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OffGun+ September Drabbles

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Krathing is fairly ambitious, although most would never guess the extent. Life could be very easy for him, but he chooses to make his own way. He makes mistakes, but nothing noteworthy.

It’s a demon who tells him about Tam, taps him in to appear at the crossroads when it’s not actually his job. Tam needs someone to trust, someone to take care of him, and Krathing is fairly sure the demon is playing a prank, sending him to Tam like this.

At the same time… Well, fuck. It’s not like Krathing can’t do it.

Krathing can see Tam’s thoughts, corrects him, and Tam seems wary but curious.

“I’m not a demon, but I can still make a deal.”

“What sort of deal?” Tam asks, skeptical.

“You’ll have to kiss me to find out,” Krathing responds with a shrug, ready to amend that he was only joking.

Tam, however, is quick to bounce onto his toes, and cups Krathing’s face in his hands. He doesn’t just peck Krathing, lingering long enough for Krathing to kiss back.

Tam lets go, but doesn’t back away. “What now?”

Krathing tosses a token to the ground, a split opening. “An adventure to the underworld.”