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OffGun+ September Drabbles

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Liftoil drums two of his pencils on the table, headphones on, blasting his music as he waits for the peer tutor his professor had set up for him. It’s not like he’s failing, just struggling.

His textbook sits in front of him, alongside the test on which his instructor insisted he make corrections alongside P’... Hm. Well, whatever the guy’s name is. Guy? Girl? Who knows.

Someone leans over his shoulder and plucks a pencil from one of his hands, starts making marks on his exam.

Liftoil removes his headphones, startled, and hastily turns off the music still blaring. “Sorry. Liftoil didn’t hear you arrive, phi.”

“Krathing,” Krathing says, swiveling around Liftoil’s side to get a real look at him. “Uiii. You’re cute, Nong Liftoil.” He grins, then taps the test. “But not very good at math.”

“Liftoil is sure someone as handsome as P’Krathing can help.” He grins back.

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Tam’s homework is to request the help of an upperclassman for a spell. It’s supposed to promote community in the school, encourage them all to really feel like “phi-nong.”

Tam doesn’t know very many people, hasn’t been good at making friends. He thinks to ask P’Bright, but P’Bright isn’t the best, academically speaking. Tam has met a couple of Bright’s friends, some of whom are more scholastically-inclined and some of whom might have met him under less-than-ideal circumstances, but he doesn’t feel comfortable enough to ask them for help. Perhaps Bright could ask for him?

Tam is in Bright’s room for the fourth time this week when he decides to bring it up. “I need help on a spell…”

“And so you came to me?” Bright asks, sounding honored.

“Er, P’Bright…” Tam starts, not knowing how to break Bright’s heart when Bright has been nothing but sweet to him.

Bright snorts. “I know, I know. It’s the requirement spell, right? This may shock you, Nong Tam, but I can actually do it.”

“Without setting the room on fire?” Tam specifies.

Bright nods. “Mh.” He walks his fingers up Tam’s stomach. “But what do I get for helping you?”

“Better phi-nong relations,” Tam teases back.

“Phi-nong,” Bright repeats, pulling a face. “Am I just nong’s phi? Or am I nong’s faen?”

Tam stares at Bright. “Does P’Bright want to be my faen?” Bright looks eager, but Tam hesitates. “I don’t know if you’d still feel that way, if you knew everything.”

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Punn hasn’t seen Khun Thawin in two weeks, but it’s Pang who comes up with a plan to help, and Wave who tells him that plan is stupid. But the group manages to figure something out.

Punn is under a lot of stress again and, by the time the fighting starts, he’s not himself anymore. Not his normal self, at least. But that’s alright, this version is far more vicious, is just what they need.

This version finds and rescues Khun Thawin.

Khun Thawin who, in turn, helps Punn get back to himself.

When things calm, however, Punn finds himself waking back in his room with Wave--and Pang, who is there again for some reason, even if he shouldn’t be.

“What happened?” Punn asks.

And they tell him all he hadn’t seen.

Punn shifts and notices something under his pillow, uncovers it curiously. It’s a bundle of herbs, some sort of protection charm marked by the same emblem on that talisman he’d received from Khun Thawin. That talisman… Punn had it in his robe pocket before. Where is it?

Ohm appears. “I can’t believe Khun Thawin is assigning a group project already. Shouldn’t there be a break? We’re all traumatized.” He collapses beside Punn on Punn’s bed.

“Khun Thawin is alright?” Punn asks, then realizes how it sounds.

Ohm smirks. “Yes. And he’s worried about you, too.”

Pang raises an eyebrow, but it’s Wave who says, “Punn, you’re not really going to hook up with a professor, are you?”

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Tam has never told Bright about what he did before he came to school here. In fact, he barely tells Bright about things that have happened in school.

“I summoned something,” Tam says. “Accidentally. Out of my constant fear and frustration and pain, I made a demon. His name is Phum.”

“Is? Does that mean he’s still around?” Bright glances around, as if looking for him.

Tam’s eyes dart to Bright and away, he blinks back tears. The archmage had known so he’s never had to tell anybody before. “Phum is always here. Phum is and isn’t me. A part of me. I was so… Phum-- I… I did some things that were really bad.”

Bright scoffs at him. “What? Did you kill someone or something?”

Tam nods and all the humor drains out of Bright’s face. “Did they deserve it?” Bright stops. “I mean. Do you want to talk about what happened?”

“I can go,” Tam says. “Now that you know, you probably don’t want me--”

“Tam.” Bright pulls Tam in close and kisses Tam’s forehead and Tam starts crying harder, his whole body shaking. “You don’t have to tell me the rest, nong. I can wait.”

“And you still…?” Tam can’t voice the question, but he’s fighting the urge to leave, knows he must be making Bright uncomfortable, can’t imagine Bright will want to continue fooling around with him much less start a real romantic relationship.

“Hey. What’s a faen for?” Bright returns, kissing Tam’s forehead once more.

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“Chimon will be fine,” Gun says, giving his husband a kiss goodbye.

“I just wish Win and Chimon would ask me if they needed help,” Off replies with a pout, their teenage sons already in the car waiting for him, probably with AirPods in and ignoring each other.

Gun gives him a look. “Papii, you’re not just their dad, you’re a teacher. That’s embarrassing.”

“I teach at their school so I know all the ins and outs and can keep them away from troublemakers,” Off argues.

“If you tell them to stay away, you know we’re going to wake up in the middle of the night to those ‘troublemakers’ crawling in through their bedroom windows.”

Off’s pout turns into a frown. “Baby, why would you say that?”

“It’s the truth,” Gun tells him. Off starts to close the door as Gun adds, quieter, “Besides, Chimon already has a boyfriend.”


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“Ohm told me there was a group project,” Punn says, at the doorway of Thawin’s office.

Thawin looks up from a book and seems to assess Punn. “For the others, yes, but I think you have enough voices to deal with right now without bringing in your peers.” Khun Thawin then smiles at Punn and Punn feels his face heat.

He remembers the talisman again, how he’d lost it, and the blush of shyness turns to shame. “Khun Thawin, that pendant you gave me, I must’ve lost it.”

Thawin shakes his head, then pauses. “Well, you did. But I found it and haven’t found the time to return it. You needed space and you have a loyal group of friends, it seems.”

Punn tries not to turn any redder as he accepts the protection charm back. He can’t deny his crush at all anymore, but he can do his best to save face in front of his professor, who is also the object of his affections. Punn should push it out of his mind, but a small part of him keeps thinking about that prophecy.

“Nong Punn?” Thawin prompts. “Were you here about the project?”

Nodding, Punn composes himself.

“I know that in our tutoring sessions we’ve gone beyond the realm of charms, given the needs of the moment, but we’re getting back to charm. In this case, your ability to charm someone into doing something for you. It shouldn’t just be charisma, but magical influence. The more you like this person, the more effective it is.”

“Do I have to make them do something bad?” Punn asks curiously.

Thawin shrugs. “That part is up to you. Why? Do you have something in mind? Someone?”

“How will you know I’ve done it?” Punn follows up.

“Simple: Magic leaves a mark.”

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Off has spent his entire prep checking in on his sons even though he still has three classes worth of exams to grade. Gun had shoved him out the door, reminding him that he needed to be there early today, right after revealing their youngest son had a boyfriend. It hadn’t exactly given Off peace of mind.

It doesn’t help when the next day, Gun says, “Well, two boyfriends.”

Had Gun thought that would actually ease him into the concept? Day one, learning their youngest was dating. Day two, learning that Gun had lied--a lie of omission? It was technically correct, if not complete information--and that Chimon was actually seeing two different boys.

One of his students, Nanon, has stayed for a few minutes to finish writing notes at lunch, when Chimon arrives. “Ah, luk has finally given in to having lunch with Papii?”

Chimon pulls a face. He looks like Gun then, and it makes Off pleased and annoyed all at once. “I’m not here for you,” he says, then he glances to Nanon. Nervously.

Off narrows his eyes. He’d liked Nanon alright, but now…

Shit. Now he has to find out who their other boyfriend is.

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As eager as Tam had been to fool around, and as much time as they’ve spent in Bright’s bed, have touched each other all over, they haven’t fucked. Well, they’ve fucked with hands and mouths, but they haven’t gone any further.

Tam had been uncertain, afraid, but they’ve been official, even if only the two of them know about it, for a month now. Bright had helped Tam with the spell and Tam had told him the rest of the story, little by little, and they’ve grown closer, and not just as phi-nong.

They’re coming up on a long weekend and Tam has been avoiding going back to his own room more and more, where he’s stuck with three other students who seem to think being nice means ignoring Tam completely, which is actually preferable to the other ways he’s been treated. He goes to Bright’s often, but he doesn’t stay over.

Bright tells him, “Why don’t you just stay here a couple of days? The castlekeepers won’t check until next week.”

“Are you sure?” Tam asks.

Bright laughs. “Keep my cute faen in my bedroom for three days, what a burden…” Bright tries to contain his mischievous smirk.

“You don’t need to be responsible? I heard P’Arthit and--”

“Shhh,” Bright pulls Tam in. “What? Nong afraid to sleep in my bed?”

Tam rolls his eyes, even if it’s a little bit true. Mostly he’s glad Bright knowing the truth hasn’t caused Bright to treat him any differently.

Bright’s embrace turns from sweet to something else, taking advantage of the proximity to grope Tam’s ass. “Nonggg.”

Tam nods, wraps his arms around Bright’s neck and kisses him. If he’s sharing a room with Bright all weekend, Tam is definitely thinking of what else he and Bright can get up to.

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Tam knows a lot about sex, has touched himself all over, had even tried using magic to fuck himself before but there were few times where he was alone enough to experiment.

P’Bright is between his thighs and Tam is telling him what feels good, Bright eager to learn. Bright likes to be loud and brash, jokes around a lot, but he’s always considerate in bed. He listens as Tam tells him how to move his fingers, lines himself up when Tam tells him he wants more.

When Tam said he was ready, Bright had asked him exactly what he wanted. He hadn’t asked a bunch of follow-ups about whether Tam was really ready, or if it was what Tam really wanted. He took Tam at his word.

Now Bright fucks into him slowly, gives Tam time to adjust. Tam is delicate in ways he wishes he wasn’t, can’t tell Bright in the moment how much he appreciates it, but is pretty sure Bright knows. That’s another thing Bright is secretly good at, that Tam sees more and more.

After, as Tam shifts and winces, Bright finds the locket—amulet, whatever—and helps Tam re-affix it around his neck.

“I don’t mind being sore, phi,” Tam says, but he just adjusts it so it sits better.

Bright leans down and presses a kiss to the locket, over Tam’s heart, imbues it with his own magic even if he knows little of healing. “The sooner you’re better, the sooner we can go again.”

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Off had seen Ohm around during summer school, which Chimon had been forced to attend and Win had attended willingly in order to get more credits. Nanon had been redoing a class over the summer, too.

If Off had known making Chimon attend summer school would lead him straight into the arms of someone like Ohm, who was messy and a bit rowdy and definitely way too flirty, he would’ve kept Chimon locked at home, or even sent him out with Gun on one of his modeling gigs. Who knew that would’ve been safer than letting Chimon meet the new kid, the one who had moved to their area over the summer and already needed to make up failed classes.

Off doesn’t find out on his own, however.

Once he gets home, complaining to Gun about Chimon coming to his classroom only to wait for Nanon, Gun accidentally wonders aloud whether Ohm had been absent or had chosen not to come, maybe for fear of Off.


“Don’t worry, Papii,” Gun says as they’re lying there cuddled up. “Chimon promised he’d tell me if they did anything serious.”

Which is...maybe a relief. Off can accept that for the moment. He’d very much like to verify everything for himself, but Gun’s words are enough to keep some of his anxiety at bay. For whatever reason, Chimon has always been very open with Gun.

If only Gun’s statement hadn’t been punctuated by a thunk coming from one of the other bedrooms.

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In order for the university to fully recognize the fraternity, they had to also do charity work--not that anyone in Gun’s frat had a problem with this. In fact, they were perhaps too enthusiastic about their “charity work.”

Off isn’t sure he’d consider contests where people make donations to determine who the sexiest frat guy is should be legal or condoned by the university, but somehow it’s allowed. There are two weeks leading up to the “final showdown,” a big party where the frat boys perform for even bigger donations.

Gun is very different from the other frat boys, and perhaps that affects his results in the competition. He’s actually doing very well, although not quite in the lead.

The night of, the bros have started daring each other to up the ante and it’s Luke who hands Gun a bottle of soymilk and tells him to make it work.

Apparently he doesn’t realize what Gun will do, and neither does Off until he watches it happen.

Gun tilts his head back, takes a swig, and then…he lets it drip down the corner of his mouth, down his chest.

The white dripping…

Well, Off has seen Gun in a similar state, but it certainly wasn’t soymilk.

Ultimately, Gun still loses, but the frat raises a lot of money for charity and Gun gets a lot of new fans, all giving him their numbers when the competition is over and everyone is just hanging out.

“Ai’Gun…” Off says, when Gun manages to pry himself from the crowd.

“What, Papii?” Gun asks, feigning innocence. “Was Gun too messy? Or not messy enough?” He winks and Off’s heart pounds.

“Maybe you should drink some more soymilk in private,” Off suggests.

It’s not the best euphemism, but Gun is all for it anyway.

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Off had known that being a parent and a teacher meant an added layer of awkward situations, knows what kids are up to and how it’s part of the process growing up…but it doesn’t mean he can ignore it.

Off shoots out of bed and Gun follows after, tugging on his sleeve, both using Off as his protection and ready to mollify Off if protection is unnecessary.

Already, Off doubts it’s a burglar, hears Chimon shushing someone instead of yelling.

Off looks to Gun, who says, “Be nice, Papii.”

“You go in,” Off suggests, annoyed.

Gun frowns. “Papii, they’re not going to take Gun seriously.” But he opens the bedroom door anyway, revealing Chimon trying to shove another boy out of sight.

Honestly, it gives Off flashbacks…but it still makes him mad.

“Holy shit, Chimon, your dad is cute,” and Off already knows that voice is Ohm.

Ohm gives Gun a once-over and Off steps into view.

“Oi, watch it, nong.”

“Sorry, Khun…” And apparently Ohm isn’t sure of Off’s name, but he’s wai-ing, from where he’s fallen onto Chimon’s bed.

“Nanon should come out, too,” Gun says.

Off assesses the situation, watches as one of his students emerges from the closet, and is so mad that he starts shouting incomprehensibly. Something about how Ohm and Nanon have to leave, how Chimon isn’t allowed to date, how sneaking around like this is going to end up with him calling the police for breaking and entering.

Gun pushes his hands down, stops him from pointing. “How about this, Papii, we all go to the living room and watch a movie and Gun can make everyone snacks? It’s Friday night. Let’s just stay up.”

“Thanks, phi!” Ohm agrees immediately.

Phi… Although it doesn’t seem right, Off supposes hearing Ohm call Gun dad would be worse.

“Chimon?” Gun presses.

Chimon shares looks with Ohm and Nanon before nodding.

Gun turns to Off. “Papii?”

Off crosses his arms.

“Papii, do it for nong, naaa? Gun will reward you later,” Gun murmurs, shaking Off’s folded arms.

Uh,” Off agrees.

Ohm leans over, whispers, “That’s hot.”

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The exam schedule means Maetee’s last final for the semester starts at seven and ends at nine-thirty. When it’s dark. And who knows what else could be lurking out there.

T-Rex’s final ends right at seven and he marches across campus.

The professor looks up, ready to tell off whichever student has dared arrive late, but sees who it is and only silently gestures T-Rex into a seat.

The sun has already set and something hits the window, causing Maetee to startle.

The professor nods in permission and T-Rex takes a seat right beside Maetee.

“That’s not fair!” one of the other students shouts. “You said we had to keep an empty seat on either side to prevent--”

“If you speak, you fail,” the professor reiterates, even as Maetee scoots his chair close enough to T-Rex’s that their arms press together.

When they leave, Maetee clinging onto T-Rex for dear life as he turns in his test, both of them wai-ing the professor, the professor just nods.

As they walk into the darkness, T-Rex says, “I told you it would be okay as long as I emailed your professor first.”

“You’re so smart,” Maetee says. “And brave. Thanks, tee rak.”

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Math isn’t the only subject Krathing teaches Liftoil…

He also helps him with history and science and even music.

Krathing keeps flirting, but he hasn’t made a move, and Liftoil isn’t the best with that follow through either. But he makes Krathing a mixtape only to realize that Krathing doesn’t have a tape player, so he takes him to the club room instead.

Spoil perks up like a dog at the scent of a delicious meal when Krathing arrives and Padlom has to hold her back.

Liftoil pops the tape into the player and shushes everyone.

They’re only a couple of minutes in when Id says, “Is someone confessing?”

Play nudges him. “It’s Liftoil’s tape. And Liftoil brought a guest.”

Id seems to notice for the first time that Krathing is there for Liftoil and not one of the girls--or for Alan, as they seem familiar, too.

But no. Definitely there for Liftoil, especially with the way they’re now looking at each other.

“Oiii, nong. You like P’Krathing?” Krathing asks, in front of everyone. Before Liftoil can be embarrassed, Krathing yanks him into a hug. “Is that what all the cheesy lines were about?”

“Phi’s lines were cheesier,” Liftoil returns.

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Thawin has come a long way from where he’d started, is glad to have a second chance despite his own involvement in the curses along the way. He’s much better now. Reformed, even.

So why is he taking such special interest in a student?

“The more I like someone, the better it works?” Punn asks, frowning, clarifying. Punn is so very bright, so good at magic. “I can copy Pang’s power.”

Thawin shakes his head. Of course this is the conclusion Punn had come to. It’s quite sensible to realize how similar the ask is to what Pang does so naturally, what Punn can in turn imitate perfectly. “There’s a reason I don’t want you in a group, Punn. I want you to try this on your own.”

“It still involves another person,” Punn argues.

“Yes, but you won’t get to watch the others and their techniques,” Thawin says. He pushes his chair back and stands, leans against his desk.

Punn straightens himself up. “Could I try on you?”

Thawin shouldn’t overthink the implications, but is it overthinking when Nong Punn had so carefully and specifically asked? Thawin hums.

Punn clears his throat. “Khun Thawin, could I try it now?”

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Sean checks his score and immediately shows White. “One hundred percent,” he says. “Will White reward Sean for his hard work?”

White shakes his head. “I already know you’re smart. You’re usually getting A’s on your assignments. Aren’t the grade and the knowledge rewards in and of themselves?”

Sean hangs his head. “What if Sean starts failing classes since White doesn’t care anyway…”

“Hoi! What kind of response is that?” White whines. “I don’t want you to fail your classes.”

“Can I get a reward for doing well then?” Sean asks, popping his head back up, eyes sparkling.

“Ugh. Don’t you get rewarded enough? I get good grades, too.”

If anything, Sean’s eyes get brighter. “That’s right. Sean should reward White.”

“Hey—” White protests, but Sean kisses him until all complaints are forgotten.

“Sean will just make White feel good,” Sean claims, but White knows where this will end up.

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“If Nong Punn would like,” Thawin answers, doing his best to keep his voice steady.

Punn is considering his words. “Why did Khun Thawin give me the talisman?”

Thawin wants to answer, but he’s not compelled to, so he doesn’t. “You’re just going to ask a question? No order?” Thawin would rather Punn told him to hand something over, to wai Punn or some other ridiculous thing.

“The order will depend on the answer,” Punn says. He breathes in deeply, out slowly, and Thawin can feel him summoning up his power. “Why did Khun Thawin give Nong Punn the talisman?”

“Protection,” Thawin answers, although he could’ve resisted. He’d felt Punn’s power, it’s true, but mostly his curiosity was getting the better of him.

Punn is still holding power in his voice, adds a smile, knows that all these factors go into charming someone. “Does Khun Thawin usually protect students like this?”

Thawin shakes his head, keeps himself from saying more.

“Khun Thawin.” Thawin is skilled enough to feel the waver in Punn’s power before the surge. “Hold me.”

Thawin feels the twitch of impulse through his limbs, taking Punn into his arms before he can even think to fight it.

Chapter Text

Punn hadn’t realized just how nice it would be for someone to hold him, has no idea how long it’s been since someone has just hugged him. He latches onto Khun Thawin and Thawin’s hand goes to Punn’s head, stroking his hair, bringing him in closer.

Punn isn’t one to cry when his personalities aren’t out of whack, but he’s been through a lot, has tried so hard not to let anything get to him, so the embrace has tears falling down his face, wetting Thawin’s robes, and he doesn’t know what to do but hold on tighter. He thinks maybe Thawin had held him before, that first time he’d broken down in front of him, but this is different.


The new voice breaks their moment, but Thawin gently withdraws without jerking away.

“What is it, Wasuthorn?” Khun Thawin asks, letting Punn go.

“I had a question about the project,” Wave says, eyeing Punn and Thawin suspiciously.

“Mh.” Thawin gestures Wave in. “Of course.” Thawin’s gaze goes to Punn and it’s professional, but something feels softer as he says, “And, Nong Punn, you pass.”

Punn gives something akin to a nod, a belated wai, before he heads down the corridor, knowing Wave is bound to catch up with him.

They hadn’t done anything wrong, but Punn still feels his heart in his throat, the jittery adrenaline of having been caught.

“Punn!” Wave calls. “What did he mean you pass?”

Punn doesn’t turn to Wave, although he slows his pace to seem more relaxed. “The charms project,” Punn says tersely.

“What? You pass just because you let him feel you up?” Wave asks, pushing Punn’s shoulder, forcing Punn to stop and face him.

“I pass because I told him to,” Punn says, pauses. “He didn’t have much of a choice.”

Chapter Text

Pick is pretty sure he fails as a partner about ninety percent of the time. He would never admit this aloud, but he’s keenly aware that although Rome enjoys being teased by him, he’s not the best at showing affection. He doesn’t talk about his feelings. He doesn’t plan romantic evenings. He doesn’t randomly buy Rome gifts or anything like that.

Even their sex life isn’t the stuff of romance novels. Not that Pick isn’t caring in bed, just that he still isn’t super lovey-dovey about it.

Sometimes he wishes he could be different, that he could find it as easy as Rome or even Porsche to express his feelings, but instead he falters at every turn. But not today. He doesn’t care how cheesy or cliche it is to show up with flowers. He’s really got no other ideas.

Plus, public display of affection? People like that, right?

Pick arrives a few minutes early to pick Rome up from the coffee shop, looks over at the flowers in the passenger seat, then towards the window where he can see Rome talking to his--overly handsy--coworkers.

Steeling himself, Pick grabs the bouquet and heads in, trying not to notice if anyone--or everyone--is staring.

“Nong Rome,” he says, finally looking up. He should say something romantic and beautiful and sweet, like they do in the movies.

Pick shoves the flowers into Rome’s hands without another word.

This should at least half-count.

Rome smiles and blushes. “Thank you, P’Pick.”

Pick even lets Rome kiss him on the cheek and hold his hand right there in front of all Rome’s customers and coworkers.

They make it to the car before Rome asks, “Why the big gesture, P’Pick?”

Pick shrugs, starts the car. Finally, he manages, “I’m not very romantic and...Rome deserves romance.”

Rome laughs and Pick feels distinctly like Rome is laughing at him, making him all the more embarrassed and now a little angry.

“What?” he grunts.

Rome shakes his head. “P’Pick is romantic to Nong Rome.” At Pick’s raised eyebrow, he continues. “The way P’Pick teases Rome, and the way P’Pick holds Rome after we--” He blushes bright red, swallows. “The way P’Pick always gets things Rome can’t reach. The way P’Pick takes care of Rome and thinks about our future.”

“But…” Pick starts, frowning.

“P’Pick is very romantic,” Rome repeats. “But thanks for the flowers.”


Chapter Text

Over the course of their “courtship,” if it could be called as such, Krathing and Liftoil have done a lot of flirting and developed a lot of feelings, but it’s only after their confessions that they’re hanging out on the couch in the club after everyone else has gone and Liftoil mentions never kissing anyone for real.

Krathing snorts and says, “Want me to kiss you, nong?”

“Oh? Does P’Krathing dare to try?” Liftoil puckers his lips dramatically and Krathing makes the same face right back.

Like two fish bumping faces, Liftoil’s lips meet Krathing’s.

Both of them shiver in shock.

“What happened, phi?” Liftoil asks, looking Krathing over, looking himself over, looking all around too quickly to really process any of it.

“Shh,” Krathing says, pulling Liftoil closer, his hand twitching as he feels a strange tugging sensation. He kisses Liftoil again and they withdraw to stare at each other.

Liftoil lifts his hand and Krathing lifts his as if he can’t help it. For just a second, shimmering and disappearing, is a red thread between them.

Experimentally, Krathing shifts his hand, and Liftoil’s moves with it. “What is that?”

“Phi, we’re soulmates!” Liftoil shouts.

“We’re soulmates,” Krathing repeats.

Chapter Text

“Khun Thawin started those ‘private lessons’ with you. Are you sure this wasn’t his goal all along?” Wave asks, and Wave has always been cynical. He has every reason to be cynical, especially after he tried to open up and Pang betrayed him.

It’s not Punn’s fault that Wave took Pang back with open arms.

“What’s going on?” Ohm asks, appearing beside them.

“Nothing. I finished my project,” Punn says, starts to walk away given the distraction.

“Why didn’t you just ask Khun Thawin to fuck you?” Wave spits.

Punn freezes. That part of him surges up, the one that has no qualms hurting Wave no matter their history.

“Oh, shit,” Ohm says, and then he’s grabbing Punn by the wrist.

They spin around and Punn is back in Khun Thawin’s office.

“Good luck,” Ohm says. “Sorry.”

And he’s gone.

“Nong,” Thawin says.

This Punn doesn’t care whether or not it makes Wave right when he kisses Thawin.

This Punn, however, is extremely pleased when Thawin kisses him back.

“Your quarters,” Punn says, and Khun Thawin hesitates only a second before he nods.

“Let’s go,” Thawin tells him, keeping an arm around Punn as they slip through the back of his office and away.

Punn hadn’t known about the passage here, lets it all tap into his memories, and the dark Punn eases up because he’s alone with Khun Thawin and he doesn’t wish for bad things. He opens his mouth to Khun Thawin, wants to make promises of all the things he can do with this mouth, this body.

The dark Punn isn’t gone, but it gives way for a part of him ready and eager to give himself over.

After all, they’ve made it to Thawin’s rooms, and Thawin’s hands aren’t wandering nearly enough.

Not yet, at least.

Chapter Text

Off feels like he’s been put into detention. In his own home. By teenagers.

That is, until Gun kisses his neck and leads him away for a little while.

“Your dads still fuck?” Ohm asks, peering curiously in the direction Off and Gun have gone as if he wants to follow.

“A lot,” Chimon says.

Nanon speaks up next. “But that’s nice. They really love each other and are attracted to each other. I hope when I’m older, I still feel that way about whoever I’m with.”

“It’s hot,” Ohm repeats. “Your dads are hot.” He adjusts himself. “Now I know what Drake was talking about.”

“Drake talks about my dads?” Chimon asks, but waves his hands. “Yeah. I know. They’re gross.”

“But…” Nanon starts, his hand on Chimon’s thigh on the couch.

“They’re busy,” Ohm finishes. “Which means we can also get busy.” He leans in on one side of Chimon with a hand on Chimon’s thigh, Nanon leans in on the other side, mouth on Chimon’s neck.

It’s then that Win arrives, Bright in tow. He and Chimon make eye contact and Win looks like he might tell, but then he just shushes Chimon and heads to his room with Bright.

“That’s permission, right?” Ohm asks, hands wandering.

Chimon nods. “Definitely.”

They hear a thunk and a moan from Off and Gun’s direction.

“We’ve got at least twenty minutes,” Chimon says, pulling Ohm and Nanon in for kisses.

“I bet your dads are into some kinky shit,” Ohm murmurs, moving down to Chimon’s neck, making sure this side is as marked as Nanon’s.

“Shut up,” Chimon tells him, but then he’s trapped between his boyfriends on the couch, grinding against both of them, when he stops. “I said I’d tell dad before we got any further.”

Nanon stops, rests his forehead against Chimon’s collarbone, but Ohm is still pressing kisses to the column of Chimon’s neck. “I’m pretty sure your cute dad is getting dicked down hard by the noises he’s making. Don’t worry. I brought condoms.”

Ohm and Nanon kiss over Chimon’s shoulder, pause. “What now, babe?”

Chapter Text

Third has spent a lot of time tutoring Khai in studying, making sure he passes his classes, ensuring that they all graduate together.

But after they get together, and on until after they graduate, Khai is teaching Third a lot.

Third didn’t used to be very interested in sex, could take it or leave it although he knew Khai would definitely want certain things and would have certain expectations. He wanted to please Khai, and to keep Khai happy, and to keep Khai from seeking his pleasures elsewhere.

Now Khai is teaching Third about what feels good, about feeling good in general, about how it isn’t just about him, but about both of them. Khai teases Third, worships Third, says the kinds of things that make Third squirm and shiver.

Although it might not seem as big a task as Third helping him graduate, Khai does a good job teaching Third.

Such a good job that Third is even able to ask Khai when he’s thinking of all the things Khai has done and wants Khai to do them again.

Khai is more than happy to reward Third for all his progress, hoping Third realizes just how proud he is.

Chapter Text

The classroom is empty, but Tam catches a glimpse in the corner of his eye.

This has to be the final straw, Tam thinks as he sees Phum leaning over him in the mirror, tilting his head playfully as he used to. This has to be the end of that moment of happiness he’d found.

Phum rests his arms on Tam’s shoulders and places a kiss to the top of Tam’s head.

Phum isn’t there.

But Phum is there.

Phum is always there.

The archmage had told him there were ways to keep those thoughts away, said that distance would help, but here Phum is once more, and Tam fears Phum will take away the one person he’s finally grown close to, needs to get away from Bright to protect him.

Tam is afraid to even leave sight of the mirror, afraid of what he’ll do if he can’t keep Phum in his sights. The tears well up in his eyes and he thunks onto the wooden floor, lets the tears spill down his cheeks, his lips quivering. Maybe he really is a fuck-up like his fam--

Tam shuts his eyes tight and clamps down on the thought, opens them when he realizes he can’t see Phum that way. Phum’s hand goes to Tam’s necklace, the amulet P’Bright had given him.

Tam puts his hand over the necklace, over Phum’s hand, protectively, can feel Phum’s hand there as he does and it becomes so much worse. Phum moves his hand, places it over Tam’s instead, and Tam fears himself in that moment. Phum had freed him once, and now perhaps he will ever be waiting to return the favor, or suffer for it.

When Tam sees Bright in the mirror, too, he thinks--or hopes, maybe--that Bright is only an illusion. Bright’s gaze finds Tam, but Tam swears he sees Phum, too, that Phum and Bright make eye contact.

Maybe if Bright is really here, it’s better if he knows, if he sees Phum with his own eyes. It’ll keep him away.

“Nong,” Bright says, unreadable. “Turn around, na.”

Chapter Text

“Punn, look at me,” Thawin says as the back of Punn’s legs bump up against the bed.

Punn looks into Thawin’s eyes and Thawin seizes Punn’s chest, where the talisman had been hidden anew.

“Protection,” Thawin says, “and control.” He eases Punn down onto the bed. “It’ll be okay, Punn.”

Punn struggles only a second before he gives in to trust, lets Thawin simply lay him out. Thawin channels energy from his core, down to the tips of his fingers, up his spine.

The rational Punn takes full consciousness, embarrassed at what a petty moment had thrown him off-course.

It had gotten him into Thawin’s bed, so he regrets it less than he ought to. It gives him a boldness he shouldn’t possess, but he grasps hold. “Kiss me again, Khun Thawin?”

“I can hold you,” Thawin says, and he joins Punn on the bed.

It doesn’t take long, however, before, with arms wrapped around each other, they begin exchanging soft, semi-chaste kisses, one after another.

Thawin stops himself. “Punn, you’re just looking for care, for companionship. I’m not giving you all the right answers. I can’t.”

Another kiss and Punn looks at Thawin differently. “You can answer what matters.”

Chapter Text

It’s the day of Black’s graduation, which means it’s also the day of Sean’s graduation. White hates that he has to feel conflicted about the fact that they’re happening on the same day.

On one hand, he wants to be there for his brother. He and his dad will be watching and taking photos. The past year since they finished school, things have been going pretty well between all of them.

Even though Black and Gram are more of a thing now, Black had been very specific about asking White to be there and to cheer for him and not for the others, so White feels like Black wants his support maybe more than his semi-boyfriend’s.

On the other hand, White’s boyfriend is also graduating and White knows Sean will be sad and pathetic if White doesn’t spend time with him.

His own graduation ceremony was last week and Sean and Black had almost gotten into a fight over who got to spend time with him, even as they were all spending time together with Yok and Gram and their dad, too.

Sean had also asked very specifically, begging and pleading with White.

White’s boyfriend and his brother are tough in front of everyone but him. It’s ridiculous.

When the ceremony ends, White’s panic begins, but only Sean comes to find him, greets his dad respectfully.

“Where’s Black?” White asks, glancing around.

Sean leans in close so their dad can’t hear. “Gram is taking good care of him.”

White blushes.

Chapter Text

Thawin doesn’t speak. He’s put himself into such a compromised position with Punn, things moving far more quickly than he had intended. He had never meant to develop feelings for one of his students, much less take it any further, but Punn is in his bed and Thawin has kissed him dozens of times now.

“Khun Thawin,” Punn starts again. “Is that prophecy about you?”

“Prophecy?” Thawin asks, frowning. There are probably prophecies about him, as there are definitely curses about him. Sometimes the two are confused. He doesn’t know what Punn is talking about now.

“There’s a prophecy, in one of the old tomes. I was reading about curses and there was mention of a wizard from the Sun Tribe.”

Thawin stills. He may or may not know which prophecy Punn is talking about, because what he’s thinking of is impossible. There’s no chance that someone who has been as awful as he has would be gifted something as precious as a soulmate. If that’s what Punn means, then-- “No.” He has to remove himself from this situation. “If that’s why you’re here, thinking that there’s some mystical bond like that, you’re wrong. I’m not meant to be with anyone, Punn.”

He should’ve known not to let anything happen. Even though he knew the kid returned his feelings, he’s a kid.

Kids always believe in unrealistic fantasies.

But what is he to do now?

“You’re better now, Nong Punn?” He removes himself from the bed. “I apologize. Sometimes the moment gets the better of me, but if you’ve been researching my history, you already know that.”

For the first time in a long time, Thawin feels the heat of the sun beneath his fingers and knows he could easily burn whatever he touched, knows that he can’t control it as well as he thought he could after all this time.

“Khun Thawin--” Punn starts, standing, reaching out to touch Thawin, but Thawin steps away.

Punn’s face falls, not knowing the move is for his own good.

“I’ll find another professor for your private lessons,” Thawin says. “Leave now, Punn.”

Chapter Text

“It’s the prophecy!” Ohm shouts excitedly.

“It’s biology,” Wave argues, rolling his eyes. “Horny teenager meets hot teacher.”

“Without enough oversight to stop them,” Pang adds. He’s sitting on Wave’s bed, his legs around Wave and his chin on Wave’s shoulder.

Punn wants to mention it, but he’s too disheartened.

“You two are ones to talk. You both kept secrets from the rest of us and then Pang betrayed Wave and Wave still drank poison to save him,” Ohm says. “So what if Punn likes a teacher? Khun Thawin keeps helping him, and he saved Khun Thawin. It’s sweet.”

Ohm is very lucky that Pang doesn’t use his abilities on others, if he can help it.

Punn still doesn’t say anything, doesn’t feel up to it. He just lies down on his bed while they argue.

Punn closes his eyes and he doesn’t open them again for over a week.

Chapter Text

Tam is afraid to turn around, Bright can see it.

That other figure in the mirror doesn’t hesitate, however. Bright doesn’t have to be a genius to guess that this figure is the demon that Tam had mentioned before.

He calls to Tam, but it’s the demon who comes, shoving Bright back with enough force to knock the wind out of him. He can’t see the demon clearly outside of the mirror, but he sees flashes. Sometimes it looks like the guy from the mirror, but sometimes it looks like Tam. It makes Bright not want to hurt the thing, to risk hurting Tam in the process.

Bright summons up all the defensive magic he can, although he can’t get his hands in the best position to utilize the power. He can at least grasp hold of the demon.

Tam is shocked into action, is muttering something under his breath, and although he doesn’t grab the demon and instead closes his eyes, the effect seems the same.

Bright keeps Phum still while Tam’s chanting grows louder.

Phum’s grip slackens and he shimmers, turns back to Tam.

Bright can see Phum’s mouth move, can see Tam react to Phum’s words, but he can’t hear them.

Phum slips away towards Tam and disappears.

“I’m sorry,” Tam says. “I’ll go.”

Bright has barely processed a fraction of what just happened, but Tam is running out the door and it hastens Bright into action.

Bright grabs Tam. “Nong— Nong Tam. Baby, hey.”

Tam is sniffling, looks up at Bright with reddened eyes and tear-streaked cheeks.

“He’s gone,” Bright says, hoping it’s true.

“But what if he’s not? What if he goes after you again? He’s in here.” Tam points to his chest.

Bright pokes his finger into Tam’s chest, too. “But so am I.”

Chapter Text

Krathing is fairly ambitious, although most would never guess the extent. Life could be very easy for him, but he chooses to make his own way. He makes mistakes, but nothing noteworthy.

It’s a demon who tells him about Tam, taps him in to appear at the crossroads when it’s not actually his job. Tam needs someone to trust, someone to take care of him, and Krathing is fairly sure the demon is playing a prank, sending him to Tam like this.

At the same time… Well, fuck. It’s not like Krathing can’t do it.

Krathing can see Tam’s thoughts, corrects him, and Tam seems wary but curious.

“I’m not a demon, but I can still make a deal.”

“What sort of deal?” Tam asks, skeptical.

“You’ll have to kiss me to find out,” Krathing responds with a shrug, ready to amend that he was only joking.

Tam, however, is quick to bounce onto his toes, and cups Krathing’s face in his hands. He doesn’t just peck Krathing, lingering long enough for Krathing to kiss back.

Tam lets go, but doesn’t back away. “What now?”

Krathing tosses a token to the ground, a split opening. “An adventure to the underworld.”