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Like Father, Like Son

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Zagreus first learned what lust was when he laid eyes on father’s new secretary.

The tall, skinny man had soft, pale skin and a head of downy, white curls. His eyes were always half-lidded and far-off looking, with long lashes that looked like a dusting of snow on his cheeks when they fluttered shut. His lips were a succulent pink, half-parted when resting and curled up into a teasing grin whenever he spoke to someone. He wore a crisp white shirt that made him look professional while sitting at his desk, but when he stood and turned around to knock on the door to Hades’s office, his far-too-tight pants revealed a perfectly pert ass and two elegantly long legs.

Zagreus wanted him in a way his then fourteen-year-old brain couldn’t quite process, but his body certainly could. But Hypnos was twenty-four, so he knew it was pointless to want what he couldn’t have. 

It might have ended there—just a sexual awakening that led to a brief crush that went away when Zagreus found more age-appropriate people to pursue—it most certainly could have, should have ended there, but jealousy, Zagreus soon learned, could fan the flames of lust far longer than they should remain.

The office was within walking distance of his school, so Zagreus would spend his afternoons there waiting for his dad to get off work when he didn’t have anywhere else to be after school. He liked a lot of the people who worked there, they were all nice to him for being the boss’s son, and it was a lot better than being completely alone in a giant house that only reminded him of a shitty childhood. 

It wasn’t long after Hypnos was hired that Zagreus started to notice… things. At first it was just strange, but not suspiciously so. Hypnos seemed to spend a lot of time napping instead of working, but Hades seemed uninterested in reprimanding him. Even when he did call Hypnos into his office for a private chat, it must have only been good news, because Hypnos always emerged looking satisfied with himself.

Then there was the time Achilles knocked on his door because of an emergency, and Hades came out looking disheveled, still adjusting his pants. Zagreus waited, watching, and sure enough a few minutes later Hypnos sheepishly emerged when he thought no one was looking and returned to his desk.

Zagreus asked his father about it coyly, and received very defensive responses. 

He watched them more carefully after that, and the evidence only mounted until there was no denying it. Hypnos was sleeping with his father.

Instead of feeling appropriately disgusted, however, Zagreus felt incensed, enraged, and irrationally jealous. Why would someone so beautiful and sweet and funny as Hypnos want to be with Zagreus’s brute of a father? And why would his father be so eager to sleep with someone so much younger than him, anyways?

In his teenage fantasies, Hypnos became an angelic sex-god, simulteneously pure as a virgin and talented as a whore. He imagined his father forcing himself upon him, manipulating and mistreating this precious man for his sweet, sweet sex. It was utter fiction, but in his dark room at night with his cock in his fist, it felt perfectly real.

Still, Hypnos remained out of reach. Zagreus was just a teenager, how could he ever convince a man a whole decade older than him to give him a chance?

He remained a covetous fantasy while Zagreus dated others in high school. He almost thought he could get over him while he went away to his first year of college, but then his father insisted he work in the office for a summer job, and seeing Hypnos all day, every day flamed his lust back into a roaring fire. Worse, he knew every time Hypnos and his father snuck off to hook up. He knew he was sucking him off under his desk or bending over it to let Hades fuck him, and the jealousy made him so irrationally horny, he could hardly contain himself anymore.

He was nineteen, damnit. He wasn’t some kid anymore, he actually stood a chance, especially against a jerk like his father, right? He just needed to make Hypnos see that it wasn’t the father he should be with, but the son.

“Why is this not completed?” Hades boomed, slamming the report onto Zagreus’s desk. He startled up, so engrossed in his computer screen that he hadn’t realized everybody else had gone home for the night. Well, everybody else besides Hypnos, who he could see was asleep at his desk, as usual.

“Uh… would you believe I totally forgot about it?” Zagreus joked. His father did not smile.

“I told you I needed this done today. You will stay here until it is complete,” Hades said.

“Wha—but it’s Friday!”

“You think I care about your weekend plans, boy?” Hades scoffed. “If you wanted to get out of the office on time, you should have completed this work.”

“Ugh… fine.” Zagreus rolled his eyes as he reached for the report, flipping through its pages to remind himself of its contents. “Oh, no, no, no. This is way too much work for one person. I’ll be here till tomorrow morning!”

“You should have thought of that before everyone left for the night,” Hades said. He was already putting on his jacket.

“Well, not everyone has left,” Zagreus pointed out. “Hypnos!”

“Wuh, huh?” Hypnos lifted his head, shaking the sleep from his drooping eyes.

“Would you mind staying a little late with me? I need some help with something,” Zagreus asked.

“That is not his responsibility,” Hades asserted. “Hypnos, go home.”

“Hey, now, boss.” Hypnos stood up and walked over to him, putting a placating hand on Hades’s arm. “I don’t mind staying a little late. Can’t promise I’ll be much help, but I can least keep the poor kid company!”

“Mn,” Hades grumbled. “Very well then. I’ll see you Monday.”

“Sure thing, boss!” Hypnos waved as he left, then yawned and stretched his arms over his head as soon as he was gone. “I’m gonna make a cup o’ joe,” he said, and wandered off towards the office kitchen.

“Oh, uh, of course,” Zagreus nodded. He was still sort of shocked that ploy had worked, but he’d done it. He was finally, finally alone with Hypnos.

Hypnos returned a few minutes later, steaming cup of coffee in hand, and just as promised, didn’t help so much as sit next to Zagreus and keep him company while he did all the work. That was fine, of course, because Zagreus didn’t really need any help. It would take an hour or two for him to finish it on his own, but before that, he had something much more important to take care of.

“Hey, Hypnos?” He set down the work after about twenty minutes.

“Hm?” Hypnos looked up from his cup.

“Why do you let my dad fuck you?”

“Excuse me?” Hypnos nearly choked on his coffee, wiping his upper lip of a spill as he looked at Zagreus.

“I mean, why do you, you know…”  Zagreus looked away, “Sleep with him?”

Hypnos gulped, and set down his cup.

“That’s, ah… I didn’t know you knew.”

“Tch. It’s super obvious,” Zagreus said with a roll of his eyes.

“O-oh.” Hypnos actually blushed a little at that. “Well, that’s… I don’t think that’s any of your business.”

Zagreus ground his teeth together at that answer, staring in frustration as Hypnos sipped his coffee with eyes averted. He was trying to pretend like the conversation was over, but Zagreus was not about to leave it there.

“It’s not like you… like him, right?” he asked, voice dripping with disdain. 

“And what if I do?” Hypnos said.

“Then I’d say you have pretty shit taste in men,” Zagreus responded. Hypnops quirked a brow, looking at him curiously for a moment, before shaking his head and laughing.

“Fair enough. You’re right, it’s not because I like him.”

“Then why?”

Hypnos sighed.

“Zagreus… have you ever noticed that I don’t exactly do my job? You think most employers would just let their secretaries nap whenever they wanted and fill the margins of their schedules with doodles?” 

Zagreus opened his mouth, then shut it, frowning.

“So he fucks you, and you keep your job,” he said. “You’re just a glorified sugar baby.”

“That’s not—” Hypnos started to argue, then paused as his face grew hot with embarrassment. “Look. The arrangement between us works, and I’m happy with it, but no, I’m not going to become your step-dad one day. That’s all you really need to know.”

“But why him? I mean… you could do so much better,” Zagreus said.

“Uh… thanks? But I’m not gonna go looking for a new job,” Hypnos said, laughing. “And I think you’re not giving your father quite enough credit.”

“I thought you said you didn’t like him.”

“Yes, well, I’m not romantically interested in him or anything, but he’s not unattractive.” Hypnos shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I don’t think you want me to explain how your father is in bed, either, but let’s just say he’s not lacking where it counts.”

“Ew!” Zagreus scowled.

“You’re the one who won’t drop the subject!” Hypnos raised his hands, defensive.

Zagreus looked down at the unfinished report and realized he’d wasted a lot of time satisfying his morbid curiosities instead of actually asking for what he wanted. And, considering Hypnos actually found his father attractive in some way, perhaps being a little more direct about asserting those desires would finally push the right buttons.

“You’re right,” he said, and his chair squeaked on the floor as he stood up. “Forget about Hades. You’re too pretty and nice for an old jerk like him.”

“Uh… haha… that’s sweet, Zag.” Hypnos looked up at him skeptically, then stumbled to stand up as Zagreus cleared the distance between them, backing up to the wall so he could pin him there with a hand over his shoulder. The pose was a little awkward given Zagreus was still significantly shorter than Hypnos, but he felt his chest puff full with confidence at the startled but not displeased look on Hypnos’s flushing face.

“You should be with me, instead,” he said, forcing his voice a little deeper than usual.

Hypnos’s eyes trailed down his body, then back up to his face, still wide with shock, though clearly considering. He gulped then, and gave an apologetic smile.

“How old are you again?” he asked.

“I’m nineteen,” Zagreus proudly announced, thinking his legal age would reassure him, but it only made Hypnos suck in a breath through his teeth.

“Yeah… I’m very flattered, Zagreus, but I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

“What?” Zagreus’s shoulders sunk for a moment, but then he frowned, frustrated, and planted his other hand by Hypnos’s side to completely block him in. “Why not? What does he have to offer that I don’t?”

“Uh…” Hypnos gulped, but didn’t answer.

“I’d treat you right, Hypnos,” Zagreus insisted. “You deserve better than that scumbag, you know that.”

“Zag, I… it’s not that I don’t like you, I just don’t want to lose my job, you know?” Hypnos said. “I don’t think your father would be pleased to know—”

“He doesn’t have to know,” Zagreus cut him off, desperate. “Please? I want you so bad…”

Hypnos bit his lip.


“You won’t regret this,” Zagreus smirked, all his confidence returning like a balloon inflating in his chest. He lifted onto his toes and pressed his lips to Hypnos’s, immediately gripping his thin waist and moaning at the feeling of it finally in his hands.

Hypnos seemed hesitant to kiss him back at first, but slowly he settled his hands on Zagreus’s shoulders and started pressing back with much more skillful movements, taking the tempo down from Zagreus’s inexperienced desperation to a slowler, deeper, much more sensual make-out. Zagreus’s stomach felt like it was full of fluttering wings, his cock quickly stirring to life in his pants. 

“Hypnos,” he panted his name as they parted, looking up at his red, kiss-swollen lips with half-lidded eyes. “Your lips are… so beautiful.”

“You want my lips somewhere else?” Hypnos asked, then teased the tip of his tongue out to swipe along his lower lip.

 “Fuck, yes, please,” Zagreus said. Hypnos shoved him back towards the desk behind them, and Zagreus stumbled to sit on its edge, carelessly knocking off whatever papers were in his way.

“You ever done this before?” Hypnos asked as he sank to his knees in front of him.

“Course I have,” Zagreus said.

“Are you sure about that?” Hypnos looked up at him. Zagreus blushed and looked away.

“W-well… not this specific thing, no… but I’m not a virgin!” he said.

“Right,” Hypnos chuckled, and then Zagreus heard the sound of a zipper and whipped his head back to look down at his crotch. Hypnos pulled down his fly and reached his hand under the waistband of his boxers, carefully cupping his already throbbing member before pulling it out.

“Oh, my,” Hypnos blinked in surprise, and through his labored panting, Zagreus managed to smile proudly. He was particularly well-endowed, after all.

“Like father, like son, I guess.” Hypnos winked up at him as he gripped the base of his shaft, and Zagreus didn’t know how to feel about the shiver of pleasure those words sent through him. He didn’t have much time to think about much of anything, though, because in the next moment Hypnos’s lips were wrapped around the head of his cock, and Zagreus’s eyes rolled back into skull as he moaned from the pleasure of it.

Hypnos wasted no time in gulping down his cock until it tapped against the back of throat, sucking him off so skillfully, all Zagreus could do was grip the edge of the desk and pray he lasted more than thirty seconds.

“F-fuck! Hypnos… Hypnos!” he cried out, his head rolling back against his shoulders and eyes shut tight. Hypnos giggled with his cock halfway down his throat then, and the vibrations felt so absolutely heavenly, Zagreus couldn’t even be mad that Hypnos was laughing at him. 

He rolled his head forward to look down at Hypnos again, forcing his eyes open so he could watch his cock slide in and out of those perfect, plush lips, now pearlescent with a mixture of spit and pre. Hypnos’s long, pale eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks, and then he looked up to meet Zagreus’s gaze, impossibly innocent and sexy at the same time, and Zagreus’s orgasm snuck up on him at the sudden eye-contact. A stuttered groan escaped him as his whole body tensed, and Hypnos just kept eagerly sucking him through it, swallowing his seed like it was his job. 

When he was done, Hypnos popped off his cock, politely tucked his softening dick back into his boxers, and zipped up his pants. From the waist-down, it looked like nothing at all had happened to him, but Zagreus knew his face was red and sweaty and so obviously fucked-out, there was no way he didn’t look like he’d just cum harder than he ever had in his life.

“Holy shit,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. Hypnos stood back up and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

“Was it as good as you imagined?” he asked. 

“Uh-huh,” Zagreus nodded.

“Good.” Hypnos affectionately tapped his cheek, then started collecting his things. “I guess we’re done here, then? I take it you didn’t really want my help finishing that report.”

“What, no?” Zagreus shook his head. “Well, yes, but this doesn’t have to be over.” He reached out and grabbed Hypnos by the wrist, forcing him to look at him again. “Let me return the favor,” he said, glancing down at Hypnos’s crotch.

“Aw, Zag,” Hypnos easily slipped his hand free, and shook his head. “You’re cute, but not that cute.”

“Wha…” Zagreus’s limbs fell limp by his sides, watching helplessly as Hypnos collected his things and made for the door.

“Tell your dad I said hi,” Hypnos said over his shoulder and winked before he left.