probably too much. I think we need to dig deeper."

Fidgeting and confused Ga On titled his head to the side."What do you mean? Do you have a plan? I will not torment my aunt with hurting questions. Especially not if I have nothing concrete to confront her with."

"Yes, I have an idea. The town where your old house stood is it nearby?" Anxious Ga On bit at his thumbs nail. What was going on?

Lines formed between the young male eyebrows. "Hmm. Ninety minutes away. Why? To look for evidence? That would be fruitless. Auntie sold the land not long after everything had turned into ashes."

Yo Han patted Ga On's hip. "No, I don't care about the site, but if it was arson the perpetrator most likely planned the attack beforehand. No one ever tried to harm your aunt?"

The smaller man shook his head. "No, as far as I know never, but she doesn't believe in the supernatural. She calls it nonsense."

Yo Han pulled his smartphone out of his pocket swiped and tipped a few things into the electronic device.

Curious Ga On leaned forward, trying to catch a glimpse, to no avail, frustrated he kneeled onto the sofa and looked over the older male shoulder. "The police station?"

"We'll break in and have a look at the old police files, well I will you will have to distract the officers should there be anyone on duty, it's a small town, maybe another district takes care of the night shifts." One could only hope.

"Huh?" Ga On head threatened to do a full 360 owl spin with how fast he turned it to gaze at Yo Han with disbelieving wide eyes.

Not quite sure how to react to the older male casually planning to commit a crime, perplexed the young male didn't move an inch.

"Cute." Yo Han's big hand caressed the writer's round bottom.


Chapter Text

"Stay in the car", came the older male's stern instruction.

"Huh?" That wasn't what they had originally planned - beforehand.

"Just stay in the car, no one is inside. You are still hurt. I can't hear or sense anyone. It's easier that way. Faster." Again he voiced it in such a way Ga On didn't dare to disobey.

He felt slightly hot. The dominant tone in which Yo Han was talking to him did something to his insides.

"Okay", he obediently replied. Peeking at the older male.

He pulled the younger male closer and kissed him soundly on the lips. "Good boy."

The praise did something weird to Ga On something he maybe would've to explore a bit more.

Did he like been dominated? The older male most definitely was a very domineering person.

Confused the writer watched as Yo Han left the parking lot, swiftly walking towards the backside of the dark police station, disappearing out of sight.

They were of course not a pair of idiots and didn't park directly in front of the tall building.

With his hands digging into the material of his jeans, legs bouncing, he waited for the older male to reappear.

Relieved he stumbled out of the car, about fifteen minutes later, as he saw Yo Han strut in his direction.

Because neither slowed down they collided with too much force. The first action the taller male took was to press Ga On tightly against him.

A hard length poked against his hip. Of course, this illegal, completely criminal act would excite Yo Han, turn the older man on.

Fire started to heat up his belly in response. Greedily Yo Han licked inside the author's mouth.

Getting infected by the other male's excitement Ga On submitted to the forceful male, tightly holding onto him.

But his fracture naturally had to ruin the moment, he hissed as Yo Han bend him a bit backward, his injuries strongly protesting against the action.

"Sorry, baby." In apology he gently petted his lower back and butt, before letting his warm hands rest on Ga On's hip bones.

"The files?" Ga On noticed that Yo Han didn't carry any paper. For a short moment, the handsome face turned sour. Or apprehensive?

The smaller male couldn't tell as the look flashed past him before he had a chance to focus on the older male's expression.

Still, it was enough, a horrible foreboding feeling took a hold of him. Ga On's grabbed onto Yo Han.

"Baby, you didn't think I would steal them? We shouldn't leave a trace. I took pictures." Smugly he waved his phone around.

"Let's leave first. Then we should pay your aunt a visit." With his arm around the young male's waist, Yo Han steered Ga On back towards the parked vehicle.

So his instinct was alarmingly correct? What was in those files?


With an impatient fist Ga On loudly knocked on his aunt's door. It was very early in the morning, or late at night depending on how someone preferred to read the clock.

The sun had yet to rise. Not that it mattered.

Normally this kind of behavior would be considered extremely rude, but right now the young male didn't give a fuck.

Not after what he saw. He wanted, no demanded answers. Without them, he wouldn't leave. Answers only his aunt Haru could give him.

Ga On was burning with anger, he felt betrayed in particular because of their last conversation. She kept more family secrets hidden from him. Big ones.

He hammered away, once more in rapid motion, his patience was wearing thin as time ticked by.

Finally, the lights on the upper floor turned on. Through the murky glass decorating the sides of the entrance door the young male saw the hallway light come to life shortly after.

A strong hand encircled his wrist, stopping him from knocking again. "Ga On, breath. She is on her way."

The young male's shoulders dropped. He was right, he loved his aunt, she most likely had her reasons. He owed her a civil conversation, not the mood of an accusing teenager.

The author's heartbeat doubled as he heard the key turn in its lock. Without Yo Han's palm on his lower back, Ga On would have probably keeled over.

A confused, half-asleep Haru spotted her nephew. "Ga On? What is wrong? Did something happen, my boy?"

"No, well y-yes." After clearing his throat, with a firm and he hoped strong voice, he repeated himself. "I need to talk to you, auntie. It's very important."

"Come inside, come inside." The elderly woman ushered the nervous writer inside, stepping back to make room, spotting the handsome man at her family member's side for the first time.

The attractive man nodded politely at her as he made his way into the woman's house following her nephew.

Ga On boyfriend? Such a fetching one? A pleasant smile graced her features, which instantly soured. 

She could guess why her boy showed up, she expected it after their last talk. He was too curious and smart for his own well-being.

In the small kitchenette, the three came to a halt. Noticing her nephew's tense body posture.

It was eating away at him, exactly what the old woman had hoped she could spare him from, but now it was sadly too late, she would wait until he was ready.

Haru went to her coffee machine to make herself and her unexpected guests some. To keep busy.

Ga On didn't know how to start this the right way. It was not a typical Sunday afternoon conversation with tea and cake.

So the young man did it the only way he knew, his aunt would most likely appreciate, straight to the point, no-nonsense.  She raised him that way.

He watched the elderly female for a few seconds, took a deep breath, and looked out of the kitchen window. Now or never.

"I know the truth aunt Haru." Pained the woman turned around, waiting patiently for him to continue.

"Mom and dad were never in a car accident, they were brutally tortured to death. Just like grandpa, murdered by the same person." His breaths quickened as he dropped the bomb.

His aunt's heartbroken sob filled the small kitchen. "That monster was convicted for life but walk out of prison after serving ten months!"

Ga On turned away, staring at the floor as he continued.
"Because he had connections, free as a bird after brutally stabbing a family father to death. That bastard stabbed him fifteen times!"

Repulsed Ga On recalled the details. "He played with grandpa, that sick sadist, drawing out the killing blow as long as he could. Grandmother had to watch!"

The young male gave mirthless laugh, lips quivering. "After killing her husband, they dragged her off into the woods. Doing what?!" He noticed how aunt Haru's hands covered her mouth. Shaking her head.

Ga On was trembling so intensely, he slumped forward. Needing the table for support. "She never told a soul what they did to her, out in the middle of nowhere trapped with her husband's killer for a whole week!"

Angry he roughly brushed the tears that had started to fall from his eyes. "But the bastard didn't stop, he came back. They kidnapped my parents and forced them to kill each other!"

With great difficulty, the distraught young male swallowed the lump in his throat. "Grandfather didn't die in a simply gone wrong breaking and entering."

"This crazy bastard stalked you all for months! They accused him of being a magic user and our family of having unclean, rotten, devils blood. Spread it throughout the town." The words flew faster and faster out of his mouth.

"That's why he came back for mom! He wasn't done with our family. Dad was an obstacle he used to his advantage." Ga On's chest rose and fell with rapid breaths as he finished retelling what he had seen in the police files.

The female stopped her movement, shoulders sagging. With a heavy body, she sat down on her kitchen table.

Nodding she didn't deny it. "Yes, my Ga On. Yes, all of it is true."

She pushed herself up and approached the outraged boy. The young male threw himself into her embrace as she grabbed onto him.

Softly weeping into her shoulder as she continuously apologized for not telling him.

Yo Han pushed himself off the kitchen threshold and disappeared into what he assumed was the living room.

With red-rimmed and swollen eyelids he looked at his aunt's face. "Why didn't you tell me?" There was no accusation in his words only wonder.

"How could I? I didn't want to burden you with this gruesome knowledge. I did think about it, but as time passed I lost courage. I wanted to protect you, myself as well." Softly she brushed Ga On raven hair out of his face.

"It's hard to think about it. How much tragedy has befallen our family. It hurts my soul, my sweet child." He hugged her once more.

"I'm sorry Ga On. I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive me." She lowered her head.

The young male took the elder woman's palm into his cold hands. "There is nothing to forgive, I understand why you did it. I would have done the same. I'm sorry for bursting in in the middle of the night."

She patted her nephew's hands. "No, no. Don't apologize. You did nothing in need of an apology. I love you very much, my child."

"Me too. I love you aunt Haru", he earnestly replied.

With a knowing smile she said "Your boyfriend is very handsome, I approve. I wish to get to know him at a better time."

Before Ga On could answers she continued. After she noticed his current condition. Was he hurt? "You should rest. Do you want to sleepover?"

The young male shook his head. "No, I, no, thank you. I want to drive back." He needed some distance, time to think.

Understanding the elderly woman bobbed her head. Her nephew wanted to be alone with the waiting stranger.

He stood up and placed a kiss on her forehead. "His name is Kang Yo Han." Said male appeared as the writer got ready to leave.

"What a nice name." She looked into the man's eyes. "I look forward to meeting you under better circumstances. Please take care of my nephew."

Yo Han simply nodded. She didn't need to tell him.

The long car drive had helped immensely, most of the time he slept, they had stopped and parked at a quiet road, to catch some needed shut-eye, it had calmed him down, made him feel a bit more like himself.

A lone figure sat on Ga On's front porch steps as Yo Han pulled into his garage. Soo Hyun. Shit!

Disbelieving he shuddered and peeked at the older male, he didn't seem to have spotted her yet? Her phone call yesterday night should have been a hint. He hadn't picked up.

Panicked his thoughts began to sprint. What should he do to tell him to leave? He didn't want the taller man to go.

Demand from his best friend to scoot, brush her off? The author didn't want to do that either.

Letting them meet then? As chaotic or horrible wrong as this would probably end up being, Ga On rubbed his clammy hands together, Yo Han and Soo Hyun would have to get acquainted with each other at some point. Both are important parts of his life.

Fate or whatever decided now was a good time. Typical really, he plucked at the collar of his shirt.

The young male would have to bend to the higher power's will. Still, he cursed them.

Just after he had been an accessory to a crime and aunt Haru's hurtful confession. It couldn't get any worse, could it?

The tense male drew in a long breath and folded his hands in his lap. There goes nothing.

Of course, before he could warn his lover Soo Hyun spotted him and already got up and began to approach them.

Her face switched into some weird expression, oh no this forebode nothing good.

Hastily he turned towards Yo Han, who had just pulled the key out from the ignition.

Word vomit burst out of him. He had to warn the older man.

"Okay, of course, this had to happen at this exact moment, but right now my best friend, Soo Hyun is incoming, I mean she is one and a half minutes away from standing in front of your car." The author rubbed his temples.

"I owe you a fair warning, she is really protective. I never had a, ahem, a male acquaintance with whom I was involved with, so I honestly don't know how she will behave or react. Sorry." Hidden from her view he apologetically squeezed Yo Han's hand.

With that he bolted out of the car, hoping to reach his best friend first, to give Yo Han a second to deal with that sudden information. His stupid ribs made it not an easy task.

Boyfriend, was Yo Han his boyfriend, partner? He didn't dare to ask.

Like a newborn giraffe, he stumbled over towards his childhood friend, meeting her halfway.

She still had a wicked expression on her face. He pointed at her face, almost colliding with it as he did. "Don't you utter any nonsense, sister. I don't want to hear any stupid garbage out of your mouth."

Mischievous Soo Hyun grinned. "That's why you didn't pick up your phone? Too busy been railed?"

Scandalized he swatted at her, making her laugh only harder.

"You wanted to flee at first, huh?" Knowingly the young female shoved Ga On head backward.

Hiding the pain her shove caused his protesting ribs, he deeply exhaled, that idiot knew him too well.

Before he could throw something back at her he felt Yo Han's chest connected with his backside.

Soo Hyun's eyes went huge. Biting back any comeback remarks he politely introduced them to each other. All nice and civil. Just like normal people.


Soo Hyun and Yo Han had disappeared into the living room at some point after the three shared a cup of coffee in his kitchen. Probably the 'you hurt him I'll cut off your nuts and dick' talk.

They seemed to get along surprisingly well. He was immensely relieved.

These two were some of the most important people in his life. Aunt Haru also seemed to approve of him.

The two startled him out of his thoughts as they reentered the kitchen.

Yo Han pressed a dry kiss onto Ga On's temple and disappeared upstairs, giving the two friends some privacy.

Soo Hyun waggles her eyebrow at this display of affection.
Annoyed, with redding cheeks he shoved her, standing up and going into the living room himself.

With a heavy body, he planted himself onto his beloved green sofa. The young female followed, pushing at his shoulder to make room for herself. After she sat down he resting his head on her lap.

She gazed down on him. Her tone was not teasing as he expected. "You like him a lot?" Softly, with barely any movement he nodded. "Hmm."

"He seems very intense. I'm having a hard time assessing him. Of course, he is ridiculously good-looking. You lucky ass." She pinched his nose. "Big third leg?"

With laughter, he swatted her hands away. Seriously Soo Hyun asked, "You had sex with him?" Ga On shyly nodded.

"I will grill you more about this when we're alone." With a pointing finger, she warned him.

For a short while, they both enjoyed the comfortable silence together.

Soo Hyun seemed to remember something and looked down once more  "Did you give someone my address calming it was ours?" His friend inquired.

With raised eyebrows, he eyeballed the female. "Huh? What?"

She reached over him and pulled a white envelope out of her ruby red purse. Waving it in front of Ga On's face. "An unknown person dropped this off by my apartment door, with just your name written on it."

The fantasy author grabbed the offered paper. Fuck. It looked awfully familiar.

So this was their new tactic? Showing him they knew where his loved ones lived?

Soo Hyun needed to leave! Were they watching him?

Yo Han appeared at the living room entrance. In a fresh set of clothes with a towel in his brown hair. His eyebrow lifted at the scene before him.

Ga On sat up and waved the envelope in the air. After draping the towel over his shoulders he reached for the letter.

Recognition drew on the handsome man's facial features. He stared at the younger male in silent question. Hardly visible he nodded at Yo Han.

"I don't want to be rude Soo Hyun, but Ga On and I wanted to sleep at my apartment tonight." He addressed the childhood friend of his lover.

"Oh, you want to kick me out?" Amused she smiled at the two men.

"Well, I only wanted to drop off this weird letter anyway." With that, she hugged her friend, patted Yo Han on his shoulder, in a secret understanding, and left.

"Let's go to my apartment." Carelessly dropping the unopened letter onto the coffee table.


Chapter Text


On his back, spread apart with his hands pinned against the sturdy metal bedpost, Ga On tried to stop himself, mostly his head from repetitively bumping into the unforgiving headboard as the older male ruthlessly slammed into him.

It was a futile attempt to combat Yo Han's wild and animalistic pounding, not even the bed itself stood a chance, with each thrust the headrest smashed loudly into the wall.

Desperate he tried to grip onto the mattress, or sheets but just couldn't, his finger didn't work the way he wanted them to - only meeting emptiness.

Who would have thought that the older male would be so jealous?

Just because Ga On rested his head on his best friend's lap as they chatted.

Yo Han grabbed onto his cheekbones, squeezing the skin below the bone in a tight grip, not allowing Ga On's mind to focus on anything but him. "Look at me."

The taller male's fingers scratched along his protruding collarbone. Leaving red, angry lines behind.

The command made his belly burn. "AA-Ah-h, Yo Han! Fuck! S-so d-d-dee-ep. "

Each wet, lewd thrust that filled the wanton male made his toes curled from sheer ecstasy. 

The older man was an insatiable animal, much to Ga On delight.

This was technically their second time, but the taller male didn't show him any mercy.

No sweetness or tenderness only the lowest of all instincts had Yo Han tight in its grip. Behaving like a predator in heat wanting to mate.

In pure desperation, he clawed into the pillow as his body was shoved up and down on the mattress. The hot length of his lover barely left him, carving out space inside his deepest parts.

His left leg was hooked over his lover's shoulder, trembling from the strain, bend at an unfamiliar angle as each new thrust forced his swollen entrance to open, greedily clenching around the older man's length in a vice grip. God Yo Han was so fucking massive!

With high-pitched whines Ga On protested as the older male suddenly pulled out of him, leaving his stretched hole empty, he was so close to reaching nirvana!

Moisture was getting trapped in his eyelashes, unshed tears of frustration at the sudden stop.

Grabbing the fussy male like a ragdoll, Yo Han flipping him on his belly, manhandling him onto his knees, insensitive to the needs of the younger ones.

He would take what Yo Han was offering. Simple as that.

Just as Ga On wanted to voice his displeasure the older one spread the smaller male's butt cheeks apart, his hard length rubbed in between his them, catching the rim, but Yo Han made sure his leaking tip didn't enter, only teasing the well-used entrance.

Making it clench desperately as he rubbed the pooling pre-come from his slit along the valley.

Breathy moans escaped the young male as he chased the taunting cock with his hips.

"Please. Back inside. Inside.", begged the needy boy the ruthless male on top of him, who admired the pretty sight underneath him. Begging suited Ga On, his pretty baby, very much.

But he only had so much willpower himself, not able to bear it any longer, not to pound into the tight channel of his beautiful pleading boy below him Yo Han pressed Ga On's head roughly into the pillow.

Locking him in place with a tight grip on his neck.

Compliant, the smaller man easily submitted, body trapped in position, ready, pliant, and docile as the muscular male slammed back in, mercilessly resuming with a brutal, deep rhythm.

Each thrust hit his sweet spot with deathly precision. His pelvis moved in tandem with each impaling jab.

"S-so-oo, f-fuck-king d-d-dee-ep." Slipped the fragmented sobs out of the drooling male, with each buck the older male forced him to accept the welcomed invasion.

Ga On pressed one of his own and Yo Han's hands on top of his lower stomach, feeling the deep penetration against their palms. In response, a low-growing sound left the older man.

Yo Han placed biting kisses along the sweaty back, following the curvature of the younger one's bend spine. Soothing each bite with a swipe of his tongue.

Desperate in need of air Ga On turned his face sideways, gulping in oxygen as his lover's thrusts gained speed, hitting its mark perfectly, stretching him deliciously, causing him to bite down into the pillow to keep himself from screaming in pleasure.

The tingle in the pit of his stomach began once more, he would kill Yo Han if he pulled another stunt this time.

Not much of a choice to stifle his sounds were left as Yo Han yanked the smaller male upright, crashing against the muscled chest as his position changed once more.

A loud mewl escaped him as he was forced into the new angle.

It let the older male thrusts reach even further.

His head fell back onto the broad shoulder as the sound of slapping skin echoed throughout the loft's open room, bouncing off walls and creating a suggestive noise for Yo Han's neighbors to interpret.

Sharp, pain prickled at his neck after Yo Han sucked stinging open-mouthed kisses into the smooth skin.

Seconds later the older let go of his human side, fulfilling his dark need and harshly bit down on Ga On's pale neck. It was too inviting.

The skin broke easily, the second it did the brutally thrusting male coated his hand in the red liquid smearing it across the wailing young man's face and throat.

Afterward, he dipping his tongue into the fresh bleeding mark. Feeding off his lover's life essence.

The length disappeared even faster into the willing male, each snap caused Yo Han's taunt testicle to slap against the round globes.

The unexpected bite causing the young male to spill his release untouched as the blood-coated digits slipped into his gasping mouth.

In a frenzy he eagerly sucked on the coated fingers, playing with them, enthusiastically as he rode out his high.

Biting down on his neck Yo Han follow him over the edge after a few more uncontrolled thrusts, fucking into him as deep as he could whilst filling him with hot semen.

Both fell forward onto the big mattress, sweaty and utterly exhausted.

With leaden arms, he reaches toward the fresh bite marks. "Fuck you, you animal." Laughter was Yo Han's proud answer. "You like it, baby." Squeezing the now pink-colored ass.

"You didn't even let me have a look around before you jumped me." With two widespread arms, Yo Han gestured the young male to do so.

"Now?" he asked, completed baffled. "Feel free." A hard whack filled the silent bedroom as Ga On smacked Yo Han's buff pectoral. More snickering followed.

"I can't feel my fucking legs. Your cum is leaking out of me you asshole."

"Cute." With that the older male pulled Ga On against him spooning the younger male, planting soft kisses onto the side of his sweaty face.


Bright sunshine woke Ga On from his deep slumber. Disoriented, for a moment he failed to realize which bed he was laying in until last night replayed in his mind. Felt it as well, a dull ache was still lingering.

With crinkling eyes and nose, soft rose-colored cheeks he clumsily climbed out of the bed, leaving a sleeping Yo Han behind. It was time to explore, unsupervised.

He hissed as his ribs announced themselves, with an ache, uncomfortable, but not as bad as he thought it would be.

Totally worth it. Sex was incredible. Well, sex with Yo Han.

Equipped with the new knowledge of Yo Han been incredibly possessive. Storing it for later use.

Making use of the daylight the young male began to snoop around.

It was neat, not what Ga On expected at all, not that he knew what to expect. How a non-human, a demon would live like.

Aren't they suppose to be super-rich? Like on TV. Shaking his head at his ridiculous line of thought the fantasy author went back to exploring. Speaking of TV he owned a huge one! And a gaming console!

But no personal trinkets or pictures the loft looked like a photograph out of an interior design magazine, not ridiculously expensive, but it somehow lacked warmth.

Scratch that it was probably extremely pricey, most of the furniture looked unused. Yo Han didn't spend much time here Ga On presumed.

A bit disappointed about not learning anything new about Yo Han the young male shuffled into the kitchen in search of food.

He scanned his clothes which were laying on the floor, carelessly thrown into every direction the previous night.

Ga On pulled the unopened grey envelope out of his black jeans jackets pocket.

With a bowl of cereal, the author hopped on top of the kitchen counter as he swallowed spoonfuls of soy milk and soggy cereal. He gazed at the bed.

Was Yo Han nocturnal? Thinking about it he mostly appeared at nighttime whenever he had previously stalked him.

With a dreading feeling, he ripped open the unassuming letter, scanning over the content face twisting in disbelief.

He hopped off the counter, a bowl of cereal left uneaten, crinkled the paper in his hand and hastily went to find all of his clothes, unable to find his underwear with a shrug Ga On hastily put on the pieces he had one by one.

With his phone in hand he scribbled a message for Yo Han onto a post-it he found, afterwards, the young man left the loft in a hurry.

Sometime later K pulled into the street Yo Han lived in to fetch the author, his phone rang not long after he got into the car,  a bit guilty he declined the incoming call. It was better this way.

"Okay, what do you need your dear manager for, so early in the morning? Gracefully escaping your booty call?" Annoyed Ga On punched his mangers leg.

Time to lie. He hated to deceive his friend, who always had his back, but he had no choice. "No, that's not it. I got a letter from the person that delivered the package with the book to our office. They want to meet, they have some information about my late mother."

The second letter more likely, after the first one had put him into the hospital. This one seemed to be different, he hoped so at least.

The new meeting was planned in bright daylight, a public open space, not isolated or hidden away. Most of the time overcrowded huge shopping mall.

They claim to be the 'normal fraction' of a divided order, a splinter group, 'traitors' of the enormous core group and they wanted to help. Wishing to communicate and offer him some 'advice'.

Yes, it was incredibly unsafe, especially after the last 'meeting', especially without Yo Han but what was he supposed to do? Wait and hide until they decided to attack once more?

A loved one may be, they clearly knew about Soo Hyun since they dropped the second letter off at her place.

K wasn't safe either, they dropped his spellbook off at his publishing company.

In the enormous parking lot Ga On turned towards his manager. "I'll meet them on my own, just stay in reach but out of sight okay?  I dunno do some shopping?"

Curious K replied."Do you suspect them to do something weird?"

Biting back a sharp remark Ga On shook his head. "No, it's just a precaution."

The manager undid his seat belt. "Okay, just call me if they seem to be dicey."

"Will do." With that, both left the big vehicle and walked towards the elevator.

Ga On watched as K disappeared into the crowd. He searched for the next available information booth and scanned the list.

He needed to take the escalator to get downstairs. The anxious male peeked over the railing and observed the moving mass of humans underneath him.

The big sign of the restaurant where the meeting was supposed to take place was right next to the toilets.

Almost every table was preoccupied. Mostly families with screaming children.

A lone male and a couple - male and female. Of course, the writer of the letter didn't reveal their name or gender.

He gazed at the watch in his smartphone - two minutes left, they should already have arrived. So either the male or the pair. They wouldn't show up as a family, right?

All of a sudden the man of the couple seated on the table right next to the entrance looked up, staring at him without a doubt. His companion did the same as she saw her partner focus upward.

They looked intense. The hair on his neck began to rise, cold sweat covered his palms. The male nodded at him.

Yes, these two were his summoners. He pushed himself off the railing and made his way down. They fixated on him the second they spotted him.

Hoping his outside appearance didn't betray his fear-stricken inside he tried to march toward them seemingly confident.

They didn't get up as he stopped in front of their table. Rude. Still better than just getting brutally assaulted.

Chapter Text

The stare of the man before him made his skin tingle and not in a pleasant way, it was an unwelcomed dreadful sensation, similar to thousands of vicious tiny spiders continuously biting him.

It was fear-inducing it reminding him of the terror he lived through when Yo Han had stalked him from the shadows. The awful feeling of always been watched.

"Kim Ga On, you made it. I'm relieved that you decided to show up, especially after your last unpleasant encounter with the main group of our organization." His voice wasn't as deep as he imagined it would be, given his appearance. A dangerous and imitating one.

"I got your message." It was hard to keep the bite out of his voice.

The male looked like a thirty-something clean-cut soldier. Icy-cold exterior.

Ga On guessed he probably carried a concealed weapon. Gun or a knife. The hair on his neck began to rise as he finished that thought.

Buzzcut, dark grey khakis, leather belt, pearl white wrinkle-free shirt tucked into his pants. Simply black loafers. Textbook image of a military man without the uniform.

Tan, sun-weathered skin, three-day stubble, thin lips and round lifeless light blue eyes.

The death eyes stare made Ga On's skin break out in goosebumps. Every alarm system in his body alerted Ga On at once. It took him every ounce of willpower not to bolt.

With a deep inhale he switched his attention toward the female.

His company lacked amiability and warmth as well. Same chilly lifeless facade.

Long chocolate brown hair, almond, moon-shaped grey eyes. Thin lips. She wore a simple, loose, knee-length, black dress with a white collar.

The long necklace resting on her chest, a silver cross as a pendant was catching his attention.

She appeared to be slightly tall than the ordinary woman, he could only guess since she was seated, average body type. Plain and forgettable. Mediocre.

"Hmm." He had to be careful. No outburst or strong reactions toward anything they would tell him.

"Your organization?" Maybe he could at least gain some knowledge from this meeting. Some unknown angle or advantage.

The clean-cut man gave him a once over. "Yes, an old, let's say in faith-based order. That takes care of things behind the scenes, the shadows, we are unfortunately currently split into two fractions."

"Let's just say we believe in a more modern approach to things, less violent IF possible." Cryptic and some underlined threats, classy.

Of course, they wanted something from him but would offer nothing in return. This was Wikipedia data which would be printed onto an information pamphlet.

Whatever. They could preach the sky was red, life just a simulation, it didn't matter he just hoped he could find a way to get them to back off and leave him alone.

And everyone he cared for. His gut told him this scenario wouldn't be something easily achieved. Only if he could outfox them somehow.

"You came alone?" The male raised his chin, stroking his barely-there beard. Why did he ask that?

"Mhmm, why would I bring someone along? This whole situation is absurd. I simply want it to be over." Ga On firmly stated.

"Meaning?" The stranger crossed his arms over his chest.

"Meaning someone of your order dropped off a weird book  at my company's doorstep." He copied the other man's posture crossing his arms in a defensive stance over his chest.

"Weird?" The male in front of him inquired. "How so?"

God, this was like pulling teeth. They wanted to test the waters, his intellect?

Time to focus Kim Ga On, don't fuck this up! Lie and keep your own secrets hidden. Reveal only trivial, unimportant things to appear truthful.

"Nonexistent, crazy people stuff. Very imaginative. Black magic, satanic bullshit." He air quoted the word magic, best to pretend he still didn't believe in the supernatural.

"Ah, so you don't believe in it? The spiritual and magical side of things? It was your mother's book, your family's heirloom." The soldier raised his eyebrow.

"No, I don't believe in it. I prefer my world to be grounded in logic and science." Over exaggerated, the young male rolled his eyes.

"And what about the book? Everybody has one, extroverted weird, attention-seeking family member or one that suffers from some mental illness." Ga On gave a dismissive wave of his hand.

"Hmm. Still, you came today." Yes. he did he didn't have much of a choice. Asshole. They were moving in from all sides, caging him.

"Obviously, I was attacked by strangers without a legit reason. I was admitted to a hospital, because of my injuries. My ribs still hurt." Softly he patted his aching side.

"Just because this wacky dude keeps on stalking me and wouldn't leave me alone. They even assumed that we were together!" With fake outrage, he hit the table.

The eyes of the man opposite to him light up. Bingo. Just as he thought the attack had been focused on Yo Han, not him, but they were overwhelmed by the older male strength.

This meeting was also about him. Split group, fraction, or whatever they had the same target Yo Han.

"Ah, so you met Kang Yo Han." Ga On almost burst into laughter at the man's ridiculous attempt to appear casual.

The young male sighed loudly. "Unfortunately. Yes. He's nuance, a nasty creep that pops up everywhere I go."

"He does? You don't like him? That's good." For the first time since they had met a pleased expression light up in the dead fish eyes.

Ga On leaned forward. "Yes, he does. Is this about him? Is he part of your order? Then tell him to back the fuck off."

"I don't want to be a part of your little dispute. I just want to continue living my normal, uneventful, boring life." Did they buy his act? He couldn't tell.

The soldier held his hands up. "Well, that's good. You can help us."

"We require your assistance." The man pointed at himself and the woman who for the first time moved as she nodded.

With faked naivete, he shrugged his shoulders. "Help you? How? I'm just a struggling author. What could I do that would help you guys?"

"Not that I believe anything you say about this stupid nonsense." With that said he folded his arms.

"Nonsense you say. Your family had, has a special kind of blood, you didn't know?" The man's face could not fully hide his disgust.

Fucking bastard. "Special blood?" He parroted back. "How so?"

The short-haired male leaned forward. Elbows resting on the plastic table. "Your aunt didn't tell you?"

Aunt? How did they know about her? Are they keeping tabs on him? Watching him? For how long? Who else? K? Soo Hyun?

"Tell me what? She told me about the town they lived in when she was small, yes, the insane residents that accused my grandfather of being a witch." Ga On shook his head.

"Ridiculous. Other than this new modern weird Wiccan religion such stuff don't exist, well that and Satanism I guess." The young male pointed out.

"Your aunt told you that? She also doesn't believe in the supernatural? At all?" His facial features morphed into confusion.

"What about your parents?" It took Ga On every ounce of control he possessed to not jump over the plastic barrier between them to strangle that slimy, pretending bastard.

God damn irony that they sat on baby pink and blue colored plastic tables. The whole restaurant was painted in soft pastel colors.

But this was good information, he assumed Ga On knew about the paranormal. He could try to use it to his benefit. Find a way.

"No, why are you asking? You are just as weird as the creepy stalking Yo Han. Talking about fantastical things." He accused the soldier.

"Could you get to the point and tell me what this is all about." Impatient the young male raked his fingers through his raven hair.

"The point Kim Ga On is that I quite frankly don't give a fuck about what you believe in or not, this is not a game." Ice cold, his tone was freezing cold and deadly.

This was the man's true self that broke free from his mask just for a second, but the stranger got a hold of himself a moment after.

"We just need your help to catch the violent murderer." He scratched his beard. Reassuming his neutral voice.

"Do you know why he is after you?" The male secretively inquired.

A grimace stretched over the stranger's facial features. "Because of your blood. He will probably tell you that you two are soul mates, to be bonded for eternity by it."

"The truth is the transfer of the blood would make you his slave. Unable to deny him anything. Like a blood contract." He shook his head in disgust. What?

"Should he consumes it and you his, it would make him nearly invisible, unkillable if you will. Somewhat immoral and stronger than he already is, otherworldly so, basically unstoppable." The male held up a finger.

With twisted lips, he continued. "Yes, that is his ultimate goal, but you know the comedic twist is that he can not force you. Both of you have to consent and accept it willingly."

"But there is an advantage we can exploit. An unstable bond, a one-sided exchange of blood. If you give him yours but refuse to consume his!" Humorless the stranger laughed.

"What? What do you mean by that? Is he a vampire or something similarly stupid?" Is that why Yo Han was so pushy about it?

Desperate Ga On tried to keep his facial features neutral.

"So he didn't inform you about the fact that he is non-human?" The blue-eyed guy asked the young man.

His mood changed, hatred and abhorrence tainting his voice. "Kang Yo Han is a very old, powerful demon. Working for the devil himself, seducing desperate good folks like yourself to sell their souls. Just like he did himself a long time ago."

"Demon? You guys are funny. This is not one of my fantasy books." Fast as lighting the soldier's hand dug painfully into Ga On's upper arm.

He yanked the writer forward, closer to him. Grip tightening, cutting off his circulation.

Ga On could spot the outline of a gun from this position, it was tucked into the soldier's belt.

Utter terror swept over him."This is no sick joke. I assure you, Ga On. This is very real. A true nightmare. "

His tone became quieter, to make sure no one could overhear them. "That monster needs to die. He is pure evil and incredibly dangerous. Doing the devil's bidding. "

"He killed and enslaved countless souls. Most of them out of pleasure and for his own amusement" The male informed Ga On as he leaned back into his seat.

The author's palms became clammy. "Did he tell you how he sacrificed his beloved young niece? Cut her open? Decapitated his family, for his one benefit. She was still a small child."

Evil? Cutting his niece open? Decapitating? The author swallowed, feeling violently nauseous he had no reply this time. He was paralyzed.

A half-smile spread across the soldier's face. "Yes, evil. A true satanic creature. A monster. You are the only one that can help us. We tried to get rid of him, too many times to count, but never succeeded. With your help, we finally have a fighting chance."

The lamenting man scratched his neck. "It isn't that complicated, ironically. Simply let him have some of your blood, but only yours. Let him fuck you if necessary."

With a sneer, he continued. "He must be getting desperate. Those vile creatures always indulge in sin."

The military man reached over the table, the second time today, but this time to grab the young male's hands. "You were born for this purpose Ga On, to rid the world of this evil monster. Only you are able to do it."

Suddenly he avoided eye contact, let go of his hands. "Then we'll meet again. I will give you something to drink, afterward and only then you can bite him, accept his blood. I will explain it to you more clearly the next time."

He abruptly stood up. Ga On followed suit. "Why should I do that?"

The buzz-cut-haired man patted Ga On hard onto his shoulder. "Because you seem to be a good young fellow. I'm sure you understand why such an abomination can not walk on God's earth."

The young male sharply pointed at the guy before him."Only if you stay away from my loved ones. Stop pulling them into this crazy mess."

The military man grinned and cocked his head. "Ha, I'm sorry to tell you this but I have no influence over the main fraction of our order, but they will probably stop after the beast is dead.

"Probably?" Of course, they would offer him nothing, only take.

"Nothing is certain." He pulled a cheap-looking phone out of his pocket and handed it to Ga On.

"A burner phone, call me if you did your part. We'll arrange a new meeting then. Don't be hasty or he will be suspicious, that bastard is smart."

With that, they left him standing in the middle of an overcrowded mall. With fast steps, phone in hand he went to look for K.


Chapter Text


Still shaking, boiling with anger the fantasy author had had such a hard time pretending to be dumb and gobble up every piece of bullshit they threw at him. Ga On's whole body was violently shaking.

He wanted to smash that stupid burner phone into the next hard surface he came across, hoping it would explode into a million pieces and accomplish a miracle, like hitting that stupid military dude right into his eye or something identical painful.

Whatever the pair told him, well the male, the female had just sat there like a zombie, was most likely completely untrue.

Right? Right? Yo Han wouldn't use him like that? He just wouldn't. Not after all they've been through.

Ga On's arms started to freeze, he was shivering. When did it become so cold?

They must have tainted every word they spoke in their favor! With a few specks of truth, to appear believable and trustworthy.

Yeah, that's it! That was the truth. Shocked the young male realized tears started to run down his cheeks as a hiccup escape his lips.

The rest was simply made up, or they truly accepted their fanatism as fact! Nothing else, Yo Han didn't want him just for his blood. He did not!

The thundering heart in his chest clenched at the mere though. No. No!

It had taken him all of his control not to jump over the table, shake one of the two, and demanded to know why his family members were killed.

If their 'witch blood' was truly the solely ridiculous reason.

But first Ga On wanted to see Yo Han, his phone hadn't stop vibrating and buzzing throughout their whole chat.

Uncountable times he simply wanted to give in, pick up, or text Yo Han his location. To come and stop them from throwing around such vile lies!

But now more than ever he didn't regret his decision to exclude the older male from the meeting.

He stayed safe that way. The older male had seen the letter, so he most likely knew where he had disappeared to. Even if he was unaware of the location.

Better than giving in to his selfish reasons and wishes to expose the older male towards the pair to disprove their lies on the spot.

Just because Yo Han deemed them 'weak as newborns' didn't mean they were not without danger.

They are still after him, not ready to give up. Scheming their next move.

God knows how many attempts it had been. Desperate enough to ask someone 'tainted', an outsider for help.

All of this was simply an attempt to confuse him.

With the upper side of his palm, he swiped across his cheeks, trying to dry his tears which didn't seem to slow down.

The pair had no qualms in using him, a civilian. They probably didn't view him that way.

The young male had felt the disgust radiating off in waves from the couple, in particular, the silent woman as they had sat across him.

Without a doubt, both of them saw him as a revolting witch blood. So the man's revaluations must be false!

They just wanted them both dead with the least amount of work.

Simply appearing to be a sliver more civilized, to a certain degree, but nonetheless cunning and sly.

Using their dirty scare tactics, trying to manipulate him into helping them.

Wanting Ga On to become bait to capture and kill Yo Han. Their main objective.

His blood, it couldn't be Yo Han's only reason for all of this. Why he had slept with him. Was protecting and helping him to uncover the whole hidden truth behind his family's murders.

Yes, sometimes he was violent and lashed out, but he was also incredibly gentle with him at the same time. He was a demon for fucks sake!

Obviously, he had a past. A reason why he was no longer human.

Ga On couldn't calm down his racing thoughts as they continued to speed through his head, his tears wouldn't stop either no matter how desperately he rubbed at his eyes.

All they did differently was not commit plain old murder or assault as their first choice. The young male doubt their hands were clean. They attack him!

Who knows maybe the whole second summit was just a ruse, that there was no division. To trick the young male.

They had worked hard to try to destroy whatever bond he had with Yo Han, with their lies! Shaking him up.

All of this, this whole situation was quite ridiculous! The demon up to this point had been behaving more humanly than their actual counterparts.

Yo Han was not using or playing with him! Right! Right? Unsure he yanked at his raven locks. What was the truth?

It was impossible to evaluate them. How much they knew if they bought Ga On's false answers or not.

Did they believe him? That he didn't believe in anything paranormal?

What if they didn't? Would they attack him once more? Was this their way of making him doubt Yo Han? For their own benefit?

There was not that much difference between the two fractions in the end as the military-styled man had called them.

Not that he had an idea how to, but these days he seriously considered it, giving into temptation and learning how to use his magical tome hidden in his secure trunk in the basement. The young male could ask Yo Han.

Kang Yo Han, he desperately wanted the man to magically appear in front of him. He had so many unanswered questions.

Was the demon simply using Ga On to gain more power? His blood, did he seduce him and press his right buttons to make the author dance to his tune?

But still, it wouldn't explain why they killed almost every member of his family. Why did they do it then?

To make sure he wasn't born? So Yo Han had no choice to exchange their blood? But that sounded ridiculous. What were they able to, see the future? As if.

But these days everything was unbelievably ridiculous. With a rough motion, he wiped away the last traitorous tears. Hiding them before he met the older male.

Time to confront Yo Han. Without raising suspicion or should he just confront him with what the soldier said? Nervous he rubbed his freezing hands together.

A strong hand wrapped itself around the young male's neck the moment Ga On's stepped a foot inside Yo Han's loft, hauling him against the wall.

His hiss stayed stuck inside his throat thanks to the squeezing hand which cut of his oxygen supply. "You have a fucking death wish, why are you so god damn reckless Ga On?"

Yo Han's tone was livid. "What were you thinking? Did you use your brain at all?"

Fierce the younger male pressed through his mouth "This is the first time in my life that I continuously run into such endangering situation, because of YOU! Sorry for not knowing how to appropriately react."

With his cold, pale fingers he yanked at the taller man's hand, without success, which made him only angrier, earlier sadness replaced with fury, a flare-up of hot anger, because he accomplished the opposite the grip became firmer.

"I should spread you over my knee and spank your ass until you have no feeling left in your cheeks." Yo Han grinded against the smaller one's body, as close as he could manage without fusing them into one.

In a dangerous tone, he stated. "The only one that is allowed to hurt or kill you is me. Do you understand that?" Ga On shivered from the older male's tone. Dangerous.

Not done he forced Ga On to look him straight into his eyes."No one but me and that would've to be our ultimate last resort. Then right afterward I would off myself. Got it?"

"I can not lose you, Ga On. I simply cannot. This option does no longer exist."

Weakly Ga On nodded, all fierceness withdrew from his body, leaving behind a vulnerable mess caused by older male's words. "Sorry. I just wanted to protect you. It was reckless I know, I'm aware."

Swallowing down his ruthless nature he stroked the now tender neck he just choked. "It's okay, it's okay. I'm sorry I shouldn't have choked you."

They needed to complete their bond. Soon. His control was slipping. Ga On's blood and its pull were becoming too unstable.

"You don't need to apologize. Just don't repeat it. Never do something like this again Ga On. I was ready to blow the whole town to pieces just to find you." The demon placed a loving kiss above Ga On's eyebrow.

"You met them again?" Of course, the older male knew, he was too smart, he had seen the envelope, unopened but it hadn't been too hard to guess who delivered it.

The author's eye's watered, tears gathered in the corner of Ga On's brown eyes. "I feel so helpless, what am I suppose to do?" Do you only want me because of my blood was left unsaid.

His voice became wobbly. "How can I keep you, my aunt, K, and Soo Hyun safe?" Are you using me, Kang Yo Han?

"You saw the police files, they don't care about bystanders." A single tear escaped, painting a vertical line across his cheek.

With broad strokes, Yo Han rubbed away the line his shedding tear created. "For now? Keep your distance. Until we figure something out. I couldn't know until you tell me everything that occurred on your little rendezvous."

With a serious tone, he asked after he scanned the young man. "What did they tell you? You cried, your eyes are red, swollen."

Drained from the asshole's summit Ga On lifelessly nodded. "Later, please. Just a bit later."

In need of comfort and affection, he buried his head into the older male's nape. Yo Han pressed his nose into the smaller male's dark locks, greedily sucking in the younger one's natural scent.

"Let's take a shower." The older man's fingers encircled the author's wrist and pulled him into the bathroom.

With great care and unhurried Yo Han undressed Ga On, pressing soft kisses onto each new spec of exposed skin.

Naked both went under the enormous shower head, canceling out everything else as warm water began to pour down on them.

A bit needy the smaller one yearned for skin contact and hugged Yo Han close, needing the other man's presence.

The day had begun in such a lovely way, he had hoped it could end the same way, with Yo Han by his side, safe in his embrace. Now he was unsure.

Yo Han raked his fingers through the smaller male's wet hair, like a cat the younger male pushed into the petting digits.

He reached for the mint-lemon shampoo and massaged the clear liquid with great care into Ga On's hair.

In a hurry taking care of his locks as he placed his baby underneath the hot aqua.

The young male reached for the body wash in the demon's hands and squirted some into his own.

Returning the favor he cleaned every nook and cranny of his lover's body, admiring every hard line and muscle.

The young male was quite surprised he hadn't turned tomato red yet, normally at this point, he would have fiercely blushed.

And since this was pretty much the most intimate moment they shared so far in the writer's eyes he was bewildered by it.

In each other's arms, tightly embraced they softly swayed and caressing each other underneath the shower until the water became cold. Only then they left the bathroom.

Naked, underneath a soft duvet, facing one another, knees bumping together, noses almost touching they two began the conversation that needed to happen.

"Tell me what happened."

Chapter Text

With a deep sigh Ga On nodded, his body began to tremble once more. He didn't want to but knew he had no choice.

Nonetheless, the thought that the following conversation,  the few next words out of his mouth, should they be true, possessed so much power, their outcome might change their relationship forever terrified the young male.

Noticing the smaller one's shivering Yo Han began to rub warmth into the numb limbs.

Ga On avoided the taller male's eyes, with a heavy heart he began to recount his secret meeting. "I met a man and woman. Both awfully plain, in the shopping center in the city nearby."

"Of course they didn't admit or tell me anything about our entangled past, my family's history with them." The pair blatantly ignored the events or choose to pretend they didn't occur.

"He threw a row of questions at me. Wanting to gain as much information from our talk as he could." Yo Han extended a hand.

Ga On clung to the offered hand. "I pretended or tried to convince them that I still believe magic is nothing but bogus, that you stalk me and I can't stand you."

"I don't know if they bought any of it." He shrugged. I don't know if you were ever honest with me.

"They talked briefly about their order? The male said they were part of a spilt fraction of the core group, disagreeing with their old, 'traditional' ways." The young male explained.

"Lies obviously. He looked at me with so much hatred and disgust. They simply want to use me." Do you want to use me as well? Just like them for my blood?

"From what he said it seemed you met their order before. They are in my opinion quite obsessed with you? With you being a demon." Ga On peeked at the taller male.

Yo Han scoffed and nodded. Face displaying annoyance. "The righteous judge." 

"Huh?" Perplexed Ga On blinked at the older man.

Yo Han's fingers danced over the smaller male's rose-colored nipples. "That's what they call themselves the righteous judge an old fanatical religious order that hunts anything touched by magic."

The older man's hand wandered a bit lower, continuing to stroke the young ones naked skin, his healing, bruised rib. "Yes, I met them before, too many times to count in fact. They threw their overeager little soldiers at me with every opportunity they got."

Now came the hard part. Ga On hesitated for a moment and stared at the handsome man before him, who was still caressing his nude frame, the younger one wished he was able to freeze time. To stay in this moment forever.

But he couldn't so after a deep exhale with an unstable, quivering voice he repeated what the stranger told him.

"Said you sold your soul to the devil, that you're his personal lackey, that.. that you killed your niece." The caressing fingertips came to an immediate halt, stopping their journey.

"And talked about our bond, implied you lied about it, tricked me into thinking that we are bonded... soul mates, but that's false, you use me and only want me for my blood." The traitorous tears made a reappearance. Fuck.

In Yo Han's presence, Ga On became incapable of hiding his emotions, his genuine, innermost feelings. "That you will become stronger if we exchange it, close to immortal and I your slave to command, with no choice but to obey."

Big tears trickled across his face, blurring his line of sight.
"So I should seduce you, offer my blood and afterward call them for further planning."

Frustrated he kicked his legs out underneath the duvet.

This was not how he wanted this to go! Stupid emotions. "They want me to help them, help them to.. to..., he hiccuped, then swallowed heavily, to weaken you, to ensure they will be able to kill you."

A long silence followed. Neither of the two men moved. The only noise heard was Ga On's wet breathing and pitful sobs.

With a deep sigh, Yo Han took the young one's face into his hands, brushing away the wet lines. "You believe them? That why you cried before you arrived?"

Ga On stayed still at first then grabbed onto the big hands of his lover, shoving them away, then buried his head into the soft blanket, hiding in shame. "I-I, I don't know what to believe. I'm confused. How did they know so much?" I'm sorry.

"That's okay, Ga On. That's what they do. I will not deny it that if been after you for this very reason at the beginning." What? Please, no!

"Before I saw you for the first time. It sounded too good to be true. A human-made to match me, for me in a way." The demon chuckled, it sounded empty and hallow.

"But Ga On this no longer applies. The moment I saw you it changed." Yo Han forced the author to look at him.

"I do enjoy playing with humans, hurt and kill them. It is what I am, my very nature, but you.." He stroked the thin skin of the young male's neck that poked out underneath the bedcover.

Ga On's breath hitched. "You're special." Did he really mean it? The young man wanted nothing more.

Yo Han shoved the soft comforter off the hiding young man's face. With a sure grip, he positioned Ga On back into his original spot. "Your mine." I want to be.

"You're made for me. I don't want a servant, I want someone equal." The older male's fingertip stroked across Ga On's lower lip, once, twice, following this fingers and kissed the young man, pulling him as close as possible.

Even if he was lying, been the very picture of a seducing, evil demon, Ga On couldn't lie to himself he knew he was already in way too deep. To deep he would let Yo Han do whatever he wanted.

Patiently the taller male waited until the writer responded to the kiss even if he was a bit shy. He smiled as they parted because it caused the smaller one unintentionally to whine.

After Yo Han placed a sweet kiss onto his lover's forehead his gaze wandered off somewhere Ga On couldn't follow. "I do this day to not fully understand how I became what I am."

With a sure tone, he carried on. "I serve no devil, but the darkness itself, I'm chained to it for eternity. I killed myself, well I tried to, but whatever commands me would let me leave in peace so I became the demon I am today after my attempt."

"There was a rich lady, she was locked into her attic by her father, said she was cursed after her already strange behavior began to worsen after she entered adulthood."

"Men, woman, children even animals started to disappear, many times we found parts of them, well mostly what was left, they were ripped apart or heavy mutilated."

"They called her a demon, a witch. Whispered how she was the devil's mistress." Yo Han escaped a humorless laugh.

"But her father was a very influential man, no one ever came to take her away. Not even the church dared to."

"I don't know how her obsession with me started, quite honestly. I was aware that she observed me since I had to walk by her house, underneath her attic window every morning and night to reach our work fields."

"The window was most likely her only companion and source to the outside world." Softly Yo Han began to pat Ga On's nude frame once more. Mostly to ground himself.

"Whatever illusions or fantasies she invented made her lust after me a month later, her obsession made her act out and every day she would send a servant and ask for me." Yo Han shuddered at the memory.

The older male shrugged his shoulders. "I denied her every time. Her father tried to pay me, a hefty sum, but I never accepted. I was terrified of her. I even changed the path I walked to a much longer one to avoid her stares."

"Out of the blue the old man died in an 'accident', but still the female stayed hidden away. No one dared to enter her home." Once more Yo Han's bitter laugh echoed throughout the loft.

Yo Han avoided Ga On's gaze."One night as I was returning from the fields late at night I witnessed my family's house burn to the ground. The door and windows were barricaded, nailed shut, I forced my way inside, but I was too late."

The young male turned his lover's face back towards him. Pained eyes met his. "My older brother Isaac and his wife I found them decapitated. Crudely."

The author began to caress the older male's arm, rubbing warmth into the cold skin."My niece, Elijah lay dead next to the door, her fingers bloody and ripped open... she tried to claw her way through the barricaded door, a fruitless, desperate attempt to survive."

The taller male took Ga On's hand into his and placed a soft kiss on top, thankful for the comfort. "I picked Elijah up and went to her, I knew she was waiting for me, she always was..."

In utter despair, Yo Han raced down the empty, dark street, his only light source was his burning home, falling apart and crumbling into nothing but hot ash.

He stumbled nearly falling, his heart was pounding. The male pressed the bundle in his dirty arms tighter against his heaving chest. He was covered in soot.

With tear-stricken eyes the male gazed down at the small body he carried in his arms, his niece Elijah. The child clothes were blood-soaked, the fabric that was once white was now almost entirely dark red.

He swallowed down the excruciating pain of not been able to bury his brother's body. Having no chance to save any trinkets they ever owned as the bright flames consumed it all to remember him.

Finally, he reached the lonely mansion on the outskirts of the small town with a shaking fist he hammered onto the door.

A woman peeked out of the slightly opened door, grinning as she spotted Yo Han. "Yo Han you have come."

Her smile only widened as she spotted the lifeless body he brought with him. "She is dead."

"Save her, I know you can, I will do anything."



"Very well, bring her inside." The hidden woman pushed the door open and motioned for him to come inside....

..."You will do my bidding. Whatever I command you will obey."

"You'll bring her back?"

She nodded. "Yes."

"Take your clothes off. Take the knife on the table. " Without hesitation, he followed her every order. Anything for Elijah.... He shuddered as he noticed she began to undress as well.. Anything, anything for Elijah....

...His grey simple clothing was bloodstained. His hand was deeply cut, in shock at what he just did he dropped the knife onto the cold ground. The loud clank made everything more real. The scarlet stained metal reflected silver, catching the bright moonlight as the red droplets on it dropped onto the floor...

....The woman forced him to do unimaginable, horrible things, she had lied, Elijah... Elijah.. His niece was no longer his niece, but a breathing half-death thing..

..Too many, too many to count he had no idea how many he killed, he no longer felt sorrow or guilt... even when she touched him, he was empty, nothing but darkness...

...Yo Han's grip tightened, strangling the slender neck. Excitement filled him. Ignoring the scratching fingers, he put his body weight behind the force of his grip, a loud snap made the fighting body sag... A manic laugh filled the night. What was wrong with him?...

..."You said you would save her!"

"I did."

She is a lifeless corpse that breaths, she doesn't eat or drink, at night, she... she.."

"Kills?" She laughed in delight. "Just like her uncle with his tainted, blackened soul. Your eyes turned black!" Her hellish cackle made him snap. Killing was easy now.

He launched at her... allowing himself to finally, finally destroy her.. after all the things she did.. that monster, all be damned...

..With Elijah in his arms, he let himself fall, down the cliff.. but no relief or end ever followed..

"I like you too much to be rational, Ga On. I'm a demon, the last time I cared about someone was when I agreed to do the bitches biding to save my niece Elijah. I was still human at that time."

Yo Han trapped Ga On's chin in his firm grip. "I'm in love with you Kim Ga On."

After his confession the taller man spread his arms wide, inviting the young male into his embrace. Without hesitation, Ga On flung himself into the waiting arms.

Yo Han pulled the younger male tightly against him, embracing him so firmly he could feel Ga On's chest rise with every fast breath.

Almost inaudible Ga On silently whispered "I love you too", into the demon's ear.




Chapter Text


A week had gone by without any new incident. The burner phone never rang, not once, not a peep.

With each passing day, the writer became a bit more paranoid.

The maddening silence caused him to develop a new habit, an urge strengthened by each new wave of anxiety, Ga On began to constantly peek out every available window.

He hated how unpredictable this stupid order was.

Where they still observed him hidden from beneath the shadows?

Was someone outside right at this moment, lurking behind a bush, or sitting in a car parked nearby?

Could it be that he played his role convincingly? Did they know where Yo Han lived?

Should they spy on him, had they used his absence as a chance to break into his house to search or maybe go as far as wiretap it? Anxious the young male gnawed at his nails.

Annoyed at himself Ga On pushed his body off the window frame swiftly and shuffled back deeper into the loft.

Ga On tried his best to fend off his aunt and K attempts to contact him, to keep them at a distance.

Writing was always a good excuse. Everyone knew not to disturb him in his creative flow.

But especially those, his own enforced restrictions were what tore him apart, not knowing how there were doing.

If someone was impersonating his loved ones since short texts were his only way of communication.

Yo Han offered to drive by their homes and make sure they were okay, but Ga On refused not knowing if they were spying on them and such a move would only create suspicion.

But keeping them at bay was not as easy as in previous situations, all of them were curious about Yo Han, his first serious 'boyfriend'.

Soo Hyun, that brat, despite everything continued to be her asshole self, definitely, no one impersonated that one, she kept spamming the writer with ridiculous guides, memes, and stupid innuendos about gay sex.

In particular since Ga On accidentally reveled in a text that he was staying at the older male's place.

More than once Yo Han had unfortunately caught him reading her messages, silently judging him with a raised eyebrow when he caught a glimpse of the x-rated material he received.

But other than that everything had returned to plain old uneventful, it was suspiciously quiet, hence his paranoia.

Ga On used the seemingly quiet time and dropped a bomb himself, about half an hour ago he had started to bombard Yo Han with questions about their bond.

So far they hadn't had spent much time talking about it, discussing this integral, most likely life-changing topic.

It was always just briefly mention in earlier conversations, glossed over.

Their last chat had ended in such a heavy tone that bringing up the soul mate and blood exchange matter shortly after Yo Han had shared his painful past was just never an option for Ga On.

Especially as the painful retelling of his demonic origin ended with both of them confessing their love to one another, which was followed by long and intense rounds of lovemaking.

So Ga On still knew next to nothing about it, what it entailed or meant.

Just that he initiated such a bond, with his blood, one-sided, unknowingly and catching Yo Han's attention with it.

The 'facts' the soldier had presented were worthless in Ga On's eyes, the only knowledge and insight he cared about was Yo Han's.

That how, this very moment the pair found themselves on Yo Han's bed, with the younger male sprawled out on top of the demon as Ga On began to inquisitively interrogate about the subject. The time felt right.

Ga On tapped the older male onto his nose as his curiosity got the better of him and he didn't hold back. "The blood exchange, I mean the blood bond what exactly does it do? What does it mean?"

With a questioning gaze, he stared at Yo Han. "What will change because of it?"

Surprised at the sudden sneak attack Yo Han swatted the poking finger away then answered. "Everything will change Ga On."

Yo Han forced the author to lift his head off his chest catching his gaze. "Once my blood is circling throughout your veins there is no going back. It is a one-way ticket."

The older man threaded a hand through the younger male's hair laying on top of him, ever so slightly he pulled at the raven locks.

"It will spoil and defile you in a sense, I'm an as you guessed an evil monster in the eyes of everyone. Demon's earned their bad reputation for a reason."

Yo Han pointed at himself and only continued as Ga On's eyes focused on him, to make sure he really listened.

"There's no denying that I'm tainted, baby. I do bad things Ga On and in all honesty, I enjoy corrupting humans."

The big hands carried on with their petting. "Fate has a funny way, I knew about you the moment you were conceived, that you would be my match, mine, but I didn't think you would offer your blood to me so willingly, completely on your own, without me having to seduce you first." At that Ga On cocked his head.

Yo Han's smirking facial expression turned serious. "The blood bond, it's ancient and very powerful magic. Black magic at that, since basically every time it's purpose or intent without a doubt, is purely selfish."

For a moment the man below looked disgusted, but he couldn't think of an easier parallel. "I'll give you an example so you can understand it may be a bit better, you could compare it to a, but it's much weaker clichéd love potion."

Love potions? But didn't the bond have to be consensual? As if the older man could read his thoughts he switched to this very topic next.

"Ah, yes, of course, both sides have to be 'willing' but there are enough methods to force such willingness."

"Desperate folks do obviously not care about such trivial things as consent, only their frivolous desire counts in the heat of the moment, only becoming aware of the grave consequences for such one-sided actions when it's already too late."

"Which is why most people refuse to practice such an old powerful method, too many unknowns, especially if one party happened to be coaxed or manipulated into doing so."

"And yet, unintentionally you bonded yourself to me whilst playing around with your tome, drunk."

Amused he shook his head, a grin formed. "Cute."

"Through it, we'll be bonded to each other for eternity, it will not vanish after the end of your normal human lifespan, your soul itself will be linked to me."

Yo Han rubbed at his nape."I-I, myself quite honestly don't know how exactly it would play out between us specifically since I'm no human and have no soul."

"There are physical changes. Your body would change, your senses would become sharper, heightened, you would feel an unbreakable link simmering between us, through it, we can feel each other to a certain extent."

Yo Han's hands wandered downward, roughly stroking up and down the bubble butt.

"The closer united we are the more intense. The link is at its peak when we have sex. It would be quite overwhelming at the beginning. You'll be even more insatiable than normal."

With a protesting hey Ga On smacked the older male's arm, causing Yo Han to laugh.

"Your ability, power, I know you haven't explored it yet should become more powerful, like mine. Overall stronger."

"And no, I will not be able to control you through it, since it would be mutual, a genuine consensual bond between us."

"Quite honestly it will be the other way around, through it you can hurt, even kill me. Almost nobody else possesses such power."

Surprised Ga On peeked at Yo Han. Able to hurt and kill him? No wonder the religious nutjobs are after him!

Yo Han snapped his fingers in front of the author's face. "Any more questions left? Now is the time."

"Actually, I-I, hm, I have another question now that you mentioned it and I only have you to ask, ha... My witch blood, can I do magic, ah, spells?"

"Magic?" Yo Han chuckled.

Ga On pushed at the older male's shoulder with a whine, embarrassed, he turned his face away as he felt red splotches spread all over his skin.

"I don't know who else I could ask, I told you I'm new to all of this paranormal stuff, I didn't have a lot of free time to explore this new side of me." A pount formed on the young male's face.

Still amused by the smaller one endearing behavior Yo Han turned Ga On around, forcing the younger one's back to rest against the bigger male's spread legs and chest, trapping him in a strong embrace.

With puffed cheeks, he glazed up his cheeks still tomato red. That asshole. "Well, my abilities? How do I use them? Do I need to learn something or train them? I just have the book."

Thinking Yo Han placed his chin on his lover's head. "Well I'm obviously no witch, so I only know about magic what I learned through experience, but yes you could learn from your book. Depending on what is written in it, what it focuses on."

Unknowingly the taller male's hands started to caress the smaller one's flat stomach. "If we complete the blood bond it would be unwise to leave you running around, untrained with god knows how much potential power."

"A good start would be to show me the book, so I could check what your family specialized in, after that we could look for a coven or other similar themed books?" Ga On bobbed his head in agreement.

"But I would guess it's black magic, since you summoned me with your blood, I was barely able to resist your call." The demon massaged the back of his neck, afterwards he pressed a wet kiss onto the side young man's throat.

With large eyes, he looked up at Yo Han. "Black magic? As in evil?"

"No, magic itself is neutral, black magic is selfish, its intent or purpose mostly stems from unfulfilled desires, to satisfy them."

Yo Han sighed, it was long and drawn out, whilst raking his brain for information about their current topic. "I know basically nothing, only how to defend myself against it since so far my only encounters with magic have been through combat. Them attack me with it."

"Mostly with wards, written down symbols with different meanings, for example, to protect your home, keep out unwanted visitors, etc."

"Ha, as you see I'm not very familiar with sorcery. So far I only killed them, witches, magicians, and such, sorry." Yo Han winced at his own words.

A bit shock at the sudden revaluation Ga On needed a moment before he answered. "Hmm, a-ah, yes, well that more than I know. We could get my family tome."

"Hmm." The older man's simply nodded in approval.

With an awkward air, probably only imagined by the fantasy author their conversation concluded. Laying motionless, still wrapped in the older man's tight hug.


Naked the two men sat in the middle of the king-sized bed.
Silken duvet and pillow pushed aside.

Limbs interwoven, with the smaller male legs spread, resting on top of his lover's muscular legs.

The moon cast a soft glow over the bare bodies. Making them appear almost translucent.

Yo Han's hands were stroking big circles into Ga On's skin, across his sharp hip bones and upper thighs.

Their eyes interlocked never leaving one another. Nothing else existed but them.

Trust and loved radiated from Ga On, but still nonetheless, quite honestly he was scared shitless, very much so, he was convinced even after the older male's lengthy explanation there were some details unsaid that simply couldn't be put into words, or he had forgotten something, but he wanted this he was absolutely sure. Ga On loved Yo Han.

It was also not a spontaneous decision, he had spent four days pondering about it, nonstop.

Yo Han startled him as he interrupted the silence, his focus immediately zoned back towards the older male.

The older male callous thumb stroked along Ga On's lower and upper lip. "Look at you gorgeous and all mine."

His gaze was so consuming a soft red blush appeared on his cheeks.

Hungry for more skin contact the author inched forward, pressing chest against chest. His nipples hardening as the pebbles rubbed across Yo Han's muscular pectorals, goosebumps rising on his back.

Clinging to the older man like a baby koala, Ga On laid his head against the well-formed chest, almost resting underneath the taller one chin.

The young man had never experienced anything comparable, living through such powerful emotions, which formed this all-consuming deep connection to another person. It was a bit scary.

His bond with the older male was already earth-shattering deep, even his tight-knit, lifelong bond with Soo Hyun couldn't compare. Just the emotional connection with Yo Han was out of this world.

Never before he wished to be so close to somebody else.
So this was without a doubt the next logical step.

"You one hundred percent sure? No doubt left? I don't want you to regret it Ga On."

Convinced the writer nodded. Yes, he wanted to complete their bond.


Chapter Text


With clammy hands, Ga On pulled Yo Han on top of him.

The space above the older male's eye was slightly sweaty, just like his palms. This was new.

Never before he had seen the older male so evidently nervous, lose his cool, it was endearing just how much the bond was affecting him, it made the young male feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Countless times he had repeated the question and asked again and again if Ga On was absolutely sure to proceed and complete their bond.

The couple had spent an unknown amount of time in bed, the sun began to set ready to let the moon take over.

Yo Han and Ga On basked in one another's presence, limbs loosely interwoven.

Filled with joy, tightly embraced the pair softly whispered sweet nothings into each other's ears.

Under normal circumstances, Yo Han would be passionate and spontaneous when it concerns their sexual activities, but today he was meticulous with every detail.

Shortly before Ga On would reach his orgasm the author would consume some of the demon's blood.

Yo Han had pointed this way would be not as overwhelming, he could enjoy the process without pain, nonetheless the older male had warned him about the possibility of passing out. Which was still quite high.

Nervous, excited and a bit intimidated Ga On placed a soft kiss onto the older male's damp skin. He was ready.

Ga On's body was buzzing, it almost felt like an out-of-body experience, gazing from above down at himself watching a movie.

This was special, it felt similar to reaching a big once-in-a-lifetime milestone, like his first step or spoken word as a toddler, the first day at school, or the day he signed his contract with his publishing company.

A deeply impactful event that he was meant to reach.

Was this fate? The author wasn't quite sure if he even believed in such things as fate, but these days everything was uncertain. So maybe it was fate.

Regardless of what he believed in his soul, no his very being seemed to have unbeknownst to him waited for this very moment as if something had finally settled or connected, made him whole now that he chose to carry out this next step.

Something bright and vibrant bloomed in his rib cage, right
where his beating heart was located.

Yo Han reached for Ga On's face, tenderly following the defined structures of his facial features with the tip of his fingers, in wonder he admired his lover's beautiful contours.

Ga On's skin began to prickle and tighten as the older man's gifted fingers gently caressed every inch of him.

Leaving behind a burning trail in their wake wherever they were able to touch.

With his mouth slightly open, in awe, the young male followed suit, with his still clammy palms he began to explore Yo Han's well-built body.

Zoning in on nothing else but the man in front of him, shutting the whole world out.

Lightly just enough to tease, in between strokes he scratched over the hard muscles.

His reward was the sharp intakes of air from Yo Han as his short nails left red, superficial lines on the older male skin.

Ga On wanted him to snap, wishing the older male stop to hold back, do whatever he wanted, but was too shy to give away his intention verbally. So he continued to lightly scratch Yo Han.

To his amazement, like a mind reader, Yo Han fulfilled his wish. Maybe demons could invade once mind? He would have to ask the older male in the future, but right now it didn't matter.

With a strong grip on the smaller one's hips, Ga On couldn't even probably finish his exhale before he suddenly found himself flat on his back.

Not missing a beat, the older one followed, pressing Ga On firmly into the mattress, caging him in underneath his muscular frame.

Finally, below Yo Han, Ga On still felt dissatisfied, they were progressing too slow for his taste he wanted to jump right to the main event.

So he used his long legs and wrapped them around the taller male's thighs, trapping him in return, hoping to speed things up with his actions.

Still too slow. "Yo Han, please..." begging would hopefully do the trick.

The young male mewled in delight as at last he came in contact with his lover's hard length, the mast poked against his tense stomach.

Greedily he began to hump upward, against the leaking cock, it covered his lower stomach in pre-come, progress, but still, it was not enough, he wanted the big length buried deep inside of him. "Yo Han.."

With a loud pop their frequently used, almost empty bottle of lube landed on his flat belly, it snapped open from the impact, covering the lower half of his stomach with the cold transparent gel.

The sudden attack from the cold liquid on his abdomen caused the black-haired male to squeak, but before he had the chance to hiss or curse at the bigger male said man interrupted him with a stern command.

"Strech yourself, get yourself ready for me." Yo Han's domineering tone made his insides tighten.

The hard edge of his voice caused goosebumps to line up on his over-sensitive, damp skin.

With clumsy fingers, an eager Ga On took the already open bottle into his hands.

Yo Han's burning gaze intensified the already nerve-wracking, drawn-out situation, the young man was barely able to function. He fumbled around with the bottle for a good minute.

The container hit the floor after he managed to squeeze some lubricant out of the bottle, immediately he began to spread it over his fingers.

Shyly the writer peeked at the demon on top of him. Like a wild animal, the older male loomed over him.

Yo Han's strong grip force his legs apart, exposing him completely to the older male's viewing pleasure. The young male felt himself clench.

With the fingertip of his forefinger, slowly he began to circle his rim, desperate he bit down on his lips as he tried to muffle the breathy sound that slipped through his mouth.

Like a hawk after picking out their prey Yo Han eye's honed in onto his most private parts, watching him as he stretched himself, it was exhilarating.

It made him feel wanted and desired, his own rim tightly clamped down on his finger because of it, yearning for the real thing.

No one ever saw him like that, vulnerable trusting, and open, no one except for Yo Han, who never failed to make Ga On hot all over.

Sweat started to form on his forehead, all the encouraging words and pet names Yo Han muttered caused the moaning male's fast-spreading blush to span across every part of his body.

He stared so intensely at where Ga On's first digit disappeared into his pink-colored entrance.

The words felt like molten caramel, sticky hot fluid coating his core. Every praise, baby, and good boy made him dizzy in delight.

Helplessly he begged, whined the older male's name like a holy prayer who simply continued to watch, he offer to help, his strong hand just rested on his inner thigh, unmoving, driving Ga On absolutely mad.

"Ah..." Another finger joined the first and after a few jabs frustrated Ga On began to whimpered as he wasn't able to reach deep enough, not how he wanted to, he couldn't find his prostate, the angle was all wrong, his fingers too short.

This was typical for the older one. Yo Han would use every opportunity to tease him even when they are about to be bond.

"Yo Han.." The grip on his thigh tightened, hand squeezing painfully into the flesh, it was almost too much, almost, at his desperate, wanton requests.

"I said stretch yourself, Ga On, not play with your hole."

Obedient, but to get his point across constant unhappy whines accompanying the young male's resumed preparation, inserting the third and final finger.

Working himself loose with fast motion. He became hasty and sloppy with it but couldn't bring himself to care when all he wanted was for the older male's cock to split him wide open. Ravish and defile him.

Ga On gazed up from underneath his eyelashes and nearly came. The older male scooped up the mess they created earlier on his stomach, with the leftover lube and pre-come he fisted his swollen, angry-looking erection.

His pink tongue peeked out from his mouth as he wetted his lips in hunger, sweat trickled down his back, with a moan he spread his legs even farther apart, so much so his muscles protested. Displaying his eagerness.

Entranced, the young male's pelvis did the same, his body unconsciously moving into a better position for easier and deeper access.

With a purr, the horny male happily mewled as Yo Han yanked him forward and pressed his leaking tip against his rim.

He looked all demon, wild and eternal, otherworldly. Ga On never wanted anything more. Yo Han was all his.

It was a grandiose battle against his instinct, his sweat continued to soak him, as he tried to remain still and wait for the taller male to enter him, fill him up.

With a rough thrust, he stretched Ga On open, forcing his way impossibly deep inside, but that was not all, as always Yo Han took him by surprise.

With what could only be inhumane, sharp teeth Yo Han bit down on Ga On, hard, right where neck and shoulder met.

Black, he realized Yo Han's eyes turned pitch black, chest heaving. The older male also started to sweat.

Completely stunned and overwhelmed the author was consumed by a sudden, violent climax, his cum hit his chin.

He was at a loss for words as the cocky bastard smirked down on him, proud.

Of course showed no mercy, no chance to catch his breath as he started a deep and slow rhythm as he began to roll his hips, whilst lapping and sucking at his fresh bite the bigger male created.

Tingling, his spine was tingling, his toes uncontrollably curling. The man above him had completely caught him off guard.

Each harsh thrust shocked and paralyzed his overloaded, highly sensitive nerve system with bone-deep pleasure, with each jerk Yo Han seemed to reach deeper even inside of him.

Barely two minutes ago he shoot his load, but his length was already twitching in a renewed interest.

Greedily he canted his hips as each buck forced Ga On's hole to widen and accommodate his partner's length.

Yo Han's tongue broadly licked along his jawbone, smearing the younger one's blood over his jaw, swiping across his red bitten lips, his hips never stuttering in his rough, unforgiving rhythm.

After a few swipes his tongue demanded entrance and eagerly Ga On parted his swollen lips, the metallic taste of blood filled his mouth hungrily he attacked back, sucking and biting on whatever he could reach.

Their tongue met and got entangled in passionate tango, neither could resist. Drool escaped from their wet kiss and dampened the already sweat-soaked bodies in more fluid.

With one hand the demon entrapped both of Ga On's arms above his head.

Afterward, Yo Han rose to his knees, pressing the young male's into the hard surface, he was immobile, firmly he grabbing onto Ga On's hips, violently thrusting into the velvet heat that surrounded him so sinfully.

A shivering mess, Ga On accepted every harsh shove.

Yo Han was so deep his balls continuously smacked against his lover's round bubble butt.

It was not enough, with his inhumane strength he lifted Ga On up, resuming their original position they had previously started in, with the younger one's legs spread over Yo Han's meaty upper thighs. Strong, forceful hands on his hips.

But this time the older male was filling him to the brim, he could feel him protruding from his belly.

With his feet on the mattress, the demon violently slapped his pelvis upward, stretching the smaller one's channel deliciously.

Like a ragdoll, Ga On clung helplessly onto Yo Han's wide shoulders as each new buck caused his eyes to roll back into his head with every precise thrust the older male aimed against his prostate.

Their rhythm became faster and more desperate as the low burning feeling in their belly grew. Announcing their approaching orgasm.

Ga On so was out of it, the pleasure had completely overtaken his mind and body. He felt drunk from it.

Then he realized it, excitement clawed at his throat, Yo Han was cutting into his palm, small dark red droplets escaped from it, calling out to Ga On, seducing him to drink.

Hyperaware, the young male's heart raced inside his chest, thundering so strongly he could feel it in his trembling limbs.

The trickle changed into a small rivulet, the blood began to flow and drop onto his collarbone.

Enchanted Ga On gave into his instinct, like a cobra with lightning-fast speed he latched onto the bleeding wound pressing the tip of his tongue into the cut.

Yo Han's loud groan hit ears, but soon only red liquid mattered, it burned everything else out.

The copper taste was the first thing his senses became aware of, but that only lasted for a short moment, what followed was the most overwhelming experience he ever lived through. Nothing came close. Absolutely nothing.

Yo Han's violent thrust became erratic chasing their high, as the black-haired male's body became rigid, completely overpowered by the magic that snapped in place.

His synapses light up, seemingly to explode all at once, bright light knocked him uselessly against Yo Han's chest, suddenly Ga On forgot how breath, to use his limbs he could only feel.

And feel he did, so much he didn't know how to appropriately react, it was otherworldly.

There! In the back of his mind, he thought he could sense Yo Han nestled deep inside of him, amplifying that unbelievable bliss.

Yo Han was sudden everywhere, inside and around him, forcing his essence into all of his pores.

The young male hadn't noticed how he had started to cry, loudly chanting his lover's name in ecstasy.

Yo Han tried to muffle each loud noise the boy on top of him uttered but was absolutely mesmerized by how entirely Ga On fell apart in his arms. He was a spazzing, crying loudly moaning beautiful mess.

The older male wanted the shivering boy on his back, trapped underneath him, to be able to fully drink in the gorgeous sight he created.

Like possessed Ga On reached for the bleeding hand and sucked on the bitter liquid.

Back on his back still licking along with the cut, Ga On's free hand and feet wobbly legs planted themselves on the dark brown haired muscular ass, urging him with each new thrust to go harder, he was almost there.

Their drenched bodies began to share every shed body fluid. Blood, sweat, tears, drool and pre-come soaked the sheet, the combined fragrances filled the air, mixing together, creating the unmistakable scent of sex.

"Fill me up, come inside of me." One, two more violent thrusts split the young male's entrance open, and then he felt his lover's hot seed gush into his channel, painting his insides in white, thick fluid.

"Fuck." It was so much the author felt his lover's cum leak outside his overflowing hole whenever Yo Han uncontrollably thrusted back inside of him to ride out his high.

"A-Ah, ah." Seeing and feeling the older male empty his load inside of himself was what threw Ga On over the edge.

With stars exploding behind his closed eyes the young male gave in to his pleasure and reached his own peak, coating himself and Yo Han in his seed.

The last thing he saw was how the older male mixed his own blood and the author cum and rubbed it into Ga On's skin. Possessive Jerk. Yo Han was still inside of him.

Just as the older male had predicted the intensity of everything combined knocked Ga On out.

Chapter Text

Ga On felt like a love-drunk fool, observing the world through a pair of rose-colored tinted glasses. 24/7. Wearing them all day long.

Just bringing this seemingly new fact up, no, even mentioning it made the young male cringe, nonetheless it was a simple truth. It was completely Yo Han's fault.

His newly formed bond with the demon had transformed his life, himself, the young man felt reborn, upgraded, and whole.

Finally realizing that there had been a Yo Han shaped puzzle piece that his soul had been missing throughout his whole existence. Fixed through their blood exchange.

Becoming aware of this fact Ga On understood, preceding Yo Han he had only been surviving so far, barely existing quite honestly.

Yo Han and Ga On were united, forevermore, not even father time or the end of his mortal life could undo their connection, the red string the couple had tied around each other's wrist now bond them together for eternity.

Not only had the forming of the bond been so mind-blowing
Ga On had passed out from it, it was a bit embarrassing how much he liked it - the drinking of his demon's blood, but not to forget the otherworldly sex, which had started a crazy, wild ride that had left him feeling more animal than human.

These last previous days had been quite insane no doubt.

The following whole week after their bonding the half-feral author and greedy demon had been unable to leave their bed, too consumed by maddening lust and desire.

Whenever the young man had tried he found themselves right back where their journey had begun. Flat, spread out, wrapped around each other on the king-sized mattress.

Well, not every time, once they had collapsed right next to it, never reaching, making it into the enormous bed, to overwhelmed by their passionate battle.

Short food and bathroom breaks in between each coitus had felt like a million lifetimes spent apart, too long that even during them at some point Yo Han had begun to hunt him down.

These breaks were a waste of precious time in the older male's humble opinion.

Still, as a human the smaller one needed food, sleep, and the occasional breather, not to forget his ass, that poor fellow. Let's not talk about him, it is better that way.

Nothing but yearning and their libidos hunger had occupied the couple. His exhausted body covered in marks and bruises was undeniable proof.

Ga On's mind, his body hadn't been able to stop tingle and buzz.

Yo Han, Yo Han, and Yo Han had filled every corner of his mind. He was completely and utterly in love.

Butterfly's danced throughout his abdomen, softly caressing his insides whenever his mind wandered and arrived at his new favorite topic - Kang Yo Han.

The lovemaking had been earth-shattering good before, the older male was an outstanding lover, but now past their bonding, the young male had to admit that every previous sexual encounter had been weak in comparison to what he experienced now whenever Yo Han united with him.

It was mind-bending. He was pretty sure magic was involved whenever the couple made love.

In the last, their neverending passion week, every moment the taller male hadn't been inside him had felt like pure, raw torture.

Currently, after surviving said week, their intense and impactful week Ga On felt slightly more clear-headed, more like himself than ever before, grounded.

No matter the circumstances, now without a fail, throughout this newly acquired ability the fantasy author was able to constantly feel the older male's energy, his essence, it was a comforting, throbbing pulse inside his very soul.

The link felt like an anker. The feeling made Ga On feel safe, secure, whole, and complete.

He felt recreated, his magic, power, or whatever exactly it was.

Ga On had become aware just how it always had been there, rumbling deep inside of him.

The power he possessed, now felt too big, cramped into a tiny vessel, the space inside his body was too small as if his power was fighting not to flow out of him at any given moment.

According to the demon, after the young male tried to describe, verbalize the sensation he was experiencing Yo Han had determined he simply had to get used to it, it would take some time to adjust to his new normal.

Previously he hadn't even been aware of his abilities, his magic so he guessed the taller male's assumption made sense.

But to be safe they decided that they would stop by at Ga On's house to pick up his family tome.

Yo Han had called around and found a coven two hours away from his hometown, they agreed to meet on neutral ground.

The older man had warned him not to get his hopes up, witches were highly secretive and secluded. Suspicious.

Rarely they accepted outsiders, someone unknown into their midst.

The chance of hunters using such weakness as an opportunity to invade and destroy a coven was too big of a risk.

They only agreed because of Yo Han, seemingly the demon was widely known by the supernatural realm.

He didn't know what the older male offered them in return, Yo Han had offered no answer, he had simply shrugged his shoulders and muttered something under his breath.

The coven didn't admit or deny it, but Yo Han assumed it was most likely because of his magic, which was now glowing and shining like a bright beacon according to the tall man.

They must be aware, feel it. Something so powerful, so much raw energy suddenly popping up, it must have piqued their curiosity, tempted them.

Was that the truth? Considering their human nature, the older male most likely offered them a deal.

That was probably what the demon did, right? Everything else he was saying was silly things to stroke his ego.

Ga On was simply relieved he could finally receive some answers to a topic both men knew next to nothing about, who knows maybe they even had some secret knowledge about the history of his family.

But for now, he was happy with whatever information Yo Han would be able to extract from his family heirloom.

As nighttime took over the pair got ready and started their journey to pick up Ga On's ancient, magical tome.

As a creature of the night, Yo Han deemed the darkness the best time to sneak into his house and collect the book.

Since the smaller male had no experience with such matters he took the taller man's word for it.

In Yo Han's car, fingers interlocked he felt safe, surprised by himself given that they would most likely enter a surveillance territory.

He didn't doubt that the order was still observing his house, but right now with Yo Han at his side, he felt at ease.

In plain sight, they wouldn't try anything stupid, he guessed as they operated out of the shadows.

Was the bond the cause of his calm state or did he actually thought he had nothing to worry about?

Honestly, he couldn't tell. Even though he was slightly more level-headed, Ga On was still a bit out of it.

The car ride went by without a hitch, nothing weird or concerning accompanied them on their way to his home.

Everything looked the same just like before, the world continued spinning.

They stopped at a gas station ten minutes from his house by car, to refuel.

Hand in hand they went into the small building and loaded up on snacks and drinks.

Back outside with a frown, Yo Han scanned their surroundings.

Instead of walking back toward the driver's side of his vehicle, he came to a halt directly in front of Ga On.

The older male pressed the refreshments against the smaller one's chest, his frown deepening.

With a stern gaze, he stared at the younger male. "Wait for a second, just a moment, I will sweep the area to make sure no one is lurking around, somewhere in the shadows."

"Okay." Obedient Ga On leaned against the window of Yo Han's car and watched as the older male disappeared into the direction of his home.

Was something off? He couldn't tell, all his focus was honed in on Yo Han, but the bond inside of him seemed to be tense?

Taunt, was that Yo Han's emotion? He still had so much to learn.

Some time passed and Ga On became bored, he opened the passenger side of the car dropped the beverages inside, and reached for his phone laying on top of his seat.

He sends Yo Han a short message, inquiring about his progress. How far he had gone. No answer. Hmm.

Impatient the author threw the phone back onto its original spot and threw the door shut.

He gaze up into the sky and blew out air, frustrated he began to march up and down whilst turning into his bond, trying to receive something, anything. Nothing.

Out of the corner of his eye, the young male noticed his phone light up inside the car.

Somehow the link between the pair began to vibrate. How odd, that never happened previously.

But before he could open the passager door and check Ga On became aware of a presence behind him.

Was Yo Han already back, so fast? With superhuman speed?

Come to think of it the author really, really, REALLY needed to question the older male about what abilities he possessed.

"Hey." Someone tapped him roughly onto his shoulder. No, definitely not the demon's voice. The hair on his neck rose. Huh, weird.

Maybe a homeless person asking for some cash? Most likely, they didn't dare to enter his neighborhood directly, too many Karens.

Still, a bit startled Ga On turned around toward the waiting person.

Shocked he immediately recognized the face, in front of him.

The clean-cut soldier from the mall. All color drained from his face, primal fear flooded his body.

With a fake big smile stretched across his face, the man greeted the frozen writer. "Hi, Ga On."

He couldn't even attempt to react. The last thing he saw before everything went dark was the butt of a gun coming straight for his head. Fuck.


Chapter Text

The violent rattling of the reinforced car, balancing on the thin path of the dirt road was what awoke the young male.

Ga On a bit confused over the absence of light tried to rub his eyes but realized in terror he couldn't, wasn't able to, his hands were shackled, forcing his arms to bend at an unnatural, uncomfortable position, not only that the binding cold metal was also painfully biting into his skin.

Black! He couldn't see a damn thing. Ah, a dark, rough, somewhat smelly (blood?) cloth was wrapped tightly around his head, blindfolding him.

It was impossible to detect anything throughout the coarse fabric. No light, not even outlines or silhouettes could reach his eyes.

More bumping, they continued to drive on an uneven road, Ga On was wildly jolting in his seat, only kept in his seat by his belt.

Where was the kidnapper's desired destination? Somewhere in a forest maybe if the road was any indicator.

Slightly panicked he recalled his first meeting in which he had encountered the order.

Hidden away, deep in the woods near an abandoned mining village they had lured him.

But a meeting it had been not, under the disguise of such they had jumped him and viciously beat him into a bloody pulp.

His breaths quickened. Were they bringing him back there? Into the woodland to finish what they started?

No matter how much the author tried to listen or observe, desperate for any kind of clue it was useless.

His eyesight was obscured, covered by the smelly fabric, nor he did catch a sound, not a peep, only his own fast breathing, no matter how hard he tried.

God knows just how long he had been unconsciously strapped into a car, driving.

Angrily Ga On cursed at himself, had he been too careless?

But in all honesty, the young man didn't think they were insane and reckless enough to try anything out in the open, in public. Did someone witness his abduction?

It seemed the order was becoming impatient, or maybe desperate? Who could truly tell with these lunatics? Other than themselves.

Should he say something? How much did they know at this point? Were they aware of Ga On and Yo Han bond?

The soldier had obviously stalked and spied on the writer since they parted ways. Was it unwise to pretend he still dislikes Yo Han?

Anxious Ga On pressed his head against the vehicle's window, not caring how his head repeatedly bumped into the cold glass.

If they already knew and he attempted to fool them he would be royally fucked, they wouldn't believe a word he said from that point on.

With a small, unnoticeable nod to himself, he confirmed his decision, best to stay quiet.

For now, the soldier which had abducted him was his safest bet, yes, he had been scary and intimidating but he hadn't resorted to using violence.

So he wouldn't do anything stupid or unnecessary to condemn himself, as long as he stayed silent the black-haired male hoped it could stay that way.

Abruptly the car he was in came to a halt, causing Ga On to hit knock his head into the front seat, under his breath he hissed.

Without a warning, someone roughly pulled him out of the car, unsteady he stumbled out of the vehicle and along whichever path he was pushed onto.


Nothing had happened after one of his kidnappers had shoved him into whatever room or hole they saw fit for him to reside in.

Not long after his adrenaline had fizzled out of his tense body he had weakly sunk onto his knees, his legs no longer able to support him to stay upright.

Fighting against his rising panic he tried to orientate himself.

The first thing he took note of was the ground the blindfolded male rested on, he spread his fingers apart, touching the surface, it was smooth, somewhat thick, and cold, definitely no wood, some kind of stone then? Concrete?

The air wasn't any better he realized, similar to the flooring the temperature was low, so cold in fact once he focused on this new revelation he immediately began to shiver.

Using this new information he tried to connect the clues.
Was he outside? He lowered his head, held his breath, and listened.

Also zero, no sound, no animal or whispering, no hushed voices, only complete and utter silence.

Not outside then? Did they observe him? Waiting and checking how the author would react? What he would do next?

No beating, no interrogation, not even a conversation, nothing. No one came. Only silence and darkness were his companions. The waiting felt endless.

Wherever he currently was he couldn't tell his senses drew blank.

The clean-cut man simply kidnapped him, he or someone else then deposited him into his current location and locked a door or gate behind him, and disappeared.

Ga On didn't know how to estimate how much time had passed since they left him.

The young male wasn't blessed with a good sense concerning time, so he was unable to adequately guess. He was reliant on his clock to tell the time.

The black-haired man sharply exhaled, the pain in his limbs was becoming too much to bear.

His shoulder blades protested against every deep breath he took, bound by the too-tight handcuffs that dug painfully into the thin skin of his wrist.

The position he kneeled in was also highly uncomfortable, he was still blindfolded thus unable to see.

Slowly Ga On began to shift around hoping to escape his pain-inducing position, a sad attempt to achieve some kind of relief, to find a less painful placement of his body, but it was fruitless.

Desperate the male squeezed his hands into fists and pulled, he tried once more but again nothing, dejected he gave up, it was no use, the metal cuffs didn't budge.

Still incapable to see, thanks to the fabric obscuring his view he focused his attention on his next task, thinking about how he could get rid of the cloth.

Cautiously and upright on his knees, he ponders into which direction the young male should shuffle towards.

What was the most logical choice? Ga On had no idea. So he listened to his gut and began to crawl toward his left side.

Unhurried and steadily, he ignored his emotions and feelings without rush he continued to wriggle forward.

To protect his face and head he slightly leaned his skull a bit back to avoid crashing directly into a possible wall.

Finally, after he almost was ready to throw the towel, every muscle in his body was trembling and protesting from the unfamiliar movement his upper body had to accomplish, at last, the young man connected with what he assumed was a wall.

Without hesitation but mindful the young man pressed his head, sideways, against the surface, which was surprisingly soft and began to slide up and down.

Sweat began to cover his face, not used to having to move around without the support of his hands thus every move became incredibly strenuous, fast his overheated skin was drenched.

The moisture unexpectedly simplified the fight to free his face, soon the now wet cloth dropped onto the floor.

Anticipating to be hit with bright unnatural light Ga On tightly clenched his eyelids, but no florescent beam stunned him, hadn't he clearly heard the fabric fall onto the floor he would've thought he only imagined getting rid of the blindfold.

Perplexed he opened his eyes, but there was no difference.

The room was completely dark, obsolete of any light source, at least none he could spot.

Of course, he needed to give his sight a few minutes to adjust, nonetheless what he could make out so far wasn't much.

Sometime later he frustratingly had to admit nothing had changed, he still couldn't see anything other than darkness.

No windows or any other highlighted objects that stood out just pitch black emptiness.

With his hands pressed against the wall, Ga On slid along the walls, kicking with his legs forward in hopes to connect with something.

He repeated the process for quite some time until he thought he landed right where he started as his foot stepped onto what he assumed was his dropped blindfold.

Disappointed he sat back down, unsettled Ga On fidgeted. Maybe he should go inward.

Distraught he searched for his link, his connection to Yo Han but it was gone, he couldn't detect any feeling or emotion, he wasn't surprised, since he was trapped somewhere in a hideout from the order.

The righteous judge was a group of hunters that despised magic, no wonder he could find his bond, they must have done something.

Yo Han was the powerful one in their relationship, a demon, Ga On was still even if now slightly stronger human.

A human that had no idea how to use the magic inside of him even if he had it at his disposal.

Light! All of a sudden his room was flooded by bright light.

"What is going on? What do you want from me?"

Three men in black uniforms, it was his best guess, Ga On couldn't see their faces, they were covered, but their body builds seem masculine entered his room, they didn't answer.

Swiftly the masked people approached him with big steps, the steel caps of their combat boots loudly clang, the noise bounced off the walls.

Illuminated by the hallway light Ga On to his horror noticed the outline and interior from the room he was trapped in.

A padded room, like those in psychiatric facilities which existed to ensure the safety of the person locked inside, it was a way to guarantee they wouldn't be able to harm themselves.

It terrified the young male, it was really a padded cell, from head to toe, dressed in smooth white material covering every available surface, even the ceiling of the small room was equipped with it.

But why? For what reason? What were they planning for him to deem it necessary to deposit Ga On in such a space?

A strong hand squeezed into the flesh and muscle of his shoulder, violently forced him upright.

Another set of rough hands did the same, but they grabbed onto him from behind, making sure he was completely immobile.

Uselessly the young male began to struggle, trying to jerk away, shove and pull at the uniformed men. "What are you doing? Why am I here?" No answers, just as before.

Seconds later the third, previously unmoving figure grabbed onto his bound wrists. "Stop this, why are you doing this? What do you want?"

A small key unlocked the metal handcuffs.

Next, the two men at his front left the room, the person at his back pushed him harshly toward the wall farthest from the door, moments later they disappeared as well.

The defeating sound of the door getting locked from the outside forced him into motion.

Ga On pounded his fists against the door. "Let me out of here! HEY! Let me out!"

He continued to hammer onto the wooden barrier screaming until his throat became raw. It was of no use, nobody came.

Dispirited the author leaned heavily against the wall, slowly he slid onto the floor. He pulled his legs against his chest and buried his head inside his shaking knees, cowering and crying.


Chapter Text


Black as tar... dark... THERE, there it was, it was coming for him.. obsidian... dark... pitch black..

Like a feral, trapped animal, with tears streaming down his cheeks Ga On with all his might pressed his backside hard into the corner of the wall, hoping it would hide him, make him invisible.

The endless abyss was crawling closer constantly licking at his feet, day and night he had to fight the darkness from devouring him whole.

He could feel it, sinking its long, hook-like nails into the thin skin of the upper part of his feet, cruelly tugging.

With dwindling strength, Ga On slowly pulled his legs against his tight chest, wrapping his shaking arms around his knees, his clammy fingers ripped into the material of his pants.

In this new position, in despair Ga On buried his head in between his legs, hoping to block out the approaching void, gain a second to catch his breath.

The damned nothingness, every day the young male 'awoke' to it, the total, all-consuming darkness, so absolute he wasn't able to spot any different shades of grey.

No, not even the tiniest speck of light roused his sight or vision.

He felt it, the sharp claws were back, pricking into his naked feet, in agony Ga On burrowed his face deeper into his legs, hoping he could simply disappear, cease to exist.

Nothing happened, it never did, he was still trapped, forced into this hole together with the nothingness that continued to torment him, mercilessly, always lurking and calculating.

Hot fear bubbled deep inside his stomach, followed by a wave of sharp pain, from his cramping, empty abdomen.

With a hiss the writer stroked along the protesting body part, trying to soothe the ache.

The state he was in, his deteriorating condition was becoming a daily occurrence, pit by pit he came to understand why they had padded the walls.

More than once in his panicked state, he had aggressively lashed out, but no one but him occupied this cell, leaving him with no other options than to attack himself.

Ga On was no longer able to recall how many times he had
forcefully had to stop himself from scratching or biting at his own skin, simply to feel some sensation or unleash the overwhelming emotions.

It was a terrifying new reality in which everything seemed to have begun to blur together.

Reality, insanity, and fantasy. Every minute that passed made it harder to distinguish them.

Time seemed to be separated into two halves, one episode of the two in which he thought, no hoped he was lucid, clear-headed, these sane moments he spend mostly trapped in anxiety attacks or crying fits.

The other half, which seem to grow in length each time, he didn't want to acknowledge it, but he had begun to hallucinate, very vividly.

Those phases he feared more than anything else. Each became more paralyzing than the previous one.

First, it had been silly, explainable stuff, out of the corner of his eyes he thought he spotted something.

Later, as time went on the shadows became clearer, taking on human shapes, horrible figures that lingering up on the ceiling. He saw them in utter darkness!

Ga On could feel it, no, he was convinced his sanity was slowly slipping from his grasp.

More than once he had caught himself talking or screaming out loud, it started to become nonsensical, gibberish, words chains that simply meant nothing, just to fill the frightening quietness.

The fantasy author was only human, he could only accomplish so much, his mind was exhausted the situation took a toll on him constantly having to create an escape.

He had no energy left to spare to hide into the corners of his imaginative mind which provided him with a safe space at least it did in the beginning.

Most of the time he tried to sleep, to flee from the petrifying hallucinations, but with his nonstop decline it became harder and harder to fall asleep, Ga On began to fear it.

Doubt gnawed at him. How could he tell the two apart? Did he wake up or did he dream of being awake? Was his mind escaping?

Did he fall asleep or did he just imagine the whole thing? Maybe he hadn't slept at all, since he arrived or only just fallen asleep for the first time and now dreamed about all the time that had supposedly passed.

Tears continued to leak from his eyes, he was hiccuping, his chest painfully clenching, Ga On felt so immune to it all he barely realized it. Was he really crying?

His fingertip appeared to be wet, stained with fluid, but he wasn't sure, maybe his mind was playing tricks on him.

With trembling feet, he pushed himself backward until his back connected once more with the soft wall. When did he leave it?

This was what solitary confinement must feel like, slowly losing the grab on reality, questioning every thought.

They had obviously started to torture him, the second they threw him into this place without his knowledge the torture had begun, the young man had been completely oblivious, how naive. Stupid.

Unexpectedly they hadn't resorted to the use of crude violence, he would have preferred it at this point, just to see another human's face.

But no they had chosen an easy and less messy method, no one needed to dirty their hands this way.

White torture, seclusion, a more sophisticated approach - complete isolation, depriving him of his basic human needs.

No interaction, complete solitude, plus starvation, they barely gave him anything to drink, and whenever they did offer him water it was just a few sips, amplifying his thirst only more with it.

Last but not least he was sure they manipulated the room itself, even before they had begun to starve him he had constantly shivered, the room was always unnaturally cold and of course the everlasting darkness.

No stimulus for his brain, no light, no sound, nothing another technique no doubt to attempt to drive him crazy.

It was a useless battle at this point, in the beginning, he tried, to do his best to stay strong, patiently conserving his strength and resolve hoping Yo Han would burst through the door at any given moment.

Just how much time had he spent in this padded cell at this point, in actuality? The young male could no longer tell.

In the beginning, he had tried to orientate himself with the rhythm of his arriving meals.

A faceless person had that delivered his food, they of course never responded to his questions or even acknowledged his presence but unbeknownst to them, they had been his lifeline for a short time.

The highlight of his day became those few seconds of light that illuminated his prison, the last fragment that reminded him that he was indeed still alive.

But of course, it hadn't stayed that way, they even took that from him, not long after a shameful incident, he had clung to the person's foot, the one which brought him his meals.

In tears he begged them to stay, as expected they didn't a second masked person had appeared and ripped him off the foot he clung to, without a word they left the screaming Ga On behind.

No one had entered his room since then, they now shoved his food through a small opening somewhere in the wall he hadn't seen them do it, it was too dark.

The young male was sure they waited and watched him, until he was so out of it he wouldn't notice them.

So after twenty-one meals, yes he had counted them, the time in between every meal had started to prolong.

Less food, less water, and longer periods between each visit from the human that had appeared to be an emotionless robot. Of course, now he no longer saw them.

Only the abyss that wanted to consume him was always by his side.

After the incident they had begun to starve him, first, he assumed it had been three meals a day, then two, down to one, and now he had no clue, he couldn't tell, it felt like days, but just as with anything else he wasn't sure, not anymore, like with everything else he was losing his barely-there sense of time.

More than once he had hammered onto the door, in pure desperation begging for food, but now also it, his hunger was gone.

Only his thirst remained, it was a constant companion, he spent countless hours fantasizing about water.

The more time passed the harder it became to stay coherent, gradually he began to lose hope.

Maybe Yo Han wasn't able to find him here, wherever they were located?

The order had kidnapped him, used a moment of negligence on Ga On and Yo Han's part, and forced him into a car, but they didn't do anything, nothing was happening.

Nothing, but for the young man the nothing became everything.

Were they trying to break him down? If so for what? What use did he have half death and insane? Was he bait?

He NEEDED to leave, with weak arms he turned in despair he scratched at the padded walls, NOTHING!

It was useless, with more force he pulled at the thick material, he needed to get out of here.

The scratching became pounding fist, the sobs and tears hysterical screams, but nonetheless, he was still trapped.

Ga On howled until his throat became raw and no human sound slipped through his mouth anymore, only helpless animal-like whimpers, his hands he couldn't feel them any longer, were they bleeding?

If so he couldn't tell, he was numb and the darkness made it impossible to see.

Whimpers switched to maniac laughs, the author lay down on his side, body shaking from the laughter that took hold of him.

Isolated from the world, trapped in a padded prison Ga On laughed until he became catatonic, not long afterward his body gave out on him.

Oh? He must have fallen asleep again? Or did he, maybe he simply forgot? Was he awake? Hadn't he been fighting with the void?

With his trembling arm, he attempted to rub across his eyes, to create tiny sparks behind his closed orbs, fake light.

A slight comfort and visual sensation, like shooting stars, but he was unable to move his limb so did he hurt himself?

Panicked he began to hyperventilate, so now he was even too weak to stir? Was he already close to the end of his body's capabilities?

Suddenly bright light assaulted his deprived vision, like a vampire evading sunlight he hissed and tried to back away.

After such a long time trapped in absolute darkness, the beam of light overwhelmed him.

His turned head was roughly grabbed, tightly twisting into his hair as they harshly ripped. Yo Han?

"Yo Han?" Was that his voice? Ga On couldn't recognize it, it sounded nothing like him.

The clean-cut man that kidnapped him stood in front of him, glaring down on him, a new cut was decorating the skin below his left eye.

"No Ga On, the devil isn't here. It's me, remember? Well, I never introduced myself to you, right? I'm Isaiah."

"You and me, it's about time we have a nice chat. Don't you agree?" The stranger, no Isaiah, unlocked the handcuffs binding his wrist.

Afterward, he stepped around the table, toward the empty chair, the one facing the young male seat." I'm sure you're quite unhappy about your current situation."

Ga On was too exhausted to even attempt to read the guy's emotions, still, he was surprised to find himself nodding.

The soldier leaned forward, onto the table, neatly folding his arms. "It's easy, really, we can change that immediately, let's just you and I have a simple conversation beforehand."

"Just a few simple questions and we are can see to it."

Ga On felt himself drifting, he wasn't able to focus on what the man was saying. He was so tired.

Was this an interrogation room? It was unfurnished, except for the desk and the two chairs facing each other.

A rough laugh escaped his mouth, there up in the corner sat the void! It had followed him.


Ga On hadn't given in, no matter what he would protect Yo Han even if it meant to completely enter the and unite with the abyss.

It was the only thing he could do. Keep silent.

He hoped he did at least, Isaiah, the soldier had thrown him back into his padded cell, after his hysterical episode.

Surprisingly also this time they didn't use violence. Maybe he pitied him?

They hadn't brought him any food since then, water only once. He was pretty sure he passed out, multiple times, days must have gone by.

Would they let him rot in here? Wither away and die, locked up in a dark hole.

What? WHAT? The author sat up. Yo Han, he could feel Yo Han!

Yes, yes, the link, it was there! Faint and weak but it was flowing, but Ga On was too tired to attempt anything, so Ga On did what he was capable of exhausted he rested against the wall, bathing in the comfort of Yo Han energy.

It didn't last long, the door flew open, startling him as it rattled in its frame.

Fast two masked figures appeared and grabbed him from underneath his arms, dragging him outside.

On his knees, he realized they came to a halt, after a while his burning eyes spotted the shiny, crimson high-heels right in front of him.

Slowly he followed the silhouette, gazing up. A female, short-haired, in a tight velvet dark red dress, stared right back down on him.

"Hello, Ga On. Nice to finally meet you. " The woman's fist flew so fast into his face he only realized it had happened when his blood trickled down his face.

"Let's have some fun."



Chapter Text


A whole group of human beings! So many people were pouring into his dreaded space!

Why? Was his mind craving, yearning for human interaction?

So he was once again dreaming, seeing things? Ga On had concluded he already had left this stage of longing behind.

Maybe he was wrong? A last attempt to keep his sanity?

All this unwelcoming noise they created was bouncing off the thick walls, drilling into his skull, no corner was safe from it. He wanted it to go away, it was too loud.

Once the woman had hit him they had let go of him, no longer hauling him out the room, but why?

He could no longer follow their train of his thoughts. What was the purpose of this new delusion?

What was the intention of his mind for creating such a weird scenario? A woman hitting him?

Oddly enough the pain he experienced seemed to be real, it hurt, as did each droplet staining his already dirty clothes, the blood slowly trickled down his chin.

Helplessly, wishing to put an end to this fantasy, hastily Ga On had scrambled back into his cell.

Amused the female who continued to observe him smirked, not that the author had been aware, he only wanted them to vanish, still convinced he was imagining things.

He shuffled backward, slouching, hoping if he pressed himself hard enough against the wall, made himself small enough they would disappear, forget about his existence, no longer tormenting Ga On, but his illusion didn't come to an end, they stayed right where they were.

In despair he tightly squeezed his palms flat against his ears, shaking his head, so hard his neck cracked loudly, hoping to cancel out the defeating, trampling noise of their boots.

With tears in his eyes Ga On realized that it didn't work, he was unable to wish them away, they continued to agonize him with their ear-splitting ruckus.

Today the abyss was ruthless, had it in for him, he couldn't get rid of them.

Nothing, none of his usual methods worked, no matter how hard he rubbed at his eyes they were still there together with him filling his dark chamber.

Through half-closed eyes he warily peeked at them, Ga On hadn't been able to get rid of at least one person, no the same amount of human beings occupied his room.

Isiah was also there, busy addressing the group, his lips moved fast.

That was first, so far the soldier had never been part of whatever his mind imagined.

Once the military man's lips came to a standstill three of the faceless figures headed into his direction and began to yank at his limbs, dragging him across the room once more, making their way towards the open door.

It was real? He wasn't imagining things? The void wasn't tormenting him? Why?

Still, they grabbed onto his frame, it hurt, so it was indeed real!

No, no he couldn't leave, with desperate cries he clung onto the door frame as it was near enough, frantically to underline his point he shook his head, mumbling under his breath.

He couldn't, he couldn't leave! But they didn't listen, they ignored his protests, one of the pulling figures ripped at his frail arms, forcing him to let go.

The powerless male had no choice he had no strength left to fight them off.

Ga On craned his neck around, his fast blinking eyes stayed glued to his fading prison door as the group hauled him away, off to god knows where.

With his door out of sight, he refocused on Isiah. The clean-cut man followed them not far behind, the high-heeled female which hit him was accompanying the group.

Both observed him, their expressions were unreadable.

So they changed their plans, they would no longer simply let him waste away in his padded cell? They still had plans for him?

What for? Yo Han? Ga On still felt the link, it was almost non existed like used up wood, burned up, turning into ashes, fading away, but for now, it was still there, occasionally flickering.

Yo Han's link did it behave similarly, slowly dying, withering away? Or could the older male feel more? Experiencing, living through his nightmare with him?

A single tear escaped his closed eyelid. Ga On dearly hoped it wasn't the case.

Could he sense how the young male was deteriorating, wasting away? It must pain him, unable to do anything, come to his aid.

A soft hiccup bubbled out from his lips. What was left at this point? What more did they want?

The figure marching at the front threw a red-colored door open.

A grey room materialized in from of him, so this was their designation.

Three chairs made of wood resided in the middle, metal cuffs attached to one. That one would be his.

Not much else, a stainless steel rack, but it was too dark to see what was on it, an old rust-covered sink, some white fabric  - towels, or napkins?

Harshly the faceless figures that moments ago had carried him dropped the young man onto the wooden chair.

Something inside his head began to scream. The click of the metal cuffs caught the unhinged male's attention.

In a trance-like state Ga On observed them as they trapped his wrists inside the cold metal, it was too tight he could feel his rabbit fast pulse pounding against the cold restrains.

Only then when one of the masked humans kneeled and reached for his feet he became aware, shackles, belt-like ones were also attached to the chair's legs.

Just as firmly as his wrists they secured his feet. The young male spread his fingers apart, trying to combat the tingling sensation.

The unknown female approached them, for a second she gazed down at Ga On, but this was the only acknowledgment she offered him.

No new punch, his face was already stinging thanks to her.

The short-haired female took one of the unoccupied chairs and moved it across the room, with crossed legs she sat down looking expectantly toward Isiah, who had arrived at Ga On's side, coming to a halt in front of him.

The soldier spared him no peep, he nodded toward one of the masked people which had moved toward the sink.

Everything that followed afterward happened in fast succession.

First, they tipped his chair, completely bound, immobilized he came to rest on his back, feet elevated, unable to move.

Primal fear took hold of him the second the water faucet came to life.

In a panic Ga On started to fight and struggle against his restraints, his body began to pump adrenaline into his system, now totally lucid his survival instinct began to kick in.

The two figures that had strapped him into the wooden chair kneeled onto the ground next to him, pressing him firmly into the cold floor.

No, no! He shook his head. This wasn't happening. They couldn't.

Running water, the explosive loud sound of the splashing water rang throughout the empty room.

With each second the noise carried on the tremble of his body intensified, but more than the slashing noise he feared the silence which would follow, signaling his time was running out.

And stop it did, with wide, tear-stricken stricken eyes he saw the faceless figure not soon after hand over a canteen cup and a thin white cloth to Isiah.

Ga On's hands tightened into fists, his chest rose and fell with rapid breaths.

They wouldn't, they wouldn't! Yo Han, Kang Yo Han, please, please save him! Please!

Isiah smiled down in him, lazily scratching at his beard
delighted over the fact Ga On that he young male seemed to understand what he had planned.

"Please, please, don't, don't do this. I beg you."

"Unfortunately that is no longer an option Ga On", Isiah shook his head and chuckled "You can thank your master for it. Let's get this started, huh?"

Like a pig fighting for survival after witnessing the one in front been brutally killed, knowing it was about to be slaughtered next, uncaring about the sharp burning pain in his wrist the young male didn't stop to rip and yank at the cuffs, trying to flee, wishing to live.

But the group of masked people that accompanied Isiah and the female immobilized Ga On, pressing him unsympathetically into the cold floor.

The author fearfully turned his face away. It was useless, his head was roughly jerked back, Isiah placed the still dry fabric onto the struggling young male face, covering his forehead and eyes.

Time slowed down, hyperaware his senses tattooed every passing second of what was happening into his memory.

His breathing became labored, not enough oxygen filled his gasping airways. Ga On pressed his eyelids together.

In a controlled manner, Isiah started to pour a small amount bit of ice-cold water onto the cloth, soaking it.

With the pounding sound of his heart echoing inside his ears, shutting out everything else Ga On helplessly whimpered his tears now flowing freely.

The saturated cloth not shortly after Isaiah had doused it in water was placed over his nose and mouth, restricting his quickened airflow.

More freezing cold water began raining down on him, his gag reflex kicked in immediately desperate Ga On tried to suck in oxygen, but was unable to.

He couldn't breathe, water filled his mouth, trickled into his nose his lungs were burning, screaming, demanding oxygen.

Then the cloth disappeared from his mouth in pure desperation he choked out. "Stop, please stop, don't, hnngh ..."

His cries were muffled as the wet fabric once again was blocking his breathing passages, more water was applied to simulate the process of drowning.

The burning sensation in his lungs became so overwhelming he could no longer feel his hands, maybe he broke them whilst fighting against his restrains?

After the fourth time they proceeded to waterboard him Ga On's head began to drift, he could no longer count, his body, his survival instinct simply honed in into the time in between the wet cloth was lifted off his face.

It went on forever, time lost it meaning the pain was taking over his very being. Never in his life had he experienced something so horrific.

Torture was something that should only be read about in books, occurring only in medieval times.

Why? He was a simple man, no war criminal or ruthless murderer, a spy with dangerous information?

But that didn't stop them, this religious order justifying their brutal ways with their cult-like beliefs.

How could another person do something so cruel to their fellow human being?

Ga On's hands continued to jerk at his handcuffs and suddenly they just stopped, the wet cloth on his face disappeared completely.

Another coughing fit took hold of him whilst he greedily sucked in big gulps of air, his salty fat tears caressed his lips, filling his already dry and aching mouth with a salty aftertaste.

His limbs were twitching, no sound left his mouth, even his whimpering had stopped.

The masked people lifted his chair, back into an upright position, which caused Ga On's head to spin, a wave of dizziness assaulted his senses, nausea followed, uselessly his heavy head loled to the side, his skull was too heavy, his lungs were on fire.

Without warning his stomach emptied its contents, which was nothing, they hadn't fed him, nothing but gastric acid left his mouth, which soaked into his clothes and splattered onto the concrete floor.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard Isiah talk, the people at his side that had tortured him were leaving shortly afterward.

Total silence followed after the last figure closed the door behind them. No more military boots clanking, no more running water.

Ga On's rattling breath and dry heaving abruptly sounded throughout and overtook the grey room.

"Did he lose his marbles? Do you keep him locked up alone for too long? He is pretty I give you that, but his eyes are just death? They are blank. I thought you knew what you are doing?"

The military man grimaced at the sight before him, his stomach revolting at the sour smell, dirty freak.

Roughly he squeezed at the young male's chin lifting his head. He was alive, his chest was still moving.

"Quite honestly, I'm not sure, this one is one of the tougher cookies I had to break, I had to keep him isolated longer than normally. Did I break him?"

"Usually the majority cries and begs after a few hours or days. You are right, he just looks like he's not quite here. Did I crack him?" Callous fingers roughly shoved at Ga On's forehead, snapping it backward.

Isiah turned his head sideways and shrugged his broad shoulders.

"He keeps muttering nonsensical things all day long in his room, he must be seeing things, hallucinating. He was babbling the demon's name, crying for him."

"I think the white room is no longer necessary or else he'll become useless. Good old beatings should be enough."

"Well do your thing then, we don't have all day." With a huff the female left the two men's sides, disappearing somewhere into the background, the clicking of her heels echoing throughout the nearly empty, grey room.

She made a lot of sounds, nothing like the abyss that he shared his padded prison with. Her high-toned voice hurt his ears, his head was pounding.

Yo Han, he wanted Yo Han. Trying to blend out
his surroundings the writer switched his focus inward.

Hysterical Ga On noticed the bond was no longer there, it was gone, loud insane laughter spilled out from the crazed young male's mouth.

A fist splitting his lower lip stopped his maniac giggles.

A kick with the soldier's steel boots connected with his lower abdomen next, swiftly a new blow followed. "Freak, pay for your sins for fraternizing with the devil. "

The punch had been so violent Ga On still chained to the chair toppled over, crashing hard into the unforgiving ground, hitting the back of his head.

At the clean-cut male's mercy nothing was holy, not only did he stomp onto the author's clenched fist, most certainly breaking some bones, there was no single surface in Isaiah's eyes that was not good enough to receive a brutal blow or kick.

Hit after hit, the violent fist connected with the left side of his face, it didn't slow down.

At some point, Ga On thought he did but didn't, his face just stopped to inform his pain receptors over the assault, the feeling simply stopped everything went numb, like a ragdoll his body gave up.

Harsh light shining directly into his eyes brought the young man back to reality.

His eyes met the blue orbs of the soldier that just mercilessly beat him. No sympathy whatsoever, only dead fish eyes staring back at him.

"I think that enough for today. He is a bloody pulp, gonna take some time to heal if he can pull through."

"Let's take him back. It's no fun to punch a half-death dimwit, no matter how rotten. Filthy witch."


Chapter Text


Deep lines reflected the young male's discomfort displayed by his grimacing facial features, spasms and twitches captivated his abused body.

Ga On was plagued with a pitful night's sleep, unable to escape this personal hell on earth even in his slumber.

Loud Ah's startled the author out of his sleep, annoyed he came to the conclusion it had been himself, his own coarse voice, it had become a frequent occurrence.

Sometimes it was his low mumbling, other times his loud cries, his subconscious desperately fighting for his metal capability, clinging to the last threads of a sound mind.

With a wail, Ga On awoke, eyes left close, dreading the sight that would welcome him.

His first greeting of the day was a harsh one - deep throbbing, burning pain claimed the young male's battered body for himself, right after the first fluttering of his eyelashes, drowning out everything else.

A violent coughing fit followed, taking hold of his body, his bruised lungs harshly expanding with each violent choke up, luckily no blood landed in his open palm this time, better to not focus too much on it, what could be.

He gave mirthless laugh, one more present left behind by the ruthless soldier.

They damaged them, his lungs, no doubt, in what manner he couldn't say, he had no vast medical knowledge, but the wheezing and hurting were surely a bad sign.

Already exhausted barely fifteen minutes into a new day Ga On deeply inhaled, arms and legs spread out, purposeless at his sides.

A salty smell lingered in the air, a foul undertone accompanied the strong fragrance, mainly caused by his infected, festering wounds.

Sweat trickled across his forehead disappearing into his hairline, he was drenched in the strong-smelling body fluid.

Just laying here unmoving sucked out all his energy of his body, he had a high fever, his immune system fighting to survive, to heal.

Desperately he wished for a glass of water, something to soothe his predicament if only to cool down, press it against his overheated skin.

The thirst was becoming bad, one more factor eating away at his sanity, slowly edging over the cliff, towards the brink of insanity, as unbearable as the torture had felt, that at least had a foreseeable beginning and end, his yearning for water only intensified as time passed.

Gently he pawed at his cracked lips, Ga On probed with his swollen tongue at the open corners, hissing as his tip made contact with the fissures, a metal taste lingered in his mouth, even these tiny wounds stopped healing.

Perplexed he realized he could see, no, no darkness?

A trick, was his mind...?

No, he remembered, now they used light as punishment, the darkness swept away, replaced by then neverending fluorescence glare which made it unable to even attempt to rest, which was what he needed, craved the most right now.

Sometime later after they had hauled him back into his cell the light had turned on.

With hurting eyes Ga On had questioned this bizarre new reality, light, suddenly there was LIGHT!

It had taken him days to realize the light was real, first, he had thought he had died, entered the tunnel, towards the white light, but no, it was real.

For the first time since his arrival, he had seen his prison illuminated, not just for a few short moments as someone hastily placed stale, unappetizing food onto the floor, no he could see every single ridge and line.

The bright, unnatural sun he learned was just as bad as the all-consuming emptiness if not worse.

With a drifting mind, Ga On motionless rested on the blood and vomit-covered floor, the room was painted in concerning colors, the walls even the high ceiling was covered in bodily fluids, as if some had taken a red-colored brush, carelessly splashing it around, trying to create some contrast to all that white.

White. White. White.

The author was convinced he had created this mess, but how all this color, the rusty red, ended up there splashed onto the every surface of the padded room, he was unable to recall.

Most likely the result of one of his maniac outbursts, mindlessly trying to flee his inescapable fortress, hitting and kicking at nothing.

The circumstances didn't matter, since he spent every moment trapped in this living nightmare his mind continuing to deteriorate, losing its ability to distinguish between what really played out in reality.

Dark or light it was unimportant.

Honestly, he was too tired, in too much pain, not only did every move seem to rip open the not healing injuries on his shivering frame, his mind, every cell in his body was suffocating, it was too much everything was simply too much.

More than once the sight of the cell had initiated endless crying fits, as the ray of light had underlined the hideous situation Ga On was trapped in, it caused him to burst into ugly tears, laying there calling out Yo Han's name.

Screaming for his lover until his voice gave out, vocal chords producing shutting down.

Weak. Weak. He was so weak.

But they had lasted only for a couple of days, one more thing they took from him, but just as with everything else he stopped caring, the male was either preoccupied with the horror his mind exposed him to or the fight against his dying body.

A draining fight to stay alive, the infection Isiah had inflicted upon his body had begun to eat away at his flesh.

The sun had chased the abyss away, but it didn't matter any longer, he could have him the void, the heat, the crawling on his skin was maddening. He wanted it to stop.

Dark or bright the void seems to torment him regardless, resting up in the corner of the wall, laughing as he wasted away, watching in glee clapping happily.

So Ga On spends his time either gazing motionlessly into the fake sun or screaming at nobody.

His heart was beating weakly against his aching chest, he was drenched, head to toe, not just in sweat, but in what he could only guess, Ga On thought at some point he most likely had pissed himself, he wasn't sure.

They gave him no food, his stomach no longer demanded nutrition, food, but only water.

Water, he hadn't had any, he didn't know, maybe they faceless figures forced some down his dry throat whilst he fantasized?

Otherwise, he would've died of thirst, once more he touched his bloody lips. Water...cold, blue aqua...

More sweat leaked from his pores, thick streams escaping from his sick frame.

Between the pain coursing through his veins, Isaiah's gift, his 'atonement' as the soldier called it, which had been caused from the simulating of the process of drowning, waterboarding, or beating him unconscious, this atonement was the only reason Ga On was convinced he still was alive, more or less, slowly rotting inside out.

Hallucinations became more frequent, lucid moments were now rarities, pain overtaking anything else, he was convinced his wounds were infected, not that he could tell, he had no strength to lift himself up and look.

No one came for him.

Ga On couldn't decide if he was relieved by it or disappointed, it appeared even they wouldn't step as so low to torture a living corpse.

What was about to happen now he didn't know, not that he ever did, but now he couldn't even brainstorm, his emaciated body and mind couldn't focus on such unimportant trivial things.

One minute the void wanted to consume him, seconds later the wicked female devil appeared, slapped him and with it, she triggered an avalanche.

The switch-up was too immediate from nothing, emptiness and darkness, pain and suffering the next moment everything was flooded in unnatural light and booming sounds.

The pulsing pain was already unbearably. His body was burning up, eating him from the inside, he had been ready to die after the things Isiah had done to him.

How could he ever go back to a normal life should he survive this somehow?

But fate or whatever wasn't done with him, for better or worse.

Trapped in his beaten and sick body the abyss inched closer, long talons sinking into the dirty floor shuffling closer.

Ga On turned his head, not wanting to look at it, the noise was already frightening enough.

Sharp, needle-like claws pierced his skin, with a whimper he fidgeted, jerking his leg, attempting to shake it off.

No use, his move only angered it, seemingly faster the scratching needles wandered upward, penetrating the thin skin of his ankle, continuing their way towards his head, leaving small holes in their wake.

It was not high enough, it wanted to face him, forcing the author to look at it.

With a pounding heart, the young male made the motion to turn, but his body didn't cooperate the blinding pain stopped him midway, his breaths quickened, lungs loudly rattling as the void reached his knee.

"Go away, go away, go away."

Frozen his arms lay unworkable next to him, only his fingertips functioned, burning themselves into the blood-soaked, padded floor.

His inner thighs, it had made their way toward his groin!
Wiggling his pelvis, nothing worked, undeterred the poking claws stabbed into his flat stomach, ripping into his flanks next.

"Please, please,..." His voice gave out, soft whines echoed throughout the prison, simply disappearing into the nothingness unheard by anyone.

As soon as the sharp nails scratched at his pectorals, with a jerk, it hurt, his motion was so violent he turned his head, Ga On was completely at its mercy.

Blood pooled from the new, deep marks the claws left behind as they nearly reached their target.

The red liquid soaked the collar of his shirt, a gust of cold air caressed the outer shell of his ear.

"NO, NO, NO, GO GO."

Tightly he clenched his eyes, avoiding the abyss as it caressed his cheek, seducing him to look, wishing the young male would finally let go, let it take over.

He panted, under hot pain, he shook his head, no he wouldn't give in, he couldn't. Yo Han, Kang Yo Han.

"GO AWAY." Please, please, just leave.

"But I only stepped inside your room just now. Don't be rude Ga On, that's not how you should treat a guest."

A face was leaning over him, pulling back their arm.

The woman? What? What was she doing here, alone?

Why was she alone?

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The woman, she was real, no figment of his imagination.

Definitely no dream or hallucination, her facial features were clearly expressing human emotions, no empty blank canvas to terrify him, no, she was a genuine person.

With her authenticity proven it was still a mystery why she was here, inside his cell, what was the reason for her presence.

First, she had been lying in wait standing above him then she just suddenly materialized at the other side of the room, vanishing behind the wide-open door, which blocked his sight.

With a ruby red, wooden chair tangling in her arms she returned, past the threshold, inviting herself inside his imposed home once more.

She straighten out the skirt she was wearing, smoothing out the grey fabric, catching his gaze the female beamed at him, stepping closer. "Pretty kitten. I missed you."

Chocolate brown eyes greedily drunk in the sight of him, false concern seeping into her voice. "Look at you, black and blue, all cut up. Isiah did a number on you, huh? You don't look so fresh."

Apparently, his bleeding injuries bored her as her eyes hurryingly continued to wander, scanning his padded cell, nodding approvingly.

She put her hands on her hips, lips pursed. "You redecorated, how nice. Very rustic chic, I like it."

Just what, what does she want? Was she here to humiliate him, make fun of him? Ga On was way past this stage, all he wanted was quietness.

Still, he couldn't help but notice there was a certain tension in her stride, so this dressed-up psycho was next to what?  Torture him?

But after all that shit they had put him through, he couldn't say he was genuinely dumbstruck by this turn of events after all these monsters had stripped him of everything, his dignity, his humanity, his body, and mind... his sanity.

It was no surprise they came back, they always want more.

After flashing Ga On what she must perceive as an enchanting smile the woman used the chair she brought along to barricade the door, jamming it underneath the metal door handle.

Noticing the young male's stare she turned, another fake smile gracing her features. "We need to make sure no one will disturb us."

Why? The author was unable to read the room.

Anxious Ga On swallowed the salvia that had filled his mouth, cold sweat started to form underneath his armpits, animal instinct picking up on signs the brain failed to understand. Something was not right.

Loudly the female clapped her hand together, phony smile still plastered onto her lipstick cover mouth.

"There is no need to worry your little head about it. We simply want some privacy."

Happy with her work, deeming the door secured enough with a nod the short-haired woman began a one-sided conversation. How very narcissistic.

A conversation he was unable to escape from, he clenched his fists in frustration, a sharp glare accompanying his displeasure.

Couldn't she leave or stop playing with him? Without a doubt, obviously she was prolonging whatever she had planned for him.

His eyes followed her every move, fearing the cobra would strike at any given moment, eager to have her turn to bite down on him, flooding his system with her lethal poison.

But nothing happened, other than the woman's voice filling the empty room with her screeching. Too loud, she was too loud!

Whilst hissing through his teeth, Ga On attempted to avoid her, unhappy with his decision to avoid her she edged forward.

She stalked closer, circling him. Like a hunter staking out their prey, mercilessly stalling, just for shit and giggles.

Desperate the young man tried to move, turn his back towards her, to face the wall to escape her presence. Maybe she would lose interest.

"Ah. Ouch." Immediate pulsing ripping at his skin was the punishment for his reckless move, it was overwhelming, with harsh panting Ga On attempted to combat the new wave of convulsions flooding his pain receptors.

The stinging reaction of his body was purely his own doing, fault after so much time with his body covered in wounds, now a long-time friend he should know better.

Curiously the woman observed him, in the end, she didn't seem to mind his avoidance, as she simply sat down right next to him carrying on with her yapping.

Once the chocolate-colored eyed female had started her tirade it seemed endless.

So Ga On lay beside her, still and spread out on the dirty floor, in the company of a noisy woman and a puddle of his dry, old, crusty blood, hoping, waiting for the noise to ebb away.

He blankly stared up, directly into the bright light until his vision became blurry, white overtook his senses, dark shadows began to run up and down the walls, laughing at him.

The woman's voice became a constant unpleasant buzz, losing its human vocal features blending together with the taunting giggles emanating from the wall.

Ga On got lost in the mix of noise, his burning fever assisted his wandering mind, lazy eyes tried to catch the dark spots chasing throughout the room.

He lifted his arm, attempting to grab onto the shadows, to silence them, so far he hadn't been able to capture them, so of course, he panicked and yanked his hand backward next to his torso as he unexpectedly connected with something, it was soft. This was a first.

The sudden disturbance forced him to refocus, his drifting attention zoning toward the disruption, it was her, the female was blocking the unnatural light, casting another bigger shadow across the white room, a non-snickering one. The author had touched her.

The buzzing, and ringing lamenting, all racket had come to a halt.

Emptiness, he could feel it, it was licking at his feet, he peeked at the ceiling, it was gone.

Was it becoming so strong it no longer cared if he wasn't alone? Not even the talking woman could keep it away?

Tired he rubbed at his sweaty face, a splitting headache was announcing its approach.

... Yo Han... don't you agree...... angry.. typical.. Yo Han...

As if struck by lightning he flinched.  What? Yo Han?

Even in his current, exhausted, injured state, he shot up, uncaring about the hot waves of pain, nausea rumbling inside his stomach, blood seeping into his filthy pants.

Yo Han? She said his name, didn't she?

For the first time since the female had entered his inhumane prison, she had successfully earned his undivided attention simply by vocalizing the name of the man he yearned for, Yo Han's, the name of his demon lover.

In response Ga On reached out, trying to grab onto her, eyes laser-focused, sharp, and lucid. Wishing to know more.

With a small, quivering voice he muttered "Yo Han?"

Eyes turning big and round, hope, even if just a slight glimpse of it light up in the raven-haired male's orbs.

Easily she evaded his grip. "It's rude to ignore your guest. Do you always misbehave? I doubt Yo Han encourages this kind of attitude."

She edged closer, happy the pretty kitten finally looked at her, not just his typical blank looney stare.

Softly she stroked across his head. "Yes, Yo Han, pet."

"How is the almighty Yo Han doing by the way? It's been quite some time since I last saw him", she chuckled "Centuries."

How did she know him? Never had the older male mentioned her or did he?

Another long monolog followed, but this time he listened using every ounce of sanity left to keep up with the fast-flowing words.

Midway in her speech Ga On rubbed his hands together, hoping to get some feeling back into his trembling limbs, he turned icy cold the longer he listened.

Every sentence that spilled from her full lips connected and untangled the dots, he let out a harsh breath.

This woman, who just had introduced herself as Sun Ah who had been present, watched him as he got tortured, had unprovoked hit him, she was the woman Yo Han had mentioned.

This bitch, she was the one that had burned Yo Han's family's house down and killed his family members.

That lowlife had done unspeakable things to Yo Han, she was the very reason Yo Han had turned into a demon in the first place and now here he was trapped with her in a barricaded room, too tired and injured to fight, completely at her mercy.

Fate was a cruel bitch.

Sun Ah, that tramp was heavily leaning against his aching limbs, leering down at him, brightly smiling. She knew he knew, her face was all telling.

The woman tilted her head. "I'm curious Ga On, let me ask you something. The bond, is it still working?", she tapped her chin, squatted down in front of him.

What? The bond? How? How!

The reaction of his body was immediate, the thundering heartbeat against his rib cage returned, pearls of sweat forming on his glistening, flushed forehead, breath quickening.

How did she know?

"It should work, well maybe not now, given your current condition" she laughed and toyed with a lock of hair, "but I made sure he was able to feel you before Isiah had some fun with you, pet, only one-sided of course, but nonetheless."

She leaned forward, roughly grabbing his chin, nails digging into his soft flesh, whispered tauntingly into his ear: "Yo Han, are you there? I'm with your pretty kitten. I think I also deserve to play with him, it is only fair. Don't you think?"

His skin prickled uncomfortably, tightened under her soulless gaze.

Sun Ah tugged at his earlobe."I think we should play, Yo Han needs some motivation, I mean this place is quite secluded, it will take some time for him to find us."

"I'm good, aren't I? So much time has passed and that idiot still hasn't found you."

With fluid movement she stood back up, adjusting her white blouse, she clasped her hands behind her back after she was satisfied.

She drew nearer, leaned forward, and stared down at him. "Or maybe he has given up on you?"

With a sigh she admitted. "I'm an impatient woman, all this nonsense is pissing me off. Let's shorten this down and have some excitement whilst we wait."

"Yo Han is not the brightest bulb, more violence than smarts."

"Let's open the gates, Yo Han will love it as well."

A second later she trapped Ga On's open palm in between the floor and the pointy part of her high heel, stomping down on the soft tissue and bones.

With a sharp inhale the young male screamed, desperately tugging at his hand, to escape from the sudden, violent pain.

She covered her mouth with her hand, faking shock. "Oh, no, did that hurt? Sorry."

The standing woman smiled down on him. "You are really pretty, especially when cry, no wonder Yo Han wants you all for himself."

He had a hard time trying to listen to her, as he focused his attention on his breathing, deep, rattling gulps, trying to endure the pain, his lungs aching.

With a pout, the short-haired female released his hand.

Stinging tears tainted his vision, with gasping breaths he cradled his hurting hand toward his chest, softly whimpering.

"Isiah as well, no one lets me play with you, keeping you hidden. That's just unacceptable. So I decided I'd pay you a visit."

"We gonna have fun, just you and I." One of her long, sharp nails scratched along his jaw, leaving behind red deep welts.

Captivated Sun Ah poked at the freshly created lines, utterly smitten by the marks she made, he was so pretty, all marked up, she wanted more.

A slap, so violent it jerked his head sideways followed, delighted she giggled as she noticed his bleeding cheek, so fragile. Humans break so easily.

No, no, not again. The burning in his lungs intensified as his rattling lungs expanded, metallic taste exploded inside his mouth as blood began to flow.

Fingertips dipped into Ga On's new injury, smearing it across his pale skin.

"What do you think, kitten? Did he leave you behind? Abandon you?"

Between the male's plush lips the coated fingertip was forced into, invading his oral cavity.

"Maybe he is bored of you already? Yo Han likes them wild."

Horrified he whined, his uninjured clammy hand he pushed weakly against her chest, it did nothing to deteriorate her, enthralled she rubbed her finger against his tongue.

"He was always too feral, like an untamed animal."

With more urgency, in tears he shoved at her, his movement caused the pooling blood on his cheek to trickle into his hairline.

Yo Han, Yo Han! Please come and stop her!

The violating digit left his mouth with a loud pop. Ga On sobbed in relief.

"He is nothing but a fool. Throwing himself into action not wasting a second thought towards logic, but enough about him."

Sun Ah stepped over him, caging him in between her feet, he looked up, catching the female as she sucked on the finger that second ago had been in his mouth.

"Sweet. So very sweet. Yummy."

She sunk down, sitting on top of his stomach, her weight felt crushing, every pore protested.

"Ah, kitten, stop hissing at me, that's not nice." Another punch, closed fist this time sliced into his skin, blinding him.

The woman had aimed for the same spot she previously had slapped him in, he realized his blood had begun to leak upward, trickling into his nostril.

"If the kitty misbehaves then it needs to be punished." Sun Ah inspected her hand, it was bloody, she rubbed the red fluid into the trapped boy's shirt.

"Now look at that, you got your clothes all dirty. We should change that." Firmly she smacked his sweaty forehead.

"Let's get you out of them, it will be a nuisance later on anyways."

He took hold of her hands, pulling at them. Why was he so weak?

"Stop that." Her voice had a sharp edge to it, warning him without a doubt.

Uncaring he continued, he only wanted her to stop, so desperate he continued trying to free himself of her grip on his shirt.

He should have, listened, a brutal grip engulfed him, squeezing his neck, choking him, cutting off his airflow.

No, no. Dark flashes invaded his mind, memories of water filling his mouth and nose, his desperate attempts to breathe. Again and again.

Helpless his body froze, reliving one nightmare while slithered into the next one.

Using this opportunity Sun Ah ripped open the crying boy's shirt, exposing his battered body.

With a gasping breath, he shook his head. He knew what she had done to Yo Han, without a doubt she intended to do the same to him.

"Don't. No." He forced more please out of his mouth, begging her to stop.

This would be his death blow, he could not survive any more of this, if she crossed this line he would die.

Of course, she didn't. The strangling grasp he was caught in tightened.

"Yo Han has good taste I can acknowledge that."

"So pretty, pet. So, so  so incredibly pretty."

Her compliment followed more pain as the female cut into the skin below his left nipple.

Wailing, loud inhumane noise disturbed her, echoed throughout the air, drowning out everything else.

Confused Sun Ah turned towards the secured door, the chair still hooked underneath the handle.

"These idiots, unable to do anything on their own."

Annoyed the female shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever", she grinned at Ga On, "we are busy." Undeterred she reached for the young man's fly.



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The door sprung open with a violent whoosh, banging into the padded wall with the full speed of its momentum, the chair that had originally blocked the door had splintered into tiny pieces.

The picture presented despite the layout of the room now no longer hidden behind the closed door hadn't changed, the short-haired female was still hovering above the panic-stricken young male, half kneeling, half sitting on top of the boy, ripping at his clothes.

Shirt destroyed beyond repair, uselessly in tatters, next to the pair, drenched in so many mixed fluids you could no longer tell them apart.

Regardless of her success the female doing the non-consensual undressing was still quite unsatisfied with her work, Ga On put up too much of a fight.

Sun Ah had chosen to completely disregard the harshly blaring sirens, the shrill high tone was bouncing off the walls carrying their warning throughout the whole compound, impossible to ignore.

Still, she didn't care, she was busy like a hound focused on its deadly chase, the smell of blood had entered her nostrils and overtaken any logical thinking, nothing else mattered.

No matter what those idiots had managed to fuck up this time she wouldn't stop. This, this was too much fun. Isiah better took care of this nuisance, it was giving her a headache.

So now with the room for everyone to see, proudly on display, in terror, Ga On recognized the man that had kicked the barricaded door open, his other tormentor Isiah.

Had he come to help? But whom? Him or her? Surly not him. Another round of waterboarding?

He flinched "Ah", the echoing sound was so disturbing, like a dying animal, now enhanced without the door, his eardrums seem to split apart from it.

Their order was without a doubt ready to do absolutely anything necessary in their eyes to achieve whatever insane goal they hoped to accomplish.

This must be another fantastical attempt. Where they playing some sort of background tune, edging him closer to the cliff of insanity?

Sun Ah didn't seem to hear anything, she hadn't reacted in any shape or form.

In disbelief Isiah marched toward the pair, pulling Sun Ah's wandering hand out of Ga On's now half-open trousers.

With little effort, still holding onto her arm Isiah forced Sun Ah to stand, leaving Ga On finally free of his captor.

A soft sigh left his chest, glad the woman was off the young author's tense body he allowed himself to relax his burning muscles.

No longer clenching under her unwelcomed touch, he fell backward, injured back no longer bowing of the floor, sinking into the thick, soiled floor.

Not soon after his backside connected with the ground the nasty burning came back, nausea not far behind, it felt wet, he noticed the fresh, sticky fluid, she must have reopened his wounds with all her pulling, slapping, and punching.

With a trembling hand, he rubbed at his eyes, wiping the tears streaks from his cheeks, destroying the evidence of his agony, white pain blurred his vision as he accidentally bumped against the bridge of his nose.

Did she break it when he dodged her advances and they turned into full-blown frustrated attacks?

Ga On peeked up at her, relieved over their newfound distance.

That's when he spotted it, his blood, which was still continuingly leaking from his nostrils, had steadily seeped into the female's grey skirt, painted red nonsensical lines into the expensive fabric.

He hated it, made him want to vomit, Ga On wished to erase it, how she had accomplished it to get marked by him.

So Isiah came to stop her? Not to help her? The soldier had pulled the female off of him.

Still unsure Ga On held his breath, observing them, wishing to draw the attention of neither of those maniacs. He knew what they were capable of.

So the loud noise was real? Everyone could hear it? It hadn't been just in his head?

"Are you completely out of your mind? Not only did you come into his room without informing me", with disgust he glared down at the half-naked Ga On, "Doing god knows what with that dirty witch blood, did you not hear the fucking alarm in the background? Alerting us that someone has broken in!"

With force, the woman ripped her arm out of the soldier's grip. Furious she barked at him: "First of all no one can enter our sanctuary you said you made sure of that."

A deadly glint began to flicker in her eyes. "Do you doubt your own abilities, little soldier?"

"Secondly do I look like I give a fuck, Isiah?"

She gestured toward the trembling male. "Obviously not. I'm busy. Take care of the shit you're assigned to. Get out."

"Someone entered the premises... you should..."

Like a destructive tornado, she swept toward Isiah with deadly precision stopping in front of the soldier, noses almost touching.

Her voice became low, almost inaudible. "Leave the room now. Take care of it, Isiah. There better be no problem when I leave this room."

"Yes, ma'am."

Marching toward the open door he turned halfway around before stopping throwing one more peek at the woman, defeated he nodded and left. She wouldn't listen either way.

With a displeased frown she watched him go, he hadn't closed the door behind him.

"I'll be right back sweet thing. We want some privacy, right? So I better close the door. That idiot destroyed a perfectly fine chair. What a neanderthal, low IQ brute, only know how to use his fists."

Realizing she intended to continue, unable to get up, Ga On panicked, the young man's limbs gave out on him after every attempt to back up, he could only claw his fingers helplessly into the floor watching as the female walked toward what was his only exit.

With a loud click, all the lights went out, casting the room in familiar darkness, emergency power came to life painting everything in a dark red glow.

With a shrug of her shoulders she carried on, halfway into her journey she suddenly stopped as a terror striking Isiah reentered the cell, he was clutching at his throat, his horrible, gargling noises filled the silence.

Ga On couldn't see what was happening, Sun Ah was blocking his direct field of vision, but what she couldn't block was his hearing. The noise, it was bone-chilling.

Isaiah staggered a few more steps into the room when all of a sudden he just went limp, like a crash dummy he collided into the padded wall.

More gurgling noise accompanied his movements with great difficulty he rose back onto his feet, reaching for his holstered weapon.

Now able to see, with Sun Ah out of the way, Ga On spotted the mess his face used to be had become, it was totally busted.

His nose appeared to be smashed in, partially gone, his left eye black, blood gushing from it, the other one was completely swollen shut, the majority of his front teeth missing.

It didn't last, Isaiah's defiance, whoever had hit him followed his path of destruction, intended to finish their job, holding the soldiers up by his neck, lifting him off the floor like a weightless object.

With a motion to fast for the young male's eyes Ga On could only observe the aftermath.

The author had a hard time, hoping whatever he was seeing was not just another concoction cooked up by his psychotic brain.

Isiah slumped over, knees hitting the ground, his eyes wide open in surprise, both of his hands desperately clinging to the front of his neck.

Almost animalistic, desperate noises rose from his bleeding mouth as he struggled to escape. More blood spilled from his gasping mouth.

That's when the young man understood what had occurred as he saw a violent stream of red, blood splashing, coating everything nearby in the vicinity in Isaiah's life essence, originating from the gaping hole at the font of his throat, the space in which Isaiah's windpipe should be, to be you know alive.

The clean-cut man toppled over lifelessly, landing on his stomach with a thud, after a few more gargles and twitches he ceased every movement, the dark liquid spreading fast. White turning red.

Black boots kicked at the now dead body, turning it over, revealing a panicked stricken expression, like those you see in japanese horror movies.

The raven-haired male's eyes followed the silhouette of the newcomer's leg, upward, caramelized colored eyes met his.

Tears filled his vision seconds later, no, uh-uh, he was imagining things again, all of this was untrue,  just his survival instinct attempting to cope.

He wasn't here, he didn't know where these religious nutjobs had brought him to, hidden behind a wall of powerful magic and god knows what else.

Loathing himself, his mind for playing him he turned away, sobbing, hating himself for reaching such a new low.

"Yo Han.."  Sun Ah's voice cascaded throughout the room, genuine surprise in her voice.

What? No, it could be. It was impossible.

No response for her outcry followed.

"Ga On, baby, I'm here." The pain in the man's voice seemed so real. Was.. was..?

Said male's head whipped around, toward the voice that had addressed him so lovingly.

There he stood in all his glory, his lover Kang Yo Han, covered in blood from head to toe. Eyes as black as the darkest moonless night.

"Yo Han?" With his trembling body parts, purely on adrenaline, he sat up in utter disbelief, eyes big as saucers.

He was here? Truly?

God, this fucking bitch, of course, that abomination had to have her dirty fingers in this shitshow.

The demon stopped himself from unleashing his inner beast, submitting to his instinct, he had to protect his boy, to ease Ga On's pain was paramount.

Nothing was more important than the young male, these fuckers would burn to the ground, either way, the main building was already set ablaze, the building in which he had trapped those cult fanatics in was slowly turning into ashes, only one person was missing, the cunt in front of him.

He would not satisfy her perverted need and fight her, this was most likely the reason for this whole madness.

The demon had already unleashed bloodshed once they had finally broken down the barriers protecting this enormous compound.

All, all that mattered was the boy in front of him. What did they do to him? Ga On looked half dead.

A new wave of anger threatened to overtake his body. No, Ga On, his love needed him.

Yo Han's touch, their first direct skin contact, felt like water, surrounding a parched human all of a sudden, the touch, the sensation itself was healing, every nerve inside of him lit up, Ga On bucked into the gentle hand with a moan, welcoming the loving caress of his lover.

Big tears sprung from his eyes, loud hiccups followed seconds later as two strong arms embraced him, shielding him in safety.

"Yo Han, Yo Han..." His voice cracked, more tears leaked, soaking into his lover's blood-soaked shirt.

Soft petting palms stroked up and down the trembling boy's backside, grounding him.

"I'm here, I'm here baby, everything is gonna be fine, I'm here now. I'm so sorry Ga On. So sorry."

He pressed the smaller one tightly into his chest, attempting to shut the world out around them, if just for a short moment.

After the crying slowly subsided, turning into soft sniffles Yo Han took hold of his boy's face, rubbing the tears streaks away with his callous thumb.

Watery eyes met his, noticing movement out of the corner of his eyes he sprung back into action, Sun Ah had run out of the room.

With a swift move, he cut deeply into his palm,  blood pooling together on the flat surface, expectantly he placed his hand in front of the young male's face. "Drink."

Swallowing down any sexual desires the feeding awoke in him, his demon flaring, he refocused and recalled his plan. They had to act fast.

Whilst gazing at the author he began to explain. "After you're done I will hand you a note, there is a powerful spell on it, blood magic use the vial I will give you and follow the instructions on the paper."

"Then stand on it."

Sun Ah was running, attempting to escape, his inhumane senses had no problem tuning in on it. His face grimaced. "I'll kill her. She'll burn alive."

Ga On lifted his head, mouth smeared with blood a maniac glint flickering. The effect of the blood immediate, overwhelmingly their bond greeted him.


His tongue darted out of his mouth licking at the red liquid, with a tiny motion he nodded.

Yo Han's hands buried themselves into the dirty raven locks, pulling Ga On closer. A tender gaze washed over the shaking male, seconds later their mouths connected, with a broad swipe he licked across the bloody boy's mouth, his demonic nature flaring, wickedly rejoicing.

Yo Han had his boy back, there would be hell to pay, he would drag them to hell himself.

They separated, loving the older male patted his lover's head. "Good boy, get to work."

Seconds later Yo Han disappear, out of his sight, the trumping of boots echoing throughout the hallway, it was the only reassurance of the reality of the current situation.

Softly Ga On nodded to himself, yes, this was real, Yo Han was here.

With the vital and piece of paper, he himself stepped into the hallway.

It seemed fairly simple, with swift handstrokes he followed the instructions.

Should he feel anything? He peeked at the drawn-out pentagram unsure.

Reading over the guidelines once more he wasn't any more convinced, still, Yo Han had told him to step on it so without any hesitation he did.

Minutes ticked by, nothing happened. It was completely silent, red hue still covering every possible surface, from head to toe, creating a hell on earth, how fitting.

Rumbling somewhere far off began to fill the space, fast the noise grew in intensity, it became so loud Ga On couldn't hear his thoughts.

The ground started to shake, then the very building, its foundation was trembling.

Cracks begin to split open across the ceilings, licking along the walls, dirt and rubble falling from the disintegrating walls, the structure collapsing.

Dust-ridden oxygen got into his nostrils when he heard another thundering bang, making him cough, still, on standing on the symbol he squatted down, just in time to escape the bursting window that shattered all at once.

The moon for the first time in what must be an eternity caressed the young male's face, the soft white glow illuminated the otherwise red hallway.

And then out of thin air two young women, dressed in all black stopped directly in front of him.

"Hey, Ga On. "


Chapter Text


Witches, the two women in front of him claimed to be sorcerers, magic-users aiding Yo Han with the dismantling of the orders fortress.

They had broken down the magic barriers Sun Ah had erected (not just them their whole clan worked on it together) to disguise the compound and with it, the monstrosities their members had committed in secrecy.

Not only that they also had offered to lend a hand, to help Yo Han in Ga On's rescue.

Both of them are part of the coven Yo Han had mentioned, the one which had wanted to meet him, to discuss the possibility of him joining their circle.

The spellcasters had vented their anger and frustration, they had had enough, reached their limit.

Fed up with the forced seclusion, the coven wanted to liberate themselves, to no longer cower in the shadows, hide like a dirty secret, be ruled over, and live in constant fear at the possibility of been captured, tortured, and killed.

Not only when the demon, Yo Han had asked for their support after informing them about Ga On's abduction had they felt obligated, no felt the need to help one of their kind, a dying breed, as well had it been the last straw that broke the camels back. Enough was enough.

All of it, this weird mostly one-sided chat happen whilst the building was crumbling, falling to bits, his doing, according to too the two females, who had introduced themselves as Aura and Selene.

The blood in the vial had been partially (mainly) Yo Han's combined with their covens High Priest and Priestess, his magic in combination with 'their life essence' was apparently incredibly potent.

Ga On was unsure, he was still stuck in his enemy's territory, if those two were simply trying to butter him up to convince him to step out of his magical circle or if they spoke the truth.

He hated himself for it, how he no longer could rely on his gut instinct, or trust another human being, this hellhole's parting gift, should they make it out of here alive.

Unable to trust anyone, not even himself (excluding Yo Han), he undoubtedly made no good first impression should it be true, but he was willing to risk it, going forward from today on the author knew he would have a hard time believing much of anything that came out of a strangers mouth.

Gravitate towards a pessimistic, skeptic worldview, it would keep him safe, the good, innocent, and pure was undoubtedly a rarity in this world, most people were motivated by selfishness and greed.

Smoke had begun to slither along the walls, which was spreading fast, the air was getting thicker and thicker each passing second, dark grey, almost black dust, and particles flew through the air.

It made his lungs ache and breathing challenging. Coughing scratched unpleasantly at the two bronchi.

Whilst observing his and his lover's handiwork he desperately hoped civilization was far enough away to spot them.

This place needed to cease to exist, burn to the ground, only hot ambers allowed to be left behind as evidence to assure him of the reality of what had happened, even those would disappear as soon as they cooled down enough to get carried away by the wind.

It, the smoke eerily reminded him of the abyss, tormenting him inside his former prison, it still stood the room, the open door in his sight, taunting him, a weird, embarrassing fear took hold of him whenever he knew he had to leave it behind.

It was not normal, right? To feel an imminent panic attack bubbling in his gut, ready to start at any given moment.

Obedient Ga On didn't move a muscle, Yo Han had instructed him to do so and he would not step outside the symbol he stood on without his lover's explicit okay.

But in all honesty, the young male didn't know how much longer he could keep up and stay upright, his adrenaline was dwindling, like sand slipping through his fingers.

Yo Han better hurry. It still hadn't really reached his brain, the fact that Isiah was dead, killed by none other than the black-eyed demon, he was at times still not quite sure if he was awake, and not hallucinating, trapped in his insanity waiting for the soldier to fetch him for more torture.

It terrified him, would this be his new normal. Would Yo Han accept him so broken, unstable? The author felt like a shadow of his former self, cracked by this hideout.

Ga On himself didn't know what to make of it, his old life seemed to be a faraway dream, could he simply go back and carry on the way he previously had?

Write novels, hang out with his Soo Hyun and live, just live, day to day like a normal ordinary person?

One of the witches, Aura began to approach him, stopping his wandering mind, with her hands up in the air as if to not spook him as she inched closer.

Great, so he really looked mad, psychotic judging by the way she behaved.

"Ga On, I know you have been through much, I can not even begin to imagine nor understand the horror but we need to send this place to hell, but Selene and I are not strong enough on our own."

"We are not gifted with your level of power. So we wish to join you and form a circle on the pentagram you created to chant. Is it OK?"

"It will demolish every upright wall in this place except for the great hall which we warded off, everyone is trapped in it so it will be easier to free them of Sun Ah's hex."

Huh? "Hex?"

"Yes, that woman spell cast and put a glamor over the whole organization, minus a few high ranking people so they would do her bidding."

She looked at her companion. "To toy with Yo Han and you."

Ga On turned toward the females, flabbergasted, his voice becoming airy and thin. "So they were unwilling in all of this?"

Does this mean they were normally the good guys?

Would that bitch now also steal his justice? His revenge? Either way, they needed to die he didn't care he was past that point.

"Unwilling? No these bastards hunt and kill our kind and all things blessed by magic since the beginning of their order, most likely before that, just not as efficient, she simply used them as their playtoys for whatever reason."

"Who knows maybe that lunatic created the order back then for her own 'amusement'. I wouldn't put it past her. Who could guess her motivation."

She gesticulated. "Can we come into your circle?"

Warily Ga On nodded, his wish to eradicate this place was stronger than his fear, if they tried anything he would kill them or die trying he told them so.

Without any grand reaction, they accepted his threats.

Both cut into their palms, letting their blood drop into his painted lines on the ground, seemingly brightening its color by doing so, weirdly enough he felt it, tugging at his what he assumed magical power.

Hand in hand the witches reached their free,  bleeding arms out towards him, for him to grab as they joined him and stepped onto his first-ever drawn pentagram.

With his own injured palms he took hold of their outstretched limbs, the trio's blood mingling, pulsing with power.

Shocked Ga On gasped as he formed a temporary connection with the two witches, both beamed at him because of his reaction, it was throbbing, seemingly alive.

It was different from the bond he and Yo Han shared, less intense, not binding but nonetheless pleasant. Ga On felt connected to the very earth.

"Wonderful isn't it? I think it's safe to say you'll be welcomed to join our coven, the higher power already decided for us." Aura squeezed his palm in her grip causing more thumping sensation to spread throughout him.

"Okay, now just follow us and repeat the words Selene and I speak, under no circumstances let go of either of our hands, it would be our certain death."

With a nod, the young male acknowledged the woman's instructions.

And so they began, Ga On wasn't sure but he thought the vocalized words were Latin, he tried his best to copy the foreign spoken language, it felt heavy in his mouth, alien.

First, nothing happened, all he could feel and see was the warmth, the power buzzing throughout the three but it didn't take long for that to change.

Every brick and stone began to rattle and shake, the air became heavy and thick with something Ga On couldn't put in words, covered in a mixture of earth, ash, dust, dirt, sweat, blood, and pure unaltered magic.

The women's voices grew in intensity and loudness as everything around them crumpled and collapsed, uncaring about the massive structures landing at their feet.

Once more nature reclaimed what was rightfully hers, only ruins left behind as the proof of previous human occupation.

They carried on with their chanting until everything around them settled, came to a complete standstill, the only noise their strained breathing and the predators of the night on the prowl, animals howling and prey yipping.

Selene let go of their hands first and dropped heavily onto the ground. She was a brunette, stocky, short, middle-aged woman. Harshly she panted.

The brunette peeked at Ga On. "Sweet hell, you're something else boy. I know you're young, but I can barely stay conscious. After all that and yet you still stand injured as you are."

Confused he switched his attention to Aura, a tall, thin, long, black-haired female.

She didn't appear to be in any better condition than her friend, sweat had formed on her pale forehead, her face, and lips unhealthy ashen.

What did they mean? His body was a fucking wreck, he was drenched in sweat himself, everything was aching, blood pooling from his injuries. Legs violently shaking.

Aura simply shook her hand and pulled the seated brunette back to her feet. "Let's go. It is not smart to linger."

Only one room was still standing, with difficulty, they climbed over the now ruin's rubble making their way towards the great hall to reunite with Yo Han who had cornered the current leader of the order, the righteous judge.

Yo Han laughed at the fear in her eyes, body wanting, demanding to strike. He leaned closer. "You see while you were busy playing around, bathing in humans entrails and blood I was busy getting stronger and stronger, surpassing you in power by so much you can no longer catch up."

With his iron grip around the woman's throat, Yo Han sneered at her.

"This is your end and if you thought it would be grandiose and spectacular you're sadly mistaken, I have no interest in fulfilling your fantasies, cunt."

Fingers tightened, cutting her airflow watching as her pale skin turned blue. "You'll meet a simple end. Trapped with a group of little dumb fucks no longer under your spell."

The caramelized eye-colored man loosened his grip on her thin neck watching her gasp for air.

Yo Han gave mirthless laugh. "Let's hope the fire is kind enough to spread fast or the poisonous fumes knock you out first."

The hammering on the door interrupted them, screaming and begging for help followed.

"They'll be livid, I'm sure they can't wait to reunite with you."

How amusing he found it their primal fear. Confronted with the baser, their survival instinct the second things got dicey, out of their favor they threw away their pride and began to beg for leniency. Typical.

After what they had done to Ga On they would receive none. That filth they would get what they deserve to be cooked and roasted alive.

The people in the last row must already have started to either burn or suffocate.

His inner beast was purring delightedly at their agony and cries. With pleasure, he observed the woman's panicked reaction as she grasped the situation she was in.

"You know how insane these fuckers are. Nobody would want that to be trapped with these nutjobs all alone in a room, certain death at my doorstep. Especially now, when they realize what you have done."

Grip still wrapped around her neck he began to approach the big still unchained door, out of the corner of his eye he saw his lover and the two witches arrive.

"Ga On, baby just in time for Sun Ah's last grand performance." The young man came to a halt directly by the taller one's side staring into her round eyes.

Aura and Selene had yanked open the metal door, a mass of desperate people ripping and grabbing at one another, unable to escape.

Silent, barely allowing himself to breathe Ga On's eyes stayed glued to the struggling female, his blood, now dry was still soaked into her skirt, a part of him which she would carry to hell, maybe an offering to the devil himself as one of his servants, his lover had freed him.

It transfixing the young man, reminding him of the situation he had been in only a couple of hours ago.

It genuinely scared him, Ga On couldn't shake it off, the possibility of him waking up and realizing he had dreamed or hallucinated in his padded box, wasting away, no Yo Han insight.

For a second his gaze wandered toward the back of Yo Han's head, trying to find comfort in his presence, calming himself. The tall male WAS HERE he was directly in front of him!

"Yo Han, no, please..." The short-haired female that had latched onto the muscular arms, trying to stop him recalled Ga On's drifting attention.

Her voice was sweet as honey. It disgusted him more than anything.

It, her tone made the young male want to crawl inside himself, the male shuddered, memories of her molesting him assaulting his sense. Yo Han noticed it.

A choking gurgle was the demon's answer to his lover's fear and discomfort, his feet unconsciously becoming hasty, wishing to remove Sun Ah from his lover's sight.

Feet firmly planted against the concrete she attempted to slow him down, one of her heels broke, as result, the other slipped and fell off her foot, lonely staying uselessly behind, it would be the only proof of her existence in a short while no doubt.

Now bare, her nude foot simply glided across the smooth, cold surface, with no friction to slow the process of her getting pulled along down. Sun Ah switched her tactic then.

Fury took hold of her features, showing her true nature,  her passive mask cracking. Long nails digging into his forearms skin. "I made you. Thanks to me you are what you have become, are fucking able to meet your little pretty plaything."

"If anything you should worship the ground I walk upon."

With his free open palm, he slapped her across her cheek hoping to silence the bitch.

It stunned her, but only for a short moment. More yapping followed. "I could warm your bed, Ga On  pretty kitten....."

Ga On's eyes never once swaying hoping to tattoo this very moment into his brain, her demise.

More yanking, actions more desperate. False bravado filled her voice. "How dare you, you little bastard. Let go of me right this instant!" Her voice was shrill and loud, who did she think she was compelling to let her go with her shaky voice?

Yo Han stopped in front of the now open door and threw a silent questioning look toward his boy, but the mad female interrupted them.

"Stop, stop, please. " Sun Ah turned towards the young male to her best ability given her situation.

"Kitten, you're a good boy, you would want my blood on your hands, right? Tell your lover to stop." The novelist felt his lover's gaze and sought it out.

Their eyes met, briefly, a small tug at their bond was all the demon needed.

With the now screaming woman, he marched inside, smoke completely obscuring the view, the sea of people reaching out with their arms, waving and reaching.

Ga On tried to pay them no mind, but the picture they painted was haunting, like lost souls trapped in hell for eternity begging for forgiveness and the end of their torment, how eerily fitting.

With a metal collar attached to a metal chain hooked into the floor the demon locked the woman in place.

What a pathetic picture she made, funny as hours ago she had sat on top of him ready to violate him. Now she was nothing more than a chained dog.

Like animals the members of the order recognized her, realizing who she was, remembering what she had done, the part she played in all of this.

It didn't take long for the first one to pounce. Teeth digging into her soft thigh, ripping open her flesh.

Hysterical screams spilled from her mouth as she began to yank at the massive chain. It was useless, it was enchanted.

The mass of humans began to close in on her drowning her in a pile of human flesh, stinking of despair and fear.

Ga On watched as they ripped into her until Sun Ah's screams ebbed away, mixing with the other desperate cries, becoming an unrecognizable mass of noise.

With a loud click, the door fell into its lock, magic sealing them in. Selene placed a chain through the door handles.

Yo Han then took the smaller one's hand in his, kissing the scratched skin softly as he pulled Ga On with him, leaving the burning hall to be consumed by flames behind.

Without a gaze backward the group of four marched out of the rubble, like a rising phoenix Ga On escaped from the ashes born anew with his soul mate by his side.

Chapter Text


"Ga On don't just stand there and block the way like a log, move your cute little butt and set the table!" The scolding voice of his aunt rang in his ears startling him into motion.

"Ah, yes, auntie." Approvingly she patted his back and went back to whatever she was occupied within the kitchen.

Brought back to reality he went to grab plates from the cupboard above the stove on which one of Ga On's all-time favorite meals was boiling, filling the house in a familiar, comforting, rich smell.

With an amused scoff, he went to pick up the cutlery, the young male shouldn't be surprised Aunt Haru always got what she wanted, the elderly woman was ruthless.

After two weeks of endless nagging phone calls and chiding messages Ga On surrendered, and gave in to her demand of wanting to meet her 'future son on law'.

He convinced Yo Han to accompany him to officially meet his beloved aunt, his only remaining family member.

Surprisingly the demon hadn't needed as much convincing as Ga On had feared, quite the opposite in actuality.

The possibility of a slip-up and with it the accidental reveal of Yo Han's real identity didn't bother the older male either, the guy was definitely too chill.

Later at night as the couple lay in bed, limbs interwoven in the safety of Yo Han embrace, head resting on the broad chest, in a soft voice the older male had elaborated.

In the time Ga On had been abducted his aunt had regularly called gravelly concerned as she couldn't reach her nephew.

To prevent any more tragedy befallen the Kim Family he took it upon himself to update her on Ga On's wellbeing, somewhat bonding with her whilst blatantly lying to her.

How typical for the demon, be able to make something good out of such a horrific scenario.

Solid as a rock, the older man had taken all of his fears and promises to be on his best behavior.

Even though the older male suspected that aunt Haru knew more than she let on, not that he would tell Ga On, about his suspicion, the boy had already enough to deal with.

Of course, the nice little dinner for the trio hadn't stayed a dinner for three, soon one guest turned into two, and all of a sudden Yo Han, Aunt Haru, Soo Hyun, and K found themselves standing in the cozy kitchen of the raven-haired male's childhood home.

It stirred his mended heart, was balm to his wounded soul and troubled mind which were still in the process of healing.

It hadn't been exactly simple to find someone to pour his heart out to, his trauma, and experiences concerned matters the normal human being had no idea they even existed.

So the getting well part was a work in progress on the mental and emotional front at the very least.

His body was fine, completely back to the way it used to be, with no long-term issues, but his mind... needed more time.

There were too many things he couldn't just simply share with the 'normal' humans in his life, they are blissfully unaware of the psychotic and mad side of the world hidden away behind a nasty layer of blood and dirt, laying right at their doormat if they looked hard enough.

It was a newly added burden he had to carry, now he even had to keep secrets from his childhood best friend, even if just to keep Soo Hyun safe.

The guilty feeling didn't diminish, it only grew, the young man was convinced the female would sooner or later catch on, she knew him too well.

What was he supposed to tell her? Yo Han had suggested to just invite her and grab the devil by its tail and come clean, fast and simple, like a bandaid.

Maybe it was for the best. Most likely would she surprise him, given her strong mind.

But would she be able to understand? Ga On doubt anyone would not even Yo Han could,  completely, this was his burden to unpack.

What had happened in that cloaked, secret compound - that locked cell had changed Ga On, it had taken away a part of his soul he still yet had to rediscover.

Sometimes he still believed himself to be trapped in that dark, padded, silent room, ever since he opened that cursed spellbook his life had become a Hollywood drama, action, and horror movie all in one.

To some degree he was obviously grateful as it delivered him, Yo Han, on a silver plate, but still..

His captivity had been so out of this world, Ga On hadn't even been able to visit a hospital, despite his as
he, later on, learned life-threatening injuries.

Yo Han, like a mafia boss, had pulled out his phone and called a 'doctor' he knew, someone that was apparently part of their not so little supernatural realm.

That fellow explained that he specialized in helping 'our kind', and everything involving such secretive scenarios things that are better kept from the general public, to prevent panic.

The coven of witches, no, now HIS coven of witches had done their best to patch him up, his demon lover and Ga On had stayed with them for a couple of days after their spectacular, fire-filled escape.

Multiple times, small groups of supernatural beings, men and women had returned to the burned down site, to ensure no one had survived.

No one did, they were all gone. A now hollow burned down ruin, the graveside of the now eradicated 'righteous' order.

The high priest and priestess were nothing but kind, welcoming Ga On like a long-lost child into their midst.

Every day with them was filled with laughter and healing, love, knowledge, and limitless encouragement.

At times it overwhelmed him, making it difficult to accept such grand compassion and understanding from his newfound family.

Hating himself for it he couldn't help himself which resulted in a repeating battle against the nagging voice in the back of his mind to never trust another person as long as walked on this earth.

It was challenging, but they accepted him without judgment, so in return, Ga On did his best.

In all honesty, unsurprisingly his coven weren't the biggest fans of Yo Han, he was a demon, a bogeyman doing the dark lord's work. Murder and all that other nasty stuff.

Work he enjoyed, still they came to an understanding and accepted that wherever Ga On goes Yo Han follows, the two were a set that couldn't be separated.

Said demon had become an overprotective teddy bear, he at times could be slightly suffocating, threatening to drown the novelist with his without a doubt good intentions.

He loved that idiot.

Yo Han had become his lifeline and anchor, grounding him in reality in his darkest moments.

Waking him from each horrible nightmare that still torments him, letting him scream and cry it out, emptying his pain, always by his side, to help Ga On come to terms with his past captivity, learning to spread his wings at his own pace.

So slowly but surely the raven-haired male was climbing back into the saddle to ride the world and become an even if slightly changed part of it once more.

Short nails poked the soft flesh of his belly. "Ya, Kim Ga On, get a move on and stop daydreaming, I'm hungry."

With a small smile, the male's swatted away the intrusive fingers, nodding at his best friend. "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming. God every one in this house is so pushy."

"Of course, aunt Haru's food is legendary, dumbass."

He set the plates and silverware down turned toward the female and smacked Soo Hyun over the head. "So hurry and help, idiot."

With a huge smile on her face, she lunged at Ga On, hugging him. "Love you, asshole."

Tightly he returned the embrace, rubbing away the treacherous tear that threatened to escape the corner of his eye. "Me too, bitch."

A third person watching them silently stepped into the room. "Should I be jealous?"

Soo Hyun winked at the tall male. "Of course." Shamelessly she squeezed Ga On butt cheeks, who cursed at the rough treatment of his backside.

Yo Han returned with a smirk of himself. "I see." Then a sharp whack landed on Ga On's round butt the second he freed himself of Soo Hyun's naughty fingers.

Big hands pulled the smaller male into his arms before he could react, a wet kiss landed right in the middle of his forehead.

Oh, these fuckers. Ready to fight both for ganging up on him Ga On raised his fists. "Okay, let do this, I can finish you both."

Loud clapping interrupted the three. "Okay, children, enough. Dinner is ready. Sit down, before the food gets cold!"


"So how far did you go? Did you do the dirty deed?" Ga On choked on his vegetables.

"... Aunt Haru!" A red hue colored his pale cheek.

Confident his boyfriend leaned on the dinner table, with a raised eyebrow he stared at the elderly woman, challenging her. "Have you seen your nephew? What do you think is the answer to this question?"

Soo Hyun patted him on his back, whilst unashamedly giggling.

K, that ass wasn't holding back either, nearly spitting his wine onto the table at Yo Han's response.

God, he was surrounded by insane people. With a shrug he continued to shovel the delicious food into his mouth, he wouldn't get involved in this conversation.

He let his gaze wander, stopping at each of one them for a short moment, warmth filled his belly.

Yeah, everything would be fine.

It would be a continuously hard road to climb for some time but with the people he loved and cherished by his side, Ga On had no doubt he would make it.

Yo Han grabbed his hand underneath the table and linked their fingers together, pulling their intertwined hands to his mouth to place a soft kiss onto his lover's knuckles.

Soundless he formed the words I love you to the boy at his side as more loud conversations filled the kitchen.

With butterflies dancing around inside his chest Ga On replied the I love you, squeezing the fingers in his grasp.

Yes, everything would be okay.