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Dreaming of Bangtan Sonyeondan

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It had been a shitty day. Work was awful, again.

You opened the door to your apartment and slid into the front entry and changed into your house slippers in the dark, letting your messenger bag hit the floor with a thud.

You were starting to think maybe it was time to quit this job. Find a new one.

A dark, ugly laugh bubbled up out of you. Get a new job. In this economy. In a pandemic. Good one.

You padded your way to the kitchen, bumping the light on with a fist on your way. The lights immediately illuminated the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Opening the fridge just revealed the fact that you hadn’t had time to go grocery shopping. Again. Ramen it was.

Fifteen minutes later you were changed into your comfy clothes, tucked into the couch with your bowl of 3 minute ramen. You flicked open your laptop to look for a good drama to watch. You needed something light, not too serious, but not so boring it didn’t distract from reality.

You mindlessly scrolled through the streaming options while you ate your ramen. You couldn’t get over the mess at work. Everyone wanted something from you. You didn’t really want to do any of it. Things either caused way too much anxiety or were just boring. So boring. Honestly, you’d probably rather just have the anxiety, if you had to choose.

But you didn’t get to choose. You had to do all of it. Mentors kept telling you to say ‘no’ to more things. Great in theory. Shit in practice. Who do you say this mystical ‘no’ to? The things you really wanted to do were the “extras.” It wasn’t like you could say no to actual things required by the job. Such bullshit.

When you slurped up your last noodles, you still hadn’t found anything that looked good. You heard a buzz from your phone. You grabbed the phone and the screen illuminated with notifications.

“What the fuck?” you exclaimed out loud when you saw the time on your phone screen. An hour had passed since you sat on the couch. Was that possible?

Tired. You were tired and maybe that was a sign you should be asleep and not zoning out in front of the computer.

You added your ramen dish to the pile in the sink. Tomorrow. The dishes will get done tomorrow.

You slide into bed and pull out your phone. Light glaring in the dark, you squint at the screen. Then you remember you had looked at your phone in the first place because there was a notification.

Weverse notification.

You slide it open. Jimin had posted. He was sweetly wishing ARMY well and sending them love.

“Work sucks. Life is a stupid blur. But at least Jimin loves me,” you thought to yourself. Your eyes felt heavy and you drifted off to sleep.




It was dark. You could make out the shapes of some furniture. A couch against one wall maybe? This was definitely not your apartment. What was this? A dream?

You took a deep breath. The smell was distinct. That kind of sterile, musty smell you get in hotel rooms sometimes. Hotel room?

You reached your arms out as you shuffled across the floor, trying to find the wall for a light switch or a lamp. Your shin hit something. Coffee table maybe.

“Fuck!!” you half-shout as the pain radiates up your leg. Was this a dream? That really hurt.

“Is someone there?” a man’s voice comes from somewhere. Maybe an adjacent room.

You freeze. You hear some shuffling from the same direction the voice came from.

A loud fan came on from behind you, making you jump. Seems like the AC had kicked in. This also meant you couldn’t really hear the rustling anymore. You slowly lower yourself so that you are kneeling on the floor, reaching your arms out trying to find anything that would give you a clue. Or maybe something you could fight with.

Suddenly the light flashed on. To your right was a large arch opening to the second room. Through the arch was a bed. So this was a hotel suite of some sort. Then your eyes, adjusting to the sudden light came to focus on the person standing in the archway.

“No,” was the only thought in your head. Before you, squinting himself in the new light, was none other than Park Jimin. In nothing but a pair of sweatpants, looking distinctly shocked when his eyes landed on you.




You woke up with a start, sitting straight up in bed. Your bed. It was a dream after all. You turned over and flipped the switch on your bedside lamp. The dull yellow light filled the room as you pulled yourself up to lean against the headboard.

What a weird dream. Sure, dreaming about Jimin isn’t all that surprising. You had just read his message before going to sleep after all. But why couldn’t it have been a good dream? Like actually talking to him maybe? Or even better, something more in the smut category of dreams? No, instead you were randomly sneaking around his hotel room. So weird.

Well, at least he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Although, the details of the dream were already getting blurry.

You pull your laptop off your nightstand. No way you’re getting back to sleep after that. Might as well try to find that drama to watch and wait for the anxiety quiet enough to let you sleep.




The next day work was, if this was at all possible, worse. Having little sleep did not help. And thoughts of your dream from the night before kept intruding throughout your day. By afternoon you knew you weren’t getting anything else done today. You told the other person in your office space you were heading out to work from home for the day. A small lie to make you feel slightly less guilty about work responsibilities.

At home you thought about just continuing the drama you had started last night or, rather, this morning. Going straight back to your bed, you nestled yourself under the covers. You rub your legs in an attempt to dissipate some of the vibrating anxiety you were still feeling from the night before.

Rubbing your hand down the front of your shin, you felt a radiating pain. For a moment you think, “oh that’s weird, what did I do today that I hurt my shin?”

Then you remembered. The dark hotel room. The coffee table. You suddenly felt shivers run over your skin. Your heart constricted. Park Jimin’s dark hotel room. Park Jimin’s coffee table.

Holding your breath, you sat up, pulling the covers back, and sliding your pant leg carefully up to your knee.

There it was. The green-purple bruising on your shin. Right where you smacked it into the coffee table. The coffee table that didn’t exist because you had dreamt it.

You shook your head. This was crazy. You were sleep deprived, you decided. You needed sleep. Yes, this was all just the stress from work mixing with no sleep.

You pulled out your phone and pulled up your music app. You chose you BTS comforting songs list. Serendipity softly played as you slid yourself back down into the bed.

Almost immediately, your eyes got heavy with the sleep you had missed the night before.




When you opened your eyes again, it was dark. How long had you slept? You turned over and saw light coming from a closed door.

Wait. Is that where the door is supposed to be? Were you dreaming again?

As you pulled yourself slowly up and out of the bed, the door opened and with a click an overhead light came on. In the doorway, again, was a shocked Park Jimin. He was frozen in place, hand still hovering over the light switch, looking wide-eyed at you.

“Jimin?” you whisper, suddenly really really hoping this is all just a dream.

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Time feels like it has stopped as you sit, eyes locked with Park Jimin.

You are half hanging out of the bed, legs tangled in the comforter, which is consequently cascading off of the mattress onto the floor. Your left foot wrapped in the comforter is almost touching the ground. Your other leg is still on the mattress, equally tangled in bedding. Your arms are outstretched on the mattress getting ready to help you off the bed, now the only things keeping you from falling over completely.

If you were in a better state of mind, you might be reflecting on how absolutely ridiculous you look right now. Maybe even be able to laugh at yourself. But that’s not the case. Right now you were trying to figure out if this was a dream or not - and if not, how the hell did you end up face-to-face with Park Jimin of BTS.

Jimin seemed equally perplexed by the situation before him. He stood frozen, hand still outstretched, hovering above the light switch that he had just pushed on. His dark brown shaggy hair was visibly damp and there was a towel slung over his shoulder. He had perhaps just come back from a shower. He had on a simple white tee and light grey sweatpants hanging loosely around his waist. A pair of black slides on his feet completed his very clear “relaxed at home” attire.

Just when you started to think this was actually a dream and you were going to just hang here in time forever locking eyes, Jimin took a step backward into the hallway and yelled in a surprisingly deep voice, “HYUNG!!”

You jumped at the sudden noise and lost your grip on the mattress, which sent you tumbling down to the floor hopelessly tangled in the white comforter.

“Hyung!!” Jimin yelled again, standing now half shadowed in the hallway, the only light coming from inside the bedroom.

You heard another door shut somewhere and someone walking briskly down the wooden hallway. You could unmistakably hear Yoongi’s voice, “What is it? I was in the middle-”

He stopped abruptly as he stood next to Jimin and stared into the room, at you. He was wearing a dark hoodie and sweats with black slides on his feet. His hair was blonde right now and swept away from his face haphazardly. His face was full of alarm. You wrestled with the comforter trying to untangle yourself.

“Jimin, who is this? I thought you were working out and taking a shower, not” he waved his hands in your direction, “whatever is going on here.”

“I don’t know who she is or how she got in here. I only just came back from the shower,” Jimin’s voice trailed off.

Yoongi immediately moved, putting himself between Jimin and the doorway. “Well, we should be calling security then, shouldn’t we?”

They both looked at you. You had managed to mostly free yourself from the comforter and were now sitting on the floor with your knees pulled up to your chest, half hidden behind the bed. You looked down at yourself, realizing you were still wearing your fuzzy purple pajamas from when you had gone to bed.

This was definitely a dream, right? Why did this feel so real? Was all that stress from work and the general state of horror happening in the world finally getting to you? Were you hallucinating two members of BTS in a strange house questioning whether they should call security on you?

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” Yoongi asked you.

You opened your mouth and wondered if you’d even be able to speak.

“Hey, wait, I know you,” Jimin interrupts.

“You know her? From where?”

“She was the one in my hotel room. Remember? I told you I hadn’t been sleeping well and I got up to find some water and I heard someone swearing from the living room of the suite? I am almost sure this is her.” Jimin’s voice had gotten quiet. If you didn’t know better, you would say he was scared.

“The one that suddenly vanished,” confirmed Yoongi.

“Yeah,” Jimin said in almost a whisper. He almost imperceptibly shrunk a little bit behind Yoongi.

Tears sprang to your eyes. The last thing you would ever want to do, dream or no dream, is scare Jimin. You wanted to jump up and run to him and hug him and tell him it was okay. But you couldn’t make your body move. And you knew that doing any of those things would probably not make him feel better right now anyway.

“I- I’m sorry,” you croaked out. The tears were slowly rolling down your face.

Jimin took a step towards you, but Yoongi held up an arm to stop him. “I really think we need to call security.”

You realized you needed to say something before you were hauled away for breaking and entering or stalking. Your voice cracking, the words came tumbling out rapid-fire, “I’m sorry. My name is Y/N. I don’t know how I got here. I fell asleep at home - my home - and woke up here. I don’t even know where here is. The hotel too. I don’t know how I got there.”

“You honestly expect us to believe that?” Yoongi asked.

If the tears hadn’t already been welling up and slowly running across your cheeks, that would have done it. BTS, the members of BTS, meant the world to you. You were ARMY. But you realized in this moment, now, what this looked like. Showing up to their private abodes, this wasn’t ARMY behavior. This was bad. You were horrified and felt incredibly guilty - even though none of this was intentional. You still felt responsible for scaring them.

You scrambled to your feet and bent over immediately in a deep bow. “I’m very sorry. I honestly don’t know how I got here. I will leave. If you could just show me the exit..”

Both men looked at you standing next to the bed looking small in your purple fuzzy pajamas, no shoes, tousled hair, and tears still slowly falling from your eyes.

“Hyung..” Jimin said quietly.

Yoongi’s eyes seemed to have softened their gaze. “Alright, okay. Just until we can figure out what’s going on.”

“Thank you, hyung,” Jimin sounded relieved. This surprised you since not moments ago he looked like he was going to run away in fear of you.

“Thank you,” you say bowing again. Not actually sure you want to stay and cause more trouble, but you know you don’t want to be cast into an unfamiliar city with nothing but your pajamas either. You couldn’t shake the feeling that this all felt very, very real for something that had to be a dream. What other explanation could there be?

Interrupting your thoughts, Yoongi said, “Why don’t we go down to the kitchen and get a drink and maybe chat a little bit. The others won’t be home for a while.”

You nod silently and wipe some of the tears from your face.

“One moment,” Jimin said and he took off down the hallway out of sight.

“Y/N, you said your name was?” Yoongi said after a moment of silence.


“Where are you from?”

Before you could answer, Jimin had already raced back and pushed past Yoongi into the room. “Here,” he said and handed you a pair of house slippers.

You took them cautiously and slipped your feet inside them. “Thank you,” you said again while bobbing your head in a bow.

“Oh, and this,” Jimin said as he thrust a soft cloth towards you. “For your face.”

“Oh,” you said as you reached out to take the cloth. For the briefest of moments, your finders lightly grazed his before you pulled the cloth away. You looked up into his face in surprise as the electrical feeling that ran from your fingertips up your arm. His sudden eye contact and slightly widened eyes indicated to you that maybe he had felt the same thing.

“Thank you,” you whispered as you dried the last of your tears with the soft cloth. Absent-mindedly, you tucked the cloth into your pocket.

“Shall we go make some tea and chat before everyone else gets home?” Yoongi asked.

“Everyone else?”

“You know,” Jimin said, looking into your face. “The other members. They're finishing a shoot right now.”

Your eyes got big and you felt your face flushing a bit. “Oh, right. Okay.”

“Okay,” Jimin gave you a reassuring smile. “Tea?”

Yoongi was already on his way down the hall and Jimin followed him. You paused for a moment to catch your breath and then walked towards the doorway. You heard a buzzing sound in your ears and immediately looked around to find the source. Suddenly, everything went black.


You opened your eyes to find yourself still in darkness. You were in bed. You recognized the sounds and smells as home. Serendipity was playing softly in the background. You pulled yourself up in your bed and turn on the bedside lamp.

So, it was a dream, afterall. It felt so real. You had felt Jimin’s fingertips. With that thought, you rushed to your pocket and felt the soft texture of the cloth he had given you. You pulled it out and spread it across the open palm of your hand.

Park Jimin had given you a cloth to wipe away your tears. It was real and here in your hand. You had no idea what exactly was happening, but you were fairly certain you could rule out “dream” on the list of possibilities.

Your pointer finger absently traced the leaf pattern in the cloth as the final lines of Serendipity filled the room.

Let me love
Let me love you
Let me love
Let me love you

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Days passed in a mind numbing pattern. You felt listless. You didn’t want to think about the fact that you had visited Park Jimin of BTS. Twice. Impossible and with no explanation. You didn’t know what was real. So, you threw yourself into work. In fact, you let work completely take over your life. Honestly, you were glad for the reprieve. While work was challenging and at times obnoxious in its demands of your time and energy, right now you needed the distraction.

You found yourself back into a routine. Get up, go to work, come home in time to shower and go to bed. You hadn’t even given yourself time to check Weverse. For four days you had managed to ignore the ache in this. You missed keeping up with Bangtan and you missed chatting with your ARMY friends on social media. But you were scared. You knew you were going to have to  address this at some point. Maybe after this next work project was finished and off your plate. Maybe.

The first couple of nights you had been worried when you fell asleep that you would travel again. When you did start having dreams, they were normal dreams, about BTS and Jimin. The kind you had had in the past. Snatches of moments where you’re hanging out, talking, or having some wild adventure. But you woke up and knew they were dreams.

The days passed like this for another week when you found yourself waking up on a Saturday with no alarm set and no work ahead of you for the first time since the project had begun. You stretched luxuriously and inhaled deeply. You had finished the project earlier yesterday afternoon and had sent the rest of the day into the evening double checking everything before submission. You now had the full weekend to enjoy having a life again.

When you had woken, you vaguely remember the dream you had been having. Jimin was asking you where you were. You kept trying to say, “I’m right here,” but he couldn’t hear you. You were shouting, but no sound came out. Not the most pleasant of dreams, but still very much a dream.

After laying in bed for a little longer listening to the birds chirping outside and to the gentle hum of someone’s air conditioning unit somewhere in the building, you had a simple breakfast of what you could scrounge up from the cabinets. You tutted with the sad realization that you might want to just laze around today, but you would have to go to the grocery and stock up first. 

After a morning of running errands, stocking up the fridge and cupboards again, and tidying up the house (30 minutes spent on the dirty dishes alone), you collapsed on the couch with a drama playing on your computer. It wasn’t long before your tired mind was wandering away from the drama and thinking about what you had been successfully avoiding for almost two weeks now.

There on the edges of your thoughts, waiting to thrust itself front and center if you let it, were troubling thoughts. Somehow you were traveling through space and ending up next to Jimin of BTS. A part of you was ready to just believe the whole thing had been a couple of bizarrely vivid dreams and a coincidentally bumped shin. The kerchief, however, you could not explain. That was the damning evidence that these experiences were less dream-like and more travel-like. 

You thought about how you had been sleeping perfectly well and any Bangtan-related dreams had been the absolutely conventional kind. Looking back, you were almost able to convince yourself that this whole thing had been a fluke.

Which is why you decided to fire up your ARMY social media and pull open Weverse again for the first time in days. You broke into a mild sweat seeing all the notifications that awaited you. You laughed softly, slightly hysterically. You really can’t take days off in this fandom without missing 10 years worth of content.

You hesitated and then scanned through BTS’s updates to see if anything had come through from Jimin. You froze when you saw his most recent selca from just last night. His caption read, “Thinking of you. I miss you, ARMY. Let’s see each other soon.” The photo was a selca of an eerily familiar looking Jimin. When you looked at the photo closer, you saw it. A cloth visible in his breast pocket, with the same pattern as the one you had hidden away in a drawer in your closet. In fact, you realized, feeling nauseous, it was likely the same cloth, since he had given it to you, after all.

Tossing your computer aside, you ran to the bathroom, just in case you really did need to throw up.




You’re not sure how long you sat on the cold bathroom floor staring at the faint patterns in the cream paint on the wall. The fading light was your only indication that several hours had passed and night was drawing near.

You stirred. Stretching your limbs, you felt stiff from having sat folded up for so long. You’re not sure you had actually had many thoughts at all while sitting in your fugue state, but you awakened feeling like you had to take some control back in your life. That means fully understanding what was happening to you.

With aching steps, you make your way back to the bedroom. You see your computer, awkwardly sitting on its edge, half-open on the floor. Gingerly picking it up, you inspect for damage. You breathe a sigh of relief as you find nothing seems too damaged beyond a bit of scuffing on the outer case. 

You give the computer a pat as you set it on your desk. You pick up a pad of paper and a pen and cross back over to sit on your bed. You think, with pen poised, ready to write, over the pad.

You jot the words down, as they come to you, “hotel, night, dream, Park Jimin.”

You look at the words you’ve written. Park Jimin. Night, like a dream. 

You continue, “Bed. Jimin’s bed? Jimin and Yoongi. Fear. Slippers. Kerchief. Invited me to tea…” Your mind trails off at the thought that you had been just about to sit down with Jimin and Suga of BTS for a drink together. Why did you have to leave just then?

What made you go in the first place? You looked at your notes again. You closed your eyes trying to remember back to those nights. You were tired. Very tired. Jimin had been singing. Serendipity. 

Serendipity had been playing before you fell asleep. Did you have to be listening to BTS music? You thought back further. What had you been doing before the first time you traveled? Weverse. Jimin had posted on Weverse. You were thinking of Jimin. Was that it? You had to be thinking of Jimin as you fell asleep?

You decided there was only one way to test this theory. And that was to fall asleep thinking of Park Jimin. 

This was easier said than done. It meant you had to be tired enough to sleep. Upon realizing you actually needed to sleep to possibly travel to wherever Jimin was, your heartbeat sped up and the last thing you were going to be able to do was sleep. Hell, you weren’t even sure you could lay still at this moment. 

Dinner first. A warm shower second. Then you would put on Bangtan Bombs until you were sleepy again.




You felt time ticking by so slowly. Sleeping was even harder than you had thought it was going to be. You were slightly uncomfortable, having laid down in bed fully clothed. No way would you be caught in fuzzy purple pajamas again. You’re not even sure how many Bangtan Bombs you had watched already. Yet you felt wide awake.

“Arrghhh, this is useless,” you exclaimed to the empty room. 

Frustrated, you shut your computer and turned over to your opposite side. You pulled your phone out and clicked open the Weverse app. Sighing deeply, you typed up a simple message, “Will we meet again, Park Jimin?” and hit post.

Turning the screen off on your phone, you closed your eyes, trying to remember the details of his room. They were fuzzy now as you lay in the dark. You hadn’t really gotten a chance to look around on account of being confused and terrified and then trying not to terrify members of BTS.

Was it messy or clean? Was there art on the wall? Was this the dorm? Probably. Why was he damp when he stood in the doorway? Had he just showered? Oh, yes, he was holding a towel, wasn’t he? His eyes sparkled even more in person. The way Yoongi had protectively stood in front of Jimin. You would love to have a protective brother like that.

You felt warm light hitting your eyelids. You blinked them opened. Did you fall asleep and sleep through to morning?

Blinking in the light you look around you. It worked. You had definitely traveled again. You were lying on a couch in what looked like a large living room. The walls were white. In front of you was a giant television. There was a guitar in a stand sitting in the far corner behind the television. The couch was long and L-shaped and took up most of the living room. 

Slowly sitting up, you looked around. 

“Oh,” you heard Yoongi’s familiar voice from behind you.

You turned all the way around to find the source of his voice. You could see a full kitchen stretching out making up the other half of the room. Yoongi was standing just behind the couch holding a plate of food. He had clearly stopped when he saw you and was eyeing you warily now.

“So,” he said slowly, ”you’re back?”

You nod, unsure you could hold back the emotion in your voice. What was this you were feeling? At first, you felt the shaking in your core, like a shivering from within, and assumed you were scared. But on second glance, you realized you were excited. You were able to travel through space and visit BTS just by thinking about them when falling asleep.

You stood up to face Yoongi and bowed in greeting. “Yes, hello again. I’m sorry to drop in like this. It took me these last ten days to figure it out, but I guess I’m somehow traveling through space while I am asleep.”

Yoongi pinched his brow in confusion for a moment. “Ten days? But you were just here last night.”

You stare open-mouthed for a minute. So… not just traveling through space then. Somehow traveling through time as well. You sink back down onto the couch. You say, more to yourself, than to Yoongi, “Right, okay.”

Somewhere in the house, a door slammed. There was a rustling of bodies.

“That must be the members back from their run,” Yoongi said matter of factly. “You going to stick around this time or disappear into thin air again?”

“You can probably guess as well as I can,” you say meekly.

Chapter Text

You could hear the commotion from down the hallway off to the right as the members of BTS sounded like they were all piled on top of one another changing their shoes. Yoongi gave you one more glance and then headed off in the direction of the noise. “Probably going to warn them,” you thought wryly.

You took the opportunity in being alone to look around a little more carefully, starting with giving yourself a once over to make sure nothing was awry after your “travels.” You glance down and are relieve to see that exactly what you had on you when you left your house was what was on you now.

You had opted for something informal, comfortable, but not to be mistaken for pajamas. Your long hair was tied up in a ponytail, slightly mussed from having fallen asleep on it. You were wearing your favorite BT21 sweatshirt, bright pink with all the characters on it, black yoga pants that you had convinced yourself were good enough for everyday wear, and black socks. You patted the pocket of your sweatshirt lightly, pleased to discover your cell phone had also made the journey.

You could hear a lot of murmuring with the occasional raised voice, but nothing discernable and no appearance yet from Bangtan. You looked around from your vantage point of the couch in the center of the large room. Beyond the back of the couch was a large kitchen with one of those big fancy fridges. The stove had some pots and there were some dishes and other evidence of people having just cooked, perhaps. Yoongi did have a plate of food when you arrived. He had left it sitting on the counter of the kitchen on his way out. There was a doorway to the left that seemed to lead to a dark space or hallway. To the right the wall opened up to a large hallway that went out beyond your sight. 

You heard shuffling and rustling grow closer. You suddenly felt a pang in your gut. Were you really about to meet BTS? In person? In, what you presumed was, their living room? You tried to do some deep breaths as a small sweat broke out on your forehead. 

“Now would NOT be a good time for a panic attack,” you thought to yourself. Of course the minute the thought crossed your mind, you felt your heart rate speed up and your breathing became a little more labored.

You started shaking out your limbs in an effort to regain control over your body. This resulted in a funny little hopping dance as you went from one foot to the other shaking out your legs, while simultaneously shaking your arms all the way down to your fingertips. Thankfully, it seemed to work. However, you froze immediately when you saw Yoongi and RM cross through the arch of the large hallway, followed closely by Hobi, Jin, and Taehyung.

They filed in and stood in front of you - you who was still standing on one leg, arms slightly outstretched to your sides - their eyes were wide, mouths slightly open from the shock. You quickly assumed a normal posture and bowed deeply.

“Hello, I’m Y/N. It’s an honor to meet you. Sorry for intruding into your home,” you say perhaps too quickly and bob your upper back up again. You catch sight of them also bewildered coming up from their own bows, clearly not sure how to approach you.

They were standing more or less in a row. On the left was Yoongi holding the most neutral face of all of them at the moment. He was wearing a baggy dark tee, dark sweats, and black slides. His hair was shaggy and blonde. Next to him stood Namjoon, with short dirty blonde hair and wearing a white baggy tee, black shorts, and black slides. Next, Taehyung was eyeing you suspiciously with shortish orange brown hair and in a black tee, sweatpants, and blue house slippers. The last two in line were Jin and Hobi. Jin was wearing a blue tee, black shorts, and slides with dark hair. Finally, Hobi had short blonde hair with his roots just barely visible. He was wearing a dark hoodie and matching sweatpants. He also had on dark house slippers. With the exception of Yoongi, they all glistened slightly from the sweat they must have worked themselves into while out for their run. As the initial shock began to wear off, all of their faces took on more neutral positions. However, you could clearly see the suspicion and incredulity in their eyes.

As you all hang in the moment for what feels like an eternity, you feel your breath raggedly catching. You slowly start counting in your head trying to calm yourself down. When that fails, you start pinching the soft skin between your thumb and index finger. The last thing you wanted, on top of everything, is to be that girl who passed out in Bangtan’s living room.

“Hello, I’m RM of BTS,” Namjoon steps forward a fraction as he introduces himself. As if he needed an introduction.

“Oh, h-hello,” you can barely hear yourself over your pounding heart. “I- I actually know who you are. Who you all are. I’m- I’m-”

“Are you okay?” Hobi is now the one stepping forward, face filled with concern. “You look ill.”

You were starting to see the spots. If this kept up, you really would pass out. 

“I’m okay. I just need to-” you say as you drop yourself back down onto the couch. But you missed slightly, and slid right off the edge onto the floor. You thought to yourself, “No, this is better. The cool floor is better.”

On your descent all the members rushed forward, coming around from behind the couch. They all hovered awkwardly over you. 

“Water. Get her some water,” says Jin. “I think she’s having a panic attack.”

Taehyung rang off, presumably to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Jin squatted down near you, but not too close. He started humming words methodically, “You’re okay. This is a safe place. Listen to the rhythm of my voice.” 

He reached for the glass that Tae handed him and he slowly brought it to you. “Can you hold this yourself or do you need help?”

You shook your head slightly and reached up your hand with only a slight tremor to take the water and drink. The effects were instantaneous in making you feel better.




A short time later, you had settled yourself back on the couch and were looking at the five members sitting around you - RM, Hobi, and Jin spread out around you on the couch and Yoongi and Taehyung on the floor in front of you.

Gently, Jin started again, “So, earlier, you were saying you know us? Do you know how you came to be here?”

You shook your head and pressed your lips into a thin line. “I’m not sure how I came here. I fall asleep thinking of the members,” you slow as you realize what you’ve just said, horrified. Quickly before they have a chance to process what you’ve said, you hurry on, “I fall asleep and wake up here - or whenever. Always near one of the members of BTS. First Jimin, now Suga.”

You take a quick look around to see if anyone believes you. Yoongi and Namjoon both look neutral, both thinking about your words. Jin just looks understanding, probably afraid of sending you into another anxiety spiral. Taehyung almost looks amused, a small smile playing on his lips and a glint in his eyes. Hobi, on the other hand, looks slightly horrified.

“You mean, you have just been randomly fall asleep at night, in your own home, and waking up in a strange place?” Hobi asks, mouth hanging open.

“Mmm, yeah,” you confirm.

“Wow,” is all he can reply.

“And it’s the same when you go back? Or?” Yoongi looks at you questioningly.

“I have no idea how I end up going back. It just happened,” you say.

Yoongi just nods. Taehyung reaches up with one finger and pushes up on Hobi’s chin, shutting his mouth.

Everyone sits in silence for a few moments, when you can hear someone else padding down from the hallway to the right. 

“Oi, hyungs, I thought you were going to wake me when you go back. Don’t we have a schedule today?” Jungkook stopped for a moment when he came into the room and registered you sitting there on the couch, turned around to look at him.

He was standing rubbing the back of his neck sleepily in nothing but grey sweats and blue slides. His full sleeve tattoo on full display, as it was your turn to sit with your mouth hanging open.

“Ah,” Jungkook said. And then with lightning speed, he had turned on the ball of his slide and ran back out of the room again.

“I guess Jungkook’s awake,” Yoongi said wryly. 

“So, when you said you all just walk around the house with no shirts on,” you said, mouth still hanging open a bit, “you were, in fact, quite serious.”

All eyes were back on you as you felt yourself flushing. You chuckle nervously, “Ah… did I mention I am ARMY?”

Chapter Text

“Oh, really, you’re ARMY?” Hobi says with a bright smile. The rest of the members also seemed to have perked up at this news, looking a little more relaxed. It felt almost if the room had sighed and some of the tension that had built up on your appearance eased away.

“Where are you from?” Namjoon asks. 

“Oh, the other side of the globe,” you say weakly.

“You aren’t Korean? Your Korean is very good,” he replies with a wide smile. You are momentarily distracted by the fact that you are arm’s length from his dimples, but try to pull yourself together quickly. No need to further embarrass yourself.

“I have been practicing. I started learning as a teenager and studied it in university. This is my first time getting to visit Korea, though,” you marvel at yourself for holding what feels like a completely normal conversation with members of BTS. “I assume I am in Korea right now?”

Hobi makes a nervous laugh. Yoongi replies, “Yes, yes you are in Korea right now. In Seoul.”

“How old are you?” Taehyung asks.


“Same age as Jimin and I!”

“Yep,” you say. Slowly you add, “May I ask? What is the date? The time?”

After Yoongi tells you, you think to yourself, “I am definitely in the future then. Almost a month in the future.” As you think to yourself, you slip your hands into your sweatshirt pocket and immediately feel your cellphone there. You pull it out and click the button to see the lockscreen.

Sure enough, there the date had updated and there was a weird notification, which you quickly realize was the roaming function. You were in a different country, afterall. You swipe open and unlock your phone to turn the mobile data off. No need to accidentally rack up a giant phone bill for yourself in the future, if that was possible.

You look back up to see the members all looking at you. “So,” you ask, flushing. “What should we do now?”




After a spell of smalltalk, the members roused themselves off the couches. They had explained that Jimin and Jungkook, as you had seen, were still sleeping. There was a schedule later this morning, but they had already let their manager know they might be running late. Taehyung and Yoongi had gone off to awaken the sleeping members. This left the three remaining members to discuss what to do with you for the day.

“I would be okay to just explore Seoul for a few hours. I don’t mind. I haven’t been here and it would be nice to see the city a little bit. You don’t have to worry about me,” you insisted.

“I feel you are like a guest. Unexpected, perhaps, but a guest nonetheless,” Namjoon said while the other two nodded in agreement.

“Really, it’s alright,” you say, pushing yourself up to stand. With that motion the room spins and you sit back down. You remembered that you had actually had a fairly traumatic morning and possibly your body was not in agreement with the idea of wandering a strange city for the day. You had just had a panic attack, afterall.

“Ah, I think maybe we could just set you up here in the dorm instead?” Jin suggests. “I think we have a spare old laptop if you want to play video games? Or there is TV?”

Suddenly awash with exhaustion, you hesitate before saying, “Now that you mention it, maybe just a corner somewhere that I could nap in?”

Jin nodded kindly and gave a meaningful look to Namjoon before saying, “Yes, we can do you one better and give you a whole bed. With fresh sheets, even.”

You tried standing, more slowly this time, and the room was waving around but not spinning like it had a moment ago. You stood still waiting for your body to catch up with the new position. The three men had also stood up all looking slightly worried. 

“Can you walk?” Jin asked. Hobi had slid himself a bit closer to you with his arms hovering hesitantly, ready to either catch you or give you support if you gave the signal.

You shook your head, not ready to throw away all dignity in front of your idols. “I think I can make it. How far are we going?”

“Just down the hall here,” Namjoon said, waving his arm off to the right, larger hallway. He sets off, not waiting for the rest of you to follow.

You take a step forward. “Okay,” you think to yourself, “not too bad.” Almost as soon as the thought crossed your mind, you took another step and your knees gave out under you.

With lightning speed, Hobi from your right side and Jin from your left had reached out to grab your arms and keep you from falling. “Well, this is great, exactly the kind of first impression I always imagined making when meeting the members of BTS,” you thought. You could also feel your face and ears going bright red and the heat going all the way up to your scalp. “Really great.”

“We’re here for you, don’t worry,” Jin murmured. You could feel your heart squeeze. You had imagined meeting the members of BTS, of course, but you had never quite pictured - perhaps it was just beyond your imagination - just how much kindness oozed out of all of them. If you had had brothers, this is how you imagined they might be. They didn’t know you. You literally crashed into their living room. Yet they were hesitating to help you. You knew they were wonderful people, it was just a pleasant surprise to confirm it firsthand.

The three of you slowly walk forward, around the couch, and towards the large hallway.

“Thank you,” you whisper. “I’m sorry, this is really embarrassing.”

“No, no!” Hobi exclaims. “You have had a very tough day. Imagine traveling all the way around the world just like that. You need rest after that kind of ordeal. You’ve worked hard.”

Not knowing how to respond, you nod. You just know that the only reason you haven’t just died right there of embarrassment is because you are too tired to feel much. Dying of exhaustion, on the other hand, wasn’t out of the question, though.

The three of you walk down the hallway, past the open archway of the foyer where what looks like hundreds of shoes were piled up, along with bags and outer clothes. You walked past a couple more doors before you came to an open one on your right. Inside Namjoon was just finishing making a simple single bed. He patted the pillow as you all shuffled in.

“Excellent timing,” he said as he turned around. Upon seeing you being supported by Hobi and Jin there was a flash of worry on his face, his brow furrowing, before he fixed a smile on his lips. “I’ve put fresh bedding on the mattress.”

“Thank you,” you say again softly. Shuffling quickly the last few steps you crawl into the bed and pull the blanket up to your chin. Waves of exhaustion were assaulting you now. You murmur another “thank you” as you can’t fight your heavy eyes closing any longer.




You wake up in a dimly lit room. Light seeped in from behind a curtain on the window. You’re warm and comfortable under the covers of the small, single mattress you’re laying on. Glancing from your prone position, you see the room is tidy, minimal. Perhaps this was a guest room of some kind.

Slowly, cautiously, you raise yourself up to a seated position in the bed. You pause to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary and that the room was no longer swimming in front of your vision. As soon as you felt secure, you swung your legs out from under the comforter and hit the cold floor.

Looking down as you stand yourself up, you see someone has left you a pair of house slippers to wear, which you slip your feet into. You test out your legs to see if you can bear your weight now. All seems well as you take a view steps forward. You’re a bit shaky, but you realize you don’t even remember the last time you had a proper meal. You choked out a low laugh. Even if you could remember when you ate, you have no idea what that means in relation to whatever time it is now.

You go to the door of the room and slowly pull it open. You stick your head out into the quiet hallway. It’s dark. Maybe the members aren’t back yet from their schedule? You slip through the door and softly walk down the dark hallway back the way you remember coming. You pass the front door and its chaos of shoes and sundry items. You come back to the large archway that leads into the kitchen and living room.

You see immediately the television is on, but the volume is low. Here the light is brighter from the windows in the living room. You keep walking further into the room, craning your neck to see if there is anyone actually watching the TV. As you get closer, you can see an elbow of a person laying on the couch, mostly swallowed up by the cushions. 

You feel a small pit of anxiety tug at your stomach. “It’s fine,” you think to yourself. “Things really can’t be more embarrassing or awkward than they’ve already been.” 

With that small encouragement to yourself, you slowly round the couch in order to show yourself to whoever was sitting there. You find yourself face to face with Jimin, who looks back up at you. He sits up quickly and adjusts himself, patting his shirt down straighter and mussing his hair flat.

His hair was still dark and shaggy like the last time you saw it, which feels like weeks ago, but for Jimin it was only last night, you have to remind yourself. He was wearing soft black pants and an over-large black and white striped shirt. His face had been washed bare, but still glowed in that characteristic way of his.

“Sorry to bother you,” you say.

“Oh, no, it’s alright,” he replies quickly and stands. “Hobi-hyung and I finished the shoot early. Hobi-hyung went to the studio afterward, but we all agreed someone should come back to the dorm, just in case you woke up. It’s not a bother, I’ve been catching up on television.” 

Jimin lets out a small laugh and smiles at you. He continues, “I heard a bit about what happened this morning. Are you feeling better?”

“Oh, yes, I think so. I might be a bit hungry though actually.”

Jimin smiles again, brightly. “Well, that is something I can help you with.”

You half expected him to take you to the kitchen to show you what was available, but instead he sits back down on the couch and pulls out his phone. “What do you feel like eating?”

Chapter Text

You sat in what felt like a very comfortable silence after you had finished inhaling all the delicious Korean food Jimin had ordered for you. Jimin was sitting next to you on the couch, leaving enough space between you to not feel weird. He was flipping through the channels mindlessly on the TV, the sound off. You drink some water, wondering if you should try to start a conversation.

“So,” you start, but at the same moment, Jimin flicks the TV off and drops the remote with a, “Well-”

You both softly laugh at the sudden awkwardness.

“Please, you first,” Jimin says with a welcoming gesture of his hands, looking right into your eyes.

You swallow. Your brain had been doing its best to process the fact that you were in the home of BTS and that you had been interacting with, often in embarrassing scenarios, the members of BTS. The BTS. The best way your brain came up with to cope with this was to just compartmentalize that information. Sure, BTS, great, but the humans in front of you were just that - humans. They were real living, breathing men with messy piles of shoes at their front door. That was easier for your brain. But in this moment, with Jimin staring at you expectantly waiting for you to speak, it hits you that you are sitting on a couch with The Park Jimin. You swallow again.

Jimin tilts his head in patient waiting. His eyes are warm. He jumps slightly when you let out a slightly hysterical laugh that echoes a bit in the large living room.

“Sorry,” you say, covering your mouth. “Why am I so embarrassing,” you think.

Jimin looks a little confused but the warmth has not left his eyes. “Do I get to know the joke?”

“Uh,” you start, feeling the flush growing on your cheeks. “Well, just, I am sitting on a couch in South Korea. With you. And you are, well, you.”

Jimin’s eyes crinkle with a smile. “Yes, I am me. I suppose that is a bit funny.”

“No, no, no,” you bow your head horrified. “That’s not what I meant! I am just having a hard time grasping I am really here, with you.”

Your head screams at you, “Why are you soooo embarrassing? Just stop before you make this worse.”

But Jimin truly laughs this time. “You know, it’s not every day I get to meet someone who can teleport. This is new for both of us, I’m sure.”

“And time travel,” you add sheepishly.

“What?” Jimin’s eyes go wide.

“Ah, I am also traveling through time,” you pick at the hem of your shirt, “apparently.”

“Wow, so you’re a time traveling, teleporting superhero?”

Now is your turn to let out a proper laugh. “Well, I don’t know about the superhero part. I don’t fully understand how I even got here. Or how or when I will end up going back.”

With that sobering thought, you both settled back into another bout of silence. You continue to pick at the hem of your shirt absentmindedly.

“Hey! Should we do something fun?” Jimin suddenly asks.

You look up at Jimin’s sudden burst of energy. “Something fun? What would that be?”

“Come on, I’ll show you,” Jimin stands as he beckons you excitedly to follow him. “We just had this finished not too long ago and I have had a chance to spend much time there yet.”

You follow Jimin closely as he walks back towards the kitchen but veers to the left down the smaller hallway you had seen earlier. The hallway is dim and you follow the white of Jimin’s striped shirt. You think to yourself you might even have a photo or video on your computer of him in this same shirt.

At the end of the hall, Jimin opens a door to a stairwell. It winds upward and is lit by window slits you can see as you look up. You follow him as he starts climbing the stairs. You go for what feels more than one floor, possibly two tall floors or three?

At the top, he opens a door which you feel was the mirror image of the one downstairs. However, instead of a hallway on the other side, you’re surprised that it opens to an outdoor space. It’s full of green plants and trees with a winding smooth stone pathway meandering amongst the greenery.

‘Are- are we on the roof?” you ask with your mouth hanging slightly open. You’d never seen anything like it. Even in the movies, rooftop gardens weren’t like this. This was like a green haven.

“Yes, our little rooftop sanctuary. With enough plants and other obstructions,” he waves up and around the garden to show there were tall walls and mesh-like netting covering the whole area, “to keep prying eyes out.”

“Wow,” is all you manage to say as you step out into the garden.

Jimin follows you as you start down the stone path. “I haven’t really come out here much yet. I’ve been too busy. Plus, I don't really feel like coming out here alone. This was the perfect excuse, really.”

You nod and take in the beauty of the rooftop. It’s quite large, spanning a good portion of the building. You come up to a little grassy courtyard with benches and a small bubbling fountain.

“This is so lovely,’ you say. “If I had this at my home, I would come here everyday.”

Jimin grins. “Well, you’re welcome to it anytime you want.”

You both settle onto a bench facing the fountain. You watch the water playfully splash. “If you don’t come here, what do you do in your spare time?” 

“Ah, well, I don’t have a lot of free time lately,” Jimin concedes with a chuckle. “When I do have downtime, I spend a lot of it sleeping or playing games. I sleep a lot when I can.”

You nod. This sounded familiar, something he would have said in an interview. “I don’t have much free time either, really. There’s been a lot going on at work. Projects and deadlines. I really only have energy to watch videos and catch up on social media before I fall asleep.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a research analyst for a government lab. It sounds fancy, but it’s not.”

“No, that sounds amazing. You must have gone to school a lot for that.”

“Mmm,” you nod again. “I just finished my PhD a few months ago.”

“Wow, but Taehyung said you’re the same age as us?”

“I started college courses young. I finished early. I honestly don’t really know why I was in such a rush. But here I am,” you say with another small laugh.

“That’s incredible,” Jimin affirms. “You must be pretty smart. So what kind of videos do you watch then?”

“Ah,” you look around the garden. “Ah, well, I did mention to the others that I’m ARMY.”

Jimin nodded cheerfully. A smile played on his lips. “Is he playing with me right now?” you think. “Can I answer this without totally embarrassing myself? Probably not.”

Aloud, you say, “So… I’ll just say a lot of the videos I watch are of you.”

There is a sparkle in Jimin’s eyes and his grin grows. You think, “He’s definitely playing with me right now. I’m in a rooftop Eden being played by The Park Jimin.”

“All of you, of course,” you add quickly. “BTS… yeah.”

Jimin’s eyes are crinkling in a laugh. “That’s wonderful. I’m glad you’re a fan. You don’t have to be so shy about it. That gives us something in common to talk about.”

You spend quite some time chatting about music and dance as you sit in that quiet garden. You wouldn’t have remembered you were in Seoul at all if it weren’t for the occasional siren from an ambulance from somewhere below on the street. Jimin was extremely easy to talk to. He was kind, funny, and self-deprecating. You were pleased to find him as much as you might have expected from knowing him as a fan. Except, of course, much more real in person. His humanity was in front of you.

While you talked, you got the chance to really look at him without being totally weird. He was beautiful, of course. He wasn’t made up or anything now, just bare faced and relaxed. His hair was messy as kept running his hands through it, making you have to resist the urge to just brush it down a little bit. Everyone in Bangtan was gorgeous, of course, but you had to admit to yourself that the others felt more like brothers to you. With Jimin, on the other hand, you would never admit to any other person aloud, your fantasies had sometimes run wild. And here he was in person. 

And as you sat in this quiet garden, you let yourself forget about the traveling and reality for a bit, and just be with Jimin. Before you let your anxiety get the better of you, you say, “Hey, I don’t want to suddenly make this conversation awkward, but…”

Jimin tilts his head and looks at you expectantly. You swallow and rush out, “I have really loved this. Being here with you. This garden. Our chat. It’s been surreal, but so lovely. No matter what happens, I’ll cherish this memory forever.”

Jimin seems frozen for a moment looking at you. You remember that moment of electricity you had felt between you when you had accidentally brushed hands. You wondered if he was thinking about the same thing. Out of your peripheral vision you think you see him lifting his hand, but are too scared to look down and break the magic of the moment.

“Oh, there you are!” Jin yells. 

You whip your head around and feel a whoosh of blackness. A moment light hits your eyes and you are laying in your bed back in your own apartment.

“Well, fuck,” you say to absolutely no one.

Chapter Text

You found yourself running in a dark field. Landscape was blurring past you as you ran. Why were you running? You weren’t sure. Were you running to something or away from something? Either way it felt frantic. There was a pit of terror writhing in your stomach. 

“Y/N!!” you could hear Jimin screaming your name from somewhere.

“Jimin?! I can’t see you!!” you scream as you keep running. 

Suddenly the ground opens up in front of you, but too quickly for you to stop yourself from running straight over the edge into the abyss.




You awaken suddenly in a cold sweat. Soft dawn is starting to bleed through your window.

“Okay, okay,” you breathe to yourself. “That was a dream. An actual dream.”

Reflexively, you grab your phone and check your notifications, feeling a slight pang of worry about Jimin. 

“No, wait,” you shake your head in thought and hug yourself. “Jimin doesn’t even know I exist yet. We don’t even meet for another few weeks at least. I’m sure he’s fine.”

Nevertheless, you check Weverse and Twitter anyway. Nothing new from BTS. All is well as far as you can ascertain.

You double-check the date after all your time travel, you’ve really lost all sense of time. It’s still Sunday, the morning after traveling to see BTS in the future. You think to yourself that maybe if this was truly going to keep happening that you might want to invest some time into making note of dates and times. Because things were going to get confusing really fast.




After spending a morning doing your best to focus on cleaning the apartment, feeding yourself, and getting ready for the work week, you finally sit down with your book to try to relax for the afternoon. You found you were feeling very tired, physically. The thought crossed your mind that this whole traveling experience might actually be hard on your body. It would explain why you were extra susceptible to the panic attack and why you slept so much after. Technically, you thought further, you had spent most of your awake time this weekend, either here or in Seoul,  sleeping. You decided the best thing to do was listen to your body, since almost nothing else was making much sense.

Which is how you found yourself curled up in bed, holding your book open to read, and staring off into space not really seeing anything in your room. Instead, you were remembering the time you spent with Jimin. It had just been so nice, you thought. He was amazingly easy to talk to for being someone you’d never thought you would ever be in the same room with, let alone talk to. And his smile was definitely better in real life. And that twinkle in his eyes, especially when he was teasing you. You shut your eyes and remember his smell. He smelled like comfort and safety, like a warm blanket out of the dryer that you just wanted to wrap yourself in. You felt heat and tears prick the back of your eyelids as you remembered that last moment. Was he lifting his hand to touch yours? Was he feeling the same electricity between you?

Eventually, realizing you’re just staring off in a reverie, you shake yourself. You needed to take control of what you could control and not spend too much time dwelling on the rest. What would happen, would happen.

You pull out your phone and open a notes app. You planned on keeping track of your travel as best you could, keeping your phone with you, so that you sort out the timelines. Maybe there would even be a pattern.



1st travel ~ June 14 → sometime in future in Jimin’s hotel room

2nd travel ~ June 15 → July 22 to Jimin’s room in dorms

3rd travel ~ June 26 → July 23 to living room in dorms

You stare at your notes for a bit, not really understanding, but at least now you had a record of what was happening? Looking at the notes some more, you realize that you really won’t truly know what’s happening - are you traveling through space and time? Are you going to some alternate dimension? - until most likely after July 23, maybe. Jimin won’t even know of your existence until then, at least.

You rub your temples, dropping your phone into your lap. This was a lot.

You sigh, and decide you should at least pretend to care about the fact that you do still have a job and will need to go to it tomorrow. You decide to try to compartmentalize this whole Bangtan mess away until you need to deal with it again. Luckily, compartmentalizing was something you were especially adept at.




You lay in bed after having a light dinner and getting everything put together for work. Compartmentalizing does not work at these twilight hours between being awake and asleep. This held especially true now because you had no idea if you’d wake up here or ... there. You tried to reign it in, but your mind wandered back to the garden and Jimin. You decided to open that pandora’s box just a little bit, allows yourself to examine your feelings a little more, before putting it away again.

You have loved Jimin for a long time. But that was as an ARMY loving BTS’s members. What you were feeling now was different. It almost felt as if a part of your chest had been carved out and the hole there was filled with his absence. This was a longing for the human being, Jimin, and his warmth. You wanted to be able to pick up the phone and tell him you were okay. Or better, to be able to have stayed and kept talking with him. You were filled with the need to feel that electricity again. You were filled with need for Jimin. It was as if your love for him had taken on new layers. More than anything you were longing to feel that comfort he had made you feel. That warmth.

Upon realizing all of this, you were devastated. It had become clear how absolutely lonely you were. You had only a few family and friends left and they were all scattered around the globe. You had moved to your current city for your new job. You had no real friends yet. Your closest companions were your ARMY friends online. Was this shift in how you perceived Jimin - and all of Bangtan really - going to change your relationship with BTS and with your ARMY community?

Would you be able to see him again? You pulled your phone out and typed in Weverse and typed again, “Will we meet again, Park Jimin?”




You somehow managed to settle into a regular routine again. Waking up, getting ready for the day, going to work, getting home, doing your regular ARMY things online (albeit with some new weird feelings about the whole thing that you did your best to ignore), got ready for bed, posted your nightly “Will we meet again, Park Jimin?” on Weverse, and fell asleep. It was fairly normal, boring. Maybe this was for the best.

It was jarring when two days after traveling back home, BTS did a VLIVE to celebrate Butter being number 1 on the HOT100 for 5 weeks in a row. You watched them trying to map up what you had seen in the future with what was happening now. For starters they did have different hair styles, of course. There was chatter on the live about their new song being released for ARMY Day. It was all very exciting, but very normal. Early in the live Jimin looked upset and then so did some of the others, but it passed quickly. Yoongi did a silly dance. Everyone was laughing and celebrating. They hadn’t met a time traveler from the past yet.

As the days ticked by, you wondered if you would ever be traveling again. Maybe it was a fluke. ARMY’s birthday celebrations were coming up. BTS would be releasing a new song. The teaser were wild and fun. BTS were in handcuffs, at a retro carwash, at the beach. You found yourself able to compartmentalize enough to truly enjoy the chaos.

Day by day time marched onward. You kept your routine. The weekends were challenging because there was no work to distract you. You spent your extra time doing extra work - getting those old drafts finished and out for review, looking up and reading literature you’d been putting off, and cleaning out your inboxes. You found the most comforting part of your day was checking Twitter and Weverse to see any trace of the members and to leave your same question in the void, “Will we meet again, Park Jimin?”

Just like that, two weeks had gone by. You were up late waiting for the Permission to Dance music video to drop for ARMY Day. You had been pushing yourself at work and were feeling extra sleepy, but the excitement for the new music helped keep you up. When the music video finally dropped you were curled in bed with your laptop watching the happy dancing, the joyful tune, the purple balloons, and the throwing away of the masks. You felt yourself smiling and tears were rolling down your cheeks. It was perfect and lovely. 

You manage to post your love for the new music to BTS on Twitter and post your usual question for Jimin on Weverse before curling up to fall asleep. It was one of the rare moments in the last couple of weeks that you wished you could convey your feelings in person to the group, knowing that there was somehow a way you could. You felt your body getting heavy with sleep and you practiced the same thoughts you had every night. It was the one time of day you let yourself run the movie back in your head where you were sitting in the garden with Jimin, so comfortable and content. As you fell asleep, you felt the warmth grow around you and you could smell that pleasant cozy smell of Jimin’s. It was almost as if you were there with him again.

The warmth turned to a slightly uncomfortable heat, which made you blink your eyes open. Hovering just above you were a pair of eyes that had fallen asleep thinking of every night in the hopes of seeing them in person again.

“Uh… Y/N?”


Chapter Text

You blink in confusion and sudden sunlight. You were laying in what appeared to be the backseat of a large van. The seat was light tan and that fake leather that’s popular in fancier cars. In front of you were the back of tan colored captain chairs. Kneeling awkwardly between the two chairs was Jimin, facing you with his head hovering just over yours. 

His dark brown hair was hanging softly across his brow. He was wearing silver hoop earrings and a grey t-shirt. He has contacts in that are making his eyes look like a soft light blue-grey. His cheeks are slightly flush red.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Jimin asks again.

“Oh, right, yes,” you startle back to focusing on the fact that you’re here again and this isn’t a dream. “Sorry, I guess, I’m back? Hi.”

“Hello,” Jimin looks at you cautiously. You imagine he’s now looking for signs of another breakdown from you.

You sit yourself up slowly. You check your breathing and it’s okay. You are a little dizzy, but that’s probably just a side-effect of traveling. You just needed to tell yourself it’ll pass, no need to have another embarrassing meltdown again. 

Jimin watches you, arms faintly outstretched, as if waiting for you to pass out or freak out. 

You chuckle. “I’m okay, Just a little dizzy. I think from the traveling.”

After another beat, Jimin’s shoulders visibly relax and he sits back on his heels in between the seats, resting his elbows on the armrests of the chairs. 

“Hey, Jimin, what’s the date?”

“Oh, uhhhm, August 10th?” he says as he reaches back to one of the seats and grabs his phone, flicking it on to see the date and time.

You pat your front where you imagined your pocket to be, but realize you’d changed in to pajamas. You curse a string of profanities in your head. The first night you decided to go back to pajamas because you didn’t want to do laundry. Which meant you had neither your phone nor were you looking at all like you should be in the back of a BTS van in broad daylight, if you could trust the light coming from the front.

You look down at your at your long sleeve yellow shirt with a cute Chimmy posing and smiling obnoxiously largely on the front and yellow pants with Chimmy faces all over them. Fuzzy yellow socks completed the whole look. “Ah, fuck.”

Jimin burst out in a fit of laughter that filled the whole van. Apparently you had said that last swear out loud. You stared at his doubling over in laughter being critically torn between mortification and giving in to the infectious laughter. You felt your lips twitching to turn up into a smile.

After what felt like eternity, but was probably only a minute or so, Jimin quieted down with a sigh. Still smiling widely, he said, “You know, if anyone thought perhaps you were lying about not having control over this.”

He took a breath as more laughter bubbled up. Tears were pricking his eyes and he reached a ringed finger up to dab at the corners of them. “I think you're showing up looking like this,” he gestured to your whole outfit, “I think they would know better.”

“You think?” you say, finally cracking a real smile. You looked yourself over again and immediately started laughing. Then Jimin started laughing again and you were both grabbing your own sides from laughing so hard.

After a few minutes, a knock came at the window of the van. A muffled voice that sounded like Namjoon’s said, “I don’t want to interrupt your live, Jimin, but we’re back on in 5 minutes.”

“Where are we?” you looked wide-eyed at Jimin. Then you gasp, “Wait, wait, did I interrupt a live?”

“No, I had just finished saying goodbye when you appeared, luckily,” Jimin was still smiling. “I think I would be in a much different mood if millions of people had seen you in the background of my live. Although, at least you would have been well themed.”

His eyes sparkled as he started laughing again. “Okay, Y/N, I have to go back to the shooting. Can you wait here? I’m sorry, I can’t bring you on set. I have no idea how I would explain bringing someone in sleepwear to the staff, even if they are Chimmy. Rummage in the back, I think you should be able to find a DVD player or something to do. And there are cold waters, too.”

He seemed hesitant, looking very apologetic and worried about having to leave you. “Don’t worry! I can entertain myself or maybe I’ll just lay back down and nap! I was trying to sleep when I traveled here instead, you know.”

He gathered his bag and phone and opened the van door. He looked back at you with a look you couldn’t decipher. The next thing he said so quietly that if you were not staring right at him you might not have even heard it, “Please be here when I get back.”

Before you could respond, he had slipped out and shut the door behind him, leaving nothing but those last words hanging in the air.

You stare at the spot Jimin had just vacated. You felt your heart squeeze with a pang of longing, followed by a pang of something else stirring within you. You felt your cheeks flushing and you put your hand covered by a yellow sleeve up to your mouth. You said to the echoes of remembrances of laughter in the air, “What the fuck was that? Was that- ? Did he- ? Oh, my god, that was so...”




You realized there was no chance of you getting sleep. You searched through the bags behind the back seat of the van and found a black sweatshirt. It smelled like Jimin. Without thinking about it too deeply, you slipped it on so that at least half of you looked a little more normal. It was large on you, which was fine for hanging out in the back of a van in the middle of, you were assuming, Korea. 

You found a beat up notepad and pen in the bag in the back as well. You doodle a bit. Practice writing some Korean. “Please be here when I get back. Park Jimin.”

You groan to yourself. You are in so much trouble.

In an attempt to distract yourself, you thought about the date. You were a month in the future. Which, if you remembered correctly, was about two weeks or so after the last time you had been here in their timeline. What had happened in between? How to sort out this mess? Clearly, this was going to keep happening and you had no control over when it did. Thank goodness, at least, you didn’t appear during the middle of a Vlive. You rubbed your temples. What a bizarre trip.




At some point you must have drifted off while you were thinking. You heard the van door opening, which startled you awake. You found you had slid halfway down awkwardly against the back of the seat. Your neck was stiff and sore from the angle. 

Slowly, you pushed yourself up with your hands, palms down on the seat. You looked around the captain chair to the door, the light streaming through silhouetting the people outside.

As you blinked, Jimin came into view first. He climbed in and crouched between the middle seats. “We’re all finished. Jungkookie and Tae are riding back with us. Do you mind if I sit in the back with you?”

“Oh, not at all,” you say, sliding over to the right side of the seat so there was room for Jimin to maneuver.

“You’re back!” Jungkook exclaimed as he climbed into the further seat to sit in the chair in front of Jimin. 

Taehyung also climbed in to sit in front of you, but not without first leaning backwards of the seat to say, “Hello, again, Y/N.”

They settle in and put seatbelts on, while a driver gets in up at the front.

“We were just going to go back to the dorm, since you are here,” Jimin said. “Is that alright with you? Or is there somewhere else you’d like to go?”

“The dorm is fine with me,” you say hesitantly, pulling the sleeves of the oversized sweatshirt over your hands. “If that is okay with all of you. I don’t want to impose. I am not exactly invited.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it, you’re our guest here,” Jimin says reassuringly. Jungkook and Taehyung both enthusiastically agree.

“Alright, if that’s okay with you, then I’m fine with going back to your dorm,” you say.

“It’s not quite two hours, by the way,” Jimin says apologetically. “We’ve been out of the city for a shoot.

“Oh, oh, right,” you say. You look around. Car ride with three members of Bangtan. This should be interesting.

However, things were pretty quiet from the start of the trip. After a bit of light banter and talking about the conditions of the shoot, both Jungkook and Taehyung put headphones in and drifted off to sleep. Jimin explained that the day had started before dawn and they had pushed a pretty grueling pace to make sure they got everything done today.

“I’m always amazed at how hard you all work,” you say. You and Jimin are speaking in half-whispers, heads bent towards one another just slightly so that you could hear. You didn’t want to wake the sleeping men in front of you.

“Ah, well, of course,” Jimin replied. “We have to work hard.”

You nod at that.

“I see you found my sweatshirt in the back,” Jimin said jokingly. He tugged playfully at the sleeve closest to him, sending your stomach into knots.

“Oh, well, I thought the black would help tone down the whole,” you wave your arms in a gesture of your whole body, “you know, BT21 Chimmy-biased fangirl vibe.”

This sends you both chuckling and trying not to be too loud, hands clutching at your own sides.

Jimin look down as his hand hits something on the seat in between you two. He picks it up with a look of curiosity on his face. The notepad. It must have fallen on the seat when you slept. 

You grab it quickly, but judging by the fresh blush across Jimin’s cheeks and the intense sparkle in his eyes, he’s already seen what you’ve jotted on there.

“Is it possible, maybe,” you say in a strained whisper, “that you could just, pretend you didn’t see that?”

“See what?” Jimin says, pulling up his shoulders in an innocent shrug, raising his eyebrows at the same time. You gut is writhing with butterflies now.

“No, no, nevermind,” you say as you stuff the notepad into the front pocket of the sweatshirt.

When you look back up at him, Jimin’s eyes are watching you intently and the fire of humor is dancing within them. With a full smile playing across his lips, Jimin says, “Your Korean handwriting is very pretty though.” 

Looking back into his face, trying to suppress the smile breaking through on your own lips, you think to yourself, “I am in such big trouble.”

Chapter Text

Much to your relief, Jimin drops it there and lets you sit in silence for a while. Of course, the silence meant you were alone in your own head, which at the moment was potentially a dangerous place. Jimin had just been flirting with you, you were almost hundred percent sure of that. But what did it mean? Did it mean anything at all? From all you know about him or his idol persona, anyway, he probably flirts with lots of people. There’s no need to read too much into it.

“You, on the other hand,” you thought furiously to yourself and your pesky emotions, “you are going to cause problems.”




The next stretch of road was spent in silence. You felt yourself getting sleepy again. You do rationalize that you only have gotten maybe an hour or two of sleep in the last 24 hours at least. It's amazing you're conscious at all, really. You were not thrilled with the idea of falling asleep here in the backseat with Jimin. That felt like a recipe for trouble. 

You surreptitiously glance over at him, thinking maybe engaging him in conversation was safer than just passing out. However, he was slumped slightly over, chin resting on his chest. It really must have been a long day for them. You think very carefully about whether it is worth trying to move his head. "That position cannot be comfortable," you think, rubbing your own sore neck from the weird way you had slept earlier.

Biting your lower lip, you slowly reach out your hands towards the sides of his face and end up sort of cupping his cheeks in your hands. You feel your own cheeks immediately burning. You slowly, gently tilt his head up and back. With the motion, he stirs slightly and then leans over towards the window, rest his head in the corner of the seat and the side of the van. "Better, at any rate," you think. "At least he won't end up with a sore neck this way."

 Since you no longer had the option of chatting with Jimin and he seemed safely asleep, you allowed yourself to doze as well. You pull your hands inside the sweatshirt again and pull the hoodie up over your head. It's so large in drops over in front of your eyes. You settle your head back against the headrest as your eyes get heavy. You drift off enveloped in the smell of Jimin.




You wake up sometime later. The van was still moving, but it had become brighter for the city lights outside the front windshield. You had fallen sideways again, but this time your head was resting, you quickly discover to your horror, on Jimin's shoulder. His cheek was resting against the top of your head. Alarms went off in your head. How did this happen and was Jimin going to be angry for you, an entire stranger, taking liberties with his body? 

Your face was still half hidden by the hoodie, which allowed you to half open your eyes without being caught for being awake. Jimin's breathing was slow and you hoped that meant he was still sleeping. Maybe this had just happened as a coincidence while you both were asleep. Maybe you could shift without him noticing.

Slowly again, you try to shift his weight so that he would fall to the other side. Unfortunately, he had considerable height and weight on you. "Short, my ass," you thought. "All those ARMY talking about fitting this giant being so smol he can fit in their pocket. Joke is definitely on them. Well, I guess joke is on me right now."

You try once more to gently shift him before you give up. However, your efforts seem to have waken him anyway.

"Ah, you awake?" Jimin says with a murmur. 

He wasn't shifting and getting up. Why wasn't he shifting and sitting up?

"Mmm," you hum in assent. You felt two emotions warring inside you. First, feeling like you should feel awkward about this with a side of guilt for not feeling that way. Second, feeling very comfortable and like you could just stay in this moment forever. You decided you were a time traveling, space traveling warrior. Fuck awkwardness. Just for right now. Enjoy the moment.

So you do. You let your head, neck, and shoulders relax into Jimin a little more. You can feel his cheek muscle against the top of your head move slightly. Was he smiling?

Your thoughts go into overdrive, "Oh. My. God. Did Park Jimin just smile because of me?" This might actually be the strongest confirmation you have had yet that none of this is real. This cannot be real.

"Did you have a good rest?" he asks quietly turning his head slightly to murmur into your head. "It's probably going to be very chaotic back at the dorm. Everyone will have slept and will be extra hyped because you are here."

This cannot be real. You try to shake the explosion of thoughts in your head and focus on his words. You murmur, "Mmm, I feel a lot better. I miss a full night's sleep when I travel. It's exhausting." 

Jimin hums empathetically. He would probably know best what it is to be exhausted.

After a moment, you ask, "You said they are going to be hyped because of me?"

"Oh yeah," Jimin chuckled. "When I told them you were back, they wanted to come see you right away. But we all decided to not alert all the staff you were here. We're not really sure what to tell them yet about you and didn't want to cause extra problems. So, just a few key staff are clued in."

"Extra problems?"

"Oh, we're just worried for you. We don't want you getting into trouble with anyone. Like the government," Jimin say slowly.

"Ah," you say. You were here, in South Korea, with no passport or any documentation of any kind. You were found in the home of idols. If this got out. "Yeah, I see. Extra problems."

"Mmm," Jimin hums again. "We'll be pulling in in about 5 minutes. Don't worry, the driver up front knows what's going on. He's also one of our bodyguards."

"Why are you all being so nice to me?" you let slip out. You immediate put a sweater-pawed hand up to your mouth in surprise of your own question. 

Jimin chuckles as he starts slowly stretching and adjusting. "Would you like us to be mean to you?"

As you both slowly sit up and pull apart, you try to laugh off your faux pas, "Sorry, I didn't mean to say that out loud."

Jimin looks down at you and smiles. As you look up at him, you see that now familiar glint of mischievousness in his eye. As you both settle back to your respective sides of the backseat, he says, "Makes me wonder what you're not saying out loud."

Your cheeks burn like they are on fire again. You are very grateful for the hoodie hiding most of your facial expressions. You think, once again, "I am in so so much trouble."

The van pulls into a secure underground garage. As if knowing they were home, both the men in front of you stir and start putting away their headphones and stretch. They pull out facemasks and slip them on over their faces.

"Ah, feels good to be home," Taehyung says with an extra stretch of his arms.

"Ready?" Jimin asks you, sliding a white facemask over his own face.

All you can do is nod as you watch all the practiced activity.

Pulling up to another set of doors the van comes to a stop. Taehyung, who is sitting on the side closest to the doors, opens the side of the van and hops out. Jungkook quickly follows suit. They wait while Jimin climbs out between the seats and waves a hand at you to follow before hopping down. You pull yourself up, stiff from having been sitting in the backseat of this van for hours, and climb out through the aisle made by the captain's chairs. You hear the back of the van slam shut and Jimin jogs back around to wear you are about to step down from the van door. He hands you a pair of black slides.

"Thank you," you say. You feel your heart squeeze. How does he always know and think of these things?

You step down into the slides and stand in front of Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook who are waiting for you at the double doors.

Jungkook snorts and suppresses a laugh behind his hand as he looks at you. Taehyung smirks, also clearly trying not to laugh.

The men are all dressed down in comfortable sweats. Jungkook in all black down to his chunky black tennis shoes and black mask over his face. Taehyung in a white tee and grey sweatpants, white tennis, and white face mask. Jimin wearing the same grey tee he was wearing earlier, black sweatpants, and a white facemask. 

You looked down at yourself. You were swimming in Jimin's black hoodie which covered you all the way down to mid-thigh. Your yellow Chimmy pants and oversized black slides really completed the look. You looked back at the guys and gave a tight-mouthed grimace. Honestly, in this moment, you were hoping this was not real.

Jimin elbowed Taehyung and it must have been pretty hard because Taehyung immediately fell into Jungkook. Both of them attempt to straighten their faces.

They turn as Jimin slides up a keypad to the left of the doors and punches in a code. The doors click and Jungkook pulls the right one open. He holds it, letting the older two through the door and then gestures for you to follow them. 

You walk past Jungkook, who manages to simply smile at you, rather than laughing again. Through the doors is a bank of elevators on each side. Jimin has already punched a button and you can hear the elevator moving in its shaft.

"Where are the other members?" you ask.

"Oh, they left ahead of us. They are probably already upstairs," Taehyung says.

You nod as the elevator door opens and you all shuffle inside.

Jimin presses the top floor and the elevator quickly ascends all 20 stories of the building. 

You feel your palms sweating a bit in anticipation. Being cozy in the back of the van was one thing, but now you're here and exposed. You pull your hands further up the sleeves of the hoodie and feel yourself physically shrinking into yourself as you tense up. Your thoughts start to spiral a bit. "Damn anxiety," you think. "It's always showing up as the uninvited party guest. Oh, like me. I'm the uninvited guest."

Before you could go any further into a tailspin, the elevator dings open. You all step out into a small foyer with another large door in front of you. Taehyung walks up and punches in the keycode and opens the door. 

As the door opens, Taehyung and Jungkook walk through. You can here bustle and chatter coming from inside. You feel a bit frozen in place. "Uninvited guest," your brain hisses at you.

Suddenly you feel pressure and warmth through the sweatshirt on your lower back. You look up and Jimin is looking down at you with his eyebrows just slightly raised. His eyes peeking up over the facemask look warm. 

"Are you okay?" he asks quietly.

"Yes, sorry," you say quickly, probably too quickly. "Sorry, I just needed a moment. I'm okay."

With that you step forward into the loudness and warmth of BTS's dorm.

Chapter Text

As you step into the front hall, the chatter and clattering gets much louder. You slip off the slides and Jimin places house slippers in front of you. They are the right size. You look up at him and he had apparently taken the facemask off and smiles sweetly at you.

You follow him into the large kitchen space where Jin and Yoongi are both moving about, apparently cooking up some things. The TV is on and you can see Namjoon and Hobi are sitting on the couch. Jungkook joins them, immediately cuddling up with Hobi.

Jimin shows you into the kitchen. "What are you making, hyungs?"

Jin looks up from the stove with a smile. "Oh, just this and that."

"Smells good," you say softly. 

Yoongi looks up at you. "I hope you like Korean."

"Of course," you say, a little more loudly.

Yoongi gives you a small close-mouth smile. 

"Do you need water or something else to drink?" Jimin asks. "I'm not sure what we have."

He moves over to the fridge and opens it. You stand awkwardly, not sure if you're meant to keep following, but also not wanting to get in the way of the chefs. 

"We have water and beer, apparently," Jimin says into the fridge. "There might also be soju. Are we drinking tonight, everyone?"

When you don't respond, Jimin looks back over his shoulder at you. "What can I get you?"

You pull at the edges of the hoodie's sleeves with your finger tips. "Just water, please."

He grabs a bottle of water and brings it back over to you. He's looking at you a bit questioningly.

You hesitate, but finally stutter, "I- I could really use a shower maybe."

"Oh!" Jimin's face full of recognition. "Of course! You've been stuck in the back of van all day. Of course. Sorry, I should have thought of it first. Follow me."

He leads back down the hallway with all the doors, where you had slept after your anxiety attack in the guest room. Just beyond the door where the guest room had been, was another door that led to a small, clean bathroom.

"This is the guest bathroom. It should have everything you need," Jimin said as he pulled open the cabinet just to the right of the door to show you fresh towels. "Oh, one minute."

Jimin races off back out down the hallway, continuing on further down the hall. You gaze around the bathroom and walk over to check the shower for soaps and so on. 

After a minute, Jimin comes sliding back into the room holding some clothes in his hands. "These are not going to fit you well, if that hoodie you are wearing is any indication, but they are clean." 

He sets them down on the counter. He looks around one more time and then nods. "I think that's all? Anything else you need?"

You shake your head. 

"Okay," Jimin says as he backs out of the bathroom. "Take all the time you need."

With that, he closes the door on his way out.

You look at yourself in the mirror. "Ah, fuck me."

You are in pretty bad shape. Your hair is a mess and you are flushed. "At least there aren't drool stains on my face," you think. "Could be worse."

You start the water of the shower going and take off the hoodie, which you carefully fold and place on the counter. You peel off the rest of your clothes and step into the piping hot shower.

You relax into the warm water and try not to think too much about the fact that you're showering in the house of Bangtan. This is actually easier than you thought. The warm water feels like it's heating all the way to your bones. You even find yourself humming Serendipity as you rinse the shampoo out of your hair.

After you shower and feel completely fresh, you dry off and examine the clothes Jimin left you. Black basketball shorts and a grey tee-shirt. You put them on and find them not as gigantic on you as the hoodie. The shorts have a drawstring which is helpful in keeping them up around your waist. They come generously down to your knees. The hoodie must be oversized. You pause for a minute, one hand rubbing the fabric of the hoodie. After a few beats of hesitation, you decide to slip the hoodie back on. It was like a big soft, good smelling security blanket.

You take a look at yourself in the mirror again. You decide to put your damp hair up into a messy bun. "Almost human," you think to yourself.

As you walk back down the hallway towards the bustle in the kitchen and living room, you find yourself grinning a little bit. This is almost nice. A guest of BTS's. You can almost ignore your anxiety brain whispering, "Uninvited guest."

Dishes are all spread out on the large dining table towards the back of the kitchen area. All the members are hanging out on the couches watching something on the TV. 

You hover for a minute, not sure if you should interrupt. However, Yoongi must have seen you out of the corner of his eye, because he said, "Oh, good timing, Y/N. The food just finished."

With that everyone else stirred and got up to go sit at the table. They were all chattering happily and goofing around with each other. Your grin grew larger as you felt like you had actually been transported into an In the Soop episode. 

Jimin pulled out a chair and waved for you to sit. Everyone kept chattering and was serving up dishes as you took your seat. 

"Sorry to make you wait on me for dinner," you said.

"Please, don't apologize. The food really had just finished up and we don't mind waiting for everyone," Jin said with a warm smile.

You spent the next several minutes focusing on the amazing food you were eating. You hadn't eaten all day, you realized, and you were starving. You just listened to chaotic joking and chattering around you as you stuffed yourself full. You ate until you really couldn't fit anymore in.

"You seemed to like it," Hobi said with a laughing, watching you stiffly lean back in your chair.

"Yes, it was all so good, thank you for the food," you said sheepishly. "I'm sorry if I ate too much."

Several of the members all loudly protested at once. 

"Have you seen Jungkook eat?" Jimin said with laugh. "You can't out-eat him."

You laughed at this. The men continue to chat and eat. You contentedly zone out, too tired to process anymore of their antics in Korean. 

You jump a little, surprised when you find Jimin has leaned in close, invading your personal space a bit. Your eyes dart around the table to see if anyone else is paying attention, but they don't seem to be. Hobi and Jin have gotten up to start cleaning dishes. The others are still finishing up eating and still chattering wildly. You look back at Jimin who is looking at you expectantly.

"Sorry, did you say something?" you murmur.

"You seem sleepy," Jimin says to you. "You want to go to bed now?"

You're having trouble processing the Korean, but that was simple enough to manage. You feel your heart squeeze. This man can read your mind and you'd be alarmed if it wasn't so damn wonderful. "Yes, please, I'm so tired."

Jimin laughs softly, "You must be tired. You're speaking in English."

"Sorry," you mutter.

Without saying another word, Jimin grabs your elbow gently to help you up out of the chair. You hear Hobi shout your name from the kitchen sink. When you look up, he just smiles and waves. "Good night, Y/N!"

Everyone else also utters goodnights as Jimin, still with one hand cupping your elbow as if worried you're going to collapse, guides you back to the guest room.

"We kept your room for you, in case you came back," Jimin says, opening the door.

"Mmm," you manage. Your brain does take a minute to let "your room" float around a bit looking for a useful place to get stored.

Jimin helps you into the bed and tucks the blanket up around your chin with a playful smile. "Sleep well, Y/N."

Your eyes are already half-closed as you see him hesitating over you.


"Mm? Did you need something else?" Jimin snaps back to hover over you.

"Mm, just thank you, Jimin," you slur out. You don't even know if you're speaking in Korean or English anymore, but you want to get this out. "Thank you. I know I can't, but I wish I could stay with you for longer."

Jimin seems frozen over the top of you as you struggle to keep your eyes open enough to see what he does next. But you find you can't and your eyes are too heavy not to close.




You wake to light streaming over your face. You feel distinctly hung over. A feat, considering you haven't had a drop of alcohol in years. You open your eyes, blinking into the bright light. The scene before you is a familiar one. You are back at your apartment. Apparently you had traveled back in your sleep.

Tears immediately prick your eyes. You felt like there was too much unsaid. You didn't even get to tell the guys about how much you loved Permission to Dance. And Jimin. You closed your eyes remembering those last moments - fuzzy from exhaustion and sleep deprivation - but you are sure you had told him you wished you could stay with him. Had he heard you? Had he understood you? What if he had responded and you didn't know because you fell asleep?

Tears were slowly falling down your cheeks now. You looked around, helpless, at your lonely, deathly silent apartment. There was a gnawing in the pit of your stomach. You missed the chatter and the warm welcome. You didn't think you'd ever need that in your life again, and yet now that you had gotten a taste, you craved more.

"Oh, Jimin," you cried faintly. You looked down at the sweater paws created by his oversized hoodie, that you were still warmly encased in. That was when you made your resolution. You had no idea how you were going to do it, but you were going to find a way to stop this traveling. But stop so that you could be in the same time and place as Jimin and the other members of BTS. 

"Even if you manage to find a way to stop this traveling," came the familiar hiss from your anxious brain, "what makes you think the Bangtan boys would actually want you?"

Chapter Text

As resolute as you were to find a way to stop the traveling, you had no idea where to start. Work started back up again and you found yourself falling back into your routines. However, instead of spending your off time zoning out and wasting away, you found yourself spending a lot more time searching the internet for similar cases to yours and watching even more BTS content - anything you could get your hands on. You did this partly to fill the void of now having had the experience of being warm and welcomed into the members' lives, but also in a strange need to make sure they were okay. It ached not being able to contact Jimin and tell him you were alright. Somehow that translated into you feeling this constant need to check in on them to make sure they were okay. Which was silly. You had seen them in the future. They were fine. In fact, they didn't even know you existed yet.

You had updated your notes with your latest travel.



1st travel ~ June 14 → sometime in future in Jimin’s hotel room

2nd travel ~ June 15 → July 22 to Jimin’s room in dorms

3rd travel ~ June 26 → July 23 to living room in dorms

4th travel - July 9 August 10 to BTS shoot, back of van

You fell into a similar bedtime routine you had had before the last time you traveled. You got ready for bed, gave Jimin's hoodie a soft squeeze, and ended the evening with your nightly Weverse post: “Will we meet again, Park Jimin?” You were back to having vivid dreams, which were becoming a nightly occurrence, where you were looking for Jimin but couldn't see him or you were trying to tell Jimin where you were but he couldn't hear you. Getting a full night's sleep was becoming increasingly difficult.

July passed by quickly. One after another, the members of BTS had live streams. First it was Namjoon, then Suga. You realized that by the time Suga was live, Jimin had already seen you in his hotel room vanishing. Then when V had his live where he just chilled listening to music, you had appeared twice in their dorm. You looked for signs from them that they had seen you or were wondering about you. But, of course, they kept their cool during their lives. It's not like they could blurt out something about a vanishing woman traveling from the past.

No, you had seen how careful with you when you were physically there. They had great concern about you being discovered. You were sure this was partly out of their kindness for you not to get in trouble, but also for themselves. It would not look good at all if some media outlet were to get hold of them harboring some kind of undocumented interloper in their home. No, they were practiced at being careful.

V's live was just a day or so after you had vanished from the garden roof of their dorm. You were no closer to finding any way to fix your traveling nor even getting any information about this happening to anyone else. If it had happened to someone else, you guessed they weren't posting about it on the internet.

That night you curled up in bed, pulling out your phone for your nightly Weverse post. As you pulled up the app, a notification came up at the same time. New tweet from BTS. You scramble to navigate to the tweet. A simple message, "Thinking of you #Jimin" and a selca of Jimin. Your cheeks burn as you look at the photo. He has the same dark hair and is wearing a white shirt with a green sweater over the top of it. He's making a finger heart with his index finger and thumb, holding it up against his cheek. He has a cute, small smile where his lips are pulled back just slightly.

You save the picture. Then you like the tweet and retweet it with the message, "I think he's thinking of me. I miss you, Park Jimin." You knew it would be just another "delulu" post by an ARMY, but you also knew there was actually a chance it was true. And you did miss him. It'd been almost two weeks since you had last seen them in person. 

You weren't even sure what you would say to them if you saw them all again. Would they accept you back again? Would they get tired of you coming and vanishing, continuously upending their lives? What if you traveled again but not to them? What if you ended up in a completely strange, unfriendly place?

You slept fitfully. You vivid dreams had turned to night terrors. After screaming into a dark void, you woke up in a cold sweat. You were starting to think maybe finding a way to curtail the night terrors might begin to take priority over trying to solve the problem of traveling. Although, you had suspicions that they were related, since they started about the same time.




The next day was Sunday and you were exhausted. You had to get ready for the work week again and your apartment desperately needed cleaning. You somehow found the energy within you to get everything done, even though you moved slowly and it took you all day. By the time evening rolled around, you were dragging. When you got in bed, you saw that Hobi had gone live while you were cleaning. So, you decided to put him on while you drifted off to sleep. The last things you saw before going to sleep were Hobi dancing in the large new gym at the Hybe building.




You woke to a loud bang. It was pitch dark, but you had definitely traveled. You weren't in a bed anymore, it felt like a small couch maybe. Pleather. The air had a strange smell to it that you couldn't place. Not quite musty, but definitely not like a typical living space. 

It was quiet. Very quiet. Your ears strained and you think maybe it's the low hum of electronics, but that's it. 

As your eyes adjusted to the blackness, you spotted a small green light glowing off to your left. To your right, on what you were guessing was a wall, was the glow of a small orange rectangle. You were thinking maybe it was indicating a power outlet or, you hoped, a light switch.

Slowly, crawling along the ground, arms stretched out in front of you, you made your way towards the orange light. The ground was some kind of smooth tile or concrete maybe. It was cold.

Your hand hit a wall below the orange glow. You slid your hand up toward the orange light and were ecstatic to find there was a switch. You flip it on and squeeze your eyes shut for the blinding light that comes on from overhead. 

After a few moments, your eyes adjust and you can look around the space. You see the black leather couch, which is actually shaped in an "L," you had just crawled from. There was a desk with computer monitors and midi outputs stacked straight across the room. Along the wall opposite the couch were wooden shelves with colorful bear statues and other small things on them. The walls were orange. And you could see now the floor was actually wooden.

This was definitely J-Hope's studio. You had landed in J-Hope's studio. 

"Ah, the live, I was watching the live before I fell asleep," you said out loud. 

You looked back at the door to the exit of the studio, which was covered in a beaded curtain. You thought to yourself, "I can't just leave. I'd just set off all the security systems."

You felt in your pants pocket for your phone and pulled it out. Swiping it open, you immediately turned off your mobile data. You looked at it forlornly. You didn't have anyone's contact numbers anyway, so it's not like data in Korea would do you any good.

You decided to just poke your head out of the studio door and confirm you were in the Hybe building. Pushing the door slowly open a crack you just peek your head out around to look down the hallway. It was dark and empty with only emergency running lights on. This was potentially going to be another long night.

You go back into the studio, quietly shutting the door behind you. You walk over to Hobi's desk and turn on the small lamp. You then go back and turn off the bright overhead light. You sit down in Hobi's desk chair and look at the contents of his desk. You contemplate trying to turn on the computer and see if there is a way to message anyone. Would he have a password? Probably. 

You wander a bit and sit on the couch for a while. You were having dizzy spells again, which you were thinking were definitely a result of the traveling.

You decide you can't just wait around for something to happen to you. You needed to take some control back in this adventure. So, you go sit back down at Hobi's computer. You press the space bar on the keyboard and the computer immediately whirs into life. You hold your breath as the start screens flash by. And as if someone is smiling down on you, the desktop appears without any password required. It's a mess. There are files everywhere. But you don't even care about that, you look for a browser or something that might indicate an email client.

You finally find an email icon and click. It pulls up what looks like J-Hope's work email. You immediately go to the compose email button and search his contacts to find the other six members. Once you've got what looks like the members of BTS, you compose a message:


Hi, this is Y/N. I am currently trapped in J-Hope's studio. Could someone possibly find time to get me out? Thanks. -Y/N

You stare at the message. Should you be more cryptic? What if the wrong person sees it? Then you think, "Well, it'll be worse if no one sees it and then I'm stuck here until security finds me or Hobi decides to come back to his studio."

You close the email down again because you really don't have an interest in invading Hobi's privacy. You also think to yourself that you don't want to accidentally spoil anything for yourself. You see the time on the computer says 2am. It could easily be a few hours before anyone even checks their email, let alone can come and rescue you. You look at the couch and think maybe you can get a bit more sleep while you wait.

So, you settle yourself back down on the couch and pull a blanket you found over you. You pull up your phone and find your comfort Bangtan playlist that you had downloaded and hit play. You can feel a tense coil in your chest that you didn't even know was there, start to unwind. They will come eventually and they will take care of you. They had proven themselves both reliable and careful. So you listen to your playlist and snuggle deeper under the blanket. And you wait.

Chapter Text

You slept deeply because, you assumed, of the exhaustion of traveling. You woke sometime later to the sound of a keypad beeping. Groggy, you open your eyes as the door opens and Hobi comes rushing through the beaded curtain. 

"Y/N! Are you okay?" he asks with a look of worry creasing his brow. He quickly crosses the room to kneel directly in front of you. His eyes search up and down to make sure you are in one piece. "I worried about you being trapped in here all alone."

You check yourself over as you pull yourself up to a sitting position. You look give Hobi a glance that you hope is somewhat reassuring and then glance behind him at Yoongi, who is hovering watching you carefully. "I'm okay," you say as you pat yourself. "I might just be a little cold is all."

"You sure?" Hobi asks again as if he didn't believe you. 

"She said she's fine, Hobi," Yoongi says kindly, patting the younger member's shoulder. "Let's get out of here before people start coming into the building."

"If you're sure," Hobi says uncertainly. He watches you as he comes to a stand.

You nod your head and Hobi tentatively reaches a hand out to you to help you up. When he grips yours, it's warm and strong. He helps you come to a stand and you hold up your other hand to pause. You want to make sure you're going to be able to stay upright in front of them this time. But you feel okay. Not dizzy like have been in the past after traveling. Maybe sleeping is the key to restore equilibrium. You nod again, lowering your hand in a gesture that you're ready to go.

Hobi gives you another glance and nods. "We are going to walk down the hall to the elevator. It's still very early, so the only ones here right now are the security and cleaning crew. If we just act normal and walk deliberately out of the building, we shouldn't have any issues. Just Yoongi hyung and I working late with a collaborator."

You glance between Hobi and Yoongi. This all seemed very "secret ops", but you decided to just trust they knew their own company best. You nod that you understand.

"We'll be going straight down to the garage where Jimin is waiting with a car," Yoongi says. "We shouldn't run into anyone except the security at the door."

"Okay, I'm ready," you say.

Hobi let's go of your hand, which you had forgotten he was holding, and walks toward the door. You follow and Yoongi comes up from behind you. You step out into the empty hallway. The door to Hobi's studio closes with a tight thud as you start walking down the hallway towards what looks like a bank of elevators.

The whole building was dark and quiet. You always liked this time of day, when most people were still tucked away at home and the world was still. You used to do all your writing at the research lab during these hours. No disturbance. You'd never really thought about how lonely it seemed though, until this moment walking with two members of BTS leading the way. They really had been the filler in your life, you realized and now they were here in front of you and you realized exactly how empty things had been for you.

When you reach the elevators, Yoongi punches the button and you all wait. Hobi shifts nervously from foot to foot.

"Should I be worried?" you ask, eyeing Hobi's demeanor.

"No, no, not at all," Yoongi says reassuredly. "I don't really know why he's being anxious about this. What are they going to do us if they find us here like this, Hobi? Hmm?"

"I know, I know." Hobi says, his eyes shifting.

You look at him curiously. Maybe this isn't nerves he's feeling, but something else? You don't have time to give it more thought because at that moment the elevator dings and the doors in front of you slide open. Inside is a middle-age woman in a grey business suit, holding a black briefcase.

Yoongi and Hobi bob their heads to her as they entering the elevator and you follow suit. The two men situate themselves so they are in the middle of the elevator car, essentially blocking all view of you from the woman without making it look like that's what they were doing.

"You're here early, pd-nim," Yoongi says with another nod.

"Oh, yes, I had an idea for a song I wanted to come figure out before I lost it. We're getting really close to TXT's new album wrapping up, you know," you heard the woman's voice say. 

Yoongi hummed his general agreements with the woman's statements. 

After what felt like forever, the elevator stopped at the first floor and the woman got off. You watched as the elevator doors shut again and elevator moved on to the underground levels. When it opened again on L2, you followed Yoongi and Hobi, who had adorned white facemasks in the last floor of the descent, as they walked past a security guard stationed outside the elevators. He simply nods at your group as you pass by. You went around the corner made by the bank of elevators in the parking garage and walked towards a large black SUV with tinted windows.

Jimin got out of the driver's seat and came jogging around the car towards you. He was in all black sweats, top and bottom, black beanie, and black facemask. As you all approach the SUV, he stops in front of you and glances at you up and down. 

"Are you okay?" he asks. His voice is clearly laced with worry.

"Yes, I'm okay," you reassure him. Why were they all so worried about you?

"I'll drive," Yoongi says and holds his hand out to Jimin. Jimin immediately hands him the keys and goes to the back door of the SUV closes to you.

As Jimin holds open the door of the car for you, Yoongi and Hobi head towards and get in their respective front seats. You climb in past Jimin into the SUV and climb over to the further seat so Jimin doesn't have to go around the car again. He climbs up and settles as you find your seatbelt and click it.

Yoongi pulls the SUV around the garage and eventually finds his way to the security gate. He rolls his window down and keys himself out with a card and punches in a code. As the gate opens, he pulls out onto the quiet streets of Seoul in the pre-dawn hours. Street lights still lit up as the sun was making its lazy way into the day.

You feel the heat of eyes on you, so you turn to find Jimin watching you. You give him a tight smile.

"So," he starts. "You're okay?"

"Yes," you emphasize. "I'm fine. A little tired, a little cold, but otherwise fine."

He nods. "See, Hobi hyung, she's fine. You can relax."

Your eyes go to the front seat. You see Hobi looking out the window and shrug.

"Hobi hyung was worrying because you were trapped in his studio all night," Jimin explains. "He feels responsible. He had probably just left when you arrived."

"Ah, I don't blame you," you say. "Also, I'm really sorry, I don't even know how to address you. I feel like I should call you something other than J-Hope."

He turns back to you then, smiling his bright sunshine smile. "You can just call me Hobi. That's fine. I really am sorry you were stuck in there all night. Thank goodness I didn't bother to put a password on my computer, even though everyone is always telling me to."

"I did enjoy the very James Bond rescue mission though, thank you for coming to get me, all of you," you say, feeling the tinge of embarrassment at continually needing their help.

You comment made laughter spring up from everyone in the car. Yoongi gave you a gummy smile from the rearview mirror. You try to enjoy these moments, stuffing your anxiety and embarrassment and guilt away.

"Okay with going back to the dorm?" Yoongi asks.

"Yes, that's fine with me, again if it's not an imposition," you say.

"When you are in Korea," Jimin says with emphasis, "you are our guest. You are not a burden to us. You are welcome anytime you want to come."

You nod mutely, seeing the fire in his eyes. 

You all sit in silence for a few minutes. You look over to Jimin, as you can feel eyes on you again. He's looking at you softly, like he's thinking about something. When he notices you noticing him, he smiles. He asks, "Are you hungry? Should we make some breakfast when we get back? Or do you want to sleep some more?"

You think, stretching your arms out in front of you, testing yourself to see how your body feels. "Hmm, I'm not very hungry yet? I had a big dinner before I went to sleep, back home. I don't really know how long ago that actually was. What time is it now?"

You wonder how long you were actually in Hobi's studio before your rescue. Jimin pulls out his phone from his sweatshirt pocket and says, "It's just past 5."

"Mm," you murmur that you heard him. You really can't remember whether you slept much at all and feel like maybe you should be feeling more tired. Perhaps it was the adrenaline from everything happening.

"We'll be back to the dorm in a few minutes," Jimin informs you.




Back in the dorms it's quiet. They've told you that everyone was probably still asleep. They were having a rare long weekend off, which had just started yesterday. Everyone had stayed up to play games and hang out. Therefore, most of them had actually still been awake, with Jin having just checked his email before he went off to bed. Yoongi and Hobi had said their goodnights to you quickly before escaping off to their bedrooms down the hall. 

This left you and Jimin in the front hallway. After a couple beats of awkward silence, he finally said, "Shall we just watch some TV?"

You nod quickly, thankful for the distracting suggestion. You weren't sure why all of the sudden you were feeling a bit awkward, but you were. There was an undercurrent of anxiety pulling at your navel, threatening to get louder if you let it.

You settled on the couch next to Jimin, allowing there to be enough space between you so that you had respectful distance, but not so much that you looked like you were trying to avoid him. You realized immediately you were overthinking things.

As Jimin flips on the TV and pulls out his phone to find something to put on, you try to reel in your anxious thoughts. Your brain is spiraling and you know it. You realize that you are possibly a lot more tired than you had first assessed. 

"Any requests?" Jimin asks, still scrolling on his phone.

"Mm, no, not really," you say. 

Jimin pops some drama on the TV and leans back, his arms outstretched across the back of the couch. The arm behind you is not quite touching you, but you can feel the warmth radiating off his body. You find yourself desperately wanting to lean into him. You remembered the car ride when you had accidentally slept on his shoulder. How you both lingered there after you had woken. You ached for that again. Was that just the physical ache of loneliness and a want of human connection? What was it about Jimin in particular that made you want to be so completely reckless? You were also desperate to not scare him away or get yourself banished from this home that had welcomed you so warmly.

"Hey, Y/N?" Jimin said, making you jump. 

Looking over at him, you find him looking at you. He continues, "Are you okay?"

"What? Me? Yes, I'm fine," you say, perhaps a little too quickly.

"You just," he says and pauses. "You just seem a little tense."

"Oh," noticing yourself sitting up rigidly on the couch, hands gripping knees, shoulders slightly raised. "Oh, sorry."

"No, no, don't apologize. But is there something wrong? Am I making you uncomfortable? I can leave you alone, if you would rather."

"Oh, no, no," you wave your hands at him quickly. "No, please stay."

"Okay," he says as he eyes you worriedly. "Just tell me if there's anything I can do, including leaving you alone, if you need."

"No, no," you say again. You swallow, trying to ignore the panic that is now roiling in your stomach. "I just..."

Jimin waits expectantly. His eyebrows are slightly raised in anticipation.

"No, never mind, it's, no," you say quickly. "Let's just watch the program."

"Y/N, please," Jimin says. The way he says "please" makes you turn back and look at him. He's radiating a kindness that cuts away some of the anxiety.

You take a deep breath. "I just, was hoping..."

More silence as you fight to quell the anxiety that is churning your stomach into nausea. Jimin waits, eyes now soft.

"I just, was hoping I could just rest my head," you draw another ragged breath. You can't finish your sentence and just point weakly to Jimin's shoulder.

His eyes widen in surprise and he smiles warmly. "Of course!"

Moving slowly, as if he's afraid of startling you, he takes the arm that was resting behind you on the couch and gently pulls at your shoulder to nudge you closer to him. Slowly, gently he pulls you in so you are leaning with your head resting on his shoulder. He leaves his arm wrapped around you.

He turns his head and speaks quietly into the top of your head, which makes it almost feel like he's kissing you softly. "Is this okay?"

Afraid of your voice, you just nod faintly. You can already feel your muscles relax as you settle into his side. His hand that is resting on your upper arm is very lightly moving back and forth in a comforting way. You shut your eyes.

"Hey, Y/N," Jimin says softly. "Thank you for coming back to me."

You feel tears prick the back of your shut eyelids. You turn your head slightly into his shoulder, burying half your face in his sweatshirt. You think to yourself, "Please, let me stay."

Chapter Text

As you relaxed into Jimin's side, you felt yourself enveloped easily in his warmth. You were tired, you knew this, and this made your brain work overtime. Keeping your eyes shut, you had to will yourself to focus on your breathing, Jimin's breathing, your heartbeat, Jimin's heartbeat. In and out. In and out. 

Jimin seemed to be as relaxed as you felt, calmly leaning back against the cushions of the couch, watching whatever was on the TV. One arm still wrapped around you, his hand brushing small circles in your upper arm lightly. The other hand was rest on his thigh, phone in hand to control the TV. His breathing was steady, his heartbeat slow. 

You worried he was way too calm. Was it everyday that he had a person in the dorm like this? Was it normal for him to just embrace strangers? What did this mean? Why did you ask for this in the first place? Why were you so drawn to him? Why did this feel so right? Surely, surely that meant it was wrong. You weren't even really here. Not really. You were from another place, a different time. He was an idol. From Korea. He was a member of BTS. You were never going to be a part of his world. No, this was just a nice moment, nothing to get attached to. He was just being nice. You had fallen out of the sky. Like a novelty. Or a damsel in distress. They were all just being nice because they were nice people. This was not a long-term thing. No, stop worrying, just enjoy the moment. You get to be here in this moment with Park Jimin. Enjoy it, Y/N. But what-

"Hey, Y/N," Jimin spoke softly, interrupting your thoughts. "Are you okay?"

"Mmm," you try to sound convincing. "You all ask that question a lot."

You were hoping to break the tension, get him a chuckle. But instead, Jimin went very still, as if frozen.

This made you tilt your head from his shoulder so that you could see his face. You were surprised he was looking back at you, eyes thoughtful, and his lips only a moment away from yours. 

"I ask," he says slowly and so softly, you can only hear because you are so close to him, "because you don't seem okay."

"Oh," you say just as softly. This was not what you were expecting. Your eyes look into his searching ones.

"I ask because I am worried about you. I want you to be okay."

"Oh," is all you can say again. You could feel heat building behind your eyes. You were not going to break down crying in front of Jimin today. No, that was not an option.

"How can I help you be okay?" he asks gently. 

Nope, you can't hold back the tears anymore. The first drops fall slowly down your cheeks. Damn it.

Jimin takes his free hand and reaches up, wiping one cheek and then the other. He gently brushes away your tears, eyes never leaving yours.

"Fuck," you say as the tears start falling more steadily now. 

A small half grin crosses Jimin's face, but the warmth and kindness never leaves his eyes. "Do you want to tell me why you're crying? You don't have to, but I'll listen if you want to."

You take a deep breath. "I was just worried that none of this is real. Or that it is real, but that I won't be able to stay. And I just, I just don't want to go back to that emptiness."

You pause to check Jimin's face. He just looked warm and worried, but not repulsed. His hand was still at your cheek, gently stroking away tears as they fell. His skin against yours was warm and tingled with that electricity you had felt when you had first met. 

You decide to continue, "I admit my life, the one I keep traveling away from, isn't really all that great. It's not horrible, don't get me wrong. But I'm not happy. I'm lonely. So lonely. Work is not what I was expecting it to be. And I just, I have spent time with you all here, and it's made me fully see just how empty my life is. Not just empty. But what am I really contributing? What do I even have to offer right now. My life, I- I am just a shell of a person. Not really living, just letting time pass by."

You feel the slightest tremor from Jimin and you can see that his eyes are glossy with potential tears. Was he tearful? You say, "I didn't mean to upset you."

"I'm just sad for your loneliness," he says. "No one should ever feel alone like that. You shouldn't feel like you're not valuable. I'm sad that you feel this way and that we might be a source of pain for you."

"Oh, no," you try to recover the conversation quickly. You notice you had stopped crying. You'll give him some points for being completely distracting. "No, Jimin, please. I just, I know this is probably all in my head. You've all just been so nice to me. You've been so nice to me. I know you're just a kind person. I know I'm ARMY and you probably want to be good to me because of that. I just, I feel a connection. A connection, to you. Like there's something here, between us. It's the best thing I've felt in a long time. Like I'm whole again without realizing I wasn't before. And I don't want to lose it. I fully recognize I am crazy."

While you were rambling, Jimin's hand that was caressing your cheek had slowed down. He leaned forward, closing the gap between the two of you. You could feel his hot breath against your face. You could feel an electricity buzzing off his skin as it came closer to yours. It was as if you could feel him before he was touching you, like he has a forcefield around him that was vibrating in tune with your own. Then, his lips brushed yours, almost imperceptibly. He pulled away slightly and said, "You aren't crazy, Y/N."

You felt the absence of his energy, his electricity immediately. You wanted it back desperately. But you just sit there looking at him for a moment. Soaking in everything that was just spoken and everything that had happened. You were positive now your brain was glitching out. Jimin smile sweetly and pulled you back down towards him so you were leaning your head against his shoulder again. He goes back to drawing slow circles with his fingers tips on your upper arm. With his other hand he reached across himself and took your hand in his.

"It's okay to rest now, Y/N," Jimin says, still softly. He kisses the top of your head lightly and doesn't move as he speaks the next words. "Even if you end up disappearing back to your home, I will find you. I promise. I promise that we will find a way to stop your time traveling and we will be in the same time and place for good. I promise you aren't going to be alone anymore."

With the hand that Jimin is holding in his palm, you take your fingers and entwine them together with his. You turn your face and shoulder to allow you to bury yourself into his chest. Rather than the feeling of buzzing electricity you had felt moments ago, the vibrations had slowed to a calm warmth that enveloped you both. You settle down there and finally feel your brain get fuzzy with sleep. You felt warm and you felt protected. You find yourself falling deeply asleep listening to the rhythm of Jimin's heartbeat and feeling the gentle rise and fall of his chest with his breaths.




You woke up with a start, feeling like you were late to something or were meant to be doing something. You jerk to a sitting position and look around wildly. Where were you? The sun was bright in the room now. You looked down to where you had been leaning and Jimin was half sitting, half laying backward against the couch cushions, head over the back of the cough, sound asleep. His arms fell away from you as you had sat up. You were still in BTS's dorm. You hadn't traveled yet. Was this the longest you had been able to stay in Korea?

Sensing you missing, Jimin began to stir, rubbing at his eyes tiredly. He said groggily, "What time is it?"

"I don't know, I just woke up," you say, sounding pretty hoarse yourself. You feel around for your phone and pull it out. Clicking it on, nothing happened. Probably dead battery.

"Mmm, well, are you still tired? We could sleep some more? Or I could order breakfast. Are you hungry?" Jimin was mumbling, clearly still at least half asleep. 

You can't help but laugh under your breath. Could he be more adorable? "I think you need to sleep more and I wouldn't mind a bit more rest. My head hurts a bit."

Jimin's eyes open a bit wider upon hearing that. "Your head hurts?"

Your cheeks flush in embarrassment, "Probably just from the crying."

"Oh," Jimin said, a flash of pain crossing his face. "How about you lay down in bed? Your room is still ready for you."

"My room," you said softly.

"Yeah, your room. We haven't touched anything," Jimin nodded, seemingly not understanding the impact of his words.

"Alright, that sounds good," you agree.

You stretch out your hand to him as an offer to help him up off the couch. He grins and takes your hand. When he comes to standing, instead of releasing your hand, he pulls it around so that your arm is tucked into his, hands still tightly clasped together. Then he walks with you down thought the quiet house towards the guest room. Your room.

You pull back the comforter and slide under onto the cool sheets.

"Can I get your anything else?" Jimin asks. 

"Are you going back to sleep now?" you ask, looking up at him.

"Mm, yes, I really could use a couple more hours of sleep," he says rubbing a hand absently on the back of his neck.

"Maybe," you say and hesitate.

"Maybe?" Jimin asks, tilting his head to one side, curious.

You swallow. Where is this weird impulsive bravery coming from? And why does it vanish just as soon as it arrives? "Maybe, you'd like to, just, sleep here?"

You can feel your face burning as Jimin's mouth hangs open in surprise. You quickly add, "Just sleep, sleeping."

"Are you sure?" he asks, face still fixed in surprise.

You simply nod and scoot yourself over so there is room for him on the mattress.

After pausing for another moment, as if waiting for you to change your mind, he takes two big steps to the door to shut it, then bounds back, kicks off his slippers and crawls under the comforter next to you. He immediately wraps an arm over the top of you and your warm envelope of energy is back.

"Is this okay?" he asks, searching your face.

"More than okay," you say quietly. 

Jimin leans forward and places a gentle kiss on your forehead. "Rest well, Y/N."

"Rest well, Jimin."

Chapter Text

Jimin shut his eyes immediately and it didn't take long for his breathing to slow and for you to be sure he was quite soundly asleep. Of course the second you had offered to nap with him and he had agreed, you were wide awake. So, there you lay, watching Jimin sleep peacefully, his arm still draped around your waist.

You decided to take this moment to really be in the moment, as some therapist in the distant past had recommended to you. First you let yourself notice everything you can about Jimin, sleeping in front of you. You tried to slow your breathing to match Jimin's pace in the hopes this might make you feel sleepy. His dark hair looked so soft in this light. It was long and fell partially in front of his face, covering one of his closed eyes. He was still wearing the black sweatshirt he had had on when they had come to the Hybe building for their pre-dawn rescue. You could feel the weight of his arm as it rested across your side. It wasn't too heavy, more comfortable, like a weighted blanket might be. 

Importantly, that connection seemed to be enough to cause that comforting electrical warmth to envelope you both. It was as if you were wrapped in a fuzzy, invisible cocoon. Or a forcefield for just the two of you. You spent a few minutes really noticing the feeling. It was like nothing you had ever felt. You wondered if you should ask Jimin about it. Did he feel it too? Was it something to do with your traveling? Or a result of your traveling? Or was it something else?

You also wondered why you felt so comfortable here, like this, with Jimin. By all rights, you should be terrified or at least awkward. Okay, you acknowledge you have had a good share of awkwardness and embarrassing experiences since first arriving here. Your face burned at the memory of it. And yet, here you were, like this, with Jimin.

You moved to noticing yourself and your own body. Your head did still hurt. It was a dull ache, almost the kind of pain you could just ignore. You notice your breathing again. It was still matching Jimin's. You noticed the weight of his arm on your side again. You shut yours eyes for a minute noticing the rest of you. There was a weight of the comforter over you. There was the warmth of the electric field. And there was an ache of tiredness deep in your bones.

You stopped to notice that some more. Was that always there? You had certainly been burnt out and exhausted for a long time. This was something different though. It was a physical ache down your limbs and through your spine. It was a kind of exhaustion you might feel if you were ill with the flu, perhaps. A niggling thought started in the back of your mind. Maybe this traveling wasn't good for you. Perhaps, physically, this was doing something more to your body than you had originally thought. 

You decided to file that worry away to chew over later and not let it ruin this moment. But you would definitely have to address it at some point.

You go back to watching Jimin and matching his breathing, after yours had sped up in your panic. As you matched his breathing, you felt your eyes finally getting heavy. Perhaps you could snag an hour of sleep, after all.




You woke up groggily, definitely feeling like you had just had a nap and still needed several more hours of sleep. The first thing you noticed, before you opened your eyes, was that the warm electricity was gone, as was Jimin's arm. You couldn't hear his breathing either. You suddenly didn't want to open your eyes or wake up fully. He wasn't here and that probably meant you had traveled again.

You slowly opened your eyes and sure enough, the scenery had changed. You were back in your own bed. The apartment was quiet. There was an electronic hum from somewhere. 

A weight settled on your chest. As you sat up, the room spun a little bit. The dizziness was definitely proving to be a norm with this traveling. You take a deep breath and slide to the edge of the bed. You wobble your way to the bathroom where you splash water on your face.

Looking in the mirror, you look like you feel - haggard. There are dark circles under your eyes. You look like you haven't slept in days. You do a quick mental check over of your body. That dull ache you had noticed in your bones was still there, perhaps a bit stronger now. The dizziness was the most distressing symptom so far simply because it was hard to function - or even move around - while the world was spinning. The ache and tiredness, however, were probably more worrying in reality. They meant something bigger was going on with your body.

You slowly make your way back to the bedroom and to your bed, where you collapse onto the mattress. You fumble around for your phone, which was still in your pocket. You then remember it was dead. You roll over and reach for the cord to plug it in.

All of that in addition to the trip to the bathroom proved to be a hero's effort. You were spent. You hoped that it was still night time or some time of day that meant you weren't missing work. You couldn't even properly remember what time it had been when you had traveled in the first place or what time you were coming back to. 

It didn't matter. You would worry about that after some sleep. You would get your bearings after you had slept.

The fog in your brain descended to your eyelids and you lay yourself back onto your pillow. In your spent exhaustion a single tear rolled from your eye down your cheek. Not caring about anything else, you slept.




When you awake, you were disoriented. You have no idea how long you had been sleeping for or even what country you were in. Your head felt like it was splitting open. You open your eyes blearily and cast them about to try to get a clue about where you were and when you were.

"Oh, yes," you thought through the shooting pain in your skull. "Oh, yes, I traveled back home. I'm home now."

Slowly you slide yourself over and sit up at the edge of your bed. After a several minutes of the room spinning like one of those rides at the carnival, it was still enough to for you to walk a snail's pace towards the kitchen. As you go, you register that the apartment is dark but there is some dull light outside. Dawn or dusk, you weren't sure which.

In the kitchen, you pour yourself a large glass of water and chug it. After catching your breath, you do the same again. 

You stand for a minute, clutching at the edges of the counter as the room spins a bit more. As you stand, you can feel the hydration hitting your system and some of the pain in your head subsides.  After a few more minutes, you chug one more glass of water.

After some time, you find the room has settled down a bit and you feel like you stand upright without immediately falling over. You make your way back to your bedroom for your phone. You needed to at least figure out what day it is, maybe the time would help as well, but you had no memory of the date.

The phone powered on and you sat gingerly back down on the edge of the bed while you waited for it to boot. After it powered back on, you saw the date was July 26th, going on into evening now. You pull open Twitter. Hobi had done a live last night. "Ah, that's right, he danced with us at the new Hybe building. He took us to the bathroom," you said aloud. "Ohh, I had watched his live before falling asleep. That's why I landed in his studio. I really must have just missed him.

You pulled open your notes about travel. 


1st travel ~ June 14 → sometime in future in Jimin’s hotel room

2nd travel ~ June 15 → July 22 to Jimin’s room in dorms

3rd travel ~ June 26 → July 23 to living room in dorms

4th travel - July 9 August 10 to BTS shoot, back of van

5th travel - July 26th → ??? Hobi's Studio

You realized as you added the new entry, you didn't actually remember the date you had traveled to. Clearly, it was after August 10th. That's all you had for information. You had been on Hobi's computer, but your mind was too fuzzy to recall seeing a date. You stare blankly at your notes in the hopes they would reveal some kind of clues to you. None appeared.

If it was the 26th, you probably missed work today. It's not that you had to strictly be there, no one would miss you if you "worked from home," but it still felt weird. You felt truant somehow, even though you could probably argue that were entirely not well today. That much would be true. The time and space travel, on the other hand, would be harder to explain.

You decide to try to get yourself together enough so that tomorrow you could start trying to tackle how to get a handle on this whole traveling thing. Jimin said he would help, but he was in the future. You also, once again, failed to get a way of contacting him. You wondered if the Jimin that was here, while you were here on your side of the world, in your own time, was the same one you had been spending time with when you traveled. What if it was some kind of alternate dimension. You wouldn't know that until you could try to contact him while you were here. He didn't say anything about you contacting him. Does that mean you couldn't? Or does that mean he's not the same Jimin?

You rub your temple, the aching in your head was becoming more pronounced. You decide you need a hot shower and to try to get a real night's sleep. You would tackle these mind-bending problems tomorrow.

After your shower, which did alleviate much of the aching in your body, you curled up into bed. You think for a minute and then shoot off an email to your boss to tell them you would be working from home for the foreseeable future. Covid concerns and all that. That would at least get you a little wiggle room for both whatever was physically going on with your body and the traveling.

The email sent, you scroll through ARMY Twitter for a while as you feel your body relaxing into the mattress. The ache is still there but it has definitely subsided since the water and the hot shower. You scroll through BTS's Twitter feed and wonder again how you might get in touch with Jimin or any of the guys. They make it practically impossible for a reason. 

Finally, as you felt your eyes getting heavy, you log into Weverse and leave your nightly message, "Will we meet again, Park Jimin?” but tonight you added a second line, "I miss you."

Chapter Text

Time passed achingly slowly. You did your best to catch up and then get ahead of work. You wanted to be prepared for anything unexpected that might happen. You found yourself prepping in other ways too. You started cooking for yourself again, cracking open recipe books that you hadn't touched since she was living at home. You thought that if your body was being impacted by the travel, getting ahead of it by trying to be healthy in between was the best you could do.

You tried to resume normal ARMY activities too. But your heart just wasn't the same. You were ecstatic and enthralled by every BTS live and every drop, but your interactions with ARMY felt different. It wasn't that you didn't feel like ARMY anymore. On the contrary, you had never felt more ARMY in your life. But your experiences and knowing that possibly there was a real life Jimin out there that was thinking of you - it really changed how you approached, well, everything.

Without your hours on ARMY social media, it was easier to focus on work and cooking and getting a little bit of working out in. Emphasis on "a little bit" with the workouts. You weren't perfect.

A couple of weeks passed. The nightmares were returning and sleeping well was getting more difficult. They were always the same theme. You were in the dark or there was some other obstruction to your vision, like fog. You were somewhere unfamiliar, yet familiar, such as a field, an ocean, a forest. And you were alone and lost. You sometimes could hear Jimin calling to you, but could find him. Sometimes you could scream. Sometimes you couldn't make any sound. In the end, no matter the content, you found yourself awake, terrified, and alone. You found you were going to sleep earlier and waking up later to make up for the loss of sleep. Of course, you also found yourself trying to settle your anxiety before bed, too. Often with a visit to Weverse, a scroll through the latest content, and you normal message to Jimin, "Will we meet again, Park Jimin? I miss you." 

That's how you found yourself lying in bed at 8pm in early August getting ready to tuck in for the day. Your phone buzzed. You slowly pulled up your phone, not expecting much. But it was Vlive. You jolt sitting up in bed (your normal reaction anytime the Vlive notification pops up on your phone). As the app loads, you look at the time again. It would be noon in Korea. Wait, noon in Korea. You pull down the top menu to see the date. What day had you ended up in the back of the van after Jimin's live? That was in the middle of the day, wasn't it?

As Vlive finally loads, sure enough, there is Jimin in the familiar van. You had spent hours sitting in that van. Or, rather, you WOULD be spending hours in that van in another 45 minutes or so. You shook your head trying not to think about it too deeply. Trying to work out how you were in two places at once and both with Jimin and not with Jimin was too much for your brain, probably ever.

You settled back into the pillow and watched the live. There he was, right now, chatting with ARMY. You felt like you could reach out and touch him, and yet, here you were across a vast ocean. You could get on a plane to Korea right now. And what? Where would you even go? You laugh at how ridiculous this all was.

As Jimin wrapped up the live, you strained your eyes towards the backseat of the van. He tilts the camera as he closes, but it never really show the seat, where you are probably laying already. Honestly, you're relieved there's no trace of you as that would lead to the ARMY sleuths looking for you. 

You pull up Weverse and leave your normal message. You think for a minute, then add to the message with a smirk, "I finally saw your live today. I imagine we are chatting now. Please someone check their email your next long weekend."

Before you can think too deeply, you hit send and put your phone in your pocket. You smile to yourself as you close your eyes. You know the odds of any of the members seeing that message were already very low, but you'd like to think maybe the reason you were rescued so quickly was because you told them to check their email.




The next couple of days are fairly uneventful except for the continued nightmares, which were making you more and more tired. Friday finally rolled around and you were looking forward to putting something in the slow cooker and just curling up with a book for the duration.

That evening, house smelling like chicken soup, you were snuggled under your covers posting your nightly Weverse post. Putting your phone in your pocket, you closed your eyes and tried to will your body to sleep. The anxiety about the nightmares was getting pretty intense. After a few minutes, you sigh and pull your phone back out again. You're not going to sleep, it seems.

You're surprised to see a Weverse notification. Did you not feel the vibration of the notification? You pull it open and your phone is a wall of Weverse notifications. "What the fuck?"

It's flooded with notifications from people saying things like "I miss you" and "I love you." Perplexed, you open your Weverse app back up with a, "What the actual fuck?"

A member had commented on your post. You were getting all the notifications from everyone else replying to them. It was the only explanation. You pull up your post. And there it is. Park Jimin, "I miss you too. Hopefully I will see you soon."

Your jaw falls open. "Has he lost his mind?"

You hear a buzzing in your ears as your mind goes blank. The amount of traffic on your Weverse right now has rendered the app useless, so you close it. 

Without thinking you flick open your Twitter. A few ARMY friends have messaged you after seeing your Weverse post. You closed the app again. This was too much. 

You laid back down, but your heart was pounding. How did he know that was your post? Had he seen them before? Was it a coincidence? Maybe he didn't know it was your post at all. Maybe it was just complete luck that had him replying to you. 

You think about the last time you traveled. You didn't know what weekend you had visited them. Was it now? Maybe you had just left and he was missing you? Was that even possible? He said he would find you, help you. He said you wouldn't feel alone anymore.

You looked around your dark apartment, no sounds but a fan blowing from the window. You're pretty sure this was the most alone you had ever felt. And now you couldn't even go onto Twitter or Weverse without being reminded of exactly how alone you were and exactly what you didn't have in your life right now.

For a fleeting moment, you wondered if you were mad at Jimin. But no, this was just despair and frustration of your own making. You had set your life up like this. You had made sure you were this alone. No, no. That wasn't true either. Life just happens sometimes and it can be hard. This wasn't your fault. If anything you should perhaps be grateful for all of this to make you realize that maybe you needed to reevaluate your priorities in life.

You eventually get out of bed and heat a cup of milk for yourself. You knew, with how much trouble you'd been having sleeping, you'd eventually pass out. But until then, you'd get some work done.




Early the next day you awake to your phone buzzing. Phone call? You pull it out, eyes puffy and squinting trying to make out the caller ID. Unknown number. You normally wouldn't pick up such a call, but you had a weird feeling. So, still half asleep, you answer.

"Hello?" you say.

A deep, slightly gruff sounding voice was on the other end, "L/N Y/N?"

"Yes? Who's calling?" you start thinking this was a bad idea. You tense, ready to hang up the call.

"Please wait while I connect you," the voice says curtly.

"Who is this? Who are you connecting me to?" you say as the line clicks and goes quiet. 

You pull the phone away to hit the end button when a familiar voice comes on from the speaker. "Y/N?"

You slam the phone back up against your ear. You shout, possibly too loudly for his poor ear on the other end, "Jimin?"

"Oh, it is you, Y/N," says a relieved sounding Jimin. "I was worried they had gotten the wrong person. That would have been weird."

"How? What? How?" you say as you're trying to piece together a coherent thought.

You can hear Jimin chuckle, "Well, they dialed your number, you answered, they transferred the call to my phone, and then I said 'hello' is mostly the what and how."

You were not in the mood. "Okay, but how did you get my number?"

"Oh, well, I had someone track it down. It was not easy since I apparently don't know enough important things about you. I've been trying to find you since the beginning of July."

Your mouth hangs open in shock. You don't even know what to address first. All you can manage is, "The beginning of July."

"Yes," he replies. " Did you know your name is much more common in your country that I would have thought?"

"Right," is all you can muster. "Right."

"How long has it been since you were here, Y/N?" Jimin asks.

"How long?" you repeat. How long has it been. "I think two weeks maybe. Maybe a little longer? It's weird, because I just saw your live a couple days ago and that was when I traveled weeks ago."

There's a pause on the line. "Two weeks?"

"Yeah. About two weeks or so."

"You were just here this morning."

The silence that follows between you is full of questions and thoughts.

"This morning. So, for you, it was just this morning that..." you feel your cheeks flush red at the memory. The couch snuggles, the almost-not-there kiss, the bed snuggles.

"Y/N," Jimin says faintly.

"I'm sorry I disappeared," you say softly.

"It's not your fault, Y/N," Jimin says. "I know you don't decide when you disappear."

Tears prick the back of your eyes. You are not going to cry every time you talk with Jimin, absolutely not. "Still, I'm sorry, I never get to say 'good bye' and I never seem to get to tell you the things I mean to say when I'm there."

"It's okay, Y/N," Jimin says, his voice comforting and soft. 

"I hate this because I don't even know when I might be able to see you again. I don't know when I'm going to travel again." Not going to cry, definitely not going to cry.

"Y/N, I didn't call you just to make you feel sad," Jimin says, still soft.

"Oh, I'm so-"

"Please, stop apologizing," Jimin pleads. You're making Jimin sad.

You can hear him taking a breath over the line. He continues, "Y/N, I was calling first to confirm that I got the right number. Which seems to have been successful. I will text you my direct line after we hang up. And, if it's okay with you, I will give your number to the rest of the members, just in case?"

Your breath catches. He's going to do what?


"Oh, right, yes, that's fine. That's, wow."

Jimin chuckles again. "I am guessing being in our group chat might be just as chaotic as me blowing up your Weverse, but possibly a bit safer."

You almost feel yourself laugh at that. "Yes, that's probably better."

"Okay, two more things, then I'll let you get back to sleep," Jimin says. How did he know you were still asleep? Maybe you just sound sleepy. "I wanted to check that your Weverse username was the same one you used on Twitter."

"Wait, what?" you say quickly, mind racing. What did you post on Twitter? Was that something you wanted him seeing?

"Well, I was able to figure out your Weverse from that post about the email. It was too late for it to do us any good yesterday, but I had already been wondering if that account was yours and that confirmed it. And I see there is an account with the same name on Twitter.."

"I mean, yes, but," you protest. You made a mental note to scrub your Twitter after this.

You hear Jimin take another audible breath over the phone. "Jimin, are you okay?"

"Yes, I just have one more thing, before I let you go," he said. After a long pause, he continued, "I know this might be weird. Feel free to tell me I've got it all wrong. And I realize there are a lot of... obstacles. The fact that we are on different continents, I'm an idol, and you're a time traveling space heroine all feel like pretty big challenges."

Your mind whirs, waiting to see where this is going.

"But, Y/N, would it be okay with you," Jimin continues. "Well, I guess what I'm saying is normally I would be less straight forward with you about this. I might have fun, drawing it out, and maybe that would feel more natural and less nerve-wracking."

Alright, you have no idea what he's going on about now. You think back to the times you had nervously asked him for potentially bizarre things, like physical affection out of nowhere, and wanted to reassure him that it probably couldn't be more awkward than you had already made things. "Jimin, I don't know what you're trying to say, but it's okay. Just say it."

"Okay," he lets out another shaky breath. "Okay. Y/N."


"I am wondering, if it would be okay with you, even with all the extenuating circumstance, if I courted you."

You hang there in stunned silence for what felt like an eternity. You wanted to die of the cuteness by the old fashioned language.




"Yes," not really believing these words coming out of your mouth right now, "yes, Park Jimin, even with all these extenuating circumstances, you may court me, as long as I can court you, too."

Chapter Text

You woke in the late afternoon to multiple notifications on your phone. Unlocking the phone, you found that you had gotten messages from several numbers as well being added to a group chat. You blink slowly as the group chat comes up on screen.

[PJM] Okay, try to keep it civil, guys. Let's not scare her off.

[KSJ] Pffft, I don't think she will scare that easily.

[JHS] Besides, she's ARMY, she knows us.

[PJM] ...

[JHS] What.

[KNJ] Let's try to at least wait until she gets these messages so her phone isn't completely blown up.

[KTH] Does that mean we shouldn't all have sent her individual messages? Because it might be too late for her notifications.

[PJM] Oh, I am having regrets.

[MYG] Oh, new group chat?

[KSJ] Ha, there's the first and last message we're going to get from Suga in this group chat.

[JJK] Hahahaha

You stare at the screen. Palms sweating at the thought of replying. You breathe deeply in and out. "You met them. They are just normal people. You just need to say 'hi' and it will be fine."

[YN] hi

You felt a knot tighten in your stomach. You decide not to sit and wait for their replies. You pull up the other messages.

Each member had sent a greeting with their name so you could save their numbers in your phone. You make sure to get all the numbers saved. You think carefully and choose to just put their initials. You don't want to be accused of breaching some kind of security. Probably you should be using some kind of code names or something.

A private message came in from PJM: "Hey, sorry for the chaos in the group chat. Maybe it was a bad idea."

[YN] No, it's okay. It's fun. Maybe overwhelming I am in a group chat with BTS, but in a good way.

[PJM] Ha, okay. Did you get some sleep?

[YN] I did. I just woke up. Did you get any sleep? Isn't it early there?

[PJM] I was too excited to sleep.

"Oh, how cute," you say aloud. You feel your cheeks blushing.

[PJM] Y/N?

[YN] Yes?

[PJM] You should make sure you eat something.

Now you're giggling. How was he this adorable?

[YN] Okay, I will go make something right now. Then I should try to get a little bit of work done.

[PJM] Okay!

You quickly slide the group chat open. There everyone has piled in welcomes and hellos to you. Jin has even managed to throw in a dad joke that made you laugh. Life was officially surreal.

You think back to your phone conversation with Jimin. You both had been loathe to hang up on the other and had ended up talking for another hour before you finally worried he wasn't going to get any sleep. You found yourself wondering what it would be like to actually just go to Korea and meet him, here in this time. Would that be so crazy? Or would the fact that he's still a global superstar end up being an obstacle? If you were to meet in the same time and place, would that stop you from traveling?

You shove all these thoughts aside and decide to focus on making some lunch - or maybe dinner, as you look at the clock. 




You finally close your draft documents after saving, feeling like you had actually caught up on work again. You lean back and stretch before you pull your phone to check the time. It must be going on evening in Seoul. Your hours were seriously messed up.

You checked on the chaos that was the group chat, before checking on messages from Jimin.

[PJM] Did you get enough work done?

[YN] Yes, I am finally caught up again. It's been hard to get enough done since I've been sleeping so much.

[PJM] Oh? You've been sleeping a lot?

"Shit," you say out loud. You weren't going to bring all your weird sleep issues and nightmares up with him. You felt comfortable with him, sure, but you weren't ready to drag the whole mood of this relationship down with your excess baggage, or whatever it was that was going on. The nightmares were definitely weird and would sound alarming to someone who hadn't been living with your panic and depression all their life for sure. Not even to mention, the near constant ache in your body - just faint enough to ignore most of the time - that seems to be a symptom of your traveling. No, not ready for all the conversations about any of that.

[PJM] Did you fall asleep?

[YN] Sorry, I was thinking. I didn't want to worry you about the sleep problems. I didn't mean to mention it.

You bang your phone against your forehead. Why, oh, why do you continue to insist on putting your foot in your mouth?

As you're cursing yourself inwardly and banging your phone on your forehead, it starts buzzing. You pull it away and glance at the caller id, "PJM." You let out a dark, dry chuckle before hitting the "accept call" button.

"Hello?" you say, trying to keep the hysteria out of your voice.

"So, what about your sleep was it that you didn't want me worrying about? Because I have to say, those slow, cryptic messages are not helping my worry," Jimin says.

"Sorry about that," you reply slowly, trying to decide how much to divulge. You decide to just go with the truth, seeing as you'd already started spilling anyway. "I have been having nightmares. Vivid ones. I often can't get back to sleep after I wake up from one. So, I've not been sleeping well overall. Either I'm worrying I'm going to have a nightmare when I fall asleep or I'm panicked because I already had one."

"Oh," Jimin responds. "And you thought you couldn't tell me about this?"  

This time you whack and then rub your forehead with your palm. "Sorry, that's not really what I meant. I just, this, whatever this is, that we're doing is new. Usually with new.. friendships.. I try not to come on too strong. I don't want to bring the mood down."

"Oh, Y/N," you could hear his voice cracking slightly with emotion. "Just know that I'm here if you ever have things that are worrying you or that are troubling you. Whenever you're ready to share."

"Thank you, I'll remember that," you murmur as you feel your heart turn into a puddle on the floor.

"Now, are you going to try to get some sleep?" he asks, slightly more cheerfully.

"I can try," you say half-heartedly.

"Would you fall asleep more easily if I stayed on the phone with you?"

Your heart, which was a puddle two seconds ago, does a summersault. "Stay on the phone? While I fall asleep?"

"I could sing to you," he says.

You strain to hear any tone of jest in his voice, but you can't find any. "That- that would be nice."

And so, Park Jimin, of BTS, proceeded to sing softly, in his low register chest voice , to you as you eventually drifted off to sleep.




The next few days you fell into a similar pattern. There was some fun chatter in the group chat and Jimin called you every evening to talk for a few minutes and tell you stories or sing you to sleep. You were amazed with how quickly you got used to it. But that became quite clear the day you didn't hear anything - from anyone.

Not even a week after you had been added to everyone's contacts, you woke up to a silent phone. The silence was almost eerie. You found yourself itching to message someone and check to make sure everyone was okay. You even checked the news from Korea to make sure there was nothing bad happening.

By midmorning you were on edge from anxiety. You finally pulled up your messages with Jimin and wrote, "Hey, haven't heard anything from you all today. Everyone okay?"

And nothing. You told yourself, they were probably asleep. Maybe their schedules were hard and they were sleeping at night like they should.

Then at 5pm your time, Jimin had read the message. You could see the menacing little "read" under your text. But there was still no reply.

You sent an innocuous message to the group chat hoping to spur someone to reply. You didn't need them knowing you were an anxious mess and freaking out over nothing, but you also needed them to reply.

You looked around your quiet apartment. "Fuck," you say out loud. You had had your prior epiphany about being quite, quite alone, but you were able to once again ignore that with all the drama of traveling and then the overwhelming incorporation of BTS into your life. But were they really here? They were in Korea, having their own lives, working as hard as ever. Did they even really need you?

You suck in a breath. You were spiraling and you recognized it. 

"I can't judge how others value me. Their appraisal of me is not my appraisal of me. I shouldn't question the judgement of people who have welcomed me with open arms," you murmur to yourself. Thank you, therapy.

You decide to cook yourself something delicious for dinner while blasting your BTS Bop Playlist. Sending all the anxious energy out into your limbs, you dance around your little apartment kitchen while dinner simmered and rice cooked. Moving helped put your energy where it belonged - out and away from you. 

You sat down with your dinner and a K-drama, willing yourself not to look at your phone. You think to yourself, almost chastising, "Jimin will call when he can. He'll reply when he has time. Don't be a clingy mess."

You decide at 6:30pm that just sending Jimin a message about how your day was (leaving out all the anxious clingy mess that is yourself) would be a gesture that indicated you were thinking of him and certainly were not freaking out about being left all alone. So you send something fun about having a dance party in your kitchen and then trundle off to shower and get ready for bed.

Lying in bed, there was still no news from Bangtan. You internally scold yourself for being so pathetic. You were alone before this, you could handle being alone now. As you lay there, you realized that it was okay to feel the gaping hole that was left by their absence. You enjoyed being included. It felt nice. It was okay to miss that.

With that thought, you turned over and slowly fell into an uneasy sleep.




You recognized immediately that this was a nightmare. They had become so common over the last couple months and were so distinct from everything else you experienced dreaming or awake that you knew it without hesitation. You wished the knowledge somehow made the nightmare less scary or end more quickly, but it didn't.

From what you could see, you were in a dark forest, thick with trees and undergrowth. There was no sound. It was so devoid of sound that it left a buzzing in your ears as you strained to hear anything at all. You tried to speak and nothing came out. You tried to move and found that you couldn't. 

You strained with every muscle in your body to thrash and scream, but nothing happened. You felt trapped, which made you want to thrash harder, scream louder. 

Suddenly, you were able to move again, gasping for breath between your shouts and screams. Flailing your limbs in every direction as you fought to get whatever was pressing down on you off your body.

"Y/N! Y/N!" Jimin's voice was close to you, tone half shouting to be heard, half trying to sound soothing. "Y/N! You're okay. You're safe."

You yank your eyes open as you feel arms pulling you into an embrace. Your brain registers: You've woken up. You've traveled.

You throw your arms around Jimin and squeeze him tightly. You can feel him jump a little in surprise before relaxing into you. Your fingers dig into his scapula grabbing and balling up the sweatshirt he has on. Your face is buried in his chest while you sob harder than you have cried in a very long time. You try to calm yourself, to make yourself focus on your breaths, but they are ragged, making your body spasm more in sobs.

Jimin strokes your back holding you and letting you continue to grab hold of him. He whispers in a low tone over and over, "It's okay, Y/N. You're safe now. You're safe now."

Chapter Text

You don't know how long you cried for. At some point, the physical exhaustion from both the crying and the traveling overcame any adrenaline that had been coursing through your system because of the nightmare and hit your body like a semi-truck. Your cries turned from wracking sobs to silent shaking. You never let go of your death grip on Jimin's sweatshirt and stayed with your face buried into his chest.

He didn't move either. He just drew slow circles with his palm on your back and hummed low. The vibrations in his chest were comforting and worked to help keep you grounded and you waded through your exhaustion and frayed emotions.

When your crying turned silent, you could faintly hear between Jimin's hums other people moving about the room, but you didn't dare look up. Eventually you heard Jungkook's anxious whisper from somewhere behind Jimin, "Hyung, can I get you anything? Maybe something warm? Tea?"

"Mmmm," Jimin hummed in reply. With that you could hear Jungkook's (presumably) footsteps retreat from the room.

After another unknown amount of time, you decide to slowly pull your face back so you can see Jimin's face. You still don't want to look beyond him, to see where you were or to see who else you're embarrassing yourself in front of. You just wanted to focus on Jimin right now.

As you pulled back, he also pulled his head back slightly to look at you. He let go of you with one hand so that he could use it to wipe your cheeks, one at a time, and free them from what tears remained there.

You tried to focus, but your vision was swimming a bit, the now-normal dizziness settling back in. You were also trying your best to ignore the pain throughout your body. You ached. And your head was hurting again, also a combination of crying and traveling, you're sure. You blink furiously, trying to keep Jimin in focus and still, none too successfully.

"How are you feeling?" Jimin asks in a whisper, a soft smile on his face.

You clear your throat a bit, testing to see if you'd be able to use your voice. Instead of expending effort to keep holding your heavy head up, you lean back into Jimin's chest. You manage to croak out, "I'm a bit dizzy."

"I won't let you go, unless you ask me to," Jimin replied softly. His hand that was still holding you was still rubbing circles on your back. "We're in my room. We're sitting on my bed. It's late, almost midnight maybe, And it's August 26th, in case you wanted to know the date. You're safe here. The other members have come by to check on you and to see how they can help, but they've all gone to their rooms now. You're safe here and we don't have to move from this spot until you're ready."

Despite how shitty you were feeling, Jimin's words still made your heart constrict. You were sure you'd be feeling even more right now if it weren't for you being completely spent. 

"Do you want to try drinking some tea? Jungkook brought some for you a few minutes ago," he asked.

You nod into his chest before lifting your head back up. He reached over to the nightstand next to you and grabbed a mug with steam coming from the top. He held it out in front of you for you to take. Reluctantly, you let go of your white-knuckle grip on his sweatshirt to take the cup from him. Slowly, blowing on it a bit, you take a couple sips of tea. The room was spinning again, but the liquid felt good as it hit your stomach. It somehow felt like the heat was seeping out into your aching bones.

"Thank him for me, if I don't get a chance," you say. Your throat felt raw.

You hand the cup back to Jimin as the room spins again. "Ugh, I'm so dizzy."

After putting the cup down on the nightstand, Jimin leans forward and softly kisses your forehead. "Do you want to lie down? Do you think you could sleep?"

You think about the prospect of not being in Jimin's arms anymore and the thought almost brings another round of tears to your eyes. You can feel your eyes burning as you try to blink them back. But the room swims and you can't tell if you're on a very nasty round of the teacup ride or if you're lost at sea. Either way, you think trying to sleep it off is best. You slowly nod.

"Okay, is it okay with you if you just sleep here? I can help you lie down," Jimin's forehead creases with worry.

You nod again. "I don't think I could make it to another room."

Now it's Jimin's turn to nod. "Okay, then let me help you get settled."

He gently helps you lay backwards down onto his pillow. Then he takes your ankles and helps spin your feet up and around so that you are laying in the bed fully. He pulls the covers over your lower body. Leaning over you, he smiles gently and asks, "Is there anything else I can get for you to help you sleep?"

"Mm, this is okay, thank you," you say sleepily.

Jimin stands and turns as if he is going to leave. You grab at his hand before he gets very far. You say, your tongue feeling heavy, "You're staying here, right?"

He turned back around and looked at you with worried eyes. He looked at you as if he were trying to make a decision. After several moments, he says, "Of course, I'm staying. I said I wouldn't leave you to be alone."

He gingerly climbs over the top of you, while you still have a grasp on his hand. He slides under the comforter next to you, putting one hand over the top of you, pulling you into him so that you are spooning. The warm energy field envelopes both of you, bringing a comforting feeling of protection.

It takes you almost no time to fall asleep. Your sleep is deep and, thankfully, dreamless.




You awaken sometime later and find yourself alone in Jimin's bedroom. You exhale, at least thankful that you hadn't traveled again. You slowly sit yourself up, testing where your fatigue and dizziness were at. There was still a physical fatigue, but the dizziness seemed to have subsided. 

You look around and see someone had left a tall glass of water and a pitcher for you, which you down quickly. With the pitcher, you refill the glass and drink it down again. You remembered how much hydrating had helped you feel better the last time.

You sat for a bit longer as the room wobbled for a minute, but it was manageable. You pulled yourself around to the edge of the bed, feet hitting the floor beneath. As you went to push yourself to standing, Jimin pushed the door open and saw you from the doorway.

"Ah, Y/N, you're awake," Jimin said with a relieved sigh.

"What time is it?"

"It's almost 6. Jin is making dinner right now."

"6pm?" you gasped. That meant you slept maybe 18 hours?

"Yeah, I was starting to get worried about how long you were sleeping. You seemed very tired." Worry creased across his brow.

You sat still in the shock for a moment, mouth hanging open slightly.

Jimin came into the room and hesitantly sat down next to you on the bed. He was watching your face, as if waiting for you to protest or set boundaries. But honestly, at this point, you weren't even sure you had any boundaries left to set. The world was too strange and surreal to care anymore.

He looked at you a moment longer before saying, "Do you think, maybe we should call a doctor? Or take you to the hospital?"

"Oh, well, I don't know if I need that," you balk. Your outward indication of your discomfort is minimal, but Jimin still picks up on it. He half-raises his hands as if hoping to reassure you.

"I'm just a little worried that maybe this traveling through time and space is hurting you," his tone sounded truly worried, but not pushy. You believed he wouldn't make you do anything you didn't want, but he was worried.

"I am just scared of what they will say," you say, surprised at saying your own truth out loud. Not that you didn't want to tell Jimin this, but rather surprised you were willing to admit it to yourself. You really didn't want to know if there was something terribly wrong with you.

"Won't it be better to know and then figure out how to deal with it, rather than not knowing?" Jimin asks softly.

You hate how right he is. Instead of replying, you pour yourself another full glass of water and chug it. Jimin just sits quietly and watches you closely.

As you set the glass down again, you turn to look at Jimin. "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be stubborn or anything. I'm just- I'm really scared and so tired."

Jimin brings one hand up to your cheek and gently strokes it. Despite all the emotion and the exhaustion in your body, you feel a slow heat begin to burn in your core. Jimin was especially caring, true, but possibly the best medicine was how distracting his attractiveness was in this moment.

In a calm voice, he says, "Y/N, I am okay with taking this one step at a time. But I would feel better if I knew you weren't sick."

You look into his eyes for a long moment and then decide to throw caution to the wind. You lean forward and your lips crash into his. You take your arms and pull them around his waist tightly. You sense his surprise at first, but then he relaxes into the kiss, allowing his lips to explore yours. His hands find their way to your upper back, one above the other. 

You're almost left breathless by the sensation. The electric field that always seems to generate around you when you are near each other feels like it has gone into overdrive. It was almost as if you could feel each and every electron passing between you two.

You work his outer lips frantically, pushing your tongue forward to play along his bottom lip, asking for entry. After another moment, one of his hands moves up and threads his fingers through your hair, his mouth opening at the same time allowing your tongues to dance together.

You let out a small moan as you explore each other's mouths. Both feeling the panicked energy, the need to be connected. The energy reaches a pitched vibration around you. As the energy intensifies, you can feel the burning and tightening in your core intensify as well. You moan again as your whole body heats up. 

You both fall sideways so that your upper bodies are lying tangled next to one another on the bed, legs still dangling off. Jimin has moved his hands so one is still firmly woven through your hair and the other is rubbing your neck and cheek. You find yourself playing with the hem of his sweatshirt, giving it experimental playful tugs to see if Jimin will react.

After the make out session continued for a while, Jimin pulls back and you both catch your breath. He looks intensely into your face, as if looking for something. He moves his hands so both are cupping your cheeks.

You are breathing heavily, body throbbing and aching for more. This was the best and most alive you have felt in weeks. You wanted to drown yourself, get lost in this feeling, and be free of the other aches and pains and terrors.

"Y/N?" Jimin asks, still looking at you intensely. "Are you okay?"

"I-" you start, unsure of how you want to answer that question. "I don't think I am, Jiminie. I think I'm far from okay right now. But I don't want to stop."

With a worried brow, Jimin leans his face back into yours slowly. He kisses your lips sensually, lovingly and with slow tenderness. Then he kisses each cheek, followed by the tip of your nose. Then he moves upward, kissing each eyelid and then finally your forehead. He whispers, "I don't want you to have regrets, Y/N. And I feel with how everything is right now, this sort of big decision would lead to regrets."

"Fucking hell," you thought to yourself. "He's right again. And I hate it."

You manage a small nod. You lean forward and kiss his lips softly. "Thank you. For everything."

"No need for thanks, Y/N. I'm doing this because I care about you."

"I don't really understand why, but I am still grateful," you respond.

"Well, let's address that later," Jimin says with a look of playful hurt on his face. "But I think Jin is going to come in any minute to announce the dinner he's made for you. Do you think you can walk downstairs to the dining table?"

You nod again and push yourself up. Jimin helps you by grabbing one arm in his own and using the other to support your back. 

"We'll go slowly," he says. "I've got you."

Chapter Text

Jimin helped you slowly make your way down the stairs and into the guest bathroom on the first floor before heading into the dining area. While in the bathroom, you tried to tidy yourself up as best you could. You looked like you were straight out of a horror movie. You were pale, with dark circles under your eyes. You were also horribly swollen from crying and kissing. Your hair was wild and you did your best to pat it down. There wasn't much of anything you could do about the rest of your appearance, other than splashing cold water on your face.

You were wearing a black shirt with black yoga pants. This had become your standard uniform when at home and for sleeping - just in case. No more getting caught in awkward places in Chimmy pajamas. 

Knowing Jimin was waiting to take you out to the dining room, you hurried the rest of your getting ready. You gave yourself one more glance in the mirror - better, but could still be an extra in a B-horror film - and opened the door to find Jimin leaning up against the wall next to the doorframe. 

"Ready?" he asked.

"I suppose as ready as I'll ever be," you say, trying to sound more confident than you were feeling.

Jimin gave you a warm smile and took your arm in his again. "You don't have anything to worry about, except for making sure you eat as much as you can."

You grin at the thought of Jimin always checking to make sure everyone has eaten and is taking care of themselves. You had lived for those small comforts whenever he had left them on Weverse or said them during a Vlive and now here he was saying them to you personally. Then you realize you should tell him exactly that.

"You know, Jimin," you say, trying to ignore the pang of shyness that tries to talk you down. 

He pauses the walk down the hall and looks at you expectantly.

"It's not much. I was just thinking about how you are always checking on ARMY. Making sure we've eaten, that we're taking care of ourselves. Coming online just to tell us that we worked hard today." You felt yourself squirming at your sudden awkwardness.

"Mmm?" Jimin murmurs, encouraging you to continue  with a small grin on his face.

"I just wanted to say that I always lived day to day with those comments. Some days they were the only good part of my day. And I would look back on them later when I was feeling defeated. I know lots of ARMY feel this way. So, I felt like telling you that." Your voice trailed off at the end of your little speech. Maybe this was a mistake.

Jimin was quiet and you risked a glance up into his face. His eyes were soft and even possibly looked like there might be tears waiting to fall. "Jimin? Are you okay? I'm sorry if I-"

He cut you off with a finger to your lips. "It means a lot to me to hear you say that. Thank you for telling me."

You gently kissed the finger that was still resting on your lips. Jimin responded by letting out the faintest of moans and leaned forward to kiss your lips with his. But while he was still several inches away, you heard someone from down the hall clearing their throat.

Looking up, startled, you see Namjoon standing there, arms crossed over his chest, cheeks a little red. "Sorry to interrupt, but Jin sent me to tell you that dinner is ready."

"Coming, hyung," Jimin said as he took a step forward, taking your arm in his once again.




Jimin helps settle you down next to him at the raucous dinner table. Seems like they had either explicitly or unconsciously decided to pretend like everything was fine and be their chaotic selves while you smiled, watched, and nibbled at dinner. Jimin kept piling things on your plate and everyone was taking turns encouraging you to eat more. 

As everyone started slowing down and leaning back in their chairs to just chat, you started wondering about the day you traveled from. What day was it then? August 16th? Only 10 days ago.

"I was wondering if I could ask something," you said. Everyone immediately quieted down and turned to you. Which, of course, made you feel very much in the spotlight. Anxiety shot through you body as you flushed and cast your eyes to your lap. Jimin's hand came over yours as it fidgeted with the hem of your shirt and gave a tight squeeze. The connection immediately brought about a jolt of electric warmth, helping bolster you.

"I realize we're out of sync and maybe we've chatted about this already in the last week." You glanced up to find everyone still watching you, so you drop your eyes again. "Well, the day I traveled here, well, that was August 16th in my time. You, all of you, were suddenly all gone from the group chat and weren't responding to messages."

A quick glance up told you they were all trying to think back to the date in question.

"I was just curious what happened. Where did everyone go all of the sudden?" You force yourself to look up at all of them. "If you can't tell me, that's okay. It was mostly idle curiosity."

"August 16th? I think we were traveling for a shoot that day and stayed overnight. We were all so exhausted, I don't think anyone had the energy to check their phones much at all. You never mentioned it to us, so I guess we assumed you didn't notice," Namjoon said, trailing off at the end.

"Probably she didn't mention it because we are having this conversation right now and when she goes back to her time, she'll already have the answer," Yoongi said with a chuckle. "Time travel is a mindfuck."

"Hyung!" Jungkook whisper-shouted at Yoongi glancing back at you.

"It totally is a mindfuck," you say laughing out loud now. Jungkook seemed to visibly relax as you said, "You should try being the one actually doing it."

"Uh, no thanks. I think I'll leave that to you," Yoongi retorted with a glint in his eye.

"Alright, who is going to help me with all these dishes?" Jin said, standing up and grabbing some of the serving platters.

"I'll help, if you need it," you said, going to stand yourself.

"No!" everyone said in practical unity.

Stunned, you sat back down. "Oh."

"No, no, we didn't mean it like that, Y/N. Just, you're our guest," Jimin said softly next to you.

"Yeah, you've already worked hard just to come visit us," Hobi said with a warm smile.

"Right, okay," you say. You feel a little unsettled, but know they are just looking out for you. Probably you seem really fragile given all the sleeping and crying you do every time you see them. Well, that's not a “probably”, you really do seem to be a hot mess.

While the other members cleaned up dinner, Jimin and Jungkook offered to put a movie on the TV and hang out with you, which you accepted not knowing what else to do anyway. And so you found yourself sitting in between the two, Jimin's thigh practically glued to yours, Jungkook putting a more respectable distance between you.

You thought about how you hadn't spent as much time with Jungkook as you had the other members and found his shyness quite cute. You glanced at him surreptitiously hoping to get a better close up and maybe a chance to admire the newer eyebrow piercing. But instead, you found him already looking at you.

Startled you quickly turn your eyes back forward, hoping maybe he hadn't noticed you. No such luck though. However, instead of laughing, he simply says, "Sorry, Y/N. I didn't mean to scare you."

Your cheeks immediately started burning red and Jimin shifted himself forward to get a better view of both of you. "You're scaring Y/N?"

"No, no. It's fine," you say quickly, trying to end this horrifying conversation.

That seemed to make Jimin even more curious. You whisper, "Fuck."

This makes both the men laugh out loud. Jungkook says between laughs, "Y/N just caught me looking at her, hyung. I was trying to figure her out."

This startles you again and you look back at Jungkook. "Figure me out?"

"Yes, you seem so calm," he replies.

Your brow wrinkles. You say incredulously, "Calm?"

"Well, you are traveling around the world and through time without having any control over it. You're in a different country. You're speaking in a language that isn't your native tongue. And you're randomly dropping in on your idols unannounced, which has to be uncomfortable. Most people spend a lot of time planning their visits with us. It must be very hard. And yet, you're sitting here, so calm."

While Jungkook was talking, Jimin had slid his hand in yours, intertwining your fingers. You're still looking at Jungkook, but you give Jimin's hand a tight squeeze. You say, "Thank you, Jungkook. I certainly don't feel calm, but I'm glad I look it. I was worried I've just been embarrassing myself in front of you all over and over again."

Jungkook gives you a warm smile as he says, "We promise we have seen nothing but how strong and brave you've been."

"Please, please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm just floored at how caring and understanding you all are," you say, perhaps too impulsively, but you needed them to know how meaningful their kindness had been to you.

Both Jimin and Jungkook chuckle softly. Jimin calls out so the other members can hear him as he says, "Did you hear that? Y/N is amazed that we're kind!"

This elicited more laughter from the kitchen crew. While you elbow Jimin in the ribs.

You turn back to Jungkook, take a deep breath, and say, "Thank you again. And please, feel free to speak comfortably with me. You can call me noona if you like. I'd like to think we're on friendly terms now?"

Jungkook nods enthusiastically. "Shall I, then, noona?"

This makes Jimin, and Hobi and Namjoon who were taking up places on the big couch, chuckle again.

Soon, it seems the dishes are done and the rest of BTS find places on or around the couch to settle down. Hobi says, "What are we watching? Nothing too scary I hope?"




Pulling your eyes open, you groan at the familiar site of your apartment around you. You're on the couch, of all places. And your neck is definitely sore from laying on it funny. The last thing you remember is sitting curled up into Jimin's side on the couch with BTS around you. Your head was resting on the crook between Jimin's arm and shoulder. It was very warm and comfortable, as if this was what you did with BTS every weekend. You remember your eyes getting heavy, having totally lost the plot of the movie and not really caring about that anyway. You remember in a haze that Jungkook had helped Jimin (who was one-handed from holding you in his other arm) put a blanket around you.

You look down at yourself and the blanket it still wrap on your. This somehow makes your frustration all the more palpable. You have been spending all this time with BTS, but you're positive you've spent most of that time actually asleep or in the midst of a breakdown. Not exactly how the whole "ARMY fantasy" moment is supposed to go.

You spent a few minutes remembering back to the good parts of your traveling. Your lips tingled as you remembered those stolen moments with Jimin. That had actually happened, right? He was right about not getting carried away though. You desperately needed to get this time travel business sorted out before you could even think seriously at all about getting physical with Jimin. Your entire body felt like it was on fire just at the thought of it.

You pull up your phone, realize that it needs charging - again-, and also notice it's now August 17th. This means you kept sleeping after you got back. This was really screwing you up. Jet lag on steroids. 

The room spun violently as soon as you stood up to find your phone charger. You sat back down, deciding it wasn't worth trying to charge your phone at this precise moment. In fact, being awake didn't really seem all that worth it either. So, you laid yourself back down under the blanket that Jimin and Jungkook had so lovingly put around you. You felt your phone vibrate in your hand as you settled yourself in the couch cushions.

Through the seasick waves of room moving around you, you managed to read the incoming message.

[PJM] I miss you.

Chapter Text

You wake up in the middle of the night. Well, you assume it's the middle of the night because it's dark. You slide yourself off the couch and carefully make your way to the bathroom. There's a night light glowing on the wall of the bathroom that you decide to rely on instead of blinding yourself with the overhead light. 

After freshening up, you make your way to your bedroom where you turn on your little desk lamp. You look for your phone charger and plug your phone in. 

You're glad you're not as dizzy at the moment. And you aren't quite as tired. But, wow, was your sleep messed up. You contemplated whether you could sleep more now or if you should try to get some things done while you were awake. While you try to decide, you pull up your notes app and fill in your travel dates. 


1st travel ~ June 14 → sometime in future in Jimin’s hotel room

2nd travel ~ June 15 → July 22 to Jimin’s room in dorms

3rd travel ~ June 26 → July 23 to living room in dorms

4th travel - July 9 August 10 to BTS shoot, back of van

5th travel - July 26th → ??? Hobi's Studio

6th travel - August 16th August 26th

You stare at your notes for a while. What a wild summer it's been. You look at the time again. It must be getting on evening in Korea. You pull up the group chat.

[YN] hi everyone

[JHS] Y/N!! 

[PJM] Hey, Y/N.

[KMJ]  Y/N! 

[PJM] Hey, isn't it the middle of the night there?

[YN] Slept all day. Now I'm wide awake. *shrug*

Your phone immediate started vibrating with an incoming call: PJM.

"Hello?" you answer.

"You slept all day? Is everything okay?" Jimin asks without greeting.

"Ah, well, I, uh, traveled," you say. How much would telling him things about the future screw things up? "Ugh, time travel makes my head hurt."

"Your head hurts?" Jimin was sounding worried.

"Ah, no, I meant, trying to figure out time travel. Timelines. What I've said to you in the future versus now. Although, my head does ache a little," you say.

"Oh, I see," Jimin didn't sound relaxed. "So you traveled? Here?"

"Yes," you say. "I don't really know how we should talk about it though. If we should talk about it? Will it mess things up?"

"I mean, I don't know. There's no rulebook."

"Mm," you agree. "I will say though, everything you do is right. I don't know how you know how you knew exactly what I needed, but you did and it was perfect."

"Okay," Jimin says slowly, clearly confused.

"Sorry, I'm still recovering from the whole thing, I guess."

"It's okay. As long as you're okay," Jimin says.

"Well, I'm not sure, but I'll figure it out."

"Okay, well, I don't really have free time right now, I ducked out of a schedule to call you," Jimin said conspiratorially.

"Oh, my goodness!" You are horrified. "Go, go. Don't let me hold up your schedule."

"It's okay, Y/N. The members understand and are covering for me. Talk to you later! I miss you."

And with that he hung up leaving you in shocked silence holding the phone up in front of your face.

"Well, Park Jimin, that was a lot of information to dump on me in the last second of the call without allowing me to respond," you say to the ended call.




After managing to get back to sleep for a few hours, you woke up again to sunlight filling your room. Your head hurt and you felt a bit hungover, but certainly less tired than you've felt in days. You go about tidying yourself up, taking a long hot shower, and making yourself a fresh brunch. 

As you sit in your little living space on the couch eating your salad, your ears hum with the deafening silence of your apartment. You put on a drama and try to relax into your meal, even as you found your mind wandering to a certain idol and your inconvenient traveling.

When you polished off all of your food and had washed all the dishes in the sink, you looked around you. Your head filled with debates about next steps and feeling a bit overwhelmed. You knew you were going to have to reconcile the two realities at some point. You were in this timeline have regular phone conversations with Jimin and in a group chat. No matter how your brain tried to rationalize that, it was happening. You weren't really sure how serious Jimin was about you, but whatever you were doing wasn't going to sustain from phone calls and random visits into the future. That was not going to create a real relationship.

If a real relationship was actually something he wanted. He seemed to be giving off those vibes. But your self-doubt crept up on you as you began to wonder if maybe it was the novelty of being a time traveler. You were just simply not that interesting of a person otherwise. So, you would have to figure out a way to explore this question with Jimin. You certainly didn't want to put him on the spot or make him rush this anymore than he wanted to, but you also were really struggling with imagining how this was going to work.

You also knew you were going to have to do something about yourself, physically. You were clearly hurting yourself with your traveling. Your sleep was a disaster. In fact, you were spending so much time both sleeping and having night terrors, that you were sure if this continued you were going to have even worse mental health problems than you did already. You decide a step you could take was at least getting a physical exam from a doctor, to rule out any physical ailments. And maybe get something to help with the anxiety or help you stay asleep instead of having those night terrors.

And work. You should probably get some work done while you still had this job. At least this position was giving you the flexibility to work at your own time and from home. But you still needed to actually do the job until you figured out what the future actually held.

Clapping your hands bringing a bright report into the silent apartment, you feel somewhat energized by your action items. First, make a doctor's appointment. Second, get work done. Third, possibly to put off indefinitely, ask Jimin where this was going and figure out what to do if you ever stop traveling.

You manage to get logged into your patient portal and find an appointment with your doctor. Miraculously, there is an appointment available next week. On the 26th. You chuckle darkly as you recognize that as the date you will be simultaneously having a mental breakdown in Jimin's bedroom. The same day you tell him you weren't ready to see a doctor. Ironic.

You snag the appointment and get all your information updated. You hadn't been since before the pandemic. Once you're all done, you give yourself a pat on the back. You trundled to your bedroom to set yourself up to do a few hours of work.




Closing the laptop, you stretch your arms back over your head.  The exhaustion that had seemed mostly dissipated earlier was creeping back up. It was evening, so you decided to make some dinner before sending a message to Jimin to hear about his day.

While your pasta was boiling you sent a text to the group chat.

[YN] I'm making pasta. Dinner time here!

[KSJ] Very good. You cook?

[YN} Just a bit, I've been practicing. 

You bite your bottom lip and smile imagining making pasta for Jin, or any of the members for that matter.

[YN] If you ever come visit, I'll make you some. XD

[KSJ] I'll take that as an invitation then?

[JJK] Oh, do we get to visit Y/N?

[KTH] Well, maybe when we come that direction? 

[YN] You can't even travel right now though, right?

[KNJ] Well, you know soon probably

[YN] Oh really?

[KSJ] Yah, Namjoon-ssi, just put spoiler alert in front of everything you say

[KNJ] I mean, maybe Y/N already knows. She's actually been to our future

[YN] Trust me, I never get to see much of anything when I am in the future. I'm usually hidden or trapped somewhere or just asleep somewhere

[JHS] I'm so so sorry again about your getting stuck in my studio TT TT

[YN] I'm sorry, no that was a joke, please don't feel bad 

[JHS] kay

You can't help, but laugh to yourself while you dish up your food. 

Why did this feel so normal? Why were you always questioning this?

You settle down with your computer in the living room while you eat your dinner. The place is still lonely and quiet, but at least you feel comforted by the small conversation you were having online.

You phone pings again. This time it's from Jimin.

[PJM] Hey, how are you feeling? Better? How's your sleep?

[YN] Haha, it's okay, I'm feeling okay, just been using my time to think too much

[PJM] Ah, I know what that's like

[YN] How have things been going with you? Still busy? Namjoon implied you might be traveling soon?

[PJM] Ah, yes we might be going to the US in a couple weeks, if everything clears beforehand

[YN] Really? where?

[PJM] Oh, just a short trip, to the United Nations General Assembly in New York

You laugh out loud in surprise.

[YN] Oh, yeah, totally, no big deal AT ALL...

[PJM] Can I tell you a secret?

[YN] Of course

[PJM] I am really nervous TT

[YN] Oh, you're going to be awesome! I wish I could come see it, but hopefully they will put it up online

[PJM] You're going to watch?

[YN] Of course. I'm ARMY

You wait as you watch the three ellipses flicker in the chat window for several minutes. Was he still typing? Or did he wander off somewhere? All of the sudden, your phone started ringing. This calling you thing instead of finishing his text conversations seemed to be a habit of his.

"Hi, Jimin," you answer.

"So, what were you thinking about?" he asks.

"Uh, when? Just now? I was just waiting for your message," you say in confusion.

"Earlier in the chat, you said you were thinking too much. What were you thinking about?"

"Oh, oh," you say, trying to decide how to actually answer that question. Deciding to go for truth, you say, "I was mostly mulling over the future. I needed to figure out my next steps, what I'm going to do, whether or not this traveling thing ever stops. If I stop traveling, what does that leave me with? Those sorts of thoughts."

"I see," Jimin replies slowly. Had you finally spooked him?

"I'm not overly worried. I mean, I do think too much, but don't read too much into it. I'm just trying to decide what the next best course of action is and how to move forward."

"Do you want to meet in New York?"


"New York. You could come to New York. Maybe even on a plane instead of by teleportation or whatever it is you've been doing."

"Fly. To New York. To meet with BTS," you say slowly.

"We won't have a lot of time. Our schedule will be very packed. But it would be nice to see you. I would hopefully get an afternoon off. We could go somewhere."

You look around your apartment as if there would be answers there. "Like a date?"

"Yeah! A date in New York. Would you come?" Jimin sounds hopeful.

"I have never looked forward to something more," you say. And truly mean it. You were making plans to go on a real date, with Park Jimin, in New York.

Chapter Text

Once again, life fell into a bit of a pattern. Your sleep continued to be terrible and as the days passed, the nightmares became night terrors again. This meant that you were dreading going to sleep and were thankful for the nights you could listening to Jimin talk or sing to you on the phone before finally passing out. He wasn't available every night. His schedule was packed, of course. But you enjoy all the moments you had with him.

The nights were you left to fall asleep on your own, you struggled. The anxiety about the inevitable night terrors kept you awake far longer than you would have liked. Then when you did eventually sleep and have bad dreams, you would wake and lose many more hours of sleep. You were becoming a walking zombie during daylight hours. You were what all horror movies were based on.

You found yourself physically crossing off days on your desk calendar, counting down until your doctor's appointment. You weren't even sure where the confidence came from that the doctor would have any solution for you at all. If anything, like anxiety and disordered sleep in the past, the doctor would probably recommend a good visit with the therapist. But you were sure, for once, this was not all in your head.

At least, you were 99% - maybe 95% - certain that this was not all in your head. Or if it was that you'd rather not ever wake up from whatever this was.

You just wanted the nightmares to stop and to be able to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep together.

Two days before the doctor's appointment, your boss emailed asking for a meeting. You knew it was to discuss your slippage at work. To be perfectly honest, if it weren't for the bills you had to pay, you weren't sure you'd really have any motivation to keep doing work. You were realizing this was perhaps the final sign that you needed to find new employment. But one life crisis at a time, please.

The day before your doctor appointment, you had a phone call with your boss. They were sympathetic to your sleep issues. They suggested taking a couple weeks vacation to try to get yourself back on track. You appreciated their concern and thanked them for their generosity. After hanging up the phone, you spent an hour in the bathroom throwing up into the toilet in intervals. Sleep deprivation plus high anxiety plus social stress does not a happy Y/N make.

The night before your doctor's appointment, you try calling Jimin, but he doesn't answer. He said he would try to get time for you, but the time zones were making it impossible. You were going to bed in what would be early afternoon in Korea. He was almost always busy then. You were understanding of this. You sent him a quick message telling him you were going to try to sleep, that you had called but to not worry about trying to call back, and that you would update him after your appointment tomorrow.

Unlike most nights, your eyes get heavy right away. And suddenly you're running in the dark. You can't see anything, but you're running. There is a pit of anxiety gnawing at your stomach. Your heart is racing. You can feel hot tears stream down your face. While you're running, you almost feel as if you're flying, especially since it's too dark to see the ground. Then as soon as you're flying, you feel yourself falling. That jolts you awake. 

You hear a door snap shut. Dizzy, you look around. It's still dark, but you can make out faint shapes and light coming in from under a door. You've traveled.

You can hear a muffled voice, getting louder from outside the room, "Sorry, hyung, I think I left it in the dressing room. I'll just grab it. You can start without me."

The door opened and light blinded you as it fell through the opening.

"Y/N?" Jungkook's voice calls out to you, sounding concerned. 

You try to answer, but the room shifts violently as if you're in an earthquake or very rough seas. Your stomach heaves and the room swells around you. To try to fight off the dizziness, you throw yourself forward so your head is in between your knees. Breathing shallow, fighting the nausea.

"Y/N??" Jungkook's voice gets closer. 

You can feel his warm hand hesitantly patting you lightly on the back.

"How can I help you, Y/N? Can I get you something? Should I get Jimin?"

You nod almost imperceptibly and breathe out, "Water?"

You feel the warm hand leave your back, which makes you lurch again. Even with your eyes squeezed shut, the room still felt like it was spinning. You slowly fall over to your right side and curl into the fetal position. This felt a bit better. The nausea diminished a bit at least, even if you were still in a rowboat in a hurricane.

You could hear rustling and Jungkook was back quickly with a water bottle for you. He helped you tip your head up so you could drink a little. This made you feel better almost immediately, so you nodded that you wanted more. He helped pull you up further so that you could drink more easily. He could see you wavering, one hand grabbing the side of your head. Instinctively, he put a hand under your arm to help you stay upright.

"Thank you," you breathe after several more large gulps of water. "I'm so dizzy. This damn...traveling."

You use the rest of your energy to chug the rest of the large water bottle.

Wide-eyed, Jungkook asks, "Are you feeling better? Do you want more water?"

You shook your head. "I think I need to lie down. I'm so dizzy."

"Okay, Y/N," he nods. "Let me help you find a better place to lie down than our dressing room floor. I don't want you getting sick."

You nod even though you feel another wave of nausea at the thought of trying to walk anywhere else.

"Can you stand?"

You hesitate. You test your legs, but the more you move, the more the room spins. You didn't even know the room could spin more and yet, it was proving you wrong. You shake your head in defeat. "I'm sorry, Jungkook. I'm sorry. I'm so dizzy."

"It's okay, Y/N," he says. He sucks in his breath for a moment as if trying to decide what to do. "Will you be okay if I carry you?"

You try to give him a smile, which probably came out as a grimace. But that's all you had the energy for. You nod faintly.

You feel Jungkook wrap his arms around you, lifting you up off the ground as if you weighed nothing. You wished the room wasn't so damn spinny so you could appreciate that you were being held bridal style in Jungkook of BTS's arms. Instead, you ducked your head into his chest, willing the sea swells to stop.

"Hey, JK, what's taking you so long, I thought you were just grabbing-" you hear Jimin's voice in the doorway. There's a shuffling and commotion behind him in the hallway that you can hear as well. You were not going to try moving your head again though.

"I found Y/N," Jungkook said as if that fact wasn't blindingly obvious.

"Y/N? Are you okay?" Jimin's worried voice gets closer to you.

"Mm, dizzy," you manage, not moving your head.

"I was going to get her settled on the couch over there, so she could sleep," you feel the rumble in Jungkook's chest, rather than really hear him. The dizziness was starting to make your ears feel fuzzy. You couldn't tell if this was the traveling or a panic attack. It didn't really matter.

"Yeah, we're going to be several more hours filming. Hopefully she can just sleep through it. Then we'll get her back to the hotel," you hear Jimin say. Even in your distressed state, you can hear how heavily laced with worry his voice is. You want nothing more than to be able to leap up and tell him everything is going to be okay. But you couldn’t even open your eyes or lift your head to look at him.

You feel Jungkook move slowly, clearly trying not to jostle you anymore than possible, until he bends over and gently lays you on a couch. You immediately curl back onto your side, in the fetal position. Jungkook steps back as Jimin steps in draping something over your body, tucking it in around you gently. When he's done, his hands come up to caress your cheeks.

He leans over your, whispering gently in your ear, "Y/N? Are you comfortable? I am going to leave another water bottle here beside the couch for later."

You feel him shift. "I'm worried about leaving her alone. What if she wakes up later and doesn't know where she is? What if she can't find us?"

"Hyung, if it's anything like last time, she'll still be asleep when we're done. If you're worried, we can post someone at the door?"

Jimin's breath is back on your face again. "Y/N, I have to go finish a shoot. There is water here if you need it. I'll be back as soon as we're done, okay?"

He waits a moment, still caressing your cheek. You try to nod and you're not sure if you're successful. But you feel Jimin lean over you once more and gently kiss you where his hand had just been on your cheek.




You're not sure if you woke up at any point before BTS's shoot was over. You think you might have in order to chug more water, as the bottle was empty and your bladder was screaming. But you woke up and the dizziness had subsided enough for you to be able to sit up and look around. Jimin and the other members of BTS were all packing up bags and removing make-up. 

"Oh, you're awake, Y/N?" Yoongi said. 

"Mm," you nod. "May I ask the way to the restroom?"

"If you go through the door here, it's directly across the hall." Yoongi answered you.

"Can you walk, Y/N?" Jimin asked.

You push yourself up off the couch and stand for a minute, letting the room settle around you. You test your step and it's steady enough. "I think I can make it. I'll be right back."

After tottering off to the restroom and back, you're feeling decidedly better. You sit yourself back down on the couch while you watch everyone packing up.

"So," you start.

Everyone looks up at you, expectantly.

"Uh, where are we?" you ask, with a slight chuckle.

"Oh!" Hobi exclaims. "We're in New York!"

"Oh," you reply. After a pause, your eyes shoot to Jimin in realization. "Oh. I've totally messed up our plans by traveling here, haven't I?"

His gentle smile is enough to make you tear up. "It's okay, Y/N."

"No, we had a plan. I was going to fly here. But if I'm here like this, that messes everything up," tears are falling as you talk. "I can't believe I ruined your plans. I'm so sorry."

Jimin rushes over and sits next to you on the couch. "Y/N."

"I'm sorry," you continue. You’re so disoriented and feeling lost.

"Y/N," Jimin says and takes your face in his hands, turning you to face him. "I already knew you were going to be traveling here. It's okay. We already discussed new plans - in the past."


"So, it's okay. There is nothing for you to apologize for. We're okay."

"Okay. I think I'm just tired." 

"I know," Jimin says reassuringly. "We're going to go back to the hotel. None of us have slept since yesterday. We're all going to the hotel and we'll take a nap. Then we'll take it from there. Sound okay?"

You can feel yourself relax and one more tear falls down your cheek. Jimin brushes it away with his finger. "Let's go."

Chapter Text

You don't really remember how you got to the hotel. But somehow they had gotten you in a car and to the hotel and up to Jimin's room without incident. You were now sitting on the couch in Jimin's room, room wavering a bit, but not the horrible teacup ride that it had been earlier. Your body ached and you were tired, which combined was making you feel very out of it. So, you sat on the couch in Jimin's hotel room staring out the window to see the skyline of New York, but not really seeing anything.

Jimin came out of the bathroom after quickly rinsing off and getting into comfortable sweats. He comes to stand in front of you and you slowly turn your head to face him.

"Y/N, did you want to shower or anything else before you go to sleep?" Jimin asks softly, trying to gauge how awake you are.

You shake your head slowly. "I don't think I have the energy."

Jimin looks at you for a long moment and then says, "Wait here one moment longer. I'll help you into bed soon."

You go back to your staring without seeing out the hotel window. You look back when you feel Jimin sit down next to you on the couch. He gives you a small grin and picks up one of your hands. He has a warm washcloth and he slowly wipes down your wrist and both sides of your hand. Then he reaches across your lap and does the same treatment on the other side. 

He gets up and is gone for a moment before he comes back again. With a seemingly fresh cloth, he then wipes your face. Gently wiping your forehead, over your eyelids, across your cheeks, and then down your neck. The warm cloth feels good and once you close your eyes, you find it impossible to open them again.

"Y/N?" you hear Jimin say your name. He sounds like he's underwater. Or are you underwater?

"Y/N?" Jimin tries again and you remember he was talking to you. You turn towards the sound of voice and he's sitting right next to you on the couch. His face close, assessing you.

"Jimin?" you try to figure out how you can both feel like you're underwater but not actually be underwater. "I'm not feeling so good."

The next thing you're aware of is the feeling of comforter being tucked in around you as you lie on a bed. 

"Y/N?" Jimin is leaning over you, tucking you in. 

"Where am I?"

"Still in the hotel, Y/N. I just helped you get in bed. Try to get some sleep now. Do you want me to call the doctor?" Jimin sounds so far away and yet he's right next to you, you can see him leaning over you.

"No, I have an appointment with the doctor. Tomorrow. Whenever tomorrow is," you say.

You feel a cool hand on your forehead. "You feel a little warm. Are you sure I can't get a doctor for you now?"

"No, no, I have an appointment."

"Okay, try to sleep now, sweetheart."

You're not sure you heard him correctly, but before you can process, your eyelids are heavy and you're pulled back to sleep.




You wake up and it's clearly late or early. The sky is dark, save for it being lit up by the city. Jimin is laying next to you, sound asleep. You look around for a clock in the hotel room and finally spot one turned slightly away from the bed to stop the light from bothering the sleepers. You nudge it so you can see the face. 3:30. 

"Okay, so, it's both late and early," you think to yourself.

You slowly swing yourself around and out from under the comforter. Testing your legs, you stand to see if you can make it to the bathroom. Other than an ache, you seem alright. The dizziness is gone and you feel relatively rested, at least compared to yesterday.

As you make your way to the bathroom and freshen up, you try to piece together the last day. You traveled to the future, to New York. BTS are meant to be giving their speech at the UNGA. Had that happened yet? You didn't know exactly what day it was. You were in a dressing room of some kind yesterday and they seemed to have done some kind of performance? You weren't really sure. Were they scheduled to perform? You couldn't remember.

They somehow got you from the location of the performance or shoot or whatever it was back to the hotel. And now you were there, in Jimin's room. Did anyone care that you were in Jimin's room? How did he manage that? You filed away those questions for later.

You felt around your pockets for your phone and find it absent. You squeeze your eyes shut trying to remember whether you had it with you when you traveled. Or if it's lost somewhere since you arrived in New York. You aren't sure.

You decide the best course of action would be to go back to bed for a couple more hours until it was a more reasonable time to be awake. You didn't want to disturb Jimin's sleep anyway. Had he said they hadn't slept the full day before? Seemed like he had said something like that.

You climb back into bed, body relaxing and aching relieved a bit at the warmth radiating off Jimin, heat trapped under the comforter. You turn so you are face to face with Jimin. His features are not quite visible in the dim light. However, that didn't stop you from remembering and filling in the missing visuals as you looked his direction. You can feel the electric field that activates when you touch, vibrating in anticipation of your closeness, giving you a bit of a buzz as it wait for you to make contact.

The surreal feelings you have about knowing Jimin or the other members, seems diminished here in the dark of the night. Being here with Jimin feels like the most natural thing in the world, as if it had always been and will always be. You feel like you've known each other for years, even though it's only been a fraction of that time. Nevertheless, you felt so comfortable and content here, like this. In fact, of everything happening in your life right now, this was the one thing that made the most sense.




You wake up again to hear a shower running and dawn just beginning to creep through the windows. You lie there as you hear the shower shut off and rustling, as presumably Jimin gets dressed and ready for the day.

You crack your eyes open as you hear him pad back into the room. He's dressed and looking around anxiously for things. You open your eyes further and start to sit yourself up in bed.

"Oh, you're awake!" Jimin looks at you and gives you a half smile.

"Is everything okay?" you ask.

"Yes, well, yes, everything is fine," he says distractedly.

"You sure?"

He stops and looks at you for a second. "Well, our speech is in a few hours. I'm just a little nervous."

"Your speech?" you look at him confused. And then remember. "Ohhh, your UN speech? That's this morning? It hasn't happened yet?"

"Yeah, I got up early to practice, I'm just not really happy with how I'm delivering my lines and there's going to be so many important people there," Jimin says, wiping his hands on his sweats.

"Hey," you say and reach out your hands to him.

He looks at you again, surprised. But walks over and takes your hands in his. You pull him closer, so he ends up half seated on the edge of the bed next to your thighs. You finish pulling yourself up to a sitting position with his help.

"Look," you say making sure to give him direct eye contact as you’re squeezing his hands in yours. "I know you're nervous. That's totally natural. But you're going to be amazing. Everyone is going to love your speech. You can do this."

He looks at you for a long moment before leaning in and giving you a sweet kiss right on your lips. There is a soft tingling that remains, even as he pulls back a few inches, he says, "Thank you."

You lean forward and put your arms around him in a tight hug.  The forcefield envelopes you both in a buzzing comfort. "I'll watch from here and will be cheering you on, Jimin-ah."

"Thank you, Y/N. I left a laptop over on the table, if you really want to watch, you should be able to pull up the stream."

He gets up and finishes packing everything he needs for the event. 

"When will you be back?" you ask.

"I will come back after the speech and interviews finish. Hopefully by lunchtime? Feel free to order any room service you need, just charge it to the room. You're my guest. Don't scrimp. I'll be able to see what you ordered later." he gives you a smile as he gets ready to head out.

"Jimin?" you call to him as he opens the door to the room.

He turns and looks at you, as you lift your fist and say confidently, "Fighting!"

He gives you a wide grin then, eyes crinkling into crescent moons, and he mimics your hand gesture and says resolutely, "Fighting!"

Then he turns and leaves the hotel room to go give a world-changing speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

Chapter Text

After the hotel room clicks shut and you are left alone, you decide to test yourself by getting up and trying to act like a human for a bit. You take a long hot shower and change into a set of Jimin's sweats that he had left folded on top of his suitcase. You assumed he left them for you or you would apologize later for borrowing them.

When you were feeling considerably fresher and more awake you took a look around the hotel room. It was larger than a normal room, it had a couch area that was separated by a partial wall from the bed. There was a little kitchen area for making coffee. 

You tidied up the place, picking up traces from last night. You picked up spent towels and threw them in the bathroom. You tidied up cups and a bit of trash. While you were picking things up, you found your phone that had fallen on the floor sometime last night. You search around and find a charger for it and plug it in. Maybe when it came back to life, you'd be able to see if you could use it to send messages in the future.

Looking around and feeling good about your surroundings, you decide to call down for room service as Jimin suggested. You didn't know what the rest of the day would entail, but you figured it would be better to have eaten. Plus, you thought back, you probably haven't eaten for a full day anyway?

So, you ordered a hearty breakfast from the room service and pulled open the laptop that Jimin had left out for you. You settle on the couch and find the links for the UN speeches on YouTube. You should have enough time to eat breakfast and then watch. 

Breakfast arrived without incident and was decidedly the most delicious hotel food you had ever eaten. To be fair, you had never stayed at a hotel this fancy before either. The UNGA had started up on YouTube and you were getting excited to see the speeches. 

Finally BTS filed onto stage, all looking extremely good in their suits. They must have changed somewhere else because Jimin did not look like that when he left the hotel room. You watched, entranced, as they gave their speech, each trading off and saying a piece, just like they do with their music. Your chest bursting with pride. Even when Jimin got nervous and had to take a moment, you were beaming. You couldn't wait to tell all of them how amazing they are. 

Then they cut to the Permission to Dance performance inside the same hall they had just given a speech. In your head, it clicked that this must have been what they were doing yesterday when you landed in their dressing room. 

You found yourself smiling and clapping at the end, even though you were alone in the hotel room. Laughing, you turn your phone on and pull up the group chat to see if you can send a message.

[YN] Congratulations! The speech was amazing!

[KNJ] Thanks, Y/N! We're all getting shuttled to the next schedule, otherwise I'm sure everyone would say thank you, too.

[YN] It's okay! Hope you're all enjoying the moment. So momentous!

[KNJ] I've relayed your messages to everyone. They are all happy to hear from you.

You look around the hotel room trying to decide what to do next. You realize, too little too late, that you don't have a key to the room. So you can't leave without the risk of not being able to get back in again. Which, for Jimin's security, was probably better anyway. You decide to take a nap for a couple hours while you wait for the members to finish up their schedules. If they weren't back by the time you were awake again, you'd punish Jimin by ordering a large lunch from room service.




You are awoken by a light knock on the hotel room door. You freeze, hoping maybe it was for another room down the hall, but the light rapping comes again.

You cautiously get out of the bed and tip-toe to the door. As you are about a foot away, you hear the keycard beeping and the door opens inward. You jump back in order to avoid getting hit.

"Oh, Y/N! Sorry," Jimin gasps as he sees you in front of the door. "I thought maybe you had gone out or something. I couldn't find my key, so I knocked, but it was in my bag."

He stands in the doorway still dressed in the suit he had appeared in front of millions of people a couple of hours ago. His hair was a little mussed and he was holding a medium duffle bag in one hand, hotel keycard in the other. He had a toothy grin on his face.

As he stepped into the room, letting the door swing shut behind him, he asks, "How are you feeling?"

"Oh, much better," you say, mouth hanging open a bit at being this close to him in that suit. "I had a large breakfast, as you suggested -strongly-, and watched the speech. It was wonderful. You were amazing."

Keeping his eyes locked on yours, Jimin drops the duffle bag on the floor and tosses the keycard on top of it. Then he takes a large step and closes the gap between you. He brings both his hands up to your face and cups your cheeks. You immediately feel the current of electricity light up between your bodies. He leans over and gently kisses your lips.

He pulls back and looks in your eyes. He asks, "Is this okay?"

You feel your cheeks flushing as you nod and say, "Yes, very okay."


Having gotten your consent, he leans over again and kisses you with more urgency. Wanting to feel more of him, you slide your hands around his waist under his unbuttoned suit jacket and you pull him closer to you, so that your bodies are almost completely flush against one another.

One of his hands moves around and tangles his fingers in your hair. He deepens the kiss, using his tongue to playfully ask permission for entrance along your bottom lip. You open up for him almost immediately, eager to let your tongue explore his mouth as well. His other hand drops from your cheek down to your waist and tugs softly at the hem of your (his) sweatshirt.

He breaks away from the kiss, pushing his forehead against your, allowing you both to catch your breath. "Have I mentioned how completely amazing you look in my clothes?"

You chuckle. "Have I mentioned how out of this world stunning you look in that suit?"

You can feel more than see his smile as his face hovers over yours. Soon, he starts kissing tenderly down your jaw, working his way down to your neck. Every little kiss and suck from his lips leaves a warm bloom of electricity along your skin. It's absolutely intoxicating.


"Jimin," you whisper.

"Mm?" he hums into your skin, not stopping as he works his way slowly down to your collarbone.

"Can we-" you take a deep breath. "Can we maybe, just talk for a minute?"

With that question, he looks up in alarm at your face. You quickly add, "No, nothing bad. Just for a minute?"

Eyes soft, he nods and takes your hands from his waist, holding them in his and leads you to the couch. You both settle next to each other, thighs touching and Jimin doesn't let go of your hands.

"What did you need to talk about?" Jimin asks encouragingly.

"I just was hoping to maybe clarify some things before we took this much further. Mostly for my own sanity," you chuckle under your breath nervously. This was already harder than you thought it was going to be and you had known this conversation was going to be hard.

Jimin squeezes your hands reassuringly. "Ask me whatever is on your mind."

"Without assuming anything," you say, eyes darting up to meet his and then quickly dropping down to look at your hands being squeezed by his, "can I just... get a sense of where this is going for you?"

"This?" Jimin's voice is soft.

"You and me, this 'courtship' as you called it. I just need to know if I should be protecting myself."

"Protecting yourself?" There's definitely worry lacing his voice now.

You take another deep breath, looking at your hands, his hands. Your voice comes out in a whisper as you think how stupid you must be sounding right now, "Protecting my heart. You know, if this is… serious or not? It’s okay if it’s not. I just- I just kind of want to know ahead of time."

Silence hangs in the air. You groan and say, "I'm sorry. That was dumb. Forget I said anything."

"Y/N," Jimin's voice is a little deeper now, a little more serious sounding. This makes you look up and check his face again. A worry crease digs into his forehead and there's definitely a glossiness to his eyes that could be the start of tears. You feel the pit open up in your stomach in anxiety.

He takes a deep, shaky breath and continues, giving your hands another squeeze, "Since you asked, I'll be honest with you. I'm crazy about you. Since we first met, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I haven't been able to stop worrying about you."

You feel your breath catch as he goes on, "So, as to where this is going. I don't want to pretend to know all the future, but I'm very seriously featuring you in my future plans. I know a lot is uncertain. You're a time traveling space heroine, you know."

You laugh at this, even as you feel your heart constrict. You add, through your laughter, "And you're an idol, you know."

He laughs for a moment before his face turns serious again, "I do know. I know that being with me will be hard. So, I want you to take your time. I want you to get to know me as much as you want. I know I have a lot of... baggage."

You slip one of your hands out from his and lift it to caress his cheek. "I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. I don't even know where or when I'll be tomorrow. But, Park Jimin, you should know, I am already head over heels for you."


Then you lean in and give him a deep kiss, which he returns instantly. The electric field around your bodies feels like it's on fire. You slid your hands to his shoulders and push the suit jack off down his arms. Without breaking the kiss, he shakes himself out of the coat and brings his hands back to your face. 

His kissing becomes more urgent as your hands slide down to his chest. You can feel his heart beating wildly, which is all the encouragement you need to start unbuttoning the white shirt’s tiny buttons.

His hands move back down to your waist, sliding under the sweatshirt and pulling your entire body closer to him. His kisses start working down your jaw to your neck again as you get the buttons undone about halfway down his torso. You slide your palms inside the shirt and across his pecs. You are pleasantly surprised to find he does not have an undershirt on. After relishing his bare skin with your hands for a moment, feeling the electricity pulse between you, you go back to work on the buttons.

When he hits your collarbone and the collar of the sweatshirt, he pulls back from you, which makes you pause on your own efforts with his buttons. "May I take this off?" he asks, tugging on the sweatshirt from the inside.

"I thought you said it looked good on me," you say, teasing.

Jimin lets out a small growl, which immediately makes your core clench. "I did say that. But I have a feeling I am going to like you even better without it."

"Okay, if you insist, but help me get this off you too," you say as you tug at the tiny white shirt buttons.

Jimin gives you an impish grin. He first quickly undoes the rest of the buttons on his shirt, pulling the bottom of it out of his pants when he finishes. Then he leans in and gives you another sensuous kiss before expertly lifting the sweatshirt up and over your head.

He gasps as he looks at you, which makes you immediately feel shy. He says in a mock scandalized tone, "Y/N, you weren't wearing anything under this sweatshirt."

You bow your head, trying not to die of embarrassment, "It's not like I had time to pack anything before this trip."

Jimin takes a finger and lifts your chin so you're face to face with one another. "You are absolutely beautiful. I was right about you being more stunning with the sweatshirt off."

You giggle then, forcing your insecurities to take a backseat to how wonderful Jimin was making you feel. "Can I see you too?"

He laughs again as he helps you as you push the shirt off his shoulders. It's your turn to gasp as you see the well-toned muscles of his arms and torso. You run your fingers slowly across his Nevermind tattoo that wraps around the side of his rib. Forgetting everything else in the world, you lean in and kiss it tenderly. 

"Fuck," Jimin whispers.

Startled, you sit back up and look at him. He chuckles gruffly, "Sorry, that was just really, really hot."

He leans into you and kisses you again. Just as he starts to move down, his phone starts ringing. This time he sounds agitated when he says again, "Fuck."


"Hold that thought," he looks at you while he leans over to the jacket that was now on the ground and fishes out his phone. He clicks the answer call button, "Hello?"

There's a pause as you hear someone else on the other end of the call, but you can't make out what they are saying. "Ah, okay. I have a guest here."

There's more talking on the other end and Jimin's brow furrows. "No, that wasn't on the schedule. No, I-"

Sensing the tension, you reach over and pull the sweatshirt off the ground. You slip it back over your head. Jimin just looks at you sadly.

To whoever is on the phone he says, "I understand. Yeah, no. Yeah. It can't be helped."

When he hangs up, he groans. "I have to go to another schedule. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, like you said, we have time," you say, hoping you sound reassuring.

"What do we do with you though?" Jimin looks at you, the sadness not leaving his face. "I can't expect you to just sit in a hotel room all day."

"Don't worry about me, I'll order room service. I’ll binge watch some HGTV. Who knows, maybe I'll end up traveling back home anyway," you say with a shrug. You really hope you sound casual. You do not want to add to Jimin's stress.

He doesn't look totally convinced. "Y/N..."

"Seriously. Stop worrying. Like you said, you're an idol. You have obligations. I know this. I still love you anyway."

Your accidental words hang in the air like a grenade not yet exploded. Jimin’s eyes have gone wide and his lips are parted just slightly in shock. You are probably mirroring the same expression back at him. If you hadn’t already been hot and flushed, you certainly would be now, blood rushing to your cheeks and burning up to the tips of your ears.

All of the sudden everything waivers and goes dark. You are laying in your bed. The stunned look on Jimin's face lingers as a vision in front of you. 

"Welp," you say out loud to the darkness.