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The Aftermath

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„Hey, P‘Pick!“
„...yes, I like you. I love you so damn much. What else do you want to hear from me? I will say it all to you here... Okay now?”
„It‘s so damn okay!“


Rome pulled Pick, his P‘Pick, home, smiling all the way. He literally couldn’t stop, even if he wanted to. Pick finally confessed his feelings to him, something Rome had waited for for such a long time. He didn’t know what will happen next but right now at this moment he was so so happy and relieved. Stopping in front of his apartment he slowly turned to his long time crush who‘s hand he still held tightly and looked up to his face.

„Would you like to come in...?“ Rome was a bit anxious, he didn’t want to make Pick think anything wrong or move too fast for him. Scaring him off right after the confession was the worst outcome at this point.
Pick suddenly looked shy, which was a sight and pretty unexpected for someone like him. Then he nodded his head lightly and squeezed Rome’s hand.
Rome took a deep breath, unclasped their hands and took out his key card to open the door while Pick looked at his hand which suddenly felt way too empty, trying to pinpoint when exactly the want for holding another boys hand got so strong.

Both of them went inside of Rome’s little rom and Pick sat down on the bed at the side.
„P‘... do you want something to drink? Or cookies? I don’t know a pie-„
„Nong Rome, can you come here for a second?“ Pick was watching him fumbling nervously and decided to step in before it got out of hand. Rome stilled after hearing the request and slowly moved to stand in front of Pick. The older boy took his hand and felt the emptiness vanish. Rome looked at him slightly shocked, he really wasn’t used to this amount of affection, of course he wasn‘t one to complain it was just... a lot at once.

Pick pulled on his arm to make Rome sit down on the bed next to him and just looked at him for a moment. Then his eyes went down to the ground to sort his emotions. He really wasn‘t one to show emotions, he didn’t want to, he never needed it before and now his junior made him feel all those things that gave him a hard understanding of himself and he still wasn’t sure how to handle it but he knew one thing and that was that he couldn’t lose Rome so he had to step up.

„Are you okay, P’?“ breaking the kind of awkward silence, Rome asked, his anxiety slowly building up again. He was glad that he could still hold Pick’s hand. Or was Pick holding his hand? No matter what, it helped him stay grounded, not knowing what to expect now.
„You said I need to tell you what I want, what I need, you said you couldn’t read my mind... I really want to tell you, you know?“ Pick lifted his head to look at Rome. „The thing is, it‘s really hard to say it. It doesn’t suit me, you know that, you know me. But what I said earlier... I really meant it.“ he entangled their fingers and squeezed his hand. „I meant it when I said I love you...“

„P‘Pick... I love you too... You don’t have to say it all the time but hearing it now and then will make me so damn happy“ Rome smiled and looked at their hands. „I honestly didn’t really expect to hear it anymore so right now I‘m even more happy. You make me happy even if you‘re not always nice or sweet or loving to me, that’s fine. That’s who you are. Just you deciding to talk to me like this, you opening up to me...“ he lifted his gaze towards the taller boy next to him „I hope you know I won’t let you leave again, right?“ he slowly leaned forward and dropped a kiss on Pick‘s cheek. Pick was a bit stunned, staring at Rome and before the short boy could react he pulled him in and kissed him lightly. It was kind of sloppy, both of them not very experienced but that didn’t really matter.

They parted and Rome looked into his eyes „P‘Pick... I don‘t want to scare you off but I really want to hug you right now...“
Knowing they were at home, just the two of them, Pick pulled him into a hug, not even answering. Rome snuggled into his chest and contemplated if he should ask him the question or if he should wait for Pick to ask not knowing his soon to be other half had the same thoughts running through his mind.

„Will you be my boyfriend?“
„Can we go out on a date?“

They stopped and stared at each other, surprised and Rome started to laugh.
„I‘ll take that as a yes...“ Pick pulled him in for another kiss. „Just one thing... Rome... you know I‘m pretty damn stupid right? So right now... I just want you to know that I don’t want to hurt you with anything I do, how stupid it might seem. Please don‘t overthink... I guess I’ll need some time to adjust to this but I really never intend to hurt you. So please be patient with me?“

Rome beamed at him, proud of his now boyfriend for being that honest with him „I know... I promise I will give you time as long as you never leave me, okay?“ Pick nodded and caressed his cheek.

„I promise.“


And if they ended up cuddling and kissing literally no one needed to know. It was their business and Pick would hunt anyone down who tried to spread any part of their private life to the public. They were happy together and that was all that mattered.

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After Khai’s emotional love confession Third stood next to him on stage, both still reluctant how to handle each other. Of course they’ve been friends for so long and they nearly dated once but with everything that happened both boys were a bit overwhelmed with the situation. Khai watched as Third still tried to hide his tears, wanting to reach out and hold his hand but what if Third didn’t want him to? He was too scared to make any mistakes, to make Third change his mind again since he felt like this was his last big chance.
When the stage lights went off and everyone left the stage, Third grabbed Khais arm and pulled him to a darker corner behind the stage. Hoping they could get at least a little bit of privacy there.

For a moment they just stood there in the silence watching each other when Third grabbed Khai’s hand.
“Thank you”, he murmured with a light smile on his lips.
“Thank me for what exactly?” Khai was a bit confused but couldn’t help but stare at Thirds sweet smile.
“For making me believe in your love for me... and I’m sorry that I kept on pushing you away but I just couldn’t risk to get hurt again...” Third looked up at him with a serious expression.
“Then... thank you for believing in me and I promise I won’t hurt you again, can you trust in me?”
“I do.”

Khai lifted his left hand to Thirds cheek and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye. Both smiled at each other and started slowly leaning in when suddenly Bone’s voice appeared out of nowhere.
“Here you are! We’re all going to the club for the afterparty, both of you need to join us!”
Third and Khai both stilled and moved their heads to Bone who didn’t seem to realize he was interrupting a moment.
“Let’s go then.” Third said, looked to his boyfriend for a second and followed Bone towards the rest of them.
Being left standing there, Khai took a moment to breathe and then took off to follow them.

The party was quite messy but Khai didn’t really feel like drinking much, he’d been drinking the same bottle of beer for the last two hours and wasn’t really interested in getting another one. Third didn’t drink much more than him, he was at his second bottle and Khai was glad, hoping they would still get their chance to talk in private without being drunk and unreasonable. They kept exchanging glances, sitting next to each other the whole time. And honestly Khai didn’t want to go anywhere else, he felt the safest and happiest by Thirds side.

About an hour later Third leaned in and quietly asked him if they wanted to go home. So they quickly said their goodbyes and left the party, not without some teasing jokes thrown after them.
They took a Taxi to Khai’s place and Khai wasn’t too sure if Third actually planned to go up with him or if he wanted to go to his own place after. But there was no need to worry since Third followed him out of the Taxi and they slowly walked towards Khai’s apartment building.
“You’re staying with me, right?” Khai just wanted to be sure before he made assumptions that might give a weird feeling. Third just looked at him, smiled and nodded his head. The relieve Khai felt and the way his heart started dancing in his chest made his breathe uneven and he really hoped Third didn’t notice it.

They went inside and took off their shoes before dropping on the sofa and sitting there quietly for a moment.
“Today really happened, right? It wasn’t a dream? I actually made you my boyfriend?” Khai suddenly turned towards Third who chuckled at him.
“Yes, yes it happened and I’m glad it did. You did great, Khai” he looked so happy now and Khai couldn’t help but pull him a bit closer to himself.
They again shared a moment of comfortable silence in which Third grabbed Khai’s hand and intertwined their fingers.

“Do you remember what I asked you at the beach?” Khai turned his head towards Third who had a smirk on his lips.
“I don’t think so, why?”
“I refuse to believe that you don’t remember.” Khai leaned in closer to him.
“Maybe I just need you to remind me...” Third stared into Khai’s eyes and got way closer now, their noses nearly touched.
„...I asked if we can have our first kiss as a couple“ Khai murmured while his gaze kept jumping from Thirds eyes to his lips.
In a way Third wanted to keep teasing his boyfriend a bit more but there was something he wanted more so he closed the distance and pressed his lips to Khai’s.

They just sat there, holding hands and exchanging light kisses until it got too late and they moved to the bedroom. Of course Third would make rules soon such as them not sleeping in the same bed right away and he knew Khai would listen to everything he had to say. But right now he was genuinely happy being able to hug his boyfriend under the covers.

„I love you, Tee-lak“

„I love you, too“