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The Brother & The Husband: Moon Rabbit

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Izuna didn’t really want to marry Tobirama Senju. The man was a terror on the field. They did not call him the White Demon for no reason. Hell, Izuna told him as a ghost story to all the little Uchiha children. It was a sure way to scare Kagami-kun. That little piece of kindling was so easy to tease. It also brought the boy to bank. At five, the boy was already running the clan ragged with his actions.

Not to mention, Izuna’s side still ached where the bastard had stabbed him. That idiot brother of his healed it, and somehow conned Madara into a ceasefire and then straight into a treaty. Which lead Izuna to this.

“You must be joking,” Izuna said, staring down at the marriage contract that came in. Elder Mokutan looked at him, unimpressed.

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“And what did my brother say?” Izuna asked, waving the damn contract.

“He said if needs be then we will.” Elder Mokutan did not look happy about that either. The look on his face was one of long suffering. Madara didn’t always take in their opinions though he did try to listen to advice the Elders gave.

“Really,” Izuna said flatly. He eyed the Elder. “That’s what he said.”

“Izuna-sama, this is Madara-sama we are speaking of. I’m afraid he will marry the man himself, and we cannot have that.”

“That’s why you brought this to me first,” Izuna surmised. Nearly everything went to Madara as clan head. Except on certain occasions, the Uchiha Elders would seek him out because Izuna needed to be responsible as clan heir and to talk his brother out of some of his more esoteric ideas. Like the village which Izuna grudgingly supported after Madara wore him down.

“Izuna-sama, please,” Elder Mokutan begged. “Talk some sense into him. Do we really need such an arrangement for this village he is planning?”

Izuna sighed. He hated being clan heir. It brought more trouble than it was worth. “I’ll see what I can do.”



“Elder Mokutan spoke to you,” Madara said as soon as Izuna entered his older brother’s study.

“How do you know?” Izuna scowled. He slid the shoji door shut with a bit more strength than he needed.

“I don’t,” Madara said, looking up from the scroll he was working on. More treaty stuff, Izuna assumed. “But I can guess.”

“It wasn’t Elder Mokutan. It was Elder Danro.”

Madara paused, brush halted over the scroll. “Really? Elder Danro.”

Izuna groaned. He hated when Madara did that. For being an older brother, the ass knew everything. Somehow. It was annoying as heck. “It was Mokutan, but you can’t guess what just came in.”

“Ah,” Madara said and put his brush down instead of continuing. His eyes were sharp on Izuna. “They sent the marriage contract.”

“What the fuck? How do you know?” Izuna screeched. “It just came in.”

“I am your all knowing aniki, don’t you know?” Madara smirked at him. Izuna kicked up the zabuton, sending it flying at him. Madara deflected it. “Or you know I am in negotiation and communication with Hashirama-san.”

Izuna flopped down onto the other free zabuton. “Wonderful.”

“So,” Madara said as he stood up. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking you are stupid, and I hate you.” Izuna put his arm over his eyes. “My side still aches, you know.”


“Don’t touch me!” Izuna said without lifting his arm. He just knew Madara was ready to smother him.

“I wasn’t.”

Izuna peeked. “You totally were.”

Madara frowned, and Izuna went back to hiding his eyes from the candlelight.

“You don’t need to marry, Izuna. I will not force you.”

“Does it really have to be a marriage?” Izuna asked, instead. He felt Madara settled next to him.

“No, but it would be the best method to ensure our clans get along. Hashirama and I spoke about this for a long time.” Madara’s fingers slid into his hair, slipping the tie off. Izuna sighed as his brother combed his hair with his fingers. Madara always liked Izuna’s hair more than his own.

“And it has to be the Demon?”

“They would have offered Touka Senju, but Tobirama-san intervened.”

Izuna frowned, surprised. “He did?”

“She is their beloved cousin apparently. For a Demon, he has heart. He didn’t want her to marry if she didn’t want to. He also thought she should marry whoever she loves. So, he offered himself.”

“Huh.” Izuna would not have thought that of his rival. That the man would do something like that. He thought only Uchihas cared for a love match.

“And we only have you and Hikaku-san on our side. There is also myself,” Madara added. His fingers smoothed out the bangs from Izuna’s forehead, brushing them to side. “It is okay if you say no. I can marry him."

“You know I won’t do that, right?”

“I’m serious, Izu.”

“I’m serious too.” Izuna moved his arm away, opening his eyes to stare directly up into his brother’s.


“Just take it,” Izuna huffed. “And he better marry into us. I’m not living in their damn compound.”

“Okay. Anything you want, Izu. I’ll try to make it happen.”

“You better,” Izuna grumbled. Then he smiled.

"Why are you smiling?" Madara asked, wary.

"Just thinking about Elder Mokutan's reaction." Elder Mokutan thought he had a lot of say over his brother, which Izuna did. However, he loved his aniki more than the clan. Like he would make his brother suffer a loveless match.



“Are you sure?” Madara asked again as Izuna smoothed out his haori. Madara kept asking him multiple times. Even asked as they both signed the marriage contract. It was starting to be annoying.

“Aniki,” Izuna said as calmly as he could. “I’m getting married. Today.”

Madara grimaced. “I’m well aware of that.”

“It’s too late to back out.”

“Yes, but like I said. I would break the contract for you.”

Izuna patted Madara’s face. “Sure, you will. I promise. It’ll be fine.”

Madara smiled. It was small but there. "You look well, ototo."

"I hope so."

This would be the first time he truly seen the bastard since the man injured him. Izuna had seen Tobirama, kind of half spoke to him during the final stages of negotiations, but this? This would be the first time they would meet and have a full conversation. And he wanted to look good. Show the bastard exactly just how good he was, and it was a honor for Tobirama to marry into the Uchiha.



It wasn’t fine.

Oh, they got married. Went through the sake drinking and all of that, but—

“If you touch me, I will stab you,” Tobirama said, eyeing the futon they were meant to share.

“Same,” Izuna smiled widely. “You can have the floor.”

Tobirama narrowed his eyes. “How uncourteous of you, husband.”

“Are you not the wife?” Izuna shot back.

“Do not call me that,” Tobirama growled, stepping forward. His fingers were clenched into fists at his side, and Izuna smirked.

“You don’t like the term, dear? I can call you any sweet thing you want.”

He watched as Tobirama shivered in disgust. “You—”

“Don’t be so surprised. You are married to me, after all, Tobira-chan.” Izuna dodged. A senbon landed in the wall behind him. “Already?”

“You didn’t really think I would come unprepared for our marriage bed, did you?” Tobirama asked, crossing his arms.

“I think I should be more worried considering you stabbed me,” Izuna replied. He could have sworn that Tobirama was not meant to have weapons. At least not for tonight.


Izuna considered. Then, he dashed and jumped onto the futon, taking up as much space as he could. “Floor’s all yours, dear.”




“You call this tea?” Izuna asked, eyebrows raised.

“Is it not to your liking?” Tobirama asked. He set the plate down with a clatter. It was the first day of marriage, and somehow the Senju thought he needed to make breakfast for him.

“It’s shit,” Izuna said, bluntly.

“Then starve.” Tobirama sat down, tucking into his own food.

“Or you could learn to brew tea properly.” Izuna crossed his arms. He was going to have to live with Tobirama for the unforeseeable future. Until they died. He was not drinking shit tea for the rest of his life.

Tobirama downed the tea and then slammed the cup back onto the table. “It’s fine.”

“It’s not—” Izuna caught Madara trying to sneak out. “Aniki, get over here!”

Madara winced, but he turned back to them. “Good morning Izuna, Tobirama-san.”

“Good morning,” Tobirama replied. “Would you like breakfast?”

“Thank you, but I’m going to eat with Hashirama in the office,” Madara declined. It was a bald faced lie if Izuna had ever heard one. Just for that, Izuna shoved his cup at him.

“Drink!” Izuna ordered.


Madara looked at him, and Izuna looked back. It was silent battle that Izuna won. His brother was weak to Izuna's charms. Madara drank and—

“What the hell is this?” Madara asked, sticking his tongue out in revulsion. It was truly a vile brew.

“Ask him,” Izuna said, jerking a thumb at the asshole Demon that sat at their table.

“Be grateful I didn’t poison you,” Tobirama growled.

“You might as well have,” Izuna replied and ducked as Tobirama threw his chopsticks at him.



It was not easy to build a village. It was also not easy to maintain a marriage, much less a public marriage in face of that.

“Do you not know how to smile?” Izuna muttered, hand around Tobirama’s waist. The damn Senju was practically stiff in his arms.

“Do you think I should be smiling?” Tobirama hissed back. They were out walking in the tiny market that had set up in the half-constructed village. Because it wasn’t enough to that they were married. They had to show proof of getting along.

“That says a lot about you,” Izuna said, and just for that he slid his hand inappropriately down and squeezed.

Tobirama yelped, face flaming red. “Izuna—”

“Husband,” Izuna said, voice full of steel. “Call me husband, dear.”

“Husband,” Tobirama gritted out. “Could you not touch me like that in public?”

“Ah,” Izuna said, ignoring him. He could see someone tottling up to them. “Elder Himoko, hello! Have you met my wife?”



A month still wasn’t enough to ease the tension between Izuna and Tobirama. It was getting wearisome, but as Izuna looked down at the building plans Tobirama dropped on his desk he found himself fired up again.

“Tobirama, what the hell is this?”

“The draft for the administrative building.”

Izuna’s eyebrow twitched. He really wanted to kill the idiot who thought they needed to share an office just because they were married. He would have liked some breathing room.

“It’s shit.”

“What did you say?” Tobirama asked, looking up from his papers.

Izuna held up the draft, made sure Tobirama watch him, and ripped it. “It’s utter shit.”


Izuna barely countered the suiton justu Tobirama directed at him. “You are so violent, wife.”

“I wouldn’t be if my husband wasn’t such an idiot incapable of voicing their thoughts.”

Izuna would claim responsibility for the next fireball.



“This is ridiculous,” Hikaku complained, looking down at the budget report. “Do you know how much ryos you and Tobirama-san have cost the clan in repairs?”

Izuna shrugged.

“A lot,” Hikaku said, tugging at his hair.

“I’ll take it outside then,” Izuna said. Because into their second month of marriage, Tobirama and he had devolved into actual fighting. It was nowhere as fierce as it had been on the battlefield, but they used some hefty jutsus. Unavoidable when you were shinobis of their caliber.

Hikaku glared at him. “You can’t keep destroying the compound.”

“It’s not on purpose.” It really wasn’t. Something about the Senju just set Izuna off. Extremely badly. The only moments that were somewhat calm where when they had to go on outings. Pretend that they were super happy with their marriage despite it being arranged. It was working though. Madara said the number of brawls between the Uchiha and Senju had decreased over the last two weeks.

“Can’t you do something else beside fighting?”

“And how do you suggest we redirect our energies?” Because if Izuna knew how, they wouldn’t be going at each other’s throat the moment they were in the same room. Thank kami they didn’t have to share a room beside that first night. Tobirama sequestered himself into the guest room the next day.

“Fuck,” Hikaku swore, uncharacteristically like him. He was truly furious. “Hell if I know, but sort it out.”

That gave Izuna an ill-advised idea.



“Asshole,” Tobirama growled. Despite being broader and taller, Izuna had managed to pin the bastard down. “Get off me.”

“I think not.” Izuna looked down at him. The Senju was rather pretty, despite his coloring. He was sure on any other person, it would look weird or frightening, but Tobirama looked beautiful. His hair was a true snow white, and those red eyes were very bright. So much so that—

“You look like a moon rabbit,” Izuna said.

“What?” Tobirama looked at him in disbelief.

“Yep, a moon rabbit.”

“Izuna, if you don’t quit speaking nonsen—”

Izuna kissed him.

Tobirama froze beneath him, eyes wide. Then, those eyes narrowed. Izuna was not prepared for the way the Senju practically attacked his mouth, nipping and biting.

“Ow,” Izuna whined, pressing his hips into Tobirama. “You’re such a biter for a rabbit.”

“Shut up,” Tobirama growled, but his mouth was relentless on Izuna’s neck and collarbone.

It was a really good way to redirect their energies. Really good, and when they finished, Tobirama slumped against Izuna in a post-coital haze. It was somewhat endearing.

“So,” Izuna drawled out. “Tell me again. What is your plan for the orphanage?”



It was a lot easier to speak and talk about any issues they had after fucking each other. Izuna certainly appreciated it as Tobirama tried to hide his limping into the kitchen.

“Good night?” Izuna asked.

Tobirama glared at him. He gingerly sat himself on the zabuton. “Pass the tea.”

Izuna did and watched as Tobirama gulped it down. The poor bastard had a hard time waking up, and Izuna realized overtime that the tea was shit because Tobirama purposefully drank it bitter to wake up.

“Not strong enough,” Tobirama muttered. He blinked, and Izuna really wondered how he managed to get up to cook breakfast for them that first morning.

“You have terrible tastebuds.”

“Ugh.” Tobirama’s head lolled onto the table.

“I didn’t fuck you that hard, did I?”

Tobirama flicked a finger at him.

“You can’t lie there forever. Elder Danro has been after me. It’s time you took on your duties as my wife.”

“What?” Tobirama’s eyebrows creased. “Duties?”

“I’m clan heir. As my wife, you will share some of my responsibilities.” Izuna knew the man was more than capable after seeing him work on the village policies and laws. They just hadn’t gotten around to doing this because they had fought so much.

“I didn’t think you would allow me…”

Izuna sighed. “Our marriage is not just for show, Tobirama. I would like it to work.”

Tobirama forced himself to sit up. “As would I.”



As Izuna predicted, Tobirama took to clan duties like a matchstick. What surprised him was this:

"Hello," Tobirama said, gently. He crouched down, and Kagami-kun was staring at him.

"You're the--the," Kagami-kun stuttered.

"He's my wife," Izuna interjected. Shit. He nearly forgot all the ghost stories he told about Tobirama.

Kagami turned to him, eyes wide. "He's your wife?"

"Yes," Tobirama said. He was entirely soft, and he held his hand out to Kagami. "Do you like mochi, Kagami-kun?"

Kagami hestiated, looking at Izuna for directions. Izuna nodded.


"Good. I have a lot of mochi to share," and Izuna was startled to find that he did. Tobirama reached in his sleeve, pulling out a small white box. He popped the lid open, showing it to Kagami.

"Would you like one?"

Kagami took one, and Tobirama smiled so brilliantly that Izuna had to tear his eyes away. He knew that look. That was the same look as Kemuri who took care of all the Uchiha children.

The Demon liked children.



Their fucking marked a change. Set the tone for the future stage. They still fought, but their marriage was a bearable one. Even if he hated how Tobirama poked at his wound at the moment.

“That hurts,” Izuna grumbled.

“You didn’t want to go to the hospital or see my brother,” Tobirama replied, carefully stitching the wound on his back.

“You could have numbed it.”

“You don’t deserve it.”

“You’re being very mean to your husband,” Izuna gritted out. He could feel each and every one of those stitches.

“Hmpfh,” and there was something cool settling onto his skin. It soothed the ache, making the pain a bit more acceptable.

“What would you do if I died?” Izuna asked.


“What a boring answer.” Izuna paused. “Seriously, what would you do if I die? Would you remarry?”

Tobirama finished the last stitch, snipping off the thread. “Don’t be stupid. Do I look like the marrying type?”

Izuna raised an eyebrow as he turned to face his husband.

Tobirama scowled. “I married you. Once is enough.”

“You should marry my brother if you have to marry.” It slipped out of Izuna’s mouth before he could help it.


“There’s a custom,” Izuna defended. “I would hate for you to marry anyone else besides me, but if you have to then aniki. He’s okay.”

Tobirama rolled his eye. “You’re ridiculous.”

“I’m just saying. What? You don’t think I could marry your brother?”

“Hashirama is already married.” Tobirama sighed. “If he isn’t married to Mito, you can marry him.”

“Good.” Izuna pulled Tobirama’s face down to him. He was too freaking tall, even if Izuna was sitting on the table. “You’re the only one I want though.”



Izuna stopped. Tobirama was dressed in a white kimono, sitting on his futon.

“Tobirama?” He blinked. The man’s hair was neatly combed, and he looked positively divine. The window shutter was cracked open, and the moonlight spilled onto him. It made a pretty picture that Izuna’s fingers itched to draw.

“Husband,” Tobirama said, softly. His red eyes were on Izuna’s, fixed and heavy.

“Why are you in my room?” Izuna pushed the shoji door shut.

“I thought we could start over.” Tobirama gestured to the tray in front of him. There were three cups and oh—

“Tobirama.” Izuna’s heart was fast in his chest, and he almost couldn’t bear the feeling that was welling up inside of him. “Really?”


“My dear, my wife.” Izuna murmured. He knelt in front of Tobirama. “You really do look like a moon rabbit in this light.”

He couldn’t help but activate his Sharingan. Captured how that flush spread across Tobirama’s cheeks.

“Right,” Tobirama blustered. He picked up a cup, shoving it at Izuna. “Here.”

“So demanding,” Izuna teased, but he had to concentrate on keeping his hand steady to accept the cup. This night was just for them.

It wasn’t love, but something more for them. A promise for their life together.