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Madoka Attacks North Korea 2.0

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Kyoko, who was carrying Poorfag in her arms, ran to Danchon Bank.
"Kyoko, I wanna go inside with. I don't wanna be weak anymore, I wanna defend myself."
"Poorfag, you're not a magical girl and you don't even.have any sort of ability or power. You're just a normal teenage girl, I'd kill myself if you got hurt or if you even died!" Kyoko yelled
"I know, I won't get hurt and I most certainly won't die."
Poorfag kissed Kyoko
"If that's what you want to do, then fine, I can't stop you."
The naked magical girl summoned a spear and stabbed it into the front door of the bank. Surprisingly there were no guards inside of the bank, it was completely empty.
"This is gonna be easier than I thought."
Kyoko ran downstairs with Poorfag following behind her and the stopped when they reached the bank's vault.
"Time to open this bitch up." Kyoko stabbed the vault and ripped the vault's top off.
"There's no one here, Poorfag, let's eat the money!"
"I've never eaten money before, i wonder how it'll taste like?."
Kyoko and Poorfag began to eat all of the Won in the vault. This was the most the had ever eaten in one day.
"Fuck, I feel like i'm gonna throw up."
"Don't, Kyoko, you'll be wasting food if you do that."
"You're right, looks like I won't be throwing up anytime soon."
Kyoko and Poorfag stood up and ran out of the bank. Outside an orange haired magical girl was waiting for them.
"I've been waiting for both of you."
A giant dog with tentacles for legs, 3 heads and 40 eyes all over its body appeared behind her.
"This is my magic, what the dog doing magic. It allows me to turn the nearest dog to me into an eldritch horror."
The dog stepped onto Danchon Bank, crushing it.
"No, I stand by your side and fight this monster with you."
Kyoko summoned a spear and gave it to Poorfag.
"Keep your promise and don't die."
"I will."
The lovers ran at the dog and killed it in a matter of seconds.
", impossible."
The enemy magical tried to run away but Poorfag threw her spear at her head, killing her.
"That was fun, I guess, now let's regroup with our friends." Kyoko and Poorfag ran and began to look for the rest of the Holy Octet