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September collection of drabbles and short stories

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Third was excited and nervous at the same time. Getting transferred to the new University wouldn't be a big deal for a normal human, but he was visually impaired. At least he had a friend in the same course. Two, his childhood friend was waiting for him in front of the gate.

"Third!" Two yelled excitedly. Third assumed he must be smiling from the tone he used, so he smiled back with the same enthusiasm. 

"Are you excited for your first day?" Two asked. 

"Sure, but I am nervous too." Third nodded, tilting his head cutely, letting his friend ruffle his hair before taking his arm and leading him inside the campus. Third listened to the noises surrounding him as they entered the building. 

"Third!" The voice shouted his name from across the hallway. Third smiled as he recognized Bone, another friend he met thanks to Two. He hesitantly waved in the direction he sensed Bone was standing as they moved closer to the room. 

"Hi, Bone." He greeted, getting startled as the taller man pull him for a hug.

"Come here, you cute little thing." Bone laughed, dragging the poor boy with him inside the classroom. Two shook his head, following behind them, helping Third to sit down. 

"Khai is here. Enjoy the first day, Third." Bone said before leaving. He knew Khai, at least the name. Two always talked about his friend. Complaining about his flirting. He got warned too. 

Third, heard Bone speak and when Khai answered, he stiffened. He never heard the voice so gentle and sexy at the same time. His whole body heated, yet he was shivering. Third, didn't understand what was happening to him. All he knew was that he wanted to listen to this voice forever.