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“I missed you,” Kazunari whispered, his mouth lightly brushing against Itaru’s lips. His fingers curled into Itaru’s hair, just above the nape of his neck, and gently tugged.

Despite the subdued force, Itaru’s breath still hitched, the following exhale slow and shaky. “I missed you too,” Itaru breathed, whimpering slightly as he moved forward to capture Kazunari’s lips with his own, his soft locks still firmly held in Kazunari’s fingers.

Kazunari leaned forward into the kiss, his free hand clumsily grabbing onto Itaru’s thigh as he shifted his weight forward, the mattress creaking ever so slightly in approval. 

Sure, they saw each other often around the dorms, but it had been a while since they had some quality intimate time together. Longer still since they had the time to splurge on a night away from the dorms in a hotel room. 

Occasionally hanging out and exchanging quick hellos and goodbyes wasn’t nearly enough to ease the ache in Kazunari’s heart. Not to mention the frustrated ache in other parts of his body too!

Impatiently, Kazunari’s wet lips worked against Itaru’s, his tongue already pressing forward for entrance. Itaru’s lips gave way easily, a soft moan escaping his mouth as Kazunari’s tongue slipped in. 

I’m happy he’s totes fired up too! With a new determination, Kazunari delved deeper, tightening his grip in Itaru’s highlights and gliding his hand to Itaru’s crotch. Itaru groaned into Kazunari’s mouth as Kazunari’s hand fumbled against the button and zipper of Itaru’s pants. 

Triumphant in his struggle, Kazunari’s hand slid into the tight gap between slacks and boxers. Itaru was already really hard! Super sweet! Still, a little extra foreplay was always good, especially if they were going to do their usual.

Kazunari tugged on Itaru’s hair again. Itaru’s head leaned back, breaking their kiss with a moan, his crotch pressing against Kazunari’s palm.

Yeah, the usual seemed like a safe bet!

Kazunari’s mouth chased after Itaru, his lips settling to plant kisses on Itaru’s neck. Happily, his hand pressed against Itaru’s erection, slowly rubbing against the thin material of his boxers.

“K-Kazunari,” Itaru moaned, his voice light and airy. Itaru’s hands scrambled over Kazunari’s shoulders, his nails scratching lightly against Kazunari’s thin shirt.

“Yeah, Itarun?” Kazunari asked before running his tongue up Itaru’s neck. Kazunari couldn’t help but smile as Itaru’s hands began to gather his shirt in his fists.

“Kazunari, I - ” Itaru’s breath hitched as Kazunari began to suck lightly under his jawline. 

I guess he’s ready to be prepped? A little more pampering is totes in order first! 

As eager as Kazunari was to drive Itaru crazy with his dick, it had been so long since he got to touch his boyfriend like this! The way that Itaru’s body shook and trembled, the cute gasps for air as his neck was sucked on, and the automatic movements of his hips were all so entrancing that Kazunari wanted to soak up just a little bit more before moving forward.

“S-shit, Kazun - ahhh - ri, please - ” Itaru’s hands moved to Kazunari’s shoulders, gently pushing Kazunari away from his neck as his nails dug in. 

Kazunari pulled back, a sly smile on his face. “You want me in you that badly, Itarun?” Kazunari teased as he firmly rolled his palm against Itaru’s head.

“Kazunari, I… f-fuck!” Itaru yelled as his face flushed red and his body jerked. Kazunari blinked in stupor as a familiar warm viscosity seeped into Itaru’s boxers, meeting Kazunari’s hand. 

“I, uh,” Kazunari fumbled, his voice high, “I’m sorry?” 

Itaru groaned, his hands leaving Kazunari’s shoulders to cover his own face as he fell back onto the bed. Kazunari’s sticky hand slipped out of Itaru’s pants. “It’s not your fault that I… fuck ,” Itaru grumbled from beneath his hands.

“It’s totes a-okay!” Kazunari tried to reassure. Awkwardly, he wiped his hand against his jeans in an attempt to clean it off before scrambling up next to Itaru’s face on the bed. “NBD, okay? I promise.”

Kazunari carefully tried to part Itaru’s fingers, smiling when an annoyed eye finally came into view. He continued to pry at Itaru’s hand, eventually taking it into his own hands. 

“I know you’re fine,” Itaru relented, “but I didn’t rent us a hotel room just for quick actions we could have taken in the dorms.” Itaru’s other hand fell away on its own, adjusting his boxers and revealing his red face and frown.

At a loss for the right words to say, Kazunari stroked Itaru’s hair. “Is there, uh, anything I can do to help? I want my Itarun to feel his bestest.”

Itaru fell silent, biting his lower lip in contemplation. “I mean.” His eyes flicked to Kazunari’s strained crotch before earnestly meeting Kazunari’s face again. “We do have the hotel room for the night. And I do want you in me, Kazunari.”

Kazunari’s throat tightened. Itaru was always too much when he was direct like this! “Y-yeah, we can try again later, no problemo!” he squeaked.

“You’re readied up now, right? As long as you don’t directly touch Excalibur, I should be fine.”

If there was anything in Kazunari’s mouth, he definitely would have choked! Without waiting for a reply, Itaru sat up and began to push his pants and boxers off of his legs. He deftly grabbed his boxers from around his ankles, wadding them up and awkwardly blotting up the smear of cum from his crotch.

“But, uh,” Kazunari began gaping uselessly like a fish, his hands vaguely motioning to Itaru’s slowly deflating erection.

Itaru looked up, an eyebrow arching curiously. “What? I’m not sexy enough for you to fuck when my sword is sheathed?”

Kazunari began to inwardly panic, completely at the mercy of Itaru’s smooth recovery. “I. N-no, that’s not it. Just.” Kazunari forced his mouth closed and took a deep breath. Then he focused back on Itaru. The heavy rising and falling of his chest. The faint pinkness of embarrassment and arousal was still evident on his cheeks.

“I want you to enjoy it too,” a much more composed Kazunari whispered. “OFC I want to, uh, do you still. But I can wait. If you need me to. We do have all night after all...”

Relief seemed to wash over Itaru’s face as he relaxed back onto the bed. Wait, was he really worried Kazunari wouldn’t want to? A shy smile came to his face as he bent his knees, the soles of his feet firmly pressing into the mattress. “I’ve already been waiting too long to party up again. Don’t leave me in the queue any longer.”

“R-right!” Kazunari quickly hopped off the bed, wiggling out of his pants as he frantically looked for their bottle of lube in their overnight bags. He couldn’t keep Itaru waiting if he was so set after all! Triumphant, Kazunari tossed his shirt off and scampered to sit at Itaru’s feet. His shaky fingers popped open the lube bottle, squeezing a generous amount onto his fingers.

Itaru snorted. “Going for a speedrun record there?”

“H-hey, you’re the last person that gets to say that tonight!” Kazunari quickly retorts. Itaru’s face immediately fell into an annoyed frown, the flush from earlier brightly burning away at his cheeks. 

“W-wait, I didn’t mean it like that!” Kazunari desperately tried to backtrack. “I meant it like… I don’t, uh, actually know what I meant, but not like that! I love you so much, so - !”

“I get it, you’re dumb,” Itaru said with a small laugh, his face still vibrant. “Are you going to fuck me or not?” Kazunari’s heart melted ever so slightly, happy he didn’t completely kill the vibes.

Scared of testing his luck, Kazunari wordlessly began to press a finger into Itaru. His eyes stayed trained on Itaru’s face as he worked in a second, looking for any signs of discomfort. Itaru shifted a bit, licking his lips and inhaling sharply as Kazunari stretched him out. 

He seems uncomfy, Kazunari noticed as he continued to prepare Itaru. Is it because he just came?

“I-if it’s ever too much, promise me you’ll let me know,” Kazunari mumbled as he worked his third finger in. If nothing else, it went in easier than usual. Itarun’s body seems pretty relaxed at least...

Itaru audibly inhaled again, his hips lifting off the bed. Getting the idea, Kazunari quickly used his spare hand to slip a pillow underneath. “T-thanks,” Itaru replied. “Ready when you are?”

“O-on it, Itarun!” Kazunari nervously took out his fingers and coated his length, wiping the excess lube off on the hotel bed. Between Itaru’s legs, he lined himself up, his tip resting against Itaru’s entrance as his eyes wandered. The sheen of dried cum on Itaru’s stomach. The pink flush of his ass and thighs. Itaru’s dick, lying -

“I said it’s fine, and I meant it,” Itaru curtly interrupted. A traitorous heat rose to Kazunari’s face at Itaru’s call out. Then, Itaru’s face softened into something more shy and affectionate. “I… miss being with you too much to put it off. So please Kazunari, let me feel you.”

Oh man, if he wasn’t red before, Kazunari definitely was now. Itaru’s cool smirk from below totally cemented it as an unavoidable fact. Well, if Itaru still wanted to be fucked that badly, Kazunari was now determined to give it to him!

Kazunari’s hands trailed up the underside of Itaru’s thighs, settling in just below the back of Itaru’s knees. Then, Kazunari leaned forward, stretching Itaru’s thighs back as he began to push in, carefully studying Itaru’s face all the while. 

Instead of the melody of soft moans and grunts that usually accompanied Kazunari’s entrance, Itaru was quiet. His chest rose and fell slowly, his breaths deepening with every inch of Kazunari that he took. He exhaled audibly as Kazunari bottomed out, his lips gently parted as he stared up at Kazunari.

Kazunari couldn’t hear anything over the rapid beating of his own heart. He swallowed, willing the blood to stop torrenting through his ears. “H-how do you feel?” he asked, perhaps a little too loud.

Itaru chuckled softly, a small smile gracing his lips. All it took was a single word from Itaru to send Kazunari’s heart dangerously racing. “Full,” was Itaru’s response. “I feel… full.”

Automatically, Kazunari’s hips began moving at a slow pace, his hands pushing Itaru’s thighs ever so slightly closer to Itaru’s chest. Itaru groaned with the stretch, but otherwise remained quiet, his body still as he remained focused on Kazunari’s face.

This… feels super different.

Kazunari couldn’t quite place it. Pleasure lightly danced at the base of his spine as he moved, fogging his mind as he tried to figure out what was off. Itaru still felt amazing, his body surprisingly pliant under Kazunari’s hands, his embrace warm and addictive around Kazunari’s cock.

It was the vibes. The vibes were so different! Kazunari felt shy, embarrassed, exposed, and entirely too seen under Itaru’s attentive gaze.

Kazunari swallowed the build up of saliva in his mouth. “You.” He stopped talking and considered his words as Itaru tilted his head further back into the pillows, the affectionate smile still on his face. “Y-you’re too much, Itarun,” Kazunari croaked, pressing again on Itaru’s thighs, stretching them further to the sides.

“Me?” Itaru’s voice was light and airy, floating ever so slightly out of Kazunari’s reach. “I don’t - ”

“You’re just.” Kazunari clenched his eyes shut, unable to take everything in at once. He pushed Itaru’s legs out the tiniest bit more. He rolled his hips a little bit faster. Itaru groaned beneath him, causing shivers to run up Kazunari’s spine. “You’re so much! Y-you’re totes perfect… no, more than that.” A bead of sweat trickled down Kazunari’s neck. “You’re so perfect for me . G-god, I love you so much.”

Kazunari gasped shallowly for air, his fingers sinking into Itaru’s soft thighs as he pushed them to their limit, with Kazunari subtly adjusting for an even deeper angle. A soft moan met his ears.

Wait, a moan?

Kazunari hesitantly peeked through his eyelashes, and sure enough, Itaru was still there, but now gently moaning beneath him. Maybe it was encouragement or - no, wait. Kazunari’s eyes traveled down Itaru’s body, dusted with a fresh flush of pink.

There, between his wonderfully soft thighs, Itaru’s dick began to stiffen. Wait, Itaru was getting hard? Again? Already?! Kazunari beamed, equally surprised and proud that he had the power to make Itaru’s body behave this way.

Confidence began to well within him. “Are you getting horny again, Itarun~?” he teased as he dug his nails into Itaru’s thighs.

“Y-yeah, apparently,” Itaru softly admitted. “It feels - ahhn - elite.”

So straightforward! Kazunari felt his cheeks begin to burn as his breaths began to stagger unevenly. I can’t take much more of him being like this!  

Itaru did ask him not to touch his dick, but if he was getting horny again, it should be fine, right? Kazunari shifted, sliding one of Itaru’s legs onto his shoulder. Then, with his hand free, Kazunari slowly began reaching towards Itaru’s stiffening cock. Just a little closer and...

“S-stealth check: failed,” Itaru said. “Y-you remember what I said.”

“Yeah, but.” Kazunari frowned, slowing the roll of his hips. I-I wanted to come together, Kazunari thought, dejectedly.

Itaru whined quietly. “It’s just… not ready yet, I want to keep feeling good.” He waved his hand in a shoo motion. Defeated, Kazunari’s hand retreated, his fingers splaying instead on Itaru’s hip.

Well, there were always other ways to help Itaru get there! Kazunari smiled as he resumed his faster pace. He licked his dry lips in anticipation. “Hey, Itarun~”

“Hnnm?” Itaru locked eyes with Kazunari, a curious expression on his face.

Kazunari forced his face to soften, his excitement hiding behind fondness. “It’s really cute, how you still want me so badly,” Kazunari said softly, a slight chuckle to his voice.

“H-huh?” Itaru’s fingers began to curl into the bedsheets. Perfect!

“Do you really like me that much, Itarun? Enough to get hard a second time for me?” Kazunari fawned, the slightest tease to his voice. “Or maybe you’re just that desperate for my dick?”

Itaru’s hands tightened, the pink from earlier blooming anew on his skin. “T-those are your strats then?” he asked airily. Kazunari smiled as Itaru’s dick continued to grow.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about~” Kazunari punctuated his words with a harsh roll of his hips. Itaru gasped as his back arched off the bed. “I just… want to know if you want me to make you come again?”

“M-make me?” Itaru breathed more than asked, his voice quaking with Kazunari’s hips.

“Y-yeah,” Kazunari breathed, taking in every heart-pounding inch of Itaru trembling beneath him. “Like how you’re going to - a hnnm - make me.”

Small gasps fell from Itaru’s mouth, one of his hands travelling down his body until it came to rest at the base of his dick. Kazunari stared in awe as Itaru gently gripped his base and slowly began to work the lower half of his shaft.

“Ah… Itarun… are…” Kazunari blinked. Was he really seeing this right now?

Itaru smiled. “M-make me,” he whispered, his hips attempting to buck up to meet with Kazunari’s thrusts.

“T-too much,” Kazunari groaned as he recklessly began thrusting into Itaru. All he had to do was hang on a little bit longer, but the way Itaru was absolutely melting under him was overwhelming! “I’m going to… I’m going to come, Itarun!”

“Fill me, Ka - aaaahn! ”  

Kazunari jerked his hips, his weight straining Itaru’s thighs as he came. Itaru’s body jerked with him, Itaru’s hand daring to brush the head of his erection as he came undone. Kazunari felt himself flush as cum slowly leaked out of Itaru’s dick, pooling onto his stomach.

Itaru’s light laughter, broken up by heavy breaths, pulled Kazunari from his trance. “Surprised I actually managed to?”

“I mean… y-yeah,” Kazunari admitted, absentmindedly staring at the small gloss of new cum.

Itaru laughed again. “Are you going to go AFK and leave me a mess then? I mean, you’re pretty cute like this, but I don’t think I have it in me to move.”

Kazunari snapped to attention, the heat of embarrassment remaining on his cheeks as he pulled out of Itaru and got to work cleaning them up. Occasionally, Itaru would chuckle at Kazunari’s clumsy movements, but Kazunari powered through all the same to get them both cleaned off and cuddle ready.

By the time Kazunari finally slid into bed, Itaru was already teetering on the edge of consciousness, his face barely peeking out from the pile of blankets bunched up around him. Kazunari gently worked some blankets from Itaru’s grip, pulling them up around him.

“Mm, warm,” Itaru mumbled as he gravitated to Kazunari. His cool limbs quickly entangled themselves with Kazunari, making the latter laugh at the cute sight before him.

“Going to bed already, Itarun?” Kazunari lightly teased, running his fingers through Itaru’s messy bangs.

“Zero LP. KO’d.” Itaru nuzzled impossibly closer, his breathing slow and heavy as he laid his head on Kazunari’s arm.

“But Itaruuuun,” Kazunari fake-whined, a pout on his face as Itaru looked up at him. “You’re totally a point ahead of me on the scoreboard! Don’t I get a say in this?” Kazunari batted his eyelashes playfully, hoping to elicit a laugh or a blush.

Itaru totally blushed, causing a satisfied grin to grace Kazunari’s face. Then, rather unexpectedly, Itaru scooched upwards, his lips lightly moving against Kazunari’s ear. Kazunari’s throat tightened.

“If you’re that desperate, I’ll give you a sexy handie in the morning to even us out, ‘k?” Itaru whispered. “Night night.”

Wait, what? Kazunari blinked. Once. Twice. Fire roared to life on his face as his blood began racing. “Y-you can’t just say something like that right before we go to bed!”

Gentle snores met Kazunari’s red ears. Those had to be fake!

“Seriously! I-Itarun! How do you expect me to sleep now?!”