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Madoka Attacks North Korea 2.0

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It's been 2 whole years since Madoka shot up Mitakihara Middle School and in those 2 years she became a pornstar.

On this day she was filming a Wizard of OZ porn parody
The Tin Man picked up Madoka and placed her on the bed where he started to rip all of her clothes off except for her red heels.
"Start sucking, bitch." He grabbed Madoka's head so that her lips were touching his dick. Madoka opened her mouth allowing the Tin Man to enter her mouth. Madoka started sucking harder than a vacuum cleaner and she started bobbing her head up and down to try to get all of the Tin Man's delicious cum.
"Please cum already." Madoka tried to say but because of the large cock in her mouth it came out as unintelligible nonsense.
"Don't talk when you have something in your mouth, dumb bitch." The Tin Man slapped Madoka across the face which turned her on slightly more. "Anyways i'm gonna cum."
Madoka clicked her heels together, saying "there's no taste like cum, there's no taste like cum."

what came out was just incoherent noises. "I'm gonna go to Walmart, want me to buy you anythi-"
Junko who now had her mouth agape didn't think she'd ever walk in on something like this.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm filming a porno."
"Are you a pornstar?"
"Quit, NOW!"
"I won't, I need the money that I earn from this."

"Do it or else i'll put you up for adoption."
"Fine, I quit."
"I was expecting that you'd eventually quit so I already had a replacement from North Korea ready. The porn director called up a girl on his phone. "She'll be coming here soon."
Madoka stood up and opened up one of her drawers to look for panties to wear but she couldn't find any. "MOM, DO YOU KNOW WHERE ALL OF MY PANTIES ARE?"
Madoka began to think about what she should do now that she's unemployed and then a thought came into her head, she could get all of her old friends together and they could ruin North Korea's economy so that her replacement's paychecks would be worthless.
"Who should I start with, Sayaka, you should be the easiest to find."
Madoka went to the local chocolate place where she saw Sayaka sitting down alone, looking quite sad. Madoka needed to cheer her up so that she would join her in attacking North Korea so Madoka walked over to the waiter, handed him 20 dollars (or 2,214.91 yen to be exact) and told him to give Sayaka a chocolate fountain.
"Why are you giving me this? I haven't ordered anything."
"That pink haired girl over there told me to give this to you."
Madoka walked over to the table where Sayaka was sitting and she sat down infront of her.
"What do you want Madoka?"
"I want you to help me destroy North Korea's economy."
"That's a weird request but sure i'll help you."
"Damn, for such a weird request I didn't expect you to agree so quickly, especially since you're the CEO of a chocolate company."
"A North Korean woman stole Kyousuke from me, I want to kill everyone who lives there just to make her suffer and as for my company then i'll just have one of my employees take over for me while i'm gone."
"Since you're onboard with this then I guess we'll go looking for Kyoko now."
As the two were going to leave they were stopped by a big titted, gray haired girl with glasses who was just staring at them.
"Hey, can you move over?"
"Yeah, I just spaced out for a little bit."

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