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UchiSaku Kinktober 2021

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  1. Sakura/Shisui – Brat taming
  2. Sakura/Itachi – Pet play
  3. Sakura/Sasuke – Degradation
  4. Sakura/Obito + Kakashi – Threesome
  5. Sakura/Izumi – Face sitting
  6. Sakura/Mikoto – Rimming
  7. Sakura/Fugaku – Restraints
  8. Sakura/Madara – Predator/Prey
  9. Sakura/Izuna – Stuck in wall
  10. Sakura/Kagami – Cock worship
  11. Sakura/Shisui – Overstimulation
  12. Sakura/Itachi – Orgasm denial
  13. Sakura/Sasuke – Praise kink
  14. Sakura/Obito – Cock warming
  15. Sakura/Izumi – Sex toys
  16. Sakura/Mikoto – Spanking
  17. Sakura/Fugaku – Voyeurism
  18. Sakura/Madara – Dacryphilia
  19. Sakura/Shisui – Exhibitionism
  20. Sakura/Izuna – Hate sex
  21. Sakura/Kagami – Mind control
  22. Sakura/Itachi – Shibari
  23. Sakura/Sasuke – Role play
  24. Sakura/Obito – Daddy kink
  25. Sakura/Izumi – Nipple play
  26. Sakura/Mikoto – Pegging
  27. Sakura/Fugaku – Somnophilia
  28. Sakura/Madara – Breeding
  29. Sakura/Izuna – Sex work
  30. Sakura/Kagami – Public sex
  31. Sakura/Military police force – Free use







Chapter Text

Sakura has been relatively moody as of late, choosing to speak in snappy remarks and only respond with backtalk. Shisui couldn’t wrap his head around her peculiar behavior at first, until he noticed that she only acts like this towards him. Not to mention the smug look on her face whenever she acts out. Almost as if she is doing it on purpose to get a rise out of him.

Leading Shisui to the conclusion that this isn’t stress related but rather an attitude problem. That will require some serious adjustment. If Sakura wants a reaction out of him, then he’ll gladly give it to her. Because this bratty behavior will stop tonight.

“Put me down!” Sakura shouts, pounding her fists into Shisui’s back as she’s being carried over his shoulder towards his bedroom.

He grips her thighs a little tighter but otherwise ignores her verbal complaints and weak attempts at making him let go. If she truly wanted out then she would put some force into her blows.

Sakura lets out a small yelp as she’s tossed onto the bed, bouncing once before landing on her back. Shisui is in the process of removing his outerwear and shoes when she gets up on all four and begin crawling across the bed. Not intending to make this easy.

Her “escape” attempt is quickly foiled when he takes a hold of an ankle, pulling her back towards him and then giving her a smack on each cheek over her skirt. Causing her struggles to cease and gives him an opportunity to climb on top of her, using his weight to trap her between his body and the mattress.

“Ow, what you do that for?” Sakura asks feigning ignorance and pretending not to know what got her into this position in the first place.

Her innocent act is greatly compromised by her taking advantage of what little wiggle room is available to grind her ass up against him, cheeky bitch.

“Still giving me lip, huh?” Shisui counters before burying his face into the crook of her neck. Sucking on her throat and smirking when he hears the choked moans she tried to hold back.

He lifts his hips off her slightly so he can pull her skirt up with one hand while still holding her down with the other on her back. The smirk on his face grows in size when he runs two fingers down her clothed slit and finding the fabric soaked.

Sakura grinds against his fingers, desperate for some friction as needy moans spills past her lips. Acting more like a cat in heat than the mouthy brat he has been dealing with in the past few days.

“Are you done with acting out and ready to behave?” Shisui whisper the question against her ear and suddenly all movements from her side stops.

The room is silent as she thinks about her next move carefully, going over her options mentally before deciding to choose the most chaotic alternative.

“Nuh uh.” Sakura answers childishly with a matching smug tone that’s meant to piss him off and it does.

Shisui clicks his tongue once at her in disappointment before ripping her panties off her body in one clean motion. “Listen carefully now, brat.” He warns her, voice low and dangerous. Unbuckling his belt and lifting her hips off the bed while still keeping her head pressed into the mattress. “You’ve got two options, start behaving or I will fuck the attitude out of you.”

He pulls his cock out and lines it up with her quivering hole, always the honest one. Then he waits for her to register his final warning.

Sakura doesn’t seem at all phased, instead she gives him an angelic smile over her shoulder. Openly challenging him. “Do your worst then.”

He will make her eat those words.

With a single and decisive thrust, Shisui sheathes himself fully into Sakura’s wet heat. Groaning at the tight fit, her walls clamping down on his cock hard. He doesn’t give her any time to adjust before he start pounding her into the mattress.

Whines can be heard coming from Sakura underneath him, fingers gripping the bedsheet as she can do nothing but take the rough thrusts that cause her body to rock back and forth. Shisui has no intention of slowing down, choosing instead to prop a leg up so he can put more force behind the movement of his hips.

Sakura is getting louder and her cunt is getting wetter, slick coating the inside of her thighs and soiling the front of Shisui’s slacks. She likes it rough but the intense tempo is sending her headfirst into an earth-shattering orgasm. He keeps up the fast pace as he fucks her through her climax, the fluttering of her walls nearly drags him down with her.

“Ah, too much. Please, it’s too much.” She cries as Shisui continues to trust into her relentlessly, granting her no chance to recover from the aftershock of her orgasm.

A wicked grin grows on his lips, fueled by satisfaction from finally taming her. Who knew that a strong woman like Sakura would break so easily from the slightest pressure.

“Aww, the bark doesn’t match the bite.” His tone is condescending as he slams her hips back against his own. Giving her a few light slaps on her exposed ass. “Are you going to be a good girl for me now?”

“Yes! I’ll be good, I promise!” Sakura screams and that’s all Shisui needs to hear before slowing down to a more manageable pace.

The pressure on her back is lifted and she rises to stand on all fours with a content sigh. He keeps on fucking her with deeper, more forgiving thrusts. One hand reaching around to cup a breast over her blouse. The soft moans coming from her throat sounds like heaven.

Shisui isn’t going to last much longer, but neither is she, thankfully. With a loud groan, Sakura comes and this time she pulls him down with her. He throws his head back as he paints her womb white with his seed.

Some time passes before Shisui pulls out, Sakura stays put with her back arched as cum leaks out of her and onto the sheets. The Uchiha takes a look at the mess he has made before tangling his fingers into her hair, pulling her back to rest on his shoulder.

“You done being a brat?” He growls into her ear.

“Yes.” Sakura lies, the word maybe floating around in the air unsaid.

Chapter Text

Itachi never thought that Sakura could get any cuter, but then the universe went ahead and proved him wrong. He is currently sitting on an armchair with her on his lap, wearing nothing accept cat ears, a cheap collar and a tail plug.

Sakura is blushing and looking a bit unsure of herself, as she is way out of her comfort zone. She hesitantly agreed to dress up for him after he insisted that she would look adorable as a cat. And she does, she just hasn’t fully realized it yet.

“Such a pretty little thing I’ve got here in front of me.” Itachi coos as he’s petting her cheek gently. “You’re lucky that I took you in after finding you roaming the streets all alone.”

At the moment Sakura is not an accomplished kunoichi, instead she is a lost stray that was abandoned by a cruel previous owner. That’s the game that they are currently playing with each other.

Sakura gains some confidence after hearing his words and nuzzle against his palm, dedicated to playing her role as a clingy kitten. Itachi’s hand lowers to grope at her breast, the other hand following suit to fondle it’s twin.

“Poor little kitten must be starved for attention.” He says while rolling her nipples between his fingers, causing her to lean into his touch.

No coherent words leaves Sakura’s mouth, only needy sounds as kittens can’t talk. Itachi continues to play with her tits, squeezing and pushing them together before reaching to take one nipple into his mouth. Sucking on it, relishing in the lewd noises she makes from the stimulation.

Itachi’s right hand goes to cup her pussy, dripping wet with arousal. He can’t help but to smirk at her eagerness. She loves to act unsure about trying new kinky things but she’s always soaking wet once she gets to trying part. That’s partly why he likes her so much, she is downright freaky.

“Do you want me to play with this needy hole of yours?” He asks her, voice low and husky., carrying wicked promises between each syllable. Drawing circles around her slick entrance with his index finger.

Sakura nods her head enthusiastically in a nonverbal confirmation of her consent. Hips rocking against his fingers in an open show of her eagerness.

Itachi is satisfied with the wanton display in front of him and sinks his index finger into her inviting heat. Sakura lets out a quick gasp as the finger is fully sheeted to the third knuckle. The plug resting in her ass must make her feel so good and full.

Adding a second finger before quickly adding a third, Itachi works her cunt open as he rubs her clit with his thumb on the other hand. Sakura grabs onto his shoulders for support as her moans rise in pitch and her pussy start to clamp down on his fingers.

She comes with a loud wail and Itachi groans from how tightly she is gripping his fingers, becoming rather impatient to be inside her. The aftershock of her orgasm passes by quietly as both of their movements comes to a standstill. Taking this opportunity to catch their breaths.

Itachi reaches down between them to undo his pants and pulls his boxers down slightly, his cock springs up and slaps against Sakura’s belly. It’s throbbing hard and leaking precum, some of it is sticking to her skin just below her navel. He lifts her hips up so she aligned with the tip.

“I want you to show me how much you appreciate me for saving you from a harsh life on the streets.” Itachi tells her adamantly, still playing their little game.

Sakura understands what he wants her to do and sinks down onto his cock, letting gravity do most of the work. They moan in unison as their bodies become one. Once she is fully seated on his lap, having taken him to the hilt, does she begin to move.

She rolls her hips in small circular motions, craving that pleasurable friction. Throwing her head back and closing her eyes, only focusing on the part where they are joined together as the world around her fades into the background.

Itachi watches her with his Sharingan blazing as she fucks herself on his cock. Wanting to commit every detail, every movement to memory.

“Such a naughty thing, must have caught you during your heat since it looks like you’ve fallen in love with my cock already.” Itachi remarks with a smirk on his lips, reaching around to toy with the plug in her ass.

His dirty words and added stimulation causes wanton moans to spill from Sakura’s lips. Judging from the rising pitch in her voice, he can tell that she is closing in on a second orgasm. Deciding to help her get there, Itachi plays with her clit and she lets out an ear-splitting scream.

The fluttering of her walls is all that’s needed to push him over the edge alongside her. Itachi floods her to the brim with his cum, giving her so much that it start leaking out with him still inside of her.

Pulling out is almost agonizing as her cunt is still squeezing him tightly in an effort to make him stay put. His seed spills onto his lap but he doesn’t have the energy to care right now.

“I leaned something new about you today.” Sakura’s tired voice draws his attention back to her. She is smiling weakly and Itachi tilts his head, curious as to what she meant.

“You’re a cat person.”

Sakura’s weak smile grows into a lazy smirk and Itachi can’t help but chuckle a little.



Chapter Text

Sparring with Sasuke is usually an intense affair, he always gives his all and never holds anything back. Although, their training sessions usually doesn’t end with Sakura being pressed face-first into a tree at the edge of the training grounds. The coarse bark is digging into her cheek uncomfortable as the Uchiha holds her wrists behind her back with one hand as the other is groping her tits harshly.

“I never thought you for a slut, desperate yes, but never a slut.” Sasuke laughs in her ear, voice taunting and dark, causing heat to gather in her lower abdomen.

Sakura is confused by his statement, only managing to utter a dazed, “what?” Her brain start going haywire when Sasuke suddenly pulls her shorts down to mid-thigh, panties following suit. It’s all happening too fast for her mind to keep up, but then again, her brooding teammate was never the one to take things slow.

The kunoichi clenches her thighs together when Sasuke moves to place his hand in-between them, actively stopping him from going any further. A tsk of annoyance can be heard coming from her, the noise is short and sharp, emphasizing his lack of patience.

“Don’t try to act coy with me now.” He hisses and forces his hand between her legs to pry them open. “I’ve heard all about how much you love spreading your legs for my kin and entice them with your sloppy cunt.” His words are harsh on her ears but feel lovely when they reach her belly.

A choked gasp escapes her as Sakura is stunned to silence. There’s no point in trying to deny what he already knows. So she says nothing and lets him have his way with her. He must sense her compliancy because he releases his hold on her

Sakura’s body moves without needing to be told. She pulls her skirt up over her hips before bracing her palms against the tree and arches her back instinctively. He clicks his tongue loudly at the wanton display before him.

“Whoever it was that trained you did a good job. Accept it can’t have been too hard considering you’re a natural born slut after all.” Sasuke states smugly as he is spreading her cheeks apart, her holes now on full display for his greedy eyes.

The intense gaze she feels on her pussy is almost enough to make her knees buckle, and her legs start to shake when two fingers run along her slit. Sakura has full use of all her limbs but she still feels helpless and pinned down by Sasuke. A feeling so potent that she might get drunk from it.

A strained moan spills from Sakura’s lips as the man behind her sinks two finger into her, meeting no resistance as the digits slide in fully. Lewd wet noises coming from her needy cunt fills the air as Sasuke idly fingers her. Not intending to get her off but rather to toy with her, testing the waters.

“Didn’t take very much to get your pussy drooling for cock now did it.” Sasuke remarks with a voice hoarse with lust and Sakura can only respond in low moans.

The sound of a zipper being lowered is enough to cause her ears to perk up, anticipation grows in her belly at the thought of what’s to come. A chuckle from him tells her that he noticed her increased enthusiasm.

Sakura lets out a low moan when she feels the tip of Sasuke’s cock rubbing up against her slit. She throws her hips back in a desperate attempt at getting him inside her, which earns her a sharp slap on her ass.

“Hey Sakura, I think you need to show me why I should fuck you.” Sasuke drawls as he is lightly pushing the tip inside her before pulling out again, teasing her.

“Why?” Sakura asks for clarification, speaking coherently for the first time in a while. Looking back at him over her shoulder with a puzzled expression.

Sasuke really has the nerve to act like as if he isn’t itching to fuck her, only holding himself back so he can torment her.

“I’m curious to see how far you’re willing to lower yourself in order to get your pussy stuffed.” He explains his motivations while wearing that infuriating smirk on his face.

Sakura might have refused to do what was asked of her, if it weren’t for her pulse beating like a war drum in-between her thighs. So she is willing to put her dignity aside if it means she’ll get to come later.

Satisfaction is practically rolling of Sasuke in waves as Sakura moves her hands to spread herself, giving him a full view of her holes again. Shaking her hips a little to really sell her desperation.

“Please, I need you inside me.” Her voice is shaking and her cheeks are burning from hot shame. “I’m just a cocksleeve that needs to be put in her place. Please give it to me.” She begs and the chuckle behind her means that she did a good enough of a job.

Because Sasuke doesn’t need to be told twice before shoving his cock inside her to the hilt. The force behind his thrust would have sent Sakura head-first into the tree in front of her if it wasn’t for the strength in her arms.

Sasuke isn’t holding back anymore, converting all of his anger into power as he is pounding into her hard. The lewd noised of their bodies meeting and their combined groans of pleasure fills the surrounding woods. If Sakura had any shame left in her, then she might have been embarrassed to get fucked in the open like this.

She whines in delight at the feeling of being properly ravished, dicked down by a man who have no problems giving her the rough treatment she rightfully deserves. He hits her sweet spot with every thrust and her cunt cry in happiness, gushing liquid arousal all over her thighs.

“A hole this filthy shouldn’t be allowed to feel this good.” He growls, low and guttural, like a man possessed.

Sasuke’s thrusts are getting sloppier and the coil in Sakura’s abdomen is tightening until her vision goes white from her orgasm hitting her like a gut punch. The spasm of her cunt pulls her partner under as well, shooting ropes of hot cum deep inside of her.

Sakura might have blacked out because she doesn’t remember her shorts being pulled up again or how she’s now leaning against Sasuke’s chest with his arms wrapped around her.

“Sorry, I got a little carried away.” He mumbles his apology into the crook of her neck.

Sakura laughs wholeheartedly, “if you could do that again sometimes, that would be great. But only if we discuss it beforehand.”

Chapter Text

It’s been a long time since Sakura has had a chance to socialize with her former teacher Kakashi on a personal level. Their conflicting schedules didn’t allow it. Finally, after a long time trying, the stars aligned and a spot was made available for them to meet up in a bar to drink and chat.

Sakura was pleasantly surprised to see that Obito was joining them as well, she likes the guy well enough during conversation but have a very different appreciation for him in-between the sheets. Him and Kakashi are very close, closer than most teammates usually are.

So, odds are high that the Uchiha have told his friend about her sexual exploits. Her suspicions are confirmed to be true when Obito suggests a threesome between the three of them completely out of the blue.

At first, the two members of team seven didn’t know how to respond, Kakashi’s cheeks turning a light pink, before Sakura broke the silence tell them that she’s down if they’re. Which is how she ended up at her former teacher’s apartment.

Naked and on all fours at the end of his bed with the copy ninja kneeling behind Sakura on the floor and lapping at her cunt. Obito is sitting crossed legged before her, lazily sticking his fingers into her mouth for her to suck on while he watches the both of them with his Sharingan spinning.  

“Does Sensei’s tongue feel good on your pussy, princess?” He coos at her with a smirk on his lips, using the pet name that drives her crazy.

Sakura peers up at him through her eyelashes, letting the moans that encircles his digits to all the talking. Kakashi is very good with his mouth, licking and sucking at her clit expertly along with dipping his tongue into her quivering hole.

His actions has Sakura rolling her eyes back and toes curling before she gushes slick all over his chin as she comes. Sensei grips her thighs so he can greedily drink all of her flowing juices.

Kakashi pulls away to stand on his feet, leaving Sakura yearning for his mouth again. He moves past her, obscuring his face as he’s wiping his chin with the back of his sweater before pulling his mask back up. A pout grows on her lips as she once again missed out on a chance to see his face.

Only for it to be replaced with a look of mild surprise when Obito and Kakashi switch places, the latter moving Sakura to make space for the other. The bed dips when the Uchiha settles between her thighs on his knees, the younger man doing the same in front of her.

“I can always count on Kakashi to get them ready for me.” Obito states with a chuckle as he is undoing his pants.

His comment made Sakura’s body warmer, the fact that Obito made Kakashi prepare her for him is insanely hot. The older man’s comment also gave her an intimate insight into their personal dynamic.

A finger under Sakura’s chin tilts her head up to look at Kakashi who’s holding his hard cock in his other hand. Behind her, she can feel Obito’s dick prodding at her entrance.

“Do you want the both of us to fuck you?” Kakashi asks for consent, caressing her jaw gently.

Sakura straightens up and arches her back enticingly before replying, “yes, I want the both of you inside me.” Loud and clear, leaving no room for misunderstandings.

Obito entering Sakura abruptly causes her to gasp in pleasure, her now open mouth allowing for Kakashi to slip himself inside. The feeling of being stuffed at both ends is a strange but welcoming one.

The Uchiha’s thrust are slower than usual, his grip on her hips are tight to prevent her from being slammed forward. Kakashi is also fucking her mouth at a gentler pace, sliding it in until it hits the back of her throat before pulling back so she doesn’t choke.

Sakura hollows out her cheeks and moans around the cock in her mouth, the one hitting her from behind is grinding up against every sweet spot inside of her pussy. Stretching her hole so pleasurably that her eyes are rolling back into her skull.

“I should have known that you’ve a type.” Kakashi utter between strained breathes, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, gaining Sakura’s attention. “Strong, good-looking and intelligent. Hell, if I’ve had black hair I would have fitted the description.” He smirks down at her.

If she didn’t have a cock touching the back of her throat she would have snorted at his sense of humor. Instead she settles for sucking harder, earning her groan from the older man.

“Hmm, maybe if I had let you keep my Sharingan then she would have done this a lot sooner.” Obito says his remark in time with the movements of his hips, drilling into her harder than before as he’s losing his composure.

Sakura is close to losing it as well, the heat between her thighs rising as the coil in her abdomen tightens. Kakashi is the first one to go, barely giving her a warning in time before shooting his load down her throat.

A chain reaction has started and Sakura goes under right after her Sensei, her cunt clamping down on the cock inside of her.

Obito laughs to himself as his teammate pulls out of the woman between them, no longer having any restrictions as he can increase the tempo to chase his own high. Drilling her into the mattress at a face so fast he might risk breaking the bed frame.

It doesn’t take long before he finished inside her before pulling out and watching his cum drip out from Sakura’s abused hole. The trio take a break to catch their breaths, some time passes before Kakashi pipes up.

“You know, I think I could have done better than that.”

The outspoken taunt lights a fire in Obito as he bounces to his feet and points a finger at Kakashi. “Oh, really? Then why don’t you get it up again and have a go at it.” He shoots back with a challenge.

All the while Sakura can’t believe that she landed herself in-between a lifelong rivalry like this.

Chapter Text

If you had to describe Izumi with one word it would have to be soft. Everything about her is soft, from her hair and skin to her lips and fingertips. Well, everything accept for how she is hungerly devouring the younger woman’s lips with demanding kisses.

“Couldn’t let the boys have you all to themselves.” Izumi says breathlessly after pulling away so she can get some air.

She’s wearing that signature Uchiha on her face that makes Sakura feel dizzy, if she wasn’t already lying down on a bed with the other woman on top of her. The air inside of the Uchiha’s bedroom is stuffy and hot despite the cracked window and them having stripped down to their underwear.

This is Sakura’s first time with someone of the same gender and she’s very unsure of herself. Izumi on the other hand is confident in her movements, showcasing her experience with loving women.

Izumi leans back down to resume kissing her partner, nipping at the other woman’s bottom lip playfully. Sakura gasps into the kiss when a hand reaches in-between their bodies to dip under the waist band of her panties.

Her touch feels vastly different from the men that she’s used to, the excitement coursing through her body is undoubtedly making her very wet. Izumi strokes her finger up and down Sakura’s slit, smiling into the kiss when she discovers how slick the other woman is.

She pulls her hand away and sits up on her heels, leaving Sakura confused and slightly anxious of what’s to come. The devious look in the older woman’s eyes Sharingan makes her realize that she forgot who she’s dealing with here. Izumi is an Uchiha like the rest of them are, which means that she’s not going to go easy on her despite it being her first time.

“The boys are always bragging about how much of a slutty sub you’re for them.” She tells her partner with a smirk. Slowly running her thumb along Sakura’s skin, from her navel up to her lips. “So, I want to find out how good of a bottom you could be for me.”

She watches her finger closely as she caresses the other woman’s bottom lip. Dragging the digit against the flesh underneath it painstakingly slow, coaxing her to open her mouth. Then sinking her thumb past her lips, smiling wickedly when she begin sucking the finger.

Izumi glances up at Sakura with half-lidded eyes filled with lust. “Are you going to be a good girl for me?” She asks while tilting her head, watching every movement of the woman underneath her closely.

Sakura swallows her fears and nods enthusiastically, ever the people pleaser. Izumi retracts her thumb and moves to remove her panties, tossing them aside. Then she goes to straddle the younger woman’s face, each knee situated on opposite sides of her head.

She parts her glistening folds to reveal her pussy to the woman underneath her. “I’m going to sit on your face.” She says nonchalantly.

Sakura’s heart is pounding in her ears as Izumi lowers herself on to her face. Eating pussy should be a no brainer, considering she has had it done to her countless times. So, in theory, she should replicate what she knows she likes until she finds what works. Fake it until you make it, so to speak.

Sticking her tongue out tentatively, dragging it up her slit to her clit before enclosing her mouth around it and suck. The moan from above tells Sakura that she’s doing a good job, so she continues, grabbing Izumi’s hips to pull her closer.

The Uchiha makes startled sound before humming in satisfaction at her partners eagerness. She stretches out her hand behind her to play with Sakura’s clit, causing her to moan up into the cunt above her.

“A pretty thing like you were made to eat pussy.” Izumi moans her praises, throwing her head back and begin to grind her hips slightly in time with the movement of Sakura’s tongue.

She doesn’t let up on fingering her lover, instead increasing the tempo. Leading to Sakura digging her heels into the bed, the pleasure is causing her legs to shake. Her tongue is tracing patterns on Izumi’s, experimenting with the possibilities at her disposal.

Izumi’s free hand tangles itself in Sakura’s hair as her moans are rising in pitch, her legs squeezing the head in-between them. The flow of slick coating Sakura’s chin is the clear sign she has completed the assignment.

The Uchiha raises her hips slightly, the grip in Sakura’s hair preventing her from attempting to reach after her. Whilst keep on playing with Haruno’s cunt, working her until she is shouting nonsense up into her lover’s pussy.

The pleasure comes in waves until Sakura’s being swept away by the current. Coming hard around Izumi’s talented fingers, hands the other woman’s thighs for support as she rides through her climax.

The orgasm hits her like gut punch and she is left gasping for air as she recovers, Izumi coming down to lay beside her, linking their legs together as the older woman strokes her hair gently.

The Uchiha turns her head and whispers her future intentions into her lovers ear, “Oh, the things I’m going to do to you, can’t wait.” She giggles excitedly as she pulls her in for another kiss.

Sakura flashes Izumi a big grin, “I can’t wait either.”

Chapter Text

It’s not everyday that Sakura gets to visit the Uchiha estate but whenever she finds the time to come over it always a treat. Whether it’s a big social gathering or just for some small talk, it’s worth it every time.

Today Sakura is hand-delivering some medical supplies to the main family, the plan was to simply drop them off by the door when she was pleasantly surprised by Mikoto waiting for her.

It’s not unusual for the Uchiha matriarch to spend her days at home all alone, now that both sons and husband are out working. She still does Shinobi work from time to time but only if it’s absolutely necessary, preferring to be a housemaker rather than a fighter.

Still, it has to get lonely every now and again which is probably why Mikoto invited her in for some company. Only it turned out to be a whole different kind of company than the one Sakura was expecting.

Small talk quickly morphs into making out with dark-haired woman pressed against the kitchen counter. Fingers are tangled in each other’s hair as they grind their clothed bodies together. Kissing a married woman and not to mention the Uchiha matriarch brings a certain thrill Sakura has never experienced before.

Everyone in this clan is either insanely attractive or elderly. Sasuke’s mother is gorgeous, the younger woman was always conflicted if she should be envious of the other one’s beauty or if she should crave it for herself. Which makes the current situation she’s in all the more confusing.

Mikoto pulls away from the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva that link their mouths together. Her blazing Sharingan burning into the younger woman’s soul, never failing to entice her to follow their every command like a faithful dog.

“I’ve been craving a certain something lately that I would like your help with.” The Uchiha tells her, grabbing her hips and rubbing circles on the skin underneath the fabric.

Sakura’s ears perk up at the thought of helping her scratch an itch Mikoto can’t reach on her own. Being of service to others gets her going like nothing else. The intrigued and eager facial expression doesn’t go unnoticed to the other woman who in turn smile, warm at the surface but with a tint of mischievousness hidden underneath.

“I want you to eat my ass.” Mikoto says casually as if she’s only asking for a recipe instead of suggesting that her son’s friend preform analingus on her.

At this point in Sakura’s life she’s no longer surprised from being asked to engage in others’ kinks, knowing that she is willing to try almost everything at least once.

“Have you-”

“Prepped it, yes. I’m ready to go if you want to.” Mikoto cuts her off to tell her what she needs to know. Looking at her intensely, waiting for an answer.

Sakura gives her answer by getting on her knees to which the Uchiha responds by turning around and bending over, spreading her legs and placing her hands on the kitchen counter. Pushing the skirt of her dress to her waist reveals that the mother of two is not wearing panties under her clothes, naughty.

The younger woman spreads Mikoto’s to get a good look at her dripping entrance. However, her interest lies with the pink puckered hole above it. Giving it a light lick that causes it to twitch and the woman above her to sigh.

Spurred on by the non-verbal praise, Sakura comes back to lick her asshole harder this time. Pressing her tongue past the ring of muscle before pulling back the appendage. Repeating the shallow motion a couple of times when Mikoto forces her to go deeper by gripping her hair and pushing her head closer.

“There’s no point in taking it slow for my husband should be home soon.” She remarks in-between moans, reminding the pink-haired woman how taboo this situation is.

If Sakura wasn’t already using both hands to other woman’s cheeks, then she would be touching herself seeing how ridiculously turned on she is right now. She may be unable to look into the rest of her family’s eyes for a while but it sure has been worth it.

The hand on her head prevents her from pulling back, forcing her to stick in her tongue as far as it’s possible. She tongue fucks the Uchiha matriarch’s asshole as if her life depended on it. The uncontained moans and small chants of praises calling her a ‘good girl’ fills her with warmth.

Mikoto is now resting her forehead on the counter, knees shaking slightly as the pleasure builds up. Her free hand is rubbing at her clit furiously as she is chasing her high.

“Oh God, I’m coming.” She announces as her rises up in tone to a falsetto before crying out in pleasure from the orgasm pulsating through her body.

Once the grip on Sakura’s loosens does she pull away, trailing a string of saliva from her tongue to the Uchiha’s hole. She rises to her feet and wipes her chin with a paper towel given to her.

The two women look into each other’s eyes, silently coming to an understanding that it’s time for their little get together to end. They walk together towards the front door.

“When Fugaku fucks my ass later tonight, I’ll be sure to remind him to thank you for making it happen.” Mikoto smirks and gives her a wink before sending Sakura on her way with a kiss on the cheek.

The younger woman is blushing madly as she leaves the estate and walks through the street to exit through the main gate. Being used to prepare someone for anal sex was way hotter than she could ever have imagined. She definitely needs to get herself off when she gets home.

Sakura is pulled out of her fantasies when she locks eyes with a very familiar person, Fugaku, who’s on his way home from work. She quickly adverts her eyes in embarrassment before hurrying on her way. Leaving the Uchiha patriarch confused with an eyebrow quipped.


Chapter Text

It had all started as a harmless joke, team ten without the authority of Kakashi to stop them, had released a bunch of doves wearing silly little hats out in the main market. It all started to get out of control when the birds started to defecate everywhere, which in turn drew the attention of the Konoha military police.

The trio then had to split after the police started chasing them, hoping to prevent getting arrested together. Sakura must have gotten the short straw since she manages to get caught almost immediately, by none other than the Chief of police himself.

She is pressed up against the wall of an abandoned building that she went into while trying to evade capture. A decision she now regrets in hindsight considering that the two of them are now entirely alone, cut-off from the smaller street she reached before getting ensnared.

“Three Jounin in their early 20s shouldn’t be orchestrating such a childish prank, total waste of my time.” Fugaku growls in the kunoichi’s ear as he is placing her arms behind her back to put hand cuffs around her wrists.

Sakura will have no problem breaking free of restraints reserved for the use on civilians but decides not to try her luck. Recognizing his choice to use hand cuffs as a trap to land her in more trouble and consequently earn herself more community service.

“Thought that the top dog of the force had better things to do chase after kids.” She shoots back, unable to hold back on her attitude.

The atmosphere around them turn ominous as Fugaku’s demeanor shifts, his now red eyes lighting up the dark in this room. He leans in, pressing Sakura further into the cold, damp concrete wall with his body.

“It’s ‘Sir’ to you, better do your best to remember that.” He hisses, his breath hot against the skin of her neck. Hands diving underneath her skirt to pull her shorts and panties down to her knees. “I think I’ll have you preform community service right here instead of assigning it to you later.”

Fugaku’s words has Sakura gasping for air as fear and arousal rises in anticipation of what’s to come. Being restrained and unable to move her arms freely is as much of a hinderance as it’s thrilling.

A sharp yelp leaves her as he runs a finger along her slit, the smirk against her shoulder tells her that she’s wet. The sound of a zipper being lowered causes Sakura to groan and him to chuckle darkly.

“You certainly live up to your reputation, Haruno. Completely untouched yet soaked and eager for cock after only being manhandled.” Fugaku taunts her with a wicked smirk on his lips, lining himself up with her entrance.

Sakura can only moan in response as he sheaths himself inside of her, arching her back to get deeper penetration. The Uchiha patriarch is different from the rest in the way he slowly pulls out of her, the drag of his cock feeling wonderful against her sensitive walls. Before slamming back into her, hard and deep, with a tight grip on her hips that’s bound to leave bruises after.

It’s a great mix of soft and rough that has Sakura’s eyes rolling into the back of her skull. Every intense thrust knocking the air out of her lungs, leaving her with little time to recover before pounding her into her again.

Sakura has no choice but to take the abuse of her hole since there’s little space for her between the wall and the Uchiha. Her strained moans echoing of the walls as her insides and brain is turned into mush.

She can’t touch her clit with her hands restrained behind her back but she can still feel the pleasure start to build any way. Fugaku moans deeply from the way she’s squeezing him, looking down at how her cunt is trying to keep him from pulling out.

The coil in Sakura’s abdomen continues to tighten as he keeps on fucking into her hard. Her legs have started to tremble by the time an orgasm takes a hold of her body. Shamelessly moaning and walls fluttering around the cock inside of her as she comes.

“Coming around a man never gets old, huh?” Fugaku teases her as he maintains the same pace throughout her orgasm.

When the aftershock of her orgasm has run its course, Sakura is left limp in the Uchiha patriarch’s grip. Acting more like a rag doll than a person as he continues to use her body for his pleasure. She can feel herself drooling but can’t do anything to stop it.

His breath has begun to sound hitched as he start to pull out faster and his thrust back in becoming sloppier. Sakura can see over her shoulder that his eyes are tightly shut from the pleasure overriding his body.

Fugaku comes with an outdrawn groan, pumping her full of his cum. Which forms a pool at their feet as it leaks out of her twitching hole after he pulls out. Sakura stays put leaning against the wall while puts himself back into his pants.

The sound of the hand cuffs coming off drags her out of the fucked-out state she was stuck in, rubbing her sore wrists before pulling her shorts back up. A shower is the first thing on her agenda since she must look awful right now.

The Uchiha patriarch looks at her with a wicked grin. “Thanks for entertaining my wife the other day by the way.” He says before disappearing into thin air.


Chapter Text

The sounds of labored breathing and hurried footsteps fills the otherwise silent deep woods as Sakura is running for her life. Almost tripping on tree roots that are hidden underneath foliage. She’s currently being stalked and trying her best to escape from it.

The sun disappeared behind the horizon long ago, leaving Sakura to navigate through the forest in complete darkness. She is forced to stop after her overworked body screams for her to halt and rest.

Choosing to hide under a fallen tree, Sakura listens for any signs of her stalker. She hears nothing but her own heart hammering hard against her ribcage, like it’s trying to burst through her chest.

The time spent waiting for her vitals to return to normal is pure agony. Sakura isn’t fooled by her inactive surroundings, he’s still on her heels and the chase is long from over.

Her aching limbs screams out in protest when Sakura crawls out from underneath her temporary shelter. The unease return in tenfold as she’s completely exposed and vulnerable again. Slowly increasing the pace, she regains her previous speed and continues running.

Although, Sakura won’t make it very far before she round the corner of a boulder and comes face to face with a predator like no other, Madara Uchiha. Her back is slammed against the stone in the blink of an eye, his body caging her whilst her wrists held up above her head, rendering her immobile.

“Such a naïve thing, thinking she could escape from me.” He mocks her whilst wearing a cruel smirk on his lips. There’s lust in those evil red eyes of his, staring through her soul as he looks down on her with hunger.

“Let me go, you cretin!” She hisses at him, summoning all of her courage to glare back up at him with fury in her eyes. He’s not at all intimidated by her fierce display and his smirk only grows bigger.

Fear travels down Sakura’s spine as he leans closer. Turning her head away from him and closing her eyes, wishing this to be a nightmare she will soon wake up from. The hot breathe against her throat turns into a sharp pain as he sinks his teeth into her flesh.

Sakura’s eyes flies open as she lets out a blood curling scream, trashing violently in his hold in a frantic attempt to break free. It’s all in vain for he doesn’t budge at all from her desperate struggle.

“You taste even better when you’re afraid.” Madara chuckles darkly against her ear, the vibration of the sound can be felt against her chest. The proximity of their bodies is making her nauseous.

Sakura shudders when he licks her open wound before he trails his tongue along her skin until he reaches her mouth. Fighting back proves to be futile as his free hand pries her jaw open, forcing her into a deep kiss.

The taste of her own blood on his tongue makes her gag, while his demanding kisses makes her dizzy from the lack of oxygen. Sakura takes a deep breath when he pulls away, only for the air to get knocked out of her lungs when she’s thrown to the ground.

Madara quickly settles between her legs and pins her wrist above her head again. Sakura has barely any time to register what happened before he starts tearing at her clothes. Blinking away her disorientation as her brain slowly begin to catch up with reality.

“No, no, no, please don’t do this!” Sakura pleads with her attacker but her begging appear to only spur him on.

His movements becoming more ferocious as he reduces her clothing into torn-up pieces. Leaving Sakura naked and entirely exposed to his invasive eyes. He reaches between them to free himself from his pants, her eyes going wide at the size of the cock landing against her belly.

Madara laughs at her bewildered expression, pride can be felt rolling off him in waves. Sakura meets his gaze with pleading eyes, silently begging for him to reconsider. He responds with flashing her a maniacal grin, taking deep pleasure in her misery.

“I can’t wait any longer to see you break around my cock.” He gives her his final warning before pushing into her unprepared, barely wet pussy with a single thrust.

Sakura cries out in pain when he enters her, the ear-piercing sound ripping through her throat violently. Before morphing into chokes sobs. The burning stretch is both torture and ecstasy, conflicting her mind further as she doesn’t know if she should be appalled or happy.

The Uchiha positions her hips to better meet his thrusts as he begin to pound her into the dirt. Loud groans and filthy sounds of the proceeding rape fills the quiet night as Madara fully lets himself loose on her flesh.

Sakura’s last resort of kicking him in the back does nothing to the beast as he continues to ravage her body. The rising pleasure between her thighs causes her kicks to become weaker and weaker. Until she is gripping his waist with her legs tightly, bucking her hips to meet his thrusts.

Needing to come and not caring if a monster gives it to her. The world fades around Sakura as she climbs higher and higher until she reaches the clouds and comes crashing down. Her cries of pleasure are music to Madara’s ears and the way her pussy is gripping him feels like a tiny slice of heaven.

Still, he wants more of her, more of her delicious sounds and more of her beautiful body. And he will have her. The possessive grip he has on her wrists is like the one a predator has on its prey when it’s not looking to share.

Madara comes with a growl, reminding Sakura of the sound carnivores make when claiming their territory. Only he’s claiming a mate instead of recourses.

He doesn’t linger inside of her, instead he rises to his feet quickly and flings her over his shoulder. Beginning to travel in the direction of his home.

“I’ll never let you escape from me now that I’ve you.” Madara tells her ominously and she start to cry.


Chapter Text

In the history of fuckups, Sakura is a well-known figure but today she has gone and landed herself in the hall of shame with this particular blunder. It all started as a simple trip to collect medicinal herbs and ended with her getting stuck at the waist in a hole.

Sakura awkward position must look hilarious to anyone who passes bye, with her legs dangling on one side and her upper body slumped over on the other side. Hashirama is sure to get a laugh out of this story while Tobirama would surely scold her for her carelessness.

If she gets out.

Exhausted and nearly depleted of chakra, Sakura has limited choices as to how she shall proceed from here. Her best option is to stay calm and try to figure out a plan that will get her out of this predicament.

“Well would you look at that, a stupid Senju broad has gotten stuck.” A mocking voice snaps Sakura out of her thoughts, her cheeks bright red in embarrassment.

She cranes her neck up and finds that she has landed in the absolute worst scenario possible. Trapped and vulnerable with an Uchiha watching over her, Izuna Uchiha to be exact, the clan leader’s younger brother.

“I’m not a Senju.” Sakura hisses at him, defending herself and hoping to be spared from his sword and wrath.

Izuna raises one eyebrow and checks her out before it clicks. “Ah, my bad, you’re just one of Hashirama’s pets.” He corrects himself with a taunting tone and a sneer on his full lips.

Sakura’s face is set in a deep scowl when he rounds the corner of the stone she’s stuck in, causing her to start panicking. Deeply anxious over his next move. She jumps when she feels fingers hooking under the waistband of her pants, pulling them down along with her underwear.

“Wh-what are yo-you doing?!” Sakura demands to know, trying to sound fierce but ends up sounding like a frightened girl instead.

Izuna ignores her as he gropes her ass cheeks harshly before spreading them, whistling when he sees her holes twitch due to being exposed. Sakura’s face is now beet red as she’s being violated by her host’s enemy, unable to do anything.

The feel of a thumb dragging over her asshole makes her whine in fear. Attempting to kick at him wildly, never connecting with anything accept air. Her weak effort earns her two hard slaps on each cheek, causing her to cry out in pain and to stop struggling.

“You’re going to take it up the ass regardless of your opinion on the matter.” Izuna warns her before removing his hands from her behind.

Sakura’s heart is pounding hard in her chest when she feels two fingers touching her hole before a jolt of electricity travel up her spine. She pushes against the stone in a desperate attempt at getting loose, only to prove futile as she remains stuck.

A sharp yelp escapes her when Izuna hits her ass again before sinking two lubed up fingers into her asshole. Clearly impatient and having no intention of being gentle with her. He works her open with scissor like motions.

It’s been barely a minute before Izuna removes his fingers to instead align himself with her ass. The tip of his cock pushing past her ring of muscle causes Sakura’s eyes to nearly bulge out of her skull. It’s so big and she has never been fucked there before.

Sakura whines at the intrusion as Izuna bottoms out inside of her, letting out a deep groan from the tight fit. He gives her no time to get used to having a dick up her ass before actively pounding away at her hole.

She is unable to hold on to anything as every thrust send her reeling forward. Before being pulled back onto his cock by his grip on her hips. It doesn’t take very long before Sakura is moaning at the stretch and force behind his thrusts. The pleasure overtaking the shame.

“Ha, had a feeling that you would be a slut for anal.” Izuna teases her as he delivers a few slaps on her cheeks.

Sakura doesn’t have the dignity or ability to defend herself from such a demeaning claim. Considering that she’s moaning like a bitch in heat despite her dripping cunt and aching clit being left untouched.

She could never have imagined that having her ass violated like this would feel so good. Her eyes roll back into her skull at the intense feeling of being filled to the brim with every rough thrust of his hips.

The drag against of his cock against the wall of her guts is sending Sakura to heights she never known of before. Her pussy begin to flutter then start to squeeze around nothing as she comes from having her asshole fucked.

Izuna keeps on fucking her throughout her orgasm, chasing his own high. His thrust are becoming deeper and less fluid as he nears his peak. Two or three thrusts later he comes with a guttural growl, painting her guts white with his seed.

Sakura whines at the loss when he pulls out, feeling his cum leaking out of her hole and down between her folds. She can hear him dressing himself and expects for him to do the same to her but he leaves her like she is, exposed for everyone to see.

“I’m going to tell everyone at camp about you, so you better be gone before they come to find you.” Izuna states, giving her a final smack on her ass before leaving.

Sakura is torn between wanting to get out of here or being discovered by those other Uchihas and subsequently getting fucked silly.


Chapter Text

Kagami has been giving Sakura the “look” all night as they sit together with their teammates around a campfire, taking a moment to rest from their mission. She knows what he wants and she wants it to but hasn’t found the right opportunity for it yet.

They could very well do it right in front of everyone and they would be none the wiser, his Genjutsu abilities are that good. Although, Sakura isn’t looking for the thrill of fucking in the open tonight, that could wait for another day. No, she wants privacy and enough time to do it properly, like he deserves.

The perfect moment finally arrives when everyone but the guard is sound asleep, allowing them to slip past effortlessly. They find themselves a suitable spot with enough cover to shield them.

Sakura lightly shoves her lover up against a tree before leaning in to kiss him. Relishing in the taste of his tongue as she moves her own against it gently. Nipping at his bottom lip playfully and laughing into the kiss when he pulls her closer by her hip.

After they break apart, Kagami looks at her with the red eyes she can’t help but love so much. He drags his thumb across her lips and no words are exchanged as Sakura lowers herself to kneel in front of him.

She can feel his eyes on her as she unbuckles his belt and pulls his pants down to mid-thigh. The huge bulge underneath his boxers draws her attention, nuzzling her cheek and lips against it. Earning her a gasp from the man above her, that grows in volume when she sucks on the damp spot where his pre-cum has leaked through.

“Little tease, now show me how much you love my cock.” Kagami says with a twitch of a smile on his lips. Mouth slightly agape as stares down at her in awe when she drags the fabric down with her teeth.

Sakura braces both her hands against his thighs as she gives the tip of his cock a kiss. Looking back up at him and seeing a flicker of amusement come and go in his eyes. Before venturing down to the base and trailing the flat of her tongue back up again.

She takes great care in making sure that all of him is covered in her spit, never once breaking eye contact while doing so, just the way he likes it. A low groan escapes him when her tongue glides over a particular vein on the underside. Causing her to swirl her tongue around where the vein meets the head.

Encircling her lips around the tip and start sucking, sinking her head down on the cock shallowly before pulling back. Kagami’s right hand moves to push back the hair that’s hanging in front of Sakura’s eyes. Humming in appreciation which causes him to dig the fingers of his left hand deeper into the bark of the tree he’s leaning against.

“Still can’t believe that I was blessed with such a beautiful cocksucker like you.” The Uchiha praises her in-between sharp breaths. Wearing a blissed look on his face as he peers down at his lover on her knees.

His dirty words spur Sakura on as she takes him deeper, hollowing out her cheeks to grip his cock better. While watching his face intently for signs of pleasure when his cock sinks down her throat. She’s awarded with a smirk when her nose touches his neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Sakura stays put for a second before pulling back for air. Breathing through her nose like this is a challenge and her jaw is starting to ache from keeping it open. Still, she keeps worshiping his cock like it’s the only god she’ll ever need.

Bobbing her head up and down his length, moving her tongue against the underside while doing her best to suck him. She goes at a moderate pace, intending to take her time and not rush to finish.

At this point, Sakura’s throat is burning and her eyes are wet with tears from suppressing her gag-reflex. It’s uncomfortable but she endures it, because he’s worth it all. Pleasing him is her number one priority and she’s dedicated to make it happen regardless of the consequences.

“You were made to worship cock like this, for nothing comes close to the pleasure your mouth brings.” Kagami pants with his head thrown back and fingers gripping her hair tightly as he gets lost in the feeling of her lips around his dick.

The praise warms Sakura to the core, causing her to double her efforts. Making her take him faster and deeper as he is closing in on the edge. Kagami bucks his hips into her mouth as the pleasure builds in his lower abdomen.

Sakura can feel his cock twitch in her mouth before he pulls her head down to the base. Barely warning her in time before shooting his load down her throat. She swallows it all like a good girl.

Kagami pulls out his softening cock and Sakura start to lick it clean without needing to be asked. He gives her a fond smile as he watches her dress him again before pulling her back up to her feet.

Wrapping his arms around her and leaning in to kiss her deeply, wanting to taste himself and his release on her tongue. Sakura melts into his embrace, moaning against his lips as her fingers finds his dark locks.

It’s a shame that they are on borrowed time and therefore need to break apart once again. The lovers walk back to camp together. When the light of the fire comes into view, Kagami leans into Sakura’s ear and whispers, “I’m going to fuck you so hard that you forget your own name when we get home, promise.”

Sakura presses her damp thighs together in excitement at his words. And during the entire journey home, she was at the front, telling everyone at the back to hurry up.



Chapter Text

Shisui is a giver above everything else, he gives his time and affection to anyone deserving of it. Between the sheets he’s no different. So, when he told Sakura that all attention would be on her tonight, she knew she was in for a great time.

They stumbled into Shisui’s room linked together in a feverish kiss, hands grasping to remove every article of clothing they came across. The discarded pieces creates a trail leading from the front door to their current position where they’ll spend the next couple hours together.

After tearing themselves from one another, Sakura climbs into bed stark naked. Urging her lover to follow her, which Shisui does with a smirk after stepping out of his boxers. Joining her on the mattress before grasping her face gently to pull her lips back onto his own.

The kiss is as needy as it’s sensual, two people wanting to be closer to each other than their bodies allow them. Shisui coaxes her to lay down with him on top of her as his mouth begin to trail kisses down her throat.

“What are your plans for tonight?” Sakura takes time to ask him now that her mouth is no longer occupied.

Shisui pauses to peer up at her then signaling for her to look at the nightstand with a motion of his head. Before returning his attention back to where he left off. Sakura sees a full bottle of lube standing on the table, newly purchased and bright orange. A huge contrast to the muted blue and shades of black in his room.

“What is tha-ah ah!” Sakura doesn’t get the chance to question him further as her words morphs into moans.

Shisui abandons kissing in favor of licking, swirling his tongue around a peaked nipple while twisting the other between two fingers. He plays around with her tits for a while until they’re slightly sore before moving further down to settle between her thighs.

Intending to waste no time as he puts his mouth on Sakura’s cunt instantly, dipping his tongue into her sopping wet hole. The kunoichi’s hips would have flown off the bed if it weren’t for his hands holding her down.

She’s reduced to a whining mess, unable to move away from Shisui lapping at her pussy. The stimulation of her breasts earlier has made her sensitive enough that it doesn’t take very much for her to fall over the edge.

Legs trembling from the orgasm he summoned with flicks of his tongue to her clit. Sakura throws her head back and fills the room with the sound of her moans, lasting all through her climax.

Shisui doesn’t stop eating her out, much to her surprise. At this point he should stop so she has a chance to recover before continuing. Instead he sinks two fingers into her, curling them inside of her and causing her to shout.

Sakura glances down at him to see that he’s staring back up at her, with a mischievous glint in his eyes. A smirk can be felt against her skin before he tears his mouth from her sex.

“You’re going to be so fucked-out from coming so much that you’ll no longer produce enough slick to keep up after I’m through with you.” Shisui declares with a low chuckle. Answering her earlier unsaid question about what the lube is for.

She has no complaints but is still offered no chance to protest before he dives back in-between her thighs. He drags a loud moan out of her when sucks her clit while working her cunt with his two fingers.

The onslaught of pleasure is overwhelming Sakura’s already sensitive body and mind. She can feel the pressure start to build up in her lower abdomen despite that she came not long before. Twisting her body in an attempt to get away does nothing but grind her sex further onto his fingers and mouth.

It’s all too much for Sakura to handle, she can’t think straight when his fingers drags against her sweet spot with every motion. The lewd noises caused by him mouthing at her pussy causes her body to heat up until she short-circuits. Coming for a second time, the orgasm more intense and lasts longer than the first.

“Ah, ah, it’s… AH! Too much, too much!” She cries when he keeps going despite not actually wanting him to stop.

Trashing her legs weakly under Shisui’s hold and pulling on his hair, making him groan into her sex from the sting to his scalp. Intensifying the sensation as the aftershock rocks through her core.

Shisui must be feeling the strain in his jaw and fingers from working at her pussy for so long but he’s showing no signs of tiredness. Keeping the same pace and flow all this time. He’s a true giver at heart and Sakura love this particular quality about him.

Because she’s now turning into mush under his talented hands and tongue, with a third orgasm rapidly growing inside of her. The curl of his fingers feels like heaven as they caress her sweet spot with each passing motion. Adding to the pressure until it bursts.

Sakura once again, accept this time she squirts a little. Startling both her and Shisui, accept he recovers quickly and tries to keep going only for his partner to prevent him with a hand on his face.

“Please, I need you inside of me.” She pleads breathlessly, face slightly flushed and lips slightly parted. Shisui looks up at her with those stunning eyes of his. “And I know you need me too…” Sakura teases him with a small smile on her lips.

The Uchiha responds with a huff and a smirk, repositioning her knees so they are beside her head as he stands up. Before entering her fully while still wearing that same smirk on his face. Sakura gasps at the sensation of being filled completely to the brim, barely being able to take him like this.

And then he begins to jackhammer her into the mattress, not holding back no matter how much Sakura squeals. Pounding away at her over-sensitive cunt with no restraints, not flinching when she claws at his back when she comes for the forth time.

This time Shisui pauses to look at her blissed-out face as her eyes come back into focus.

“I’m not close to being done with you yet, we got a long night ahead of us and <I’m planning to make the best of it.” He grins wickedly before resuming his break-neck pace.

Sakura must have died and gone to heaven.

Chapter Text

The Uchiha district looks exactly the same as it did before Sakura left for a mission. Not that she expected it to change much, it’s only been three days after all. Although it might as well have been an eternity to Itachi, who barely gave her any time to settle back home before asking her to come over.

Itachi must have missed her considering it’s been longer than three days since they last had spent time together. So the familiar sight of a crow bearing a message was a welcomed one, even if it was just an invite to a dick appointment.

Because Sakura has missed him too and therefore didn’t linger at her own place before making the journey over to his apartment. Walking with a slight pep in her step the entire way over there.

She enters through his bedroom window that was purposely left a jar and falls into the open arms of the man waiting for her. He’s impatient as he immediately goes to tear off her blouse without even greeting her first.

Sakura rolls her eyes fondly before assisting him in removing her clothes until she’s as naked as the day she was born. The Uchiha shoves her so she lands on the bed with a huff, eyebrows raised in surprise at his unusually aggressive behavior today.

Itachi sheds his sweatpants, the only garment shielding his modesty, before joining her between her legs. Positioning her knees so that her feet are touching the headboard. Anticipation growing in her belly at the sight of his twisted smile that hides wicked promises.

“Fuck, it’s been too long since I last had you.” He mumbles to himself before he puts his mouth on her sex. Dipping his tongue in her hole to get a taste of her arousal that he has been craving.

The sudden pleasure has Sakura bucking her hips and throwing her head back. A moan escaping through the grin on her lips. “That’s one way to say hello, I suppose.” She laughs, sounding out of breath as she tangles her fingers in his hair while gripping the covers with the other.

She closes her eyes and allows herself to get lost in the sensation of Itachi’s mouth on her pussy. The way his tongue swirls around her clit causes her entire body to relax, every bit of stress melts away in time with the pleasure building inside of her.

Sakura is one foot over the edge and ready to fall when he suddenly stops, permitting to let the orgasm slip between her fingers. She looks down at him with brows furrowed in confusion, unsure of why he prevented her from reaching her climax.

Itachi responds with a smirk that tells her that his earlier promise to her is getting fulfilled. Truly a wicked man and Sakura can’t decide if she should love or hate him for ruining her orgasm just now. Well, what he chooses to do next will certainly decide it for her.

“Can’t have you coming without permission, now can I?” He says darkly, tilting his head to nuzzle his cheek against her thigh, still smirking the whole time. “You have to beg if you want to come.”

A Wicked, wicked man indeed.

Sakura nods her head to show him that she understands, prompting him to sit back on his heels. Bringing his cock to her quivering hole and enters with one decisive thrust. The slight burn from having to take him unprepared is uncomfortable but doesn’t last long before pleasure takes over.

She wraps her arms around Itachi’s necks and pulls him closer, and he allows her that one bit of control. Before taking it back and start pounding into her hard, performing deep and shallow thrust that rock the headboard against the wall.

The sound of sex echoes throughout the room as Sakura moans without shame. Itachi hits her sweet spot with every motion of his hips, causing her to sing. Surrendering herself to him completely, forgetting about everything else as the pressure inside of her comes to a breaking point.

She doesn’t fully realize that she made a mistake until Itachi comes to a full stop. Feeling her impeding orgasm fall out of reach. A smug aura is radiating from him at catching her slip up, followed by a ‘tsk’ and a smirk.

“Darling.” He calls to her, voice low and with a hint of danger. Watching her intensely through his haunting Sharingan, making Sakura feel like a deer caught in the headlights under his gaze. “Were my instructions to difficult for you to grasp or did you decide to be a bad girl?” He coos, his smirk changing into a mocking grin.

Sakura swallows hard at his words, there’s only one correct option despite it being an illusion of choice. Admit to being bad or claim to not understanding simple instructions, a severe blow to her pride.

“I was a bad girl that tried to come without asking nicely first.” She confesses, ever the diplomat. Silently pleading with her eyes to get another chance.

Itachi shakes his head and chuckles, “let’s try this again, shall we?”

Pulling back his hips as far as they go before slamming into her with full force. Pushing the air out of her lungs into a loud gasp. Continuing to jackhammer her as if nothing happened, causing her eyes to roll into the back of her skull as she clings to him for dear life.

The intense pace and rough caresses to her insides brings back the pleasure she lost almost immediately. Making her buck her hips against his as she tries to form the right words.

“Please let me come. Itachi, please!” Sakura begs shamelessly, not caring for how pathetic and needy she sounds.

There’s a slight stutter to his movements but he carries on, granting Sakura her wish as she comes so hard that she sees constellation of stars behind her eyelids. Itachi growls loudly in her ear as he too comes from her pussy milking him dry.

The Uchiha stays deep inside of her long after he has pumped the last rope of cum into her womb. The two of them breathing as one in a deep embrace.


Chapter Text

Sasuke has been acting rather affectionate all evening. Barely being able to keep his hands off Sakura as he’s looking for any excuse to touch her. Whether it’s to brush a stray lock out of her eyes or caressing her jaw whenever they’re talking.

In addition to finding any reason to compliment her, regardless of if it’s something mundane like how pretty she looks today. Or something more thoughtful like how he always admired her raw strength in battle. 

His unusual behavior is most likely caused by the alcohol flowing through his system. Bringing out his softer side one rarely gets to see for themselves, one that Sakura could easily learn to appreciate.

They leave the bar with their fingers linked together as they make their way home to Sakura’s apartment. Sasuke is all over her as soon as she closes the front door behind them. Greedy hands roaming over her clothed body as he kisses her with a deep hunger.

Sakura whines into his mouth when he tears her blouse open and reach around to unhook her bra. Fondling her tits as they stumble into her bedroom while still being linked together. Falling onto the bed without ever breaking apart.

The Uchiha pulls down her panties from under her skirt before tossing them aside onto the floor. He doesn’t move to remove his own clothes or to strip her any further, clearly too eager to get between her legs to bother undressing properly.

Sasuke spreads her thighs wide, her skirt bunching around her waist as he does it. Exposing Sakura’s sex to his ravenous eyes, lust radiating off him like body heat accept stronger. He slowly lowers his head until he’s settled in the empty space between her legs.

“Such a pretty pussy.” He says with a fond tone as he’s kissing her thighs delicately, while peering up at her with wanting eyes.

The praise coming from him is unexpected yet it causes Sakura to swoon as she desperately needs him to praise her some more. She gasps when his hot breath fans over her heat, adding fuel to the flames that burns inside her belly.

Unconsciously bucking her hips up as she’s searching for him, craving his mouth on her cunt. He takes immediate notice of her desperation and doesn’t linger before he start mouthing at her pussy. Dragging out a long moan from his lover’s lips.

Sasuke swirls his tongue in circle motions on her clit, causing Sakura to arch her back and open her mouth in a silent gasp. Taking the opportunity to sneak a hand in-between their bodies and sink two fingers into her pussy.

Incoherent words made up of whines and choked noises fall out of Sakura’s mouth as he works her like a fine-tuned instrument. Curling his fingers inside of her, rubbing against her sweet spot with every motion. She digs her heels into his backs as she climbs higher and higher.

The pressure inside her lower abdomen gets tighter until it’s almost enough to snap. When Sasuke peers up at her with his Sharingan active, the dam breaks. Her orgasm washes over her like a tidal wave, sweeping her away as she squeezes the fingers buried in her pussy.

Sasuke carries on lapping at her sloppy hole as she comes, throwing her head back as she sings her appreciations for him into the air around them. Grinding her hips against his face until the aftershock sets in.

Sakura is left panting as she recovers from her orgasm while Sasuke goes back up to plant kisses over her cheeks and throat. Sucking on her pulse point and nibbling at the crook of her neck, earning him a choked moan from his lover.

“You looked so beautiful when you came on my mouth, pretty girl.” Sasuke speaks his praise against her skin. He lowers his mouth to her collarbone and sinks his teeth in lightly, causing her to gasp. “Fuck baby, you’ve got such a nice voice too. I want to hear you say my name.”

“Sasuke..” His name falls from her lips like it’s the first time she has ever uttered it, her soft tone brings his attention back to her while he makes room for himself between her thighs.

Butterflies fills Sakura’s stomach from the overly sweet words. She has a feeling that she won’t see this side of him too often, so she wants to savor it while she still can. Pulling him closer while he aligns himself with her heat before entering her with one thrust.

“God damn.” Sasuke hisses between clenched teeth, slowly beginning to rock his hips against her sex in shallow motions. “You feel so good baby, so fucking tight.” He slurs.

The Uchiha is getting lost in the pleasure Sakura’s pussy brings him, pumping his cock in and out of her at a gentle rhythm she isn’t used to from her lovers. Still, it feels wonderful and a change of pace from the usual rough fucking.

Sakura clings to his shoulders with her legs wrapped around his waist as they move as one. Enjoying each other’s bodies like they have been lifelong lovers, separated by circumstance but now reunited in a tight embrace.

“You’re perfect.” Sasuke says in-between choked moans. “And so are you too.” Sakura responds with a wail that rises in pitch.

She comes from being made love to by a man who has spent the majority of his life being annoyed by her. And she can’t help but let out a soft laugh from the irony of it all. The chance of them living happily ever after is slim to none but having him in her life is better than not having him at all.

Sasuke’s thrusts becomes sloppy before he finishes deep seated within her, painting her walls white as he shouts her name. He pulls out and then collapses beside her, looking at the ceiling while catching his breath.

“I wish I could stay here forever.” He whispers to her as he’s falling asleep.

Sakura cuddles up to him and closes her eyes, the idea of a happy long life together flashing in her mind as sleep takes her.

Chapter Text

Sakura is always looking for an excuse to visit the Uchiha district, wanting to spend her time with familiar faces. So, she happily accepted Tsunade’s request to drop off some documents at the police station after her shift ended.

Skipping the entire journey over to her favorite place on earth, tightly hugging the important papers so she doesn’t drop them. Her heart is beating hard against her chest by the time the station comes into view.

Once Sakura enters the building she’s disappointed to find the space empty. It’s almost eight o’ clock in the evening so it makes sense for most officers to have gone home or be out patrolling at the moment.

Still, the kunoichi drags her feet over to the drop box to accomplish what she came her to do. Prepared to leave right after with a big pout on her face when she spots Obito in his office, going through some paperwork.

She makes her way over there with her reignited cheery attitude as she raises her fist to knock on his door. Obito snaps his head up to look at his surprise visitor and then smiles when he sees who it is that came by. Signaling for her to come inside with a hand gesture.

“Still hard at work I see.” Sakura remarks as she rounds the corner of his desk to lean an elbow on his leather chair. Peering down at him through suggestive eyes.

“Yeah, it really is a shame that police reports and paperwork don’t sort themselves out.” Obito jokes after having picked up on the woman’s sinful intentions. While choosing not to give her his full attention yet since he still has work that needs to be done.

Sakura frowns slightly from being ignored before a wicked smile graces her lips as she gets the sudden urge to be naughty. Running a hand down the front of his flak jacket, unclasping it along the way. The Uchiha’s interest is peaked and he watches her hand travel all the way down to rest at his belt.

“Is there anything I can do to assist you officer?” She asks him innocently while her words carries a scandalous undertone. Playing with his belt buckle as she looks down at him.

Obito tears his attention from the papers on his desk to finally meet her gaze. Tapping his finger on the armrest of his chair as he’s contemplating what do to next. Whilst Sakura never breaks eye contact or lets go of his belt.

She knows that he is hooked when his lips curl into a smirk and a flash of red comes and goes in his eyes. Shrugging off his flak jacket before pulling her onto his lap, so they’re facing each other.

“I would be very grateful if you could warm my cock while I finish the rest of my work.” Obito suggest with half-lidded eyes weighed down by lust and tilting his head to the side playfully.

The notion of being used as an object has Sakura so excited that she neglects to answer, instead letting her eager hand tearing at the front of his pants do the talking. The Uchiha sits back and watches the kunoichi push her panties to the side before slowly sinking down on his exposed cock to the hilt.

The stretch is uncomfortable and burns slightly due to the small amount of slick not doing enough to ease up the friction. Although, Sakura doesn’t let that stop her from easing onto his length until she’s fully seated at the base.

They both gasp at the sensation of their bodies being joined together before Obito collects himself and returns to filling out papers. Continuing to work as normal despite being balls deep inside of a woman during office hours.

Time passes by agonizingly slow while Sakura is sitting on his cock and providing it warmth. His free hand on her hip preventing her from moving at all. Whines fall from her lips as the feeling of being filled to the brim is causing pleasure to build up but not enough to get her off.

Obito takes notice of her dilemma and movies his hand from her hip to rub circles on her clit. Making Sakura jolt her hips at the added sensation.

“Don’t move.” He barks out his order and she stills her movements to the best of her ability. “I’m almost done.”

His statement does not calm her nerves as it could easily mean five or twenty minutes. All Sakura could do now is try to endure.

“What you’re doing should qualify as torture.” She pants while sounding needier than intended.

Obito spare her a quick glance before looking away again. “If you think this is torture, then I’m going to make you the happiest prisoner ever.” He chuckles while Sakura chokes at the dirty promise left floating in the air.

When he loudly sets down his pen and sighs after finally finishing his work, Sakura only has a split second to react before being lifted into the air and placed on his desk. While still being connected at the base.

Obito spreads her legs wide and then starts to drive his hips in and out of her at a break-neck pace. Going from a total stand still to this rough of a tempo is overwhelming to her already sensitive pussy.

Sakura clings to the other side of the desk as Obito rocks into her fast. Shaking the furniture she’s resting on in the process. Moans flow uncontrollably from her mouth in time with his harsh thrusts hitting her sweet spot every time. Causing pressure to build up inside of her belly.

The orgasm comes to her like rain during draught season. Replenishing her mind and body while her pussy flutters around Obito’s cock, dragging a groan out of him as his hips stutter before he comes as well. Pumping ropes of cum into Sakura as she’s recovering from the aftershock of her climax.

“You know…” The Uchiha speaks up after a moment of silence, catching Sakura’s attention as he moves to pull out. “I could really use an assistant.” He jokes and winks at her playfully.

“Oh so, full-time considering I’m already your little helper.”


Chapter Text

When Izumi said she had great plans for the both of them, Sakura couldn’t have imagined she would go all out quite like this. In front of the younger her lies three sex toys and a bottle of lube that are displayed neatly on a towel at the end of the older woman’s bed.

A wireless wand massager, a large dildo, and one beaded butt plug. If they were used on her one at a time then Sakura wouldn’t be so fazed. However, if Izumi is planning to use all three at once then she has all the right to be a little intimidated.

“So… What do you think?” The Uchiha asks curiously as she comes to embrace the other woman from behind and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh boy…” Are the only two words that comes to mind when she looks over the selection of toys again. Her level of excitement is just enough to combat her nerves.

Izumi’s light giggle against her skin is a great comfort to her as she is being guided to lay down on the bed. The older woman’s hands caressing her naked body, groping her tits and teasing her nipples into pointed peaks before going lower.

Soft moans drip out of Sakura’s lips as her legs are being spread wide open, allowing Izumi to part her folds and start touching her pussy. Gathering some slickness from her weeping hole before dragging one finger up her slit to rub circles on her clit.

“I want to fill you to the brim and watch you squirm underneath my touch.” Izumi admits her intentions out loud and smiles in delight when Sakura bucks into her touch after hearing her words.

The Uchiha removes her hand from Sakura’s sex to reach for the lube and massager, leaving the younger woman yearning for the other’s touch again. Her wish is granted when the round head of the wand is pressed against her clit although it’s not active yet.

Sakura whines impatiently while Izumi coats her fingers in lube. Throwing the girl on the bed a scolding look before changing it to a look of approval when she quits down.

“Pull your knees back, I want your ass off the mattress.” Izumi gives her instructions with a stern voice, causing Sakura to obey automatically.

Once in position, Izumi retrieves the vibrator and places it on Sakura’s clit then turning it to the medium setting. The reaction is immediate as she jolts when it starts producing pleasant vibrations on her most sensitive body part. While struggling to keep her back upright as her toes curl from the pleasure.

Sakura jumps slightly when she feels a cold touch to her asshole. Which she then realizes is Izumi pushing a lubed-up finger past the tight rim of muscle. The intense vibrations to her clit accompanied with ass being played with is a new but exciting experience.

One that could only be topped once Izumi sinks a second finger inside her to the third knuckle. Beginning to work her open with scissor like motions. Sakura bites her bottom lip while content sighs escape through her nose.

The sensation of the wand massager causes waves of pleasure to rip through her body. Until it reaches the tipping point and Sakura comes for the first time that night. Her pussy gushing slick as it squeezes down on nothing.

Izumi withdraws the vibrator before turning it off and setting it aside while Sakura comes down from her high as she’s panting heavily. The two women make eye contact and then smile at each other, the Uchiha’s being a little more wicked than her lover’s.

“We’re just getting started so stay in this position for me baby.” The older woman commands her with a softer undertone this time. While looking down at her through half-lidded eyes and with a smirk on her lips.

Sakura responds with an eager nod as she watches her partner pick up the butt plug and covering it in lube. Holding her breath in anticipation as Izumi slowly pushes the toy into her ass, hissing in pleasure when feeling each bead sink into her asshole one-by-one.

The stretch from the butt plug being fully inside of Sakura is taking her breath away and there’s still more to come. Izumi wipes her hand using a paper towel from the nightstand before grabbing the dildo and pouring lube on it.

It’s thick and a bit longer than what Sakura is used to but she’ll manage and it will no doubt feel amazing being stretched to her limits. She’s trembling by the time the dildo is inserted and moans loudly as it slides inside.

“It must feel so good having both your holes stuffed like this, right baby?” Izumi coos at her lover while pushing the toy in and out of her shallowly.

Sakura nods her head enthusiastically since she currently doesn’t have the capability to properly form words to express herself. Needy noises escaping her once Izumi returns the vibrator to her clit with the medium setting back on.

Squeals of delight fills the room as the vibrations combined with the toys stuffed into her holes brings Sakura to a whole other level of pleasure she has never felt before in her life. Squirming under Izumi’s touch as she plays with the toys inside of her.

The sensation that has taken a hold of Sakura’s body is both heaven and hell. Overwhelming her senses while at the same time bringing her a type of euphoria that she only thought existed in dreams. Climbing the stairs of heaven until she reaches the top and a wail loud enough to rock the earth.

When the buzzing stops it feels as if Sakura is floating on air, slowly descending back into to her lovers arms. Izumi’s warm smile shines over her as she blinks away the cloudiness brought from her orgasm.

“Hope you’re ready for more because we got all night and I’m not stopping until you’re fucked silly.” The Uchiha laughs, managing to sound both sinister and innocent at the same time.

Sakura laughs with her until it quickly transforms into a moan as the vibrator start buzzing again.



Chapter Text

Sakura has a talent for ending up in peculiar situations without meaning to and today is no different. She came to visit the Uchiha district like she usually does and subsequently got invited inside the main family’s home again by the matriarch.

It didn’t take very long for them to start making out on the living room sofa since the two of them were alone. Mikoto’s kisses are hungry and needy like she wants to devour Sakura while at the same time taking out all of her frustrations and pent-up emotions on the girl in her lap.

The Uchiha’s hands reach down to grope her lover’s ass. Making Sakura gasp, permitting the older woman to deepen the kiss. Rubbing their tongues against one another’s and run it along the roof of her mouth, behind her teeth.

Mikoto tears herself from her partner, giving the both of them an opportunity to catch their breaths. They look deep into each other’s eyes and a chill run down Sakura’s spine when the Uchiha’s lips curl into a smirk. Signaling that wicked things are to come.

“My dear husband tells me that you’ve been a bad girl by going around causing trouble.” Mikoto states with a stern voice while maintaining that feral grin. Lust radiating from those red eyes of hers as she kneads her lover’s ass.

Sakura’s cheeks turn a bright pink after being reminded of the incident involving her and the Uchiha patriarch. She had left the abandoned building sore and with a bigger urge to cause mischief than she had when waking up that morning.

A minute passes by in silence since Sakura’s too flustered to say anything. Anticipation bubbling in her belly at the thought of what the Uchiha is planning to do next. A hearty chuckle rumbles through her chest as she tilts her head slightly to the side. Her smile becoming more crooked as the grip on her ass grows tighter.

“I think you need an additional punishment.” Mikoto growls while the look in her eyes becomes more feral. No one could predict that an ordinary looking woman like her would have a darker side hiding underneath her perfect exterior.

Sakura is speechless with her mouth hanging open, the words she wishes to say dying on her tongue. A yelp escapes her when she is suddenly flipped to lay on her stomach with her ass resting on the other woman’s lap. The realization of what’s coming next dawning on her.

Feeling her skirt getting hiked up to her waist and her panties being pulled down her thighs lights a spark of arousal inside her belly. Barely being able to contain her excitement as her heart skips a beat.

“Ten slaps on each cheek should be sufficient enough, right darling?” Mikoto asks for confirmation while caressing the globes of her ass tenderly.

“I uh… Yes, ma’am.” Sakura answers with a trembling voice, remembering to recognize her as an authority figure and give her the respects she deserves.

“Good girl.” You can practically hear the grin in her voice. “I want you to count for me, two slaps on each cheek counts as one, understand.” The younger woman nods to show that she understands and the Uchiha responds by purring in satisfaction.

Sakura lets out a shriek when a hand comes down to deliver two sharp smacks on one side of her ass. Nearly forgetting to count since she got lost in the pain.

“One” She chokes out, her voice unsure but steady.

The sound of skin hitting skin rings out in the room as two more slaps comes down on Sakura’s behind. Making her clench her teeth from the burning sensation on her skin caused by the blows that also sends a small jolt of pleasure up her spine.


Mikoto is relentless, giving Sakura just enough time to count and recover slightly before spanking her once more.


Tears have begun to gather in the younger woman’s eyes while slick drips out of her heat. The Uchiha takes notice and maneuvers so the next blows land on the curve of her ass, close to her thighs. A pleasured scream echoes on the living room walls.


Sakura can feel the atmosphere suddenly turn dark around them as Mikoto snickers quietly to herself. Goosebumps line the skin on her arms as she braces herself for the incoming slaps. The hand comes down on her hard and is quickly followed up by two additional slaps when the Uchiha matriarch pick up the pace.

“Five. Ah! Six.”

Her ass is getting sorer and pussy is getting wetter with each spank. Making it difficult to tell which area burns the most and which place begs the loudest for mercy.

“Seven. Eight!”

Sakura’s eyelashes are wet from the tears spilling out and running down her cheeks. The pain and pleasure combined is overwhelming her senses.

“Nine. TEN!”

The last number she counted sounded more like a relieved scream than a word as Sakura slumps down on the couch cushion. Relaxing her body and allowing the tension in her closed fists and clenched jaw to loosen.

“What a good little painslut you are, taking your punishment so well.” Mikoto coos as she gently caresses Sakura’s sore ass, soothing the pain a little. “I think you deserve a reward.” Then dragging two fingers up and down the girl’s slit, pulling a low moan out of her.

The mother of two sinks her two digits into Sakura’s cunt before starting to work her wet hole. Curling her fingers up against the sweet spot inside of her lover as she becomes a boneless mess in the matriarch’s lap.

The pleasure within Sakura continues on rising and rising until it reaches the ceiling. A sharp cry rips through her throat as she comes undone. Clamping down on Mikoto’s fingers so tightly like she wishes to keep them there.

The aftershock of her orgasm hits her harder than any of slaps ever did, leaving Sakura panting before being lifted to lean against Mikoto’s shoulder. Kissing her cheek and petting her hair.

“Good girl.”







Chapter Text

Observing people silently from afar is a skill and a part of being a Shinobi. You need to be able to pick out a suspicious individual among large crowds and to detect danger before it can get too close for comfort. An ability that is especially valued by the Konoha military police force. Considering that a sharp eye can make all the difference in a life-or-death situation.

There are few people in this village that are better at watching people from the shadows than Fugaku. Who has spent a lifetime perfecting his techniques to help him stalk and catch wrong doers before they even have a chance to see him coming.

The Uchiha patriarch’s skills are useful for things other than fighting crime, he has recently learned when a certain girl caught his eye. Her vibrant pink hair makes her easy to spot amongst the muted brown and black colors of his kin.

Sakura has a special relationship with the members of his clan and being even closer with the men than most of the women. So, it’s not unusual for her to come and visit the Uchiha district almost every day with this day being no exception.

Fugaku watches her movements from a safe distance as she makes her way through the main street. Walking with confidence and a sense of haste towards her intended destination. He follows her closely, going undetected throughout her entire journey to the outskirts of the clan’s training grounds.

Where someone is waiting for her at the base of a large oak. Fugaku finds himself a good vantage point and can now see clearly that the man Sakura’s meeting is Kenji Uchiha. A lieutenant on the force in his mid-20s with a sharp jawline and wavy short hair.

They meet in a tight embrace and he pulls her in for a deep kiss, spinning her around to push her back against the tree. Fugaku can feel his pants tighten from witnessing such a private moment without the couple’s knowledge. It’s wrong and he knows it.

The clan leader eyes bleed red so he can capture every detail from the intimate display in front of him. From the way Sakura’s mouth opens in a gasp when Kenji sucks love bites into the skin of her throat. Or how her cheek flush pink as her partner grabs at her tits underneath her shirt.

Fugaku’s cock twitches at the sight of the girl’s left leg wrapping itself around Kenji’s waist as he sinks two fingers into her smoothly. The patriarch notices that she isn’t wearing any panties. Which means that she walked through crowds of people with her pussy totally exposed underneath her skirt and got wet from it, considering how slick she is right now.

The thought alone would have made him groan if he wasn’t so committed to going undetected. So, Fugaku slows his rapid heartbeat and calms his breathing as he keeps watching Sakura get fingered. Kenji’s technique is fast and efficient, intending to get the job done.

It must be working though since Sakura is covering her mouth with the back of her hand to stay quiet. While wearing a blissed facial expression, brows furrowed and eyes shut tight as she rocks her hips against his hand.

Fugaku palms erection from over his pants when Sakura comes, muffled scream leaking out from behind her hand. She looks absolutely stunning with a spaced-out look in her eyes as she comes down from her high.

Kenji withdraws his finger in favor of replacing them with his cock, lining himself up before entering with a single trust. Moaning in unison as they become one. The younger Uchiha wraps her other leg around his waist, grabbing her ass and then begin to fuck her against the tree.

Sakura’s unrestrained moans is music to Fugaku’s ears, palming himself faster to match the pace of the other man’s thrusts. She clings to him desperately as if she’s dangling over a cliff and death awaits her if she loosens her grip just a little bit.

The clan leader is so hard that it almost hurts but doesn’t dare to free himself in fear of being caught with cock in hand. So he settles for rubbing himself over his pants instead as Kenji pounds hard into Sakura.

Fugaku can’t make out what is being said since the younger Uchiha’s lips are buried in the crook of her neck. Obstructing his view and therefore making it impossible for him to read the other man’s lips.

Although, the police chief likes to think that he’s telling her how naughty she is for wanting to get fucked out in the open like this. Where anyone can stumble upon them, it adds to the thrill that he has already caught them in the act.

Kenji’s thrusts are getting less precise and more forceful as he nears his climax. He buries himself deep inside her before coming with a few stutter of his hips. A few words are exchanged while he pulls out, given the context of the situation – Fugaku assumes he asked her if Sakura came and she replied with ‘no’.

So the Uchiha sinks to his knees and begin to lap at her cunt, licking up all of his cum as he dips his tongue inside of her hole. Fugaku’s eyebrows shoot up at the sight before him but his cock somehow gets harder and he has to clench his teeth to stop any noises from passing through.

Sakura grabs Kenji’s hair as he continues to eat her pussy. While soft moans fall out of her lips until she throws her head back, coming once again. Fugaku doesn’t stick around to watch the couple say their goodbyes. Being more concerned with going home to his wife and telling her all about what he has just seen after he has fucked her that is.



Chapter Text

Madara Uchiha had an efficiency for savagery unlike any other person alive today, having been raised to become more of a weapon than a man. His complete disregard for human life on the battlefield is as impressive as it’s frightening. Slaughtering his enemies like they were nothing more than glorified blood bags standing in his way.

Sakura would be desensitized to his violent nature if he didn’t bring it with him into the bedroom as well. After she was captured and brought back to his home, her main role besides healing his people is being an outlet for the clan leader’s sexual needs.

The war lord is a sadist at heart and loves to watch her squirm underneath his touch. He’s almost addicted to the power he has over her body and mind. Although, she should count herself lucky that he only wants to torture her sexually and not inflict serious harm to her.

Silver linings and small mercies.

Today was no different from the usual routine Sakura has adapted to ever since being brought here against her will. She spends the daylight hours healing others in need whenever Madara decides to take a break from his duties to come and seek her out.

Standing in the corner of her makeshift clinic while saying nothing, his mere presence telling her all she needs to know. After attending to seriously wounded, leaving only the ones with minor injuries, she will excuse herself to follow him back to his private quarters.

Again, Madara says nothing after he closes his bedroom door behind them, his red eyes silently commanding her to undress. He may appear sedated but Sakura knows that this is just the calm before the storm. Tight knots form in her stomach from anticipation at what awaits her while her entire body gets hotter from an unwanted desire for his cruel touch.

“On your back and feet in the air.” The Uchiha barks his orders at her like she’s one of his underlings to boss around.

Sakura doesn’t flinch at his harsh tone but instead does what she is told because she knows better than to disobey him. She lies down and positions herself so that she’s fully exposed. He joins her on the futon to loom over her, his expression blank accept for his eyes that shines with malice.

A cruel smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth after he runs a finger along her slit and finds her to be soaked. “You must hate yourself for wanting your captor like this…” Madara states darkly as he brings his index finger up to rub circles on her clit.

Sakura exhales sharply through her nose since her lips are sealed shut. Determined to show no emotions and give no reactions for as long as possible. Intending to refuse him the satisfaction of breaking so soon.

Madara chuckles as he withdraws his hand so he can undo his pants, pulling out his cock and lining it up with Sakura’s tight hole. Her breath gets caught in her throat when it becomes clear that he means do enter her unprepared.

His cruel smirk grows into a predatory grin after he senses her fear underneath the stoic façade she’s putting on. Pushing the tip inside of her agonizingly slow, enjoying how hard she clenches her teeth to prevent any sounds of pain from escaping.

“I can’t imagine what it must feel like.” Madara drawls, his tone mocking as he bottoms out. A groan vibrating deep inside his throat. “To start craving the abuse, accepting your given role, unable to fight the growing need to be defiled and used like an object.”

Sakura bares her teeth in a grimace, a crack appearing in her exterior at his hateful words. Madara wants to tear down her wall after getting a glimpse of what’s underneath. So he intends to push her harder until she cries. The wonderful face she makes when trying to keep the tears from falling is greater than any art he has ever seen.

A strangled whine escapes through her clenched teeth as the Uchiha begin to rock his hips in and out of her roughly. She tries to avoid looking at him so she adverts her eyes, only for him to pull her back by the jaw.

“No, no little lamb, I want to look you in the eyes when you break.” He coos while at the same time mocking her, grinding his hips deep inside her. Which earns him a sharp hiss of discomfort.

If a look could kill – Madara would have been buried by now, judging from the amount of fury in Sakura’s eyes. Her anger only intensifies once he starts rubbing her clit, strangled whines filling the room due to her being unable to hold it in anymore.

“Bastard.” Sakura seethes at him in a vain attempt at keeping her dignity. Trying and failing to ignore the pleasure rising in her belly. All the while Madara is watching her internal struggle with glee.

Pumping his cock in and out of her relentlessly, hitting her sweet spot with every thrust. A maniacal smile grows on his face when he feels Sakura’s pussy clamp down on him as an orgasm takes a hold of her body.

Tears gathers in the corners of her eyes as she’s forced to come against her will. She’s standing on the edge and only needs one little push to go flying over.

“Dirty whore, getting off on your tormentors cock.” Madara coos condescendingly, staring intensely at the tears lining Sakura’s eyelashes, threatening to spill. One more push. “I bet if I were to set you free, you would just end up coming back to me. Unable to live without getting your slutty holes filled.”

Sakura lets out a wail as tears run down her cheeks and Madara’s balls tightens when she begin to sob openly. Breaking into pieces. Her captor leans in to lap at her tears, bringing on an euphoria from tasting her salty liquid misery.

Madara finishes with a loud groan, filling her to the brim with his seed. Sakura lies motionless, quietly sobbing to herself as he pulls out. Rising to his feet and fixes his disheveled clothes.

He takes one more look at her before turning to leave, “this is your life now.” His voice rings out as the door shuts behind him and Sakura sobs even harder.



Chapter Text

“Excuse me?!” Sakura bellows in anger, her face turning red from embarrassment at what she just heard.

She and Shisui is currently on a mission to barter for a scroll containing important information. The man in possession of said scroll is a wealthy trader who is an ally to the land of fire and is willing to part with it for a certain prize.

Both parties initially agreed on the currency being money and the two Shinobi came here with the correct amount of yen. Only to find that the desired payment has been changed into something else entirely, something that took the both of them by surprise.

“You heard me.” The plump faced trader asserts, shifting in plush seat under the intensity of Shisui’s glare. Muttering fills the great hall as the onlookers begin to take interest from where they’re standing along the walls. “I want the two of you to have sex in front of me as payment for the scroll.”

His clarification leaves no room for a misunderstanding and puts the pair in a tight spot. The terms for exchange are ridiculous and unacceptable. However, they can’t steal it from him since it would jeopardize an important allyship that the village rely on.

Sakura throws Shisui a discreet glance, silently asking him to conjure up an illusion of them having sex in order to satisfy the trader. Her partner meets her eyes with a look of uncertainty before the loud voice calls their attention back to the high seat.

“Ooh, that won’t work darling, you see, I’m immune to Genjutsu.” The merchant brags and puffs his chest. A skill one could admire if it were any other situation other than this one.

Sakura curses under her breath as it becomes apparent that there’s only way to proceed and it makes her stomach turn with a mix of disgust and excitement. They could theoretically choose to abandon the mission but that would bring shame to their names and the village’s reputation.

A Shinobi of the Leaf is expected to do everything in their power to protect their home. Performing despicable acts such as deceit, theft, and murder all for the sake of the village. So putting on a show of a sexual nature is well within the boundaries of what they should be prepared to do for a mission.

“Sex to completion and nothing else.” Shisui speaks their terms after sensing feelings of defeat coming from his teammate.

A satisfied grin creeps on the trader’s face, signaling his approval along with a sharp nod. Chatter fills the silence as the spectators reminds the Shinobi of their presence. Sakura swallows a snarky remark along with her pride and gets on her knees while Shisui settles behind her.

Flak jackets, sweatshirts and chainmail are discarded beside them, followed closely by Sakura’s chest bindings, leaving the couple topless. The leering from the audience burns her skin while the barely audible sexual comments make her stomach dense with shame.

She sighs through her nose when she feels her lover’s hands fondling her tits. His closeness soothes her worries and helps her forget the strangers around them. The Uchiha kisses her along the shoulder up to her neck. Sucking on her pulse point and nibbling on her ear to get her body heated.

A hand on Sakura’s back pushes her gently forward to stand on all-fours, Shisui’s lips traces patterns on her skin along her spine. Fingers dipping under the waistband of her shorts and panties to pull them down to her knees. She lifts her head and locks eyes with the trader who’s looking sickly delighted with the display in front of him.

A gasp escapes Sakura when the Uchiha sinks two fingers into her and begin to stretch her open. It either feels like the room as shrunk in size or that the people watching has crept closer. She blocks out their words so she can drown in his touch.

Sakura can’t help but whine a little once Shisui withdraws his fingers and straightens his back. Sounds of anticipation bounces off the walls as he moves to undo his pants. Letting his cock spring free before aligning himself with her hole.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the prowess of the Uchiha that I’ve heard so much about.” The trader drawls, voice coming out strained as if he has been running. Others hum in agreement, their gazes growing in intensity.

Shisui ignores their ogling as he slowly eases his way inside of Sakura. The gradual glide against the walls of her cunt has her groaning at the wonderful stretch. The fulfilling feeling he provides never gets dull and she’s thankful that he’s here and not anyone else.

He grips her hips and sets a quick pace, one that she likes and will get them through this as fast as possible. The lewd sound of skin meeting skin blend together with their muffled moans and the background noises from the onlookers.

Sakura bows her head once more since she doesn’t want to know how people are staring at the arch of her back and the way she throws her hips back. The flush on her cheeks or her subtle skin. She turns her focus inwards and clings to the pleasure growing on the inside.

The kunoichi feels an orgasm nip at her heels. There’s nothing she can do but accept it as it takes a hold of her body. Eyes shut tight and teeth clenched. The fluttering of her walls sparks a chain reaction that send Shisui over the edge. Eyes narrowed and teeth bared.

The sound of clapping drowns out their labored breaths, causing them to still as they’re dressing themselves. The trader is applauding for them, standing up and indicating for his guest to join him. Sakura adverts her eyes, hoping to avoid further embarrassment.

“Well done, a performance worthy of my scroll.”

There are few times in Sakura’s life when she has been more relieved to receive a piece of parchment than right now. After checking its authenticity, the two Shinobi leave with imminent haste and with less dignity than they had before arriving.

Chapter Text

Hate for a person is something Sakura rarely felt, if ever. However, resentment is a feeling she knows all too well. Especially when it comes to a certain Uchiha, their brief and only encounter with one another has left her conflicted.

Izuna had violated and humiliated her after catching her in a vulnerable position where she was unable to fight back. Sakura should despise him, not crave more of him. There’s nothing logical about wanting to feel the forbidden thrill he brought her again.

Yet here she is, face-to-face with the man who gave her hell. Sakura could keep lying to herself that she didn’t seek him out after spotting him in neutral territory. Continue to be in denial that she didn’t book a room with him for any other reason than to have sex.

The Uchiha looks awfully smug from where he’s sitting at the foot of the bed. While wearing nothing but his shinobi slacks, the rest of his clothes have been folded and placed on the windowsill along with his sword. Not believing her to be a significant threat, a notion that causes her blood to boil.

Sakura is backed up against the wall opposite of him in an equal state of undress. Wearing a stern expression while crossing her arms over her chest. The tension in this room is strung so tightly that the slightest pressure might cause it to snap. Resulting in either a fight or sex.

“Bastard.” Sakura snarls, her exposed teeth glinting under the low fluorescent light while her expression sours into a scowl.

Acting as if insulting him will somehow make her desire any less shameful. The corner of Izuna’s mouth twitches slightly in reaction to her words before leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees. Staring her down with an eyebrow quipped.

“I don’t have all day, you know.” Izuna states nonchalantly, tilting his head to signal his lack of patience. His facial expression tells her he’s getting bored while still emanating a smug aura.

Sakura’s fury grows in size at his arrogant display. Behaving as if his mere presence is a blessing and that she should be bowing at his feet for being allowed to be near him. She may have dubious morals for going back to him but she isn’t some desperate whore.

“I’m going to claw your eyes out.” She snaps in an attempt to look fierce but the Uchiha just laughs practically in her face before his lips curling into a smirk.

“How about you claw at my back instead.” A bold suggestion accompanied with a infuriating grin.

Something in Sakura breaks as she gets on Izuna’s lap. Their lips meeting with enough force to take his breath away. They’re anything but gentle when they tear at each other’s pants, desperate to go at it like animals.

Izuna nips at her bruised lower lip and draws blood, a whine escapes Sakura when he licks up the blood and hums as he sinks two finger into her. He chuckles at how wet she is when he places bruising kisses along her throat.

Sakura doesn’t want to appear weak and compliant so she digs her nails into his shoulders, causing Izuna to hiss in pain against her skin. The action only makes him more feral as he begin to finger her at a faster pace.

Moans spill out of her throat as she is unable to stop crying in pleasure by clenching her teeth. She has never in her life felt so dominant and out of control at the same time. There’s nothing she could do to stop him at this point and she’s totally fine with that.

Izuna rolls them over so Sakura is pinned on her back. She fights back to get the upper hand but he keeps his grip on her firm, not budging at all. Instead she changes tactics and wraps her legs around his waist and drags her nail down his back.

“Fucking bitch.” Izuna tears his mouth from her skin to return verbal fire, while still smirking.

He reaches between them to grab his himself and lines it up, sheeting himself inside of Sakura in one swift thrust. She’s not prepared enough to take his size but the stretch adds to the pleasure. They both hiss when he bottoms out, her from the slight pain and he from the tight fit.

Sweat lines his hairline like pearls, their struggle having taken some energy out of him. But Sakura has stamina and now it’s her time to flip their established dynamic on its head. So after he has pulled out, he is pushed back in hard by her leglock on his waist.

An unrestrained moan is dragged out of his throat from her unexpected maneuver. There’s a look of surprise on his face and she meets it with a toothy grin.

“Can’t keep up, huh?” Sakura taunts him and she swear that she could see a vein popping on his forehead before he picks up his speed.

Driving his hips into her roughly, causing the bedframe to rock against the wall. This feral type of sex is just what Sakura was looking for when she followed after him. The forbidden thrill of this encounter intensifies the pleasure growing in her belly.

Sakura’s moans rises in pitch and she throws her head back, closing her eyes. The outside world begins to fade with only Izuna remaining in focus. Her nails draws blood as she rakes them down his back. He retaliates by biting her neck, the pain is the final push that sends her soaring over the edge.

The orgasm pulses through Sakura’s body, toes curling and her fluttering walls clamping down on the Uchiha’s cock. His hips stutter before he abruptly pulls out, shooting ropes of cum all over her stomach. Shoulders slumping as he finishes.

They stare at each other in silence for a while, reality comes down hard on them as they fully realize what they’ve just done. Then Izuna stands up to get dressed before leaving without a word. While Sakura just lies there with a bitter-sweet smile on her face, satisfied.  

Chapter Text

Sakura has always wanted to feel truly powerless, incapable of fighting back when someone uses her body against her will. It doesn’t matter whether she’s tied up or overpowered, as long as it gives her the illusion of helplessness. Its been a sexual fantasy of hers for a long time but she hasn’t had the means or the right person to help her fulfill it.

That is until she meet Kagami, who not only wanted to participate but also took it a step further. He has a talent for Genjutsu that’s currently unmatched, possessing a technique that enables him to control people remotely. Which has caused him to be feared throughout the lands.

However, today he’ll use his fearsome abilities to explore Sakura’s desires in the bedroom. They had planned the scenario and established boundaries ahead of time. Along with having discussed a way for her to end the scene by blinking five times in a row.

Sakura has butterflies in her stomach when they walk back to her apartment. Barely being able to contain her excitement, jumping in place as the front door closes behind them. Kagami turns to face her, green meets red, the enticing spin of his tomoe ensnares her consciousness.

The Sakura felt it, the fog taking a hold of her mind. Causing her body to tense up, refusing to move from her command. She can’t speak either considering her tongue now feels like it’s made out of lead. This situation in any other circumstance would be absolutely terrifying to experience but she is completely calm since she trusts the man controlling her body and mind.

“Follow me.” Kagami commands before walking in the direction of her bedroom, Sakura tailing closely behind.

The sensation of having your limbs move on their own lights a spark inside of her. Causing heat to begin pooling in her lower abdomen. She never could have imagined that granting him total control over her body would be so thrilling. And they’re just getting started.

Kagami signal with an open hand for Sakura to halt in front of him where he’s sitting on the bed. Checking her out with a sly grin on his lips. Blood-red eyes filled with promise of sin that makes her heart skip a beat.

“Strip.” He orders and she obeys without thought. Removing her clothes methodically and discarding them onto the floor. She slides her panties down her legs slowly before stepping out of them, leaving her completely bare.

The Uchiha is still wearing pants and a high-collared shirt, intending to stay dressed since it reinforces the power difference between them. He stays silent and issues no orders, letting her feel the complete lack of control she has for a while. Relishing in her complicit state of being.

“Get on the bed.” Kagami states his command and points to where he wants her. Eyes tailing after Sakura as she moves to obey, kneeling and facing away from him. “Ass up, face down.”

She follows his orders and smoothers her face against the pillow. Prompting the Uchiha to turn her head so she doesn’t suffocate. He sits back on his heels and takes time to admire her exposed form.

Sakura’s body jerks slightly when Kagami runs a finger up and down her slit. Toying with her sensitive parts while she’s frozen in place. Strangled grunts are the only sounds she can make in protest at being teased.

Kagami responds with chuckles as he withdraws his fingers and begin to fumble with his belt. “Spread yourself for me.” He commands curtly and Sakura’s fingers move on their own to expose her holes.

She can see him aligning himself over her shoulder, the tip spearing through her tight ring of muscle. Bottoming out inside of her with a moan. The feeling of being filled like this is out of this world. Right now, Sakura’s nothing more than a mere cocksleeve to be used.

Being reduced to an object should not be this satisfying and she should be ashamed of herself. Yet when he starts to drive his hips into her roughly, she’s suddenly shameless. Drooling onto the pillow as she’s mewling from the pleasure.

The fog in her mind persists, clouding her judgement as she lies there almost mindless. All of her senses are dulled accept for one, touch. She feels the glide of his cock against her sweet spot clearer than ever before.

The primal noises of their carnal union fills the air, skin hitting skin, Kagami’s deep groans and Sakura’s needy moans. His grip on her waist becomes even tighter as he turns almost feral. Behaving more like an animal than a man as he thrusts into her hard and rough.

“Fuck. You look so good like this, helplessly spread out in front of me.” The Uchiha growls, proud and possessive. “Tell me that you’re my obedient fucktoy.” He commands her between heavy intakes of air.

“I’m your obedient fucktoy.” Sakura’s slack jaw causes her to slur the words but it satisfies Kagami none the less. He picks up the pace until he’s pounding her into the mattress.

Strangled whines escapes through Sakura’s constricted throat. His cock nudging against her cervix with every thrust is causing her to become delirious. The pleasure of her incoming orgasm takes over her mind and body.

She can’t even roll her eyes or curl her toes from the intense sensation. Kagami’s mind control forbidding her from moving without permission. Still, it doesn’t stop her pussy from clamping down on his cock.

Starting a chain reaction that soon pulls him down with her. Settling deep inside of her before shooting his seed up against her womb. They are both shaking by the time he pulls out and does the hand sign to release her from his hold.

Sakura slumps down beside him, completely exhausted. Kagami wraps his arms around her waist and places a sweet kiss on her temple before sleep takes the both of them.




Chapter Text

Itachi is a man with many secrets and surprises hidden behind high walls and intricate traps. The distinct line between individual and shinobi has been blurred into one ever since he was a child. So it’s completely natural for him to be apprehensive about making himself vulnerable to others.

Becoming friends with the child protégé and getting him to open up was a challenge but it was all worth it in the end for Sakura. Learning his story along with memorizing every small detail that make up his personality was enlightening to say the least. Not to mention earning the privilege to explore his kinks together once their friendship developed.

The sight of the red rope in Itachi’s hand has Sakura smiling in excitement at what lies in store. She has been restrained before with powerful hands on her wrists or with hand cuffs. Although, she has been tied up once or twice before but never this intricately.

“Put your wrists together over your head.” Itachi tells her with a low and stern voice. Talking to her with the authority his rank of ANBU captain grants him.

The fine rope digs into her naked skin slightly when Itachi creates a loop around her upper arms before securing it with a knot. He continues to make loops up the length of her arms until he ties it all together at her wrists.

“Bend your knees.”

Sakura obeys Itachi’s command and sits down on the bed while he moves to retrieve another length of rope. She lifts a bent leg for him to bind similar loops on her leg, starting around the base of her knee.

After he repeats the same process on the other leg, she can close her legs but is otherwise immobile. A hand between her shoulder blades gently guides her to lie down on her back flat against the mattress.   

Itachi makes the final touch by securing her wrists to the headboard with a silk band. A delicate piece of fabric that would easily snap if Sakura wanted out. The ropes isn’t enough to render her completely helpless since she also could break free from these bonds with ease.

However, the point of all this isn’t to make her entirely defenseless but rather to create an illusion of weakness. A power exchange that allows Itachi to see Sakura at her most vulnerable while he also gets to act as if he’s in control.

Itachi begin to trace light patterns across Sakura’s bare torso with his fingertips. Traveling over her breasts and swirling around budding nipples. Before venturing down to rakes his fingernails over her abdominal muscles.

The sharp caresses causes Sakura’s mouth to fall open in a gasp. Her body is heating up from his sheer touches, creating a growing need within her that begs for more. Itachi is watching her closely when his fingers goes between her thighs. A smirk graces his lips after he parts her folds and finds her to be soaked.

“It didn’t take very much to get you this worked up.” He muses as he runs his thumb along her slit, gathering slick on his digits. “Although, I can always count on you to be a eager slut.” He says calmly with hints affection in his tone.

A long whine falls from Sakura’s lips after he start rubbing her clit. She tries to grind her sex up against his fingers, desperate for more friction. He puts a stop to it by pressing a splayed-out hand on her hip. Whines morphing into mewling as she struggles to contain herself under his hold.

He keeps on playing with her clit, his other hand coming to join the first and filling her hole with two fingers after she has settled down. Her eyes roll back and her toes curl from his fingers rubbing against her sweet spot.

Sakura’s moans rises in volume in time with the pressure building in her lower abdomen. Until it reaches its breaking point and she cums hard with a wail. Gushing slick all over Itachi’s hand before she returns down to earth.

The Uchiha moves his drenched hands to lower his sweatpants, allowing for his cock to spring free. Sakura watches on in awe as he slides into her heat with a single thrust. Almost as if he belongs there.

A hiss forces its way out of Itachi’s mouth when he feels her tight walls clamping down on him. Taking a second to collect himself before gripping her by the waist and beginning to slam his hips up against hers.

Sakura’s whole body gets rocked from his thrusts and she can’t hold onto anything to stabilize herself either. She can only ride it out while Itachi fucks her immobilized form while  taking pleasure from his cock hitting her cervix with every roll of his hips.

“You feel so good that I can barely keep myself from coming.” Itachi groans loudly as he’s rutting against her cunt. Eyes shut tight in a strained expression.

She’s also not going to last much longer, the combined sensation of the ropes scraping her skin and being filled to the brim is sending her to places she’s never been. High into the sky and deep into hell. Her body is so hot it feels like its seconds away from catching fire.

All it takes is one more sharp thrust to cause an orgasm to wash over her, extinguishing the flames before they had a chance to spread. Sakura’s pussy grips down on Itachi, milking his cock until there’s no more cum left in him.

He falls back on his heels, cum leaking out all over the mattress after he pulls out. She lays completely still while he unties her. Bringing her close to his chest and rubs her sore legs. A silent “thank you” is left hanging in the air that Itachi doesn’t need to say for Sakura to understand.

Chapter Text

Sakura has worked hard to get where she is today. Blood, sweat and tears were spilled during her exhausting journey from helpless genin to the strongest medical ninja of her time. Her titles and achievements comes with a lot of respect from strangers and colleges alike.

Although, when she strolls through the naughty section in a costume store does it become apparent that some people have different feelings towards the medical profession. Sakura can’t help but scoff when she picks up the only sexy doctor for women available among dozens of sexy nurse costumes on display.

It depicts a way too cheerful model wearing a lab coat style dress that barely covers her ass and shows plenty of cleavage. Sakura cracks a smile at the thought of how ridiculous this thing would look on her. A laugh escapes her when she imagines her showing up to work wearing it and then promptly being sent home for violating protocol.

Then an idea hits her, one train of thought that has her giggling like a schoolgirl all the way to the register. The store clerk gives her a glance over and takes immediate notice of the scheming look on her face. Sakura leaves the shop with a sense of glee as she head home to set her plan in motion.

Sasuke, like many other shinobi, has a fear of needles and tend to avoid getting the required vaccinations for as long as possible. Leading to Sakura having to either chase him down with a syringe in hand or make a surprise home visit. He happens to actually be up to date on all of his immunizations and that’s what he will tell her after she sends out a ‘reminder’.

Sakura has barely enough time to put on the costume before Sasuke makes his way into her apartment through her open kitchen window. Unable to resist the urge to come and correct her on the history of his medical records.

“I’m glad to see that you could make it to your appointment, Sasuke-kun…” She says with a sultry voice as she rounds the corner into the kitchen. Leaning against the doorway while playing with the plastic stethoscope around her neck that came with the set.

Sasuke freeze when he sees her, his entire demeanor changes from annoyed to intrigued. Checking her out from top to bottom with half-lidded eyes. Sakura moves to pull out a chair and signals for him to sit before settling on his lap.

“You’re overdue on your physical.” Sakura pretends to scold him with a wicked smile while she removes his shirt to begin grope at his muscles. Toying with his nipples a bit which earns her a low groan.

The Uchiha watches her work while mostly staying silent. Moans escaping his mouth once or twice from her touch or when she starts to grind against him.

“Doctor.” Sasuke says breathlessly, gaining her attention. “I’ve this throbbing pain between my legs that requires your healing touch.” He smirks at her suggestively while staring into her eyes intensely.

Sakura picks up on his hint and moves off his lap to kneel between his spread thighs. Dragging her palm up and down his clothed erection as she peers up at him through her lashes. Causing him to hiss between clenched teeth.

“And for how long have you had this problem?” She inquires while still playing her self-assigned role to a tee. Undoing his pants and reaching to pull his cock out. Smearing the pre-cum over the tip with her thumb. Earing her another needy moan.

“Ever since I walked into your practice.” Sasuke answers truthfully, bucking his hips into her hand for some friction. Silently pleading for her to help him relieve his pain.

Sakura chuckles lowly to herself as she pulls out a small bottle of lube from an equally small pocket. Pouring a rich amount of lubricant onto her hand without breaking eye contact. His mouth hangs open as she grips the base of his cock firmly.

Dragging her closed fist up his length, her thumb sliding along the sensitive head. Before going back down and settling into a comfortable rhythm. Sasuke exhales sharply as he closes his eyes. Losing himself to her touch and forgetting the world.

She keeps on pleasuring him with one hand while the other reach down to cup his balls gently. Making the Uchiha curse into the air due to how she rolls his balls with her hand.

Sasuke throws his head back when Sakura picks up the pace along with placing delicate kisses on the head every now and then. Before she stops moving abruptly and bringing his attention back on her.

“Oh dear, it looks like I’m making it worse.” Sakura feigns ignorance while teasing him. Sasuke clicks his tongue, fully aware of the game she’s playing.

“No, doc. Please continue, you’re causing me no pain.” He pleads despite his pride, bucking into her hand desperately.

She resumes jerking him off with a grin on her face. Relishing in the small amount of power she has over him at the moment. The mere movement of her wrist is enough to reduce him to a near complete mess.

Sasuke is panting shamelessly in no time, his cheeks are flushed but his eyes remain focused on Sakura at all times. She can feel his cock twitch under her touch and she knows that he won’t last for much longer.

She doesn’t shy away or try to cover her face when he reaches his climax. Instead she opens her mouth and attempts to catch as much cum as she can with her mouth when he finishes all over her face and chest.

Sakura leans down to lick the remaining cum of the tip of his softening cock once he’s done coming. Before putting it away and fixing his pants neatly. She touches her face and gathers some of the cum on her fingers and then licks it off her digits.

“Oh dear, look at the mess you made!” Sakura gasps, still role-playing. Rising on her feet to peer down at him with stunned look on her face.

Sasuke scoffs and smirks.

“And I’ll gladly do it again.”




Chapter Text

The sun had disappeared beyond the horizon hours ago. Now darkness covers the village like a heavy blanket, lulling it to sleep. Obito is still fully awake this late into the evening hours, unable to sleep and is roaming aimlessly through town in search of something to relieve his bored state of mind.

Nothing of interest catches his eyes as he passes by other shinobi or civilians going about their lives. He briefly contemplates stopping at one of the open food joints but decides against it, choosing instead to keep searching elsewhere.

It’s starting to look like Obito’s going to be out here all night, wandering without a set destination in mind. Until he spots a familiar face amongst the crowd and picks up the pace in order to catch up with her.

“Hello, Sakura! Nice to see you.” Obito greets after strolling up beside her. She turns to face him and her weary expression changes into a smile. “Glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s up this late.” He jokes sheepishly while scratching the back of his head.

“I just finished a late-night shift and is heading home now. Care to join me?” Sakura asks an open-ended question with a warm smile. Catching the Uchiha’s interest, who then replies with a curt nod.

They spent the entire journey to Sakura’s apartment chit chatting and exchanging not so innocent touches between one another. She ends up inviting Obito inside once they make it home. He’s unable to resist the offer given the suggestive look in her eyes.

The front door has barely enough time to shut before they are on each other. Shoes, clothes and shinobi attire are flying everywhere, leaving a distinct trail behind from the hallway to the bedroom.

The back of Sakura’s knees hit the bed and she falls backwards with Obito landing on top of her without breaking the kiss. Her lips tastes like mint and he tilts his head so he can deepen the kiss. Rubbing his tongue against her as he moves his hands down her naked body to spread her thighs.

Sakura’s body feels so petite yet so strong under his hold. She’s so headstrong but melts into a compliant mess when touched. The muscles in her thighs could easily crush his skull, which adds a sense of danger when he puts his mouth on her sex.

Loud moans spilling from her lips drowns out the sounds crickets singing in the night. Obito licks her clit while he teases her quivering hole with his thumb. The blissed-out look on Sakura’s face makes him feel unusually bold tonight as he withdraws his mouth just in time to stop her from moaning his name.

“Nah-uh darling, that’s not the right way to address your Daddy, now is it?” Obito asks with a head tilt and a crooked smirk.

Sakura looks a little taken aback by his new self-given nickname but doesn’t appear to be appalled or put-off. So he decides to double down.

“Do you want Daddy to take care of your pretty pussy, princess?” He suggests with an overly sweet tone while watching her face closely for any reaction.

Obito can feel her hole twitching under his thumb and he has to strain not to smirk wider at her enthusiasm. Sakura looks so cute with her cheeks flushed and mouth hanging open before nodding her head.

“Yes, Daddy. I want you to play with my pussy, pretty please.” She pleads with a needy tone that sends waves of pleasure down to his cock.

The Uchiha puts his tongue back on her clit and sinks two finger into her wet cunt. Causing Sakura to arch her back, bucking her hips up against his mouth as she mewls from pleasure. The lewd sounds spur him on and he laps at her sex feverishly until she’s coming all over his mouth and fingers, coating them with her slick.

“Daddy!” Sakura chants throughout her orgasm with her eyes closed to the world. Only existing for his touch at this moment. A whine escapes her throat when he withdraws from his position between her legs.

Although, she looks on curiously when Obito lies down to spoon beside her. Hooking a knee over his arm to gain access in-between her legs. Sakura’s eyes roll back when she feels his cock nudging against her entrance before sliding into the hilt.

“God damn, baby. So tight and warm. I’m going to stuff your cunt full of my cum to the point where you’ll be leaking well after sunrise.” He groans against her neck, low and husky.

Sakura begins to pant when the man behind her start to pump his hips into her hard. The closeness of their bodies makes his thrusts fast and deep. His balls slapping against her clit with every passing stroke of his cock.

Obito permits himself moan out loud against her ear, adding to the sounds of sex already filling the room. It feels like her cunt is sucking him in and preventing him from pulling out. There’s almost nothing in this world that can compare to Sakura. Euphoria is the closest word one could use to describe the feeling you get from fucking her.

He hasn’t been inside of her for very long but he can already feel himself getting closer to the edge. The grip her pussy has on him feels way too good for him to slow down now. He’s got plenty of rounds left in him after this one, so he permits himself to chase his high with full speed.

An intense climax takes a hold of his body, causing him to shout as he comes. Painting her walls white with his cum. He slumps against her shoulder as he’s left recovering, placing chaste kisses along the crook of her neck. Sakura wiggles against him, his softening cock still inside of her.

“Daddy, I want more.” She pouts with a quivering bottom lip, looking totally adorable. Obito kisses her forehead gently, turning her frown into a smile.

“Oh don’t you worry, sweetheart. I made a promise didn’t I?” He replies with a smirk before flipping her onto her stomach and thrust into her, beginning round two.



Chapter Text

The members of the Uchiha clan never stops surprising Sakura with their tuned attention to detail. Able to catch the smallest hints or traces anyone else would usually miss. She has also learned that Izumi have an appreciation for smaller things.

Like how pretty insects look when the sunlight reflects of their colorful backs or how the sounds of swords clashing sounds different depending on the type of metal. Her appreciation isn’t exclusive to just material things, it also applies parts of Sakura’s body, namely her breasts.

She would occasionally catch Izumi staring at them. A blush appearing on her cheeks when the older woman winks at her suggestively after getting caught leering. Sakura usually gets embarrassed when people stare but when it comes to her, she is flattered. Makes her want to know what goes through the Uchiha’s head when she looks at her tits.

Well, there’s no harm in simply asking and that’s exactly the reason that brings Sakura to the Uchiha district today. When Izumi answers the door, she’s delighted to see who’s paying her a visit at her apartment this time of day.

She leads her visitor to the kitchen and invites her to sit down for some tea and a little chit chat. Sakura’s happy to share some gossip with the other woman while she waits for the perfect opportunity to ask the question.

Izumi must have figured out that she came her with a purpose but doesn’t cross that bridge herself. Instead choosing to let her gather the courage to bring up the subject on her own. Watching her closely the entire time.

“So…” Sakura begins carefully, eyes trained on the bottom of her empty teacup. “Do you have a thing for my breasts.” The question is uttered cautiously, like she’s walking on eggshells.

Izumi looks at her with a blank expression as she leans back in her chair. Raising one eyebrow while the corner of her mouth twitches into a smirk. “It’s obvious that I’m into you since we have hooked up once or twice before.”

Sakura frowns slightly and scoffs at her dodging the question. “Well, yeah but why are you so obsessed with my tits all of a sudden?” She counters while putting her elbows on the table to look at her closer.

The older woman chuckles as she stands up and rounds the table slowly. Sakura watches curiously as Izumi runs the back of her hand down the girl’s shoulder. Catching a nipple peaking through her thin blouse between two fingers.

“This is the reason as to why I’ve been staring at your tits.” Izumi admits, her tone low and breathless as she pinches the hardened bud. Lust fills her red eyes as she looks down on her lover. “I wanted to catch a glimpse of your pretty pink nipples budding against your shirt.”

The perverted confession has Sakura moaning shamelessly, heat begins to cumulate between her thighs. A gasp escapes her when Izumi moves her other hand to tug at the neglected nipple.

Sakura takes the next step by lifting the shirt over her head, leaving her topless since she decided against wearing a bra today for this very reason. Izumi takes a step back to admire the girl’s tits, memorizing every detail with a smirk on her face.

“Aw baby, do you want me to play with your nipples?” The Uchiha asks with a sweet voice, tilting her head in pretend mockery. The younger woman swallows hard from hearing her words. “Yes, please.” She replies, her eyes silently pleading with her elder.

The Uchiha leads her to the bedroom hand-in-hand. Inviting her to lay down on her back on the bed. She goes over to her closet and reaches for a box in the back, opening it to grab somethings before climbing onto bed.

In Izumi’s hand are a pair of nipple clamps. The sight of the toy causes Sakura’s heart to skip a beat in excitement. The Uchiha leans down to suck on both of her nipples before enclosing the clamps around her red buds.

The unfamiliar sensation pulls a hiss out of Sakura, who’s trying to process the mix of pain and pleasure coming from her chest. Izumi tugs lightly at the chain connecting the clamps and her mouth falls open in a quiet moan, her thighs rubbing together to ease the tension.

“Does that feel good?” Izumi coos down at her from her upright position. Before pulling at the chain a little harder, smiling wickedly when the girl whines from under her.

“Yes, more please.” Sakura begs needily while nodding her head eagerly.

Desperate for more of that strange type of pleasure that Izumi gives her. Fingers gripping the sheets to stop her from moving them down under her skirt. Her lover notices her struggle and brings a hand between her legs while continuing to tug at the chain with the other.

“Fuck, you’re so wet. You like it when I tug on your nipples like a pet on a leash, huh?” Izumi teases her as she begin to rub circles on the girl’s clit.

No coherent words manages to make it out of Sakura’s mouth, only strained whines and moans rips through her throat. Hips grinding up into the fingers messaging her clit, legs tensing as the pressure keeps on building in her lower abdomen.

Sakura moans grows in volume until she comes with a shriek, heels digging into the bed as the orgasm washes over her. While Izumi watches her climax with her Sharingan, memorizing every detail of this lewd scene before her.

Sakura doesn’t have it in her to whine at the loss of the nipple clamps when Izumi removes them. Although, a weak sigh leaves through her nose when the Uchiha bends down to plant a kiss between her breasts.

“Was that a good enough of an answer to your question.” Izumi smiles wholeheartedly at Sakura who returns the gesture with a grin of her own.


Chapter Text

They say that all roads lead to Rome, or in Sakura’s case, all roads lead to the Uchiha district. Since she always finds herself there, one way or the other. It’s practically her home at this point since she spends more time there than any other place including her own apartment.

Therefore it’s very unusual for any Uchiha to come and visit her unprompted while she’s actually at home. The smiling face of Mikoto is always a welcoming sight in any situation. Especially when she asks if she can come inside for a little chit chat.

Sakura is more than happy to have some company, desperate for a break reading medical reports. A bag in Mikoto’s hand catches her eye as they sit down on the couch together. The older woman passes on the offer of tea as she puts down the bag on the coffee table.

It doesn’t take very long before gossiping turns into making out. Sakura sits on Mikoto’s lap, cupping her face while they kiss deep and feverously. The Uchiha’s hands glide down the girl’s back, stopping to grope her ass under her skirt.

Sakura moans into the kiss, grinding her clothed sex against Mikoto’s thighs. Her lover breaks the kiss and gives the younger woman a cheeky smile before planting small pecks along her jawline and throat.

“You’re a needly little girl, aren’t you Haruno-san?” Mikoto teases as she’s sucking on the pulse point in Sakura’s neck. Her fingers griping and spreading her ass cheeks.

Sakura hums in agreement, there’s no shame in her body since she learned to accept her carnal desires. Allowing herself to be bossed around as well as being pampered by others sexually.

Mikoto lets go of her ass to reposition her on all fours at the other side of the couch. Sakura can feel her skirt being hiked up to her waist and then her panties getting pulled down to her knees.

She’s a little surprised when she senses the Uchiha matriarch doing hand signs before two fingers touch her ring of muscle. Sending a shock wave up her spine. It takes some time for her to register that the other woman just prepared her ass for God-knows-what. Bubbles of excitement fills her belly while she waits patiently for what’s coming next.

“I can’t stop thinking about this little cute hole of yours.” Mikoto coos as she parts Sakura’s puckered hole with her thumbs. Leaning down to kiss it lightly before pulling back.

Sakura shudders from the touch of her lips, feeling her cunt getting slicker from the attention to her ass. Mikoto withdraws her hands to reach for the bag, pulling out two items. The girl peers over her shoulder and sees the other woman holding a bottle of lube and a strap-on.

A smirk graces Mikoto’s lips when she sees the intrigued looks on Sakura’s face. Rising to her feet so she can put on the strap over her clothes. Never breaking eye contact with the girl as she strokes the thick and long dildo attached to the belt.

“Does my needy girl want to be fucked in the ass?” Mikoto asks with a sweet voice. Continuing to fondle the toy in her hand, hoping to entice the younger woman with it.

“Yes ma’am, please peg my asshole.” Sakura begs, arching her back and shaking her hips to showcase her eagerness. Having already been won over.

The Uchiha matriarch and mother of two sinks back to her knees behind her son’s teammate. The sound of a bottle opening is quickly followed by a lube coated finger getting pressed up against Sakura’s asshole. The slick digit pushing past the ring of muscles, sliding in to the third knuckle with ease.

Sakura exhales sharply when a second finger is soon added. Her mouth falling open in a moan after third digit joins the others. Moving in and out of her tight hole slowly, spreading out inside of her to gradually loosen her up.

The stretch of Mikoto’s fingers feels so lovely that Sakura can’t even begin to think how the strap is going to feel like when it’s stuffing her full. She braces herself on her elbows as she lowers her head. Pushing her ass higher and back onto the fingers spearing her open.

The squelching sound of Mikoto withdrawing her fingers has Sakura biting her lips in anticipation. Only for her mouth to fall open in a moan when she feels the strap breeching her asshole. Sliding in fully without any resistance.

“Such a good slut. Taking the entire thing up your ass without any fuss.” Mikoto praises the girl, caressing her waist before gripping it and beginning to move her hips.

The sensation of having her ass stretched out around the toy is better than Sakura could have hoped. Getting fucked like this has her pussy dripping slick down her thighs and onto the couch below.

“Yes!” Sakura agrees with Mikoto’s statement, her mind delirious with pleasure. “Faster please, fuck me harder.” She begs wantonly, spreading her legs as far as they can on the limited space they’re resting on.

Mikoto is more than happy to give her what she wants, slamming the toy into her hole roughly, causing her to squeal in delight. Sakura’s forehead is pressed against the cushion and her tongue is hanging out from intense pleasure coming from her behind.

Her cunt is beginning to convulse from the toy drilling into the other hole that’s separated by a thin layer of skin and muscle. Pressure keeps on building in her guts until it explodes into a climax. Slick flowing from her heat to make a mess all over her couch.

Mikoto stills her movements but doesn’t pull out the toy while Sakura catches her breath. She looks over her shoulder and sees the Uchiha grin wickedly down at her.

“Oh, I’m not close to being done yet, sweet girl.”

Sakura has no complaints as she arches her back to signal that she wants more.


Chapter Text

As night falls over Konoha, bustling crowds disperse and the streets become scarce. Only the sleepless and those looking for trouble roam around this late into the evening hours. Fugaku fits into both categories currently since his shift ended long ago and he’s now on the look-out for some stimuli. Not entirely keen on calling it a day just yet.

He’s technically off the clock but the drive to protect never really leaves him as he scans every passerby for any warning signs. Nothing noteworthy catches his attention and he doesn’t know whether he should be annoyed or relieved from the lack of criminal activity.

A familiar sight comes into view and Fugaku stops to look at Sakura’s apartment. He’s never visited her place personally but he has seen a lot of his kin walk in and walk out of there on multiple occasions.

The Uchiha patriarch’s interest is peaked and he’s curious to see if she’s actually at home or somewhere else. He sinks into the shadows to confirm that he isn’t being watched before jumping up to her kitchen window.

Fugaku can only sense Sakura’s presence inside, her chakra signature emanating from her bedroom. After listening closely he can hear soft breathing and feel a steady heartbeat which tells him that she’s sound asleep.

A dark need expands in his stomach as he sneaks inside her apartment through the poorly secured kitchen window and easily avoids every trap set in place to ward off intruders. The bedroom door is left ajar, allowing him to get inside without alerting her to his presence.

Sakura is lying flat on her back with the covers kicked to the side. Exposing her lithe form to Fugaku’s prying eyes. She’s only wearing a short tank-top and a loose pair of pajama shorts.

He creeps closer to the bed, eyeing her down like a predator would with its prey. The mattress dips but doesn’t creek under his weight as he slots himself in-between her legs carefully. The woman doesn’t stir as she remains unaware of his closeness.

Hands move to slowly pull Sakura’s tank top up over her chest, causing two plump breasts to spill out. Blood rushes to fill Fugaku’s cock and he’s barely able to contain himself from groping them and risk waking her.

Instead he pushes the fabric at her crotch to the side lightly. The loose material giving away easily and her bare pussy comes into view. Fugaku drinks in the sight greedily, gliding a finger through her wet folds. His heart skips a beat at the sound of her softly moaning from his sheer touch.

He grows bolder and sinks a finger into her sloppy hole. Wondering to himself what she’s dreaming about that made her this wet. Knowing this woman, it could be anything ranging from the sweet and innocent to the downright dirty.

Sakura spreads her legs unconsciously while her lips part in quiet whines from getting in her sleep. The fact that she’s unaware of what’s happening makes Fugaku’s cock grow so hard that it nearly hurts. This act is taboo at best and criminal at worst but he can’t stop himself.

A second finger joins the first as he begin to work her open slowly, taking his time to get her ready for him. Her cunt is tight but permits itself to get looser as minutes pass. Fugaku is a very patient man but the increasing need to be inside her is clawing at his limits.

The moans coming from the girl underneath him is growing in pitch until her pussy clamps down on his fingers as she comes while unconscious. Fugaku smirks wickedly at the sight before him then withdrawing his fingers.

One hand fumbles with his belt while the other grips one of her thighs as he aligns himself at her entrance. He slides in smoothly, staring at her face as he bottoms out. She knits her brows together but doesn’t open her eyes.

A good sign that gives him the go ahead to begin rocking his hips back and forth gently. Sakura throws her head to the side, sweat drops gathering on her forehead from being forced to come and getting used whilst asleep.

Fugaku can’t get enough of the sight of her lying motionless and taking his cock like a proper whore. The members of his clan have done a good job of shaping her into a perfect cocksleeve. She’s able to be dicked down without stirring from sleep, sex having become second nature to her.

The wet warmth of her pussy feels like heaven and from the look of it, his cock must also feel good. Sakura is openly panting, her eyelids are fluttering. Which means she’s close to waking and he needs to finish soon or he will be caught.

“Mmm… Feels so good.” She talks in her sleep, voice sounding heavy and exhausted.

A cold shiver runs down Fugaku’s spine from hearing her speak. His cock twitches in pleasure at her honesty. Spurring him on to finish the job before she wakes up fully.

Sakura’s whole body is now getting rocked from his thrusts as he desperately chases his high. A long escapes from her tight throat while her eyes slowly opens. Revealing groggy and unfocused irises staring up at him.

Fugaku’s body is strung taut, thinking he has been caught. But then Sakura just smiles at him angelically, a moan falls from her parted lips. He shas no chance and comes with a few jerks of his hips, painting her walls white.

The Uchiha patriarch pulls out hastily and is about to fix his clothes when Sakura calls out to him, stopping him dead in his tracks.

“Aw, don’t leave me hanging after giving me such a pleasant wake-up call.”

Fugaku’s just a mere man who can’t resist such a tempting offer.

Chapter Text

Life at the Uchiha compound as an outsider and servant is tough and truly awful. Sakura spends her days getting bossed around by people who deem her to be inferior to them. The ugly looks she gets from the people she has to treat are unbearable at times. Considering she’s there against her will.

She has tried to escape multiple times but it always ended the same way. With her getting captured and brought back by Madara. It doesn’t matter how long of a head starts she gets, he always gets her in the end.

The Uchiha leader is determined to keep her here by any means necessary. He need her for her healing abilities as well as using her as his own personal toy. Taking great pleasure from coercing her into having sex with him, while at the same time tormenting her with cruel words.

Everything is beginning to take a toll on Sakura’s spirit. Since the possibility of being rescued is slowly slipping through her fingers with every passing day. She’s trying to stay strong but her confidence is wavering every time Madara sends for her. No amount of internal pep talk can prepare her for staring down the beast face-to-face.

Anxiety bubbles in Sakura’s stomach as she kneels naked on his futon, just as he told her. She hates how obedient she has become, sitting here like a dog who’s waiting faithfully for its master to return. Fingernails dig into the skin of her thighs as fear morphs into anger.

The door slides open and closes as the devil himself finally arrives. Madara stops and looks down at her, studying her body language. His kimono falls to the floor after he unties the obi, leaving him as naked as the day he was born.

“You’re agitated.” He states nonchalantly as he settles down behind her on the futon.

Sakura grinds her teeth together and inhales a sharp intake of air. His comment pointing out the obvious only serve to sour her mood further.

“I am.” She hisses through clenched teeth. Her body tenses up when he puts his hands flat on her back. A shiver runs up her spin from his cold touch.

His hands wanders around to grope at her breasts roughly. Massaging them in his palms while rolling her nipples between his fingers. She can feel herself getting wet despite the fury coursing through her veins.

“Why?” Madara asks after a long pause, sounding thoughtful almost. Catching her off guard.

Sakura’s mind scrambles to find the words to say. While his hands abandons her breasts and travels further down until they settle on her belly.

“Because I’m being treated less than human by people who doesn’t think that I belong here!” Sakura spits out the words after her determination out wins her fear and confusion.

Madara continues to prod at her stomach, fondling her abdominal muscles. Almost as he’s looking for something in particular. Sakura fears his incoming responds almost as much as she dreads his erection resting against the curve of her ass.

“They will be forced to accept you as one of our own soon enough.” He assures her, voice low and confident. Sakura is confused by his statement but she doesn’t get a chance to ask before his hands still and chakra is pumped into her stomach. “After I put a baby in you that is.”

Sakura is suddenly pushed forward to stand on all fours with Madara entering her swiftly from behind shortly thereafter. A scream rips through her throat from the slight pain of being penetrated whilst unprepared. Her mind is reeling as its trying to process what just happened.

The realization dawns on her after she figures out that he undid her reproductive seal. Now making it possible for her to get pregnant. Which is what he plans to do, even if it’s against her will.

“No, no, no, no, please don’t do this!” Sakura pleads desperately, eyes blown wide in fear. Every bit of courage evaporating like morning dew under the heat of the sun.

Madara chuckles as he pulls back to only slam into her hard. Setting a breakneck pace, his cock bumping against her cervix. The tight walls of her cunt slowly begins loosens up until he fits comfortably inside of her.

“What’s the matter darling? Aren’t you happy that I’ve finally made you my breeding bitch?” He taunts her, his harsh words and thoughts of her upcoming fate brings tears to her eyes.

Sakura shakes her head adamantly, not wanting to get pregnant by this monster. One of his hands leaves her waist and comes down hard on her ass cheek. Making her squeal.

“That’s a shame.” Madara says condescendingly while continuing to pump his cock into her roughly, ensuring that she will be sore tomorrow morning. “Well, at least I will enjoy breeding your cunt over and over until you’re full of my child.”

Tears stream past her eyelashes as the reality of her situation hits, she will never be free of him after she gives birth to his child. There will always be something connecting them from there on out.

Madara senses Sakura’s distress and somehow becomes more feral than ever before. His grip on her becomes tighter as he pulls her back by the waist onto his cock hard. The mix of pleasure and pain is overwhelming her senses, the ongoing panic makes her unable to think straight.

“I can already imagine it.” Madara’s booming voice brings her focus back to him like it always does. She despises him for not only taking control over her body but also her mind. “Your belly swollen with my child and plump tits leaking milk. Fuck!”

He ends his sentence with a curse, the lewd picture in his head helping him reach his end. Sakura chokes back a sob when he finish deep within her, flooding her womb with his seed. If she doesn’t get pregnant from his huge load, she will count herself lucky. Not that it matters the upcoming rounds are bound to knock her up eventually.

Sakura can feel his softening cock twitch back to life while still inside of her sore cunt. The dread in her stomach increases tenfold when he leans in to whisper a haunting promise.

“I won’t stop until you’re properly breed, you know.”

Chapter Text

Money hasn’t been an issue for Sakura in a very long time. Ever since she was taken in as an orphan by the Senju clan, she no longer had to worry about her next meal. They took care of her and taught her everything she knows.

Sakura made sure to tell them how grateful she was for everything when she left the compound to head out on her own. Her excuse was that she wanted to see the world when in reality it was because she couldn’t bare to look them in the eyes anymore. Not after betraying them by fornicating with the enemy.

So she set out on a journey, aiming to get as far away as possible to begin a new life. Somewhere without any Uchiha, Senju or warring clans in general. Finding work as a healer wasn’t hard since they are in demand practically everywhere.

Although, Sakura’s talent and reputation proved to be a great hinderance after clans began to seek out her services. Going as far as attempt to kidnap her in order to secure a healer for themselves. This meant that she couldn’t stay in the same place for very long which impacted her source of income immensely.

Returning to the Senju clan wasn’t an option she could take, no matter how desperate her situation is getting. After exhausting every other alternative, there was only one left for her to try. Sex work.

Which is how Sakura found herself standing at a street corner, looking to exchange sexual services for money. She doesn’t care to remember the name of this busy town she’s currently visiting. However, she knows a lot of shinobi and wealthy people pass through here, so there shouldn’t be a shortage of potential clients.

Sakura has been here for about an hour now without much luck. The suggestive outfit of a short crop top and even shorter skirt along with a pair of high heels should make her intentions clear to any passersby. Many have stopped to take a look but so far no one has taken the bait.

That’s until a gentlemen on the opposite side of the street, who has been leering at her for the past ten minutes, signals for her to come over. Sakura is naturally sceptic but knows that she’s capable of defending herself should the shit hit the fan.

She strolls over to the man, who looks to be in his late 20s, has an average build and is wearing civilian clothes. The man pushes himself of the wall he was leaning on and walks in the direction of an alley.

Sakura ignores the red flags raised by his behavior and follows after him, the need to see this through outweighs the danger. The sound of her high heels skipping along the pavement echoes throughout the secluded area.

They both come to a stop at a dead end, positioned far away from the main street and potential disturbances. Sakura is in the process of opening her mouth to speak when she is cut-off by the man turning around. His lips curling into a smirk.

“I didn’t take you for an alley slut.” He admits with a teasing tone, smirk growing into a predatory grin.

His derogatory comment has her angry and confused until the man disappears in a cloud of smoke, revealing himself to be Izuna Uchiha in disguise. Sakura’s shocked and embarrassed but doesn’t move, her eyes trained on the stack of paper bills in his hand. He throws it at her suddenly and she catches it, inspecting it further and confirming them to be legit.

“Is this enough money for me to earn the privilege of fucking you against a wall in this dirty alleyway?” Izuna asks as he stalks closer. Caging in her body against a wall hidden behind a dumpster.

Sakura nods in confirmation before pocketing the money and turning around to face the wall. A shiver runs up her spine when she feels his hands on her hips, pulling her back into an arch. When her skirt gets hiked up to her waist does she know that there’s no going back now.

Izuna spread her exposed cheeks, panties not being a part of her ensemble. The sound of him undoing his belt causes her breath to get caught in her throat. A sharp exhale leaves her when she feels the tip of his cock prod at her unprepared entrance.

The kunoichi hisses from the slight pain from having her wet but tight walls breached. It takes him a few tries before he’s fully sheeted inside her cunt. Fingernails dig into the concrete wall in front of her as he begins piston his hips in and out of her.

Izuna leans in to nibble at her neck, holding her tight by the waist as he fucks her without a care for the world around them. Sakura should be afraid of getting caught raw dogging in an alleyway but she couldn’t care less. She has already lost the ability to be embarrassed by sex, courtesy of the man behind her.

The sound of their carnal union might be mistaken for the sounds of a tom cat satisfying a female in heat. And they wouldn’t be very far from the truth. Sakura can’t lie to herself and pretend that whoring herself out to Izuna doesn’t turn her on.

Slick is running down her thighs and moans are spilling from her lips as his cock rub up against her sweet spot. Pressure builds up inside of her with every thrust. The bruising kisses he plants on her throat makes her shudder in pleasure.

“You’re mine.” Izuna growls possessively into her ear, his grip on her tightens like a vice.

“I’m yours.” Sakura is too far gone to understand the weight behind her words. Too lost in the pleasure this man gives her to care about the consequences.

“You’re mine and no one else’s.” He repeats his claim on her body with a groan morphing into a moan as he finishes with a few sloppy thrusts. Pulling out and letting his cum spill out onto the ground. Sakura is left disappointed over not coming but Izuna’s next words lights a spark in her belly.

“Come with me and you will never have to work again.”



Chapter Text

The festival celebrating Tobirama Senju becoming the second Hokage is in full swing this late summer evening. Laughter fills the air as children and adults alike play carnival games. Mouthwatering aromas of delicious dishes emanate from the various food stalls occupying the streets.

There’s no better time to let yourself go wild than tonight and Sakura is planning to do just that. She has really dolled herself up for this special occasion, having done both her hair and make-up. Her body is clad with the prettiest kimono she owns, white with pink flowers.

Hips sway to the sound of distant music as she navigates through the dense crowds. Narrowly avoiding bumping into a group of men who has already had their fair share of liquor tonight. She makes her way over to the spot where she’s supposed to meet with her date.

A smile graces Sakura’s lips when she sees Kagami leaning against the wall, looking gorgeous as ever. She didn’t think it was possible for him to be more handsome but he proved her wrong by dressing in a simple grey kimono.

“Oh, there you are.” Sakura calls out in a greeting after joining him at his spot by the wall, nestled between two food stalls.

The distant look in his eyes fades into focus as he turns his head to face her. His blank facial expression changes into a fond one as he recognizes her amongst the crowds. He pulls her close to place his lips on hers in chaste kiss.

Warmth fills her belly at the intimate gesture but she breaks the kiss to peer over her shoulder, afraid that someone might see them. Kagami’s laughter reaches her ears before she is abruptly spun around, arms holding her over the waist as her back is now flush against his chest.

“Don’t worry about them, sweetheart. They can’t see us.” The Uchiha assures her before nibbling on her earlobe.

Sakura is skeptical of his statement until she takes a look around and sees that no one is staring. Not one person throws even one glance in their direction as they pass by and the shopkeepers on either side of them appear to be oblivious of their presence.

“Genjutsu?” She asks, unsure. Still eyeing her surroundings suspiciously.

“Genjutsu.” He confirms as his hand slowly wander up and then under the edge of her neckline. “We’re as good as invisible, we can do anything and they would be none the wiser.”

Kagami’s suggestive notion sounds enticing to Sakura’s ears, heat gathering between her thighs at the thought of getting down and dirty while in public. She’s further persuaded when he caresses one of her breasts, which earns him a low moan from his lover.

It’s his turn to moan when Sakura grinds her ass back against his clothed erection. She grins at the thought of him waiting while hard and aching for her the entire time. The other hand at her waist loosens her obi, making her kimono hang open slightly.

Sakura takes a deep intake of air with the hopes of calming her nerves. No one stops to look or point when Kagami slips a hand between her thighs to palm at her sex over her panties. She grows bolder and directs him to touch her underneath the fabric. Hissing when he pinches lightly at her clit before rolling it between his fingers.

“So needy.” He coos affectionately against her ear, nipping at the earlobe. His hand abandons her breast in favor of joining its twin further down.

She parts her legs a little to allow for more room, letting him sink two fingers inside of her warm pussy. The sudden onslaught of pleasure causes her knees to buckle and she falls back onto his chest. She has to hold onto his biceps with a vice grip in order to not collapse.

The curl of Kagami’s fingers reduces Sakura into a moaning mess. The last thing she sees before succumbing to the orgasm is a group of her peers walking past. Completely oblivious to the fact that she’s coming a mere five meters away from them.

Kagami withdraws his hands once the aftershock sets in, leaving Sakura panting as she recovers. He spins her body around to face him after her breathing has stabilized. Lifting her up before slamming her back against the concrete wall behind them.

Sakura wraps her legs around his waist while he fumbles to get his cock out from his kimono. He eventually succeeds and guides himself to her sloppy entrance, pushing inside slowly before bottoming out.

The Uchiha grips the underside of her thighs for support as he begins to rut against her sex. The force behind his thrusts knocks Sakura back against the wall, the coarse bricks digs into her back uncomfortably while her kimono is doomed to be stained with dust afterwards.

However, the future is far from her mind as she’s focused entirely on the present moment. Obsessing with how good it feels to be stretched out around his cock and how it rubs against her sensitive spots with every motions.

She glances over Kagami’s shoulder at all the civilians minding their business while she’s getting dicked up against a wall. The heat in her lower abdomen makes her entire body feel like its burning up.

Another wave of pleasure is visible on the horizon and she eagerly awaits its arrival by singing her praises into her lovers ear. He keeps on rocking against her, mindless to the world around them.

Nothing matters accept for how his cock leaves her feeling full and complete. The delicious glide against her falls has her curling her toes in pleasure while she comes for a second time. Kagami’s movements stutter for a bit but he carries on fucking her throughout her entire orgasm.

Sakura hangs limp in his arms while he picks up the pace, focused entirely on chasing his high. Letting her cunt be used to milk his cock. Kagami comes with a moan as he comes, filling her womb with his cum.

Her thighs are sticky and her legs are unsteady after he pulls out and returns her back to the ground. He assists her in fixing her kimono and making her presentable before they leave their little hideaway and go out to enjoy the festival together. Without the veil of Genjutsu.


Chapter Text

Tsunade should never be left alone when gambling, she must always be supervised in order to prevent her from going crazy. Shizune is often assigned the job of watching over her superior. Stopping her from consuming alcohol above her limit, spending too much money and making outlandish bets.

Accept this time, Shizune wasn’t around to babysit the Hokage during her latest gambling spree with the chief of police. Which resulted in Lady Fifth consuming alcohol beyond her limit, spending way too much money and make an unthinkable bet. One that would earn her a scolding from her assistant once she sobered up properly.

The terms of the bet was that the Uchiha patriarch’s eldest son would be her personal call boy for an entire day if she won. While Sakura, her protégé, would be made to serve the Konoha police force for a day if he won. The Godaime lost.

Sakura was shocked when she found out that her mentor had used her for a bet and subsequently lost. Although, she hesitantly accepted the punishment after Tsunade promised to never make such a blunder ever again.

A week later, Sakura shows up at the police stationed at exactly 7 o’ clock. Having fully prepared herself for what the day has in store for her, just as instructed. Two officers she knew in passing lead her to an empty storage closet where she was stripped naked. One formfitting rubber band is hiked up on each of her thighs, for reasons currently unknown.

A special bench had been made and placed here for Sakura to sit on, then her wrists and ankles are cuffed to a bar secured to the wall. Causing her to lean back, her holes now exposed and easily useable from where her body is positioned at waist height of the floor.

She watches the men silently continue prepping her and the station. A large unopened bottle of lube and multiple boxes containing various types of condoms are placed to her right. Tissues and a marker are planted to her left, she presumed that the pen is for keeping score throughout the entire ordeal.

The older officer named Kendo coats his pointer and middle finger in lube before sinking both digits into Sakura’s cunt. While the other man called Kenji repeats the same process, pushing two fingers into her asshole.

Together they work both of her holes open, the double stimulation leaves Sakura moaning and begging for more. Kendo decides to indulge her by caressing her clit, bringing her over the edge in no time.

They withdraw their fingers before inserting a butt plug and a dildo inside her to keep her full. Sakura eyes the bullet vibe Kenji has in his hands curiously, watching him tape it to her clit and the securing the controller to her left thigh. Setting it to a low frequency, meant to keep her at the edge but never giving her enough to actually come.

Kendo then ties a blindfold over her eyes which is soon followed by a ring gag being inserted into her mouth. The final touch is made when she feels a cool paper sticking onto her stomach. Her strength fading after it disables her chakra.

“See you later, angel.” They tell her before laughing, the sound of the door opening and shutting behind them.

Sakura is left alone, totally helpless while she waits for men to start flooding in. The vibrations from the toy on her clit is uncomfortably pleasant and she tries to squirm away from it but the restraints keeps her firmly in place.

Fortunately she doesn’t have to wait for more than a minute before she’s joined by two men. A whistle rings out in the dimly lit room as one of them men comes up to her side and tugs at her left nipple harshly.

“The Chief sure is nice for acquiring a pretty little cumdump for us.” A familiar voice notes cheerily. She can hear the other man hum in agreement in front of her. The officer then presses two fingers onto her tongue, causing her to make squelching noises.

Sakura hears him chuckle lightly at her, the sound of a condom wrapper tearing and then his fly being lowered sparks a fire inside her belly. A hand on her head turn it sideways and the taste of latex reaches her tongue as his cock enters her open mouth.

He grips her hair firmly while he fucks her mouth at a moderate pace. She doesn’t gag when his dick hits the back of her throat repeatedly. Although, the hair at the base does tickle her nose slightly when he deepthroats her.

She moans around the cock in her mouth when the dildo is being pulled out and replaced with the other man’s length. He grabs a hold of her thighs for support and then start pumping his hips up against her sex roughly.

Unrestrained moans emanates from Sakura’s throat from being used like an object. While she’s powerless to stop them from fucking her at both ends. Being reduced to sex toy shouldn’t feel this good but the blindfold only help amplify her sense of touch even more.

“You really are the perfect cocksleeve.” The deep voice of the other male states, his sweet tone doesn’t match his rough tempo.

The filthy praise sends a jolt of pleasure down to her sex. Velvety walls squeezes the cock rummaging through her sensitive cunt. The light buzzing from the bullet vibe adds to the mind-numbing sensation taking a hold of her body.

It’s all too much and Sakura would have screamed if she could but all she can do when the orgasm hits her is struggle weakly under her bindings. Both Uchihas continue to fuck her holes mercilessly throughout her entire climax. She can feel her thoughts getting foggy as she’s overwhelmed by the intense treatment to her already over-sensitive body.

Drool is coating her chin by the time the older man finishes into the condom in her mouth. While he pulls out and proceeds to fix himself, the younger man isn’t far behind as his thrusts turn sloppy until he also finishes inside the condom.

Sakura whines over the loss as he pulls out before stuffing her full again with the dildo. Her head is so clouded with want that she barely notices when the two used condoms are fitted under one of the bands around her thighs. In addition, two small lines being drawn under her left eye to help keep the tally accurate.

Sakura cries out to the to men as they’re leaving, the sounds getting muffled by her gag. Their movements still for awhile as the turn to look at her, they’re probably smirking at her if she had to take a guess.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, more people will come and visit you so stay put.” The older one coos at her with a teasing edge to his tone before they too exits the storage room.

And oh-boy, he sure wasn’t wrong. Because Sakura wasn’t allowed a single moment of peace since men kept on coming to use her holes. The space would be filled to its capacity once or twice as men stood around, waiting patiently for their turn.

Sakura lost count of how many men had been inside of her today after about the twelfth. There’s too many used condoms decorating her legs to make an educated guess. Not to mention that her brain is running on fumes since her senses has been overwhelmed by the onslaught of orgasms and cocks stuffing her holes full.

She wants more. The soreness in her body from being in such an uncomfortable position for this long doesn’t faze her. Neither does her aching jaw which has only been freed from its gag three times, so she could drink. She craves more, needs it like flowers needs sunlight.

Her ears perk up at the sound of the door opening, followed by an unknown amounts of footstep. They all gather around her and the anticipation combined with excitement causes her heart to skip a few beats. Minutes passes with them just standing around doing nothing. Causing Sakura to plead inaudibly for them to do something.

“Aw, look at our greedy little fucktoy. Begging for cock like a proper whore.” The familiar voice says condescendingly as he steps closer.

Sakura nods her head eagerly in agreement with his statement and they respond with laughter. She can count four men in total by the differences in their tones. The shuffling beside her means that he’s reaching for a condom. Excitement courses through her veins and she shakes her body restlessly under the restraints.

“You can’t help but love how stupid dick makes her.” Another familiar voice speaks up next to her, having moved closer undetected.

A muffled moan escapes Sakura after a hand comes down to squeeze one of her breasts. Playing with it and then rolling her nipple between two digits. Her toes curl when she feels the butt plug getting pulled out.

The pumping sound from the bottle of lube makes her thighs quiver in anticipation. The blunt head of his cock pushes past her ring of muscle and slides in smoothly. Her eyes roll back behind the blindfold once he bottoms out.

The feeling of being stretched out and filled like this is almost euphoric in a sense. Sakura whines from the fast thrusts, his dick bumps up against the dildo through the thin wall of muscle. The second man withdraws his hands from her tits to pull down his zipper.

The return of latex on her tongue tastes better than water during draught season. Sakura’s head is spinning, she can’t think straight when she’s getting used from both ends. They move together in perfect rhythm, working her like a fine-tuned instrument.

She hollows out her cheeks and sucks the dick in her mouth to the best of her ability. The man above her groans in pleasure. Hearing his satisfaction is enough to make the soreness of her throat bearable.

Sakura only cares about getting fucked at this point, her mind is foggy with bliss. She wants more since being stuffed is the only reason she’s living for right now. Everything else in her life fades out and becomes unimportant when her ass is getting pounded so fantastically.

Tears gather in her lashes behind the blindfold from how roughly her mouth is being used. But she’s too fucked out of her mind to care. Considering that star patterns begins to cloud her restricted vision as she comes once more.

The Uchiha standing between her thighs hisses through clenched teeth from the way Sakura is gripping his cock. Still, he powers through her orgasm with sloppy thrusts. Holding on until the very end before finishing into the condom with a loud grunt. The younger man doesn’t last for much longer as he comes with a quiet whine.

Sakura feels empty once the both of them have pulled out. Adding their used condoms to the vast collection of others under the bands on her thighs. The feeling of two tally marks being drawn onto her skin makes the deep need for more grow tenfold.

She mewls behind the gag and wiggles her body to showcase her eagerness. Deep chuckles echoes of the walls as the men observe her keen display. A thumb caresses her jaw gently, causing her movements to still instantly.

“Do our little plaything want more?” The Uchiha asks sweetly, his tone carrying a sharp edge of wickedness. While continuing to stroke her cheek affectionally.

Sakura nods her head enthusiastically, she craves more cocks like her lungs needs air. If they stop now then she’s afraid that her heart will explode. Getting fucked fuels her and they have to keep going. She feels more like an object than a woman and she wants to keep it that way.

The thumb on her face retreats and Sakura can hear them move around to switch places. Her heart skips a beat when the sound of a condom tearing reaches her ears. Soon she feels the newcomer align himself with her asshole before entering with a smooth thrust.

“Good.” Says the man from earlier and Sakura strains to focus on his words as he’s pumping his hips in-and-out of her harshly. “Because we were not going to stop regardless of if you wanted to, angel.”

The rest of the day quickly becomes a blur of pleasure as the police force keeps on using her without any breaks. Used condoms start piling up until the bands around her legs can’t hold no more. Her brain becomes groggy until cock is the only thing she can think about and being the Uchiha clan’s free use slut is her only priority in life.