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The morning after is unexpectedly easy. It feels normal, even, waking up to Keigo making them all breakfast. They let Touya sleep as long as possible before Keigo goes to wake him up with coffee and kisses. Tenko is well aware by now that Touya isn’t a morning person, so he doesn’t try to draw him into conversation. Instead, he focuses on how blissfully happy Keigo seems, the way he can’t stop smiling and sending flirtatious glances his way (and Touya’s, though he’s half-asleep still and Tenko honestly isn’t sure he notices).

There isn’t much he wouldn’t do to cause more of that.

The ease of the early morning makes it all the more jarring when he gets to work later and Touya seems to forget how to be comfortable around him. He does a decent job of hiding it at first, but then one of their sidekicks asks him how he’s doing.

“I’m fine,” Touya says, far too quickly and forcefully for it to be convincing. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

This—unsurprisingly—draws looks from everyone in the room. Touya can be a grouch, but he’s not usually that defensive. Then, one brave (foolish) soul decides to ask,“who did you sleep with this time, boss?”

“No one!” Touya says a little too loudly. Tenko struggles against the urge to facepalm.

“That’s enough,” Tenko says, reaching out unthinkingly to grab Touya and lead him away toward their office. Touya looks down at Tenko’s hand on his arm and flushes hard enough that Tenko lets go of him the moment they’re out of sight of the others. There’s a part of him that wants to tell Touya off for being so obvious, but it’s at war with a growing sense of nervousness.

He’s prevented from doing anything about it by one of their office staff coming in to remind them that they have a photoshoot to do today. Ugh. Tenko hates this kind of thing, but it’s part of the job. Touya doesn’t seem to mind, but then again, Touya is a bit of a peacock. Or he considers it another chance to bring shame on the Todoroki name. Whatever.

At least Touya doesn’t seem to mind until the two of them are left in the same room to change.

Tenko isn’t exactly unaffected either—undressing in front of Touya has a different charge to it after last night—but he tries to keep pretending he’s calm and everything is normal. It was normal before Touya started acting weird, but now he’s second-guessing everything.

Does Touya regret it, or is he just embarrassed? Touya, who doesn’t have a subtle bone in his body, won’t meet his eyes.

It gets worse, somehow, when Touya turns around and sees that he’s dressed except for the tie—which he never learned how to tie properly. Touya ties it for him, seemingly without even thinking about it. For something so small, it feels intense. Touya’s hands are so close—his face is so close—and Tenko wants to touch him. The suit makes it that much worse, because while Touya looks good in nearly anything, he’s breathtaking in black. It makes him look that much more ethereally pale and beautiful and it almost hurts not to kiss him.

Being in front of a camera makes most things worse, and Tenko isn’t sure why he didn’t expect this to be the same. The photographer seems to want to go the homoerotic route, which isn’t exactly new, but…

Feeling the way he does about Touya is new. Or maybe it isn’t. He doesn’t know exactly when it started, only that he wishes it would stop.

“Lean in a little more,” the photographer tells Touya, her nails tapping against the side of her camera impatiently. “You’re friends, aren’t you?”

Tenko chooses not to point out that friends don’t usually touch or look at each other the way she’s been instructing.

They’re posed with Tenko sitting and reading and Touya looking over his shoulder. Touya has loosened his tie again—Tenko keeps trying to catch it and fix it between poses, but it’s difficult—and unbuttoned his shirt partway and Tenko can see almost all the way down. He’s not sure whether he should thank the Todoroki genes or curse them for the flash of pretty pale skin and plush chest.

When the photographer says she got the shot she wanders over to her computer to review the images and Tenko stands, buttoning Touya’s shirt back up and pulling his tie tight again.

“Be good,” he teases—or tries to. It comes out oddly charged and he forgets to let go as their eyes meet. He could swear there’s longing in the way Touya looks back at him, but he’s probably projecting.

He’s also probably imagining the way Touya leans into him when the photographer poses them back-to-back. She snaps more pictures, asking Touya to look back at Tenko over his shoulder.

Tenko is probably imagining the longing in Touya’s eyes.



The next day is worse.

One of Touya’s exes shows up—the guy from their high school’s support department Touya dated in their senior year—and Tenko wishes he had an explanation for why his hackles are up the moment he sees him. There’s nothing wrong with the guy. He was good for Touya, even; supportive and sweet with him without having anything to do with the competitiveness of the hero program—unlike Tenko, who was always his rival, friendship or not. Obviously, the ex was the kind of smart Touya likes, too.

Tenko wishes he understood where the instinctive dislike came from. He never had a problem with him when Touya was dating him.

Once the pleasantries are over—right in the middle of their office, because of fucking course—they drift onto the subject of why the ex is here in the first place.

“I guessed at your measurements from a combination of your old ones and what you look like now,” the ex says casually, like that’s totally normal. “But we can adjust if you need it.” Tenko can’t help but think of those weird, sleazy scenes in movies where a man gives a woman clothes to wear on a date. He shoves the thought away—even though it really does sound like the ex wants to fuck Touya in something he made. It’s probably something they’ve done before.

The thought makes him grip the handle of his mug too tightly and spill coffee all over his hand.

Grumbling, Tenko wipes off what he can and takes off his wet glove.

Tenko does his best to tune out whatever else Touya has to say about it. He manages pretty well, right up until the point where Touya starts stripping out of his shirt to try on whatever the fuck it is and the ex reaches out to help him like they do this every day.

Tenko looks up, sees the ex’s hands on Touya’s arms, and disintegrates his coffee cup.

Somehow, it makes it worse when all Touya has to say about it—after checking if he’s alright—is “you haven’t lost control like that since high school.”


“His ex came to the agency,” Tenko tells Keigo dully later as they watch TV on Keigo’s couch. His head is in Keigo’s lap and Keigo makes a sympathetic sound as his fingers comb through Tenko’s hair.

“Were they serious?” he wonders. Tenko makes a non-committal sound in his throat.

“As serious as Touya was about anything at eighteen. That guy was in the support department. I guess he’s working at some independent firm now, but somehow he still has time to make stuff for Touya,” he says, a grumble in his voice.

“Nice of him,” Keigo says cautiously, and Tenko frowns.

“He said he took Touya’s measurements by eye. What kind of horny bullshit is that,” Tenko snaps, then sighs and turns further into Keigo’s touch. “Touya claims they’re still friends,” he adds with a disbelieving snort. “Who the fuck stays friends with their ex?” Keigo raises his eyebrows.

“Okay, concerning, but putting that aside— You’re jealous,” Keigo says, a teasing edge in his tone.

“What?” Tenko asks, startled. He feels Keigo holding back a laugh and it makes his cheeks feel hot. “No, I— I don’t have any claim on Touya.”

The look Keigo gives him in response is deeply unimpressed.

“Even if that were true—which it’s not, you’re not fooling anyone here—that doesn’t actually stop your brain from doing the thing,” Keigo says dryly. “Trust me, I know. You’re a possessive little shit,” he adds, sounding oddly fond about it and brushing his thumb over Tenko’s cheek. “And you’re so close that I was more worried about making a good impression on you than I was about meeting his family.”

“That’s because you were hot for me from the start,” Tenko deadpans. Keigo lets out an indignant squawk. He doesn’t actually stop petting Tenko’s hair or push him out of his lap, though.

“I’m kind of surprised you weren’t jealous over me,” Keigo says, caressing his temples in a way that has his eyelashes fluttering in pleasure.

“I wouldn’t call it jealousy, exactly,” Tenko says slowly, looking up into Keigo’s golden eyes to find them bright with interest. “I don’t think you realize how hard he was gushing about you. So I thought—surely there must have been something wrong with you and he hadn’t realized it yet. He’s, uh. Maybe not as cautious as he should be when he’s into someone.”

“So you look out for him,” Keigo says, voice soft. Tenko’s cheeks feel hot.

“And then I met you, and you were— I tried so hard not to think of you that way,” Tenko murmurs. “That’s not usually a problem for me, being the way I am, but— I wanted you sooner than I usually want people.”

Keigo touches his cheek and he leans into it. Then he huffs in amusement, hand curling around Keigo’s and squeezing.

“Sexual attraction is weird, don’t know how you do it,” Tenko adds dryly, and Keigo snorts a surprised laugh. “What about you?” Tenko asks. His being possessive is one thing, but Keigo has those instincts because of his quirk.

“I was jealous,” Keigo admits, “but not in the way you think. You’ve known each other for so long. You’ve seen so much of each other, and I wanted that—with both of you and in general. I’ve never had anything close.” Tenko feels his eyes widen. “But I knew there was no way I could compete with you in his life. You’re so important to him. So you saying you have no claim on him is beyond laughable.”

“Oh,” Tenko says weakly. Keigo shifts to lie down next to him, curling his arms around his waist and kissing his cheek.

“As far as the rest goes— I think it was easier because you started dating me first,” Keigo says. Tenko raises his eyebrows. “I mean, if you had gotten with him after I did, but before you got with me, I think I would have felt threatened. And if you were already with him to begin with, I don’t think I would have even bothered trying,” Keigo admits. Tenko absorbs that for a long moment before leaning his head against Keigo’s shoulder.

“That would have been a shame,” he says, and Keigo looks startled. “He’s been really happy since he’s been with you.” Keigo looks away, a shy smile tugging at his mouth, and Tenko brushes his hand over his cheek.

“You know you’re being idiots, right?” Keigo says suddenly. When Tenko lets out a questioning ‘mm’ sound, he can almost feel Keigo rolling his eyes. “You and Touya,” Keigo clarifies, “trying to pretend it’s normal. It’s obviously not. Have you talked?” Tenko knows what he means without any further explanation, but he almost wishes he could convincingly play dumb. “About your relationship,” Keigo says flatly when Tenko doesn’t immediately answer. Tenko fights a grimace.

“It’s not— Touya hates talking about feelings,” he says, because it’s true. “It’s the whole reason I met you.” Keigo continues to look unimpressed.

“Which also means you’ll never talk unless you’re the one initiating it.” Tenko opens his mouth to argue, but Keigo cuts him off. “Sit on him so he can’t run away. There’s no way he can lift you.” Tenko bursts into startled laughter, burying his face in Keigo’s chest and hugging him tight.


Sitting on Touya would probably solve the problem, one way or the other, but Tenko can’t quite bear to force the issue. He’s not even sure why—it’s not as though the way things are now is particularly comfortable. They do settle into an uneasy peace after a while, though the charged feeling doesn’t go away. Tenko isn’t even sure if it’s real or if it’s all in his head. Maybe Touya will never want him like that again.

He tries to convince himself he's not disappointed by that idea.

“I got all my paperwork done early,” Touya announces. His tone is an odd mixture of teasing and genuinely smug, and Tenko isn’t exactly sure what reaction he’s hoping for.

“Good boy,” Tenko murmurs, not looking up. He sees Touya’s hands twitch out of the corner of his eye, but Touya doesn’t say anything, so Tenko ignores it. “You could go home.” This suggestion makes Touya flush, for some reason. Ugh, is he fighting with his father again? Tenko did not want to get into an argument with Endeavor this week.

“I’ll stay,” Touya says, sounding weirdly strained. Well, whatever. It’ll make paperwork easier if Touya is right there to sign everything when he’s done.

“Did you do something to the air conditioning?” Tenko wonders aloud, not really expecting an answer. Touya always messes with the air conditioning when he thinks he can get away with it. Always too hot. He’s stopped shedding clothes like he used to when they were teenagers, though—thank God, or he’d probably cause more scandals than he already does.


Tenko feels cold and hot all at once, and he’s so damn tired of the tension between them, but he can’t bring himself to break it.

“‘s’fucking freezing in here,” Tenko grumbles, crossing the room to give Touya a stack of papers to sign. Touya looks weirdly flustered—or maybe he’s overheated? But he hasn’t really overheated since their first year of high school.

Tenko has just reached Touya’s desk when he realizes that walking was a mistake. Also standing. The room spins in a way he’s pretty sure it isn’t supposed to, and then suddenly his head is resting on the perfect pillow.


His face is buried in Touya’s chest.

Touya catches him, one arm curling around his waist. One of Tenko’s hands lands on Touya’s pec, which is not his intention, but he’s not actually bothered enough by it to move it. Might as well enjoy it. It’s not as though he’ll ever get to touch them again in any other way. It’s a struggle to keep himself from squeezing.

“Tenko,” Touya says sternly as he checks Tenko’s cheek with his free hand. “You’re feverish.” The open concern in Touya’s voice makes Tenko’s chest feel tight. It feels like so long since they’ve been open about anything. Tenko lets out a small noise and snuggles further against Touya’s chest. “I’m taking you home,” Touya adds, and for a long moment Tenko thinks he means the Todoroki estate.

“Don’t like it there,” Tenko grumbles, curling his hands into Touya’s shirt. Not that he has any particular problem with most of the Todorokis, but the place never felt very homey to him. To Touya, either, from what he can tell.

“Your home, Bunny,” Touya says, tone unexpectedly gentle. Tenko has just enough brainpower to recognize that Touya never calls him anything cute—unless the occasional affectionate ‘gremlin’ or ‘shithead’ could be called cute. They started that in high school and never really stopped.

This must be a dream, then.

Tenko spaces out for a while, shaking himself out of it to find himself in his own car with Touya driving.

“Hate how you drive,” Tenko protests weakly. Touya ignores him. Tenko drifts again—he might even have truly fallen asleep—waking again to find himself in his own bed. Something smells delicious, and for a long moment, Tenko is convinced his subconscious is taunting him with food he won’t be able to eat. Then Touya appears at his side with a giant, steaming bowl of soup.

The next section of time he can remember is blurry, but he thinks he remembers tasting the dream soup. Someone runs warm fingers through his hair for a while, which is almost certainly imagined. He definitely sleeps more, because he wakes up tangled in his sheets and sweaty, like the fever broke a while ago.

He can’t remember the last time he had a good dream while he was sick. It’s a nice change.


“He hasn’t stopped making me bento,” Tenko admits in a text to Keigo when he can’t sleep that night.

“I hate you,” Keigo informs him. Almost twenty solid minutes later he adds, “just suck his dick the next time he gives you one, please. I’m so tired.”

He doesn’t clarify, but Tenko is pretty sure he doesn’t mean he’s tired because it’s late.


A few days later, Tenko goes over to check on Touya as the police take the villain they’ve been fighting away. Touya seems a little confused, maybe, but not hurt. Good.

“Why doesn’t your costume have sleeves?” Touya says, and Tenko is already so fucking done with whatever quirk his friend just got hit with. “I’m already always thinking about your arms, I don’t need them right in my face like that,” Touya adds. “Ugh, I’d love having them in my face.”

Tenko turns to stare at him, watching in fascination as Touya’s face goes crimson.

“What the fuck. That’s not an outside thought.” Tenko struggles with the urge to laugh, remembering when they had a lesson about inside vs. outside thoughts in kindergarten. Touya had some trouble telling the two apart, so Tenko took it upon himself to tell him when he said something that wasn’t an outside thought.

“Uh, okay. Gonna suggest you get checked out by a doctor,” Tenko says dryly. Touya gets that ‘I’d rather die’ expression on his face that only happens when a doctor is involved. Tenko prays to whom- or whatever might be listening for patience.


Tenko pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Hospitals freak me out, you know that,” Touya says, a whine coming into his tone. Tenko is just starting to realize that it isn’t something he’d willingly admit to otherwise when Touya adds, “can’t you just take care of me?” He looks startled again, like he didn’t really mean to say that out loud, and then a flush blooms in his cheeks. It makes him look unexpectedly sweet, and Tenko feels himself fold.

“Of course I can.” The words are out before he really thinks about them, and then it occurs to him that it’s a terrible idea. He and Touya have been dancing around each other for almost two weeks without a single normal conversation, and now Touya has been hit with...something. Something that seems to be making him incapable of keeping his thoughts to himself. Touya looks so grateful, though.

Whatever resistance Tenko had left crumbles.

“Just...leave the police to me,” he says tiredly. “You can stay with me until we know what’s going on with you.” Touya nods, looking for a moment like he wants to say something else, but then he apparently thinks better of it.

Tenko realizes with a pang of guilt that he’s grateful for it.


By the time they’re actually in the car, it’s become clear Touya is under the influence of some kind of...truth quirk? It doesn’t seem purely sexual, but there have been enough sexual thoughts escaping his mouth that Tenko can’t write off the possibility of an aphrodisiac, either.

It’s also clear that Touya—who has never seemed to be holding back on his account—actually censors himself quite a bit. Each new admission is a little bolder, though, and Tenko isn’t sure how he’s going to survive until the quirk wears off. Even if most of what Touya says has nothing to do with him— Enough exposure to Touya musing that a good fight makes him horny or that tonight was supposed to be date night with Keigo and he’s been daydreaming about making out with him for hours now will probably be the end of him.

Tenko doesn’t think he has the nerve to poke at the weirdness between them—regardless of what type of quirk Touya is dealing with. He figures Touya feels the same. So when Touya blurts, “did I push you too hard?” it doesn’t even register what he means by that until he bluntly adds, “when we fucked on your desk.” Tenko’s heart jumps into his throat. If he wasn’t already stopped at a red light, that would be the kind of thing that might make him cause a traffic accident.

“What?” he chokes out, glancing over at Touya cautiously. Touya looks like he might be wishing for death—though whether because he’s a good friend or because of the quirk acting on him, he answers.

“I’m not stupid enough to think you didn’t enjoy it,” Touya says cautiously, “and I know ‘asexual’ doesn’t mean ‘no sexual desire.’” Tenko can practically hear him sifting through words in his mind, and he can’t decide if he appreciates it or hates it. “But I know people haven’t always respected your boundaries before.”

That’s relatively tactful, by Touya’s standards, but Tenko still has to fight a wince.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Touya adds in a small voice. The sincerity of it instantly kills any thought Tenko had of telling him off for having this conversation in the car. He sighs, waiting until he parks in his building’s garage to answer. Then he turns to look at Touya.

“If you’ll recall, I was the one who was pushing,” he says. Touya looks weirdly alarmed.

“No, you kept reminding me that we could stop,” he insists. “Maybe you actually wanted to stop and I wasn’t paying attention because I was thinking with my dick.”

Suddenly, Tenko finds himself trying to keep an eye roll in check.

“I was thinking with my dick, too,” he says bluntly. Touya looks surprised, and Tenko bites back a sigh. “You were the one who would barely look at me the next day. I would have loved a repeat.”

Touya’s face looks like the sound dial-up internet used to make.

"You didn't say anything," Touya says, sounding bewildered. "That night at Keigo's place or the morning after."

"Because you were exhausted? It didn't seem like the right time for a conversation about the future of our relationship. And I thought I had made myself clear," Tenko says, struggling to keep defensiveness out of his voice. "I don't fuck people I'm not interested in romantically. You know that."

"Romantically," Touya repeats, sounding almost awed. Then he frowns for no discernible reason. "How the fuck would I know that? You don't tell me about your sex life." Tenko blinks in surprise. Touya has told him about his own sex life in detail—surely he must have returned the favor at some point? "I mean, you answer questions when I ask them," Touya allows, "but you don't volunteer stuff."

"Oh," Tenko says weakly. "And do you want to know about it?" The air between them feels charged, suddenly, and he knows the answer even before Touya says anything.

"Yeah," Touya admits, eyes dropping to Tenko's mouth. A thrill goes through Tenko and he feels himself flush. "If you want to tell me, absolutely."

Tenko can't say he's ever considered it that much before now, but if Touya is going to look at him like that—

"Can I kiss you?" he murmurs, watching in fascination and pleasure as Touya's expression softens and his eyes go dark. It only occurs to him after the fact that he's said that before.

"There is never going to be a time when the answer to that is 'no,'" Touya breathes, leaning in almost all the way and then stopping just shy of Tenko's lips. Tenko just looks at him for a moment—caught by those stunning blue eyes—before kissing him fiercely. Touya meets him with the same intensity—of course he does—and it’s so good. Why weren’t they doing this sooner?

Touya would probably tell him off for that kind of thinking, but he can’t help himself.

Making out in a car quickly proves to be awkward, but even with the center console in the way Tenko ends up half in Touya’s lap, his fingers curled tight in Touya’s hair and Touya’s hands on his ass.

“Thank God for that cape,” Touya breathes as he squeezes Tenko’s ass and pulls him in closer. “If this was just out on display all the time I’d lose whatever remaining dignity I have.” Tenko chuckles, tugging at Touya’s hair to pull his head back and expose his throat, and Touya moans as Tenko kisses his way down.

“You have dignity?”

It’s the kind of thing Touya would probably glare at him for normally. Now he just hisses and then melts as Tenko finds a mark Keigo left on him—just barely covered by his shirt collar—and digs his teeth into it. When Tenko lets go and sits back to admire his work, Touya drags him up into another deep kiss.

"Fuck," Touya whines as he pulls back for air. His eyes linger on Tenko's mouth, and the blatant desire in it makes Tenko realize he's imagining his lips around his cock. His stomach twists with unexpected heat.

“We should go inside,” Tenko says. Touya’s eyes don’t leave his mouth, but he shakes himself out of it when Tenko reaches out to open the door.

Tenko has no doubt that Touya would let him do anything he wanted right here and now. The thought makes his whole body feel hot.

“Yeah,” Touya says, sounding dazed. He seems out of it as he follows Tenko through the building, enough that Tenko unthinkingly puts a hand on the small of his back to guide him out of the elevator. Touya leans into the touch like he wants more and Tenko’s stomach twists with pleasure.

“I can’t stop thinking about the way you fucked me,” Touya says as Tenko is opening the door of his apartment. If he wasn’t wearing his usual gloves, Tenko might have disintegrated his keys. His cheeks feel hot as he turns to stare at his friend, who looks mortified but either won’t or can’t stop talking. “I— I never really thought about what you’d be like in bed until that day in the office. And then you were on top of me, telling me off for ‘being a brat,’ and— You’re so fucking hot, it was like you were reading my mind,” Touya babbles. Tenko’s face feels like it’s on fire. There’s no reason for him to suspect that anything Touya is saying isn’t true, and yet—

“You got hit by an aphrodisiac quirk, or whatever,” Tenko says, trying to convince himself that’s all it is. Touya, weirdly, looks kind of offended.

“No I didn’t,” he counters, and Tenko wonders how he’s even supposed to know that when they haven’t heard back from the police yet. “At least I don’t think so. I’m not even hard,” Touya insists. Tenko can’t resist glancing down to check. When his eyes return to Touya’s face, Touya is grinning at him, the expression surprisingly dirty. Nerves and unexpected heat jolt through his stomach. “Disappointed?” Touya teases. Tenko makes a face at him.

“Someone ought to teach you a lesson,” he says without thinking, and Touya’s pupils dilate.

“Yeah?” Touya says breathlessly.

Tenko knew, on some level, that Touya would probably fuck him again if given the chance. He’s really never been the type to start things with his friends, even though Tenko has watched him fuck his way through a truly astounding array of people through the years.

He knew it probably meant something a little different, for the two of them to fall into bed together. He didn’t expect him to sound so fucking excited about the possibility of doing it again—without even a mention of the possibility of Keigo joining in.

Maybe Touya reads some of that on his face, or maybe he’s just reacting to the lack of immediate response when he says, “Tenko, I can’t stop thinking about you touching me.” His tone has gone surprisingly gentle, like Tenko is the one who needs taking care of in this situation. Tenko doesn’t know how to deal with him doing that, and he definitely doesn’t know how to deal with how much better he feels about everything as a result. “Would you touch me again?” Touya asks, voice soft and steady.

Tenko looks Touya over again, more carefully this time. Looks for signs of him being drugged or otherwise incapacitated in a way that tells him he should say no. Touya’s eyes are still a bit dark, but not in a way that looks unnatural. He’s not sweating excessively, or shaking, or touching Tenko like he can’t help himself. He looks amazingly calm as Tenko observes him, actually, his usual impatience completely hidden away.

Has Tenko been that obvious?

“I don’t want you to regret it,” Tenko admits in a small voice. He can’t quite bring himself to admit that he thought Touya already did.

“I could never,” Touya murmurs, reaching out to brush Tenko’s hair away from his cheek. Tenko feels himself flush but doesn’t try to stop him and the movement turns into Touya brushing his thumb absentmindedly against the side of Tenko’s neck. “Not with you." The simplicity of that statement, not to mention how utterly sincere Touya sounds, bowls Tenko over. Tenko stares and Touya ruins the moment by rolling his eyes.

"Look," he says, in that way he has that tells Tenko what comes next is probably going to be rude as fuck, "even if I didn't trust you more than most people in the world, you're also good in bed. Like, to a horrifyingly unfair degree. You made me come so fucking hard I cried. You think I was faking, or something?"

Tenko—who was expecting something more along the lines of 'I want it now, so who gives a fuck if I change my mind later?'—feels his cheeks going hot.

“What—no. You have a tendency to not think things through,” he counters, without thinking that through. “Particularly when your dick is involved.” Touya’s expression manages to go even more unimpressed.

“So, what? You think I’d regret taking you to bed?” Tenko can’t bring himself to look him in the eye. “I wouldn’t, for the record,” Touya starts, and Tenko makes a face. “One of the few people I’ve ever met who actually gets me? There’s no question,” Touya insists, taking just one step into Tenko’s space. Tenko allows it, cautiously meeting Touya’s eyes again. “Unless you don’t want it?” Touya asks.

It’s different from how he’s been saying the rest. There’s a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes, and Tenko knows that he’s being allowed to see it—that Touya is swallowing his pride so Tenko will know how much this means to him. Tenko’s chest feels tight.

He’s not sure why it didn’t occur to him before that Touya might have thought he regretted it.

“Touya,” he says gently. “I wanted everything we did. I didn’t regret any of it after.” Slowly, deliberately, Tenko leans in and presses their foreheads together, watching as Touya’s eyes go wide. “Nothing would have happened in the first place if I wasn’t interested. I promise.” Touya looks absolutely bewildered. Tenko reaches out, fingers curling around Touya’s jaw as their lips meet. Touya makes a longing sound and it’s like a dam breaking. Touya’s hands are suddenly everywhere, in his hair and on his back and on his ass, and Tenko gasps as Touya pulls him in close against his body. He may not look all that muscular, but Tenko knows better than anyone that Touya is stronger than he looks.

Touya starts mouthing at his throat, squeezing his ass and rucking up the back of his shirt to touch him, and it takes Tenko a moment to realize he’s talking again. “Who the fuck allowed you to look like this? All this cake in front of me every day and I’ve had to keep myself from eating it,” Touya murmurs into his skin. Tenko feels his cheeks heat, blown away by the intensity of it when Touya looks up at him.

“I would have let you,” Tenko says, feeling unexpectedly shy. “I wanted you to,” he corrects himself, and Touya looks stunned again. “I’ve been holding back, too, Tou,” Tenko murmurs, hands curling around Touya’s cheeks as he looks at him. Touya’s eyes widen, then drop to his mouth. A thrill of yes, please, jolts through him.

“Were you serious about teaching me a lesson?” Touya asks instead of kissing him. Tenko’s stomach twists with surprise and something hotter.

“Is that what you want?” Tenko hears himself ask. It only hits him afterward exactly what that entails. Touya actually groans in answer, leaning his head against Tenko’s shoulder.

“Do you know how many times I’ve jerked off to the memory of your hands on my hips?” he breathes against Tenko’s throat. Tenko’s entire body suddenly feels hot. “I had bruises in the shape of your fingers.” That feels like something Tenko should apologize for, but Touya’s tone is so full of longing he can’t actually bring himself to do it. “And the way you just pushed me around however you wanted, fuck. Bet you wouldn’t even need rope to keep me still, you could just fucking hold me in whatever position you wanted.”

“And what position would you want me to hold you in?” Tenko murmurs, one hand settling on Touya’s hip almost automatically after the confirmation that Touya enjoyed that. He feels Touya’s answering shudder in his whole body.

“I want you to spank me,” Touya says. It’s so unexpected Tenko actually backs up to check if he’s serious, and Touya has that mortified look on his face again like he didn’t mean to say it. He also makes no attempt to take it back. “I— I wasn’t sure when Keigo did it. We’d never done that, and… I don’t know, it felt weird? But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. About what a little more might be like,” Touya admits in a rush. The flush in his cheeks is still there, but something more determined has come into his eyes. “And Keigo said you were good at that kind of thing.”

Tenko feels himself flush at the implication that the two of them have been gossiping about him when he’s not around. It doesn’t sound like it’s anything negative, though—actually, it kind of sounds like Keigo has been bragging. The thought makes his cock twitch.

“Would you do that for me?” Touya asks, his expression softening into something surprisingly sweet. Those blue eyes get even bigger and Tenko practically hears his own self-control snap. He can’t actually bring himself to care whether it’s put-on or not. It’s probably dangerous for Touya to know how easily Tenko will fold under that kind of look, but that doesn’t stop him from pulling Touya into a deep, intense kiss.

“If anything feels uncomfortable, you tell me right away,” he commands as he pulls back, falling into a sterner tone of voice without much thought. Touya is still wrapped up in his arms and he feels it when his knees go a little weak. “You use stoplights with Keigo, right? That’s fine with me, if you want to stick with it.”

Touya nods hastily, practically radiating ‘I’ll do anything if you’ll just touch me,’ and Tenko bites back a groan. Fuck, all that eagerness is apparently just how he is, and it makes Tenko want to ruin him. “Come here,” he murmurs, lifting Touya into his arms and kissing his throat. Touya whimpers and Tenko has to close his eyes to calm down. When he starts walking toward the bedroom it’s noticeably fast, but Touya doesn’t complain.

“Clothes off,” Tenko orders, hand sliding up Touya’s back and squeezing his waist, “or do you want me to get rid of them for you?” He’s not actually sure he trusts his control enough to try something like dusting someone’s clothes while they’re still wearing them, but the sound Touya lets out—shaky and desperate, like that’s the hottest thing he’s ever heard in his life—is worth the fib.

“Fuck,” Touya whines, shedding his shirt and dropping it before they even reach the bedroom door. “Fuck. If you don’t stop talking like that I’m going to come in my pants.” Surprisingly enough, that doesn’t feel like an exaggeration. Touya’s hips shift a little against Tenko’s stomach, like he just can’t help himself, and he’s so hard it feels obscene even with their clothes in the way.

“Yeah?” Tenko can’t help but be flattered. “I might like to see that.” Red floods Touya’s cheeks.

“No, no, please,” he whines, so fucking needy it’s almost physically painful not to make him come right then and there. “Tenko, please—touch me. I’ll be good, I’ll be so good for you.”

Tenko’s breath hitches, and he knows Touya feels it because he freezes, eyes dark and wide as he stares back at him. Then he shifts again in Tenko’s grip, cock rubbing against his stomach and eyelids fluttering.

“I said clothes off,” Tenko says, pushing Touya down onto the bed. His breathing goes gratifyingly shallow as Tenko nudges him into the position he wants, both wrists trapped over his head by one of Tenko’s hands and his ass high in the air. The moment he lets go of Touya’s hip, Touya’s pants dissolve in a curl of blue flame, and Touya shoots Tenko a challenging look. Tenko lets Touya see the appreciative sweep of his eyes over his body—Touya has the most beautiful creamy skin and it makes him want to leave marks all over him—before settling down next to him and giving his ass a smack. Touya’s breath rushes out in a shocked huff, but he arches his back in a delightfully filthy way that makes it clear he wants more.

The next slap is harder and Touya clearly isn’t quite expecting it, his hands twitching into fists and a little ‘ah’ that’s part moan and part surprise escaping him. Tenko is about to give him a moment when he rasps, “more,” and Tenko stares at him. “I said, give me more,” Touya commands.

Admittedly, Tenko likes taming brats. He kind of got the feeling Touya would be the brattiest he’d ever run into. It’s strangely satisfying to realize he was right.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to let him give orders.

“You don’t get to make demands right now,” Tenko tells him, giving the other cheek a hard slap that has Touya letting out another involuntary sound. There’s enough pleasure in it that Tenko doesn’t hold back on the next, and he feels the jolt that goes through Touya on impact. When he looks down, Touya’s expression has gone hazy, his lips parted as he gasps for air, and Tenko’s stomach clenches in lust at the sight.

“You think I like punishing you?” Tenko murmurs, punctuating it with another smack. The answer to that is pretty obvious, with how tight his pants feel, but he can see the way Touya shudders at his words. “This is for your own good.” Touya squeezes his eyes shut, arms trembling in Tenko’s grip.

If Tenko was doing this with Keigo, he might slip some degradation in right about now—that ‘am I allowed to be turned on by this’ look he got in his eye the first time he called him a slut was so fucking gorgeous—but something tells him Touya wouldn’t like that. Touya is proud, obviously, but he’s also more sensitive to criticism than most people realize. There’s also the whole…thing with the way the media talks about him sometimes—like he sleeps with anyone who looks at him the right way. Tenko is pretty sure that bothers him more than it does Touya, but even so it doesn’t seem like something he should bring up in bed without more discussion.

“You said you’d be a good boy for me,” Tenko murmurs, and Touya whimpers and nods frantically. “How are you supposed to do that if I don’t teach you how?”

Touya opens his eyes again and Tenko’s stomach twists in surprise when he sees they’re bright with unshed tears. Touya’s expression has gone sweet and eager, like he’d do anything Tenko asks. Pausing to give Touya’s ass a slow caress, Tenko watches as Touya arches into his touch. A desperate sound spills from Touya’s lips, and when Tenko smacks him again, he wails. The sound sends lightning up Tenko’s spine, memories of fucking Touya and fantasies of other things jumbling up in his head and making his stomach clench with lust. He wants to feel those piercings on his tongue. Wants Touya down on his knees moaning around his cock as he fucks his throat. Wants Touya whimpering, hands twisted tight in his hair as he fucks him with his fingers and tongue.

“Daddy,” Touya moans, voice breaking, and Tenko is so startled he completely stops. Touya makes a sound suspiciously like a sob, pushing his hips back against Tenko’s hand like he needs more. “Please,” Touya adds in a whisper.

When Tenko smacks him again Touya lets out another sob, but this time the sound doesn’t stop. Tenko pauses again to tilt his face up toward him and finds tears streaming down Touya’s face. After last time it’s not as alarming—particularly not with the blissful look in Touya’s eyes—but it makes him decide it’s time to really stop anyway. Pushing Touya past this point doesn’t seem like a good idea. Unthinkingly Tenko leans in and presses a kiss to Touya’s forehead and Touya melts, his wrists going slack under Tenko’s hand. Tenko’s chest feels tight over how soft he looks.

“There you go,” he says gently, trailing more kisses down across Touya’s cheek. The dreamy look in Touya’s eyes has gotten more intense, and when Tenko lets him go, he makes a soft sound and curls in against Tenko’s chest. “You were so good, Touya,” he murmurs, hand moving slowly over Touya’s back and resting on his ass. Touya’s breath catches and it turns into a moan as Tenko squeezes. “You took that so well for me.”

“Can I come, Daddy?” Touya asks in a small voice, and even though he’s called him that before it’s almost as surprising the second time. When he meets Touya’s eyes, though, his gaze is firmly on him. He’s definitely floating, but he’s right here with Tenko.

“Of course, Kitten,” Tenko says without thinking. Pink blooms in Touya’s cheeks, but he doesn’t seem upset about the nickname. Tenko shifts to sit more comfortably on the bed, pulling Touya to straddle his leg and then leaning in for a soft kiss. “Why don’t you ride my thigh?” Touya’s breath hitches and then his arms wind around Tenko’s shoulders, a shuddering moan escaping him as Tenko grabs his hips and guides him. “That’s it, Touya,” he murmurs, lips brushing Touya’s cheek, and Touya’s arms tighten around him. He keeps making sweet, needy little sounds in Tenko’s ear and it makes lust twist hard in Tenko’s gut, his hands shifting to squeeze Touya’s ass. The whimper it pulls out of Touya makes his cock jerk against Touya’s thigh.

“Come on me,” Touya gasps, the desperation in it so strong that Tenko’s brain stops working. “Daddy, please come on me, I want it, wanna feel your cum on my skin.” Tenko groans, kissing Touya hard and guiding Touya’s hands to his zipper. He can feel them shake as Touya tries to get him out of his pants and he covers them with his own, guiding Touya’s hand to his cock. He pushes the fabric down just enough and Touya moans into his mouth, his movements losing their rhythm.

Tenko comes across his stomach with the next perfect roll of his hips. Touya lets out a broken, desperate sound and comes soon after, going boneless in Tenko’s arms. He keeps moving even as his cock goes soft, and Tenko actually feels the aftershocks go through him in the way his body twitches and he whimpers into Tenko’s mouth.

“Holy fuck, Tou,” Tenko croaks as they part for air. Touya looks completely fucked-out, his eyes hazy and his entire face flushed. He lets out a vague ‘mm’ sound and leans against Tenko, pressing a series of loose, languid kisses down his neck. Tenko runs a hand through his hair and Touya leans even further against him. Tenko isn’t sure he’s ever seen Touya so relaxed. He keeps running his fingers through Touya’s hair, looping an arm around his waist and lying back. Touya melts against him and he doesn’t know what to do with the soft feeling it causes in his chest.

As Touya comes back to himself he starts touching Tenko, too. His hands brush up his arms before settling into Tenko’s hair, pulling it out of its tie and then combing through it so, so gently. It feels heavenly. Tenko’s stomach twists with affection as he looks down to find Touya’s bright blue eyes soft and fixed on him.

“Hey,” Touya murmurs, unexpectedly serious. “Was that okay?” If he seemed less genuine about it Tenko would probably roll his eyes over that wording—‘okay’ is a pretty obvious understatement. Maybe it shows on his face anyway, because Touya’s mouth twists with uncertainty. It’s hard to tell whether that’s because of Tenko’s reaction or because he doesn’t know how to say what he wants. “Was it too much?”

Tenko’s stomach twists in surprise. It sounds like something Touya has been told before. He knows he’s heard it in other contexts—in class, in the media, from his parents. Tenko doesn’t have words to express how wrong it is for him to expect it now.

“Never,” he hears himself say, pulling Touya up into a fierce kiss. When he lets go Touya looks stunned. “You’re mine,” he adds, the hint of a growl in his voice. Touya flushes, eyes widening further before he leans his head back down on Tenko’s chest.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he blurts, and Tenko bites back a laugh. “And I knew you had a cum thing.” The laughter chokes off and he feels his cheeks heating up. “You haven’t exactly been hiding it,” Touya adds incredulously, and Tenko grumbles in embarrassment.

“No, you’re right,” he agrees reluctantly. “Should have figured you have a Daddy kink.” Color floods Touya’s face and he hides it in Tenko’s chest. “I didn’t say it was a bad thing. No one’s ever called me ‘Daddy’ before.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Touya says, then groans. “I hate this fucking quirk.”

“I’m pretty fond of it, personally,” Tenko says lightly. Touya shoots him a suspicious look, which he ignores. “Here, I should put something on that for you. So it’ll hurt less later.” Touya raises his eyebrows but reluctantly loosens his hold on him.

Pressing a kiss to his forehead, Tenko gets up, making a quick loop around the apartment. He comes back with aloe lotion and a glass of water, setting both on the bedside table before warming some of the lotion in his hands and rubbing it into Touya’s skin. Touya winces and then lets out a satisfied groan, slumping down onto the bed.

“You are good at this,” he mumbles into the covers, and Tenko’s stomach twists in pleasure. He rubs his hands up Touya’s back and then back down—just to touch him a little more, because there’s no tension left in him. The realization makes him feel warm. Tension is Touya’s default state, even if he hides it under layers of other things.

“You’re going to drink all that water, and when you’re done with it I’m getting you more,” Tenko says, settling back down on the bed next to him. Touya reaches for him right away, tugging him down into a kiss. Then he drapes his arms around Tenko’s shoulders and wraps a leg around him in what must be the most blatant show of ‘you’re not getting up again’ he’s ever been on the receiving end of. The thought is beyond flattering—and he doesn’t dislike being between Touya’s legs, either.

“Were you ever going to tell me that you’re exactly my type?” Touya murmurs, burying his face in Tenko’s hair.

Now Tenko feels like his face is imitating the dial-up noise.

“What?” he manages, sounding kind of choked.

“Smart. Powerful. Buff as fuck. Pretty face. Also, holy shit. The moment you pulled out the Dom voice, I was a goner,” Touya admits. Tenko feels himself flush. “I want to take care of you, too,” Touya adds unexpectedly—or maybe Tenko should have expected it. Touya has been taking care of him since the day they met.

“You’re always taking care of me,” Tenko grouses, though not because he doesn’t like it—because he wishes he could do more for Touya. Touya gives him a thoughtful look before nudging him down onto the bed.

“Then you should be used to it by now,” he says, settling his hands on Tenko’s shoulders and then warming them up slowly. Tenko’s eyes flutter closed, a sigh of pleasure escaping him as Touya rubs his thumbs against the base of his neck. “You worked hard today.”

“So did you,” Tenko protests. Touya lets out a surprisingly dirty-sounding chuckle and the sound makes Tenko’s stomach twist.

“Yeah, and you just helped me relax from that. Stop whining and take the damn back rub.” Tenko’s cheeks feel hot. Touya’s thumbs work down his spine and Tenko groans, slumping further into the pillows. The heat of Touya’s hands feels incredible.

“You know how sometimes you get hungry, but you don’t think about it until there’s food right in front of you?” Tenko murmurs. Touya hums in agreement, working his way slowly down Tenko’s back. “That’s how I feel about sex. I mean, I get horny, but it’s not—attached to people, usually? And sometimes I just kind of forget about it altogether for a while,” he says, breath catching as Touya finds a sore spot in his mid-back. Touya pauses and pushes more of that glorious heat through his hands and Tenko squeezes his eyes shut in pleasure-pain as the muscle releases. “It’s a bit different if I’m with someone—having someone’s hands on you, having their mouth on you, of course it feels good. I still don’t necessarily think to initiate very often.” Touya absorbs this in silence, still lingering over the same spot on Tenko’s back.

“And the ‘gray’ part?” he finally asks, tone gently curious. It’s actually kind of touching that he wants to know.

“Sometimes I am attracted to guys, at least a little. I’m so fucking into Keigo that I almost had an existential crisis.” Touya snorts a surprised-sounding laugh, and Tenko groans. “He was your boyfriend.”

“And now he’s yours, too,” Touya says conspiratorially. Tenko’s stomach twists in pleasure, both at the words and the childlike glee in Touya’s voice.

“The BDSM started as a way to keep myself out of the sex stuff when I wasn’t feeling it,” Tenko admits quietly. He’s never actually said that out loud before. “I mean— I love pleasing my partner. I want you to come as hard and as often as possible.” Touya lets out a weird, embarrassed grumble at that, and Tenko smiles. “But sometimes I really don’t give a fuck about you returning the favor.”

“Huh,” Touya says, hands lingering on Tenko’s hips. Tenko is almost expecting him to leave it at that, but he doesn’t.

“Thank you for talking about this with me,” Touya says gently. He runs a hand through Tenko’s hair and all the way back down his back and Tenko fights the urge to grumble. It’s not like he doesn’t think Touya is capable of being gentle, but he’s not used to being on the receiving end of it. “I know it’s not fun to explain.”

Tenko feels himself flush. He’s not entirely sure whether Touya knows that from his own experience or whether he’s just been that obvious.

“And if you ever want to ask about me—”

“I already know more about your sexuality than I ever wanted to,” Tenko says dryly. There’s a pause and Tenko glances back to find Touya blushing. “Which is fine, Touya. I’ll listen to whatever you want to tell me.” This actually makes Touya look more embarrassed—probably because they don’t really do sincerity like this. Or at least they didn’t before. “But thank you,” Tenko adds quietly.

“If I ever come on too strong—” Touya starts, but Tenko cuts him off.

“Have I ever hesitated to tell you to go fuck yourself?”

“Point taken,” Touya says after a brief pause. Then he chuckles and lies down next to Tenko again. “You want dinner?”

Tenko is struck by how normal it feels. Just like any other night Touya offers to make him dinner—but with more nudity.

"Later," he murmurs, pulling Touya in close against him and burying his face in his shoulder.

He feels Touya smile against him as he presses a kiss to the top of his head.


“My ass hurts,” Touya blurts when Tenko wishes him good morning. It’s a struggle for Tenko not to snort coffee up his nose.

“I guess that answers my next question,” he says dryly. Clearly the truth quirk is still in full effect. Touya grumbles, but he only puts up a token argument when Tenko suggests staying in and resting.

“That means I don’t have to put on pants.”

Rolling his eyes fondly, Tenko goes to sit on the couch. Touya joins him once he’s gotten coffee, sitting down next to him and then wincing.

“You could lie down,” Tenko suggests, trying to push down a twinge of guilt. Even if Touya is hurting, that doesn’t actually mean he did anything wrong.

“It’s hot feeling things the next day,” Touya says. Tenko’s cheeks heat. Unexpectedly, Touya listens to him anyway, lying down on his stomach on the couch. Tenko runs a hand through his hair absentmindedly and Touya slumps into him, like he’s the most comfortable resting spot ever.

Tenko’s chest feels like it’s being squeezed.

“I’ve been wanting to hold hands with you lately,” Touya murmurs, leaning his head against Tenko’s thigh. Tenko brushes his fingertips across Touya’s cheek and Touya’s eyelashes flutter.

“Since we had sex?” Tenko can’t help but wonder. Touya’s cheeks go adorably pink.

“Before that.”

Without another word, Tenko brushes his hand down Touya’s arm and tangles their fingers together. Touya curls in closer to him and smiles.