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Dazzlingly Quick

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Eunhyuk casually about walking out from dressing room while playing his phone, when suddenly someone bolt beside him, lock the door and pinned him against the wall.
Eunhyuk have to support his body by both hands try not to bump the wall hardly. His phone was slammed on the floor.

And that someone already yanking his shirt showing his collarbone and attack him from behind.
"H-hyuung.. n-not here" pleading Eunhyuk between surprise, scared and arousing.
Eunhyuk got bite on his neck, and gentle squeeze on his member as his answer.
"Argh! Hyung!" Eunhyuk defensively push himself from the wall tried to get away from the trap, but the other person pinned back hard to the wall.
"Obey.. Or I'll go hard" growl the other.

While his neck and collarbone gets attack from behind, he can feel that the person was spoiling his member religiously. It's getting harder and harder just by seconds.
"I see you also want this, actually.."
"I.. eungh.. h-hyung.." his moan escape by another sucking hard in his neck.

Automatically he push his ass against the other's member when he felt another gentle squeeze on his member.
"What is it Eunhyuk-ah??"
"Yes-Yesung hyung... h-hyung"
"F-fuck me..."
"I thought you didn't want to" answer Yesung still doing what makes him more desperate to be fill up.

Eunhyuk struggling move his body to face the others, he tries to kiss Yesung back to show that he want this so much.
When he face the other with red flush lusty face and harsh breath, his pants already fall to the ground, he can't even think how.
When he get closer to Yesung face, his small hand stop him by the throat. And pinned him back to the wall
Yesung gently choking him.
"Who said you can kiss me" said Yesung with deep voice, the dark lust orbs shows in eyes along with naughty smirk in his face just inch away from his own face
"P-please...." beg Eunhyuk.
And one gentle squeeze on his member as his answer
"Argh!! Hyung!"
With easy swift, Eunhyuk already face the wall again. Feel Yesung's hand undressing him down there and start rubbing his finger to his rim.
Eunhyuk moaning with panting. He then hear Yesung sucking his finger and soon, one finger enter his hole.
"Oh God!" Scream Eunhyuk pinned himself to the wall "gentle! Please.."
While still move his finger inside Eunhyuk's Yesung hungry kiss and suck landed on Eunhyuk's collarbone and neck, and another hand made it slip to his nipples.
"We know we have no time until someone knocking this door" said Yesung, entering one more finger to him.

Eunhyuk jolt by the pleasure and pain at the same time, try to support himself by the wall, and squeal pleading mercy. A little tears start pooling in his corner eyes.
"Are you gonna control your mouth or not? You're too loud" and Yesung's finger start scissoring I'm
With that, Eunhyuk bring his hand to his mouth, covering it, and bite his lower lip, then nods.

Yesung let go Eunhyuk's nipple, start undressing himself, spit in his own hand and lubricant his member in quick, then rub teasingly in Eunhyuk's buttocks, while still abuse his hole.
"One more finger" growl Yesung close by Eunhyuk's ear, makes the other shivers and shaking. Then he can feel one more finger burst inside him.
Yesung can hear muffled moan by the other, and start moving his finger, to find the right spot. It doesn't take too long since Eunhyuk's also eager to be filled, he automatically help the fingers find the spot.

One move and Eunhyuk jolt with pleasure "there!! There there, now!!" Inform Eunhyuk.
Yesung remove his fingers, one second before he enter the prepare hole, he get to tell Eunhyuk "I'll go bareback and hard"
Then one slammed hips, Yesung's member already inside Eunhyuk's.
Eunhyuk cries, pinned between Yesung and hard wall. Try to control his breath, pain and pleasure at the same time.
Without waiting permission, Yesung start moving his hips
"N-no.. w-wait----" but it caught by Yesung's fingers which suddenly inside his mouth. Fingers that used to prepared him minutes ago.
"Taste yourself, boy" growl Yesung still on the move. While Eunhyuk obediently suck Yesung's finger.
"Good boy.."

Then Eunhyuk can feel Yesung's another hands was attacking his nipple.
Eunhyuk want to scream or moan or making voice. But every time he does it, Yesung's finger shove deeper to his mouth, and he push his dick harder inside him. So he's done trying.
He can only whimper, muffled moans and silent cries while Yesung attacking him from behind mercilessly hard and quick.

Yesung is close, Eunhyuk is on the edge.
Yesung leave his nipple and start strocking Eunhyuk's member hard and harsh.
"I'm close." Growl Yesung, give Eunhyuk's neck and shoulder needy kisses.
Eunhyuk shut his eyes tightly, bite his lower lips by the pain on his ass. And support himself to the wall, then nods.

After few hard push and strokes to his body. Yesung come, at the same time with Eunhyuk's.
And leave them hard breathing and sticky sweat.
Yesung landed his forehead on Eunhyuk's nape, calming his breath while waiting his member get soften before pulling out
While Eunhyuk's lean perfectly limp on the wall, with the same state as Yesung.
Yesung pull out, snatch some wet tissue not far from them, he cleaned himself quickly and do the same to Eunhyuk's.

"You'd better get dressed, I hear voices"
Yesung then clean up the crime scene neatly, while Eunhyuk still on daze after coitus phase. Without warning, Eunhyuk can see Yesung walks to the door then he know he have to get dressed as quick as he can.
When the pants already in place, about to zipper up, Yesung unlocked the door.
Not long after, Donghae and Kyuhyun run busting in and get stumbled almost fall to the floor.

"Aaahhh... Hyung!! We're about to surprise you!!" Whine Donghae
Yesung chuckles and shake his head calmly "I can hear your voice from the end of the hallway, Hae"
Kyuhyun slaps Donghae's neck "I told you to shut up!!"
Then they both arguing jokingly.
Kyuhyun then landed his gaze to Eunhyuk who has been quiet for some minutes in the corner of the room.

"Hyung.. are you okay?" Ask Kyuhyun
That question snaps Eunhyuk back to reality, he glance to Yesung whom already talking casually with Donghae
"Are you sick?? What's wrong??"
With that question Donghae and Yesung looks towards him. Yesung give him an devilishly stare. Fortunately, when he about to rambles his answer, the other members enter the room, both Donghae and Kyuhyun distracted and join the chaos.
Eunhyuk let out a deep breath, then glancing Yesung.
Yesung smirk, wet his lips teasingly then sucking his one finger. With that, Eunhyuk's bolt out from waiting room, looking for toilet.