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Pi considered himself to be patient, someone with high tolerance, someone who could keep himself in check. That was until he met Mork. Mork seemed to know every possible way to push his buttons, whether it was to flirt with him or tease him or simply drive him crazy. Like he was at the moment.

They hadn't seen each other for almost a month, burdened with assignments, papers and exams for the end of the academic year. So naturally when all of it was done and dusted, their small group of friends decided to meet up for drinks. Pi would have liked to spend some time alone with Mork, given that he had literally been touch starved for a month, but he didn't want to ditch their friends. He was patient, right? He could keep his hands to himself till the end of the night at least. That's what he thought, but who knew that said boyfriend had other plans in his mind.

Pi almost choked on his drink when Mork walked over to their table. Dressed in a black button up and black trousers, he even had the audacity to wear his black rimmed glasses that he never wore outside his house( and that he knew to be Pi's weakness). He greeted everyone with a hey, before settling down next to Pi, giving him a quick wink. Soon the rest of their friends joined in, and Pi and Mork ended up being smooshed together in the centre of the couch like seat.

Now, he wouldn't complain about this otherwise, but when you haven't even been able to hold your boyfriend's hand for a whole month, every little touch seems to set your skin on fire. Pi could feel his heartbeat quickening at the warmth of Mork's body pressed against his, the smell of his cologne drowning him further, as he tried to control his breathing. He glanced at Mork, who was talking about some movie that he would have paid attention to, if those damn glasses weren't so distracting. He visibly gulped when Mork paused to take a sip of his drink and licked his bottom lip. Tearing his eyes away, he sipped his drink as well, trying to think about something else and eventually listening to Bam's hilarious story about a professor.

It seemed to work until he felt Mork's fingers on his thigh, grazing upwards till they reached near his crotch. Pi felt goose bumps along his spine. He held his breath in anticipation, he didn't know for what. Then the touch was gone, leaving his clothed skin burning. After a moment they were there again, this time on his waist, slowly inching down to his hip, slipping under his shirt, barely touching his skin, before they were gone. Pi whipped his head towards Mork, to find him smirking. He knew what he was doing, he knew how it was affecting Pi and he was enjoying it.

Pi almost moaned when the fingers threaded through his hair just above his neck. To the others it would look like Mork was just caressing his boyfriend's head. What they didn't know was that Pi had a sensitive neck, and was also incredibly turned on right now, thanks to his boyfriend touching him everywhere but not enough.

"Mork." He spoke in a hushed voice, just so that Mork could hear him.

"Hmm?" He looked at him with the most innocent expression on his face.

"Stop it."

"Stop what?" He asked, head tilting to a side.

Pi wanted to groan in helplessness. Mork was unbelievable. First he was teasing him in front of all his friends, in a club and then was even feigning innocence, like a little brat.

Mork moved closer and whispered in his ear, "Stop what, baby?" There they were, the goose bumps again, almost making him shudder.

"Ugh, these lovebirds!" Nan spoke, grinning, and then all eyes were on them, on him. He was thankful that the club was considerably dark, otherwise they would have seen his red ears and pink cheeks.

Hearing that Mork wrapped his arms around Pi, placing his chin on shoulder. "Just say that you are missing your boyfriend Nan." He felt his breath on his neck as he spoke, his lips dangerously close to his neck. Only if, he would just close the gap...but then the arms were gone, the hot breath replaced with the cool air of the air condition, but Pi could only feel heat rising in his body.


"I have to go to the washroom." Pi whispered to Mork, gesturing him to move.

Mork raised his eyebrows slightly, then glanced down to his crotch, eyes travelling up to his lips, and then back to his eyes. He leaned in and whispered back, "Don't touch yourself."

It took him a moment to realize what Mork meant, as he saw the mischievous glint in his eyes. Although that was not what he had in mind, he couldn't control the urge and blurted out, "Stop me if you can."

Mork's expression hardened for a moment, then he went back to smirking before politely asking Bam and her girlfriend to give Pi some space to leave the table.

Once inside the washroom, Pi sighed out loud. Why was Mork doing this? Was he the only one who was craving for intimacy? Because Mork seemed to have no trouble playing with him, withdrawing his hands back at the slightest touch. Pi on the other hand, his control was crumbling, his patience running out. If not for being in a public place with their friends, he would have probably jumped Mork the second he laid eyes on him. Probably.

He splashed his face with water, trying to cool the fire raging through his body. He looked at the mirror, and took a deep breath, once, twice, three times. Before going back to the table, he decide to close his eyes and count to ten.

"Are you okay?"

Pi's eyes opened instantly to find Mork leaning against the wall, nearly five feet away from him.

"Really Mork? You are asking me this question?" He glared at him.

"Did I do something?" He said pretending to be confused.

Pi was about to move closer to him, when a guy walked out of one of the stalls, washing his hands in the sink, before hurriedly walking out, maybe sensing the tension.

As soon as he was out, Pi grabbed Mork's wrist and pulled him into one of the stalls, locking it, and pushing him up against it, one hand on his shoulder, the other on his neck.

Mork gasped, while Pi sighed pressing his body against his, looking up to Mork's eyes once, before latching on to his lips, tugging and biting at them to open up. He felt a low groan coming from Mork as he opened his mouth and let Pi push his tongue inside. What Pi wasn't expecting was Mork pushing his thigh between his legs, making him let go of his lips for a moment and let out the dirtiest moan. They were in a public bathroom, but Pi could care less. Rational thoughts could go to hell when he was finally getting what he wanted. He grinded on Mork's leg, while kissing him fervently, hearing the tiny moans escaping from his mouth, from their mouths. Then Mork pushed him to the wall next to them, kissing a bit too hard, and then pulling back, a string of spit the only thing connecting them. But Mork licked his lips, and it was gone.

"Fix your hair before coming out." He smiled, fucking smiled at him and walked out like nothing happened.

Pi's brain was no longer thinking, so he just stood there for a whole minute, trying to figure out what just happened.


Mork was driving him crazy. It took him a whole five minutes to walk back to the table. He didn't even have to try to ignore the knowing glances he got from their friends. He could fix his hair, but not his lips. Anyway, his mind was elsewhere now, eyes searching for a certain someone whom he found at the edge of the couch looking up at him, and gesturing him to sit next to him.

"Mork, I know what you're doing." He spoke in the same hushed voice.

"And, is it working?" The mischievous glint was back.

"Mork, please." He couldn't believe the whine in his own voice.

"Please what?"

"Stop teasing me."

"What do you want me to do then?" He asked slightly raising his eyebrows, the hint of a smirk still on his lips.

The answer was ready in Pi's head, but he couldn't say it, not out loud, and Mork knew, he fucking knew that. He just stared at him, biting his lip, which quickly caught Mork's attention, as his eyes perched on his lips.

"Guys! We are here too!" Bam exclaimed, making them look at her, Pi smiling sheepishly mumbling an apology.

Bam continued her series of funny stories. She had a way of getting everyone's attention, even the very distracted Pi. A few minutes passed when Pi had an idea, to give Mork a taste of his own medicine. He slid his palm over his thigh, squeezing it lightly. He heard Mork take a sharp breath. Biting back a smile, he slid it up to his crotch, palm pressing down on his half-hard dick. Mork visibly stiffened, fluttering his eyes shut for a second, before easing his breathing. Pi wanted to chuckle, but instead tried his best to put on a straight face, pretending to listen to Bam.

"Teasing me will get you nowhere, Pi." He felt Mork's breath on his ear, his husky voice going even lower, raising the hairs on his neck.

His hand stilled. "Then, what will?"

Mork smiled. "Just tell me what you want."

And there it was again. The same question. The question he couldn't answer despite his whole body screaming him to.

"You know what I want." He managed to utter.

"Hmm, but I want to hear you say it." He nudged closer, wrapping an arm around his waist, fingers tapping his side.

Pi racked his brain for an answer that would be easier to say, and still mean the same.

"I want you." He whispered back.

Mork chuckled. "You have me already. See, sitting next to you, right here."

Pi pouted. "Mork! You know what I mean." His patience was really running out.

He licked his lips and smiled again. "Pi, it's just me, you can say it."

He bit his lip again, avoiding his boyfriend's gaze, trying to make up his mind. After a moment, he felt Mork whisper in his ear again, his lips touching the curve of it, sending sparks right to his dick.

"Please." His low voice was almost a plead, breath hot against his ear.

Pi closed his eyes and took a breath, looking around at his friends after opening them. Fortunately everybody was engrossed in conversation, probably unfazed by their skinship by now. He glanced at Mork, who seemed to be listening to them, and inhaled once more before leaning towards him, whispering in his ear.

"Fuck me."


It had been a blur of events from there. They had taken a cab home, Mork's home, because it was one of those lucky days when his parents weren't home and Meen was out with Duen. The ride was almost like hell, with them sitting one hand apart, and Mork repeatedly confirming if he was drunk or not. He couldn't really complain about it, knowing he was a light weight, but the alcohol had little to no effect on him today, not that he had much.

After fumbling with the keys, and scrambling up the stairs to Mork's room, Pi pushed Mork once more against the closed door, pressing his lips on his, tongues soon finding their way into each other's mouths. His hands were on his neck, fingers slipping under the collar, mind wanting to rip the shirt open. He detached his lips from his mouth and began placing open mouth kisses along his jaw and down his neck, biting and sucking as he reached his exposed collarbone. Pi didn't know if it was the encouraging moans from his boyfriend or his own horniness or the frustration caused by the hard to open buttons, but he actually managed to rip open Mork's shirt, buttons flying everywhere.

They both paused for a moment, Mork's mouth slightly open, eyes glassy and dark, as he looked down at himself and then at Pi.

"Fuck, that was hot!" He spoke, voice hoarse.

From there, it didn't take long for Mork to push Pi on his bed, stripping them both out of whatever piece of clothing was left on their bodies, except Mork's glasses (Mork grinned at Pi when he told him not to take them off), hands all over each other, lips sucking on sensitive skin, drawing out sighs and moans from their mouths, accompanied with silent pleas and hushed promises of pleasure, of the high that both of them were chasing.


The next morning Pi woke up to the breathtaking view of his sleeping boyfriend, bold fingers tracing the deep red marks on his neck and chest, even bolder lips placing fleeting kisses on them.

"You know, those don't count as morning kisses." Mork mumbled, eyes fluttering open.

Pi chuckled and leaned in to peck him on the lips. "Good morning, gorgeous." He smiled.

Mork looked at him amused as he pulled him closer. "Gorgeous? Sweet talking early in the morning?"

Pi looked down and bit his lip, trying to hide his smile. Mork held him by the chin to lift his face, meeting his eyes.

"What's on your mind, babe?"

Pi moved his hand and tucked away a few strands of hair falling on Mork's face, behind his ear, fingers brushing along the curve of it, and down his neck, stopping on his collarbone.

He looked up at him again and smiled. "You."

He watched Mork's ears turn pink, just like it always did. No matter how flirty and bold he was, his ears blushed way too easily, and Pi loved to see that.

Mork just stared at him, lips parted, and Pi took the opportunity to straddle him, arms caging him to the bed.

"Aren't you going to ask me what I want?" He asked looking down at the increasingly darkening eyes.

"Want me to wear my glasses?"

Pi thought for a moment, before reaching for the glasses that were carefully placed on the bedside table, and gently placing them over his eyes.

"Very handsome. But wrong guess."

"Then, what do you want, babe?" Mork wrapped his arms around his neck, tugging him a little closer.

This time Pi looked at him with hesitant eyes. Mork had never turned him down, but this time he wasn't so sure.

Taking a breath, he looked into his eyes. "I want- I want it to be my turn."

Mork looked confused for a moment, before Pi saw his eyes widen with realization.

"Are you saying, what I think you're saying?"

"I-" He was cut off by Mork's lips, as he leaned upwards to meet his.

"I thought you would never ask." Mork whispered in between kisses.

Pi looked at him incredulously as he cupped his face with one hand, smiling, thumb rubbing circles on his cheek.

"Are you sure?" Pi asked.

Mork tilted his head to a side, looking up at him seductively. "Do you want me to say it?"

Pi swallowed, heart throbbing in his chest, bracing for his brain to fuse, as he nodded.

Mork smiled, moving his face next to his ear, licking his earlobe (which sent shudders through Pi's body) and whispered breathily.

"Fuck me."