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Snow Country was not a pleasant place to be.

It was especially not pleasant for Tobirama Senju. For one, as a suiton user, he ran a lower body temperature than normal. Two, well, maybe that didn’t matter so much because he could feel the familiar sensation starting low in his belly. How he was starting to warm up, and Tobirama had been pushing it. Had been pushing it hard enough that he was well on his way into heat now.

It wasn't the best of situations, but he could probably get through the damn heat, albeit painfully. The cave was somewhat large enough, and Tobirama hated Snow. He hated it even more now that—

“I can’t believe it. The Senju an omega?”

Tobirama burned as he pressed back against the wall of the cave, teeth bare. Sweat beaded on his temples, and he gripped the kunai in his hand firmly.

“I’ll still kill you,” Tobirama swore, but he could feel how the air practically choked with his scent. Of how the need coursed through him.

Madara laughed, but he didn’t move closer. His eyes were dark, full of humor. “In that state?”

And his voice was low, a rumble on the edge of it. Tobirama couldn’t help it: the moan that escaped his throat. Damn it.

“Ah,” and Madara stepped one foot forward, nostrils slightly flaring. Took in Tobirama’s heat scent. “That made you wet, didn’t it?”

He said it as if he didn’t know very well how Tobirama would react. Tobirama growled, but he couldn’t deny it. How his cunt throbbed and ached. How it clenched on nothing and wanted something very hard in him.

“Fuck off.” Tobirama glared. “Go find another cave.”

Because there were only so many caves in Snow, and Tobirama was not moving one inch. Not when he was already half settled in.

“I like this one, Senju.” Madara purred out his words, and they tickled against Tobirama’s senses. Made him tremble and want to drop to his knees and spread. Present.

“I was here first,” Tobirama said, proud he managed to be steady even as his legs were jelly, and his fingers slipped slightly on that kunai.

“Come now,” Madara tutted. “We have a ceasefire. I’m sure your brother would kill me if I were to leave you in such a state.”

Tobirama...could possibly believe that. Hashirama had worked on the ceasefire between the Senju and Uchiha for far too long for them to break that now. In fact, they were on their way into a possible treaty.

“I can defend myself,” Tobirama said instead and didn’t stop Madara. Didn’t even point his kunai at the man until Madara was right up in his face with that smoke hearth smell of his flooding Tobirama’s nose. His head swam, and he blinked trying to clear his vision enough to keep them on Madara.

“Can you? Or will you spread your legs and welcome whoever enters?”

Tobirama suppressed a whimper. “I—”

That was certainly an image, and he knew that was a real possibility. Kami knew how much he ached. How he wanted this infuriating man to touch him.

“I can defend you,” and that sparked every instinct within Tobirama. That Madara could be a good mate. The man was strong and on par with Hashirama.

“Uchiha,” Tobirama warned. He blinked again as his focus slipped. He could hardly think, and he pressed his thighs together. Tightly. As if he could stop it. Stop how the wetness was pooling there, how slick he was becoming as the heat settled into him.

“I promise not to touch you. I’m not a rapist.”

“That makes me feel so much better,” Tobirama snapped. He wanted to be touched. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the wall behind him—

Tobirama dropped the kunai onto the ground. A too glaring want rushed through him, unpredictable and strong.

“Fine,” he gasped, sinking to his knees. Kami, he burned, and he couldn’t keep from curling in on himself. At how it ached. He hadn’t had a heat in such a long time. “Just—”

“Are you need assistance?” Madara asked. There might have been concern in that voice, but Tobirama couldn’t quite discern it at the moment. Not as another wanting wave rolled through him.

“You’ll just love that, wouldn’t you? Being able to stick it to the Demon?” Tobirama moved his arm up and bit down. As if that bit of pain could jar him out of his damning situation.

It didn't.

“I won’t touch you more than you need.” Madara knelt in front of him, and Tobirama trembled at the proximity. At how close the alpha was. He felt another throb below, could feel the slick gathering in his pants. 

“Or want,” Madara continued. “Even I can see this is a bad one.”

Tobirama really shouldn’t suppress his heats for that long, and guided by need he reached.

"Uchiha," and it was warning of a different kind. Tobirama sat himself into Madara’s lap and keened. He felt Madara’s surprise as he shoved his nose into Madra’s neck and inhaled deeply.

Fuck. Madara’s scent smelled good. He could bask in that hearth and smoke forever. It was just as lovely as his chakra that Tobirama couldn’t resist sensing for every now and then. He clutched at Madara and groaned. “Fuck you. Why do you have to smell so good?”

Madara tentatively brought his arm up, wrapped it loosely around Tobirama’s waist...and did nothing more.


Tobirama sank his teeth into Madara’s neck in response. Fuck, it felt so good to bite down, and he could hear himself purring in satisfaction. Before Tobirama could bite down again, Madara’s other hand was in his hair pulling back.

“Ow!” Tobirama stared down at Madara, but the other man was unimpressed.

“Too fast, Senju. I know heat makes you want, but—”

“Heat does make me want,” Tobirama retorted and tried to dart his head forward. He needed to bite, but Madara’s hold on him was tight. Oh, kami, and Tobirama could feel himself respond to that. At that show of strength, even if unintended.

“Senju, we should have some boundaries.” His hand gripped Tobirama’s hair harder. “Otherwise I’m happy enough to leave you alone.”

“No!” And Tobirama flushed at how loud that protest was. Madara’s face was startled, and Tobirama inhaled sharply. He cursed himself inwardly. Sage, he hated his heat brain. 

“I would...I would appreciate your assistance.” The words came out, halting, but they were out, and Tobirama could feel the stretch in his legs. Felt how wide his legs were spread across Madara’s thick thighs. That the only thing separating Madara’s dick in him were the layers of clothing they wore. Tobirama only needed to move just that inch.

“Very well,” and Madara’s hand eased just a little. His other arm was still on Tobirama’s waist, and it was a tad difficult to think. Not when Tobirama knew he had a prime alpha there, and how Madara’s scent and chakra surrounded his senses completely.

Tobirama swallowed down on nothing and forced himself to think. He ignored how he wanted to shove his groin forward. “I need a nest.”

And just like that, his thoughts were on a nest. On his lack of one. Oh. His fingers twitched involuntarily against Madara’s armor, and his gaze stayed on that red chestplate because he couldn’t—

Madara was not his alpha. 

However, his nest...he needed a nest. While it was the truth, it was also rather embarrassing that Tobirama did not have anything to build a true nest. That he was unable to have a nest ready for—

“Oh,” Madara said, and Tobirama knew his gaze was on the pitiful blanket and bedroll he had against the cave wall. How humiliating. Tobirama had barely pulled them out— he wanted it there ready for him to stumble into once he set up some traps. Then, Madara appeared.

“I…” Tobirama’s cheeks heated. He wasn't too prideful to ask. “Could I have a shirt?”

There was a pause, and then Tobirama had to tilt back. Because Madara had removed his arm from Tobirama’s waist. Tobirama watched, spellbound, as Madara undid the clasps and the red armor came off, clinking gently.

Oh, kami. Tobirama’s mouth went dry as Madara shifted Tobirama off him and then removed his mantle in one easy motion. Underneath, the man wore a skin tight black shirt. The fabric stretched, and those were some of the widest shoulders Tobirama had ever seen. Before he could stop himself, Tobirama put a hand on that shoulder.

He nearly jumped when Madara’s hand closed over his instantly, trapping his hand against Madara’s shoulder. The man’s hand was so large and warm, and Tobirama could feel want sparking at the thought of how encompassing the man would be over him. Madara was truly an alpha of another class.

“Not yet,” Madara said, voice rough. Tobirama shivered. “Let me set some traps first.”

He nodded at the mantle he removed. “You can take that.”

It touched something in Tobirama’s chest, to have this alpha’s clothes, and he flushed deeply. “But it’s cold outside.”

It had been snowing, and Tobirama was sure it still snowed now.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” Madara dismissed, and he flared his chakra. “I’m a katon user, after all.”

“Oooh,” Tobirama exhaled softly. That flare of chakra was so warm, a bare taste of what was to come. “I will— I'll make my nest.”

He darted to his feet, stumbling slightly. Sage. This was— this was why he hated heat. His mind was always jumbled, and Tobirama pretended he didn’t hear how Madara laughed as he went to set the traps.

Still, Tobirama picked up Madara’s mantle. Lifted it to his nose and breathed in. Felt himself clenched again at how nice that scent was, how soothing it was. Kami, how stupid was that. An enemy alpha? He tore his face away from that mantle, ashamed even as he remembered they were on a ceasefire. They weren’t truly enemies, and this alpha was an acceptable one. More than acceptable. Tobirama bit the inside of his cheek. He needed to focus. He felt so much more warmer now too. Who knew when he would fall into incoherence?

Awkwardly, Tobirama looked over his meager supplies. He didn’t carry much for a mission, and he could only add so many things. Tobirama added another blanket and two more spare shirts he had to the small nest. He truly didn’t have much, and he frowned in despair. Instinct yelled at him that it wasn’t a proper nest. It settled a little though when Tobirama finally took Madara’s mantle for placement. It was just one small thing, but it helped.

Actually, now that Tobirama thought of it, this would be the first time he had an alpha scent other than family in his nest. He grimaced even though his instincts danced at that. That he had such a good alpha scent there. To have while he rode out his heat and possibly more when Madara returned. Tobirama's jaw tightened, and he smoothed out Madara’s mantle on the center of the bedroll. Madara's scent really did smell nice. That smoke, that hearth reminder of home and safety...

He wanted that scent to envelop him, to saturate and—

“Done?” Madara asked.

“Ah, yes.” Tobirama bit the inside of his cheek. He didn't even hear or sense the Uchiha's return. What was wrong with him? He should be able to think through lust. Tobirama fidgeted and patted the mantle, nervously straightening the sleeve. It still didn’t look—

“Very good,” Madara praised, eyes examining Tobirama’s nest. 

“You don’t need to be a dick about it,” Tobirama said, scowling. It was inadequate. “I’m well aware of where we are. A good nest is impossible here.”

The silence stretched when Madara didn’t answer, and worry stabbed at Tobirama. He looked up at Madara, wondering, and his mouth went dry for a second time. 

Madara kept his gaze on Tobirama as he yanked off his shirt, revealing a broad chest with well defined muscles. He sauntered those few steps up to Tobirama, dropped his shirt into Tobirama’s lap.

“Add that,” and his voice was even lower than before. Oh.

Tobirama licked his lips. “I—”

“Add it, Senju.” The command in Madara’s voice was strong, and Tobirama hastened to obey. He scooped up that shirt, and the scent was thicker here having been against Madara’s direct skin. He discretely took a whiff of it as he placed it against the cave wall— to keep that delicious scent on the inside.

When Tobirama turned back, Madara had his own pack opened. 

“Take a look,” Madara said, inviting Tobirama to peer into the opening. “Perhaps we can add some things to it.”

“Uchiha,” and Tobirama didn’t know what to do with the bubbly feeling growing within him. He did not expect the man to be this gentle with him. It was a little jarring when Tobirama remembered the man on the field, fighting against anija. “You do not need to offer me that.”

“But I want,” Madara said, and there was an undercurrent to his words. “Take what you need.”

Tobirama reached out hesitantly, but when Madara didn’t do anything more but watch he sifted through the contents of the pack eagerly. Within short order, Tobirama added another bedroll, enlarging the nest. Madara also had two blankets, and Tobirama rolled those up around the edge. There was another mantle, and Tobirama squirreled that one at the top, folding it into a makeshift pillow.

He sat back on his haunches, considering. His instincts quieted, and Tobirama purred. It wasn’t the best nest, but it was better than it was before. His nest was so full of Madara's scent. He wanted to bask in that nest, at how wonderful it smelled.

“Very good,” Madara said, and his praise didn’t feel false this time or patronizing. Tobirama preened as Madara came closer. “Here, sit down.”

And Tobirama allowed Madara to guide him down. With his nesting instincts met, Tobirama was once again reminded of the stirring sensation in his gut. Of how he needed. His heart hammered in anticipation. He turned his head towards Madara.


Madara’s gloved hand came up to Tobirama’s face. “Tell me, what do you want? I will not do more than what you ask.”

“Touch me,” Tobirama blurted out. Oh, sage. His heat mouth was something else.

“Touch,” Madara chuckled. “What kind of touch? How exactly would you like me to touch you?”

“It’s heat,” Tobirama frowned. “Just fuck me and be done with it.”

“How crass.” Madara brought his hand up to his mouth. With his teeth, he pulled his glove off and let it drop into the nest. His bare hand grazed Tobirama’s cheek. “Tell me, Senju. How do you like to be touched?”

“I don’t,” Tobirama said, unsurely. “What do you mean?”

And there was an odd look on Madara’s face. It crossed briefly, and Tobirama whined when Madara pulled back suddenly.


“Shh,” Madara hushed him. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He took off his shoes and his other glove, then Madara was kneeling at Tobirama’s feet. Tobirama stared at him.

“What are you?”

“Let’s get this off first, hm?” Madara said, and Tobirama felt odd as the man carefully undid the straps at the leg of his pants and removed his shoes. It was an unexpected intimacy. To have Madara's hands there on his feet. Tobirama fought not to squirm.

“I’m not a child,” Tobirama muttered, petulant and confused, but Madara’s grip was firm on his ankle.

“I hope not,” Madara said, and his eyes were dark. “Otherwise, I couldn’t do this.”

And Madara pressed a soft gentle kiss to the top of his foot, brushed his lips there and moved up to ankle.

“Oh,” Tobirama said, in quiet surprise. A warmth bloomed within him at the sight. Of how Madara was at his feet and kissing one with such tenderness. “You—”

“You may not like me, but I will treat you well.” Madara put Tobirama’s foot down, and with one move he had scooted himself up and over Tobirama. 


A small noise escaped Tobirama, unbidden. Like this, Madara loomed. His scent, his chakra, his everything practically enveloped Tobirama. Kami, Tobirama was lightheaded. He needed. He needed, and Madara wasn’t even doing anything yet.

“May I?” Madara murmured, and his gaze was hot and heavy.

Tobirama yanked him down.

Took that startled yelp in glee. He kissed and nipped. Licked his way into Madara’s mouth before the man could protest and do something stupid like waste more time. Madara’s hair was thick in his fingers, and Tobirama pulled on it when Madara changed the angle. Turned their kiss deeper and wetter.

“So eager,” Madara said, breaking the kiss. 

“Shut up.” Tobirama pulled Madara’s head to the side and bit down again. Scraped his teeth over the mark and bit down again.

“Bitey,” Madara commented, but he let Tobirama leave his teeth marks all across that neck and shoulder, and on the other side too.

“Hm,” Tobirama hummed, sucking another mark into Madara’s skin.

“You haven’t answered my question though.” Madara kissed him again. “You have not told me how you want me to touch you.”

Tobirama kissed him back, roughly, biting Madara’s tongue this time.

“Ah,” Madara said, pulling back. He pushed a thumb into Tobirama’s mouth, and Tobirama sucked down on it without thinking. “Nice, but I’m beginning to think you’re trying to distract me.”

He leaned down, whispered into Tobirama’s ear. “You haven’t been touched much, have you?”

Tobirama’s face colored red, as well as the tips of his ears. He let go of Madara’s thumb with a wet pop.

“That isn’t your business,” Tobirama hissed.

“I believe it does when I’m going to fuck you,” Madara returned, and his hand went down. Rucked up Tobirama’s shirt, exposing his belly and chest to the air. Tobirama shivered as the air hit his skin, and he shivered more as Madara's eyes ghosted over him. Took in how Tobirama laid there in his nest, wanting for Madara. Tobirama couldn't keep his breath steady. Not as Madara's fingers skimmed Tobirama’s sides.

“I have had sex before.” 

“But not often,” Madara countered, and his fingers were maddeningly frustrating as he brought them up to pull and twist at a nipple.

"That doesn't matter."

"It matters so I know how exactly to please you," Madara said, and he pinched. "Like how you're sensitive here."

“Uchi—” Tobirama choked as Madara’s mouth closed down on the nipple he had been toying with. That hot mouth sent pleasurable tingles all along Tobirama’s spine. It stoked the heat within him to a higher point.

“Be honest,” Madara said and moved his mouth to Tobirama’s other nipple. Only this time, he ran the edge of his teeth over the very tip. Tobirama bucked his hip up.

“Oh, fuck. I—” Tobirama groaned at that wet suction around him. “I just need—”

“Surely you can answer,” Madara probed, and he was trailing a row of kisses on Tobirama’s sternum. Kissed up to the hollow in Tobirama’s throat. "How you want me?"

“I don’t—” Tobirama shuddered as Madara slotted his mouth against his once more. That kiss was just as good as the others, and Tobirama closed his eyes. Ran his fingers down Madara’s back as he sank into it. Allowed Madara to kiss him hard.

Like this, all Tobirama could smell was that smoke hearth scent. He couldn’t help whining again when Madara moved away.

“Your shirt,” Madara said and managed to get Tobirama’s shirt the rest of the way off.

And Tobirama groaned as Madara pressed his full weight against him. That chest against his own was— he spread his legs further. Madara truly could cover him.

“Uc— Madara. Please.”

“Tell me,” Madara said, and his mouth kissed right below Tobirama’s ear. It took effort to remember what he was asking, and Tobirama cried out when Madara sucked his earlobe into his mouth, biting down.

“I...I haven’t taken anyone while in heat.”

Madara practically rumbled at the answer, and Tobirama could feel the vibration in Madara’s chest. 

“No?” Madara asked. “Not what I was asking for, but I think I can guess. How you want to be touched.”

Tobirama scratched his fingers down Madara’s back in annoyance. “Just fuck me. Quit playing with me.”

Then, Tobirama’s breath caught as Madara shifted back. Oh, kami, Tobirama thought again. He couldn’t— Madara’s hair was wild behind him, his eyes turning red. He was a predator, and Tobirama was trapped beneath him.

“Play?” Madara’s fingers traveled down Tobirama’s sternum, down to his belly button, and to right before the edge of his pants. “I’m barely getting started.”

“Madara—” Tobirama winced as his pants were tugged down and off. His thighs were damp with slick, and the cool air raised goosebumps against his skin.

“They’re soaked through.” Madara held the pants up, and Tobirama’s blushed. 

“I’m in heat, dumbass.”

“Bet I could get you this wet outside of heat.”

“As if I’ll let you n—ngh.” Tobirama jerked as Madara cupped him suddenly. Wrapped a hand around his cock. The drag wasn’t great, and Tobirama couldn’t help how he heated as Madara reached lower. Gathered the slick there and smeared it on Tobirama’s cock to ease the stroke. That was his own...

It didn’t take long before Tobirama peaked. All Madara needed was a few firm strokes.

"Hm," Madara said, considering.

“Ah…” Tobirama panted as he came back down, but it still wasn’t. “Ma--hm--d’ra. Please.”

It wasn’t enough. He needed. He wanted—

"Let me..."

“Oooh,” Tobirama said, eyes widening. “Y-you…”

Because Madara’s mouth was down there. That wasn’t. It wasn’t done, but Tobirama couldn’t help but widened his legs further. Madara’s tongue dipped in easily. Fuck, he wanted a knot, but this was...this was more than good.

Tobirama ground down, but Madara's hand on his hip kept him steady. Unable to do anything but let Madara do that.

“Hm.. ‘da--ra. I—” Tobirama’s hands tangled into Madara’s hair. Pulled as Madara continued kiss and lick him below. The pressure built, and Tobirama slammed his head back. Could feel him clenching on Madara’s tongue as he came hard.

Tobirama’s eyes were dazed, and still he burned.

“P-please,” Tobirama begged. He couldn’t take this. He needed a knot. He reached blindly for Madara, but the man was there. One finger sliding into him, breaching him with ease. “Madara!”

“Sage,” Madara swore, adding another finger. “You’re so open for me.”

“I can,” Tobirama tried to get those fingers deeper into him. “I can take more.”

“You will,” Madara promised, and he rubbed and stroked and—

Tobirama cried out again. He peaked, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t what he really needed. “Ma...please. I can’t—”

He could feel the heat burning him. Needed more than just fingers and mouth.

“Oh,” and Madara was there. Sinking that thick hardness into him.

“I have you,” Madara said. “I have you.”

And Tobirama moaned when Madara drew out and slammed back into him. He reached, but Madara pinned his wrists down. Rolled his hips into him. Tobirama clenched down on him, and Madara faltered.

“Fuck,” Madara swore, and that was enough to get him to speed up. To really—

Tobirama came again, and this time he melted into an easy lassitude. Felt full as Madara finally knotted him and maneuvered them to the side.

He was barely aware as Madara’s fingers carded through his hair.



Madara fucked him for three days. 

It was a wonder they didn’t die of starvation, but Tobirama had some special rations he had been testing. The caloric energy it provided was more than enough for Madara. He was lucky too there was plenty of snow Madara could melt for water.

Tobirama couldn’t meet Madara’s eyes, knowing that they—

“What?” Tobirama snapped. There was a curious look on Madara’s face, almost thoughtful. As if he was considering something.

Madara smirked. “Just thinking about how good you taste.”


Madara laughed, jumping out of the way.

And Tobirama didn't have an answer when Hashirama turned to him, a week later asking, "do you know why Madara is requesting your hand in marriage?"