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Kinktober 2021 (AMatchInWater)

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Each chapter will have the ship and which Kink was used for it and warnings in the notes should they apply. Some are longer than others, so sorry about the inconsistency, but I think there's only 3 or 4 that fall under 1K. Here's what to expect, I will starting posting October 1st and post a chapter a day 😊

1. Car Sex: Sterek

2. Dom/Sub: Petopher (for ash_mcj) 

3. Shower Sex: Stiles/Corey (for JDJOSH9784)

4. Sensory Deprivation: Stackson

5. Drunk Sex: Steo

6. Sex Toys: Stitopher...Chriles....Stargent? Idk man, Stiles/Chris

7. Pet Names: Liolan (for JDJOSH9784)

8. Bondage: Stisaac

9. Praise Kink: Steter (for ash_mcj)

10. Double Penetration: Lydia/Chris/Peter

11. Blood Kink: Steo

12. Sex/Gender Swap: Sterek

13. Daddy Kink: Sterek

14. Lingerie/Costumes: Steo

15. Exhibitionism: Steo 

16. Orgasm Delay/Denial: Briles 

17. First Time: Stolan (for Are_Words_Enough)

18. Strangers AU: Steo 

19. Spanking: Steter 

20. Voyeurism: Steo (for demi_god)

21. Sex Pollen: Steo

22. Deep Throat: Briles

23. Cheating: Sterek

24. Marking: Steo (for MerCevans)

25. Teacher/Student: Steter (for MerCevans)