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OffGun September Short Stories Collection

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When Off walked into the teacher’s room that morning, he knew immediately that he would have problems.

Tay was sitting in one of the corners, whispering something to the art's teacher. The shorty was flushed and laughed a lot while Tay wiggled his eyebrows.

' Too early for this shit ' Off thought, sighing and heading straight for the coffee pot, deciding that he didn't want to get involved in whatever Tay and the new kid were up to.

Okay, the shorty wasn't exactly 'the new kid' anymore, he'd been there for almost a year - and it's also been nearly a year since Off was ignoring his presence. Not on purpose, of course, Off wasn't a bad person, it's just that he and the art teacher were the complete opposite.

There was something about the shorty that just caused a lot of anxiety in Off. He was too happy, too considerate, too smiling, too much! The students loved him, he barely started his classes and was already the beloved teacher of everyone.

The other teachers loved him too, because he was a kind and fun coworker. The school principal… Well, she calls him son, so... There's no need to say more.

And Off… Well, Off was nice.

Just nice.

He spent most of his time in the lab, preparing practical classes, reading articles, cleaning microscopes, preparing lists of materials he needed - which would not be purchased anytime soon - and being alone most of the time.

Anyone with eyes could see that he and the art teacher had absolutely nothing in common. Nothing. So no, he hasn't made any effort to interact with the shorty since he started teaching at school. He was polite, of course, but he would never voluntarily go to him to talk or ask for anything - in fact, he would rather splash water on acid than ask anything to him.

Anyway, the shorty seemed to don't think the same as him, because he would always go to Off to start some kind of conversation that would lead to the two of them not knowing what to say in an extremely awkward situation.

That was why, seeing Tay whispering something to him that morning was definitely something Off wasn't willing to get involved in, thank you very much.

Which was not what Tay thought, of course, - he will always find a reason to involve Off in that kind of conversation. So when Off walked straight to the coffee pot and Tay called, he pretended he hadn't heard.

And of course Tay didn't buy that shit.

"Awu, Peng why are you ignoring me?" Tay spoke up even louder, drawing the attention of other teachers and forcing Off to look at him.

Off sighed.

"What's it?" He approached, defeated, trying not to care too much about the shorty's gaze on him, but it didn't matter much because he would always talk to Off first anyway.

"Good morning, P'Off!" There it was, the excited tone, wide smile and bright eyes of Gun Atthaphan, the art's teacher.

"Uh good morning, Nong." He responded quickly, feeling stupid - he felt stupid most of the time around Gun, that was one of the reasons he didn't like talking to him. "What do you need Tay?" He just wanted to get it over with and go to his lab - some microscope slides needed to be made, and it wasn't easy to make good cuts of mini flower stalks!

"Nothing, but Nong Gun needed to talk to you.” Tay cleared his throat. “In private.” He smirked.

"P'Tay!" Gun yelled, blushing and Off felt awkward. "It's no big deal P'Off, it's just that Mae...I mean P'Godji needs to talk to you today. Before classes start."

Off frowned. Why did the director ask Gun to tell him about this? The shorty noticed his confusion and quickly clarified.

"It's just that I just talked to her and…uhh…she kind of has a project for us."

"Us?" Gun nodded shyly. "When you say 'us' you mean you and me together, in a project?" 

Gun chuckled and Tay laughed loud - drawing the attention of other teachers once again!

"Peng, I thought you were the smart guy here."

"Shut up." Off rolled his eyes. 

"Yes P'Off, I mean you and me together." Gun said smiling.

"But I'm the biology teacher." Gun nodded. "And you is the art teacher." Gun nodded again. "It's doesn't makes sense."

And then, Gun looked away, bited his lip and asked in a soft tone.

"P'Off doesn't like working with Gun?"

And there was another reason he didn't like interacting with Gun. His heart fluttered for some strange and unknown reason, and he felt his own face heat up a little as he couldn't find the strength to say no to that cute face.

"I didn't mean it, Nong." He ignored Tay smirking beside them. "I'll err... I'll talk to the principal."

Gun smiled brightly at him, making him feel all awkward again.

"Okay!" The shorty agreed eagerly. "You'll go to your lab right after, right? I'll wait for you there then, see you P'Off!" And then he dashed out of the teacher's room.

"Wait, I didn't say you could... Oh fuck." Gun had already gone. "I'm feeling like I'm going to hate this project."

Tay put a hand on his shoulder, both of them looking in the direction Gun had gone, and said.

"I feel like I'm going to love this project."