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Sugar Rush

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It had been five nights in a row that Team had come to Wins bed. It was like a habit he couldn’t kick. He couldn’t help it , his insomnia got even worse the more he tried to sleep alone in his dorm room. He should really see a doctor or a therapist about it. Win didn’t get why Team was being so odd about it.  

‘You are being such a baby.’ Win said, getting under the covers on Teams other side ‘You know my door is always open. There is nothing wrong with needing to sleep with someone.’  

Team sighed.  

‘Well, I shouldn’t need it this much, it’s unhealthy.’  

‘Unhealthy?’ Win laughed.  

‘Yes!’ Team said.  

Win doesn’t get it. Of course, Win wouldn’t get it. For Team it wasn’t just because he had to sleep with someone to get sleep. It was also because of Win. His blonde hair loose, his white teeth full on display. The problem was that Win, according to many and now Team, was fucking gorgeous. Especially in the dim light, with his hair loose and his shirt off, tattoos visible.  

It wasn’t like Team had a crush, he didn’t want to be like,  boyfriends  or anything. But there was now a sense of heat inside him when he looked at that gorgeous smile of the blonde bombshell. Sleeping next to him made him feel funny especially when Win put his long arms around Team's middle, his fingers gently rubbing his back.  

‘It's unhealthier  to not get any sleep because of your own stubbornness.’ Win said his tone a little more serious. ‘You have to get proper rest.’ 

Team rolled his eyes at him.  

‘Okay, dad.’ He said, reaching to turn off Win’s bedside lamp so only the fairy lights were on in the room, which made the blonde man in bed with him look soft.  

Ugh , Team thought. Can’t believe he’s calling his dumbass of a friend  soft

‘I prefer daddy, if you don’t mind.’ Win grinned. 

Team punched his arm.  

‘Ouch!’ Win whined.  

‘Now who’s a baby.’ Team said.  

‘Hm, still you.’ Win said.  

The two, after much bickering, went into soft silence, sleepiness taking over. Win closed his eyes and let his arm casually hang around Team’s waist. Both fell  asleep.  


Light peeped through Wins curtains.  

Team woke up first, his chocolate brown eyes blinking rapidly so they wouldn’t hurt. Wins arm still wrapped around him, he notes, although the grip a lot looser than it was initially. Team's eyes roamed over the tanned skin laden with deep black tattoos. They were pretty, Team had to admit, they contrasted well with his skin.  I really should ask what they mean , he thought and before he could stop himself, he was letting his fingers touch them, gently following the patterns.  

Win was a deep sleeper (unlike Team who was easily awakened by even the slightest hint of sunlight), so he didn’t wake up. He did make some soft noises though, which went undetected by Team. 

Team looked at Wins face. He really was beautiful, features seemed planned out intricately by his maker. Not that Team was a believer in God, that is. Soft eyelids that closed over dark eyes, soft pink lips which made him look cheeky when he smiled but serious and sexy when he frowned. Team could see the deep regrowth of Win’s dark natural hair in the centre of his head, contrasting with his dyed blonde. 

Team couldn’t stop looking, it was embarrassing really, to find his friend this attractive. His mouth became dry. Team turned himself over, facing away from Win, he was going to go crazy if he kept looking at him like this.  Should try to get some more shut eye,  he thought,  or i'll be too tired after swimming practice . He slowly closed his eyes, almost drifting back to sleep once again, until he was interrupted by a whine, then a moan. He felt the bed dip as the other man turned, his grip now firmer as he tried to pull him closer. But  something hit his leg and h e froze, unable to relax into Win’s hold. He knew what that  ‘something’  was. He was suddenly aware of the man beside him breathing heavily. Team felt something in the bottom of his stomach. It seemed like Win wasn’t the only one with a  ‘something’  too.  

When Win whined again, Team sucked in a breath and pinched the other man's arm.  

Win’s eyes cracked open, and he frowned.  

‘Was that you?’ He asked Team, sleepily.  

‘Yeah, who else would it be, idiot.’ Team said back, still aware of the hard-on against him, a dull heat in the back of his head.  

He knew that it was natural for people with dicks to wake up this way. He had himself many a time, but Win’s had never been on him before, accompanied with Win making noises that were frankly, sinful.    

‘What time is it?’ Win asked yawning, still not moving away.  


‘It's too early to wake me up.’ Win whined at the other man. 

 ‘Plus, you interrupted my nice dream’ Win said, in a tone that made it clear he was aware of his condition. Suddenly Win realised that his erection was pushing into Team's leg. Eyes widening, he moved ever so slightly, looking uncharacteristically abashed.  

‘Sorry, I didn’t know it was poking you.’  

Team laughed. Which made Win push his away playfully.  

 ‘Are you fifteen?’ Team joked at Win, who was still a bit pink. ‘Who has a wet dream in their twenties?’  

‘Oh, come on.’ Win said defensively ‘Don’t tell me you don’t have any yourself.’  

Team found himself blushing. He had sometimes, and some of them quite filthy. He'd be taking those dreams to the grave though; couldn’t even tell Pharm about them.  


‘Anyway’ Win said still defensive ‘It’s been a long time since I got any action from anyone.’  

‘Really?’ Team questioned, surprised.  

He knew of Win’s enjoyment of causal sex with women and men at his university, he was like a magnet. No surprises there, Win was extremely good-looking and charming to boot so naturally, he had a long line of people who were willing to sleep with him. Team pretended he didn’t feel a little jealous thinking about that.  

Win nodded.  

‘A whole month without anyone.’ He said sadly.   

Team rolled his eyes.  

‘That's not that long.’ Team said.  

‘Maybe not for you, but I have a high libido.’ He paused for a second. ‘How long has it been for you?’  

Team went quiet.  

‘Team?’ He asked again.  

Team swallowed; he didn’t know why he felt embarrassed telling the other man.  

‘Nineteen years.’ He answered faintly.  

There was a pause.  

Team thought Win was going to laugh at him. But he didn’t. Instead, he looked a little confused. 

‘So you’ve never had sex?’ Win asked bluntly.  

‘Yeah, I’m, a-’ Team’s voice got smaller. ‘A virgin.’  

‘Ah.’ Win said  

‘Hey, there’s no shame in it, Team. It’s a dumb concept anyway.’ Win said, noting how the other man was going pink. 

‘Though, I am surprised.’  

Team blushed even more. Why would he be surprised about Team’s lack of sexual experience. Did Win think he was some sort of Casanova? 

‘Why?’ Team asked out loud. 

‘Well, you are really cute.’ Win said, pinching the others cheek ‘I thought they’d be a line of guys that would be interested in you, and you don’t seem that shy about sex.’  

Team was pretty sure the blush was up to his ears now. He felt strange, he knew that Win found him cute, he joked about it all the time much to the other’s chagrin. But hearing that in the context of sex and staring into Win’s soft eyes in the morning was making his heart beat faster.  

‘It's not like I haven't had any offers.’ Pausing, he internally cringed as he remembered some of the guys who approached him in bars and how awkwardly he rejected them. ‘It's just, it can’t be with someone who I just met, it has to be someone I trust, and I haven't met someone like that yet.’  

‘Ah.’ Win says, ‘So you want your future boyfriend to take your virginity?’ Win asks seriously.  

Team thinks for a second.  

‘Not really, could also be just a friend.’  

Team felt Win staring at him intensely. He heard the other man's sharp intake of breath.  

‘I could help you out with that.’ Win said in a low voice.  

Team felt everything around him still as his head was spun, mind racing in the quietness of the room.  

Win is offering himself to me??  

He asked if we could...said he could...  

Team broke the silence by pushing Win, almost shoving him completely out of his double bed.  

‘Stop messing around!’ Team said, his cheeks flushed.  

The blonde boy recovered and turned to Team with a serious face.  

‘I’m not joking, Team, we’re friends.’ 

Team swallowed again.  

So, Win was interested in him?  

At least sexually?   


Win, I’m not sure I want to have sex with you.’ Team said, even though in the back of his mind he knew that it was a bit of a white lie.  Win was a good-looking guy, must be even better-looking during sex, with his bronzed skin and his golden hair, his tattoos-  

‘Well suit yourself, if you wanted to do it with someone who could show you the ropes, I'm your guy.’  

‘Show me the ropes?’ Team questioned. 

‘Yep, like how to do sex well with a seasonal professional.’ Win said smiling, his eyes twinkled. ‘Think of it as a bro helping another bro out.’  

Team rolled his eyes. 

‘Well, ‘professional’ or not.’ Team said ‘It’s never going to happen.’  

 ‘Well, if you change your mind.’ Win said, getting out of bed, and walking to his en-suite. ‘You know where to find me.’ Win said, then opened the door to the bathroom and disappeared into it.  

Team sunk into Wins bed, his mind a rush of deep thoughts.  



It had been a week since Win’s proposal towards Team and Team had felt out of sorts ever since, he couldn’t stop looking at Win in a certain way. He felt shyer when he spoke to the older man at swimming practise all week, especially when they were alone in the locker room with Wins naked chest. Team couldn’t stop thinking about the little droplets from the pool going down his chest, the soft tanned skin which made Win a warm peach colour, his wet hair framing his gorgeous face in a Greek God sort of way.   

He felt his heartbeat faster when he looked at the other man, he felt like he was losing his grip.  

He finally cracked on a Monday when he couldn’t get to sleep, his mind not full of worries but rather full of Win. Team walked upstairs to the older boy's room, his pink cheeks matching his pj bottoms.  

His hand felt like led when he knocked on Wins door. While it only took five seconds for Win to open his bedroom door, for Team it felt like a million years till he saw the blonde-haired tall guy with his cat like smile looking back at him.  

‘Team!’ The other man said his voice sleepy but Joyful.  

Team entered the blonde's room, his feet shuffling along. He watched as Win, went to his bed and made a space for Team to get in.  

Team slowly went towards the other mans bed. He settled himself down, watching Win. He felt his heart speed up but he didn’t really know why.  

‘Win.’ He said, trying to make his voice less shaky.  

‘Team.’ He replied his eyes wide and smiling.  

‘I’ve thought about what you said.’  

Wins eyebrows raised.  

Team sighed. 

‘I’d be okay with having sex with you.’ He said his voice in a rush.  

He heard Win make a strange strangled sound.  

‘You what?’ Win said.  

‘You heard.’  

‘You would be okay with having sex with me?’ Win asked still dumbfounded. 

Team looked at him. What if Win was joking all along and Team had humiliated himself.  

‘Yes, Win.’ Team said in a final sort of way. ‘Don’t make fun of me.’ He added lamely.  

‘I’m not going too.’ Win said, his voice had an air of something Team couldn’t explain but it finally it got it’s usually cheekiness back. Win went towards his bed and laid down next to the brunette.  

‘But you said…’ Win made his voice more high pitched, a crude impression of the younger man. ‘Win I don’t wanna have sex with you?’  

Team shoved him. He hated Wins ‘Team voice.’ 

‘Don’t make me take it back.’ Team said.  

‘What changed your mind?’ Win asked seriously.  

Team thought for a second. He thought about how attractive Win was, and how while annoying and cheeky was kind and easy going. He thought about a future boyfriend and how he might disappoint in bed. His mind focused on something other than how attractive Win, he focused on ‘show you the ropes’. Team realised, he didn’t have to embarrass himself by telling Win he was intruding his night-time thoughts, but he could ask Win to teach him, teach him how to fuck. 

Team smiled, and looked at Win dead in the eyes. ‘I was thinking..’ he began, phrasing himself delicately ‘you’ve had a lot of sex right? So you must be pretty experienced right?’  

Win nodded.  

‘And I’m not. And when I get a boyfriend, I don’t wanna be inexperienced…’ He tailed off. 

‘So you want me to be your sex professor.’ Win said with a grin. 

‘Ewww don’t say it like that.’ Team cringed.  

‘Well it’s a deal!’ Win said his eyes alive.  

He held out his hand for Team to shake it. Team shook it. 



Win and Team acted like normal in public after that, they still teased each other at swim practise. Still ate together, and still did regular tutoring in the library.  

It wasn’t till Tuesday that Team came up to Win in the changing rooms.  

‘You free tonight?’ He asked, trying to sound casual.  

‘Sure, you need extra English tutoring?’ Win asked.  

‘’ Team made his voice go quieter. 

‘For that thing we promised each other.’  

‘Oooh!’ Win said his eyes going wide.  

‘Oh yeah if you are still interested Team, tonight would be great.’ Win said, a cheeky smile on his face. 

‘I am.’ Team took a moment to study Wins shirtless body. ‘I definitely am.’ 

‘Cool.’ Win said, though it didn’t sound as relaxed as the man usually was. ‘7pm tonight, my dorm?’ He asked. 

‘Cool.’ Team said, like they were planning to study.  

‘Awesome.’ Win said.  

Win made to grab his shirt and put it over his head.   

Team was just about to walk out of the changing room when he suddenly remembered. 

‘Oh Win?’ He asked. 

‘Yeah?’ The older man replied, now flatting out his shirt.  

Team made his voice low again. 

‘When was the last time you were tested?’ He asked. 

Win starched the back of his neck. 

‘Uhhhh like a three months ago. All clear, tested negative for everything.’ He said.  

He put his hand on Teams shoulder. 

‘Don’t worry.’ He said ‘You are in good hands with Professor Win.’ He grinned while Team cringed.  


Tuesday came rather quickly, maybe too quickly for Team. He stood in front of Wins doors  waiting for the other man.  

He knocked once, softly. It wasn’t that long till Win opened the door, smiling, his hair’ golden. 

Team noticed that the older man was wearing round lens. 

‘Since when did you wear glasses?’ Team asked while walking inside of Wins dorm. 

‘Oh do you like them?’ Win said smiling. 

He did, it was unfair how a simple wearing of glasses could make a man so hot.  

‘Yeah.’ Team sighed, as he went to sit near Win on his bed. No real point in lying if he was about to sleep with the man. 

Win smiled. The two stayed on the bed, laying looking at each other. It was like a movie in a sense, a haze of something was around the pair, if it had a colour, it would be pink. A peachy pink. It felt longer than a minute when Team spoke up again.  

‘Shall we kiss or something?’ He asked lamely, trying not to look at the blondes' soft peachy lips.  

Win laughed, his voice a little horse.  

‘Not yet, first I need to ask you some things.’ Win said.  

Team nodded.  

Win propped himself on his elbow, looking intensely at Team.  

‘So.’ He started.  

‘So.’ Team repeated.  

‘How much have you done?’ Win asked, his voice still a little horse.  

‘How do you mean?’ Team asked softly.  

‘Well, have you ever kissed anyone?’ Win asked, there was a slight childish giggle in his mouth, like the pair were sharing juicy details at a sleep over.  

‘Of course, I have!’ Team replied. ‘Just because I haven’t had sex, doesn’t mean I’m completely clueless!’  

Win just laughed.  

‘Okay, okay, you don’t need to get so defensive, I’m just asking.’ Win paused for a second. ‘Were they good kisses?’ 

Team thought for a second. If he was being honest. No, they weren't amazing. He had a couple of kisses from a girl he knew in high school before he realised, he was gay, a make out with a guy at a party in his final high school year, where his breath tasted like cheap wine.  

‘They...were...’ Team started when he noticed that Wins thumb was on his bottom lip, softly touching.  

‘Well, no one's done that before.’ Team said, his face pink. A peachy pink.  

Win hmmed for a second, a nice noise.  

He then moved his face forward so that there was only a few cm between the two men, they both felt their heart beats sped up as there was just a whisper. 

‘Can I kiss you?’ Win asked softly. Team nodded.  

Win slotted his lips against the young man, Team first felt softness on his lips, Wins lips where like soft creamy butter, smooth and rich.  

Their kiss started as chaste, a simple a peak. It slowly got heated like a cake in the oven, slowly rising.  

It took a moment for Win to be the more dominant in the kiss, letting his lips and tongue melt into the others mouth. Team let his hands on to the other man's neck, deepening the kiss softly. Team swore he felt a little hot gasp from the other man. He kissed him more. Win pushed him over, so the other man was under him. Team felt an odd tingle when Win push him down. He felt a hint of hardness in his pants. He then felt Wins hands, Wins lovely, lovely hands take his wrists while still kissing him. Win pushed Teams wrists over his hand and pinned them down above. The pair up of Wins soft lips and his own wrists pinned down made Team accidentally bite the other man's lip, hard.  

The pair split apart, with Win making a slightly painful whine. Win took his hands off Teams wrists. He was still above him, looking down at the brown-haired boy.  

‘I’m sorry!’ Team said, looking at Wins lip which seemed a little bruised. ‘For biting you.’ His face glowed red. Of course, his first kiss with someone as hot at Win would go wrong. Win was likely to push him out of his room.  

Instead Win grinned as he was still above the other.  

‘No need to be sorry.’ Win said grinning. ‘You just took me by surprised.’ Win leant down so that he was close to Teams lips again. ‘I’ve guessing you’ve never been kissed like that before.’ Win whispered.  

Team nearly felt his brain collapse, he always knew that Win was a master at flirting and, he cringed internally at the word, seduction but experiencing these things under Win was something else.  

‘’ Team stammered his voice laced with shyness.  

Win grinned wicked and gave the other man a kiss on the cheek.  

‘So, you’ve been kissed..’ Win says slowly once his lips where off Teams cheek, and now on laying to the side of him, instead of on top. (Team pretended that he didn’t want him back on top of him.) ‘You’re not had sex, have you done anything else?’  

Team cleared his throat. ‘How do you mean?’  

‘Well like, hand jobs, blow jobs that sort of stuff.’  

Team thought for a second.  

‘One hand job in my last year of high school at a leaving party.’  

‘Ah.’ Win shifted closer to the other man. 

‘How was it?’  

‘Oh it was okay, I came so…’ He trailed off looking at the blonde boy in his deep brown eyes. He swallowed again.  

‘Look, Hia, I’ve never given anyone any thing like a hand job or anything, so I think…’

He swallowed for the third time.  

‘I think I want to give you one.’ He felt himself turn bright red. Lack of experience wasn’t the only reason he wanted to touch the other. He wanted to know what Win looked and sounded like in moments of intense pleasure, he badly wanted to know these things.

‘I want to jerk you off.’ He ended softly. 

Win smiled softly next to him, and turned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  

‘You are so cute.’ He sighed out.  

‘Before you touch me though.’ He said while he straddled Team (who didn’t even bother to hid his delight). 

‘I want to touch you first.’ Win said, his voice so deep and serious. Team felt his mouth go very dry.  

‘Is that what you would like, Team?’  

Team nodded furiously.  

Win kissed him again, his lips even softer this time. The kiss was a little less passionate then early likely due to Wins hands, which were wondering down Teams shirt, making its journey to the hem. Team felt himself breath heavy and he even gasped when he felt Wins hand grab the hem. Win let his lips leave Team’s.  

‘May I?’ Win asked in a way that made Team shiver.
Team nodded and he felt his shirt come off and thrown to the side. It was strange, Team had been shirtless in front of Win more times that he could remember but here in there was a sense of slightly shame in Team. It wasn’t because he felt like his body was bad looking or something but because he realised how virginal he was compared to the man who was on top of him. These thoughts and everything else in his brain disappeared once Win took off his own shirt and began touching Teams bare chest.  

His fingers felt soft and gentle on Teams skin, it created goose bumps on Teams chest. He didn’t know how to explain the feeling he felt when Wins fingers were just above his shorts. He could only feel the heat of his body. Win looked up at him, his eyes were so serious.  

‘May I?’ Win asked again, but his voice was so much more deep, more serious and even a little bit more lustful. Once again Team nodded.  

He felt his shorts come off, and he was completely bare. He felt himself shiver again.  

Win slowly let his hands drift on Teams thighs, moving his hands up and down the tanned skin. Team sighed softly, he didn’t realise how sensitive his legs where. Win kept teasing Teams legs getting as close as possible to the place Team wanted most. It didn’t help that Team was now hard as a rock. 

‘Hia…please.’ Team whined, his voice was high and needy.  

Win complied and finally, finally started to touch him fully. He first touched the tip with light delicate, it made Team make a loud high-pitched noise. It was such a small touch, but it felt so intense. Team closed his eyes tightly, as he then felt more gentle touches, Wins thumb circling the tip, his other hand resting on his thigh. Teams' toes curled, as Win slowly moved his hand to palm Teams whole cock, his hand move up and down slowly, creating an intoxicating sense of friction. Team moaned hotly, it felt different from the way that he touched himself, slower and more considered. Team felt himself sweat, wetness going down his neck.  

‘You look hot like this.’ Win said and at the same time, sped up his hand.  

Team moaned again this time much louder than before, his eyes were still tightly shut, he couldn’t open them at the time, because if he saw Win, he’d go crazy. Team bit his lip; his body was getting hotter and hotter, Wins hand kept going. He was taking Team right to the edge.  

‘I’m close.’ Teams moaned out, and even though his eyes were closed he could tell that Win was smiling. Team thought it couldn’t get anymore hot until Win traced the back of his hand on Team balls.  

‘Ah!’ Team cried out loud as his orgasm hit him softly. He felt heat slowly leave his body, his chest rising and falling.  

He opened his eyes as his breath became slowly. He saw Win smiling down at him, his pupils blown.  

‘Was that just okay?’ Win asked smiling. 

Team didn’t respond instead overcome with lust he lunged forward and attempted to kiss the other man hard on the mouth.  

‘Wait, Team.’ Win said. ‘I need to clean you up.’  

‘Oh.’ Team said. 

He looked down at his chest and saw his own cum dripping down him. He had been so taken by his orgasm he hadn’t noticed. 

It took only a few seconds for Win to clean him. Once Team was clean, he went to kiss the other, he kissed Win hard, his hands racking in Wins hair. He felt Win shift him, so that the pair swapped over, so now that Team was hovering over the blonde hair man. Sitting on Wins legs, Team felt Wins hardness. He couldn’t distract himself on how much he wanted to touch it.  

‘Win.’ Team asked once the two broke apart, 

‘What is it, babe?’  

Team swallowed.  

‘I’m going to touch you now, is that cool?’  

Win giggled slightly.  

‘Of course, it's cool.’ Win said ‘I’m all yours Team.’ He said in a lower voice.  

Team nodded and swallowed. He stared at Wins muscles on his chest. His mouth watered slightly. He lent down, placing his mouth on it and slowly kissed downwards. He didn’t expect Win to moan ever so slightly when he let his lips taste his chest or that Win would taste so good under his mouth.  

His lips stopped around Wins belly button, he realised how close he was to Wins hard cock. He go up slightly and went towards Wins pants. His mouth went dry as he put his shaking thumbs under the waist band.  

‘M-may I?’ He asked with a shaky voice.  

Win groaned a yes and Team felt himself get slightly hard again.  

Slowly Team pulled down the mans pants and threw them to the side. His eyes widened. 

Shit. Win was fully naked and god he was so gorgeous. A small tattoo was on Wins pelvis. Without thinking Team traced it with his fingers, nearly brushing against Wins dick. Wins dick that like the rest of him was gorgeous. It was pretty big, of course it would be but it was also pretty.  Team didn’t know a cock could be pretty till he saw Wins.   

‘D-do do, do you want m-me to touch you?’ Team asked his mouth very, very dry 

‘Yes.’ Win said his voice breathily.  

Team swallowed again and slowly put his hand on Wins hard cock, god touching it felt like heaven. 

 He circled it with his fist and moved it up and down.  

‘Is this good?’ Team asked after a couple of strokes.  

‘Hmmm, tighten your hand.’ Win said softly. 

Team did so. 

‘Ah no! Team that’s too tight, loosen it a little, yeah that’s it, fuck that’s it.’  

Once Team got the grip right and he started to jerk off Win again. 

‘Team, slow down a little.’ Win said in a hot voice. 

‘Ah sorry.’ Team said and slowed his hand down.  

‘That’s okay, oh. Oh!’ Wins voice turned in a soft string of moans that made Teams tummy flip over. He couldn’t he was really doing this. Wins perfect cock in his hand, Win moaning and sweating under his touch. He didn’t know what to look at, Wins blissed out gorgeous face or his cock currently in his hands. He decided on his cock, now jerking it with more confidence then he had earlier.  

‘Mmmmmh go faster.’ Win moaned again. His moans were much louder then Teams and Team was so thankful. 

Team let his hand go faster, wanting to finish the other man off.  

‘Are you close?’ Team asked  

‘Hhhhmmm.’ Was the only response. 

‘Are you?’ Team asked again, but instead of answering Win let his own hand come down to his cock and started to move it on his tip while Team jerked him off. It took longer for Win to come then it took Team but once he did, gosh, Team felt like he could replay that sound of Wins high pitched soft whine forever as soft white liquid came out hitting the young man's stomach.  

Team watched as Win blinked rapidly a few times. 

‘For a beginner you are pretty good.’ He said smiling.  

Team smiled back. 

He gets a tissue to wipe Win as he breaths heavily. After he’s done, he lays beside Win. His thoughts are pretty muddled not sure what he should say.He did know one thing though, as he stares at the golden haired man. 

He really wanted Win to fuck him. And maybe, even kiss him on the forehead.  

Chapter Text

Win didn’t act any differently around Team after that night. He was still his usual charming self, showing off his swimming skills, laughing at Dean’s seriousness and teasing both Pharm and Team.  

Team didn’t know how to feel about it. He didn’t know why but there was a certain unease in his body when he saw Win, it's not like he wanted Win to be shouting that he and Team were getting frisky together from the rooftop. But he did feel like something had changed slightly in their friendship. For one Team now knew how he sounded when Win came now.  He also knew that Win was a lot softer in bed then he thought he would be. Maybe it was Wins flirty nature, or he’s dominating confidence. He thought Win would throw him around the room like a rag doll. Or maybe he’d leave hickies like Dean did to his boyfriend. Speaking of Pharm, the short haired male hadn’t noticed that there was a bruise on his neck. He was too busy eating whatever sugary treats he had made for himself.  

‘Pharm, do you know you have a big bruise on your neck.’ Team said. 

The short man looked up alarmed. He felt on his neck and blushed suddenly.  

‘No, I didn’t…oh gosh!’ He quickly turn his collar up, trying to hide it.  

‘Here, have my jacket.’  Team said passing his blue and white jacket to the smaller man.  

‘Thanks.’ Pharm said red in the face.  

Team grinned.  

‘Did Dean make that mark?’ He asked wiggling his eyebrows. 

Pharm became even redder. He grabbed another one of his candy treats so he could distract himself from Teams teasing.  

‘Should I take that as a, yes?’ Team teased again.  

Pharm looked away while still chewing. 

‘Ohhhh!’ Manaow looked up, her eyes devilishly sparkling. ‘Does Pharm have a hickey again?!’  

Pharm went impossibly redder.  

‘Dean must be intense in bed!’ She squeaked happily. Her leg swung happily as she and Team teased Pharm a little more. 

‘Here, Pharm take my concealer.’ Manaow said a few minutes after teasing the other man. Pharm took it from her, his face still a scarlet colour.  

‘Thanks.’ He said in a small voice. 

‘Oooh Pharm you are so cute.’ Manaow cooed as she watched him rubbed her make up in to the bruise.  

‘So, embarrassing…’ Pharm mumbled to himself. 

‘Awww Pharm, there's no need to feel embarrassed.’ Manaow said in her usual sing song voice. ‘He’s just showing you his love for you.’ She cooed.   

Pharm smiles softly at that. He hands back Manaows make up. Team watched as Pharm’s skin went back to its usual tanned completion.  

He and Manaow started to talk about Dean, Manaow gushing over his new hair cut that made him look ‘at least 100 times more handsome’ and Pharm laughing at her dramatics.  

Team thought about Dean. He was so different from Win. Well, he was now. When he first met the captain and co-captain of the swimming club they both seemed so similar. Tall and strict. But once he got to know the pair, he realised how different they were. Dean was serious but also kind of gentle, an introvert. Win was much more electric, confident and cheeky. Team wondered if Win would ever leave hickies on those he took to bed like Dean gave to Pharm.  

His mouth suddenly went dry as he imagined Win, slowly, ever so slowly kissing his neck, then turning those kisses into bites and then sucking into Teams awaiting neck. Win would be proud of the mark of course, smug bastard. Proud that he managed to turn Team on with just a love bite, he’d then keep kissing downwards, down his chest until he reached Teams nipples and then- 

Team shook his head a few times, trying to get those thoughts out of his head.  

Jesus, they’d shared one hand job and already he’s having wild fantasies about the other man, in the middle of the day time too!  

It wasn’t as if you didn’t think about this before the hand job.  A small voice in the back of his head reminded him.  

He shook his head trying to get the thoughts and images of Wins sinful mouth of out his head. 

He didn’t notice how both Manaow and Pharm were watching him, eyes intently looking at him.  

‘What?’ Team said. He didn’t really like being stared at and a small part of him was worried that the pair could read his mind.  

‘Team, your face!’ Manaow gasped. ‘It’s just as red as Pharms!’  

Team put a hand to his cheeks, they were boiling hot.  

Fuck! That bastard made him blush even when he wasn’t around.  

‘Are you sick?’ Pharm asked concerned.  

‘No, I’m…’  

‘It’s just hot today!’  

He wasn’t really lying about it. They were in the middle of the hot season, with the sun beating down on the students in the court yard of their University. Manaow had her long hair in a large top bun to keep herself cool and even Pharm had his top button undone due to the high heat.  

Manaow raised an eyebrow. 

‘As long as you're not sick…’ She said with doubtful voice.  

Pharm looked at him questionably.  

Team swallowed. He didn’t like the tension in the air and no matter how much he liked his friends, he’d rather die than tell them he was thinking dirty thoughts about the swimming team's co-captain.  

‘I just realised I have to go to English tutoring now, or I’ll be late!’ He said quickly, he got up and grabbed his bag. 

‘See you later!’ He said and waved at Manaow and Pharms confused faces.  

He walked off in the direction of the library.  


Team wasn’t lying about English tutoring, but he was way earlier than expected. His fingers drummed on the table uneasily. 


It was by far his least favourite subject; he couldn’t understand the damn language no matter how many times his English teacher had explained it to him. He hated it, it made him feel stupid, especially watching Pharm and Manaow grasp it so easily.  

He itched his head in frustration, he wished he could have given the dumb subject up but alas everyone at the University had to study it and pass the English exam. His stomach twisted uneasily at the thought. Thank God that exam was a year away.  

‘You’re early.’ Team heard Win’s voice above him, looking up he saw Win.  

Team swallowed. Thankfully the thoughts neck kissing seemed to have disappeared from his mind. He looked into Wins eyes. 

Since meeting the man, he’d already had Win’s appearance etched into his mind. His striking blonde hair, his dark eyebrows, his silver piercings that seemed to glitter in the sunlight and his arm tattoo just a little visible under his white University shirt. However, every time he saw him, his eyes picked up on newer details. This time it was Wins glasses, golden framed. He knew they must have been expensive.  

Pssh, fucking rich people.   

‘Still wearing your glasses, Hia?’ Team asked as his eyes scanned the other man.  

Win made his way to the sit across from Team, sitting down, the man looked at Team.  

‘Yeah.’ He said, 

 ‘All the better to see you with my dear.’ He followed, in English.  

Team only picked up on one in Win’s English sentence. He gritted his teeth hard, annoyed at Win already.  

‘Don’t talk to me in English, Hia.’ Team whined. He rubbed his eyes. 

‘But that’s what we are here for, Team!’ Win said grinning, getting out a textbook.  

‘Ugh.’ Team whined again.  


After an hour of painful English tutoring, Win finally said ‘Let's finish up for the day.’  

Team felt himself breath out a big sigh.  As usual English had been very difficult. He really felt like he wasn't making much progress. Plus, it didn’t help that his earlier thoughts when he was with Pharm and Manawo distracted him a little, especially as the man who was in those thoughts sat opposite him.  

One thing he was grateful for was that Win wasn’t as tough on Team during English lessons then he is at swimming. If he had to guess to why Win was harsher on him during swimming compared to English tutoring was because team was much more passionate about swimming so Win wanted to push him. Maybe Win should push him harder in English, then maybe he would pass the exam. 

‘I'm never going to pass the English exam, am I?’  Team whined.  

‘I don't know. It is a year away and if you work hard. I'm sure you will pass it.’  Win said, smiling.  Team wished he didn't notice how pretty that smile was, especially after the thoughts he had about love bites earlier that day.  

‘That's easy for you to say.’  Team said while picking the skin one his fingers. ‘You're great at everything, Hia.’ Team thought about how Win would move gracefully through the water, how he could speak English with such flare, how he usually aced his tests and how he was so confident in talking to people.  

Win cocked an eyebrow at Team.  

‘You really think that, Team?’  

 ‘Well, yeah. Look at you, you can swim. You understand English well.  You get top marks, in other subjects.  Plus, your super-confident. I don't think there's anything you're bad at.’ Team said  

 ‘Not like me.’ Team continued ‘I'm only good at swimming.’  

 Win looks at him. He had an expression that Team couldn't really read.  

‘I don't think that's true.’ Win said. ‘There is some stuff I'm bad at, you know. Plus, you’re not just good at swimming. You're amazing.’ 

Team flushed softly. Win then looked directly in to the others eyes.  

‘And I know that you can sing well.’ 

Team widened his eyes. He hadn’t ever sung in front of the other, how did Win know that he had a slight passion for singing and music.  

‘How do you know?’ Team asked.  

Wins looked sheepish. 

‘I hear you when you shower, Team.’ He said his voice soft.  

Team swallowed, he completely forgot that each time he slept at Wins and had a shower the next morning he would sing in the shower. Loudly. When he was in Wins shower, he just felt so comfortable in Wins place that he didn’t even notice that Win would hear him. 

Team, for the second time that day, went bright red while Win watched him. 

‘I’m not that good.’ Team said slowly, rubbing the back of his neck.  

Win looked at him softly.  

‘Team, you shouldn’t insult yourself so much. I don’t like seeing you be mean to yourself.’ He said his tone serious. ‘Your singing is really good, Team. Believe me.’  

Team didn’t know how to respond so he just nodded. Win was so stupidly kind when he didn’t need to be.  

‘Anyway.’ Win said, he usual cheeky grin returning to his face. ‘Just because I’m Win, doesn’t mean I’m great at 100% of stuff, just 99%.’   

Team groaned at Wins grinning face.  



Win and Team walked back to their dorm complex together, Win had taken his hair out of the Samurai style ponytail and was just lose around his face.  

Team watched him, he had always liked it when Wins hair was lose, it made him just look incredibly charmingly in a boyish sort of way. He wondered what Win looked like with his natural hair, since meeting him he had only seen him with blonde. Would he be even better looking with dark hair? Team didn’t know if he could take that. But he couldn’t fully imagine it, Win wouldn’t feel like Win without that golden hair, even if the dark roots were much more visible.  

‘You staring at me, Team.’ Win said suddenly, his eyebrow arched mischievously.  

‘Well yeah.’ Team said, he rolled his eyes. ‘I’m talking to you, Hia, who else would I be looking at.’ 

‘Okay, Team, whatever you say.’ Win continued grinning from ear to ear.  

The pair walked a few more steps than suddenly Team felt Win long arm around his shoulders, and walking faster, dragging Team.  

‘Win!’ Team whined annoyed. ‘Get off me!’ He said, though he knew for the many, many times that Win had dragged him by his shoulders that Win would only get off when Win wanted to get off and there was no use fighting back against the elder man. 

‘Teammmm you were going to slow.’ Win whined back in a childish manner as he dragged Team.  

‘No, I’m not!’ Team argued back, mirroring the childish manner that Win was displaying.  

‘Yes, you were, now come on!’ 


Win got off Team when the pair were in front of Wins apartment, it was early evening once they were in front of the oh so familiar wooden door. It didn’t take much for Team to follow the other inside, even though he was sure he had course work to finish and his own dorm to clean. Win promised some lays and a marvel movie so Team was game.  

The pair sat on Wins neatly made bed, a laptop between them. It was cosy like this, soft dim lighting around them, only the sound of the movie and Teams crunching on chips. It was nice. Comfortable.  

Team liked these small moments between them, when they are just in comfortable silence contrasting to their usual loud conversations.  

Once the credits rolled, Team felt like so relaxed he was sinking into Wins bed, the heat making him feel cosier. He felt his eyes close; it wasn’t often that he could easily fall into sleep, so he was simply enjoying this moment of peacefulness.  

‘Team, are you nearly asleep?’ Win said in a soft voice with a hint of a giggle.  

He opened his eyes and looked up the older man. Win had taken his glasses off now and was looking at him with an unreadable expression on his face.  

‘Well, I’m not now, Hia.’ Team replied grumpily.  

Win didn’t even pretend to be sympathetic and just laughed at the dark-haired man. Team sat up and stretched himself. 

‘If you want to fall asleep here, you can, you just need to wash your face.’ Win said while he was getting up. ‘Otherwise, you will have break outs.’  

Team had never met anyone who was so into skin care as Win was, he had a lot of creams in his bathroom draw, and religiously followed a 10 step Korean skin care routine so the idea of Team falling asleep with not at least washing his face didn’t compute.  

‘Oh, I’ve never broken out.’ Team grinned at Win, one thing he did like about his appearance was the fact that even if he didn’t follow Wins serious skin routine his skin was still in a good condition. 

Win just giggled in response, and moved towards Team, fingering finding his chubby cheek and pinched it. Win then lent towards Team so much that his lips were right near his neck. 

‘Thats because you have a cute baby face.’ He whispered right next to Teams ear. 

Team wanted to argue against him, he did not have a ‘baby face’ thank you very much. But Wins lips being so near his neck made his brain shut down, his earlier fantasists of Win biting his neck came back in full force. Win moved away from him, grinning smug like.  

‘Anyway, its hot in here.’ Win said, and he got up from the bed, leaving a blushing Team behind. Team didn’t think he could blush anymore then he was in that moment, Win took off his shirt. Team watched him, intently.  

It was stupid, he’d seen Win completely naked, why did he taking off his shirt make him feel so warm inside. 

Win sat back down; his long body stretched out on his covers. Team's eyes drank him in fully, from the crown of his golden head to the tips of his feet. Teams' eyes looked back up, and focused on the black tattoo on Win’s arm, it was striking yet also so delicate on Wins tanned skin. He desperately wanted to put his mouth on those tattoos, gently.  

‘’re starring.’ Wins voice was deep, sexy when he said it.  

‘I want to touch....’ Team mumbled.  

‘Hmmm?’ Win responded in that same deep husky tone.  

‘I want to touch your tattoo.’ Team said.  

Win chuckled to himself, he moved himself impossibly closer to the other man.  

‘Say please.’ He said with a wild grin.  

Team made a strange noise. In any other situation he would have smack Win or roll his eyes, but in that moment where the lights were dim, and the tension between them was heavy. 

‘Please, Hia.’  

Looking back, he should feel shame at how fucking needy his voice sounded in that moment but he didn’t care, he was needy, so God damn needy.  

Win smiled, he grabbed Team small hand with his long pretty fingers and Team felt the pretty black lines on Wins arm.  

Team traced the lines softly, feeling the lines and circles. He felt Wins eyes on him and his breath hitch when Team would lightly press his nail on the art.  

‘Your fingers feel so nice on me Team.’ Wins voice said, heavy but still sweet.  

It took a second, no half a second, for Teams lips to be on Wins. It was a messy kiss, the type of kiss that the was reserved for erotic films or drunken strangers. Teams' hands where tight around Wins neck, as Win exploded the others delicate mouth. Win tongue seemed to touch every part of Teams mouth, stroking his mouth hotly. Team didn’t know that a kiss could make him that hot, he felt a flame lick inside his body, making him sweat and burn.  

He felt Win grab his small waist, the flames licked even more intensely inside him as Win moved him on top, Team as inexperienced as he was felt himself naturally straddle the other. Team and Win broke apart softly, a line of drool that was still connecting their mouths.  

‘That was nice.’ Win said softly, his hands had moved from Teams delicate waist to his plush thighs, he moved his hands up and down. The flames that were licking inside Team continued, Team thought he must have looked like a mess on top of Win. He realised he liked having his thighs touched like this, like they were precious. 

‘So, you need more lessons from Professor Win?’ The blonde asked.  

Ah lessons. Team thought. He didn’t know who he saved in a past life to have a gorgeous guy like Win to offer him sex lessons.  

Team swallowed. Maybe he should ask if Win could give him a love bite to fill in his earlier fantasies. But there was something he really wanted to try that was at the back of his mind.  

‘I want to know.’ Team started, his cheeks still red and his hair all over the place.  

‘I want to know how to….’ His eyes looked down; it was strange being so embarrassed to ask the man he was currently straddling if he could suck his cock, but the words seemed to get stuck in his throat. 

‘What is it, Team?’ Win asked softly.  

He cleared his throat.  

‘I want to know how to give you head.’ He said in a rush. 

Wins eyes went soft. He looked sweet like that, and if Team didn’t know any better, Win could be described as innocent in that second. Win gave him a soft, quick kiss on the mouth.  

‘Be my guest.’ Win said, his voice in a velvet quality.  

The pair kissed again, and Team let his lips drag away from Wins. He kissed his neck softly, liking the way that Wins neck felt under his mouth, drinking in Wins soft little noises. After a minuet of so he looked up at Win, his eyes questioning.  

His skin went pink.  

‘What shall I do now?’ He asked, cringing at himself deeply. 

Win made another sweet little noise. 

‘Kiss down my chest.’ He said, his voice sweet but it had an edge of demand in it.  

Team nodded and started to kiss again, his lips mapping out Wins gentle skin. He felt Win fingers lace themselves into his own dark locks, it was a gentle but desperate gesture. Once he got to Win nipples, he let his tongue play with them circling and trancing them. He heard Wins noises turn from breathy and soft to louder more direct whines.  Team was proud of himself in that moment, being so inexperienced in stuff like this, but he was able to make Win so loud and so in pleasure from a simple touch.  

With being more confident, Team kept kissing down Wins chest, his face getting warmer and warmer as he got near to the place that he really wanted to put his lips on. Once he got to the waist band. He stopped for a second and looked up at the older man, nerves swimming in his stomach.  

Team slowly pushed down Wins sweat pants off completely and dropped them to the floor. It felt scarier than the hand job, maybe because it was a more intimate, more a big deal to put his mouth on Win then his hand. Or maybe it was better he was the one pleasuring the other first.  

He saw Wins dick spring out, long and hard. Heat curdled in his stomach, his nerves slowly went out of his stomach to be replaced by heat and lust. He put his mouth nearer and nearer and then 

‘Team.’ Win’s voice cut through the tension hotly. His voice deep and rough against the quite of twilight time. 

‘Hia?’ Team questioned his eyes looking up to see Win sat up a little his eyes deep and lustful.  

‘Let me take off your clothes.’ He breathed out in a voice that couldn’t get any more seductive.  

The flames and nerves in Teams body came back in full force. He let himself move upwards back into Wins arms, letting his hands grab the white t shirt and lifting it over his head.  

Wins eyes drank his shirtless body in Team felt the same feeling he felt when Win touched his thighs. Like he was precious.  

Win touched his skin slowly, his fingers traced down Teams chest leading to Teams pants, his hands were quick to take them off.  

Team shivered, even though it was hot in Wins dorm room.  

‘You’re so gorgeous.’ Win said, softly his eyes looking up and down at Teams naked body.  

Team felt himself go pink all the way to the bare shoulders. 

‘Thanks.’ He said. He didn’t know how a simple compliment could make him blush like that. Team swallowed again.  

‘Shall I get back to business?’ Team asked and he cringed inwardly at the awkwardness of his question.  

‘Yes, Baby.’ Win said, simply, ignoring Teams cringing.  

Team let himself move towards Wins cock again, his belly on fire again. His hands on Wins thighs, Team’s mouth ghosted Wins dick, leading to a cute little whine from the older man in the room. With uncertainty Team put his lips on Wins dick, his tongue softly licking the tip. Win made several loud happy noises, informing Team that he should keep going.  

He kept doing small kitten licks around Wins long shaft. 


‘Fuck.’ Win whined. 

Team let the head slowly going inside his mouth. It felt odd at first, salty and heavy on his tongue, but the more that he let slip into his mouth, the more he seemed to enjoy the feeling. It was nice to make someone feel pleasure. He tried to slide more and more in his mouth, drinking up Win’s hot moans.  

He took as much as he could at that moment. However once Win’s cock hit the back of back throat, he started to cough at the discomfort. His eyes were watering slightly.  

‘Relax you throat.’ Win said through heavy breathing.  

‘Or put you hand round the base if you can’t take any more of me.’  

Team let Wins cock slide a little away from the back of his throat and placed his left hand at the base of Wins cock.  

‘Yeah, that’s it’ Win groaned, egging Team on ‘Loosen you hand a bit.’  

Team took his advice on board and then went back focusing on Wins cock in his mouth. He let his tongue and the inside of his mouth do much of the work.  

Team didn’t know how good he was doing but he knew Win must have liked it. Win was groaning and moaning loudly as Team let his tongue lick and circle Wins cock.  

He kept going, his blood was boiling as he kept listening to Wins noises, they were getting louder and louder. He felt Wins hands start to tangle themselves in his dark locks and he had a feeling that Win was close. Team remembered something and he let his hand, that wasn’t resting on Wins thigh, touch Wins balls.  

‘Fuck Team I’m about to…’ Win groaned deeply.  

Team knowing what was about to happen, let Wins cock out of his mouth and started to jerk Win off so he could cum on his belly.  

His hand slid up and down Wins wet cock. Until.....  

‘Ugh!’ Win moaned his loudest moan as white cum dripped on to his tanned skin, painting his belly. 

Team watched him. It was fascinating to watch Win look so boneless as he was usually so animated. He let Win get back his breath. He watched his chest rise and fall.  

It wasn’t until it a few seconds later that he heard Win talk.  

‘Are you sure you’ve never done that before?’ He asked.

Team shook his head. 

‘How are you so good then?’  

Team blushed.

‘I’ll clean you up.’ Team said, he wondered if he’d ever stop blushing at Wins compliments.  

He grabbed a tissue from the bathroom and went to Wins elongated body to wipe off the stickiness of Wins belly.  

Team then laid next to the blonde man. The two turned to look at each other in the soft light.  

‘Your hair is very soft.’ Win said suddenly.  

Team laughed ‘That’s because I don’t bleach it all the time.’  

Win laughed softly.  

‘But it’s my signature.’  

‘I thought that was your tattoos.’ Team said back leaning up a little. 

‘Well, those too.’ He smiled.  

He felt Wins hands go through his hair, his fingers touching different strands. After a while Wins hands left Teams head and settled on his cheeks, his thumb brushing up and down.  

Like magnets, Team and Wins lips were together again, in a much slower and more relaxed kiss.
Team breathed heavy as Win left his lips and started to kiss his awaiting neck. He kissed the sensitive areas on Teams neck making the younger whine. He felt Win smile into his neck, clearly, he enjoyed the noises that Team made. 

Team gasped especially loud when he felt Win bite him. It was even better than his fantasises, the feeling of Wins teeth on his neck was indescribable.  

Win nipped up Teams neck till he was up to Teams ear. 

‘You want me to put my mouth on you?’ He said, his voice deep and seductive.  

Team swallowed hard and nodded fast.  

He felt Wins mouth curl in to a smile.  

Win kept kissing him, down from his neck, kissing his chest lower and lower till…  

It all happened in a rush.  

Wins lips on his dick, lick and kissing skilfully. Win taking him fully in his mouth all in one go, Win’s mouth felt hot, electric. Team had never felt so much pleasure all at once. He didn’t even care how loud he was moaning and whining out, sounds reverberating all around Wins small room.  

Team felt his resolve shatter once Win once again put his hands on his balls, touching and stroking them with Teams dick hitting the back of the older man's throat.  

‘Ohhhhh. Ohhhh I’m going to cum.’ Team moaned allowed not caring how desperate he sounded. 

He came hard with Wins name on his lips. His toes curled, his eyes slammed shut and his mouth was open in a loud whine. He thought that like him, Win would let his cock go and let him cum over himself. Instead felt his cum fall into Wins awaiting mouth. The fact that Win swallowing him, made Teams toes curl harder.  

He sighed happily when Win finally moved from him.  

They breathed together in the silence for a while. At some point Win had put his cover on both of them. 

‘I’m sorry.’ Team said after a while. 

‘For what?’ Win said, quietly. 

He blushed. 

‘For cumming too fast.’  

Win laughed, in a tired sort of way. 

‘It's okay, that’s pretty common, especially if it's your first experience.’ 

Win smiled. 

‘I'll go easier on you next time.’ He said.  

Team was too sleepy to argue about what ‘next time’ meant. He felt his eyes close softly, exhausted from the sex ‘lessons’ that Win had taught him. He felt Wins long arms around him like usual and he could have sworn that he felt a kiss on his forehead before he fully drifted off into a full satisfied sleep.