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A Day with Alpha

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Jimin checks to see if the camera is properly focused and fiddles with the controls until the image on the camera screen is crisp and clear. Once it is to his liking, Jimin sits back and starts recording.

"Hello, everyone!" He begins with an easy going smile and a small wave. The camera perfectly captures his bare face, freshly showered and ready for skincare and makeup.

The morning sunlight streaming in through the window illuminates his skin beautifully. "It's been awhile, hasn't it?"

He pauses a moment, like he's waiting for a response. "I'm sorry, I've just been so busy lately and every time I try to film, something comes up. So finally, I decided to clear my schedule and set time aside to film."

Jimin begins to organize his skincare products in front of him before continuing. "But because I've made you all wait so long, I thought I'd try to make this video more interesting."

Jimin smiles at the camera lense, well it's more of a smirk. He knows how the look will instantly draw his audience's interest.

"Today, you're in for a treat," Jimin says before picking up a cotton round and a bottle of his favorite toner. "Today's video is going to be a triple threat: a get ready with me, a vlog, and a prank."

With the cotton round properly saturated, Jimin gently swipes it across his face. "What's the occasion? I don't know. I saw this trend going around, where one partner calls another Daddy."

Jimin pauses to toss the cotton round away and grabs his next product, an essence. The liquid is very thin and watery but full of hydration.

"Some of the reactions are so funny, I thought I could try it on Jungkook," Jimin says and laughs a little. "But 'Daddy' feels a little much. Since Kookie's a werewolf, I thought maybe I should call him 'Alpha' instead?"

Jimin pats the essence into his skin until it absorbs completely, leaving his skin plump and glossy.

"I don't want him to become too suspicious though, so I thought I'd add it to our usual vlogging day together."

Next, Jimin grabs his moisturizer and scoops out a tiny amount with a clean spatula. It melts into his skin effortlessly, leaving him with soft glowing skin. Jimin angles his face this way and that way, so the natural sunlight catches all the glimmering high points of his face. Perfect.

"I also kind of want to tease him, you know? Play a small mind game by calling him Alpha and then pretend I didn't. Knowing him, it'll drive him bonkers."

Jimin giggles lightly and then remembers to say, "Also all the products I'm using today are going to be listed in the description box and I'll also link my updated skincare routine. For makeup today, I thought I could go more natural. No foundation but maybe some bb cream and maybe brows and a small amount of blush?"

Because the makeup is so simple Jimin's finished in minutes and is picking up the camera to talk about his outfit before walking out the bedroom. "Jungkookie is in the kitchen, making breakfast. Why don't we greet him?"

Walking into the kitchen, Jimin finds his boyfriend at the sink, washing the dishes from the day before. The man is still in his sleep clothes, hair messily finger combed back into a pony tail, a few long pieces frame his face.

"Morning!" Jimin chirps, cuddling up to Jungkook's side just as the man rinses his hands free of suds and wipes them on a clean hand towel. Jimin turns to step in front of his boyfriend and looks up at him with his lips pouted out for a kiss.

"Morning," Jungkook chuckles, voice still a tiny bit raspy from sleep. The sound of it sends a little shiver down Jimin's spine but it's forgotten as soon as he feels lips press against his own. Jimin smiles happily, cheeks a little pinker when Jungkook pulls away. Then he remembers the camera and turns his attention to it again.

"We're vlogging today, remember?"

"Of course I remember." Jungkook waves at the camera. He turns back to Jimin, reaching out to rest a hand on the smaller man's waist. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"Hmm what do we have?" Jimin asks, tapping his plump lower lip with a pointer finger. Jungkook rolls his eyes good naturedly, but pulls away from Jimin to check their cupboards.

"Oatmeal, cereal, bread—"

With the werewolf no longer looking at him, Jimin looks at the camera and mouths "Let's goooo!"

"Alpha, I want pancakes," Jimin says with camera focused on Jungkook's face. The wolf pauses and his eyebrows pull together. He turns his face to look at Jimin with a raised brow.


"Said I wanted pancakes," Jimin says innocently, conveniently leaving out the "alpha". Then he pouts, "Do we not have all the ingredients?"

Jungkook stares at him oddly but shakes his head and smiles. "Oh, right. No, we have everything."

The man turns back to the cupboard to take out the dry ingredients, "Pancakes coming right up, baby."

Jimin smiles at the camera before settling into a chair at their small table. The smell of something both sweet and savory begins to overtake the kitchen, making Jimin's mouth water.

Jimin focuses his camera on his boyfriend, to record a little bit of his cooking prowess. Like Jimin, his viewers like to see a big werewolf like Jungkook doing some cute domestic things. Jimin smirks, thinking of all the thirst comments that'll be made once he uploads the video. At first the comments had been a bit much and maybe it made him a little jealous but Jungkook had quickly squashed those ugly feelings with kisses and assurances that he was only Jimin's.

But Jimin stops recording for a moment to discuss the schedule for the day with his boyfriend. It's one of the rare times where they'll be able to spend the entire day together, but that doesn't mean they don't have errands to run.

Jungkook doesn't take long to cook and before Jimin knows it, there's a plate of warm buttery and syrupy pancakes with a side of sausages links being put in front of him.

"Oooh look how yummy!" Jimin says while doing his best to get an amazing shot of the fluffy golden brown pancakes. Jungkook chuckles and gently ruffles Jimin's hair before going back to make himself some pancakes.

"Don't I have the most amazing Alpha?" Jimin asks turning the camera back to himself, but still has Jungkook in the frame behind him at the stove. Jungkook stops, glances at him from the side of his eyes, spacula stopped in mid-air. The camera catches his expression perfectly and the human has to hold himself back from laughing. Jimin adds to make Jungkook doubt his ears again, "Who could ask for a better boyfriend?"

Then Jimin uses his fork to cut a small bite to eat. His eyes flutter closed and he moans, nothing too sexual, but still a little suggestive. Jungkook's gaze lingers on him a little too long, the smell of smoke and ash drifts up from the pan.

"Shit," the werewolf curses, quickly turning his attention back to his pancake, which is now a burnt mess. He scrapes the mess out the pan and grumbles under his breath, all the while Jimin's got a smirk on his lips while looking at the camera.

screenshot of a tweet from jungkook's twitter that says "he's up to something" and with it is the picture of Fry (from the TV show Futurama) squinting his eyes, looking suspicious.

Jimin's notified as soon as Jungkook posts. Ah, of course he's catching on already.

He tries really hard to not press on the heart icon under the tweet. If he did Jungkook would most definately know something is up. Good thing the wolf has scurried back into the house because he forgot his wallet, Jimin sits in the car and decides to start filming again.

"So, Kookie made a tweet," Jimin giggles and makes a mental note to include a screen shot of said tweet. "So I have to be a little sneakier, or else the prank will be over too quickly. He's too smart for his own good. I'll try and update you guys on the progress with the prank but we're going to be stuck together like glue so I might have to do a voice over instead.

The only reason I'm speaking with you guys now is because Jungkook forgot his wallet, so I'm just waiting for him in the car. Why don't I play some songs on my latest playlist, everyone is always curious as to what I'm listening to..."

Jungkook returns to the car, stopping short of opening the door when he sees Jimin dance along to an idol song for the camera. He smiles, endeared by the sight before he's tumbling into the driver's seat to synchronize with his boyfriend.

"Why don't you tell everyone what's today's schedule?" Jimin asks, once the song is over and his giggles subside. He points his camera at his boyfriend as the younger pulls out the driveway and onto the road. Even such a simple everyday action like that is made so sexy with Jungkook's head turned and his throat on display, his jaw looking sharp enough to cut diamonds, and the focus in his eyes. Jimin tries not to swoon so obviously. They make onto the road with no problem.

"I need to pickup a few things from the gaming store for a new video on my channel and Jimin wants to pick up some new makeup," Jungkook says with a quick glance at the camera before focusing on the road again. "So we're going to the mall first. Then, lunch, to the gym, and finally shopping for groceries. Another boring domestic vlog. Sorry guys."

"Another boring domestic vlog," Jimin repeats and turns the camera back to himself and winks at the camera.

Their plans change once they reach the mall and Jimin and Jungkook find themselves in their favorite clothing store.

"Woah! Look at all these amazing deals," Jimin says as he rifles through a rack and pulls out the price tags to show the camera the reduced prices. "We got lucky. Right Jungkook?"

The camera pans over to the werewolf, who already has his arms full of a mixture of clothes he wants for himself and clothes Jimin wants to try on.

"Yes, lucky," the man deadpans. Jimin snickers and tugs his boyfriend over to the dressing rooms. With his charming demeanor, Jimin is able to convince the attendant to allow them more then the eight garments limit to try on.

"We'll come out at the same time to rate the clothes, okay?" Jimin asks before his boyfriend walks into a dressing room. The human clutches at the clothes draped over his arm, reminded of a certain outfit he'd snuck in without his boyfriend's knowledge, excited to see his reaction to it.

"Got it!" Jungkook says before disappearing behind a curtain, unsuspecting. Poor fool.

The first few outfits aren't that bad as Jimin is mostly modeling tops. Although once he pulls on a skin tight light wash jeans, Jungkook has a little trouble stringing together sentences. Jimin isn't much better when Jungkook squeezes himself into some ripped jeans and a sleeveless band tee.

"Mine, look respectfully," Jimin teases his audience while he circles his boyfriend, to get every angle of the magnificent outfit. The werewolf blushes slightly, but his chest puffs out in pride too.

"It couple material," Jimin brags as he and Jungkook pose in front of the large three panel mirror in the center of the dressingroom. Their sides are pressed together and their expressions are instagram baddie-esque. But soon they're laughing, Jimin smothers his giggles into Jungkook's neck while the younger chuckles unabashedly. Neither really take themselves so seriously.

"I have one last outfit," Jimin says once his giggles subside. He bites his lower lip and avoids his boyfriend's gaze, worried his excitedness might give away his little plan.

"You do?" Jungkook asks surprised. Jimin nods his head.

"I'll be quick and then we can get our other stuff."

Jungkook nods and the two separate to their respective dressing rooms.

Finally, at the last outfit Jimin squirms just looking at it. He's never worn anything like it before, despite how much he'd wanted to. So maybe his hands shake a little as he takes the garments off their hangers. He just hopes he looks good in it.

The clothes are a little tight, but they also have enough give for Jimin to wiggle into them comfortably. The man turns this way and that way to inspect himself, feeling his confidence rise when he sees how good he looks. The fabric stretches nicely over his muscles and highlights his surprisingly curvy athletic frame. Thank you years of dancing and Tae Kwon Do.

Although he does, for a second, hesitate with his hands on the curtain. Jungkook is already out of his dressing room and is presumably waiting on him now. Before he can chicken out, Jimin squares his shoulders and puffs his chest. Then he pulls the curtains back and walks to his boyfriend, hips swinging a little with each step.

"I don't know how I feel about this jacket," Jungkook says, looking at his reflection in the mirrors. There's a soft frown on his face as he turns and smoothes down the denim jacket while also keeping the camera in focus on his reflected image. "I thought I liked it, but I'm not so sure now. What do you think Minie?"

Jungkook turns around when he doesn't get an answer, a small frown pulls at the corner of his lips. "Minie?"

The frown is quickly replaced by a slack-jawed expression.

Jimin's in a skirt.

Jimin's in a short pleated high waisted skirt with a crop top.

Jungkook's attention instantly drifts down to his boyfriend's exposed legs. They are long and thick with muscle, skin soft and hairless. The skirt barely reaches mid-thigh and with the curve of his ample backside—there is a high chance the slightest breeze would flip and expose so much more.

Seeing how distracted his boyfriend is, Jimin decides to tease him a bit. He walks a little closer, noting how Jungkook tracks his motions.

"What do you think, Alpha? Does it look good on me?"

Jungkook nods his head automatically, still looking dazed as Jimin does a little twirl, the skirt lifting a little to flash a bit of ass. One might assume he'd forgone underwear, but Jungkook catches the tiniest glimpse of lace—which would mean Jimin is wearing panties, lingerie. The wolf swallows and his adam's apple bobs with the motion. Jimin feels a little thrill dance down his spine.

"Wait—,"Jungkook says, peeling his eyes away from Jimin's thick thighs. He blinks rapidly, trying not to think about flipping Jimin's skirt up to see which panties he's got on. "What did you call me?"

Pretending to be confused Jimin cocks his head to the side, "I didn't call you anything."

The werewolf looks at him in disbelief. "B-but you did."

Jimin shakes his head, looking adorably confused, "I did not."

Then Jimin glances at the three panel mirror, a thoughtful frown on his face as he inspects the skirt. It is quite short, so Jimin turns around and bends over, nearly giving his boyfriend a heart attack. The skirt rides up high, barely able to cover his ass even as Jimin tries to smooth it down. Jungkook follows the motion with his eyes. "Oh, dear. Looks like it might be too short."

"Yes, yes, you did call me something," Jungkook argues, not quite ready to give up their previous topic, frustration leaking through his voice a little. It does something funny to Jimin's stomach, but he huffs in fake annoyance and stands back up. The human crosses his hands over his chest. Defiantly, Jimin raises an eyebrow as if to say, "Well?"

The werewolf steps closer and his voice lowers, "You called me Alp—"

Before Jungkook can finish, the werewolf stops himself and takes a big breath. Jimin almost whines, nearly ready to admit defeat. But Jungkook's hesitation helps to clear his head.

Jimin steps closer. His voice is a breathless whisper when he asks, "Called you what?"

Jungkook looks at him, long and hard before he blushes and turns away. "N-nothing."

Jimin isn't sure if he's frustrated or amused or horny. Maybe a little bit of all three.

"I'll go ring these up while you change back," Jungkook says quickly, lifting his arms with the clothes he wants on them. "Bring the clothes you want so I can pay for them too."

Hurriedly, the werewolf scurries off and Jimin finally relaxes. That was...unexpected. But it's not an unwelcome reaction. If anything, Jimin wants to push his buttons even more now.

Although by the time Jimin makes it to the check out counter, Jungkook is apologizing for his irrational behavior.

"I'm sorry," Jungkook says with a kiss to the human's forehead. The check out girl swoons a little. "I don't know what overcame me."

"It's okay," Jimin replies and pecks the werewolf on the lips. He feels a twinge of guilt, but knows it'll all pay off soon enough.

After the dressing room fiasco, Jimin and Jungkook make their way to the game store and then to Jimin's favorite makeup and skincare shop. The tension between them melts, neither wanting to bring it up. They act like a normal couple and Jimin decides to wait before riling his boyfriend up again.

"Shopping done," Jimin shakes a few full looking shopping bags to make his point. The camera is placed on a mount on the dashboard now. "We're off to lunch y'all!"

The restaurant they chose is a couple blocks over from the mall. It's nice, not super fancy but not bustling with customers yet. It's new but their friends recommend it, so why not try?

The two are lead to a two person table by a polite host. Jungkook's stomach growls at the delicious aroma of food wafting around. As a werewolf he has an amazingly high metabolism and even after a big breakfast, he's more than ready for a big lunch. The host gives them both a menu and informs them their waitress will be there soon to take their drinks and orders.

"Thank you," Jimin says with a polite smile before the host returns to his podium. Jungkook is already flipping through the menu, looking for something filling to have. The waitress arrives with a notepad in hand a couple minutes later.

"Hello, my name is Yuna. I'll be your waitress today. Do you need more time or are you ready to order?"

"I'll take an order of tteok mandu guk," Jungkook says, handing back the menu with a polite smile. The waitress takes the menu and quickly writes the order down. Then she turns to Jimin.

"And for you sir?"

"Hmm I don't know," Jimin says, nibbling on his lower lip and looking conflicted. He flips through the menu, a soft frown on his face. "Why don't you order for me, Alpha?"

For the second time in that day, Jungkook stops. It looks like he short circuits. Jimin wants to laugh, but keeps his cool composure.


"Order for me, Alpha," Jimin repeats, still pretending to look at the menu. "I can't decide."

"I—" Jungkook opens his mouth, looking all the world like his brain is trying to reboot.

"Do you need more time?" The waitress asks, she sounds amused. Jungkook clears his throat.

"Oh um, n-no." Jungkook flounders and turns his attention back to the speaker. The werewolf's mind zeros in on a dish Jimin might typically order. "He'll have the japchae. Thank you."

The waitress gladly takes their menus. As soon as she's out of hearing distance, Jungkook is whisper yelling.

"What was that?"

"What was what, Alpha?"


"What?" Jimin foreigns confusion. "Alpha?"

Jungkook sputters and nods his head. "Yes that, why are you calling me that?"

Suddenly Jimin's demeanor changes. The human rests his arms on the table and leans forward, closing the distance between their faces even more. Voice a little lowered and eyes dark, Jimin asks, "Do you not like it, Alpha?"

A strangled sound makes itself free from Jungkook's mouth. Before he can completely combust he's saved by a familiar voice.

"Oh! Look whose's here."

Jimin and Jungkook both turn their attention to the man that's stopped at their table. He has a camera in hand while he speaks. Jimin's eyes light up at the sight of him. "Taetae!"

"That's me," the man laughs and he notices the camera also in Jimin's hand. "Are you guys filming today too?"

"Yeah, say hi to our subscribers!" Jimin lifts his own camera.


Jimin returns the greeting, staring into Taehyung's camera lense before turning his attention back to the omega. "Are you alone?"

"No, Hobi and Yoongi are on their way. I just got here first."

"They should sit with us!" Jimin looks at his boyfriend, who has been silently watching their exchange. The younger man eyes him warily, but Jimin smiles at him sweetly. "It's been forever since we've seen each other."

"I wouldn't mind." Jungkook says, finally, also becoming excited to see their friends.

"Great. Mister Host, Sir," Taehyung calls, turning to face the host like an eager puppy. "Would it be okay for us to push a couple of tables together?"

They're given the okay and a few minutes their table is filled with chatter and laughs as the men all catch up. Jungkook even forgets about the Alpha situation when Yoongi and Hoseok arrive.

Well, he forgets until something brushes past his shin. His laugh at something Hoseok says is cut short. The man is telling a very elaborate and funny encounter with a choreographer that invited him to their studio. It doesn't happen again, so Junkook tries to fall back into the conversation, but—then something is caressing his calf, slowly rubbing up and down over his lower leg.

Instantly, Jungkook looks at his boyfriend across the table from him. The human looks attentive enough to imply his undivided attention is on Hoseok, but the little glance he takes at Jungkook and the way the caresses pauses for a second, is proof enough that it is Jimin's foot that is stroking his leg.

Jungkook wonders what the human could be up to. He sits a little straighter and glares into his boyfriend's eyes with a look he hopes conveys a message of: "Be good."

Jimin averts his gaze quickly and bites his lower. Jungkook takes that to mean Jimin is surrendering, but he is wrong.

Not a few minutes later Jimin's foot is back, but without a shoe. This time, the human strokes up higher. Jimin's socked foot slides between Jungkook's thighs and over his crotch. Jungkook grips the table cloth and sucks in a breath.

He should reach down and push Jimin's foot away, but before he can the foot gently lands over his cock and rubs over the bulge.

Sharply, Jungkook looks across the table to his boyfriend. The human is looking directly at him, eyes lidded. It sends a spark of heat down to the werewolf's stomach but he can't get aroused. Not in public, not with other wolves within touching distance.

But then Jimin's plump lips part and he's mouthing "Alpha" with a blissed out expressesion—

Suprised, Jungkook jumps and his thighs collide with the underside of the table. Thankfully Jimin's reflexes were quick enough for him to pull his foot away before it happened.

Suddenly all eyes are on Jungkook because in the process he's also knocked over his silverware and nearly spilled his drink. The werewolf blushes at the attention.

"You okay there, Kook?" Taehyung asks first, his werewolf senses picking up on the alpha's haywire energy. His eyebrows pull together and his nose twitches, scenting the air. Quickly, Jungkook reigns in his scent, especially the spike of arousal. Hopefully, it is easily hid by his embarrassment.

Jungkook quickly glances at his boyfriend, but nods. "I'm fine."

Everyone does not look convinced but their orders arrive and their attention is redirected to the delicious food. Jungkook does his best to calm his racing heart.

it is a screen shot of jk's tweet that says "i think my boyfriend is tryung to k-word me" and jimin replies "i would never alpha 🥺"

jk quotes jm's previous tweet with one that has a screenshot of twitter if he wants to block jimin's account. jimin replies with "BABY NO 😭"

The gym is not better. Jimin just can't seem to restrain himself any longer. Something about seeing his boyfriend looking ready to ravish him as soon as he utters the word "Alpha" has Jimin aching. But he still wants to tease, wants to push the werewolf to his limits.

But Jungkook knows he's up to something now. It's going to take a little more to fluster him. It's why Jimin packed one of his more revealing workout outfits.

Dressed in nothing but some seriously small running shorts and a little cropped t-shirt, Jimin stretches. From the mirrored walls, Jimin spots Jungkook's gaze focused on him and decides to be a little more shameless than he would normally be.

Slowly, Jimin lowers into a side split, showing off his flexibility for anyone that wants to see, instantly catching some attention from the many gym patrons.

The little shorts pull tight over the meat of Jimin's perky ass and hike up his thighs, bunching a little where his ass meets his thighs. No doubtably his ass looks even bigger and rounder to anyone who glances at it.

Jimin settles into his split easily, groaning a little before resting his upper body onto his forearms for a deeper stretch. From the mirrors, Jimin can see a few mens' gazes wander his way. They're more than likely werewolves, like Jungkook because this particular gym is one that belongs to a former champion alpha boxer.

From the mirror, Jimin also sees his boyfriend. He is very aware of the attention Jimin is receiving. His jaw is clenched and the tight grip he has on the lat pull down machine's handle bars is turning his hands white. Jimin bites his lower lip to keep from smiling.

Jimin does a few more stretches, all that result in either his shorts riding up or his crop top exposing his defined tummy. Every time, Jungkook is steadily pouring out more possessive pheromones, if the way some of the other gym goers glance at him suspiciously is any indication.

Once Jmin's done stretching, he is ready for a bit of a sweat. The first piece of gym equipment to catch his eye is the power tower. It's pretty tall and as Jimin steps closer, he realizes that he might just be a tad too vertically inclined to reach the handles meant for pullups.

Oh, what to do?

Jimin places his hands at his hips and pouts. Then, his eyes flicker to the mirrored walls and finds his gaze meeting with his boyfriend's through it. The other man raises a brow, not at all missing the mischievous spark behind Jimin's eyes.

"Alpha, help~" Jimin whines, pouting as he reaches up for the bars on his tippy toes. Jungkook almost drops the dumbells in his hands. A few people turn to look, curious as to who the cute human is referring to as Alpha. Jungkook knows they're wolves too and he blushes when their gazes land on him. He's probably giving mixed signals. He smells territorial but he's also flustered.

Despite his embarrassment, Jungkook walks over to his boyfriend before any other wolf gets any ideas. He gladly squats down and wraps his arms around his boyfriend's slim waist. With the power of his legs, Jungkook lifts Jimin up until his hands wrap around the handles for pullups.

"Thank you, Alpha," Jimin says looking over his shoulder and down at his boyfriend. He says the word so casually, not knowing what affect it's having on him and some of the other wolves. Jungkook grumbles incoherently but makes sure he's properly achored before loosening his grip. He might also rub some of his scent onto Jimin's back, but the human doesn't need to know that.

"Whatever," Jungkook mumbles, cheeks warm. He walks back to where his dumbbells sit. Jimin can't help but smile, seeing the pretty flush of color on his boyfriend's cheeks has him all kinds of giddy. It gives him the power to easily complete a set of pullups before dropping back down onto his feet gracefully.

"Alpha~" Jimin calls again when his small rest is over and he wants to do another set of pullups. Grumbling under his breath, Jungkook goes to lift him up again. Jimin hides his pleased smile against his bicep.

This goes on for a little while, but each and every time Jimin calls for "Alpha", Jungkook is at his side ready to do whatever it is he needs. Every time, Jimin feels his tummy explode with butterflies, oddly giddy when a few other gym goers chuckle good naturedly at their antics.

By the end of the gym session, both men are nicely worn out. Jungkook noses at his neck while they walk through the parking lot to their car, breathing him in deep despite Jimin's whines.

"I'm so gross," Jimin complains. He's sweated more than he would like to admit and his neck is still a little damp with perspiration.

"Don't care," Jungkook's voice rumbles against his neck. "You smell good."

"Ew," Jimin makes a face at the camera that's recording their interaction. "But I'm sweaty."

"Makes your scent stronger," Jungkook answers his unspoken questions. The human's usually mild scent thickens enough to rub onto his own skin and the wolf's scent clings to the human better too. His inner wolf's tail wags.

"My alpha is so weird," Jimin teases, not at all ready to feel Jungkook's hand grip his waist harder and feel a small growl against his neck.

"Fuck, don't say that," Jimin thinks he hears Jungkook mutter. There's no malice in his voice, but it is tinged with something. Before he can question the werewolf, Jungkook pulls away and jogs the rest of the way to the car. Jimin glances at the camera with a confused expression but just as quickly he pouts.

"Alpha~," Jimin whines cutely, jogging a little to catch up with his boyfriend and his long legs. "Wait for me~"

Instantly, Jungkook stops in his tracks. Jimin smiles and quickly loops his arms around one of his boyfriend's, hugging the taller man's arm to his chest. "Thank you, alpha. You're the best."

Jungkook's reply is an annoyed click of his tongue, but Jimin is not ignorant of the pink that dusts his cheeks.


a screenshot of jk's tweet that says "he's playing with fire rn" and jimin replies to it with the emoji that is blowing a kiss.


Jungkook is eerily calm when the day's over. The two men have their arms full with shopping bags, both from the mall and the grocery store.

"We're finally home," Jimin tells his camera, trailing after Jungkook. "It's been a long day, but we are home!"

"So what'd you think about our day?" Jimin asks after dropping the bags on the kitchen counter.

"Long," Jungkook answers without missing a beat. He rummages through their shopping bags and places the groceries in the respective spaces. "It was a very long day."

"Why's that? I thought today was pretty fun," Jimin says with a pout, voice slightly playful. "What ruined my alpha's day?"

The cupboard shuts louder than usual, making Jimin jump involuntarily. The human also finds himself being pushed up against the kitchen island.

"You really want to know what ruined my day?" Jungkook growls, staring down at Jimin as he steps between the human's legs.

"Y-yeah, of course—" Jimin begins, flustered by the sudden change in his boyfriend's demeanor. He tries to laugh, to lessen the thickness of the air, eyes flittering to the camera as if to remind Jungkook they are still filming. Jungkook is not amused nor does he care.

"You," Jungkook breathes, hands squeezing the meat of Jimin's thighs.

"M-me?" Jimin asks, confused and then pouts, "What did I do?"

Jungkook gives him the most deadpan look and raises an eyebrow in disbelief. Just as deadpan is Jungkook's answer. "Provoked me."


"You know how."

Finally in control of himself, Jimin cocks his head to the side and does his best to not smile. "I'm pretty sure I don't have a single clue of what you're getting at."

"Park Jimin," Jungkook says with the most long drawn out sigh, like he's very disappointed in his boyfriend. "You are many, many, things, but dumb is not one of them."

Jimin's pout pulls down into a scowl. "I don't know if I should be offended or not."

Then like a light bulb switching, a look of realization crosses Jimin's face and he snaps his fingers. "Oh! Is it because I called you alpha?"

Jungkook's hands squeezing his thighs involuntarily is answer enough. "That's it, isn't it?"

Stubbornly, Jungkook does not answer but something in his eyes darken. It makes Jimin want to squirm but he only bites his lower lip and feels the need to tease and rile Jungkook up further.

"Does my big bad werewolf not like it?" Jimin taunts, leaning into Jungkook's space until their lips are mere centimeters apart. "Did it make my Alpha mad? Does my Alpha want to punish me?"

A growl, deep and glutteral, thunders from Jungkook's chest. The sound is so feral, so animal, Jimin shivers. He's never heard his boyfriend growl like that before. It's only been little grumbles. Embarrassingly, Jimin feels his cock twitch and a moan at the back of his throat.

"Alpha," Jimin gasps, unsure of what else to say. That seems to move Jungkook into action. He pulls Jimin from the island and easily uses his strength to toss Jimin over his shoulder, like a brute. Not expecting his feet to be swept out from under him, Jimin hold on his camera slackens.

Jungkook easily walks around the island and toward the hallway that leads to the bedroom. The turn is so sharp and sudden that the camera slips from Jimin's grasp.

It lands on the floor with a thud, somehow miraculously the lense is still pointed at them. Jimin nearly has a mini-heart attack, worried the every expensive equipment might be broken or compromised in some way. Jungkook couldn't care less, arms tightening around Jimin's waist when the human begins to squirm.

"T-the camera," Jimin gasps, his gaze landing on the fallen peace of equipment. It's still filming. But Jungkook still doesn't care and even lands a smack onto Jimin's plump backside when he continues to squirm.

"That's the least of your worries," Jungkook says, before walking into their bedroom and kicking the door closed. He quickly drops Jimin onto the bed and steps back, his hands reaching for the hem of his shirt. Jimin's hands twist in the bedsheets, unsure of what else to do.

"Alpha, alpha, alpha," Jungkook growls, tearing out of his clothes. Jimin's heart beats wildly, but his eyes can't help but to follow the werwolf's every movement. "All fucking day. That's all I've been hearing."

"Like a needy omega," Jungkook continues, dropping his jeans and left in only his boxers. Jimin swallows, eyes roaming over his boyfriend's exposed torso—the muscles and ink of his tattoos. "Is that what you are Minie?"

The werewolf steps closer, one knee on the bed, dipping it with his weight. When Jimin doesn't answer, Jungkook crawls closer. More so than ever before, Jimin feels like a prey stalked by a predator ready to devour it whole. But fear is far from what's pooling hot in his belly. His breath catches in his throat when Jungkook's body cages him in, face so close Jimin would only need to tilt his head to kiss him.

"Are you a needy omega?" Jungkook asks, again, voice low, and lips close enough to gently brush over his own.

Unable to form a coherent sentance Jimin can only stutter, "I-I..."

"Hmm?" The wolf smirks, "Why else would you being calling for an Alpha?"

The air is heavy, filled with a thick tension that threatens to swallow Jimin. It suddenly feels warm, almost stifling hot. It might just be Jungkook's naturally high body heat but it could also be the arousal swimming in Jimin's stomach.

"Do you have any idea of what that does to me? To any alpha wolf? With a pretty thing like you going around begging for an alpha's attention, practically asking for an alpha to knot and breed you."

"Jungkook," Jimin gasps finally, heat rushing to his cheeks. Jungkook's never spoken to him like that before and it's really having an affect on him.

"Why are you getting so flustered?" Jungkook asks, amused by how the tables have turned. One of his hands slip under Jimin's shirt, palm hot where it lays on his lower belly. The muscles under it tense and Jimin sucks in a breath.

"Isn't this what you wanted? Teasing me all day for a reaction,"Jungkook continues and slips his hand higher until he can flick a nipple. "Well your alpha is here now and he's going to take care of you. Come on, you were being so shameless earlier, tell your Alpha what you want. If you ask alpha nicely, maybe he'll go easy on you."

"Um," Jimin begins, unsure of how to voice what he wants. His head is a jumbled mess. What was it that Jungkook had said earlier? Something about his knot and—

"Breed me," Jimin says, the words tumbling out his mouth in a rush. Hands suddenly restless, Jimin reaches up to cup his boyfriend's face and pulls their lips closer, until they're so close to kissing. Breathlessly, Jimin says, "Want alpha to breed me."

Another growl rises from Jungkook's throat before he's closing the miniscule space and slotting his lips over Jimin's. The kiss is not chaste, not sweet. It's passionate, hungry, and filled with tongue and spit. All the while, Jungkook is working on shoving his shirt off his body and Jimin is fumbling with his jeans and undies. It's a little difficult wiggling out the clothes but somehow they manage.

Jimin is as naked as Jungkook and Jungkook is slotting himself between the human's thick thighs. Their bare skin presses together and Jungkook is hot, nearly feverish but Jimin wraps his thighs around his hips anyway, pulling him even closer. The warmth comforts him as the werewolf settles and connects their lips again. Kissing this time is slower, but just as filthy.

Jimin cants his hips up, needing more contact, while one of his hands thread into his boyfriend's hair. The strands are just long enough to tangle between his fingers before he tugs. It earns him another growl, one that vibrates against his lips. "Present."

Jimin blinks, "Huh?"

"Present for me, show me how much you need your alpha." Jungkook answers with a nip onto Jimin's plump lower lip.

"How do—" Jimin begins, looking so fuckable already with his kiss swollen lips and breathing heavy. He clings tighter to Jungkook. "How do I present?"

"Ass up face down." Jungkook instructs, pulling away from Jimin despite the tiny whimper he makes. "Don't worry, I'm only going to get the lube. We're going to need it."

He climbs off the bed to retrieve the lube from the bedside table while Jimin flips over onto his stomach. He takes a deep breath before gathering his strength to get onto his hands and knees.

"L-like this?" Jimin asks, fisting the bedsheets. He feels so exposed all of a sudden. Without Jungkook's warm body draped over his own, his skin prickles with goose bumps.

A hand lands softly between his shoulder blades and gives a gentle push. "Face down and spread your thighs a little more."

Jimin nods his head and drops down onto his forearms, his hips rise in response. The pose makes him feel even more vulnerable when he opens his thighs wider, exposing his hole and his hard cock. He can see why it's called presenting.

Approvingly, Jungkook places a kiss on his left asscheek. "Like that."

Then the werewolf climbs back onto the bed, situating himself behind Jimin. A bottle cap opens. "Going to get you nice and wet, like a perfect little omega."

Jimin buries his face into his pillow, forcing the whine to be muffled. Lube dribbles onto his rim, cold when it meets his skin but it quickly warms up.

Jungkook always starts with one finger, no matter how much Jimin assures him that he can start with two. He rubs the lube over Jimin's hole, massaging the ring of muscle until Jimin relaxes enough to press in. The digit is welcomed, pulled into the knuckle by Jimin's velvety walls. The alpha's cock twitches, as if impatient for it's turn. Jungkook ignores it though, knowing how much more important it is to properly prep his boyfriend.

Testing how loose he is, Jungkook thrusts his finger experimentally. It's easy and Jimin is not making any displeased sounds. On the contrary, he's begging for more.

"Please" Jimin whines, frustrated, into his pillow while clenching around Jungkook's finger. "Add more."

When the second breaches him, Jimin sighs. The little bit of stretch is heavenly and a step closer to getting Jungkook's cock instead of his fingers. Jimin shivers and his cock twitches before he fucks back onto the digits. The alpha groans, appreciating the view of the human rolling his hips back to take his fingers again and again.

By three fingers, Jimin's cock is hanging heavy and blushing as dark as his cheeks. But Jungkook still won't stick his dick into him. Not yet. Not until he can easily stretch around four fingers, any less and Jimin may become unintentionally injured. The werewolf drizzles more lube onto his crack and over his stretched rim.

It's so much lube, more than enough. Jimin can feel the liquid drip between his cheeks and down his inner thighs. His lower half is absolutely drenched in it.

"Perfect," Jungkook growls approvingly as he curls his fingers and presses against the edge of Jimin's prostate. The human moans and presses back against his hand.

"So wet for me, aren't you?" Jungkook chuckles as he thrusts all three fingers into Jimin with an obscene squelch. The sound draws a keen from the human. "So wet for my cock."

"Yes." Jimin moans, nearly kneading the bed with his hands. The pleasure builds up steadily, humming under his skin.

"Yes, what?" Jungkook prompts while spreading his fingers.

"Yes, alpha." Jimin shivers, tilting his hips a little more to feel the stretch deeper. "Want you, want your cock a-and your—ah—knot."

The words are foreign. Sure Jimin's seen his werewolf boyfriend's knot and even wrapped his hands around the bulge when giving Jungkook head...but he's never actually been knotted.

There's no denying how big Jungkook's cock is but when his knot is fully inflated, it even intimates Jimin. But he also won't deny how heat pools like lava in his stomach when he thinks about it.

Jungkook curses and hastily slides the fourth finger in beside his other three. Jimin's back arches and he grinds down onto the digits. Slower than before, the werewolf thrusts his fingers, aware that there's still a little bit of resistance.

Jimin wants none of that, despite the slight burn that accompanies the drag of Jungkook's fingers. "Please alpha, want you now."

"I know you do," Jungkook says, sounding amused and then he places a kiss on Jimin's lower back, "But if you want my knot, you'll need to be stretched. I don't want to hurt you. Just a little longer, love, okay?"

The human huffs and probably pouts if the petulant way he says, "Fine." can be any indication.

The werewolf places more kisses over his round bottom and his upper thighs as an apology. The gentle action also soothes Jimin's slight discomfort from the stretch. To help distract him, Jungkook talks.

"My wolf has been going feral all day because of you. Did you know that?" He asks before thrusting his fingers hard enough to hear Jimin gasp and watch his thighs tremble. Jungkook strokes over Jimin's prostate with purpose. "It didn't help other wolves would look at you when you called "alpha", their scents spiking with interest. God, I wanted to rip them apart for thinking of even approaching you."

"Really?" Jimin questions quietly, between moans. He hadn't even noticed and he admits it shyly. "My attention was only on you."

Jungkook growls happily, his wolf puffing up with pride. He rewards the human by wrapping his free hand around Jimin's cock. Jimin jerks, hips bucking into the hot grip before rocking back onto Jungkook's fingers. "Y-you're my only alpha."

"And I'm going to make sure everyone knows it," Jungkook growls, circling his thumb over the head of Jimin cock to smear the precum wetting the tip around. "Going to stuff you full of my cum so my scent lingers on, and in, you for days. Everyone will know your alpha bred you so good."

That shouldn't be so hot, but Jimin keens because he wants. The feel of Jungkook's thumb on his slit accompanying the fullness of his ass, the sparks of electricity when Jungkook teases his prostate, is both heaven and hell.

"Alpha, please," Jimin whines, looking over his shoulder. He licks his lips before adding, "Need you alpha."


"Inside," Jimin gasps and raises his hips higher so Jungkook's fingers slip out of him. Then he reaches back with one hand to pull one asscheek aside, making his hole visible. It's pink, puffy, and glossed with so much lube. A very tempting sight indeed. "In here, alpha."

"In your hole, baby?" Jungkook asks, so ready to just pounce and claim, but he holds himself back.

Jimin nods his head, "Need alpha's big cock in my hole. Need alpha to knot me—want alpha's cum to fill me up. Fuck me so good I scream."

"Going to make sure no one else's cock will ever satisfy you after today," Jungkook growls as he crawls behind Jimin, aligning his hips with Jimin's ass. "Have you begging to hang off my knot everyday, be my dumb little knot warmer."

"Alpha," Jimin bleats, pupils dilating at the promise. It doesn't help that the alpha suddenly looks so big and imposing, towering over Jimin's presenting form—ready to mount him. "Fuck me. Breed me."

"I will baby," Jungkook coos, kissing the back of Jimin's neck. The human makes a soft sound but his hips rut back against his cock, rubbing over it. He really is like an omega in heat. Insatiable.

Deciding to finally put his boyfriend out of his misery, Jungkook shifts his hips and guides the head of his cock to Jimin's entrance. The first brush of his slit against Jimin's furled rim has Jimin melting into the bed. The human holds his breath but relaxes his muscles. Jungkook gently prods at Jimin's entrance before finally pushing in with a slow and steady pressure.

"Alpha," Jimin sighs, hands tightening in the bedsheets. Like always, Jungkook's cock is an experience. It's the thickest and longest cock he's ever had the pleasure to take and despite how long they've been together and how often they have sex, Jimin is rendered speechless by it every damn time.

"You're doing so good," Jungkook praises, voice rough as he tries to hold back his moans. He's just as in awe with how tight Jimin always seems to be. "Sucking me in, taking my cock better than any omega."

"Give it to me," Jimin moans, feeling pride course through his veins. The human looks over his shoulder, connecting his eyes with Jungkook's. "Give it all to me, alpha. I can take it."


"Please. Want to be good–ah–good for you, Alpha."

Jungkook smirks and bucks his hips to sheath his entire cock. Jimin gasps, back arching and thighs shaking, mind blank as his body registers what's just happened.

"Ah!" He cries out before a string of incoherent thank yous spill from his plush lips. The fullness that stretches him is unexplainable, creates an ache so deep within. Not knowing what else to do, Jimin whines—high and needy into the bedsheets. "So good, Alpha! You're so, fuck, deep."

The human shakes, eyes glazed and lips parted to let out moan after moan.

"Are you going to cum like this?" Jungkook asks, amused, hands on Jimin's hips, squeezing the soft curve of them. "When I've only just put my cock into you? Thought you wanted my knot, wanted me to breed you?"

Jimin whimpers and nods his head. "I do, I do, I do."

Each word rises in pitch, betraying just how affected Jimin is. The alpha smirks but as much as he'd like to see his little human cum from his cock alone, he knows from experience, if Jimin, as worked up as he is now, cums now then he'd be too worn out for anymore.

Jungkook's only just begun and he doesn't want his fun to be cut short.

"Baby, if you want those you're going to have to calm down. You sound seconds away from breaking love," Jungkook coos, voice soft. The alpha hold on Jimin tightens, holding Jimin's hips still, helping to take some of the edge off. "Take a few deep breathes and calm down. Can you do that?"

Jimin nearly whines, the heat under his skin nearly unbearable. He just wants Jungkook to fuck him. Everything in him feels pulled tight, ready to snap at the littlest stimulation. God, he can taste the orgasm, sweet like honey.

But he knows Jungkook's right. He needs to calm down or else it'll all be over too soon. A part of him doesn't want that. Waiting seems unbearable, when pleasure is just right there, but there's no doubt that waiting will bring greater gratification.

So the human reluctantly tries to focus on his breathing instead of the stretch and fullness in his ass.

One deep breath, hold for one, two, three, four, five, and release slowly. Jimin repeats the process a few more times, concentrating on the way his lungs expand and deflate. Slowly his heart rate becomes less erratic and his breathing evens out.

"Ready?" Jungkook asks softly, hands caressing Jimin's sides to soothe him. The human nods a little slugishly, but his cock twitches in anticipation. "Yeah, I think I am."

With that, the alpha finally begins to move. Jimin sucks air in through his teeth, both prepared and unprepared. Fuck, it feels amazing. The drag of his thick hot cock along his walls is dizzying.

"Minie," Jungkook moans, eyes on where his cock slowly reappears. The human's inner muscles ripple around his cock, trying to suck him back in. It's a testament of how well prepped he is, able to take Jungkook's cock like he was born to.

Like a good mate

Jungkook's inner wolf growls, just as pleased with the man under them. Jungkook shares it's sentiment but pulls the reigns in on it. Although his attention soon is captured by Jimin once again.

"Am I doing good?" The human asks, looking over his shoulder. "Am I making Alpha feel good? B-better than anyone else?"

There's a little something in his tone, a little vulnerable behind the sultry words. The alpha's cock is mostly out, only the head remains. So he rolls his hips, smoothly thrusting back in to the hilt. Jimin moans, back arching as he's filled all over.

"Do you feel how hard you make me?" Jungkook replies, grinding forward so his cock slips a bit deeper. "All of it is for you, only you."

"Mine," Jimin gasps, hands fisted in the bedsheets. The way he says it, sends a spark of arousal down Jungkook's spine. His cock twitches as well, which Jimin feels instantly. He keens. "Mine."

"Yes, yours," Jungkook coos, loving the way Jimin tightens up as he agrees. The alpha pulls out again before thrusting back in with a fluid roll of his hips. Jimin moans loudly, rocking back onto Jungkook's cock, plush ass jiggling at the impact before they're pulling apart again.

Their rhythm starts slow, the two finding a pace they can synchronize together. They fall into it quickly, long sensual strokes that draw equally long and sensual moans from both.

"You take me so good," Jungkook groans. "So hot, wet, and tight. I wonder how much tighter you'll be around my knot."

The human clenches up at mention of his knot, gasping pretty.

"I've thought of it, a lot," Jungkook says. "How pretty you'd look around my knot. Humans aren't made for werewolf knots, but I couldn't help but imagine you writhing on mine, especially after you didn't think it would fit."

Jimin bites his lip, feeling heat spread up higher on his cheeks and behind his navel. He's had those thoughts too. It is easy to be intimidated by Jungkook's knot, but he drools at the idea of fitting it inside him. Jimin was never one to back away from a challenge.

"A-are you going to make it fit, Alpha?" Jimin stutters, moaning between the words. He fucks back onto Jungkook's cock with more momentum, the slap of their skin on skin contact louder than before. "Even if I say it's t-too big?"

"Hmm I don't know if that's a valid concern," Jungkook teases. He thrusts forward, hard enough to rock Jimin forward. A low moan is knocked from his pouty lips. "Not when you're so eager..but if we have to, we'll make it fit, right?"

"Alpha," Jimin whines weakly, sounding a little embarrassed as he buries his face back into the mattress. A little flutter goes through Jungkook at the sight. Of course he wants to see more.

"Don't you agree Minie?" The alpha pushes. "Don't you want to feel how full Alpha can make you?"

"Y-yes," Jimin whimpers.

"So if it's too big, we'll make it fit, right? You'll be my perfect little knot warmer?"

Jimin nods his head, face so warm that rubbing it against the bedsheets feels cooling. But Jungkook won't let him off the hook that easy. He holds Jimin still, only the tip of his cock still in him. Jimin squirms, unhappy by the emptiness. The younger man doesn't cave though.

"Alpha wants to hear you say it."

Jimin sucks in a breath, embarrassment growing. But his arousal spikes in the same acclerated pace. He squirms, hoping to distract his boyfriend by sliding back down his cock.

The werewolf's hold is firm, not allowing Jimin any movement. Jimin's weak resolve breaks, not that it was ever going to hold in the first place. God, Jimin's so far gone for him, for his Alpha.

The warmth in his cheeks increases, spreading from his cheeks to the tips of his ears and down his neck. Jungkook coos at the sight, resulting in Jimin becoming even more flustered. God, the things he'll do for a good dicking (not that Jimin not so secretly enjoys and thrives off shame).

"We'll make it fit, your k-knot," Jimin whines, voice light and airy. Jungkook hums appreciatively and squeezes Jimin's hips to encourage him to continue. The human takes a shaky breath and licks his lips before adding, "Want to be Alpha's perfect little knot warmer."

"You sound like such a good little omega," Jungkook nearly growls, pulling one hand back before slapping it down on Jimin's asscheek. The fat jiggles and Jimin lurches forward from the sudden pain, but it dulls just as quickly as it came. He's moaning deeply, voicing his approval and rolling his hips back for more.

Jungkook spanks him one more time, loving the way Jimin flinches away but comes back for more the next second, moaning as works himself back down the little bit of cock Jungkook gives him.

"But you're better than an omega," Jungkook continues, soothing the bright red handprint like imprint left on Jimin's skin. He finally nudges his hips forward, sliding into Jimin's tight wet heat without any resistance. The human gasps, back arching as that familiar weight and stretch settles deep inside him. "Your body isn't made for mine, but even if you're pushed to your limits, you'll be crying for more, won't you? Begging for my knot, like you won't be able to live without it."

Jimin whines, burning up hot as Jungkook's words wash over him. Everthing he says is true though. The praise goes straight to his cock, twitching and dripping a bead of precum. "A-alpha please, I-I'm ready for it. Ready for you. "

"Yeah?" Jungkook moans, grinding deep to feel Jimin clench up around him, muscles sleek and velvety. The human trembles, eyes rolling back. Jungkook isn't surprised to feel Jimin trying to grind back, the tiny human unable to resist the instinct. An approving growl rumbles in his chest, at the thought.

As much as Jimin loves to see Jungkook bend to his wolf instincts, Jungkook loves to see Jimin succumb to his baser instincts as well. It's just so pleasing to see Jimin, a human, trying so desperately to fuck himself onto Jungkook's cock, ready to be split apart by his alpha cock.

The wolf in Jungkook howls, urging him to finally claim Jimin. The little human is ripe for the picking, pliant and begging to be ruined. Fuck.

The werewolf tightens his hold on Jimin's waist before finally breaking. Jungkook shifts back, groaning as the suction from Jimin's ass grips him so beautifully, like it doesn't want to be free of his cock for even a second. Jimin moans softly, gasping lightly from how each inch drags along his walls. Part of him whimpers at the loss, but most of him is buzzing with excitement.

When just the tip remain, Jungkook takes a moment to admire his little human. Jimin's panting breaths, the flush of his skin, his hole fluttering around his thick shaft, the cock and balls that hang just under. So pretty and all his.

With that, Jungkook snaps his hips forward, effectively re-sheathing himself to the base. The fat of Jimin's ass jiggles, a resounding clap of skin on skin echos in the room.

"Fuck," Jimin cries upon impact, voice sugary sweet with pleasure. The sound alone sends liquid heat flaring behind Jungkook's navel. "Yes, Alpha. Yes, more, more."

Jungkook does it again. And again. And again.

Each time Jimin babbles, sounding beyond euphoric as Jungkook fucks him. The alpha can't say he doesn't feel the same. Soon he isn't able to keep the slow pace, thrusting more smoothly with the roll of his hips. Jimin glides on and off his cock, moaning with every clap of their skin.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Jimin moans after every thrust, clawing at the sheets under his hands. Pleasure races up and down his body. Jungkook's strokes hit all his most sensitive places, dragging over his prostate, and stretching his walls so good.

The slightest tug on his rim whenever Jungkook's knot slips in and out is driving him crazy. At the moment it is only a tad thicker than the rest of his length, not yet swollen to it's full girth. The human shudders, thinking about how full it'll make him.

Alphas produce so much cum, Jimin knows from first hand experience. Countless times has Jungkook cream pied him, but it always ends up too much for his body to handle and it would result in the cum dripping out of him around Jungkook's cock.

But if Jungkook is serious about knotting him...then Jimin will be the fullest he's ever been, plugged up with not only his boyfried's thick knot but bloated with his cum as well.

"Alpha," Jimin moans, cock twitching from his own perverse fantasies. He wants it so bad, doesn't know if he's ever wanted anything more in his blissed out mind. "Harder, fuck me harder."

Jungkook growls, the sound deep and low. It sends Jimin's stomach flipping. It reminds him that Jungkook isn't human, that there's something still wild and almost animal in him that he usually suppresses so well. Except now, he's letting the feral part of himself free and that instinct driven side is pleased with Jimin.

Jimin's arms shake before falling useless all together, forcing his face info the sheets and sticking his ass higher. Jungkook adjusts flawlessly, rhythm not breaking and keeping that break neck speed. Jimin gasps into the sheets, panting as Jungkook's cock manages to stroke deeper, feeling like it's in his tummy, almost literally rearranging his guts.

Curious, Jimin presses a hand above his navel, where an odd pressure materializes. He rubs his palm over the soft skin, slightly slippery from the perspiration building on his flushed skin. Ah, there's no way—


—there's a bump that moves in sync with Jungkook's thrusts. It's his cock, quite literally so deep it's distended his stomach.

"A-alpha," Jimin gasps, eyes widening before bleating helplessly, "Deep—god—, it's so d-deep!"

"What is baby?"

"Your cock," Jimin keens, looking over his shoulder and rubbing over his tummy, where Jungkook's cock slightly appears and disappears. "I-it's your cock, Alpha. It—hmmm—Touch, ah, touch my stomach."

Jungkook makes a confused sound but reaches around to splay a hand over Jimin's midsection. His hand is so big and warm, sending another flood of arousal through Jimin. His strokes over the quivering muscles before Jimin's hand wraps around his wrist to tug the hand where he wants it.

"Oh," Jungkook breathes once his hand settles on a bump. "Is that...?"

Jimin nods, moaning when Jungkook presses down on the bump, adding more pressure. The alpha moans as well, cock twitching from his own sudden influx of arousal.

"Well, that's new" Jungkook chuckles, starting to thrust again, feeling as his cock head pushes against Jimin's tummy and then retreats. It shouldn't be a surprise, it's simple math. It just so happens they found the right angle and Jungkook's cock is the right length...but still it's really hot.

"Hmm," is Jimin's reply, sounding dreamy. Jungkook rocks into him a little harder, jostling a throat moan from him.

"Do you want more, baby?"

Jimin answers with a shameless, "Yes, please."

And Jungkook smiles, all teeth. Jimin is mostly prepared when Jungkook starts to fuck him again, keening and moaning as he's jostled up the bed, until he has to put his hands on the headboard to keep him from sliding higher on the bed. Jungkook keeps his warm palm in his stomach and the other on his waist, using both to pull Jimin back down onto his thrusts. The human is slick and tight, feeling like the perfect little fleshlight as he slides up and down Jungkook's cock.

Soon Jungkook's knot begins to really thicken, bumping against Jimin's puffy rim and taking just a bit more pressure to get past the entrance. Pulling out takes a bit more effort too, his knot catching and tugging on Jimin's rim before sliding out. His own body is lighting up like a live wire, sudden sparks of electricity race across his being with every stroke of his cock against Jimin's fluttering walls.

Under the moans, Jungkook detects some discomfort in Jimin's voice and the way his body moves.

The younger leans down to drape himself over the smaller, hot torso pressing into Jimin's back. The alpha's hips still, cock only halfway inside Jimin's hole.

"W-why'd you stop?" Jimin whines, sounding betrayed. Jungkook soothes him with a few kisses onto the nape of his neck.

"I-I'm going to knot soon," the alpha whispers huskily into Jimin's ear before nipping at the tip. "Need to stretch you out a little more."

"I don't need it," Jimin pouts, lips so thick and pretty. Jungkook leans forward to kiss him, claiming the rose petal soft lips with a soft nip and a soothing lick that makes Jimin's hole clench up.

"Yes you do," Jungkook says with a quick little pinch to Jimin's toned stomach before kissing Jimin again. "You're already so tight around me, squeezing me like a fucking vice. I'm having difficulty pushing my knot into you already. Want it to feel so good for you, like I'm feeling right now."

The words pull a keen from Jimin's lips, a shiver sliding down his spine. "How?"

"With my fingers, going to wiggle them in beside my cock and stretch you on three more of them. Does that sound good?" As he says it, the hand on Jimin's hip dances it's way to his ass, sliding between his full cheeks and slipping down, down, down. Jimin's back arches, skin much too sensitive even for such a delicate gesture, but it feels so good when those fingertips brush against his stretched open rim.

Jungkook's other hand searches for the discarded bottle of lube. It's under a little hill of wrinkled bedsheets. The popping of the lid send a shiver down both their spines. Honestly, there still so much lube slicked around and in Jimin's hole, adding more will only increase the mess already shining like glass on his skin. But too much is always better than not enough.

"I'm going to start with one finger," Jungkook tells Jimin with a soft voice. The werewolf drizzles more lube atop his cock, where it connects with Jimin's body. The lube is by no means cold, but their bodies are practically burning up, making the lukewarm lube more chilled than it actually is. The contrast is nice though, adds new sensations to an already overly sensitive couple. Before it can spill over, Jungkook swipes his index finger over the excess lube, slicking the digit until it's fully coated.

"Relax for me, baby," Jungkook says, tracing the pad of his finger over Jimin's rim. The human clenches tighter, hole fluttering at the almost ticklish feeling.

I-I am," Jimin weakly argues, pout still in place. It takes a couple minutes before Jungkook works his entrance open, sliding his index finger in along side his cock. It's not much, but somehow feels like a lot.

"Good?" Jungkook asks, slowly thrusting his finger to help stretch Jimin's hole further. The human nods, "I'm okay. I think you can add another."

But the alpha doesn't do so right away, opting to let Jimin adjust a little more. When he's not so tense, Jungkook pulls pulls his finger back, until just the very tip remains. More lube is dripped onto Jimin's crack, the clear liquid rolling down onto his rim before Jungkook's middle finger catches it.

Like with his index, Jungkook slowly adds pressure to Jimin's rim, coaxing the muscle loose just enough to get his fingertip in. Jimin's nails dig into the headboard and he bites his pretty lips, eyes nearly rolling back as Jungkook sinks a second finger in along side his cock. The stretch creates more of a burn this time, possibly the widest Jimin's little hole has been stretched. Ever. He breathes in more shakily, but his cock throbs, harder than ever before.

"Too much?"

Instantly, Jimin shakes his head. "I-it's—ah—good."

"Just one more," Jungkook reassures, petting down Jimin's hip. With his two fingers, it's already a tight fit. Will Jimin really be able to handle it and then his knot? If he can't Jungkook can totally understand and won't push Jimin to do it. He tells the other as much.

Jimin shakes his head and shifts his hips back to take both fingers to the knuckle. "Keep going, Alpha. Want your knot. Please, keep going."

He sounds so earnest, Jungkook can't help but obey. Siccoring his fingers apart draws a gasp from the human, his back so pretty as it arches. Jimin pants a little harder, feeling his hole open up even more. It isn't long before he relaxes into it though, pleasure spilling into his blood stream to make him that much more pliant.

"Fuuuck," Jimin whines, high pitched and nearly breathless when the third and last finger slides into him. He's so full. He's thought and said that so many times already, but each and every time he's meant it. Jimin's subconscious also not so helpfully reminds him he probably will continue to think and say those words because they haven't gotten to the main course yet—

Knotting and breeding.

"I know," Jungkook replies, voice strained. He mistakes Jimin's pleasure for discomfort. "Almost there, just a little more."

He gently fucks Jimin with his three fingers only, working his tight hole a little looser. Jungkook wonders if he'll blackout as soon as he pops his knot inside Jimin. The alpha's cock gives a strong twitch from the thought of his knot squeezed so perfectly by Jimin's walls.

Jimin moans softly, the twitch giving him goosebumps as it transfers into his own body.

"Faster," Jimin gasps, needing to feel more, needing to speed up the process to finally have Jungkook's knot.

More lube is squeezed onto his rim before Jungkook obeys his request. How the damn bottle has anymore left is a mystery to Jimin, it feels like he's absolutely drenched in it. The slickness drips down his perineum and droplets are leaving glossy trails down his thighs. Then the sounds, somehow more obscene than their usual fucking. The squelch of Jungkook's fingers moving in and out of him is so erotic especially as he speeds up his rhythm.

"Ah, a-alpha, ah," Jimin moans, gently rocking back onto Jungkook's fingers and cock. The length is settled deep inside him but his little movements are enough to press over his prostate, little jolts of pleasure following every thrust. He makes pleased little sounds, soft and oh so sensual as their bodies move together, slowly gaining momentum as they find a pace together.

Before long Jungkook's cock is aching and throbbing. Jimin is clearly enjoying himself, moving with his fingers with such fluidity it can only mean he is fully adjusted. The pitiful sound he makes when Jungkook slips his fingers out of him is almost cute. The rhythm is thrown off and Jimin's movements become shorter as he tries to search for that fullness that he'd grown use to.

His disappoint doesn't long though, not when Jungkook's hands settle on his hips and he finally pulls his cock out to the tip. The slide is so good, stroking over his walls and lighting up his body. The push back in is just as good, maybe even better from the extended time he had to go without it.

When Jungkook's knot bumps into his rim, firm and thicker than the rest of his cock, Jimin chokes on a moan. Jungkook pulls back out just as quickly, taking his knot away. Jimin resists whining, but his pretty mouth pulls into a pout but it doesn't stay for long.

The pleasure makes sure of that. Jungkook's thrusts pick up speed with every sweet moan Jimin makes.

The knot continues to kiss his hole with every roll of Jungkook's hips, driving them both crazy. Jungkook's thrusts quickly become harder and faster, hips smacking Jimin's ass. While he might have wanted to draw their fucking out, he's finding it to be a difficult task. Jimin is just so perfect, looks so fucking delectable under him, fat ass bouncing to his thrusts, pink rim stretched over his girth, hair falling out of it's neat style and now framing his face, ends spiky with sweat. God, he wants to ruin him, watch Jimin's world shatter with the best orgasm of his life, sent into oversensitivity as his knot presses into his sweet spot.

It drives Jungkook to fuck him harder, faster. Jimin's hands stay on the headboard, the back of his mind worried that the alpha will fuck him straight through it and the wall behind it. The bed sounds like it might break. It's never been under this much stress before, squeaking continously, protesting its abuse.

The pleasure blurs into almost painful, tears slowly gather in Jimin's eyes. Not from pain, but from being so completely overtaken by pleasure. Nothing's ever felt better.

Well until Jungkook's strained voice reach his ears. "Baby, I'm not going to last much longer. Fuck, fuck–"

The alpha huffs, hands squeezing Jimin's hips, digging into his soft skin. When the knot smacks against his rim this time, Jimin shudders. The alpha grinds into him, rutting like he wants to get deeper.

It takes a moment for Jimin to understand.


He wants Jimin's permission before knotting him, giving Jimin another chance to back out if he wishes. Butterflies flutter in his stomach.

"Knot me," Jimin breathes, looking over his shoulder to look Jungkook in the eyes. "Come on Alpha, waited so long. Ready to take you—ah!—take all of you."

The werewolf's eyes flash, narrowing as he grunts, tugging Jimin's ass firmer to his pelvis. Then he's draping himself over Jimin's back, their sweat slick skin hot and slippery as it presses together. He wraps an arm around Jimin's waist and uses the other to hold himself up, pressing his hand to the bed.

Jimin feels caged in, his smaller frame drawfted by his boyfriend's but it only excites him further. Loves when Jungkook makes him feel small, but he does it in a way that makes him feel safe and taken care of.

"You're doing so good," Jungkook says beside into his skin, lips hot on his skin. "So good, baby. So perfect, so amazing."

The alpha shifts his hips back, but the new position limits his mobility and he's only able to pull out halfway. But he fucks back into Jimin just as quickly.

Unlike before, he doesn't have the patients to start slow. His pace starts where he left off: sharp, fast, and hard. Jimin has moan after moan forced out of him, eyes rolling back as his prostate is continously stroked. His cock slaps up against his lower belly in time with Jungkook's erratic thrusts. All it would take is a simple brush of a hand against his hard length for him to cum, he's sure of it.

"You're going to have to help me, baby," Jungkook moans next to his ear, breaking Jimin out of his thoughts.


"Push down while I grind into you," Jungkook pants, warm puffs of air hitting Jimin's very sensitive ear. "My knot is growing, i-if we don't put it in now—fuck—it might be too big later."

Jimin nods, breathing heavier at the mention of "too big".

Jungkook kisses behind his ear before burying his face between his shoulder and neck, mouth hot and insistent as he sucks Jimin's delicate skin between his lips.

"Now," the alpha growls into his neck, the vibrations traveling deep into Jimin's bones. He grinds his hips forward into Jimin with more pressure, the arm around Jimin's waist coils tighter.

The knot rubs at his entrance, the lube reduces the friction but his rim is so sensitive from how much it's been stretched that it actually feels so good. Jimin presses his ass back onto Jungkook's cock, rolling his hips to rub against him. He doesn't even have to consciously think to push down, his body takes over. The sensation is strange but he can feel his hole open up, blooming over the thick knot until a hard grind from Jungkook has it finally locking into place.

For a moment Jimin forgets to breathe, eyes flying open in surprise. It's in him. Oh god. Jungkook's knot is inside him.

The alpha moans, long and low, against his neck before his teeth nip at the skin. Jimin twitches from the slight pain, but his focus is on the stretch of his hole. He squeezes around it in disbelief, causing them both to gasp in surprise.

"Fuck," Jungkook moans, hips kicking forward and moving his knot deeper. Jimin shudders in his arms. "You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that."

"T-that's my goal," Jimin says, giggling but it breaks off into a moan when Jungkook slowly starts to rock into him. The knot doesn't allow him to pull out but just feeling the knot stroke against his walls enough.

The alpha shifts his hips. Jimin's eyes cross and his whole body tenses as the knot presses perfectly against his prostate. The knot nudges it, rubbing the gland over and over as Jungkook grinds into him with purpose. It's more intense than when Jungkook had been fucking him within an  inch of his life.

"More Alpha," Jimin whines, reaching back with one hand to tangle it into the long wavy locks that belong to his boyfriend. He tugs on the strands and revels in the deep moan the werewolf makes. "Knot, breed, and claim me."

That gets Jungkook to buck his hips harder against him, forcing Jimin to rock forward but because of the knot, Jungkook stays pressed to him. God, he feels closer to Jungkook than he's ever been to another person. It really feels like he can't distinguish where he ends and where Jungkook begins. Tied together like this, it brings a whole new level of intimacy to their relationship.

Another buck has Jimin losing all strength in his limbs and sliding down onto the bed, laying flat on his stomach. Jungkook's arm unwraps from his waist and he uses both hands to hold himself up, palms planted above Jimin's shoulders on the bed. Jimin sees his hand near Jungkook and slides it on over, until Jungkook gets the hint and lays his larger hand over his. Jungkook squeezes his smaller hand and Jimin's tummy flips. The warm fuzzy feeling is swept away by pleasure, the new position bringing with it stimulation on his long forgotten cock.

Jimin's cock is squished between his stomach and the bed, rubbing against the cotton sheets with every one of Jungkook's deep grinds. His precum is probably being absorbed into the sheets, where his cockhead rubs against it.

"C-can't hold out anymore," Jungkook says, voice strained. The knot throbs and Jimin's been feeling it growing bit by bit. He squirms under the larger man, his own cock twitching at what those words means.

"I'm ready," Jimin reassures, voice soft. The alpha growls and shoves his hips against Jimin's so hard he cries out upon impact, ass cheeks bouncing. The pleasure surges through him as his prostate gets the full force of it, squished  by the knot and pinned under it as it grows larger—grows to it's full girth.

"Alpha!" Jimin screams, not as ready as he thought he was. Pleasure burst like a damn breaking. If the neighbors haven't filed a noise complaint yet, they sure are now. It feels like he's falling apart at the seams, unraveling so quickly it's like free falling off an airplane.

The only thing tethering him to earth is Jungkook's hand over his own. Under him, warmth spreads against his belly, alerting him he's cum, an orgasm forced out of him by surprise. Jimin keens, jostled as Jungkook grinds into him turn into gentle waves lapping at the shore.

Brain fuzzy and ears ringing Jimin thinks he hears Jungkook mumble something about "pups" but his brain is literally melting out his ears. He might as well be reciting the national anthem for all Jimin cares.

There is also the pressing matter of just how much cum is currently being pumped into him. It's a lot more than he's use to, distending his stomach with the inhuman volume. God, Jungkook's cum is coating every inch of his insides. Jimin whimpers at every spurt.

He sinks into the mattress, boneless and depleted of energy. It forces their connection to tug a little, pulling gasps from them both. A zing of pain breaks through the pleasure before Jungkook is adjusting himself to a more comfortable position. Jimin breathes a sigh of relief and nuzzles against his bedsheets. The room is so hot and humid with the thick scent of sex in the air. Jimin doesn't find it so bad, not with his brain flooded with endorphins. Jungkook's lips don't leave his neck, kissing and nipping until their breathing becomes more stable.

Jimin basks in the afterglow, warm and fuzzy as his high settles deep into his bones. He's like a cat lazing under the sunshine streaming in through a window.

"On your side," Jungkook gently says when he can't hold himself up anymore. Afraid of squishing his smaller boyfriend, the werewolf guides Jimin to lay on his side. Their connection jostles, there's no way around it. But as soon as Jimin is settled with Jungkook spooned right behind, he is right back to showering him with kisses and cuddles. Jimin melts into his touch, soft little noises of contentment spill from his lips with the soft nothing Jungkook whispers to him.

"I'm going to stay knotted to you for at least a half hour," Jungkook explains, once Jimin is more aware. His voice is gravelly and he rubs a thumb over Jimin slightly bloated belly, looking so proud. Jimin bites his lower lip, the gesture sending butterflies to his stomach.

"Hmm I don't mind," Jimin voice is slightly slurred. "Kind of like how it feels.".

"It's not uncomfortable?"

"No," Jimin sighs and turns his head to kiss Jungkook's bicep under his head. He put it there as a makeshift pillow just before helping Jimin to lay on his side. "I don't think I could handle being separated from you, you're the only thing grounding me right now."

Under his breath, Jungkook murmurs, "You mean my knot is the only thing grounding you."

Jimin's kiss turns to a nip. "Don't ruin the moment."

Jungkook chuckles and they fall into a comfortable silence, listening to the distant sounds of the city outside their bedroom. It's then Jimin notices how dark it's gotten, no light filtering in through the window. Just how long were they at it? What time is it?

"Why haven't we done this before?" Jimin asks, amazed. He reaches down to stroke over the bulge as well. "Fuck."

Behind him, Jungkook answers honestly, "Didn't think you could handle it."

Jimin gasps, offended. He swings his head around to glare at Jungkook over his shoulder. "How dare you! I can handle your cock anyway you give it to me!"

"You've proven it," Jungkook chuckles and angles his head just right to kiss Jimin's pouting lips. Jimin huffs and does not initially return the kiss, not until Jungkook whines softly in apology.

"Don't you forget it, Alpha" Jimin mumbles into Jungkook's lips before finally kissing back. The werewolf's chest rumbles with a pleased growl.

Slowly the two begin to succumb to the warmth and comfort of being tangled together in the bed. Their limbs grow heavy and their eyes flutter, trying to stay open. Sleep take them shortly after.

Jimin stirs late into the night when Jungkook pulls out. He's still mostly asleep, but he knows he does not like it. Weakly his hole clenches around nothing. Even more upsetting is when the fullness that lingers also begins to lessen, no longer held in place by a knot. "Nooo, come back."

"Shhh," Jungkook whispers, kissing Jimin's lips to soothe him. "It's okay go back to sleep. I'm just going to clean up."

He repeats the words until Jimin is content, breathing evening out again. Carefully, Jungkook uses a damp wash cloth to clean up Jimin's lower half. He's still sticky with lube and cum. The human twitches with every gentle stroke of the rough fabric against his skin but he barely stirs. He's going to need a proper shower in the morning.

Afterward, Jungkook gathers his sleeping prince up into his arms and gently places him on the cushioned bench at the foot of the bed. Jimin nuzzles into his chest as soon as he is picked up, warming Jungkook's heart instantly.

As quickly as he can, Jungkook strips the bed of the soiled sheets and places new ones on. Jimin snuggles into the sheets as soon as he's deposited onto them, one arm reaching out to the side of the bed Jungkook usually lays, searching for him.

Jungkook is so endeared by the sight.

Jungkook crawls right into place, pulling the small human into his embrace and turning off the bedside table lamp. Jimin clings to him and Jungkook wouldn't have it any other way.



"Hey," Jimin's says the next morning, hair a mess and eyes still puffy from sleep. He lays mostly atop Jungkook, pressed to his side, drawing little circles and hearts onto his chest and shoulders with his finger. They're still very much naked, skin pressed to skin.

His voice is almost too soft for Jungkook to catch, but the alpha stirs and makes a curious sound. He looks over to the digital clock on the bedside table. It's a little past nine-thirty in the morning. The alpha rubs a hand over his face. He slept in. No surprise there, not after what happened the evening before. God, that might have been more intense than his first rut.

"Uh, I don't know if you remember, but," Jimin begins sounding a little nervous. Jungkook looks back at him, raising a curious brow. "You said something about, um, giving me pups? Well I think that's what you said..."

The werewolf makes a confused sound, but then his eyes pop open and his cheeks warm up. The response is surprising.

"Y-you heard that?" Jungkook mumbles, sounding embarrassed. He looks away, apples of his cheeks darkening when Jimin makes a confirmational sound.

"Yeah, but what does it mean?" Jimin asks. He squirms, excited by his boyfriend's response. His boyfriend doesn't fluster easily but mentioning "pups" is drawing a stronger response out of him than when Jimin called him "Alpha".

"I-It's nothing..." Jungkook replies, still looking anywhere but at Jimin. Quietier he adds, "It's a dumb alpha thing."

Jimin's eyebrows scrunch together. That really isn't an answer. So he thinks, trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

"Pups," Jimin says, thinking of the word and what it could mean. "Pups, it's short for puppies. Puppies are baby dogs. Dogs are like wolves—"

Jungkook grunts in offense, but Jimin ignores him. But then it all clicks into place.

"Oh my god," Jimin gasps and looks at Jungkook. "Are baby wolves called pups??? Do werewolves call their babies pups too? Fuck that's cute. Wait..."

It's Jungkook's turn to squirm. The alpha braces himself from what'll come next.

"By pups did you mean babies?" Jimin asks, like it's finally dawning on him. Then his voice turns teasing as the implications, "Did alpha wanna put a baby in me?"

Jungkook makes a strangled sound and hides his face in Jimin's neck. Jimin giggles, endeared by his big tattooed boyfriend acting so shy and cute.

"I know it's not possible," Jungkook mumbles against his neck, nipping a little to get Jimin to stop laughing at him. It only causes another round of bell-like giggles. "But when you kept calling me alpha, especially in public, I kind of went a little feral. My wolf wanted to breed and claim you as ours."

"Does your wolf know I can't actually have pups?" Jimin asks once his laughter subsides. As a simple apology, the human  cards his hand through the soft waves at the back of Jungkook's head. The werewolf leans into his touch, but takes his time to respond. Jimin doesn't mind, content to just lay in bed with Jungkook pressed against him.

"He doesn't care," Jungkook finally answers after clearing his throat. His hand slides down to hold Jimin's waist. Then he smiles and laughs before tightening his hands around Jimin's hips. His voice turns a little deeper when he adds, "He still wants to try, you know? Stuff you full of our cum and knot you over and over again, until it takes."

Jimin's hands stops it's petting and he gasps. Heat pools low in his stomach. "I-is that so?"

"Hmm," the werewolf hums. "It wants me to take you right now."

"Kookie," Jimin whimpers, suddenly not teasing anymore.

Jungkook smirks.

"But you must be too sore from last night, right? We can wait. Why don't I get up and start breakfast. We didn't have dinner last night."

Jimin makes a soft panicked noise when Jungkook tries to get up, shifting away from his body so they're no longer pressed together. He pulls the other back to him before throwing a leg over his waist and climbing onto him—effectively straddling him. He plants himself on Jungkook's waist, hands on the alpha's chest to push him back onto the bed.

"I'm not too sore," Jimin announces, petulant. Then he leans down, brushing his soft pilkow lips against Jungkook's. "Didn't I tell you last night that I can handle your cock, anyway you give it to me—"

The human moans softly and just before kissing Jungkook, he breathes out a sultry, "Alpha."

The ferocity in which Jungkook kisses him with has the human smiling in accomplishment.



"So I guess you figured out yesterday's vlog was an excuse to do a prank," Jimin asks, sitting at their little kitchen table while Jungkook makes them a late breakfast (very late as most people are probably making lunch).

Jungkook turns on the stove and places a pan atop it before replying. "Yeah. What was the prank exactly?"

"Calling you alpha and seeing how you react," Jimin answers, leaning onto the kitchen table, chin cupped in his hands. "It was inspired by other prank videos I saw of people calling their boyfriend's daddy."

The werewolf raises an eyebrow and sounds amused when he repeats, "Daddy?"

Jimin nods, blushing slightly.

"So why not call me Daddy?" Jungkook asks, while tossing in some freshly cut vegtables into the pan. "What made you think of to use Alpha instead?"

"Well...I know other werewolf couples kind of use it for endearment," Jimin begins. "It just sounded cuter. I didn't know you'd react like that."

Then, Jimin cocks his head and is reminded of something has been bothering him.

"Why did you react so strongly last night, when I called you alpha?" Jimin asks and bites his lower lip when Jungkook makes a confused sound. "For a second I was scared I had actually upset you."

"What?" Jungkook asks, his face falling instantly. "I scared you?"

"No, no, no! Not like that," Jimin is quick to reassure. "I wasn't scared for myself, but I was scared I might have done something to offend you."

The frown is still pulling at Jungkook's lips but he shakes his head. "No. You didn't offend me...but it is complicated to explain why I was that...intense."


"It's due to wolf dynamics and culture," Jungkook stirs the vegetables in the pan. He looks away. "It's hard to explain."

Jimin cocks his head to the side and the wheels in his brain turn, looking for some reason to why using the word Alpha might be wrong. Werewolf culture, huh? What does Jimin really know of werewolf culture and dynamics? As a human, some werewolf practices are not meant for him as some aspects of werewolf culture are closed off from "outsiders", maybe that factors into it? Did he overstep?

"Is it bad I'm calling you Alpha, when I'm not a werewolf?" Jimin asks quietly. Like he's said earilier, he's heard other werewolf couples refer to each other by their secondary gender alot and it looks super cute...there's this sort of spark that happens but maybe he was stepping over some boundaries he didn't know about. Maybe only werewolves are allowed that privilege?

"No," Jungkook rejects that line of thinking quickly. "No that's not it either. It's just...alot."


Jungkook bites his lip and quickly adds a few splashes of sauce into the pan and turns the heat to a low simmer. He adds a lid and finally walks over to Jimin. He sits across the human.

Sensing the change in atmosphere, Jimin sits up straighter (well as much as his aching lower back and ass will allow) and gives Jungkook his undivided attention.

The werewolf clears his throat and finally admits, "No one's ever called me Alpha before."

"No one?" Jimin's surprise is palpable.

"No one," Jungkook confirms. "It's a pretty big fucking deal for werewolves, especially when they're in a committed long term relationship, like we are now."

"Why is it a big deal?"

"Uuuh when werewolves begin to refer to their partners by their secondary gender, it is sort of intimate," Jungkook leans back in his chair and ruffles his hair. "It's kind of a precursor to...mating."

"Mating?" Jimin wonders and then his eyes widen. "Mating is like marriage right, in the werewolf world? Did I propose to you?"

The way in which his voice raises in pitch makes Jungkook laugh. "No, no you didn't."


Jungkook opens his mouth and his lips work to say words but no sound escapes. Jimin scoot closer, until he reach out and place his hand atop his boyfriend's.

"You're my first real relationship," Jungkook finally says with a squeeze to Jimin's hand. His cheek bloom a pretty rosey and a sheepish smile spreads across his lips. "It just meant more than I expected it to, when you called me Alpha. It kinda sent my wolf into overdrive. We may be dating, in human terms, but to my wolf, I've been courting you."


"Yeah. Like, in werewolf culture, courting is basically showing your intended mate that you are mate material, that you can provide not only love, but stability and protection. You calling me Alpha, kind of told my wolf that we were doing everything right."

Jimin's lips drop open and form a pretty "o" shape. "So that's why you were so intense."

The werewolf nods and then he cocks his head to the side. "What were you expecting me to react like?"

The question shouldn't fluster Jimin, but it does. He tries to suppress the blush on his face but it doesn't work.

"Well," Jimin starts, elongating the word. "I thought you might get cheesy and embarrassed and pretend like you didn't like it...but then you'd be putty in my hands every time I'd call you Alpha. I had innocent intentions, I did not think you'd go Dom Top Alpha on me."

Jungkook gives him an unimpressed look. "You did not have innocent intentions."

"I did not," Jimin confesses before his lips pull into a smile, one which is mirrored on Jungkook's. The smiles are accompanied by Jimin's bell like giggles and Jungkook's chuckles. The alpha leans over the table to kiss his boyfriend.

"It worked out well enough, didn't it?" Jimin whispers between the kiss.

"Hmmm, I guess it did," Jungkook says with a little nip to Jimin's plump lips and cups his face with one hand. "Say it again."

Jimin leans into his touch with a pretty sigh.


Jimin sits as gingerly as he can, still a little bit sore, at his filming vanity. The camera is already set up perfectly and the lighting is just right. This is the third time he's tried filming the closing to the Alpha prank video. The first two times had involved Jungkook, but both videos had quickly spiraled into content that was more suited for an 18+ site than his current audience.

"Hey, everyone," Jimin greets with his usual cheer, maybe a bit more peppy than usual. "So, the prank went well." An understatement, but gotta keep the video pg-13. " I got more than I bargained for—reminder for editor Jimin, add in pic of marked up neck—but I'm not complaining."

Jimin bites his lip and makes a suspiciously pleased expression.

"Kookie, despite how much he'll deny it if you ask him, very much did like the title. Prank complete."

The subscribers don't need to know Jimin's definitely going to continue to refer to his boyfriend as Alpha, just maybe not so publicly.


a screenshot of jimin's tweet that says "new upload with @jeonJKgaming on our vlog channel Jeon&Park: "Calling my werewolf boyfriend alpha"


The first clip in the video is of Jimin being carried over Jungkook's shoulder as the werewolf walks to the bedroom. Jimin's reaching for the camera and squirming a little in Jungkook's hold.

"T-the camera," Jimin gasps before a hand smacks onto Jimin's plump backside, the unmistakable sound of a spank rings out of the video audio.

"That's the least of your worries," Jungkook says just before the door slams closed behind him.

The video cuts to Jimin's smiling face and he gives a small wave, "Hello everyone!"



a screenshot of twitter's trending page with Kookmin, HE SAID ALPHA, WHAT, and alpha daddy as trending


Needless to say, Jimin and Jungkook break the internet.