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The Sk8r Boi and His Muse

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Kongpob looked at himself in the mirror for the hundredth time. He kept fiddling with the collar of his shirt, then looked at his overall appearance, again. He bit his lip, contemplating whether he had overdressed himself or if it was just okay. He ran his palms down the black cotton button-up, smoothening non-existent wrinkles, then fiddled with the gold colored buttons. He contemplated if he should undo the third button too, or would that be too forward of him?

Then he remembered that he already cleaned himself, just in case, and he blushed bright red at the prospect of what might happen later. He ran a hand on his perfectly coifed hair, held in place by his favorite brand of hair wax, dislodging a few strands in the process. He cursed out loud and scrambled to tame his hair, again. He heard a snort from the entryway of his walk-in-closet and he turned his head to look at the intruder.

Em stood there, leaning against the wall, watching him amusedly. He scowled at him and his grin only widened. The other stalked towards him and batted his hand away from his hair, then started to fix his messed up hair.

"Let's leave some of this fringe hanging over your forehead. It makes you look a little less like a good boy and more like a ruggedly handsome man," his best friend commented. He looked at his reflection again after the other was done, and he looked at himself with self-doubt.

"I don't know, Em... I think it's best to look like everything is in place, including my hair."

"You'd look plain. Leave your hair alone. It looks good as it is. If you don't stop fiddling now, you will truly ruin your look."

Kongpob slowly brought his hands down sheepishly, looking at the other's eyes through the mirror with a panicked look on his face. The other took pity on him and went to his walk-in-closet island, peering through the glass top to look at the accessories on the top most draw. He pulled the drawer open and plucked the three watches that caught his eye, then he brought then towards the other.

"Pick," Em said, showing him his choices. He perused the three choices, and his eyes zeroed in on the one that has it's gears exposed. Em, already anticipating his choice, handed him the watch, and he put the black leather strap around his left wrist.

"I noticed that you have a selection of earrings, too. Did you get a piercing?" his best friend asked.


"I see. You gonna wear an earring, too?"

"Hmm... nope, maybe next time."

"Daddy!" Morgan burst into the room at that moment. She stopped from running when she saw how he was dressed. She tilted her head to the side, a frown coming over her face. Kongpob cleared his throat.

"Hey, princess. Seems like you are ready for your pajama party with P'Nine," he teased. The small girl beamed at the mention of her best friend, forgetting whatever reason that got her frowning a while ago.

"Yes, Daddy! We're gonna play with her Play St- I mean, her doll house," she said. Kongpob, of course, noticed her slip. He raised an eyebrow at her, crossing his arms on his chest, in the universal gesture of 'you're busted young lady, better 'fess up.'

Morgan only widened her eyes at him, stretching her lips to a smile, looking all innocent and cute. They had a staring contest for a while, until Kongpob leveled his look at Em. His best friend looked at him innocently, but it wasn't nearly as effective as his daughter's. His stare turned harder and the other raised his arms in defeat.

"Fine, fine, fine. I'll set a curfew for them, okay?" Kongpob nodded his head, satisfied. Then he knelt down so that he could be at eye level with his princess. He looked at her sternly, then in a soft voice contrasting with his look, he told her the rules.

"Okay, you can play video games but you need to stop at a certain time, okay? You still need to sleep and your eyes need their rest.  Your eyes will hurt if you don't. And behave for uncle Em, okay? Obey him and be a good girl, okay?"

"Yes, daddy. I will behave for uncle Em, I promise!"

"Pinky swear?"

"Pinky swear!"

He curled his pinky finger around the tinier ones, then twisted his hand so that their thumbs could connect. He let go of her finger and offered her his fist next. The younger one bumped his fist enthusiastically with her own, giggling afterwards. He straightened up, carrying his daughter in his arms before he had to let her go.

Em tapped his shoulder, handing him his phone and keys, and he shot the other a grateful smile. The trio trudged down the stairs, arriving at the main door in a few minutes. Kongpob still carried his daughter until they reached Em's car, buckling her up on the carseat at the second row of the SUV. With a final kiss on her head, he bid her goodbye.

"Daddy, wait!" He halted on his motion of closing the car door when he heard his daughter's voice.

"What is it, princess?" he asked, peeking his head in again.

"Where are you going dressed like that, daddy?" she asked, her eyes big in curiosity.

"Uhm... I'm gonna go meet an old... err... friend," he slightly stuttered.

"Oh... just like how I'm meeting up with my P'Nine?"

"Yes, just like how you're meeting up with your P'Nine."

"Then, are you gonna have a pajama party, too?"

Em snorted from where he was sitting on the driver's seat. He shot him a glare even though the other couldn't see it.

"Uhh... I don't know princess..."

"He will, Miss Adventurer, he will," Em laughingly adds.

"Em!" he hissed.

"What's wrong, daddy? You don't want to have a pajama party with your friend? You can join ours, if you like."

"That's so sweet of you, pumpkin. I'll keep that in mind, okay?"

"Okay, daddy! See you tomorrow!"

"See you tomorrow, princess. I love you!"

"Daddy! Daddy! My kiss!"

Kongpob chuckled as he bent down again to peck his daughter's puckered lips. Then he rubbed his nose against hers after, making the little girl giggle.

"Behave okay? And Em, be mindful of what you say, please?"

"Yeah, yeah. I will. Good luck on your... you know. And enjoy your night. You deserve it," Em laughingly told him. He slammed the car door shut, and took several steps backwards. He watched until the taillights were nothing but pinpricks in the distance before he went back inside his house to get his other things. He put the two tall green bottles that he prepared in a sturdy paperbag, then grabbed the bouquet of flowers that he had asked Em to purchase beforehand. Heaving a deep sigh, he exited his house and went to his own car after locking up, then drove on towards the busier part of Bangkok.


A:  Just come on up. I already informed the front desk about you. Just present them an ID card

He did as he was told when he arrived at Arthit's condo. They easily let him in after his identity was confirmed. Now he was standing in front of the door to his date, his palms getting sweaty.

'Why am I feeling like this?! It's not like this is the first time I went on a date. Heck, this isn't even the first time that I went on a date with him!'

He shook his head a little and squared his shoulders, trying to feel the confidence that was sorely missing from his system. Then he pressed the buzzer. Minutes later, the door was being opened and he felt his breath get knocked out of him. There stood the singer, looking so good, so beautiful in his black, fitted, turtleneck long-sleeves. A dangling silver cross earring twinkled at him as his eyes roamed the other's beautiful face. His hair was slicked back, with a few strands falling over his forehead.

"Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous," he blurted out, still a little breathless. Arthit slightly furrowed his eyebrows at him, probably wondering why he was rooted on the spot outside his door.

"Did I literally take you breath away?" the older inquired with an amused note to his voice. Kongpob nodded his head dumbly.

"Breathe, Kong. I don't want you passing out on me. I have plans, you know."

Kongpob raised an eyebrow at his senior. Arthit grinned widely and gestured for him to come in. He followed him into his home, eyes darting around again, like last time.

"Oh? And what are these plans, P'? Do you have nefarious plans on my innocence?" he asked suggestively. He watched as a pretty blush adorned the pale cheeks of the other.

"Wha—Innocence! What the hell are you talking about, Kongpob? Might I remind you that you always the one who begged for a reward? If anyone's getting taken advantage of, it's me."

Kongpob tutted.

"And might I remind you, P', that you were the one who ambushed me yesterday?" he retorted, his smirk growing wide.

"I—Kongpob!" yelled the older, his blush getting darker to which the younger laughed. Kongpob took pity on him a while later and handed his gifts instead.

"P'Arthit, here. Flowers to accentuate your beauty," he handed the bouquet, making the older smile.

"And here," he handed him the paper bag with two green bottles. Arthit peeked at the paper bag.

"Hmm, wine. Your grandfather's collection again? And two bottles at that! Are you trying to get me drunk?" he smirked, looking at the younger.

"The second bottle isn't wine, P'," the younger said with a matching smirk.

"Oh? Then what is it?" Arthit asked, curious.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out." Arthit raised an eyebrow, staring at the grinning man for a while. Then he shook his head when it became apparent that the younger wasn't telling any more.

"Well, thanks for this. I missed this wine, your grandfather had always the best type stored somewhere in that creepy house of yours. Hey, did you inherit that house? If you did, I'm not gonna live there with you. We'll have to live separately, I'm afraid."

Kongpob's heart skipped a beat when the older just casually mentioned about them living together like it was only natural for them to end up like that. Spending their lives together. He bit his lip to stop the grin from growing wider.

"As for the flower, thank you. They're really beautiful. But... I'm not a girl, Kongpob," the older murmured but he was smiling.

"Giving flowers to someone isn't limited to gender, P'. If that person is special to you, why not gift them flowers? Flowers also have a language of their own, their own meanings. That bouquet for instance, it's specifically says, 'I love you, always'."

"You—you're still as cheesy as ever. But thank you for this Kong. I really appreciate it," Arthit said with a blush.

Kongpob beamed, proud of himself. Arthit gestured at the table that he set, the dishes laid out aesthetically between two empty plates. A candle sat at the middle, propped on holder decorated with white flowers at the base. The younger could see the effort that his P' had poured into preparing this dinner date. Yes, it wasn't a fancy restaurant setting but this... he liked this more. He loved it.

"I'm sorry that our first date is something like—"

"Hold that thought, P'. Hold it then banish it from your mind. This is perfect. I like it. No. I love it. Remember our very first date, P'Arthit? It was an impromptu date and we cooked whatever we could find in your kitchen. Then we used one of those scented candles that your mom left behind illuminating the room, the paper roses that I gifted you the centerpiece of the table... that was perfect. And this one too. This is perfect. You know why? Because I'm having this date with you. This makes me extremely happy. And, look, I got to eat the food you've cooked again! So P', don't apologize for something so precious. I love this P. I really do..."

Arthit looked at him for a while, a soft smile playing on his lips and his eyes shining brighter under the soft light. He grabbed the younger's face between his hands, planting a solid kiss on his lips. In between kisses, he muttered 'I love you's', to which the younger answered similarly. The kisses never went further, Arthit, for once, controlling his urges.

They stood in each other's embrace, their foreheads touching, their breaths mingling, and occasionally rubbing their noses together in little eskimo kisses. Then an idea popped into Arthit's head.

"Wait here, I'm just gonna get something!" He guided the younger to sit on the chair then he was rushing around his place like an overly excited toddler. When he came back, his arms were laden with his prizes and he began setting them up around the dining area. Kongpob barked a laugh then he was helping out his Phi place and light the variedly shaped and sized candles. When then finished, they surveyed their handiwork and grinned at each other. They settled on their seats and hence, began their date. It was a very successful first date and two hearts were giddy with joy.


They were sat at the wicker chairs in Arthit's balcony, sharing the wine that Kongpob had brought with him. They enjoyed the companionable silence, their hands laced on top of the arms of their seats, thumbs rubbing on soft skin. Kongpob had his head pillowed on the other's shoulder as they gazed out on the twinkling lights of the city, a parody of the obscure lights of the night sky. They had Arthit's large blanket wrapped around their bodies to fight off the cold that the chilly air blew on them.

"This is nice," Kongpob said silently. Arthit hummed in reply.

"It definitely is."

They went silent again, small smiles playing on their lips, just enjoying the warmth and the closeness that the other provided. The younger turned his head and planted a kiss on the other's shoulder. Arthit turned to look at him and they shared a look and a soft smile, before the senior slowly descended on him.

The first touch of their lips was electrifying, Kongpob anticipating for this, for something more. He let out a breath through his nose, a sigh through his lips, as if kissing his Phi like this was a respite from enduring all the longing and pain he went through. If their first kiss after ten long years had been frantic devouring of each other, fueled by ten years' worth of repressed frustrations and hurt, of anger and asking for forgiveness, this one was a reaffirmation that they belong to each other, only to each other, that they were solely giving their all to one another, just them. It was slower than the first time, just soft presses of lips, gentle biting of plump pink lips, and slow exploration of tongues inside the warm caverns of their mouths. Until it was not. Until it became frantic, and biting, and fight for dominance, a fight that Kongpob would gladly give up on, always. After all, he loved it when Arthit went Alpha mode on him.

One moment he was still sitting on his own wicker, then the next, he had climbed over the arms and was straddling the older. He wanted to get closer, and closer he got. He carded his finger through the luscious dark hair of the singer, messing up the perfectly arranged hair like how he had wanted to do so since he set his eyes on him that evening. He continued to card his fingers through the tresses, fisting and tugging occasionally. He didn't notice anything else, his focus solely on the man in front of him, pleasuring him through a simple kiss. He was drowning and he didn't care to even come up for air, because this man was his air. He moaned and gasped, his breathing turning shallow and his lungs were telling, no, screaming for air, sooner rather than later, and he didn't want that, no. He turned aggressive again, nipping and plundering the other's mouth, staving off the urgency that his body needed.

Then his head was being yanked backwards, and he gasped in shock, a whine of protest escaping his lips. He gulped lungful of air and he felt the chuckle being pressed against his throat.

"Breathe, Kong. We need to breathe," Arthit said, amused.

If only the older hadn't had a firm grip on his hair, he would've had leveled the other with a petulant glare. But he had to content himself with glaring at the glass canopy overhead, which didn't last that long because then, the other was busy kissing his neck. He leaned his head more to the side, inviting the other to leave more kisses, and more bites to be honest, sighing in bliss when the older found that spot that always made him weak.

He closed his eyes, savoring the sensations that his senior was torturing him with. He pressed his senior's head further into the crook of his neck as he hummed in satisfaction. He felt a sharp flare of pain followed by a warm wet muscle easing the abused spot. He bucked his hips as Arthit continued to abuse that sensitive part of his neck, grinding down involuntarily at the other's lap.

"Baby!" the older gasped, followed by a moan. He felt a sharper pain on his naked shoulder, (when did the older unbutton his shirt?), as he continued to grind his crotch against the other's noticeable bulge. Cool air caressed his naked upper torso and he shivered as it contrasted with how warm he was on his front. Then Arthit began to aggressively suck and bite the smooth expanse of his chest, and he was sure that there were a fresh set of hickeys being painted on his bare skin.

Arthit went lower and latched on one brown dusky nipple, his teeth grazing at the bud teasingly before sucking on it, hard. A thumb was rubbing circles at the other one, nail scratching it occasionally, making him buck his hips involuntarily. By then, he was mess, his breath ragged, and his moans coming out as needy.

"P-P'Arthit... I need more... uhmmm, hah- ah! Fuck!" he panted. He felt a hand caress lower on his front, teasing at the skin just above the waistline of his white jeans and caressing the sparse hair there. His shirt was discarded somewhere, and he didn't care where it landed. His hands caressed the soft material of Arthit's turtleneck, and he thought that it was unfair that the other one was still dressed. Maybe he ought to return the favor.

He let his hands travel from where he had rested them on the older's shoulder southward, caressing hard pectorals and abdominals, until he reached the hem of Arthit's shirt. He slipped a hand underneath the soft material, the other grabbing at the hem and tugging it upwards. A hand stopped him though, before he could slip the shirt off his frame.

"P'... please," he begged. "I want to feel you. I want to see you, please..."

"So needy," Arthit murmured against his skin. His hands were restless on his senior's body as a hand grasped his head again and he was being pulled down.
Arthit surged upwards and those sinful lips calture his again. A shiver went through his frame as the cool night air made itself known again, or was it from how his P'Arthit was devouring him?

There was a change in gravity and he squeaked against Arthit's lips, scrambling to hold on tight lest he would fall on his bum. He broke the kiss and leveled an unamused glare at the older as the latter began walking.

"Warn a guy next time," he said as the door to the balcony was being opened and the warmth of the interior soothed his chilled skin. He shivered.

"Hmm. Didn't know you could squeak like that. I like it. I'll keep doing it, and you're gonna get used to it," Arthit replied, punctuating his remark with a peck on his lips.

"What, carrying me around?" he asked, a little bit sarcastic.


"You're ridiculous."



"For you."

"Look who's cheesy now."

"You're still the cheesiest."

"Nope. That's you now-- oof! Why'd you slam me on the door?!"

"Sorry! Didn't see it! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just knocked the breath out of me for a little bit."

"Are you sure? Did you hit your head?"

"I'm fine, don't worry. Now, would you mind removing this? It's so unfair that I'm the only one who's topless. I also want to ogle you, you know."

Arthit mock-gasped.

"How scandalous of you!"

Kongpob closed his eyes and groaned. He had had enough of the other's teasing.

"If you don't plan to get undressed then you better put me down now and stop this evening here. I'm seriously putting out here, yet you keep on teasing me. I thought you wanted my ass?" he gritted out. He opened his eyes just to glare at the older but he was met with a smirk instead. This seemed to stoke his irritation more.

"Okay, put me down. Put me down!" he said as he squirmed. The older tightened his grip though and he couldn't escape the other's hold without potentially braining himself. He slapped the laughing man's shoulder in frustration.

"Okay, okay. Here."

Arthit finally put him down and he felt a pang of disappointment. Well, you asked for it, now deal with it, he berated himself. The pale man took a few steps from where he left him leaning against the wooden door then began another form of torture for him.

"Stay there and stay put," Arthit said firmly. Then he was grabbing the hem of his shirt and teasingly lifted it up, revealing a sliver of taut pale skin. Kongpob had to swallow the saliva that began to pool at the mouth-watering picture that the older was painting. With his breathing turning ragged, he continued to watch the show avidly.

Arthit didn't do anything too showy like those he had seen in strip clubs in the US. It was just a slight swaying of his hips. But it turned Kongpob on so much more. His P'Arthit was so sexy. He watched as the older pulled the hem of the shirt at his sides slowly, the thin material sliding smoothly up on toned abs. His breath hitched and he began to breathe laboriously, the force of restraining himself from just grabbing the older male making him tremble all over.

Brown nipples got revealed and he unconsciously licked his lips, his teeth biting over his lip in anticipation of torturing the buds later on. Then the shirt was being pulled over a cute chin, then pink lips that were parted a little, and Kong took the few steps that separated them.

Kongpob bunched up the material overhead, effectively halting the process and trapping Arthit's hand. The latter yelped in surprise, his eyes still covered by the top, then Kong was descending on him, kissing him fervently. The younger's other hand snaked around his waist, holding him against the warm body, and then they were moving backwards. Arthit moaned high on his throat, as a tongue plundered his mouth. He gasped as his breath got knocked out of his chest, when the younger slammed him against the wooden door. It was unexpected, well he couldn't see anything because of his makeshift blindfold-cum-manacle.

He felt that sinful mouth going lower and lower, leaving a trail of wet kisses along his jawline, then making a detour towards his sensitive ears. He felt sharp teeth nip at the lobe then a tongue traced the shape.

"You're so sexy, P'Arthit. I can't wait to be fucked by you," the younger whispered, blowing a breath against his reddened ear. He could only moan the younger's name in response. Then the lips were trailing downwards again, paying attention next to the pale column of his neck.

"K-Kong, no hickeys on somewhere visible, p-please..." he breathed out.

"Yes, P'Arthit."

Kongpob continued to lave at the junction of neck and shoulder, right over his carotid artery, biting and sucking at the area teasingly. He felt him move lower... and lower... until his nipples were being assaulted. The sensations of the younger's touch, heightened by the lack of vision, made him moan out loud. A hand was there on his face and he was being freed from his temporary blindfold. He blinked his eyes at the sudden influx of light, then he look down to watch the erotic sight of his Nong sucking on his nipples. His eyes caught the other's, looking at him with dilated pupils through the curtain of his now messy hair, and he loved how he looked so debauched already. He got the urge to mess the younger up more.

Then the younger was moving down again... further down, making a stop at his navel to nip at the skin just below his belly button. Kong had to let go of his grip on the dark clothing, the younger's hand trailing tantalizingly slow over his arms, scratching blunt fingernails across his pecs. He took that opportunity to free himself completely off the shirt, flinging the offending garment somewhere in the vicinity of the living room. He jumped in surprise when his nipple got scratched even though he had been anticipating it.

The hand settled in his hip, mirroring the other one that was holding him in place. Kongpob continued to lick and suck at the skin below his bellybutton, tracing the sparse hair downwards, making his belly twitch, until he reached the waistband of his jeans. With one final kiss, the younger stopped his kisses and reached for his belt. He stretched out a shaky hand to brush the wayward hair out of Kong's forehead then proceeded to cup his face. The younger stopped his fiddling and nuzzled his face on his hand instead, leaving a lingering kiss on his wrist.

He watched as the younger undid his belt, button and his zipper, sliding the heavy denim down his narrow hips. He stepped out of them and then he felt the wet tongue tracing the outline of his hardened manhood through the cotton of his boxer briefs. Tan hands were running up and down his thighs, scratching at the skin in the process, making him more of a moaning mess.

He carded his fingers through the thick hair, grabbing a fistful and tugging for a bit. He let out a gasp when Kongpob took the sensitive head into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. The friction against the material of his underwear as his dick grew harder with the other's ministrations was heavenly and sinful. He bucked his hips, wanting to get more of it.

Kongpob yanked his underwear down, freeing his dick from its confines and he sighed in relief. His member slapped the other's face in his haste to get him naked and the older let out a surprised laugh. It tapered off into a moan when Kongpob impatiently rammed the hard flesh into his mouth, taking him all the way in a single motion.

It was a wrong move as the younger began choking and he accidentally scraped his teeth on the skin of the delicate shaft.

"Fucking Ow! Kongpob!" Arthit exclaimed, yanking at the younger's hair hastily. Kongpob slid off, coughing in the process.

"Sorry," he rasped, still coughing harshly.

"Just do it slowly. Why are you rushing things?"

"I-I—Sorry P'. I got impatient..." Kongpob apologized, looking at him earnestly. He pressed a kiss on the other's shaft, and it should've been ridiculous, it looked kinda ridiculous, but his dick twitched instead. The movement didn't go unnoticed as the younger smiled widely at him and gave another kitten lick to his member.

Arthit watched in fascination as the pink tongue laved at his hardened flesh, the younger licking in broad stripes and kitten licks alternately. Kongpob had his left hand holding his hips against the hardwood door while the other held the base of his cock in a grip. Then the younger was engulfing his sensitive head and wrapped his pretty lips around it tightly. The suction that followed had Arthit seeing stars. He whined high in his throat and his hips bucked involuntarily. But it was held in place by a strong tanned arm so he resorted to clawing the other's head instead.

"Kong!" he shouted. He closed his eyes momentarily, savoring the warm suction he was feeling in his most intimate part. Inch by inch, he felt his length being engulfed by that sinful mouth. His breath came in short pants and there was a tap on his thigh. He opened his eyes and looked down, with a confused whine.

He met dark eyes already looking up at him and he was mesmerized. The warm brown of Kongpob's eyes were nearly invisible, just a sliver of a ring around his dilated pupils. He gasped at the depth of the younger's need for him, reflected in his eyes.

And the way he took him in... God, it was such an erotic sight. He let his hand drift lower towards the younger's face, caressing the bulge against his cheek.

"You take me in so good, love," he whispered. He watched as Kongpob closed his eyes, looking like he was savoring his taste. Then he pulls out with a pop, and he looked so good with his flushed face. A string of drool connected his puffy lips to the tip of his member and Arthit had the urge to kiss so him. So he did.

He guided the younger man upwards by his chin and he crouched down low to meet him. He kissed him sloppily, and he tasted the bitter tang of pre-cum on his tongue. He groaned against the other's mouth as he felt himself getting jacked off slowly. He tasted the smile against his mouth and he bit the red puffy bottom lip in retaliation. They separated with a chuckle from the younger, not minding the nip at all.

"I just realized that I missed your taste, P'Arthit. It's been so long since I gave head..."

"As if you didn't have other people in the US," he huffed out, a little bitter about his assumption.

Kongpob had grown up to be more attractive than when they were younger. It would be impossible to not have boys and girls clamoring after him. He accepted it though. He had had a handful of encounters in the past and a brief relationship with his childhood friend after Kongpob, when he had been trying to fill the void that the latter had left in his world. But the younger didn't answer him though, instead, he went back to his sitting kneel position, leveling his face with crotch again.

Kongpob took the elder's cock in his mouth to avoid answering and he could feel the stare that the other was leveling him. He ignored it. He bobbed his head slowly, going a little bit further with each thrust, and teasing his gag reflex with the hard dick in his mouth. He pulled off completely, letting his hand lazily spread the saliva he left behind, making the appendage slimy and wet. He could feel drool dripping down from the corners of mouth and he felt the urge to show it to his senior, so he lifted his head up to show the other his messy face. His eyes found Arthit's and he was satisfied with the dazed expression he saw there. He watched the other's adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed thickly. He ran his tongue lightly from tip to root, until he reached the pale skin of his senior's crotch, placing a chaste kiss there.

Then he was sucking at the spot, interspersed with tiny nips, until the area turned dark red. With one last peck, he left his mark alone and grinned up at the other boyishly.

"There. That's not visible at all, P'Arthit. It should be okay right?" he asked all innocently, even going so far as to widening his eyes for effect.

"Yes," the older breathed out. Arthit's hands had been caressing his hair all this time, and he leaned into the warmth, his eyes closing and his mouth sighing in bliss.


"Yes, P'Arthit?"

"You... had one night stands, right? After me?" the older asked uncertainly. He opened his eyes at the question and leveled the other with a stare.

"Will it matter?" he asked after a long while.

"I-I... I guess not."

"Hmm... then don't get jealous nor guilty, okay? To tell you honestly, I didn't have any other encounters with someone else aside from my ex-wife."


Kongpob only hummed in reply.

"Stop talking. Talking is reserved for pillow talk or day time conversations if the topic is heavy. Now is the time for debauchery and you moaning out my name. And fuck, you better moan out my name good because I will not let you cum if I'm not satisfied with your reactions."

"Oh yeah? If you're gonna make me moan your name, then I'm gonna make you scream my name," Arthit replied, a challenging glint shining in his eyes. Kongpob growled in anticipation.

"Then you better fuck me good, P'Arthit, if you want to make me scream. Your. Name."

Arthit thought he couldn't get any more hard. He thought wrong. Because at the dangerous glint in the younger's eyes, his dick had even grown harder that it was twitching and standing erect in the air.

"You better tell that you've been tested for STI's, P'," Kongpob asked in all seriousness.

"I'm clean," answered the older truthfully.

"Good. Me too."

Kongpob eyed the prize in front of him before darting his eyes upwards, meeting the eyes of the older in an intense stare.


Then the younger was engulfing him whole, this time letting his hard length reach the back of throat. He yelped in surprise, and moaned after he felt the tightness of the other's throat. Kongpob stayed like that for a few seconds then he was pulling off. Tan hands pumped his very wet dick, as Kongpob panted for air. Then he was diving in again, this time giving him the signal to fuck his mouth.

And who was he to refuse?

He began to fuck the younger's mouth earnestly, staring at the latter's face for any sign of pain. He could feel heat pool low on his belly and he knew he was close. He yanked at the other's hair, pulling him off none too gently. He murmured an apology as Kongpob panted for much needed air.

"I'm close, Kong," he said breathily.

"Yeah, cum in my mouth. I missed your taste," was Kongpob's shameless answer before he was licking the leaking head of his engorged dick. He groaned out loud.

"You're such a pervert."

"Don't deny that you like my dirty talk. If not, then you're just lying to yourself as your dick says otherwise. And do you not want to see your cum in mouth? I remember you loving that in the past."

"DO you want me to cum all over you instead of just in your mouth? Because I'm really hard that I feel bursting. Stop with your dirty talks and put your mouth into better use."

Kongpob smirked up at him before he was engulfing him whole again. Arthit let out a long whine as he pushed his length in and out of that hot cavern. The younger was just sitting still, like he was one of those sex dolls, there to be used only. He pulled out and slapped his cock repeatedly against tan cheeks, making Kongpob groan. Then he was sliding in again, slowly until he reached the back of his throat. He let the younger control the depth and he was impressed at how deep he was into Kongpob's throat. The sight was so erotic that he felt like he was near bursting.

"K-Kong! I'm go-gonna cum. Gonna cuuuum!"

He felt his cock twitch inside the warm mouth and then he was squirting while Kongpob pumped him. He slumped against the door, boneless, after the toe-curling orgasm. He looked down at the younger and he found dark eyes already looking at him.

"God, you're so good. Were you just lying to me when you said you haven't had any sexual encounters since your ex-wife? 'cause you must've been practicing."

A bit of cum trickled from the younger's closed mouth and he reached out to wipe it away. Kongpob grabbed his hand when he retracted it, licking the bit of cum he just wiped away. In doing so, he saw the cum still in the other's mouth, and he demanded the other to spit it out. Kongpob decided to be a little shit though and just showed him his cum-filled mouth before closing it again, swallowing theatrically.

"O-oi! Why'd you swallow it?!"

"Hmm. Because I love P'Arthit's taste."

"And how do I taste like?"

"Want a taste?"


Then Kongpob was surging up while dragging the older down, pulling the other into a searing kiss. Arthit tasted himself on the other's tongue and he tasted... quite bland with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

"Okay, now I get why you like it. It tastes bland and slightly bitter. Those are you food choices. Yuck!"

Kongpob chuckled in reply.

"Can you walk? Let's get inside your room. You still need to fuck me."

"What? But you've melted my brain!"

"Are you actually saying no to round two?"

"What? No! Just saying that you've got to let me recover."

"Pfft. You're getting old."

"Oi! Who're you calling old, huh?! No respeeeee-aaaaaah! Put me down! Kongpob! 0062!"

"Your head hazer voice has no effect on me. I wasn't one of your freshmen."

"Kongpob, just put me down. Oof-! You're such a brat!"

Arthit was huffing and puffing from where he had been thrown unceremoniously onto his bed. He propped himself on his forearms to glare at the younger who went and locked the door of the bedroom. His glare turned into a lustful stare though when he saw the younger unbuckling his belt. He crooked his forefinger at the younger, beckoning him to come closer. Kongpob obeyed, shuffling closer towards the bed in a daze. He, himself, slithered towards the edge of the bed, sitting there facing the younger, and undid the other's pants, yanking them down over delicious tanned muscular thighs. He gave an experimental lick on the clothed erection, tenting black briefs, then sucking the head into his mouth in a mimicry of how the other had made him loose his mind just a short while ago.

He heard the other groan, and he hastily yanked the underwear down. Then he was sucking at the appendage, relentless even though the younger was trembling all over. He yanked at the younger's thighs, making him nearly lose his balance then he was guiding Kongpob to straddle him. It was a comfortable position, and Kongpob had to change his postion every so often. Arthit got irked by this and just slammed the other on the bed, making the him gasp. He dove back in and sucked the younger enthusiastically. He placed the muscular legs over his shoulder, and held on the squirming meaty thighs tightly.

Kongpob moaned out his pleasure, legs fidgeting with every delicious suction of the other's mouth, every teasing licks of a tongue, every hint of pleasure-pain of teeth. His balls were being sucked too, and a finger was teasing his perineum, going lower, and lower...

His length was being engulfed again but there was something different about it this time, a displaced feeling and he couldn't pinpoint what. He called out to the other's name in confused half-uttered words, until his vision lights up in intense pleasure. He arched his back from the bed in a surprised shout, and that was when he realized that there was a finger abusing his prostate. He writhes as Arthit continued to suck and finger him simultaneously and he comes, and comes, and comes. He was so surprised that he hadn't had the chance to warn the older. Then he was crashing down against the bed, panting and quivering badly.

"P-P' A-Ar-Arr-Arthit..."

"Shh. Shh. I'm here."

Arthit left tiny kisses against his belly, occasionally sucking and nipping the skin there. He looked down and met the warm chocolate eyes of the older. He smiled. It took him a few moments to be able to return his breathing to normal and before he could speak. His speech was still slurred though, with all the endorphins swimming in his system.

"That was intense..." he murmured. They gazed at each other, satisfied smiles playing on their lips. He reached out a hand and Arthit caught it in one his, threading his fingers through the other's.

"Hmm. Yes. You 're so receptive to my touches. I love it."

"Where'd you even get the lube? D'you have them just lying around?"

"I found the one I used to pleasure myself yesterday because someone left me hanging."

Kongpob gave him a look. He scowled in return.

"Quit judging! You don't have room to judge! Don't think I didn't notice how you're kinda loose."

"Of course I'm loose. I have prepped myself before coming here!"

Arthit looked at him in shock, which made him furrow his brows.

"W-when you said to fuck you... you meant it?" the older asked him, breathless.

"Well, yeah. Weren't you the one eager to fuck me yesterday?"

"Fuuu—okay. Okay. Hot damn, baby. You're turning me on, now."

Arthit crawled his way upwards the other's body, looking like a jungle cat on the hunt for his prey. And he was the prey. He bit his lip in anticipation, widening his legs further to accommodate the older as he settled down against him. The singer braced himself on his forearms that he placed on either side of his head and then he was kissing him senseless. His dick twitched again as the older accidentally grinds down against him. Then it happened again and he wasn't sure if it was even accidental in the first place.

They rutted against each other, slowly but surely making each other hard. He didn't know how long they were kissing, he felt like they were going at it for eternity, but then he felt a pressure against his rectum and he detaches his lips from the older to gasp.

Arthit wasn't deterred by this and just migrated his lips towards the tan column of his neck. He continued to finger the younger open with two of his digits, receiving just a bit of resistance. He scissored his fingers, making Kongpob moan out loud.

"P'Arthit... is soooo good. Uurmmm..."

"Hmm, Kong. Can't wait to be inside you," he moaned in reply.

He added more lube into his fingers and plugged three digits in, making the younger cry out loud.

"Are you okay, love?" he asked.

"It stings a bit but it feels so good, P'. Keep going," moaned the younger, a little breathless.

He began to finger-fuck the other, faster and harder, a preview of what was to come. He twisted and crooked his fingers for that one special spot, finding it in no time and making the younger cry out obscenities.

"P'Arthit! Fucking hell, just put it in!" Kongpob yelled, sitting upright to grab at the other. He was pushed back down by Arthit though, and a warning look was sent his way. He groaned in frustration, but he stayed lying down on the bed.

The singer got up from the bed and went to rummage around his bedside table's drawer and found the box he was looking for. He inspected the box and cursed loudly before turning to look at the younger and showed him the thing.

"I don't have condoms. This one's expired."

Kongpob bit his lip, looking at the box of condoms then back to his partner, repeatedly. He stared at the other, gauging the older's reaction.

"Like I said, I just had myself checked. I had my annual full body check-up just last month and that included getting tested for STI's. I'm clean, P'Arthit. D'you wanna...?"

Arthit took a deep breath. It wasn't a hardship for him to decide especially when the other was looking all sexy and tasty laid out on his bed like that. He moved back towards the bed, throwing the box somewhere, and then he was slotting himself in between the spread thighs of the younger. He ground his hips against the other's and they both moaned out in pleasure.

"Yes," he panted near Kongpob's ear.

He straightened up grabbing the lube, and poured a liberal amount on his palm, lathering his aching hardness until it was shiny against the soft lighting of the room.

Kongpob licked his lips unconsciously, his mouth watering at the sight. His breathing became shallow in anticipation as his senior lazily pumps his dick, putting a show for him, a teasing smirk firmly in place.

"Please, P'..." he begged.

Arthit yanked the younger closer by his thighs, causing the latter to gasp in surprise. Then he was plugging into the warm wet hole to the music of the other's moans and groans. He bent down to kiss the younger, a distraction as he fed his cock slowly to the inviting hole. He pumped his still slippery hand on Kongpob's dick slowly and he swallowed the moans and gasps that escaped from the younger's mouth.

"Urrmm, Kong... you're so tight love. Fuuuckk..." he groaned out against the younger's lips when he bottomed out.

"You feel so good inside me. So good, P'." panted the other.

"S-stop squeezing me, GOD!"


He moved involuntarily when the other squeezed him too much, causing them to both cry out.

"I think you can move now, P'."

Arthit obeyed, letting go of the other's dick to brace himself firmly on his forearms against the bed. He started out slow, just a slight in and out from the tightness, and it made Kongpob sigh in bliss. But then, it wasn't enough anymore and the thrusts became faster.

"Harder. Harder, please. Ah! Fuck, I need you deep inside me, please. Slam that fat cock deep inside me, P'. Aaah! THERE! There, P'! Fuck me harder!"

The slapping of skin to skin became more intense inside the room, and the smell of sex was getting stronger as the two bodies writhed together on the bed. Arthit slammed harder and harder against the younger, and the Kongpob couldn't do anything but to cry out. With every hard thrust of Arthit, Kongpob's body gets pushed further across the bed until his head was hanging on the edge. He reached out a hand on the floor to stop himself from getting pushed off the bed, and just let his head hang like that. He stared at their faint reflection with the twinkling lights of the metropolitan Bangkok as their backdrop through the glass curtain wall of Arthit's bedroom and he found himself a new kink. He loved how his P'Arthit moved above him through the glass, making him more turned on. It was beautiful to watch his lover undulate his body like, how his own legs writhed against the trim waist of the older.

"Where is your mind drifting? Am I boring you, huh? Should I stop this? Or maybe you need punishment, Nong," Arthit growled, snapping him out of his focus on their reflection. Then his vision whirled as he was being yanked upright until he was face to face with his lover. Gravity did its job, a little too perfectly, as he lost control of his limbs for a while, being disoriented from the sudden change in position, and slammed down hard on the other's dick. He felt the breath got knocked out of him and heard the older's yelp of discomfort.

"Don't do that!" he yelled breathlessly. Arthit groaned in reply, but he nodded anyway.

"...sorry," the senior said in a strained voice.

"Are you okay?" Kongpob asked, still straddling the other. He moved to get off the other's cock, but the older held fast onto his waist.

"Uhh, peachy? Hah-ah! Stop squeezing."

"Sorry, I had to make sure that your cock is still functioning," Kongpob answered nonchalantly.

"I'm still erect inside of you," Arthit replied, deadpan.

"Then could you please continue? I'm still horny, and my dick would want a release."

"Cheeky brat. Fine, but keep your attention on me, are we clear? It's so unflattering for your partner to think of other things during sex you know," the older said, a hint of uncertainty coloring his voice. Kongpob looked at him in surprise.

"P'Arthit! I love what you are doing so very much, there is nothing on my mind but how good you're drilling into me," the younger emphasizes his point with a buck of his hips, and a squeeze of his inner walls.

"I was actually mesmerized – ah! Ah!— by how sexy you looked, how—oh yes, there— how it seemed like you belong in between my spread legs, fucking me over. And over. And over. Again," he emphasized the last words with a slam of his hips against the other's. the older groaned out in reply. "P'Arthit!"

"But you weren't looking at me... Kooooong..." the older whined. Instead of replying verbally, Kongpob directed the other's head to look at the floor-to-ceiling glass behind him. He also craned his neck so that he could also look at their reflection. He stopped his movement so that they could concentrate on their reflection.

"See there? It's faint, I know. Barely perceptible. But I could see your every move, love. And every time you move, I could feel the subsequent action deep inside me and I love it. P'Arthit, I feel owned! It's exhilarating."

Arthit groaned at the sight. It was indeed arresting seeing his reflected self fucking the very sexy man in his arms. The beast inside him purred in satisfaction, his possessiveness tamed.

"Move, Nong. Let me watch, too," he urged the younger.

"With pleasure," Kongpob said with a smirk as he lifted himself up then slammed back down again.

"Oh fuck. That's so erotic. I see what you mean, Kong. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Kongpob!" the older groaned.

"That's what you're doing. Oooooh yeah, hah-ah! You're fucking me."

"Technically, you're the one – god, you're so tight!—fucking yourself into my dick."

Kongpob braced himself on the pale man's shoulders and started to earnestly impale himself on the hardened length pulsing inside him. He angled his hips a bit and the action had him gasping and seeing stars. The older grew impatient so he flipped them back to their original position. Kongpob found his head hanging on the edge of the mattress again, a reprimand at the tip of his tongue. He didn't manage to utter them though as the older began to drill into him harder than before, hitting that spot inside of him with uncanny accuracy.

He screamed out his love's name, over and over again. His hips lifted up from the bed, his back arching. His front got plastered against the hard body of his senior and the friction of his cock against the other's abdominals was heavenly. His eyes rolled at the back of his head at the intense pleasure.

"I-I'm gonna cum. P'Art—gonna cum... gonna—Aaaah! ARTHIT!"

He squirted ropes upon ropes of cum between their chests, making a mess of themselves and not caring about it. His insides clenched around the pistoning cock, making Arthit stutter in his rhythm and groan out loud.

"Not so tight!" he croaked out. He stopped his thrusting to let the younger recover from his orgasm before starting up again, chasing his own release. He lifted the younger's ass in the air higher as he shifted into a kneeling position, his hands holding onto the other's hips tightly, then he was slamming hard and fast again. His breath was getting more labored, panting heavily. Then his rhythm got erratic.

"I'm gonna cu—"

"I want your cum inside me, please. Brand me yours, P'Arthit..." Kongpob said while brushing aside the fringe that got plastered on his forehead. The older groaned at his words.



With that, his hips stuttered in its movements, and then he was climaxing with the younger's name on his lips. He seemed to cum for eternity before he collapsed against the younger. Gentle hands began to rub circles on his back as he panted against the crook of Kongpob's neck.

"That was..."

"Hmmm, amazing..."

"Mind-blowing. Fuck, I've never felt like this before with my previous partners. What is it with you?"

"I dunno," Kongpob said with chuckled. He felt a pang though in his heart at the reminder that the older had other partners in the past, but he banished the thoughts with the other's admittance that he had been the only one that made him feel this way. He felt giddy.

They stayed entangle with each other for quite some time, letting their heartbeats return to normal. Arthit pulled out gently with a squelching noise. Kongpob winced slightly at the temporary discomfort before the other was completely out. He felt warm liquid trail out of his whole and down his crack and he felt, oddly pleased about it, instead of grossed out.

"I swear, my brain is mush. Kong, you've successfully made me dumb. Oh god, there's a lot of cum oozing out."

"You're ridiculous."

Arthit raised himself on his shaky forearms just so he could stare at the other.

"I'm serious. You're the only one who could satisfy me like this. Ever since then, until now, I've never had sex this good and I think I kept comparing my partners to you."

Kongpob blushed at the older's declaration. He covers his heated face with his palms.

"Kong? Hey, don't hide," Arthit said, moving his hands softy from his face, which he let happen. "There you are. I love you. So much. Thank you for giving me, giving us, another chance."

"I—I think it's the other way around, P'Arthit. Thank you for giving me another chance. Even though I was the one who hurt. And I love you so much."

"Okay, okay. Both of us gave the other a chance, let's settle it at that. So, I know that we only just been reunited yesterday and that we just had our first date tonight, but... I don't want to waste anymore time, Kong. So, be my boyfriend?"

"Oh, okay."

"What's up with that half-assed answer, huh?"

"Well, I thought you were gonna propose or something, you know? Because you said you didn't wanna waste anymore time?" Kongpob replied nonchalantly, but there was a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"O-oi! Let me prepare myself first before that! I have to meet your daughter, formally, and get her approval to marry her daddy. Then I have to brace myself to meet your parents, who hates me—"

"They hated the idea of me being with a man, not you personally. But they're not like that anymore, I promise. Also, they were puppets of my late grandfather. He was the one who had ordered my parents to take me away from you. He was also the one who arranged my marriage with a girl."

"Oh... So, your parents aren't all that evil?"

"No, P'. They were just... hmm... Misguided, I guess."

"So... if you were to introduce me to them, they'd accept me? A man?"

"Yes. Probably."

"That's not reassuring at all."

"Well, if they don't accept you at all, then I will defy them. I'm an adult now, and I am independent from them. I can live even without their support. And I have my sisters' support about this actually. My sexuality."

"If they were supportive of you, why didn't they help you ten years ago?" Arthit couldn't help the hint of bitterness that crept on his voice.

"They weren't aware of what had been happening, P'Arthit. They didn't know that I was in a relationship with a man then. They believed in what my parents and grandpa said, that I was there to take care of him. They were as clueless as me about the whole situation. They only came to know when the company had taken a major hit and they had to step-up to steer it back to its right course. You must've heard about the news of the fall of one of the major companies in Thailand, right? After all, you're an IE major and our company had been in the manufacturing field for years."

"Yes, I'm aware. I also know that it didn't go bankrupt like what others had predicted and still assumed nowadays. I know this because Knot had actually bought shares from your company when he saw how it was steadily rising up again. It's back on the playing field, although there isn't as much clamor about its return."

"That's because the company isn't based here anymore. It's in Singapore, one of our branches that hadn't been affected by the fall too much. The company still have loyal customers that it caters to and other companies are also beginning to trust us again. The company isn't in any precarious position now, and the stocks are maintained at a steady rise. And all of that are due to my sisters' efforts. They laboriously brought the company back from the ashes."

They were silent for a while, Arthit processing the new information from about the younger's life, and Kongpob getting lost for a little bit in his past. Arthit, when he couldn't ignore the stickiness anymore, stands up to go to the bathroom. He cleans himself for a few minutes then goes back out with a damp towel and set on cleaning the younger. He coaxed the other to move so that he could strip the comforter off the bed. He retrieved another blanket from the closet and used it to cover their nakedness. They cuddled under the warm cocoon of the blanket, and it was so comfortable that it lulled their tired bodies into sleep. They stayed in each other's embrace and all was well again.