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The door to room 103 opened, but Itaru couldn’t spare the moment to turn and look. He leaned forward on the couch, controller in hand, as he watched the health of the enemy base quickly begin to deplete. Just a few more seconds...

“Hell yeah!” Itaru cheered, triumphantly leaning back into the soft comfort of the couch and swinging his feet up to rest on his coffee table. That was three wins in a row now! Itaru smirked proudly as he skimmed through his level up rewards.

“Wowies, nice one Itarun!”

“Fuck - !” Itaru jumped, his feet scrambling off the coffee table. He felt his cheeks begin to burn in annoyance as he looked next to him, where Kazunari was suddenly sitting. Kazunari giggled innocently as Itaru frowned. “Ever heard of announcing yourself?”

“Uh, I did, twice! Sorry for the jumpscare~” Kazunari said with an impish grin that, honestly, didn’t seem that sorry at all.

Still, despite the playful teasing, Itaru found his face softening into a smile. “You came at a good time, I was just about to take a stretch break.”

“Oh, perf!” Kazunari cutely scooted closer to Itaru on the couch. “So you totally have a few mins to spare for me, right?” 

“I always have time for my best boy,” Itaru replied automatically. Game idling on the menu screen, Itaru placed his controller on the coffee table where his feet were before. “So what’s up?”

“Hmm~ I wonder~” 

Kazunari humming like that always piqued Itaru’s curiosity. Commonly it was followed by an amusing story about some special event that happened to Kazunari during the day, occasionally it was the lead in to Kazunari asking for a favor, and very rarely it was used as a cuteness modifier with no particular agenda. Given the circumstances of Kazunari just allowing himself in, Itaru had the sneaking suspicion that it was probably for a favor this round.

“I just wanted to spend a few minutes with you!” Kazunari beamed. “Maybe give you a few smooches for that totally rad win I just witnessed?”

A rare event spawn? Alright, Itaru was wrong sometimes. They were still learning how to read each other, so a mistake now and then was no big deal. Either way, Itaru wasn’t about to turn down a no-effort quest reward.

“Accepted,” Itaru said with a smile. “I even have some of my own I can trade for yours.”

“Nuh-uh! These are victory kissies for my Itarun!” Kazunari proudly declared. Kazunari rose to his knees, making Itaru crane his neck up in curiosity. One of Kazunari’s hands steadied on Itaru’s shoulder, the other lightly cupping Itaru’s cheek as he leaned down.

“Muah~!” Kazunari vocalized as he planted a kiss on Itaru’s exposed forehead. 

Itaru snorted. How is Kazunari so cute? he wondered as Kazunari began to pepper Itaru’s forehead with light, gentle kisses. 

“H-hey,” Itaru protested lightly, “my forehead’s had enough direct fire!” 

“Hmm~” There was that curious hum again. If Kazunari was going for the cute angle, it was definitely effective as he smiled above Itaru, his eyes sparkling playfully.

“I’ll just change my target then!” Kazunari declared, his body lowering back down to sit on the couch. Still cupping Itaru’s face, Kazunari guided him closer before beginning to plant soft, ticklish kisses on Itaru’s cheeks. 

Itaru laughed as he tried to move his face away from the assault. Still, Kazunari was relentless in his pursuit, happily spreading kisses across Itaru’s face.

Time for a counterattack! Itaru placed his hands on Kazunari’s thighs as he leaned forward in preparation. Kazunari, as expected, took that as an invitation to continue, and the next time his lips brushed Itaru’s cheek, Itaru was ready to plant a kiss under Kazunari’s eye.

“Hey, I said no trading!” Kazunari laughed. Itaru smirked at the cute reaction, planting his own trail of kisses up Kazunari’s face. 

Placing a decisive kiss on the tip of Kazunari's nose, Itaru smirked. “My parry attack is nigh unbeatable!” 

Kazunari laughed lightly, a good sign. Itaru couldn’t help but feel a little proud whenever his wordplay went over well, especially since not many of his references were in Kazunari’s wheelhouse.

“That attack was totes strong, but I have one that’s impossible to resist!” Kazunari boasted. 

The hand that cupped Itaru’s cheek moved to lightly cradle the back of Itaru’s neck, Kazunari’s fingers barely touching the tips of Itaru’s hair. Kazunari’s lips slowly advanced, not quite touching Itaru’s own. “Do you have a way to stop this one?”

Of course Itaru could stop it, but that didn’t mean he wanted to. 

Kazunari took Itaru’s hesitation as permission and his lips pressed against Itaru’s. It was a brief, nearly-chaste moment of contact. Itaru’s heart fluttered, but before he could close his eyes and lose himself completely in the contact, Kazunari’s eyes were open and staring back into his own. Kazunari’s lips, once again, were just a few centimeters away. 

“Was that the kind of prize you wanted?” Kazunari whispered, his warm breath splaying over Itaru’s mouth.

Itaru shivered. “Yeah, something like that.”

Itaru could see the slightest curl to Kazunari’s smile as he leaned back in for another gentle kiss. As Kazunari slowly coaxed Itaru into a slowdance of rolling lips, Itaru felt the fluttering affection in his heart begin to turn into a racing pulse.

Itaru felt his arms and legs begin to grow weak as he continued to work his lips. Occasionally, one of them would back away from the contact briefly. Silent smiles would be exchanged, crinkles would appear around eyes, light huffs or shallow gasps for air would sound before one of them would inevitably reconnect to soothe the buzz of excitement in their lips.

A soft blush rose to Itaru’s cheeks as the slow ministrations continued. The soft touch of Kazunari’s lips always felt so perfectly right and irreplaceable against his own. Itaru hummed happily, enjoying every moment of his newest favorite game.

Itaru breathed deeply as Kazunari’s hand traveled upwards to the base of his skull. A surprising scent met Itaru’s nose, a hint of lemon and a twinge of vanilla, if he had to hazard a guess. Itaru idly wondered if Kazunari was baking, or maybe even hanging out with Omi or Juza, before he stopped by room 103. Regardless of the source, the warm smell flowed into Itaru’s lungs, the heat radiating out to the rest of his chest. Itaru’s heartbeat began to noticeably quicken, his pulse audibly hammering in his ears.

Again, Kazunari’s lips lightly passed over his own, surrounding his bottom lip then pressing close. Itaru’s dick stirred as his lips parted with a moan. 

Immediately, Itaru broke away, covering his face with both his hands as a red flush of embarrassment invaded his skin. In a fluid motion usually reserved for outrageous moments of stupidity, like accidental teamkills or falling off the edge of a map, Itaru tilted his head back and  face out of view.

It was so confusing! Here Kazunari was, being absolutely adorable, kissing him without any ulterior motives. So, if Kazunari was just being romantic and sweet, why was it so infuriatingly turning Itaru on? “ AaugghhHHHHH, ” Itaru groaned as he desperately hoped for a walkthrough to help him figure himself out.

“Uh, Itarun…?”

Wait, shit. Right. Itaru’s embarrassment knew now bounds as he kept his face covered, the flush of heat was surely painting his face and neck a vivid color that Kazunari didn’t need to see. Man, what was Kazunari going to think about him getting horny over something that was supposed to be cute and affectionate? Or about his sudden awkward outburst afterwards?

Ugh, smite me now.

“Itarun?” Kazunari repeated. Itaru sighed as he felt Kazunari’s hands over his own, the tips of Kazunari’s fingers beginning to pry under the edges of Itaru’s hands. “Hey, let me see you,” he coaxed softly as he peeled away one of Itaru’s hands.

Whelp, WTG, time to get this bad end over with .

Itaru allowed Kazunari to take away his second hand, revealing the heat on his face. Still feeling rather shy, Itaru frowned and tried to avoid eye contact by looking at the dimmed menu screen of his game. 

“Hey,” Kazunari’s warm hand found the side of Itaru’s face again, “look at me for a sec?”

How embarrassing. Itaru steeled his constitution as he turned to face Kazunari. Itaru’s eyes went wide as Kazunari’s lips met him again, pressing against him just as gently as before. 

Why… didn’t he say anything? Kazunari’s thumb began to rub reassuring circles under Itaru’s eye as Kazunari happily hummed into the kiss.

Is this his way of telling me it’s okay? Itaru swallowed as Kazunari’s lips continued the affectionate pecks and rolls.

The kiss was just as subdued as before, which made Itaru’s fingers flex restlessly against whatever they could touch: his jacket and sweatpants, the fabric of the couch, Kazunari’s denim-clad thighs. As much as Itaru wanted to change his settings, the menu screen remained inaccessible as he, again, moaned reluctantly against Kazunari’s lips.

As he vocalized, Kazunari’s hand returned to cup the back of Itaru’s neck and his tongue slipped into Itaru’s mouth, gently swiping just behind Itaru’s teeth. Kazunari’s free hand gently tugged at Itaru’s hair tie, causing his bangs to fall and messily curtain his face. 

Itaru couldn’t help but whine as he reached out to grab Kazunari’s shirt and pull him close. Kazunari chuckled into their kiss before returning to push and roll carefully against Itaru’s tongue. Itaru felt an unmistakable strain against his sweatpants as he sloppily tried to meet Kazunari’s controlled movements inside of his mouth.

Pleasure crackled at the base of Itaru’s spine and suddenly shot up into his body as he felt Kazunari’s hand palming the front of his sweatpants. Itaru pulled out of the kiss, gasping for air.

“H-hey,” Itaru quietly protested, moving Kazunari’s hand and pulling his shirt down. “I didn’t mean for you to see - I mean for this to -” Man, Itaru didn’t quite know how to even begin explaining this random event modifier.

Kazunari smirked. “It’s okay, Itarun. It’s a bit too big for me not to notice, after all.”

Itaru frowned as embers flicked across his cheeks. “No, I mean... you don’t have to.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to?” Kazunari asked sweetly. With a shy smile, Kazunari stood off the couch and spread a dumbfounded Itaru’s legs apart, settling down between them on his knees. “If my mouth did this to you, give it a chance to fix things~”

Itaru whipped his head around to the closed door of the room. Sure they were alone, but Chikage was around today. The few times they had messed around, they always specifically planned for when Chikage had business out of the city, so the sudden improv worried Itaru. “I’m not too sure if -”

Between his knees, Itaru was met with Kazunari’s visible excitement as he wiggled in anticipation. Kazunari’s tongue stuck out to swipe along his playful smile, leaving a thin sheen of spit on his bottom lip. Itaru audibly gulped.

“Please, Itarun?” Kazunari asked as he changed his approach, laying his head on Itaru’s thigh and looking up pitifully. “I want to take care of you. Won’t you let me?”

“Y-yeah,” Itaru automatically replied. I can’t say no to that face.

“Yay!” Kazunari celebrated as his fingers curled under Itaru’s waistband. Itaru was confused by the sudden eagerness, but autopilot took over as he raised his hips off the couch, allowing Kazunari to tug his sweats and boxers down to mid-thigh without too much effort. Itaru flinched as his dick briefly caught on the fabric before being freed to the cool air of the room.

It was almost like visible sparkles radiated from Kazunari’s excited face as he reached for Itaru’s erection, which embarrassed Itaru even further. 

“Wow, you’re totes this hard already? Just from that?” Kazunari asked, now sending Itaru somewhere far beyond embarrassment. Slowly, Itaru pulled the neck of his white t-shirt over the bridge of his nose, hoping to hide the worst of his face from view. 

Kazunari chuckled briefly, but then simply guided Itaru’s dick to his face. Instead of going for it immediately, Kazunari began to stroke his heated cheek against Itaru’s length, invoking a pleased, yet strained, sound of approval from Itaru. “It’s okay, Itarun,” Kazunari reassured, “we all have horny days sometimes.”

Wait, even though Itaru wasn’t quite sure what was going on, that definitely wasn’t the case! Itaru didn’t have a horny bone in his body today until Kazunari started kissing him. Rather than retort or explain, Itaru just considered himself defeated as he breathed deeply under his shirt, Kazunari’s lips ghosting along the underside of his now-even-harder cock.

Lips were soon followed by a wet tongue eagerly running under Itaru’s length. Itaru leaned back into his couch, taking deep breaths for air as a weakening pleasure began to lap at his shores. Then, the tide suddenly came in as Kazunari’s lips surrounded Itaru’s tip and sloppily sucked around his head.

“Aaa - Kazuna - aaaah - ri, fuck,” Itaru moaned as he threw his head back, his shirt slipping off his face to settle back down around his neck. Encouraged, Kazunari brought more of Itaru in, his tongue pressing Itaru’s dick up against the roof of his mouth. Itaru let out a strangled noise as his nerves began to rub against the soft palate, dangerously close to Kazunari’s throat.

Was Kazunari smiling? Itaru couldn’t help but notice the slightest of curls at the edge of Kazunari’s lips as his eyes shone brightly up at Itaru. Itaru felt his dick twitch at the sight. For the briefest of seconds, Itaru thought about what he wouldn’t give to be able to grab Kazunari’s hair and slam that cute smile fully down on his cock, but he quickly shook the thought out of his mind. He wouldn’t do something that could hurt Kazunari, no matter how badly his treacherous cock wanted it.

Instead, Itaru’s fingers moved to the upholstery of the couch, his nails digging into the soft fabric as he resisted the urge to even roll his hips. He tilted his head back and let out a broken-sounding moan as Kazunari hummed happily, sloppily sliding up and down what he could take of Itaru's dick. Kazunari soon brought his hand up to grip the base of Itaru’s erection and started to supplement his work with small, firm strokes.

“I-I’m going to come,” Itaru mumbled as he forced his eyes to stay open, trained on Kazunari cutely looking up at him. “I… I can’t - !”

Itaru let out a low, deep moan, his toes curling against the floor and his fingers desperately scratching fabric as he came. He watched his dick slip from between Kazunari’s lips prematurely, Kazunari’s smile turning into a grimace as Itaru’s cum continued to spurt sloppily onto his face.

“Oh-em-gee, you’re so bitter today?” Kazunari stated more than asked as he awkwardly scraped his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “What’s up with your cum?”

Itaru blinked dumbly as he watched Kazunari fumble for the tissues on his coffee table. Kazunari grabbed a handful and began to wipe at the cum on his cheek and over his closed eye.

Itaru sat up and slowly reached forward, his fingers turning Kazunari’s chin his way. “Sorry,” Itaru mumbled numbly as he came down from his high. He gently plucked the bundle of tissues from Kazunari’s hand to take over. “I, uh, we didn’t plan, so I didn’t prep.” 

Kazunari’s mouth hung open, a string of cum lolling off his tongue as he ran it against his upper teeth. Itaru blankly watched as it dripped out and splattered messily onto the floor. “You… normally taste like this?” Kazunari asked.

Itaru frowned, the heat of shame burning his ears and cheeks. “I. Well? Hm.” Words obviously weren’t working, so Itaru opted to keep his mouth shut and concentrate fully on wiping off Kazunari’s face.

Despite the scenario that just played, Kazunari smiled happily as Itaru’s hands shakily cleaned him. Satisfied with his work, Itaru finally smiled back before wiping himself off and pulling his sweats back up to his waist. Itaru laughed sheepishly to dispel the feeling of Kazunari’s gaze tracking his every move.

“Feel better, Itarun?” Kazunari asked quietly as he crossed his arms over Itaru’s thighs. Itaru’s face flushed as Kazunari leaned forward and rested his chin on his arms, batting his eyelashes up at Itaru.

Itaru did feel better, there was no way he wouldn’t after that. He reached down and ran his fingers through Kazunari’s hair, Kazunari practically purring at the touch. A smile came to Itaru’s face as he thought about pulling Kazunari up onto the couch for a post-orgasm cuddle session, but then confusion set in. It wasn’t like Kazunari to ask for nothing in return, and Itaru did feel a little guilty about what just happened. “Thanks,” Itaru mumbled shyly, “but is there anything I can do for you?”

Kazunari perked up immediately, his head briefly whipping around to the TV before looking back at Itaru with a serious look on his face. “Are you sure, Itarun? I mean, I won’t say no~ but I know I also totes crashed your game sesh!”

Well, that was an easy enough choice for Itaru to make. His eyes flicked to the cushion next to him. Empty. Then, his eyes moved to Kazunari’s arms, still crossed across Itaru’s thighs. A thin black band on Kazunari’s wrist caught his eye. “Ah, there it is.” Itaru mumbled, pleased, as he reached out to take Kazunari’s hand in his own.

“I-Itarun?” Kazunari whimpered as Itaru plucked his black hair band off of Kazunari’s wrist. In one fluid movement, Itaru lowered his head, gathered his bangs together, and sat back up with his gamer bun neatly in place. With a smirk, Itaru patted the couch cushion next to him.

Kazunari’s face scrunched together in confusion as he sat next to Itaru on the couch. “Uh, are you going to game, or - ?” he quietly mumbled. Itaru laughed lightly as he took his gaming jacket off and pointed to the tent in Kazunari’s crotch. “Oh,” Kazunari said with realization as he began to hurriedly shimmy out of his jeans, “but then, why the bun?”

“They’d just get in my eyes otherwise like this,” Itaru said nonchalantly. Kazunari still seemed confused, but at least he was smiling now as he sat back down on the couch, his jeans discarded on the floor.

Itaru lifted his legs up onto the couch, tucking them under his torso as he leaned over Kazunari’s lap. Like hell he was getting on his knees on the hard flooring when he was already comfortable on the couch after all. Itaru braced himself with one arm against Kazunari’s thighs as he slipped Kazunari’s erection out of his boxers with the other. 

Sweet, he’s GTG! Itaru grinned as he sized up Kazunari’s length. The moment Itaru’s tongue flicked out and touched the tip of Kazunari’s swollen erection, he felt the warm, comforting weight of Kazunari’s arm resting across his back. 

Inspirited by the contact, Itaru began pressing kisses to Kazunari’s tip before swirling his tongue around Kazunari’s cutely pink head. “Oooh, That feels niiiiice Itarun~” Kazunari moaned joyfully from above Itaru, Kazunari’s arm moving to grab the other side of Itaru’s waist to pull him close.

Itaru squeaked unintentionally at the tug, making Kazunari chuckle. Maybe I should lower the speed settings for that one , Itaru mused . After all, the more time Itaru spent with Kazunari’s adorably perfect dick, the happier he was. Itaru wet his lips with his tongue, and pressed his lips against the base of Kazunari’s cock, his hand holding the shaft out of the way towards Kazunari’s thigh. Itaru hummed happily as he continued to pucker and plant his lips up and back down the shaft.

“H-hey, that tickles!” Kazunari whispered, a hint of laughter in his voice.

Itaru hummed, his lips pressed firmly against Kazunari’s shaft. Slowly, he dragged them to the tip, Kazunari’s hand finding its way to the back of Itaru’s head. Itaru couldn’t help but smile as he planted a kiss at the tip and licked his lips, Kazunari’s hands nervously strumming and flexing against his scalp.

Devotion duly doled out, Itaru brought Kazunari’s cock between his lips, sucking lightly as his tongue continued to swirl around Kazunari’s tip. Beneath Itaru’s arm, Kazunari’s thighs began to tense, the musculature pushing up against Itaru’s arm.

“O-oh-em-gee, Itarun,” Kazunari whined as he began to softly pet Itaru’s hair. “Your mouth feels super great.” 

Emboldened by the encouragement, Itaru quickly took the rest of Kazunari’s dick, Kazunari moaning in surprise as he suddenly teased at the back of Itaru’s mouth. Itaru took a deep breath and swallowed, pulling the tip of Kazunari’s erection just into his throat. 

Sloppily, Itaru began to bob his head. Part of him was embarrassed about the slick, wet sounds coming from his mouth while he sucked, but Itaru pushed that aside as Kazunari’s fingers began to gently curl into his hair.

“I-I’m really not going to last long - !” Kazunari gasped for air, sharp inhales and shaky exhales quickly replacing his previously controlled breathing. Itaru felt fingers begin to entwine with his hair, a short tug quickly following. Again, Itaru sucked harshly, his tongue pushing against the tip of Kazunari’s head as saliva leaked from his mouth. “H- aaahhn - here it is!”

Kazunari’s hips rolled deep into Itaru’s mouth, eliciting a choking sound from Itaru as Kazunari’s dick momentarily forced its way back into his throat. Itaru closed his eyes, willing his gag reflex to chill the fuck out, as Kazunari moaned and began to fill his mouth with a bitter warmth. Itaru’s eyes blinked open in confusion.

He tastes so bad?!  

Itaru began to swallow, an unfamiliar acidity burning the back of his throat. Although jizz was jizz, and there was no cheat code to get around that, usually Kazunari’s cum had a somewhat sweet undertone to the bitterness that made it bearable, or maybe even nice when Itaru wasn’t trying to lie to himself.

But this didn’t have any of the usual attributes, Itaru noted as he struggled to swallow. Itaru did his best to keep his cool and follow his attack pattern, his tongue circling Kazunari’s head, coaxing him through the waves of his orgasm. Kazunari’s breathing began to steady, quick gasps slowing down as the tension noticeably dissipated from Kazunari’s muscles. The warmth of Kazunari’s arm slid off of Itaru’s back, a faint thwump heard as it hit the couch. 

Itaru’s wetly slid off Kazunari’s dick and sat up, his nearly-numb calves firmly tucked under his thighs. Kazunari smiled brightly, the faint heat of passion still softly coloring his face. Still, as much as Itaru wanted to bask in the job well done, something else had to be addressed first.

“Kazunari, you were complaining about me, but you didn’t taste good either,” Itaru said with a tired laugh. “That was so bad.”

The color on Kazunari’s cheeks deepened, his eyes going wide as he tucked himself back into his boxers. Defensively, he turned to face Itaru on the couch, crossing his arms across his chest. “I definitely tasted better than you!”

“You definitely didn’t.” Sure, Kazunari grimaced and spat, but there was no way that he could have taken this kind of acidity without complaining more about it!

“You didn’t taste your cum at all, so you have no proof! Plus, you still swallowed and I couldn’t!” Kazunari said, turning his face away. Was he the embarrassed one now? 

I may not have tasted myself, but… Itaru chuckled, his tongue running along the inside of his mouth, swiping behind his teeth and pooling what was left of Kazunari onto his tongue. Decisively, Itaru caught Kazunari’s chin between his thumb and forefinger, turning him to look his way. 

Before Kazunari could object, Itaru pressed his lips against Kazunari’s mouth. Kazunari smiled against Itaru, quickly falling for the obvious trap as he parted his lips and began to wet Itaru’s lips with his tongue. Itaru smiled impishly, moving both of his hands to cup Kazunari’s face. Then he forcefully barged his cum-covered tongue past both sets of lips and into Kazunari’s mouth.

“Mmphh!” Kazunari protested, his hands grabbing onto Itaru’s wrists and trying to desperately free himself. Itaru chuckled as he dropped off the contents of his mouth, his tongue carefully swiping and coating all that it could reach.

After a minute of this, Itaru pulled away, a satisfied smile on his face as Kazunari’s vivid visage welcomed him. “Well?” Itaru asked teasingly. “Which was worse?”

Kazunari pouted, and Itaru couldn’t help but chuckle at the effort Kazunari displayed as he struggled to swallow. The grimace from before returned and threatened to chase the cute blush from his face. “We’re both totally terrible,” Kazunari eventually stated. Itaru began to ask for specifics before Kazunari deftly cut him off. “End of analysis, Itarun! I don’t want to think about the taste anymore!”

Itaru laughed, pushing Kazunari back onto the couch and crawling up Kazunari’s warm body to rest his head on Kazunari’s chest. Kazunari’s hand found his forehead, freeing his bangs from their constricting hold before ruffling and fluffing up his hair. Itaru pushed his head against Kazunari’s hand and sighed happily. 

I could really go for a nap now , Itaru lazily thought as he traced his fingers up and down Kazunari’s waist. “Hey,” Itaru asked quietly, “you good to stay a little longer?”

Kazunari hummed, his nails gently scratching against Itaru’s scalp. Itaru found himself slowly drifting off, his breaths deepening and his mind beginning to enter the fog of sleep.

Then, suddenly, Itaru was brought back to attention by Kazunari suddenly rocking and sliding out from under him. 

“Sorry, Itarun!” Kazunari excitedly started as he sat up, Itaru’s head heavily falling into his lap. “I totes forgot the other other reason I came here!”

Itaru frowned. Did Kazunari say why he initially stopped by? Between the kissing, post-orgasmic bliss, and managing Kazunari’s equipment, Itaru couldn’t quite remember. “What do you mean other other ? What was the other reason in the first place?”

“Oh, I totes thought we could fuck!” Kazunari admitted a little too eagerly. “I was thinking about how handsome and amazing my Itarun was~ which… led me to thinking about how nice your ass was? So, yeah!”

“Wait, you came in here to fuck me ?” That was a lot less sweet and innocent than Itaru initially assumed. Wait, so did that mean Kazunari knew the romantic kisses would get him worked up? There was no way. Itaru didn’t even know that was going to happen, and it was his body!

“Well, yeah! That’s why I thought it’d be okay, despite our fast food binge these past few days?” Kazunari sheepishly responded, oblivious to Itaru’s racing thoughts. “You were just so cute when I was blowing you, I got a little carried away!”

Itaru pouted, unsure how to feel. Was he really that off when it came to reading his boyfriend? He was certain he really just wanted to spend some cute couple time together. “I… see…” Itaru mumbled in confusion.

“Yeah, you get me, Itarun!” Kazunari cheered. Itaru really didn’t, but he shrugged it off and quietly accepted the intimacy point. Kazunari was happy to continue talking without further prompting. “The other other reason that I’m here is that I totally made us some cute couple cookies!”

“You… huh?” Itaru blinked up at Kazunari’s suddenly proud smile.

“Yeah, yeah!” Kazunari rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, his eyes darting to Itaru’s TV. “I mean, the not-sex-blowies were totally sweet, but cookies were actually the real real reason I was here.”

“Cookies?” Itaru blinked again. The faint pinkness on Kazunari’s face and neck were back, telling Itaru that the sudden shyness was legit. Kazunari was actually here for adorable dating stuff after all. So that meant Itaru was right in his guesses then? Itaru’s loading screen wheel slowed down as his mind tried to process all this new information.

“Yeah! So come on, babe!” Kazunari exclaimed as he looked back down at Itaru with bright eyes, making Itaru’s head bounce on his now excitedly jittering legs. “I totally cut them into cute little hearts and piped our initials onto them!”

“You… did all that?” Itaru felt his own cheeks begin to flush again as his thinking began to shut down. Dumbly, Itaru sat up, allowing Kazunari to immediately spring to his feet.

“Yeah, yeah~” Kazunari held out his hand, smiling brightly. 

Itaru laughed as he took it and stood up. “Yeah, I’m not missing out on loot like that.” Then Itaru’s eyes traveled downwards, eying Kazunari’s boxers peeking out from beneath his long shirt. “I feel like you’re a little under equipped for the quest though?”

“Ah, pants - !” Kazunari shouted, scrambling for his discarded pants on the floor. Itaru continued laughing as he watched Kazunari shimmy back into the tight jeans in record time. 

“Sweet, GTG! Let’s go cover up this mega-gross taste in our mouths with some tasty sweets, Itarun!”

“That’s a short term solution to a long term problem,” Itaru teased. Plus, eating a lot of cookies will only keep our taste stats low.

Kazunari giggled. “That’s def a later prob! I didn’t bake my butt off just for my boyfriend to say no, so come on! We can figure that out later~”

Itaru’s heart warmed as Kazunari’s hand automatically gravitated back into his own. Itaru couldn’t help but stare at Kazunari’s face fondly as he led Itaru, two steps ahead, talking about his flavor and decoration choices for the cookies all the while. 

Yeah, Itaru thought, we’ll have plenty of time together to figure it out.