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Midoriya Izuku and the Hands that saved him. Part 1

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Toshinori Yagi had always knew he was a rookie when it came to being a teacher, but he began to realize something was wrong with his personal student. He had texted that he had gotten into U.A, but something was off. He spotted faint signs of trouble, at their first meeting, seeing his reaction to Aizawa's intimidation tactic during the apprehension test, to even Bakugou's attempted assault of him. So there he was, standing at Dagobah Beach in the dead of night, and watching a red-eyed Izuku walking up to him and appearing to be exhausted. As the boy approached, he said "H-hey, All Might." 

"Young Midoriya, what happened?" All Might inquired.

"It's nothing..." Izuku said, rubbing his eyes.

It was something 

All Might could tell it was something that provoked him to cry, taking the initiative and saying " Young Midoriya, you know its rude to lie."

"W-Wha-What? I'm not lying." Izuku defended.

" Are you sure, because if this was poker, you would be going broke." The skeletal Man said.

Deep down, All might wanted to write it off, but he could hear 7 voices telling him to "pay attention" and a female voice pressing him to "take the initiative". Hearing them made the symbol of peace finally realize he has been a fool. Bowing before Midoriya at a 90 degree angle, All Might said "Young-Izuku. I'm sorry." 

Taken aback by the sudden bow, Izuku stammered out "Uh? Wha-what-whatareyoudoingAllMightsensei?!" 

"When we first met, I had noticed things that showed that there were serious problems in your life that I didn't act upon because I was more prioritized with the damage control of you finding out my secret." The Symbol of peace said.

"What do you mean?" Izuku said, sounding scared.

" I noticed one of the shoulders of your uniform had burn damage. Second, the notebook I found when you were out cold from the villain attack had a faint scent of Cinnamon that was still a little potent." The hero said.

"Oh." Was all that Izuku could say at what his mentor was saying. The pro continued "When Aizawa did his little scare tactic on you for your lack of control on your power, you genuinely TERRIFIED of him. You were even afraid when Bakugou charged at you on his little rant. I was negligent, I gave you poor advice when it came to helping you in the entrance exam, and put you on his radar, and for that, I am sorry."

As Izuku was stunned by the hero's sudden apology, the pro continued with "Now, can you please tell me what is bothering you and why you came to me with red eyes?"

Letting out a *sigh*, Izuku pinched his nose as he said "I.....I got into a fight with my mom." 

"Why would you two fight?" Toshinori Inquired.

"Because...she thought I was being ungrateful for how I wasn't happy for Ka-Bakugou getting into U.A and how I didn't want to attend dinner with her at Auntie Mitsuki's." Izuku said.

"She thought you were being ungrateful for not celebrating his success?" All Might said.

"Yeah....I screamed at her that we were NEVER friends, and then...I stormed off to meet you here." Izuku said.

Resting his hand on Izuku's shoulder, he said " There are some benches nearby, let's talk." 

All Might pondered the story that his now crying student that was sitting in his arms had told him. Bakugou, who was supposed to be a good friend, was his number 1 tormentor throughout his entire life. From trying to help him up after he fell into a river, only to be rewarded with an explosion to his face, to openly using his quirk on him throughout their school life. The story of how Izuku was forced to take the fall for Bakugou's actions, the falsifying of his grades, allowing Bakugou to destroy the boy's items and verbally degrade him for the slightest things; from speaking his dream of being a hero to just being nice. He was supposed to be the Symbol of Peace, and THIS was how they were living in it! Forcing his student to live with a fear of adults, to treat his life with little value, and to leave him with anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?!

Holding Izuku tightly, he said "Izuku, this goes BEYOND simple damage control. I am going to help you." 

"*sniff* Wha-What are you going to do?" Izuku asked.

" First, WE are going to back to your home and address this issue with your mother. She's been believing that her boy is a disrespectful, problematic, delicate child that can barely stand for himself, not even realizing that she has been lied to by everyone. That is not good for the mental health of you and her." All Might started.

"Are you sure?" Izuku asked.

"Yes. Second, I'll be having a word with Nedzu and Aizawa about this and we'll deal with Bakugou, while you will go and see Hound Dog first thing tomorrow." All Might explained.

"Really?!!" Izuku exclaimed.

"Yes, and there will be no arguments on that. You have grown up in a toxic environment, and it has gotten so bad that you are left in Denial about your life ever being a living hell. What you went through was criminal, and you do not need to continue to suffer in silence while the criminals around you get away with their actions." The symbol of peace declared as he held Izuku tightly. 

Hearing that, Izuku finally caved and broke down once more, prompting All Might to hold him even tighter. The cries of help he wanted to let out for so long had been heard, and his own idol was there to save him...

"Is there a reason why I am being taken out of my class today?" Aizawa inquired, annoyed.

" Yes. It would appear that All Might is requesting that I expel a student from your class. Katsuki Bakugou." The principal explained.

Sitting down on the couch, Aizawa looked at the chimera as he said "Why? I don't see any problems with him. He's got good grades, he's a top ranked student, and he has actual combat tactics and stratagem that has bolstered his potential." 

"Yeah....and he cultivated those skills by using Young Midoriya AS TARGET PRACTICE." All might said with a raging anger.

The underground hero froze at that statement, one student was practicing his quirk on another? Midoriya only has a strength augmentation quirk, not Kirishima's hardening ability. It's clear in their faces that something was wrong, something he was not seeing as it had disturbed All Might and puzzled even Nedzu. The principal chirped in with "Could you please, clarify All Might?"

"I'd be happy to." All Might said.

The two listened as he explained every single detail of the story that Izuku told him. Though the two remedied the situation involving Inko, who apologized to her son for falling to stop the actions against him, but grounded him from watching hero videos as a punishment for not being honest with her. By the time that the symbol of peace had caught his breath, both principal and teacher had gone through a sea of expressions at hearing the backstory of the student that Aizawa had labeled as a "Problem student". They had shifted through shock at the level of attacks Bakugou carried out on Izuku, disgust and outrage for the ZERO actions from his teachers to deal with the issues, to even disappointment and anger when Bakugou and his classmates were suicide-baiting him. Moving his mouth finally, Aizawa stammered "So....that's why he was terrified of me when I gave the warning..."

" Exactly. He's treating you like he treated the teachers at Aldera: just WAITING for him to screw up and expel him." All Might said.

" With his level of quirk control, he's on thin ice." Aizawa commented.

" Actually, it's time we explained it to him, Toshinori." Nedzu explained. 

" Explain what?" Aizawa inquired.

To unwind from that emotional story, All Might explained "My Quirk isn't what the tabloids call it. It's called One For All....and Young Midoriya is my successor, so he possesses it now." 

"You GAVE your quirk to him?" Aizawa said. 

"What you saw at the Entrance Exam was the poorly provided advice I had given him on the spot since I gave him the quirk the exact same day." All Might said before adding "I need your help, Aizawa, I can't teach for shit because I have been a hero for 25 years and a teacher for none of them. My whole job here is both HPSC social approval, and me wanting to teach Izuku in a controlled environment."

Nedzu chimed in with " All Might will be working as an assistant teacher here for a while and will become a full time teacher once he acquires his license. He has asked that we develop a plan to help him control his quirk. Meanwhile, I will be helping him assemble evidence to bring against Aldera for its discrimination against the boy." 

"Fine. But if he screws up once, he's out." Eraserhead said.

" If you wish, you can have that candidate that you had in mind to take the seat of whatever student you expelled...once he has shown growth." Nedzu said.

All Might could have swore that he heard the underground hero swear under his breath. Looking to the Principal, All Might added "By the way, Nedzu, I think you might enjoy what I have to say about Young Midoriya…" as he pulled out a damaged notebook from his suitcase.

Izuku followed through his promise to All Might and spoke with Hound Dog, and felt an overwhelming sense of comfort as the counselor was genuinely worried for the Young man. The two assembled a schedule for the two in order to help Izuku with his traumas, and he received a full apology from Aizawa for his behavior, revealing that he has not truly recovered from the death of Oboro, his closest friend. He had his burn scars treated by Recovery Girl, who openly berated All Might for not telling her about the boy's role as the successor.

Bakugou was demoted to Gen Ed and placed onto probation, only allowed to rejoin the course if he managed to do well in the sports festival and had NO incidents reported. That didn't last, when he attempted to launch an assault on Izuku following his modern heroics class, in which he was expelled on the spot and placed on house arrest for his involvement at Aldera, and had to attend court-mandated anger management classes before he could even go anywhere near a hero course. His mother managed to hold onto a friendship with Inko, but they both never let Izuku or Katsuki near each other.

Aldera crashed and burned at their trial, shifting between either throwing Bakugou or Izuku under the bus. Some teachers tried to condemn Izuku as a fraud, accusing him of getting a quirk through criminal means. Aizawa and All Might fought the urge to commit homicide, in which the #1 hero spoke up and condemned the teachers for indoctrinating their students to see little value in the life of a quirkless, revealing his own late bloomer status to the public and crediting the late Nana Shimura for helping him master it and the retired pro Gran Torino for helping him control it (Torino took Izuku for his internship later, trusting Izuku with permission to use his quirk in a combat environment). In the end, the school had to close their doors and pay reparations to the Midoriyas. 

Inko herself had to atone for her own mistakes, revealing that she lied about Hisashi and that he had an affair with an American Girl and moved after she was discovered to be pregnant. She became a fan of Izuku's after seeing his first place victory at the sports festival and became president of a fan club that formed among some the kids of her apartment block.

1-A was shocked to learn of Izuku's past, with Mina, Momo, Kaminari, Jirou, and Ojiro coming forward with their own experiences with bullying. They didn't hesitate to berate Ilda after Hosu, finding out he attempted to make a move on Stain. He also helped the police organize their evidence when the Number 2 hero's crimes against his family came to light...

Nedzu was ecstatic to learn of Midoriya's analytical skills, taking him on as a personal student to help hone them to incredibly high standards. They would regularly enjoy tea on the weekends, discussing the usual topic of heroes and Izuku became the first Human that Nedzu was ever to trust outside the teachers. 

Izuku rose to fame as the new #1 hero for averting a war with the reformed Meta Liberation Army by forming a peace agreement after besting its leader, Re-Destro, in a duel. He also defeated Tomura Shigaraki, cementing his status as the Number 1 after the villain tried to decimate Deika City.

Izuku was more than a Symbol of Peace, he was a symbol of hope and revolution.