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When a visitor becomes a little more

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"Fucking Isabelle!" King shouted, startling the people around him.

His best friend, Bohn, looked at him in confusion.

"Do you have a girlfriend you're not telling us about?" Boss cut in, jabbing his side with his elbow.

Their plant obsessed friend laughed.

"No, it's just animal crossing." he explains, flipping his switch to show the table the screen.

His character in the videogame was more or less the same as him, only with what looked like a gardening outfit.

The world was filled with all kinds of different plants, and the villagers houses as well as the town center were all decorated to fit that theme.

Not as if one could expect something different from King.

Even in fiction worlds he was a gardening enthusiast!

"That's cool. But how come you won't let me travel to your island?" Bohn whined. 

"I wasn't done when you asked," said best friend explained, "Maybe later you can?"

His idiot of a friend seemed to be content with the answer, and went back to his lunch.

"Oh yeah, where's flower boy?" King asked.

Bohn looked to the side, seemingly embarrassed.

"He's... uh- busy." he stuttered.

The rest of their friends perked up. 

"Oh ho ho? busy with what?" Boss questioned with a knowing smirk, his 'husband' having whisper to him to calm it.

Bohn rolled his eyes.

"It doesn't matter- I'll still be able to see him later today." he smiled like the sucker he was.

"Bleh, so sappy!" Boss faked puking, making king laugh.

The plant expert continued eating fried rice (courtesy of Bohn after they helped him quote "Woo" Duen after their argument two days before), smiling at his bickering friend.

"How does it feel to be the certified straight of the group?" Boss joked, turning his attention back to their other friend after a while.

"You wound me!" King acted if his heart was injured, "I wouldn't say completely straight."

The rest held their laughter.

"All done!" he exclaimed with a smile, saving his progress.

Bohn shot him a glance, "Finally finished growing more plants?"

His friend nodded.

"I just opened up the island- here I'll write the invite code down." He stated, scribbling some numbers down, "Join when you're free."

Bohn nodded, "Right right."

Boss seemed to think for a moment, "Do you think I should get that game? Two of you are like- addicted to it!"

King blinked.

"If you do that, there's no going back." he joked.

their over-eccentric friend gasped loudly.

"Oh no! How will I have time for my darling husband then?" he dropped dramatically into Mek's arms, who smiled lovingly.

Mek tsked fondly, "And who's the sappy one now?" 

The table laughed, before Bohn suddenly paused.

"Oh shit it's one forty!" he exclaimed, "We're gonna be late!"

Since they all had class around this time, the group of second years scrambled, packing up their stuff haphazardly and running to their classrooms.

Little did King know that he had left the piece of paper on which he was writing on the lunch table's bench!

"Ugh, why did you drag us all the way to the engineering facility?" Ting groaned, slumping like she had run a marathon when she reached a table.

"It's because he wanted to meet up with his boyfriend." Tang responded, looking at Duen.

Their 'certified whipped' (nickname given by ting) best friend flushed.

"What? No I didn't! I just thought that... we should come to Ram and Phu for once." He stuttered.

Both his friends gave him a deadpan look that screamed 'yeah, right'.

"Oh, yeah guys! You saved us a table?" Phu's cheery voice cut their conversation short.

Duen smiled, "Phu! Ram! Finally, you two are here."

Ram nodded at him, focusing more on the strange piece of paper by where Ting was moping.

"...Who's is this?" He asked, holding it up.

The group all collectively denied ownership, leaving behind confusion.

"Maybe someone left it?" The tired girl suggested.

Ram nodded again, showing his agreement.

"I hope it's not important! Is there a name on it?" Duen questioned with worry.

Their quiet friend looked it over, but the owner must not have signed off on it, since he didn't see a name or nickname.

On the front, all that was their was some scribbled mathematic problems, only half of which were solved.

However, there was something of interest.

A strange code on the back of the paper, almost like an... invite code?

"All that walking has me starving! Duen, get us all some food." Queen Tingting demanded and their love-struck friend shuffled away, knowing better than to defy her when she was annoyed.

"Uh- how are classes?" Tang questioned.

"Good! Though, some of the material has been hard." Phu scratched the back of his neck, "I wish we knew a senior who could help us study."

Their 'half-to-death' female friend finally sat up.

"Amen to that! I'm close to begging Duen for Bohn's help." she groaned.

Ah, of course she was going to complain.

Ram silently took a picture of the code, making a mental note to try it out later.

He had played a few video games, mostly do to his friends nagging, and this looked an awful lot like the island invite code Duen had been spamming in the group chat a couple weeks prior.

Perhaps he could use it to give the person their paper back?

He was never one for unnecessary tasks, but since his friend had seemed worried, he might as well try.

The problems weren't finished, so maybe the owner still needed to do them as homework?

It took a few seconds for Ram to register the food pushed in front of him, but when he did, he looked up.

Duen seemed to be moping now- something about Bohn having class and that they wouldn't get to see each other until that night- Tingting consoling him, and Tang and Phu both eating and trying to pretend like their friends weren't silly.

He couldn't judge them though, since he wasn't doing anything different.

Plagued by the midterms looming around the corner (well, the next month, but still), at least this mystery would give him a chance to figure out the switch controls before he played with his friends.

He could only hope the day would pass relatively quickly.