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Officially Unprofessional

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The ride to his house was incredibly silent. 

Aside from Keith’s occasional whimpers and light panting, of which turned Shiro on immensely, but he ignored with the utmost intent. He had to be better than his alpha instincts. Better than to give in to the urge to soothe the omega beside him. His body knew what Keith needed, and had apparently decided that this particular omega was mate-worthy material. 

Shiro grit his teeth when a throb in his groin reminded him of that fact. His tentative hold on his own scent was faltering at best, by now. 

It was positively ridiculous to be losing hold of his professional persona so helplessly. 

He pulled into the driveway and watched intently, protectively, as Keith slid out of the opposite side of his truck and limped over to the door with him. He’d gotten offended when Shiro tried to be polite and help him into the car, so he figured it would be better for now to let him ask for assistance when he decided it was necessary, rather than when Shiro did. 

Keith was hunched in on himself, shying away from Shiro like he was someone dangerous, and Shiro pointedly kept his hands to himself. 

He felt bad for making Keith uncomfortable. But he wasn’t sorry he’d insisted. It was already pouring buckets outside, and he couldn’t in good consciousness have let his mate-


He couldn’t have let Keith stay out there while in heat, in the cold and the wet and have gotten sick or...worse.

He opened the door and kicked his shoes off in the hall, watching with a fond smile when Keith followed his example. 

“The kitchen is right here. I’ll make dinner after my shower, so if you’re hungry…” Shiro gestured vaguely, waiting for a reaction from Keith and receiving none, so he wilted and continued on, “And then there’s the guest room over here.” he walked through the living room and into the hall, opening the door. “You can make yourself comfortable-“

Keith ducked past him quicker than he could even realize he was moving. And Shiro startled as the door slammed shut in his face, the distinctive sound of the lock clicking into place cementing the fact that Keith didn’t want him around. 

Shiro sagged, both in disappointment and relief. Relief that he could go to his own room and wash away the heavy, spicy scent of arousal waiting to burst out under his skin. Maybe jack off once or twice in the shower…

...and then make something for his m-

...Keith, to eat. 

He sighed and went into his room, shrugging out of his scrubs and dropping them into the hamper. 

He started up the hot water and stepped into the shower with a groan and a sigh. 

A hand immediately went to his neglected cock, a hiss escaping him as he soothed his arousal with a slow, firm stroke of his fist. 

The same hand he’d been using inside Keith. 

God, if it weren’t for the necessity of gloves...

He would still be able to smell him on his fingers if he hadn’t worn them. 

As it was, he would have to settle for the memory of Keith’s hot, soft insides on his fingers and the lingering taste of his heavenly slick on his tongue. Imagining sliding his cock inside that sweet little hole, how it would feel, what noises Keith would make. 


Shiro came with a low groan, biting his lip to muffle it, and then he slumped against the wall, leaning heavily on his shoulder as he panted through the aftershocks, squeezing at his knot intermittently to simulate what he imagined Keith’s hole would feel like around him. 

He was lucky his rut hadn’t been kickstarted. 

He was still astonished at how much Keith had affected him. He was all but desperate to court (read: mate) the little omega, but that was highly unprofessional. It would prove everyone right about his position in the medical field. 

He really had to be delicate about this. 

He had to be.

Keith gasped as the door slammed shut, a hand fumbling at the lock before he stumbled over to the bed and fell into the plush surface.

He had to escape him. He had to escape from Dr. Shirogane’s sweet smile, his kindness, his delectable scent that made him fall into his heat-craze so quickly he was terrified. Keith rolled his hips into the mattress, breathing deep the faint layer of the alpha’s scent still lingering on the sheets. Everything smelled like him. Like his alpha. 

Keith snarled at his omega’s thoughts, the sound tapering off into a whine. 

From the moment he’d met that man he had hardly been able to think. And when he milked him-

Keith gasped and pushed his pants down with frantic hands, plunging three fingers inside his wet hole and rocking back on them. He panted into the bedding, eyes screwed shut, desperate to replicate that feeling. There was nothing like it, he’d never brought himself the same pleasure before. 

And it didn’t seem like he could change that, even now. 

Keith let out a sob when he failed to find that one spot Dr. Shirogane had been playing so masterfully. Almost like it didn’t even exist. 

But, at the very least, he soon realized that despite how deep in his heat he was, he was not in excruciating pain. Not at all like his few previous heats. And that made him begin to relax. 

Even if he couldn’t replicate the doctor’s wonderful ministrations, he still had enough sense not to go out and ask for it again. Instead, Keith rolled onto his side and gently stroked his insides with shallow, slow thrusts, a hand playing around on his cocklet lazily. 

Keith moaned and turned his head into the sheets, keens and whines escaping him as he drew himself toward a gentle orgasm. One that punched his breath out of him in a groan and had him blinking blearily to fight sleep. Though that was a fight he easily failed. 

Not that he minded, really. He’d rather sleep through his heat anyway. The door was locked, he was safe, and he was in a soft nest. Wrapped in the scent of his alpha, one he knew was gentle, strong, and protective. 

Keith smiled as he slipped into unconsciousness. 

Shiro waited on the couch for him after making a small dinner, but Keith didn’t emerge from his room that night, and he supposed that made sense. He was deep in his heat now, after all.

Though he was surprised when he carefully pressed his ear to the door to hear the faintest rasp of a snore, rather than the desperate noises of an omega in heat. Regardless, he pulled away with a smile, glad that Keith was at least getting some rest. 

From the brief way he’d talked about his heats, he must have been a bad case from the start. So he would imagine an eased heat was like heaven to the kid. 

He went and wrapped Keith’s dinner up and put it away for tomorrow. 

He’d check on him in the morning. 

Keith woke squirming, feverish and heady.


But at the very least there was no pain, just a dull ache in his insides, wanting just to be filled to the brim and more. 

Something he could only partially fulfill. 

Keith rolled onto his belly and reached a hand back, four fingers easily slipping inside, so slick and ready for something bigger he was. He mewled and bit into the pillow beneath him, sharp little fangs burying themselves in it, aching and eager for flesh instead. 

Pleas poured out of his throat, muffled into the fabric, begging unintelligibly for satisfaction. 

He knew from experience his fingers wouldn’t bring that satisfaction, but it was all he had.

‘No it’s not.’ 

Keith whimpered and shook his head against his omega’s input. 

Dr. Shirogane was just that, his doctor. It didn’t matter how much his omega begged for him. He was like...thirty years old or something, anyway. Keith was just a kid to him. 

He whined in soft despair at those thoughts. 

And then he squealed when the memory of four thick fingers in his hole resurfaced, orgasm hitting him unexpectedly. 

It wasn’t enough, but he was sated for the time being. 

He slumped to the mattress, huffing and puffing, sweating and feeling disgusting. He was so sticky.

A knock on the door made him go stiff, raising a wary head to stare at the offending object. 


He melted at the sound of the alpha’s voice. 

“I made some food, breakfast for you, if you’re hungry. I can leave it outside your door if you want.” 

Keith waited, holding his breath as he listened to Dr. Shirogane’s steps retreat. And then he slipped out of bed onto wobbly legs, finding his pants and pulling them up. He hobbled to the door, opening it to find there was no food yet. 

Dr. Shirogane appeared in the hallway, and Keith froze at the sight of him, like a deer in the headlights. 

The alpha stared wide-eyed at him for a moment, a plate of thick pancakes and sausage and eggs in his hand. 

“Oh-“ he exhaled a laugh, “I was just bringing this.”

Keith closed the door behind him and took a step toward him, wincing at the rush of slick down his legs. He was certain the alpha smelled it, as he saw him take one or two big breaths and his pupils dilated visibly. 

“I’ll eat at the table.” Keith said despite himself, staring intently at the gunmetal grey of his eyes...they were pretty… “I need to shower, anyway.” 

Shiro nodded and turned around, leading him into the small dining room. 

Keith cringed again at his goddamn, eager omega, and his heat, twisting his thoughts and urging him to spend time with the alpha. He really shouldn’t be encouraging himself like this. 

“I have some spare clothes you could borrow, if you want. They’ll be pretty big on you, but they’re clean.” Shiro said as he set Keith’s plate down on the table, sitting down at the opposite side and looking rather small, perhaps in an effort to seem less threatening. 

But he wasn’t threatening to Keith, he was alluring. 

Somehow that was worse.

He didn’t say another word as he sat down himself, shoveling hot eggs and sausage in his mouth as quickly as he could. 

“Hey...hey slow down.” 

Keith looked up in a glare and a low, territorial growl. 

Dr. Shirogane offered him raised hands, “You’ll get a stomachache.” he explained, “Just savor it. There’s plenty more if you’re still hungry.” 

Keith chewed slowly, scowling at the thought. He’d had to fight to eat for as long as he could remember, and those who weren’t fast enough ended up with scraps or nothing at all. It was a foreign concept that he could take his time, even in safe places there was always the chance someone would find you and steal your food. 

But he did slow down. Despite how hungry he was, and he did find that it was far more pleasant to thoroughly enjoy his meal.

Shirogane gave him a warm smile at that, eating his own breakfast at the same pace. 

Keith ducked his head as he grew close to finished with his plate, panting softly with a wave of heat, and blushing at the ensuing gush of slick. 

“Feeling okay? No pain at all, right?” Shirogane wondered. 

Keith looked up at him, staring for a moment while he thought over his answer. 

Was...was that an offer to help if he was in pain? 

Oh god, was it?

Keith straightened, rubbing at his shoulder and looking to the side guiltily. Then with a gulp and a racing heart, he murmured: “A...a little.” 

A white lie, but...god he was losing himself to his omega. The mere chance that Dr. Shirogane would do what he’d done to him last night again. It’d felt so good. So right. He had to take even the slightest chance. 

Shirogane frowned, “Really?” 


Was that not believable? 


“Just a little.” Keith reiterated, “It’s not...not bad. Just aches when I’m...not doing anything about it.” 

Shirogane offered him a smile that seemed strained, “That’s normal.” he said simply. 

Keith wilted, “O-oh. Is it? I...I’ve never had a properly started heat before.” he admitted. 

“That’s okay, a lot of omegas haven’t.” Shirogane assured. 

Keith sank lower in his chair, pushing what was left of his eggs around his plate. “Sorry.” 

“There’s nothing to apologize for.” Shirogane said gently, and then he seemed to consider something. “I have some tea that could help you.” he suggested. 

Keith bit back a growl. Tea wasn’t going to help his needs. “No.” he murmured. 

“Oh...okay.” Shirogane said in a small sigh.

Keith stood with a wobble, “I’m taking that shower now.” 

Shirogane didn’t get a chance to say anything else before Keith was gone, down the hall and shutting himself in the bathroom with a whine. 

Fuck. Fuck. 

He’d been so close and so stupid, he really should have just been honest. 

No he wasn’t in any pain, but at this point, fuck if he wanted to be, just to have his alpha’s hands on him again, inside him. 

He rubbed the heel of his palm over his cocklet in his pants, gasping sharply and turning his head with a groan as he leaned up against the door. 

He was going to make a mess on the floor if he stayed here. 

Keith shoved his hand in his pants and cupped himself, rubbing idly as he stumbled over to the shower and turned it on. He propped himself on the lip of the tub and whined loudly, having gone to finger himself instead. Shirogane surely heard him, but at this point he kind of hoped he would. 

He shoved his clothes off and got into the shower without slipping, so that was an okay start. He then sank to his knees and pressed his forehead into the wet floor, fingers once again working tirelessly in his hole, dripping slick and throbbing around his hand. A deep, visceral ache in his belly reminded him that this was a fruitless effort, that he wasn’t accomplishing anything this way, and Keith heaved a sob. 

“Please.” he rasped, “Please, please alpha-“ He cut himself off in a moan and closed his eyes against his tears of frustration. 

All the begging in the world couldn’t convince his body to ease up on him. 

Shiro carefully opened the bathroom door, placing the small pile of folded clothing on the counter and biting his lip at the sweet little whimpers his omega was making in the shower. He knew exactly what was going on behind that curtain, but he fought his alpha with every ounce of his strength. He couldn’t go over there, pull back the curtain, and soothe his omega with a hushed voice, thick fingers replacing his in his tight little hole, so slick and delectable. He could smell the caramel and chocolate just wafting off of him in an alluring ‘come hither’ that he was so very loath to ignore. But he did so anyway, for the sake of his patient. 

He gently shut the door and groaned softly, tongue tracing over his claiming fangs in annoyance. They would not stop throbbing and aching, dripping venom, desperate to seal a mating bond with the omega. 

Whatever this was, it definitely wasn’t normal. 

Keith brought himself to three less-than-satisfying orgasms, short and abrupt and so mediocre compared to last night. He dragged himself from the shower wearily, the water long since run cold. And he was deeply grateful for the thick sweatpants he found waiting on the counter. He didn’t even hear Dr. Shirogane bring them in. He pulled them up to his hips, and then he pulled the drawstring as tight as it would go, frowning when even that didn’t tighten it enough. He tied it as it was, huffing when it hung low and loose around his hips, even rounded and wide as they were. 

Soft, omega hips. 

He grabbed the t-shirt and pulled it over his head, with almost the same results. Short sleeves were long on him, and the collar hung off his shoulder, while the hem of the shirt almost reached his knees. 

It was...actually kind of arousing. 

Keith blushed and thumbed at the fabric of the shirt. Dr. Shirogane was so big. He towered more than three heads over Keith, and that thought alone made him drip slick again.

He wondered if his cock was as big as he imagined…

Keith left the bathroom, stumbling over the long hems of his pant legs, and at one point he had to stoop and roll them up just to walk properly. 

Shirogane’s sweet and spicy scent led him to another room he hadn’t noticed before, and he peered in curiously. 

Shirogane was taking notes while looking up at his computer every so often, a frown on his lips and a furrow in his brow.

“Dr. Shirogane?” Keith called softly. 

Shirogane startled and dropped both his pencil and his notepad, spinning in his chair, “Keith! Hey, how are you? Do you need anything?” he asked as he stood. 

Keith was certain he could see how much his presence affected him. How his eyelids went all droopy and his fangs protruded, lips parting for his heavy breath and a flush on his cheeks. He didn’t bother to try and quell the thick wave of aroused scent that burst out of his skin. And he didn’t fail to notice the answering scent that Dr. Shirogane exuded. It was spicy and thick with want, just like his own. 


“I, um…” Keith managed blearily. 

Shirogane studied him, and Keith glanced down at his legs. Thick, sturdy thighs and strong calves, and a sizable bulge between his legs that made Keith bite his lip and whimper. He could so clearly imagine that thick alpha knot. 


He looked up and whimpered again, “A-alpha.” he rasped, swaying and dizzy. 

Shirogane inhaled sharply, catching him when he lost his balance. 

Shiro was so royally fucked. So fucking screwed, every manner of the word one could think of. 


He gently scooped Keith up, the little omega writhing and whining in his hold. 

He bit back a groan when his omega keened. He had to keep a level head. 

Easier said than done. 

His omega was scenting him heavily, the slightest prick of pain from his fangs against his neck made him gasp and close his eyes to try and calm himself. Reign that feral side of himself in and remain the voice of reason in this insanity. 

He hurriedly carried Keith into the guest room, accosted with the thick scent of his slick, and deposited him in his mussed bedding. 

Keith mewled and reached for him, and Shiro’s breath hitched as he contemplated giving in. 

But he didn’t want to do that to Keith. 

He did, perhaps, want to talk to him about why they were both feeling this way. (At least he suspected that was so). 

But that had to wait until Keith wasn’t deep in his heat-craze, wasn’t-


Shiro stared down at him, eyes wide. 

Keith had pushed the hem of his sweatpants down and had his hips lifted in an absolutely gorgeous arch. His omega- 

His omega in Shiro’s clothes, in heat, nesting, his hole dripping wet and winking invitingly at him. 

“Alpha.” Keith whined, reaching back with both hands to pry his cheeks apart further. His hole was so pretty and pink, flushed and visibly clenching around thin air. 

His omega wanted him. 

Shiro exhaled shakily, panting as he fought his instincts, and then he turned on his heel and ran to his office, digging through his things and ignoring the alarmed cry of his omega with a pang in his heart. He didn’t want to leave Keith empty, but he couldn’t take advantage of him. 

He just couldn’t. He’d already done too much yesterday. 

He found what he was looking for, and he ran back to the room, tearing the plastic wrapping away as he went. He entered to find Keith curled into a ball, reeking of distress. 


The omega lifted his head and blinked watery eyes at him. 

“Hey… Shh.” Shiro soothed gently as he sat down on the edge of the bed, “Listen, I can’t. I’m sorry, but I can’t.” he explained, and Keith stared up at him, unknowing. He had bad heats even when properly started, Shiro supposed. 

“I want to.” he rasped, “I do.” 

Keith rolled onto his belly again, and Shiro turned his head when he presented once more. He took a deep, steadying breath, and then he cleared his throat and faced the source of his agony. 

God Keith was so, so pretty. His tiny little ass was so round and perfect, a little mole decorating one cheek. He wanted to kiss it. And his hole was so bright pink, swollen with need, dripping with slick. 

Shiro pressed the toy to that hole, sad to know it wasn’t his own cock, but Keith needed a heat aid more than he needed the unsolicited (and possibly non-consensual) advances of an alpha he didn’t even know during his heat. 

Shiro had already crossed that line, and the guilt was still eating away at him. 

Keith groaned, the sound tapering off into a low purr as Shiro pressed the knotting toy all the way down to the hilt. 

“That’s it. Is that better?” Shiro wondered huskily. 

Keith whimpered and nodded into the pillow. 

This would be a good time to leave, to let Keith take charge of himself now. But-

He didn’t want to break the illusion for him, Keith seemed to think Shiro was fulfilling his heat-addled requests for an alpha. And rejecting an omega in heat was the worst thing he could do. 

So he pulled the toy out slowly, and then pushed it back in. 

Keith keened, rocking back onto the toy with another purr. 

The second thrust was faster, harsher. The next even more so, and Keith seemed to love it. He wailed softly and tossed his head.

“A-ah! A-alpha! Shiro!” 

Shiro groaned and rubbed at his own cock as he moved the toy inside Keith. He just needed to relieve the pressure a little. It was so painful to merely watch instead of do. He wanted so badly to feel what Keith was like, so badly wanted to throw caution to the wind. But he really couldn’t. 

He exhaled shakily, watching enraptured as the toy slid in and out of his sweet omega. 

Keith sobbed and bit into the sheets, hands clawing and tugging the blanket as he rocked back against the toy and whined. 

Shiro was hardly even aware that his free hand had gone to rub a finger over his soft taint, pressing and massaging the sensitive skin and making Keith yelp with pleasure. Then down to cup his tiny cocklet in his hand, not much bigger than his thumb, and pulsing with Keith’s arousal. He dipped a fingertip against the slit, coaxing Keith’s orgasm along. 

Keith screamed, and Shiro startled, hasty in activating the knot on the toy, pushing it deep inside him and thrusting in tiny bursts. 

Keith shuddered and Shiro was fairly certain he was crying as he slumped against the mattress. Overwhelmed. 

Shiro went to lay beside him, pulling him flush against his chest and rubbing a hand over his belly while Keith whimpered and sniveled, wiping at his face. 

“Shh.” Shiro nuzzled against his neck, “Is that better, baby?” he whispered. 

Keith nodded furiously, gasping and panting as he settled and closed his eyes. “Shiro.” he rasped, his tiny hand covering the alpha’s and clutching tightly to it, hugging it to his chest. 

Shiro sighed and licked at Keith’s scent gland, a heady burst of his sweet scent on his tongue. Just something small to satisfy himself for now and calm the sweet boy in his arms. 

Keith wriggled and whined soon enough, and Shiro deflated the knot on the toy to begin moving it again, slow and grinding inside of him. 

Shiro managed to slip away from Keith in the middle of the day when the boy had exhausted himself and Shiro both, deep asleep with the cutest rasp of a snore Shiro ever did hear. 

He left the toy knotted inside of him. He knew from research and experience that it would help him sleep and keep him sated, at least long enough for Shiro to stumble out of there and get some food and water. 

His arm was sore from working it so much, though he took it in stride. 

He sat heavily on the couch and tucked a hand under his sweats as he waited for his food to microwave. He was so pent up it was driving him insane, and he muffled a snarl as he teased at his own cock, playing with his sensitive frenulum and stroking harsh, fast. He met a climax so soon it knocked the breath out of him, and he whimpered as he massaged his knot, painful this time, needing that slick heat he knew was laying in the other room. 

How many times must he tell himself no before his body believed it?

As many times as it took, apparently.