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3 Funerals, 3 Traumas, 3 Lovers

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Hello everyone. If you are reading this, you are probably desperate for fics for 3 Will Be Free like I was.  All these stories on Ao3 are written by the same author and not really anyone else writing in this fandom.  It blows my mind that there are not more fans for this series as it is such a forward-thinking storyline.  Why doesn’t this get more love from fans?  For all the reasons that I personally can’t stop thinking about this head cannon is probably the exact reason why other fans don’t like it.   

I have tried to psychoanyalyze the whole thing and it boggles my mind.

For one, it is "polyamorous" coupling.  For me, Shin is homoflexible and will explore that part of sexuality and pull that "I'm not straight, I just love Miw" card here, though it is hinted at here. That is a play on the "I am not gay, I just like ______."

Two, it is a BL set in a non university setting.  So over watching that setting being done: there is more to love, getting together, and declaring your feelings than just in university, ie the rest of their lives.

Three, it has a trans character who plays a multifaceted character in the series and not just as a side character. Mae as a character was a great choice to include perspective on.

Four, an openly bisexual character. I don't even think I could count on one hand how many bisexuals are represented in BLs. Is this a sin or something? Is it more accepting to be only gay or straight in Thailand? Maybe it is too close to the ultimate Mary Sue.  Is this a bad thing or something? Thinking about how the majority of creators of BL's are women, what straight or bisexual woman would not want to be part of that? Is having a successful relationship with two people totally unheard of?

Five, a strong female lead who is not reduced to being a plot device or a minor side character.   Female roles in BLs seem to be reduced to very little as a character.

Six, it is a crime mafia story told from multiple point of views including the chase and character growth of the other side.

Seven, all the different ways it shows alternate love. Mae and Phon, leading into Mae and Tur, this storyline blew me away to show.  Miw and Neo, different from Neo and Shin, and then Miw and Shin. 

Eight, the different presentations of parents in a BL.  Thana was accepting of Shin as being a homosexual, just saying that it never be used as a weakness.  Miw's mom was a real piece of work, along with the fact her stepfather (I am pretty sure it was step, but I can't recall at this moment) tried to rape her and she killed him.  I wonder what Neo's parents were actually like.

And there you go: all the reasons why this series should be held in higher esteem. 

So, I decided to write my own fiction series for 3 Will Be Free. I haven’t written a fiction story for like fifteen years and maybe it will probably show.  I seem to write this like I wrote reports for when I was at university.  Upon each reread of a section for cohesion and flow, there is always something else that I end up changing or adding.  Maybe I need to dial it back down some, practice editing myself and getting to the point rather than adding all that other information.  But on the other hand, the point of being an author is to show, not just tell.  As the author, you can do it however you want as you are the god of your particular world.  I have been reading m/m fan fiction since I was sixteen and am now nearly forty, and I don’t want to be one of those that I myself would consider bad writers.

This story will have smut and a lot of it.  But it will also have fluff and feelings.  In my head cannon, Shin is more homoflexible for his attraction, connection, and love towards Miw.  Be prepared for threesome, m/m, and m/f, plus some kinky stuff to explore along the way.    

I struggled long and hard on figuring out narrative structure on this.  The way I started planning it initially was to be non linear storytelling, but then as the other parts started to be written and I did more research into what story I wanted to tell, that I decided to break them off into their own individual storylines.  I have like fifteen pages of notes for this entire story that wants to be included as part of the plot, so expect this series to be substantial. I messed with the time line a little bit, so they were together for longer before Covid. 

This first part of the story is the one that I am having trouble starting. I decided to write an author’s note and a teaser for the first part of the series as a place holder. Plus I can introduce the other parts of this story.

Part 1.  3 Funerals, 3 Traumas, 3 Lovers. (333 for short)

Picks up directly after Thana got shot.  Upon discovering that Thana did not hold a funeral for Vanika, Shin decides to hold a double funeral for his father and step mother.  They decide to trade information on where Neo’s brother is buried for Mae’s freedom and hold funeral proceedings for him also.  Shin works to change his father’s business into a legitimate business. They work through their trauma: Shin over his father’s death and his place in life, Neo drowning in sadness over the guilt of his brother’s death, and Miw has kept herself distant with sex and intimacy due to her sexual trauma.   Will they be able to move forward as a love team?

Part 2 1 Heart +1 Heart +1 Heart=3 Hearts. (1113 for short)

Follows after the events of 321. Neo decides to buy the café on the island and live the island life, but not without his love team.  Miw has too much trauma associated with that place and does not want to live there.  Shin decides that he wants to remain with his business and grow it into something great.  Can they figure out a way to make it work or will the Three Hearts Partnership be broken apart?

Part 3 3 Will Be Home. (3wbh)

Three years later. Shin runs a successful investment and land management firm. Miw and Neo are living the island life owning a café and living in the apartment above.  They have made it work and now Shin will be stepping away from the city and moving in on a more permanent basis with Neo and Miw.  They decide to buy and renovate a house together. But then Covid strikes and plans change.  Shin returns home to his family to wait out Lockdown With the renovation now at a stall, the three of them will have to come to terms with this hot mess that is Covid life. 

Part 4  4 Hearts Beating.  (4HB for short)

Overlaps the events of 3wbh as a direct sequel. Miw finds herself pregnant during Covid. It was already going to be a difficult pregnancy, but with Covid restrictions constantly changing and the house not yet finished, can Neo and Shin survive a pregnant Miw? 

Part 5 3 Hearts Standalones (3HS for short)

Here are where miscellaneous stories will be placed that do not fit into the storyline directly but are a part of this established universe.    

This story will be also cross posted onto Wattpad. There it will be released in a completely different chapter set up.  Everything will just be one story and as I write more, I will just add it to the same story.  So if you are interested in at as it originally looked, go check out there.   You can find me as IrisWood42.

Note on this part specifically, I am working on this first chapter of this first part and it is slowly coming along. If you are ready for fic to read right now, check out part 2 and part 3. I promise that this story will not be abandoned until every last part of the story has been told.

There it is folks.  That is all she wrote.  This story is occupying my brain so much. Sometimes I feel guilty about how much effort I put into this story; if only I would put as much effort into my real life as I did this story.