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The B is for Best(Boy) Friend

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Khai wasn’t a good boyfriend in that he was terrible at commitment. But even though his relationships with girls had always been brief, there was one thing he could always be proud of- he never failed to show them a good time. That’s why so many of them kept coming back for more, despite his playboy reputation.

He was good at the sex bit, of course- if he was gonna be a hoe he should at least do it well. But he was also great at the romantic stuff. Even when he wasn’t the most sincere guy in the world, he could charm his way into any girl’s heart. Now that he and Third were finally in a proper, exclusive relationship, he figured it was time to bring back that patented Khunpol Charm. 

He’d given Third a small taste of it, back when he’d been courting the other, and it had gotten him a make-out session and forgiveness on top of that. It was a deeply cherished memory. Surely, if one date got him that much when Third was still pissed at him, if he kept his Charm on all the time Third would be romanced into being with him forever!

A fool-proof plan!

Or so he’d thought before he realised just how exhausting it could be to try to be the perfect boyfriend all the time.

He starts out strong, being his most charming and gentlemanly self. He keeps showing up at Third’s dorm to pick him up every morning, buys all of Third’s meals, showers him in roses- the usual perfect boyfriend stuff. And of course, Third complains and tells him he doesn’t have to, because that’s who Third is. But Khai knows better.

They’re boyfriends now! He has to do his part!

Plus, every time he does something cheesy Third pretends to roll his eyes in annoyance to hide his blush. It’s the cutest thing ever. Khai would happily be his boyfriend’s loyal slave for the rest of his life just to see those not-so-secret blushes. So maybe he’s whipped like cream, what about it?

But his point is! His ‘be the perfect boyfriend’ plan was slowly deteriorating. It was terrible.

The first time he messed up was when he slept through his alarm and didn’t even wake up until the time when he’d usually pick Third up. He was so sure Third would yell at him when he texted the other he was running late. Except all he gets is Third waiting in his car outside his apartment, some fifteen minutes later, with his starbucks order and a huffed out comment about how his hair was a mess.

His hair was a mess because he woke up fifteen minutes ago and definitely did not have time to style it before rushing off to class. But that definitely wasn’t the thing that should have been bothering Third.

It’s not like he’s gonna ask about this odd reaction though. Why poke a perfectly nice bear? Especially when there’s coffee involved.

Then there was the second time, and that day Khai was so sure Third was gonna get mad at him. How could he not, when some dumbass second year was mouthing off about how much of a playboy he used to be! He was working hard to erase his past from Third’s mind and here this little shit is! Giving him unnecessary reminders!

“Even my crush left me to be with P’Khai!” the idiot wails. “You were a legend, sure, but did you have to hoard all the pretty girls P’!” 

Khai would like to strangle this bitch. But before he can do anything- like yell at him to shut the fuck up before Khai dies by his boyfriend’s hand -Third speaks up.

“Aw Nong,” he says, a smug smirk taking over his cute features. “Aren’t you just jealous that your P’ is prettier than you?”

The junior sputters but recovers quickly, frowning as he says-

“P’Third has to say that, since you’re dating P’Khai now.”

“Exactly!” Bone chimes in. “Third has impossible standards, you know. He’d never date someone who wasn’t at least as pretty as Khai.”

The younger boy huffs, clearly frustrated. Khai thinks he was probably hoping to gain some sympathy points with that little act. Maybe he thought he could guilt him into talking him up to his crush? He should’ve known better than to think he’d get anything out of this. They were dubbed the Savage Gang for a reason.

Speaking of savage people- he turns to Third, who is happily eating his lunch now that the junior is gone. He doesn’t look mad at all. Pretty self-satisfied actually, definitely got a kick out of sassing that junior. 

“You’re not bothered?” Khai finds himself asking, even though all his instincts scream at him to let it go. 

Third gives him a strange look, like he can’t quite figure out why Khai is asking. Well he doesn’t know that either so they’re in the same boat there. 

“Why would I be bothered that you’re a catch?”

Third says it in his usual sarcastic drawl and it takes him a whole minute to realise Third was probably being serious and trying to hide it. 

“Thiiiiiird!” he cries out as the realisation hits and he launches himself at his boyfriend. “You think I’m pretty!”

“Pretty fucking annoying!” Third curses out as he tries to push the taller man away. “Get off me asshole!”

Khai doesn’t let go and Third doesn’t actually try to put up a real fight. It’s great.


It keeps happening. 

Khai keeps messing up on doing Perfect Boyfriend things and Third keeps not caring. 

He doesn’t wake up early enough to pick Third up? Third picks him up instead. He tries to hide his bad mood when class runs late and he gets too hungry? Third has snacks in his bag that he sneaks him when the teacher isn't looking. Someone flirts with Khai or brings up his phone-book’s worth of exes? Third gets possessive and he gets compliments. 

It feels great but also confusing as all hell. Mostly because this isn’t what he thought dating was supposed to be like. What it’s always been like for Khai, all these years with all those partners. 

It didn’t matter who he was dating or how serious things weren’t, there were certain expectations he had to fulfill. And, sure, a lot of those expectations were ones he’d set himself but it was just because that’s what he thought the guy is supposed to do. 

But then again, they’re both men here so why- you may ask -is he surprised that things are different? The answer is simple, Khai has to show Third he deserves to be with him. That, even though Third is too good for him, he’s willing to make this relationship worth his while. 

He wants Third to like being with him, dammit!

All valid thoughts to have on nights he hasn’t been drinking. And yet, here he is, wasted in the club restrooms and lamenting his quickly loosening grasp on this perfect boyfriend facade he tried so hard to build.

“Why are you pouting at yourself in the mirror?” his favourite voice in the whole world echoes from the doorway as his boyfriend walks up behind him.

“Third!”  he says, turning to slump over his boyfriend’s shorter body. “Do you like me?”

“I’m your boyfriend, dumbass.” Third scoffs, there’s a hint of fondness in his tone that makes Khai preen. Like a cat.

“I know that!” he slurs. “But, like, do you like me as a boyfriend? I tried to do the whole perfect boyfriend thing but it’s so hard! I never had to keep it up for more than a few weeks before, I didn’t know it would be so hard!”

“What the hell are you on about?” Third asks, shifting so he can look him in the eye. “Is this why you’ve been so extra these last two months? Were you trying to woo me or some shit?”

“Did it work?” Khai asks, because that’s honestly all that matters.

Third sighs like he has the weight of the world on his pretty shoulders. Then shifts Khai’s weight so he’s mostly leaning on the bathroom sink. There’s soft hands on his face, forcing him to look straight down at his shorter boyfriend. 

“You realise I’m already in love with you right? I distinctly remember telling you that at least once.”

Khai has gotten him to say it four times by now actually, all glorious moments. 

“So you don’t have to do these things all the time. It’s nice once in a while, but I don’t need you to treat me special all the time. That sounds exhausting.”

It kinda is but he’ll never admit it. Who said Third is the only one allowed to stubbornly hide his thoughts?

“But that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re in a relationship!”

“So am I expected to act like your personal butler twenty-four/seven?”

“No!” The point is to get Third to stay, not to chase him off!

Third smirks, the way he always does when he’s got Khai right where he wants him. Oh fuck that was a trap and he fell right in.

“Well then neither are you. I’m not letting you relegate me into the ‘girl’s position’ here just because you’re not used to dating guys.”

“That’s not what it is,” he defends with another pout. “I just wanted to impress my boyfriend, is that a crime?”

Third snorts at that.

“Babe,” he says. “I’ve seen you guzzle mystery shots while shirtless and then hurl your guts out in a dark alley an hour later. I think it’s a bit too late for any kind of impressions.”

“That is just tragic. Also, I do not remember that.”

“See, that just proves my point. I’m not just your boyfriend Khai, you dumbass, I’m your best friend first. I already know you far too well to be impressed by shiny boyfriend perks okay. I loved you without them just fine before, that’s not going to change just because our label has.”

“That’s really sweet. I didn’t know you could be that sweet.”

“Shut up.”

“Noooo!” he pushes on anyway. “I make you so soft, you love me so much you become all mushy!”

“Whatever,” Third grunts out, pulling him away from the sink and out of the restrooms. “Let’s get your drunk ass home.”

Khai smiles the whole ride home. And when he wakes up the next morning, in Third’s bed with his boyfriend wrapped around his taller body, he thinks maybe he really was trying too hard like Third had said. If Third could love him as a drunken mess, he would love him without his Perfect Boyfriend plans. 

He’s still gonna shower Third with flowers and gifts and cute dates as much as Third will let him though. Only the best for his boyfriend.