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It was raining hard as Tay opened the window in his apartment, the loud sound of the rain filled his house, it became his habit, to listen to the sound of the rain, turn off his lights and listen to slow music, no his heart is not broken.

It just feels comfortable but of course nothing is perfect because his phone is ringing loudly and he groans, one notification from his friend, Gun, is written in caps lock that he needs to go right now or he will be late.

His dear friend just celebrated his birthday yesterday and being a good friend he is, everyone is invited to Gun’s special birthday dinner.

Tay could only roll his eyes at his friend’s extraness. Gun is an influencer, of course it has to be grand and “special”

Tay grabs his navy shirt that sits right at the top in his wardrobe and put it on, grabbing his car keys and about to go out and he remembers he bought his friend a gift, neatly wrapped in a brown gift wrapper.

well of course he’s not the one who wrapped it or else it would be disaster

It was raining hard so there’s traffic everywhere, he actually wanted to catched a taxi but canceled his thought because he thinks driving is more safe in the middle of the night rather than need to call a grab.

It's been 30 minutes when he noticed a certain cafe on the left side of the road, “starlight” cafe written so big on the front then he parked his car right away, grabbed his gift with his right hand and walked toward the cafe.

It was quite crowded as Gun invited quite a lot of people to his party, the sound system playing songs that Tay actually glad aren’t loud songs, or else he would get a headache soon.

He looked around to search for his friend and find the shorter one on the right side of the cafe, talking and laughing with his other friends.

Tay was about to put the gift on the table on his left, decided to greet Gun later to leave him and have more time with his friends when he heard his name yelled by Gun, the younger one waved his hands in the air excitedly at him

Tay smiled at him, walking up to the shorter one. Gun is looking good, fashionable as always and he actually wears green, green surprisingly fits his friend really well.

“You make it after all” Gun had been spamming Tay because he know his tendencies to be late, he laugh at him and hand him the box in his hand, Gun take the box and put it on the table next to him.

“Happy birthday again bro” he hugs Gun for a second and both of the laughs when Tay’s shoulder is being slapped by someone, he takes a guess that it must be Off, his friend’s dear boyfriend.

“I thought you were still laying in your bed listening to sad songs all day?” Tay rolled his eyes and slapped Off’s back again, both of them got close as Gun introduced him to Tay as his boyfriend.

"Stop seeing me as a sad boy"

"But you are one?"

"Whatever Off whatever"

“Well take a seat Tay, just eat whatever you want!”

Off nudged Tay to sit at the table joining Off,gun and a few of Gun's friends, he recognized some of them but there are some new faces that he didn't know

Tay was about to sit when he noticed someone in front of him, the other one was laughing with his friends and took a picture once in a while with his phone, smiling wide at the screen.

The man in front of him noticed him and he blinked once before smiling at Tay, leaving the other man in silence.

All he knows is that his eyes are so beautiful


Tay never ask his name, and he doesn’t dare to start a conversation with the one in front of him, He noticed the other is Gun’s close friend because he’s sitting in the front table like Tay does, and he noticed the guy keeps taking pictures of the foods, the cafe interior and every interesting things. He put one and one together and figured out he’s an influencer? He guess

Tay doesn’t notice the amount of times he glances at the person in front of him, but surely you know when you’re being watched.

The “fine” man in front of him blinked suddenly and looked right at Tay who’s still looking at him, and realizing his action, he immediately focused his eyes on the phone in front of him, typing something… nonsense to friend’s contact.

Tay Tawan being caught staring at someone, he cursed himself

The other man look back to his phone and typing excitedly, he’s smiling to himself when he realized he go back to staring the person in front of him when his phone ringing with notification

Ask his name you dumbass

Tay looked to his right and found off and gun laughing at him while gesturing to Tay and the person in front of him, he frowned and shook his head, he doesn’t know if he’s nervous, afraid… or maybe shy. Tay is quite sure he feels all of those three anyway.

The man in front of him now happily munching on his fries, the pink shirt he's wearing compliments his skin tone and makes him look even cuter in Tay’s eyes, well he is sure this man is attractive for everyone not just for him. He cough and actually distracted the person in front of him, still munching on his fries

“Oh sorry” He can hear Off’s laughing from his right because of his stupid action

“You are Tay right?” Tay look at him shocked, he doesn’t expected the other know his name

“Eh? Yes I’m Tay, Tay Tawan” The one in front of him, his laugh left a tingle on the back of his mind, silently loving how it sounds, he laugh and raised his hand in the air in front of Tay, asking the man to shake hands

“I hear a lot of you from Gun actually” Tay raised his brow as he slowly grab the other’s hand shaking their hand a little

“I hope? He tells you good things?” He laugh and smile at Tay, their eyes meet and Tay swear shaking hand doesn’t need this long but he hasn't let go

“It’s okay”

“So?” Tay blinked at him, hands still holding each other in the air


“Why are you so nervous?” The other laugh at Tay’s reaction and he decided to just end the act

“Guess you don’t need my name?”

Tay cursed, he's successfully embarrassing himself

“Well… if you want to” He laugh, feel quite better that the man joke around to ease his nervousness

“I’m New, New Thitipoom, nice to meet you Tay Tawan” Tay smiles at him and both of them release their hands

His hand feels cold, and he doesn’t like it.




When you ask Tay Tawan if he ever been in love he would say no

He is sure of that until he met the one and only New Thitipoom back in Gun’s party, the younger one introduced himself and found both of them awkwardly talking with each other through the night, thankfully Off and Gun helped them reduce the awkwardness in the table.

Tay is a friendly person, a social butterfly perhaps, despite his job in the office needing him to be strict and serious, he’s very carefree and cheerful toward his friends, but when he met New, he felt like his social skills had reached zero. Funny huh?

Not so much when Off actually asked both of them to exchange each other’s number and New handed his phone to Tay’s hand, boldly telling him to write his number.

Tay feels kind of embarrassed that New can act normal, and Tay, being an awkward mess.

When New chatted him in the night after, saying it’s his phone number and they ended up chatting until 2 am, leaving Tay almost late to his work.

Tay wonders if this is a crush. He never experienced fall in love or out of love in his life before.well yes, He did have a few exes but it was only a childhood crush and never serious.

Now Tay’s wondering why he keeps looking at New in front of him, happily eating a cheesecake cake, looking good in his blue shirt and he shamelessly admits that there is this tickling feeling in his heart telling him to pinch New’s cheek or pat his head, yeah he obviously needs to hold his thought.

“SaturTay time”, New actually make a name for this saturday activity with Tay Tawan where they would go hunting dessert for New to try and add it to his blog, the influencer loves dessert and who are Tay Tawan to reject this so called “hangout” and spend time with New?

They are currently in a small cafe, small but famous cafe, New had researched before and found out this cafe is quite famous for their cheesecakes and red velvet cakes, New had been talking to Tay that they need to go here

“Tell me what should I put in the title for this post?” New ask while handing his phone to Tay, but still looking at his screen, Tay who is sitting in front of him, moves away his body so that New can see his screen easier. Tay is whipped anyway.

“Hmm?, sweet escapee?” New raised a brow

“Are we running away from something Te?” Here’s a Tay’s weakness number one, being called “Te” by New, he obviously wasn’t blushing the first time New called him Te while looking at him, begging to order another macaroons to fulfill his never ending craving for sweetness.

“Well you’re asking me?, it’s sweet because the dish is sweet” Tay shrugged

“I’m eating cheesecake”

“Same thing”

“No it’s not”

“And the escapee?” Tay laugh and point at himself

“I’m on runaway with you, wait more like you kidnap me?” New scoffed and grabbed his phone from Tay’s hand and wrote something on his phone before locking it in, back eating his cheesecake happily.

“What did you write then?”

“Sweet escapee” Tay blinked

“But you don’t like it?”

“Who said I don’t like it” Tay look at New who is laughing but decided to shrugged it off

“Sweet escapee, dessert hunting with someone to spend time together, sounds sweet, Te” well, there goes Tay’s 2nd weakness, New’s boldness.

Tay : New
0 : 1




Tay Tawan is a lost cause

Scratch that

"Tay Tawan is one whipped man" - Gun Atthapan

Remember Tay's habit hearing mellow songs in the dark when it's raining?, he might abandon the habit sooner because now there's another man, named New playing guitar beside him in his living room.

Live stage he said

"You never told me you can play guitar?" New laugh and he point on himself "I'm a multi talented man"

"Sure" New laughed while taking the guitar away, the younger one had been in Tay's apartment for a while.

He was about to pick up the older one in his apartment as they were about to go to the cafe nearby but it started raining and both of them felt lazy all of the sudden so they decided to stay indoors and decided to stay in Tay's.

Tay never know New can play guitar and Tay realized he still learning about New, there are still many things he doesn't know about his "friend"

"I can play guitar and piano if you're wondering"

"Only that?"

"Hmm, I tried drum before but yeah, not me"

"I see"

"So, Tay Tawan tell me about yourself" Tay laughed, moving from the floor, grabbing the guitar New left on the floor and put the guitar back in place

He then plops himself on the carpet in front of the sofa where new's sitting.

"What else do you want to know? You obviously know my full name right?" New slapped Tay's shoulder

"Okay sorry, so?"

"Hmm.. lemme think, ok, how many exes did you have?" Tay whipped his face and look at New surprisingly, the other grinned playfully while clutching his stomach at Tay's surprised face

"Why are we talking about exes all of the sudden?"

"Why are you so shocked oh my God, were you a playboy back then?" Tay scoffed

"I was a model student thankyou very much"

"Wow, smart Tawan, I kinda want to see you in school years"

"Don't" New laugh again while playfully smack the older one's back and Tay lean his back to the sofa beside him, eyes looking at the TV that now playing K drama, Tay doesn't know what drama is it nor he did pay attention because he's busy with his thought when he feel a soft touch in his hair and he realized that New is playing with his hair

He stiffened at the action but slowly feeling relax at the action from his beloved "friend"

"If you keep doing that I might sleep in a minute"

"Go ahead" New laugh at him still playing with Tay soft strands, while actually paying attention to the drama that is playing on the TV.

Tay is so nervous that he might puked, the situation is making him want to say anything in his mind to New, but he is still hesitating. He remember asking Gun what does he think and he remember his conversation with Gun

"Just try, tell him"

"Easy for you to say Gun, it's me who's trying"

"Well you never know what he wants if you never ask Tay"

"I'm kind of clueless about this Gun, and I'm afraid if this is not what I think it is" Gun put his phone in the table and look at Tay seriously

"You really do like New don't you" Tay cough loudly too shy to admit it infront of his friend, well this is Gun, who is also New's friend

"I .. guess" Gun scoffed

"You guessed? How many times you ditched your saturday meet with us for your SaturTay date?"

"How do you know?"

"You think New didn't tell me anything?" He smile and find Gun shaking his head

"Hey, I always rescheduled our lunch to Friday or Sunday"

"Yeah whatever, anyway Just try Tay"

"But what if?"

"What if what?"

"You know, I'm wrong, you're wrong?"

"At least you get an answer"

"You're spacing out" Tay blinked at New's voice, making him realized he just spacing out back then, Gun's word ringing on the back of his mind "just ask" he sigh and the words about to come out from his mouth when New beat him


"Hmm?" Tay leaned back to the sofa and his head knocked New's knee with soft thud, Tay looked up and met New's eyes, his hands felt clammy, sweating as he nervously looked back at New. The younger one smile at Tay's nervousness and laugh

"Why can you act normally?" Tay unconsciously ask, New look at Tay in wonder, still playing with Tay's hair with his hand

"You" well just go with it then Tay

"Me?" New pointing at himself

"You... act so .. normal.. how?" Tay is now turn around and sit in front of new while looking at him seriously, his heart is beating rapidly as he takes a look at the younger one.

New, using casual clothing, sitting on his sofa while playing with his hair. They look so domestic, Tay feels like he will explode sooner.

"What do you mean by normal?" New smile sweetly at Tay making the older one burst with feels, for the one in front of him.

Now Tay Tawan sure that this crush won't go away easily.

Like Gun said, he's completely whipped for New Thitipoom and there's no way back.

"I always ended up in nervous mess because of you" New look back at Tay, realizing the older one already in serious mood and he want to appreciate Tay's courage

"It's sweet isn't?, I can make your nervousness go away, and why are you nervous around me Te?"

"I'm not good at this"

"At what?"

"Courting you"

"Excuse me, what kind of century is this" Tay laugh at New's shocked face

"Ok, ok I'm being serious now" Tay cleared his throat and grabbed New's hand from his head, holding it and placed their hand near New's knee. Tay changed his position so that he's now sit beside New on the sofa

"I'm serious at getting to know you, I never feel something like this about someone before, that leave me nervous mess when I'm talking to you"

"We haven't known each other that long but I think? I'm willing to learn more about you, if you let me? Of course? Just because? Ok I'll stop" New is fully laughing because of the man in front of him now, his cheeks hurt from smiling and Tay noticed the younger cheek reddened, making New looks even more cuter.

"that was so lame"

"No it's not"

"It is, you can't lie to make me feel better"

"It's really not Tay, you kinda get your wish to make me act not "normal" Tay blinked and looked at New, blushing mess while trying to look away to avoid Tay's eyes.

Tay keep silent for a while, searching for New's eyes and he tightened his hold on his hand



"Well, your answer?" Tay lean his head to the sofa headrest mirroring New's position, still holding his hands while unconsciously playing with the other's fingers on the top of his knees, nervous.

"What choice do I have?" New smile at Tay, changing his position so that they're in front of each other, knees touching, the tv is still playing in the background the main actress's car got hit by another car

Such a tragic background scene for a romantic confession, but Tay and New don't even notice the tragic scene, too busy looking into each other's eyes

"Yes or yes?" New laugh at Tay's attempt to joke

"What if I say yes? What will happen?"

"I don't know… I might kiss you?"

"Bad Tawan you bad"

"So...What if I say no then?" New ask

Tay look right at New's eyes and he lick his lips, worried that the younger one might say no

"Well I hope you will regret and pick yes tomorrow" New laugh and he smiles so brightly Tay wonders if he needs to change his name with the one in front of him.

"Well I guess you have to kiss me now" Tay looks at New in silent, eyes searching and all he finds is fondness and seriousness, and Tay's heart feels full all of the sudden.

"You sure?"

"No I'm kidding, of course I'm serious!?" Tay laugh while circling his arms in New's waist bringing the younger one to his lap, and hold new's neck while looking at his eyes, silently asking for permission, The younger one close his eyes slowly as their face get nearer and nearer

New feel as Tay's lips land right on his forehead before moving on to his nose, giving small kisses along the way to his lips and it finally reach its final destination, New's plump lips probably something that always pop up in Tay's mind for the past months, and now his lips is touching that, crazy.

New's hand finds its place in Tay's waist, holding him close while Tay's hand tightening his hold on New's face before trailing down to his neck, lips still playing with the other, the feeling is very foreign for both of them but it's not bad.

Tay move his hand to New's waist and bring him to his hold, slowly changing their position in sofa so the younger us laying down on him

Both of them slowly pull themselves with each other, but hand still holding each other, Tay smile at New and he give a small peck on his cheek making the younger blushed

"Why were you blushing when I kissed your cheek?"

"Shut up"

"You were okay when we were kissing" New slap Tay's chest and the older one laugh freely

"Why are we stopping though?" New widened his eyes when he realized his words and the younger one fake cough, taken aback that he actually said it out aloud

"New Thitipoom new fact, he is not as sweet as he looks"

"Hey, I am sweet" Tay laugh while mentally answer "yes of course you are"

"Well your kiss is sweet, what kind of lip balm you used?"

"Shut up Te, where's my nervous Te is he just an act?"

"My?" Tay smile widely and New scoffed

"And the only thing you got from my sentences is my"

" sure babe"

"What did you call me just now?" New changed his position so that he is laying on his right side, and put his chin on Tay's chest, hearing the older's heart thumping wildly


"Since when did I allow you to call me babe?"

"Since I take your kiss as a yes" Tay laughed and put his arms around New holding the man beside him close to his body, his lover, he might add.

"So now you think you can be normal around me?" New look up to find Tay is looking at him intently

"Define normal"

"Not being nervous mess when I'm around you" New grinned as he tightened his hold to Tay's waist feeling content

"Not anymore, boyfriend"

"Hey you never asked me to be your boyfriend"

"You answer it with you kiss anyway"

"Shut up"

Tay Tawan is one whipped man, but hey New is in love too.