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Kinktober 2021 (AMatchInWater)

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Each chapter will have the ship and which Kink was used for it and warnings in the notes should they apply. Some are longer than others, so sorry about the inconsistency, but I think there's only 3 or 4 that fall under 1K. Here's what to expect, I will starting posting October 1st and post a chapter a day 😊

1. Car Sex: Sterek

2. Dom/Sub: Petopher (for ash_mcj) 

3. Shower Sex: Stiles/Corey (for JDJOSH9784)

4. Sensory Deprivation: Stackson

5. Drunk Sex: Steo

6. Sex Toys: Stitopher...Chriles....Stargent? Idk man, Stiles/Chris

7. Pet Names: Liolan (for JDJOSH9784)

8. Bondage: Stisaac

9. Praise Kink: Steter (for ash_mcj)

10. Double Penetration: Lydia/Chris/Peter

11. Blood Kink: Steo

12. Sex/Gender Swap: Sterek

13. Daddy Kink: Sterek

14. Lingerie/Costumes: Steo

15. Exhibitionism: Steo 

16. Orgasm Delay/Denial: Briles 

17. First Time: Stolan (for Are_Words_Enough)

18. Strangers AU: Steo 

19. Spanking: Steter 

20. Voyeurism: Steo (for demi_god)

21. Sex Pollen: Steo

22. Deep Throat: Briles

23. Cheating: Sterek

24. Marking: Steo (for MerCevans)

25. Teacher/Student: Steter (for MerCevans)


Chapter Text

“D-Derek, it hurts,” Stiles whines, curling up in the back seat of the Camaro as another violent cramp pulls at his insides. His boxers are soaked from his slick and precum steadily leaking out of him. The Omega’s heat hit in the middle of grocery shopping with the wolf, it was fucking embarrassing.

The Alpha is speeding through town trying to get to the rebuilt Hale home, “I know, pup,” Derek growls, trying to soothe his mate, but the smell is so thick it’s making him lightheaded.”I’m going as fast as I can.” If fast means going thirty over the speed limit. 

Whimpering through the painful waves, “I’m n-not going to make it,” Stiles pants as the sweat coating his skin turns boiling. His flesh feeling like it will literally bubble off. Losing himself to his heat, he whines, “ Alpha!” The Omega‘s cry cuts off with a hiss, trying to wrap a shaky hand around his angry cock- he’s been in just his boxers since the wolf got him in the car. “Please!” 

The Camaro jerks around before coming to a screeching halt and Derek kills the engine. Even in his haze, Stiles knows they’re definitely not home. Rutting into the leather seats, the Omega half hears the wolf get out of the car before opening his door. Squinting at the sudden burst of light, the human sees his Alpha’s red eyes pinch closed, inhaling sharply before he gets in the back seat. Locking the door behind him, Derek yanks his jacket and shirt off, pulling his mate into his lap.

Once straddling him, Stiles immediately starts to grind against the wolf, hissing at the rough friction from the denim. “Stiles,” Derek growls his name in a clear warning. But he manages to pull his jeans down to his knees and tear the Omega’s drenched underwear away. The human can’t wait any longer and his biology has done all the work for him, he sinks on the Alpha’s cock with a broken moan. Clawed fingers grip his hips the moment their thighs touch to still him as Derek huffs his breath, controlling himself to let Stiles adjust.

“Alpha,” Stiles whines, trying to grind on his mate, the pressure on his prostate shooting pleasure in his gut and stowing the burn from heat. “Please,” he wiggles his hips, “please, I need you.” A tear rolls down his cheek, wanting to appreciate the wolf’s precaution, but too far gone to actually need it or care.

Running a hand along the side of his face, thumb catching the tear, Derek shushes him, “it’s okay, pup.” The wolf thrusts up hard, “Alpha’s here.” He does it again and Stiles mewls, “I’ve got you,” the wolf purrs, setting a pace that has his mate moaning with every breath and the human’s fingers digging into the Alpha’s shoulders. “You’re my good Omega, right?” 

Doing everything he can to bounce and meet the wolf’s powerful thrusts, “yes, Alpha,” Stiles cries out, cum shooting all over his mate’s torso. His eyes flash blue and the fog in his brain slowly dissipates. The Omega continues to moan as the wolf bucks his hips harder, growling out his breaths.

“You sure you want me to knot you here, pup?” Derek’s red eyes are blown with his lust, lighting an entirely different fire inside the human. 

It unlocks a frenzy in the Omega, “yes! Please, Alpha!” Stiles moans, a hard jab to the bundle of nerves making his eyes roll back. “Need it. Need your knot.” The Omega continues to mumble and whine his pleas, babbling for his mate to fill him. Breed him. 

Growling, “god, okay, anything for you, pup,” the Alpha’s hands slide up his back to grip his shoulders as he fucks up into his Omega with speed only a werewolf could pull off. “I’ll knot you nice and full, baby. That what you want?” His fangs drop from his gums, the scent from his mate clouding his own brain.

“Please!” Stiles shouts, energetically bouncing on Derek’s cock, feeling the swell inside him. 

“Such a good Omega,” the Alpha keeps his mind melting rhythm, his mate screaming through his moans. One last hard thrust, “and mine ,” the wolf’s knot catches and his fangs reopen the mark he left three years ago. 

Stiles cums with a loud cry, his head falling slack for the Alpha. A few delicious grinds later and Derek follows, painting the Omega’s inside with his thick, hot seed. Panting as the fangs retract and the wolf laps the blood, “sorry we defiled your car,” Stiles laughs. The haze mostly cleared now that he’s resting on his Alpha’s knot.

“It’s okay,” Derek rubs soothing lines down his spine, “should’ve done it sooner. Sorry I didn’t get you home in time.” 

“I’m sure you could’ve made me wait,” Stiles looks out the window and snorts, “we’re in the middle of the preserve!”

“I don’t like hearing you in pain!” The wolf defends, pointedly looking away.

Chuckling, “I love you, Der,” Stiles rests his head on the Alpha’s shoulder, letting the pattern on his back put him to sleep.

“I love you, too.”

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After being married for over twenty years to someone as controlling as Victoria, Chris wanted to finally be the one on top. Literally and figuratively. Argent honestly felt like he was made for it. Every time his late wife made him submit, it felt degrading; and not in an even remotely enjoyable manner either. Like he was purely there for her enjoyment. Some people like that, he knows that. But it’s just not for him. Chris wants someone to tell him they’re his to use. And unlike Victoria, he’ll be sure they get proper after care too. Argent will not leave whoever his partner is a broken mess, thinking they’re worthless and alone. 

Like she did to him.

No. Chris will not leave a single doubt in their minds that they’re appreciated and worth so fucking much to him. The hunter will break them and reduce them to a beautiful mess, but will put them back together until they feel fuzzy inside. Secured in the assurance that he will always take care of them.

He’s met a few men and women who called him Daddy or begged for him. But it just didn’t feel right . The sex was okay. Enough for him to fully realise what he wants. Just not enough to make him feel fulfilled. Sated. Like he was needed.

And then Peter fucking Hale barreled into his life with less grace than a bull in a china shop. Of course, the werewolf himself was well put together. It’s more so that no one- no one has challenged him this way. It’s fucking exciting and Argent wants to watch the wolf tremble beneath his fingers. To see how many times he can make Peter’s fangs and claws pop out or have his iridescent blue eyes burn with lack of control from being so far gone. Make the wolf howl his name in a plea for more. God , Chris fucking needs that.

It took the hunter no time at all to figure out where Peter lived. Argent left a note- yes, a note, there’s ways to know if someone is in this life or not- in the wolf’s apartment with his address and one simple question: Will you give me control? He even took the extra step of rubbing the paper along his neck after pleasuring himself so there was no way the message could be misunderstood. All he has to do now is wait.

Three days. The wolf made him wait three days before there was a knock on his door far too late to be a friendly visit. Unsure what to expect, Chris grabs his gun and pads to his front door in just a pair of sweats. Through the peephole, he sees Peter in a green v neck and light jeans with a cunning grin. 

“I can hear your heartbeat, you know.” The wolf cocks his head and Chris puts his gun on the table beside his keys. “If you changed your mind, you can say so.” But Peter’s face looks like the very idea wounds him, slowly sinking into the role Argent asked of him. He knew the wolf would be good for this.

Chuckling through his nose, Chris opens the door with a stoic expression, “says the one who took three days to show up.” He steps aside for the wolf to come into his apartment. 

“I was waiting for this,” Peter’s eyes are trained on the floor as he produces a paper bag, presenting it to the hunter. “I wanted to come prepared.”

Taking the bag, Chris opens it and can’t help his smile. It’s a thick leather collar with a metal o-ring. “I have my own supplies.”

The wolf risks meeting his eyes- which the hunter is fully okay with, he likes when they look at him, “I didn’t want to use something you’ve used on anyone else,” Peter almost whispers.

“Why? I sanitize-”

“That’s not it.” Peter cuts him off and Argent crosses his arms and cocks a brow at the outburst. “I’m sorry,” the wolf’s eyes fall to the floor again.

“I’ll let it slide this time,” the hunter grips his chin a little hard, forcing eye contact, “ just this time, understand?” Peter nods wildly, “good. Now tell me why.”

“If-” the wolf sighs, casting his eyes away.

That just won’t do. Grip shifting to the wolf’s throat, Chris pushes Peter until his back hits the wall and the other man lets him. Pressing his thigh to spread the wolf’s legs apart, “look at me when you speak.” He tests his grip, tightening ever so slightly just to see how he’ll react. The wolf growls, tilting his head back for Argent as his eyes flash blue. “Don’t be embarrassed around me,” he lets go, taking a step back despite the ache in his sweats, “speak your mind.”

Clearing his throat, Peter meets his gaze, “if we do this. If I- if I give myself to you, it’s all or nothing for me.” The wolf takes a deep breath, closing his eyes as he does and Chris can see it for what it is. A dose of courage, not something to be punished. “I’ll be yours completely. And though I’m the one submitting, I’d expect you to be mine completely too.” It’s startling to Argent that he can read him so well already, the avoidance of eye contact now is from fear of rejection.

Peter is asking to start something. Not just have this be a casual or occasional thing. The thought makes his dick twitch. That someone as strong as Peter is willing to put himself out there like that.

Blue eyes meet his again, “look on the inside of the collar,” Peter pulls his bottom lip into his mouth.

Turning the collar a small gasp actually works its way out of the hunter. Branded on the deep red leather is something almost enough to shatter his resolve. Almost. Blackened letters saying Chris’ pet stare him in the face. The purest plea he’s ever seen. It manages to tug on his heart as much as it makes his erection throb. 

“Do you like it?” The wolf whispers as his nerves get the best of him again. They’ll have to work on that. 

“I do, thank you,” Chris smiles, thumb sliding across the rough leather as he steps towards the wolf again. “So you want me to keep you, pet ?” The name coming out a purr, loving the sharp intake of breath from the other man. “You have to earn it,” Chris’ free hand comes up to Peter’s neck again, “this is a very good start though. Do you prefer safe words or stoplight?” 

A shaky breath forces its way out of Peter, “stoplight is fine.”

“And this,” the hunter rubs his hand on the other man’s pulse. “What’s your color, pet?”

“Green,” the wolf growls, leaning into his palm to drive the point home. 

“Tell me now if there’s any hard no’s.”

“Nothing comes to mind,” Peter makes direct eye contact. The boost in confidence makes the hunter smile, he likes when they’re sure of themselves. “But I promise to let you know,” the wolf smiles, “sir.” 

Good , pet,” Chris praises, raising the collar to the wolf’s throat, wrapping the leather around until it’s a touch tight. Enough to let it feel like he’s still holding Peter. “I need to grab something, you go wait in the living room. You better be in just this,” he tugs the o-ring, “by the time I get back.”

“Yes, sir,” the wolf’s pupils dilate at that, biting his bottom lip.

Chris really wanted to wait, but it’s just too good watching Peter’s teeth bite the red flesh. The hunter crashes their mouths together and when the wolf moans, he slips his tongue inside. Tasting the man who’s giving himself so freely. Peter’s hands come up for a second before slamming back on the wall. He’s so good! Smiling into the kiss, Chris’ fingers slide down the wolf, finding his wrists, guiding them to his own waist. Silently telling Peter it’s okay to touch here. For now.

The wolf curls his fingers, pulling their bodies flush. Chris has half a mind to actually reward the other man for being bold enough to ask for what he wants. But Peter put an o-ring on the collar for a reason and the hunter intends to use it. 

“Go,” Chris instructs, voice wrecked, but firm as he forces himself away. No one has made him so eager to speed the process along. Peter looks ready to protest, but nods and follows the hall to the living room to do as he’s told. Chris goes to his bedroom, opening the small chest at the foot of his bed. Pulling out a bottle of lube and pocketing it before grabbing a small chain with a clasp at the end. Eyeing the other toys, Argent decides against them, he’ll only use this tonight. Start small.

Getting back in the living room, he’s pleased to see Peter did as asked. Nake, the wolf rests on his knees in front of the t.v. he even neatly folded his clothes on the coffee table. This just keeps getting better and better! “Such a good pet,” Chris kneels down, showing the lead, “color?”

Eyeing it warily, “yellow,” Peter admits.

Honesty will never not be appreciated when it comes to Chris. In fact, it only makes the idea of keeping the wolf all the more appealing. “I’m not going to make you bark or actually act like a dog,” the hunter informs him. “Just lead you to the couch and room on your knees." Chris leans in, thickening his voice as he whispers in the wolf’s ear, “and pull you closer while I fuck you.”

“Green then!”

“Tell me if that changes,” Chris smiles, hooking the clasp to the metal o-ring before rising to his feet. “You’re doing so well, pet. Come,” he gently tugs the chain and Peter drops with a smile, allowing himself to be led towards the couch. Pulling out the lube, Argent tosses it on the cushions, “take them off,” Chris instructs when his calves hit the couch.

Hungry eyes stare at the tent in his pants as the wolf’s fingers hook in the waistband, pulling them down for Chris to step out of. Peter looks up, waiting to be told to continue; the hunter nods. Licking his lips, Peter slides the briefs down, eyes flashing as Chris’ cock bobs out of its confines. The control to put his hands back down is obvious. Even more so in the, “please, sir,” from Peter at the hunter sits on the couch, spreading his legs.

“Come up here and lay on your stomach,” Chris pulls at the lead and the wolf swiftly follows. “Spread your legs, pet.” Laying the chain out of the way, Chris pops the cap on the lube, warming a generous amount of his fingers. Testing the ring of muscle, his cock twitches when two fingers just slip inside with a squelch. “Did you prep yourself?” His voice is choked.

Peter moans as he twists his fingers, “before I left. I wanted to be ready for you.” 

This. Fucking. Man! Fisting his free hand in Peter’s hair, “show me how badly you want it,” Chris commands. “Prove to me that I should fuck an already opened hole, pet.” Not that everything isn’t screaming at him to do just that. To fucking keep Peter. The wolf’s mouth wraps around his cock and Chris moans, “yes, Peter.” Allowing the small slip because ‘pet’ can’t be the only thing the wolf likes to be called. But it’s too late to ask now. 

His fingers twist and spread, easily allowing a third and the wolf rumbles on his cock, shooting vibrations down the shaft. Holding Peter still by his hair, the hunter bucks his hips, groaning as he fucks into the other man’s throat. If Peter keeps growling like that, this is going to be over before it really starts. He wraps his hand around the chain, pulling his fingers out, yanking the wolf off his dick. “Up,” Chris swats Peter’s ass enough to tingle.

Quick to his feet, the wolf awaits his word and Argent steals himself a minute to take in the sight. Usually perfect hair now in shambles. Swollen, wet lips panting, and Peter’s cock. Angry, red, and leaking. The wolf was close to making him cum and that’s kind of fucking crazy. Chris has better control than this.

Leading the wolf into his bedroom, Chris pulls until they’re close enough to his bed to push at the other man’s chest. Peter lays down on his back and the hunter leans down to take the collar off. “I want to feel all of you, pet,” the hunter soothes Peter when his face fell and a soft whine escaped his lips. Immediately bringing a light hold to the wolf’s throat, Argent kisses him with fervor, pulling Peter’s bottom lip with his teeth, “color?”

“Green,” the wolf moans as Chris swipes a thumb over his leaking slit.

“On your knees,” Chris leans back to give him room, “spread your cheeks, pet.” The hunter lubes himself up, “I want to slide right in.” It’s beautiful how fluidly the wolf does as told, hand revealing his fluttering hole while Peter pushes his head into the mattress. Lining himself up, Chris grabs the wolf’s hips tightly, pushing his hips forward. A throaty moan punches out of Peter, fingers digging into the sheets as he bottoms out. “Color?” Chris purrs, running his hand along the other man’s spine so he can adjust.

Gripping the sheets to almost tearing, Peter moans, “green.” The wolf moves, rocking himself on Chris’ cock, “green, sir, please.”

Even his begging is beautiful to Argent. “Fuck, Peter,” he purrs, “that’s right, fuck yourself on my cock.” The hunter’s mouth falls in a moan watching Peter’s hole hungrily take every inch of his cock. He is definitely keeping Peter. Chris pinches into the wolf’s hips, stilling him. “You’re perfect, pet,” pulling his hips back, Argent slams them forward, keeping his pace at the wolf’s gasped moans, “you’re mine now, Peter.”

Moaning wantonly, the wolf meets every one of Chris’ demanding thrusts, his hole clenching around the hunter’s cock. “Yes, sir,” Peter gasps out, “yours.” The wolf begins to quiver, moaning louder, “s-sir, I’m gonna-”

Wrapping a hand around the wolf’s throat, Chris pulls Peter to his chest. His other grips his cock, pumping roughly Argent says, “come for me, pet.” The wolf sprays the blanket with a howled moan, holding the hand on his throat. “If you don’t want me to fuck you full of my cum, say so,” Chris pounds harder.

“Do it,” Peter pants, grinding his hips with the hunter’s thrusts. “Fill me,” he moans loudly, “please, sir.” 

Pushing the wolf down by the back of his neck, Chris quickens his pace, chasing his release in the warm, wet heat of what’s now his. Peter clenches around him and the hunter’s thrusts get sporadic. With a broken moan and one final thrust, Chris cums, filling the wolf to bursting. Stilling himself to let Peter squirm beneath him, it’s truly a sight to behold. Pulling out carefully, he runs to the kitchen to get a wet washcloth and a bottle of water. 

Once back in the room, Chris gently cleans Peter, “you are amazing,” he strokes the cloth softly, offering the water. Moving the soiled blanket aside, Chris pulls back the sheet as the wolf downs the water. Getting under the sheet, Chris opens his arm, “come here, pet.” Peter smiles at the realization that he doesn’t have to leave. The wolf curls around him, tucking into Chris’ neck as a leg and arm blanket the hunter. “I will gladly keep you, pet. And I will absolutely be yours,” the hunter kisses the other man’s hair, running a soothing hand down his spine. 

“Thank you,” Peter whispers, nuzzling further, rumbling in his chest. 

“Don’t thank me, pet,” Chris holds him tightly, lovingly, “just stay.”

“Yes, sir.”

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Letting Corey into the pack was one of the best decisions Scott made in Stiles' opinion. Now it's not all on him and Lydia to do all of the research. There's finally someone else who actually enjoys doing it. Corey said he wanted to have a thing too and not leave all of it to Stiles, Lydia, and Mason. 

They tend to forget they're breakable. While the chimera has better healing, he's without claws or fangs and gets into trouble pretty easily. Stiles and Corey don't really care though. Fuck dangerous and life threatening situations if it means saving your friends. Let's not forget that these are the ones who took a wooden baseball bat to conjoined Alpha twins while the other threw himself at a burning hellhound. 

They're reckless and get hurt often. But that doesn't matter. So when a wood nymph was wreaking havoc in the preserve it's no surprise that with the amount of research they did, the pair thought they could handle it alone. 

They couldn't. 

Corey got thrown into a tree and knocked unconscious in all of thirty seconds. Stiles lasted a bit longer, but nearly got his hand cut off when the damn thing used its claws. Had Liam not shown up, they probably would've died. The wolf healed Corey enough to stand -since his own was taking its sweet time to kick in- and then turned the gash on Stiles' wrist to a small, manageable cut. He promised the wolf to get the chimera home if Liam swore not to tell Scott. 

"I can't go home covered in blood again," Corey tells him, getting in the passenger side of the jeep. Poor thing looks so worried it's kind of adorable. 

"Okay," Stiles shrugs, turning the keys in the ignition, "you can shower and crash at my place, if you want."

The other teen lights up, "really?" Corey continues to smile wildly and it kind of gets to Stiles a bit. "I mean, yeah, cool. That'd uh- that'd be cool. Thanks." 

Stiles nods, not sure what to say to the general weirdness of all of that. If he didn't know any better, he'd think the chimera liked him. 

When they get to his house, Stiles kills the engine, leading the way inside. Putting his keys on the hook by the door, he heads up the stairs, "you can shower first, if you want." Stiles opens his bedroom door, peeling his bloody jacket off. "Towels are in the linen closet next to the bathroom."

"That's okay, I have to call my parents and let him know I'm staying over first." 

He's never wanted to be a werewolf more than he does now. The look on Corey's face is so hard to read. It's almost like the other boy is nervous about something. What that is, he can't even begin to fathom. "Suit yourself, I'm gonna take one then." Stiles turns to leave, thinking better of it and facing Corey again, "you okay?"

"Yeah, the chimera looks up from his phone with a smile. The second smile of his tonight that has stirred something in Stiles. Interesting. Maybe he should take a cold shower instead. "Thanks, again."

Smiling softly, Stiles grabs his towel, "no problem, Corey." Getting in the bathroom, he undresses down to his boxers, turning the knob to wait for the water to warm up. Just as he's about to pull his underwear off, the bathroom door opens, "jesus!" Stiles jolts, yanking the fabric up just in time. 

Doesn't stop the hungry look Corey gives him before meeting his gaze. "I lied," the chimera admits, stepping into his space, "I'm not okay." He licks his lips, trailing his eyes along Stiles' torso. 

"Okay," he leans back against the sink, crossing his arms to his chest. "What's wrong?" Not really understanding why this couldn't wait until he was dressed. Unless-


"Me?!" Stiles shrieks in disbelief, "what did I do?"

Corey runs a shaky hand through his hair, "you're just-" the chimera gestures wildly and Stiles' eyebrows skyrocket. "You're just you and you're perfect and I almost died without telling you how crazy I am about you." 

His mouth hits the floor. He never expected to hear those words from Corey. Sure, the chimera is attractive, there's no denying that. Stiles just never really considered it. "You like me?" Does he like Corey though? A blush paints his cheeks. Between the other boy's smile and his fucking brain and overall personality similar to Stiles' own, he does. Holy shit.

"So much," Corey steps forward, playing with his hands as his voice waivers, "d-do you?" The other boy is close enough that Stiles could grab him and show him. Would Corey like that though? The chimera makes to reach for Stiles and stops himself. 

That's all Stiles needed as confirmation really. He grabs Corey's wrist, pulling the chimera flush to his chest, the little noise of surprise making Stiles grin. Cupping his cheek, Stiles dips his head, tentatively pressing their mouths together. He wants to let Corey know that he can change his mind. But when their lips touch, Corey moans into the kiss, his hand running down Stiles' chest. 

"Tell me what you want," Stiles murmurs against his mouth, digging his fingers into the chimera's hips. 

"From you?" Corey leans back to take his shirt off, "everything," he breathes out, clashing their lips together in a frenzy. Working overtime to open his mouth and allow Stiles' tongue to taste every inch. "Please," Corey huffs, breathless against his mouth. 

How can Stiles say no to something so sweet? He can't. "Okay," he rubs the other boy's cheeks. Get in the shower, I'll be right back." Corey's face twists to mild panic. "It's not like I keep lube where my dad can see." 

"That is fair," Corey chuckles, leaning up to kiss him again. If he keeps leaning into Stiles like that he's not going to be able to stop himself. 

"I'll be back," he laughs as the chimera chases his mouth with hooded eyes. All but running from the bathroom, Stiles clambers into his room, yanking open the top drawer of his nightstand. Grabbing his lube, Stiles adjusts his erection in his now sticky briefs. When he gets back to the bathroom and hears Corey moaning. 

His breath gets punched out of him when Stiles pulls back the curtain and finds the other teen face down, fucking himself open with two fingers. "Holy fuck ," he rasps, admiring the perfect fucking view Corey is giving him. Not wanting to make him stop, Stiles pops the cap of the lube and pours it over the other teen's fingers, "you just couldn't wait, could you?" 

"No," Corey pants, pulling his fingers out and righting himself on his knees, "are you gonna come help?" He asks, staring directly at the wet tent of Stiles' boxers. With a grin, he takes his briefs off and Corey's eyes blow. "I have a better idea." 

"Oh?" Stiles cocks an eyebrow, stepping in the shower. And Corey looks up at him sweetly. Fucking sweetly like he doesn't know how good that fucking looks before swallowing Stiles' cock. "My god, yes," he grips the chimera's hair as he leans on the wall, fucking into Corey's throat. His brain kind of melts when he looks down and watches his fingers disappear into his ass again. " Fuck, " Stiles groans, purring at the other teen, "you like opening yourself while you choke on my cock?"

Moaning eagerly, Corey nods, panting as he comes up for air, mouth slack and swollen and fuck Stiles is not okay. "I love it," he barely gets out before his mouth wraps around his dick again, sucking in earnest. God, his fucking mouth. 

The way his tongue swipes along the slit when Corey almost pulls all the way off is making Stiles dizzy. If he's not careful, Stiles is going to cum, "are you ready, sweet thing?" He doesn't know where the term came from, but from the small whine it earns him, it seems like Corey is all for it. Stiles moans when the chimera sucks harder and then comes off with a filthy pop. 

"Absolutely," Corey turns on his knees, gripping the tub for support. His puckering hole makes Stiles painfully hard as more precum dribbles out. 

Not wanting to hurt Corey, he grabs the lube and lathers himself before lining up to the other teen. One hand on Corey's hip and the other on his cock, Stiles pushes in carefully, sighing in relief as he bottoms out in the tight, warm hole. " Fuck , Corey," Stiles moans, feeling the other teen clench around him. 

In no time at all, Corey is pushing back, "please," he moans, "Stiles, please." 

Hushing Corey, Stiles rubs a hand down his spine, pulling his hips back only to snap them forward. Corey cried out as he does it over and over. Just hard, jerky thrusts in search of the bundle of nerves. Finding it, Corey cries out and Stiles grins, gripping his hips hard and fucking into the chimera with abandon. 

"Holy shit, Stiles," Corey moans wantonly, "you feel so fucking good. Fuck," he gasps out, his hole fluttering, trying to coax Stiles to climax. 

He's not ready for that yet, Stiles wants Corey to scream as he cums. "Come on, Corey," he grunts, thrusting as hard as he possibly can, loving the gasped moans forcing their way out of the teen beneath him and the squelch as he moves inside the chimera. "I want you to cum for me," Stiles reaches around to grip his cock, pumping his fist in time with his harsh thrusts. 

Crying out, Corey eagerly pushes back into Stiles, "I'm- Stiles, fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Corey grinds harder and Stiles is fucking mesmerized. 

" Good, " he groans in the other boy's ear, "cum, Corey." Stiles swipes his thumb over the slit with each pass, thrust right into Corey's prostate judging by the screams. Then Corey cries, hole clenching tightly as his orgasm rips through him and onto Stiles' hand. "There it is," Stiles grunts, blunt nails digging into Corey's hips as he fucks him through his high. With stuttering hips, Stiles throws his head back, moaning loudly as he fills the chimera’s tight ass with his cum. 

"Holy shit," Corey huffs as Stiles carefully pulls out, peppering kisses on the chimera’s spine. 

Sitting on the porcelain floor, Stiles brings Corey's back to his chest. Running his hands along the teen's arms and chest, kissing the side of his head. Gentling Corey through his aftershocks as he holds the chimera close.

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You know, realizing you like guys when your best friend is gay should be the best fucking thing ever. But no ! Danny turned Jackson down. No amount of charm worked. It was kind of insulting until he explained that he’d never sleep with his best friend. That that’s the whole point of a best friend. Add that to the fact that Danny isn’t into blindfolding or not allowing Jackson to hear anything, it was doomed from the start. 

So Danny suggested that the ex-kanima go to Stiles. That he’s and Jackson quotes 'into that kinky shit’. So the jock finds himself knocking on Stilinski’s door. And one in the morning. It took him a bit to swallow his pride, okay! He’s the lacrosse captain here to beg someone who barely gets off the bench for sexual release for fuck’s sake. That’s not something Jackson just does . Sure, Stiles is attractive, but he’s not someone the wolf ever thought he’d go to.

Until he opens the front door in just a pair of black sweats, rubbing his eye and Jackson’s fucking salivating. His half awake voice? “Jackson?” Yeah, that went straight to his dick. “What are you doing here so late?”

Right. “Fuck, uh,” Jackson shoves his hands in the pockets of his jeans, “I’m sorry. I should just-” he pulls a face and tries to turn on his heel to leave.

“Wait!” Stiles’ hand catches his elbow, “there’s two reasons one knocks on another’s door at one in the morning. You’re in trouble and or hurt, though you look fine.” Stiles grins at him like he always does, but this time it does things to the ex-kanima. “Or you’re looking for sex.” He finally lets go of Jackson’s arm who’s blushing, “so which is it Whittemore?”

“Oh, fuck it,” the jock snaps, pulling the other teen to his chest, shoving his tongue in the already opening mouth. Pulling away to rest his forehead on Stiles’, panting, “what do you think?”

A tongue in cheek laugh ripples through his chest before Stiles yanks the wolf into his house, pushing him against the closed door to ravish the jock’s mouth. “Tell me why,” Stiles insists, breathless, “I need a good reason aside from you’re hot.”

Sighing, his fingers curl in the waistband of Stiles’ bottoms, “Danny told me that you’re the only one who can give me what I’m looking for,” Jackson says.

“Which is?”

“I can see and hear everything now,” the wolf explains, “I’d like to not. But while I fuck someone.” Nodding his head to the side, “or while someone fucks me. I’m not picky.”

“I’m a bottom,” Stiles tells him finitely. “And I’m having a hard time with you fucking me when you can’t see me.”

Smirking, the wolf tugs at his pants and Stiles allows him to make their bodies flush again, “you could ride me.”

His tongue worries at his bottom lip before groaning. By the added arousal to his scent, he apparently likes the idea. “Come on,” Stiles pulls the wolf upstairs to his room. Jackson sits on his bed while the other teen digs in the closet. “Do you want wolfsbane rope or just handcuffs?”

“What does that have to do with sensory deprivation?”

“Is touch not a sense?” Stiles asks calmly, waving the options towards him.

Well, he’s not wrong. But Jackson isn’t here for pain, “the handcuffs,” the wolf says, holding his wrists out.

Sputtering out a laugh, “do you plan on keeping your shirt on the whole time?” Stiles asks.

Right again. Kind of hard to take his shirt off if his hands are cuffed. Snorting, “fair point,” Jackson takes his clothes off down to his boxers. Watching as Stiles grabs a few more things, setting them on the bed beside the ex-kanima. The handcuffs, a blindfold, wireless headphones, and a bottle of lube. He doesn’t even know what’s turning him on more. That Stiles does stuff like this period or that he’s doing this for the wolf. 

Either way, Jackson’s dick is doing a fantastic job at trying to burst out of his boxers. Kneeling on the bed, Stiles grabs the cuffs, “you ready?” The wolf nods, sliding up towards the headboard so the other boy can secure him to the wood. “So, these are noise cancellation for human ears,” Stiles explains as he reaches for the buds, “they should reduce everything to nothing more than muffles for supernatural ears." 

Once the buds are placed, Stiles holds a thumb up, raising his eyebrow in question. “Yeah,” Jackson nods, guessing more than hearing the other boy’s ‘good’. That’s what it looked like his mouth said at least. It doesn’t dawn on him that he won’t get to watch Stiles open himself up until the blindfold blackens his vision.

An earbud comes out, “I don’t need a safe word or some shit like that,” Stiles says, “you tell me to stop and I’ll take it all off, okay?” His throat locks up on him in anticipation so all Jackson can do is nod. Silence blankets him once more, the only thing indicating where the other teen is is by where the bed dips around him. 

There’s no movement for a painful minute after his boxers are slid off. Then a warm, wet heat engulfs his cock and Jackson outright moans, the sound deafening with the earbuds trapping it. “Fuck, Stiles,” the wolf breathes out, intoxicated by the little sucks to the head of his dick. Knowing it’s Stiles by smell, but not being able to see, touch, or hear the slurping is wild. All Jackson can do is lay there and feel . His nose hits the base of the wolf’s groin and Jackson’s hips buck on their own. 

When the mouth doesn’t move, but suddenly vibrates around his dick, the jock does it again. The sensation gets more intense with each jerk of his hips. God, he’d love to hear those moans. But he asked for this, to only feel whatever Stiles is willing to do to him. Then Stiles is off of him, leaving his cock cold from all the saliva. Fuck, he can feel it dripping down the shaft, coating his balls. Stiles is fucking incredible.

And it just gets better as something slick- logic would say the lube- is lathered on his dick by lithe fingers. The bed dips by Jackson’s hips and the hand holding his dick directs it inside the tight hole. “Oh my god ,” the wolf tugs on the cuffs, instinct having him want to grab Stiles’ hips. Preferably until they bruise and fuck him into oblivion. Then Stiles lifts up slowly only to slam back down, bracing himself on the ex-kanima’s chest.

Fucking. Christ.

Jackson doesn’t think he’s ever felt something this good in his life. A perfectly tight, sinfully wet hole bouncing on his cock claiming his full attention. Now he gets it. With everything else cut off, the only sensation making its way through feels exponentially more intense. Nails dig into his chest and Stiles starts to grind against him, heat pooling in the wolf’s gut being rooted inside. Then one of the hands is gone and Stiles is grinding faster than ever and the jock simply can’t control his moans. 

Warmth splatters Jackson’s torso as Stiles’ hips still for a moment. “So fucking hot,” the wolf growls, thrusting up into the tight heat while Stiles comes down from his orgasm. “Tap twice if I can cum inside you,” Jackson pants, the still fluttering hole rushing him to the edge. Nothing happens for a second and the wolf worries he pushed him too far. But then a finger taps his thigh twice and it’s the most beautiful thing as Stiles starts to meet his thrusts. Fucking eagerly .

“Fuck,” Jackson groans, bending his knees and Stiles falls forward, molding their mouths together. The change to his legs lets him thrust not only faster, but harder. Stiles swallows his moans as the wolf cums in the warm hole, his hips stuttering to a stop. 

"Thanks for that," Stiles sounds fucking wrecked when he takes the headphones out. The blindfold comes off and the wolf has the need to ask for another round seeing how fucked out Stiles looks. Swollen lips, flushed cheeks, and glazed eyes. Fucking gorgeous. "I have to get the key, hold on," he pecks Jackson on the lips, sliding off with a groan. 

Shamelessly, Jackson watches his release spill out of the other boy's ass as he gets the key because he fucking can now. The wolf growls, more than pleased with the sight. Leaning against the bed, Stiles unlocks the cuffs. The second he's released, Jackson yanks Stiles back on top of him. The other teen flails with a laugh. 

"You need more already?" Stiles cocks an eyebrow with a teasing grin.

"Would that be so bad?" Jackson grabs his hips, positioning Stiles over his still hard dick. Thank you werewolf stamina. "That I still want you?" 

"Not at all," Stiles breaks off in a moan, sliding the rest of the way on the wolf's cock.

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When Scott told Stiles that he had to “play nice” with Theo now that the chimera is a part of the pack due to his part in saving Stiles from the Wild Hunt, he laughed. Hard. Tears streaming down his cheeks, stomach cramping hard. The human joked that the only way he’d be able to tolerate Theo at pack meetings was if he was drunk. He hoped his humor would be enough to cover the lie.

While he doesn't necessarily hate the chimera, Stiles doesn’t exactly like him either. Unless you count the times that the human has jerked off to Theo as liking him. Then yeah. You can find someone insanely hot and not enjoy their presence, right? Not that he’ll admit out loud to fucking anybody that Stiles masturbates to the thought of the chimera every time he touches himself. Some secrets are meant to be taken to the grave. Kind of like how he might not hate his presence as much as he lets on.

It also doesn’t seem like the fact that Theo was the only one who remembered him did anything to make the chimera nicer either. The guy was still a sarcastic dick to him. Then again, so is Stiles. So if he really wanted to blame anyone, he has to take some responsibility too. What Stiles didn’t account for was Scott becoming as devious as himself. Setting up a pack night at Stiles’ house, showing up with alcohol and then leaving. Claiming he forgot something at home and inviting only Theo over. His best friend learned how to play tricks. He’d be proud if he wasn’t so pissed.

It started to go badly basically as soon as he opened the door and saw the chimera in his stupid jacket and his dumb boots and Stiles just drones, “yay, it’s Theo,” in the most artificial tone possible.

"Aww," Theo sarcastically coos while cupping the human's chin, "it's so good to see you too, kitten." 

Swatting the hand away with a, "fuck off," and roll of his eyes, Stiles lets him in. Denying until his last breath how much he actually enjoyed that entire greeting. Yeah, he considers Theo a dick, but in some ways, it’s enjoyable to have someone who keeps up with him mentally. Scott tries, but his sarcasm isn’t that great. 

Closing his door, Stiles watches Theo plop himself on the couch like he’s just comfortable here. Whatever, the human goes into the kitchen and gets two glasses so they don’t have to try and actually talk to one another. It’s easier to keep up the idea that he’s just some asshole and not someone to fantasize about if Theo doesn’t speak. It takes about a half hour of him and the chimera drinking in silence for Stiles to realize something’s up and start texting the pack. 

“Maybe they just forgot?” Theo offers with a shrug, typing on his phone and sitting too close to Stiles. Seriously, did he have to sit in the middle of the couch? “It would help if Lydia actually answered my texts instead of just reading them.” 

Tipsy and forogetting their proximity- or the concept of fucking privacy- Stiles flails to see the chimera’s screen, “she’s reading yours?!” Theo chuckles at him, taking another swig as he shows his phone. “What the fuck! That’s it,” Stiles hops up from the couch and somehow stays steady on his feet, “I’m calling Scott.”

“You do that,” Theo smirks, reaching for the bottle on the coffee table and filling his glass two thirds of the way.

Angrily pushing the call button, Stiles downs the last of his drink, offering the empty glass for the chimera to fill. He nods his thanks as the Alpha picks up on the third ring, “what gives, Scott?” The human doesn’t even let him say hello, “why are Theo and I at my house for pack night and there’s no pack?”

The chimera chuckles, seemingly too amused with the situation. Dick . Just sitting there with his legs spread while he drinks, making Stiles just want to crawl in his lap and kiss- no! He’s mad right now. It is not time for fantasies.

“You guys need to learn how to get along,” Scott sighs.

“I’m not the one with the problem,” Theo smirks around his glass, setting it on the table to take his jacket off. When he picks his drink back up, Stiles does not- not one bit - watch the way his bicep twitches in the tight shirt. 

Which reminds him, “and how is getting drunk supposed to make that happen?” Stiles asks, pointing at the bottle like the true Alpha can see it. 

“You said the only way you can deal with him is if you’re drunk.” Theo’s what and frown actually makes Stiles feel a little bad. He’s not all that awful to be around. Maybe he just doesn't want to deal with possible feelings being shot down. That seems more likely. “So, get drunk and deal with your shit.” His screen lights up that the wolf ended the call. 

Staring at his phone in disbelief, “he hung up on me,” Stiles groans. Finishing his drink with a large gulp, he slumps on the couch, Stiles doesn’t even care that their thighs touch. “I can’t believe him!” The human’s brain goes right past fuzzy to almost swimming. Sighing, he takes the bottle from the chimera that’s nearly empty now. He pours half- about a shot's worth- for himself, offering the rest to Theo. 

“Thanks,” the chimera pours the golden liquid in his cup. Putting the bottle back on the table, he turns to face the human, “so, you have to be drunk to want to be around me?” Theo’s tone is as soft as his face. It’s fucking intimidating. Unsettling. It’’s fucking upsetting to Stiles that the chimera is hurt. 

“Don’t you?” Stiles polishes his drink off, setting the empty glass on the side table. He shamelessly- he’s drunk and the chimera is hot okay!- watches Theo’s Adam's apple bob as he does the same.

Clearing the burn from his throat, “no, not really.” Theo tosses him a side glance and another smirk, “I actually enjoy your company.” Stiles has a minor sense of deja vu of the chimera telling him it sounds good to spend quality time together. 

The alcohol has minorly caught up with his thought processing, “what?” Stiles scrunches his face, propping a leg in his lap. Pulling at strings in his head to try and figure out what Theo’s telling him.

“Oh, come on,” Theo scoffs, crossing his arms, “you can’t tell me someone as smart as you doesn’t notice.” The human cocks his head, mouth parting in a frown. “How I always try to sit with you at pack meetings. Or offer to give you a ride when your jeep breaks down. When we have to do stakeouts, how I’m the first to volunteer with you.”

Come to think of it, the chimera isn’t wrong. That twists his heart in ways Stiles never thought possible for Theo. He always thought they hated each other. That their banter and snark was just that. Like pulling one another’s metaphorical braids. Oh my god! He- maybe they- has been acting like a fucking child! Berating your grade school crush because you don’t know how to handle that you like them! The realization has his head reeling more than the alcohol. 

Why ?” Stiles asks, daring the chimera to prove him wrong. That he’s the only one with fucking feelings and tell him to get over it.

Except, that’s not how life works.

He laughs. Theo fucking laughs, the flush to his cheeks making him that more endearing. Endearing, really? Stiles just put together that he has genuine feelings for the chimera and isn’t about to fuck it all up with his damn brain.

“What’s so funny?”

Theo turns in his seat, knee bumping the human’s thigh as he props an arm on the backrest. Stiles is acutely aware of how close the chimera’s fingers are to his shoulder. Theo is too apparently, their pads brushing at the ball softly, “has it really never occurred to you that I like you?”

His limbs lock up at the chimera’s words. Stiles’ feelings are usually that of the unrequited kind. The human’s mouth falls open and snaps closed too many times to count. Stiles is truly at a loss for words, replaying the times Theo has made a point to be around him since the chimera joined the pack. But he’s a creature of caution, “if this is a trick,” his words get a little muddy- but he’s coherent, “just stop talking and leave.” Stiles knows how cruel the chimera can be and really doesn’t want to risk crying in front of him.

All humor leaves Theo’s face as his brows pull together, speaking too gently to be fake, “why would I trick you like that?” The chimera shakes his head, running his fingers up Stiles’ neck until he cups the human’s face. Stiles leans into the touch instantly, sighing through his nose. “I care about you way too much to lie to you. Especially about this.” 

Whatever question Stiles planned on asking gets silenced by the chimera’s mouth on his. Theo moves until their chests are flush and a soft moan escapes Stiles’ lips as he tries to press further into the chimera. He can still taste the lingering alcohol soaked into the other boy's lips.

“I’m sorry,” Theo pants, rubbing the side of Stiles’ face. “I had to do that just once before you kick me out.” Scared blue eyes meet his, a plea of please don’t crystal clear in the shimmering orbs.

Shaking his head, Stiles swallows thickly, his voice rough, “you,” he fists his hands in the chimera’s shirt, “aren’t going anywhere.” The human tries to get their lips to connect, but the chimera doesn’t budge. 

Theo’s eyes harden, “now it’s your turn to not be playing tricks, little fox.” The name makes him shiver. Only Theo would think to call him that. He’s also probably the only person Stiles would let call him that. “If this is just because you’re drunk-”

“No,” Stiles vehemently shakes his head. “That’s not why. I mean, yeah, it helped me say it. And realize it because I was apparently in extreme denial. But-” the human takes a deep breath, pushing the chimera’s bangs out of his face. Theo closes his eyes with pinched brows, sighing. “-if this is really you and real then I’m on board. Are you only doing this because you’re drunk?” Stiles whispers nervously.

Theo’s eyes snap open, hands cupping Stiles’ face, “I told you I came back for you. I meant it.” He smiles and it lets loose about a thousand butterflies in his gut. “Besides,” Theo chuckles, “I’m a chimera, I’m tipsy at best. I want you now. I’d want you high,” the chimera pulls him to straddle his lap, “and I will definitely still want you sober.” Squeezing his ass, “so what do you say, kitten?” Theo bites his lip and it’s suddenly hard to fucking breathe. The name that used to annoy him now sparks a fire in his gut. 

Hands splayed on the chimera’s chest, Stiles leans in, tongue peeking out to brush along the bite swollen lip, pulling it into his own mouth. Theo groans into the kiss, dancing their tongues together until Stiles isn’t sure what’s consuming his thoughts more. The chimera or the alcohol. “Upstairs,” he mumbles against the plump mouth.

The chimera chuckles through his nose, effortlessly hoisting Stiles off the couch, carrying the human to his bedroom. Licking and sucking at the human’s neck, Theo growls, sending jolts through Stiles’ body. “Lube?” The chimera asks, nudging the door open with his foot, placing the human on the bed. 

“Nightstand,” Stiles pants, immediately taking his clothes off the second he hits the mattress. Eager to finally have Theo on top of him, lust blown eyes watching the chimera dig through his nightstand to find the tube. He catches the bugle in Theo’s pants and realizes just how painfully hard he is himself. “Theo,” Stiles reaches out for the chimera as he pulls his shirt off and fucking hell his abs. Stiles wants to touch and lick and just- fuck ! He needs Theo like yesterday. 

“Yes, kitten?” Theo purrs and that fucking name is killing Stiles in the best possibly way. He hates that shit, but the way Theo says it- god. The chimera takes the rest of his clothes off and the human’s ability to think if out the fucking window and he wants . “You look so pretty, with your swollen lips and flushed skin,” Theo growls and his eyes flash when he puts his knee on the bed, spreading Stiles’ legs, “the things I want to do to you.” 

More like the things Stiles would let him do. Which is pretty much anything. The cap pops open and all he can do is watch as the chimera coats his fingers, rubbing the tight ring of muscle. A soft sigh pushes past his lips when Theo presses the first finger inside and the burn is barely noticeable. One quickly becomes two and Stiles can’t help but grind against them, “Theo,” he moans, desperate for more. For Theo. 

“I know, believe me,” the chimera’s eyes glow gold, “but I don’t want to hurt you.” His eyes fall to the human’s leaking cock and a sexy smirk pulls at his lips, “I’ll distract you, baby.” Theo licks his lips and then swallows Stiles’ cock in one go, growling when the human cries out and his hips buck up. He honestly doesn’t even know when the third finger made its way inside. All Stiles knows is that Theo’s mouth on him is damn close to heaven as his fingers twist and spread, painfully staying away from the bundle of nerves that’ll make him see stars. 

But then the fingers leave and Stiles whines, pushing his hips down to keep the chimera inside him. “Relax, kitten,” Theo coos. If he calls Stiles ‘kitten’ one more time before his cock is inside the human, Stiles is going to break. The lube pops open again and the squelch of the chimera lubing his cock up echoes in the quiet room. Theo lines himself up to his wet hole and grips Stiles’ hip with a clawed hand. Inch by inch, Theo works his cock into the tight, heat of the human. Blunt teeth grazing the pale, mole speckled thigh to stifle his gasp as he bottoms out. 

Eyes rolling to the back of his head being so full, Stiles reaches out to grab the chimera’s arm, feeling his muscles twitch as he holds himself upright. Grinding against the perfect cock inside him, Stiles is done waiting. No adjustment needed really, not with how well he was prepped. “Fuck, Theo,” the human moans when he pulls his hips back all the way to the tip before slamming them back in. Stiles keens, the blunt force to his prostate shooting electricity through his bones. 

Smirking around a chuckle, Theo does it again. And again. Constantly pulling nearly completely out before snapping his hips back. It’s fucking amazing and Stiles can’t speak unless it’s the chimera’s named moaned from his lips. “Can’t believe you couldn’t tell,” Theo thrusts faster, fucking into the human with determination. “Fuck Stiles, I’ve wanted you for so fucking long.” The chimera leans in, nipping and sucking at Stiles’ pulse, the extra friction to his sensitive, leaking cock making him whine. “You’re mine now, though.” Theo quickens his pace and Stiles is fucking gone . “Aren’t you, kitten ?”

Yes. Yeah. One hundred fucking percent. Because the moaned name from the chimera’s mouth accompanied by his searing gold eyes and powerful thrusts has Stiles falling apart. His orgasm rips through him like a shock, making his legs spasm as he cries out. “Fuck! Yes, yours, Theo, fuck,” his cum splattering on his chest and sparkles dance behind his eyelids. He can’t think, he can’t fucking breathe. Nothing in his brain is making any room for anything despite the chimera. Every neuron sings for the other teen. 

“That’s right, kitten,” Theo growls, leaning back to fuck him harder. Watching the human come apart from his cock alone has the chimera reeling, chest swelling with pride as his thrusts stutter. “ Mine ,” he snarls, claws pinching into Stiles’ waist as his head falls back in a howled moan, spilling pearly ropes into the human. Breathless, Theo leans down to press their foreheads together, “thanks for not kicking me out,” he chuckles, trying to pull out from the dripping hole. 

“Oh, please,” Stiles yanks the chimera down to him, wrapping his arms around the other boy’s back, “I might never let you leave, are you kidding me?” The human wraps his legs around Theo’s waist, keeping him close and his dick snug inside him. Thoroughly enjoying the weight on top of him, “you’re stuck with me now.”

“Sounds good to me,” Theo grins, rumbling in his chest as he kisses the rest of Stiles’ breath and alcohol muddled brain cells away. Lazily rolling his hips to pull soft moans from Stiles' lips.

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“Stiles?” Chris eyes him warily, leaning on the front door, “Allison isn’t home.” The older Argent says as his eyebrows pull together.

“I know,” the teen tells him. Scott wouldn’t shut up about finally getting alone time with the huntress, of course Stiles knows she’s not here. “I’m not looking for Allison,” he shoves his hands in his pockets to prevent his nerves making him pick at them. “I wanted to talk to you.”

It’s weird watching the hunter’s face both harden and soften at the same time. Like he’s trying to hide his emotions. Must be a military tactic, he’s certainly seen his own dad make a similar face. Chris steps aside, opening the door farther for him, “is something wrong?” 

“Do you think I don’t notice?” Stiles asks once in the hallway, staring at Chris close the door. The man’s eyebrows skyrocket. “The hand on my back after the monster’s gone. How you check me for injuries sometimes before your own daughter.” The teen steps closer, daring his voice not to give way and he keeps his courage. “The looks you give me like I’m water and you’re dying of thirst.” 

“Fuck,” Chris curses under his breath, staring at the hardwood floor. “Are you going to tell your father?” Argent asks, looking like he’s already planning how to get out of here and that’s far from what Stiles wants. Or needs.

“What? No.” The teen shakes his head, risking another step towards the hunter. He’s close enough that if he just leaned a little, their chests would touch. “I’m here to see if you’ll act on it or not.”

“Stiles, you’re seventeen,” Chris states through gritted teeth, clenching his hands into fists. His arms sway as though fighting the urge to reach out, it makes Stiles grin. Like he’s won.

“And?” He closes the miniscule distance, feeling the hunter’s hard chest against his own, pointedly leaving enough space between their crotches. Toying with the older man to see if he’ll give in. “I’m not that far off and I’m giving consent. So…” Stiles trails the word, amber eyes piercing icy blues. 

The snap happens in Chris’ eyes first as they drop to the teen’s lips. His hands curl into the jeans hugging Stiles’ waist as he yanks their bodies together. The hunter’s tongue darts across his bottom lip before he crashes their mouths together. Stiles’ hands grip at the older man’s shoulders, keeping him close as their lips part to deepen their kiss. Fucking finally. Moaning into the hunter’s mouth, Stiles presses further so their erections grind together, dragging his hands down to the hem of Chris’ shirt.

But he stops him, “no. You’re not eighteen yet and I can’t do that.” Seriously? He just got Stiles all riled up and is just going to stop? Talk about insulting. “But I’ll still take care of you,” Chris says, slotting their mouths together again and walking them towards his bedroom. Setting Stiles on the bed, the hunter goes for his closet, producing a black, metal box. “Take your clothes off,” Chris instructs as he places the box on his dresser to dig through it.

Stiles yanks his shirts and pants off quickly, his shoes tossed he could care less where. By the time he’s pulling his boxers down, Chris is kneeling on the bed with a purple silicone dildo and a bottle of lube and the teen’s eyes blow wide. “So you’re going to fuck me with that instead? I-I don’t get to touch you at all?” 

“You can touch me, Stiles,” Chris takes his shirt and sweats off before leaning down to spread Stiles’ legs, “but nothing more. Not yet. If this is still something you want in a few months, my door will be open to you. But right now, I can’t turn you away completely.” The hunter opens the bottle, pouring a generous amount on his fingers, warming it before rubbing the tight ring of muscle, coaxing it to give way. Stiles takes a breath to relax himself, more for the fact that this is even happening period than the fact that he’s nervous. “Tell me if I hurt you,” Argent says, pushing his finger all the way inside, gently twisting it until he feels the muscle relax. 

“Fuck,” Stiles hisses as the hunter adds a second, curling and spreading, scissoring him open until the teen starts to move his hips onto the digits. Remembering he was told that he could touch, Stiles reaches out, holding onto the hunter’s bicep that’s propped by his leg, feeling the skin twitch from exertion. A deep, breathy moan spews past his lips when Chris adds a third, pumping vigorously, pointedly hitting the spine tingling bundle of nerves with accuracy Stiles himself doesn’t even possess and it’s his body. 

“Are you ready?” Chris asks, reaching for the toy and the lube. Stiles licks his lips, panting too much from the older man’s efforts to actually speak, he nods. Carefully, the hunter removes his fingers, lathering the dildo with enough lubricant until it glistens, pressing it against the teen’s hole. It’s already clenching, trying to swallow the silicone that’s moving inch by beautiful inch until it bottoms out. “Good?” 

“Definitely,” Stiles moans, nails digging into Argent’s arm, and the man chuckles, pushing a button the teen didn’t know existed. The toy inside him vibrates softly, the sensation something he’s unfamiliar with, but really fucking enjoying as he arches his back into it. “Does it,” the teen pants, moaning as Chris starts to slowly thrust the vibrator, purposefully leaving his prostate out of the equation. “Shit, does it go faster?”

“Much,” the hunter grins, lifting back up to his knees and pressing the button once and Stiles moans. Argent pushes it twice, a third time and the teen mewls, eyes rolling back almost overwhelmed if it didn’t feel so fucking good. “Better?” Chris’ voice is thick, grainy, like he’s enjoying this just as much as the teen. 

“Fuck, harder,” Stiles thrusts his hips against the toy inside him, wide blown amber eyes pleading with the older man, “harder, Chris, please.” His fingers fist in the sheets, the vibrator thrusting faster than ever, railing into his prostate until Stiles is sure his voice will be hoarse the next day and stars will burst behind his pinched eyelids. “Chris,” the teen whines, reaching to palm at the bulge in the hunter’s boxers.

But again, Argent doesn’t let him. Rather moves Stiles’ hand to his own cock, wrapping his hand with it, pumping the teen’s cock in leisurous strokes. “I promise, later.” Chris ducks his head to nip at Stiles’ thigh and every nerve in his body is screaming, begging for release. The vibrator fucking into him with such force that Stiles hopes he’ll feel it for days. “Come on, Stiles,” Argent purrs, “I want to see you cum.”

Jesus. Stiles’ back arches, Chris working their fists in time with the thrusts of the toy inside him and Stiles is screaming out, begging to cum. Tingles spark directly to his toes, making his legs shake and Argent swipes the pad of his thumb over the teen’s leaking slit and gives a particularly hard jab to the abused bundle of nerves. Stiles cries out, cumming on his chest and all over the older man’s hand. 

“Now you,” Stiles pants, voice wrecked as all hell, reaching again for the hunter, but he simply removes the vibrator and turns it off. Rushing to a door beside his closet and coming back with a wet washcloth. “Chris,” the teen looks at him almost distraught, watching the hunter clean him off, noting the older man was kind enough to use warm water on the cloth. 

“Come here,” Argent gently pulls him to the middle of the bed, settling beside him, curling Stiles close to his chest. “I can’t do that yet, I’m sorry. Believe me, I want to.” The hunter kisses the back of his head, rubbing his chest. “Will you come back?” Stiles startles a bit in Chris’ hold, worried he means to kick him out. “Again I mean, you’re not leaving tonight,” the older man assures, peppering more kisses in his hair. “I-I want you to come back.”

“I’ll come back.”

Chapter Text

The first time Liam called Nolan baby, he blushed the deepest red. When the wolf called him sweetheart, he thought his heart just might explode. Until Liam said it in the bedroom. He looked Nolan dead in the eyes with gold irises and growled cum for me, sweetheart ; and cum for him he did. So hard that his eyes rolled back and Nolan screamed through his orgasm untouched. 

Now the wolf gets creative- still using sweetheart because of its raw reaction- to see what else can make Nolan tremble underneath him. Nolan loves every minute of it and every name. 

Two fingers twist and scissor, spreading Nolan open for his boyfriend’s cock with finesse that only comes from practice. They’ve been together for years now and Liam knows Nolan’s body like it’s his own. The slight burn of the third finger makes him moan, “Liam, please,” he begs. The wolf had teased him to the point of a painful erection. In public no less.

They barely made it home.

“I know, sweetheart,” Liam licks along the human’s pulse before sucking a mark on the skin that has Nolan keening. Bucking his hips to get the wolf to move faster. “You want my cock that badly, pet?” 

His mouth falls slack, a deep, throaty moan tearing it’s way out. The new name accompanied by the barrage to his prostate makes Nolan’s toes curl. “Please, Liam. Your pup needs to be filled.” Stiles told him how much Theo likes to call him pup. That it’s always with glowing eyes and fangs. He wants Liam to lose control.

“Pup, huh?” Liam removes his fingers and grabs the lube on the bed, slicking his cock and Nolan just watches . “Is that what you are,” the wolf lines himself up, sinking inch by beautiful fucking inch while Nolan fists the sheets, “my good, little pup?” 

Nodding wildly with a broken moan from his boyfriend bottoming out, “yes, yes, please,” Nolan whines. Pushing his ass to try and get the wolf to move.

Pulling back, Liam snaps his hips forward with a groan, “you’re right, sweetheart.” Claws pinch his waist and the human moans wantonly, baring his throat. “You are my good little pup.” Liam rolls his hips, just barely brushing the bundle of nerves with each thrust forward. Wanting to hear the sweet pleas for more. For him .

Blown blue eyes lock with glowing gold and he smiles, having gotten the slip in control Nolan wanted. Bringing his hands up to cup the wolf’s neck, Nolan crashes their lips together. Letting Liam swallow every moan and gasp for breath his thrusts demand. “Liam, p-please,” he begs, the teasing to his prostate muddling his brain and pleasure tickles inside his gut. 

“What do you want, sweetheart?” Liam jabs the bundle of nerves before continuing his rolling tease. “Tell me,” he growls.

Moaning through his breath, “cum. I wanna cum. Please!” Nolan whines, hands rubbing the wolf’s biceps, blunt nails digging into the flesh.

“Whatever you want, sweetheart,” Liam leans back, bracing himself on the bed and fucks into his boyfriend with abandon. The constant assault on his prostate has Nolan screaming, flying towards the edge face first. “Cum for me, pup. Come on.”

Gasping and groaning, Nolan clenches around the wolf’s cock. “Liam,” he moans loudly, cumming with a cry of the wolf’s name on his lips. Struggling to catch his breath as Liam quickens his pace, searching for his own release in Nolan’s body.

“Fuck, pup,” Liam groans, his thrusts getting sporadic, desperate to fill his boyfriend full.

He growls out a moan, thrusting as hard as he can, Liam howls as he cums, spilling his release into Nolan’s fluttering hole. Slumping down, he carefully pulls out, snuggling close, “I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you, too.”

Chapter Text

"Explain to me how you ," Stiles points at Isaac, "with all your newfound top energy wants to be tied up." He stares at the wolf a little confused to say the least. He likes Isaac, yeah, but the fact alone that the wolf even hit on him in the first place is mind boggling. Knowing what Isaac has gone through with his dad just makes this even more confusing. 

"It's a way of taking back control by choosing to be out of control," Isaac explains, pushing a loose curl out of his eyes and extending the rope again. "So I'm asking you to tie me up and use me, Stiles." The wolf's eyes flash gold as he grins, "I promise I'll pin you to the wall next time." 

"Next time?" 

"If you're getting the impression that I let just anyone do this, or that I'm giving you up after," the wolf places the rope in his hands, "you'd be wrong. This is just for hot sarcastic assholes who call me on my shit." 

It's true. Stiles has a witty, sharp tongue, "I mean seriously, what was with the scarves?" 

Growling, the wolf gets in his face, "take advantage of the offer before you're the one tied up. Unless you don't want to," Isaac leans in to brush his nose along the mole speckled neck, "and I was wrong and you don't like me too?" Placing both hands on the wall beside the human’s head, Isaac leans back with gold eyes. 

His heart is seconds away from breaking out of his chest, "I do! I really, really do," Stiles says, staring at the wolf's lips. "I've thought about you so much," he admits with a blush. 

"Me, too," Isaac rumbles, closing the distance between their mouths, tongue asking for entrance instantly. Cupping his cheeks the wolf walks backwards towards Stiles' bed. "Show me what you've wanted to do, baby," Isaac yanks his shirt off and the human’s brain shuts down for a second. The wolf holds his wrists out. 

The knot he ties is mediocre at best since Stiles has never done this before. But Isaac trusts him. Fucking wants him. Called him baby and that just- it's intense and fucking amazing. Hooded amber eyes watch as the wolf lays on his bed, lifting his arms for Stiles to secure the rope to the headboard. Once sure that unless the wolf really uses his strength the binds aren't going anywhere, Stiles takes his own clothes off until he's left in his boxers. 

His eyes catch the flash of gold at the bulge in the thin material. Kneeling on the bed, Stiles feels the lube slide out of him onto the inside of his thigh. He was in the middle of using a toy on himself when the wolf showed up. The flare to Isaac's nostrils must mean he can smell it. 

"Were you playing with yourself, baby?" The wolf squirms, trying to get friction on his dick. Sheepishly, Stiles nods. Isaac growls, "that's fucking hot. God , I need to be inside you," he jerks the rope with a small pout, "please, baby?" 

The wolf begging for him and calling Stiles baby has his body moving on its own. Yanking his boxers off, the human casts them aside, turning his attention to Isaac's. When his cock is free, Stiles salivates, unable to stop himself as he falls forward, lips stretching around the leaking shaft. The hiss of breath cut off with a moan makes Stiles suck harder. 

"Fuck, baby," Isaac moans, bucking his hips up and the human just takes it. Breathing in between thrusts so he can keep the wolf's cock in his mouth. "Holy, fuck," his moan bleeds to a growl and Stiles is actually disappointed the wolf's fingers aren't gripping his hair. Petting him, pulling and tugging the strands until it stings. "Stiles," Isaac stills his hips and the human comes off with a filthy pop, a line of drool trailing from his swollen lips, “ride me.”

“Topping from the bottom, huh?” Stiles’ voice is raspy from the treatment; he fucking loves it.

“That’s the idea,” Isaac pulls at the bindings, craning his neck before looking back, “not that I can make you, though.” The wolf grins, “I can beg if you want, baby. Really sell it for you.”

That. Yeah. Stiles wants that. Needs it in fact. So he straddles the wolf with a mischievous smirk,” so beg,” he rubs his hole against the wet cock. Where the boldness came from, he doesn’t really know. But if Isaac wants to feel helpless, like he needs to plead to get what he wants, Stiles will deliver. “What do you want?”

Isaac’s head falls back in a gasp at the teasing of his cockhead pushing inside just to be taken out again. “I want you on my cock,” Isaac’s pull to the rope seems involuntary, his body moving elsewhere so he doesn’t move his hips. Maybe Stiles should’ve tied his ankles with something too. “Please, baby, ride me. Use me until you cum. Please,” golden eyes shine at amber.

That’s probably the hottest thing Stiles has ever seen if not heard. Someone as perfect as Isaac begging to be fucked by him. “Okay,” Stiles runs his nails down Isaac’s chest and abs, a breathy moan escaping his lips as he slides on the wolf’s cock. “I’ll give you what you want, sweet thing.” Not sure where that came from either; Stiles is just rolling with it at this point. Apparently that was the very right name to call him though, because Isaac’s fangs and claws spring free. Stiles can feel his cock twitch inside him as the wolf rumbles in his chest.

As he starts to grind against Isaac, he realizes that he came to terms with how hot he finds werewolves. Isaac in particular. The fangs and glowing eyes fit him so well and look even hotter as he moans from Stiles’ efforts. Placing both hands on the wolf’s chest, he starts to bounce, moaning at the pressure building inside him. His prostate working overtime to make him cum quickly.

“Isaac,” Stiles moans, legs burning as he grinds again, rubbing the bundle of nerves consistently. Tingles work their way through his curled toes as he moans a curse.

The wolf grins around his fangs, “are you gonna cum untouched?” Isaac snarls in his excitement, “that’d be so fucking hot! Cum on my cock, baby, come on. I’m here for you .”

A whine rips out of his throat at the way the wolf reminds him he can’t move to help him cum. That he’s simply there for Stiles to use for his own pleasure. It has him rolling his hips, “ fuck ,” as the coil tightens to the point of snapping. “Isaac,” he lets out a throaty moan as his orgasm forces its way out, spraying the wolf’s chest in hot spurts.

"God, you’re fucking perfect, baby,” Isaac rumbles in his chest as Stiles continues to grind, wanting the wolf to fall apart.  “ Stiles, " Isaac growls, "untie them or I will." The wolf pants, "I need to touch you, baby. Please." 

Grabbing one of the wolf's fingers, Stiles slices the rope. Isaac's hands fall to his hips, helping him grind harder until he’s crying out his moans. But then- in a move the human couldn't fucking process because the wolf didn't even pull out- he's on his back and Isaac is pounding into him. Licking at his neck, the wolf nips and sucks a mark on the skin and Stiles moans. 

Blunt nails rake down the wolf’s back as Isaac fucks into him harder, all his unused stamina coming out. “You’re tying me up next time,” Stiles moans, “I need you like this,” he says, realizing that Isaac has successfully ruined him for anyone else.

Isaac stills, tongue frozen on the human’s pulse before blue eyes lock on him. “You keep talking like that, and I will claim you right here and now. Never let anyone touch you ever again,” his words growled from his wolf fighting for control. Yellow eyes flickering to prove the point. 

He didn’t know you could do that. But that is definitely a sure fire way to make him want to cum again. “I’m yours Isaac,” Stiles tilts his head back, “go ahead.”

Snarling, his fangs rips out of his gums and Isaac rushes forward, breaking the skin right at the crook of his neck. Stiles screams out, clinging to the wolf, his thrusts making Stiles’ eyes roll back while the blood is lovingly licked away. “Mine,” Isaac growls, claws pinching into the human’s hips as his own stutter.

Determined to cum with the wolf, Stiles wraps a hand around his throbbing cock, tirelessly working his wrist. “Yours,” he groans, cumming again and the clenching of his hole sends Isaac over the edge.

The wolf howls his moan as his pearly cum decorates Stiles’ insides. “Fucking hell,” Isaac pants, tucking his head in Stiles’ neck to catch his breath. “You’re amazing, baby.”

Stiles hums, his fingers carding through the wolf’s curls with a dopey smile on his face. “So are you,” patting Isaac’s shoulder he says, “we should go shower.”

“No,” the wolf grunts, “I smell like you and you smell like me,” he growls. “Let me enjoy this, please.” Isaac nuzzles into him, rubbing Stiles’ sides, not even bothering to pull out. His wolf wanting to keep Stiles full with the distinct smell of us . “So perfect, baby,” Isaac kisses his mark, “thank you for being mine.”

“You’re mine too, sweet thing,” Stiles whispers in the wolf’s hair, smiling at the pleased rumble from Isaac.

Chapter Text

“Why can’t you just admit that you all still treat me like I’m made of glass!” Stiles throws his bag on Peter’s couch with a huff. The wolf growls at him and that’s all Stiles really needed as confirmation that he’s right. Rolling his eyes, the human throws his hands in the air, "do you have any idea how un-fucking-fair that is, Peter?”

His stubbornness and general lack of self preservation is going to be the death of him one of these days. But honestly, he’s survived an Alpha back, a Darach, and a nogitsune. Stiles can certainly keep up with some rogue hunter. Because like Stiles, they’re very breakable too. Very human. So when Peter drags him by his collar out of the preserve before stuffing the human in his car, it’s bound to piss Stiles off. Tremendously.

“Pleading your case using the word unfair is childish,” Peter sighs, crossing his arms as he leans against the dining room table. “Just proves my point that you should be here where I know you’ll be safe.” The wolf speaks softly, “is that really so bad?”

Refusing to look at the face saying gentle words, Stiles goes to the kitchen for a drink. It stopped being weird to be in Peter’s apartment a long time ago. At this point, the human looks forward to the time he gets to spend here. Stiles is here more than he’s at Scott’s. Grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, he takes a hearty swig before setting it on the dining room table. “I just want to be useful and fucking help you guys.” He wants someone to tell him he's doing a good fucking job every once in a while.

“I know you do, sweetheart,” Peter uncrosses his arms with a sigh. “The research you do is helpful. But you’re still human.” Not having registered the term of endearment, Stiles scrunches his face in protest and the wolf keeps going, “and how do you think I would feel if something happened to you?” Peter looks so genuine it hurts. “If you won’t let Scott bite you, then you’re just going to have to deal with me dragging you out of danger. Like a child.”

Stiles was kicking and yelling when he did it, so the wolf isn’t exactly wrong . But he’s angry, and his ego is wounded, so he fires back, “bite me,” as he rolls his eyes. Stiles really, truly doesn’t like to think before he speaks.

Because Peter is on him in an instant, pinning him to the wall with his body. Stiles’ legs fall pliant for the older man’s thigh, “are you sure about that, sweetheart?” Peter tucks his nose into the human’s neck, licking his pulse, blunt teeth teasing the corded muscle. “I’ll do it. Keep you to myself forever.”

Shivering through a moan as fangs graze at his flesh, “well, now I’m sure,” Stiles grabs the biceps encasing him to the wall. “It’s about time you admitted you wanted me, wolfie,” the human grins as iridescent blue eyes lock with his. Stiles prods further, suddenly feeling bold, “I knew there was more to it than you wanting me safe .”

“I prefer to have as little bullet holes in me as possible,” Peter comments. “You father would’ve never let me touch you before you turned eighteen.” A seductive grin pulls at his lips, “did you mean it? Or are you trying to win the argument, little one?” Peter asks, but his eyes are trained on his neck.

When the wolf presses his thigh harder, Stiles whines with an ache to be touched by the older man. “I meant it,” his tongue darts across his lip, “I so meant it.” The wolf’s eyes flicker at the truthful admission, “please, Peter.” 

“Such a good boy asking so nicely,” Peter purrs and the human’s heart slams in his chest. “Do you like that?” The wolf’s hand comes to his throat with a gentle hold, “being told you’re good?”

Stiles whines, trying to open his legs farther because apparently yes, he does. “Peter,” his voice is a rough, broken sound scratching its way out of his throat. The thumb on Stiles’ pulse rubs softly and Stiles sighs at the touch as his eyes close. 

Tightening his grip ever so slightly, Peter demands eye contact, “I asked you a question, sweet boy.” The wolf smiles at the moan his grip elicits, “I’d like an answer. Then you can be rewarded for being a good boy, wouldn’t you like that?”

The floodgates open at that, “yes, Peter! I loved hearing you tell me that I’m a good boy for you.” Stiles huffs, “I probably shouldn’t, but fuck, Peter. Your praise went straight to my dick, okay? I fucking love it.”

Grinning like only a wolf can. Peter grinds his hips into the human. Stiles’ erection rubs teasingly against the wolf’s thigh as the older man’s cock digs into his. “Do you promise to be a good boy and do as I ask?”

“Yes!” Stiles gasps out, his hips grinding on their own. At this point, he’ll agree to anything if it means the wolf will tell him how good he is. Good for Peter.

The wolf’s eyes burn brightly, “I sure hope so, sweetheart.” Peter leans in torturously slow, grin widening as their breath becomes one and the wolf’s lips press against his. Stiles moans into Peter’s mouth, his hands coming up to run his fingers through the older man’s hair. The hand around his throat slides up in his strands, tugging until the human gasps and Peter slips his tongue in his open mouth. Greedily tasting every inch of the human, huffing as he pulls back, “run.” 

It takes a moment for Stiles to be able to open his eyes after finally getting to kiss the wolf. Another second to furrow his brows and process the request. Stiles has slept here a few times, he knows where Peter’s bedroom is. And he understands what’s being asked of him. To trust Peter enough to let him succumb to his wolf at the challenge of his mate running away. Stiles is buzzing with excitement as the wolf takes a step back. 

So he takes off, sliding on the hardwood floor of the hallway as the older man snarls behind him. It only makes the fire inside him burn brighter. He barely makes it to the room, the door half open before arms wrap around his waist, carrying him over the threshold and dropping Stiles on his back. 

A fit of giggles burst out of Stiles the second he flops on the expensive sheets. He gets a flash of glowing eyes and fangs before the wolf is on top of him. Hips spreading his legs and teeth wrapping around his jugular. It’s thrilling that Stiles knows good and well that the wolf has killed people like this. But the feeling is anything but dangerous to him. Peter growls and it vibrates right to his core.

Good boy,” the older man licks up the side of his neck, pulling at his lobe, “thank you, sweetheart.” Peter grinds his hips making Stiles’ head fall back in a moan, exposing his neck for the wolf. “I love the pretty sounds baby, you’re so responsive. My good boy.”

The praise makes him preen just as much as calling him sweetheart. Stiles’ hands pull at the wolf’s shirt, tugging impatiently. “Please, Peter,” the gritty tone makes the wolf chuckle.

“That eager, sweet boy?” Peter teases, eyes glowing at blown amber orbs. Stiles can only bite his lip and nod. “I promised you a reward for listening, and I think you’ve earned it,” the wolf leans back and takes his shirt off as well as his jeans. “Off,” he points at Stiles’ clothes while he reaches in his nightstand. 

The only way Stiles’ clothes would’ve been removed faster was if he had claws of his own to tear them away. By the time he’s done, Peter’s boxers are off and he’s setting a bottle of lube on the mattress. Damn near drooling at the sight, Stiles is lifting up before his brain can catch up, licking his lips intently. The wolf catches his chin, firmly but not painfully.

“Later,” Peter pushes him back down by his shoulder, raising Stiles’ legs to his chest. “You were so good for me, Stiles,” he bends towards his entrance. “This is what good boys get,” the wolf rubs his tongue around the tight ring of muscle before pressing inside and Stiles moans. It’s a deep, primal noise that works its way out of his throat to his surprise. Never has anyone done this to him. It’s fucking incredible. A finger slips in beside Peter’s tongue and he’s groaning through the slight burn.

No stranger to fingering himself, the wolf is quickly able to add a second before he leans back, popping the cap of the lube and coating the digits. “I love those moans, sweetheart,” Peter hooks and spreads his fingers and Stiles can’t fucking breathe it’s so good. “Look at you,” the wolf coos as he adds a third and Stiles can’t help but move, “fucking yourself on my fingers. You’re such a good boy, Stiles.” His name comes off a growl and when the human looks up he’s met with glowing eyes staring at his hole swallow the wolf’s fingers. “Would you fuck yourself like this on my cock too, sweet boy?”

Fuck , yes. Only you, Peter,” Stiles gasps as he hits the sweet spot that makes everything tingly and warm. “Only good for you,” he grinds harder, in desperate need to be open enough for something much better.

“That’s right, sweetheart,” Peter licks up his leaking shaft and Stiles moans loudly. “You’re so good for me ,” the wolf takes his fingers out despite the clenching from Stiles trying to keep them there. Glazed, lust blown whiskey eyes watch the older man lather his cock and position it at his hole. The wolf teases, rubbing his cockhead against the ring of muscle, making Stiles squirm to get it inside, “would you like to do it instead, sweetheart?”

“Please, Peter,” the desire to show the older man just how good he can be rising to the surface. “Can I?”

“I can’t say no to that, now can I?” Peter leans in and devours Stiles’ mouth, leaving them swollen as he pants. The wolf rolls on his back, bringing Stiles with him, holding his cock still, “come here, sweetheart.” Grinning wildly, Stiles lifts himself up, sliding down on the wolf’s cock with a broken moan. “Good boy,” Peter grips his hips, “I want to watch you make yourself come. Understand?” 

He understands. Stiles absolutely understands. Putting his hands on Peter’s chest, he slowly starts to bounce, getting used to the feeling of being filled so perfectly by the older man. His moans are punched out of him once Stiles finds his rhythm, bouncing eagerly on the wolf, the assault to his prostate making his toes curl in anticipation. 

“So good, Stiles,” Peter growls, his fangs threatening to come out. That makes the drive in Stiles increase to overdrive as he starts to grind against the wolf with fervor. “Such a good boy fucking yourself like this,” the older man reaches up to grip the back of his neck, pulling Stiles to his chest. “But it’s my turn now, sweetheart,” he growls in Stiles’ ear, bucking his hips up until the human’s screaming. Stiles cranes his neck, reminding Peter what he initially asked for, “My good, sweet boy,” the wolf slurs around his fangs before they clamp into the crook of Stiles’ neck.

Between the teeth digging into his flesh forming the bond between them, Peter’s vigorous thrusts to the bundle of nerves inside him, and the fucking praise , Stiles cums with a scream. Painting their chest in thick, hot ropes while the wolf growls around the bite, loving licking it clean. “Peter,” Stiles moans when the older man doesn’t stop, chasing his own release in the human’s wet heat. A few stuttered, but no less forceful thrusts and claws pinch into his hips as the wolf growls his moan, filling Stiles to bursting with his cum. 

Strong hands run along his spine as Peter kisses his temple, “you did so good, sweetheart. So good for me, Stiles.” The wolf carefully pulls out, but makes no effort to have Stiles move and for that he’s grateful. “You’re mine now, sweetheart,” Peter runs his nose in the side of Stiles’ hair, “my perfect, sweet boy.”

The rumbling in the wolf’s chest is the perfect tune to send Stiles off to sleep “All yours, Peter,” Stiles whispers as his eyes lose their fight to stay open.

“Good boy.”

Chapter Text

“Did you do what I asked?” Chris inquires, closing the door after Lydia walks into his apartment. 

“Yes, but you still haven’t told me why,” the banshee says, adjusting her stance to accommodate the plug under her skirt. Lydia has been seeing Argent and Peter separately for a few months now and she’s almost certain as to why he asked. She just wants to hear him say it. 

“I think I can answer that question,” the wolf calls from the living room. "We were hoping you wouldn't be opposed to both of us." 

Of course Lydia knew that. She would've done this earlier had the banshee known they'd be okay with it. They're so okay with it they asked her to prepare herself to cut time. Lydia walks into the other room to find Peter sitting on the couch with his legs spread wide and a grin on his face. When the banshee stops, she juts a leg out and her ass pushes against the plug and she has to bite off a groan. 

Rather than offer an actual answer, Lydia simply walks away and heads straight for Chris' bedroom. Dropping her purse on the dresser, the banshee starts to unbutton her blouse, taking it off by the time both men come in. Peter's eyes flash iridescent blue at the sight of her in just a mini skirt and a red lace bra. "Have you already decided?" She asks, unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the carpet, revealing she was also not wearing any panties. 

Peter rumbles in his chest, closing the distance to grab her waist and pull her close, running his nose along her neck. Inhaling sharply, the wolf jerks his pants down and yanks his shirt overhead, tossing them to the side while Chris walks towards his nightstand. Peter sits on the bed, holding Lydia's hands as he guides her closer. "I'm going to fuck your tight,  little pussy, sweetheart," the wolf rubs two fingers along her folds, growling again when he feels she's already wet and can just slip the digits inside. 

Holding onto his shoulders for support, Lydia moans. Her walls clenching around the fingers and plug inside her as the hunter comes up behind her, naked chest pressed to her back. Palming the banshee's ass, teasing her with his cock as he nips the back of her neck. Still in her heels, she wobbles slightly when Peter starts to thrust his fingers in earnest, aiming for that delicious spot inside her that has heat coiling in her gut like wildfire. "Peter," Lydia whines, her head falling slack against Argent's shoulder, her orgasm ripping through her full force as her body trembles through it. 

Chris chuckles in her ear, "you're going to suck his cock while I fuck your perfect ass, do you understand?" He asks, wrapping a hand around her exposed throat. Nodding wildly, Lydia watches the wolf take his boxers off, freeing his leaking dick and she salivates. With a hand on her spine, the hunter bends Lydia, her tongue already out to lap up the dribbles of precum, trailing it back to the source. 

Licking at the head, she sucks the tip, earning a groan from the wolf. Hollowing her cheeks, Lydia takes his erection wholly in her mouth, bobbing her head, she moans as the plug inside her is removed and tossed aside. The banshee barely hears a cap pop open with what she surmises as lube before Argent is pressing against her stretched hole. Whimpering around Peter as the hunter bottoms out, she continues to moan, sending vibrations through the wolf's shaft until he groans deep in his throat. 

There's no wait for adjustment, not that she needs it. The plug made sure of that and Lydia's thankful because all she can think about is wanting Chris to absolutely rail into her. Make her scream around Peter's cock until she cums. He does just that. Blunt nails dig into her hips as he thrusts harshly, pulling almost all the way out to snap his hips back forward. "Such a good girl, Lydia," Chris purrs, spreading her ass to fuck deeper until she mewls. 

"A very good girl," Peter agrees, unclasping her bra to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. The wolf strokes her cheek before he bucks his hips up, fucking into the banshee's mouth. Her nails dig into Peter’s thighs as she controls her breath the best she can with another orgasm winding up in her core. "Are you gonna cum like this, sweetheart?" Peter hums, "while he fucks your ass," the wolf groans, fisting a hand in her hair, "and I fuck that slutty mouth?" 

Lydia's legs shake, releasing the dick in her mouth long enough to say, "please," before the wolf is back in her throat and she's moaning once more. 

"Listen to her beg, Peter," Argent runs a hand along her spine, leaving goosebumps in their wake as he quickens his pace. The coil inside her reaches a breaking point when the wolf forces his cock all the way in her throat, holding it there to drown out the screams of her orgasm crashing through her. The fluttering of her hole makes the hunter groan before pulling out. Pulling Lydia up by her hair, glassy green eyes meet the wolf as Chris says, "ride him." 

Taking her hands, Peter helps her straddle his thighs, sinking her on his cock with ease that has her head falling back. Exposing her throat for the wolf to mark as he pleases. Licking and biting the flesh, Peter slaps her ass, "he said ride me, sweetheart." Lydia moans, her walls clenching around the wolf on their own and she starts to grind her hips. 

Tingles shoot all the way to her toes, curling them as her clit rubs against the wolf's groin. Pooling warmth in her gut quicker than before. Just as she's about to cum, Chris thrusts back in her ass, fucking hard until she screams, " fuck ," the juices of her orgasm soaking the wolf's cock. 

Peter stills her hips as her thighs shake through the aftershocks. Feeling so full and the need to cum rising once more when the wolf plants his feet on the floor, bucking his hips up to meet Chris' thrusts. Every nerve in her body set to fire as she takes what both men willingly give. "Come on, Lydia," Peter groans, squeezing one of her breasts and licking the other. "I know you have another in you, cum for us, sweetheart." 

"Oh, be nice, Peter," Chris chuckles darkly, biting into the crook of her neck and she cries out. "She's being a good girl, waiting for me to cum in her sweet ass first. Aren't you, princess?" 

"Please, please," Lydia begs, needing that more than ever. Trying to move to meet their powerful thrusts, her orgasm tightening inside her, threatening to explode at the very thought of being filled to bursting with their cum. She's on birth control and knows Argent’s clean. "I need your cum, please. Please, Peter." 

"There was never a doubt that I would cum in your tight pussy, sweetheart," the wolf growls, fucking harder and faster like only a supernatural creature can. 

Chris' hips falter around the clenching of her hole, "Lydia," he moans, shooting his thick, hot seed into her ass. Continuing to thrust as she screams for more. "So good, princess," he coos, languidly rolling his hips until the banshee screams through her orgasm. 

"Who do you belong to?" Peter asks, his hips stuttering as his eyes flash iridescent blue at her nearly blackened eyes. 

"You," she moans, "both of you." 

"Good," Peter thrusts hard, spilling his own pearly ropes into her tight heat, "girl." His hips slow to a stop and they both carefully pull out. 

Their hands running along her sides and back as they gentle her through her come down. Peter scoots up on the bed, pulling the banshee close to his chest and tucking her head in his neck as Chris comes up behind her tucking himself against her back. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear as she falls asleep blissed out of her mind.

Chapter Text

Stiles wakes up groggy as all hell and moving. “What-” he coughs, lungs burning as he tries to speak. Bleary eyes look up to see Theo dragging him away from his smoking, upside down jeep. Theo’s nose is bleeding down to his lip as he flips the vehicle upright. The human sits up groaning, he clutches the side of his aching head. 

The chimera- yeah, Theo told him a few days ago and yet Stiles is still here- crouches in front of him silently offering to help him to his feet. Black veins draw pain and he finds it easier to breathe again, “I’m fine,” Stiles clears his throat, brushing his pants off. “Thanks,” he says as the chimera stares at him, breathing a bit heavily. “What? I got something on my face?”

Theo’s hand grips his wrist, stopping his own from reaching for his face. “Yeah,” the chimera looks entranced, eyes flickering gold, “my blood.” Theo’s fingers brush his cheek, coming back red, “that’s really fucking hot.” The protest Stiles was ready to make gets cut off by Theo pressing their lips together. Despite the metallic taste, the human moans, opening his mouth for Theo to explore. “Red looks really fucking good on you.”

“Of course you’re into blood,” Stiles deadpans. Forcibly removing his fingers from the chimera's hair and walking back towards the clinic, intent on cleaning it off. “Why am I not surprised?” So many things make so much more fucking sense now. Like putting a bloody hand around Stiles’ throat and making out with him after killing Josh. 

“Are you telling me you have a problem with that?” Theo crowds him against the building with his hands on either side of the human. Leaning in, the chimera licks the left side of Stiles’ jaw clean until the teen shivers. Whispering in his ear, “you covered in my blood is turning me on so badly,” he growls, “how long until we have company from Beacon Hills’ finest?” He nips at the teen’s jaw and any fight that was left in him evaporates. 

“Ten minutes,” Stiles fists his hands in the collar of Theo’s jacket, yanking their mouths together. He’s done pretending he doesn’t want the chimera. What’s dealing with a new kink if it means he gets Theo?

Theo growls into their kiss, the mess on his face smearing as he works their pants open, pulling them down to their thighs. Just enough that both cocks can spring free and the chimera can wrap his hand around them. Stiles would rather they take their time, but it’s not like that’s an afforded luxury right now. Theo licks and nips at the right side of his jaw as the human moans. Fangs tease his neck and Stiles whines, the chimera working his wrist.

“Can I?” Theo rumbles, sharp teeth pinching his skin. Stiles’ head falls slack, exposing his throat, groaning as the chimera’s thumb swipes over his slit. It’s as much of a yes as she can manage with how perfectly Theo is jerking them off. With another growl, the chimera sinks his fangs in Stiles’ flesh making him cry out. Moaning, he licks away the blood dripping from the wound. 

“Shit,” Stiles’ breath hitches, his hips bucking into the chimera, not having expected to like that. Theo pulls back after sucking a mark beside the bite, “huh,” the human muses, thumb dragging along the red streak by Theo’s mouth. The chimera smirks and that shouldn’t be that hot either. But it is and he’s-” oh, fuck , Theo,” Stiles moans, head falling back again, “I’m gonna-”

“Me too, babe,” the chimera snarls in his ear, digging into his neck again and Stiles screams through his orgasm, staining their clothes. Licking the blood away, Theo moans right in Stiles’ ear, his own release adding to the mess on their clothes.

“Babe?” Stiles asks, coming down from his high and the chimera pulls their pants back up. 

“Yeah,” the chimera affirms, settling his hips between the human’s legs, “ babe .” Theo claims his mouth again and Stiles holds his shoulders. For stability or to keep Theo close is anyone's guess. All Stiles knows is the chimera’s mouth is making him perfectly dizzy. “Let me take you home,” Theo’s finger wipes the blood budding at his neck and sucking the digit clean. Why’s that so hot? “I can make a very compelling argument for the name.”

“Yeah,” Stiles nods, “let’s do that," he pants, ready to let Theo continue to completely ruin him. 

Chapter Text

“Stiles?” She hears her mate call after the front door closes. Stiles gets a giddy feeling in her gut as she waits in the surprise she bought for her Alpha. As his footsteps get closer, the telltale rumble from his chest gets louder, no doubt smelling Stiles’ arousal. “Holy shit,” Derek’s breath comes out in a rush when he opens their bedroom door finally seeing the sight waiting for him. 

Her Alpha got the weekend off for his birthday and Stiles went out and bought a new sundress. A little black number with red roses and skulls scattered around the fabric. Derek had mentioned once or twice how much he loves when she wears these dresses and how beautiful she looked in red and black. It was the easiest decision to buy it the minute Stiles laid eyes on it. She’s also wearing a brand new set of black lace bra and panties underneath that she’s practically soaked from her anticipation. 

“Happy birthday, Der,” Stiles drops her voice, swaying on her feet as her Alpha stalks closer, eyes flickering red. 

“My birthday isn’t until tomorrow,” the wolf says dumbly, staring at the dress framing his mate, hungry hands reaching out for her waist. Pulling Stiles close sharply, Derek ducks his head to lick at his mark on her pale, mole speckled neck. 

“Surprise?” She says, giggling when the wolf eagerly brings the dress over her head and tosses it to the carpet. Growling when he sees the rest of his gift, immediately unhooking the lace bra and discarding it with the dress. A moan escapes her lips when the wolf takes one of her nipples in his mouth, nipping at the budding pebble as he walks them towards the bed. Her back hits the mattress with another giggle as her mate drops to his knees, kissing her thighs towards her panties.

“So beautiful,” Derek growls, licking her folds through the lace and growling at the taste. “Mine,” the wolf says, hooking a finger in the panties and sliding them away, exposing her glistening pussy and licking a long stripe. Stiles shivers, moaning when her Alpha does it again, tearing the fabric away. Leaning back, Derek pulls his shirt off, shoving his tongue back in her pussy while he takes his jeans off. 

“Derek,” Stiles moans, hands curling in the wolf’s dark strands, begging, “more, please.”

Never one to deny his mate a thing, Derek slips a finger inside, teasing his mate until he adds a second. Prodding the special spot inside her as his tongue abuses her clit. Licking and sucking the nub until Stiles is writhing, crying out as she squirts all over her Alpha’s face. Loving the growl of approval she gets. Derek licks her folds and thighs, cleaning the mess she made of herself just so he can do it again. 

“So good, baby,” the wolf purrs between licks, “you taste so fucking good.” Derek groans, hooking his fingers again. Standing up, he keeps thrusting his fingers inside, free hand pulling his boxers down. Blown amber eyes watch as the wolf strokes himself a few times and it’s enough to make her cum again, the walls of her pussy clenching around the digits inside her. Derek yanks them out mid orgasm and thrusts his cock inside her wet cunt in one go, drenching his dick with the juices of her orgasm.

Hooking his hands under her knees, the Alpha brings one up over his shoulder to fuck her deep, losing himself in the screams Stiles makes. “Fuck, Derek, harder. Harder, please,” she cries, pushing her hips down to meet his thrusts, tingles curling her toes and spreading warmth deep inside her core. 

The Alpha growls, eyes burning scarlet as he thrusts faster, “so pretty when you cum on my cock, baby. So perfect.” Derek’s claws pinch her thighs as Stiles keens, “so good for me,” he praises, making sure his mate knows how much he appreciates her. “Cum for me again, Stiles,” Derek growls, lunging forward to reopen the mark on her neck until she screams again, squirting all over the wolf’s cock. 

“Derek, Der-” Stiles gasps, back arching into her mate. A broken moan rips through her when the Alpha moves them quickly. Sitting himself on the bed and stretching her pussy over his cock as Derek fucks up into her. “Shit, Derek, fuck ,” Stiles mewls, the angle railing the bundle of nerves deep inside her with enough force to see stars. Utterly blissed out and lightheaded when the wolf reaches between them to rub her sensitive clit. 

“My cock better get nice and wet baby,” Derek slurs around his fangs, rutting up impossibly hard and fast. Stiles’ head falls slack, exposing her neck for her mate to mark, trying to meet her Alpha. “Are you gonna be my good little slut and cum again?” The Alpha asks, red eyes flashing as he brings her face to look at him. “I know you can,” he sings, nipping at her chin. 

Please , Derek,” she begs, legs and hips burning from her efforts. To which her mate has no problem helping her through. Grabbing her waist, the wolf helps her grind faster, the slick sounds from her pussy making her moan louder, holding the Alpha’s shoulders for leverage. Riding the high of her mate using her body, willing another orgasm with every growl and pinch of claws in her skin.

Stiles ,” Derek snarls, sinking his fangs in the still open wound and she pinches her eyes closed, a breathless moan falling past her lips. Her dark brown curls bounce as Stiles’ head falls to her Alpha’s shoulders, squirting as the walls of her cunt tremble around Derek’s cock. A few more aborted thrusts and her mate howls out a moan, shooting hot, pearly ropes in her pussy. Still thrusting up to keep his seed inside Stiles. 

A tired, please hum pushes past her lips and Stiles nuzzles into the wolf’s neck. Sated and completely fucked out of her mind. Not caring one bit that when Derek lays back on the bed he keeps his still hard cock inside her pussy, trapping his cum. Making sure it takes this time. 

“You did so good, Stiles. My sweet mate, I love you,” Derek rumbles, his wolf still more at the surface than the man. It sends a shiver down her spine as she snuggles closer. 

“I love you, too, Derek. Thank you, Alpha.”

The wolf hums, running his hands along her back to soothe Stiles to sleep, “thank you , baby.”

Chapter Text

Derek’s cheeks flush hotly, staring at his mate with lust blown eyes. Never once has the wolf ever heard Stiles say something like that. Ever. Nor did the Alpha ever think that he would enjoy hearing it so much that his cock would harden in his pants instantly. His wolf all too pleased as well. The tone it was said was even meant to be a joke, but even Stiles can see what it did. “What did you just call me?” Derek steps closer to the spark sitting on the couch. 

Stiles laughs, a thick deep sound indicating he’s about to do it again, for a very different reason. “What’s wrong, Derek?” The spark gets up, placing his open book on the couch. “Does it turn you on to hear that?” The wolf growls at the teasing, yet lustful tone and eyes filled with mischief. His mate is now in his face and the Alpha’s nostrils flare at the spike in arousal mixing with warm coffee. Stiles puts a hand on his chest, leaning in close, “Da-”

The Alpha growls, grabbing his mate’s waist and pressing their hips together. Unsure that if that name comes out of Stiles’ mouth again that he won’t be able to hold back the wolf. It’s practically clawing at hit insides, screaming for him to mount. To take.

“Aww,” Stiles coos, looking anything but innocent, “are you gonna punish me if I say it again?” The spark bites his lip, looking up through his lashes, “please, Daddy .” 

Instinct takes over and Derek hauls Stiles up until his legs are wrapped around his waist, carrying him upstairs to their room. His fangs grazing the spark’s neck the entire way up. “You love to push, don’t you?” He growls as more of his wolf comes to the surface. “Claws, Stiles, claws ,” the Alpha gently scratches his way down his mate’s back for emphasis.”I could hurt you, how am I supposed to prep you when all the wolf wants is to shove myself inside you?”

“Ooh,” the spark latches harder, nipping at the mark he left on the wolf,” is Daddy gonna fuck me back into submission?” With another growl, Derek kicks open their door and drops the spark on their bed, trying to take some deep breaths to control the wolf. Stiles sits up, lifting his shirt over his head and tossing it, “I guess it’s a good thing that I prepped myself when you told me you were coming home.” The Alpha’s eyes bleed red when he turns back to find the spark naked and fucking presenting himself, “so go ahead, Daddy, slide right in.”

“Fuck, Stiles,” the wolf’s hands are tearing into his clothes before he even realizes and he’s licking his palm before thrusting deep inside the tight warmth of his mate. Derek runs his hands along the spark’s thighs, ass, and sides as he forces himself to still. He won’t purposefully hurt Stiles. Pulling his hips back to the tip of his cock, the Alpha slowly- knowing it will evoke his mate’s neediness- inches forward. Repeating the motion until the spark starts to mewl.

“Derek, please,” Stiles whines, trying to push his hips back, “please. More,” the spark whines again, " Daddy. "

How could Derek possibly deny such a sweet sound? Something so beautifully said with a name he never thought he’d enjoy. But fuck, as long as it’s Stiles’ mouth saying it he’d probably enjoy just about anything. So the wolf pulls out, almost completely before slamming his hips forward making his mate gasp and groan. Keeping the pace until Stiles is a moaning mess beneath him. 

"So good, Stiles," Derek moans, leisurely rocking his hips, watching as his cock disappears deep inside the spark's hole and clenches to keep him there. "Fuck, baby," the Alpha groans, his fangs slurring his words. Thrusting faster, Stiles cries out, hands fisting into the sheets. 

Moaning, "harder- fuck, Derek." The wolf growls and despite his scent being overwhelmed with arousal, still manages a chuckle, "sorry. Harder, Daddy, please. Fuck ," Stiles moans loudly as the Alpha succumbs to his wolf. Claws pinching in the spark's hips as he fucks into his mate with abandon. "Daddy," Stiles reaches for his own cock. Wrapping a hand on the back of the spark’s neck, Derek pushes his face into the mattress. 

"Cum for me, baby," Derek groans, feeling his own orgasm warm in his gut. A few pointed thrusts to the bundle of nerves and his mate screams, the scent of cum filling the air egging the wolf on. "Where do you want it, baby?" 

The spark pants, turning his head to face the Alpha, whiskey eyes almost black with lust. "Inside me, Daddy," Stiles pinches his eyes closed in a moan when the wolf picks up his pace, fucking into the tight heat harder. 

Derek's hips stutter and he howls a moan, spilling his release inside his mate. Lunging forward, he blankets the spark with his body, fangs reopening the mark he made. Growling around the wound as Stiles screams out again, the Alpha gently licks the mark clean as he pulls out. Peppering kisses all along his mate's shoulders and neck before helping settle him on the bed. 

Curling close and rubbing the spark's back as his mate turns to face him, Derek rubs their noses together, "I love you, baby." 

Stiles hums, eyes barely staying open, "I love you too, Daddy." The wolf rumbles in his chest, hoping this isn't the last time he hears that.

Chapter Text

It’s been years since Stiles was able to go to a con with all of the supernatural bullshit barrelling through town. He told everyone that after graduation he was heading straight to Virginia. Scott’s dad mentioned the Bureau has a task force specifically for supernatural crimes. Rafael only recently found out about werewolves so it makes sense he didn’t know it existed either. But they know about Stiles. And they want him to lead it. He said yes, of course, but not until he takes some time for himself first. Stiles spent over three months in the Hunt, graduating by a fucking fluke. He needs this.

So when Stiles found out San Diego Comic Con was happening a week before Agent McCall expected him, he bought a ticket without a second thought. Deluxe all weekend passes to be exact. Stiles even dipped into what should have been his college fund- that he no longer needs- to get a hotel room a block away from the center. Stiles bought an exact replica of Spiderman’s black and red suit from the tail end of Far From Home for last year. But the Beast decided to fuck that trip up.

Nothing, not a single fucking thing is going to mess this up for Stiles. Not even bumping- literally- into Theo Raeken of all people on the first day. Or should he say, Doctor Strange. It shouldn’t affect him, but seeing the chimera in a deep red cape is pretty fucking hot. So of course, Stiles made a bit of an idiot of himself. 

It was starting to get to the point where he needed a break from the mask. Quickly thanking the person at the booth for his Darth Vader bobble head, Stiles whips around, crashing into a blur of red with a groan, clutching his throbbing forehead.

“Stiles?” The voice that’s haunted every one if his wet dreams inquires.

“Theo!” Stiles yanks his mask off, eyes finally focusing again, seeing the chimera decked out as Doctor Strange. The Eye of Agamotto is even glowing green at his chest. “You look fantastic!” There was probably a better way to say that. “I mean your cosplay, it’s awesome. Hang on,” Stiles doubles back and Theo looks amused, “how did you know it was me?”

“You really want me to say that with so many people around?” The chimera taps his nose. Oh, right. Wait, Theo remembers his scent too? “I- uh,” Theo clears his throat,” you look good, too. I definitely pegged you to cosplay as Batman,” fair assumption , Stiles nods his head to the side, “but Spiderman is great too.” 

“Thanks,” Stiles points ahead, starting to walk and Theo actually joins him. He knows the chimera helped save him from the Wild Hunt and actually remembered him. That means more to Stiles than he thought it would. “How are you?” He can be normal and make small talk. 

“Really good actually,” Theo smiles, falling in stride, their arms brushing at their proximity while the human leads them towards the food court. “I got a job at the animal shelter in the city. Even have an apartment too. What about you? You haven’t run off to the FBI yet?” They stop at the line for the order window.

Stiles laughs, “soon. I told Scott’s dad I needed a few months first. I haven’t had a break in who knows how long. I leave next week.” He meets blue eyes, “I’m really happy for you, Theo.”

“Thanks, me too,” the chimera huffs through his nose with a smile, “I mean you too. I-I’m happy for you.”

“Do you-” Stiles worries at his bottom lip as they shift forward in line, “do you maybe want to hang out today?”

“Yeah,” Theo smiles again- damn near knocking the human on his ass with the sincerity. “I’d like that.”

So they did. Spent the entire day together. Taking pictures for one another that quickly turned to with each other. Standing in line for meet and greets. They even took pictures with kids that asked. And they didn’t want one, no, they wanted both of them. Stiles had a really good time with Theo. It took about halfway through the day to realize that Theo was flirting with him. And then overly shocking both himself and the chimera by doing it back. Stiles sees the change in Theo and he really fucking likes it. So when Theo cupped his chin and leaned in for a kiss, it was pretty fucking effortless to accept it. 

To let the chimera all but drag him with a sexy smirk to a secluded hall near the bathrooms. Groaning eagerly as Theo pushes Stiles against a wall to ravish his mouth. Telling the chimera that his hotel room was right down the road while Theo nipped at the exposed part of his neck was even easier.


This is actually happening. All Theo has wanted since coming back topside was to get Stiles. The chimera worked really fucking hard to become a better person for him. And it paid off! It sucks that it took him so close to the human leaving though. But at least he gets to have Stiles to himself just once. Maybe give the human another reason to want to visit home as often as possible. Theo would do it for him.

He wasn’t an idiot. Theo knows that Stiles will be out of his body suit in all of two seconds. On the elevator ride, the chimera took off his cape, necklace, and the wraps keeping his shirt snuggly tucked. He’s missed the smell of Stiles. Coffee, cinnamon rolls, and smoke. The spicy notes of his arousal- knowing that he did that- has the wolf and coyote in him growling. Theo wastes no time. The moment they’ve dropped their bags and the door is locked, he pulls Stiles close, claiming the human’s mouth. Fully intent on tasting every inch of him as the chimera heads for the bed. Reaching for the clasp that covers the zipper, Stiles’ scent spikes with fear.

“Oh my god!” Stiles flushes, stumbling towards the bathroom. “Nope, you can’t see that. I will get naked and come back out.”

Single handedly the weirdest thing Theo has ever heard him say. “What are you talking about? See what?” Embarrassment flodos the room, “what is it?” 

“I can’t wear boxers or briefs in this, “Stiles stares at his feet, ears turning pink. “And freeballing is really uncomfortable. So I um, I wear lace underwear.”

Theo growls, the mental image doing wonders at hardening his dick. “Oh, I’m seeing that,” the chimera yanks his shirt off, rushing to Stiles and pulling them back to the bed. Theo spins them, smiling into Stiles’ mouth at the yelp from the sudden change. Settling his hips in between Stiles’ legs, Theo’s tongue leaves a trail of goosebumps on the sliver of his exposed neck. Leaning back, the chimera pulls his pants off, rumbling in his chest at the way whiskey eyes blow wide with lust.

“No one’s ever seen this,” Stiles tells him, sitting up and reaching behind his back to pull the zipper down. Theo just sits and waits, smelling his own excitement mix with the human’s emotions. “So if you make fun of me,” he slides the sleeves off, exposing the torso Theo has only dreamed of licking. Of marking. “I’ll find a way to make wolfsbane hurt you,” Stiles warns, dragging the suit off his legs.

There’s never been a single person that has made it difficult for Theo to breathe. Seeing Stiles toss the suit on the floor leaving him in tight, black lace panties steals all of the oxygen from his lungs and dries his tongue out. “Fuck,” the chimera rasps, eyes flaring gold, his hands running up Stiles’ thighs. “You are fucking gorgeous,” Theo growls, somehow removing his eyes from the treasure that’s the human’s hard, lace covered cock to see flushed cheeked and open cupid’s bow lips. 


“Seriously,” Theo bats his hand away when Stiles tries to cover himself. The chimera lays on his stomach, sticking his tongue out to lick at the enticing bulge so beautifully wrapped. “You can never wears boxers again, that is- fuck,” Theo bites at his thigh, sucking a mark on the skin. “You tell me you’re leaving in a week and then let me see you like this? And I’m supposed to let you go?” He grabs at the plump flesh, trailing nips and licks towards the lace.

“What?” Stiles breathes out, his air getting caught in his throat.

“Like I’m ever going to get this out of my head,” Theo continues as though the human never spoke, too entranced by what’s before him. “As if anyone is supposed to compare to this,” he teases at Stiles’ balls and he moans around them. “Tell me you have lube,” Theo says, sliding the panties off, inhaling sharply as more arousal fills his nose. 

“Don’t need it,” Stiles whispers.

When Theo sees why, the rumble in his chest turns to a whine, “you’re killing me, Stiles. You were walking around with that all day?” The chimera gently tugs at the plug nestled inside Stiles’ hole, making him moan. Once the metal is out, the chimera tosses it on the bed, tearing his briefs away in his haste to bury himself inside. Continuing to mumble about how Stiles is leaving and he has to just let him go, spitting into his palm to lube his cock up. Pressing the head inside, Theo lets his old guise come out, fitting like a glove, “I guess I’ll just have to ruin you for anyone else.”

“Theo,” Stiles wraps his legs around the chimera’s waist to pull him in faster, moaning when he bottoms out on one thrust. 

“Make sure you want to come back,” Theo pulls his hips back, snapping them forward, “ need to come back to me.” The human’s scent twists to something sweeter, something almost as intoxicating as his arousal. Affection. “Fuck,” he growls, grabbing Stiles’ thighs to hold them higher, giving him a better angle to fuck into the human harder. Deeper. The harsh realization that maybe Stiles is the one that ruined him for anyone else stings more than a slap to the face would’ve. Go ahead and ask him if he cares.

“You could’ve-” Stiles cuts off in a moan, the chimera knowing good and well that he found the bundle of nerves he was searching for. Theo pounds into it relentlessly, making Stiles’ words clipped around his moans. “Could’ve told me sooner. Fuck! Theo, harder,” the human pleads, nails digging into the chimera’s shoulder blades. 

If he goes any harder, he’s going to lose control of his shift, so Theo pushes the human’s legs up to his chest. Bracing his arms on either side of Stiles’ head hoping the angle will appease him. His eyes flicker gold when the human grabs his face, bringing it inches from his own. “Theo,” Stiles pants, “you said you want to ruin me,” he grins, “so ruin me.” 

Shit. A growl rips out of his throat and his eyes bleed gold, “anything for you, babe,” Theo’s fangs drop from his gums and he thrusts with more strength. Stiles mouth drops in a moan, more like a scream, trying to push back against the chimera. God, he’s perfect. Theo can feel his orgasm pulling at his balls as the human’s scent and heart spike with his. “You smell so good, Stiles,” the chimera licks Stiles’ neck, inhaling the smell deep into his lungs. “So fucking good,” Theo thrusts harder, making the human cry out and his legs shake, warmth painting their chest as Stiles cums. “Perfect,” he growls, sinking his fangs into Stiles' neck. His hips stuttering at the clenching, wet hole coaxing his own release. Theo growls his moan into his bite, filling the other boy with his cum, slowing his thrusts to gentle Stiles through it before carefully pulling out and falling on his back beside the human.

“Well, you did it,” Stiles pants, curling into the chimera’s side and Theo happily opens his arms to let him cuddle as close as he’d like. Reveling in Stiles sliding a leg and arm over him, nuzzling his head on the chimera’s shoulder. “Totally ruined. For anyone. I’m just going to have to smuggle you to Virginia with me.” 

Theo stills the hand rubbing Stiles’ back the one holding his thigh squeezes, surely he’s too blissed out and heard the human wrong. “What?”

“We will find you a shelter near Quantico, but you’re coming with me.” Stiles props his chin on the chimera’s shoulder, “you should’ve found me when you came back, we could’ve planned this a lot sooner.” The human’s scent twists with worry and anxiety, “do you not want to come with me?”

“Of course I do,” Theo smirks, “so long as I get to help you pick out a new pair of panties. Something red,” he growls, eyes flashing gold at the mental image. 

“You mean like these?” Stiles grins, leaning over until he's practically straddling Theo again. The chimera is still hard and could slide back inside so easily. He does, can't help himself really and Stiles moans, reaching into the nightstand- of course he actually puts his clothes away in a hotel room- grabbing a lace thong and Theo chokes.

“Exactly like that.”

Chapter Text

“If you keep acting like a brat,” Theo pins him against his jeep by his hips, “I will fuck you in front of everybody. I don’t care if they stop to watch either.” His Alpha grips his throat, growling into his mate’s ear, “don’t test me, sweetheart.”

Always one to poke the bear, Stiles pushes against the coyote’s hold, “all I said was that-” the Alpha grips tighter, slightly cutting into the Omega’s air. The fox chuckles at the snarl, “you wouldn’t catch me if I ran from you.” Stiles just wanted to see if it would actually work with a coyote after hearing about what it did to Scott.

Apparently, Kira did it by accident. But the werewolf snapped and took her right in the middle of town. What Scott failed to tell him was that he Beta shifted. So, Stiles was a little shocked to see a red-eyed half shifted Theo slamming him into his car. 

“And how far did you make it, baby?” 

“About fifty feet out the door,” Stiles mumbles, he really did think he’d make it farther than the parking lot. At least into the woods.

“Exactly,” Theo kisses at his mark and the fox’s knees get a little weak. “So don’t push me, Stiles.” The Alpha pulls back, eyes still red but human features have returned. “And I’ll wait until we get home to fuck you. I know you don’t like when people can see.” Which is true. While it’s not uncommon to find mates having sex in public, it’s not something Stiles likes to partake in. The coyote’s face softens and Stiles almost appreciates the consideration.

But he’s too turned on from the hand on his throat and the way Theo’s thigh is rubbing between his legs. It’s making a steady trail of slick drench his boxers. Stiles doesn’t really care about the few people who have seen- and smelled- what’s happening. He always gets a rush when Theo gets possessive at home, it’s damn near thrilling they’d get to see he belongs to the coyote. 

So when the Alpha releases him and steps away, telling him, “get it the car,” he simply smiles sweetly, prepared to run. The fox makes it to the back of his jeep before Theo roars and pins him again, thigh finding its place between his legs like a mold carved just for him. “I warned you, little Omega.” There it is . The coyote claims his mouth in a dizzying kiss before spinning the fox to face his jeep. 

“I know,” Stiles gasps out a laugh, trying to regain his breath. “I guess I don’t care either,” turning to flash his blue eyes at his mate, “ Alpha .”

Growling, Theo pushes his hips harder into the Omega and Stiles moans from his cock rubbing against his ass. “I fucking love you.” The coyote pulls at the Omega’s lobe with his teeth, “give them a good show, baby.” The Alpha yanks his jacket and shirt off, laying them on the ground. Shredding Stiles’ pants away and jerking his boxers down, “you know what to do, sweetheart.” 

Humming as he bites his lip, the fox bends, exposing his leaking hole for his mate. Knowing he didn’t listen to Theo and pushed his Alpha’s buttons, the Omega won’t get the pleasure of his tongue today. One hand spreads his cheeks as the other pushes two fingers inside. “Alpha,” Stiles moans, instinctively moving his hips with the coyote.

It takes no time for the two to stretch him enough to add a third finger, hooking and spreading until they slide with ease. “You’re a brat,” Theo slaps his ass, ramming his fingers into the fox’s prostate, “but you’re still my good Omega.” Stiles keens at the praise, slick making the fingers inside him squelch. A quick glance back to the school shows the few stragglers have indeed stuck around.

But with the heat in his gut and the tingles reaching Stiles' toes, he really couldn't care less.

Whining when Theo pulls his fingers out, Stiles tries to clench around the digits. His Alpha thankfully seems as impatient as he is. The coyote pulls his pants down to his thighs, sinking inside the Omega in one swift thrust. Crying out from being beautifully full, Stiles pushes his ass back, not needing to adjust. Just wanting the Alpha to take

Yes, Stiles likes to be a brat on purpose.

Take he does. Theo’s claws bite into his hips and he leans down to sink his fangs into his mark, making the fox scream as the Alpha fucks into his mate relentlessly. Growling around the wound, the coyote laps the blood away, righting himself to thrust easier, pounding into the Omega’s prostate with perfect accuracy. The tingles shoot up his spine and fry Stiles’ brain leaving every thought of his Alpha and every word a moan for more.

The fox reaches for his own dick, desperately needing to cum with all of the sensations Theo’s giving him. But the Alpha slaps his hand away, “no.” The coyote pulls out, sitting down on his shirt and jacket, red eyes waiting for him. Stiles follows, arms on his mate’s shoulders he sinks on his cock with a broken moan. “You were a brat, sweetheart. Either you cum from my cock, or you don’t cum at all.” The Alpha grabs his chin, forcing eye contact, “understand?” 

“Yes, Alpha,” Stiles lifts up, sliding back down and the angle makes him keen. His Alpha told him to give them a show, so he steels himself and keeps himself in the feeling of his mate. The hands running up and down his thighs, claws grazing enough to sting. Or Theo’s cock having constant contact on his prostate that the Omega eagerly bounces on, his head falling back to bare his throat as he moans. 

It doesn’t take long for Theo to start to buck his hips up into his mate, “should I knot you in front of everyone, sweetheart?” Stiles moans louder, his Omega nature practically demanding it as he feels it start to swell. “How’s that sound, huh? I’ll breed you nice and round with my pups, baby, I promise.” 

“Please, Alpha,” Stiles whines, grinding against the coyote, the bundle of nerves coaxing his orgasm to a head. The thought alone has enough heat burning in his loins and the Omega cums with a cry, “Theo!” 

The Alpha works him through it, “such a good Omega, Stiles,” and with a last snap of his hips, his knot snags the rim, locking them in place as he fills his mate with his seed. Theo brushes the matted hair from the fox’s face, lovingly rubbing his cheeks. Breathlessly praising, “my sweet mate.” He leans in and rubs their noses- because the Omega loves it- making Stiles smile at the tenderness. “I love you, baby. Even when you’re a brat.” 

Chuckling softly, “I love you too. And you know I did it on purpose, right?” The Omega kisses his mate with a smile.

Huffing out a breath that’s almost a laugh, “of course I do, I know you too well.” Theo tucks Stiles into his neck and the fox nuzzles in instantly as his Alpha holds him. “Now rest and I’ll take you home soon.”

Chapter Text

“All you had to do was wait until we got home,” Brett growls, one hand closing the front door, the other tightly gripping the back of Stiles’ neck. “But no, you just had to tease me in front of the entire pack, didn’t you?” Brett directs Stiles upstairs to his room and he’s thanking everything that his dad is at work. 

“Like you actually care,” Stiles chuckles, having gotten the feistiness he’d wanted from his mate. 

His growl turns to a snarl as he yanks Stiles into the bedroom, pinning him to the wall by his throat. Red eyes burn at him, sending a delicious shiver down his spine. “I’m the Alpha now, Stiles,” Brett chastitzes him, “you’re lucky I didn’t fuck you in front of them to remind all of you.” 

“You should’ve,” Stiles grins, leaning into the palm on his throat, the wolf inside him rolling belly up.

“Don’t tease me, babe,” Brett’s voice ghosts over his ear as he licks the lobe, “it’s hard enough to control my wolf around you.” Red irises call to his gold, “even more when you challenge me like that.” The hand falls from his neck to card through his blonde hair. Taking a step back, the Alpha turns away from him inhaling deeply to settle himself.

Yeah, he’s not having that. Stiles pushed his buttons for a reason dammit. “You made me your Beta, Brett, your second in command,” the wolf reminds his mate. “I’m not breakable,” he grabs the Alpha’s shoulder, turning him around, “so stop trying to hold yourself back when we both know, you don’t have to. I mean,” the Beta takes a step back, shrugging, “I could run. Really challenge your wolf.”

“You do that,” Brett catches his wrist, glowing rubies shooting daggers at him, “and I’ll make sure you make it back to the pack.” The Alpha growls, pulling the other wolf close, grinding their hips together, “fuck you into submission in front of everyone.” 

“Sounds kinky,” Stiles licks along his mate’s pulse, nipping at the tan flesh with blunt teeth.

That was apparently the last straw for Brett. Snarling, the Alpha lifts him by his biceps, tossing him on the bed. Stiles has all of three seconds to process his mate yanking his own shirt and pants off before the wolf is shredding Stiles’ clothes away. 

“Hey!” The Beta squawks, “you got me that flannel for my birthday!” He watches with amber eyes as Brett rushes to tongue at one of his nipples.

“I’ll buy you a new one,” Brett mumbles against the nub, biting it while pinching the other. Stiles arches his back beneath the wolf, earning him a pleased rumble that vibrates his groin. The Alpha continues his trail, kissing and sucking marks down Stiles’ torso towards where it aches. Hard and throbbing for Brett. The Alpha spreads his legs, biting the plump flesh of his thigh and Stiles keens.

Hissing a breath as the wolf gives a teasing lick to his balls, “Brett,” Stiles whines. Trying so hard to move his hips against his mate’s tight hold. 

“You’re a brat, you know that?” The Alpha thrusts his tongue in the tight ring of muscle and Stiles growls his moan. “So needy, still open from last night,” Brett purrs, replacing his tongue with two fingers, hooking and spreading them wide. The Beta’s head falls back in a groan when Brett spits in his hole to get it slick enough to add a third. 

“Brett,” Stiles whimpers, curling his fingers in the wolf’s hair to get his fangs out of his thigh, “please.” He needs the Alpha buried inside him now. 

His eyes flash red, licking a strip up the Beta’s cock, making Stiles mewl and more precum bud. “You think you deserve my cock?” Brett works his fingers, teasing the bundle of nerves with inconsistent thrusts, but still building the heat inside Stiles like fire. 

“Please,” gold eyes meet his Alpha before exposing his throat. Both in submission and apology. 

With a lazy grin, the wolf purposefully jabs at his prostate, sucking the dripping liquid from Stiles’ cockhead. Engulfing his throbbing cock in the warmth of Brett’s mouth, he bobs his head in time with his fingers, flying the Beta towards the edge. Just as Stiles’ moans turn to short breaths, the wolf stops. Removing his fingers and taking Stiles’ cock out of his mouth. Stiles whines, his gut churning at the missed orgasm. 

When the Beta catches his breath, Brett goes back. Fucking his mate three fingers full and blowing him with fervor. Waiting until the other wolf’s heart picks up just enough before stopping altogether again. Stiles groans in frustration. “I’m not so sure you deserve to cum either, pup,” Brett’s green eyes darken.

A noise rips out of Stiles’ throat, something caught between disbelief and damn near irritation. He pushed the Alpha so they could have sex, so they could cum. But Brett is as devious as Stiles and he knows he’s in for it. “Brett,” the Beta’s eyes flick gold and he again bears his throat for the other wolf. “If you’re going to torture me, can you at least do it with your cock inside me, please?”

The Alpha chuckles, “I’m not torturing you, babe,” flashing him a grin with entirely too many teeth to be innocent. Or nice. But that’s okay because the wolf spits into his palm and lathers his cock up with red eyes and Stiles can’t look away. Brett grabs his thighs, raising the Beta’s legs to his chest and bottoms out in one harsh thrust. “Fuck,” he groans, and Stiles’ mouth falls in a moan. He doesn't get time to adjust. Claws dig into the Beta’s hips as the other wolf pounds into him, leaving him a wonton mess, Stiles’ own claws threatening to shred the bedding.

“Yes,” the Beta growls, golden irises shrinking with each thrust from his mate. Delicious heat pools in his gut again and the wolf reaches up to the Alpha’s face, dragging Brett down to kiss him hungrily. Their tongues slide together until Stiles is reduced once more to pants for breath, moaning into Brett’s mouth. So of course, the beautiful mother fucker stops. Again. Pulling out completely, gripping the base of Stiles’ cock, watching him feel like he’s going to fall apart. “Alpha,” Stiles growls, eyes burning violently gold, wet with frustrated tears. 

“Shh,” Brett gentles him, sliding back inside with a sinful sound that makes Stiles arch his back into the wolf, lacing his fingers in the Alpha’s hair. Brett cups his cheek, thumb swiping away the tear that escaped, picking up a punishing rhythm. “I love you,” the Alpha brushes their noses together, knowing it’s exactly what the other wolf needs to hear right now. To know that despite the mild punishment, he’s still Brett’s and that he’s here. A fact that will never change. 

His mind is reeling, gut aching and burning as the coil tightens inside Stiles faster than ever before. “I love you, too,” the Beta moans, digging his heels to meet Brett’s thrusts. “Please,” Stiles begs, unsure that he won’t physically snap in two if the wolf stops again, “please, Brett.” 

Fangs graze the thrumming flesh on his neck, “cum for me, pup,” Brett growls, sinking his teeth in the mark he left two years ago, wrapping his hand around Stiles’ severely aching cock. It takes all of three strokes and a swipe across the leaking slit for the Beta’s eyes to roll back. His orgasm forcing its way out, Stiles crying out as he paints their chest with thick, hot ropes. The clenching of his hole and his own fangs clamping around the matching mark on Brett’s neck as the Alpha growling out a moan, filling his mate with his seed. “You’re so good, baby,” the wolf kisses him softly before nuzzling into his neck. 

Lethargic arms wrap around the Alpha and Stiles hums, his mind buzzing with the aftershocks. Brett’s arms rub his sides and thighs, rumbling in his chest to calm his mate, keeping him close and safe. “That was definitely torture,” Stiles chuckles, “but I’m definitely annoying you like that again. Holy fuck.”

“I won’t take you home next time.”


Chapter Text

There’s a reason he went to Stiles over Mason. Other than the obvious note that the latter is with Corey. Nolan didn’t think that Stiles would judge him for his request either. Also the fact that he’s more experienced than Mason. Which is why when the time came that Nolan was tired of being a virgin, he knocked on Stiles’ door. At midnight.

“Nolan,” the other boy looks confused, holding the doorknob, “what are you doing here?” Stiles opens his door wider, gesturing to come in, “everything okay?”

Afraid to lose his nerve, Nolan walks in stopping at the stairs and just blurts it out, “I’m a virgin!”

Sputtering and opening and closing his mouth, Stiles replies, “okay. And?” He shakes his head, his confusion one hundred percent understandable. “Surely you didn’t come here just to tell me what I already know.”

“I’m tired of being one.”

“Okay,” he draws out the word, repeating, “and?” 

Nolan knows better though, wheels are turning in the older teen’s brain. Sighing, he runs his fingers through his hair, “and I- I want-” Nolan sighs again, the words refusing to roll off his tongue, clinging to his teeth.

“Let me guess,” Stiles pushes himself off the door, getting in his space. Nolan gasps at the sudden proximity. “You want me to change that?”

Nolan mumbles, “please,” pressing himself against the bannister, already half hard.


“Because you’re beautiful.” Stiles smiles at his words, proving Nolan’s point. “And I trust you. I-I know you’d take care of me and be gentle.” Isn’t that really all anyone ever wants for their first time? For it to be with someone they trust and won’t hurt them? 

“Do you even know if you’d rather top or bottom? Better yet, how old are you?”

“Sixteen,” he tells Stiles, hoping the three year gap won’t deter him. Stiles may be older, but he’s still technically a teenager too. “And both?” Nolan honestly hadn’t thought about it. He didn’t think he’d even get this far. 

Stiles seems to contemplate for a moment and Nolan gets nervous he’s going to turn him away. “Okay,” he says instead, “I’ll teach you.” The older boy puts a foot on the bottom stair, holding out his hand, “come on.”

Grabbing the offered hand, Nolan lets himself be led to Stiles’ room with a smile on his face. Once inside, the older teen releases him, resorting to digging in his dresser. Pulling a bottle of lube and two condoms, and a metal plug that makes the younger teen blush. He stares at the rubbers.

“Unless you’re having sex with a supernatural creature that can’t catch anything, always make sure you or your partner wrap it up. Got it?”

“I took sex-ed,” Nolan scoffs.

“Yeah, well, everyone thinks it won’t happen to them.” Stiles tosses the supplies on the bed, “it only takes once.” The older teen motions for him to come close and he lifts Nolan’s head before placing a kiss firmly on his lips. Nolan gasps despite himself and Stiles takes advantage to slip his tongue inside. The younger teen moans into the kiss and hopes he’s not as clumsy as he feels, fumbling with the waistband of the other boy’s sweats.

Smiling, Stiles breaks the kiss, yanking his shirt off. Regaining function in his brain, Nolan strips away his jeans watching with lust blown eyes as Stiles pulls his down, showing he wasn’t wearing any boxers. Moving on instinct, he drops to his knees, licking at the older boy’s leaking shaft. He’s given blow jobs before, it’s more to placate his nerves and make sure Stiles enjoys this too.

Sighing, the older teen grabs the back of his head, almost petting him. “Fuck,” he hisses when Nolan takes him as far as he can manage, playing with his balls. “Come here,” Stiles gently pulls his hair to bring Nolan into a bruising kiss. All tongue and lip biting.

Gaining some courage, Nolan walks them until the older teen’s legs hit his bed. Stiles wraps his arms around Nolan and pulls the younger teen on top of him. “Have you ever played with yourself? Or used a toy?” Stiles asks.

Settling between Stiles’ hips, “I’ve never used a toy before, but I’ve fingered myself,” Nolan admits. 

Reaching his hand up, Stiles grabs the back of the other boy’s neck for another kiss. “Good. It’s basically the same thing, you just do it to someone else. And with a better angle.”

“Oh, I’m doing you first?”

“If you cum from me fucking you, you won’t be able to return the favor.” Stiles glances to the side, “I have a plug, I could prep you first, use it to keep you stretched.” The older teen drops his voice, lifting to lick Nolan’s neck, “then I could just slide right in after.”

His brain freezes for a second. “O-okay, yeah, that.” Nolan knew coming to Stiles would be a good idea. It’s always the quiet ones like them that end up saying the best things. Nolan is so hard it hurts. He’s on his back before Stiles even moves yet, jerking his boxers off. His dick bobs out of its confines, smearing precum on his stomach. 

“How often?” Stiles asks, popping the lube and warming it on his finger before sitting up. Nolan flushes, embarrassed to answer. “Nolan,” the older boy drawls, rubbing the ring of muscle, “how often?”

“Every other day,” he whispers, looking away as he bites his lip. 

“Fantastic,” Stiles pushes two fingers inside rather than one and the younger teen moans loudly, his legs falling farther apart at the little to no resistance from his body. “Tell me if it’s too much,” the older boy spreads his fingers, coaxing his hole to stretch for him. It burns as Stiles adds a third, Nolan breathes deeply to calm himself down, knowing it will pass in no time. “Good job,” Stiles purrs, hooking and twisting his fingers before pulling them out.

Heavy blue eyes watch the older teen coat the plug with lube. Nolan’s irises shrink to all consuming black as the toy works its way inside and he moans, “Stiles.”

“I know,” the older boy chuckles, “it’s uh, it’s a vibrator too if you’re interested.” He’s nodding wildly before he fully processes the request. “Once you’re inside me we’ll turn it on.” Stiles lays on his back and reaches out for the other boy. “I shouldn’t need much, I was late to the pack meeting for a reason.”

Moving carefully because every shift presses the metal against something delicious that makes Nolan gasp, he takes the offered tube and latheres his fingers. He’s surprised when one finger slides in with so much ease that he immediately adds a second, making Stiles moan and grip the sheets. Knowing it helps him, Nolan palms at the older boy’s ass, massaging the skin before a third finger joins the others and he twists and spreads them. Listening to Stiles’ gasps and moans as a sign to keep going. 

“Okay, that’s good, Nolan,” Stiles tells him, grabbing the condom for the older boy. “I’m ready.” 

Gently pulling his fingers out, Nolan rips open the condom, sliding it over his leaking shaft and grabbing the lube just to be safe. Stiles lifts his legs up as the younger teen gets closer, positioning himself against the stretched, wet hole. Slowly, Nolan inches himself inside, huffing out a gasp when balls deep. Stiles reaches around and clicks the button and the younger teen’s eyes roll back at the vibration. Afraid to move, the warmth and tightness surrounding his cock is intense even with a rubber. 

“Nolan,” Stiles grips his arms that are digging into the mattress. “You can move,” he says, rubbing the skin soothingly.

“If I move,” Nolan whispers, shaking as the plug teases that bundle of nerves again, “I’m gonna cum.”

“That’s pretty normal, Nolan,” Stiles assures him, grinding his hips down and the younger teen moans. “Think I lasted all of thirty seconds my first time. Just go until you can’t.” He moves his hips again, tightening his hole around Nolan’s cock.

Taking a deep breath, Nolan pulls back until he’s almost out, sliding forward slowly, moaning a groan. “Fuck,” he hisses, picking up his pace as pleasure pools in his gut quickly than his hand ever could do. Stiles’ moans encourage him more and Nolan thrusts faster, his toes tingling and he gets closer to the edge. “I-I’m gonna cum,” he grunts, trying to keep his hips moving for the older boy’s enjoyment, but his words throw him over the edge.

“Good, cum for me, Nolan,” Stiles moans, pulling the other boy down for a sloppy kiss. 

Nolan moans into the older boy’s mouth, shooting his load into the rubber as his hips still. “Holy shit,” he pants into Stiles’ neck, as he carefully pulls out. Taking the condom off and dropping it in the trash between the bed and the desk.

“Are you sure about this?” Stiles asks as Nolan lays on his back, turning off and pulling the toy out, discarding it on the mattress. “We don’t have to.”

“I’m sure,” he reaches for the older boy, pulling his close, “I want you, Stiles.” 

The older boy smiles and it makes Nolan blush, “okay,” Stiles says, opening the other condom and rolling it on his cock, “tell me to stop if it’s too much.” Nolan nods and the older teen presses the head inside and he’s thanking everything for the plug or this would have been too intense to handle. Stiles keeps inching forward in short thrusts until their thighs touch and he’s rubbing the younger teen’s sides, caressing him until he’s able to catch his breath and get used to feeling so full. “Okay?”

“Yeah,” Nolan gasps and the older boy pulls his hips back, sliding forward almost too slowly. “More, is-it’s too slow. More, please,” he pleas, the consideration is great, but it’s somehow making it harder to breathe and keep himself calm. Chuckling, Stiles pulls back to the tip and slams his hips forward and Nolan shouts as he does it again. But it feels so fucking good and he can feel his body relax. “I’m fine, Stiles, please. Harder.”

“Okay,” Stiles says, thrusting harder and faster until he jabs that sweet spot again and the younger teen cries out, sparks bursting behind his pinched eyes. Moaning for more as the older boy grunts, leaning down for a bruising kiss. All teeth and tongue fighting together until they’re dancing. Gliding together until Nolan is so focused on the other boy’s mouth that his body relaxes further, allowing Stiles to thrust faster. Railing into the bundle of nerves with a purpose. 

Nolan didn’t even realize he was hard again until he’s shooting pearly ropes on his stomach and moaning, “Stiles.” Utterly blissed out and high on the older teen. 

A few pointed thrusts later and the older boy’s hips jerk to a stop, filling the rubber with his own release. Pushing the matted strands out of Nolan’s face and kissing him softly as he pulls out. “I’ll be right back,” Stiles kisses his temple, taking the used condom and tossing it in the bin by his bed. He gets up and pads out of his room, coming back with a washcloth. Stiles gently cleans him off with the warm fabric and Nolan goes to reach for his boxers. “Hold on,” the older boy says, getting under the covers and pulling him close. “I’m not going to make you leave, Nolan.” 

A blush paints his cheeks down to his neck at the older boy’s consideration, “thanks.” Nolan snuggles closer, eyes growing heavy as the tingling sensation starts to ebb away. Falling asleep in Stiles’ arms actually feeling cared for. Glad that he chose someone so perfect for his first time.

Chapter Text

Stiles didn’t used to go to clubs that often. Aside from the time that he and Scott went to Jungle to find the kanima. But that wasn’t really going so much as just being there. But after his boyfriend dumped him for apparently being too clingy, Stiles goes quite often. At least being a fox, he can sniff out the creeps and the liars. He never thought he’d be the type to have one night stands, but let's just say his number has grown quite a bit in the last two weeks.

It made him feel a little dirty at first, because Stiles does enjoy actually getting to know people and really likes being in a relationship. But something about not knowing who the person really is- most of the time he didn’t care enough to even get their names- makes things so much easier for Stiles. He’s nursing a heartbreak still, and if there’s one thing that Lydia taught him it’s that there’s plenty of people willing to make a guy like him feel better. Evidently it strokes their hero complex. 

Nothing is really expected from him and it feels really good to have a warm body in his bed again. So Stiles goes to Nocturnal, the gay club closest to his apartment in the city. Yeah, Nocturnal is a bit on the nose for a night club, but hey, it gets the job done and the bartenders are genuinely nice. One named Josh has sat there and listened to all of his problems the first few days he went until even the raiju- they smelled each other right off the bat- convinced him to try and play the field too.

So here he is again, at his usual spot at the corner of the bar closest to the door. Just because he can smell the assholes doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had to flee one or two of them. The son of a cop is nothing if not practical. Stiles decided to keep it simple tonight, just a nice maroon v neck and khaki skinny jeans. Not entirely sure if he wants to try and pick someone up tonight or even entertain someone hitting on him, but at least Stiles looks nice if he decides to change his mind. 

“Here you go,” Josh slides him a glass of what looks like rum and coke with a smile. 

His eyebrows pull together and Stiles glances at his half full bloody mary, “I didn’t order that.” 

“I know,” the raiju winks at him, pushing the drink closer until Stiles takes it, “he did.” Josh points at the other corner of the bar and holy fuck. 

Probably the hottest guy Stiles has ever seen, raises his glass towards him with a smirk. No one should be allowed to look that good with a fucking smirk on their face. Neither should his brown hair that flops in front of his gorgeous blue eyes. His jawline that looks absolutely killer and a nose that’s just adorable. 

But the fox isn’t stupid, “you know I don’t accept drinks, Josh.” Stiles may be a supernatural creature, but he learned the hard way that roofies actually have an effect on him. “Tell him I said thanks though.”

Josh laughs, “it’s okay, Stiles. I made the drink myself and brought it straight to you. He never touched it.” There’s a twinkle in his eye that can be nothing but mischievous. “He’s also my Alpha, so on a level of trust and safety, I think you’re okay.” 

Stiles slides the bloody mary towards the bartender with a small smile. It’s gotten too warm to be enjoyable anymore anyways. Seemingly proud of himself, Josh takes the red drink and works on cleaning it. Lifting the new drink in hand, the fox turns towards Josh’s Alpha with a smile, raising the glass before taking a sip. Either the guy is trying to butter him up, or the raiju told him that this is Stiles’ favorite drink. Whatever the case, it tastes good and he’s glad to have a cold drink again. 

“Hi,” a deep, damn near sultry voice rings in his ear, “I guess he was telling me the truth then.” 

Turning in his stool, the Alpha has moved to the empty spot to Stiles’ left. “Yeah, number one choice actually.” On close inspection this guy is even more gorgeous than the fox thought. Guess he’s made his decision on taking someone home tonight. 

The Alpha leans in and drops his voice to where only Stiles can hear, “so what’s a guy gotta do to take a gorgeous fox like you home?” Direct. He likes that. A lot. 

Chuckling through his nose, the fox takes a hearty swing from his glass before setting it down, toying with the rim. “As bad as it sounds,” Stiles faces him again, “not much.” 

He either looks impressed or maybe surprised. But then his head cocks to the side just a touch and his eyebrow rises, “sounds to me like someone broke your heart.” The Alpha scoots over as far as the bolted stool will allow, spreading his legs so their thighs touch, “I bet I could take your mind off of it. Make you feel better.” 

An offer like that from lips like those? Please, Stiles didn’t even need to be asked. “Taking my mind off of it and making me feel better are two different things,” his nostrils flare on their own and the scent of arousal and something damn near close to admiration seeps from the other guy’s pores. And the familiar scent of his high school girlfriend. He’s a coyote. The familiarity is actually nice.

“We’ll see about that,” the Alpha stands up from his stool with his palm out, “what do ya say? I’m all for a good challenge.”

Narrowing his eyes at the coyote with a grin, Stiles takes the offered hand, “I guess I’d like to see you try.” The Alpha smirks with just a hint of teeth and it makes his knees a little weak. The pair walk hand in hand through the crowd of people to get to the exit.

Just as the coyote opens the door, Josh’s voice rings through their ears, “you better treat him right.” 

Stiles had opened his mouth to speak, but it seems as though he wasn’t the one the raiju was talking to. Because the Alpha answers, “don’t worry, I intend to.” 


The walk to his apartment is short and was done in relative silence. Like he said, Stiles doesn’t really care to know much about them anymore. He doesn’t know if he’s ready to handle another relationship yet. But if this guy is hell bent on trying to ‘make him feel better’ whatever the hell that means, the fox will let him try. It’s not like the fox can deny the guy is sex on two legs. And he smells so fucking good. Lilies, chocolate, and the woods after it rains. It’s going straight to his fox and making it yip inside and roll belly up. 

Which he is pointedly choosing to ignore the fact that that's never happened before.

Inside the apartment, Stiles locks the door behind them, “did you want a drink or anything?” Yeah, they’re both just looking for sex, but his dad raised him better than that. You invite someone into your home, you offer sustenance. 

“No, I’m okay,” the Alpha says, taking his jacket off and draping it on one of the dining room chairs. Stiles is also pretending like he doesn’t enjoy watching the simple, mundane act. Demanding that his fox realize that this is just sex and nothing more. The fox was still taking his shoes off by the time the Alpha reached him by the door. “There’s time for that later,” the coyote presses their bodies together just as his second shoe hits the wood floor, “I believe I promised to take your mind off things.” 

Something dangerously close to a squeak pushes past his lips as the Alpha grabs his legs and hoists them around his waist. Stiles barely has enough time to grab onto the coyote’s shoulders before their mouths connect, the Alpha sliding his tongue along his bottom lip. Every nerve set ablaze when their tongues collide, fighting for dominance until he submits to the Alpha before him. His fingers slide up to the brown strands and tug just enough to feel it, to sting a little to let him know that Stiles is okay with it not being so gentle. 

The coyote breaks their kiss, leaving Stiles breathless and struggling to open his eyes, “I’m Th-” the fox cuts him off with two fingers pressing against his lips. The Alpha nips at them with a dark sheen in his blue eyes.

“I don’t need to know your name,” not if you don’t stick around . But he doesn’t add that part. Stiles has started to acclimate himself to one night stands. It’s better to not know their names. Even less of a chance to get attached. 

The other guy just chuckles, kicking off his shoes and grabs at his ass making Stiles groan. The Alpha’s eyes flash red and the fox can’t help but shine blue in response, “I just thought you might like to know what to scream.” Anything the fox might’ve said to that is silenced by the Alpha’s tongue slipping past his lips once more.

Stiles is well past dizzy when the coyote starts to walk them towards the hallway, mouthing at his neck to not trip. His voice cuts through a moan from the hard nip at his neck, “this one,” the fox grabs his door handle in time to open for the Alpha to walk them inside. The coyote sets him on the bed and puts an arm behind his head to take his shirt off. Holy fuck. Stiles doesn’t get much of a chance to drink him in before the Alpha crawls on top of him and his legs spread to let the other man settle between. 

Fingers curl in the hem of his shirt and Stiles wiggles around to help get it off. “ Shit ,” the Alpha growls, lunging forward to trace his tongue all along the fox’s torso. Stiles moans as warmth encases his nipple and a bite pebbles it to the surface. “So perfect,” the coyote groans, abusing the other bud just as much and Stiles’ back arches into his mouth, the Alpha’s blunt nails pinching into his sides. His fox is positively preening at being called perfect, Stiles crushes the thought at the fact that this isn’t happening again. 

Strangers aren’t meant to speak again.

“Hope they’re not your favorite,” the coyote murmurs into his neck after sucking another mark. His fox overjoyed that because this is an Alpha and not a human they’ll actually be able to last for a little bit. Stiles’ face twists for a fraction of a second and then his pants and boxers are torn away and the shreds get discarded to the carpet. God, he’s really missed sleeping with other supernatural creatures. 

A grin pulls at the corner of his mouth and Stiles runs his hands along the coyote’s abs, sliding down to his belt, “not at all.” He needs the Alpha to be in much less clothing, wishing he had been smart enough to prep himself before leaving. The fox manages to make his fingers work properly and undoes his belt and button, shoving the pants down hard enough to make the other guy chuckle at his haste. 

Leaning back to get his pants and boxers off, the Alpha’s eyes flash red and Stiles expects him to come back up. But he doesn’t. His hands cup the underside of the fox’s thighs, lifting them to his chest and spreading them wider. A soft growl ripples through his chest and the Alpha settles on his stomach, inching closer to the right ring of muscle. The warm breath against his inner thigh makes Stiles shiver. Finally, the Alpha’s tongue teases his hole and Stiles’ hips grind down on their own accord which only makes the coyote growl louder. It’s a pleased sound that has his fox wanting to purr if he wasn’t moaning so loudly at the intrusion of a finger beside the tongue. 

One hand still on his thigh grips and slides along the pale, mole speckled flesh. It’s a comfort and it’s hot and Stiles can’t fucking think straight. A hand fumbles with the middle drawer of his nightstand, securing the bottle of lube, Stiles drops it beside the Alpha. Another chuckle pulls from the coyote’s lips as he leans back, red eyes watching himself add another finger. Popping open the lube, the Alpha coats his fingers before twisting and spreading them, coaxing the tight muscle to give way to a third. 

Stiles moans, grinding his hips harder, feeling full, but nowhere near as much as he’d like to. "Fuck, more," the fox moans, "I need more." But the Alpha doesn't listen, only thrusts his fingers faster and wraps his mouth around Stiles' cock. "Oh my god," his groan cuts off into a whine when the coyote jabs that bundle of nerves and growls around the cockhead every time it goes in his throat. If he keeps going like that- the fox's back arches and he cums hard with a cry, shooting his release down the Alpha’s throat. 

He hums as he pulls off with a pop, eyes flickering red, "delicious," the coyote rumbles in his chest. Taking his fingers out, the Alpha opens the lube again and Stiles watches with blown blue eyes as he slicks his cock and presses against his hole. Rubbing and teasing the ring of muscle and the fox mewls, trying to push his hips down, but the grip on his hip is too tight to move. Stiles has really, really missed being with supernatural creatures. Deciding to end the spine tingling torture his arms bracket the fox's sides, the Alpha thrusts forward hard, bottoming out in one motion. 

Hands scramble to the coyote's biceps as Stiles' moan punches out of his chest. Finally as full as he needed to be, the fox wiggles his hips, he's never been a patient being and is more than adjusted. Stiles groans when the Alpha pulls out all the way to the tip just to slam his hips back forward. "Fuck," the coyote nips at his knee to stifle his moan, "you feel so fucking good," the Alpha does it again, making the fox's eyes roll back. 

"Speak for your- oh, fuck," Stiles growls through his moan when the Alpha keeps his motion, but quickens his pace with each thrust until he's pounding into the fox. Every inhale sounds like a whine and every exhale is a moan. "Fuck," Stiles draws out the word on a high moan. Losing control of his fangs, his claws pinch into the coyote’s arms and he growls. 

The Alpha hooks his hands under the fox's knees to push them to his chest, the angle has each thrust railing into his prostate and the heat pooling in his gut turns to a burn. His brain can only seem to focus on the thrusts making him dizzy, the claws digging into his thighs, and the perfect glowing red eyes hovering over him. This guy is so perfect it's kind of unfair that he won't get to do this again. The coyote leans down for a bruising kiss, taking the last of Stiles' breath and brain cells before lifting up and switching to a punishing rhythm that has the fox seeing stars. 

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Stiles pants out his moans, so fucking close to falling apart. "You're so fucking good. You-" 

The Alpha leans in, sucking another mark on the fox's neck before whispering, "Theo," and biting at his lobe. 

"Theo!" Stiles screams, the change in position having his still hard, leaking cock rubbing against the Alpha's abs. "S-Stiles," the fox manages to get out with his limited air supply. 

Growling out a groan, Theo wraps his hands around the fox's waist, moving enough to lean on his ankles and fuck into Stiles even harder. "I told you you'd want to know what to scream, babe." 

Thinking and speaking are not functions Stiles possesses right now, all he can do is moan the Alpha's name wantonly like it's a goddamn prayer for salvation. "Theo, Theo, please," the fox tries to meet the thrusts as best as he can, the assault to the bundle of nerves sending tingles to his curling toes. 

"Come on Stiles," Theo grunts, his hips staggering, but no less powerful, "cum for me, babe." 

His toes dig into the mattress with how hard Stiles' back arches in the coyote’s hands, succumbing to the sensation pooling inside of him until it explodes. The fox's mouth opens in a cry, "Theo," and his hot pearly ropes decorate their torsos that the coyote leans down to lick off. 

A few jagged thrusts later and the Alpha's eyes bleed red, growling his moan he spills his own thick release into Stiles' fluttering hole. Panting, Theo pulls out and flops on the bed beside the fox, curling him close to his chest. Stiles doesn't cuddle with the people he takes home. Ever. He kicks them out before they get the chance. 

"You don't have to stay," the fox whispers, his voice too rough to speak at a normal volume. Though, he weirdly wants him to stay. 

Theo chuckles and rubs his nose along the nape of Stiles' neck, holding tighter. "Oh I'm staying," the Alpha nips his shoulder, "we're doing that again in the morning and then we're going to breakfast together."

Chapter Text

Stiles can tell by the phone call he just had with his mate that Peter did not have a good business trip. The Omega looks around their room wildly, seeing the dildo that had been in his ass not even twenty minutes prior laying on their bed taunting him. His Alpha wasn’t supposed to be back for at least another day with his trip being several states away. The wolf is going to be pissed and it’s too late to try and hide the evidence. “Shit!” The fox curses under his breath hearing the front door unlock. Nothing to do but accept his fate. He broke the rules.

“Sweetheart,” Peter calls, voice saccharine and the Omega knows the wolf can already smell it. Stiles hastily throws one of his Alpha’s v necks on so he’s not just in his boxers, joining him in the foyer. The wolf has already removed his blazer and tie, working on rolling the sleeves of his crisp, white dress shirt to his elbows. 

“Hi, Alpha,” the fox bears his throat. Maybe the immediate submission will stave his punishment. Even though his cock is hardening again from smelling and seeing his Alpha for the first time in a week. Slick dripping at the thought of a firm hand on his backside. The wolf opens his arms, beckoning him over. “I missed you, Peter,” he melts into the embrace, purring into his mate.

“Too much it seems,” the Alpha sucks his teeth as he wraps the fox in his arms. “I came home early because I missed you too, sweet boy. But you just couldn’t wait, could you?” Peter grips the back of his neck, forcing eye contact. 

“You weren’t here and I needed you,” the Omega whines, knowing how much his mate likes to hear that. Especially when it’s the truth. 

“Had you called,” The Alpha turns him, directing Stiles towards the couch, “it would have been okay, sweetheart.” Peter sighs, sitting on the couch, “I wanted to come home and cherish you, not punish you. But you know you have to ask before you play with yourself.” Stiles whimpers, exposing his neck again. “Be a good boy for me and I’ll still worship you after, okay?” The fox lights up at the idea. “Over my knee, sweet boy.”

Kneeling on the cushion beside the wolf, Stiles braces himself on Peter’s thigh, laying over the Alpha’s legs. His mate helps him settle until his cock is pressing into the side of the wolf’s thigh. “I’m sorry, Alpha,” Stiles murmurs into the cushion, holding onto it and his mate’s leg.

“I know you are, sweetheart,” Peter purrs, sliding the Omega’s briefs down to his knees. “I know it’s hard on you when I’m gone,” he puts his warm hand on Stiles’ ass, rubbing the pale flesh. “Which is why I’ll take it a little easy on you. Only ten and I want you to count them, understand?”

“Yes, Alpha,” Stiles says when the hand moves away, leaving him cold. “Thank you, Peter,” he tells his mate. As far as Alphas go, he won the lottery. Peter has only one rule and doesn’t make him wear a collar in public. Or share him with other Alphas like he’s some toy like many others do. Showing appreciation for the consideration of a light punishment is nothing. Other Omega’s have it much worse. He’s grateful for such an amazing mate.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. You know I’d take you with me if I could,” Peter holds him down by his shoulders, rubbing sweetly for a moment. “Don’t lose count,” the wolf instructs and his hand cracks against the left cheek, the fox squirming at the sting.

“One,” another swat to the right side and the wolf rubs the skin, “two.”

Two harder hits on either side in quick succession make the Omega jolt. His cock rutting against his mate. “Three, four,” Stiles huffs when the friction isn’t enough.

“Keep going, sweet boy,” one more on the same side makes Stiles moan five . “Are you enjoying yourself?” Peter reaches a finger down, teasing his leaking hole, “you are ,” the Alpha growls and the fox can feel his dick growing hard in his slacks. 

“Six,” the Omega whines, the sting turning to a burn. His ass is no doubt a beautiful shade of red, pebbled with gooseflesh.

“Such a good Omega,” the wolf rumbles, pushing two fingers inside, brushing the bundle of nerves. Just as the fox moans, trying to push back, Peter takes them out, slapping the sensitive globes twice. The slick makes it burn that much more.

“S-seven,” Stiles gasps, his eyes threatening to spill, “eight.” The Omega’s cock is throbbing, soaking his mate’s slacks with an obscene amount of precum. 

The last two are the worst, they always are and the fox bites the cushion in anticipation. Pointless really as two of the hardest cracks hit each cheek swiftly. “Nine! Ten!” He cries out, whining as the wolf rubs the abused skin. 

“Very good, sweetheart,” Peter coos, lifting the fox up and wiping his tears away. “Come here, Stiles,” the Alpha frees his own cock, sliding the Omega on it, his slick making it effortless as he moans. “Now for your reward, my sweet mate,” Peter brings him in for a kiss, immediately starting a harsh rhythm.

His reward was Peter reminding him that he loves and appreciates his Omega even when he disobeys. All while knotting Stiles twice. Finishing their reunion with a shared bubble bath, a massage, and cuddles. Maybe it’s not so bad to be punished by his Alpha. Don’t tell on him, but maybe Stiles sometimes does it on purpose.

Chapter Text

It was nearly six by the time Theo finally heard from Stiles. He knows that Thursday's are practice days, but still. His boyfriend usually texts him by now that he's at least on his way over. The chimera was honestly starting to worry that the death trap of a jeep actually got Stiles hurt. 

He was half right. 

The exact text was:

Been fighting with my baby for half an hour now. I can't get her to start, can you come pick me up, please?

Theo likes to think he's a pretty decent boyfriend. He got his Alpha spark courtesy of the Dread Doctors and Stiles is not only in his pack, but his. The chimera has zero problem letting his real heart show to Stiles. In Theo's opinion, his boyfriend is the only one who deserves to know it even exists. An argument could be made that Josh and Corey do too, but that's different. Stiles is the only one who needs to know how nice he can be. 

Which means he can never really deny Stiles anything. And what asshole would leave their boyfriend stranded like that? Not Theo, that's for sure. So he gets in his truck and heads for the school. 

When he pulls up to the lot, there's maybe ten cars left in the parking lot aside from the jeep. But Stiles is nowhere to be found. Inhaling sharply, the chimera lets his senses find his boyfriend. As the trail leads him closer and closer to the locker room, Theo's ears pick up a heartbeat that is all too familiar. 

It's a touch more erratic than normal though and then a small moan cuts through the shower and Theo stills. His hand hovering over the handle while he desperately tries to make sure Stiles is alone. There's a few other heartbeats echoing in his ears, but not close enough to be in there too. Sneaky little fox. Theo knows the nogitsune is gone, but he lives for the shiver the name receives. 

Ever so slowly the chimera opens the door, grinning like an idiot. Once inside and the door softly clicks shut, Theo is punched in the gut with the heady scent of arousal. Strong contender with Stiles' happiness as his favorite smell. Feather light feet carry him towards the shower and it takes everything the Alpha has to not pounce on the sight before him. 

On all fours with his head tucked on the floor, Stiles is slowly working a vibrator in his ass. Gasping sweet, little breaths at every inch and Theo's cock twitches in his jeans. The chimera loves how needy Stiles is. The vibrator finally rests fully inside him and his boyfriend’s legs tremble. No doubt having found the bundle of nerves the Alpha loves to tease. 

Careful not to make too much noise, Theo weaves through the lockers to get closer. The scents and sounds are going straight to his dick and reddening his vision. Stiles' eyebrows pinch together, his mouth falling open in a beautiful moan as he moves the toy inside him. The chimera palms at the now painful tent in his pants, watching his boyfriend fuck himself. 

A growl ripples through his chest before the Alpha can stop it and Stiles grins around a moan. "I was wondering when you were going to get here." Stiles moans as he thrusts the toy faster, "are you going to lurk in the shadows the whole time?" His breath hitches, "or do I get to see who I'm giving a show to?" 

"What if it wasn't me, little fox?" Stiles groans at his words and Theo steps into the open, sitting on the bench closest to the showers. He folds his hands between his knees, leaning forward with red eyes. 

Stiles chuckles, stilling the silicone, the buzzing increasing, “I thought you would like the thrill of knowing anyone could walk in.” 

“I do,” Theo growls at the idea that Stiles did this for him. For the sole purpose of the Alpha’s enjoyment. “Thank you, baby,” he sits up straight, red eyes burning into the human’s blown amber ones. The ache in his own crotch has started to throb. It takes a few hard strokes of his boyfriend’s wrist and Stiles’ loud moan for Theo to finally tend to himself.

“Are you going to touch yourself, Alpha ?” Stiles groans as he pushes the vibrator deep inside and his legs shake again. 

Theo rumbles in his chest as he pulls his own cock out of his jeans. Every single time Stiles calls him that while they’re having sex is exhilerating. Something the chimera never knew he wanted to hear until it was moaned through cupid’s bow lips. “I am, little fox. You’re putting on quite the show, I’d hate for it to go to waste.”

Bitten lips hide a smile as Stiles hums, eyes blowing out while Theo spits into his palm. “Holy fuck, you’re hot,” his eyes clamp shut as the vibrator goes deeper. Stiles fucking into himself harder. Faster as his breath comes out in little gasps.

The Alpha can’t help the moan that falls from his mouth as he starts to stroke himself. Completely lost in the sight of his boyfriend’s hole greedily pulling the toy back in. “You look so good like that, Stiles.” The chimera growls, his thumb swiping along his leaking slit. “What were you thinking about, baby?”

“You,” Stiles moans, which only has Theo growling again. “I thought about you coming in here and fucking me.” His boyfriend groans, the arousal in his scent spiking higher when he lustfully chuckles, “after I sucked your cock first.” The Alpha can smell Stiles getting closer, he is too at this point if he’s being honest. “Theo,” his breath shakes as much as his legs, “please come fuck me.”

The Alpha inhales sharply, knowing he’s not once been able to deny Stiles anything . Although, Theo’s still a shithead at heart and Stiles squirms so beautifully when teased. “Oh no, sweetheart,” the chimera pumps faster, “you wanted to let me watch.” His boyfriend whimpers, muttering another plea. “You sound so sweet, little fox. Are you gonna cum for me?”

“Theo,” Stiles gasps, fucking himself faster than ever, each exhale a wanton moan.

“Come on, Stiles,” Theo rolls his wrist in time with his boyfriend, pleasure welling hotly in his core. “Cum while you think about me fucking your tight ass.” Stiles starts to pant, but Theo isn’t done with him, “Nice and deep too, just how you like it until you’re screaming my name.” The Alpha chuckles around a moan, teetering on the edge. “I love when you beg for more. To let go and sink my fangs in your gorgeous neck. Maybe I will next time, how’s that sound, baby?”

“Alpha,” Stiles cries out as he cums, the shower washing his pearly ropes down the drain.

Quickly getting to his feet, Theo growls deep in his chest. Watching Stiles fall apart like that flew him right over the edge of his orgasm and his load paints the tile floor. The Alpha grabs one of the towels to clean himself off, and tucking back into his jeans. Stiles groans as the vibration ceases and the toy is removed, he carefully moves into a seated position.

“Thank you for the surprise, baby.” Theo steps closer, drinking in the sight of his thoroughly debauched boyfriend. 

“You,” Stiles points at him with a lopsided grin, squinting an eye from the water, “are so welcome.”

“Tell me something,” the chimera hoovers above the spray, leaning down enough to see Stiles despite his ducked chin. “Did you bring your plug with you too?”

“Yes,” Stiles smells embarrassed. It’s kind of cute. 

“Good,” Theo smirks, eyes flashing red as he growls low in his throat. “Put it in, I’m fucking you when we get home.” 

Amber eyes blow wide once more instantly.

Chapter Text

Scott was out to get him, Stiles was sure of it. The wolf knows how hard it is for Stiles to control himself around Theo. He is head over heels for the chimera- like an idiot. Stiles has never had an issue controlling his heartbeat around supernatural creatures. Until the damn thing decided to attach itself to the chimera. So what does Scott think is the best thing to do? Always assign Stiles for late night patrols with Theo. Every. Fucking. Time.

Tonight they’re trekking through the preserve trying to find any signs of the dark fae. It’s been luring people into the woods, seducing them with their hearts desires. Much like that of a succubus, but it’s the chase the fae enjoys. Hence the preserve. Stiles doesn’t even know what sex pollen is supposed to look like. But apparently that’s what the fae uses to hypnotize their prey. Once they’ve inhaled it and see the object of their affection, they go into a frenzy until they have sex. Or you know, in this case, get murdered by a fae. 

“It would help if I knew what to look for,” Theo exaggeratingly sighs walking beside Stiles. “Could you try and be more careful?” The chimera grabs his wrist, jerking him to the side before Stiles trips over a large root. 

Yanking his arm back, Stiles shoves his hands back in his hoodie pocket, “or just let me fall next time,” he snaps. Sarcasm will always be his number one defense. That and his snark. “Just because I’m human doesn’t mean I need training wheels.”

Thanks to his glowing eyes, Stiles sees Theo’s eye roll, “I never said that you needed training wheels. But I did tell you that I’ll always-”

“-look out for me. I know.” Why do you think I like you in the first place? Stiles huffs, pulling out his phone to check the time. It’s nearly midnight. “This is pointless, let’s just go. Theo?” The chimera is just gone. “Theo!” Stiles calls, looking around wildly, the full moon only doing so much for his sight. 

“Over here,” his voice trails in the wind and Stiles spots two gold eyes. Once he reaches the crouched chimera, Theo points, “I think I found the pollen.”

Small dark purple flowers with fuzzy lilac spores litter the ground in too fine of a circle to not have been planted. “I think you’re right,” one of the flowers trembles. The wind has stopped. “Theo, I don’t think you should be so close.” The second Stiles reaches out for the chimera the buds burst, sending specks of purple pollen into the air. It makes him sneeze. Shit! Stiles clamps his eyes shut, knowing exactly what would happen if he looks at Theo. The pollen doesn’t really give a shit though. He’s painfully hard and images of the chimera dance behind his eyelids. 

“Stiles?” Theo’s voice is rough, like he hasn’t had water in days. The human refuses to open his eyes. “Why won’t you look at me?” It’s almost a teasing tone, like he already knows the answer. But then he snarls, which of course makes Stiles’ eyes snap open. “This definitely isn’t how I wanted to tell you,” Theo steps closer and Stiles has enough instincts left to back up until he hits a tree.

But then the pollen takes hold and a whine rips out of his throat with no permission of his own. Theo’s on him in an instant, pinning him to the tree, licking  from his collar bone to his ear. “Theo,” the chimera’s name is a moan on his lips. Frantic hands yank at Theo’s jacket, tugging it off before fumbling with his shirt. “Theo, please,” the spores making him desperate, Stiles’ hips buck, letting him feel how hard the chimera is. 

Nipping at the pale flesh, “I’ve wanted you for so long,” Theo growls, pulling back to kiss Stiles’ breath away. Tongue demanding entrance to a mouth already falling in a moan. Caught up in the daze of boiling heat from the drug, Stiles doesn’t even realize they’re naked until he’s on his back in the grass. “You’re mine ,” the chimera rumbles deep in his throat, lifting Stiles’ legs to his chest. 

Hearing Theo say something the human’s only dreamed of is fucking amazing. The tongue invading his hole making him gasp out, even better. One hand digs into the earth, the other brushing his fingers to mess up the chimera’s hair. A small cap opens and Theo presses a finger inside.

He moans around the digit, rolling his hips with the chimera’s hand. “You carry lube in your pocket?” Stiles chuckles, mewling at the slight burn of a second working him open.

“No, actually,” Theo licks a stripe from the bottom of his balls up to his angry, leaking head, “I don’t.”

Moaning wantonly, Stiles revels in the wet heat of the chimera’s mouth wrapping around his cock. He’s not entirely sure when two became three, but Stiles is pushing his hips against them, keening when they tease his prostate. In a motion far too fast for his human senses to keep up with, the fingers are gone and Theo is thrusting deep inside. Bottoming out in one quick jerk of his hips.

“Fuck,” the chimera groans, biting softly at Stiles’ thigh. “So tight ,” Theo’s face is completely blissed out and Stiles moans loudly as the chimera pulls his hips back and slams them forward. “You keep making those sounds, and this is going to be over quickly,” Theo pinches into his waist, surely breaking the skin.

His pace if hard and relentless, but so fucking good. Every exhale is a moan or the chimera’s name and he can’t believe this hasn’t happened sooner. Stiles tries his best to push his hips into the dirt to meet Theo’s thrusts. The hot coil spooling tightly inside of him, ready to snap every time the chimera loses control of his gold irises and fangs. “ Theo ,” Stiles groans, reaching out to grab, but his fingers ghost against the chimera’s chest.

Bracing a hand on the side of Stiles’ head, Theo leans down to shove his tongue in his mouth. Gripping with his other hand to entwine their fingers as Stiles wraps his legs around Theo’s waist. “You’re so perfect, Stiles,” Theo sucks a mark on his neck and Stiles groans, free hand finding the chimera’s hair at the nape of his neck, tugging the strands. ”So perfect,” his words sound slurred, “and mine .” Theo snarls, fangs sinking into the crook of Stiles’ neck and he cums with a throaty scream, clutching Theo’s hair. 

Unsure what’s come over him, when the chimera licks the blood from his lips, Stiles rushes up to bite as hard as he can. Breaking the skin has Theo’s hips stutter as he howls a moan, spilling his release into Stiles’ fluttering hole. 

Pulling out carefully, Theo settles onto the other boy beneath him, constantly rumbling in his chest. Stiles gets all of ten seconds to enjoy the chimera snuggling with him. Theo stiffens and lifts up, wild eyes and a trembling lip, “Stiles I-I’m so sorry.” Stiles can literally feel the chimera’s emotions alongside his own and he doesn’t like how distressed Theo feels. 

Cocking his head to the side, he asks, “what are you sorry for?” Then the pollen’s haze starts to clear and his neck fucking hurts . His hand feels the wound, “Theo did you- did you mate with me?” The chimera nods, unable to make eye contact. The fingers on his neck trail to the mark he left on Theo, brushing delicately, “and I accepted it.”

“I’m sorry,” Theo drops his head, trying to get off. Stiles yanks him back down by his shoulders before cupping the chimera’s face to ensure eye contact. 

“Is this what you wanted?” Stiles asks carefully, but sternly. He wants the truth. 

“More than anything.”

“Do you regret it?”

The chimera’s lip twitches, eyes darkening for a fraction of a second before finding the bite on Stiles’ flesh, “only that I didn’t get to ask you.”

“Then shut up with the apologies,” Stiles rubs Theo’s cheeks, smiling. “You can make it up to me later.” He pulls the chimera until Theo’s nuzzling the mark he left, sighing as he closes his eyes.

“You’re okay with this?” Theo sounds worried and surprised all at the same time. His arms tighten around Stiles as his thumbs rub circles into his skin. He’s even started to rumble softly in his chest again.

“Hundred percent,” Stiles hums, settling himself, wrapping his arms around Theo’s back, “now snuggle your mate.” Theo’s response is to nuzzle closer, the vibrations in his chest only increasing in volume.

“Don’t say I never did anything for you,” a gritty, hissed voice chuckles in the trees. “Now, let me leave in peace.”

Chapter Text

Everyone who knows Stiles knows he's not very bold or even remotely confident. But like any other teenager, Stiles likes sex. Finding the balance between the two is not a feat he's conquered just yet, but he's trying. So on all ages night at Sinema when Brett offered his hand to dance with a lazy smile, Stiles found the spark to say yes. Grinding against the ridiculously hot wolf felt as easy as breathing with how well Brett led.

A hand worked its way up to the side of his neck and hooded green eyes inched closer. Brett didn't even need to say anything. With a simple tilt to his jaw and a cocked brow from the wolf, Stiles knew he was asking for permission. When someone who looks like Brett is showing genuine interest in him, how could Stiles ever say no? So with his mouth parted in a soft gasp, Stiles nods, fluttering his eyes closed. 

Their lips brush with the gentlest of kisses at first. Like a whispered introduction to something so much more. Stiles allows the wolf to tilt his head further, his own hands gripping at Brett's hips to keep him close. The wolf chuckles, teeth nipping at Stiles' bottom lip, using the shocked noise and open mouth to explore to his liking. 

Faster than he'd care to admit- because seriously, what is it about kissing werewolves that's so erotic to him- Stiles is moaning into the kiss, pressing his body closer. Harder. A physical plea for the wolf to do as he pleases. Caring fuck all that they're in the middle of a crowded dance floor. Brett doesn't seem to mind either as his free hand grabs Stiles' ass, grinding his hips so the human feels just how much he's enjoying himself. 

Breathless and dizzy, Stiles pulls back to gain control over the pounding in his chest. He wants more. So much more. "How bad of a person would I be if I told you I wanted to take you home?" Stiles rubs a hand along the wolf's chest, teasing at the collar of his v neck. 

"I think it's cute you think I can wait that long," Brett's eyes flash gold before pulling him into another brain melting kiss. "God, your fucking mouth . Come with me." The wolf entwines their fingers, leading a giddy Stiles off the dance floor and into the bathroom. Locking the door behind them, Brett pins the human to the door, licking up his neck to whisper in his ear, "I bet your mouth would feel amazing wrapped around my cock."

A chill forces its way down Stiles' spine. He so very badly wants to do that. Lust glazed eyes meet green and Stiles bites his lip, "please." 

Chuckling thickly, Brett cocks his head to the side, "no sarcastic comment for me?" The wolf is just as gone as he is. "I gotta say, it's a much better sound hearing you beg." Brett walks back until he's flush with the wall, one finger beckoning the human closer, "take what you want, pup." 

No one, no one has called him that before. And he just- Stiles fucking loves that. His legs carry him to the wolf a lot more gracefully than he thought possible and Brett cups his cheeks, kissing his lips until they're swollen. Dropping to his knees, Stiles looks up sweetly, unbuckling the wolf's belt and undoing the button with a grace he doesn't typically possess. Golden eyes watch as he slides Brett's jeans and boxers down, freeing the largest cock Stiles has ever had the pleasure of seeing. 

It makes him salivate at the sight of the angry red head leaking precum. Knowing he did that to such a pretty boy like Brett. "Do you like it rough, pup?" The wolf asks as his fingers curl in the back of Stiles' hair, while the human licks the shaft to lube it. Sucking angry head and swiping his tongue along the slit to get every drop.

Oh yes, yes he fucking does! Proving his point in actions rather than words, Stiles sticks his tongue out and takes the wolf's cock all the way to the back of his throat. He holds it there as Brett hisses, " fuck ," and his head thunks on the wall. Stiles has never been a patient being and pleasing his partners is no different. He doesn't need a warm up. 

Just a few bobs of his head to encourage Brett's dick to loosen his throat and Stiles is taking the wolf in until his nose touches the other teen's groin. Moaning around the cockhead when Brett snaps back, the grip in his hair tightening and the wolf thrusts his hips. Fucking into Stiles' throat like he was made to be there. Sure fucking feels to Stiles like he is. 

"Tell me if it's too much," the wolf huffs out, breathless from the human’s efforts. Stiles makes sure to breathe through his nose so he doesn't gag, not wanting Brett to have to take his dick out of his mouth for even a second. 

Shaking his head no, Stiles starts to meet the wolf's thrusts until tears spring from his eyes. The constant golden eyes at the sight is fucking invigorating. So fucking hot and thrilling to know that he can make Brett lose his perfect control. Another tear falls from his cheek while he moans around such a perfect cock; spit sliding down his chin. 

A rough, throaty chuckle punches out of Brett, "you look so beautiful like this," the wolf moans, fucking harder. If Stiles could beg, he'd plead for the wolf not to cum. Enjoying his throat being stretched far too much for this to end. "I knew you'd feel fucking perfect ."

Stiles hums at the praise as the wolf's hips jerk haphazardly. Seeing the utterly debauched look on Brett's face sends a drive in the human to make him cum now. So Stiles settles himself on his ankles, relaxing his throat and controlling his breathing, letting the wolf fuck into him as long as he can. 

At the last second, Stiles manages to look up through his lashes, catching the moment in golden irises and slack jaw when Brett crumbles with a growled moan. Stiles happily swallows every last drop of the wolf's cum, greedily chasing the taste as he sucks him clean. "Fuck, Stiles," Brett huffs out a laugh when the human pulls off with a pop. "You're amazing," the wolf pulls him up after buttoning his pants, holding Stiles close, tenderly kissing him. Running his thumb along swollen lips, Brett asks, "what's a guy gotta do to keep you for himself?"

Jesus. Just say that it seems. Amazed that he apparently fucked the wolf that well with his mouth. A little lightheaded, but more than cognizant, Stiles smirks, a gritty voice saying, "ask nicely." Because honestly if the wolf's the one asking this, the word no is far from his mind. Or vocabulary for that matter. 

Smiling, Brett cups his face, "can I keep you, pup," the wolf’s eyes flash, "please?" Brett squints as he opens his mouth to respond, cutting Stiles off. "And I mean completely. You, your brain, your heart, and that fucking mouth . All mine. And I'll be yours, pup." 

Scrunching his face, teasing the wolf into thinking he's going to say no. Breaking off in a chuckle at the panic tick to Brett’s eyebrows and wide eyes, "of course you can have me for yourself, Brett." Stiles leans in for a firm kiss, "I really like the sound of that." Because honestly, now that he's had his dick, Stiles doesn't want literally anyone else but himself to ever have it again. 

"So do I."

Chapter Text

Bringing a sixteen year old Derek back home from Mexico was one of the weirdest things Stiles has ever been through. Stiles always had a crush on the wolf when he was all big, broody, and slamming him into things. But he kept his shit under control and mostly moved on. Stiles even has a girlfriend now! A beautiful werecoyote that he’s helping acclimate back into society. Malia Hale. Derek’s cousin. She knew the truth about how Stiles once felt about Derek, just not that they’re related. 

Stiles never planned on cheating on Malia, honest. But after a very awkward dinner with Rafael and no sign of Scott coming back any time soon, the human took Derek home. He saw the crime board with Kate’s name beside his burned down family home and the interaction went about as well as the first time the wolf was in his room. What he wasn’t expecting was with Derek’s stunted memory and Stiles technically being just shy of two years older than the wolf that it would make the Beta interested. 

Face first to the wall, Stiles groans, deja vu hitting him like a bus. Did Derek really have to be pressing his entire body against him? “Why do you smell so good?” The wolf growls in his ear, pushing his body harder. Not the question Stiles was prepared for. 

“Didn’t know anxiety and fear could smell appealing,” Stiles retorts, uselessly struggling against the brick wall pinning him. Did he seriously need to pop a boner over this?

“That’s not it,” Derek sticks his nose in the crook of the human’s neck, inhaling deeply, making him shiver. “It’s sweet. Almost,” he does it again, “almost spicy.” The wolf flips Stiles around and he definitely notices the human’s predicament. “This turns you on, doesn’t it?” Derek pushes their hips together and the human realizes he’s not the only one who’s hard. 

“I-I have a girlfriend,” Stiles tries, hoping saying it out loud will prevent him from doing something stupid. Like that ever works.

“So tell me to stop,” the wolf puts a hand on his waist, rubbing softly. “Tell me no, Stiles,” Derek’s voice drops as he leans in, kissing the side of his neck. “Say you don’t want this,” he licks up the pale column, nipping at the lobe and the human gasps. “Just tell me to stop.”

His hands come up to grab the wolf’s face, seeing glowing blue eyes, meaning to say no, but his tongue decides, “don’t you dare stop,” is a better answer. The wolf grins wildly, crashing their mouths together and Stiles can’t help but whine a moan into Derek’s mouth. He pushes against the wolf and there’s no resistance. Only a tongue sliding in his mouth as they stumble towards his bed hastily removing their clothes down to their boxers. At the last second, Derek flips them, falling on top of Stiles and grinding their hips together. His hands grip the wolf’s arms, sliding around to dig in his back. Pleasantly surprised how muscular he is even as a teenager. 

Breaking their kiss, Derek licks and sucks at the human’s neck, making him moan. Stiles reaches down to pull at the wolf’s briefs, needing more friction than he’s getting. Derek chuckles in his neck, lifting his hips to slide them down while Stiles shimmies out of his own. Once their leaking cocks grind against one another they groan and the wolf rolls his hips again. Licking his palm, Stiles snakes his hand between them, wrapping around both of their dicks pumping slowly.

“Holy shit,” the human hisses and Derek growls on his pulse, sucking a mark on the flesh. The wolf hums in agreement, swallowing Stiles’ moans as he thrusts into the human’s hand. All Stiles has wanted since meeting the wolf was exactly this. Granted, Derek looked a little different in all of the human’s fantasies.

“Stiles,” Derek growls, feeling heavier than before but the human can’t bring himself to open his eyes. And the wolf isn’t stopping either, so why should he? “Fuck, Stiles,” the wolf grunts, stubble rubbing against his cheek. Stubble?

Stiles’ eyes fling open to find the wolf his proper age with irises still glowing blue at him. This Derek knows about Malia and is still thrusting their cocks together, moving Stiles' hand in place of his own. “Oh, fuck,” the human moans, heat pooling in his gut, daring to lift his head to kiss the wolf. To his surprise, Derek kisses him back, tongue fucking into Stiles’ mouth until he’s dizzy. Panting his breaths, pushing closer to the edge.

“Cum for me, Stiles,” Derek rumbles in his chest, quickening his pace and his fangs graze the human’s neck.

The sharp tickle has Stiles throwing his head back with a broken moan, “Derek!” Shooting his release along their chests. Derek follows after with a few aborted thrusts, sinking his fangs in Stiles’ shoulder as he cums. The wolf settles them on their sides, rubbing his nose on the teen’s nape, holding him tightly. Knowing exactly what he just did. 

“Malia can’t know about this,” Stiles whispers, though he’s finding it hard to actually feel bad. Connected to the wolf in a way he’s never felt with anyone.

“Agreed,” Derek kisses his shoulder. “But we need to tell her something. I’m not giving you up.”


Brushing his finger along the bite bonding them, “you’re mine,” Derek rumbles.

“Yours,” Stiles agrees, snuggling close to the wolf, “always have been.”

Malia will just have to understand.

Chapter Text

When Stiles first found out about the supernatural, he spent hours upon hours doing research to help Scott. That didn’t stop when Derek earned his trust and the monsters got worse; he had so much more to learn. After the nogitsune happened, he spent more time with his head in a book than anywhere else. Always monsters, always needing to know about the dangers. Only the danger, never any fun stuff. 

So when Scott met Kira and talked about her nonstop, telling Stiles about this overwhelming pull to her, the human was all sorts of confused. Even more so when the true Alpha told his best friend that he had this almost uncontrollable urge to bite her. Claim the kitsune as his own and mark her so that everyone would know. Having never heard the concept before, Stiles did what he does best. He shoved his face in yet another book and his laptop and got to work. 

His research, as always, proved fruitful. Stiles learned that mates are one hundred percent a real thing and the urge to mark is normal. It’s the wolf’s way of making sure their mate is protected and another wolf doesn’t try to take them away. Malia admitted that she never once felt like that with him. So they broke up and honestly? It’s for the best.

Not just because they probably never should have been together in the first place. No. It’s the Theo of it all. The test tube created Alpha with a pack of chimeras. It’s how not once since he’s learned about werewolves had Stiles ever wanted someone to put their mouth on his neck and leave it six different shades. Until Theo. When Stiles would start to get a smirk when he was caught staring at the chimera’s ass instead of being snapped at.

It stopped being a surprise to him that he was constantly asked to sit at their lunch table. The Alpha always sitting close enough that his arm or thigh consistently touched Stiles’ own. The human knew he was being scented and did fuck all to stop it. In fact, he encouraged it. Stiles didn’t even balk when Scott mentioned it was only a matter of time until he was in Theo’s pack instead. His best friend said it with a smile on his face too like he’s totally on board with Stiles leaving the pack for someone who tried to kill him. 

But Scott’s not wrong either, is the thing. Stiles wants to be in Theo’s pack if it means he gets to be with the chimera all the time. The human distinctly remembers all the cuddling he did with Derek for scenting and pack purposes. His determination to do just that- because he doesn’t think he can ask for more with Tracy around- has him knocking on the Alpha’s front door after the sun goes down. Showing up to tell him that he wants in the pack. Damn near positive they’re mates too, but doesn’t have the slightest idea how to broach the subject. 

So he’ll start small. Resign himself to take what he can get and hope the pack bond will sort out the mess in his head. He’s only human after all, Stiles can’t sense these things as accurately as a supernatural creature can. 

“What do you want?” Tracy leans against the door that she’s only cracked, a scowl plastered on her face.

Stiles opens his mouth to speak, but Theo’s voice comes out, “let him in, Tracy.” The kanima narrows her eyes, analyzing him as he shuffles nervously. “Now!” The Alpha snaps and Stiles bites at the grin threatening to form over Theo wanting him here.

Rolling her eyes, Tracy pushes off the frame, opening the door the rest of the way, “come on in.” She couldn’t sound more annoyed if she tried.

Walking through the threshold of a house that’s become familiar to him, Stiles finds the Alpha sprawled out on the couch, watching a movie. The smallest sliver of cushion is visible and he just wants to nestle there. Josh is sitting on the floor in front of him with a bowl of popcorn in his lap. The Beta smiles warmly before tossing more of the salty snack in his mouth, returning to the film. 

The Alpha shifts on the couch enough to make eye contact and still lie down, “what can I do for you, Stiles?” Theo smirks, seeing Stiles’ foot hoover in the air- the urge to bare his neck and just fucking cuddle is strong- before forcing it back in place. 

Picking at his nails, the human wrings his hands out. Rubbing the sweat from his palms on his jeans, Stiles worries at his bottom lip with his teeth. The chimera’s brows pinch at the display of nerves. “I-” Stiles clears his throat, remembering how he reacted when the Alpha asked the very same thing. “I want to be in your pack,” his tone comes out a lot more confident than he thought.

What ?” Tracy seethes, coming up behind him, he’s proud of himself for not flinching. “Tell me you’re not considering this,” she says to the Alpha who shot up into a sitting position, eyes bulging. 

“You’re not joking,” Theo huffs out incredulously, “are you?” Biting his lip, having lost all of his bravado, Stiles simply shakes his head no. “Josh, Tracy, leave. Go find wherever Corey is and stay there.” Josh immediately gets up and heads for the front door to put on his shoes, patting Stiles' arm as he passes.

The kanima scoffs, crossing her arms, jutting her leg out, “you can’t be serious. Theo, he-”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, Tracy.” The swings his legs off the couch, motioning for the human to take their place. “Stiles was always my first choice for a Beta.” The Alpha flashes a smile at Stiles, “just took him some time to come around.” 

Stiles grins, knowing the chimera is telling the truth. Theo told him that long before he even resurrected Tracy. So he sits, fiddling with the hem of his shirt, still fighting the need to reach out.

“But why,” the kanima sighs, “why do I- we have to leave?” 

Very good question.

Sighing heavily, Theo leans back with his arms on the backrest and spreads his legs like it’s a power play, “mostly because I said so. But I would like to talk to him in private.” The Alpha turns to look at him, softening his voice, “there’s something you need to understand if you’re going to be in the pack.” Red eyes flash and the way Stiles tracks his tongue licking his lip reminds him why he showed up to begin with.

“I got it,” Josh grabs Tracy’s wrist, dragging her out of the house as she grumbles. 

“Look,” Stiles sighs through his nose, running his fingers through his hair, “if you’re going to tell me that I need to listen to everything you tell me to do. I already know that.”

The chimera laughs, “that’s good and all.” Theo turns on the couch, bending a knee on the cushions, making a point to touch the human. “But that’s not really what I meant.” Stiles raises a brow, “I need to know if your chemosignals are just because you find me attractive or if you actually want me.”

Being in Theo’s general aura usually makes him anxious. But with the chimera being so straight forward, he wants to offer the same courtesy. Theo would know if he was lying anyway. “And if it’s the latter? If I want to be with you? Want you to mark and claim me like a wolf would their mate? Would you not let me in the pack?” 

The Alpha’s smirk turns into a wide grin as his eyes bleed red again. “You get one chance.” What? Theo yanks Stiles into his lap, fingers digging into the human’s thighs, his own hands finding the chimera’s neck. “One chance to back out of this. Because I will mark you. And I will absolutely claim you. Wanna know why?” The human nods, still too shocked to be straddling the Alpha to remember how to use his words. “You are my mate, Stiles. I’ve just been waiting for you to figure it out.”

“You could’ve told me,” Stiles pats Theo’s chest, making the chimera chuckle. 

“And make it seem like I was forcing it on you? No way,” the Alpha rubs his thighs. “You needed to come to that conclusion on your own, baby.”

His heart does this funny thing in his chest, “I figured it out. I’m asking to be in your pack for a reason.” Stiles brings his hands back up to cup the chimera’s neck, “I want you.”

“Good,” Theo’s eyes burn scarlet and he leans up to kiss him. Stiles parts his mouth instantly for the chimera to dance their tongues together, his lips making the human dizzy. Suddenly, Stiles is over the Alpha’s shoulder being carried up the stairs. “I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out. Scenting you only calmed them so much,” he says, laying Stiles down on his bed.

“Them?” The human scrunches his face, sitting up to take his shirt off, fumbling to help the Alpha out of his. It’s not even remotely weird to him how comfortable he is doing so. Theo is eyeing him hungrily anyway, so it’s not like he should feel embarrassed. 

Tearing the human’s jeans in his haste, the chimera shreds his own in consolation. Theo crawls on the bed, pushing his hips between the human’s and Stiles grabs his biceps. “I have a wolf and a coyote, babe. It’s that much harder controlling myself around you.” The Alpha rubs his sides, blunt nails grazing the mole covered flesh as his tongue licks up Stiles’ neck. “This is your chance,” Theo’s words slur around his fangs, sending a shiver down the human’s spine. 

Fingers lace in the chimera’s brown strands, pulling him closer until their chests are flush, “do it.” Stiles worries the Alpha’s changed his mind when he doesn’t move for a painful minute. “Please, Theo. I’m your-” his words are cut off in a guttural moan as fangs sink into the crook on his neck. It’s like a pack bond, but so much more intense. Stiles can feel how happy Theo is in his heart as he licks the blood away with a growl.

“You’re mine now,” blunt teeth pinch at his flesh, sucking above the mark. Theo leaves a constellation around Stiles’ neck, each making him moan and rub every inch of the chimera. “You look so pretty with my marks on you, baby.” The Alpha grinds against him, red eyes flickering hearing Stiles mewl underneath him.

“More, please,” he paws at the chimera, not caring in the slightest how he might look. Stiles said he fucking wants Theo dammit. “I need more, Theo.” Stiles pleads and their boxers are torn away. The obscene amount of precum has their dicks sliding together and Stiles’ breath hitches, while his eyes flutter closed, baring his neck for the Alpha.

Theo grinds his hips again and Stiles can’t fucking think anymore. “I promise, I’ll fuck you after the bite takes, okay?” Theo runs his tongue along the human’s pulse, trailing down to suck another mark on his collarbone. “For now, I’m gonna cover you in my marks and my cum.” The Alpha groans as more precum buds from Stiles’ cock and they glide together. “Everyone will know who you belong to. Is that what you want, baby?”

“Please,” Stiles moans as the chimera’s hand wraps around their leaking cocks. “You’re mine too, right?” The chilling thought seeps it’s way through before the human can really stop it. The Alpha rolls his wrist, swiping his thumb over their slits with each pass, smirking at the little gasps from the human. What was he worried about again? Stiles doesn’t know. 

Removing his mouth from the mark forming on the human’s chest, Theo hums at the sight. His eyes glowing rubies, “you better bite me when you get your fangs,” the Alpha moans, like the mental image of that was too much for him. 

Exposing his neck further and arching his back, Stiles moans. Close to falling apart for the Alpha. The chimera relentlessly sucks at every patch of skin, pumping his fist faster until they’re panting and they cum, coating Stiles’ chest and stomach. Blissfully delirious, Stiles barely registers Theo rubbing their cum into his skin. Marking him with his seed as much as his mouth, falling asleep to let the bite take.

Chapter Text

Starting college, Stiles knew that there would be plenty of guys and girls that would catch his eye. Some- like this jock he met named Theo- have the ability to make him lose all of his focus. But Stiles was a good spark, he kept his nose down and tried his best to focus on his classes and listen to his professors. It wasn’t until his second semester that Stiles realizes that he could have professors that are just as fucking hot. He didn’t even care that the man was easily twice his age and a werewolf to boot.

Professor Peter Hale. Occult studies teacher and fucking sex on legs. With his hair that could be brown or blonde depending on the light. Mixed in his strands is enough salt that has Stiles salivating at the thought of running his fingers through it. And his eyes. Good god those icy blue pools hold so much knowledge and the spark wants to know all of it. With a voice like silk it’s a constant battle with listening intently to his words and fantasizing about what his moans would sound like. He’s in way over his head and at least three other students- who are just as enamoured by the wolf- know by Stiles’ tone he’s a lost cause. 

At least he has impeccable marks in the class. Hasn’t stopped the devious thought or two of doing poorly so that Professor Hale has to call him into his office to reprimand him. Preferably with teeth to his throat or a hand on his ass. The thought alone has been enough to give him unfortunate boners in class.

“Mr. Stilinski,” the wolf’s voice carries across the room, startling Stiles upright in his chair.

“Yes?” The spark clears the embarrassing squeak out of his voice. “Yes, Professor Hale?” Stiles tries again, sounding more confident, but hopes he doesn’t get asked about the lesson. He was not paying attention. 

The wolf smiles, twirling his clicker in his fingers, “would you meet me in my office after your last class today?”

The spark shifts uncomfortably. He likes the idea of being called in to get punished for his lack of attention. But it actually happening makes him feel guilty. “Of course,” he says, tapping his pen against his notebook. Maybe he should drop the class. Avoid the embarrassment of actually upsetting the wolf. 

“Perfect,” the professor replies, clicking to the next slide on the projector. Images of ritualistic sacrifices by Darachs flash by, “virgins are always the first…”


Steeling himself for an actual reprimation, the spark knocks quickly on the closed door to the wolf’s office. “It’s open,” the voice calls and Stiles turns the knob, skeptically crossing the threshold. It’s a punch to his groin seeing the professor with his sleeves rolled up and reading glasses sliding down his nose. “Ah, Mr. Stilinski, thank you for coming.” He gestures towards the leather chair with his pen, “please, I’ll just be another minute.”

Setting his bag on the ground, Stiles plops in the chair, his fingers drumming the armrest. Nerves getting the best of him, the spark blurts out, “I’m not in trouble, am I?”

With a laugh, the wolf scribbles on the paper one last time before setting them aside. “Quite the opposite actually,” the professor takes his glasses off, putting them on top of the discarded stack. “I have a proposition for you if you’re interested.”

He really does try to not let such a simple sentence have an arousal course through his veins like a freight train. He fails. Shivering to prove it. There’s no way the wolf doesn’t smell it either if the flared nostrils are any indication. It only makes Professor Hale smile wider. “O-okay,” the spark’s brows become one with his confusion. 

Getting up from his chair, Peter rounds the desk, propping himself against the wood with his hands. “I’m in need of a TA, I think you’d be a perfect fit.”

He blinks rapidly, “what?” Stiles doesn’t really know what he was expecting, but it wasn’t that.

“You have top marks in the class, you’re exceptionally bright,” Peter crosses his arms, “I don’t think anyone else could keep up with the lesson plan like you.”

“Is this a joke?” Stiles scoffs, “I barely pay attention in class. My grades are only good because I record the lesson and read the chapters like three times.”

“What if I gave you an incentive?”

Now he’s really confused. The older man literally just told him his grades are perfect. So there isn’t really anything to entice the spark with. “There isn’t anything that I need.”

Lip curling in a delicious smirk, the wolf leans forward, placing his hands on both armrests, encasing Stiles. With his face inches away his voice drops, “are you sure about that, sweet boy?” Peter’s eyes flash and the spark gulps. “Your delicious scent says otherwise. Tell me something, Stiles,” the way his name just drips out of his mouth. Fuck . “If I bent you over my desk, what would you say to that?”

Fumbling over his words, because there’s no way he heard that right, “a-are you s-serious?” Stiles pinches himself to be sure, he’s had plenty of fever dreams about exactly this and isn’t too sure he’s not dreaming. 

“Very,” Peter says with finality. “Are you?” He leans closer and their noses brush. 

Oh he is. He so fucking is. But, “all of this just so I’ll be your assistant?” That he’s not sure he’s okay with. 

Trailing his fingers along the collar of the spark’s shirt, Peter locks eyes with him, “no. I want you either way. If you’re my TA, we’ll just have a viable excuse why you’re always in my office.” He whispers in Stiles’ ear, “or at my home,” Peter licks his neck and the spark sighs, “in my bed.”

“Please,” is all Stiles can muster, reaching his hands to stroke the wolf’s biceps.

“Understand something first,” Peter pulls back enough for eye contact. “I don’t share. And I don’t give up what’s mine so easily. Don’t agree if you aren’t prepared to actually be with me. To be mine completely. When class is over, I won’t be hiding our relationship any longer.”

So this isn’t just a casual fuck for him. “Yes,” the spark says, his professor’s words like music to his ears. “I want that. All of that. I want you.” He can’t find a single thing wrong with the offer. Not one reason he should say no. The spark wants this man and he doesn’t give a damn who knows. 

“Perfect,” the wolf rumbles in his chest, finally closing the distance and pressing their mouths together. 

Every neuron in the spark’s brain is firing faster than he can keep up. Still his hands cup Peter’s neck as the wolf snakes around his waist, pulling Stiles out of the chair. Quicker than Stiles can process, he’s sitting on a now cleared desk while the wolf settles between his legs. All without breaking their kiss. The fluidity in which his professor moves against him is intoxicating. Mind melting and all encompassing. 

A moan rips out of him when Peter fists his fingers in his hair, pulling to expose his neck. The wolf’s tongue slides along his pulse and the spark gasps, feeling the sensation in his crotch. His hips buck against Peter, trying to get more friction. Fumbling with his belt, Stiles tries to get his pants off and the wolf inside him fucking yesterday. The professor moves back, helping the spark out of his pants and boxers, dropping them on the chair behind him. 

"I've smelled it on you for weeks ," Peter rumbles in his chest, dropping to his knees to lick and nip at the spark's thighs. Inching closer to where it's throbbing. Leaking and begging to be touched. Sucking one of his fingers until it's dripping, the professor rubs the ring of muscle before pressing inside. Groaning when Stiles instantly clenches around the digit. "Would've taken you in front of the whole class if I could." 

Moaning at his words, Stiles props both hands on the desk as another finger joins the first. The wolf licks the edge of the whole for constant lubrication while the spark pushes his hips down. "More, please, Peter, please," Stiles pants, his cock twitching, dripping precum on his shirt. 

"So needy," the wolf purrs, spitting on the filled hole to add a third finger, hooking and spreading them to stretch the spark for his own throbbing cock. "So perfect," he growls the words, iridescent blue irises burning into hooded amber orbs. Panting, Stiles works his hips in time with the wolf's fingers, moaning loudly. Caring fuck all if someone hears. He waits until every word is a plea for his cock before taking his fingers out and turning Stiles until he's bent over the desk. 

He hears more than sees the wolf take his pants off, spitting into his palm to lather his dick. Turning his head to the side, Stiles watches the professor position himself at the wet, stretched hole. Thrusting inside in one go and the slight burn makes the spark keen, pushing his ass back to make the wolf go deeper. "Peter," Stiles moans, his hole clenching around the wolf. Needing everything his professor has to offer. 

"Right here," the wolf runs his finger along the crook of his student's neck, "that's where my mark will be when class is over. You will be mine," Peter growls, snapping his hips in short, hard thrusts that jab at his prostate with no remorse. His sole goal is to make what belongs to him crumble and cum for him. And him alone. "Would you like that?" A single claw scrapes down his spine making the spark shiver his moan. 

"Please, please, Peter," Stiles begs. "I'm yours, please. I-I can't wait three weeks. Please, please, please," he begs, pushing his hips to meet the wolf's cock moaning wantonly. "Make me yours. Please, Peter," surprising himself with his neediness, but nowhere near ashamed. He's wanted his professor for too long now. 

Snarling, Peter lunges forward, sinking his fangs where he promised. Making Stiles scream and cum along the edge of the desk entirely untouched. His hole flutters around the wolf's dick as he continues to growl around the wound, thrusting with abandon. Sealing their bond as he continues to fuck into his mate. "Mine," the professor growls, licking away the blood dripping down the spark's neck. Claws pinch into his hips as Peter fucks impossibly faster, chasing his own release in the warmth of what belongs to him. 

"Peter," Stiles moans, turning once more to see the wolf shifted, eyes glowing from his claim. Howling as he spills his release in the spark. Painting Stiles' insides with his seed. Rolling his hips, getting lost in the sight and sound of his cum leaking out of his mate's hole. "Fuck, that's hot," the spark groans watching the older man thoroughly enjoying his body. 

Gently pulling out, Peter spins his mate to face him, shoving his tongue in the spark's mouth. Kissing him even more dizzy than his cock did. "I'm taking you home and you're sealing our bond, Stiles." 

Moaning into his professor's mouth at the mere thought of being mated to the wolf. "Please, Peter," Stiles licks the wolf's bottom lip, sliding their tongues together until he can't properly breathe. Listening to his mate rumble in his chest as Peter ducks his head to scent the spark. They'll make it home eventually.