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You are a breath of life

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Andromeda was about to fix Teddy's tie for the fourth time when Hermione grabbed her wrist. 

"No, leave it. He looks perfect."

The older witch frowned but then looked at the four-year-old, his hair her favourite shade of green. His tie was slightly crooked, but he did indeed look like a perfect little sweetheart in his new school uniform.

Since the sorting into the houses wouldn't be until later that day, his uniform was still plain but at least it wasn't black but a bright purple. Nymphadora had been a Griffin, and to this day, she was sure it had made her start in Hogwarts easier.

He shot them a bright smile and held on tight to his schoolbag, which for now only contained some fruit and crackers for his snack.

Andromeda felt the tears well up. She blinked rapidly and turned her head to the side so that Teddy wouldn't see.

Hermione buried her nose in Andromeda's dark curls and whispered into her ear, "don't be dramatic now, love, we'll have him back in three hours."

After a sharp inhale, Andromeda wiped the stray tears with her sleeve and focused on Teddy, who looked at her with a puzzled expression. 

"Can I go now?" He asked impatiently. He began to tap his foot on the floor.

Andromeda's nose burned, and her eyes welled up, but this time no tears found their way to her cheeks.

"Of course, my heart, have fun," she said and bent down to kiss his head, but he ran off before her lips touched his hair. With a heavy sigh, she straightened her back and watched him go.

He looked over his shoulder and showed his signature grin. "Bye grandma, bye nana!" he yelled and seconds later disappeared into the building. 

Never had Andromeda heard Hermione gasp louder. 

The young witch pressed her hand to her chest. Her eyes were wide. "Did the rascal just call me grandmother?" 

The exasperation in her voice made Andromeda snicker. She put her hand on Hermione's shoulder and gave it a hearty squeeze. "Well, my love, I know you don't want to hear it but you kind of are his grandmother."

Another loud gasp, and when Andromeda faced her love, she was glaring at her. Andromeda couldn't stop herself from laughing, which made Hermione blush fiercely. 

"You put him up to this!" Hermione pointed her finger at her face and waved it. "You have this gleam in your eyes and that smile! I know that smile, Andromeda! You're in cahoots with him!"

It took Andromeda a second to gather herself. Her expression became solemn as she stared at the building, her thoughts wandering to Teddy. She sighed. "I'll always be in cahoots with him." She had made this promise to him on the day he was born.

Hermione patted her arm and then reached for her wrist. Their eyes met and she shot her a bright smile. "As you should be." She let the words resonate for a moment and then tugged at her wrist. "Come along now, Nana, Grandma needs a snack."

Andromeda needn't be told twice and guided her to the nearest park. They settled on a bench, let the sun kiss their faces and ate some fruit. 

Andromeda thought that there were few better things to pass the time than kissing her scandalously young lover in public and so they did just that. Like the first time she had kissed her, her soft lips were delightful and she could lose herself in the sensation. 

Once they had caught their breaths, they turned to their books. Hermione leaned her head against her shoulder while she read. Andromeda enjoyed her proximity and the serenity of the moment but couldn't entirely focus on the novel in her hands, her thoughts circling back to how fast time was passing.

"Kids grow up so fast. He's in school now and soon he'll move out," Andromeda said, her tone much more dramatic than necessary, which immediately caught Hermione's attention. She put her novel in her lap, looked at her and chuckled.

"I also cried when Dora had her first day of school," Andromeda confessed with a wistful smile on her lips.

The young witch straightened her back and smiled. "I figured. You wear your heart on your sleeve." 

"Mmh, always have." Andromeda couldn't entirely stop the sadness from creeping into her heart like it so often did when she thought of the past. She let herself feel for a moment but then pulled herself back into reality, focussing on the beautiful things she had in life.

Gently, she cupped Hermione's cheek and then kissed her deeply. Her lips tasted of grapes and apples. "I love you," Andromeda whispered. "You know that, yes?"

Hermione grabbed her arm and brought it up to her face. She ran her fingers over the sleeve of her jumper and gently shoved it back and forth. "Yes, I know. It says so right here."

Andromeda laughed out loud. "That's precisely why I love you!"

Hermione grinned and pressed a kiss to her wrist. "I love you too, Andromeda."

They snogged some more, chatted some more and read some more and then it was finally time to pick up Teddy. Andromeda was antsy the whole way back to school, and once in front of the building, she stepped from one foot to the other and nervously glanced at the dark blue door.

"You're ridiculous," Hermione said, pulling her closer, putting her arm around her waist and holding her tight. "He'll be out any minute."

She'd barely finished the sentence when the door burst open and a horde of children ran towards them. There in the middle of the crowd, Andromeda spotted a head of wavy, golden hair. The smile on his face was bright and contagious and she laughed when he hugged her.

"Let me look at you," she said with joy in her voice and crouched down in front of him. His tie was now turquoise and the patch on his chest showed a baby aquicorn. Happiness filled her, for she knew he would thrive in Aquicorn.

"Did you have fun?" 

He nodded and then started to tell them every detail about his first day. His tales filled the whole journey home but the second he opened the front door, he fell silent. 

Andromeda enjoyed the silence and helped him out of his blazer while he slipped out of his shoes. He almost tumbled to the floor twice while doing so.

Once he was freed from all his outdoor clothes, he turned and looked at her. "You promised me hot chocolate!" He stated. His tone was so serious and he looked so endearing in his sternness that Andromeda had to bite her cheek to keep from laughing.

His eyes were bigger than usual and a bright shade of green. It was a trick he often used because he knew it worked on her.

"Of course, my heart," she said and ruffled his hair. 

She made Hermione and herself a cup too. After all, it had been an exciting day.