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“I think I have you figured out” Midoriya said, staring down. “You’re not like me. You’re not quirkless at all, are you?” He looked up from his notebook, eyes wide. “You’re not just a good luck charm.” You sat in front of him, and raised a brow.

“What are you talking about? I’m completely quirkless! I-“ he cut you off there.

“You grant wishes, don’t you?” The question rang in your ears. Oh. He turned the notebook around, showing you his analysis. He’d been watching you for months. He had detailed every interaction. Every wish made by your classmates aloud, every single time your quirk was used. You couldn’t stop it, you couldn’t control it.

“Midoriya, That- that’s ridiculous. If I could grant wishes, would I be in foster care? That makes no sense!” You protested, sweating.

“Let’s test it then. I wish I had a quirk just like All Might. There. In twenty-four hours, if I’m still quirkless, you’re right. If I get a quirk though…” He smiled at you, sweet and kind like he always was. He was your best- your ONLY friend. You were his good luck charm, he was your hero.

“It- You shouldn’t get your hopes up.” Your heart sank. You didn’t know if that was even possible. You’d never had a limit to your power before. If someone made a wish, it came true. No matter what. Impossible was far too possible when quirks existed.

“Oh, also I wish I could meet AllMight.” He grinned, freckled cheeks rosy. “But that one’s just for fun.” He shrugged, and closed his notebook, looking up past you, at Kaachan and his lackeys glaring at the two of you across the class.

“They’re going to come over here.” you warned him, and he smirked.

“I wish Kaachan would trip over his own shoelaces on the way.” He muttered. Panic began to bubble up in your stomach.

Sure enough, the blonde took a step, and quickly fell on his face. Midoriya looked back at you, and gestured to the scene. You shook your head. “He never ties them. That doesn’t count.” You rolled your eyes, and began cleaning up your lunch, and moved to leave. “See you later, Midoriya.” You nodded at him, and left before he could test any more theories.

Of one thing, you were completely sure.

You were so screwed.

Ever since you could remember, you granted wishes. You weren’t sure how or why, but if someone made a wish in front of you, it would be granted. There wasn’t seemingly a limit. People have wished for money, cars, even Love. All were granted.

Every wish but yours.

You didn’t need to see a person, you didn’t have to know them. You’d granted wishes to strangers on the subway, teacher, classmates. You’d granted wishes for everyone you’d ever met at least once. Everything from mundane little ‘I wish class would get cancelled’ to ‘I wish I could get a date with her.’

It was a dangerous power. In the wrong hands, it could prove deadly. It already had, when your mother wished your father would drop dead after a fight. And then again, when she wished she could forget him.

You were only five when your mother woke up and couldn’t remember you. It was blamed on a villain, most tragedies were. You were a smart child, you could put two and two together. Like Midoriya, you’d run experiments. You paid attention. You listened to the wishes, and waited. When every single one ended up coming true, you figured you should probably keep it a secret. If people found out, they might hurt someone. YOU might hurt someone.

Now that someone knew, you’d have to run. You’d have to start a fight in the current foster home, find someplace new to settle in. Midoriya was probably always going to be a problem. He was too observant, too smart for his own good.

If he showed up with a goddamn quirk tomorrow…

“Oi, Lucky!” Kaachan swung his arm around your shoulders, one of his lackeys fell in line on the other side of you. “Where ya off to?” You internally groaned.

“Don’t you have a well to poison or something?” You asked, tightening your jaw. You were already on edge, you didn’t need to also be dealing with whatever bullshit Bakugo was gonna cause.

“Oh, C’mon Lucky, Don’t be like that. I was gonna offer to walk ya home.” he smirked, ruffling your hair. You grimaced at him, pushing him away.

“I can walk home with Midoriya, Like I always do.” You reminded him, and he rolled his eyes.

“Right right, all the quirkless losers gotta stick together, right?” He teased. You shook him off.

“You’re such an asshole, Bakugo.” You spit, and he shrugged, pursing his lips.

“Not my fault you were born useless just like Deku. He really should give up the hero thing before he goes and gets hurt or kills someone though, right? Maybe you should tell him.” Kaachan straightened, leaning back and shoving his hands in his pockets. “He listens to you right? So, here’s what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna tell him to give up on his shitty, stupid dreams, or I’m gonna make your life hell for the rest of the year, capisce?”

Rage bubbled in your stomach, and you scowled at him, squinting.

“You’re the useless one. Explosions only cause death and destruction. Midoriya is going to be a hero because he’s a good and kind person. You’re only ever going to be a petulant child with mommy issues.” You spat, and felt some sort of satisfaction when his lackey’s mouths dropped open. “So… so you leave me and Midoriya alone. Or else.” You threatened. Truthfully, you didn’t have anything to back that up with, but the venom you spoke with had everyone convinced.

“I’ll kill you!” Kaachan yelled, loud popping coming from his palms. “You and that shitty Deku!”

“That wouldn’t be very Heroic, would it Kaachan?” You retorted, sliding your bag further up your arm. You turned on your heel, and began to walk away. “Oh, and… your shoes are untied.”

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You stared down at the notebook. How did it end up in a Koi fountain? Oh. Burn marks. Fucking Kaachan. That bastard- why couldn’t he just leave Midoriya alone? So fucking mean! You reached for the book, and shook off the remaining water. Looking around, you couldn’t find Midoriya anywhere. Huffing, you sat on the edge of the pond, and opened the book. Most of it was written in pencil, but there were places where the ink had run. How sad.

The pages about you were detailed- but there were things in there unrelated to the wishes. Your favorite songs, what you’d liked to eat. Your birthday, your favorite movies. Midoriya was your best friend, he clearly cared a lot about you… He wouldn’t use your quirk for evil. He was always a good person. That was it. You would have to kick Kaachan’s ass. You weren’t sure how you would manage- but maybe you could take him out at the knees before he had a chance to quirk out on you.

“... (Y/N)?” Midoriya called, and you looked up to see him. He’d been crying, that much was obvious.

“Hey. I found your notebook.” You mumbled. “I think- most of it can be salvaged if we transfer it to another book. I think I have some money, we can stop at the-” He cut you off with a hug. Tight, he needed the comfort more than you did. His body shook, something wet soaked through your shoulder.

“Kaachan’s such a jerk.” Midoiya whimpered. “He told me to kill myself.” His voice was barely over a whisper.

Yep, you’d definitely have to kick his ass.

“It’s okay.” You rubbed his back. “You’ll get into UA. I know you will. You’ll be a hero.” You reassured him, and he pulled back, nodding. He wiped at his face, and then paused to wipe at yours. You hardly noticed you were crying at all.

“No more crying over Kaachan. He’s not worth it.” Midoriya shook his head, and took a breath, giving you a small smile. “You wanna stop at the mini-mart on the way home?” He asked, and you nodded.

“I think we’ve earned some mochi.” You hummed, and Midoriya nodded, grabbing your hand.

“Your sweet tooth is gonna get you in trouble one of these days, I’m telling you.” He teased, looking both ways before crossing the street.

“Yeah probably. I’m one of those kids that would definitely get picked up by a guy in a white van.” You giggled, stepping over a crack. “Do you think your mom would mind if I came over again? My foster parents aren’t going to be back until late tonight.”

“She’s just happy I have a friend. She’d probably adopt you if you asked.” Midoriya gave you a sly eye, and you shook your head.

“I can’t put that kind of stress on her. You stress her out enough as is.” You teased, knocking your shoulder into his.

A cold chill shivered up your back as you entered a tunnel on your way to the store, and you turned. There, blocking the light from the other side, was a huge slime villain, staring at you with two huge red eyes and a sharp-toothed grin.

“Izu- run.” You whispered.

“You’ll make a perfect skin suit for me to hide in, Kid.” The villain spoke, focusing on Midoriya. It lunged for him, immediately shoving a tendril into his mouth. You panicked, jumping onto the thing and clawing at it, tring to get it off of your friend. It all but ignored you, laughing. “Don’t worry, I’m just taking over your body. It’ll be easier for both of us if you don’t fight back. It’ll only hurt ofr a minute. You’ll feel better soon.” The thing warned, flinging you off of him. Your back connected harshly with the brick wall of the tunnel, and it knocked the breath out of you. You coughed and sputtered, but dove right back in, trying to clear slime off of Midoriya’s mouth.

“I need you to wish him away!” You begged, pushing slime around to no avail. It was too viscous, too much. It covered your hands and pulled you in. “I have to hear the wish!” You cried, trying desperately to free your only friend.

“Grab all you want. My body’s made of fluid.” The villain called out, and focused on you, lifting you up and awat from Midoriya, not allowing you to assist him.

A realization, as the villain began to swallow you up in his slime.

Midoriya’s wishes. He made three today. Only one had come true. He couldn’t die. It wasn’t possible. His wishes had to come true- unless this WAS the wishes coming true. The villain would inhabit his body, therefore giving him a quirk. He would probably be apprehended by Allmight.

Wishes had to be made carefully. Wording was important. Was this it? Was this how it ended?

“Have no fear, you’re safe.” A voice called, familiar.”Now that I am here, that is.” All Might. Midoriya was going to meet AllMight. Would this attack give Midoriya his quirk? Is that how this was going to happen? God, you wished Midoriya had been more specific when making his wish. AllMight attacked the slime villain with a Texas smash, spraying slime all over the tunnel and causing you to fall. The villain groaned, and fell apart. “Hey kid, could you help me scoop this guy into these?” AllMight questioned, holding up a two-liter bottle of cola. You paused, scrambling over to Midoriya.

“Hey, Hey.” you tilted his head back, and checked his airways. “Please be okay.” You begged in a whisper, and All Might knelt beside you, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“He’s fine. Now, seriously, the slime- before it reforms.” He laughed, and you dazedly took the bottle.

“God- god damn it. Why’d it have to be you? It could have… it could have been anyone else.” You mumbled, scooping up the villain with your hands and pouring him into the bottle.

“Thank you, young lady! You’re the real hero here!” AllMight praised you, and you resisted the urge to glare at him. It wasn’t his fault. He did save Midoriya’s life. God damn it.

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When Midoriya finally came to, you and All Might had already cleaned up the slime and bottled him.

“Well, looks like you’re moving around all right. Sorry ‘bout that back there. I didn’t mean to get you caught up in my justicing. Usually, I pay more attention to keeping bystanders safe. But it turns out the city’s sewer system is pretty difficult to navigate!” AllMight laughed, and then looked at the two of you, signature smile plastered across his tanned face. “Anyway, you two were a big help. Thanks to you, I have captured the evil-doer!” All Might held up the slime bottle, and you made a mental note to take the mother of all showers whenever you got home.

“Holy Crap. I gotta get an autograph, I’ve got a pen around here somewhere. Please sign my notebook!” Midoriya paused to open said notebook, and then screamed when he saw that his request had already been filled. “Thank you so much! This will be an heirloom. A family treasure passed down for generations to come!” Midoriya bowed wildly, looking like an overcharged roadrunner desk toy.

“Uh-huh!” All Might chuckled, giving him a thumbs up. “Welp. I’ve gotta get this guy to the police so they can take care of ‘im. Stay out of trouble. See you ‘round!” AllMight waved, beginning to stretch for takeoff.

“Wait. You’re leaving? Already?” Midoriya questioned, and you reached for his sleeve, he shook you off.

“Pro heroes are constantly fighting time as well as enemies. Now, stand back. I’m taking off.” All Might Warned, dropping into a low squat. Midoriya rushed forward, latching onto AllMight’s leg as he blasted off.

And you were left, standing there in shocked silence.

“What… the fuck?” You questioned aloud, confused. You bent down, and placed your hands on your knees, trying to work through your confused thoughts. Your mind was a jumbled mess. Midoriya almost died. YOU almost died- and then, you didn’t.

If Midoriya got a quirk, that was it. You might legitimately be able to do the impossible.

You straightened, and tightened the straps on your bookbag, Carefully, you picked up Midoriya’s dropped notebook, and headed for the shopping district. Going there alone was typically not on your list of good ideas, but you REALLY wanted that damn ice cream.

The shop wasn’t too busy, thankfully, but you only had enough money for a mochi OR a new notebook. You sighed heavily, and took the notebook. It was more important anyway.

Without Midoriya, you didn’t feel comfortable going to his house, but you could fill the time before your foster parent would get home by transferring information in the notebooks. Maybe it would cheer Midoriya up some.

You sat, using a milk crate as a chair in the alleyway as you wrote, carefully copying down Midoriya’s notes, and trying your best to emulate the pictures he’d drawn. You were sketching Mount lady’s hair when you heard footsteps approaching.

“Yeah, you were a little harsh with him today.” You recognised the voice as Hikkosu- one of Kaachan’s friends. You closed the notebooks, and stuffed them in your bag. Shit. You could probably fight Kaachan- but if his friends were with him you would be totally screwed.

“It’s his own fault for gettin’ in the way.” Kaachan grumbled, and kicked a bottle on the ground. It flew past you, and your surprised squeak gave you away. “Speaking of getting in the way.” Kaachan growled, exploding the can in his hand and tossing it over his shoulder. “The hell are YOU doing here, Lucky?” He asked and you stood.

“Just homework.” You shrugged, slipping the bookbag up your shoulder. “I’m done though. Going home.” You moved to walk past him, but he let off another explosion.

“Someone should teach that nerd Deku how the world works. I thought he was gonna walk you home? What was gonna happen if you got mugged or something? Oh, right, Not like HE could protect you. All that talk about heroes but he can’t size up, can he?” Kaachan asked, grabbing on to the handle of your bookbag to keep you in place.

“Hey, I got an idea, we should go to the arcade.” Koshi, Kaachan’s other friend offered, flickering his gaze to you. Besides Kaachan, no one else in your class ever had a problem with you. In fact, they all very much LIKED you. You were nicknamed ‘lucky’ for a reason. “Get your mind off of Midoriya, ya know?” Koshi continued to try to calm Kaachan down, but the blonde did not release you.

“Fine,” Kaachan answered. “But Lucky’s gotta come too. I don’t want the old hag to lose her shit if she goes missing.”

Oh. Right. The reason you couldn’t beat Kaachan’s ass, no matter how much you wanted to.

His parents were your foster parents.

It meant that no matter how much of a dick he was to you and your only friend, there wasn’t anything you could actually do about it. And it also meant that no matter what you said to him, he couldn’t use his quirk on you.

It was a fucking mess and a half, but it was life.

“Aw, but we could go sneak into the bar at the station. Pick up some ladies?” Hikkosu suggested, and Koshi nodded.

“Now that’s a good idea.” Koshi grinned, clearly just trying to get you off the hook. You appreciated the effort.

“Idiots! If we get caught, there’s no way UA would let me in!” Kaachan shouted, and Hikkosu’s eyes widened. For a moment, you thought he was afraid of Kaachan, the way everyone was. But then, he pointed behind you.

“Hey! What’s that?” Both of Kaachan’s friends asked, and when you turned, you saw it. Him.

The Slime Villain. Again.

“Perfect.” It garbled. “I like a skin suit with some fire.” It did a twisted, grotesque version of a smile, and you took a step back. “Oh, nice to see you again, little girl.” it tilted, melting into itself as it spoke. Kaachan pushed you behind him.

“Leave her alone you chewed piece of gum-looking mother fucker!” The blonde threatened, letting loose a large explosion in his left palm while pushing you back with his right.

“Kaachan- we have to go! That thing already attacked Midoriya! It almost killed him!” You warned, pulling on the blonde’s sleeve, but he just chuckled at you.

“Good thing I’m not a weak bitch like him then, huh?” And just then, Kaachan made the incredibly reckless, stupid decision to lunge for the villain.

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You were forced beside Hikkosu and Koshi. The monster didn’t want you, clearly, it wanted Kaachan. You stood helpless by the side, watching in silent horror as heroes tried and failed to save your foster-brother. Desperately, you listened carefully to the crowd, praying one of them would make the wish. Someone- anyone!

“You picked the wrong guy to mess with!” Kaachan screamed. “I’m gonna send you back to whatever sewer you crawled out of!” He threatened, releasing explosions out of his palms. “Let me go!” The boy demanded.

The explosions only served to cause more destruction. The heroes couldn’t get close, and even if they could, there was nothing that they could do against a villain made of non-Newtonian fluid. Mount lady approaches, but it’s really no use.

“What do we do?” Koshi asked, freaking out.

“I wish AllMight was here!” you tried,

“Me too!” Hikkosu agreed. Would that work? Would your quirk count that as a wish? Would it be enough?! Suddenly, you and the boys were both wrapped in branches, and lifted into the air.

Kamui woods was handling rescue, but-

“Fire and wood don’t exactly make a good combination. I’ll let someone else stop this guy.” Kamui announced, and you grew anxious. Please- PLEASE! Where was All Might? Kamui dropped you and the boys off on the other side of the rope, and you fell to your knees.

“Bakugo’s not gonna make it!” Hikkosu cried, and Koshi punched him in the shoulder.

“Don’t say that man, He’ll pull through!”

You were panicking, and when you found the strength to stand again, your feet moved without you thinking. You jumped over the safety barrier, and headed straight for the villain again, right into the fire. You didn’t notice another person right beside you, doing the same. Something flew past you, smashing into the villain’s almost-face, causing it to recoil as something crashed into it’s open eyeball. Kaachan got a moment to breathe, coughing and spitting up slime while you jumped into the liquid, digging your arm in to grab Kaachan’s hand. You couldn’t find purchase on anything through the slippery slime.

“Kaachan!” You and the other person shouted at the same time. It was then that you realized it was Midoriya by your side. But… why would Midoriya try and save Kaachan… why would YOU?! Kaachan was a bastard! He was rude, and hurtful, and downright mean! But… he didn’t deserve to die.

If he was going to die, it was going to be by YOUR hands damn it.

“What the hell? Why are you here?” Kaachan asked, and truth be told, you didn’t have an answer.

“I dunno. My legs… They just started… Moving!” Midoriya admitted, clawing at the villain. You pulled your pen out of your pocket, and reeled your arm back, slamming it into the villain’s other eye. “Kaachan! I couldn’t just stand there and watch you die!” Midoriya declared, and you grunted, pulling back your pen and stabbing again.

“You’re not allowed to die until I KILL YOU!” You proclaimed, shoving your arm into the villain and grabbing the front of Kaachan’s shirt. You pulled with all of your strength, but it wasn’t enough. Midoriya noticed.

“I wish All Might would Help!” The green-haired boy declared. It was a lot of faith to put in a theory, a correct one, but still.

Abruptly, The villain’s grip on Kaachan loosened, and he fell atop you, only to be crushed into you by the weight of the villain covering over you again.

“Damn you AllMight!” You vaguely heard from the garbling liquid, and then, the weight decreased. The villain completely disappeared. Standing above you was the man, the myth, the legend. AllMight, saving you once again. The sky darkened, and rain began to fall.

“Kaachan?” You asked, and he grunted, sitting up. He clutched at his side, grimacing.

“You alright?” He asked, and glared at you. “You weren’t supposed to jump in you fucking idiot.” He flicked you in the forehead, and you winced.

“Nice way to say ‘Thank you for literally saving my life (Y/N), I totally owe you one, let me buy you a mochi.’ “ you retorted, punching him in the shoulder as hard as you could.

“You only got in the way dumbass! You could have died!” He pushed away from you, and you rolled your eyes. Instead you focused on Midoriya.

“Midoriya! You-”

“You MORONS! Do you have a death wish?” Kamui woods began to chastise you, and Death arms immediately joined in.

“There was no reason for you to jump into that fight like that! Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?!” He growled at you, and you bowed your head.

“I’m very sorry sir! Kaachan is my brother so- I couldn’t- I couldn’t sit there. Midoriya is my friend, please do not blame him for my actions.” You pleaded, and both of the heroes fell silent.

“We’ll have to call your parents. Go get checked out by the paramedics and avoid the press.” Kamui sighed, crossing his arms at you. You nodded, and the heroes took their leave.

“Thanks for that.” Midoriya whispered, and you nodded. You reached into your bag, and pulled out the notebooks.

“It’s not done yet, but I got up to page thirty-one.” You mumbled, and he stared down at the books.

“You didn’t have to do that.” He gasped, flipping through the book.

“Yeah, I did. I don’t know why Katsuki is such a dick to you, but since I can’t fight him, I can at least fix whatever he breaks.” You grumbled, shrugging. “What happened with you and AllMight?” You asked, and he stiffened.

“Tell you later- I think Kaachan is getting annoyed.” He pointed at your foster brother, who was, in fact, seething. You sighed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Izu.” You stood, sighing. “And… be careful.”

“Lucky! Let’s GO!” Kaachan demanded, and you gritted your teeth, exhaling harshly through your nose. You approached anyway, only to have your arm roughly grabbed and pulled away from the crowd, toward the Bakugo residence.

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“You got attacked by that freak with Deku?” Kaachan asked quietly, careful for the prying ears of the crowd not to hear as he dragged you down the sidewalk.

“Yeah.” You muttered, ripping your arm from his grasp. He released you, and immediately shoved his hands in his pockets.

“And you didn’t go straight home?!” He sneered at you. You gritted your teeth again, but bore it.

“Mister and Mrs. Bakugo are working late, remember?” You reminded him, and he scoffed.

“You have a key. You were supposed to go straight home.” His tone was annoyed, but so was yours.

“So were you.”

“God I wish you would just shut up!” Suddenly, your throat felt scratchy. You sighed. Great, you lost your voice. Last time it was a week, you wondered how long it would last this time. “Just go home. I still have shit I gotta do.”


“Would you be quiet?! All that screaming earlier fucked up your voice.” He rolled his eyes at you, and sighed. “I’m gonna walk you home, but only so you don’t get attacked by another goddamn villain. Idiot.” He pushed past you, walking ahead of you. “I’m not gonna be responsible for you if something happens.” He spat, speeding up. You struggled to keep up with him.

There was an uncomfortable silence for the rest of the walk, and Kaachan did not accompany you into the house.

“Go to your room and don’t come out until the Hag gets home, dumbass.” He demanded, and you glared at him, but didn’t respond to argue. He left soon thereafter.

All things considered, Living at the Bakugo residence was not the worst. They’d fostered you for almost two years now, and they didn’t treat you all that differently from Katsuki. That being said, Mitsuki was known to be more lenient with you than she was with her own son- and she praised your accomplishments more often.

Your room was large, you even had your own bathroom. Money was never a problem- if you could gather the courage to ask for it. You were fed well, clothed. You didn’t NEED anything…

You flopped back onto your bed, and stared at the ceiling.

Would Midoriya get a quirk? What were you going to do if he did? It would be an undeniable evidence of your power- not only that, you kind of told him. You told him to make a wish. You confirmed his theory.

This was bad. This was very, very bad.

When Kaachan finally returned, he walked straight into his room and slammed the door. You could hear him loudly blaring music through the wall you shared. Oh, something else must have pissed him off before he came home. You let him stew in his anger. It wasn’t like you could yell at him in your current state anyway.

Mister and Missus Bakugo didn’t come home until after dark, and when they did, they immediately invaded your bedroom. Mitsuki dragged both you and Kaachan into the livingroom, and turned on the TV.

“Would you like to EXPLAIN this KATSUKI?!” She all but screeched, and Kaachan sunk into his seat, scowling.

“It wasn’t my fault. The damn villain was following Lucky around.” Kaachan protested, and Mitsuki smacked the side of his head.

“You IDIOT! I TOLD you to stop calling her that!” she growled, and turned to you. “You didn’t get hurt or anything right? Your social worker is supposed to be dropping by Friday so I have to document any bruises or-”

“I’m fine, Ma’am. Katsuki was only there to protect me. He did a very good job until All Might could step in. It was my fault for sneaking off with Midoriya.” You lied, bowing your head. Mitsuki squinted at you, but didn’t say anything else.

“Well, it’s been a long day. Why don’t the two of you wash up, and I’ll make dinner, okay?” Masaru interjected, trying to calm the atmosphere before Mitsuki and Katsuki started fighting again.

“Yes, sir.” You nodded, and stood.

“Fine.” Kaachan grumbled, brushing past you rudely to stalk off to his room.

He knew damn well that save was gonna cost him, and you had just the price in mind.

You slid back into your room, and sent a text.


Lucky: Did you make it home okay?

BroccoliBoi: can I call you?

You decided to cut out the middle man, and dialed him up. Midoriya always picked up on the first ring.

“Are you sitting down right now?” His voice was frantic, and you felt a cold chill dance down your spine, the same way it had under the bridge.

“What’s wrong?’ You asked, sitting up. “Midoriya, are you okay?! I can be over there in-”

“I have a quirk.” He interrupted you, and you froze. “Well… not yet, technically. But, I will. And- I can’t tell you how. But… If this works then… You have a quirk too. The only way this could be possible is for me to be right! I mean if you really think about it there’s so much evidence and it really makes a lot of sense. Every single wish I’ve made in front of you has been made true- and every time I’ve seen someone else make a wish in front of you it’s come true too- it’s a really strong power that doesn’t really have a very good combat usage or even support unless you have a teammate who can utilize it-”

“IZUKU!” You shouted, and then immediately lowered your voice. “You’re doing the thing again. Slow down, and quit mumbling.” You tried to keep your wits about you, but Midoriya’s external monologue was currently mirroring your internal monologue.

“I wish you were indestructible.” He spoke carefully, and your eyes just about bulged out of your head. Did that work? Did that count?! You’d never granted a wish over the phone before. How would this work? Carefully, you stood up, crossed your room, and plucked the photo of you and Midoriya from a carnival off the wall. Taking a shaky breath, you rolled the pushpin that held it up between your fingers. You slowly pressed the pin into your thumb.

It wouldn’t penetrate.

You tried again.

No dice, but it did hurt. No matter how hard you pushed, it wouldn’t go through the skin.

Oh. Fuck.

“You tried it… didn’t you?” Midoriya asked. You jumped, forgetting you were even on the phone with him.

“Yeah.” You swallowed. “I did. It… it worked.” You admitted, closing your eyes. “Midoriya, listen, you can’t tell anyone. Ever. This is… this is too dangerous.”

“Lucky for you, I’m in the buisness of keeping secrets lately.” He mumbled, and cleared his throat. “I’ll talk to you more tomorrow. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do. You can rest easy- I’m not gonna tell anyone about your quirk, as long as you don’t tell anyone about mine. Deal?”

“Deal. Goodnight, Midoriya.”

“Goodnight, (Y/N).” The dial tone sounded. And with it, a strange ringing in your ears.

Yep, totally screwed.

Chapter Text

The following week was absolutely terrifyig. Midoriya came to school every day tired, his fingers would be wrapped in bandages, and he would avoid the W word like the plague. You were confused, concerned about your friend. He still hung out with you, but he made no reference to that fateful day that he figured out your power.

In a way, you appreciated it, but on the other hand, you were petrified of the idea of him telling someone, or worse, deciding he didn’t care at all and abandoning you altogether.

Kaachan was still Kaachan, but after the Villain attack, and your covering for him with his parents, he agreed to at least Ignore Midoriya.

You sat on Midoriya’s bed, scratching down your math work in your notebook. Even these study hangouts had become rare- he was always busy- he wouldn’t tell you with what.

“Hey. I wish you could be in the same class as me in high school.” He spoke softly, but you still heard him. Your head snapped up, and you caught him staring.

“Why? You know I don’t want to go to UA- I don’t want to be a hero at all.” You shook your head, and he shrugged.

“With your Indestructible quirk, you could get in easy- and it’s where I wanna go so… I don’t really wanna go without you…” He admitted, leaning forward. “You’re my best friend. I never would have been able to even think about trying out for UA without you.”

“I’m not going to go out of my way to get into the Hero course, you so you’re on your own, buster.” You threatened, and he nodded feverishly.

“Oh absolutely! I’ve been working incredibly hard already! I’ll get us both into the school you’ll see.”

“Why not just wish for it?” You asked, confused as to why he was going such a roundabout way of handling the situation.

“From the research I’ve done on quirks, the more powerful they are, the worse the drawbacks are. Like Kaachan needing hearing aids, or Endeavor being prone to fevers. You might have something bad too- and it’s even more dangerous if we haven’t figured out what it is yet. You can literally do the impossible- imagine how bad your drawbacks might be.” He reasoned.


You never really thought about it before. What if the wishes were connected to an important organ? What if you had a tumor that grew with each granting? Shit.

A knock at the door startled you both enough to jump, and Missus Midoriya popped her head in.

“Katsuki is here to pick you up, sweetheart.” She chimed, and you nodded.

“Thank you ma’am.” You murmured, cleaning up your books immediately. If there was anything Kaachan hated, it was waiting. “See you later, Midoriya.” You said, zipping up your bag.

“Izuku.” Midoriya stated, looking up at you. You paused, tilting your head, confused.

“What?” You questioned, mostly to make sure you heard him right.

“We’ve been friends for so long… and… and I call you by your first name so… so you should call me Izuku.” He mumbled, straightening up his back and looking at you with some indiscernible emotion, you smiled at him, the way you always did. He melted, the way he always had.

“Okay. See you later Izuku.” you nodded, heading for the door.

“See you later, (Y/N).” He called back quietly. You kept those words close to your heart as you stepped out of the front door. Kaachan did NOT look happy.

“You were in his room?! With the door closed?!” The blonde asked, already grabbing your upper arm. You had ongoing bruises in that spot. Since the villain attack, whenever the two of you had to walk somewhere he would hold you so tightly and refuse to let go until you met your destination.

“Yes, We were studying- Izuku invited you too-” Kaachan reeled on you, fuming.

“The FUCK did you just call him?” He growled, getting far too close for comfort.

“He asked me to call him by his first name?” You were confused, but completely used to Kaachan yelling at you at this point.

After all, you were almost two years into your ‘sibling hood’. This was the longest you’d ever stayed in one place at one time. This was the first foster family that hadn’t wished for riches or something ridiculous in your presence. They already HAD money. They didn’t NEED you to grant their wishes, they worked hard to get whatever they wanted. The Bakugos had taken you in after you’d been bouncing around foster homes for years, granting wish after wish after wish- if you could get over the screaming matches, the late nights, and Kaachan’s bullying- it wasn’t that bad.

Kaachan didn’t say anything after that, but his palm lit up over your arm. You felt it burning, and winced, pulling back.

“You’re hurting me!” You complained, but he pulled harder. “I’ll tell Mitsuki!” You warned, but he ignored you. “Just leave me alone, Katsuki!” You pushed him hard with your free arm, and he tripped over a crack in the sidewalk, toppling to the ground, and pulling you with him. Your knee hit the ground hard, and you winced, finding that you had scraped it pretty badly. The palms of your hands were all torn up from trying to catch yourself against the concrete, and you twisted your ankle pretty harshly.

“Now look what you did you fucking brat! The social worker is gonna be pissed if you show up with marks!” He shouted, sitting up and grabbing your leg harshly. “You dumbass- this is gonna sca-” He cut himself off, and stared on in horror.

Your leg.

It was healing.

Right in front of your eyes, your leg was healing. The wound closed over, the leftover blood was the only sign that there was a scuffle at all. The bruising and cuts on your palms healed over as well. Panicked, you tried to push Kaachan away, but he wasn’t having any of that. He grabbed your hands to stare at them as well.

“What the fuck?” Kaachan asked, and you swallowed. He looked up at you, eyes wide. “When were you gonna tell me you had a quirk, Lucky?”

Chapter Text

“It’s true! She fell and scraped her knee and it healed immediately!” Kaachan repeated to his father, and Masaru sighed, looking back at you.

“I need you to tell me the truth, (Y/N).” He murmured, and your eyes began to water. Damn Katsuki. Damn Izuku. Damn Wishes.

“I- I-” You couldn’t get the words out. You were terrified, choked up, Masaru nodded.

“Okay, hey, it’s going to be alright. We’ll go to a doctor, see what’s going on. You might have been hit with someone else’s quirk at school- or it could be a side effect from the slime that we’ll have to report. I’m sure there’s a rational explanation for this, sweet pea.” Masaru patted your back, and turned to his son. “Can you please help (Y/N) get ready for the hospital while I call your mom?” He asked, and Kaachan grimaced.

“Fine.” The blonde muttered, and then waitied for his father to be out of earshot. “Don’t know why you’re fuckin’ crying.” He sneered. “Having a quirk is a GOOD thing. You can go to UA with me now, you don’t have to hang out with that useless Deku.”

“What if they don’t want me anymore?” You asked, and his face fell. “What if they get rid of me because they can’t compare us anymore. Your mom only keeps me around to remind you to try harder.” You wiped furiously at your face, and Kaacha took a step back.

“The Hag is a bitch, but that’s not true. They’re not just gonna… throw you away. Even if they try, I won’t let them.” He growled, and pushed you. “You’re fucking stuck with me, you hear that? Just ‘cuz you got a quirk don’t mean you can get rid of me that easy, Lucky.” He stomped past you into your bedroom, leaving you to stare at the floor.

Before you could register what was happening, your jacket was draped over your shoulders and you were shoved toward the front door.

Kaachan picked you up and sat you down on the bench, and you couldn’t move to stop him. You were frozen in confusion and fear as he lifted your foot, and slid your shoe on. He tied the laces with the bunny-rabbit ears the way you always had, and then switched to the other foot.

“God- I gotta fuckin’ baby you now?” he asked lowly, but there was something soft about it.

“Kaachan… are… are you being nice to me?” You asked carefully, and he squinted at you.

“Why the fuck would I do that?” He questioned, gripping your arm and shoving it into your jacket sleeve. “You’re annoying.” He muttered, doing the same to the other arm. “And I don’t fucking like you.” he zipped your hood up. “I’m only doing this because the old man told me to.” He grumbled, and stood. “Now stop asking stupid questions.” He turned to put his own jacket on just as his father walked back into the living room.

“Okay, we got the okay to go. We’ll get to the bottom of this, sweetpea.” Masaru promised, patting the top of your head and offering out a hand to help you stand.

You took it.

The drive to the hospital was done in deadly silence, and Kaachan stayed at home. Masaru was never the talkative type.

“Yep, right here.” The doctor pointed to the xray. “Only one joint in the pinky toe.” He hummed, and sat back. “Kid’s got a quirk.” He nodded.

Masaru hummed, and sat forward. “My wife and I were told she was quirkless when the social worker introduced us- it was on her paperwork.” He spoke to the doctor, placing a reassuring hand onto your shoulder.

“It is possible, though rare, for people to manifest quirks during puberty instead of around age four when most children do. Mutation quirks are more common to develop later in life, and they tend to be more powerful.” The doctor explained, and turned off the light behind your xrays. “A regeneration quirk alongside tough skin means she will be able to scar though, so I’d say be careful with your face if you plan on going into hero work as you’ll have a difficult time getting plastic surgery.”

You swallowed. Damn. This was bad. Fucking Izuku and his loud mouth asking for you to be indestructible. Up until this point, you’d been bruising just fine, but a little scrape with the sidewalk and a burn was enough for the wish to change it’s mind?? Indestructible was a hard definition to pin down-

Oh. The wish Izuku made earlier. He wished for you to go to the same school as him. Fuck.

Sometimes, wishes took work to grant. They would be started with one small instance, and butterflied into what was asked for. The less the wish was to grant itself, the bigger the instance needed for it to come true.

No one ever just GETS a million dollars, they enter a lottery, or find a suitcase on the street, or earn inheritance from a dead relative. There had to be something to cause the effect.

When you entered the lobby of the hospital, two people stood at the entrance. Your Social worker, A kind woman by the name of Fumiko, and another woman- with short, dark hair and glasses. Masaru patted you on the back.

“Go talk to ‘em, I’ve got to go-” you cut him off before you could give yourself the opportunity to cry.

“Are you sending me away?” You asked carefully, and he froze. His eyes widened, and he quickly shook his head.

“No- Hey, No, (Y/N), we would never do that. Mitsuki and I love you, Katsuki adores you- we’re not sending you away! Fumiko has to be called any time you see a doctor- and I don’t actually know who the other woman is. I’m only stepping out to call Mistuki and tell her you’re okay. She couldn’t get out from work and she’s worried sick.” Masaru explained, bending slightly to get on eye-level with you. You swallowed, and nodded.

“Okay, thank you.” You gave him a tight smile, and he returned it, before stepping out of the room to make his phone call. You turned toward your social worker, and she smiled.

“Ah, (Y/N)! I have someone I would like you to meet. This is Rin Surudoi, she works with the Heroes Public Safety Commission!” Fumiko introduced, and the woman to her left pushed up her glasses.

Chapter Text

“Nice to meet you.” You responded, hoping this wasn’t going to take too long.

“Alright I won’t waste anyone’s time here kid, Due to your recent quirk discovery and testing that was done, the HPSC has decided to offer you an opportunity to spend your summer vacation with Hawks in preparation of your upcoming enrolment into UA.”

Yep, there it is.

Curious, you tilted your head.

“I don’t want to go to UA.” You shook your head, and Rin raised an eyebrow at you.

“And what, you’re going to let that amazing quirk of yours go to waste, and let people die?” She asked, deadpan, you were completely taken aback. “Because that’s awful and selfish. Don’t you think your parents would want better for you? For their country?” She questioned. You felt a sinking feeling in your gut. She was right. It would be awful of you to just stand back and watch people die- it would be selfish to do anything but Hero work if you could. She was right.

“I’m sorry.” You hung your head. “Thank you for the opportunity. I’ll work hard.” You promised, and someone pat the top of your head.

“Good. Every day after school until the sun sets, and your entire weekends will be full of training. Bring your homework as well, we have tutors for that. I look forward to working with you.” She nodded, and handed you a card. “Hawks will be picking you up tomorrow after school, we have already talked to your foster mother. That card has my personal number. I am your handler, you’ll call me if you ever have any problems.” She looked past you, at your foster father, who had turned back, and was walking toward you. “Any Problems.” She repeated, and adjusted her glasses.

“Everything alright over here? Sweet pea you look like you’ve seen a ghost-” Masaru brushed a hand over your head. You shrugged.

“Everything’s Fine Mr.Bakugo, I’ve been offered an internship with Hawks. I accepted.” You looked down, and Masaru gasped.

“Wait like… number three hero Hawks?! Really? Holy cow that’s amazing (Y/N)!” He praised, pulling you into a completely unexpected hug. “I’m so proud of you!” You’d never heard that before. You didn’t deserve it. You didn’t do anything special. Your quirk was used by Midoriya, he was the special one.

The drive home was not as quiet as the ride to the hospital. Mitsuki was on speaker, as if you needed any help to hear her loud voice.

“Wait she just- developed a quirk? Just like that? Girlie this is so exciting!” Mitsuki sang and you huffed.

“It’s embarrassing.” You muttered, and she laughed.

“Oh, honey it’s okay! You’re just a late bloomer! I didn’t get boobs until I was a third year in highschool, we all grow differently! Now Katsuki will REALLY have to work hard to catch up to you.” She joked, but you winced. Right. He was going to resent you even more now.

“Maybe now isn’t the time to compare the kids, love?” Masaru offered, looking mildly uncomfortable.

“Oh you know I’m only joking. Where is the little shit? Don’t tell me you left him alone in the house- we might not have a house to go back to.” Mitsuki jested, and you stiffened.

“Kaachan is responsible, he can handle it.” You didn’t know why you were defending him, but it nearly felt like you had to. He wasn’t your brother, and he certainly wasn’t your friend. Why then, did it make you so upset when his mother talked down on him?

“He’s a jackass.” She snorted. “But I’m really excited for you (Y/N)! I wish you the best of luck with Hawks!”

Oh god damn it. There it was again, the ‘W’ word. What would it do? What would happen?

“Thank you, Ma’am.” You answered reflexively, and she chuckled.

“We’re pulling into the driveway now, love. House is intact.” Masaru spoke carefully as he backed into the garage.

When you finally made it back to your bedroom, Kaachan was there, sitting on your bed. His head snapped up the second you opened the door, and he rushed to pull you in and close it.

“What’s going on with you? Are you okay?” The question came out spiteful, angry.

“I’m just… a late bloomer.” You shrugged, and turned to your desk. “Did you finish your biology homework?” You asked, only to have Kaachan angrily slam his fist into the wall, cracking a hole into it.

“I don’t give a SHIT about the homework, you idiot.” He growled, and glared at you. “I don’t know how, but I know this has something to do with that fucking Deku. Because I’ve been thinking. All of this weird shit- you getting attacked by a villain happened with Deku- and then the thing followed you. You go to his house and come back with a quirk? And I’m supposed to believe it’s just a coincidence? I’m not buying it.” He moved closer, and shoved you. “You’re gonna tell me what’s going on, and you’re gonna tell me right fucking now.” He stood between you and the door, there was no escaping him.

“Nothing’s going on. The doctor said-”

“I don’t CARE what the doctor said! What is it huh? Drugs?” He asked, and you rolled your eyes, crossing your arms.

“Just go away, Kaachan.” You turned toward your bed. “I’ve had a really long day, okay? I’m really tired.” You peeled off your jacket and draped it over your chair.

“There’s something. I know it. I’m gonna figure out what. You’ve always been fucking weird, Lucky. I wish you’d just tell me the truth!” He shouted, and you froze. Your mouth opened on it’s own, and you moved fast to clamp your hands over it, shocked. Your entire body shook with the exertion. No- damn it- the fucking W word. Shit.

Your body wouldn’t listen to you, you couldn’t stop yourself.

“I can grant wishes.” You said finally, and he paused. His eyes darkened.

“FIne then. Don’t tell me. I’ll figure it out on my own.” He slammed your door as you left.

Thank god Katsuki’s head is so far up his own ass, huh?

Chapter Text

The Next day, Kaachan stuck to you like glue. You weren’t allowed to walk with Izuku alone anymore, it seemed.

“What’d you get for number six on the Bio homework? I can never remember the difference between Lysosomes and peroxisomes.” You went to reach into your bag, but Kaachan took your hand and gripped it tight.

“Why didn’t you just google it, dumbass?” The blonde growled, pulling you forward.

“It was Lysosomes. Think of it like Lysol- they clean the cell, kind of-” Midoriya offered, hurrying faster to your other side. “Peroxisomes kind of do the same thing, but just toxic parts- think like peroxide.”

“That sounds like it’s the same thing.” You groaned. “I’m gonna fail the quiz on friday.”

“No you won’t. We’ll study together.” Izuku offered, and Kaachan’s hand warmed up considerably, you winced.

“No the fuck you won’t.” Kaachan interrupted, pulling you faster. “She’s not doing SHIT with you DEKU.” The blonde sneered, pulling you faster.

“Kaachan!” You called, and ripped your hand away from him. You’d sustained a considerable burn to your palm. “That’s enough!” You shouted, and he paused. “You’re not in charge of me, and you can’t stop me from hanging out with my friends.” You said, and swallowed. “It… it doesn’t even matter anyway. I have… an internship with Hawks.” You continued walking, and the boys both stood in stunned silence.

“Hey wait up- What do you mean you have an internship with Hawks? How is that even possible we’re not in highschool yet!” Izuku questioned, and then paused. “Hey- wait by any chance did you also… get that early acceptance into UA we talked about?”

Kaachan looked at you like you grew a second head.

“What?!” The blonde questioned.

“Yep.” You shrugged. “Your wish got granted, I guess.” you sneered at the green-haired boy, and sighed. Damn- You hadn’t meant to say that- you were giving too much away- but Kaachan’s wish to prevent you lying to him was in full effect- and it was controlling you a little too well.

“So there WAS something going on before yesterday- I fucking KNEW IT!” loud crackles erupted from his palm.

“I wish you were calm around (Y/N), Kaachan.” Izuku murmured, and you froze, glaring back at him.

“I AM CALM YOU NERD!” Kaachan shouted, and grabbed your arm. “C’mon Lucky, we don’t need to be hanging out with that piece of shit.” He growled. Wait- wait a second. That- that’s not calm. He’s not calm. But Izuku made a wish? And you heard it! What? No way- what the FUCK is happening? Kaachan dragged you faster toward the school

“Kaachan… are you feeling okay?” You asked carefully, and he glared at you.

“Just fuckin’ peachy, dumbass. You KNOW I hate that guy. Why do you INSIST on hanging out with him?” He sneers. “And for fucks sake call me Katsuki. I hate that stupid nickname.” He grunted- you paused. The wish really didn’t work- he was angry, not calm.

“Hey- Katsuki- if you could wish for anything, what would it be?” You asked, curious.

“I wish that you would fucking walk faster!” He grunted. You felt your legs move faster, the ground seemed flatter- maybe that was psycho-somatic though.

Classes passed how they always did- too fast for your liking. School was the one time you didn’t have to worry about the strange, one-sided rivalry between Katsuki and Izuku. You needed a break- maybe the Hawks internship would be a good thing. Maybe you would be able to relax then.

Katsuki was again waiting for you at lunch, determined to keep you away from Izuku. His grip was looser than it had been, but he still held on to you like you were a tantruming toddler, liable to run off. To your surprise, he pulled two bento boxes out of his bag, placing one in front of you as you sat at his table with his friends. Koshi sent you many worried glances, Hikkosu all but ignored you.

“Thank you.” You muttered, and the blonde scoffed at you.

“So, Lucky, any plans for high school?” Koshi attempted to make conversation, and you shrugged.

“I got an early acceptance into UA’s hero course.” You mumbled, and Hikkosu spat out his drink.

“Wait- no way! That’s not even possible, you liar- you don’t even have a quirk.” the boy rolled his eyes. You shrugged again, not really caring whether or not he believed you.

“Yes she does. She’s got a healing quirk.” Katsuki sneered. “You think I would hang out with some quirkless nobody?” He spat.

“Chill man- Lucky’s cool even without a quirk.” Koshi muttered, and Katsuki’s temper seemed to flare.

“Oi- no the fuck she isn’t!” The blonde spat. “Stop fuckin’ talking to her.” He growled at both of his friends, and they raised their brows at him.

“Sorry Bakugo- I didn’t know you two were dating.” Hikkosu put his hands up in defense, and Katsuki’s eye twitched.

“She’s not my fuckin’ girlfriend you idiot! She’s not even my friend! She’s just some useless dumbass who the hag lets stay in our house. I wouldn’t care if she DIED!” He punched the table. You felt tears welling up in your eyes, and stood. “Sit-” Katsuki began, but you cut him off with a glare.

“Leave me alone, Katsuki.” You shook your head, and quickly left the room. You were already crying- your vision was blurry. You had no idea where you were going, but you needed to get away. You ran straight into someone- They almost knocked you down, but they grabbed you at the last moment.

“Oh- Hey are you okay Kid?” The person asked, and you tried to push them off.

“I’m fine-” The person suddenly squatted down on their knees- they were so tall they still had to hunch a bit to look you in the eye. Golden hair, golden eyes, golden skin, crimson wings. What the fuck was he doing here?

“Well, you don’t look fine. But what do I know?” He asked, and pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. “Oh- it must be my lucky day- I recognize you! You’re (Y/N) RIght?” He asked, and pressed the handkerchief into your hand. “I’m Hawks.”

Chapter Text

The second you stood up from the table, Katsuki felt a cold loss. Fuck- no-

“Sit-” He started, but you cut him off. You were crying. Already crying. He didn’t even hear what you’d said after he saw you crying. Why the FUCK were you crying?! He didn’t say anything especially mean, Deku wasn’t here to make you feel bad for him- so why were you CRYING?!

Katsuki watched as you hurried out of the room, and stared at the door after you’d slammed it. Fuck. He really fucked that up. He would have to find a way to fix that- damn it.

“That was really uncalled for Bakugo.” Koshi frowned. “I’m going after he-”

“Leave her alone!” Katsuki cut his friend off. “If she’s going to be a fucking crybaby she’s gonna want to do it alone. She hates when people check on her.” Katsuki scoffed, and looked down at your untouched bento. You also left your bookbag. He would take it home for you- and he would DEFINITELY complain about it. “And don’t fucking talk to her, or I’ll blast your goddamn face off.” He threatened. Koshi and Hikkosu both knew he was being completely serious. Katsuki was always serious about his Lucky Charm.

He was the one that came up with that name, after all. He made sure none of the other kids fucked with you, he made sure no one ever said shit to you about being quirkless or an orphan. That was HIS domain. Only HE was allowed to torment you- even though he REALLY didn’t want to.

He couldn’t let you know how much he liked you. It would make things weird around the house- you were basically his sister, and he knew you had a thing for *fucking Deku.* The only way to make sure you didn’t suspect him was to be a total ass to you- no matter how much it physically pained him to do so.

“Someone should really check on her man, girls are sensitive.” Koshi shook his head, and moved from his seat. Rage filled Katsuki, and he leaped across the table, punching his friend in the face. The brunette crashed to the ground immediately, writhing in pain.

“I ain’t even use my quirk- next time you try to talk to Lucky, you wont have teeth to talk through, you hear me?” Katsuki demanded, and Hikkosu stepped in between the two, shielding Koshi with his body.

“Cool it Bakugo! We get it, alright? We’ll leave her alone!” Hikkosu tried, and Katsuki sneered, and scoffed.

“Tch- I’ll kill any one of you idiots for talking to her, you got that?!” Katsuki shouted to the room, and there was a resounding silence. Everyone knew that he was telling the truth. Katuski’s eyes flittered over the room as he searched for anyone that dared challenge him- and he came to a startling realization.

Where the FUCK was Deku?

Izuku watched as you spoke to Hawks- He needed to comfort you- NOW- but he couldn’t. He’d already made you upset once today- he KNEW he made you upset with him. You NEVER spoke to him like that- that tone you used was ONLY for Kaachan. Izuku realized his mistake- He would never do it again. Using your quirk against you like that was a pretty scummy thing for him to do. He knew that. He realized that. You HAD told him you didn’t want to go to UA- if only to escape Kaachan, who you BOTH knew would get in. And he went behind your back and forced your hand. Honestly, he felt REALLY shitty about it.

So he had to watch. Hawks was clearly trying his best to calm you down, he spoke to you carefully, and stayed on your level.

“I was actually on my way to your classroom to pick you up. I got permission from your parents, don’t worry.” Hawks smiled warmly up at you, and you took two steps back. “If you wanna stay though-”

“No- no, I need to leave.” you cleared your throat. He shrugged, and stood. The hallway was empty during this time of day, everyone was in their own classrooms. (Except for Izuku, hiding behind a corner.)

“Alright kid, hey, you wanna tell me what’s got you all worked up? Bet I could help.” Hawks offered, and you shook your head.

“I said I’m fine.” You wiped at your face. “Don’t worry about me. Ever.” You found yourself walking toward the exit, and he chuckled.

“Alright then, whatever you say, miss Lucky day.” He placed a gloved hand atop your head. “I actually came to take you to lunch, I’m not too late am I?” He questioned, and you glazed back at him, only to have your line of vision filled with his torso- your eyes didn’t even fully come up to his chest.

Jeeze- dude was like, seven feet tall.

“No, But I’m not hungry.” You muttered, still walking. Hawks kept in line with you, His long strides giving him the advantage, though he seemed to slow his step for you.

“Hm. Not even for… Ice cream?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. Hawks didn’t know shit about kids, but everyone likes ice cream. He noticed the way your eyes lit up a little- he’d peaked your interest.

“Mochi?” You asked quietly, he kept his smugness to himself. He was really nailing this whole ‘mentor’ thing already.

“I bet I could find a decent place to get some, Kid.” He nodded, and ruffled your hair. “Good to see you lightening up- I was worried my designated best friend for the next ten months was gonna be a total stick in the mud.” He chuckled, stepping ahead of you to open the door.

“So… what’s the deal with this training thing? I don’t have any control over my quirk and I’m not a great student.” You cut right to the chase, and he sighed. Damn, so close. Brighten up a little, would ya sunshine?

“Right to business huh? I respect it.” He chuckled, and pinched your cheek. “Did you know, that the rarest kind of quirk in the world is the healing type?” He questioned, plucking a feather from his wing and toying with it.

“No, I didn’t.” You followed him as he walked through the school’s parking lot, and he stopped at a black SUV. He unlocked the thing, and held open the passenger side door as he spoke.

“Yep, one in a billion. Literally Eight billion people in the world, Ten current recorded cases of Healing quirks. Two in Japan- well, now three with you. The HPSC is incredibly dedicated to protecting and cultivating the abilities in people like you.” He closed the door behind you, and you clicked your seatbelt.

“Oh.” You said, once he climbed behind the steering wheel. He was incredibly huge- so it made sense for his car to be that way too- but you were so SMALL- you really looked like a child then.

“Yep- so, your file said your quirk only manifested yesterday- that must be exciting!” He chirped, starting the car. His bright, happy-go-lucky attitude was slowly warming you back up again, but not enough to lie to him.

“Not really.” You shrugged, staring out of the window.

Chapter Text

“You are really having a shitty week then huh?” It was the first time you’d ever heard a swear come out of his mouth. He was always so PG on TV, and he kept up a very family-friendly persona in public.

“... what?” You questioned, confused as to why the quality of your week had anything to do with the internship. Why was he so interested in pretending to like you- he acted as if you had already been friends for years, or like he was your father or something. It was kind of uncomfortable. You didn’t remember much of your dad, and from what you did remember, you could gather there was not much worth remembering.

If the commission was planning on moving you to Hawk’s care full time, you’d be found out so easily. This was bad. Very, very bad. You needed to nip this in the bud, figure out his intentions right away before he started putting things into motion.

“Tell you what. It’s friday. Let’s skip the rest of the day and take the weekend off. We can do anything you want kiddo.” He offered, gresturing out over the dash. “The world is your oyster, Lucky Day.”

“... Why are you being nice to me? You don’t have to.” You muttered, and he paused, and raised an eyebrow.

“Sure I do. Because you and I, we’re gonna be best friends until you start at UA. First things first, though kid, we’re gonna show you the bright side of the world, there’s a whole lot of it.” He smiled, and patted your back. “If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for?” he questioned, and you were taken aback. No one had ever asked you that before. No one had ever cared enough. It wouldn’t matter anyway, you couldn’t grant your own wishes.

“I guess… I would wish for the ability to relax. I’m always afraid something bad is going to happen- I just want one day where I don’t have to worry about anything.” You shrugged, and Hawks hummed, taking your words into consideration.

“Let’s do it then. I’ll call off, just this once. This Saturday, we’re going to go to a water park. Nothing like a beach day to calm the nerves yeah?”

“Don’t you have… stuff you’re supposed to be doing- like, as a hero?” You questioned, skeptical. If he was already dedicating time to you, it meant that he was INVESTED in you. One step closer to transfer of custody- bad.

“Meh, I’m only number three! With AllMight still keeping the streets clean I have time. Whaddaya say squirt? You down?” He asked, and you gritted your teeth.

“...Sure.” You nodded, just wanting him to get off your back.

“So, Lucky Day, you got any hobbies?” Hawks tried to start conversation with you for the fifth time, you had to be careful. He wasn’t a Bakugo or a teacher or a teenager. He was HAWKS. Notoriously intelligent, witty. He would find you out So Goddamn Fast if you weren’t careful.

“Nope.” You answered carefully. You didn’t. Your only hobby was making sure people didn’t know what you could do. It’s all you had time for. All that clouded your mind. It was all you could do.

“Any friends?” He tried again, and you thought for a moment. Katsuki was definitely not your friend- at this point, neither was Izuku. None of your classmates were your friends either.

“Nuh-uh.” You shook your head, Hawks frowned for only a fraction of a second before composing himself with another warm smile.

“What kind of stuff do you like to do?” Hawks was reaching his limit- he wasn’t used to people not talking to him, he especially wasn’t okay with being ignored. He LOATHED those sorts of things. You were avoiding him. Why?

“Nothing.” You were still staring out the window. Hawks could smell the cortisol- way too much to be coming off of a kid like you. You were pale- you looked terrified. Was it him? Was being alone with him


“You feeling okay?” He asked suddenly, and you shrugged.

“Peachy.” You answered dryly.

“Hey… do you not like me or something?” He asked more directly, and you furrowed your brow at him, deciding to ask a question of your own.

“Are you going to make me move away from the Bakugos?” You demanded. Good- make it seem like you love them, not like you’re afraid of him. Smart. You were smart. You knew how to work people over. You could handle this.

“Ah, so that’s what this is about… Ah, no. I don’t have time to take care of you full time. Pro hero work is intense even with AllMight taking care of everything. Over the summer, you’ll still live with the Bakugos, you’ll basically be with me for summer school more than anything, the only time you’ll be spending the nights are weekends when I’m off duty, But Rin will be there because I’m technically ALWAYS on call in case something goes wrong.”

“Okay.” I nod. “That’s good.” You breathed a sigh of relief.

“Kid- look, I don’t mean to pry, but there’s clearly something on your mind. Every time I start talking your heart speeds up. Is there something going on at home?” He questions. You have heard this question before. People assumed that because you were in foster care, You had been abused. That was simply not true- especially not of the Bakugos. Sure, Katsuki was a bit of a prick, but you dished it as well as you took it, and Mitsuki rarely even raised her voice at you- not to mention Masaru is a fucking doormat at best. You’d been hit a few times in previous placements, but Fumilko was always quick to move you if you complained even a little. Quirkless children were to be protected, everyone had a hero complex when it came to those obviously weaker.

“Everything is fine.” You shrugged, and he paused, and pulled over to the side of the road. “What-”

“I’m calling you a cab.” He cut you off, pulling out his phone.

“Why?” You asked, and he shrugged.

“I don’t work with people who lie to me. I hate it when people hide their emotions from me. It’s probably my number one pet peeve. You clearly don’t want to be here and there’s no reason to force it.” He explained, tapping away.

“Wait!” You reached out your hand, grabbing his phone. He paused, and stared at you, urging you to continue. “I- I can’t tell you everything.” You mumbled, and he nodded.

“That’s fair, tell you what. Tell me what you can, and I’ll listen. Who knows, I might even have some advice.” He shut the car off, and turned more toward you.

Well, this was going to be interesting.

Chapter Text

“So… My quirk isn’t actually healing.” You muttered, rubbing your sweaty hands on your uniform skirt. “And I’ve known about it for a while now.” You admitted. Hawks nodded, but did not interrupt you. “It’s um… more… reality-bending, I guess. I can… make impossible things happen. I can’t tell you how it works. I can’t tell you how it activates- and I can’t even show you because then you might figure out how it works.” You swallowed.

“Okay?” Hawks was trying very hard to be supportive, but everything you were saying only confused him. “Reality bending quirk, makes the impossible happen. Got it. I mean, I kind of get why you would hide something like that. But it’s kind of dangerous to handle it all on your own. Does anyone else know about it?”

“Yes, my frie- my Classmate. Midoriya. He figured it out. He’s really smart.” You swallowed. “He figured it out, and made me give him a quirk and get into UA. He’s already abusing the power.” You gripped tighter onto the fabric of your skirt.

“Wait- he’s forcing you to use your quirk? How?” Hawks questioned, suddenly very concerned. Were you okay? Was this kid bullying you? Would he have to deal with him? Damn- he was glad he was so far from his rut- Bird brain was SCREAMING at him right now to protect the ‘hatchling’. You were just a kid- and the way you seemed so goddamn scared all of the time genuinely upset him.

He needed to fix whatever the fuck was going on with you- he wasn’t even sure WHY- but something about you… maybe it was the fear- reminded him of himself as a kid. Quirk too powerful for his own good, being terrified of being used. Knowing he could be deadly if not careful. Is that what it was like for you? He hoped not. You seemed like a good kid. You were only thirteen- you needed some kind of guidance- support. He knew better than anyone what that was like.

“I can’t tell you.” You looked away, and Hawks groaned. Damn it. He needed you to open up to him- he couldn’t help you if you wouldn’t tell him what was wrong. Maybe he would bring you to the office? Yumi could probably figure you out, feel out your aura, help you? You needed… something? He didn’t know what, but he was determined to give it to you.

“C’mon kid, give me something here.” Hawks begged, and you pondered. You were smart. You could handle this. Hawks was number three- he was the best ally you could possibly get. You didn’t need to like him, but you needed leverage to trust him. This would have to be handled delicately- the wording had to be perfect. You went silent for a few long minutes, and Hawks let you. He could physically see you thinking, and didn’t want to interrupt and risk losing your attention. You were clearly trying your best. Hawks looked out over the windshield, and waited, patiently, for you to respond to him.

“Say you wish you could never tell anyone about my real quirk, and that you wish you’ll never betray me or force me to use my quirk for your personal gain.” You stated, and he furrowed his brow. It was a perfect out. The wording would protect you. He could still use your quirk if he needed to, but he couldn’t force you. It was a perfect plan. If you weren’t in the middle of a world-class anxiety attack, you would have patted yourself on the back.

“What?” Hawks was trusting, but confused. What harm could come from words? He wasn’t sure- but he also wanted to know the point of all of this. What exactly were you up to?

“Humor me.” You pleaded. Hawks wasn’t going to deny you. He needed you to trust him, so that he could help you. Rin had already drawn up the paperwork, until you were enrolled at UA, you would be his legal responsibility. He’d lied about custody- but only technically. You WOULD spend most of your time with the Bakugos- he was just your guardian on paper- temporarily. He didn’t have time to take care of a kid, as much as he wanted kids.

“Okay… I wish I could never tell anyone about your real quirk, and I wish that I’ll never betray you or force you to use your quirk for my personal gain.” He squinted his eyes, and you breathed a sigh of relief. “Now what?” He was invested now- you were… so strange. A weird kid. It’d be okay, he was also a weird kid. You’d get along, he hoped.

A person didn’t have to mean the wish to make it come true.

“I grant wishes.” You admitted, and looked up at the ceiling of the car. “Try it. Make a wish.” You prompted, and he paused.

“Alright- I wish I had some fried chicken- Right now.” He tilted his head. Just then, a knock at his window. A fan, squealing and excited- holding a bucket of KFC. He rolled down the window, and took the food, signing the girl’s tee-shirt with a sharpie he kept behind his ear, and rolling up the window again. He stared at the bucket for a few seconds before swallowing. “Yeah, I see what you mean.”

“I can’t stop people from making wishes. If I hear the words ‘I wish’, it gets granted. I have no control over it. At all. I also can’t make wishes of my own.” You explained simply, and Hawks nodded.

“Right well, glad you told me- here. I can help- I wish that people had to mean their wishes to have them granted, and I wish that you could choose whether or not to grant the wishes.” He spoke simply, and you froze.


You hadn’t even thought about that- would it work? Was that possible?

“Not gonna let you make them yourself though- seems too much like playing God.” Hawks shrugged, and started up the car again. “I wish that we’ll never hit a red light when it’s just the two of us in a car.” He spoke again, and you felt a warmth in your stomach- a tell- you finally had a tell. A warning.

“Granted?” You tried, and the Light ahead of you immediately turned green.

“Good, now try denying it.” Hawks offered, tilting his head. “I wish it would rain.”

“Denied.” You spoke, and rolled the window down, sticking your head out. No rain- it worked. It worked - oh god- “Thank you!” You said, full volume and clear. Hawks felt that rush of warm pride.

He was really nailing this mentor thing.

Chapter Text

“So, Lucky day, now that you have more control over your original quirk, We could totally skip the training thing, and just hang out every day- or you can spend that time studying- I can just wish you mastery on your quirk, right?”

“Uh- So, most of the time the wishes have something that causes them to come true. Like When Izuku wished for me to get into UA, I developed the healing quirk and you were called. The fried chicken didn’t just appear, some lady was looking for you to give it to you.” You explained, knocking your head back against the seat. “You could, theoretically, wish for me to have complete control over the healing quirk, but I’m still going to need basic combat training, emergency response training, and all of the other shi- stuff that comes with being a hero.”

“Alright, cool. I wish you had complete control over your healing quirk.” Hawks offered.

“Granted.” You confirmed the wish.

“I’m going to recommend that we still train together to get you physically fit though- give you a nice little leg up when you actually get to UA. Most of the acceptants have been training their whole lives for that kind of thing- hey, can your wishes affect time, like if I said I wanted you to already have physical training, would you?” Hawks seemed to always work through his thoughts out loud, as if he wanted your input every step of the way- it was kind of nice to have answers.

“I don’t know, but I assume it would still work. More impossible things have happened.” You tilted your head, and he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, thinking.

“Alright, I wish you already had some physical training?” He said the wish like a question, from the warmth in your stomach, it was clear your quirk didn’t care.

“Granted- OW!” You groaned, leaning forward and clutching your stomach. A sharp, stabbing pain had begun to radiate in your lower stomach.

“You okay?” Hawks asked, he sounded genuinely concerned. You gritted your teeth, and took a deep breath. The pain stopped just as suddenly as it started, and you opened your eyes.

“Ah- yeah- it just- it’s gone- ow.” You groaned. Hawks frowned.

“Do you think it was quirk related, or something else- oh, shit you still haven’t eaten! My bad Kiddo- lets go get you some grub.” Hawks apologized, and started up the car again.

“What about the chicken?” You asked, and he shrugged.

“I usually don’t eat stuff fans give me. You never know what they’ve done to it.” He opens the glove box, keeping his eyes on the road. “Have one of those until we get to the mochi place, you need some protein- and did my wish work?” You grabbed a protein bar, and inspected the package. Allmight Brand. Of course.

“Uh-” you paused to think. “Yeah- I- I think it did. Fumiko- my social worker- she’s had me in self-defense classes since I was little. She said it was important for a quirkless kid to be able to at least somewhat defend themselves. And- and Mrs. Bakugo has had me in Gymnastics on Tuesdays and Thursdays the entire time I’ve been with her- Wait but that… that already- that’s not a granted wish. That just… happened?” You searched your memory- no, that was a thing that already happened, years in the making.

“Unless it didn’t and now you’re remembering it that way because the wish was granted.” Hawks pointed out. “Ah- there’s the mochi place.” Hawks patted the top of your head and pulled into the parking lot. That sharp pain resounded in your stomach again, and you winced, cradling it.

“After this, I think I want to go home. My stomach really hurts.” You complained, and Hawks frowned.

“Hey, I didn’t make a wish this time- you might legit be sick.” Hawks looked over at you. “I have pepto in the glove box, if you think that’ll help- when’s the last time you went to the bathroom?”

“So much for good luck.” You avoided that last question.

“What?” Hawks arked the car, and unbuckled his belt, leaning over and pressing his palm to your forehead. “You don’t have a fever- Which side is the pain on- if it’s the right it might be your appendix- is it in your back too?”


“I’m fine, just hungry I think.” You shook him off. “Mrs.Bakugo wished for good luck with you, but so far I’ve just been mean to you and got a tummy ache.” You avoided his questioning again.

“I dunno, I think we made some major progress. We learned some stuff, we get along fine.” Hawks shrugged. “You’re a bit of a nihilist, but I’m sure you’ll grow out of it, Kid.” He tousled your hair.

“Hey- uh… thanks Hawks. For… not- not being a total dick about this.” You offered, and Hawks grinned.

“Oh, for SURE kid. I’m just here to help- and hey, who knows, maybe one day you’ll help me out too. You’d make one badass hero, if you wanna go that route- or a super-rich doctor.” Hawks grinned, and stepped out of the car- he was over to the passenger side door before you had unclicked your seatbelt. He opened your door, and offered out his hand. “From here are on out, we’re a team. I’m gonna look out for you kiddo.” He smiled at you, warm and inviting. Genuine. “Oh- and you can call Me Keigo, when it’s just us.”

“Ah- If we’re a team, I’m looking after you too right?” You questioned, and he nodded, helping you out of the car.

“Yessirree. First things first though- gotta feed the small.” He patted the top of your head again. “Always wanted a little sister.” He chuckled, leading you into the mochi shop. “Would prefer you had something other than pure sugar- but I’m just glad you’re eating- hey, now that we’re homies, can you tell me a little bit about why you were crying earlier? Was it quirk stuff?” Hawks kept his nonchalant, airy attitude as he spoke, but internally he was BURNING with questions. You seemed like a pretty level-headed person from the little he could gather about you- and you were smart. You didn’t seem the type to cry over spilled milk.

“Uh- well, my foster brother is a huge dick. I shouldn’t have cried about it, to be honest. It wasn’t worth it- Like, I knew he was an ass. I somehow deluded myself into thinking he cared about me and I wound up hurting my own feelings.” You admitted and looked over the mochi. You didn’t have enough money to get one of everything, but you could afford three flavors.

“Oh that sucks- hey, want me to scare him? Go all ‘pro hero against bullying’ on his ass?” Hawks offered, and you giggled.

“No, It’s honestly fine. It was my fault.” You waved him off. “Thanks for the offer though.”

Chapter Text

The strange stomach pains lasted until well into the afternoon, and when you finally made it home, You found that Izuku was waiting outside, confused.

“Hey- Was that Hawks?!” The green-haired boy asked as the SUV pulled away, you nodded.

“Yeah- Uh, sorry… about snapping on you earlier. I should have-” You were cut off by Izuku. His voice wavered, he stared at his feet.

“Oh, no that was completely my fault. I shouldn’t have used your quirk like that against you.” He shook his head, genuinely remorseful. “I wanna make it up to you- My mom just got that new mario-party on the switch, and she’s gone all night for her birthday vacation. Do you wanna come over and-”

“LUCKY!” Katsuki interrupted, angrily slamming the door open. “Where the HELL were you?!” He growled, staring you down. He was still wearing his uniform. His hair looked even more like a mess than usual. His eyes were also a little redder than usual.

“I was with Hawks? He called your mom.” You offered, but the blonde was already Seething. “I have internships after school every day- Hawks picked me up early and we got busy figuring out my quirk.” you answered, mostly honestly. Letting him believe that you were talking about the healing quirk.

“No one fuckin’ told me! The Hag and Old Bastard are out late tonight AGAIN.” He grunted, and looked over at Izuku. “The fuck are you doing here, Deku?” Just the presence of the green-haired boy was giving Katuski heartburn.

“I came to check on (Y/N), she was crying in the hallway earlier and-” Izuku started to explain, but Katsuki interrupted him, shoving him with both hands backward.


“And that’s none of your fuckin’ business. She’s FINE.” Katsuki grabbed your arm, but you pushed him off.

“Yeah, I am. So, I’m going to Izuku’s. You can come, if you want.” You offered, trying to simultaneously get him to back off and calm down. You knew he would never accept. He hated both of you. You tried not to take it personally. Katsuki hated everyone.

“I’m not going ANYWHERE with that FUCKING-” You didn’t let him finish that thought.

“Great. I’ll be home by nine. See you.” You grabbed Izuku’s hand, and started to walk away. Izuku’s hand immediately tightened to yours, as if he was afraid you would let go. Izuku was immediately glad you couldn’t hear his heart pounding. Katsuki was glad for the same reason- though his heart hammered for a separate catalyst.

“Oi! DON’T YOU FUCKING-” Katsuki started to scream, and then suddenly stopped. You didn’t turn back. You didn’t see his clenched fists, or the tears brimming his eyes. You didn’t know that he was experiencing genuine jealousy for the first time in his life.

Katsuki slammed the door when he watched you walk into Izuku’s house, not a hundred feet away. So close, but oceans apart. Explosions popped off in his hands, his heart was pounding. You chose Deku over him. Again. You always did- and it made sense. He didn’t WANT to be mean to you- but if you knew… if you knew how much he liked you- you wouldn’t just not like him. You would hate him. It would jeapordize your spot in the house. He knew that. He knew the rules. Relationships between foster siblings were illegal- strictly prohibited. Since he was the biological child- you would be sent away. You could go anywhere.

You could be in danger, and there would be nothing that he could do.

So, he settled for this. Being just across the hall, brushing his teeth next to you every morning. Picking up your shoes when you left them in ridiculous places, making sure you packed a lunch. Deku took his ability to walk you to and from school, but he would have inside this house. He would have your cranky early mornings, and he could carry you to your room when you fell asleep on the couch. You would always believe his dad did that, and Katsuki would let you. He would let you think Mitsuki packed your lunches, and that Masaru folded your laundry.

It’s all he could do.

So, Katsuki snuck into your room. For the fifth time this week. He pulled out your dirty laundry, and turned the calendar. He cleaned up your mess of useless multicolored pens, and he watered your spider plant.

He’d let you think someone else cared, because he wasn’t allowed to.

Katsuki ALWAYS hated Izuku. Always. But now, he LOATHED the guy. Deku was allowed to hold your hand. Deku could give you hugs. Deku could be your shoulder to cry on. It was unfair. It was annoying. But he would get over it. He wouldn’t care when he got to UA. He would focus on being number one and he would forget all about his Lucky Charm.

Katsuki wanted nothing to do with You OR the Curly-haired boy. So why, then, did he watch through your bedroom window- the one that faced Izuku’s. Why did he stare while Izuku set up the game system. Why did his stomach tighten when he saw you sit so close together- why was his heart racing as you leaned your head on Izuku’s shoulder.

Katuski had trouble hearing from a young age. It was his quirk- the explosions started giving him tinnitus by the time he was six, he’d needed cochlear implants by the time he was twelve. He’d adjusted well. He was smart. He could do anything, if he wanted to. He found a way to not need the damn hearing aids all of the time- they got in the way. They made him look weak. He leared how to read lips. He wished just then, he had just worn the damn implants. He wished that he couldn’t read your lips. He wished that he could look away, that his body would let him leave your room. He didn’t want to know what you were saying to each other, He really didn’t.

“I have a secret too, (Y/N).” Izuku admitted, and you looked up at him, starry-eyed.

“Oh. I already know you’re shit at video games.” You smiled, and Katsuki’s heart stalled. Why couldn’t you smile at HIM like that?

“No... Uh. This is more… serious. It might… it might affect our friendship.” Izuku visibly swallowed, and took a deep breath.

“Oh?” you asked, tilting your head. The way you looked at him- you trusted him. So much. Katsuki swore right then and there that he would trade his quirk to be in Deku’s shoes.

“I think I’m… I think I’m Bisexual.” Izuku pulled away from you, and Katsuki silently cursed him. Idiot. He had you, right there, and he left willingly. Stupid.

“Why would that affect our friendship?” You asked, and Katsuki’s heart fluttered. Knowing Deku was playing the same teams as him was unimportant, knowing that you would accept HIM, however, was encouraging.

“That’s… not all.” Izuku continued, and Katsuki stiffened.

“Don’t you fucking dare, Deku. I swear I’ll kill you.” The blonde warned quietly, and stared, unblinking at the two of you. A few feet, two panes of glass. That’s all that separated you.

“I’d rather… I’d rather show you than tell you. Is that okay?” Deku asked, the Explosions in Katsuki’s palms were getting harder and harder to control. You nodded, and Deku did something that immediately had Katuski running into his own bedroom, and slamming the door.

Deku, that curly-haired, quirkless, cry-baby bastard.

He kissed you.

Chapter Text

You tripped over your own shoes in the doorway when you walked into the house, and almost busted your damn head open along the way. The pain in your stomach was getting worse and worse, and you were getting fewer breaks from it. In the end, you’d decided to just go home, and go to bed. If it still hurt when Mitsuki and Masaru came home, you would ask them to take you to the hospital.

You stumbled into your bedroom, and grabbed clothes, ready to shower the day off and maybe take a bath to help with whatever the fuck was wrong with you. The house was eerily quiet- Even Katsuki seemed to have somehow fallen asleep without music- he never did that. Maybe he had a hard day? Maybe that’s why he was so mean to you this morning? You didn’t remember any tests or quizzes he might not have aced, but perhaps that’s what was wrong with him.

When you went to undress to shower, something had you freezing.

All over the seat of your underwear, and your thighs, and beginning to soak through your tights- was blood.

Actual blood.

You screamed, and Katsuki could hear you from down the hall. He shot up from his fetal position on the bed and booked it toward you. “Lucky?!” He called. “Lucky you alright?” He asked through the door.

“It’s- I’m BLEEDING!” You cried, your voice was shaky- You sounded horrified. Katsuki shook the door handle, trying to open it.

“Did you cut yourself? How much blood? Lucky open the door!” He demanded as you began to hyperventilate.

“No- It’s coming- out of my…” You gasped out, unsure how to finish that sentence. You had no idea what was going on, but you knew that blood and pain usually meant injury- and THIS MUCH blood meant there was something SERIOUSLY wrong.

“Out of what? Your mouth? What happened! Open the door or I’ll blast it off!” Katsuki warned, and you shook your head, crying.

“No- my… between my legs!” You answered him, and the giggling handle stopped.

“Lucky. Listen to me. Wrap a towel around you, I’m coming in.” Katuski gave you till a count of five, and blasted the handle. You were sitting on the floor, knees were drawn to your chest, you were breathing heavily.

“Katsu- I’m SCARED.” You whispered, and he nodded.

Katsuki didn’t know a lot about female anatomy. Health class hadn’t gone over the girl’s parts yet, and his parents hadn’t had ‘the talk’ with him yet. Katsuki was still very much in the dark about all things female- at least, any part that DIDN’T pertain to him in specific. See, Katsuki went to public school, he heard stories, he knew what his friends told him. He knew a few things, like girls’ boobs are sensitive, so you can’t hit them there. Girls get cold easier, girls sometimes get cranky for no fucking reason.

Girls sometimes bleed the first time they had sex.

“I know- I know- Hey, who did this? Did Hawks-” No. Not Hawks. Hawks had been gone for hours. Who were you with? Who would have touched you? Fucking Deku. “I’ll fucking kill him.” He growled, and stomped out of the bathroom, leaving you shaking on the floor. You were panicking- you needed to call someone- an ambulance? You were still pondering it when Katsuki dragged Izuku into the bathroom.

“(Y/N)?” Izuku asked, being held by his collar.

“What the FUCK did you DO Deku?!” Katsuki growled, punching your best friend hard in the gut. Izuku doubled over, groaning. “DID YOU FUCK LUCKY?!” Katsuki demanded, and Izuku’s eyes widened.

“What?! No!” Izuku put up his hands in defense, and Katsuki raised his fist.

“I’ll fucking KILL you! You son of a-” You cut the explosive blonde off, gripping onto Katsuki’s pants leg.

“What- what are you talking about?! Izu didn’t do anything!” You defended your friend, still clutching your stomach.

“Hey- your stomach was hurting earlier- is it maybe your period?” Izuku asked, looking down at you with his eyes wide, and his brows furrowed.

“My what?” You questioned.

“Her what?” Katsuki asked simultaneously.


“Oh… you guys… Wait your parents didn’t tell you about this?!” Izuku’s gaze flickered between the two of you. “Oh- you did move here right at the middle of our second year of middle school- you would have missed Sex ed- and I guess Mrs.Bakugo never thought to fill you in- and I doubt Mr.Bakugo would want to broach that topic with you because the relationship between foster parent and child is delicate- I’m mostly Surprised Kaachan doesn’t know though- Mrs.Bakugo seems like a feminist- I would have thought she would have talked about menstruation with you from a young age-” Katsuki had had enough, punching Deku in the chest and growling.

“You better start speaking sense RIGHT FUCKING NOW Deku or I swear to god I’ll blast your pencil dick right off!” He threatened, and he meant it. The blonde was already planning on making the quirkless boy a eunuch the second he figured out where you were bleeding.

“Okay- so… (Y/N)’s fine. She’s just… a girl. Girls get this thing- once a month. It means they’re healthy.” Izuku tried to explain, and you started to cry harder.

“Once a month?! It feels like I’m DYING!” You complained, and Izuku frowned.

“Ah- I know-” Izuku shrugged off Katsuki and knelt beside you. “Hey, I wish your periods didn’t hurt.” He murmured, brushing your hair back.

“Granted.” You mumbled, and the pain suddenly stopped.

“That’s it?! She’s just… a girl?!” Katsuki questioned, kneeling beside you and squinting at you. “What do we do to… fix her?! She can’t go around bleeding all over the damn place! And she said it hurts! There’s gotta be a way to make it stop, right?! How the fuck do our moms deal with this bullshit?”

Katsuki was, regrettably, freaking out. You were okay, at least- but you were in pain?! How the fuck was he meant to deal with that? He had to help you! He was losing his shit- He wasn’t a stranger to blood- but seeing so MUCH of it- knowing it was YOURS and that there was no way to STOP it- he felt a little ill.

Chapter Text

“Okay, so you’re gonna need… stuff for it.” Izuku turned to the bathroom cabinet and opened it. “Your mom should have… ah! Alright, here we go- uh… I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea how this works, but I’m pretty sure it goes inside.” He pulled out a bright pink tube in a plastic wrapper and handed it to you. You rolled it around in your hands.

“Inside… where?” You asked, brows furrowed.

“Uh… your… down there.” Izuku pointed. Katsuki smacked the back of his head and growled.

“Stop making shit up- No way the hag walks around with that thing in her!” Katsuki grimaced and pulled out his phone. “I’m gonna be the fuckin’ brains of this operation and google it.” He tapped away, and looked at the box, copying the words on it. “Oh god damn it.” He gritted his teeth. “He’s right.”

“No way that thing is gonna fit inside me- it’s huge!” you complained, looking at the thing. The label “Super plus Ultra!” Stared you down.

“It’s nowhere near as big as a di-” Katsuki started, but a tanned hand flew over his mouth- Izuku’s.

“KAACHAN!” Izuku interrupted him, “If she doesn’t know what a period is, I doubt she knows any of the other stuff!” Izuku warned, and yelped as Katsuki bit his palm.

“You think I don’t know that DEKU?! I’d rather she find out from me than some extra!”

“Find out what?” You were incredibly confused- it was late, you had a long day, and you were bleeding out of a thing you hardly noticed existed until about twenty minutes ago.

“Sex. Do you know what it is?” Katsuki asked carefully and you nodded.

“Like X and Y chromosomes?” The way that he said it had you questioning your own answers. You were pretty sure you were right though. You paid attention in Biology.

“No, like, the verb usage.” Izuku interjected, only to get smacked upside the head by Katsuki yet again.

“Sex is a verb?” You tilted your head, confused.

“It’s an action.” Katsuki confirmed, squinting. He looked uncomfortable, but you really couldn’t discern why.


“What, like a quirk?” You asked, unclear as to why he was giving you a BIOLOGY LESSON while you were BLEEDING out of your NO-NO SQUARE.

“No, Like.. like how babies are made.” He gestured vaguely with his hands,

“Oh- Uh, yeah, no idea. I assumed it was a thing religious people do for fun because people are always saying don’t do it until you’re married. Like how you’re not supposed to drink until you’re twenty?” You reasoned, and Katsuki sighed.

“You know what a penis is, right?” He decided to be blunt, and you nodded.

“Yeah. It’s what boys pee out of.” You answered.


“Right- well, that’s supposed to go inside of the girl part.” He looked away, clearly still uncomfortable with the subject.

“EW. Why would you- that’s so gross!” You shook your head. “You’re messing with me.”

“I’m not.” Katsuki shook his head. “You’ll figure out more when you’re older.”

“You’re only a couple of months older than me!” You protested, and he rolled his eyes.

“Lets spend less time arguing and more time figuring out how we’re gonna stop you from bleeding out all over the floor.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, and crossed his arms,

“I’M GOING TO BLEED OUT?!”You all but screamed, clutching at your stomach.

“NO!” Izuku interrupted. “No, It’s just- the blood all comes from one place- it’s a set amount. Once it’s all gone the bleeding will stop and you’ll be back to normal.” You breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well we still need to.. Plug it up.” Katsuki’s nose crinkled at the idea.

“I’m not putting ANYTHING inside me.” You grimaced, and Katsuki frowned.

“We should call the hag- or Deku’s mom.” Katsuki suggested.

“Neither of them are gonna pick up. Your mom’s at work, and Izuku’s mom is on her birthday vacation.” You pointed out, hugging your knees, it hit you just then that you were sitting in just your underwear in front of your best friend and your foster brother.

“Well THAT’S irresponsible as shit- what if you WERE dying?” Katsuki exhaled harshly from his nose, annoyed.

“We could call Hawks?” You suggested, and both boys immediately responded with a loud “NO.”

“We can’t bother a pro hero for something like this.” Izuku murmured.

“We don’t need any fuckin’ help.” Katsuki grumbled. “There’s uh- Like okay, we have packing gause, but we need something easier… like a bandaid? There’s gotta be an… external option, right?”

“You mean a pad?” Izuku asked, slightly amused by the fact that he was no longer the most naive person in the room. How you were both so blind to all of this he didn’t quite understand- but it was kind of fun to watch Kaachan flounder and freak out.

“I KNOW WHAT I FUCKIN’ MEAN DEKU!” Katsuki shouted, standing and offering out a hand. “Get up, dumbass, you’re fine.”

Something hit Izuku, right then. In that moment.

Izuku thought Kaachan was… cute. The way the blonde blushed, the way he obviously softened when he talked to you, the way he looked at you like you were his favorite AllMight action figure- It was… adorable. Attractive, even.

Izuku’s viridian eyes flickered to you. He KNEW he liked you. Even though you turned him down earlier, he could tell you liked him back. You were sweet, and kind, and funny. You were the perfect girl for him. But... Kaachan. Kaachan was rough, and loud, and… equally funny in a different way. The perfect guy. Damn. Izuku had only recently come to terms with the fact that he might like guys- realizing he had a crush on his childhood friend-turned bully was a game changer. Oh. Shit.

And- now he was looking at Kaachan. Really LOOKING at the Blonde.

And the blonde was looking at YOU.

It was obvious, now that he wasn’t looking at you too. The care, the gentleness. The homicidal rage.

Kaachan… he LIKED you.

And that would make things easier for Izuku- because maybe- maybe he could have you both? He needed to get away, to think. You two were distracting.

“I can run to the convenience store. Uh- Mom says chocolate and Ibeprophen also help- should I get anything else?” Izuku asked, scratching the back of his head as you stood, you shrugged.

“Here- take this.” Katsuki pulled out his wallet, and handed Izuku a card, “It’s my emergency credit card. Pin’s my birthday. Lucky- take a shower, I’m gonna go try to call The Hag.” Katsuki had done what he did best, took charge of the situation. “Everything’s gonna be fine. Don’t freak out, alright?” He spat at the two of you, but there was something soft behind it.

Chapter Text

“Hey… Katsuki?” You asked, sitting on the toilet. Katsuki sat on the other side of the bathroom door, waiting on Izuku to come back with your stuff. God- fucking Deku needed to hurry the hell up- he should have gone himself.

“What’s up?” He responded. His back was to the door, one knee drawn up to his chest, the other leg splayed out. He stared at the ceiling, and fiddled with the strings on the hole in the knee of his jeans.

“Why’d… why’d you think that Izuku did something? What did you think he did?” You questioned. Katsuki was glad you couldn’t see his face.

“I thought he had sex with you.” He answered lowly, half hoping that you didn’t hear him.

“Ew.” You muttered, and Katsuki had to stifle his laugh with his hand. “Why would you think that?” you questioned, and all of the humor left Katsuki’s body at once, fuck- how was he supposed to answer that without incriminating himself?! He cleared his throat.

“I… Thought you two were dating. You spend all of your time together.” He answered smoothly, and you giggled.

“Ah, no. We’re just friends.” You hummed. Katsuki broke out into a smug smile. “I think… I think he wants to date me though. I dunno if I want to date at all to be honest. Everything’s been so hectic lately with the quirk thing and school… and I don’t think I’ll have any time for a boyfriend with the internship with Hawks.” You sighed. “Also- feelings are generally confusing.”

“You shouldn’t date anyone.” Katsuki responded, honestly a little too quickly. “It’s a waste of time. You should focus on school and becoming a hero like I am.” He suggested, and turned, pressing his cheek to the door to hear you better. He turned the dial up on his hearing aids, trying to figure out how you were going to respond before you spoke.

“You’re probably right. Hey… uh… thanks for helping with… this.” You nearly whispered, and Katsuki huffed.

“I’m only helping because the Hag would be pissed if you got hurt on my watch.” He grumbled. It wasn’t true, but he had to play it off that way. He’d be in BIG trouble if he didn’t. YOU would be in big trouble if he didn’t.

“I know.” You sighed. “Still… also… sorry if I embarrassed you earlier. I shouldn’t be such a crybaby. I know you hate it.” Your apology made Katsuki’s stomach turn. He wanted to throw up. You were apologizing to him, for a reasonable reaction to him being a dick to you. It wasn’t fair. This whole thing sucked.

“It’s fine. I’ll just tell the guys you were on your period. They’ll understand. Girls get emotional and bitchy when they’re bleeding.” Katsuki parroted whatever bullshit Hikkosu told him, and you huffed.

“I mean- I’d rather you DIDN”T tell anyone about this- but if it’ll make you feel better…” Damn it- no, YOU needed to feel better. Katsuki gritted his teeth.

“I’ll make you a deal. I won’t tell anyone, as long as you stop fuckin’ crying alright? You’re so annoying.” It hurt him to say that- but it had to be said. Maybe when you were older, maybe when you turned eighteen he could tell you the truth. Five years was such a long time- but he would wait. He could wait forever for you.

“I’ll try.” You promised. “Are we really… not even friends?” You asked softly, and his heart absolutely fucking shattered on impact.

“It’s better if we aren’t.” He answered, gripping tightly onto his knees. He could feel his nails biting his skin, he could feel the heat begin to build from his palms. “If you have to move away, or something. Or if your mom gets her memory back, you’ll probably never see me again. It’s better if we don’t like eachother.”

“Even if I leave, I’m still going to keep up with you, Kaachan.” You mumbled, and closed your eyes. “We can be friends, if you’re just a little nicer to me, it’ll work.”

“I can’t be nice to you. You’ll just have to toughen up, buttercup.” He released his knees, only to see burn marks on his jeans. He was glad his skin was heat-resistant.

“I’ll try- but… you can be nice when it’s just us. Like right now, you’re being nice.” Katsuki sputtered, and swallowed.

“I’m only being nice because you don’t feel good. Don’t get used to it, Lucky.” He grumbled.

“You’re capable of it, is my point. Please? Can’t… can’t we be friends in private maybe? I get why you’d be embarrassed of me. Like- yeah, no one wants to be friends with the quirkless foster kid- but I’m not quirkless anymore… we can try… if you don’t mind.” Katsuki couldn’t see it- but he knew from countless nights of sitting behind your bedroom door at night- you were crying. God damn it. He didn’t mean to make you cry again.

“Fine.” He grumbled. “But if you tell anyone, I’ll bury you in the back yard- and I’ll make YOU dig the hole, too.” He threatened. You smiled, only slightly.

“Okay. Thanks, Kaach- I mean, Katsuki.” You corrected yourself. Katsuki sighed.

“You can call me Kaachan. I don’t hate it as much when YOU say it.” He admitted, and knocked his head back against the door. “Speaking of fuckin’ Deku- where is that bastard? He better not have gotten attacked by another goddamn Villain.” He grunted, and pushed both legs out. “How… how are you doing with that… by the way? We never really talked about it.”

“I… I have nightmares sometimes. I keep thinking that thing is gonna slither under my door at night and swallow me up. Sometimes I stay up all night with my flashlight and just… watch out for him.” You admitted, and Katsuki sighed.

“I have nightmares about it too. Sometimes… Sometimes I make myself sick on purpose… just to make sure there isn’t a piece of the thing hiding inside me.” He shudders, and swallows. “I haven’t been able to keep anything down since.”

“Same.” You nodded, though you knew he couldn’t see you. “When I first saw the blood… I thought maybe the villain got inside me and was tearing me up from the inside.”

“That must’ve been scary. I get why you screamed like that.” Katsuki rubbed the back of his neck.

“Mhm.” You looked up at the ceiling.

“Hey… if… if you have another nightmare, you can come sleep in my room.” He offered, you perked up.

“Really?” you asked.

“Yeah, but if you tell anyone-” You cut him off.

“You’ll kill me, right?” He chucked in response, and nodded.

“You get it, Lucky.” Katsuki answered, just as he heard footsteps down the hall.

Chapter Text

When the nightmare came that night, you laid in bed for several long minutes. Your flashlight clutched in your hands, your breathing heavy. Your entire body was shivering, wracked in fear. Your hands shook, and the light danced ominously over the door. Your eyes were barely open. You wanted to turn the light on- but you were terrified to come out from under the blankets. What if it was waiting under the bed- waiting for an ankle to grab. You swallowed back the bile in your throat. A soft knock resonated from the door, and you jumped.

“Lucky? I can see the light under the door.” Katsuki’s voice was a loud whisper, clearly not wanting to wake his parents upstairs.

“Come in.” You murmured, and the door cracked open. He was wearing boxers, and the skull tee-shirt he’d gotten from his Uncle Masaki years ago. “Did I wake you up?” you asked, and he shook his head.

“Nah, Couldn’t sleep for shit. Scoot over.” He shoved your shoulder, and slid into the bed next to you, placing the long cat stuffed animal between you. “You have a nightmare?” he asked, but he knew the answer. You nodded. “Why didn’t you come to my room. I told you to.” He grunted.

“I… I couldn’t move.” You whispered, and tried to catch your breath. Katsuki reached over, and pulled the flashlight out of your hands, flicking off the light and dropping it off the side of the bed, leaving you in darkness. Your breath hitched, but he shushed you. Something warm snaked under your head, and you felt fingers in your hair.

“Hey- I’m right here.” He mumbled. “Aint shit gonna happen to you when I’m here. If that villain wants a round two, I’ll kick his ass this time.” He swore, and grunted. “Fuck it.” The stuffed animal was ripped from between you, and thrown across the room. “C’mere.” he growled, and pulled you into his chest. Your face smashed there, you noticed he smelled of caramel.

“Kaachan?” You asked, and he hummed. “I don’t think You’ve ever given me a hug before.” You mumbled.

“This ain’t a hug. I’m just- Choking you to sleep- but, like, gently.” He grumbled, and sighed. “Alright maybe it’s a hug. Don’t tell anyone.” He flicked your forehead, and you winced.

“I wasn’t gonna.” You promised. “Thanks.” you yawned.

“Go to sleep, dumbass.” He grunted, holding you tighter.

“I’m trying.” You slurred, already halfway there again. “You’re so warm… and you smell good.” You complimented, wrapping your arms around him and tangling your legs with his. Katsuki relished in the contact. This was the closest he’d ever been with you. He had to enjoy it- savor it. This wasn’t going to happen again. This was a one-time thing. He’d come back to his senses in the morning, and so would you. You were just emotional right now. Hormones were making you clingy. You hadn’t actually forgiven him. You’d wake up and remember that you hated him.

“Don’t fuckin’ sniff me you weirdo.” Katsuki tried not to let that statement go to his head. “You smell good too. Like Apples.” He commented errantly. “You’re a fuckin’ heater too. Don’t be surprized when I shove your ass off the bed for boiling me.”

“You smell like caramel… we go together” Katsuki felt his heart began to hammer, he prayed you couldn’t hear it. “Zu’ does too… he smells like Cinnamon.” You nuzzled your face into his chest. Ew. Moment ruined. He didn’t want to think about Deku right now.

“Hey… Lucky?” he asked, and looked down at you. Your eyes were still closed, you looked so peaceful like this- he tried to remember the last time he saw you without that damn dent in your forehead- he couldn’t. He would pay all the money in the world to see you look like this in the daylight.

“Hm?” You were completely out of it now, there was no coming back. You were mostly asleep. He could probably tell you anything, and you wouldn’t remember tomorrow morning.

“Do you think… we could ever be more than friends?” He asked carefully, and you hummed.

“I don’t think your parents are gonna adopt me.” You answered. It was a correct answer, though not the one for the question asked. It did, however, serve as a cold shock of ice water down his back. Reality creeped back into this dream at the edges. Five years. He would have to wait five years. That was so long. Too long. Not long enough. Close enough to give him hope he shouldn’t have, hope he didn’t need.

“Right.” He hummed, and swallowed. “Goodnight, Lucky.”

“Night Night, Kaachan.” You answered back, sleepy. Katsuki couldn’t stop himself. He tried, he really did- but instinct took over.

He kissed your forehead, and stayed there for a long moment.

Oh, fuck. He was in for it now.


In his bedroom, Izuku dropped his binoculars. He switched off his walkie-talkie, and would let the batteries run out on the other that he hid under your bed. He could switch them again tomorrow.

He was right. Kaachan WAS soft for you. He DID like you. He KISSED you. He’s HOLDING you.

A simultaneous feeling of excitement and jealousy coursed through Izuku’s veins. BOTH of you would be his. Someday. Soon. When he got his quirk, He would show you. He would convince you… or he would use your quirk. Either way, he was FINALLY getting everything he wanted, everything he dreamed of.

The universe was apologizing for being so cruel to him as a child, you were the gift it gave. You made Kaachan soft- Izuku Knew he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of taming the explosive blonde on his own. It was all coming together, Heaven had a plan for him- it was obvious. And it would start with his acceptance to UA.

Even with the wish, He had a lot of work to do. He had to make sure that You and he ended up in the same class as Kaachan- who was the best. He had to be the best too. But he couldn’t wish for it, and risk upsetting you. He pushed away from his window, and slid the dumbbells out from under his bed.

UA, here he came.

Chapter Text

The first day of the weekend had you fretting over your hair in the mirror for twenty-minutes straight. Katsuki leaned against the doorway, and raised an eyebrow at you.

“It’s Hawks, Lucky, not the fuckin’ queen.” Katuski reminded you, and huffed. “God damn it- gimme the fuckin’ pin.” He swatted your hand away, and took the bobby pin, securing your hair out of your face. “Well, would you look at that- I really AM good at everything.” He muttered, and you rolled your eyes.

“Thanks, Kaachan.” You reached for the hairspray, but he beat you to it.

“Deep breath, close your eyes.” He warned, but cupped his hand over your eyes anyway, giving you a generous spritz. “You got all your shit packed? Pads? Toothbush?”

“Yeah- thanks.” You laughed, and his heart tightened in his chest. “You sure you’re gonna be okay in the house all by yourself all weekend?” You asked, and he nodded.

“Don’t be an idiot.” He crossed his arms. “Nothin’ in this world I can’t handle.” His cocky spiel was expected, but comforting. “Oi, I hear that Hawks mother fucker is a womanizer, don’t let him try shit.”

“Hawks isn’t like that.” You defended your friend.

“I don’t care what he’s like- if he looks at you sideways I’ll fry his ass like the chicken he is.” Katsuki growled, and reached behind himself, unclipping the silver necklace from his neck. “Wear this. The hag picked it up in Aruba. The eye thing is supposed to be some sort of protection. I dunno. It’s stupid.” He grumbled. You accepted the necklace, and tried to clip it behind your own neck. “Ah- let me do it. God you’re so fucking stupid.” He teased, grabbing onto the chain and clipping it quickly.

He should have stalled. He’s not going to be able to be this close all weekend.

The doorbell rang.

“Oh, crap!” you ran past him, and grabbed your bag from the hallway. “See you Sunday Kats! Remember to take out the trash!” You called, running out the front door to meet Keigo.

“Ah, Hey there Kid. You ready for a long weekend of catching bad guys and eating absolute trash?” Keigo questioned, leaning against the doorframe.

“Uh- I thought we were just doing training?” You asked, and he grinned.

“Best way to learn is to do! C’mon, we’re flyin’ to Tokyo. Big cities have higher crime rates.” He offered out his arm, and you paused.

“Flying?” You asked, staring up at him with a furrowed brow.

“Oh don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights now, miss impossible. I won’t drop ya.” He winked. You wrinkled your nose.

“Okay… but If I puke on you it’s not my fault.” You warned. Keigo laughed then, hard.

“Understood, Kid.” He nodded, reaching his hand out even further for you to take. When you did, Hawks secured one arm around your waist, and lifted off, bending his knees to give you a place to sit- essentially on his lap… You thought, for a moment, he was kind of like Santa Clause. Keigo took off to the sky, and you gripped tightly on the front of his jacket. “Would it make you feel better if I wished for it?”

“Yes!” You winced at the squeaky tone of your voice- you were never the best at heights.

“Well then, I wish heights didn’t bother you.” He spoke clearly, despite the rushing wind by your ears. You felt your body relax- it was better, still a bit uncomfortable to be going this fast. “There we go. Loosen up, gotta be limber if you’re going to be helping out today. Ope.” He paused, and tapped on his headphones. “You got Hawks… yep… I got it- see you on the news.” He hummed, and tapped his headphones again. “You’re in luck! Bank robbery in progress, we are GOING FOR IT.” He picked up speed, and you could hear the beating of his wings over the rushing wind.

“Wait- but I don’t have any experience with my Healing quirk! I have no idea how it works!” You reminded him, and he shrugged.

“Don’t know what you can do unless you try- if anything goes wrong, we can wish it better, yeah? Trial and error!” He patted your head, landing on a rooftop. “Alright, three guys robbing a bank. What do you think they’re doing?”

“Uh… pointing guns at people?”

“You would think, but guns are hard to get ahold of in Japan, And this is a family-owned bank, so these are not professionals. They picked a place with low security, and low reward. Probably a bunch of first timers.” Keigo pointed out, and turned, pointing to a skylight that he could look down through. “They’re using their quirks, but not all of them can threaten the teller at once, someone has to watch the door, and someone has to watch hostages. Always save hostages first, then the teller, then the door- that is, if you can’t handle all of them at once like I can.” He grinned. “How do we get in without them seeing?”

“Uh, through the ceiling?”

“A good guess, I can certainly do that, but how are YOU getting in? You don’t have any gear.” Keigo pointed out, and you huffed.

“I can… “ You looked around. “Oh, there’s a water pipe- those are usually pretty strong- and I’m pretty small... I can swing in with a cast and get a decent dismount just behind the Hostage-watcher.” You pointed to the pipe. “After that I can take him out by the knees and bash his head on the counter-” You pointed to to the counter.

“I don’t know what any of that means, but I’m here for it. Go for it, I’ll be your backup.” Keigo smiled, and patted your back. You took a deep breath, and slowly lifted the pane of glass that made the skylight. You could do this. A cast is simple- easy mode in gymnastics. A beginner move. You got this.

You lowered yourself slowly, hanging on to the window ledge, carefully, you built up momentum, and swung to the Waterpipe- fuck.

It’s a HOT water pipe.

You gritted your teeth, but made no noise as the heat seared your palms- you hoped the healing quirk was still active.

You swung, and dismounted deftly behind the man brandishing knives for fingers in front of a group of hostages- you moved quickly, kicking the back of his knee, causing him to buckle. Before he could shout, you had your hand on the back of his neck, and forced his face into the granite check-writing counter.

By the time you turned Around, Hawks was cuffing the other two, and signing an autograph for the teller.

“Everybody give it up for my little friend! Say Hello to Lucky Day!” Hawks gestured for the people to clap for you. And they did.

Keigo watched your eyes light up with the praise, and smiled.

Again, REALLY nailing this mentor thing.

Chapter Text

“You did a really great job kiddo- basically quirkless too, you should be very proud.” Keigo ruffled your hair as you stuffed your face with pizza, and you nodded.

“It was so cool! I was like fricken’ tarzan! Swinging all over the place! The look on that guys face too! And the Hostages were like ‘oh you’re so cool’ and I’m not cool but it was so cool that they thought I was cool! I was like boom and pow and woo!” You gestured wildly with your hands- still holding pizza. Keigo smiled wide, laughing. You were excited, lively- a little loud in a family restaurant, but he didn’t care. You looked happy.

“A complete success for a first mission, most pros can’t say the same, right now you have a better success rate than Endeavor! And he’s the coolest hero ever!” Keigo slid another piece of pizza onto your plate, and you giggled.

“Actually he’s the HOTTEST.” You joked, earning a hearty laugh from Keigo. “You’re definitely the coolest though- like I was busy doing gymnastics and you took down two guys AND signed three autographs! You’re a total BEAST!” you were practically bouncing in your seat. Hawks snorted, and patted the top of your head.

“Well thanks Kid, glad ya don’t hate me. I was worried there for a hot second.”

“I don’t hate anyone- I just have to be really careful all the time- or I DID- but you helped a whole lot- and now I don’t have to be as on guard all the time. It’s super nice.” Your voice lowered considerably when you said that, and Keigo’s heart warmed. Poor fucking kid-

How did everyone fail you? From what he could gather, that “Best friend Izuku” of yours was smart- how hadn’t he thought of giving you autonomy over your quirk? He had, probably, and simply didn’t want to give it to you. That was kind of fucked up, honestly. Keigo would have to keep a better eye on you- If people were going to fuck you over, he had to protect you- no one had ever protected HIM, and you were far more dangerous if something bad happened.

Your file said your father died, and your mother experienced grief-related amnesia. You’d been hopping around foster homes since you were five, never staying longer than a few months due to extenuating circumstances.

Kiego knew someone had to be fucking with the paperwork. How did NO ONE put two and two together? Foster parents suddenly becoming millionaires, infertile women having miracle babies to replace you, All of their wildest dreams had come true, and you just got kicked around my the system like some sort of good luck charm.

It made too much sense for someone to know, SOMEONE was keeping you under wraps, but who and why?

Keigo didn’t know, but he was sure as shit going to get to the bottom of it. He was never an angry guy, he tended to let sleeping bears lie- but if there was one thing that genuinely pissed him off, it was people using and abusing kids. He wasn’t going to fucking tolerate it.

Keigo watched you as you ate, excitedly staring at the arcade across the shop. It was clear what you wanted, but he also knew you weren’t going to ask, and you probably didn’t have any money.

“Hey, Kid. I gotta make a phone call in private, can you do me a favor and go play or something-” He handed you a fifty-dollar bill. “Keep yourself busy.” He hummed, and you nodded, solemnly, but he could see the pure joy in your eyes.

“Yes sir.” you answered him, and skittered right off. He lied. He didn’t have a phone call to make.

Keigo watched you from afar, lit up like a goddamn Christmas tree- You turned in circles a few times- like you didn’t know which game to start with. It was goddamn adorable. You were a kid. Just a kid- burdened with an unimaginable amount of power that you had very little control over.

Hawks knew that feeling. Keigo knew that feeling.

He resolved right then and there, you wouldn’t have to go through that alone. Not while he could help.

Across the arcade, where Hawks hadn’t noticed, too enthralled with staring at you- was a young man, gloves covered his pinkies and ring fingers, he fiddled with the joystick on a final fantasy machine, mashing buttons- but his eyes were trained on you. He stared past his dark hoodie, and his messy white hair, at the girl master had kept safe, the girl that wouldn’t remember him, because he always wished she wouldn’t.

Tomura glared at you, angry. What were you doing here? Why were you with HAWKS? That rat bastard- that idiot. Getting close to what was his. Touching what was his- taking you too far from the Bakugos- from where you were SAFE, where you were under surveillance.

Tomura couldn’t let that happen. He couldn’t stand it. He pushed through the crowd, and leaned in close to your ear.

“I wish you could never speak to hawks.” He whispered, and you paused, looking up at him with those wide eyes that he hated. He hated everything about you- truly. Too soft. Too sweet. Too hard to destroy. Master made it impossible for you to be destroyed by his quirk. Annoying.

You felt that telltale warmth, and sucked in a breath “Denied.” you whispered through barely parted lips before speaking to the person in front of you. “Oh! I thought it might make the news rather quickly- if you want an autograph, he’s right over there.” You tilted your head, confused as to why he would word it that way- was he jealous of you for being here with Hawks? No- his eyes never left you… if he wanted to hang out with Hawks, he only had to walk thirty feet to the wing hero- not that big of a deal unless… he was asking you something? You didn’t have ANY experience with boys- outside of Izuku, who really wasn’t much to go off of.

You pointed to the winged hero, you were SMILING at Tomura. Like you always did. Fucking annoying. That itch- familiar- developed in Tomura’s throat. From the inside, not the out. You always had a way of stealing his breath- you fucking witch.

“I wish you’d forget me.” He grumbled, walking away. You paused, confused, and shrugged, and looked over at Keigo. He wasn’t on the phone, so you skipped back over to him, muttering a 'denied' along the way.

“Hey- I think I just accidentally rejected a guy?” You blushed, sitting down, Hawks laughed, and patted your back.

“Poor guy!” He shook his head. “Was he mad?”

“I don’t think so, but he was definitely embarrassed, he was scratching at his neck.” You rubbed your temples and looked around, sort of wanting to apologize to the tall stranger in the dark hoodie. You couldn’t spot him.

Tomura’s jaw went slack across the restaurant- oh, fuck. Two wishes. Both didn’t come true.

Something had gone terribly wrong.

Chapter Text

The last months of the school year passed like lightning- too fast and too bright. Everything had taken a sudden change of incredible GOOD in your life. Your worst bully had become your best friend, and he even began to tolerate your other Best friend. Not well enough to get along when they were alone together, but they didn’t fight when it was the three of you.

For some reason, the rest of your classmates had begun to avoid you like the plague, but you didn’t mind. For once in your life, you didn’t have to worry about what other people were going to say- you had control over your life. It was all so new, so exciting.

Hawks was the best mentor you could ever ask for. He was kind, and giving, and patient. Every lesson had a meaning, and even if you made a mistake he was right there, willing to help you fix it. He always had you solve your problems yourself though, encouraging you tu use your brain instead of your quirk.

Needless to say, you were VERY excited for the summer training with him.

You, Izuku, and Katsuki sat on Izuku’s bed, playing Mario Kart. Katsuki had won every round thus far, and you and Izuku had taken to teaming up against him.

“Oh C’MON! Fucking BLUE SHELL BULLSHIT!” Katsuki growled, gripping the tiny controller tighter in his too-big hands.

“Sucks to suck Kaachan.” you teased, bumping his shoulder with yours. You sat between the two boys- and important manuever. Izuku always tried his hardest, but Katsuki fucking hated him for some reason. You were never quite sure why. “And careful with the sweat! We don’t have another controller for you to blow up!” you warned. Katsuki grunted, and kicked your leg.

“Oi- I didn’t break it! It just got a little melty.” The blonde responded, and you rolled your eyes.

“Don’t MELT Izuku’s stuff, Kaachan.” You chided him, and shifted in your seat. “What are you two gonna do when I’m gone all summer?” You asked, focusing on not falling off of rainbow road.

“My life doesn’t stop just ‘cuz you’re not here, Lucky.” Katsuki scoffed. “But I dunno, probably go to the arcade with Koshi and Hikkosu.”

“What about you, Zu?” You knocked your knee against Izuku’s. Katsuki’s jaw twitched from the nickname, but he said nothing.

“Oh, you know… hang around. I’m pretty much already spending all of my free time studying for the entrance exam.” Izuku shrugged, looking over at you and Katsuki while he used his bullet bill power up.

“You really should give that shit up Deku. You KNOW they don’t let quirkless people in.” Katsuki glared past you, at Izuku. The two of them held an uncomfortable eye-contact for a few seconds.

Izuku’s was of blind love, adoration, and pure bliss just from being in contact with the two of you.

Katsuki’s was of blind rage, annoyance, and pure malice just from being in contact with the two of you.

“Don’t be mean, Kaachan.” you frowned, and Katsuki’s heart tightened, he had been looking away for too long, you passed him. “It’ll be fun, just the three of us in UA- the three musketeers! I’ll be Aramis- Kaachan is definitely Porthos.” You chimed, and Izuku laughed.

“No, you’re definitely Athos- you’re the most important one, not me.” Izuku protested, and Katsuki chuckled.

“As much as I hate to agree with fuckin’ Deku, he’s right. Won’t disagree with Porthos though. Dude’s a badass.” Katsuki leaned back, and glared at Deku. “And Aramis is a weasly little bastard who touches things he shouldn’t.”

Izuku didn’t know what that meant, but he definitely knew it had something to do with you.

“I WIN!” You shouted, throwing your arms up in triumph. “Suck on THAT Kats!” You sang, giggling.

“Cheating doesn’t count, Lucky.” Katsuki rolled his eyes at you, thought Izuku noticed how much he softened to regard you.

“You can’t CHEAT at MARIO KART you baffoon.” You teased right back, and looked over at the clock on the wall. “AH- its getting late. Are you sure your mom’s okay with both of us spending the night?” You asked, and Izuku nodded, switching over the game to Netflix.

“She said it was okay as long as we keep the door open.” He leaned back- his spine made a series of pops, in a way it definitely should not have for a fourteen-year-old boy. “It is late though, We should set up for bed.” he suggested, and you nodded.

“I’ll go get ready for bed.” You hummed, and shot a warning glance to Katsuki, who rolled his eyes at you.

Once you were gone, Katsuki spoke.

“You kissed Lucky. Months ago. If you try that shit again, I’ll kill you. I’ll actually kill you. My grandfather owns pigs. I’ll cut you up and feed you to them if you hurt her.” His voice was low, serious.

“I wonder how your parents would feel about your late-night cuddle sessions, Kaachan?” Izuku asked. His voice wavered slightly. He wasn’t afraid of Kaachan. Not anymore. Not like he used to be. “I’m pretty sure they’d send her away. Neither of us want that.” Izuku shook his head.

“You… you can’t-” Katsuki felt his stomach drop through his ass. A cold sweat gathered on his spine.

“I won’t. But I can.” Izuku clarified. “I want us… I want to be friends with you, Kaachan. That’s why I kept it a secret. I don’t want you to hate me.”

“Then Leave Lucky out of it.” Katsuki glowered.

“I can’t. I want her too.” Izuku shrugged.

“I’m not giving her up.” Katsuki growled, low. Neither of the boys wanted you to hear them.

“I think we’re gonna have fun together at UA Kaachan. The three of us.” Izuku smiled, and Katsuki growled.

“You listen here you son of a-”

“Katsu!” You called from the doorway, in your cute little strawberry-print pajamas. “You PROMISED.” you reminded him, and his jaw tightened. A deep breath exhaled through his nose.

“Oh it’s- I started it. It’s my fault.” Izuku furrowed his brow, and held up his hands. “(Y/N) can have the trundle, Kaachan, you can share the bed with me.”

Chapter Text

You slept peacefully that night, but both boys couldn’t seem to shut their eyes.

“I always knew you were a fucking creep.” Katsuki laid on his stomach, head half hanging off of the bed as he watched your chest rise and fall. “I knew there was something wrong with you. You’ve always been fuckin’ weird.”

“I don’t know why you hate me so much. If I did something to upset you, I’m sorry.” Izuku responded, staring up at the blu-tac’d stars on the ceiling. “I just want to be friends.” When they were young, the two of them put those up together. “But you… you hate me so much.” That seemed forever ago. “I want to know why, Kaachan.” Does a decade really change a person so much? “Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t hate you. I just don’t care about you at all.” Katsuki spat, but kept his voice low. He wouldn’t forgive himself if he woke you. “We’re NEVER going to be friends.” Izuku’s chest tightened. “Useless fucking Deku.” So, it was worse than he thought. Hatred was at least an emotion- Apathy was as bad as it could get.

“Kaachan… I… I’ve always… Liked you.” Izuku stated, and Katsuki froze. Shit. SHIT. How was he supposed to respond to that- how- was this some sort of blackmail? Some shit like ‘Hey I caught you with your hand in your sister’s cookie jar, now I wanna put my hand in YOUR cookie Jar.’? Katsuki hadn’t actually DONE anything. He just- he just held you so you could sleep. That was innocent- friends would do that. Brothers would do that for sisters- but he wasn’t your brother, and you were NOT his sister- and he KNEW he fucked up.

Katsuki had to turn this around, fast. He knew what he had to do, even if he fucking hated it. Oh, and he did hate it. WIth every fiber of his being. But once again, he was choosing you. He would always choose you. He could do some pretty fucked up things for your sake.

“What, so you’re a fucking faggot now? Is that it?” The blonde asked, rolling over and glaring at the curly-haired boy. Izuku froze- eyes wide, heart pounding. “I guess I shouldn’t be so worried about you with Lucky then. You seem like the type to take it up the ass.” Katsuki sneered. He watched his very first friend’s eyes water. He hated that Deku was such a fucking crybaby. He hated that he couldn’t really blame him this time. He hated that he felt like such a piece of shit.

“I-it’s not like that I-” Izuku started, but Katsuki shushed him, gesturing to your sleeping form.

“Lucky’s sleeping. You wouldn’t wanna wake her up and let her know you’re a pervert right?” Katsuki jeered.

Bile rose in his throat. These words- they were making him sick. He would rather punch the fucker and get it over with- but there was a certain way this had to be dealt with. For your safety, he told himself. For YOU, he would choke on these damn words.

“Does your mom know you’re a cock sucker? She plays piano at the church, doesn’t she? Does the whole parish know you’re a fucking queer?” Katsuki leaned in. “Where I’m sitting, crushing on a girl who’s not even my real sister is looking a lot more moral than guzzling dick in hell.” Katsuki parroted whatever sick shit his friends said when He tried to broach the subject of his own sexuality with him. He hated this- no one deserved this. Not even fucking Deku- but he had to do it. He had to have some sort of leg up on the fucker, or he would lose you. “Now, I ain’t gonna say shit, but I have a price.”

“P-price?” Izuku swallowed, feeling himself sink into his skin.

“You’re gonna pretend this conversation never happened, you’re gonna pretend you never saw whatever you THINK you saw me doing with Lucky. And you’re gonna avoid me like the fucking plague IF you get into UA, though I fucking doubt you will. And you’re gonna be friends with Lucky, because it’ll break her fuckin’ heart if you stop.” Katsuki growled, and Izuku nodded.

“Oh- Okay.” The green-eyed boy looked away, at the ceiling. “Just… just don’t tell anyone.” He mumbled. Katsuki turned again, facing you. God damn it. Katsuki hated himself, just then. Not for the first time, not for the last time. “And… (Y/N) already knows… I told her when I kissed her.” Izuku admitted, closing his eyes.

“I know. Lucky tells me EVERYTHING.” Katsuki lied. “I’M her best friend. I’M the first person she ever told about her quirk.” There was a long silence between the two boys then. Too long.

“What’d you wish for?” Izuku asked finally, throat tight.

“What?” Katsuki was on the verge of sleep, satisfied with his verbal assault on the other boy.

“When she told you about her wishes, what’d you wish for?” Izuku clarified, sensing the drowsiness coming from his best friend turned bully turned crush.

“I didn’t wish for shit. I have everything I want.” Katsuki lied, rolling onto his side.

… what the fuck was Deku talking about?




“I can grant wishes.” You said finally, and he paused. His eyes darkened.
“FIne then. Don’t tell me. I’ll figure it out on my own.” He slammed your door as you left.


Oh. Fuck. FUCK. WIshes! You can- you can grant WISHES! He should have known- he should have NOTICED- Holy FUCK. He wished for you to be quiet, you got strep. He wished for you to tell him the truth, and suddenly you couldn’t lie to him anymore- about anything. You had to find a roundabout way of answering him if you didn’t want to tell him what was going on- He wished, it was granted, but only around YOU- you were his good luck charm. You were- you were the one answering him when he prayed.

Katsuki was having a full-blown epiphany while you and Izuku slept.

Chapter Text

“Lucky- Lucky wake your ass up.” Katsuki grunted, shaking your shoulder. You groaned, and moved closer to him, the way you usually did when you cuddled. Instead iof finding the warm embrace of Katsuki, you fell out of the bed, and met a short stop at the carpeted floor of Izuku’s bedroom. Katsuki promptly lost his shit laughing, and moved to help you up. “Holy shit you really are an idiot huh? C’mon, Deku’s making himself useful for once and is making pancakes downstairs.” Katsuki turned around, and grabbed your overnight bag. “Last day before you’re gone all summer.” He tossed the bag to you. “Don’t waste it sleeping like a fuckin’ bum.”

“I’m up!” You complained, rubbing your eyes- Katsuki had to remind himself not to stare. God damn stupid hormones- did you have to have boobs already?! “Can you run next door and grab my toothbrush? I think I forgot it.” You whined, and he rolled his eyes. He couldn’t fucking say no to that.

That shit isn’t FAIR- It was bad enough that he and Deku had BOTH woken up with morning wood- and he had to wait for Deku to use the bathroom before him because he didn’t trust the quirkless prick.

Fuck fuck fucking FUCK- this is BULLSHIT! He seethed in silent rage as he walked down the stairs and out of the Midoriya household. He would get that damn toothbrush, and he would give it to you and you’d smile at him and it would STILL be bullshit because now he had to leave you ALONE with FUCKING DEKU and-

Why’s the front door open?

Why the FUCK is Katsuki’s front door open?!

Katsuki furrowed his brows, and readied his hands, stepping closer.

“Hey HAG! You forgot to close the goddamn door!” He growled, but there was no response. He thought so. His parents weren’t supposed to be back until Monday- They were in Milan on business. Fuck.

He stepped closer, and his heart sank into his feet.

The doorknob was gone. Not broken, gone. Straight up gone. Missing, not there, fuckin’ sayonara doorknob. Weirdly enough, There was a pile of dust on the other side of the door, and it’d clearly been stepped in.

Katsuki walked into the house, and looked around. It didn’t look like anything had been taken- but someone didn’t take their fucking shoes off when they stomped around on the goddamn carpet. Rude as fuck- like if you’re gonna break into someone’s house, at least have the decency to take your fucking shoes off- what were you, mister burgalar, raised in a fucking barn?!

Katsuki followed the bootprints, careful not to step on them and spread the dirt he would already have to clean up. The hag was going to lose her fucking mind if she saw this- he’d have to borrow Deku’s steam cleaner- fucking bullshit. The livingroom was untouched, and the trail led upstairs, toward the bedrooms. Katsuki’s heart thundered in his chest as he followed the dirt. If there was someone up there, they were going to fucking die.

Katsuki stilled for just a moment at the top of the stairs, eyes wide, breathing ragged from his nose. The print led exactly where he didn’t want them to.

Your room.

The door was closed, his heart was hammering in his chest, he was terrified, honestly.

Was that fucking slime demon thing back for you like you’d feared? He wouldn’t let it near you. Ever. He needed to hurry this the fuck up and get back to you- you were alone right now, probably mostly naked, getting dressed- He wouldn’t stare through Deku’s window to see, no matter what his horny teenaged brain told him.

“Oi- Fucking show yourself!” Katsuki let off a warning blast, and waited for a response. Nothing. He took one breath, then two, then three. He could do this. He could do ANYTHING.

Without preamble, he kicked the fucking door down- and was immediately horrified.

Your room had been tossed. Your computer was missing, your bed had been flipped, your clothes had been ripped out of your closet and thrown about your room. There was a small, leather-bound journal where the mattress should have been- he recognised it as your diary.

He wasn’t going to fucking touch that thing with a ten foot pole.

Who had been here and WHY? Why was your room the only one tossed- why did the footprints lead into your room but not out of it, how did the person know where your room was-

Why did the bootprints not look like bootprints at all, but rather sneakers.

Expensive sneakers, that Katsuki recognised. Sneakers that he owned, though a size too big, it seemed.

Who the fuck was framing him for fucking with your shit?

He looked up, through the window, just in time to see you slipping on a sweater over your tee-shirt. Why the fuck you needed a sweater in MAY he had no fucking clue.

What bothered him though, was the note.

Handwriting- too scratchy to be an adult’s, blue ink, a page torn from something pink and covered in hearts- the same stationary as your diary- none of that was as terrifying as the words written though.

“I’m watching you.”

What. The. Fuck.

Fear- or, what should have been fear but was more akin to cacoethes- burned through his veins like the worst kind of drug.

Who the fuck was messing with you, and why? You hadn’t done anything- to anyone- ever. You were kind and sweet and giving and patient- everything he wasn’t. Who the fuck would mess with you like this, try to scare you like this?

It clicked.

Those shoes- he knew who had a matching pair. He knew who would try to scare you. He knew who would fuck with you. He KNEW that SOMEONE wanted you to be afraid of him.

Fucking Deku.

Fucking Deku must’ve set this shit up before the talk they’d had last night- he didn’t know that Katsuki would call him the fuck out.

Now he’d have to cover this shit up- god damn it.

He’d bitch out Deku later.

You wouldn’t be coming back to your room anyway- you were going to spend the whole weekend at Izuku’s, You’d all agreed on it- The Bakugos trusted Inko to watch over you- a fair choice.

He could force Izuku to clean this fucking mess- but that idiot wouldn’t do it right, and you’d notice if your shit wasn’t in the right place.


He backed out of the room, and closed the door, turning and walking to the bathroom to grab your toothbrush.

What the FUCK was he gonna do about the MISSING GODDAMN DOORHANDLE?!

Chapter Text

“Is it good?” Izuku asked, watching you stuff your face full of pancakes. “You should slow down a little, I don’t think my Heimlich is up to snuff.” You answered him with a vigorous nod, and shoving more food into your already full mouth.

“Why do you always eat like you’re never gonna again? It’s fuckin’ gross.” Katsuki snarked, picking up a bite of his own and waiting while you chewed and swallowed.

“One of my first foster families had like… twelve kids under their care. You had to grab and eat fast or food would be taken off your plate by someone who did.” You shrugged. “Guess I never grew out of the habit.” You tilted your head, and moved to drown more of your pancakes in syrup.

“Hey- you never really talk about the other foster families, I’m kinda curious.” Izuku leaned ever so slightly closer to you, and Katsuki kicked him under the table.

“Not much to talk about, longest people before the Bakugos was eleven months, and then they hit the lottery and dumped me at a church- they didn’t even bother to call Fumiko.” You shrugged, and moved to take another bite, but paused. “Shortest placement was an hour. Lady got a phone call saying she was pregnant, a miracle since her Uterus was inverted or some shit like that. Miko hadn’t even fully left the driveway when they decided to give me back.” You finished taking your bite.

Katuski’s face remained neutral, but it felt like ice-water was running through his veins. How could ANYONE give you up? You were a good kid. Better than him, that’s fr damn sure. You were polite, and you always cleaned up after yourself. You got good grades, and you kept to yourself most of the time- you didn’t even curse around grownups- Katsuki knew you ONLY cursed infront of him and Deku. It didn’t make a lick of goddamn sense for people to just- unless…

“Hey Lucky? Uh, by any chance, did those people make… wishes, before you were sent away?” Katsuki questioned lowly, and watched as you went pale. Your eyes flashed anger- anger he’d never seen from you before. Anger that looked completely out of place in your little cherubic face- and you glared at Deku.

“You TOLD him?!” You growled, gripping too tightly onto your knife, too purposfully. Oh, shit.

“No- no! You- I mean I thought you- Oh… No, this- this is definitely on me. (Y/N) I’m so sorry! We just got to talking last night and-” Katsuki cut the rambling boy off.

“I put two and two together a while ago, I just wanted to know if Deku did too.” Katsuki lied, and your eyes somehow went even wider.

“If… If you knew… Why’d- why haven’t you wished for anything?” You asked, dropping the knife and backing up in your chair. “If you knew, why didn’t you ever wish for anything important?”

“Because I don’t need a fuckin’ wish to get where I’m goin’. I’m the greatest alive without your goddamn help.” Katsuki spit, and rolled his eyes.

What he wasn’t expecting, was for you to round the table, fall on top of him, and hug him. He froze. He couldn’t hold you back- he couldn’t give himself away to you. Deku already knew, and that was one person too many, no need to double it.

“I- Thank you. Thank you.” You whispered. “You don’t know what this means to me.” He knew you were crying, he didn’t know what to do, how to react, what to say, he looked around the room for some sort of way to get out of this, but all he found was fucking Deku, brows furrowed, mouthing the words “Hug her.” while gesturing to your shaking form, in Katsuki’s goddamn lap.

He hadn’t done this before. He held you while you were sleeping- but it was the same as holding a very warm, breathing pillow. This was different- now that they knew that there were eyes on him. Now that he was wide awake, now that he could think. It wasn’t like before at all- because you would remember this clearly. You’d know if he overstepped that boundary- if this was more than friendly. He could barely breathe, barely move.

Slowly, carefully, with absolutely no strength, he wrapped his arms around your sobbing form.

“Stop fuckin’ cryin’. You know I hate that shit.” He grumbled, drawing small circles on your back with his thumb. He wanted to kiss your forehead again- or maybe your cheek, if his nerves would allow it- but he couldn’t. Not while you were awake. It would give him away. You weren’t allowed to know he liked you. “Such a wimp.” He teased, swallowing back tears of his own.

Izuku stared at the scene in front of him in awe. Kaachan’s words and his actions didn’t match up at all. His touch was so GENTLE with you, so CARING. Those red eyes stared up at the ceiling, and you- you had your face smushed into his neck- the way you always held IZUKU. That was HIS hug.

Izuku knew he should have been jealous- but all he could feel in that moment was joy.

Kaachan LISTENED to him. Kaachan looked to HIM for advice- whenever you were involved, Kaachan lowered those walls, the barriers didn’t exist for you. It gave him an out, it gave Izuku an in.

And by golly was he going to exploit that.

So, Izuku sat back in his chair, and leaned over, cutting your pancakes into smaller pieces so you could eat them easier when you returned to your chair.

This summer, he would train dawn to dusk with AllMight, and when fall came, It would be the three of you, together, at UA. Making all of HIS dreams come true.

That’s what you’re here for, right?


The universe, god, whoever was watching, gave you to him. You were everything he needed. You gave him a quirk, you gave him hope, you were giving him Kaachan- everything he wanted was falling into his hands, and it was all thanks to you.

Sp no, he wasn’t jealous. Because you aren’t jealous of the cream you put in your coffee. They go together, and they’re both yours and they’re simply better together.

Chapter Text

Breakfast done with, it was time for the day. And while you were perfectly fine with staying in and playing videogames, Katsuki hated more than anything to stay still, and demanded a run to the penny-arcade. Izuku was just happy to be invited. You went to use the bathroom before you left, and Katsuki pulled Deku aside.

“Oi, Koshi and Hikkosu are gonna be there. Don’t let them know you’re into dudes or they’ll tear you apart.” He warned, not looking at the boy, instead staring down the hallway, turning up his hearing aid and making sure you couldn’t hear them.

“... Are you… worried about me Kaachan?” Izuku asked carefully, joy blooming in his chest. Katsuki scoffed immediately at that ridiculous notion, and shook his head.

“Fuck no. I just don’t want shit to ruin the day with Lucky. She’s already stressed the fuck out all the time and doesn’t need your faggot drama messin’ with her head too.” He growled, still watching the hallway. You would be angry with him if you caught them like this, you’d never do anything about that anger- you BARELY let it show on your face.

It was clear you were terrified of losing Katsuki as a friend- you didn’t know that he would legit commit war crimes to keep that from happening.

“Oh.. I get it. I’ll… act straight?” Izuku offered, staring up at the blonde boy with wide eyes. Katsuki at no point looked at him.

“You fuckin’ better fudge packer.” Katsuki released him, and grunted. “Fix your collar before she sees, fairy.” The explosive boy warned, he could hear the toilet flush. You would wash your hands for a full thirty seconds, he could hear you humming the tune of “Mary had a little lamb.”

“Where do you even learn those slurs from?” Izuku questioned, and Katsuki finally looked down at the other boy.

“Hikkosu. Now drop it, she’s coming.” The taller of the two threatened, stepping away and putting a neutral look on his face.

“Oh.” Izuku paused. It sort of made sense. Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo weren’t incredibly religious, and they worked in the fashion industry- one of the most sex-positive places in the world. Kaachan would not have learned that sort of thing from them.

Middle school boys are just the fucking worst, aren’t they?

“Fuckin’ took ‘ya long enough, dumbass, what were you DOING in there? Giving birth.” Kaachan teased you, gripping your hood and shoving it over your head. You groaned, and pushed him.

“Yeah, and it’s yours. Named him after your dad so he can try and be manly.” You teased, and Katsuki froze- you didn’t know what you just said. You had no idea how sex worked or where babies came from. Katsuki knew because he was the one that had to tell you what the purpose of a fucking penis is. Puberty is fucking weird okay? He wasn’t sure why exactly his dick was suddenly throbbing in his pants- but it was fucking uncomfortable while he was in a room with you and fucking Deku- today was just not a great day for him. No reason boners were becoming more and more of an issue ever since his voice dropped back in spring.

“Oi- I’ll fuckin’ show you manly you little shit.” He replaced his confusion and arousal with a more comfortable emotion- anger. Anger was easy, it was understood, he could always be angry without issue, and it usually got him what he wanted, and what he needed.

“Would love to see you try D cup.” You teased, poking him in the chest.

“I told you it ain’t my fuckin fault your flat as a damn board.” He crossed his arms, glaring down at you.

“Maybe you can venmo me some tiddie.” You jested, reaching up to ruffle his hair, he dodged, feeling incredibly uncomfortable. He knew that girls were just like that- fucki’ touchy- but he couldn’t afford it. If you got too comfortable touching him, he would get too comfortable touching YOU- and that could be a real fuckin’ problem. You used up your hug quota for the year, you can have another on your birthday, maybe.

“I ain’t above hitting girls.” He warned, sneering down at you.

“Me neither.” You retorted, smirking up at him. Fuck- you really had no idea what you were doing. You always tried so hard to match his energy, and now that it was getting thrown in his face he had no idea how to react- he was stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one.

“Hey- guys, the arcade gets pretty busy around noon- we should get going if we want to be able to play all the games.” Izuku warned, breaking up your little fight. Katsuki hated that he found himself silently thanking fucking Deku of all people.

“Ah- sorry ‘Zu.” You apologized, immediately dropping the bravado and smiling at him. “We should go see a movie too! I heard they made one based off of plants vs zombies- it’s gonna be awful!” You grinned, and bounced a little on the balls of your feet. Both boy’s hearts fluttered at the little show of joy from you. You just had a way of absolutely lighting up a room.

“Why do you like watching awful movies?” Izuku asked, tilting his head. You directed that warm smile at him, and he tried not to melt from it.

“Because I like making fun of movies but I don’t want to make anyone feel bad so when it’s bad on purpose I can have all the fun I want!” You giggled, bending down to slip on and tie your shoes.

“God is this what you do all day, sit around and worry about how other people feel?” Katsuki jabbed, opening the front door and walking through it, making sure to keep his back to you to prevent himself from staring.

“Nah, sometimes I nap.” You joked, skipping right past him.

“Why do I even hang out with you losers?” Katsuki spat, shoving his hands into his pockets and walking up behind you.

“I’m pretty sure your dad pays you.” You sang back as Izuku shut the door, and ran up to your side

Chapter Text

“On your six!” Katsuki called, gripping the back of your shirt and pulling you out of Koshi’s line of fire.

“Thanks-“ you chimed, leveling your laser gun over his shoulder and popping Hikkosu in the center of the chest. “Got him!” You grinned, and Katsuki had to remind himself not to stare.

“Three on the west end, more at the bus.” Katsuki called, gripping your arm and pulling you further into the hollowed out shipping container.

“Gosh you really take this seriously Kaachan!” Izuku chimed in from your side, his gun hanging useless from his hand.

“We ain’t fuckin’ losing.” Katsuki growled back, keeping his gun leveled.

Katsuki had proudly proclaimed that he could beat Hikkosu AND Koshi on his own, with you and ‘useless Deku’ on his team to help.

Rules were simple- as long as you didn’t use your quirk, everything was kosher.

Gymnastics were not a quirk, and there were plenty of exposed rafters.

“I gotta plan, but you gotta trust me.” You patted Katsuki’s chest, and left no further context, running off, leaving Deku with the Explosive boy.

“Lucky!” Katsuki called after you, but you’d already gone.

Quickly, you climbed atop the shipping container, and jumped up, latching onto a rafter and pulling yourself up atop it, running along the narrow beam toward the western end of the lazertag arena.

“Who the fuck does she think she is?!” Katsuki complained, watching as you crossed the entire arena unseen by anyone but the two boys who knew to look for you.

“Best guess, Laura Croft, or cat woman.” Izuku replied, watching in awe. “Where’d she learn that?!” he looked over at the blonde, who practically had to pick his jaw up off the floor.

“The hag has her in these fuckin’ gymnastics classes- fuck maybe I should join ‘em.” Katsuki shook his head, and readied his gun, taking off after you.

“Wait up Kaachan!” Izuku called after him, alerting everyone and their mother to their location. Katsuki gritted his teeth.

Hikkosu was already out, but Koshi was still kicking and there were four other teams to worry about with up to three people each.

You wanted to beat Hikkosu and Koshi, but Katsuki was not going to be satisfied until he was number one- just as he was with most other endeavors.

Izuku kept as close as he could to Kaachan without getting punched, and made a genuine effort to watch his back, only to hear a series of blasts from above, lighting up the arena with four people having been shot. His jaw dropped, and he looked in the direction the shots came from, but there was no-one there, and he and Kaachan had both been spared. There was only one option of who it could be.

“That’s my fuckin’ girl.” Katsuki muttered, keeping in eyes infront of him as he fired at a girl infront of him, who immediately pouted and walked off towards the exit, her gun and vest having been turned off.

“Did you see her? I couldn’t see her!” The volume and the excitement in Deku’s voice only served to piss Katsuki right off.

“Keep ‘yer fuckin’ voice down, Deku. If I get taken out by your loud ass mouth I’ll kill you.” Katsuki threatened, smacking the green-haired boy in the back of the head, heading in the direction he last saw you in. If Deku got taken out, no biggie, Only one person on the team needed to survive, and you were basically untouchable from that high up.

Katsuki just needed to survive until the end, and not let Deku’s dumbass get too badly hurt, or it would upset you.

Even though he wanted nothing more than to blast the little shit’s face in.

Fuckin’ bullshit.

You vaulted from one beam to the next, careful to keep quiet and unseen from above as you stealthily took out opponents. Six down by you alone- you hoped Izuku got some points in as well- you had no doubts that katsuki was handling himself well down there.

A sudden presence behind you had you dropping, hanging from one arm as you shot behind you, but nothing lit up. You flipped around, glaring at the person who showed up out of nowhere.

“Isn’t this cheating, Kid?” Hawks questioed, raising na eyebrow at you. You rolled your eyes.

“Hey Kei!” You chimed, pulling yourself back up. “And uh, technically no. The only rules are keep the vest on, don’t drop the gun, and no quirk use. We’re allowed to use the terrain however we want.” You smiled, and he chuckled.

“Right, right. Still, a little OP.” he tilted his head, and pointed. “Three o’clock.” You reflexively shot, hitting some kid with a tail in the back. He looked around, confused for several moments before giving up and looking for the exit.

“How’d you even get in here without a vest?” you tilted your head, eyes scanning the ground for anyone who may target your boys.

“You’re fuckin’ lethal with that thing.” Keigo mused, and shrugged, though you weren’t looking at him. “When the Number three hero pops up and asks to get in, he gets in.” he teased.

“I come here every weekend with Izuku.” You admitted. “Are you just here to watch me?” You furrowed your brows, popping off three rounds. You were running out of shots. You’d have to get back down to one of the charging stations soon, but getting to the high ground a second time would probably be difficult.

“Yeah basically Got off work early and I got bored and I thought, ‘I wonder what my little Lucky Day is doing?’” He made an impression of his own voice and floated over to your beam, sitting and crossing his ankles. “So which one of them is your boyfriend?” He teased, pointing down at the Blonde and the Green-haired boy.

“Neither of them!” you squeaked. “Kaachan,” you gestured to the boy who was searching out and hitting targets. “Is my foster brother. And ‘Zu-” You pointed to the boy looking up at the rafters searching for you, “Is my best friend.” You clarified.

“Couldn’t help but notice you didn’t even MENTION the other two boys you came in with- so, ya got feelings for both of ‘em huh?” He deduced, smirking at you.

“I will pluck you, birdman.” you threatened, levelling your gun and taking down four more people in rapid succession with only four shots.

“Oh, so you DO have some crushes- oh my goodness! My babybird is all grown up!” he teased, pinching your cheek. You responded by dropping off of the rafter, and pointing up at the hero.

“EVERYONE LOOK! IT’S HAWKS!” you shouted, and booked it to the charging station while the other players were distracted.

Chapter Text

“That was a dirty Fuckin’ trick, Kid.” Keigo smirked, leaning against the rafter as he watched you traipse off to wherever you needed to be. Kids, Teenagers, and young adults began to swarm him, asking for autographs from below. “Little evil mastermind, that one is.”

He made a mental note to have a stun gun made with the parameters of these lazer guns- you were goddamn EFFECTIVE with the thing. You were fast too, light on your feet- he noted to get you into some kind of parkour classes or something to fill the time while he worked- you weren’t half bad, actually.

Talented, sure, and decently strong. He didn’t know many PROS who could do a one-armed hang while accurately firing a weapon, and then doing a full, one-armed pull up without a swing or a jump. Impressive to say the least.

And the EASE with which you performed these feats- the way it seemed to be completely natural, all in fun for you, was incredible.

Keigo went about his routine, signing teeshirts and foreheads, keeping an eye out for the small girl who’d been his designated charge for a little over three weeks.

And there you were, taking the distraction he provided as an opportunity to stealthily take out several more opponents before disappearing into the shadows again. You were almost TOO good at shooting people in the back- but the smile on your face showed you were having an absolute blast.

It was the same smile on your face when you’d been able to play games at the pizzeria, and the same smile when you took out that villain at the bank.

You liked to win, you liked to win A LOT. But it wasn’t about other people losing, or being better than anyone else- it was the success- you lived off of succeeding. Keigo could understand that, he could respect it. He gave major mental props to the small girl who used every bit of her resources to her advantage, the girl who fought quirkless, the girl who was lucky for everyone but herself.

You met back up with Katsuki and Izuku, barely having broken a sweat.

“Hey- last count there are five total left, Koshi is on the defensive and Green team is still full- there’s only one guy left from purple though.” You rolled your shoulders back, keeping your finger in line with the trigger on your gun. “I’m full up, do you guys need a charge?”

“I haven’t had to get a round off with you playin’ fuckin’ Lakitu up there.” Katsuki complained.

“Who?” Izuku asked, confused.

“The fuckin’ turtle thing that throws shit at you in super Mario.” Katsuki spit, eyes still watching your surroundings.

“Ah, hehe, yeah, It was pretty cool right?” You giggled, bouncing on the balls of your feet.

“So cool!” Izuku nodded, excited as you were.

“Stupid. You could have gotten hurt up there or taken out and I would have no fuckin’ clue!” Katsuki complained, and you giggled, shaking your head.

“I was fine-” You started, but the blonde cut you off.

“No you weren’t fuckin’ fine! You were reckless and stupid!” The venom in his voice burned you a bit, and your smile fell, you furrowed your brow.

“I’m not stupid.” you set your jaw, squinting at him, he grimaced at you, rage in those crimson eyes.

“Guys- we should go! We’re all out in the open and there’s only-” The space around you lit up as Izuku was tagged.

“Ah- shit!” Katsuki pulled you behind him, firing a shot in the direction of whoever tagged Deku. You took your chance, gripping onto Izuku’s shoulder and climbing up his back, vaulting yourself to the ceiling again. Once at the high ground, you sought out and shot the offending player, getting them out.

“It’s the blonde one, isn’t it? The one you like more? You already argue like an old married couple.” Hawks appeared at your side, arms crossed as he leaned against a beam.

“I don’t like EITHER of them like that! Boys are GROSS!” you declared, popping off a round at someone you caught running. “Three left. Where the heck is Koshi?” You muttered to yourself, hopping from support beam to support beam with Hawks Lazily following behind you like some popeye’s chicken-scented shadow.

“That’s a real shame, Lucky Day. Because they’re both down bad for you.” Hawks teased, tousling your hair.

“Oh my god will you PLEASE shut up?” You groaned, searching for more targets.

“Hey, you threw me to the wolves, Don’t be mad at me for makin’ fun of the puppy love.” Keigo jested, poking you in the arm over and over, fucking up your aim.

“Is it too late to rescind our internship?” you asked, only partly joking.

“Yep. You’re stuck with me, kid. C’mon, I never got to do the high school crush thing. Let me bully you.” He grinned, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and ruffling your hair.

“You are so lucky these guns aren’t real.” You growled up at him. Keigo compared you mentally to a kitten. Small, cute, angry and harmless.

“You’re getting all cute and defensive though, which means I’m right.” He booped your nose, and you pushed him away from you. You definitely weren’t actually strong enough to push the two-hundred and seventy five pound man away, but he let you feel like you were.


“I’m not cute OR defensive.” You protested, and Keigo took a moment to appreciate your hand placement. Even your trigger control was immaculate- like you’d had some sort of training. He couldn’t imagine who, how or when.

“You’re adorable, Kiddo.” He chuckled, and sent a feather to tickle you. You did not react, unamused.

“What are you, twelve?” You spat, glaring at him.

“Plus ten give or take.” He responded playfully. He knew he was getting on your nerves, but he also knew that right now was the best time to test out your anger. A safe option, high in adrenaline but without actual consequences. Observing what you did in these kinds of situations was important for his plans to train you. To his ultimate surprise, you ignored him, Tagging some red-headed kid halfway across the stadium like some sort of trained sniper. Jeeze you took this seriously.

“Got him- two down.” You muttered, Searching for your next opponent.

“Why don’t you just ask where the other two are? I can send a feather-” Keigo began to offer, but you shook your head.

“I can do it myself.” You shook your head. “Or Kaachan can.” You leapt to a new beam. “I don’t wanna cheat.” You conculded, spotting someone running into a tunnel. You hopped off after them, and Keigo followed you.

“Virtuous,” Keigo smirked. “Why’s that cheating, but being up here isn’t?”

“Because anyone can get up here if they try hard enough, but you only came here to bother me. If you were calling out all of us, it’d be annoying, but fair.” You shrugged, and Keigo regarded you carefully. Your logic was impeccable, and valid. You were a smart kid.

Keigo was going to have so much fun this summer.

Chapter Text

“Wow- Lucky you’re kind of a badass!” Koshi gaped, staring up at the leaderboard. You had more than doubled the person in second place in points, and your team was the last one standing. Both you and Katsuki had survived to the end.

“Dude- you should have seen it on the cameras! She was flipping around and swinging like fuckin’ Tarzan- dude she came down on me and I swore to god I saw the pearly gates.” Hikkosu laughed, leaning over and wrapping an arm around your shoulders. You giggled, and Katsuki saw red.

“She fuckin’ CHEATED is what she did.” He growled, glaring at you- or, more precisely, at Hikkosu’s arm around you.

“Actually Kaachan, the attendant said-“ Izuku began to defend, but was cut off with a fist in his stomach. Katsuki then rounded on Hikkosu, squinting at him.

“Lucky isn’t fucking cool, she isn’t fucking smart- and STOP FUCKING TOUCHING HER YOU PEICE OF-”

“WOAH- woah alright time out!” Hawks came out of nowhere, using feathers to keep the two boys apart. “What’s goin’ on over here?” The man questioned, eyebrows drawn up high in worry.

“Mind ur fuckin-” Katsuki began, but you clapped a hand over his mouth, giving Keigo a weary smile.

“Hey Hawks!” Your voice was cracking a bit at the ends, you were shrinking in on yourself- a fear of getting in trouble obvious on your face.

“Hey kiddo, So, looks like there’s a problem over here?”

“No-” You started, but Katsuki licked your hand, forcing you to let go.

“Just fuckin’ go Lucky- No one wants you here!” The blonde boy growled, shoving you. Hawks didn’t give you a chance to react before placing a huge palm on Katsuki’s chest.

“Now you listen here son, that is absolutely no way to talk to a lady.” Hawks’ voice dropped several octaves just then, he didn’t seem angry, but maybe disappointed?

“Mind your business, chicken nugget.” Katsuki spat- you could smell the caramel rolling off of him, he reached for Hawk’s hand, but you beat him to it.

“It- it’s fine. Whatever- let’s just go, Sir.” You pulled on Keigo’s arm, and he followed willingly.

“Jeeze that kid is a total douche.” Keigo shook his head while you were walking away. “Hey- hey don’t let what he said get in your head, you hear me? I don’t think he actually means it at all- His hormones are all kinds of out of wack.” Keigo guided you through a group of people who started to surround the two of you to ask for Hawks’ autograph.

“I’m not worried about it. He’s always like that. And I get the next couple of months away from him anyway so it’s fine.” you shrugged, but it was obvious you weren’t really over it.

“Why don’t the two of us pop in at my office, and go bother BlueBeam? He can take us to Disneyland?” Keigo tried, but you only shrugged again. He sighed. “Wanna go get some mochi?” He asked, and you didn’t answer. He noticed that- when you were happy, you were a little bubbly thing that would talk and talk about everything and nothing on end for hours, but if you were down, it was like pulling teeth trying to get you to talk at all. Hawks definitely preferred the former. You were a bright kid, and picking your brain was genuinely entertaining.

“It’s really fine, Keigo. Don’t worry about it.” You hummed, steel-faced as you walked ahead of him out of the arcade.

“See, but the thing is, it’s really not. It’s clear all over your face. And It’s totally okay to not be okay. What's not okay is pretending you’re okay for the sake of wanting other people to be okay, okay?”

“Okay doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore.”



“Alright, fine.” He took off his coat, and dropped it over your shoulders, bent down, and threw you over his shoulder, taking off into the sky. You yelped in surprise, but Keigo had expected as much. Once he got up to a decent, chilling altitude- you were warm down to your knees with his huge coat covering you. “Scream.” He instructed, Gesturing to the wide air.

“What?” You questioned, scrunching up your face in annoyance and confusion. Keigo sighed, and took a deep breath, and opened his mouth.

He screamed. Loud, guttural, bone chilling. The kind of scream you only hear in horror movies and lifetime specials. He screamed, for as long as his lungs would allow, and only stopped when his breath gave out. He recovered quickly, taking another deep breath and turning his head to look at you.

“C’mon Kid. Take a deep breath, square your shoulders, and scream with me. Get it all out. No one can hear us up here.” He patted your back, and took another deep breath, waiting for you to do the same.


You yelled, but for Keigo, it wasn’t enough. He needed you to feel it. Really allow yourself to let go.

“Louder, c’mon put your heart into it, Kiddo.” He screamed along with you, loud enough to hurt your ears. You rolled your eyes.


Inhaled as hard as you could, and screamed. You let the falsetto take over, you let out that rage, that sadness, the jealousy, the fear, and the hurt.

You screamed out Katsuki’s poison, and Izuku’s betrayal.

You released the foster families’ apathy, and Fumiko’s irresponsibility, and Everyone’s general neglect.

You screamed, for as long as you could, you screamed. It felt good. So fucking good. You were never the type to raise your voice. You weren’t one to cause problems. You did what you were told, when you were told, and you did your best to just stay out of other’s way.

For once, you were being loud. You were raw, and untamed, unfiltered. And Keigo didn’t watch. He didn’t stare. His eyes were closed as he screamed on his own. You felt simultaneously unjudged and seen.

You hadn’t even noticed when you started crying until your face grew colder than it was before.

And still, you screamed. It grew hoarse near the end, warbly, breathy but you pushed, you kept going. Keigo made no move to stop you, he screamed right along with you. You closed your eyed, imagining you were screaming at Katsuki, at Izuku, at Mitsuki, at Fumiko- at anyone who’d ever hurt you, or used you, or abandoned you.

You screamed for your mom, and your dad. For siblings you couldn’t remember having, and for families that wouldn’r remember you. For friends you never had, and for quirks you never wanted.

You screamed out every wish, every dream that would never, could never come true.

When you finished, you were out of breath, and your throat hurt a little. Keigo gave you several minutes before starting a slow descent.

“Do you feel a little better, Little Miss Lucky Day?” He asked softly, and you cleared your throat.

“Yeah… Is mochi still on the table?”

“Anything you want, Kiddo.”

Chapter Text

“Make yourself at home, Kiddo.” Hawks ruffled your hair, dumping his jacket on the huge grey sectional.

“Dude this place is… ginormous.” You gasped, looking around. The entire eastern wall was glass, and the apartment had it’s own staircase to a second floor- fucking big, is what it was.

“Yeah. I get paid well. I’m kind of rarely actually here though, since I work a lot. Uh, ground rules, I guess? Only thing in the entire place that’s off-limits is the metal door with the big number padlock on it upstairs, but if you do happen to break in, tell me because that’s supposed to be impossible.” He chuckled. “Oh, but the password is oh-nine-five-one. It’s the panic room, though I doubt you’ll need it.” He kicked off his boots, leaving them in a messy pile at the door. You stepped further inside, careful to not touch anything- everything here looked incredibly expensive.

“Couch looks comfy.” you commented, eyes on the huge, twelve-foot wide projection screen on the northern wall.

“You do have your own room, upstairs across the hall from mine in case you need anything in like, the middle of the night. Imma be honest, I have no idea how kids work, so you gotta be patient with me.” He blushed, scratching the back of his neck. You eyed the myriad of game systems sitting in organized cubby holes under the big screen.

“I think you’ll do fine, And remember, I’ve been in foster care, so it could always be worse.” You joked, and Keigo laughed, but only to not leave you hanging. He didn’t find that to be particularly funny.

“So, I usually work from nine to five, in and out of the office, You, little lady, are gonna be my right-hand man, but I also contracted BlueBeam to be our exit buddy in case of emergencies, He’ll drop you back off here if something goes sideways.” Keigo explained, flopping down on his couch. “I’m gonna allow R rated movies, but if you start having nightmares we’re gonna have to restrict it to PG 13. Uh, gonna have to limit your sugar intake too- but I’m not enough of a masochist to deprive a teenage girl of her comfort food, so we can do mochi for dessert most days.”

“Wait wait- backtrack a little bit there- I’m doing hero stuff with you? Every day?! Is that even legal? I’m not even old enough to have a provisional license.” You fretted, and Keigo shrugged.

“You’re working off of MY license. There’s technically nothing Illegal about it as long as you do not use your quirk to hurt anyone, but since I am the only one who knows about your actual quirk, and since your cover is a Healing type- we have some leeway. Healing quirks are typically put on the fast-track to heroism.” Keigo Clarified, kicking his feet up onto the expensive- looking glass table, pulling his phone from his pocket and tossing it to you. “Order something to eat while I find something worth watching- I haven’t turned this bad boy on in forever.” He sunk into the couch, and you gaped at him.

“Okay, uh, what would you like?” You questioned, and he shrugged.

“Dunno, that’s why I gave the reigns to you, lady.” He flicked the screen on, and went to netflix. “Ah, are you into cartoons or?”

“I’m thirteen, not six.”

“Dude I don’t fuckin’ know- I don’t usually have time to watch TV, so I have no idea what’s good.”

“That’s rough buddy… ooh what about Avatar the Last Airbender?”


“I saw the movie, didn’t like it.”

“If you ever compare the masterpiece that is Avatar the Last Airbender to the M. Night Shama NIGHTMARE again, I will stab you.”

“Jeeze, alright, alright.” Keigo laughed. “Angry little thing, aren’t Ya?” He ruffled your hair- it seemed to be his favorite way of expressing affection with you. “How come you square up with me but not that asshole foster brother of yours? I’ve seen you in action, you could probably put him on his ass if you wanted to.”

“Well… First of all, If I fight him I can be sent away, and I have no idea where I’d end up- and then I’d lose Izuku.” You put up one finger. “Secondly, I know he doesn’t actually mean it- There’s a soft side to him that he only really shows me for some reason, and he gets like… really defensive about it.” You put up a second finger. “And thirdly- I kind of feel bad for him. His mom is not great at being a mom- and his dad lets her walk all over the both of them. When I was first brought into the house, it was made very clear what I was mean to be to Katsuki- His competition. Mitsuki Bakugo requested a Quirkless child to rub it in Katsu’s face how even though he has a really strong Qurik, he still has to work hard or even a Nobody like me will surpass him.” You swallowed and put up a third finger.

“Jesus- and here I was, ready to kick the kids’ ass.”

“Yep. And now that I ‘have a quirk’...” You made quotation marks in the air with your fingers. “She’s been even more short with him. He wont talk about it to anyone, even me, but I know it hurts- So I kind of let him say and do whatever, because I know it’s partly my fault that he is the way he is, because I’m too much of a pussy to confront Mrs.Bakugo about it.” You made a fist, and went back to scrolling through Keigo’s phone. “Ooh, Thai food.” You hummed.

“Yeah, Thai food.” Keigo agreed, nodding. “Plenty of desserts too.” He stared at the screen, waiting for you to put the phone down before starting the show.

Keigo Takami had seen plenty of car crashes in slow motion,

But he never felt so helpless, he’d never been forced to watch on the sidelines like this before.

Chapter Text

Katsuki slammed the door when he got home from the Arcade. The house was empty. Glaringly empty without you there.

Fuckssake. He really fucked that up- Again. He made a total ass of himself infont of the number three hero, and he almost made you cry again. Son of a BITCH this was getting difficult.

As much as he didn’t want you to be gone all summer, he also could finally breathe without you.

He took a moment to relax his shoulders and his jaw, taking a deep breath and allowing himself to melt into a neutral stance and expression.

Right. Your bedroom. At the very least, he would have to make sure none of your belongings were stolen. He trudged up the stairs, still avoiding those damn footprints before he opened your door.

Your room was yours, but it was never for you.

Mitsuki Bakugo always wanted a daughter, but after her dangerous, emergency C-section and subsequent sepsis and partial hysterectomy, she had to settle for Just Katsuki. Even his name was a GIRL’S name- not that he minded, since it meant victorious.

Your room had pink walls, white trim. Glow-in-the-dark stars spackled the ceiling- Deku had helped you hang them. Your bedspread was pink as well- whatever bullshit the Hag wanted you to have. Pretty, delicate white furniture, expensive clothes from her own line.

It did, in all honesty, piss Katsuki off to no end that you and his MOTHER wore matching clothes sometimes. It was annoying, gross, and a huge turn-off.

Thank god for the trademark Bakugo Narcissism, or Katsuki would never catch a break.

Katsuki was careful not to overstep the boundaries he’d already trampled on. He wouldn’t go through your drawers, and he was NOT going to touch that Journal more than to remove the evidence of the missing page.

His eyes flickered up to that window again, only to meet Izuku’s huge green eyes as he stared into your room, seeing the place destroyed and Kaachan looking incredibly calm in the center of the mess.


Katuki glared at Deku, and approached the window, only to drop the blinds before turning back to the mess and starting to clean up.

First things first, your bed. He made sure the folds were in the proper places, and that your sheets were tight. He made sure your collection of “court bears” and assorted stuffed animals were piled correctly, biggest in the back with the small stuffed monkey from your mom on his own pillow.

Katsuki re-organized your desk, and threw out old homework that you wouldn’t need anymore. He glared at a piece of paper with Koshi’s number on it tucked inside your math book. It didn’t matter, he reminded himself. Koshi wouldn’t get into UA if his life depended on it.

Your laundry was dealt with last- mostly because it was the most difficult.

Katsuki had to pick up all of your dirty clothes with his eyes closed, because he absolutely had NO interest in looking at your underwear- well, he did, but that’s why he didn’t. He was being creepy enough as it was, he wasn’t going to be a fucking pervert as well.

All in all, it took him only a few hours to finish cleaning your room.

And the house was still empty.

For the first time in two years, there wasn’t… noise in your room, music playing low so he wouldn’t yell at you to turn it off. There wasn’t your laugh with Deku giggling right alongside you, there wasn’t your weird peony and sugar-scented perfume permeating the air. There wasn’t… you. You weren’t there to fill the silence or pass the time.

Katsuki DIDN’T miss you.

He ABSOLUTELY did not.

But… maybe it kind of sucked to not have someone to play smash with.

Katsuki stalked off to hall carpet, pulling out the vacuum. He got to work- but it was obvious that he would need the fuckin’ steam cleaner of all things. Son of a bitch.

Izuku watched Kaachan close the blinds, and sighed to himself.

He knew the blonde would be angry about being beaten today, but he didn’t think he would be mad enough to yell at you AND destroy your bedroom.

Izuku sat on the edge of his bed, and pulled out his phone, sending you a text.


BroccoliBoi: You doing okay? 🥺

Lucky: Just fine, had some Mochi with Hawks! He’s super cool!🤪🙏

BroccoliBoi: I bet! 😂 Do you know if you’re gonna be able to hang out this weekend at all? It can just be us- I won’t tell Kaachan🤭🤫

Lucky: 🥺 I would love that actually! I have no idea if I’m gonna have time tho 😩 I’ll ask Hawks!

BroccoliBoi: Okiedokie artichoke🥰

Lucky: he said yes as long as ‘the blonde prick’ isn’t there 👀

BroccoliBoi: it’s settled then! Do you wanna go pet dogs at the dog park again?

Lucky: that is exactly what I was thinking! 😮🥰

BroccoliBoi: 🤣 great minds think alike!

Lucky: oh! And maybe avoids Kaachan without me there- he’s been extra bitchy lately I think.

BroccoliBoi: we grew up together, I can handle him, I’m actually gonna be gone most of the days as well- getting ready for the entrance exam!

Lucky: I don’t have to take the exam, but imma be cheering you on!

BroccoliBoi: I know 😜 I’m gonna go get ready for bed, you should do the same Lucky-loo

Lucky: talk to you later, broccoli Boy!


You put your phone down, and yawned. You glanced over at Keigo, who was trying to Tetris your fast food leftovers into his fridge.

“Hey Lucky Day, you should probably head off to bed, we have a meeting with Endeavor and AllMight at nine, and then you have Gymnastics from one till four.” He raked a hand through his golden hair, and shut the fridge door.

“WE have a meeting? Am I even allowed there?” You questioned, worried.

“Commission said we should be joined at the hip, I follow orders, so, hope ya like khakis.” He teased, and offered out his hand. “C’mon- ooh do I get to tuck you in? Always wanted to do that.” He grinned, and you rolled your eyes.

“Again, Thirteen, not Six.” You huffed, letting help you out of the dreadfully-comfy couch. “But uh… If you happen to have a nightlight in there?” You winced. Hawks shrugged, and made no move to tease you.

“I can run out real quick and get you a plug in- I also struggle with sleeping in a fully dark room.” He hummed, but you shook your head.

“Oh I wouldn’t want to inc-” He silenced you with digging his knuckles into the crown of your head.

“I’ll be back in like, two minutes, go get in Jammies, kiddo.” He laughed, and turned to the balcony, slipping on flip-flops and taking off.

Chapter Text

“Hey, Kid…” Keigo’s voice was soft as he gently shook you awake by your shoulder. “Come on little dude, I can’t cook for shit so we have to stop at Ihop or something for breakfast.” He whispered, brushing your hair back as you groaned awake.

You haven’t had a wake-up call this gentle in… ever? Katsuki would either shake you as hard as he could and rip his hand away like you burned him, or let loose little explosions right next to your ear to wake you up. Mitsuki typically just blared loud music in the surround sound in the BlueTooth speakers in your bedrooms, and Masaki was never home that early in the morning.

It was actually kind of nice how quiet Keigo was, this early in the morning.

He left the guestroom to let you get ready, and waited in the living room while you showered, brushed and dressed. Your hair was still wet when you stepped out, and you felt boneless due to the intense massaging water pressure of his expensive shower.

“Oh! I actually- So, funny story, I got called out at like… two in the morning, armed robber at a gas station- anyway, while I was there, The cashier gave me this!” He pulled out a necklace, with a four-leaf clover pressed in resin as a pendant. “I noticed that your friends all call you Lucky too, and I immediately thought of you.” He smiled handing the thing to you.

Your eyes started to water.

“Oh- Oh shit I didn’t think it would hurt your feelings I’m sorry-” Keigo immediately started to panic, cycling through his mind with ideas to fix it- but he truly had not a goddamn clue how to deal with a crying teenaged girl. You brought his panic to a grinding halt when you suddenly smashed your face into his torso, wrapping your arms around him tightly.

“No- No I LOVE it, Keigo.” You sniffled, taking the necklace from his hands. “No one’s ever- this is- Thanks.” you defaulted, wiping at your face with your hoodie sleeve.

“Good! Good- Okay, Jeeze- ya’know you didn’t come with a manual, ya can’t just go crying like that I damn near had a heart attack.” He chuckled, and you laughed right along with him, nodding. Keigo’s panic had only minutely subsided. Poor kid. Crying like that over a gag gift?

Keigo would have to get rid of that kind of response and QUICK. Hero work is always FULL of gifts- and you were a cute girl. Boys were bound to be fawning all over you in high school, and he did NOT want to see you get manipulated so easily with some flowers and nice words.

Operation Spoil The Child was officially a go.

“Sorry- uh, yeah, I guess there is no ‘What to expect to when you’re expecting an Overpowered Teenager’.” You clipped the necklace behind your neck, and fiddled with it between your fingers.

“Maybe I can ask Present Mic.” He laughed, reaching over to fix the collar of your shirt. “Or maybe not- from what I’ve heard, he’s kind of a pervert.” He wrinkled his nose, and you tilted your head. “You know what that means right?”

“I know what a pervert is. Isn’t he a teacher at UA though?” You asked, and Keigo nodded.

“Yeah, but as far as I know he hasn’t crossed the line and tried anything with a student, soon as he does though, Endeavor has dibs on beating his booty.” Keigo leaned back, and you heard several pops from his spine. “If he even looks at you wrong though, you tell me right away, you hear me?”

“Yeah, yeah- I’m sure it’ll be fine. Oof, oh, do you know who the teachers are for the hero course first years? If I can do some research maybe I can prepare a little better for the upcoming school year.” You followed Keigo out of his front door, and he nodded.

“Pretty sure this year it’s Vlad King and Eraserhead. Do you wanna take the car or fly?” Keigo questioned, tilting his head. You hummed.

“Flying is faster and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.” You Pointed out, and Hawks nodded fervently, smiling wide.

“A girl after my own heart. Alright, Pancakes and then hero stuff!” He patted the top of your head, and walked across the living room to his balcony, offering out his arm. You grabbed hold of his coat as he took off, peering down at the city below. Keigo’s apartment building had a huge courtyard with big, fancy wrought-iron fences and pretty flowers- something you’d only dreamed about seeing in real life.

“Keigo?” You asked, staring down at the city below you, wide eyes full of wonder.

“Yeah?” Keigo responded, rapt attention on the child he has effectively claimed as his own.

“Were you a foster kid too?” You asked, and Keigo had to pause. His wings still beat to keep you aloft, but you had caught him completely off guard.

“How’d you guess?” He questioned, eyebrow raised. Perceptive little bugger, you were.

“Well, the Bears in my room. I have one just like it from Mustafu Municipal Court. It’s a court bear.” You explained, and Keigo nodded.

“You’re an observant one. Yeah, I was only in care for a few months before the commission itself picked me up. Rin? You met her a while ago- she’s my Handler. She basically raised me.”

“Oh.” You didn’t really have something to say to that. “You’re lucky then, most of us never get out of the system.” You hummed, and gasped. “Oh my gosh! I can see the Bakugo house from here! And the Midoriya’s!” You pointed excitedly.

Keigo felt the crack in his heart grow to a chasm.

‘Most of us never get out of the system’ Is that what you wanted? Out of the system? The files said you were adoptable- your mother had completely surrendered custody to the country. You’d been with the Bakugos for two years, so why hadn’t they just signed the paperwork? Didn’t they want to keep you? Keigo certainly couldn’t see why not? You were… wonderful? Kind, and smart, and overwhelmingly positive despite your circumstances.

Keigo couldn’t do it. Not by himself. He was a hero- he was never guaranteed to come home, and he couldn’t bear to be the one to leave you alone again.

“Hey Lucky?”


“I wish I could fall in love… Have a family, you know? I wish I could meet my soulmate- At the end of the summer.”

“Granted.” You grinned, and giggled. “Hope she’s pretty!”

Chapter Text

“Okay, so, Things you should know! Endeavor can be kind of a hot head- pun intended, but he’s also super fun to bully. AllMight is typically pretty chill, but he can be kind of scatter-brained and he makes lots of dad-jokes so prepare for psychic damage.” Keigo warned, landing you on a balcony of the HPSC Headquarters.

“I think I’ll just stay quiet. Seen and not heard, if that’s okay?” You scratched nervously at your arm, and Keigo pulled your hand away, massaging the palm of your hand for a moment before letting go.

“Whatever makes you comfortable, Kid. If you start to feel overwhelmed or anything, just let out two quick, short breaths and I’ll make up an excuse for us to leave, Okay?” He stayed in a squatting position to be eye-level with you. It was almost comical to see the seven-foot-tall birdman trying to be on your level.

“I’ll be fine, Keigo. I’ve met AllMight before- and Endeavor was the one who showed up when My mom freaked out and couldn’t remember me.” You shrugged.

“That’s so weird, he was also the one that picked me up when I had to be taken into care.” Keigo needed to distract you, and fast. If you got all worked up and panicky, you wouldn’t be able to focus during the meeting, and this was meant to be an educational experience.

“Why do you think that is?” You questioned, tilting your head. Mission distract the small; success.

“Probably because he has kids of his own. Like I think he has a son my age? He also has a kid your age about to start UA next year. Heh, maybe you’ll be in the same class?” Keigo stood to his full height, and noticed that you didn’t shy away from maintaining eye-contact. Good.

“Oof, that’s some tough competition. Number Two’s kid? They’ll probably be like... Super well trained and stuff.” You wrinkled your nose.

“That’s why I’m here, giving you a fighting chance Little Miss Lucky Day.” Keigo ruffled your hair- it was still wet, and it stuck up every which way.

“Thanks.” You said, sarcastic but without malice, and straightened yourself. “Okay, Go inside, stand in a room with Japan’s top three heroes. Don’t embarrass myself.” You counted out the tasks to make them more manageable to your brain.

“Easy enough right?” Keigo tried his best to sound encouraging.

“How do YOU keep from freaking out?” You nearly whined, Keigo chuckled softly.

“That’s the golden secret, kiddo. I’m ALWAYS freaking out.” He admitted.

“Didn’t you just chastise me for hiding my emotions?” You squinted at him, peeved with his hypocrisy.

“Do as I say, not as I do.” Hawks winked, and took his jacket off, draping it over your shoulders. “See this? It’s a shield. Great invention from the support course. While you’re wearing it, no one can see you unless you want them to.”

“I’m not a little kid.” You reminded him, rolling your eyes.

“Ah damn, well, pretend I said something cool and insightful- and get pumped!” He gave you two thumbs up, and you sighed.

“Cool cool cool cool cool…” You whispered under your breath. “You owe me mochi.” you muttered, and Hawks laughed, hard.

“Of course, Lucky Day. One meeting, then Mochi, then Lunch, then Parkour class.” He nodded, and opened the glass door to a meeting room. Several people in suits-professional and Hero-Type, sat idly, making light conversation and sipping coffee. You recognised Rin, saving two seats to her left. Keigo pulled out the chair in the middle, and gestured for you to sit before sliding into his own seat. “Hey Guys, this is Lucky Day. She’s my sidekick.” Hawks introduced, and your eyes widened.

“Hawks. That is a child.” One of the men spoke plainly, hardly looking over you before glaring at Keigo.

“I know Teddy, but, She’s a healing type, so She’s got a special permit!” Keigo half-sang, and the older-looking Hero, Teddy, frowned. None of the men in the room had an option to interrupt or upset you before Endeavor burst into the room, AllMight hot on his tail.

“Ah! Young Bakugo!” AllMight chimed, grinning at you with his signature smile. “Good to see you, girl.”

“Actually, AllMight, Sir, It’s (L/N), Sir.” You corrected him, and he hummed.

“Right! Right! Ah, Endeavor, This is the girl I was telling you about!” He gestured at you with a huge hand, and Endeavor all but scoffed in your direction.

“Right, the one who almost got herself killed trying to play hero. And now she’s being rewarded by working with Hawks. Spectacular.” He spat sarcastically, glaring at you.

“Oh don’t be a sourpuss Endeavor! Lucky’s super cool!” Hawks was quick to defend you, and sent a feather to pull out a chair each for the number one and number two heroes. “Besides, this meeting isn’t anything important anyway- we’re all just giving Ass-pats to All-Might again.” Hawks leaned back in his chair, but kept a wing posted behind your chair. In all honesty, he didn’t even realize he was doing it.

“Watch your language In front of the girl Hawks!” All-Might Chastised, and sighed. “It is true though, these meetings are pretty much useless.” The huge hero spoke directly to you, and you noticed that all three of the Number one Heroes were above six feet, Endeavor being the shortest at six-foot-five.

Jeeze- Were all heroes huge?!

“Mapping out performance and rescue statistics and reviewing them is important for reporting purposes as well as divination of funding.” Rin piped up, and handed a spreadsheet to you. Numbers and charts stuck out on an impeecibly clean sheet. You attempted to read it, but it all looked like gibberish.

“I wish you could read that kind of stuff.” Keigo leaned in and whispered, and you nodded, mumbling a ‘granted’. Miraculously, you blinked, and it seemed that all of the paperwork made a lot more sense.

“Hey- it looks like you’re underfunding search and rescue- and there’s money missing in Victim’s services.” You pointed at the discrepancy, and there was a silent moment before you spotted something else. “Oh- hey, if you dedicated like, three percent of the budget to Body-cams you could cut spending for courtroom lawyers by twenty-two percent. Also, there’s a Typo on page nine.” You paused, realizing you had spoken uninterrupted for far too long in a room full of professionals and heroes.

To your surprise, Everyone in the room began to flip though their own paperwork.

“She’s right…” Rin stated, dryly.

“Impressive! Nice catch for a sidekick, Hawks.” A man you didn’t recognise piped up, and Hawks grinned.

Chapter Text

The rest of the meeting went off without a hitch. No one had any more questions on whether or not you belonged there, and if they had, Hawks covertly scared them right the fuck off. You didn’t notice his chair drifting closer, or the way Rin seemed to mark things down in her notebook as if she was taking notes on you.

You were too busy being focused on not throwing up in front of the room full of heroes.

When the meeting finally concluded, Endeavor was quick to leave, muttering something about training with his son. AllMight was next, off to do… hero things? Everyone esle seemed to trickle out, leaving you alone with Rin and Hawks.

“Right then, Lunch?” Keigo questioned, and you wrinkled your nose.

“Uh, yeah, let me just… settle my tummy first. Nerves.” You winced, taking a deep breath. You sneezed, and Keigo hummed a ‘bless you’ before turning to Rin.

“So, I see you and (Y/N) are getting along well, Mr. Takami.” Rin stated, barely looking up from her paperwork.

“Oh yeah for SURE! Lucky here is super cool. We’ve gone on a few busts the last couple of months. She’s always coming out on top!” Hawks sounded like a proud father talking about his child’s sports accomplishments just then.

“And quirk development?” Rin questioned.

“My body heals any wound at an accelerated pace, like a timelapse, kind of. I can heal other people too, but it costs energy and can make me really tired.” You offered the information, and Rin nodded.

“Ah, good. So, as long as you get plenty of rest, you are capable of healing even fatal wounds?” The dark-haired woman asked, staring down at you past her long, thin nose, you nodded.

“Yes, I think so.” You answered her

“Think so?” She squinted.

“I haven’t-” You started, but Keigo was quick to take the blame.

“I haven’t taken her anywhere dangerous enough to have anyone be in a position to need that kind of healing.” Keigo admitted, chuckling lightly and scratching the back of his neck.

“Well, you should get on that. No way to know unless you try.” Rin clicked her pen, and wrote something down on her notepad.

“Rin, she’s a kid.” Keigo reminded her, and she rolled her eyes.

“So were you. Youth isn’t an excuse for laziness.” She sneered, and Hawks’ smile faltered.

“Ah- I don’t feel comfortable-” Keigo started, but was interrupted by Rin.

“Then take her to a HOSPITAL, Hawks. You’re smart enough to figure it out on your own.” She raised a single eyebrow, and adjusted her glasses. “And as for you, young lady, I hope you are not causing problems.” She glared down at you, and you shrunk under her gaze.

“Hey- No. Stop that-” Hawks’ wings sharpened, his nostrils flared. He placed a hand on your chest, and pushed you behind him. “Kiddo, Hey, can you do me a favor and go tell the pink-haired woman in the lobby to find my red lapel buttons?” Keigo asked, and you nodded, confused but compliant.

The second you left the room, Keigo’s warm smile dropped.

“Rin, that’s- you can’t talk to her like that.” He shook his head and sucked in a breath.“Don’t do that to her.” He tightened his jaw. “I’m taking care of her, we don’t need your help.” His glare could melt the icecaps.

“Keigo, she’s your responsibility, and you are MY responsibility. If you can’t produce the results I want, I will handle her however I deem fit.” Rin straightened, and looked Keigo in the eye. He didn’t shrink back the way he used to. Perplexing.

“I’m not a child anymore, Ma’am, and I’ll thank you to remember that.” Keigo spit. “Outside of delivering information and assistance with my rut, I don’t want any more contact with you. If I catch you near my kid again, I’ll hurt you.” He growled, and straightened.

Downstairs, Yumi, the pink-haired woman, absolutely talked your ear off, handing you sweet after sweet from her bag.

“My wife? She owns a coffee shop downtown, and one of her workers has a fun little quirk that can make anything taste like anything else. Try!” She handed you a plain baby carrot, but when you bit into it, it tasted like a chocolate bar.

“Holy cow!” You hummed, “Oh dude if I had a quirk like that, I would rule the world within a weekend!” you declared.

“I know right! She packs my lunch every day- Girl’s helped me lose thirty pounds in the last three months. Girl is a godsend- Ooh how old are you sweetheart?” Yumi changed the subject yet again, keeping you completely engrossed in conversation while she stalled for Hawks. She didn’t know WHAT he was doing up there, but if he asked for the RED buttons, chances were he was about to do something Illegal.

“I Just turned fourteen!” You smiled wide, and Yumi chuckled.

“Oh! High school next year right? You’re going to UA?”

“Yep! I’m pretty nervous to be honest, but Keigo and I have been training pretty hard!” You chewed on your carrots happily, finding that each new one tasted like a different sweet.

“Oh I’m sure! Ah speak of the devil!” She looked past you, and you turned around to find Hawks, looking happy as ever.

“Heyo! I just remembered the buttons are in my desk, thanks Yumi!” Keigo smiled, and Yumi nodded.

“Careful, Lucky, this one is all sorts of scatterbrained. You should see the sticky notes I have to leave in his office so he can get anything done.” Yumi teased, and Hawks laughed right along.

“I resemble that statement- ah jeeze, thanks for feeding the small, yumi. I owe you one! We’re kinda running behind schedule. Too many people needed to put on chapstick before Kissing All-Might’s ass.” Keigo joked, and your eyes widened in pure shock.

“Hey! People can hear you!” You whispered loudly, and he laughed.

“Yeah- oh I guess I forgot to tell you. This is my company!” He gestured to the building. “Everyone here works for me- and everyone’s signed an NDA so I can say whatever I want.” He chuckled, and clapped a hand over your back. “I have some paperwork to do, Go talk to Bluebeam so he can get your lunch order- he already knows mine.” Keigo patted the top of your head, and you nodded.

Chapter Text

You ended up needing to be put in the advanced section for the parkour class. Keigo sat idly, with the group of moms, watching you. They all fawned over him, giggling and asking if he had a younger brother or something no one knew about.

“Oh no, Just my Protege.” He smiled warmly, pointing at you as you used a back-handspring to get from one box to another. Your judgement of distance and timing was unparalleled. Keigo expected as much, he did wish you the best.

“Oh, she’s a cutie!” A familiar voice calls from Keigo’s left, and he looks up to see The radio demon himself.

“Mic? What are you doing here?”

“Ah, Checking in on progress with my Angel.” He pointed ahead at a girl, with large, white wings that she tucked close to her back as she worked. Her hair was a mess, and she looked bone-dead tired. She wore what looked to be a red gymnast’s leotard, and, strangely enough, six-inch stilettos. Keigo grimaced.

“Didn’t know you had a kid, Mic?” The winged hero said smoothly, it sounded genuine enough, despite the snide comments in his head.

“Oh, She’s my girlfriend.” Mic grinned, and sighed. He cleared his throat, and quirked out. “Faster Angel, we don’t have all day!” At his demand, the girl huffed, and narrowed her gaze, but followed directions. Keigo watched her ankle roll, but the girl did not falter. He knew that must’ve hurt.

“She looks… young?” Keigo was growing more and more uncomfortable. You were right next to the other girl, Flipping through the air like a damn coin. He knew that Mic wasn’t looking at YOU, but it was still mighty annoying that you were anywhere near his gaze.

“She’s Eighteen.” Mic shrugged. Keigo tried not to think about the fact that that was only a four-year difference between you and her. He heard all about Mic’s exploits from Endeavor after The Voice hero offered an internship to Fuyumi. He had to personally talk the flame hero down from murder.

“Aren’t you thirty though?”

“Don’t play high and mighty with me, Hawks.” Mic rolled his eyes. “Staring at that actual child like that- even I have standards.” Mic scoffed, and sat back in his seat, legs spread wide. “If I find out you’re trying to get into a middle-schoolers pants I’ll castrate you.” Mic said lowly, seriously. “I don’t care what your rank is, or what the commission thinks of you. There’s some things that even heroes shouldn’t be allowed to do.”

As strange as it was, Mic’s threats sent a cool air of relief through Keigo. At least the guy wasn’t an actual pedophile. Silver linings, he guessed.

“Lucky is more… I’m in the process of adopting her.” Keigo muttered. “I’m working on it, at least. There’s a lot in the way right now. You understand.” Keigo took a deep breath, and leaned back in his seat, watching you swing from rafter to pipe, looking like Tarzan met Simone Biles. Mic huffed once from his nose.

“You better be fucking telling the truth, Takami. I’ll know if you try anything with her.” Mic threatened ominously, and Keigo bit back a laugh.

“Sure thing, cradle-robber.” Keigo rolled his eyes. Mic squinted, but said nothing else. Keigo took the opportunity to appraise ‘Angel’. He recognized her, kind of. They’d worked together, once or twice. Rin had her profile placed on Keigo’s desk last rut, but he had no interest in someone based on quirk compatibility. Her hero name WAS Angel. She was one of the very few healers. Touching her wings healed wounds, touching her skin was a painkiller.

The girl could make it on her own. Easily. She didn’t NEED someone like Mic footing all of her bills.

Keigo felt a twitch in his heart, and it was YOUR fault. He couldn’t go around feeling bad for every young girl being taken advantage of by the system. He didn’t have time to waste caring about other people like that.

You lost your footing, and began to fall forward, and Keigo’s entire chest seized. Several feathers flew toward you, but you shot out an arm and grasped the edge of the jump, swinging yourself to the side and hopping to a new grip. Keigo felt his heart in his throat as you dismounted.

“Damn Papa bear, chill.” Mic swatted Keigo’s wing out of his face, and laughed. “Jeeze, she’s FINE. Angel is out there, if your itty bitty gets hurt, Angel can handle it.” Mic eyed his ‘girlfriend’, gaze appraising her ass- undoubtedly his favorite part of her. That or the wings. Mic does LOVE the wings.

“Angel looks ragged.” Keigo commented, grimacing at the sight of the girl. The golden scrunchie keeping her hair up seemed to be slipping out, and her balance was all sorts of off. She wasn’t using her wings at all, even as anchors. They stayed completely still by her sides.

“Oh yeah, Caught her staying up past her bedtime and now she gets to learn why she has a bedtime.” Mic’s jacket creaked as he shifted in his seat to get more comfortable. He pulled out his phone, and tilted the screen at Keigo, showing off an app with what looked like a heartbeat wave and a circle. Mic swiped his thumb over the circle, and Angel suddenly lost all footing, stumbling to the next jump.

Keigo knew what that was. He owned one of those.

“Gonna tire her out nice and good, and take her ass home for a nap before patrol. Damn brat.” Despite his harsh words, Mic smiled, almost lovingly as he stared at the winged girl.

“I don’t get it. Are you fucking her, or are you taking care of her?” Keigo questioned, and Mic hummed.

“Why not both?” Mic shrugged. “I like having a sweet little thing to control and to dote on me.” Mic licked his bottom lip, and dragged the flesh between his teeth. “A good woman is like a good tissue. Not used by anyone else, Accessible, durable, dependable, and disposable. Hell, men are too if you’re into that. But I don’t have the patience.” Mic chuckled lightly to himself. Keigo had to remind himself not to punch the other blonde.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t until you were back at Hawks’ apartment that the headache started, you stumbled a bit when Keigo let you down onto the balcony, and he frowned, catching you.

“Woah little lady- you okay?” He questioned, holding you up. You nodded reflexively.

“Yeah- yeah, I’m a little woozy? I think I just need dinner.” You reached up, cradling your spinning head between your hands. Keigo furrowed his brows, and reached up, placing the back of his hand against your forehead. His eyes widened, and he sighed.

“You’ve got a fever.” His hand slipped down, prodding your neck. “No swelling in your nodes though.” He ushered you inside, and when you couldn’t move fast enough, he scooped you up like a baby. You squeaked, but ultimately didn’t fight it- It was Hawks, Pro hero and Mentor. It wasn’t the first time he’d carried you.

“Should we call your mom?” Keigo sat you down on the couch, and pulled out his phone, but hesitated.

“If she picks up, it’ll be news to me.” You laughed at your own joke, but Keigo found nothing funny.

“Well- okay, uh… I’ll call Yumi then. She… can make soup?” Keigo wasn’t sure what he was doing- at all. To be completely honest, he was floundering. Sick child- what do?! Birdbrain was kicking in at this point, and he was panicking.

“Sounds good.” You nodded, and groaned. The headache was getting worse by the moment. Keigo’s jacket was still warm around your body, but you were shivering.

Keigo couldn’t fucking have that. Not even for a moment. He disappeared into the hall, dialing Yumi’s number as quickly as he could and pinning the phone to his ear with his shoulder. He ripped open the linen closet and dug through it for blankets. Yumi picked up after a few rings, and Keigo spoke before she had a chance to.

“Okay, so, I think Lucky has a fever. I have Tylenol and blankets- How do I make soup?!” Keigo spoke quickly, hurriedly. He needed to figure this the fuck out and Fast or he would lose his goddamn mind.

“Calm down, Hawks.” Yumi chuckled. “What’s her fever at? You shouldn’t medicate her if it’s below a hundred.”

“I don’t have a thermometer! I don’t have anything for this!” He was panicking- that much was obvious, but he kept his voice at a whisper in an attempt not to worry you as well. He didn’t even know WHY he was so worried. You weren’t bleeding or puking- you were mostly fine! He’d dealt with actual dying people on a regular basis, so why was he in such a tizzy over a little fever?!

“Chill out. I’m on my way with Thea and the dogs.” Yumi spoke in a calming tone, already waving her wife to the door and slipping on her shoes.

“Thank you!” Keigo sighed in relief, and Yumi laughed as she hung up. Okay, That solved at least one problem. Keigo hurried with the blankets back to you- Boneless on the couch. “Hey there Lucky-Ducky.” Keigo tried to put on a calm demeanor- freaking out would not help you at all. “Yumi and her puppies are on the way.” He informed,dropping the blankets next to you on the couch. Keigo started unfolding blankets, tucking them around you.

Truth be told, Keigo hadn’t the faintest idea what the fuck he was doing, but instincts told him this was right.

“I’m fine.” you protested, but you were looking more flushed by the minute, and Keigo’s panic was not at all quelled. “It’s probably because I went flying with m hair wet. It’s just a head cold.” You informed him, snuggling into the incredibly soft blankets and wincing, holding your temples.

“You can get sick from that?!” Keigo saw the pain on your face, and everything in him SCREAMED ‘fix’. Morphine?! Tramadol?! What could he do? His feathers flew to his bathroom, pulling every form of pain relief he had stocked up- but a thought occurred.

You were a kid- you were TINY and he had no idea what dosage to use- if he overdid it he could make you worse!

Goddamn it kids are difficult and confusing and-

“Yeah. The temperature change is what does it.” You hummed, breaking his thoughts in two like a goddamn toothpick. YOU were calm, perfectly at ease despite the clear mortal danger you were in- fevers can be FATAL don’t you know?!

“Noted.” He huffed, sitting down next to you. He was antsy. Everything in him was telling him to keep you warm- but he had no godly clue on how to do that.

He barely registered grabbing you before you were nestled in his lap, still shivering under the blankets.

You shifted slightly, shoving your face into his chest. He was warm, and huge-

And maybe you craved this kind of paternal contact.

“Can I get you anything?” He hummed, and you shook your head. His heart was clenching in his chest.

“Maybe call Katsuki?” you mumbled. “Last time I got sick he made soup… I was all better by the next day.” You shrugged. Keigo furrowed his brow. Katsuki made soup? Not his mom?

He thought Katsuki was a bully, and rude- why would he make you soup?

Oh- resentment. He probably resented having a younger sibling to care for- it really didn’t seem like the Bakugo’s took any responsibility for you- if that boy was the only one watching out for you-

Damn it Keigo, paperwork LATER. Soup NOW.

You pulled out your phone, and texted Katsuki.

Lucky: Need ur chiccky noodle recipe

Kaachan: ???

Lucky: am sick

Lucky: Need noodle

Kaachan: How tf did you get sick?

Lucky: Went flying with wet hair

Kaachan: Ur so stupid

Kaachan: I hate u

Kaachan: Come home so i can make u ur fuckin soup dumbass.

Lucky: Cant. send recipe

Kaachan: I don’t have one i just throw shit in the pot till it’s done.

Lucky: That’s not v helpful.

Kaachan: Give me an address I’ll uber there.

You showed Keigo your phone, and he frowned, and sighed.

“Thirty two fifteen, Hero way, apartment C- twelve.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki was not a feelings kind of guy. He really, truly had no idea how to handle his own emotions, let alone someone else’s. But he still thought it would be pretty fucked up if he didn’t tell Deku that his only friend was sick.

So, he reared his fist and pounded on the Midoriya residence’s front door. Loud, quick, and demanding. Deku was the one to answer- Katsuki had to remind himself not to curse the kid out for simply existing.

“Lucky’s sick. We’re going to Hawks’ place and making soup.” Katsuki pushed past Deku into the house, and headed straight for the kitchen. He slipped off his backpack and unzipped it.

“Wait- what?” Izuku followed hot on Katuski’s heels, concerned and more than a little confused.

“I’m grabbing soup shit. Keep up, Jesus Christ I knew you were Useless, but do you have to be brainless too?!” Katsuki grunted, throwing open the fridge and dumping the entire contents of the vegetable drawer into his bookbag.

“Right- ah- we have vegetables- oh! Garlic! My mom grows it in the garden! Garlic has antiseptic properties that help the immune system protect against the cold virus. But that’ll only help if she has a cold- what Kind of sick is she? Is she throwing up or does she have diarrhea because if so we should probably grab Gatorade or something too- oh if she has a fever she might need medicine for that- oh but if she’s stuffy, the oil in garlic is a natural expectorant that breaks up mucus to clear congestion-”

“Oh my god please shut the fuck up and start putting shit in the bag.” Katsuki smacked the back of Deku’s head, breaking him out of his long, mumbl-y tirade. “Or I’m gonna fuckin’ leave you here and not let you see her.” Katsuki threatened.

“You can’t keep her away from me like that Kaachan!” Izuku’s panic was palpable. Katsuki rolled his eyes, more than a little annoyed at the tone of the green-haired boy’s tone.

“I didn’t even have to tell you she was sick. I’m TRYING to be nice but it’s real’ fuckin’ difficult when you make me want to put your goddamn head through a brick wall.” Katsuki let several loud, weak explosions erupt from his palms. Izuku got the message.

“Right! Right! Thank you! Sorry!” Izuku scrambled to the cabinet, pulling out anything that vaguely made sense for soup- He didn’t know what KIND of soup they were going to make, but soup in general seemed like a decent enough idea.

It wasn’t missed by Izuku, what Katsuki had said. He was trying to be nice. He said that. Out loud. He wa TRYING to be nice. On YOUR behalf. For YOU. Because YOU needed the rivalry to take a pause, a breather.

Once again, Izuku had proven himself right. Katsuki WAS soft for you, so much so, that you softened him just enough to let Izuku inside too.

The bag filled, both boys waited on Izuku’s front porch for the uber to arrive.

“Why don’t we just call her and wish for her to not be sick anymore?” Katsuki broke the silence, furrowing his brow, confused.

“If we do that we won’t be able to go see her.” Izuku shrugged, and Katsuki froze. A cold chill washed up his back. Izuku was right, of course, but it was still kind of fucked up to let you suffer like that just because he wanted to see you. “Besides, the soup will have her all patched up in no time. She’s bee working really hard anway, so this’ll be a good break for her. And we can scope out Hawks and make sure he’s taking care of her right.” Izuku postulated, and leaned back, his arms were incredibly sore from this morning’s workout, and his legs were not in a much better position.

Katsuki digressed. The nerd had a point.

“How do the wishes even work anyway? Like does she have to grant them? Is it anything? Is there a limit?” Katsuki’s heart quickened at the idea- he could wish date you. He could wish for you- he could wish for Mrs.Midoriya to adopt you, and then he could have you and Izuku COULD NOT.

“She doesn’t have a choice. It’s granted no matter what, and there is no limit. She can’t make the wishes herself. It’s where her sudden healing quirk came from.” Izuku explained.

“Wait so… I can wish for anything? And it’ll just come true?” Katsuki’s brows scrunched up as he glanced over at Izuku, who was sitting several feet away, picking at the grass.

“Yep. Pretty much. It even works on Lucky herself. But you shouldn’t overuse it or make her do stuff she doesn’t want to. She gets really upset if you force it. You could always make her forget with another wish- but that seems kinda shady.” Izuku shrugged.

“Got it.” Katsuki stared down at the pristine concrete of Izuku’s porch. It was wrong. He couldn’t do that to you. He wouldn’t. Not after you went and hugged him and cried all over him when he swore to not.

He wouldn’t wish for you to not be his responsibility anymore.

He wouldn’t wish to have you the way he wanted to.

Katsuki was never selfish. Not once, not ever. He was brash, and mean, and self-entitled and maybe a little more than arrogant, but he WASN’T a selfish bastard, and he WOULDN’T use your quirk. Not now, not ever unless it was for YOU. For whatever YOU wanted. For YOUR best interest.

And he knew all too well that your best interest was NOT him.

Because he was brash, and mean, and self-entitled and way too fucking arrogant to deserve someone like you. You were too soft, too kind and gentle. You were selfless and modest and PRETTY.

So goddamn pretty it physically hurt him to have to look at your face sometimes. Mostly because he really was not supposed to.

Katsuki was not a feelings kind of guy. He really, truly had no idea how to handle his own emotions, let alone someone else’s. He wasn’t comfortable with emotions. He never really was. Sadness and love were confusing, and painful, and gross. Anger- he understood that. He could be angry, that was easy. He could always be angry, and no one would make fun of him for it.

Chapter Text


That was one way to describe two teenage boys, three dogs, a pro hero, a very sick girl, and a pair of lesbians piling together in a never-used kitchen, desperately trying to make a decent chicken noodle soup.

You sat, cuddled under a pile of blankets with all three dogs.

Well, two dogs, and a wolf dog.

Yumi’s wife, Thea, owned a coffee shop, but her quirk allowed her to talk to canines, only canines though.

You found it strange- someone with a quirk working a job that had nothing to do with said quirk. Weird even- but… welcome. A breath of fresh air.

That’s what Thea was. A breath of fresh air. Hair-brained, and chatty, and eclectic in every way. Beautiful.

“I see, and I understand what you’re saying, but kiddo the chicken has to be COOKED before it goes into the broth.” Thea tried gently, but Katsuki was not fucking having it.

“No, if it’s BOILED in the broth with all of the aromatics it’ll have more flavor.” Katsuki was trying his damndest not to raise his voice- you still had a headache.

“Okay, and- what do we bake these at?” Izuku murmured, and Yumi smiled down at him, ruffling his hair.

“I bought a cook book recently, but it’s kinda shit. I think we’ll have to fix some of the recip- hey, Katsuki, why don’t you come over here and help us with the cookies sweetheart, we could use a master chef.” Yumi saw the glaring red and green in Katsuki’s aura, and intervened expertly. Katsuki growled, and moved away from the soup pot.

“Fuckin’ fine. Gonna busy a blood vessel dealing with that psycho.” Katsuki sneered at Thea, who laughed and patted his back. Once again, Katsuki struggled to keep his temper in check.

For you, he reminded himself. Only for you.

“How you doin’ Ducky?” Keigo slid into sit next to you. He’d changed out of his hero uniform- it was strange to see him in snoopy pajama pants and a faded Hocus Pocus Tee shirt, and even stranger to see him so frazzled.

“I’m okay.” You shrugged, leaning your head on the giant Wolfdog. The chihuahua sat in your lap, the Great Dane laid at your feet, keeping them warm. Hawks nodded, and smiled.

He was way out of his depth here. Keigo Takami was not a kid person. He didn’t like kids most of the time- they tended to be annoying and up his ass because of his status as a popular Hero. And then there was… You. You treated him like a PERSON. You worried over him getting sick from giving you a hug, and you chastised him for wearing his uniform when he was clocked out- and you warned him against arguing with the blonde kid for his safety.

“How the FUCK- NO! It says to CREAM the butter you IDIOT! You can’t do that if it’s MELTED!” Kastuki smacked the back of Izuku’s head, and Yumi watched as the blonde’s aura tinged mustard yellow-

Fear? Why would the kid be afraid? That made no sense? It was just butter. It wouldn’t make anyone sick, and it wouldn’t COMPLETELY ruin the cookes- though it might make them flatter than they were supposed to be.

“But it’s too hard to mix Kaachan!” Izuku protested, though his aura was pink and pale yellow- Love, joy and excitement? That made even LESS sense? He was getting yelled at- and even Yumi had to admit the Taller boy was a little scary. She didn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of those blasts.

None of the dogs were at all bothered by the noise, and Thea ignored he unfolding issue completely, focusing on your soup.

“THAT’S WHY YOU USE THE FUCKING ROOM TEMPERATURE BUTTER LIKE IT SAYS TO YOU ABSOLUTE WASTE OF-” Keigo covered your ears in his large hands before he cut Katsuki off.

“OI!” The hero shouted. “Keep it down! Ducky still has a headache.” Keigo warned, eyes narrowing at the arguing boys. “If you two can’t get along, I’m going to make you SHARE one of my shirts. Don’t test me.” The man looked between the two, who gaped at him. Katsuki so badly wanted to just fry the fucker like the chicken he was- but your eyes were all screwed shut- you were in pain, and not only was it his fault, but he had the means to end it, and didn’t over his own selfishness. Having to behave was his punishment, he surmised.

“But he-” Katuki began to argue, albeit a lot quiter.

“No buts, I don’t believe in spanking children.” Keigo shook his head, and released your ears. “Leave your drama at the door. No arguing in my house.” Keigo raised a single eyebrow at the children. Katsuki glared, but Izuku hung his head, ashamed.

“Sorry.” Izuku murmured, but Katsuki just scoffed. Keigo REALLY did not like that kid.

Disrespectful little shit.

“Bakugo, go in my bathroom and grab the tylenol, I think Ducky is due for another round.” Keigo hoped giving the shithead purpose would get him out of the way, but it only served to piss off the angry pomeranian more.

LEAVING you ALONE with these freaks? Yeah fuckin’ right!

In the end, Katsuki rushed to the bathroom, grabbed the meds, and was by your side before you had time to argue in Keigo’s favor.

“You want water or tea?” No one in the room missed how soft the boy’s voice went when he spoke to you, especially not Keigo. The kid walked in to his place over an hour ago absolutely REEKING of cortisol, and every time he spoke to you, got near you, or even looked at you, his levels dropped like a goddamn bowling ball off the empire state building.

“Tea, please.” You Hummed, and reached out from the blankets, making grabby hands. Katsuki moved quickly, but rolled his eyes at you.

“Fuckssake you’re so goddamn annoying.” He spat at you. His voice sounded angry, but his heart slowed and his eyes went soft and Yumi watched that aura turn pink.


Keigo made eye contact with Yumi, who made eye contact with Thea, who made eye contact with Keigo.

And they all knew.

Izuku was staring at Katsuki. Katsuki was staring at you, and you were staring down at the puppy in your lap.

Yumi watched as Izuku’s eyes locked on you, and that pink grew brighter- and it all made sense.

Chapter Text

Katsuki was… uncomfortable to say the least. Sat between Hawks and Deku on a couch, watching some dumb cartoon while your head was in his lap. Your torso was draped over Deku, and you had a cold pack being held to your forehead by a headband. You were engrossed in the movie, eyes half-lidded, breath coming slow and soft.

Katsuki tried not to stare at you, but it was really hard when you were all… cute and stuff. Really unfair, honestly. With your stupid shiny hair and your dumb sparkly eyes and your ridiculously soft skin- god you couldn’t be any more annoyingly pretty. You really couldn’t even if you tried- please don’t try though, Katsuki was SURE he’d probably just DIE if you started wearing lipgloss and dresses and other girly shit like that. He couldn’t handle that.

Yumi and Thea had already gone home, taking Atlas the Chihuahua, Persephone the Wolfdog, and Achilles the Great Dane with them. They’d also left several gallons of chicken noodle soup- and several dozen cookies, and a few pans of brownies, and a couple of pies. Yumi instructed Keigo to call a doctor if your condition worsened or if it persisted more than two days. Keigo took her word as gospel, and Thea promised to have a worker deliver coffee the next morning.

Izuku was … having the time of his life. Not only was he allowed to basically cuddle you, but your BOOB was on his LEG, and he was sitting next to Kaachan- WHO HAD HIS ARM AROUND HIM. Distantly, he was aware that it was simply more comfortable to sit with one arm slung over the back of the couch, but Izuku was perfectly content pretending you were all cuddling.

Izuku’s LEFT hand rested on your upper back, flat between your shoulder blades. Any higher, and he’d get smacked away by Kaachan- and, while Izuku desperately wished to be able to play with your hair, he wasn’t going to get greedy and risk this all being ripped away from him.

Izuku’s RIGHT hand was the one keeping him hostage. Laid flat and wide over the thin pajama pants on your upper left thigh, two inches away from touching your butt. Just two inches! So little and yet way too much. There’s no way he could get away with moving up any higher though- especially with Kaachan AND Hawks right here.

Keigo was… Passed the fuck out. Listen, he had been dead tired by the time the two of you had gotten home, after several meetings and having to leave your parkour class multiple times for incidents and rescues- and the stress of you being sick just piled on top of it. Now that he had had a decently large meal AND was sitting still, he couldn’t help but lean his head to the side, and knock right the fuck out.

And then there was you. You were warm, and Cozy, laying on your stomach, legs tangled in several blankets with your torso splayed over Izuku’s lap. Katsuki’s hand tangled in your hair, scratching lightly at your scalp as you watched your movie. Soft snores came from Keigo, every once in a while Izuku would point something out about the movie and go on a mumble spree, only to be smacked in the back of the head by Katsuki, and everything was well. Everything was good.


Things were not going so well for Tomura Shigaraki.

“I TOLD you waiting was a bad idea! She’s with fucking HAWKS now- and she DENIED my wish! TWICE!” Tomura’s nails scraped against the tender skin of his neck, frustration and fear lacing his tone.

“We have already wished for success, Tomura. Please, be patient. There are things at work that neither of us understand.” All For One was not nearly as upset. He had contingency plan atop contingency plan- and it seemed that everything was falling together. Minor setbacks such as denied access to you for a short period of time were inconsequential. There was no reason to fret over denied wishes, He’d taken your ability to choose before, and he would again. It wasn’t a difficult maneuver.

“I don’t understand why we haven’t just kept her with us all these years! What is the point of letting her live with those boot-lickers?!” Tomura spat, scratching harder. Blood started to leak over the collar of his black tee shirt.

“If we were ever to be discovered, she would have been taken into Commission custody, and used against us. It was always safer to let the world think she was quirkless. Her wishes are only limited by the butterfly effect, again, you have to be careful what you wish for, difficult tasks tend to have dire consequences.” All for one attempted to soothe his young protege, but as always, the boy was impulsive, angry- the way he had been taught, the way he had been trained. The way All for one needed him to be.

“But what if all of our wishes are already canceled?! What will we do then?!” Tomura demanded an answer, and All for one chuckled.

“There is an easy way to test that theory.” Master suggested, leaning forward ever so slightly. The screen his image was shown through flickered.

“Give me guidance, master!” Tomura begged, and his master nodded.

“Find the girl again, and touch her. If she turns to dust, she was useless anyway. If not, there may be a way to get her back.” All For one had no qualms with killing you if you ceased to provide what he needed from you.

“Real’ fuckin difficult with her in the Commission watchdog’s LAP!” Tomura threw his scotch glass at the wall, shattering it and spraying dark liquor over the tattered wallpaper.

“Perhaps wait until she is more accessible,” Master suggested lightly.

“When will that be?!” Tomura’s impatience was consistent.

“Well, for now, we know that she will be attending UA. With AllMight as her teacher.” All for one smirked, leaning back in his seat again and folding his hands together.

“Two birds, one stone?” Tomura had begun to calm down.

“Precisely.” All for one grinned.

Chapter Text

“Lucky?” Katsuki asked softly, but you didn’t respond. You were completely out, drooling on his goddamn pants. He’d fallen asleep too- you all had. Deku’s head rested on Katsuki’s chest. Hawks ended up curled up in a ball on the other end of the couch- how a seven foot tall man with a twelve foot wingspan managed to look SMALL Katsuki would never know.

Katsuki looked around the room, the only flickering light coming from the TV screen. There were no signs that Hawks was anything more than a twenty-one year old guy. Some really old movie posters, giant flatscreen that- oh, now that he was looking at it, wasn’t a flatscreen at all, it was a giant projector.

The couch was soft, the apartment was clean, and Hawks… as much as Katsuki hated to admit it, was a good guy. You really seemed to trust him. You leaned on him, you listened to him.

Hawks was kind, he had money, and he cared about you.

And you only had to hear the wishes for them to be granted.

Katsuki swallowed, and looked down at Izuku, snuggled into Katsuki’s chest, hands curled into your hair. The curly haired boy’s breathing was slow and even. He was completely unconscious. Good.

Katsuki would have to be VERY careful, no one could ever know what he wished for.

He took a deep breath, and moved the arm that was draped over the couch to cradle Izuku’s head more tightly to his chest. Careful. He had to be careful. If Deku woke up, he’d know. He’d hold it against him.

You couldn’t know either. You’d be pissed.

Katsuki leaned in, very close. He tried not to think about how you smelled like apples. He tried not to think about how much he never even noticed he LIKED apples until you stepped into his house, two years ago, absolutely REEKING of them.

“I wish Hawks would adopt you.” He whispered, right in your ear. He leaned back, looking at your face. Nothing looked different. Nothing seemed different at all. Katsuki sighed, and adjusted back into his original position before smacking the back of Izuku’s head. The curly haired boy startled. “Oi! Keep it down or you’ll wake her.” Katsuki hissed.

“Is she okay?” Izuku mumbled, stretching slightly, but being cautious not to jostle you. “Jeeze- it’s late!” He whispered, glancing at the digital clock on the wall. One in the morning- ah, his mom knew he was with Hawks and Lucky though, so she probably wasn’t worried. Kaachan’s parents probably didn’t bother checking his room after they got home- they usually worked really late anyway.

“Yeah, but she’s knocked. I have to get her to bed or she’ll be sore as shit tomorrow.” Katsuki’s voice was far quieter than Izuku had ever heard it before, it was honestly kind of adorable. “She’s gotta wash her face too or she’s gonna break out- and she’ll never stop bitching.” Katsuki moved to shake you awake, but Izuku stopped him with a single hand on his shoulder.

“We can take care of it without waking her up- She needs the rest.” Izuku pointed out, and Katsuki nodded in understanding, and reached over Izuku’s lap, sliding his arm under your legs and cradling your head in the other arm. Izuku froze, Katsuki’s hair was pressed into his face while the blonde adjusted you. The younger boy could smell the Vanilla mint shampoo his not-quite friend used, as well as his natural Caramel scent.

“Where’s her bedroom?” Katsuki questioned as he pulled away, struggling slightly to lift you as he stood. Izuku followed right after, bending back slightly to pop his spine.

“Earlier when I had to go to the bathroom there was a door on the east hall that was open- her blankets were on the bed.” Izuku led the charge to the hall, but Katsuki waved him off with rolled eyes and a shaken head.

“I’ll put Lucky down. You go get a warm wet rag for her face.” Kaachan’s voice was low and calm- not even a little angry at Izuku. Izuku felt his face heat up and his chest tighten. It was all finally coming together.

“Okay!’ Izuku nodded, skittering off to the bathroom to do as Kaachan said before he changed his mind about being nice- Jeeze, you should be sick more often! This is super nice!

Honestly, Izuku was having the best day of his life! Kaachan had been nice to him all day, you were all cuddly and sweet, and he’d had enough chocolate chip cookies to feed a small country.

Izuku got the rag and the water, and hurried back to the bedroom. Kaachan was already tucking you in.

“Good thing she was already in pajamas right?” Izuku hummed, stepping into the room.

“These aren’t her favorites though- she forgot to do her laundry again. She would want to be wearing the cat onesie.” Kaachan mumbled, and looked over to the corner. “She wore those last night- she wanted to be comfortable to sleep. These are her second favorite.”

Izuku was taken completely aback.
Kaachan was opening up to him. It was only about you- but it was a start. Kaachan was SHARING a part of himself with Izuku.

Izuku sat by your side, and carefully wiped at your face with the rag. You didn’t stir. You’d started to sweat from the fever- the boys both hoped that was a good sign.

“You know a lot about Lucky Kaachan. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that you had a crush on her before.” Izuku noted, and Katsuki shrugged.

“No one can know. Not until she’s safe. If someone finds out, they’ll send her away.” Kaachan looked over at the curly haired boy, and swallowed. “I- I didn’t mean what I said before. You shouldn’t- look, I don’t care if you’re into dudes. I won’t tell anyone.” Katsuki shook his head, and chewed the inside of his cheek. “I guess I have to protect both of you idiots now.”

Chapter Text

Hawks was still asleep when the boys returned to the living room. The air was warm, the apartment still smelled heavily of vanilla and brown sugar from the sweet treats the group had made. It was thundering outside, and the large wall of windows showed heavy rain and occasional lightning. Both boys felt the tiredness set into their bones, eyes dry and heavy, feet dragging.

“What do we do now?” Izuku questioned, struggling to even stand up straight anymore in his exhaustion. He’d had a several hour-long training session with All might from four in the morning until six PM, and then you were sick- Don’t get him wrong, it was also the best day of his life- but he was absolutely wiped.

“The couch is big enough for both of us to sleep on opposite ends if we wake up chicken nugget.” Katsuki kept his voice down, and he didn’t hit Izuku for once. He was finding it difficult to even keep his eyes open at this point. His back hurt from sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours because he refused to move while you were laying on his lap. He just wanted to go the fuck to sleep, and he didn’t rightly give a shit if that meant sharing a couch with goddamn Deku.

“I don’t know Kaachan, he looks super tired.” Izuku warned, but Katsuki gave zero fucks. He was tired as shit, and this seven-foot-tall bird would not stand between him and a good night’s sleep. Fighting the son of a bitch would be noisy though- and waking you up was not an option. The blonde boy groaned.

“I bet he is, but that’s not our problem now, is it?” Katsuki rolled his eyes, and approached Keigo, shoving the hero in the shoulder. Hawks stirred, and groaned. He rubbed one of those huge hands over his face, and blinked up at the kids standing awkwardly above him

“What’s wrong?” Keigo grumbled out, eyes barely open. “You guys okay?” He moved to sit up slightly, popping bones in his back along the way. His brain struggled to catch up to his body- he was not really awake, but he could be if he needed to be. A whiff of danger and he’d be on that shit like white on rice.

“It’s like one in the morning and we don’t know where to sleep.” Katsuki answered in a low growl, crossing his arms. “We already put Lucky to bed.” The explosive boy muttered. Keigo nodded in half-understanding. The smalls were safe, and they needed to be put to bed. Okay. He could handle that.

“You two can take my room. Right across the hall from Lucky’s.” Keigo yawned, and flopped onto his side, curling up comically small under a huge blanket. “Bed’s an Alaskan king. You’ll both fit. Silk sheets.” Keigo yawned again, and waved the boys off with his wing, draping the plumage over himself and covering his face. “Wake me up if you need anything.” Keigo instructed. Izuku nodded and muttered out a “thank you” while Katsuki immediately turned on his heel, determined to find that promised sleep.

“How the fuck have I gotten suckered into sharing a bed with you twice in the last six months?” Katsuki sneered, pushing past Izuku to walk into the hall. Izuku kept up, walking in step with the blonde. Izuku stifled a giggle at the question, slightly delirious. The answer, of course, was obvious. It was you. Izuku’s Lucky Star was the only reason anything good happened. You were an absolute gift.

“Do you want a real answer or was that rhetorical?” Izuku quipped, only to be smacked in the back of the head. He relished in the contact. It wasn’t as hard as usual, it almost felt affectionate. Kaachan was accepting him, he didn’t protest to sleeping next to him with Hawks, when normally he would have, and LOUDLY. Izuku almost didn’t want to go to sleep. This whole day had felt like a dream. He was terrified that when he woke up, this would all be over. He would be in his own bed. Kaachan would hate him again, and you’d be gone.

“Shut up.” Katsuki growled, and opened the bedroom door. Hawks’ bedroom was even bigger than lucky’s, with an attached bathroom and an absolutely enormous bed- like, the thing had to be nine feet long on all sides big. It made sense, the boys both thought. Hawks was HUGE. Katsuki slipped off his shirt and Jeans, and climbed into the bed in his boxers, staying all the way to one side.

Izuku thought, for a moment, he had died and gone to heaven.

There was Kaachan, mostly naked and all muscly, climbing into a bed, right in front of him. Fuck. Fuck! Izuku’s heart pounded out of his chest. Kaachan’s words didn’t match his actions, but that was nothing new. He said the same kind of stuff to you, but he didn’t mean it. Izuku was careful to pay more attention to the tone. Kaachan was only tired and irritable, it had nothing to do with how he felt about Izuku, obviously.

“H-hey Kaachan, I thought you wore a shirt to sleep in?” Izuku questioned, trying his best to not stare. Fucking Bisexual panic was to the max today, he guessed.

“Only around Lucky so she doesn’t get uncomfortable. We’re both dudes. It shouldn’t matter.” Katsuki grumbled, and turned over, keeping his back to the shorter boy, who was still standing on the other side of the bed. “Is this a gay thing?” He asked suddenly, lowly. “I can put it back on if-”

“No! No- it’s- I was just curious, that’s all.” Izuku deflected, scrambling to remove his own shirt and cargo shorts.

“Then shut the fuck up and let me sleep.” Katsuki warned, gripping hard onto his pillow and shoving his face into it.

“Right. Sorry. Goodnight.” Izuku mumbled, sliding into the bed. There was a solid six feet between them, but they were nearly NAKED, in the SAME BED. Izuku was wide awake now. His heart was pounding straight out of his chest.

“Eat shit and die.” Katsuki mumbled back, face still shoved into the pillow.

Izuku did not sleep at all that night.

Chapter Text

“Alrighty-roo Ducky! Full schedule today! I have several meetings with Heroes and stuff- but that seems too boring for you, so I’m gonna drop you off with Bluebeam, and he’s gonna take you around town to do hero stuff.” Keigo chewed on his pancakes as Katsuki continued to flip new ones. You sat in the counter next to the stove, watching carefully as Katsuki cooked. Every once in a while, he would ask for butter or a new plate, and you’d pass it to him.

“Oi! Pay attention big bird!” Katsuki growled, drawing Keigo’s attention again. Izuku sat next to Keigo, eating his own too-large stack of pancakes. He sort of looked like he was struggling to finish, but was too awkward to deny Katsuki when the blonde piled another on his plate.

“What? All you’re doing is flipping them!” Keigo complained through a mouthful of food.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, you’ll choke.” you warned him carefully, and he nodded, closing his mouth and swallowing.

“There’s a PROCESS! You have to wait for there to be bubbles popping in the middle- and the edges have to be dry!” Katsuki pointed out, and grabbed your hand. “Here, I’ll show you how to flip it right so you don’t get batter fuckin’ everywwhere.” Katsuki pressed the spatula into your palm, and covered over your fist with his own, pressing his other hand between your shoulder blades. Carefully, Katsuki assisted you in sliding the edge of the spatula under the pancake, and twisted your wrist to flip the pancake. To your surprise, it was picture-perfect on the other side.

“Why can’t I just buy the frozen Microwave ones?” Keigo joked, not missing the body language between the three of you. It seemed Midoriya had a hard time telling either of you no, Bakugo was far nicer to you than to Midoriya, and you were completely unaware of how both of them looked at you. Internally, Keigo grimaced. You were too young for boys- even if these two were not really that bad. Keigo knew what they were like- he knew how fucking MEAN Bakugo could be to you, and he knew the back-stabby shit that Midoriya had done. He didn’t really trust wither of the boys, but, he trusted you, and he trusted that you could handle them.

“Because you’re a grown man and not an eight-year-old!” Katsuki kept his voice down even in his anger, not wanting to be yelling right into your sensitive ears. Katsuki removed his hand from yours. Pouring more batter into the pan. “You gotta flip this one by yourself, dumbass.” He muttered, crossing his arms.

“It’s faster! I don’t have time to sit around making pancakes, kiddo.” Keigo laughed, genuinely enjoying his time with you three heathens. Katsuki had woken up with an absolute stick up his ass about cooking breakfast because going out was expensive for no reason, Izuku was groggy and constantly bumping into things and people, and you were sleepy and demure. It was honestly a nice morning.

“What if you want to have kids or a wife or something! No one’s gonna marry a guy who can’t cook for shit!” Katsuki complained, waving around the pancake ladle like it was some sort of pointer stick. “Not to mention, you never know what kind of bullshit they put in storebought stuff- pesticides and preservatives that give babies three heads or some shit.” Oh. Keigo never really thought about that before. The kid was… right? He really should figure out the whole cooking and cleaning thing- He had a lady that came in once a day for that but he really should start cleaning up after himself if he intended to raise a kid who was capable of doing the same thing.

“Don’t be mean Kaachan! Oh, am I doing this right?” Izuku gestured at the full muffin tin, and Katsuki groaned in frustration.

“No! God damn it Deku if you overfill them They’ll get all over the goddamn pan!” Katsuki grabbed a spoon and began scooping batter out of liners to deposit back into the mixing bowl.

“How full are they supposed to be?” Izuku asked, brows furrowed.

“Half to three-quarters, I’m pretty sure.” You answered for Kaachan, who grumbled.

“You’re stupid, but right.” He relented.

“Don’t be mean Kaachan!” Izuku warned, only to have a cooked pancake thrown at his head.

“It’s fine.” you giggled, and flicked a piece of Katsuki’s hair out of his eyes. He didn’t move- once again finding it hard to breathe when you got too close. “Kaachan is just mad that he’d make the best housewife out of all of us!” you teased, reaching to pinch his cheek. Anyone who didn’t know your relationship with the boy- or just didn’t know how he felt about you, would have thought you the bravest girl alive.

Thing is, anyone who paid attention for longer than five minutes could tell that Katsuki Bakugo was enamored with you.

“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, gently batting away your hand. You giggled, and turned to Keigo.

“So, Bluebeam? Is he… like… good?” You questioned, wrinkling your nose at the tall man, sitting at the kitchen island, gnawing on whole pancakes, holding them, syrup-less in his bare hands.

“Oh, absolutely! Bluebeam is just a sidekick right now, but he’s on the fast track to being number one since he leads in search and rescue and he’s a decent fighter!” Keigo nodded, still shoving his face full of pancake, looking you directly in the eye. Even with him sitting and you standing, his head was still a full foot above yours.

“He’s a… teleporter, right?” You asked, tilting your head. Keigo nodded, almost excitedly.

“Yup, can go anywhere he leaves his DNA- guy’s got a water gun with a little bit of spit in it for combat. Kinda gross, but super cool.” Keigo’s smile looked like it might just split his face. Katsuki and Izuku both grimaced at that idea.

“And you trust him?” You questioned, carefully regarding Keigo.

“With my life! He’s just about the coolest guy I’ve ever met. I don’t get to have many friends in the hero business, but he’s definitely one of my closest!” The blonde man nodded happily, his smile still warm and wide.

“Okay....” You nodded, but Keigo heard that unease in your voice. He frowned, and reached behind him, plucking a feather from his wing and tucking it behind your ear.

“There. If you ever get scared or overwhelmed, call my name and I’ll be there lickety-split. I can track those bad boys wherever they are, and I can hear through them, so I’ll be able to find you easy-peasy.” He fiddled with your hair a bit more, making sure the feather was good and tangled in it, not at risk of falling out.

Katsuki absolutely did not like the idea of you not being with him or Hawks- and Izuku liked that idea even less.

But, there wasn’t exactly anything they could do about it.

Chapter Text

Keigo really should have wished for your safety- he should have wished that you would return to the apartment safe and happy- but it slipped his mind- just as it had slipped his mind the night before to wish for you to no longer be sick. For some reason, all common sense flew out of the goddamn window when it came to you. The moment you started to look unwell, panic had flooded through him like a goddamn tsunami- He was TERRIFIED that something was going to happen to you.

And, well… that was dangerous. Incredibly dangerous for him to lose his wits like that. He was a hero, with responsibilities- you being one of them, and with the nature of your quirk, you were arguably his MOST IMPORTANT responsibility- But somehow, he could not get his brain to think of you like a job. Previously, with interns the same age as you, Keigo could file them away as just part of the job- but you…

What exactly is it about you? Was it your quirk? Your personality? Was it because you were exactly like him? You were. Truly. You were overburdened with a quirk too powerful, and you were given no guidance until now. You were optimistic, and kind, and forgiving. You were in the commission’s grasp, being that you were shown to have a healing type quirk and you had no parents to speak of, and Keigo knew what they did with kids that they obtained.

He wouldn’t let that happen to you.

Keigo did not account for this. He was not at all prepared to have his leg shaking uncontrollably as he listened carefully through his feather. You were fine. Completely fine, he told himself. Except BlueBeam was taking you on his patrol- and you were NOT trained enough- and BlueBeam didn’t know about the wishes so if something happened-

Nothing was going to happen. You were okay. BlueBeam was smart- if there was anything wrong, he would teleport you back to Keigo. You were completely safe. But Keigo felt that feather hit the ground. He heard your footsteps running- there was screaming, loud noises galore- crashing sounds.


Keigo’s eyes flitted to his watch, ten seconds and you’d be here, he told himself. BlueBeam was the best of the best- limited only by his lack of connections and time taken off to care for his sick mom. Keigo paid him an incredible amount of money that he couldn’t make on his own quite yet with a company- but even without being on his own he was number six. He was capable- and You were smart.

You had a knack for solving your own problems, and you had a really good eye for strategy. You were fine- you were probably just in a crowded area and the feather got blown off by the wind…


Keigo was not at all playing attention to this meeting. His eyes focused on whoever was talking, and he moved his feather through the crowd, searching for the timbre of your voice, the lightness of your steps. Your heart that beat three beats too fast even at a rest. You weren’t there. No where to be found- BlueBeam was also gone. It was fine, right? You had probably teleported away to somewhere safe-

Shit. He needed to get out of there and FIND you, quickly, before you got hurt or lost or scared.

What if you were ALREADY hurt, or lost, or scared? If you were hurt, you would be fine. Your quirk would heal you. You were okay- you would be okay… but if you were LOST- No, that would be okay too. You couldn’t possibly get too lost. Bluebeam gave you one of his bracelets. You would be located quickly, and- but what if something happened to Blue?! No- no, Blue was smart, he was capable, and even if you somehow lost the bracelet, as soon as this meeting was over, Keigo could shed all of his feathers and search then entire country within an hour. Everything would be fine-

But if you were SCARED? Now- now that wouldn’t fucking do.

“Listen, gentlemen, We get it. Blah blah villain attacks down, AllMight is the best, go Heroes- I gotta get back to work.” Keigo stood from his seat, only to be held in place by Endeavor’s hand.

“Where are you going, Hawks?” The man looked suspicious, he knew that the ‘lazy’ act that Keigo put on for the cameras was just that- an act. He NEVER skipped out on work, and he never neglected business.

“I’m just tired of sitting around, discussing numbers when we have people to do that FOR us. We should be out there, stopping crime and saving people, you know, what we’ve all trained our whole lives for.” Keigo joked, he was flying by the seat of his pants at this point, completely making shit up.

“You’re off to see a girl, aren’t you?” Miriko teased, leaning back in her seat and kicking her feet up on the table. “She cute?”

“Adorable. And, I’ve got this weird feeling that she might be in trouble, so-” Keigo began to explain, but the other heroes were not having it.

“Sit. Hawks. She’s fine. If there was something going on, one of us would get a ping.” Best Jeanist warned, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms. “We all get that way. My wife and I have been together for the better half of a decade and I STILL get anxious on long missions.” The denim hero tried to be comforting, but Keigo was not buying it.

“I’ve got children, you’ll never catch me ignoring my duties to see them.” Endeavor spat, trying to speed up this conversation to get back to business.

“My little sister is QUIRKLESS. Both of my parents are pros too, you get used to leaving them. I’m sure wherever she is, she’s completely fine.” Thirteen tried to be supportive, and Keigo gritted his teeth. He wasn’t going to win this one and he knew it.

Chapter Text

Bluebeam grabbed your arm, pulling you through the crowd as a street vendor dropped a box of plates. The glass shattered right where you had been standing. Bluebeam was quick to teleport you further away, just up the street inside of a cafe. “So, Everyone calls you Lucky, huh?” BlueBeam asked carefully, scratching at the back of his head as he walked you up to the counter.

“Yep, I’m a good luck charm.” you shrugged, keeping close to the stranger. If Keigo trusted this guy, he must not be all that bad.

“Well, tell you what, Lucky, I got this weird feeling that Hawks didn’t actually want you doing hero stuff without him. I’ve been working for the guy for years and can tell when he’s getting worried.” BlueBeam sighed, and tilted his head. “How’s’about you and I take the day off, and go to the children’s hospital, maybe train up your quirk a little bit, and when you’re good and tired we grab lunch and a nap?”

You paused, and took a deep, relaxing breath, nodding. Okay. BlueBeam was genuinely a good dude. Good. That was one weight off your shoulders.

“Sounds fine.” you agreed, and Blue smiled, turning to the cashier, who looked dead-tired, but friendly.

“Can I take your order?” The woman asked, straightening up a bit when she recognized BlueBeam.

“Heya Star, yep. Usual for me and for the kid uh…” Blue looked though the menu, and snapped his finger. “Ooh, anything sweet, but no sugar or caffine, Boss’s orders.”

“Oh did you come to the right place!” The girl smiled, and bent down slightly, getting eye-level with you. “What’s your favorite candy?” She asked, and you tilted your head.

“Uh… maybe… Skittles?” You were confused as to why she was asking, but the woman just seemed overly-friendly.

“Oof which color? I can do all of them but the yellow ones.” She asked, reaching into the cabinet and pulling out a muffin. “What flavor muffin?” She continued, and you shook your head.

“I don’t have any money on me- but I like the pink ones from the smoothie pack.” You answered her, and she frowned.

“An excellent choice for the drink- however, I cannot in good conscience let a kid leave this shop without a snack. On the house. Flavor?” The girl questioned, and handed you the plain, bran muffin. You were still incredibly confused as she turned to make your drinks.

“Uh… Chocolate chip?” You answered, and she nodded, still working on your drink.

“Take a bite!” She waved, not turning around. You threw a glance at Blue, who nodded with a smile, egging you on. You took a bite and- astonishingly, the plain muffin did, in fact, taste like chocolate chip.

It clicked.

“OH! Is this Thea’s Cafe?” You asked, finally putting all the pieces together.

“I guess you would have missed the signs teleporting in- Yep, seeing as you came in here with Blue, you must work with Yumi?” Star tilted her head, and you shook your head.

“Ah, not quite. I’m interning with Hawks over the summer so…” You blushed, and Star gave you the most dazzling smile you’d ever seen, sliding a cup across the counter.

“Careful sweetie that’s hot-” She warned carefully, making sure you had a good grip on the cup before removing her own hands “and Holy SMOKES! Interning with Hawks! Aren’t you a little young?” She asked, though she seemed to mean no harm in her curiosity- errantly, the woman reminded you of a golden retriever.

“She’s starting at UA in the fall, But she’s a healing type so the commission wanted someone trustworthy to watch over her until then.” Blue clarified, and groaned out loud while scrolling though his phone. “Hawks has his phone on Silent.” Blue sighed, and snapped a picture of you just standing there, and sent it to the winged hero. “There. Progress report, Hydrating the protege.” He spoke aloud as he typed, and you stifled a laugh.

“Ah, that makes sense. You’ll probably see my brother around then! He’s gonna be a third-year!” Star pulled out her phone, and turned it so you could see her lockscreen. A blonde boy with huge blue eyes stared back at you, with a megawatt smile just like Star’s. “If you want, you can hang out here and meet him. He usually comes in around noon for his protein shakes.” Star offered, and you nodded, a bit overwhelmed with her giddy kindness. She seemed the type to talk a lot.

“Uh, yeah, It would be nice… If we can?” you looked up to Blue, hopeful. He nodded, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Yeah, We’ll be back by then. See you soon, Star!” Blue waved to the girl with the bright smile, and wrapped an arm over your shoulders. It seemed you blinked and you were standing in some sort of lobby.

“Woah-” you felt wobbly though you were on solid ground. “We couldn’t have walked?” You asked, brows furrowed, and Blue chuckled.

“That takes too long. We gotta figure out your upper limit, so sayeth the wise Rin.” Blue shoved his hands into his pockets, hunched forward. “I kind of hate that woman, but she’s Hawks’ right hand so, we’re stuck with her.” He sniffed, and turned his head slightly. “I’m gonna go talk to the front desk. You wait here and… don’t do anything Hawks WOULD do.” Blue instructed, stalking off toward the receptionists.

You’d been to this hospital before- several times, in fact, this was the hospital you went to when you “found out you had a quirk”. Weird. You sighed, and boredly tapped on your thighs a few times before a boy bumped into you, Taller than you with dark hair, dark eyes, and large, almost bulbous elbows.

“Ah, I am SO sorry about that!” he apologized immediately, moving to steady you. You giggled, and brushed it off.

“Oh no, that was one-hundred-percent my fault for spacing out!” You shrugged. “Sorry, here I can-” you pressed your hand to him, trying to heal anything that may have happened to him from the fall, but thankfully, there was only a cut on his arm, older, and from something else, already stitched up. You took it anyway.

“Oh- That’s super cool! Hey, I’m Hanata, by the way. Figure I should give you my name since I almost pancaked’ ya.” His smile was huge, nearly too big for his face, but it felt warm, comforting, friendly.

“Everyone calls me Lucky.” You held out your hand to shake, and he laughed.

“Oh yeah, I can definitely see why.”

Chapter Text

“Sorry for the wait, dude. There were forms.” Blue huffed, stepping up to you and Hanata, and he paused, Smiling. “Oh, you made a friend?”

“Ah, Kinda? This is Hanata, he’s trying to go to UA next year.”

“Yep! Training’s been difficult though. I don’t have the money to go to actual gymnastics classes so I’ve been Watching Spiderman Youtube videos and trying to re-create some of his moves in the city.”

“That’s super dangerous!” You chided the boy and frowned. “I can help you, if you want? I’m sure my Guardian would let me take some time off for extra training of it’s to help someone else?” You looked up to Bluebeam for approval, who shrugged.

“That’s a thing you’ll have to ask Papa Bird about. I’m just babysitting.” He reminded you, and you nodded in understanding.

“Right! Uh… let me see if I can call him.” You hummed, and looked up at Hanata. “Don’t go anywhere!” You begged, and the boy chuckled, and nodded. You were quick to dial the number, and Hawks picked up before the first ring had concluded.

Keigo was still in the meeting. It had been going for the last HOUR and you were still MISSING and he was TERRIFIED and- his phone rang.

In his blind panic, Keigo forgot about his phone. How in the hell could he FORGET his PHONE?! Again, the moment there was even the thought that there was something wrong with you, even the slightest bit of fear, his brain completely shut down and went into instinctual overdrive.

It was as if you were his own child-

Meeting and Heroes be dammed, he plucked his cell out of his jacket to see your contact lighting up the screen. He immediately answered, and pressed the phone to his ear, standing and walking out of the boardroom without so much as a single word of explanation to the confused heroes sitting around the table.

“Lucky? Baby bird are you alright?! Where did you go?! Your feather fell out and-” You couldn’t very well hear Keigo over the loud lobby of the hospital, and you would have had trouble understanding him anyway due to the panicked nature of his rambing.

“Hey Keigo! I’m fine! I wanted to know if I was allowed to help a friend train this summer- he wants to learn Gymnastics stuff and I’m pretty good at it.” You questioned, tilting your head to press your cheek more firmly to your phone. “Please? We could do it in the courtyard at the Apartment so-”

“Nonsense. You can use the gym on the first floor. They have protective mats and things.” Keigo shook his head, exhaling slowly through his nose to relieve himself of some of that pent-up fear and aggression he’d been harboring since the feather dropped. “Weekdays while I’m in meetings, call it two to five. I can drop her off at her place after dinner.”

“I’ll tell him.” You nodded excitedly, and Keigo could hear the joy in your voice. It helped to sooth his anxiety immensely. As long as he could hear you, and he knew you were safe, everything was alright.

“Him? Lucky, could you not make any GIRL friends? Hanging around guys all the time is…” He trailed off, scratching the back of his neck. Is what? He didn’t rightly fucking know, alright? In Keigo’s mind, boys were wolves and you were a delicate little duck- maybe it was because Keigo knew HE was a bit promiscuous, and perhaps he was projecting his own flaws onto some innocent teenaged boys- but one could never be too vigilant!

“Well, he’s not really my friend- YET! But, doing stuff for people is how you get them to like you!” you chimed, and Keigo’s heart skipped a beat.

“Is that right?” He was genuinely curious. Truth be told, Keigo did not have many friends. He had no friends at all that he didn’t pay the paycheck of, technically, other than you.

But- you didn’t really COUNT as a friend, did you? You were a kid. A responsibility. Something to be cared for and protected.

“Yep! Okiedokie! I’ll let you get back to work! Have a good day!” Keigo knew that was a general pleasantry, but it still warmed his chest to hear.

“You too, Ducky.” Keigo waited for you to hang up before smacking his own forehead against a wall.

Stupid. He was so fucking stupid. You were FINE. You weren’t even remotely uncomfortable either! You seemed completely unphased by whatever the hell you were doing with BlueBeam- Keigo checked his phone.

Dozens of texts from Blue, cataloging your activities. Despite orders, it didn’t seem like you’d been taken on patrol at all! You were… you were completely safe! You were FINE! You were EATING MOCHI! Thank god! Keigo made a note in his phone to give Blue yet another raise before returning to the meeting.

“Was that the commission?” Miriko asked, leaning into the winged hero.

“Yes.” Keigo lied expertly. “The girl they have me casing is top priority for me.”

“Ah, jerking her around huh? Sucks. She stands no chance to your pretty face, almost feel bad for the bitch.” Miriko whispered. The meeting was still in full swing, and the bunny hero was serving as nothing but another distraction.

“Yep.” Keigo kept up the farce. It was better that way. No one could know what he was doing. If Rin caught wind of what he was planning, she’d put a stop to everything immediately. Heroes were not meant to have families- unless they were like Endeavor, and ‘breeding’ the next generation. Keigo knew damn well he was a prize stallion. He was reminded every rut with a new stack of potential “mates” left on his desk. It was fucking GROSS- but it was life for a hero.

Adopting you would have to be done out of Commission’s eye, direct with your social worker.

Keigo Takami sure did have his work cut out for him.

Chapter Text

“Right! So, the dismount is probably the hardest part- kind of like how it’s pretty easy to FLY a plane, LANDING it is way harder.” You explained, placing your hands on Hanata’s hips to cant them slightly. “It’s easiest to pick a foot to keep forward. I prefer the opposite of my dominant hand.”

Hanata blushed, and adjusted his feet. Careful to watch out so he didn’t accidentally step on you.

“Okay- I uh… Usually use the tape to lower myself.” He admitted, and you nodded.

“Yeah, which is cool- but you run out of tape eventually right? Also your tape doesn’t dissolve over time the way Spider-Man’s webs do, so you have to worry about how to clean it up later.” You pointed out, and took a leap, jumping to grab on to the bar. “Swing up-” you demonstrated, pulling yourself on to the bar. “Get on top…” You swung your legs over top of the bar and hung upside down for a moment before engaging your core muscles and pulling up, sitting atop the bar. “Stand,” You did as you said, slightly gripping the bar with your soft-soled shoes. “And jump!” You preformed a simpe dismount onto the safety mat. “You shouldn’t hurt yourself if you land right- on your balls of your feet.”

“Seems simple enough.” He hummed, watching your face carefully as you rambled on, muttering about tricks and tips for balance and strength. You talked with your hands, gesturing and pointing and hopping along to the lilt of your own voice. You were excited, happy to have a friend that wasn’t forced to hang out with you because of circumstance. Sero was just happy that a GIRL was talking to him without thinking he was weird or awkward.

“It is! Later, I’ll show you how to do more complex dismounts- stuff that’s better for fighting and such.” You mocked a fighting pose, and bent backward, tucking your head into your own back, using one arm on the floor to steady yourself. You kicked off the floor, flipping back around again in a somersault. “Straighten the legs and aim and you could kick someone right in the head- and you don’t even have to be flexible! Just strong! All with a good dismount! There are so many to choose from.”

“There are… other dismounts?” Sero was struggling to keep up with you, but in all honesty, he didn’t mind at all. He was having fun with you. Sweaty, wholesome fun- and it helped quite a bit that his parents were absolutely ecstatic that he was training under THE number three pro hero Hawks.

“Oh For SURE! By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be able to perform a gainer stretched back salto with triple twist off the side of beam without breaking a sweat!” you promised, hopping up and down happily as you spoke. Truth be told, you could be quite hyperactive if you were in a good mood.

“I know all of those words individually.” Sero snickered, watching as you the unruly ends of your hair out of your sweaty face. You wore a thin tee-shirt and leggings. His basketball shorts and tanktop were liable to fuck with his balance, and you made him promise to invest in yoga-pants at the very least.

“We’ll get there!” You assured him with a hop and a smile. “We’ll have to work on strength training. I know you use your arms most of the time, but don’t think that means you can skip leg day! You’re gonna need strong thighs for an arabian double salto in a stretched leading into stretched Back Salto with triple twist dismount- that one’s my favorite for dodging attacks because you move so fast and you’re hard to pin down.” You giggled, and Sero smiled.

“It’s all greek to me!” Sero chuckled, truthfully, he was having a great time just listening to you ramble. It seemed like the air around you sparkled with excitement whenever you spoke.

“Here!” I’ll show you! Careful though- this one’s a pretty difficult manuever, so you can’t try it yourself until you get your basics down.” You nodded, and moved up to the beam, taking a deep breath.

Hawks stepped into the gym, focusing solely on your strangely precise, but excitable movements. You were a bubbly little thing when you were happy- Hawks one-hundred-percent preferred it that way. It broke his heart when you were quiet and reserved, you were incredibly smart, and funny- not to mention strangely pragmatic along with your optimism.

Keigo was SUPPOSED to be on his lunch break- but he needed to make sure he could keep an eye on you.

“Oi! How you two doin’?” Keigo questioned, stepping into the gym. You finished your flip, and waved, seemingly just as happy to see him as he was happy to see you. Sero stiffened, and bowed respectfully.

“Very good sir! Thank you sir! It’s very nice to meet you, sir!” Hanata rambled off quickly and stared at the floor. Keigo laughed, out loud.

“Darn Ducky! I like this one WAY more than that blonde brat you brought over.” Keigo made sure to watch his language infront of someone else’s kid. “You guys have plans for lunch?” Keigo questioned, crossing his arms over his broad chest in an attempt to intimidate the boy.

“Oh! I’m supposed to go back to Thea’s and meet one of the UA Hero Course Third Year’s.” You answered, propping your foot up on the balance beam to stretch your hammies more. Hanata mimicked you, just trying to keep up.

“A girl?” Keigo asked, hopeful. You needed more positive female rolemodels- from what he’d heard about Mrs. Bakugo she was NOT THAT. He needed you to have a decent mother-figure, and with how fucking busy he was, there was no way he would be able to provide that for you.

“Only thirty-percent of UA Hero-Course students are girls.” Sero interjected. “Apparently a lot of parents still believe in outdated gender roles, which is total BS if you ask me. I’ve got four older sisters, and they all went to UA.” Hanata murmured, leaning forward to stretch his back.

Chapter Text

Mirio Togata was the biggest ray of Sunshine you had ever met. He was kind, and bright, and friendly. A big Teddy bear of a boy- in a way, he very much reminded you of Hawks. They were both huge, blonde, and had kind eyes.

They were also very, very handsome- Not that you had a crush or anything- because, ew, gross, boys are Yucky.

“Yep! I’m part of the big three right alongside my best friends Tamaki and Neijire!” Mirio explained, sliding yet another huge helping of pasta in front of you.

“I can’t possibly eat all of that!” You slid the plate to your left, to Keigo, who happily took it and began chowing down. “So- the big three is like the top three Students?” You asked, and Mirio nodded, chewing his food in his way-overstuffed mouth.

“If UA was Japan, Nei, Tama and I would be All Might, Endeavor and Hawks.” Mirio compared, and held up his fork in the air. “You’ve already been accepted right? On recommendations? Is it ‘cause of your dad? By the way sir, wouldn’t believe you were old enough to have a kid in Highschool! Thought you were like… twenty-one!” You choked on your water, and Keigo was quick to rub your back.

“I am.” Keigo chuckled, holding a napkin up to your face as you sputtered. “Slow down, Ducky, breathe.” He hummed carefully, rubbing wide circles on your back with his large, warm hands.

“He’s not my dad?” You tilted your head, confused. Mirio’s eyebrows furrowed- he looked just about as confused as you felt.

“Could have fooled me!” He laughed, and gestured with his fork. “You must be related somehow though right? Uncle? Brother? Cousin?” Mirio listed off relationships, earning a chuckle from Keigo.

“Nope, I’m in foster care, and Hawks volunteered to help train me for this upcoming school year. The commission itself recommended me to UA because of my healing quirk. Apparently, it’s really rare.” You shrugged, and Mirio’s eyes widened.

“Oh for real? Dang- but you must have kids, right Hawks? You’re all paternal.” Mirio pointed out, but Hawks shook his head, smile still on his handsome face.

“Nope. Want some, but they just haven’t been in the cards yet. I want to adopt a few, but I need a partner, ya know? Don’t wanna leave a buncha kids high and dry when I go on long missions and stuff.”

“Oh- I guess I never really thought about it like that. Star and I’s parents are both civilians- I’m the first hero applicant in the family.” Mirio hummed, and leaned back. “They don’t teach you that stuff in the hero course huh?” Mirio asked rhetorically.

“Wouldn’t know. I actually didn’t go to UA. I had private tutors by the commission.” Keigo shrugged, and reached over with his napkin, wiping a speck of pasta sauce from the side of your mouth before continuing. “I’m glad you’re gonna be there to show Ducky the ropes though, You seem like a good kid.” Keigo nodded. He was always a decent judge of character.

“Thank you for saying so, Sir! I’ll definitely watch out for both of these kiddos.” Mirio mussed up Hanata’s hair, and you giggled.

“Ah, I haven’t technically… gotten in yet?” Sero hummed, and tilted his head. “I still have the entrance exam in the fall to get through and then we can see. I might not make the hero course, let alone be in the same class as Lucky.” Hanata shrugged.

“I have faith in you. And you’ve spent enough time around me for my good luck to rub off on you.” You were chipper, bright as you sipped at your plain green tea that tasted like candy.

“If there were more kids like you two in the hero course when I went to UA, I probably wouldn’t have left.” Star snickered, and Mirio’s smile faltered ever so slightly.

“The Hero course has gotten alot more strict since last year when Eraserhead expelled his entire class.” Mirio pointed out, and you and Sero both gaped.

“What?!” your anxiety spike had Keigo placing a hand on your back immediately.

“Yeah, they all had to get accepted into UA again for their second year. It was pretty brutal. I hope you get Vlad King as your homeroom teacher, he was super cool.” Mirio stretched in his seat. “Not saying you’re gonna get expelled or anything even IF you get Eraserhead as a teacher. You guys seem to be training alot more than I did- and you both seem pretty smart and likeable, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Mirio nodded, trying to calm your nerves.

“Not to mention, it’s pretty much written into the stars that you’re going to be A-Okay.” Keigo reminded you with a warm smile, and you felt your muscles loosen. He was right. Even if something bad happened, Katsuki or Izuku or Keigo would wish it better. You really had nothing to worry about, pretty muche ever anymore with them by your side. You weren’t alone anymore. You had people to lean on, to depend on, and they were happy to help.

“And hey, if that Eraserhead bastard gives you any trouble, I’ll blind the fucker for good. He’d be quirkless then.” Star snickered, pouring you another cup of decaffeinated green tea.

“Ignore my sister, she’s arrogant and rude.” Mirio rolled his eyes, and Star stuck her tongue out at him.

“And My brother is a naive little toe who peed the bed until he was twelve.” She teased, throwing a balled-up napkin at him.

“I DID NOT!” And just like that, they were both out of their seats, horseplaying in the center of the otherwise quiet coffee shop.

“Jeeze I’m glad I was an only child.” Keigo laughed, and you shrugged.

“Foster siblings are okay sometimes. I think I might have a brother, but I was pulled away from my mom when I was four, so I don’t actually remember much about the family.” You shrugged, and looked over at Hanata. “You’re so lucky! I would KILL to have a bunch of older sisters showing me the ropes and stuff.”

Keigo’s mind stuck on that last bit of information.

You might have a brother?

Chapter Text

One thing that no one was quite expecting when Izuku came over to take care of you while you were sick, was for him to leave something to keep track of you with.

The walkie-talkie wouldn’t survive the next three months- but a baby monitor he’d found in his mom’s garage sale box that could plugged into a wall and hidden behind a dresser was a safe bet.

It was really all for your safety- who knows what kind of person Hawks really was behind closed doors, right? You were too naive to see it. You getting sick was a perfect excuse really- the Universe was once again giving Izuku a green light- there was really no other explanation. Kaachan had even suddenly decided to be nice and bring him along- if that wasn’t some sort of sign from god, Izuku didn’t know what was.

So he watched as you were carried into your bedroom in Hawks’ arms. You were tucked into bed with a stuffed animal, and left alone with the door cracked. You were seemingly safe- and Hawks was taking care of you. You looked healthy- happy, even. Good. Izuku was going to have a difficult next couple of months being so far away from you, but knowing you were okay helped a lot.

Izuku closed his computer, and huffed, sitting back on his chair, stretching his crumpled spine. Sitting like an overcooked shrimp was probably not very helpful to his training, but he needed the comfort.

Your bedroom light at the Bakugo’s flipped on, and through the blinds Izuku could see a shadow. Too short to be Masaru’s. Too stocky to be Mitsuki’s. Ah. Kaachan. Again.

Izuku watched as Kaachan stood in the center of your room, just standing there. He did this, every few days he would go into your room around midnight. The blinds were still closed from Kaachan’s temper tantrum a few weeks ago.

Katsuki stood in your room, his eyes were closed. It still smelled like you in here- it calmed his nerves. He missed you. Dearly. It fucking hurt with you so far away- but at the very least he could trust that you would send him a text if you needed him. You were so goddamn annoying- what if you couldn’t get your phone?! What if you got HURT or something!? Jesus Christ you were just the fucking WORST.

With your dumb good smell and your stupid pretty eyes. You were a fucking idiot, worming your way into his head like that- forcing him to care about you. Caring about you was just about the worst thing he could do to you! Didn’t you know that! How dangerous this all was! For the first time in his life- Katsuki was helpless.

He was helpless when that damn slime villain attacked. It had nothing to do with him being able to escape that thing- he could have, and it would have been easy- but he would have risked you getting hurt. Or, he could have just died and it would have not been his problem anymore- but, then, you would still get hurt. Fucking annoying.

The ONLY time Katsuki Bakugo was EVER helpless was when it came to you. Stupid Lucky with your idiotic nice words and your infuriatingly cute smile. You were his kryptonite and it was awful. Katsuki could do this. He could deal with this for a few more months- because after that, you would go to UA with him, and you would have been adopted by Hawks, and he could ask you out and it would all be good.

Katsuki could finally have you as a friend, at the very least, and he could like you as much as he damn well pleased and no one could fucking stop him because you would be safe.

And if you were safe, Katsuki wouldn’t be so goddamn weak.

Katsuki grunted to himself, and turned on his heel, pausing to stare at your bed again. The journal. He’d known it was there for weeks, and he still hadn’t so much as touched the damn thing. He didn’t want to. Maybe he wanted to know if you wrote about him at all… maybe you did? It probably wouldn’t be nice things. He was a dick to you- but it was for your own good.

He wouldn’t touch the damn journal, because fucking Deku already had. And if there was ONE thing that even you couldn’t change it was the fact that he was DEFINITELY still better than that quirkless scumbag.

Katsuki flicked off the light to your bedroom, and turned back to your bed. He’d slept there a couple of times- only when he struggled to sleep in his own room.

God fucking damn it, he missed you so much, he would just rather put his dick in a panini press than say that out loud.

He slipped into your sheets, shoving his face into your pillow to surround himself with the crisp apple scent of your shampoo. He couldn’t get caught dead using your shower shit- but he stole an unhealthy amount of sniffs of the stuff whenever he could. At this point he was probably better off huffing paint thinner- it would be less addictive.

It wasn’t the same without your gross warm body in the bed next to him. It wasn’t as comfortable without you practically boiling him under the shared covers- he was much too prideful to admit he liked it, and much too stingy to crawl out of the blankets and deprive himself of your touch. It didn’t feel right without your low, soft snores and humming noises. It was all wrong without you clinging to him and shoving your face into his chest like he was a lifeboat and you were drowning. He would never admit he liked that. It made him feel like a real hero when you did that.


Katsuki made you feel safe, and that made him feel safe and he didn’t know why but he would KILL to have that feeling again right about now.

Katuski would kill to have you back in this bed- but he wasn’t selfish. Or, he tried his best not to be. He already had so many irredeemable qualities, the last thing he needed to be was selfish. So, he would suffer. For now. Because come fall, he would be right next to you every single day, and it’d all pay off, because he would FINALLY be able to call you his.

Chapter Text

Where was the paperwork on your family?! There was nothing on your parents, Keigo realized. There was no information on either of the people who brought you into the world- all of the information had been redacted, which was far more suspicious than anything.

Keigo raked his hand through his hair. You had fallen asleep already, knocked the fuck out on the couch- lots of physical activity was sure to do that- a Busy kid was a happy kid- at least that’s what the several parenting self-help books Keigo had read under the table during meetings said.

He looked over at you, curled up under a blanket, face shoved into a pillow. Poor kid. He sighed, and stood, bending down to scoop you up. You didn’t stir, comfortable as he carried you back to your room. Keigo was careful as he laid you down, and silent as he tucked you in. He made sure to tuck that strange, long stuffed cat next to you. He left a feather on the nightstand, the nightlight on, and the door cracked.

Keigo knew jack shit about kids- but he was determined to give you whatever the fuck it was that you needed. He was trying his best- but he knew it wouldn’t be good enough. You needed a family- people that were actually going to care for you. Keigo knew nothing about that either. He was brought up on-site. In a facility designed to create heroes- it wasn’t how kids were raised, it was how soldiers were created. One look at you, little, kind, soft you, and he knew he couldn’t let you fall through the same cracks he did. You were never going to be a soldier. You were not built to be a killer. Not like he was.

His fingers worked deftly over the computer. He needed someone who had expertise in digging up buried info. He wasn’t a master of hacking- and there were so many black bars and censored bits that the paperwork was nearly impossible to read. All he wanted to know was if he needed to prepare more than one adoption form, but now he had more questions than he had started with. For one- why was there no death certificate matching anyone that may have been your father, despite entrance paperwork suggesting that you had been left in care after your father’s death, and your mother was deemed unfit.

Keigo also could not find any name for your mother. He’d intended to attempt to rekindle your relationship with her and maybe get you back into her custody. He didn’t want to wish for this- it was dangerous, he learned. The butterfly effect was a real issue when it came to the wishes. There was no telling what would happen in order to complete the parameters of the wish.

Keigo Takami was a smart man. He could handle this- His phone was pressed to his ear before he could completely grasp what he was doing.

“Hawks?” Present Mic’s voice came thought the speaker low, tired. “Man, it’s almost midnight, what do you want?” The anger was barely held back, but Keigo could tell Hizashi was trying to be quiet.

“Hey, I need to get into contact with your Hacker- Angel?” Keigo spoke with a hopeful tone- if he could get into contact with Angel, she could get into the system and see all of the confidential information.

“What for?” Hizashi sounded skeptical, suspicious- almost protective. Keigo paused. Well, it would make some sort of sense. Keigo was a good-looking guy, and Angel was around his age- AND they’d both been offered to heat/rut share- it would be uncomfortable as a boyfriend to have to give any information about one’s girlfriend to Keigo. The winged hero decided to cut the voice hero some slack.

“I’m working a case and coming up on a bunch of firewalls. I’m not a tech guy and I remembered from her Heat Profile that she was one of the best.” Keigo mentioned, not wanting to hide anything. Hizashi appreciated the sentiment.

“Yeah. I’ll have her give you a call tomorrow morning. She’s sleeping right now.” Hizashi offered, tiredly, and Keigo nodded, though the other man could not see it.

“Of course. Thank you, Yamada.” The winged hero made a point to remember his manners since he would have to be a better role model around kids now.

“Next time, call between nine and nine, Takami.” Hizashi groaned, hanging up.

Well then. One problem solved.

Keigo leaned back on the couch, and looked down the hallway. You were asleep, he could go out and grab groceries and… stuff. What do kids eat? How is he supposed to care for you if he barely cares for himself?

Maybe… Maybe he should wait until the morning and call Yumi? Yeah. That sounds about right. He could do that. Wait for the morning and call Yumi and the three of you could go to a grocery store and figure out meal-prepping and stuff instead of ordering takeout every night like he usually did- you were a growing girl and could not survive on energy drinks, canned coffee, and McDonalds chicken nuggets.

Hurriedly, Keigo returned to his computer.

Googling the phrase “what do I feed a teenage girl” yields surprisingly detailed results- fruits and veggies, grains and low-fat dairy products like yogurt- He knew you liked pastas, and ice-cream seemed to be a sure-fire winner- as long as he made sure you didn’t go making yourself sick on the stuff, everything would be fine.

Google says teenage girls need space and support- Ah wait, there’s a Wikihow! This was going to be WAY easier than he expected.

Don't overwork her into a whole bunch of after school activities she needs her rest.
Don't follow her where ever she goes. Trust her. Give her freedom.
Let her be very comfortable with you.
Never scold her in front of others.
Never expect too much of her
Don't judge her or her friends.
Do not tell her to try to be more like someone else.
Don't be clingy, your daughter may feel uncomfortable

He could handle that! It didn’t seem difficult at all!

As long as he had google, and Yumi on speed dial, everything would be fine.

Keigo Takami was really nailing this whole guardian thing.

Chapter Text

Step one: don’t overwork her. Okay, Keigo could do that, easy peasy.

“Hey, Ducky?” Keigo called across the breakfast table as you munched on the scrambled eggs he managed not to burn too badly.

“Yee?” You called back, barely awake. You were always quite groggy first thing in the morning.

“Is there anything you’d like to do today to just have fun? I could drop you off at a spa or I could buy some game systems or, we could like, hit up a book store?” Keigo tried to feel you out, but you just smiled up at him like you usually did.

“I just like hanging out with you! And doing hero stuff is plenty fun.” You hummed, taking the last bite of eggs, and standing with your plate to take it to the sink.

“Yeah, but I meant like, to relax. I don’t want to overwork you, like you came home last night and just passed right out.” Keigo tried again, and you shrugged, rinsing off your plate and putting it in the dishwasher.

“I dunno, I guess I like to read? I’m really into Anime- I would love to read Manga but the library never has any.” You offered, and watched as Keigo perked up, his feathers seeming to floof ever so slightly in excitement.

“Manga, yeah! I can pick some stuff up on my way to get pick you up from parkour- oh! And, why don’t I just pay for your friend to take the class with you? That way you guys can just hang out on your free time without having to work.” Keigo offered, and you gasped.

“You would do that?” You questioned, earning a nod.

“Of course! Hell, if anything it’s beneficial because it means I know at least one of your classmates will be able to challenge you in high school.”

“Well, thank you, Keigo.” You were smiling as you scrubbed at the pan Keigo had used to cook with.

“Hey, I can get it. Why don’t you go write a list of your favorite Anime and I’ll see what I can find hm?” Keigo tousled your hair, and you giggled.

“Okay!” Your voice was bright, bubbly. You scampered right off to your bedroom, and Keigo turned to the dishes. He had no fucking clue how to wash it- but he could always just put the water on super hot and scrub till he couldn’t see dirt. “Oh and Keigo! Don’t put soap on that- Katsuki said it’s cast Iron and you’re supposed to scrub it with salt!”

“Got it!” Keigo laughed to himself, damn. He really WAS spoiled with that lady who came by daily to clean. You had some sense when it came to daily chores and responsibilities- which was a good thing! It should be rewarded, right?

An allowance?

Google search: how much allowance to give teenage girl

Ah- what? A dollar per year of life for a week? Fourteen dollars isn’t enough to do anything? Well- clearly, that’s a typo. A hundred and forty dollars seemed about right for a week. You could go out for the weekends, go shopping, see movies, hang out with friends- yeah, that sounded about right.

Keigo sent a quick text to Rin, prompting her to start up a new account attached to his with a weekly allowance, he could have you pick out the card on the way home from grocery shopping.

See! Handling it! Being a legal guardian is EASY!

“Uh… Keigo?” You spoke though the door to your bedroom, and Keigo perked up.

“Yeah? You okay?” He immediately picked up on your scent- different. Slight stress. Oh no-

“Can you call Mrs. Bakugo? I need… stuff.” You mumbled, and had Keigo not had superior hearing, he would have struggled to hear you.

“What kind of stuff? I can get it?” Keigo offered, and he could hear you whine, low short and quick in your throat.

“Uhm… no… I need- a woman? If she doesn’t pick up though you can call Izuku though- he knows what kind of… stuff I use.” You were talking in circles, but Keigo wasn’t stupid. He could put two and two together.

“Like? Uh- girl stuff? I can get that, Ducky, it’s not a big deal. What exactly do you need?” Keigo tried to keep his tone professional, but he had no fucking CLUE what he was doing.

“Pads?” Your voice was just a little bit over a whisper.

“Of course, here, I’ll text BlueBeam, and he can-“ surprising Keigo, you cut him off.

“No! I don’t want anyone else to know!” He’d never heard you raise your voice before, so this was all out of left field for him.

“But he knows that stuff better than probably both of us do. He had a period up until a year ago.” Keigo tried to calm you down before you really got angry with him, he had no godly clue what to do if you did.

“What? I thought he was a guy?” You scrunched up your brows, confused.

“He is! So, you know how sometimes our quirks make us look a certain way, but it doesn’t really mean anything for our personality?” Keigo began to explain, already texting Blue an SOS

“Yeah?” You tilted your head.

“Well, Blue was born with all the parts for being a girl, but he’s not a girl. Some people are just like that.” Keigo tried to clarify- he’d talked to Blue about this kind of thing at length, but it was different when talking to you. He wasn’t sure if you were going to have some sort of prejudice that he would have to teach you away from.

“Oh.” You paused.

“Yep. He runs into lots of problems because of it. He couldn’t find a company to work for for a while, and now that he’s definitely above sidekick status, he’s having trouble with the commission establishing his own company even though he’s a really good hero. I’m working on splitting my company with him fifty-fifty so we can split it again in a couple of years and he can have his own- I have no doubt he’d be number one in a matter of months.” Keigo explained more thoroughly, and you thought for a moment.

“You can call him, but don’t tell him it’s for me!” You were being demanding now- and Keigo very much liked that. Making demands meant confidence, and you needed all of that you could get.

Chapter Text

Step two: don’t follow her wherever she goes, trust her and give her freedom.

Okay, Keigo would have to tweak that one a little bit for safety reasons. You could certainly go wherever you wanted, and you could have freedom, and he did trust YOU- it was OTHER PEOPLE he worried about. Compromise led you to a jewelers store.

“Yep, just the feather set into something really strong. Like titanium or something.” Keigo handed a single red feather to the jeweler, who raised an eyebrow at him.

“Is this some sort of… mating ritual?” The jeweler sounded absolutely disgusted, and Keigo held back his groan.

“No. It’s for protection for my kid.” Keigo gestured to you, sitting on a chair in wait while you played on the Nintendo switch he’d bought before coming here to keep you busy while he worked logistics of raising a teenager.

“You have a child?” The jeweler’s eyes widened, and Keigo huffed.

“Can you do the thing or not? I’m a busy guy.” Keigo crossed his arms, and the jeweler nodded.

“Come back in at four, it’ll be ready, Mister Hawks.” The jeweler offered, suddenly a lot less judgy. A gift for his kid? Who knew the Number three hero had children?

“Just Hawks is fine.” Keigo nodded, and turned back to you, tapping away at the little buttons as you played animal crossing. Keigo took a look at your screen as you ran around, collecting fruit. “Red wings?”

“Yeah! One of the neighbor-animal things gave em to me- They’re cool, right?” You grinned, still tapping away as you stood. Keigo placed one hand between your shoulders to lead you out of the store so you didn’t have to stop playing the game.

“The coolest.” he confirmed. “So, we got your clothes and necklace handled, and your Debit card. What do you say we head to the book store, then lunch, and then Grocery shopping because Yumi said shopping for food on an empty stomach is a bad idea?” Keigo suggested, and you nodded, pausing your game and sliding the game system into the huge pockets on your new cargo pants. Men’s pants have so many pockets! And they’re big enough to fit a PERSON in!

“Sounds like a plan!” You hopped over the curb, and Keigo mimicked your excitable movements. “Oh, but are you allowed to just.. Spend the day with me like this? What if something goes wrong?”

“AllMight has it handled, and where he doesn’t, Endeavor does. There are hundreds of heroes in the country, it doesn’t all have to fall on us.” Keigo patted your back, gently. “Oh- maybe… maybe you could go to the bookstore by yourself? Like, we could pick up a couple of your friends to hang out? I don’t wanna cramp your style or anything.”

“Cramp my style? What are you, ninety? I like hanging out with you, Keigo.” You teased, and hummed. “Izuku is training all summer and Katsuki probably doesn’t want to deal with me so soon. Hanata works at the Deli on Thursdays until noon anyway.” You shrugged, “if you’re busy or bored with me though, I get it. I can go on my own.”

Ouch. Keigo immediately backtracked.

“No, no. I like hanging out with you too, Ducky. I was just told teenagers need their space.” The last thing he wanted was for you to feel any kind of self-concious or afraid of annoying him. Really, you were the furthest thing from annoying. You were a breath of fresh air from the bullshit he usually dealt with in his line of work. You were an absolute treat to be around, a privilege to know.

“Nah. You’re too cool for me to need space from.” You laughed, and Keigo felt his heart flutter. Good. He wasn’t annoying you either- see, he was already doing better than like, all of those stepdads on that reddit thread he found last night. The internet said that around this age, girls HATE men in positions of authority- but he didn’t really exercise any authority over you. He didn’t particularly need to. You were a good, respectful kid. You could make choices on your own, you were smart.

Keigo had no idea what he was doing on the “Legal Guardian” front, but you were like a teenager on easy mode. He’d really hit the jackpot with you! God knows what kind of deep shit he would be in if his charge was that Bakugo asshole- he really, REALLY did not like that kid- and, like, in the back of his mind he knew it was kind of fucked up to call a kid a dickhead, but Katsuki was a total Douchebag!

Keigo wasn’t WELL versed in manners, but he knew that certain words, phases, and actions were not to be used in the presence of a lady. And even if you were the type to not really care about vulgarity, one shouldn’t be outwardly RUDE to you, even if it was clear that you both did genuinely care about each other.


“Just fuckin’ go Lucky- No one wants you here!” … That sentence there… that was enough to make Keigo want to violate the geneva convention. How dare ANYONE talk to a kid like that- even another child. That was fucked, wrong- and the next interaction you had with him wasn’t any better. “Fuckssake you’re so goddamn annoying.” - that was when Krigo heard it- the care. It was there, hidden under several layers of faux macho-bravado bullshit. Katsuki Bakugo cared about you, and that was probably scarier than him just bullying you.

Because that meant you were at the age for crushes and stuff, and Keigo would never understand that. He never felt like that about anyone- people were bodies and how they used them, and that was it. Love was foreign when you grew up in concrete rooms with handlers instead of classmates- and from the littlest bit he knew… he knew it could hurt. Crushes and love could hurt.

And Keigo couldn’t deal with that.

Now that he thought about it, maybe this whole parent thing was harder than he thought?

Chapter Text

Step Three: Let her be very comfortable with you

Piece of cake! Keigo had already handled the MOST embarrassing part of teenaged-girlhood a few days ago with the whole period fiasco- props to Midoriya for making it painless- and Keigo had even taken you shopping for clothes! You talked to him about pretty much everything, and you didn’t bother getting upset with him when he didn’t know things- like how to use the can opener.

You had your own room, and everything in it was chosen by you- you didn’t really have rules or anything- you didn’t particularly need them. You didn’t even swear excessively. You studied relentlessly, you were a hard worker.

Angel found your parents- or more, found the lack of parents that you had. You gave a story at the hospital you were dropped off at, that your mother forgot you. An APB was put out, a nationwide search was conducted, but there was nothing. No record of you. You technically didn’t exist. Your birth certificate, your immunization and dental records- nothing existed until that moment, when you were around four years old, dropped off at a hospital in a black SUV without plates. No telling WHO dropped you off. DNA testing had even been done, but there was no one- even in the villain databases, that matched.

You were (Y/N) (L/N). The girl who did not exist. Keigo wondered if that too was a wish effect, and if it was, who wished for it? What caused you to be left at that hospital, and WHO was driving that car? Who dropped you off, and why? If it was your mother who simply didn’t recognize you, why did she do it in such a shady way? If it was a hero, there was the same question- if it was a villain, they must not have known about your wishes because you would NOT have been let go.

Keigo was The Number Three hero, and he knew damn well what kind of sickos were out there, looking for someone like you to prey on. Even with just your ‘healing’ quirk, the dark web had to be carefully monitored for anyone that may know of your abilities. With how rare such things are, it was nearly impossible to keep you safe at all times even under constant supervision by pro heroes.

Keigo didn’t WANT to think about what would happen if it got out what your true quirk was. Something that could literally manipulate time, space, and reality- it was a terrifying curse of a power, and Keigo sought to protect you from it. But that didn’t mean he wanted you to be afraid of it.

“Hey, Ducky?” Keigo called to you, across the couch. You were tucked up into a small ball, savoring the five large Mochi he deemed appropriate for dessert. Some twisted, gory anime played on the TV. Your eyes were glued to the screen, your entire body tucked into a huge, fluffy weighted blanket that Yumi recommended.

“Yeah?” You called back, pausing the TV immediately. You really were a good kid, of that there was no doubt. You turned to give him your full attention- something even people he paid to do so didn’t do.

Keigo’s eyes lingered on the four-leaf clover, feather and Evil Eye charms on your necklace. Errantly, he thought about perhaps gifting you a Bluebeam bracelet, and having it custom made to hold all of the trinkets.

“If YOU could wish for anything, what would you wish for?” Keigo questioned, leaning his head on his fist as he propped his elbow up against the back of the couch. You noticed those Golden, avian eyes searching your face- though you didn’t know what for.

“Hmm… probably more mochi.” You giggled, and Keigo laughed right along with you, jovial as ever. There it was again, that funny feeling. Like you were meant to be here. Like the two of you were supposed to be like this. Two peas in a pod, best friends.

Everything about your relationship felt natural. Like it’d always been that way. It was strange, how much and how deeply he felt for you after only knowing you for the last seven months. It may have been a wish, it may have been fate. It didn’t matter to him either way.

“Okay, shoulda seen that one coming. But no, I meant like… seriously. I feel like everyone gets something out of your wishes but you! What would YOU like to wish for?” Keigo clarified, a warm smile still painted over his handsome face as he looked over you.

The air in the room was warm, comfortable- it smelled of the cookies the two of you failed to bake properly. Those sat congealed into one very large cookie that Keigo cut into squares for the two of you to eat.

“Uhm… I dunno. Never really thought about it.” You paused, and leaned back in your seat, sighing and staring up at the ceiling. “Maybe… I would wish for a family? Like a real family, a parent who cared- Izuku has just has a mom and he seems pretty happy with it.” You shrugged, and Keigo felt his heart crack again.

“Right. Hey, I’ve got some paperwork to print off in the office. You think you could get past that water level in Rayman while I’m busy?” Keigo questioned, and you grinned, immediately getting up to grab the controller.

You were like that. Excited to ‘help’ with just about anything. You were easy to please. Video games, ice cream, anime and hugs- you were simple. Which helped a lot with the fact that Keigo really had no fucking clue what he was doing.

Keigo shut the door to his office, taking a hand through his hair yet again. It was liable to fall out from stress at this point, and that was the LAST thing the commission would want. His “playboy” persona was carefully crafted to keep him at the top of the charts.

In reality, it only took twenty minutes to get the last of the paperwork filled out, but it took far longer for him to psych himself up for the act of telling you. He sat at his desk, bouncing his leg for what felt like hours, desperately trying to calm his own nerves. This was perhaps the scariest thing he’d ever done.

Would you want this? If not, he could set the paper on fire and act like this never happened. But if you did…

If you did… he would be your… well, your father.

Was he ready for that? Hell, he was twenty-one years old. He still ate ramen from the fucking MICROWAVE. Someone ELSE does his laundry! He’s not ready for a kid- he can’t handle this kind of responsibility!

But- this isn’t about him.

It’s about you. What you need. You need him. No one is ever READY for parenthood, no matter how much planning or how many books they’ve obsessively studied- no matter how many hours they spent pouring themselves over paperwork and case studies and trying to figure out pediatricians and good schools-

Parenthood comes at you hard and fast and there’s no safety net other than your own love.

And Keigo knew right then he didn’t have to be ready, as he signed on that dotted line, because one underprepared dad is better than no dad at all, and you were a great kid deserving of everything he had to offer.

And he would be ready enough

Chapter Text

Tomura Shigaraki was never a patient kid.

He didn’t understand, at first, why Master had finally provided him with YOU as a playmate- you were too young, too fragile, and Tomura was too destructive. He didn’t WANT to kill you. But he knew it would happen anyway. It always did, you were not the first.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N)!” you smiled up at him, holding out your hand to shake. You were the youngest contestant for companionship by far. No older than three, cute as a button and sweet as candy.

“Take this, go play, be quiet and go sit over there.” Tomura wore his gloves when he offered you his Gameboy, and pointed to his bed. You’d been sequestered to his bedroom, meant to keep him entertained, he guessed. Master hadn’t gone into specifics- simply saying that he couldn’t kill you.

Tomura took that as a rule, not as a warning.

“I wish you had two, so we could play together.” You whispered, and Tomura paused, and sighed, trying to calm his anger before he destroyed the thirteenth pair of gloves this week and killed you. He wasn’t supposed to. Master didn’t have many rules, but when he did, Tomura followed them to the letter.

“I don’t want to play right now. Just keep yourself busy and out of my way.” He sneered, crossing his room and sitting in his desk chair. Just then, a man- one of the ‘nannies’, came in, holding another game system. He handed the thing to you, and left without a word.

“You’re such a princess.” The blue-haired boy rolled his eyes, crossing the room in two quick strides. “You get whatever you want huh?” He snatched the second game from you, and sat clear on the other side of the bed. You looked up, and frowned.

“You don’t like me.” You stated, and tilted your head. “I wish you would tell me why.”

“I don’t not like you. If I hated you, you would already be dead.” Tomura growled out, and paused. Had he really just said that? Out loud? He didn’t mean to. He narrowed his eyes at you. “Just shut up and-”

“I wish you liked me.” You interrupted him, and all of the building anger in his body melted away. He didn’t… he didn’t Hate you. He really had no reason to. That was fine, neutral emotions were normal- but…

Why did his heart seem to warm when he looked at you?

“... What do you want to play, princess?” He lowered his voice, no longer yelling. He wasn’t sure why he was suddenly not so angry- even his neck stopped itching. Was this our quirk? Calming of some kind?

“Whatever you like… I’ve never played any videogames. My brother and I usually just play with dolls and stuff.” You shrugged noncommittally and looked up at the boy, smiling more warmly now. “Can I go see him now? And Mama and Papa? Mister said if I make you smile I can see them.” You pointed out.

Tomura hadn’t even noticed he was smiling.

“Master is busy right now. We’re supposed to stay in here until he comes to get me.” Tomura turned to his shelf of comic books. “Can you read yet?”

“Not really.” You wrinkled your nose. “Seems boring.” Tomura chuckled, and nodded.

“Oh it is, but not with these. It’s mostly pictures in here.” He held up one labeled ‘Deadpool’ “I’ll read it to you.” He offered, and you smiled, sitting closer than you had before.

“Oooh, he’s got a sword!” you pointed down at the cover, your sparkly pink fingernails ghosted over the page, and Tomura nodded.

“You like swords?” Tomura was surprised. Here you were, in a tutu, bedazzled scrunchy-held pigtails, light-up shoes and eating a huge goddamn lollypop- saying you liked swords. Maybe master wasn’t crazy. Maybe you would be fun.

“Mhm! My Mama got real mad when my brother wished for one, ‘cuz they’re dangerous.” You took the comic from his hands, and huffed, squinting at the pages.

“Why would she get mad over a wish?” Tomura’s face screwed up in confused disgust. His palms itched at the idea of anyone ever being angry with you. Was your mom like his dad? Would he have to kill her?

“Because Mine always come true, and bubbas makes ‘em through me sometimes.” You shrugged, and squinted harder at the page. “I wish I could read.” You hummed, and your eyes widened. “Oh… this has LOTS of bad words…”

“You’re a weird kid- I thought you said you couldn’t read!” He squinted at you, angry for being lied to.

“Wished for it! So I can do it.” you stuck your tongue out at him.

“... wished for it?” He paused. “Wait, is that your quirk? You wish for stuff?” He questioned, eyebrows raised.

“Mhm! Anything I want in the whole world!” you smiled. “Mama said I’m not supposed to tell people about it- but Mister already knows so it’s okay. He said I had to wish that you couldn’t hurt me, which was weird but I don’t want you to hurt me so I guess it’s okay.” You tilted your head, and closed the comic book. “I don’t think Mama would want me to read that.”

“Can you… grant other people’s wishes?” Tomura questioned taking off his glove, and you nodded.

“If I want to, yeah. But I really have to want to- unless my big brother uses his quirk to make me.” You didn’t even flinch when he pressed his hand to your arm. You were too enthralled with reading the titles of the comic books to notice him staring.

“Interesting.” He hummed, still staring at his hand on your soft, unmarred flesh. “And you can really wish for… anything? Even to bring people back from the dead?”

“I dunno.” you mumbled. “What’s your quirk do? Does it have somethin’ to do with your gloves, or are your hands just cold?” You questioned, picking up an action figure and waving it around, making it fly.

“I decay things. People, animals, objects. Anything I touch with all five fingers turns to dust. I can’t control it.” He muttered, suddenly incredibly jealous of your power. “Hey, can I make a wish?”

“I’m not supposed to let other people make wishes with my quirk. Mama’ll get mad.” You shifted uncomfortably in your seat. You didn’t want your mother being angry with Tomura, he seemed nice.

“Well, then just wish you could grant other people’s wishes.” Tomura stated as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

“Oh! You’re so smart Tomu!” you took a deep breath. “I wish I could grant other people’s wishes!”

Chapter Text

“Can I see my Mama and Papa and Bubbie today?” You’d asked, it was first thing in the morning. Tomura had woken up to you practically jumping on his bed, begging for your mom.

Master had another bed placed in his room, and you’d slept there. From the way your bed matched his, Tomura was beginning to think this was a more permanent arrangement.

“We’ll have to see what master says… But I’m sure at least we can hang out with your brother. How old is he?” Tomura questioned, rubbing his eyes. He was pissed that he had been woken up so early by your bullshit and questions, but he couldn’t bring himself to be angry at YOU- no, Kurogiri should have been here already, babysitting.

“Oh, we’re Irish twins! So… he’s only a couple of months older than me.” You smiled, and Tomura tilted his head. Your brother must not be as important as you were… or he’d be here. “How old are YOU Tomura?” You were excited, bubbly first thing in the morning. Tomura wanted to go back to sleep.

“I’ll be ten in April.” He answered quietly, trying to get you to calm down. You were still jumping, up and down on his bed. Errantly, he remembered being yelled at for doing the same thing when he was much smaller. You were going to hurt yourself if you continued to do that.

“Ooh! I’m coming up on a birthday sooner than that! I win!” You declared, flopping back onto the bed and giggling. Your hair was wild from sleep, you had lines on the side of your face from sleeping face down on the comforter. Your clothes were bedraggled, and Tomura stole a glance at your bed, making sure you didn’t wet it or something. He had a problem with that until he was seven...

“What do you win?” He asked, still keeping quiet and calm, hoping you were like a puppy, and you would respond in the energy you were given.

“To go see my mama.” You crossed your arms, and looked up at him, hopeful.

“But I already told you-” He tried to explain, but you cut him off.

“I wish you couldn’t ever get in trouble with mister. There, now we can go!” you stated, bounding up to the door and turning the handle, the door only got open a crack before Tomura slammed it shut again. “Hey!” You demanded stomping your feet. There were the beginnings of a tantrum brewing behind your eyes.

“I hate to tell you this, princess, But I’m pretty sure if she wanted to come see you, she would have.” Tomura’s own viritrol dripped into his voice, but when he saw the look on your face, he immediately regretted it.

“My mama doesn’t wanna see me?” Your voice cracked, and Tomura watched as your eyes began to water. “Is she mad at me?” Your bottom lip quivvered. Damn it- Tomura didn’t know how to handle this.

“No, no she’s not- I’m sorry I- Listen, I’m probably wrong. Let’s just wait. Kurogiri will be here soon with breakfast and maybe we can ask him to go see them.” He awkwardly patted the top of your head, but you grabbed his hand. He flinched, so used to anything touching his hand reading an early expiration date.

“Promise?” You asked, holding his hand tightly in both of yours.

“I promise. You don’t have to cry about it.” He pulled his hand away, and stared down at it. He squinted, and picked up a pencil, watching as it turned to dust. No, his quirk was still there- you were just immune to it. Damn- that wish thing was a little OP.

“Okay.” You sniffled, wiping at your cheeks and calming yourself down. “I’m worried about my Bubbie. What if he’s lonely?” Your whiny tone was really starting to piss Tomura off, but it’s not like he could really do anything about it. He couldn’t kill you like he could everyone else- and for some strange reason, he didn’t WANT to kill you. Annoying.

“He’s probably fine.” Tomura didn’t know what he was doing on the comforting standpoint, but he was trying his best. “I’m kinda confused as to why he’s not here too- your wish thing could keep him alive I guess.” Tomura huffed, slipping on his gloves and grabbing his hairbrush. “Come here.” He demanded, and to your credit, you did.

“I dunno. I don’t like Mister.” You grumbled, crossing your arms angrily as you sat between Tomura’s legs. Carefully, he started at the ends of your hair, trying his best not to hurt you, though it seemed no matter how hard he pulled, he was physically incapable of hurting you. “Mama made me wish that Mister couldn’t take Mine or his quirks cuz Mister took hers’ and Papa’s quirk.”

“What was your dad’s quirk?” Tomura questioned, re-tying your hair in a low ponytail- not having the slightest clue how to tie the neat pigtails you’d arrived in.

“He could make people use their quirks- even if you don’t wanna.” You turned around. “Is mister your dad?”

“No. He’s not my dad. Is your dad a villain?” Tomura asked- that definitely SOUNDED like a villainous quirk.

“No! Papa’s a good person. He’s a lawyer!” You sounded offended, Tomura didn’t quite understand why.

“What about your mom?” Tomura questioned.

“Her quirk’s called butterfly effect. She can make things happen by starting a chain of events- Papa says she’s a human Rube Goldberg machine but I don’t know what that means.” You scrunched up your nose.

“Me neither.” Tomura admitted, and you giggled.

“Mhm! She’s a scientist! She makes medicine!” You were bubbly again, bouncing off of his lap and skipping across his bedroom.

“So you wished Master couldn’t take you or your brother’s quirks?”

“Mhm.” You nodded, climbing on top of Tomura’s chair to reach a higher shelf. He moved next to you, standing by to make sure you didn’t fall. “Mister was real mad when I did that but then he wasn’t mad at all, he asked me what my quirk was and brought me here. He promised- PINKIE PROMISED that if I made you smile I could see my mama and Papa and Bubbie again.”

“Master isn’t the type to lie, I’m sure he’s just busy with something.” Tomura handed you a pair of dolls. “This is Galladriel and Arwen. They’re Lord of The Rings limited edition so you have to be very careful.” He hummed, keeping his pinkies up from touching the dolls even with his gloves on.

You were successfully distracted, and Tomura finally had time to think.

You really could wish for anything huh?

Chapter Text

“I wish that I could control my quirk so I didn’t have to wear gloves all the time.” Tomura spoke up, watching as you gently brushed through Arwen’s hair with your fingers.

“Ooh that’s a good one! Granted!” you nodded, and Tomura paused, slipping off a glove and grabbing another pencil. He felt his fingertips tingle, but the thing did not immediately turn to dust. He focused, deciding to dust the thing- immediately, it dissolved in his hands.

“Hey, it’ll get kinda annoying to have to grant it every time won’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess it will!” you nodded, and pouted. “How do I fix it, Tomu?”

“I wish you didn’t have to grant the wishes, I wish they just happened.” Tomura offered, and you grinned.

“Granted! Thank you!” You did a little happy dance, and hopped up and down. “You’re, like, the smartest person in the whole world!” You sang, hopping up onto the bed to jump on it yet again.

“Jump on your OWN bed, brat.” Tomura chided, picking you up by the waist and moving you to the other bed. You didn’t cease your jumping, and pulled on Tomura’s arm.

“C’mon! It’s fun!” You begged, Trying and failing to pull him up. “Don’t be a debbie downer!” you teased.

“You’re going to get hurt, Brat.” He warned, and you rolled your eyes at him, letting go to jump higher and higher.

“I never-never get hurt! And when I do, I can just wish it better! I can wish you better too! Bubba and I NEVER get sick for long.” you giggled. “Jump with me Tomu! Pretty please! I wanna JUMP! I wanna! I wanna! I WA-”

And just like that, your ankle rolled, and you fell sideways. Tomura panicked, reaching out to catch you, but the angle was off, and you ended up smacking against the ground, headfirst. The door opened, revealing a man that seemed to be made of mist. And there you were, crying hysterically and cradling your head in your hands.

“Oh dear.” Kurogiri murmured, rushing to your side. His first matter of business was to check on Tomura, who had severely twisted his arm in the attempt to catch you. The boy was not yet screaming, but he was on the verge of hyperventilating. “This is… broken.” Kurogiri whispered, and that got your attention. You pushed him out of the way with a strength the Misted man did not think you would possess.

“I’m sorry!” you whimpered. “Wish you were all better!” you demanded, and watched as his arm re-set. His tears stopped coming, and his facial scars dissipated.

“Everything is going to be alrig-” Kurogiri tried, but he was cut off by a VERY angry Tomura.

“I TOLD you to stop jumping!” The boy yelled at you, and shoved Kurogiri. “You’re BLEEDING!” He complained, and Kurogiri turned to you, secondary directive kicked into drive. You reached up, touching your forehead.


“DO something you stupid ghost!” Tomura kicked at the Man, who lifted you up under the armpits, and tucked you under one arm, opening that door that hadn’t opened since you were dropped off in this room. You were carried down a hall, into an office, where the man you called mister sat, confused.

“The Genie seems to have hurt herself. Sir, she and Tomura are too young to be left unattended.” Kurogiri’s voice was low, it almost sounded frightened.

“And yet, my young apprentice seems to have solved the problem of her limitations. Tomura is capable of caring for his assistant, Kurogiri.” All For One chuckled, and reached out his arms. You were sat on his lap, and you flinched when you got a look at his eyeless face. “We meet again, Genie.”

“My name is (Y/N)” you reminded him, ignoring the stabbing pain in your head. “And you Promised I can see my mama.” You poked him in the chest. “I want My Mama and Papa and Bubbie!” You were demanding now, and the man cooed at you.

“I know sweetheart, I know.” The large man cooed, and pet your hair back. “They’re sick right now, darling girl.”

“You’re lying. I wished that I could tell so I never lose at go fish with Bubbie. I wanna play go fish with bubbie, and I want my Mama!” You pouted, and the man clicked his tongue.

“Alright. Let’s play a game hm? You can have one. One person from your family. Which one would you choose if say… the other two were sick, and you only had enough medicine for one?” He held up a single finger to clarify. You paused. You liked games.

“Bubbie.” You answered and tilted your head. “Why do I have to choose though? I can wish for more medicine.” You pointed out, and All for one grinned. “I wish nothing bad could happen to bubbie. See? Now I have medicine for mama and Papa- cuz I can give the medicine to Mama and she can make more for Papa.” You explained. “I Played your dumb game! I want my mama!”

Oh, now that would complicate things. Nothing bad could happen to your brother- which meant killing the little bastard was out of the question, lord knows what would happened if he tried.

“What happened to your head, darling girl?” AFO asked softly, brushing your hair back, reaching into his breast pocket and pulling out a handkerchief. He dabbed the white thing at the blood on your forehead, but you didn’t even wince. You were a big girl, and NOT a crybaby like Bubba says.

“I was jumpin’ on the bed and I fell. Can I see Mama now?” You squinted at him, trying to look menacing. A tough task for such a small girl.

“You are an exceptionally bright young lady, you know that?” He smirked, finding that the gash, while a bleeder as head wounds tended to be, was more of a light scratch. You’d be fine.

“I WANT my MAMA! Now. I Wish-” You began, but AFO cut you off.

“I wish you couldn’t make wishes anymore.” The man spoke, smug.

“You’re silly. I wish my mama was here.” You rolled your eyes, hopping off his lap and rushing the door, but when you threw it open…

Your mom was not there.

Chapter Text

“You’re a bad person, aren’t you?” You asked softly, not looking up from your plate of food. “You and Mister.” You shook your head. You’d tried everything. You’d screamed, you cried, you even held your breath until you passed out- but Mister would not budge. He wouldn’t let you see Mama.

“I’m sorry, Miss, but the Master-” Kurogiri began in a pleasant tone, but you cut him off, angrily throwing your spoon at him. Kurogiri didn’t bother flinching or reacting in any way, he’d dealt with more than enough tantrums from Tomura, and compared to him, you were a cakewalk.

“I don’t care what he says, Mister Kurogiri. I want my family.” Your bottom lip quivered, but he did not respond. Tomura, however, couldn’t take it anymore. You’d been on the same kick since last night. You wanted your mom. He had to read you THREE comic books, sing FOUR songs, and tuck you in NINE GODDAMN TIMES before you finally conked out in HIS bed- and he had to move you to yours. He was Tired, and annoyed out of his mind. It had to stop.

“... Kurogiri, get her brother.” Tomura moved around you, picking up your spoon from the floor and taking it to the sink before grabbing a new one. “I’m tired of listening to her.” He sneered, dropping the new spoon into your bowl. You looked up, hopeful.

“But, Tomura-” Kurugiri began to protest, but you reered up to throw the second spoon at him. Tomura grabbed the spoon from your hand, holding it above your head, just out of reach. You clawed for it, but he teased you by letting it JUST brush your fingers before snatching it away again.

“You’re MY nanny, aren’t you? You work for me. Get her brother. Now.” Tomura spoke without looking away from you, still teasing you with the spoon. “Since you can’t be a GOOD nanny and keep her in line and I have to do it, YOU have to do what I say.”

“He’s been proven to be quite difficult-” Kurogiri tried to reason with the child, but the thing about Nine-year-olds is, they can prove to be quite unreasonable, ESPECIALLY when they are kept up past their bedtime, AND woken up early, AND interrupted during breakfast by a tantruming toddler.

“Does it look like I CARE, you stupid Ghost?!” Tomura spat, shooting a menacing glance at the Warp-gate villain. He knew that your parents were probably already dead, being completely useless to his master now that they were quirkless, but your brother WAS probably still alive, seeing as Master couldn’t take his quirk, and the kid definitely had some sort of powerful quirk to be able to force you to use yours.

“Very well, Tomura Shigaraki.” Kurogiri let out something like a sigh, and stood up from the table. Glancing at you, still thoroughly distracted by Tomura’s bullying. “Megumi Shigaraki.” The villain bowed to the both of you, and left the room. You paused your squabbling, and pouted.

“I told you to stop callin’ me that! My NAME is (Y/N) (L/N).” You loudly repeated your name, and picked up your bowl. Tomura was quick to take that away too, just in time for the door to close. You whined, and slammed your fist on the table before huffing. You took a deep breath. “Thank you.” you whispered, low enough for Tomura to struggle to hear you.

“I didn’t do it for YOU.” Tomura scoffed, reaching over you to scoop porridge onto his spoon. “Eat your food. If you die I can’t make wishes anymore.” he prodded the spoon at your lips, but you shook your head.

“I want my Papa’s porridge.” you pouted, and Tomura rolled his eyes. He wanted to tell you that your dad was probably already dead, but he didn’t want to deal with the tantrum that would undoubtedly follow. Any more of this and he’d ask Kurogiri to give you those little pink pills he had to take in early spring that made him sleep.

“I wish this tasted like your Dad’s cooking. There. Eat, brat.” Tomura shoved the spoon against your teeth, and you begrudgingly took the bite. Tomura tried not to cringe at how messy you were, and he wondered if master had gotten clothes for you or if you would have to share his- and there was the question of bathing- how would that work? There were no women in the house, and he doubted you would let Kurogiri give you a bath seeing as you REALLY didn’t like the dumb Ghost.

“Why don’t you wish for my family back?” You questioned, and Tomura paused. Damn. It was like you read his mind or something… could you do that? He screamed internally, and watched for a reaction. Nope. Just a little weirdo.

“Master said not to.” He answered you quickly, on reflex. Tomura desperately wanted you to just shut up, he shoveled another spoonful of porridge into your mouth, and instantly regretted it as he learned that you had not yet learned the lesson of ‘no talking with food in your mouth.’

“But you can’t get in trouble with him ever. I made that wish before he tricked me, ‘member?” You pointed out, and swallowed your food. “Please, Tomu? I really wanna see my Mama. I’ll be good, I promise!” You whined. Tomura struggled with the knowledge that you were annoying enough for him to want to kill, but he couldn’t actually bring himself to stab you with the butterknife- everytime he was about to, his brain kicked in again and reminded him that he liked you.

“YOU can still get in trouble, Do you want to die? Just because you tricked me into liking you, doesn’t mean you can do the same to master.” Not that Tomura would let that happen. And Sure, he was aware that it was a quirk effect, but it didn’t help him to figure out whether or not he wanted to kill you for sure. It was all so very confusing, and Tomura did hate to be confused. This world was Kill or Do Not Kill, nothing more and nothing less- for you to defy both of these incredibly clear categories was nothing short of immeasurably frustrating.

“I’m gonna beat him up.” you grumbled, crossing your arms. Tomura snickered as he fed you another bite of porridge. One thing was for sure, you were at the very least entertaining, and Tomura did value things that entertained him. Videogames and Comic-books mostly, but he also owned a terrarium full of Male Dumbo rats that he taped his pinky up to pet and hold. He’d have to show you them, at some point- maybe when you were bigger. Little kids tend not to be very gentle with tiny animals.

“Good luck with that. I’ve met cats bigger than you.” Tomura teased, but you were unperturbed.

Chapter Text

“Where’s Mister Kurogiri and Bubbie?” You asked. Tomura fought the urge to make a joke about them both being dead. You were too little to appreciate it, and you just went ahead and believed anything he said anyway since he wished that you couldn’t tell if he was lying. (He reasoned that he would need to be able to lie so he could teach you how to play chess, and you very much wanted to learn how to play chess.)

“Kurogiri literally just left. They’ll be here soon.” He tried to shut down the tantrum before it had a chance to start, and you seemed receptive. You pushed away the spoon prodding your lips, and Tomura’s teeth gritted before you uttered the word-

“Promise?” It fell from your lips soft and sweet, like everything else about you. Tomura sighed, and picked up a napkin, wiping at the corners of your mouth to remove some of the sticky porridge residues and allow himself to think of an answer that wouldn’t get your hopes up or piss you off enough to start another goddamn tantrum.

“Sure.” He answered noncommittally, putting the napkin down and grabbing at the spoon again. You snatched it away, holding it far behind you to prevent him from taking it. He exhaled harshly from his nose. Half of him wanted to dust you, and the other half was just begging to fix whatever problem was bothering you so you both could move on with your goddamn lives.

“Nuh-uh. You gotta PINKIE promise, and no crossin’ your fingers like Mister ‘prolly did when he said I could see my mama. He’s a big fat fibber.” You angrily crossed your arms. “He must be a very bad man for me to not know he was lyin’ and you’re his friend so you must be a bad person too! A bad person who breaks promises.” You grumbled, and Tomura froze.

Was he a bad person? Probably. He’d killed dozens of people at this point, hell, he was the reason your parents were probably dead. He never really felt bad about it before. He’d been with his master for five years now, and never once did he regret his actions or decisions. He never necessarily felt responsible for the deaths of the kids master would bring for him to play with. It was their own fault for dying. It was THEIR fault they were not strong enough, or they pissed him off, or they were not useful enough.

But right now… he definitely did not feel good.

“I don’t break promises. Ever.” Tomura said seriously, reaching up to catch your extended pinkie with his own. “If they’re not here soon, I’ll go get them myself.” He handed you your spoon. “Now eat your food and be quiet so I can read.” He rolled his eyes, returning to his ‘Punisher’ Comic.

You huffed, and began to shovel food into your mouth. Breakfast at your house was much different. There was Mama, and Papa, and Bubbie and your cat that Papa had been given when he helped an exotic animal dealer get off on parole. It was too quiet in here and-

“You’re not ‘sposta read at the table. Won’t your mama get mad?” You broke the silence, drawing shapes in the remainder of your porridge. Tomura didn’t look up from his comic book, and sighed, flipping a page.

“Sure she would, If she wasn’t dead.” He hummed, “Eat your food before I shove it down your throat, brat.” The threat was only that, a threat. He wouldn’t do that and risk you choking or something. The stupid wish made that impossible, and Master would be very angry if you died, seeing as you were not integral to his plans.

“Oh… your papa then?” You continued, and Tomura groaned, closing his comic book and looking you in the eye. You were bored- he understood the feeling. Whenever your brother got here, you would be HIS problem. This is why parents have more than one kid, Tomura realized- to keep each other busy.

“Dead too.” Tomura shrugged, and reached over, grabbing a strawberry to cut up with his butter knife over your bowl of porridge. You watched the red fruit fall and frowned. Tomura didn’t like that look on your face- it was too close to that expression you made a split second before throwing yourself into another screaming tantrum.

“I’m sorry.” Your eyes watered, and your lips set into a pout. You looked genuinely apologetic- as if it was YOUR fault they were dead. Tomura’s throat itched from the inside. Something like guilt welling up deep in his stomach.

“Don’t be. I killed them.” Tomura admitted freely, and watched carefully for your response. You frowned, but you didn’t look like you were going to cry. You looked contemplative for a few long moments before speaking.

“On accident? Cuz’ of your quirk?”you asked, and Tomura almost called you stupid, until he remembered that you were only three years old. He realized that to come to that conclusion, you must’ve actually been pretty smart.

“One of them was an accident. The other one pissed me off.” Tomura spoke, then wondered how you were so verbal- the five year old Master had brought was barely able to string together a coherent sentence -It’s what ultimately got him killed- but here you were, completely capable of holding intelligent conversation and formulate valid opinions and exchange information.


“Oh… did you… not like them?” You asked, tilting your head. The sadness was gone, but the inquisitiveness stayed. Fear began to creep into your eyes. Tomura knew why.

“Is this your way of asking if I’m gonna kill you?” He smirked, and watched as the gears in your head started turning. One didn’t have to have a mind-reading quirk to know exactly what was going on in your head.

“Guess so.” You shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant. Tomura wanted to know how you knew to do that. You were incredibly developed mentally- he wondered if this was the result of a wish as well.

“You already wished that I couldn’t. Can your wishes undo themselves?” Tomura asked, squinting as he scratched at his neck in contemplation. “Like if I wished for something, and then wished for that wish to not work anymore, would it cancel the first wish?”

“Yeah… They can.” You nodded. “Like I wished that I could fly like Superman but then I got stuck on my ceiling and had to wish that I couldn’t fly no more.” You paused, and sighed. “Are you gonna wish you can hurt me Tomu?” The question was a valid one to ask, but the way you said it, the soft, small tone of your voice had Tomura shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

“Well, it’s not like I could kill you either way. If I do, I can’t make wishes anymore.” He looked down at his empty bowl, and swallowed. “I’m not gonna hurt you, ever.” He shook his head. “It would be pretty stupid to kill a genie who can grant me any wish I want.”

“That’s true. You’re really smart, Tomu.” You smiled up at him, honest and kind as always. Tomura faltered.

“I know. As long as your useful, you’ll have friends. Remember that, Brat.” He muttered, taking your spoon out of your hand and scooping up porridge with strawberry topping. You giggled.

“Okay.” You nodded, and opened your mouth wide for another bite.

At least you weren’t still asking for your mom.

Chapter Text

Steps four, five and six, never scold her in front of others, don’t expect too much from her, don’t judge her or her friends.

The first two were easy enough. You never really did or said anything worth scolding, and Keigo expected nothing from you- you always impressed him. In all honesty, he really had nothing to compare you to- but he was pretty sure you were exceptional either way.

This last one was going to be a lot harder. Your friends were little weirdos.

Midoriya was whiny and clingy, he doted on you like you were his pet, and he would cry at the drop of a hat.

Bakugo was loud, abrasive, mean to everyone including you and yet still incredibly protective over you.

Sero was better, but still an awkward boy when it came to being around adults- but, maybe it was just around Keigo- or, more precisely, Hawks.

It didn’t matter. They all had to be there for this.

“I don’t know if I’m doing this right.” Keigo admitted lowly to Yumi, who sipped on her mimosa as she watched you and the boys splash around in the pool. It was the last day of summer, but that was not the reason for the festivities.

Keigo was going to present you with the papers today.

“You’re going to be saying that every day for the rest of your life. Welcome to parenthood.” Mitsuki clapped a hand over Keigo’s back, and smiled warmly. “You’ll do great, kid. They’re like puppies. You just gotta feed ‘em, love ‘em, and not spoil ‘em too much.”

“You should have seen me when I found out I was pregnant with Izuku.” Inko smiled fondly at the memory. “I was a frazzled mess of nerves, constantly worried I was doing something wrong- turns out I never really grew out of that.” She toyed with the ends of her hair, staring on at the group of children playing. “Izuku! Please don’t run! The concrete is wet!” She fretted, and ran off to supervise the lot of you more effectively.

“I wasn’t running!” Izuku complained, jumping into the pool to splash you. You giggled as Katsuki wrapped his arms around your middle, also laughing as he tossed you to the side. Hanta was preforming a mess of flips and tricks into the pool, trying to show off for his four older sisters that had also come to the “party”.

“Ooh! Watch this!” You called, climbing out of the pool. “Hawks! Hawks are you watching?!” You called out, and Keigo stepped out from under the covered awning, waving over.

“Yep! Go for it, Ducky!” Keigo grinned, and tapped on Yumi’s shoulder, encouraging her to watch as well.

You reared up, straightening your back and shaking your hands to dry them before springing into a double salto backward tuck with two full twists before diving into the deep end. There was a round of applause- the loudest of which being from Keigo himself- as you breached the water.

“Holy SHIT!” Katsuki gasped, only to get smacked in the back of his head by his mother.

“Watch your goddamn language in front of Hawks!” The woman chastised lowly, only for Katsuki to roll his eyes, and run off to jump into the pool next to you.

“That was SO COOL! Hey- could you teach ME how to do that?!” Izuku questioned, practically bouncing with excitement. Katsuki wasted no time in dunking the green-haired boy’s head underwater, and smirking.

“Hey would you look at that, you managed to get into the pool without busting your shit. Proud a’ ya, dumbass.” Katsuki teased, finally letting Izuku up for air.

“Thanks! I’ve been practicing for four hours a day, every day, for the last four MONTHS!” you giggled, splashing the blonde. Suddenly, you were lifted up into the air as Sero stood with your legs over his shoulders, grinning.

“Cavalry battle! Let’s Go!” Hanta smiled happily, and Katsuki’s smirk fell into an angry glare as he stared at your stomach pressed against the back of Tape-face’s head. Hanta’s hands wrapped around your thighs to keep you steady, just above the knee.

Katsuki wanted to commit crimes right then, and Izuku was right there with him.

The two boys shared a look, and Katsuki, regrettably, nodded, ducking underwater and scooping Izuku up onto his own shoulders. Izuku’s entire body was alight with satisfaction with the feeling of Kaachans’ hands wrapped around his shins, the feeling of that blonde hair against his stomach, the sheer amount of skin-to-skin contact- today was quickly becoming the best day of his life.

He and Kaachan were working TOGETHER, and it was all because of you.

Katsuki surged forward, content on gutting the black-haired boy like a fucking fish, but he was quickly shoved back, falling into the water by one strong push from you on Izuku. The tower of boys was quite top-heavy, and the two splashed to the water in defeat pretty much immediately, hearing your excited giggles all the while.

In that moment, the boys that had been fighting for your attention bonded over one common enemy- Sero Fucking Hanta and his six-pack abs.

“Alright everyone! Time for cake!” Thea clapped, bringing out the three-tiered construction of your favorite cake and Icing combination. Keigo’s blood ran cold for a split second as you and the boys began climbing out of the pool, approaching quickly. This was it. Everything had already been cleared with Fumiko- if you said yes, you would be his kid. His permanent responsibility.

Izuku helped you into your towel-robe, and Katsuki threw your flip-flops at you. Sero wrapped an arm around your shoulders as you walked, earning heavy glared from the other two boys- Keigo would have to deal with that… forever now. Boy problems and meltdowns over bathing suits and how they ‘just don’t fit right’.

He wasn’t ready.

No one really ever is.

Once everyone was sat at the table, ready to be served, Keigo stood, a folder in hand.

“If I could have everyone’s attention please, before we cut the cake?” Keigo asked, and several confused pairs of eyes landed on him, including yours. “Nine months ago, I came to meet the most wonderful, amazing, intelligent kid this world has ever known. And she pretty much immediately told me not to worry about her, ever. As a pro hero, that comment took me completely by surprise. It’s pretty much my job to worry. I promised her that I would only worry about her until she started at UA- but I stand before you today as a man who told a big fat fib.” He sighed, and took a knee in front of you, holding your hands. “The very first day I met you, I asked you if you could wish for anything, what would you wish for- do you remember what you told me”

“No?” You were confused- why did Hawks look like he was about to cry? Was there something wrong?

“You said you wished that you would have one day where you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. And then, a couple of months later, your answer changed. You wished for a family. Now, I can’t take your worries away forever, but…” He pulled out a charm bracelet- fitted with your Evil eye charm, the four-leaf clover, a red feather, and a tiny mochi charm. “I can… give you a family. If you want.” He opened up the folder to show you the certificate of adoption.

Your breath caught in your throat. The only thing missing was a signature on the dotted line

“(Y/N) (L/N), would you do me the honor of allowing me to grant your wish, and dedicate my life to giving you days without worries?” His voice cracked slightly, and the dam broke. Tears began to stream down your face as you nodded reverently.

“Thank you, Keigo.” You whispered, throwing your arms around his neck. He hugged you tightly, as if he was afraid you’d disappear if he let go.

“Thank YOU, Ducky.” He murmured back, reaching behind you to sign the paper.

Chapter Text

The day of the entrance exams had finally come- and though you were not able to take the exams, having been let in on recommendations, you were allowed to spectate. You had volunteered to shadow Recovery girl, seeing as you were a ‘rare healing type’.

You sat on a comfy computer chair, watching the screens excitedly- tracking YOUR boys as they battled the robots. As expected, Katsuki was having absolutely no trouble at all taking out villain after villain. Some girl was following Izuku around, pulling him out of the way whenever a villain or student was about to injure him- she looked to be tracking him or something- like she always knew where he was. For some reason, that made your stomach hurt… maybe having mochi for breakfast was a bad idea. You were on the edge of your seat, worried, watching as Izuku scrambled to keep from being crushed to death when Recovery girl tapped your shoulder.

“Try not to fret dear, they’ll all be fine.” She promised, and passed you a packet of gummy bears. “Have some gummies and calm your nerves.” She instructed, turning back to the screens.

“Why’s she even here?” Vlad King questioned, squinting down at you. You sunk into her chair, not wanting to seem like you’re getting in the way or something.

“She’s the healing quirk kid those Commission Reps were talking about. You know how important those are.” Another man that you did not recognize responded. Long, dark hair, tired eyes, and a scruffy beard, he looked… homeless? You recognised him from Hawks’ warnings. This was Mister Aizawa. Your homeroom teacher. He was the one that had expelled an entire class of students last year. You made a mental note not to make him angry with you. He focused his attention on you, tilting his head inquisitively. “So, how does your healing work?” The hero asked, leaning back in his chair and kicking his large feet up onto the desk. Another teacher sent him a look, but he all but ignored it.

“Well, I touch people and their wounds heal very fast, but I get tired.” You explained, holding out your hands. “I can also heal tiredness and hunger… but again, I get really tired.” Aizawa raised an eyebrow, and held your hand. You watched as the red lines in his eyes all but disappeared. He hummed.

“Ah, so it feeds on your energy and not their own?” Recovery girl butted in, and you nodded, grateful to have some sort of insight on this quirk that you definitely did not have nine months before.

“Yes.” You chimed, giving the woman a bright smile, which she reciprocated easily. Aizawa let go of your hand, and went back to watching the competition. You were engrossed at this point, giving Recovery Girl your full attention.

“Have you tried healing kisses? I can heal with my hands as well but kisses are far more effective.” She pointed out, and you gasped, shaking your head.

“I haven’t tried that ma’am, no.” You answered honestly. It was a thing you would have to try then, seeing as healing was incredibly important for a hero- and you knew that your friends were all going to be heroes- and Keigo was a hero. Learning a better way to heal was a step closer to keeping them much safer. Keigo may have promised you days without worries, but you would always worry if there was always a possibility of him getting hurt.

“You should! You’ll have plenty opportunity today, oh, some strapping young lad is bound to get injured, and you can swoop in there and give some nice big smooches.” Recovery girl patted you on the back with a denture-toothy grin. You had to fight to not choke on your own spit.

“Uhm… I dunno about all that!” You giggled awkwardly, face heating up as you looked away. You didn’t even think about it like that! Sure, healing people was all well and good- but KISSING people? The only person you’d ever kissed was Izuku, and that didn’t really count because HE kissed YOU, and then you immediately rejected him.

“Oh dear…” Recovery Girl whispered, and your eyes immediately flew to the screen that she had been watching. There was Izuku, with two broken legs, flying toward a zero-point robot headfirst with a fist cocked. Your breath hitched in your throat and you were out of your chair in seconds, practically flying to the door. A hand reached out and stopped you, gripping onto your arm.

“Hey. Leave him be, Miss Takami. You have to let the test conclude on its own.” Aizawa instructed. You glanced back at him.

“No, you don’t understand! He’s quirkless!” you tried to pull away, but the man held you tight.

“Think before you act. How did he get up there if he was quirkless? That was a massive amount of power output.” Aizawa reasoned, and released your arm. “You can go with Recovery Girl when she leaves, but for now, stay put and let the test run its course.” He crossed his arms, but your heart was beating out of your chest. You really didn’t want to argue with him and possibly make him angry with you, but there was a very real danger of your best friend getting hurt, and you were not going to stand idly by while that happened.

“But if something happens to him-” you began to plead, only to have Recovery girl push you to the door.

“Thank you for the distraction, Eraserhead. Let’s get a move on, deary. It seems there are several injured.” She pulled you forward, but you didn’t need to be told twice. You took off in the direction of the testing site, immediately vaulting over the gate and sprinting toward Izuku, laying in the middle of the road. You shoved past other students, and fell to your knees beside Izuku.

Katsuki watched, he could do nothing but watch as you ran past him, completely ignoring him as you knelt beside fucking Deku. He felt frozen in place, like time was moving without him when you pulled Deku’s head into your lap and kissed him, right on the lips.

Chapter Text

You pulled back, and watched as Izuku’s legs twisted the right way round, and his arm shifted back to a normal color after having been a sickly, strange shade of purple. Izuku’s eyes were wide, his cheeks were flushed. The girl who had been following him around beforehand knelt beside you, flicking him in the forehead.

“Told ‘ya to run didn’t I?” She huffed, and glanced over at you, thrusting out her hand to shake. “Sosaki. I tried to warn him.” She huffed, tilting her head.

“Takami- but my friends call me Lucky.” You introduced back, still staring down at Izuku, who looked like he was going to have a stroke.

“Lucky fits you.” She nodded, and laughed.

“Dumbass!” Katsuki called, gripping you by the upper arm and yanking you away from the scene. “There’s broken glass and shit all over the ground, get up, idiot.” Katsuki chastised you, pulling you toward the exit.

“Kaachan!” You leaned up and kissed him square on the lips. Every annoyed feeling, every angry idea, every single thought left his mind all at once the moment your lips touched his. Close. You were so close. You smelled like apples still- your lips were so soft, and warm- even though there was… something on them. Katsuki’s arms hung limp to his sides, his eyes were open wide. Yours were too- they seemed… inquisitive.

It hit him all at once. A kiss. You were kissing him- YOU were KISSING HIM. Holy SHIT! His first kiss and… and you were the one to start it! He hadn’t even told you how he felt- he chickened out after the gotcha day party- he never told you how he felt. He’d tried his best to ignore you so he could train for exams and… and now exams were over, he’d scored countless points and YOU WERE KISSING HIM.

Completely on reflex, he ripped himself away, pushing you back with a shocked look on his face. His hand came up, brushing over his lips. There was something sticky left over. He glanced down at his fingers to find something pink and sparkly coating them. Lip gloss?!

Jesus Christ… you must… you must really like him.

You watched as the small cuts and scrapes on Katuksi’s soft, pale skin healed right up. He looked good as new, very quickly.

“Girlie, you know cheeks and foreheads work just as well.” Recovery Girl herself approached from behind, a smirk on her wrinkled lips. She was right, Kisses were more effective than touches- and a forehead kiss probably would have been better… especially considering you just kissed two boys infront of dozens of other people AND several cameras connected to screens currently being watched by your future teachers.

Your cheeks had never been redder.

“Alright Loverboy. Up you get.” Sosaki snorted, and pulled Izuku to his feet. Katsuki kept on staring at his fingers, squinting. “That healing is badass Lucky!” She commented, tilting her head. “Can I get a pick me up too?” She smirked, tapping her cheek. Your eyes widened.

“Fuck off extra!” Katsuki seemed to have snapped out of his transe as he growled at Sosaki, and looked at you. “Let’s get you back to Hawks before something stupid happens.” Okay- you definitely noticed that. His voice was soft, kind-

The way it was when you cuddled in secret. When you were ‘allowed’ to be friends. Oh. Was he… Was Katsuki finally letting you be his friend in public? Was it because he knew you were both going to UA now?

Gosh, you sure hoped so.

“Right- Okay.” you nodded, skipping off after him. You glanced back at Izuku, flanked on either side by a girl. Sosaki on one side, a brunette girl with rosy cheeks on the other. There it was again. That twisty feeling in your stomach. You REALLY should stop eating Mochi for breakfast.

“So. What did you think?” Katsuki questioned, slinging an arm over your shoulders. You stiffened, unsure of how to handle this kind of contact. He never did this sort of thing… with anyone- not even Koshi! And they were best friends! Did something happen while you were gone? Was he okay? Did he hit his head or something?

“You were so cool! I’m always super jealous when you start flying around with your blasts.” You smiled up at him, and he surprised you by actually smiling back. Not a smirk, not a grin- a soft, warm smile. It sent a shock through your heart to see. He’d never smiled like that before… You pushed his arm off, squinting at him. “That’s not very nice.” You gritted your teeth.

“What?” Katsuki paused, confused. You glared at him. Openly glared- fuck, did he say something wrong? Was he not supposed to hug you? Fuck, he had no idea what he was doing- you had to cut him some slack here-

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t make fun of me.” your eyes avoided his. You weren’t crying, but you weren’t far from it.

“I’m not-”

“I didn’t have to heal you, you know! You really should be nicer to me.” You interrupted him, crossing your arms and looking down at the ground.

Heal him? What the hell were you talking about? When did you… Oh.

The kiss.

You kissed Deku too. And his arm was fixed. His Legs were fixed. It was the Kiss that healed him. The old lady said ‘cheeks and foreheads work just as well.’. It was just a heal. A job. A friendly favor.

Friends. You were just friends. Fuck.

A grimace washed over his face.

“I’ll be nicer to you when you start being smarter, Lucky.” He teased, ruffling your hair. This sucked, but at least now he could touch you like this without you being in danger. He could be your friend. He could even crush on you, and there was nothing that anyone could do about it.

“You’re such a dick, Katsu.” You rolled your eyes, walking faster. He didn’t have to try too hard to keep up. Your legs were pretty short compared to his.

“You love me.” He teased, wrapping his arm back around your shoulders to walk you back to Hawks’ agency.

Chapter Text

“First day of class, Ducky!” Keigo chimed, practically jumping up and down on your bed. “Up up up! C’mon I made breakfast!” He grinned, yanking your blankets back. You groaned, and sat up. Entrance exams had been a week before, and you spent all night up texting Katsuki, who for whatever reason needed you to talk him down from piercing his ears in his bathroom the night before the first day of school. It then became a conference call with both Izuku and Hanta, all trying to talke Katsuki inot putting the needle down and going the fuck back to bed.

“I don’t wanna eat too much or I might get sick!” You warned, and Keigo rolled his eyes. You rolled over in bed, shoving your pillow over your head and curling up into a ball. “Five more minutes!” You begged, but Keigo snatched your pillow as well.

“Too bad, you’re eating.” Keigo rolled his eyes, tossing your new uniform at you. “Up and dressed Kiddo. Get PUMPED! If you’re not out of this room in ten minutes, I’ll send feathers in and dress you myself!” He chuckled, rushing out of the room and closing the door behind him.

When you exited the bedroom, you found that Keigo had REALLY gone overboard with breakfast. He’d figured out everything from scrambled eggs to creme-filled crepes.

“Holy cow.” You gasped, looking over the spread. “Keigs, you made too much again.” You sat at the table, bending down to fix your knee-high socks. Keigo rolled his eyes at you, still standing at the stove as he poured boiling water over the french press.

“We have a fridge and lots of friends to give leftovers to. Eat!” He flitted about the kitchen, piling a plate high with food. “Besides, I’m still practicing so I can impress that girl at work.” Keigo blushed, dishing you far too much scrambled eggs. You looked up at him, eyebrow raised.

“You STILL haven’t asked her out?! That was our deal though! I got my shots and now you have to talk to the pretty lady in marketing.” You punched his shoulder as he sat beside you, a sheepish smile on his face. He pretended he didn’t hear you, pouring juice into your glass. “KEIGO!” You shouted, kicking his foot under the table

“I’m preparing! Action plan and stuff! You don’t know anything about romance shut up.” He pouted, crossing his arms and sinking into his seat for a fraction of a momet before glancing back at you. “Hey, do you think your friends can come over after school, and we can perfect that damn chocolate chip cookie recipe? I think I wanna start with that.” He wrinkled his nose, and you grinned, reaching up and ruffling his already wild hair.

“Hawks, you know you’re number two in the world, right? Like even AllMight is technically below you. Just talk to her! She’d be an idiot to turn you down.” You offered, brushing his hair back out of his face. “You might want to shave first though, scruffy.” you poked his chin, and he rolled his eyes at you.

“But I want her to like me for non-hero-related reasons! Please? You can even invite Bakugo?” Keigo offered, and that sparked your interest pretty much immediately.

“I guess it would stop him from piercing his own ears…” you hummed to yourself, cutting into your pancakes.

“What?” Keigo questioned, turning his head completely to look at you. You stifled a laugh and shrugged.

“Nothing.” You shook your head, and took a bite of your pancakes. “Ack- too much salt in the batter again.” You wrinkled your nose, and swallowed, grabbing the cuban coffee Keigo made and chugging it. “Awe bunk- this is decaf isn’t it?”

“Can’t get tall drinking caffeine Ducky.” Keigo warned, passing you the juice glass. “You should drink more water anyway.” He gestured vaguely. “Some nutritionist Rin hired told me I need to make sure you drink like twenty ounces or something to grow properly, I dunno I wasn’t paying attention since SOMEONE decided to text me a video of them doing backflips off of moving cars.” He huffed, and you laughed.

“I don’t want to be tall, I want to be awake.” You waved him off. “And the cars weren’t even going that fast- and Sero’s sister is a great driver AND I have a healing quirk so we were completely fine.” You yawned. “It’s tiring reminding you how badass I am.” you teased.

“Then go to bed on time.” Keigo quipped right back, standing to tie your hair back into a ponytail so it was out of your face.

“You don’t.” You pointed out, shoving another bite of too-salty pancake into your mouth.

“Do as I say, not as I do, or some shit like that. If you’re not feeling up to it you could sleep in, I’ll write a note. Since I’m a pro they legally can’t penalize you for missing.” Keigo finished the ponytail, and squatted down next to you so you were on eye-level “ Seriously, if you ever don’t want to do school- like even if you just don’t feel like it, you can tell me.” he nodded.

“I’ll keep that in mind for finals.” You joked, and sat up straight. “Nah, I should go to class and be responsible and stuff. Besides, if I’m not there, there’s no one to stop Katsu from lighting Izuku on fire.” You snorted, and cracked your neck.

“Ew- your bones aren’t supposed to do that at your age. We’re going to a chiropractor later- spa day on Friday- But ONLY if you actually make a girl friend to go with you because I keep getting weird stares.” He grimaced, remembering the several occasions someone had asked if he was DATING you- it’d gotten out by now that he’d adopted you, but some people had some pretty messed-up theories about what was ‘going on behind the scenes’. Ridiculous is what it was.

“I still don’t get why I can’t take Hanta. He needs a good massage since his shoulders are so heavily used.” You tilted your head, and Keigo sighed, shrugging.

“You’ll get it when you’re older, Ducky.” Keigo chuckled, and checked his watch. “Ah nuts. Grab a muffin, we’re gonna be late. You got everything? You remember what to do if you need something right? You have your feather?!” Keigo’s tone was anxious, worried about you as he often was.

“I’ve got it. It’s the first day, it’ll be easy. And both Zu and Katsu know about the wishes, so if anything goes wrong it can easily be remedied.” You reminded him.

“I guess, but hey, don’t be afraid to call me for ANYTHING, you hear me?” He was completely serious, and so then, you were too.

“Loud and clear big bird.” You nodded, offering out your pinky for a promise. Keigo’s much larger pinky wrapped around yours, and he smiled.

“Quiet and confusing, little bird.” He snorted right back.

Chapter Text

“LUCKY!” Izuku shouted, lifting you off the ground in a hug as you approached the UA building. “You’re in Class 1A right?! Same as me?” he set you down to look at you, and you shrugged.

“Yeah! I’m so glad you made it!” you smiled at him, and grabbed his arm, looking at it. “Holy crap, kisses really do work so much better than high-fives.” You hummed, and Izuku blushed.

“Guess You’ll have to stock up on chapstick then.” He grinned, happy as a clam. “I’m surprised Hawks didn’t drop you off at the door.”

“I agreed to let him pick me up at the door if he didn’t. Sacrifices were made.” You laughed, approaching the door to the classroom. You both paused in front of the ginormous doorway.

“Man, this thing is huge. Are there giants in here?” Izuku questioned, and you snorted.

“ Hey, look, finally a doorway Hawks won’t clothesline himself on.” You joked, but Izuku still looked anxious.

“The most promising students in the country are waiting behind this door.” His eyebrows pinched together in worry.

“And you and I are outside of it, when we should be in there too, right? C’mon. You didn’t wish to get into UA- which means you genuinely belong here. You worked hard and you deserve to be here. Cheer up, buttercup.” You patted his back, and he softened, nodding before opening the door.

“Take your feet off of that desk now!” A tall boy with Black hair chastises, pointing an accusing finger at Katsuki. Neither of them have noticed you or Izuku standing in the doorway.

“Huh?” Katsuki’s smirk is stretched wide across his face, he’s clearly enjoying pissing off captain tight-ass over there. You kind of feel bad for the straight-edge boy.

“It’s the first day and you’re already disrespecting this academy by scuffing school property, you cretin!”

“I’m savin’ the seat for my girl. Jeeze man, did your old school put a stick up your ass or were you born with it?”

“Kaachan!” you spoke up, pushing right past Izuku to approach the two arguing boys. “Lets not make enemies on the first day, please?” You frowned, and turned to the boy in the glasses. “I am so sorry about him, he was raised by wolves.” you wrinkled your nose. “I’m Lucky- well, that’s what everyone calls me, but you can call me Takami too, if you wanted- oh! And this is Katsuki Bakugo, we and Izuku Midoriya-” you pointed to the green-haired boy, who looked like he might puke. “Went to Aldera Junior High.” You offered out your hand to the boy, who looked taken aback for a moment before composing himself.

“Ah- right. I’m Tenya Iida from the Somei Private Academy.”

“Somei huh? You must think you’re better than us. I’ gonna have fun tearin’ you a new one.”

“He doesn’t mean that!” You interjected, but Katsuki just smirked. “He just- he really has no brain- to- mouth filter.” You defended Katsuki before this turned into a fight. “I’m sure we can all be really good friends! He’s really mean to everyone but that doesn’t mean he hates you or anything.” You scratched the bacl of your neck awkwardly, and Iida sighed before turning away.

“Awe, do you gotta cut in on my fun all the time? It was entertaining him watching him implode.” Katsuki crossed his arms, and dropped his feet off of the desk next to him. “Saved you a seat so you don’t have to hang out with these damn extras.”

“Jealousy is an illness, get better soon, bitch.” Sosaki cut in, sitting atop your desk.

“Fuck off before I blow you to bits, bitch.” Katsuki growled, but he didn’t sound as angry as he usually did.

“Do it pussy, you won’t.” She rolled her eyes, and looked back at you. “Recovery girl two-point-oh. Gotta say, you’re a heck of a lot cuter than the old lady. You should be careful. The guys around here might get hurt on purpose.” She glanced over at a very small, younger-looking boy across the room, talking to a girl with pink skin. “Careful of him in particular, He’s a pervert.” She warned seriously, and stood up, brushing her skirt flat.

You were suddenly tackled in a hug from behind, but the bulbous nature of the elbows resting on your waist told you exactly who it was. “Hanta!” you grinned, turning and hugging him back. “You got into class 1A too?!”

“Yep! You have no idea how stoked my mom is! Sorry for not texting back by the way- this month has been pretty hectic with Me starting highschool and both of my oldest sisters starting college.” He sheepishly rubbed his arm, but you shrugged.

“It’s all okay, I still had Kaachan to hang out with.” you glanced over at the blonde, who looked smug.

“There’s still time to drop out, tape face.” Katsuki sneered at Hanta, who laughed him off.

“And miss an opportunity to knock you down a few pegs? Not a chance Baku-bro.” Hanta’s shit-eating grin was enough to make sizzling pops begin to form in Katsuki’s hands. You reached for them, shoving your hands into his. He paused, enraptured in your attention.

“Don’t get expelled.” you warned, and looked around the room at all of the other students. “You should try to make some friends this year!” You tried to convince him, but he rolled his eyes.

“If you’re just here to make friends, then you can pack up your stuff now.” The familiar voice of Mister Aizawa chimed in, and you looked for the source of his voice, and found him laying on the floor in the hallway in a sleeping bag. “Welcome to UA’s hero course.” He deadpanned, unzipping the sleeping bag and pulling out a pouch of applesauce. He stood to his full height, and unzipped the sleeping bag, stepping out of it. “It took eight seconds before you all shut up. That’s not gonna work. Time is precious. Rational students would understand that.” Oh. So he’s a hardass?

Well, at least he might keep Katsuki from killing someone, right?

Chapter Text

A quirk assessment test. Your very first day, and it looks like you might fail, because you don’t actually have a quirk equipped for any of this.

“Here at UA, we’re not tethered to traditions. That means that I get to run my class however I see fit. You’ve been taking standardized tests most of your lives, but you never got to use your quirks in physical exams before. The country’s still trying to pretend we’re all created equal by not letting those with the most power excel. It’s not rational. One day, the ministry of education will learn.” Aizawa paused and looked directly at you.

“I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that one of your classmates has a rare healing-type quirk. You may think that this gives you a unique advantage of being able to go above and beyond with minimal consequences. You are wrong. Do NOT rely on others to be great. Do it yourself, or do not do it at all.” Aizawa’s tired eyes flickered over to Katsuki. “Bakugo. You managed to get the most points on the entrance exam. What was your farthest distance throw with a softball when you were in junior high?” The question hung in the air, and Katsuki thought for a moment.

“Sixty-seven meters, I think.” He answered, tilting his head slightly forward.

“Right. Try doing it with your quirk. Anything goes, just stay in the circle.” Aizawa offered, tossing Katsuki the ball as he got into position. “Go on. You’re wasting our time.” Aizawa warned. You frowned. He doesn’t seem very supportive- aren’t teachers supposed to be supportive? Maybe Hawks could be a teacher…

“All right, man, you asked for it.” Katsuki warned, stretching his shoulders. Izuku’s hands reached up, clapping over your ears as Katsuki reared up, and launched the ball with a strong explosion behind it. Even with Izuku’s help, the blast rang in your ears.

“All of you need to know your maximum capabilities. It’s the most rational way of figuring out your potential as a pro hero.” Aizawa muttered, holding up a device that displayed a number. The class gasped as they were shown the number on the screen, but you knew exactly how strong Katsuki is. The class erupted into excited rabble, happy to finally be able to use their quirks. “So this looks fun, huh?” Aizawa cut through the excitement like a blade of sobriety. “You have three years here to become a hero. You think it’s all gonna be games and playtime? Idiots. Today, you’ll compete in eight physical tests to gauge your potential. Whoever comes in last has none, and will be expelled immediately.” Aizawa grins, and your heart sinks.

Shit. You don’t really HAVE any physical capabilities outside of gymnastics. Your arm is suddenly pulled, and Katsuki whispers in your ear.

“I wish that you would come in second every time- since I’m always going to be first anyway.” He smirks, and you raise an eyebrow.

“That’s not fair though-” you begin to protest, but Katsuki rolls his eyes.

“You’re SUPPOSED to be using your quirk dumbass. That was literally in the instructions.” He scoffs, and walks away, leaving you to ponder. You look down at your charm bracelet, and huff. Hawks would probably be super disappointed if you got expelled on the first day. You mumbled a ‘granted’, and re-joined the class on the other side of the field.

The fifty-meter dash is up first, and you swallow. How is your quirk going to make you fast?! There’s always some sort of catalyst- a butterfly effect. Your time comes to run, and you’re placed next to the brown-haired girl from the exams. You offer her a smile, and rear up to run. The shot rings, and you take a step, only to find that your legs were moving far faster than they ever had before- it was as if you blinked and the race was over.

“Three point seven seconds!” The machine declared, and you felt twenty pairs of eyes on you. A deafening silence followed.

“I thought your quirk was healing?” A blonde boy broke the shocked silence, and you shrugged.

“Jack of all trades. She’s been running for fun since pre-k.” Sosaki cut in, crossing her arms. “Hey.” She smirked. “I’m probably going to suck at all of these, considering my quirk is clairvoyance.” She sighed, tilting her head. “It’ll be fine though. I won’t go home.” She shrugged, turning away. You wanted to ask her what she meant, but Aizawa glared at you, and you knew that it was probably better to just move on to the next test.

The grip strength was surprisingly not so difficult- you were a gymnast. Your grip strength was pretty much unparalleled anyway, but when you added your indestructible muscle fibers and your stronger-than-steel bones, you were able to hit- five hundred kilograms per square inch. When you did, you got stares.

“Takami.” Aizawa called, an eyebrow raised. “You only recently discovered your quirk, yes?” He asked aloud, and you nodded.

“Yes sir.” you responded, and he smirked.

“You seem to have a lot of confidence in your abilities despite this.” Aizawa pointed out, and a shock of fear traveled up your spine. Shit. Was he onto you?!

“I was told to do my best, Sir.” You swallowed, hoping he couldn’t see through your anxiety at being singled out.

“We’ll see how you do for the last six tests.” He chuckled, turning away.

The long jump, sidesteps, toe-touch, sit-ups and distance run were all right up your alley- daily practice for gymnastics. You could handle that just fine. The ball throw was where things really got weird.

You reared up, and threw the ball, only to have it snatched up by a gust of heavy wind, sending it sailing farther, faster than you ever could have managed. The class watched as it flew, flew, flew- granting you a score of eight hundred kilometers.

Aizawa was the first to speak, clearing his throat. “Well, I see now why your friends call you lucky. I wonder if you could do it again?” Aizawa squinted at you, and you shrugged, stepping back so Izuku could do his throw.

“The healing quirk allows her to push past normal human body limitations since she doesn’t have to word about tearing muscle fibers or breaking bones. It makes sense for her to be stronger than the average person her size.” Izuku began to mumble, still clutching onto his ball. If his shit scores weren’t going to get him expelled, his incessant rambling would.

Chapter Text

You pressed your lips to the side of Izuku’s finger, and watched as that strange purple color returned to the slight tan he’d had before. His eyes practically sparkled as he stared down at you working. Sosaki stifled a laugh at something while she stretched. Katsuki sat, legs crossed to your direct left, watching carefully to make sure stupid fucking Deku didn’t do something he shouldn’t. It seemed like the damn nerd was being behaved- but that other chick was a different story.

“What’s your upper limit for a single heal?” Sosaki questioned, squinting as she took Izuku’s hand, studying the healed finger. “This looks good- better than Recovery girl’s work.” She mutters, turning it over to study the nailbed.

Izuku’s face is bright red with a girl so very close to him, holding his hand. You tried not to feel uncomfortable about the contact. You weren’t sure WHY you were uncomfortable with Sosaki touching Izuku- she was a perfectly nice girl. Yeah, she was kind of pugnacious, but she’d been nothing but cordial with you- and it was completely fair of her to egg on Katsuki if she truly believed she could back up her bark.

“Uh, I once healed a guy who’s arm got ripped clean off in a factory accident. Hawks had me spending basically every weekend in the ER for quirk training.” You explained, and reached out to take Izuku’s hand, but Katsuki stopped you, grabbing your wrist.

“Your nail polish is all kinds of chipped. We gotta repaint them after school.” He mumbled, and began picking at the glittery blue polish.

“A whole arm huh? So, theoretically, If YOU lost an arm, it would just grow back right?” Sosaki questioned.

“I think so?” you tilted your head, and looked at your hand, nestled firmly in both of Katsuki’s. “Testing at the hospital also said I’m essentially immune to acid and poison, so…” You trailed off.

“Impressive. Almost as Impressive as scoring number one without a good physical quirk.” Aizawa but in, glaring down at you four. A chill washed up your spine, but Sosaki looked amused, as if she’d heard something ironic.

“Well, She reliably scored in second place for every competition. Her composite was therefore highest.” Sosaki pointed out, and Aizawa paused, squinting at her. Sosaki’s demeanor was laid back, as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Through all of the exams, it was almost like she knew that Aizawa was lying about the expulsion thing. She didn’t seem at all bothered by Katsuki’s yelling or swearing, she didn’t react to Izuku’s incredible ball-throw… she tried her best in all of the competitions, but it was as if she didn’t care that she was in last place. And now, here she was, defending you to the teacher- and judging by the look on his face, it seemed like she was making valid and compelling arguments.

“Right.” He nodded. “Takami, I’d like to speak to you alone, please.” The teacher crossed his arms, and your heart skipped a beat. Sosaki dropped Izuku’s hand, and patted you on the back, earning a glare from Katsuki.

“Yes sir,” you responded, standing. Katsuki’s stomach turned into knots- he looked over at Izuku, who also looked to be panicking. “I’ll catch you guys later…” You tried to give them a reassuring smile as you turned, and followed the scruffy teacher to a more empty clearing behind the school. “Did I do something wrong, sir?”

“Not at all, Miss Takami. In fact, it looks as if you’re doing everything RIGHT, and that seems to be the problem. I was given a full profile on your quirk, hobbies and accomplishments- but for the most part, I don’t quite understand how you could have scored so high on every test, especially the ball throw. Now, I checked the news before speaking to you. Did you know that there was a big windstorm on the other side of the country today?”

“No, sir.” You knew where this was going, but it didn’t stop your heart from beating out of your chest.

“Well, there was, and this windstorm caused heavy updrafts, clocking over a hundred miles an hour. Our sensors on-site picked them up- they only seemed to affect YOUR throw, though. I think you may have to re-take that test, it will not affect your first-place score.” Aizawa watched your facial expressions, your body language. You were never a great liar- and it was obvious that you were hiding something.

“I’ll retake it- it doesn’t seem fair that the conditions supported me and no one else.” You offered, you could concede on that- but what would happen to complete the parameters of the wish? A storm? You hoped no one got hurt- a storm that had winds travelling across the country was probably very serious.

“You know, I gave a lot of thought to the nickname your friends call you by. Lucky, right?” Aizawa questioned, and your throat went dry.

“Yes, sir.” You croaked, not quite meeting his eye. He noticed that. You were afraid- of him? Was there a reason for that? Were you doing something you shouldn’t be? Was he being too harsh?

“It was QUITE lucky that you seemed suited for every other test today as well, having a background in gymnastics AND track and field. What would happen if I were to change the tests, have you compete in, say, an arm-wrestling match?”Aizawa’s tired eyes searched over you. You were not a bad kid. You seemed to be deeply kind- almost to a fault. Loyal. You risked upsetting him and losing your own spot in the hero course to help your injured friend- and you’d looked like you wanted to curse him out when he’d chewed Midoriya out earlier.

“I’d score okay.” you answered with a shrug. Your personality assessment conducted by the commission pegged you as a similar Type to AllMight, you had some insecurities, but that could be trained out of you. Your reasons for being here seemed altruistic- so what were you hiding, and, more importantly, why?

“Right then. Arm wrestling, sprint-drag-carry, push-ups, dead-lifts, another ball throw, pull-ups, squats, and leg-tucks. You’ll be competing against the five people who scored lowest, and me.” He punctuated his sentence with a mild smirk, and you felt your heart sink into your feet.

Chapter Text

“Wait- against YOU?!” Your stomach did a flip as you asked the question. Aizawa stood, a smug, sadistic grin on his face. He watched your expressions. You seemed genuinely upset by this turn of events, as if you were worried about something.

“As well as Kaminari, Jiro, Koda, Mineta and Sosaki.” Aizawa nodded, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared down at you, reading your facial expressions and carefully watching for reactions. You pondered for a long moment, and spoke up ahain.

“But… you’re not going to expel anyone this time either, right?” Your voice was soft, scared.

“If you make it to first place again, I won’t.” Aizawa answered, and watched as your face fell. Aizawa glanced over at the other students you’d left sitting at the quad. The boys- who for all intents and purposes seemed to be enemies in any other moment, were united in their worry for you. They only seemed to get along when they were around you- it was obvious they were both pining for you. Neither of them were in the bottom five though- so, for you to be worried, it wasn’t about them. Maybe you were worried about YOU?

“But sir that’s not fair to them?” Ah, that made it abundantly clear that you were not worried for yourself at all. Altruistic personality type indeed.

“You’re here to be a hero right? Save them.” Aizawa smirked. Your heart pounded in your chest as you tried to do the mental math. Katsuki’s wish was specific- you would get second place in every event, but if AIZAWA was in it, he could get first every time, and he could win the composite.

“Wait- wait, what if I get second place? I’m not entirely sure I could beat you- you’re a pro hero…” The panic in your voice was palpable, and it perfectly matched the look on your face. Out of the corner of his eye, Aizawa noticed Bakugo being held back by Midoriya and Sosaki

“Good luck.” He shrugged, and turned to gather the other students. Your stomach dropped. Sosaki scored dead last in the last competition- and as much as she made you kind of uncomfortable, you didn’t want to be the reason she was expelled! Her future-telling quirk was incredible! This was bad- very bad-

“Oi, Takami!” Sosaki called across the field, trotting up. “Don’t look so sour, it’ll all be fine.” She smirked, and leaned back in a stretch. “Aizawa’s not as much of a hardass as he pretends to be, trust me.” She almost sounded like she was trying to be reassuring.

“Your quirk- you can see the future, right?” You asked, hopeful. The girl nodded, smirking.

“Yep, pretty much constantly. You’re going to ask if Aizawa is going to expel someone today, the answer is Probably not.” She shrugged, and glanced over at Izuku and Katsuki. “He won’t be expelling me, at least. I’ve got too much dirt on him.” She smirked to herself, and glanced back at you, taking in your shocked expression.

“Probably?!” You questioned, completely glossing over her admittance to possibly blackmailing your teacher.

“Probably. Don’t fuck it up too bad, Takami.” She patted your back, turned on her heel, and walked off toward the competition. A cold sweat worked its way down your back as you approached the new field, looking over the faces of those you had doomed.

Sosaki with her incredibly impressive future-telling quirk, Kaminari, with his electricity, Jiro, with her headphones, Koda, who can actually talk to animals, and Mineta, with his strage but effective sticky balls.

You had to get first, or potentially all of them, including you, could get expelled. Abruptly, your phone began ringing, sending quite a shock through you. You practically jumped out of your skin at the sudden loud noise and vibration, and quickly pulled the device out to answer it.

“Ducky- hey, I heard through the feather- Ah, I’m kind of in the middle of a mission right now, but I wish that you get first on all of the tests you take.” Keigo’s hurried voice comes through the speaker before you have a chance to verbally answer the phone.

“Granted! Thank you!” you breathed a sigh of relief. “I honestly have no idea what I’d do without you, Keigs.”

“What’d I promise you, Ducky? Days without worries. Go focus on making friends for me, maybe not that Sosaki girl though, she seems a bit abrasive.”

“I like my friends abrasive, just look at Katsu.” You giggled, and Keigo huffed.

“More friends like Hanta, please, Oh- shit. I gotta go. Good Luck Ducky!”

“Thanks Dad!” You hung up before you realized what you had said. Keigo stared down at his phone in complete shock. Did you really just say that?! It must’ve been a slip of the tongue. There was no other rational explanation. A freudian slip, that was it, that was all.

But- that didn’t really make sense, did it? Because you hadn’t had a dad in over a decade. You never called Masaru ‘dad’- Keigo asked, Keigo went through pains making sure you weren’t holding out for the Bakugos to adopt you. You seemed to view them as more an aunt and uncle than parents- and you knew them longer than him! So why would you call him dad unless… Unless you thought of Keigo as a dad.

Keigo’s heart fluttered as he slit the throat of an S-rank villain. He would have to burn that feather to get rid of the evidence. Not that he really needed to. He had legal immunity, he was serving his country, and this villain didn’t really matter. Not like you did. He wouldn’t be doing this without several layers of precautions. He had to make sure you were One less terrifying villain on the streets, one less worry for you. Rin had even signed off on it.

Keigo Takami would Kill for you. Keigo Takami would Move mountains to make you happy.

Keigo Takami was really killing it at this whole dad thing.

Chapter Text

You weren’t nearly as anxious about the testing as you had been before your phone call with Keigo. You joined your classmates on the field, ready to compete. Aizawa stood beside a pull-up bar, arms crossed.

“Sir, why do we need to do a second round- I thought you were only going to expel the person in last place?” a blonde boy with a black mark in his hair questioned, a whiny, nasally tone to his voice. He looked over at Sosaki, who snorted, leaning her body heavily and tiredly on yours.

“Bold words for a guy who jacks off while playing Animal Crossing.” She quipped, unperturbed by her own vulgarity. You and the other students were too stunned to react, but Kaminari was shocked into screaming.

“HOW IN THE HELL-” He began, only to be cut off by your very tired teacher.

“While this conversation is… delightful… I suggest you prepare yourselves.” Aizawa rolled his eyes, tying his hair up in a ponytail and sighing. “You’ll be tested against a control, me.” He smirked, and watched as the group of students in front of him began to visibly panic. Everyone… but you and Sosaki.

Sosaki was to be expected. Her file dictated her as a psychic- she’d probably seen that she was fine, which meant that Aizawa wouldn’t expel her right away. Errently, he wondered if he’d decided to expel all five of the lowest, would she panic?

Her eyes flitted to him, but she smirked. As if she knew something he did not. In reality, she definitely did.

“Hey cutie, say, how would you like to go out for ice cream after this?” A short, purple-haired boy stared up at you with a wide grin. Sosaki grabbed you by the arm, pulling you harshly away from the boy with a look of murder in her eyes. You felt the bruise form, and felt the pain leave just as quickly while your body healed. Sosaki didn’t even bother looking at you as she spoke.

“She’d rather stick her left tit in a panini press and use a hot curling iron as a dildo you pint-sized fruit gummy fuck.” Sosaki interrupted the boy, giving him a cruel grin. “Now, run along before I see if I could get my foot so far up your ass you could taste the leather of my boot.” The boy’s eyes widened, and he stumbled backward, genuine terror in his eyes.

“You’re… you’re insane!” He squeaked, and ran off, leaving you in shock as you turned to Sosaki. She didn’t even give you a moment to collect your bearings- you could say nothing before she was speaking for you, as if she already knew what you were going to say before you’d fully thought to say it.

“Don’t look at me like I’m a monster. He was going to take a picture of your panties under your skirt.” She crossed her arms, and squinted. “And no, I don’t want to come hang out after school. Just because I saved your ass, it doesn’t mean I want to be your friend. I didn’t almost get my shit wrecked by giant robots for that.” She rolled her eyes at you, walking forward and hopping onto the bar.

In the end, Sosaki managed two pull-ups before letting go of the bar, and the rest of your classmates didn’t do much better- Mineta, surprisingly, did the best, at twenty solid pull-ups before he gave in.

It came to your turn, and you still were not worried. It made Aizawa uncomfortable- he knew you were not the arrogant type. Your essays from middle school showed you were more modest than that- your level-headed nature was probably the only thing allowing you to put up with Bakugo’s bullshit.

So, you had to of KNOWN you were going to do well, and you would not have been able to know that without speaking to Sosaki. He had to separate the two of you, create some tension, see what you were REALLY up to.

They all watched as you cranked out fifty-eight Pull-ups, and Aizawa almost let it slip on his face how shocked he was. That was… beyond olympian standards- and you seemed to do it effortlessly. He’d expected that sort of ease from Ururaka and Shoji, but from you? It made no sense. Especially when his own record was three LESS. Leg tucks, deadlifts, squats, and Push-ups yielded the same results. Only a few points higher than the teacher, but higher nonetheless. The question was how. How the hell were you managing this?!

The moment to define this farce- the ball-throw, had finally arrived. And there you were, holding the ball, basically quirkless. There was no way. No fucking way you should be able to replicate your previous score, but, you really wouldn’t HAVE to. You weren’t up against Midoriya or Bakugo- you didn’t HAVE to get it impossibly far.

And yet- you did.

You cocked your arm back, and threw the damn ball, only for it to be caught mid-air by a goddamn crested ibis and carried off over the horizon as your classmates stood by, slackjawed.

Aizawa checked the reader- astonishingly, the sensors read a thousand Kilometers.

Lucky indeed.

Now that he thought about it…

“Takami.” Aizawa called to you. “I wonder, your nickname, Lucky. Did that come before or after your quirk manifested suddenly?”

“Before, sir.” You responded quickly, too quickly.

“Have you always been Lucky?” Aizawa continued, noting how Bakugo shot out an arm, blocking Midoriya from stepping forward, why? Those two seemed to despise each other, but they were equally and fiercely protective of you. Aizawa could not imagine why. He’d dealt with his fair share of crushes in his life, but he’d never seen anyone ready to murder someone in broad daylight the way both of them seemed to let on.

“To other people, yes.” You answered, glancing over at your friends, who seemed to be chewing their nails down to the quick in anxiety.

“Interesting.” Aizawa mused. Perhaps healing wasn’t your quirk at all…

Perhaps you were… just Lucky?

Aizawa paid attention in the last few competitions, he watched as you scored the literal impossible in the sprint-drag-carry, and he settled in for the last event. You would already win the first place by composite alone- but he would see if you could succeed in this.

He would have to see if you could beat him in an arm-wrestling competition… without the use of your quirk.

Chapter Text

Your elbow rested on the table as you’d already beaten each an every one of your classmates on this event. Even Koda- who’s arms were as big as your goddamn head. Aizawa was up next, and you weren’t worried.

Aizawa had several theories.

Theory number one: someone at the commission- possibly Hawks himself was on your side- having someone mess with air pressure, sending the bird, maybe they gave you some sort of boost this morning.

That was the most likely- especially considering the very detailed instructions he’d been given for your care- you were the only student in the class with accommodations- a preposterous thing to have in the goddamn hero course. You were to be given extra time on homework, you were subject to being pulled out of class on a moments notice, and because of that classes had to be recorded. You were being shown intense favoritism.

Healing quirks tended to be given such courtesy.

Theory number two: Your quirk- he didn’t believe it was entirely healing. It must be something else. Healing made sense for why you were commission property, but for you to have been adopted by THE Hawks- potentially ruining his reputation as playboy hero- you had to be important. Very important.

Quirks were getting more and more powerful with the generations- and the impossible now seemed an idea of the past.

Your quirk may simply be… luck. It made sense. Especially with your nickname being what it was, your unlikely friends, the favoritisms.

Theory number three: somehow, and he wasn’t entirely sure if it was even possible, you were cheating. That one made the least amount of logical sense, but it was the one that pissed him off the most.

Aizawa sat across from you, and rested his elbow on the table, offering you his hand. The rest of the testees, sans Sosaki, were unaware that you were competing against Aizawa’s own records, but this… this could not be tested on numbers alone. And while you were sure you’d get first place, because a wish never goes unfulfilled, you weren’t sure how this would play out.

In a way, it was exciting.

You took his hand, and were surprised by how warm it was. Aizawa looked you carefully in the eye- those black irises held your attention. They were pretty, you supposed, even hidden behind that thick mop of black hair and beyond those deep purple bags.

“You’ll heal if I break your arm, yeah?” Aizawa felt the need to confirm, and you nodded. “If not, Recovery Girl can fix it.” He adjusted his grip on your hand. “It will hurt though. Just a warning.” Aizawa’s eyes flitted to the side, to Izuku and Katsuki, who both looked like they wanted to skin the man alive.

“It’ll be fine.” You agreed, glancing at Katsuki, who shook his head ever so slightly.

“If he hurts her…” Katsuki growled out.

“They’ll never find his body.” Izuku agreed lowly, prompting Katsuki to turn to him, shocked.

Aizawa’s grip tightened around your hand, and he pressed the button on the timer. The countdown started, but you were not afraid.

“Takami, your max deadlift was five hundred pounds, wasn’t it?” The timer counted down, but you only shrugged.

“Yes, sir, it was.” You watched not him, not the hand you held, but the numbers on the screen. The countdown was important for sudden burst of strength. You knew you would probably have to rely on your burst- he was definitely stronger than you. He’d had years of training, and, according to Keigo, fought quirkless since all his quirk did was erase other peoples’.

“It seems your file may need to be updated then. Your quirk must’ve also given you enhanced strength, speed…” The timer buzzed, indicating it was time to start. “Ah, there we are.” To your surprise, his eyes glowed red- but your arms stayed stationary. He upped the force he used, but you found that it was still quite easy to push back. You were either far stronger than you thought, or he was going easy on you. You wanted to believe the latter was true.

Aizawa did not let his confusion or his worry show on his face. He was putting his all into this- he was capable of lifting full-grown men with a single finger in his scarf- but you, a child who SHOULD be quirkless, were overpowering him… easily it semed.

The back of Aizawa’s hand made harsh contact with the table beneath his elbow, and he felt his wrist snap. He grunted in pain, and your eyes widened with worry. You did not release his hand, immediately healing the damage you had accidentally done.

Aizawa froze in those moments, letting the comfortable warmth fill his darkened soul. He could hardly breathe. He tore his hand away, and nodded, accepting his defeat. You folded your hands in your lap, and watched as he stood.

“And so concludes todays’ testing. You are dismissed.” Aizawa grumbled, walking away. You were immediately scooped up by Katsuki, who gripped your upper arm and turned it over, checking for injury.

“You did it Lucky! You really beat a pro hero!” Izuku gasped, standing directly behind Katsuki as the blonde completed his inspection.

“That was so fucking dangerous! What if he-” Katsuki cut himself off, remembering where he was. “You idiot.” He completed his thought, pushing away from you.

“Did you see his eyes turn red? Freaky.” The blonde with the electricity quirk from before- Kaminari, you’d learned, wrinkled his nose.

“He activated his quirk.” Sosaki explained, checking her nails. “Which means yours must be a mutation type, or something along those lines.” She postured, and patted Izuku on the back. “You’re gonna want to write that down, Deku.” She teased, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and ushering you away. “I think I might actually take you up on that offer for a spa day.”

Chapter Text

“So, Sosaki?” Keigo began, forking through his pasta. Sosaki regarded him carefully before smirking.

“Yes?” She questioned, tipping her glass back and forth, letting the ice clink against the sides. The water inside the cup did not spill, but it came dangerously close to doing so with every new swirl of her wrist.

“Your mother is Mandalay, right?” Hawks asked, just trying to make conversation. The girl across from him stared ahead, as if into his very soul. In many ways, she was unnerving. She seemed to know too much- though she couldn’t have been any older than fifteen, her strange way of speaking and moving, her tone and her body language read that she was fully in charge and she didn’t care at all that he was the number three hero in the country.

“Yep. I assume you’ve met her?” Accusatory, challenging. Keigo was ashamed to say this girl genuinely terrified him. He had been walking on eggshells all afternoon, trying his damndest not to offend the tiny terrorist.

“I have. The wild wild pussycats are a prolific group.” Keigo smiled, trying to appease the girl, who scoffed at him, picking up a piece of ice from her cup and crunching it between her teeth, watching as the hero flinched.

“Seeing her once across the ballroom at an awards ceremony you were required to attend doesn’t count as meeting someone, Mister Takami.” Sosaki spat Keigo’s name as if it were a curse. Keigo had no idea how she knew the extent of his experience with her mother, but it was clear he’d somehow managed to piss her off. Damage control was desperately needed.

“Wow… okay… you are just a little ball of sunshine, aren’t you?” Keigo joked, and Sosaki’s eye twitched. Keigo decided to double down, pleasing your friend seemed to be off the table either way- he might as well fill the ‘annoying’ role.

“Get fucked, birdman.” Sosaki gritted through her teeth, glaring at the hero. Keigo grinned, and chuckled slightly to himself.

“Woah, yeah, Sunny it is.” He reached across the table, ruffling Sosaki’s hair. Sosaki swatted his hand away, eyes narrowing.

“Don’t call me Sunny.” She threatened, intercepting his hand every time he reached to continue ruffling her hair. You sat silently in your seat, eating your pasta and trying your best to mind your business.

“That is exactly what I’m going to call you now.” Keigo laughed, pulling his hand back to clear his plate from the table.

“Your funeral, pretty bird.” Sunny grinned, something evil danced behind her eyes.

“That is offensive.” You whispered the warning to her, but she snorted at you.

“I’m offensive.” She retorted, angrily stabbing her pasta with her fork.

“I see.” Keigo grimaced. “So, Sunny, you’ve met Midoriya and Bakugo, what do you think about them?” He prodded carefully. Maybe you wouldn’t bring this gremlin home again if she didn’t get along with your other friends.

“Midoriya is a fucking creep, and Bakugo is a fickle bitch.” Damn. Keigo couldn’t necessarily disagree with anything said there.

“Ah- try to watch your language, please.” He chastised anyway, needing to keep a modicum of responsibility and at least pretend he was in any way mature.

“You don’t.” Sunny called right back, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I’m an adult.” Keigo pointed out, keeping a gentle tone to his voice. It didn’t matter how abrasive this kid was, she was still a child, and he was still seven feet tall with a ten-foot wingspan- he could be intimidating, and the last thing he wanted to do was scare her, or worse, you. Sunny seemed to soften a bit, but regained her composure quickly.

“Are you?” She quipped, and Keigo’s wings flittered a bit on his back in annoyance. You watched his nostrils flare as he took a sharp inhale through his nose, clearly calming himself down.

“I’m sensing some animosity here, I don’t know what I’ve done to offend you-” Keigo began to apologize, but Sunny interrupted him.

“I’m not offended. This is just How I am.” Sunny offered with that same smug smile.

“Right well… I’m going to go… be anywhere but here. Have fun girls- Lucky, sweetheart if you need anything just give me a call okay?” Keigo stood, slipping his jacket on his shoulders.

“We’ll be fine Keigs.” You offered a reassuring smile, and it did serve to calm Keigo’s nerves- if only a little. He made a mental check. You still had your bracelet, you knew his phone number by heart, and Rin lived in the same building, just downstairs.

“Don’t worry Mister Takami, I’m not gonna let anything happen to Lucky.” Sosaki rolled her eyes, and looked over at you. “She just so happens to annoy me the least out of everyone in our class, so…”

“That’s good. Again, I’m only a phone call away, and Bluebeam can-” Keigo started, but you interrupted.

“We’ll be FINE Keigs.” You repeated, bouncing in place. “Just go do your hero thing, we’ll be here.” you settled into the couch, stretching your legs.

“Sorry, sorry. Right, well, there’s icecream in the freezer but don’t make yourselves sick- the ladies will be here for the spa stuff later, don’t let them in unless they show you their IDs, they should match the ones on the file-”

“I’ll be able to see if they’re planning on something stupid, and Lucky is strong as hell. We’ll be able to handle it.” Sunny patted Keigo on the back before taking her spot beside you. “If it makes you feel better, test it. My foresight is better than Sir Knighteye’s.”

“What-” Keigo was cut off yet again.

“Thirty-four… Taco bell… A series of Unfortunate events, that guy in the pinstriped suit.” Sunny prattled off, and Keigo’s eyes widened with each new word.

“Holy cannoli… you’re good.” Keigo complimented, and Sunny laughed.

“I know. Go away.” She sunk into the couch beside you, kicking her feet up onto the coffee table and flipping on the TV.

“Stay safe girls.” Keigo sighed, opening the front door. “I’m only a call away- and with Bluebeam, that’s literal.” He nodded, and you smiled.

“I know, Keigs.” You giggled. “We’ll be careful and responsible.”

“I know you will, Ducky. Alright. I’m off. Oh- one last thing… Have fun!” The door was closed quickly behind him, and Sunny grinned.

Chapter Text

“How pissed would your dad be if we threw a party?” Sunny suddenly asked, pausing the horribly gory movie you’d been tricked into watching with her. You’d spent most of the afternoon with your eyes glued to the screen, completely absorbed in the chaos and bloodshed.

“Keigo would never get mad at me- but he’d want to be here? He would say yes if I asked?” You postulated with a nod, but Sunny sighed.

“That’s no fun. What’s the point of having a party if your parents are around?” She wrinkled her nose, standing and crossing the room to open the fridge. “All of these healthy snacks are total bullshit too! Where’s the high-fructose corn syrup and good old fashion sugar? You can’t have a party with this garbage.”

“Uh… a party is a party? It’ll be fun AND safe? Also, it’s a school night so-” You tried to redirect her, but she cut you off in the same way she had repeatedly done Keigo.

“Jeeze you’re such a goody-two shoes.” She huffed. “Such a suck up.” The girl teased, pulling the icecream out of the freezer. She didn’t bother with a bowl, grabbing a spoon and settling in next to you on the couch again.

“No I’m not.” You shook your head, blushing slightly. “I can actually be a huge asshole.” You admitted, but she only rolled her eyes at you.

“Really? Name ONE thing you’ve ever done wrong.” She dug into the container of ice cream, and flicked a scoop of ice cream at your face. You didn’t have enough time to dodge, and it smacked you square in the cheek. You winced as you wiped it off with your napkin. Wow- Sunny really was just like Katsuki in a way.

“I’m a really big liar. I lie to everyone all the time- and I’m a cheater, and I litter!” You counted off, checking over the couch to make sure she didn’t get any mess on the expensive fabric.

“You don’t litter.” Sunny immediately called you out on your lie, and you laughed. Genuinely laughed.

“Yeah I can’t- “ You agreed, nodding as you stood to throw away the napkin. “like I saw that commercial with the turtle stuck in a soda ring and I cried for three days.” You reminisced. The memory was blurry, but you did remember turning to someone and hearing them make a wish. You were really young, maybe four or five. You remembered red tennis shoes- larger than your own feet. Your older brother maybe?

“I remember when they banned those rings completely.” Sunny’s voice was subdued, as if she was listening closely to something.

“Must’ve been the commercial.” you shrugged with a small smile. No- now that you were thinking about it… you could HEAR the boy’s voice. Dry, kind of scratchy. Tired. You couldn’t remember your parents at all- but you could remember that rough voice and those red shoes.

“Must have been. That and the mandate on biodegradable plastics within five years.” Sunny pressed, and the memory continued. You could see the TV, the commercial. Someone sat behind you, braiding your hair. You remembered pointing at the tv, you remembered the boy making the wish. You remembered turning, seeing cracked, dry lips. You remembered giving the boy a hug. His skin was warm- he smelled of vanilla.

“A convincing commercial.” You agreed, far off still in your own thoughts. Sunny nodded solemnly.

“It must’ve convinced someone important. That and those stupid ‘in the arms of the angels’ commercials for dogs and cats. I remember six months after that aired some billionaire donated eight hundred million to the Japan Humane Society and developed that app that connects owners to the perfect pet.” You remembered that too. You remembered crying, hugging tightly onto a puppy dog plushie. That same scratchy voice, those same warm hands trying to do… something with your hair.

“Yeah- weird.” You shook your head, trying to clear your mind from the memory.

“Mhm. Jeeze… that must’ve been… what, a decade ago? More?” Sunny asked, as if she was digging for more information. You needed to shift the conversation- and fast. For some reason, these memories were sort of giving you a headache. Weird.

“You’re really into commercials then?” You asked, sitting up straighter and reaching for the remote. Sunny kicked it out of your reach and took another large chomp out of her ice cream.

“Not really.” She smirked, and put the carton on the table, wiping her hands on her skirt before standing and crossing the living room.

“Oh.” You didn’t know how to continue this conversation at all, but luckily enough, Sunny seemed to have infinite wisdom in conversation making.

“So, we won’t have a party, miss goodie two shoes, but what about breaking into Hawks’s liquor cabinet?” Sunny grinned, popping her knuckles and cracking her back. She approached the bookcases and looked over the titles, searching for something.

“He doesn’t have one.” You shook your head. As far as you knew, Keigo didn’t drink at all. He’d made a point to turn down wine whenever you went to dinner, and he never went out for drinks like Mitsuki and Masaru did.

“Yes he does, he just hasn’t told you where it is.” She smirked, moving a book on the shelf to slide out a hidden wine rack. “Ooh, these look expensive.” she gasps, picking up one bottle and showing your the label- it was well over twenty years old, and scotch, not wine.

“Then we probably shouldn’t touch them.” You stood to put the half-eaten carton of ice cream back in the freezer, and you rinsed her spoon.

“Why? You afraid papa bird is gonna be pissed with you?” Sunny teased, and you immediately felt the need to defend Keigo.

“No I-“ You were cut off.

“Then don’t be a pussy and come pick a bottle.” She pressed. This was really getting out of hand. You didn’t want to know what Keigo would do if he found out you’d been drinking underage- he was a hero! What if you got arrested?! What if he reversed the adoption?!

“Sosaki… please-“ You began to beg, but once again she didn’t allow you to say your piece.

“He’s not going to give you back over it- god, I wish you’d loosen up and not worry so much.” Sunny popped open the bottle, and you froze. Isn’t that what Keigo wanted anyway? For you to relax and have days without worries? You wouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste.

“…granted.” You mumbled, and took the bottle from her hand.

You’d forgotten about the bracelet.

Chapter Text

Keigo Takami thought he’d been anxious before, and he had. He did not have the safest or happiest childhood. But hearing you break into his liquor cabinet while he was in the middle of a patrol and unable to make it home was NOT helping keep grey hair off his head. He pulled his feather away from the bottle rack, tugging your wrist and pulling the bottle away from your lips before you could manage a sip. You paused, looking down.

“Weird.” You giggled, and tried to drink again. Once again, Keigo pulled your hand away. He was in the MIDDLE of a fight, dodging blows and saving several citizens- and his biggest worry was making sure you didn’t sustain brain damage from underage drinking on the first night of highschool.

“Oh my god are you genuinely such a daddy’s girl that you physically cannot bring yourself to drink it?” Sunny giggled, moving to take the bottle from you. Your hand seemed to have a mind of its own, keeping the bottle far out of her reach. “Are you already drunk?” She snickered.

“I dunno what’s going on?” You laughed, and she nodded.

“I believe you.” She nodded, and seemed to focus on something. “I got nothing. Maybe you’ve been hypnotized or something?”

“I don’t think so? But it’s definitely possible?” You nodded, and she sighed.

“Right, maybe we could just call over a few people and have a small hang out- not a party. I bet Kaminari smokes pot.” Sunny hummed, pulling out her phone. “Good thing that blonde idiot gave his number to everyone with boobs.” Sunny snorted, typing away at her phone.

“He didn’t give it to me?” You tilted your head, in all honestly you felt a bit slighted- EVERYONE got his number but you? Why? Did he not like you? Was it because of the extra testing that you inadvertently subjected him too?

“He was going to, but then Bakugo threatened to rip his nuts off and shove them down his own throat.” Sunny interrupted your regretful thoughts, and you sighed in relief.

“Oh… yeah actually, That tracks.” You laughed, flopping onto the couch. “I don’t get him, you know? He’s so mean but sometimes he’s nice just to me but he doesn’t let me have any other friends.” You wrinkled your nose. “I can’t tell if he’s bullying me, or if he just has no idea how to be a friend.”

“God, you’re so… Disney channel.” Sunny snorted, and dropped her phone on the couch.

“What does that mean?” You looked over at her, but she was already staring ahead at the TV, turning the volume up. “Sosaki?” You asked, and she sighed.

“You’re naive and kind of stupid, Lucky.” She turned the volume up more.

“Oh.” You mumbled, barely able to hear yourself over the chainsaw noises playing in surround sound.

Keigo had finally finished the fight, and was able to pull out his phone.

Papabird: NO BOYS!!

Ducky: ???

Papabird: I can hear through the feather remember? No boys. Invite all the GIRL friends you want, but no boys without an adult chaperone plz.

Ducky: What if it’s not Katsu or Izu tho?

Papabird: No boys.

Ducky: Not even Hanta?

Papabird: Sorry, kiddo. You can’t invite any boys. End of discussion.

“Keigo said no boys.” You pouted, but Sunny just shrugged. “Sosaki, you have to text them back and tell everyone they can’t come.” You tried again. She ignored you. “Sunny! Keigo said I can’t invite any boys so you have to-.”

“You didn’t invite any boys.” Sunny interrupted you. “I did. Hawks can be pissed at ME, but unless he’s here there’s not a damn thing he can do to stop me.”

“Wait- but… that’s…” You were struggling to argue- something inside you was suppressing your worries. You were beginning to regret granting that wish.

“Listen, leave troublemaking to me and go figure out what we’re gonna do for snacks.” She slid the alcohol back into it’s hidden space. “Having a houseparty is well and good, but I’m not cleaning it up if someone pukes so don’t tell anyone about the booze.” She hummed.

“How do you do that?” You asked, opening the cupboards and pulling out bags of potato chips.

“Do what? Oh, You mean be a huge bitch?’ She smirked. “Well, when you can tell when a person is going to punch you and you can always dodge, you figure you can do and say pretty much whatever you want. Also, because of my quirk, I have dirt on everyone.

“What do you have on me?” You asked curiously, you hoped it was something good- maybe she knew where your brother was!

“Can’t tell you.” She ripped open a bag of chips, and poured them into a serving bowl. You pouted again.

“Why not?” You wrinkled your nose, mildly annoyed. Why bring it up if you’re not gonna spill the beans, right?

“It’ll change the future.” She answered cryptically, and you paused. Oh.

“Ah- So… The current future is a good one?” You perked up, bouncing on the balls of your feet as you opened Keigo’s computer.


“I think so.” She shrugged. “Ah, Good idea. I’ll pay for the Pizza- Mom owes me for babysitting the night before the exams.”

“That’s good!” You chimed. “So, you have siblings?”

“Ah no, a younger cousin. His parents were heroes. They passed away about a year ago, so he lives with us.” Sunny darkened a bit, looking down at the bowl of chips.

“Oh. I’m sorry…” You whispered, reaching to pat her back.

“Don’t fret. Shit happens. You know that better than anyone.” She gestured vaguely. “Note to the wise, make sure papa bird has a plan for you incase he croaks. Being a hero is super dangerous, and it’d suck to be an orphan twice.” She muttered, and then froze. “Shit- I didn’t mean-”

“It’s okay.” You shrugged. “It’s good advice.” You nodded.

“Yeah, but I said it all kinds of wrong.” She shook her head. “I am sorry.” It was strange, how she seemed to know what you were thinking. “Look, I’ll handle all the party logistics AND pissed off pro hero papa bird, you just try to have fun for a change alright? No worrying allowed.” She smirked, that confident demeanor returned just in time for the doorbell to ring.

Chapter Text

“I brought facemasks!” Mina chimed, holding up several CVS bags. “And nail polish, and headbands, and- I can make acrylic nails with just the powder and my Acid!” The pink girl practically bounced into Hawks’ apartment, and whistled. “Woo- Swanky.” She appraised, eyeing the huge flatscreen.

“Takami’s dad is super loaded.” Sunny left out the part where he was super famous as well, and you silently thanked her- strangely enough, she smirked as if she’d heard you.

“Damn Takami- No wonder you placed first. Growing up like this you probably had like- private tutors and shit.” She mused, but you shook your head.

“Actually- I was adopted, about a month ago. I grew up in foster care.” You brought up, earning a glare from Sunny.

“Jeeze, you really ARE Lucky.” Mina snorted. “So, Who’s all coming?”

“I invited all of the girls in class A, A couple of friends of mine from Middleschool, and Kaminari who’s probably going to invite a few people.” Sunny chimed, plugging in the last of her mother’s debit card information. “I ordered five large pizzas and eight two-liters of soda.”

“I thought you said small get-together!” You complained loudly, but Sunny heeded you no mind.

“Small for the size of this place.” The psychic girl shrugged, helping Mina dump things over the counter. “Ooh, glitter.”

“Sunny!” You chastised, but she ignored you again.

“Ooh, Sunny? That’s such a good nickname! Totally oxymoronic!” Mina giggled, just as the doorbell rang again. The person didn’t even wait for anyone to answer before opening the door and strutting inside, a bottle of expensive-looking wine in his hand.

“Hey bitch. I brought your favorite Merlot.” The boy spoke, striding right past you and giving a side-hug to Sunny. His blonde hair swept over his forehead in a far too formal style. His clothing was too formal as well- a full suit, complete with patent-leather, heeled boots. “Hello, oh gracious host. I am Neito Monama. Proud top of Class 1B at UA.” The boy did a dramatic bow infront of you.

“Neito! Didn’t think you’d make it.” Sunny genuinely- without sarcasm, sadism or mirth- smiled. It was almost strange to see on her face. Unfamiliar. Like it didn’t fit her face quite right.

“Ooh. That is… interesting. Huh. I have to admit out of everyone’s quirk, yours is the MOST fun to borrow, Sosaki.” Neito grinned. “It is very Nice to meet you, Lucky. I’ve heard SO much about you.” He held out his hand for you to shake, and you obliged, surprised. You guessed he was friendly after all. “Wish I could have seen you during entrance exams- I heard those kisses were quite spicy.” He sighed with a playful smile, and you hummed, mentally denying that wish. The less people that saw perhaps the most embarrassing moment of your life, the better.

“If I was a genie, that would SO be Granted.” Sunny grinned. “The look on Bakugo’s face was PRICELESS.” Sunny giggled, and Monama’s eyes flitted over to hers. It seemed a silent conversation took place then, and Sunny hummed.

“Neito- his power is the ability to copy other people’s abilities.” Sunny grinned, and you froze.

“Can you… tell what a person’s quirk is when you borrow it?” You asked, anxiety was building and disappearing at lightning speed, the result of the worry-less wish in the works. You were struggling to focus on the problem itself.

“Nope- I usually have to watch pretty carefully to figure out what it is and how to use it. Mental quirks, Like Sosaki’s, are the best because they just kind of happen.” Neito tilted his head. “Yours is weird though- I can… actually FEEL my scraped knee healing. It’s kind of cool.” He hummed. Mina took a seat atop the counter, swinging her legs.

“Class B huh? Doesn’t that make us kind of rivals?” Mina wondered aloud, and Neito laughed- nearly maniacally.

“I wouldn’t really count you as competition, Strawberry shortcake.” Neito leaned against the counter, kicking one leg out.

“Friends then?” You asked, hope lacing your voice. Neito’s attention flickered back at you for a fraction of a moment before he looked over at Sunny.

“You know what? Yeah. Friends.” Neito’s demeanor softened ever so slightly. The smile that broke out over your face practically lit up the room.

The doorbell rang again, but it was Mina who answered, revealing Jiro with a boom box hoisted over her narrow shoulders.

“Hey, I brought the tunes but- Holy shit is that a Bose Lifestyle 650?!” The girl pushed past you into Keigo’s apartment. “These things are like four GRAND- Where’s the hub?” She practically bounced across the apartment.

“Mr.Takami said the entertainment systems are all voice activated.” Sunny piped up across the apartment. Jiro squealed, and you hadn’t even closed the door before two more girls filled the empty space that the gothy teen left.

“I brought board games!” Ururaka held up far too many boxes- you spotted Monopoly, Cards against humanity, Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Uno, Jenga and Clue.

“And I brought a flash drive filled with every sappy movie I could think of.” Yayarozu waved the USB infront of you, and you gaped.

“H-How many movies?” You questioned, but the black-haired girl grinned.

“Three hundred and twenty six.” She answered, only to be led to the television by Sunny.

“Hope you brought Something gory.” Sunny groaned, only to have her tone matched by Neito.

“This is a fucking Taco Fest- Please tell me you invited SOME man candy?” Neito practically begged, Sunny rolled her eyes.

“Kaminari’s the only one I had a number for. He said he’s bringing Kirishima- so, Like two dudes.” Sunny flopped onto the couch, flipping on the TV for Yayarozu as Jiro hooked up the HDMI.

“Oh! I have Deku’s number? That’ll make three?” Ururaka offered, and your nose wrinkled.

“You have Izu’s number?” You didn’t know why that made you uncomfortable, but it did.

“Yeah? I mean- He walked me home after exams so…” The pink-cheeked girl blushed even harder, and you felt your heart clench.

“I didn’t know that.” You resisted the urge to pout. You were saved by a knock on the door. You, having not moved by the spot on your door, simply opened it, revealing Kaminari and a red-headed boy you barely recognised from class 1A.

Chapter Text

Izuku did not expect the pretty brown-haired girl to call him. He did not at all expect the girl to invite him to a PARTY, but what he expected the very least- was for the party to be at YOUR house.

“What the fuck do you mean Lucky’s throwing a party?” Katsuki’s rage was causing small crackles to sound from his hands.

“She’s throwing a party, and for some reason, we were not invited.” Izuku was panicking. Why wouldn’t you invite them? They were your best friends, weren’t they? Didn’t you want them at your first high-school party? Did Kaachan say something mean earlier?

“Why the fuck were we not invited?! What’d you do?” Katsuki crossed the living room quickly, gripping onto the green-haired boy’s shirt and pulling him up, sneering at him.

“Nothing! Nothing I swear!” Izuku choked, and Katsuki released him, though his teeth were still gritted. “… we’re going, right?” Izuku needed to ask, eyebrows pinched together as he stared up at the blonde.

“Go put a decent fucking shirt on, Deku.” Katsuki growled, stalking into his bathroom. He didn’t need to brush his teeth again. He didn’t need to attempt to comb through his hair and he DEFINITELY did not need to steal a bit of his dad’s cologne, but here he was, doing those things. He didn’t quite know WHY he was doing them, but it felt very necessary.

Katsuki had never been to a high-school party before, and neither had you. What if there were boys there? That Kaminari fucker- or worse, that Mineta son of a bitch? What if there was drinking and dancing and KISSING?! What if someone got hurt and you had to KISS them?! No fucking way- he wouldn’t allow it. What the hell was wrong with Hawks?! How could he allow something like this? Didn’t he know you weren’t ready for this kind of thing?! You didn’t even know these people- they could be VILLAINS! This could be the start to some fucked up horror movie- and they were gonna sacrifice you, the virgin, to fucking Cthulu or something!

He was ONLY going to this stupid party to keep you safe. He could NOT trust Hawks or Deku to do it- since Hawks was dumb enough to let you throw a party AND not remind you to invite your only real friend, and since Deku was a fucking weirdo who suddenly developed a quirk right after you did.

What the fuck was with THAT by the way?! How the HELL did that happen? It had to be a wish. That fucker wished for a quirk and used your damn quirk, knowing you couldn’t tell him no. That was fucked up- a giant violation, honestly. Katsuki should beat the shit out of him. Yeah, that’s what he’ll do. After the party, he’ll beat the ever-loving fuck out of fucking Deku to remind the bastard where he stands.

But first, he had to get ready for and then survive this dumb party.

Oh god- what if YOU got ready for the party?! What if you were wearing some cutesy bullshit like a short skirt- what if you wore MAKEUP? What the hell was he supposed to do if he walked into Hawks’ apartment and you were all pretty and shit? How the hell was he supposed to handle that?!

Why the FUCK did he tell Deku to change? Deku was fine in his stupid Teeshirt that literally said the words ‘tee shirt’- what the fuck did Katsuki care if the dumbass combed his fucking hair for once and wore something other than those ratty ass designer shoes The Hag bought him for his birthday a year ago. He didn’t care! Definitely did not at all give a shit! Katsuki never once gave a fuck how he looked or what everyone else thought about him because he knew he was the greatest alive- basically a god among idiots but…

Maybe he needed to remind everyone of that? Yeah, that made some sense. ESPECIALLY after you’ve been so fucking dense lately and haven’t noticed at all that he’s trying to date you. Just when he thought everything was FINALLY falling into place, you had to go and fuck it all up because you’re dumb.

You’re dumb and none of these extras know to stay the fuck away from you the way people at Aldera did. He had to remind them- ESPECIALLY after that electro-idiot tried to give you his phone number earlier that day, and after that fruit-gummy fuck almost asked you out. And maybe the worst of all of those damn extras- the fucking WITCH who you took home with you. Why the hell were you trying so hard to be HER friend? You already HAD friends. Katsuki AND Deku. He even let you be friends with fucking DEKU and you went and got all buddy-buddy with the wicked bitch of the west.

It was bullshit! It was all BULLSHIT and Katsuki needed to fix it FAST before you went and got yourself hurt or something stupid.

Katsuki exited the bathroom, only to see Deku standing there, using the reflection of one of his baby pictures on the wall to fix his hair. The blonde gritted his teeth, grabbing the comb from the bathroom and gripping the back of Deku’s neck, forcibly pushing the boy’s head down to gain more access to the mop of curly hair.

“Kaachan what are you- OW!” Izuku complained, trying to escape Kaachan’s clutches, but the blonde boy was strong.

“Hold Fuckin’ still. It wouldn’t hurt if you would actually brush your hair, dumbass.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, pulling hard on the comb.

“OW! Can’t you just- OUCH- Gentle! Be Gentle!” Izuku begged, trying to pull away, but failing again.

“Hold still.” Katsuki warned, smacking Izuku on the side of the head with the comb. “Do you want to go to this party looking like a poorly groomed poodle?” Katsuki growled, pulling the comb through the boy’s curls. “If I’m going to a party with you, you’re going to be presentable damn it.”

Chapter Text

“All done!” Jiro grinned, backing up and handing you the mirror so you could look at the winged eyeliner she’d applied. It was expertly done, impressive as all hell. She’d also applied blush and a glittery pink lipgloss, and Momo created some sparkly dress for you to wear when she found that you didn’t own a single skirt outside of your uniforms.

“It’s pretty!” You complimented, tilting your head to the side to look more closely.

“Me next!” Kaminari begged, hopping up to sit on the counter next to you, Jiro rolled her eyes, but did not tell him no.

“Guys! We’re all set up in here!” Kirishima called, and the girls (and Kaminari) all proceeded to practically stampede into the livingroom.

“So, Lucky, What’s the deal with you and Bakugo? Are you guys like… a thing?” Ururaka asked, passing Momo the giant bowl of popcorn. The group of you sat on Keigo’s huge sectional, several Nintendo switches had been brought at the request of Kaminari, and you’d configured both the huge flatscreen, projector, and several monitors stolen from Hawk’s study to play on. All twelve of you were playing, You were firmly in third, just behind Tsu and Tokoyami.

“We’re friends? I think?” You shrugged, using your speaker power up to blast everyone out of the way so you could take first place. “He’s kind of mean to me, but he is nicer to me than he is to almost everyone else.” You pointed out, using the mushroom powerup you’d been saving to get far ahead.

“Ah, that sounds about right. I’m the same way until I’ve decided I like someone.” Jiro nodded, even though she had been passing snacks through the whole match, she stayed firmly on fifth place, unlike Kaminari, who was dead last.

“My mom always says if a Girl is really mean to you, it means she likes you.” Sero snickered, but Sunny shook her head.

“If I’m a bitch to you, it’s because I don’t like you.” Sunny interjected in agreeance with Jiro, but you were confused.

“But you’re not very nice to me? And Neito said we were friends?” You pointed out, and Neito nearly spit out his sip of win, laughing so hard genuine tears came to his eyes.

“Jesus Christ you ARE Sheltered.” Neito snickered, and then gasped. “How in the fuck are you in first place?!” He pointed angrily at the screen, and brought his controller closer to his chest, as if to better control the thing.

“I play this all the time with Midoriya! The boy with the curly green hair?” You took one hand off the controller to gesture with your hand to your hair, and the room groaned, each of them realizing you were barely even paying attention to the screen.

“So You’re with Midoriya then? That was my second guess because they both pretty much follow you around like lost puppies.” Kaminari suggested, driving the wrong way down the race track.

“What the hell are you doin’ man?” Sero laughed, almost running in to Kaminari as he passed by.

“I’ve never driven this track before, so I’m sacrificing the win to find all of the secrets so I can dominate next time.” Kaminari explained, barely even pressing on the gas as he edged right along the bounds of the track. “Tunnels, shortcuts, hidden items. I always check in any game, scavenge on first playthough, and then speedrun the second with the most effective route.”

“That’s actually really smart.” Kirishima paused, suddenly dropping from sixth place to eleventh, right next to Kaminari. “I forgot you were playing Baby bowser. You are my son.” He chuckled, driving circles around the other character.

“Big Bowser is too kinky- AYO- So, What is it, Lucky, Are you dating Midoriya?” Kaminari asked again, and you shook your head.

“No, he’s my best friend, like Neito and Sunny!” You denied, purposefully leaving out the kiss thing that happened a few months ago. They really didn’t need to know- it would only cause drama. Sunny’s eyes widened for a split second

“The only reason I’m not dating Neito is because he’s gay.” Sunny laughed. “We’d be soulmates otherwise.”

“Don’t tell my dad that though, If he asks, she and I are in a committed, Christian relationship.” Neito pointed out, and Momo winced.

“I am in a very similar situation, But I do not have a male friend to pretend to be my partner.” The Black-haired girl wrinkled her nose, and you frowned.

“Your parents want you to have a boyfriend?” Sero asked, confused as all hell.

“They DON’T want me to have a girlfriend.” Momo corrected, looking uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong with having a girlfriend?” Sero pressed, you knew he was getting upset. You remembered that his oldest sister was married to a woman, and you remembered that he, too, was a little sheltered with that sort of thing.

“Nothing, they’re Homophobic. They don’t like anyone who isn’t straight.” Tsu explained, and leaned back in her chair. “It’s really stupid- like my parents are catholic but they don’t care.” She shrugged.

“That’s dumb.” You wrinkled your nose. “You shouldn’t have to pretend to be something you’re not, just to make others feel better.”

“You’re absolutely right. I wish Homophobia didn’t exist.” Sunny huffed, leaning back in her seat. You didn’t think twice about whispering a ‘granted’ under your breath on that one. After all, what was the point of having a power that made the impossible possible if you didn’t use it to help people? Sunny and Neito suddenly shared a look, eyes wide for a moment- said moment was immediately cut short by the doorbell ringing. You quickly crossed the finish line for the last time, nestling you in first place. You stood, and crossed the living room in a bent-over stance, avoiding getting in anyone’s way while heading for the door.

The door swung open, and your jaw immediately dropped.

There stood Katsuki and Izuku… wearing collared shirts, slacks, with their hair combed out of their faces.

In the near-three years you’d known them, you’d never, not even once, seen either of them attempt to comb their hair.

Katsuki could have sworn the windows shut-down noise in his brain was audible to everyone in the room. There you were, his greatest fear.


Fuck. He had to get ahold of himself. His face set in a stony expression, he shoved you back into the apartment, Izuku following quickly behind.

“Hey dumbass, you didn’t really think you were gonna be able to have a party without me, right?” He grinned, and you couldn’t tell if he was threatening you or not.

Chapter Text

“Yeah, it kind of sucks to have to figure out that your BEST FRIEND is having a party through some damn extra.” Katsuki shoved your shoulder as he walked past you, and you winced.

“I’m sorry! I wasn’t supposed to-”

“If it’s an excuse, I DON’T want to hear it, Lucky.” He practically growled, and watched as you shrunk back into yourself. Shit- he didn’t mean to scare you-

“Don’t be a dick, Kaachan.” Sunny intuded, sliding between the two of you. “It’s MY party, and I didn’t want to invite you, because I think you’re a prick.” She smirked, and Katsuki practically saw red. You were letting her decide if you hung out with him now?! That wasn’t going to fucking fly.

“Shit!” Mina suddenly squealed, but when you looked over, half of her breast was practically falling out of her shirt. You rushed over, pushing right past Katsuki and Izuku, who honestly had no idea what to do without you standing next to them. “The button on my romper popped off.” She winced, you looked around for Momo, but she looked pretty busy with Jiro-

“Is now a good time to mention I brought pot?” Kaminari piped up, immediately drawing all attention away from the two class dickheads and the wardrobe malfunction. A chorous of cheers erupted through the room, and people began to swarm the blonde as he pulled out a baggie.

“I know how to make a pipe out of an apple and a pen.” Sunny offered, hopping over the couch to grab said ingredients from the kitchen.

“No biggie, you can borrow something of mine.” You offered, leading her into your bedroom while the crowd was distracted by the illegal dried plant.

“We are not playing that bullshit Kaminari!” Jiro’s voice called from the livingroom, and you winced as a crash sound followed.

“Something tells me you didn’t want to throw the party at all.” Mina whispered after the door was closed, and you shrugged.

“You can’t really argue with Sunny. She just… does stuff and you have to deal with it.” You dug through your drawers, pulling out a tee shirt and pair of sweats to hand to the pink girl.

“Thanks- You know, when my mom told me I was going to have double D’s by freshman year, I was excited- I didn’t know that meant they were going to ruin all of my clothes.” She huffed, sliding the romper off.

“If we can find the button I can stitch it back on.” You offered. “Sewing buttons is really easy.”

“Really?! That would be super nice!” Mina’s eyes sparkled as she pulled your sweatpants over her ass. “You’re like… really accomidating- you know you don’t have to be right? Like you CAN just tell people to fuck off.”

“Eh, I just don’t want to upset anyone.” You shrugged, closing your drawers and making sure you didn’t make a mess of your room.

“Is that why you’re friends with that blonde douchebag? He tells people to fuck off for you so you don’t feel guilty?” She giggled, and you paused. It made sense. In all the time you knew Katsuki, no one else dared ever be mean to you or try to get you to do things you didn’t want to. You’d thought it was just because everyone liked you- but what if it WAS Katsuki?

“No- Bakugo isn’t that mean.” You shook your head, only to have Mina break out into a full on laughing fit.

“Haha- oh- oh shit you’re serious?! Jesus girl if he’s ‘not that mean’ I worry for what your idea of a villain is.” She snorted, opening the door to leave. You followed her out silently- you didn’t really have an argument for that.

Katsuki wasn’t that mean… was he? Kind of- he yelled at you a lot, he called you mean names, sometimes he even grabbed you too hard. Izuku was way nicer to you, but he still wasn’t the greatest. He tried to use your quirk without asking too much for your liking, and he hid too much from you. Katsuki was kind of mean but he didn’t hide anything from you- EVER- and he NEVER lied to you.

Sunny wasn’t very nice either- she was just as mean as Katsuki was. Sero was the closest thing you had to a friend like the kinds on Tv and in books.

But Katsuki HAD called himself your friend. Not just your friend. Your BEST friend. He’d decided that- all on his own. So, he must have thought of you as his best friend too. That was nice to think about, but it led you into thinking MORE.

Was he mean on purpose? Was he just trying to protect you? That would kind of make sense actually… in that Twilight movie Momo made you watch, Edward was mean to Bella to keep her safe. Maybe Katsuki was just being a good friend. Maybe you should apologize. After all, it would make YOU very upset if HE threw a party and didn’t invite you.

“HEY! Shut the fuck up and come play suck and blow!” Sunny smacked your back a little too hard, and you winced.

“I didn’t say anything?” You questioned, but she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t care, didn’t ask.” She grumbled, pulling you into a circle of people. “Rules are simple. We pass the card around the circle with only our mouths. Suck to hold it, blow to pass. If you drop it, you have to kiss the person after you.”

“I don’t really want to-“ you began, but Katsuki cut you off.

“Lucky! Get your ass over here!” He demanded, gripping your wrist far too tightly.

“Ah- Katsu, did you listen to the instructions? You should probably stand next to someone you want to kiss.” You tried to explain again, but he rolled his eyes at you.

“I don’t want to kiss any of these extras.” He sneered, and you understood. He wanted to stand next to someone he could trust not to lose. You waited for him to wish, but it never came.

Chapter Text

The line up was a little wonky, and everyone was too damn awkward to argue with the way Sunny decided to set up the circle. Everyone except Katsuki, who never had a problem telling anyone and everyone what he thought and how he felt.

“This is stupid. I’m not standing next to the fucking witch.” He grunted, crossing his arms and eyeing you.

“Too bad. This is the line up. Deal with it boom boom bitch.” Sunny smirked, and you watched Katuki’s snarl grow. This was not going to end well. Fuck.

“Switch with me.” Katsuki demanded, glowering at you, and you frowned. You liked the spot you were in, right between Izuku and Katsuki- two people you had already kissed once, and would not mind kissing again. You weren’t sure WHY you didn’t mind kissing them again, but the fact remained that you would prefer them over any other person here. You looked around Katsuki to see he was stood next to Sunny. Oh. That made sense. They didn’t seem to like eachother very much, so it made sense.

“No” You huffed, stepping past him to stand in you place. Katsuki’s hand rested on your lower back as you did so, confusing you a little. Had he had some of the pot Kaminari brought? Was he feeling unsteady? Izuku gave you a questioning glance when you moved, but when you stopped beside him, his face lit up in excitement.

“Damn it Lucky, Just switch with me!” Katsuki growled, but you stood your ground. Mina was right. You can’t just let people walk all over you. You had to stand up for yourself sometimes. Something small, something manageable.

“No. I’m standing next to Izuku because he’s my friend. Maybe YOU should make another friend.” You stated, and watched his jaw tighten. He should try to be friends with Sunny- they were a lot alike after all! It would be good for him to have a friend he has more things in common with.

And so the game began.

The card was passed from Momo to Jiro, From Jiro to Kaminari, From Kaminari to Tsu (who was definitely cheating with her tongue)- so on and so forth, until it got to You. You sucked on to the card, taking it from Katsuki. You were surprised at how much your sticky lipgloss genuinely helped with creating a decent seal on the thing, and errantly wondered how gross the card was, considering it had been kissed by every person in the room.

Carefully, you leaned in close to Izuku, grabbing on to his biceps to steady yourself as he leaned down- you wondered if it was the pot that made him blush like that. Your eyes locked just as your lips nearly touched, only slightly separated by the card. Izuku pulled back, Green eyes sparkling.

And the card fell.

It fell.

You looked up, and Izuku blushed, a sheepish grin on his face. “Oops.” He hummed, and you were pulled back but Katsuki.

“Oi! You fucking dropped that shit on purpose you pervert!” Katsuki growled, grabbing the front of Izuku’s shirt.

“N-no I didn’t!” Izuku protested. “It was an accident!”

“You know Kaachan, if you don’t want him to kiss Lucky, you can take her spot as next in line.”

“Fucking-” Katsuki growled, and pulled Izuku closer, smashing his lips against the green-haired boys. “There! Now enough of this stupid fucking game!” Katsuki shouted his demand, leaving everyone in the room speechless.

Izuku Midoriya had seen the eyes of god- and they were crimson. His heart was pounding- his jaw was left open, and his mouth was dry. Did that really just happen?! No fucking way- no. This can’t be real life. He didn’t even wish for it!

Sunny grabbed hold of your arm, pulling you out of the way a split second before Katsuki reared his fist back, decking Izuku right in the nose. You were lucky for Sunny’s interference, or you would have gotten an elbow to the face.

“Shit- Caught that a little late. You good, dork?” Sunny asked, completely ignoring Izuku’s heavily bleeding nose and Katsuki’s loud temper tantrum.

“Uh- Ye-yeah?” You nodded, confused as to WHY she pulled you away. Was she your friend, or wasn’t she?

“Having a party is one thing, if you get hurt your dad might actually kill me.” She laughed lightly, patting you on the back. “I’ll go get some Ice for Midoriya- but he did deserve it.” She snickered, walking off.

“Are you okay?!” Ururaka knelt next to Izuku, her eyebrows pulled up in worry. Something twisted in your stomach- ah, it was probably the blood.

“Here- Let me see it.” You sighed, walking right past a still-seething Katsuki to offer out a hand to help Izuku up. Katsuki was not having it, grabbing on to your waist and pulling you back. You stumbled, your back coming into harsh contact with his chest. “Ka-”

“He did that shit on PURPOSE!” Katsuki repeated, his voice low as you turned around to look him in the eye. “He deserves his broken fucking nose.” He almost whispered. His eyes were narrowed, his breathing was far too fast. He was ANGRY. Genuinely angry this time- not base level Bakugo brand anger, but full on blinding rage. You could tell… because he was being quiet.

“Hey- It’s okay. I stood next to him because We’re friends. I wouldn’t mind kissing him. I already did- twice. It doesn’t really mean anything.” You tried to convey that what Izuku may or may not have done was not necessarily wrong. Katsuki paused, and softened ever so slightly.

“It didn’t?” He questioned, squinting at you. You didn’t know why he sounded so equal parts heartbroken and relieved.

“It didn’t.” You repeated, nodding. “Hey, you should go out on the balcony for a minute to calm down.” You put your hands up infront of you defensively, His jaw tightened, but he sighed.

“Fine. C’mon.” He grumbled, gripping on to your wrist and pulling you right along with him, despite the fact that you definitely meant for him to cool off on his own.

Chapter Text

“Uh… I guess thanks for like… defending my honor?” You tried to start a conversation with Katsuki, but he scoffs. You watch his breath turn white against the cold night air. You shivered, and rubbed at your arms.

“He’s a fucking creep, Lucky. I didn’t want to say anything because he’s your friend but… Like he left a note in your room that said some shit like ‘I’m watching you’. He fucking tossed your whole room and probably read your diary.” Katsuki finally did it. He told you the truth.

Your heart was pounding. He wasn’t lying. You could tell he wasn’t lying. What the fuck.

“Do you know for sure it was him?” You asked carefully, your own breath picking up in speed.

“I can’t think of anyone else it might’ve been. He disintegrated the fucking front door handle. Name one person who might be able to do that- because all I can think of now is Deku and his weird new quirk.” He spoke lowly, moving closer to you. Carefully, he slid off his blazer and draped it over your shoulders. “I didn’t want to say anything- because you guys have been friends for a long time, but I’m fucking worried.” He admits, and again, you can find no lie.

“What the fuck.” The curse slid through your lips before you could stop it, and Katsuki flinched, You RARELY ever cursed- and in the three years he’d known you, he’d never heard you say the ‘f’ word. Shit- you were SHAKING. You were SCARED.

“Hey- It’ll be alright. I can handle him, you know that. The ONLY reason I haven’t killed the bastard is because he’s your friend.” Katsuki placed a hand on your upper back, and you surged forward, shoving your face into his neck to hide the tears that had begun to fall.

“He’s been weird since he met AllMight. What if he told him about the Wishes? What if AllMight is making him act like this?” You worried aloud. Katsuki’s arms tightened around you. This was a hug. A real hug. But you were fucking crying again. Just once, he wanted you to hug him while you were happy.

“Then I’ll handle it. You know I will.” Katsuki swore, cradling the back of your head, closing his eyes tight. He was pissed. You were fucking scared again. It took MONTHS to get you over the Villain attack. He HATED you being scared. “You’ve got me, dumbass. You don’t need anyone else.” He rubbed your back slowly, carefully.

“Well, that’s not entirely true.” A new voice entered the fray, and Katsuki’s head whipped to the side.

A very disappointed Keigo Takami stood, arms crossed, His face was hard, his eyes were slitted with Avian rage.

“Keigo I can explain-” You pushed away from Katsuki, wiping at your face to get rid of the tears that had fallen.

“No need kiddo- you’re not in trouble.” Keigo shook his head. “Miss Sosaki on the other hand, she is in deep shit.” He grumbled, and looked past you, into the apartment, where the group had begun to crowd around Mina and Neito- trying to apply acrylic nails. “But… I suppose I could give you a few more hours since I need to hit the Gym downstairs anyway.” He sighed, patting the top of your head.

“But what about-” You began to point out the myriad of things you’d done wrong- but Keigo shook his head.

“We’ll talk later. You should enjoy your party- do normal teenage girl things.” Keigo shrugged. “And Bakugo… Plan to stay late.” He nodded at the boy, who’s eyes widened. You winced, and hoped that HE wasn’t in trouble. Keigo gave you a two-finger salute, and stepped off the side of the balcony, flying down to the Gym on the third floor of the apartment building.

“Well shit.” Katuski sighed heavily. “The hag is gonna kill me.” He chuckled to himself, turning back to look at you. “Hey, do you need a minute? Your face is all puffy.” He brushed your hair back from your face, wrinkling his nose as he realized the strands were slightly wet.

“Yeah- If you wouldn’t mind staying out here with me for a few more minutes?” You asked earning a nod.

“Of course.” His tone was far softer than it usually was. It made you think…

“Hey… I noticed you’ve been a lot nicer to me lately. Any reason why?” You finally asked the question that had been weighing on your mind for the last several hours. Ever since the entrance exam- he had generally been nicer. Why?

“I’m your best friend.” he answered simply, and you paused.

“That’s good. I’m always kind of worried that you hate me.” You admitted, and Katsuki’s face fell into one of disbelief.

“You are the stupidest fucking person I’ve ever met.” He laughed, roughly ruffling your hair. “You’re the only person in the world I don’t hate.” He stated, scratching the back of his neck.

“I don’t really understand why… You should have other friends.” You tried to help him see reason. It would be kind of unhealthy to only ever have ONE friend you could rely on. What if you had a fight? What if there was a secret you couldn’t tell eachother? There needed to be relationships outside of your own dynamic. At least, that was what the ‘How To; Friendship for dummies’ book Keigo had stuffed in his library said.

“I don’t need other friends.” Katsuki argued, but you weren’t giving in on this one. This was for his own good.

“You had Koshi and Hikkosu at Aldera.” You pointed out.

“What’s your point?” He raised an eyebrow at you. He didn’t sound nearly as annoyed as he usually did whenever you two argued.

“You should have at least one other friend.” You clarified.

“No.” He denied.

“Because you can’t?” You teased, and his jaw twitched.

“I can- you know what? Fuck you. Fine. I’ll make a friend. ONE.” He pointed a single finger to demonstrate that he, in fact, meant one single friend.

“Good. I’m excited for you.” You nodded with a smug grin.

“Shut up.” He rolled his eyes. “Do you feel better yet? I’m freezing my dick off out here.” He crossed his arms. You noticed his lips were starting to turn blue. Why hadn’t he asked for his jacket back yet?

“Yeah, we can go in now. Sorry.” You giggled, moving to open the door, but he stopped you.

“You don’t need to apologize for shit. Apologizing means you’ve done something wrong, and you haven’t. So don’t do it again.” He warned you, Opening the door for you to step through.

Chapter Text

Keigo Takami had no idea what he was supposed to do about the party going on in his apartment. He had to discipline you- somehow, but he had no fucking clue HOW. Keigo slid another Hundred-pound plate onto the squat bar with one hand while he swiped through his phone, Dialling Bluebeam’s personal number. He picked up in two rings, as was usual for him.

“What’cha need, bossman?” Blue answered smoothly, ready for anything Keigo could possibly throw at him.

“Quick question, and then I’ll get out of your hair. Say you had a party after being explicitly told not to back in highschool, what would your parents have done?” Keigo cut right to the point with the question, needing an answer as quickly as possible.

“Oh, they would have beat my ass.” Blue snorted, rubbing the back of his neck as he hopped from rooftop to rooftop, tracking some villain. “My dad had a special belt for it and everything- still a better option than mom’s wooden spoon.” Blue did not at all sound like he was joking. “What would your parent’s have done?” He asked, as he hopped on top of a chimney to gain a better vantage point.

Keigo remembered, without really wanting to, his own father removing his belt when Keigo had made too much noise with people outside. He remembered the welts. He still had scars running his back, hidden under his feathers. He still remembered the way his father NEVER raised his voice- he’d have to be completely silent to hear the next warning. Keigo had gotten his height- and his strength, from his dad.

And dad didn’t spare on strength with Keigo needed discipline.

“I dunno, my dad beat me for breathing at a pace he didn’t like.” Keigo sighed. “Fuck. I’m gonna have to do more research.” Keigo pushed up on the bar, lifting eight-hundred pounds was baby weight for him, but it was more about repetition than strength right now anyway.

“Oh- wait did Lucky throw a party? Didn’t think she had it in her. Good for her, honestly.” Blue laughed. “Also didn’t think you had it in you to tell the kid no, mister Mochi for every meal.”

“It wasn’t her idea- she was coerced.” Keigo felt the need to defend you, though Blue was right. You didn’t have it in you to act up, and he didn’t have it in him to do what Blue’s and his own parent’s had. Discipline was a foreign concept to Keigo. His Dad would have actually killed him, full stop. His mother would have probably beat him within an inch of his life- and with Blue- the only ‘normal’ person Keigo ever talked to admitting to the same kind of upbringing, it seemed like that was the norm.

He couldn’t even think about raising a hand to you though. Hitting you was an absolute no-go. No matter what Mitsuki Bakugo had said at the gotcha day party when Katsuki had the gall to curse in front of adults, there’s no way he would ever WANT to ‘knock you a new one’ as she had put it. That was off the table. He wouldn’t- he COULDN’T. He wasn’t his father. Keigo Takami was not Washi Takami.

“Peer pressure sucks man.” Blue cut through Keigo’s deatly silent thoughts, and Keigo exhaled in relief, glad to be distracted. He needed a second-er- third opinion.

“Yeah. I’m gonna make a few more calls and then consult doctor google.” Keigo hummed, already scrolling through his phone for the number.

“Good idea. Let me know what you decide to do.” Blue chimed, and Keigo sighed.

“Will do. Keep up the good work.” He praised his sidekick before hanging up, and finding the number he was looking for.

Keigo’s next call was to the only pro hero Parent he knew. Endeavor. The man picked up after Three missed calls.

“What is it, Hawks?” The fire hero answered gruffly, no-nonsense as always. If it was really important, Hawks would have paged him. Using his personal number like this meant it was a social call, not hero-related.

“Quick parenting question- if your kid threw a party after you told them not to, what would be your next move?” Keigo came right out with it. He greatly respected Endeavor- the man saved his life when he was a kid.

“Intense redirection of behavior.” Endeavor answered simply, and Keigo’s shoulders relaxed. That sounded very different from beating you.

“Oh.” Is all he could think to say. That was so much better. So much less terrifying than hurting you. Redirection. That sounded smart, like, therapy smart.

“My son was invited to a party at your house, I can assume this has something to do with that.” Enji continued, low and slow. He was calm. That was good- it meant Keigo hadn’t fucked up too bad and pissed him off just yet.

“Yeah- I’m uh… trying to figure out what to do.” Keigo admitted, setting the bar down on the rack and straightening his back fully, letting his wings spread to alleviate some of the tension still resting in his stressed shoulders. He needed to preen soon- the Itch was making it even harder to think.

“Send her to my house for a weekend. I’ll straighten her out.” Enji offered, and Keigo nearly gasped in surprise.

“You’d do that for me?” Keigo’s heart practically leapt with joy. He was TOUCHED. His IDOL. His HERO was offering to help with his parenting troubles PERSONALLY. It was almost like having a parent of his own he could turn to with questions.

“Absolutely. Our children are extensions of ourselves and should be handled as such.” Enji’s tone was dull, this was the end of the conversation, clearly. He didn’t want to talk anymore. Keigo understood that, he respected it.

“Thanks man.” Keigo’s voice broke without his permission, cracking a bit at the end as he struggled to reign in his emotions. He swallowed, trying to alleviate some of the tension in his throat.

“Goodbye Hawks.” Enji responded, and hung up. Keigo took several deep, calming breaths before he moved to the treadmill, ready to start on a run. Now that his problems were solved, he could work on Cardio, and listen to you upstairs, trying to decide on which nail polish to use.

Chapter Text

If you were going to have to lose your best friend soon, you guessed it would be better after one last good memory. Maybe Izuku was crazy. Katsuki did not leave your side all night- he even allowed Mina Ashido to give him obnoxiously long, Acrylic nails so that he did not have to stand more than five feet away from you at any time.

It made his heart jump a little in his throat when he realized your nails and his had matching designs. Flames on black, orange for him, purple for you. It pissed him off more than a little when he saw that Deku had decided to get the same design in green.

When the other boys saw that Katsuki Bakugo- the most ‘dangerous’ student in class 1A, and Izuku Midoriya, the boy who broke his own bones without flinching get their nails done, they practically Mobbed Mina and Neito to do their nails as well.

The group had settled again, on the huge couch, all squeezed together to fit. Moana played on the big screen, the music played on all of the hidden speakers in the apartment in surround sound. You sat at the very end of the couch, squished between Katsuki and the arm of the sectional. So close to him you were practically sitting in his goddamn lap. Someone had grabbed blankets from the hall closet, draping them over several bodies at once. Kirishima sat on Katuki’s left, sharing the blanket with you and the blonde. Katsuki kept catching the redhead mumbling along to the lyrics of the songs. He ignored it, focusing on you, trying not to be a fucking creep and smell you like he did last time- but he always lost that battle.

And you always smelled like apples.

Your eyes were glued to the screen, Your hand tangled into the blankets when the Coconut people showed up. Katsuki, with his arm pinned around your shoulders so it wasn’t squished between you, could feel your pulse from your neck leaning on his forearm. It was SO FAST. You didn’t look scared though. You looked Excited.

Your hand left its cocoon to grab popcorn from the bowl in your lap, shoveling it into your face. A piece fell down the front of your top, and you immediately went fishing around for it. Katsuki looked away, not wanting to get an accidental eyeful while you fiddled with the collar of your sparkly-ass dress.

When your hand returned to the blankets, his heart stopped.

You’d grabbed his hand.

You were HOLDING his HAND.

Your hand was so soft- so warm. You had to have wiped it off on the blanket or something, because he knew that popcorn was greasy as fuck. Holy shit- and you DIDN’T LET GO. You didn’t let go of his hand- you held it TIGHTER as the coconut monsters grabbed the chicken. Katuski couldn’t breathe under these conditions. What if his quirk activated or something?! He was panicking. He had no idea how to hold your hand back. Was he supposed to squeeze?! Was he supposed to do that cheesy ‘kiss the back of your hand’ shit he saw in those dumb romance movies The Hag watched?!

Katsuki looked over at you, swallowing a lump in his throat. He could always get out of this by grabbing popcorn- but he didn’t WANT to move. He wanted to live every moment of the rest of his life like this- holding your hand. He didn’t know much, but he knew that this was definitely a good sign that you liked him back, right?

Oh shit- what if you wanted to kiss after the movie was over- like they did in the movies?! He couldn’t do that- he had no idea how to kiss. YOU were his first kiss- and he totally choked! He froze up and pushed you away because his stupid brain couldn’t process that kind of attention from ANYONE, let alone YOU.

He looked down at you, through the corner of his eye, and found that you were still staring at the TV.

You picked up the bowl of popcorn, and passed it over him, to Kirishima, who’s bowl was completely empty even though he hadn’t shared it with anyone. The boy gasped out an excited thank you, and you laughed, God- that laugh. Katsuki could hear nothing but that laugh for the rest of his life and die a happy man. He HATED his hearing Aids- but he would wear them every day, all of the time if you’d laugh like that. He didn’t care about the headaches they gave him or the ringing that came from forgetting to turn them off before using his quirk, as long as he could hear that laugh.

Then you did something even more unexpected.

You leaned into him. You laid your head on his chest, and pulled up your feet under you, halfway snuggling into the boy’s torso. His arm stayed over your shoulders, but with the new permission, he had to adjust a little. His hand cupped over your upper arm, he cursed himself for wearing his dad’s stupid cologne. He probably smelled like old man- but you, you didn’t seem to mind, nuzzling your cheek against his pectoral for a few moments before settling in- shit. You were comfortable.

And- for some fucking reason, so was he.

Katsuki Bakugo was relaxed- genuinely relaxed for the first time in months, with you snuggled in his arms like this, with your head on his chest, your hand in his. Your soft breaths fanned over the bare skin of his arm, and he found comfort in the tempo, the rhythm. He found himself sinking into the couch, resting his chin on your hair.

Katsuki knew he fucked up when he smelled apples, warm like this, with you in his arms, in a darkly lit room. He couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore. He hadn’t slept that great since you left, you were his own personal, soft little bottle of Nyquil. So he decided not to fight it, tightening his arms around you, letting his breath slow.

He dreamed of Apples.

Chapter Text

It didn’t take long for Keigo to finish his workout, and when he did, he returned to twelve teenagers, passed out on his couch. He sighed, and slowly closed the door, as to not wake any of you. What the hell was he supposed to do with all of these kids? Didn’t they have curfews? Parents that cared about them and worried for them? Sero, Midoriya, and Bakugo’s parents would be fine with them spending the night- but did the others’ know who he was? Keigo sure as hell would not be so okay with letting you spend over the night with someone he didn’t know.

He moved carefully, silently across the room, checking under messes of blankets and pillows, trying to find you. When he did, his jaw tightened. There you were- with Katsuki fucking Bakugo wrapped around you completely, protectively. His chin tucked over your head, arms wrapped around you. Your body balled up in his lap- you trusted him. You trusted this boy a LOT.

Gently, Keigo poked your cheek, trying to wake you up. Your eyes blinked open, slowly, drowsily. “Kei?” You asked, and Bakugo shifted, hugging you tighter, burying his face in your hair. You giggled slightly. “Told you he was cuddly. ‘M stuck.” You hummed, sleepy.

“Kiddo- it’s late. We gotta get these guys home.” He whispered, and you whined.

“Don’t wanna move.” You groaned, nuzzling your cheek closer to Katuski’s chest.

“Well, I kind of have to put my foot down on this one, Ducky. Their parents will be worried.” Keigo frowned, and moved to pry the boy’s arms off of you. Several things then happened at once.

Katsuki was shocked awake from a dead sleep. He didn’t know where he was. He couldn’t see all that well in the dark. He couldn’t hear jack shit- his batteries in his hearing aids had died. He only knew that he was holding on to… something important. That something important- What was important? Nothing. Nothing was ever- but you. There was you. He was holding you. And he knew someone was trying to take YOU from him. He felt himself being grabbed, held- like he felt when the slime had him. The slime. The slime was coming to take you from him. He wouldn’t let it. He PROMISED he would protect you. He would.

So he did the only thing he could think of in his drowsy state. He wrapped one arm tighter around that something important that smelled like apples- and pressed the other arm outward, palm to the threat.

And he let out a blast. A big one. The biggest he had. It was huge- it was LOUD. It shook the entire floor of the building- it blew out the windows, it sent Keigo flying across the apartment, smacking into a far wall. You were shocked into full lucidity, and scrambled to get away from the noise- but Katsuki held tight. Sunny was the first one to react, scrambling to turn on the lights- she quickly Mouthed the words “Nightmare.”

Katsuki froze, and loosened his grip, allowing you to scramble to Keigo.

The man was completely unconscious- Katsuki’s strongest blast to the chest- that would be…

“He’s still alive- Fuck- Lucky- Healing, fast.” Sunny moved fast- too fast for any of your tired minds to keep up with as she grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you to press your palm to Keigo’s wound. She ripped off her own hoodie, pressing it to the wound. “I can keep pressure on it, but it’s not gonna- fuck- fuck this isn’t gonna be enough. I need you to use your quirk, dumbass, come on.” She smacked the back of your head, shocking you into focus, but only for a moment.

Keigo- He was BLEEDING. Parts that were supposed to be insides- they were OUTSIDE.

“Neito- Get your ass over here!” Sunny growled- the boy seemed used to following her orders. He pressed one hand to you, one to Keigo, and grunted. The wound had begun to close- but it wasn’t enough. “Lucky- You gotta get your shit together, or he’s gonna fucking die.” Sunny warned, her voice was shaky, but she was the one in control. She had this handled, it seemed.

“We should call an ambulance!” Izuku called out, but Sunny scoffed at him.

“Buddy, If your girlfriend here doesn’t start being useful, Hawks isn’t going to make it to the ambulance.” Sunny retorted, and turned to you, placing a firm, open-palmed slap across your face. For some reason, that got your attention. Finally, finally, You focused.

Katsuki watched, wide-eyed as the huge wound in Keigo’s chest closed under your hands. Your hands- covered in blood and it was HIS fault.

He should have charged the damn batteries. He shouldn’t have been holding you like that. He should have- should have- should have. Didn’t.

Keigo sputtered, turning over on his side and coughing up blood. You kept your hands on him, trying desperately to keep healing him. He pushed you off, sitting up on his own and laughing through his coughs.

“Well… that’s one way to wake everyone up.” Keigo joked, trying to get that terrified look off of your face.

Katsuki’s mind was swimming. He couldn’t hear anything going on- he had no idea if Hawks would live.

That could have been you. That COULD have been YOU. He could have- he would have. If it had been you-

“You’re the useless one. Explosions only cause death and destruction. Midoriya is going to be a hero because he’s a good and kind person. You’re only ever going to be a petulant child with mommy issues. So you leave me and Midoriya alone. Or else”

You’d said that. Months ago. Before he could tell you how he felt, and now that he could, now that he finally started to act on it- he almost fucking killed you.

He almost killed you. He promised to keep you safe. He PROMISED he would protect you- and he almost killed you. Not Fucking Deku, not a villain, Him.

A hand snapped in front of his face. Sunny- that witch bitch. She began to Sign.

N-O-T she fingerspelled, She pointed at him, and kept spelling F-A-U-L-T

Her letters were clumsy- and she seemed to ONLY know the letters- no other sign. But how- how the hell did she know what he was thinking?! What was her fucking quirk again? She read the future- oh god what was he going to do for her to-

L-O-O-K She pointed at You and Hawks. You were fine, Hawks was fine.

'OK' Sunny signed, and shook Denki, muttering something at him. Katsuki watched as Sunny reached past him, taking off his hearing aid and handing it to the blonde boy, who held it for a second before handing it back to Sunny, who slid it back over Katsuki’s ear, and switched it on.

Immediately the sounds of the room overwhelmed him, Hawks’ voice. Deku’s ramblings- Sunny spitting instructions at people, several people calling their parents, apologizing for it being so late.

Everyone seemed to be talking but you. You were listening, like you always did. Listening to Keigo as he made several stupid jokes. He was trying to make you smile.

Katsuki’s eyes locked with yours- but you weren’t scared of him. Not like you should be. Not like he was.

Chapter Text

It’s a strange feeling, coming back from the dead. Keigo Takami wasn’t expecting to die while off duty, and even less did expect to get his shit absolutely rocked by some kid who was very OBVIOUSLY simping for HIS kid.

But, Keigo did not have time to freak out. Not when the entire room full of over-powered children reeked of cortisol, and thirty percent of rescue missions are started by children losing control of their quirks while stressed.

“Well… that’s one way to wake everyone up.” Keigo joked, trying to get that terrified look off of your faces, coughing all while he forced a laugh.

“I- I thought you were-” You were cut off by Keigo’s hand, ruffling your hair.

“Hey, hey kiddo, it’s alright yeah? Just a scratch. I’ve had worse messing with feral cats in alleyways.” He lied- he hated cats, and went nowhere near them if he spotted one.

“Hold on- It’s not Bakugo’s fault. He had a flashback to the slime thing and you spooked him.” Sunny muttered, walking up to the kid who’s quirk almost killed the pro-hero. “His hearing aids died, so he didn’t hear that it was you. He’s still freaking out.” She muttered, as she moved her hands in a strange fashion that Keigo recognized as JSL. “Kaminari, I’m going to need your quirk to charge his aids. He’s going to keep freaking out until he can hear again.” She kept signing, carefully moving her fingers. It was clumsy, untrained.

Ah, so she knew Bakugo well- that made sense. Their personalities were very similar.

“Bakugo is deaf?” Keigo asked, and you nodded, hands still pressed to the hole in his shirt- blood still coated your hands and Keigo’s chest. “My bad- I completely forgot he was attacked.” Keigo coughed up the last of the blood that had leaked into his lungs.

“He wasn’t just attacked. Lucky and I were too- Kaachan was attacked WHILE protecting Lucky. His reaction was probably to keep her from being taken by the villain since he failed to last time- it wasn’t his fault, since the villain bested pretty much everyone but AllMight. Kaachan was the one that survived the longest- after five seconds I was pretty sure I was gonna die but Lucky didn’t leave so I kept fighting. Kaachan probably did the same thing and since he was holding on to Lucky he probably thought you were the slime villain attacking again so he used a full blast to get you to back up- he would have known even his full blast wasn’t enough to subdue the villain but it would be enough to get it to back up enough to get Lucky to safety. He definitely didn’t mean to hurt anyone it was completely defensive and an accident and-“ Midoriya had begun to ramble, but it only seemed to make you look more and more panicked. Keigo opened his mouth to stop the green-haired boy, but was stopped by Sunny, who spoke before him.

“We get it, quirkless wonder.” Sunny rolled her eyes, picking up the bowl of popcorn that had fallen from Kirishima’s lap. It was empty, and there was no popcorn on the floor.

“I already told you I’m not quirkless!”


“Hey- can someone explain to me why HAWKS is here?!” Kirishima gasped out, eyes wide.

“That’s Lucky’s dad.” Sunny answered, and turned to look at you. “Hey. He’s fine. Stop thinking about it.” She clapped her hands over your cheeks, and forced you to look her in the eye. “Everyone is fine. You’re fine. It was an accident.” She repeated, and you nodded, swallowing. Sunny grabbed your hands, pulling you up. “Come on, we need to wash your hands and change your shirt.” She pulled you away from the group, keeping both of your hands in one of hers to keep you from touching anything.

“Alright kiddos, let’s get to calling parents to get you guys home. I can fly a couple at a time IF you get parents permission.” Keigo offered, and the group of teenagers scrambled to call their parents- excited to be able to fly with number three.

“Sir I’m so-“ Katsuki had managed to sneak up on the winged hero, but Keigo cut him off.

“No worries, kid. You were protecting my Ducky. If anything, I’m glad she has a friend like you by her side.” Keigo tried to calm the boy down, but he was still clearly dazed, upset, scared. Keigo did not particularly ike this kid- not at all. But he HATED seeing a kid scared. It made his heart ache, his tongue dry, and his wings itch.

“I could have hurt her.” Katsuki shook his head. “I could have-”

“You couldn’t.” Keigo cut him off, and put his hands on the boy’s shoulders. “Listen son, Ducky is physically indestructible. Her healing makes her that way. She’s going to be fine. You should probably go give her a hug and let her know that too, alright?” Keigo patted the boys’ back, and Katsuki nodded. Keigo gave the kid one last pat before turning to help the other teenagers fold the blankets and put their dishes away in the sink.

Izuku approached Katsuki- slowly, carefully. He didn’t want to piss the boy off- but this was his chance.

“Kaachan… are you… are you okay?” The boy asked gently, not reaching for Katsuki. Katsuki looked over at him, eyes hazy, heart pounding.

“Don’t act like you care, stalker. I know what you did in her room.” Katsuki kept his voice low, quiet, threatening. Izuku froze.

Shit. Shit. He found the camera. He knows. He KNOWS. HE KNOWS.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Kaachan.” Izuku shook his head, swallowing.

“Don’t you fucking lie to me, Deku.” Katsuki threatened, crimson eyes finally locking with the emerald. “I already clocked you as a fucking creep months ago- I already told her what you did too, so if I were you, I’d call a fucking uber.” Katsuki kept his voice quiet- and that was miles more terrifying than his usual yelling.

“R-right.” Izuku choked. “I really don’t know-”

“Gentlemen.” Keigo interrupted. “I am going to ask the two of you to stay a bit later.” The avian man’s eyes locked with each of the boys’, and he smiled- there was something threatening about it. “We should have a little talk.”

Chapter Text

You had already gone to sleep, tucked in warm and safe in your bedroom, by the time everyone- sans the owner of the apartment and your two closest friends- had left.

And Keigo was, for lack of better terms, fucking pissed. You’d directly disobeyed him, you’d almost gotten yourself hurt, you were WAY too cuddly with a disrespectful teenaged boy, and he could tell that you had smoked more than enough marijuana to drop you like a drunken fly.

What you’d done was stupid, irresponsible, and worst of all- it WORRIED him. More than taking a fully-charged, nitroglycerine-powered blast to the chest. If something happened to you, he had no idea what he would have done. He had no Idea how he would handle that- he realized then, staring you down as you’d gone numb and unresponsive- that he’d fucked up, and he’d fucked up BIG TIME.

He’d given you too much trust- too much freedom. He’d overestimated your maturity and forgotten why he adopted you in the first place. You NEEDED him. You needed him to help you, to teach you, to protect you.

To protect you from people like Izuku Midoriya.

“So, Boys. I’m going to ask you one more time. What’s got you two at each other’s throats?” Keigo asked calmly, scooping ground coffee into the filter before dropping it into the machine and pressing the start button.

“That bastard destroyed her bedroom at my house and probably read her fucking diary- he even left a note!” Katsuki growled, pointing an accusing finger at Izuku, who vehemently denied the statement with a shaken head.

“I didn’t! He did that! I would NEVER destroy anything of (Y/N)’s! And I didn’t even know she HAD a diary! How would HE know that unless HE’S the one who messed up her room and read her diary!” Izuku protested, pointing his own finger at the blonde.

“Well, Bakugo, could you tell me how exactly you found out her room was destroyed?” Keigo tried to keep his voice down and his tone neutral. Yelling at the kids was not going to help anyone.

“We were all spending the night at Deku’s while my parents were gone for a business trip, and I had to go pick something up from my house. When I got there, the doorknob was missing, he tracked dirt all over the goddamn carpet, and Lucky’s room was a fucking wreck. He even flipped her goddamn mattress! If I was the one that messed it up, she woulda’ known- because I’m the one that cleaned it up and put all her shit back where it belongs! How the hell did YOU know the room was destroyed unless you did it, huh Deku?” Katsuki explained, and then accused, his palms itching to explode something.

“I saw you standing in the center of her room through my window- with everything thrown all over the place!” Izuku shouted, but Keigo stared straight ahead at the hot coffee slowly dribbling into the pot.

“Why were you looking you fucking pervert!?” Katsuki demanded an explanation.

“I didn’t mean to- the curtains were just open!” Izuku gave an explanation that Katsuki did not accept- they were both yelling, and Keigo had had enough.

“Alright- that’s enough you two.” Keigo cut the arguing off, and leaned forward, grabbing a mug and pouring a cup of coffee for himself. “Well, I have some awful news for both of you.” Keigo sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Both of your heartbeats were steady while you told your sides.”

“The fu- the hell does that mean?!” Katuski questioned, absolutely not keeping his voice down like he was asked.

“It means you are both telling me the truth, or one of you somehow learned to control your heart rate, which I doubt because it took me years under a commission-sanctioned tutor to master.” Keigo explained, scooping spoonful after spoonful of sugar into his cup and stirring, slowly, carefully with the same spoon before popping the silver thing into his mouth.

“Well if he didn’t do it- and I didn’t do it? Who’s tryin’ to mess with Lucky?!” Katsuki was confused. It made no damn sense. No one should ever want to mess with you. For a myriad of reasons. The top three being he’d kill anyone who upset you, you were genuinely a nice person that people enjoyed being around, and, again, he’d kill anyone that upset you.

“That’s the problem son. I have no idea.” Keigo leaned forward, hunching his shoulders as he grasped his warm mug. “I really wish someone would have told me about this before- when I could have gathered evidence, maybe a scent to track. Bakugo- you said there was a note. Do you still have it?”

“It’s in my desk at home, yeah. I kept it in case Lucky didn’t believe me- but she’s real’ good at figuring out if I’m lying.” Katsuki admitted, gritting his teeth.

“Alright, well, call me when you get home tomorrow and I’ll take a look.” Keigo took a sip of coffee, and thought for a moment. “I need both of you to keep an eye on lucky at school tomorrow though. Watch out for anyone who follows her around or tries to upset her on purpose.”

“Oh, you mean like that witch bitch?” Katsuki muttered under his breath, crossing his arms and looking away, at the floor.

“Who?” Keigo asked.

“He means Sosaki. She’s… weird. She acts mean to everyone but when the… thing happened earlier it was like she knew exactly what to do- which would make sense since she’s got a future-telling quirk, but it is strange how quickly her entire personality shifted. Like earlier she was calling us all names and trying to rile up Kaachan on purpose, but when you got blasted she seemed genuinely freaked out, like she didn’t know what was going to happen. Which again, would make sense since she was asleep at the time, but why didn’t she activate her quirk once she woke up? Or did she? It’s hard to tell since it seems like she has no tell for her quirk at all and-” Izuku was doing what he did best- rambling- Keigo cut him off.

“Breathe. Kid. Breathe. Look, I know Sunny’s mom, she’s a hero. I’ll have a talk with her tomorrow morning and see what’s going on with her. If anything, her concern was a GOOD sign, alright? I’m sure this is all just some failed prank from one of your middle-school friends, but we’re keeping an eye out just in case, because that’s what heroes do, capisce?” Keigo instructed seriously, looking at both of the boys for confirmation of their understanding.

“Yes sir.” Izuku nodded.

“Fine.” Katsuki growled.

“Thank you, now, it’s late as hell and I don’t want to wake your parents up, so you two can spend the night in my room and I’ll wake you guys up early to pick up school clothes. Maybe when you’re dead-tired tomorrow, you’ll learn to think twice about attending parties on school nights.” Keigo pointed down the hall. “Bed. Now.” He demanded. Izuku did a nod of respect, but Katsuki scoffed.

Keigo might not like those kids, but he knew he’d have to rely on them for your safety.

Chapter Text

You were woken up early Tuesday morning, Keigo gently shook your shoulder, brushing hair out of your face and whispering.

“Ducky, C’mon baby we gotta go get school clothes and stuff for the boys since they spent the night.” Keigo tapped your cheek. So lightly, so gently.

“Boys?” You mumbled, trying to piece together where you were and which planet this was.

“Midoriya and Bakugo. I didn’t want to wake their parents up so late. Sorry kiddo, you gotta get up.” Keigo chuckled, pinching the very tip of your nose.

“Okay.” You nodded with a grumble, but when he turned to leave, you gripped hard onto his sleeve, preventing any further movement. He paused, confused for several moments before you sat up, laying your hand over his chest. He could feel the warmth of your palm through his hero suit.

“What’s up?” Keigo asked slowly, but you swallowed, shaking your head.

“I froze. You were… and I just locked up. I went blank and I couldn’t think. You almost died and all I could do was sit there and watch. I had all of the power to stop it and I just… Didn’t. If it wasn’t for Sunny…” You held tighter to his sleeve, eyes watering. “I almost lost you. Just like I lost my parents. But this time- this time I could have actually done something and I- I-” you were getting choked up, struggling to finish your thought.

“Hey. Hey kiddo, no.” Keigo shook his head, sitting next to you on the bed and pulling you in to a hug. “You shouldn’t have had to see that at all. You were scared. It’s okay- sweetheart, it’s SO common to freeze up in situations like that. It’s a normal, healthy fear response. Fight, flight, freeze and fawn. You’re usually a fawn- but you froze, and it was all okay. I’m right here, right? And even if I wasn’t. Even if you couldn’t fix it right away, you have Midoriya and Bakugo to wish it better, right?” Keigo tried to calm you down, but you were still hysterical, pupils wildly dilating, pulsing. You’d have a sob, and then go eerily calm, almost as if this was a leaky dam, only a few drops of emotion coming through at a time.

“But-” You’d begun to protest, but Keigo was not having it.

‘Hey, no buts. I’m NEVER going to leave you. Not even death will keep me from your side, you understand?” Keigo cradled your head to his chest, rubbing one hand over your upper back. “I swore to you I would protect you, and I never break a promise.” He whispered, and you nodded, pulling back. His hand came up, wiping tears from under your eyes. “So, dry up those tears, give me that pretty smile, and attack the day like only you can, Little Miss Lucky Day.” Keigo patted your cheek, and pressed a kiss to your forehead, before standing. “Get dressed and get pumped, Ducky.” He smiled at you before leaving your room.


Katsuki turned his hearing aids back down to an appropriate level, and tightened his jaw. If Deku wasn’t the one who was stalking you- who was?

And with the new knowledge that Deku WAS perfectly safe, and that he now had a powerful quirk that he could use to protect you- Katsuki had no reason to really hate the guy. Especially since you’d already turned the dumb nerd down, and Katsuki could, theoretically finally just shoot his shot.

And besides generally just not liking the viridian-haired shit, He had no reason to hate him, so his life had become easier.

And then, like everything else he ever did, it all suddenly turned to shit because he was brash, and he was impulsive, and he was loud, and he scared you. You were in there, crying, because of him.

“Deku.” He whispered, low in his throat. The other boy paused, toothbrush still hanging out of his mouth. “We gotta be careful with her today. Make sure she knows we’re there for her. I ain’t gonna start shit with you, so do your best not to piss me off. We gotta… gotta put up a united front and all that shit.” Katsuki stared the other boy down in the mirror, who was gaping at him.

“Are you saying… is this a truce?” Izuku mostly whispered, staring straight in the mirror instead of looking at the blonde, terrified of how he would respond.

“I’ll be your fuckin’ friend if it keeps her happy. All I need you to do, is whatever the hell she wants.” Katsuki rinsed his own toothbrush, and turned to look at Deku, a deep scowl in his eyebrows. “I ain’t gonna hit you, or yell. I am still gonna call you Deku, because that’s exactly what you are.” Katsuki paused, and took a deep breath, setting his face. “I just need you to go along with this. What’s your price?” Katsuki questioned, turning toward the other boy with his arms crossed over his chest.

“I want a hug.” Izuku spoke so quietly, Katsuki would have missed it if his hearing aids had been turned down to normal.

“Fucking what?” Katsuki asked, mostly just to make sure he heard that correctly.

“I want a hug. A real hug. Like the ones you give Lucky. I want a hug.” Izuku shrugged. “That’s all.” He mumbled- and then he was off the ground.

Katsuki Bakugo had lifted him into his arms, and hugged him. Tightly around the waist- honestly a bit too tight, but he could accept that, even if he couldn’t quite breathe. Izuku wrapped his arms around the blonde’s neck, and hugged him back, shoving his face into that wild blonde hair.

“I’ll hug you. Once. Every day for the rest of my life if I have to.” Katsuki swore. “If it’ll keep her from fuckin’ crying again, I’d Kiss you if I had to.” He growled, setting Izuku back on his feet and backing away. There was no violent outburst this time, there was no loud aftermath.

Nothing but a strange, calm silence. Like the moment before a baby’s first scream, bated breaths, in the eye of a storm

Both of them knew, right then, nothing would ever be the same.

Chapter Text

“Why’s bubbie got that thing on his mouth?” You questioned, scrambling to your brother to hug him. He held you back, tightly. So tightly.

“To prevent him from making a wish to leave, Megumi Shigaraki.” Kurogiri answered you, patting your back. You glared up at him, and glanced over at Tomura.

“Just wish it that way then! I wanna be able to talk to bubbie!” You complained, trying to figure out how to unhook the device from his mouth, and failing.

“I wish that your brother can’t use his quirk in this building, and that he can’t make wishes.” Tomura shrugged, and looked up at Kurogiri. “Take it off.”

“But-” Kurogiri began to protest, but Tomura rolled his eyes, and shoved you aside, pressing all five fingers to the muzzle that had been placed over your brother’s mouth. Your brother’s eyes, the same shade as yours, narrowed at the white-haired boy.

“Who are you- and where are my parents?” He asked, glaring at the other boy, his arms still wrapped around you, he looked down, recognizing the slight gash just above your eyebrow from where you’d fallen off the bed. “And what did you do to (Y/N)?”

“I’m Tomura, your parents are busy, and She did that to herself.” Tomura turned, toward the large television set Master’d had moved into his room, complete with a game system. “Go Away, Kurogiri. I don’t need you anymore.” He grouched, flopping onto the beanbag chair.

“Yes, Tomura Shigaraki.” The Man, Made of mist bowed. “Call if you need anything, Megumi Shigaraki, Jiko Shigaraki.” He promptly disappeared into a portal before you could complain about him calling you and your brother by names that were not yours. Not that it mattered, because you were completely distracted by your brother anyway.

“Bubbie! I’m glad you’re okay! Mister wouldn’t let me see your OR papa OR mama! He’s a big old LIAR cuz I made Tomu smile just like he asked and he still didn’t let me see you guys.” You complained, and then brightened. “But Tomu got you! He’s my friend!” You nodded, and your brother scowled.

“He’s not your friend, (Y/N). He’s using you.” Bubbie warned, turning toward the door and tugging on it.

“It’s locked. Always is. The other door is to the bathroom. There’s no windows.” Tomura mumbled, holding up a box of pocky. “Princess, come get some. It’s strawberry.”

“Ooh, strawbee!” You squeaked, tripping over your own feet to sit next to Tomura on the beanbag chair.

“Don’t eat that!” Your brother chastised. “Don’t you get it? They need you for something. If you refuse to eat they have to give you whatever you want. You can ask for dad.” He reasoned, and you frowned. Your parents never fell for that when Bubbie threw a tantrum, and Mister seemed really smart.

“If we’re good, we get what we want.” You argued. “I wanna see mama and papa too, but it took so much just to get YOU here, we’re gonna have to wait a little for mama and papa.” You explained, taking the sweet from Tomura and popping it in your mouth. “‘S okay though, Tomu’s nice, and there are video games, and we don’t have any chores.” You offered out a poki stick to him, trying to entice him into sitting in the free beanbag chair.

“You’re not listening, (Y/N). That ‘master’ guy is NUTS. He’s killed people! He was gonna kill me and mom and Dad until you wished that he couldn’t.” Your brother gripped your arm, pulling you to the door. “You gotta wish us out. C’mon.” Your brother prompted, but you shook your head at him.

“I can’t! Mister tricked me and now I can’t make wishes on my own. Tomu can make the wishes though.” You shrugged, and your brother set his jaw.

“If He was really your friend, he’d wish us out of here.” Bubbie argued, still glaring at Tomura. Tomura didn’t even look up to see the unhappy look on your brother’s face, starting up the Nintendo Wii without a second thought.

“Who do you main on MarioKart?” Tomura questioned, picking up a controller. “Kurogiri got a pink controller for you, princess. The red one is mine. I guess the other brat can have the plain white one.”

“Wish us out.” your brother demanded, gripping tightly at his jeans to keep himself calm. “If you were really (Y/N)’s friend, you’d help us get out and back to our parents where we belong.

“Can’t. Master takes care of us. Can’t you just deal with it? I don’t exactly want to share my room with you brats either.” Tomura scoffed, flipping through characters on the screen before landing on shy guy.

“Master? So he’s not your dad either? He kidnapped you too?!” Bubbie asked, looking more and more afraid as the minutes passed.

“He RESCUED me. You might not know it yet, but he saved you too. Here, there’s only two rules. Do whatever you want, and don’t tell master no.” Tomura held up two fingers to make his point, but your brother wasn’t buying it.

“You see?! He’s just as evil as the big guy! He’s not your friend (Y/N), He’s LYING-” your brother growled, but Tomura had had enough of this little brat trying to turn you against him.

“I wish your brother would forget everything before coming into this room, everything but his name and that you’re his sister.” Tomura gritted through his teeth. Your brother’s eyes went blank.

“Why’d you do that Tomu!” You demanded, standing up and hugging your brother. “Bubbie! Bubbie are you okay?!”

“I wish you’d believe everything I say, no matter what.” He furrowed his brow, and you froze. “Your dad is dead, your mom killed him with your quirk and then she forgot you. You’re in foster care. You do whatever I say, because I’m in charge.” Tomura glared up at you, and then sighed, and relaxed. “Sit down, I wanna play mario-kart.”

You weren’t sure why your new foster-brother was so demanding about playing video games with you, but you did know that you didn’t want him to tell his parents to get rid of you and split up you and bubbie, so you obeyed.

Bubbie was the only family you had left, after all.

Chapter Text

Bubbie was not behaving.

It was a super-big problem, because little kids who don’t behave, don’t get treats, and you REALLY wanted to go outside. It’d been two months since you were allowed to go outside, and you missed playgrounds so badly that you would settle for the crappy McDonalds indoor if you had to.

“No, YOU’RE not the boss of me!” Jiko growled, trying to yank back the comic book that he’d taken from the shelf.

“I already TOLD you not to touch the ones on the high shelf, because they’re limited edition and they’re MINE.” Tomura grunted, shoving the smaller boy against the wall. You sat on the bunkbed, and pouted. These two did nothing BUT argue. Sooner or later, one of them would get hurt, Mr.Giri would come in and scold them after wishing them better, and you would get told off for not being a good mediator, even though neither of them would listen to you anyway.

“Mister One said you had to SHARE.” Bubbie whined, still tugging.

“He said I had to share with princess, not you, JIKO.” Tomura quipped right back

“That’s NOT my name.” Bubbie argued, and you winced. You weren’t allowed to argue with the names Mr.Shigaraki had picked out. You were already beginning to forget your brother’s name, since everyone called him Jiko anyway. The only reason you remembered your own name so well, was because it was the only thing you knew how to write on your own.

You always hid your practicing under drawings. You REALLY didn’t like to get in trouble. Mister Shigaraki would make you stare at a wall for hours on end in time out- and it didn’t matter if you fainted because you locked your knees, he would make you stand again the second you woke up, staring at the plain wall.

Or he would take you to see the monsters. You hated the monsters. Black skin, too many teeth, with their brains on display and big, vacant eyes that stared right into you. They were really, really scary.

One of them, your least favorite, almost looked like your mom.

“Tomu, I’m hungry.” You whined, trying to gather the older boy’s attention. He was always more likely to give in to you. He liked you a lot more than he liked Bubbie. In fact, it really seemed like he HATED bubbie. He was constantly trying to use his decay quirk on him, but for some reason it just wouldn’t work.

“You had breakfast an hour ago.” Tomura rolled his eyes at you, not even bothering to stop pulling on the comic. “Let go or you’re gonna rip it!” He sneered.

“But I’m REALLY hungry. I want candy.” You tried again. Tomura also tended to have a sweet tooth. He was obsessed with Mochi, but it was hard to come by down here. It was always such a big thing when Tomura got mochi. It made him so happy he would be nice to you and even to Bubby for a few DAYS after.

He would ONLY share Mochi with you, but you would sneak pieces to Bubbie.

“Then get a piece from the jar on my desk.” Tomura quipped, and stared down Bubbie. “I wish you’d just go to sleep!”

Bubbie crashed to the floor without warning, and Tomura snatched up the comic book, and placed it on the shelf, on it’s side, so Jiko couldn’t see it. You sighed, and moved to drag your brother back onto his bed.

Tomura and you had the bunkbed, Tomura slept on the top bunk, and you slept on the bottom. Bubbie had a separate bed, across the room.

You didn’t know why you had your own bed, considering you always slept with Tomura anyway, since his nightmares were so bad.

“Tomu?” You asked, pulling the blankets up over your brother. His mattress was on the floor. It was easier to move him into the bed for you like this- Tomura put him to sleep often. It’d started messing with bubbie’s sleep schedule, he always looked so pale and tired now. You wondered why he kept arguing and fighting with Tomura if he knew it was making him sick. Bubbie did a lot of things that made no sense, though.

“What now?” The white-haired boy glared at you, but you didn’t see his angry expression past you staring down at your own fingers.

“Do you think… Do you think we could go outside? Just the two of us? I know bubbie’s been bad but… but if he’s sleepin’ it could just be me and you.” You picked at the end of your rainbow tutu.

“You know we don’t go outside.” Tomura sighed, kneeling down next to you to be on your eye-level and slapping your hands away from the skirt. “Stop picking at it- change if it’s itchy.” He began to stand, but you tugged on his sleeve.

“YOU do. With Mister Shigaraki. All the time.” You pointed out, and Tomura sighed.

“Listen. There are… bad people outside. Evil people who prey on nice little girls like you. They want to hurt you, or take you and use you for your quirk. It’s safer for you to stay here, where you’re safe.”

“But that’s why you gotta come with. I’m always safe with you.” You nodded, and he seemed to be speechless, so you filled in the blanks. “You’re really strong, and you’re the smartest person in the world so… so it would be okay if we went outside.” You nodded to yourself. Your logic was infallible.

“I’ll ask Master. But, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. He wants you safe.” Tomura squinted at you, and stood, grabbing your hand and pulling you toward the TV. “Lets play sonic.” He grumbled, shoving you to sit in your pink beanbag chair. For some reason, it didn’t matter how hard he shoved you, you always landed perfectly fine, and he never hurt you.

“Mister Shigaraki only cares about me because YOU care about me, Tomu. I know cuz you’re his favorite.” You shrugged, and Tomura seemed to stiffen a bit. “I know why though. You’re the best.” You nodded solemnly.

“You’re better, princess.” Tomura shook his head. “You don’t know it yet, but you’ll get it when you’re older. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to everyone that’s ever met you.”

Chapter Text

“And DON’T walk to anyone that isn’t me.” Tomura finished his warnings, and you pouted.

“I know not to talk to strangers, Tomu. I’m not a baby.” You protested, trying to button up your jacket and failing. They were too small for your little fingers to get. You didn’t have the dexterity for that quite yet.

“You literally are a baby though. You’re not even old enough for school yet.” Tomura teased, slapping your hands away and buttoning your rain jacket himself. It, like most things Mister Giri brought you, was bright pink, and glittery.

“Bubbie was in pre-school at my age, but I wasn’t ‘llowed ‘cuz of my quirk. Mama still taught me at home, though. I know all of my shapes and my colors and I can count to one hundred.” You nodded. “I can even do math!” You boasted with a wide smile on your face.

“What’s four times a hundred?” Tomura smirked, knowing damn well that was way above your capabilities right now.

“That’s too big to do in my head, and it’s cheating since a hundred has three numbers and not one or two, and since I can’t do multiplication.” You reasoned, turning your arm over and over in front of you, completely mesmerized by the glittery, slick sleeve.

“It’s not cheating, you’re just a baby. It’s Four Hundred.” Tomura rolled his eyes, slipping your shoes on and tightening the laces. “Is this too tight?” He tapped the side of your light-up shoes, but you shook your head.

“No, ‘s okay. And you gotta be lyin’. There’s no way you can do times hundreds in your head.” You gaped up at him, and Tomura laughed, ruffling your hair before pulling your hood up.

“It’s actually really easy, since one times anything is the same as it was, you just add the zeroes on the end because Zeroes don’t matter. Think of it like this. I’m a zero. I change things, I make them disappear, unless I’m behind a bigger number, like a one or a two. Anything times zero is zero. You’re a two. You make things bigger, better. You double everyone’s smile. Anything times two is twice what it was. Two becomes four, four becomes eight. Jiko is a one, because he can’t change anything, and he really doesn’t matter, unless he has a smaller or bigger number behind him. Like you or me.” Tomura explained more effectively, and it made a lot more sense in your head. He was always a really good teacher.

You’d learned how to play every videogame he had really fast, and you knew all of the characters in the ‘Lord of the Rings’, and you could even finish a rubix cube with only a little help.

“Bubbie matters lots to me.” You shrugged. “And you don’t destroy everything anymore. We fixed it.” You pointed out, stomping on the ground to make your shoes light up so you could watch the pretty patterns on the floor.

“I already destroyed everything important to me. Well, until you came along.” He smirked, plopping down on the ground to slip his own shoes on. His weren’t nearly as cool as yours. They were only red, and they didn’t light up at all!

“I’m important to you?” You tilted your head. You hadn’t considered that before.

“Very. You’re the only person in this world I like.” Tomura shrugged, grabbing his black hoodie and slipping it on, zipping it up only halfway.

“Why?” You asked, confused. You weren’t all that special, after all.

“You wished for it when you first got here, dummy.” Tomura laughed, bending down to tuck your hair out of your face so you could see more clearly out of the hood.

“But, why haven’t you wished it back?” You questioned, staring up into his crimson eyes. They were always so warm when they looked at you. So much softer than when you’d catch glimpses of him after ‘training’ with Mister Shigaraki, or when you’d been taken by yourself for baths and stuff.

“I don’t want to.” He shrugged, going over to his desk and sighing. “I wish there was a bunch of money in a hidden compartment in this drawer, like in the movies.” He spoke, and immediately started shuffling things around inside, pulling out a piece of wood and driving for a bunch of bills underneath.

“Why not?” You pressed, not worried about WHY he would need money in the first place.

“You know I hate it when you ask a bunch of questions at once.” Tomura reminded you gently, and you winced.

“Sorry.” You mumbled. Tomura had never told on you for being annoying before- but knowing how much mister Shigaraki liked him more than you, you could only imagine what the punishment would be.

“It’s okay. I don’t want to unwish liking you, because it won’t really change anything. I’m pretty sure I’ll still like you, Megumi.” He said your fake-name, and you frowned. You liked your real name more. You couldn’t focus on that right now.

“Will you be mad if I ask why?” You picked at the skin around your fingernails, nervous.

“No. I’ll still like you, because you are my Two. My little player two that makes the game more fun.” He shrugged, and swatted your hands away from eachother so you’d stop hurting yourself. “I wish your brother would stay asleep until we got back.” He patted your head when you gave him a worried glance. “Oh don’t be such a drama queen, this way he can’t go hurting himself while we’re gone.” He rolled his eyes, and grabbed your hand, leading you to the door. Surprising you, he simply disintegrated the doorknob, stepping out into the hall.

“Wait- I thought we’d have to take a grown-up with us?” You raised an eyebrow, and Tomura smirked.

“We would have, had Master said yes. But he said this was a bad idea.” He revealed, and you audibly gasped.

“Then why are we doing it?” you wondered aloud, concerned.

“Cuz’ your skin’s starting to go all yellow, and the internet says you need sunlight, and it’s my job to make sure you grow up good.” Tomura explained simply. You didn’t pause, letting Tomura take you through the winding halls and the too-big doorways.

“I thought that was Mister Giri’s job?” You wondered aloud, looking up at the white-haired boy.

“He’s supposed to do whatever I need. But you’re MY Megumi. I have to take care of you right.” Tomura checked around one last corner before pulling you forward. You fretted for a moment.

“But… What about bubbie? He probably needs sunlight too?” You worried aloud. Tomura did hate it when you worried. You were too little to even know HOW to worry.

“I’ll wish him better when we get back.” Tomura promised, and looked back at you to make sure it convinced you to smile again. It had.

“You’re so smart Tomu!” You gasped out with a giggle.

“I know, princess.” Tomura snorted. “Alright, here’s the front door.” He grunted, trying to pry it open. “Thing’s heavy. I wish I was super strong.” He mumbled, and finally pried the door open. The brightness that broke was blinding, especially to your incredibly light-deprived eyes. “Alright, let’s get going, before they notice we’re gone.”

Chapter Text

“It’s so bright!” You gasped, and wished that you could take your shoes off to feel the grass under your feet- but there was no time. Tomura pulled you faster, practically dragging you in the direction he had set his sights. Your hand felt sweaty, but every time you tried to pull it away, Tomura only gripped tighter. Your hoods were pulled over your faces, and you avoided falling into anyone’s attention.

“The park is just up here-” Tomura mumbled, only to be cut off by someone else.

“Hey brats. Where’re your parents?” A deep man’s voice called, and you moved to answer him, but Tomura clapped a hand over your mouth.

“We’re going home right now, sir.” Tomura answered, not looking back at the man.

“Yeah, What’s your mom’s number, kid?” The man continued, a huge, VERY warm hand over the top of your head. Your back straightened, and you turned, seeing a HUGE man with bright red hair and flames hanging over his face.

“Five-five-five, I wish you’d fuck off.” Tomura mumbled, and the Hero opened his mouth to protest, just in time for a huge crash to be heard just up the street.

“Stay here.” The man grumbled, but Tomura immediately pulled you away, toward the direction you had already been walking.

“That was a hero. We’re s’posta do whatever they say.” You whispered, a little too loudly.

“Heroes are all phonies anyway.” Tomura rolled his eyes, stopping for a moment to release your hand and turn around, kneeling. “Get on my back. Your legs are too little and you’re slow.” He griped, and you grinned.

“You’re giving me a piggyback?!” You gasped, hopping up and down on the balls of your feet.

“Yes, now hurry up.” Tomura rolled his eyes, pulling you by the end of your jacket closer. You asked no further questions, hopping onto the much taller boy’s back and settling in, making sure you weren’t choking him with your arms locked around his neck.

“Aren’t I heavy though?” You asked softly, resting your chin on Tomura’s shoulder. He shrugged.

“You’re like… Thirty pounds. This is nothing. Plus, I wished to be strong earlier.” Tomura explained, turning down a new street and pointing to a playground, a few blocks away. “That’s where we’re going. There’ll be other kids there. Don’t talk about Master at all, and if anyone asks, I’m your older brother.” Tomura coached you, but he’d already given you this talk a bunch of times before- like, three whole times before you left the house.

“I KNOW Tomu. OOH! Are you gonna play with me?! I haven’t gotten to play tag in FOREVER because bubbie hates running and Mama and Papa were always busy.” You squirmed on Tomura’s back, but he only held tighter.

“I’ll play, but you have to promise me you’ll be careful and not go and get hurt. No one here can see or hear your quirk. It’d be dangerous, and they’ll try to take you away from me and Jiko.” He warned, still walking toward the playground.

“I don’t wanna be taken from you.” You pouted. “I’ll be SO careful.” You promised with a nod.

“Good.” Tomura sighed, letting you down and kneeling in front of you. “One last thing.” He took a deep breath. “I need you to try to have as much fun as possible, because we probably won’t be able to do this again.” He smirked, patting the top of your head.

“Then let’s go!” You begged, grabbing his hand and pulling him as hard as you could toward the brightly colored play palace. He released your hand the second you hit the mulch that covered the ground underneath it, but you never strayed too far from him. Your eyes would look for him, as if on instinct. You trusted him. You LOVED him.

And he took everything from you.

Guilt pounded in his chest, while he pretended to be a dragon, chasing you, the little princess around on the playground. He’d taken your parents, just like he took his own. He’d even been trying to replace your brother- he would have killed him by now if he knew how.

And you had no idea. You had no clue that he really was a bad person. To you, he was just Tomu. The ‘cool and smart’ boy who taught you how to play MarioKart, and helped you brush your hair.

In a way, he knew he was using you to replace HER. But YOU were better. You NEVER told on him. You NEVER blamed him for anything that went wrong. You were terrified of master, but you never, not even once, let Tomura be in trouble too. You did the same thing with Jiko- which kind of hurt.

Because that meant you just cared about everyone, and Tomura wasn’t really special.

But, it kind of felt good too.

Because that meant you thought about Tomura the same way you thought about Jiko. You thought of him like a friend, like a BROTHER. And all he ever wanted was a family again.

So, he could deal with Jiko, he guessed. He could even miss you, those hours you spent apart because he had to train. He could handle that- because when he came back to his room, you would be there, you would have already picked out movies and comics and games and Things To Do Together.

Tomura had never- never EVER had a TOGETHER before. And it was nice. It was really nice to have someone to be his player two, his partner in crime.

Even if you couldn’t eat without getting half of it on your shirt.

Even if you didn’t understand half of his jokes.

Even if you were way too little to play rough like he wanted to sometimes because, well, he was an eleven-year-old boy, and you were only almost four.

Even if he had to do some really bad things to keep you. Like disobeying master, like telling master to make your parents into Nomu, Like slowly whispering in your ear every night that he wished Jiko would Just Die Already.

Tomura would deal with this guilt. This feeling he was told never to feel by master. It hurt. Like swallowing way too-hot soup, it burned in his chest. But he would endure it.

Because every time you smiled at him. Every time you called his name oh, so sweetly, every time you LOOKED for him, you LISTENED to him, you CARED about him, the pain would go away.

If only for a few seconds.

But that was enough for Tomura. Because he’d never been so happy in his whole life.

Chapter Text

Keigo Takami did not have many fears.

Getting chastised by a mom was probably his biggest. His mom was not known for gentle parenting, and she had a tendency to strike physically. His adopted mother was not much better.

Rin had never hit him. Rin’s pain was worse. Her quirk made you believe whatever she wanted you to. It was LITERALLY called gaslight. She made you feel bad until you did what she said.

When Hawks had his first rut, Rin locked him in a padded room until it was over. He’d been drugged out of his mind, a group of people regularly came in to manually pluck feathers out of his back. Even the new baby ones. Even the pin feathers. It hurt. He was still forced to study then, even though he could barely stay awake. He ran drills on paper, practiced his ‘hero persona’, trained his loud, easygoing personality.

Moms were not his favorite kind of people.

His fist paused over the door for the fifth time, his heart pounding instead. Surprisingly, it swung open, Sunny Sosaki standing there instead.

“I’m tired of you changing your mind. What do you want?” Sunny raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms over the chest as she leaned against the doorframe.

“Hey- Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” Keigo was momentarily distracted by the teenage girl who was not where she was supposed to be.

“Sure am.” She responded, completely depan. “What do you want.” It wasn’t said as a question, it was a demand. Everything about her screamed confidence, knowledge- like she constantly knew something he didn’t.

“I wanted to talk to your mother about what happened last night.” Keigo sighed, rolling his tired shoulders back and looking ahead. “Is she-”

“She’s at work. Where I think you should probably be too.” She moved to shut the door, but he stuck his arm in the way, a gentle smile on his face. He was trying to keep his frustration at bay, but for some reason this kid really got under his skin. Maybe it was the way she looked at him. As if she saw something in him that he didn’t want to be seen.

“You should be at school though.” He quipped, leaning forward.

“I am at school.” She responded, dryly. Her attitude was grating on him. He fought to keep his composure. He didn’t want to scare her.

“What?” He asked, but she cracked a tiny smile.

What the hell was she smiling at?!

“I’m doing my work. My cousin’s sick and mom couldn’t stay home. I’m babysitting.” She explained, opening the door a little bit to show a couch deeper in the livingroom, a small boy laid there, under a pile of blankets with a bucket on the floor next to him.

“I can call a babysitter? Maybe you should take him to a hospital- or we could get Ducky and-” Keigo began to list off options, but Sunny cut him off.

“No thanks. Koda doesn’t like new people.” She denied easily, and Keigo sighed.

“You’re in the hero course, you really shouldn’t miss days.” He pointed out, and she rolled her eyes at him.

“I can afford it. I’ve got an eidetic memory.” Her heart started to speed. Keigo squinted.

“You do?” He asked carefully.

“Mhm.” She hummed back. Her eyes never left his, but her pulse gave her away.

“Your heart just picked up. You’re lying.” Keigo spoke plainly, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I’m anxious. There’s a seven-foot tall man at my door, and I’m home alone with an eight-year-old.” She quipped, but her heart remained fast. She was still lying. And she didn’t smell of fear at all.

“Your Cortisol hasn’t spiked. You aren’t scared or stressed.” Keigo explained, hoping she would drop the act.

“Sure I am. Your nose is off because of the stomach acid.” She gestured to the bucket.

“How’d you know what to do with Bakugo last night?” Keigo pressed, and then- then there was a drop of cortisol.

“My mom’s a pro. Damage control has been beaten into my head since I could walk.” Pitter-patter goes the tell-tale heart.

“You’re lying again.” Keigo pressed.

“You’re reaching. Again.” She deflected.

“You’re Avoiding. Why?” Keigo moved to step closer. Her heart remained fast. She WAS scared now. It was reasonable to be.

“Sorry mister, my mom’s not home, you’ll have to come back later.” She moved to close the door, but Hawks’ hand shot out, blocking her. He didn’t want to frighten her, but he needed answers.

“Listen. Throwing a party last night after I specifically said no was disrespectful. I didn’t make that decision to be mean or rain on your parade, my rules are only in place to protect Ducky.” Keigo explained softly, trying to calm her.

“You can’t protect her if you die.” Sunny’s voice dropped an octave as she spoke.

“Excuse me?” Keigo was taken aback by the sudden change in conversation. This kid really had no damn filter.

“You’re a single parent Pro hero. If something happens to you, Lucky’s going to be completely alone. And there’s some weird shit going on with the boys- it’s in her best interest to have someone to lean on. In order to do that, she needs to make friends. You don’t have any other family she can go to other than Rin, and I’ve seen what happens if that happens.” Sunny spoke through gritted teeth. This time, her heart stayed steady. She was telling the truth.

“I’ve seen first hand what happens to kids who lose their parents. Without a support system…” Sunny shook her head. “I know what you’re going to say, but I’m not a great person, and she shouldn’t rely on me. She can’t.” Sunny shrugged, and sighed. “But it’s none of my buisness.” Keigo’s breath caught in his throat. Oh. She did see into the future. There’s no other way she would know anything about Rin.

“I wish you would have talked to me about this instead of going behind my back.” Keigo straightened, and squinted at the girl. “Believe it or not, I’ll always listen.” He added.

“You think you will. But adults never listen until I prove I’m always right.” She scoffed, and looked at the ground. “Heroes are even worse than adults.” She stepped to the side, closing the door in his face. Keigo stood there, dumbfounded for several seconds before exhaling slowly.

Keigo Takami learned something today.

Teenage girls were even scarier than moms.

Chapter Text

“You okay?” Katsuki whispered, offering out a water bottle as you straightened your back in the hard plastic chair. You nodded, taking the bottle and chugging. You had been finishing your homework during lunch so you could have more time to hang out after school. It wasn’t all that difficult. English class was easy- all of the normal core classes here were. It seemed like this school was REALLY dedicated to hero training, so anything outside of it was simplified. Present Mic was a little unnerving as an english teacher, but you would eventually get used to his loud demeanor and his teachers aide who you could swear was way too young to work here.

“Yeah! Yeah, sorry, I was focused on the last question of the homework.” You admitted, writing out the last line as you spoke. Izuku leaned over Katsuki, looking at your paper.

“You finished it?! Present Mic said that it would take half an hour.” Izuku’s eyes scanned the sheet, trying to find any mistakes that were simply not there. “Jeeze- you ARE really smart.”

“Everything but Biology. I suck at cell parts.” You laughed, picking up your bowl of rice. “Hey, does anyone know where sunny is?” You questioned, pulling out your phone and scrolling through to find that you didn’t have her in your contacts.

“Her cousin was sick so she’s stuck at home till her mom gets off work. She said she’ll be back for training though.” Kaminari answered, and pointed at your plate. “Are you gonna eat that cake?”

“Go buy more cake you broke bitch.” Katsuki sneered at the other blonde, shoving a fork into your hand. You giggled, and picked up a bite of cake with your non-dominant hand, still holding your chopsticks in your other hand.

Lunch passed, miraculously, without a felony committed, and you eventually found yourself in Hero Basic training, suited up and stretched. Sunny made good on her promise, and did make it in time for the final class of the day.

Your costume was simple, modeled after olympic gymnastic leotards. It glittered- because of the alloy woven into the fabric that protected you from things like bullets and stab wounds. Your boots were heavily textured on the bottom, good for gripping on to things. Your wrists had braces to help you land safely without snapping the delicate bones there. Most important, and at the request of Keigo, was a full-face helmet that protected your face from damage if every kind.

Sunny approached you, rolling up on her skates with a smirk on her face.

“How you feeling party girl?” She chirped, seemingly in great spirits. “Saw your pops earlier. He yelled at me for skipping.” She rapped her knuckles against your helmet, and you rolled your eyes.

“Keigo doesn’t yell.” You informed her, and swatted her hand away from you. “And I’m fine. Nothing got broken and the apartment wasn’t that much of a mess.” You appraised her costume and pointed to her skates.

“You really should be wearing pads for those.” You told her, worrying for her knees.

“Nah, those things risk flexibility. The real answer to land on your ass and hips where you have a fat cushion if you’re gonna fall. Besides, with a healer around you can pretty easily fix any mistakes I make.” She reasoned, and patted your back. “Don’t worry about it too much, I’ve been skating since I learned to walk.” She tried to put your mind at ease. You sighed, and looked ahead, at Allmight, who was giving instructions.

“Most of the villain fights you see on the news take place outside. However, statistically speaking, run-ins with the most dastardly evildoers take place indoors. Think about it. Backroom deals, home invasions, secret underground lairs. Truly intelligent criminals stay hidden in the shadows. For this training exercise, you’ll be split into teams of good guys and bad guys and fight two-on-two indoor battles.” AllMight explained, looking over the group of fully-suited children.

“Isn’t this a little advanced?” Tsu, the girl with the amphibious quirk asked, and you nodded, wondering the same thing.

“The best training is what you get on the battlefield!” AllMight answered, and glanced at Izuku. “But remember, you can’t just punch a robot this time. You’re dealing with actual people now.”

“Sir, will you be the one deciding who wins?” Momo questioned, you did your best to keep your eyes above her collar. You wondered how she got her boobs to stay up like that without a bra.

“How much can we hurt the other team?” Katsuki continued, eyebrows furrowed.

“Do we need to worry about the losers getting expelled like earlier?” Ochacco’s worried voice had you questioning the same thing- but that could be easily remedied with a wish.

“Will you be splitting us up based on chance or comparative skill?” Tenya added, and your heart skipped a beat. Oh. You REALLY didn’t want to have to fight Katsuki. Not after you saw first hand what those blasts could do last night- getting hit with something like that would hurt. A lot.

“How exactly will we be graded, and what’s our margin of error since I haven’t heard anything about civilians and or the possibility of casualties?” Sunny pressed, arms crossed over her chest.

“Listen up!” AllMight shouted at the class, and your back straightened. YOu watched as he pulled out a tiny notebook, and cleared his throat. “The situation is this. The villains have hidden an nuclear missile somewhere in their hideout. The heroes must try to foil their plans. To do that, the good guys either have to catch the evildoers or recover the weapon. Likewise, the bad guys succeed if they protect their payload or capture the heroes.” Allmight pulled a bright yellow box labeled ‘lots’ seemingly from nowhere and held it up to the class. “Time’s limited, and we’ll choose teams by drawing lots!”

“Isn’t there a better way?” Tenya called out skeptically, and Sunny snorted, as if she heard some joke.

“Think about it! Pros often have to team up with heroes from other agencies on the spot, so maybe that’s the reason we’re seeing that here.” Izuku hypothesized, and Sunny clapped a hand over her mouth to block the sound of her laughing even harder. You glanced at her, and wondered if maybe she was having a vision of what was going to happen. Maybe someone was going to fail hilariously. You hoped they would be okay.

“Yes, I see.” Tenya nodded, conceding to Izuku’s ideas. “Life is a random series of events. Excuse my rudeness.” Tenya made a bow of apology.

“No sweat! Let’s draw!” Allmight called, and began to pull names.

Izuku and Ochacco- and that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach again.

Shoji and Todoroki.

Mineta and Momo.

Katsuki and Tenya.

Mina and Ayoyama.

Koda and Sunny.

Kyoka and Denki.

Tsu and Tokoyami.

Ojiro and You.

And finally, Sero and Kirishima.

Oh. This was going to be fun.

Chapter Text

Keigo Takami felt a bit slimy. He always did when he ordered a background check on someone who didn’t know they were being investigated, especially if they were a minor. But, he needed to know about Sunny. The kid made terrible decisions, she was defiant and didn’t respect authority, she had a sailor’s vocabulary, and worst of all- she seemed to care a lot about you.

And if she was not a great person, that could be very dangerous.

Keigo felt even slimier when he got his answers.

Sunny began to talk and read at an incredibly early age, leading doctors and her mother to believe Her quirk, Clairvoyance, developed before, at or soon after birth. It was constant, she couldn’t turn it off. Reportedly, it, like Sir Nighteye’s Foresight, depended on one’s actions. It varied on how far ahead she could ‘see’, but her mother reported a ‘constant knowing.’

Seeing the future from birth could be scary all on its own- but it was her personal life that really had Keigo’s heart in a vice grip.

Sunny came from a single-parent, pro-hero mother by the name of Mandalay. Her parents had her when they were teenagers, never married. Her father was some small-time airconditioner salesman with a rap sheet for petty theft and reckless driving of a motorcycle, and only had her for weekends and holidays. Sunny’s parents reportedly did not get along well, and didn’t even meet up to switch over custody, they just sent her to school and she’d go home with the next parent.

It’d been that way since she was four.

About a year ago, Sunny’s Aunt and Uncle were killed in a villain attack- both of them being pro heroes as well. Her cousin was sent to stay with Sunny and her mother, having been orphaned.

So that’s what the ‘she needs a support system’ thing was about…

Keigo wiped a hand over his face, and looked back up at the viewing deck, finding that Sunny’s turn for the combat exercise had begun. He scrunched his eyebrows, and tapped Recovery Girl on the shoulder, asking that she turned up the audio.

“They’re planning on working from the bottom to the top. Mina’s to the west, hiding so she can baste us in acid, Ayoyama is to the north, watching the door so he can blast us. We’ll hide the bomb in a corner, hidden from entry- top floor, make them take their time. If you can get a couple of pigeons up there to distract them from above, I can tape Mina up pretty fast with a low skate around the ankles, you think your birds can get Ayoyama in the tape too?” Sunny’s instructions were clear, and she watched as the other kid, Koda, gestured, nodding. Oh. So she DID know Sign language?

“Yeah, then it should be pretty easy, actually. To be honest, the odds are stacked against them with you being able to get distance and me being able to predict their movements.” She reached out a hand to shake with a genuinely kind smile, and Koda took it, smiling shyly back at her.

Sunny took off in the building- she even had the audacity to take the goddamn elevator, making bubble shapes on the floor in her skates, as if she was bored. Keigo covered his mouth in an attempt not to laugh too loudly.

Arrogant, rude, disrespectful- but a true kindess hidden underneath. A caring for other people. She wasn’t as awful as she made herself out to be. Oh. Keigo wondered where she’d learned to act that way- and if the purpose was at all similar to his ‘perfectly crafted media personality’. It probably was. To protect herself. People tended to try to take advantage of those wth future-telling quirks. Things like lotteries and gambling usually banned those with quirks of that nature, but people without those quirks would use those who did to cheat.

Keigo knew first hand how depressing it could be to not know if someone genuinely liked you, or only wanted to use your quirk.

Sunny skated, leisurely down the hallway, a smile on her face. She looked like she was having fun, when she suddenly stopped, and took a deep breath. “Heyo Mina- hope this doesn’t affect our friendship!” She teased, throwing her voice down another hallway. Mina went ramrod straight, shocked as she turned in the wrong direction.

Keigo’s breath stuttered as he watched, realizing this teenaged girl somehow mastered full ventriloquism. It was impressive- and a bit unfair to the other kids.

“Sosaki! Can’t we talk about this? Being a villain is super bad for your skin you know! Prison doesn’t have moisturizer.” Mina retorted, and made a whistling noise, and Sunny grinned wider, as if she knew exactly where that meant, and that Aoyama was approaching from behind where Mina thought she was. Sunny skated forward- her wheels made no sound against the smooth linoleum floor.

“No can do, Mina. I just want to blow shit up, you know?” Sunny grinned, pulling out her tape and stretching it wide, setting up a tripwire of the stuff across the hallway. Keigo watched as a flock of pigeons suddenly swooped through the hall, attacking Mina and herding her toward the trap.

It was a complete success. Sunny had the pink girl essentially hogtied in a matter of seconds.

“Awe, sorry girlie! I’ll make sure that you have skincare in the dungeon.” Sunny joked, kneeling beside the girl and checking her work on the tape. “You’re gonna try to tell me it’s too tight, but I know it’s a ploy.” Sunny tilted her chin up, and sighed. “And here comes disco.”

Aoyama, hearing the fuss, ran up to help his teammate, only to fall right into Sunny’s carefully crafted trap. Pidgeons swarmed Ayoyama, tying him up as well- it was over in under two minutes. No injuries, no casualties, everything exactly to plan.

“Okay, I want to go on record saying this is NOT a hate crime.” Sunny snorted, and moved to tie Ayoyama up even more- not trusting the pigeon’s work.

“How the hell was this fair?!” Mina complained, and Sunny snickered.

“It wasn’t. Sorry! Better luck next time.” Sunny’s tone was condescending. She did not at all seem to care about the prospect of losing friends.

Sunny Sosaki was a fucking menace, and she was a force to be reckoned with.

And Keigo Takami could not be any happier with her decision to protect you, even if she pretended that she didn’t care.

Chapter Text

It was finally your turn to battle- and you and your partner had been selected for the role of villain. You looked up at Ojiro, tilting your head in contemplation. “Hey- Weird question, but um… can you… grab things with the tail?” You asked, trying not to sound rude. He smiled at you, warm and kind, and nodded.

“I can. It’s stronger than my arms too.” He confirmed, still stretching as the two of you wanted for the ‘heroes’ to enter the building.

“Okay- that’s good! Well… I actually have a pretty strong background in gymnastics. Uh- so, I was thinking-”

“Stop trying to validate what you’re saying and say it, we don’t have time for lack of confidence.” He interrputed you, his smile was still soft and warm. You swallowed, and nodded.

“Right. It would make sense for Shoji to use his ears and stuff to scope the place out, so there’s no real way for us to hide, and Todoroki is probably going to try to freeze us to the spot. We should get up in the rafters- Do you think you could hold up the bomb with your tail and an arm?” You strategized quickly, and Ojiro hummed, brow furrowed.

“That would be really smart, but I’m pretty sure the bomb is going to be way too heavy for that.” He moved to the bomb, attempting to lift it. He grunted, and you watched the muscles in his back ripple as it moved only slightly. “Yeah, Even with the tail I’m not moving that alone.” You bit your lip in thought, and abruptly looked up.

“Well- the reason people without superstrength can lift cars off of babies is because of adrenaline making them ignore the pain of their muscles ripping- I’ve got a healing quirk and could, theoretically, go far beyond normal strength, like I did in aptitude testing.” You theorized, approaching the bomb and squatting. You wrapped your arms around the thing, and heaved. It was difficult- and way too heavy to be comfortable with- but you did lift the thing off of the ground.

“Jeeze, you ARE really strong.” He chuckled, and watched as you set the thing back down.

“Worst comes to worst, I’ll throw it at them. My healing also works incredibly well on other people, even if they’re mostly dead.” You nodded to yourself, approaching the window and looking out just in time to see Shoji and Todoroki entering the building.

“Isn’t that a bit extreme?” Ojiro fretted, but you shrugged.

“Sunny said the extreme makes an impression, and she won her round.” You noted, and a chill ran up your spine. You gritted your teeth, regarding Ojiro carefully. “Get to the rafters- make a bunch of noise up there and try not to let your skin touch anything metal.” You weren’t sure where this was coming from- any of this strategy or strange knowing of your enemies, but it sure was helpful.

“Yes Ma’am!” Ojirio nodded, immediately jumping into action. You climbed atop the bomb, got into the rafters and pulled the thing up with you. Every muscle in your back, shoulders and arms were screaming- but you REFUSED to lose your first ever battle trial. You both watched as frost covered every square inch of space, encasing the entire building in ice.

“Are you stuck?” You whispered over to Ojiro, who shook his head, shirking off his shirt that had gotten frozen to the pipe he perched on.

“No- this quirk is insane. We’re lucky you’re smart.” He paused, and put his finger to his lips, gesturing for you to be quiet. A few moments later, you heard footsteps crunching on ice in the hall. Your heart was beating out of your chest, but you had this. The Ice wasnt growing anymore, but your arms couldn’t hold on much longer. Your legs were shaking from the force, and it felt as if you were being ripped apart- but you were not going to give up yet.

‘Distract him’ you signed at Ojiro, hoping he knew any part of JSL- to your surprise- and delight- he did, nodding and heading toward the door. Todoroki rounded the corner- only to be immediately whacked in the face with Ojiro’s tail.

It wasn’t enough. Todoroki was smart, he was crafty. The second Ojiro’s feet hit the floor, Todoroki froze them over, a smirk on his face.

“Pry yourself up if you want, but it might be hard to fight me with no skin on the bottom of your feet.” Todoroki taunted, staring right past Ojiro, at you, on the rafters. “As for you, you can’t hold on to that much longer. You should give it up and put it down so we can all go home.” He glared at you with that strange, glowing, one-eyed goggle. You tightened your jaw.

You weren’t going to lose.

You played with a LOT of legos as a little kid, They lasted forever, they were easy to sanatize, and you could take them with you when you inevitably had to move again.

You learned a very important lesson, while building towers and robots and cities.

If you take out the bottom of a building, the whole thing comes down.

You swung your arms, and jumped. Your pelvis came into harsh contact with the heavy metal of the bomb as you rode the damn thing through the closed window- broken glass shredded your arms as you held onto the thing for dear life, letting yourself plummet the five stories down to the ground. The bomb would explode on impact- it would take out the foundation and supports at the front of the building and it would come down.

The bomb made impact before you did, but it didn’t explode. It wouldn’t, because this was just a practice exercise- but the buzzer sounded anyway.

“Villains win?” AllMight Shouted, though he sounded confused- he didn’t think you would pull it off. You won. You actually won. Ojiro rushed to the window, and waved up at you, grinning as the building lost it’s frost.

“Villains win.” You grinned, waving back up at Ojirio.

Hawks was going to be so proud!

Chapter Text

“Lucky you idiot! That was a nine-story drop you could have died!” Katsuki was the first to run up, yanking you off of the bomb as he yelled at you. You looked back up at the building in wonder.

“Huh. Thought it was six.” You hummed, and smiled up at him. “I won though! You fought Izuku knowing he’s super strong and he could have killed you.” You pointed out, heart still pounding against your chest from the adrenaline.

“You should have expected this, Kaachan. You know she always pulls some ridiculous maneuvers when it’s a competition. Remember when she jumped off of Sero’s sister’s car to avoid getting hit during a water gun fight?” Izuku piped up, walking up to you both with a bottle of water for you. You took it, and grinned.

“I just like to win.” You shrugged, and looked up at AllMight, who was still shocked by your impromptu exit of the building. “Excuse me, AllMight, Sir?” You called him, and he looked down, signature smile on his face.

“Yes, young Takami?” He questioned, tilting his head down to look at you. Gosh- he was even taller than Keigo.

“Ojiro doesn’t lose points for being captured, right? Since the bomb still ‘went off’?” You asked, worried for your partner in crime. AllMight shook his head, giving you a thumbs up.

“You’re graded as a team, so if one of you wins, both of you win!” All might confirmed, patting the top of your head. “You did a great job, Young Takami! Your improvisation skills are amazing!” He praised you, and your smile grew.

“I have to agree with Bakugo.” Another male voice shocked you into turning around. Aizawa stood, arms crossed. He did NOT look happy- but to his immediate right was Keigo, who smiled at you like you were the fucking sun. “What you did was reckless and impractical. You didn’t check to see if there were civilians or allies below, and you risked getting yourself blown up, which could have killed you.” Aizawa dug deeper, glaring down at you maliciously. You flinched under his gaze, sinking into yourself. Unconsciously, you found yourself sliding slightly behind Katsuki, who slid in front of you, looking even more angry than Aizawa did.

“Awe, come on Eraser, she WAS playing the villain, after all. She acted accordingly.” You were right, Keigo was incredibly proud. He looked a little smug as well.

“It was the only hope I had for winning against someone as powerful as Todoroki.” You nodded. “It was a calculated risk sir. I knew the bomb would go off at the bottom, but my directive was to take out the building. If I took out the supports and the foundation of the building, the whole thing was going to topple. With the hero inside.” You explained, looking over at Todoroki, who looked just as shocked as everyone else had. “And as for putting others in danger- even if I wasn’t the villain, I was pretty sure I would be able to handle damage control with my peers with my healing.”

“Pretty sure is not certainty. You won this round, but that reckless behavior WILL NOT continue, do you understand me, Takami?” Aizawa’s tone was icy, it made you flinch.

“Yes sir.” You nodded, bowing your head. “I’m sorry.” you murmured.

“Well! That Does complete the Battle trials!” AllMight Nodded. “Thanks to Young Takami, we completed them without needing the help of Recovery Girl! Good on you!” He gave a thumbs up, and you brightened a bit with the continuous praise. “I’m off to check on results! Be sure to get dressed in your regular uniforms and head back to class!” AllMight did not wait for questions, immediately blasting off.

“Captain tightass really dug into ‘ya huh?” Sunny asked, elbowing you in the ribs to get your attention. “What a dickhead. I think you did great.” She snorted, and grinned “Kaminari! What’d you think of Lucky’s leap?”

“Oh it was badass! You looked like a total world war two pin up model on that thing!” Kaminari grinned, offering your a highfive. You went to meet it, but Katsuki grabbed your arm, pulling you away.

“We’re going to the classroom. Like AllMight said.” his voice was uncharacteristically calm. “C’mon, Deku.” He called, not looking back at him. A shock ran through you.

Katsuki? Calling out to Izuku?

Wait- DID you die?

“R-right!” Izuku seemed just as floored as you were, and high-tailed it to catch up to you. “You were both really cool today!” Izuku noted the moment he fell inline with you, slipping his hand into the hand that wasn’t being held by Katsuki.

“I was stupid and lost because I underestimated Pink cheeks, and Lucky almost got herself killed.” Katsuki was… unnervingly monotone. It sent a chill up your spine. “It was an abject failure, and we all need to train more. Clear your schedules.” Katsuki demanded, and continued to pull you toward the changing rooms. You raised an eyebrow.

“Uh- Katsu I can’t go in there-” You warned him, digging your heels in so he couldn’t pull you any further.

“Why the hell not?” Katsuki pulled harder, and Izuku released your hand to cover over his mouth with both hands as he absolutely lost his shit in a fit of giggles.

“That’s the boys locker room- and I’m a girl.” You reminded him with your lips pressed tight together to prevent you from laughing as well. Katsuki froze- and you watched his entire face light up red before he released your hand, and reached up, grabbing a handful of Izuku’s curly hair and pulling him into the changing room instead without another word.

“Ow! Kaachan!” you heard Izuku protest as the door slammed shut. You stood there, in confused, hilarious silence for a few moments before continuing down the hall to the girls’ changing room.

“You really got flustered when she jumped huh?” Izuku questioned Katsuki very quietly- the two of them were the only people who had come back yet, so the lockerroom was empty.

“If she dies there’s no point in us being friends. You know that, right?” Katsuki quipped, sliding his shirt off and dropping it on the bench. Izuku didn’t shy away from getting an eyefull of his muscled back.

“... We’re not really friends at all then, are we?” Izuku asked, lowering his gaze. “If everything hinges on her.”

“Everything always hinged on her. I don’t even know why I like her- you know what that’s like.” Katsuki eyed Izuku, a knowing look on his face.

“Everyone likes her… you saw the way Ojiro was looking at her earlier. He might be a problem.” Izuku noted, dumping his own jumpsuit on the bench. Katsuki’s eyes flitted over Izuku for only a moment before he responded.

“Fuckin’ tail guy won’t be a problem. Lucky’s too fucking dense to notice him.”

Chapter Text

The rest of the school week went off pretty much without a hitch. Katsuki was weirdly cool with Izuku, and Izuku was incredibly affectionate with the both of you. Katsuki’s strange tolerance of Izuku weirded you out a little, but it wasn’t that concerning- you were just glad you didn’t have to worry about being the center of a murder investigation anymore.

“Lucky- What are you doing tomorrow night? I want to go to the laser tag thing again.” Katsuki questioned, propping his feet up on your desk. Aizawa was taking a nap at the front of the room, and you had been braiding friendship bracelets for the last ten minutes.

“I’m grounded because of the party thing, so I’m actually going home with Todoroki tonight to train with Endeavor over the weekend.” You hummed, and held up the finished bracelet. “Gimme your hand.” You demanded, and he obeyed, rolling his eyes.

“I’m not really a jewlery person.” He griped, and you paused before pulling back the bracelet, leaving his arm hanging out in the aisle between you.

“Oh- I mean I can give it to-” You began, but Katsuki cut you off.

“Fuck off, it’s mine.” He griped, snatching the bracelet and wrapping it around his own wrist, releasing a tiny explosion to melt the plastic ends together. “There, now it won’t fall off during training or something stupid.”

“Oh! That’s a good idea! Could you do that to Sunny’s and Izuku’s too? I haven’t started them yet but-” And there was Katsuki, cutting you off again.

“You made mine first?” He asked, squinting at you. You shrugged, and nodded.

“The black and orange had an easy pattern and matched your costume.” You explained, pulling out the green and red plastic threads.

“Gimme the (F/C) and white ones.” Katsuki demanded, holding out his hand to retrieve said threads.

“Why?” You raised an eyebrow. “Kaachan, you can’t just have the threads the (F/C) ones are my favorite and-”

“Shut up and hand ‘em over before I blow your face off, dumbass.” He growled, but didn’t give you the option to refuse, snatching the threads right off your desk. You sighed heavily, but you knew better than to fight him on it. It didn’t matter how nice he was suddenly being, you were too smart than to think Katsuki would ever be nice enough to not rock your shit once he’d warned you he might.

“You could stand to be a little nicer to your only friend, boom boom.” Sunny interjected, kicking her feet up on your desk as well, a smirk on her face. “Also- I heard you were making me a friendship bracelet. I thought I made it clear that we are not friends.”

“I’m making bracelets for everyone in the class… I was gonna start with yours since I know (F/C) is your favorite color too.” You shrugged, focusing on braiding Izuku’s bracelet.

“How the hell did you know that?” Sunny scoffed, tilting her head with a bewildered expression.

“You always wear (F/C) socks.” You hummed. “And your backpack is (F/C), and your pencils are too so I kind of assumed.”

“Huh.” Sunny hummed, impressed. “You’re observant.” she stated, tilting her head. “Alright, fine. You can make me a bracelet, it’s just gotta be removable since I’ll probably do a lot of undercover work due to the nature of my quirk.”

“I can do that.” You nodded, pointing to the clasps in the little cup on the corner of your desk.

“I want mine to stay on forever- Friendship bracelets are only supposed to come off if they fall off, right?” Izuku interjected, looking down at the bracelet you were actively working on.

“Yep!” You nodded “Kacchan melted his together so it’s not coming off unless it’s cut off.”

“Well, that’s appropriate.” Sunny snickered to herself, and Katsuki’s eyes flitted over to her. Oh. That witch bitch. She KNEW.

It was good that she knew. It meant sometime in the future he would end up with you. A sense of pride and fulfillment filled Katsuki’s chest. He had won. Not yet, but he would win. The witch had seen it, so it was only a matter of time.

“So, did YOU get grounded, considering the whole situation was your idea and you dragged Lucky into your shit?” Katsuki squinted at the girl. It was her fault that he wouldn’t be able to take you out on a real date to ask you out like he wanted to. He would have to wait a whole ‘nother week until he could make you his officially- the right way.

“Nah, my mom knows damn well I’d kick her ass if she tried.” Sunny shrugged, arrogant as all hell. Katsuki thought she was goddamn annoying.

“You would fight your mom?” Izuku openly gaped, horrified by the idea. He had a good relationship with his mom- he couldn’t imagine raising his voice at her, let alone having a physical altercation with her.

“No, I’d beat her ass. Haven’t you been listening? See, I do this thing called winning, quirkless wonder. Except with me it’s not a one off luck thing.” She teased, only to have Katsuki glare at her.

“Oi, he just asked a question, don't be a bitch.” Katsuki growled, and your fingers paused over your work.

Holy shit did Kaachan really just defend Izuku?!

“Izuku’s not quirkless.” You interjected. “Some quirks just don’t develop until puberty. Mine didn’t show up until a few months before entrance exams too.” You defended your friend, continuing your braiding.

“If you say so, Lucky Day.” Sunny teased, kicking her feet off the desk.

“Sosaki?” Kaminari leaned in, drawing the girls attention. “Uh, hey so if you’re free this weekend-“

“Not interested, Buzz Lightyear.” Sunny wrinkled her nose at the blonde and leaned away.

“Oh… well I-“

“Beat it, Pikachu.” Katsuki glared, his palm open, threatening. A flash of recognition and fear washed over the electric blonde’s face as he paled, and he nodded, turning away.

“Thanks boom. He’s been bugging me since aptitude testing.” Sunny’s brows drew together as she scratched her shoulder. “Wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t know exactly what he was thinking.” She muttered under her breath.

“What’s he thinking?” You hummed in question, braiding slower to pay more attention to her words.

“Same thing all boys do. You’ll figure it out when you’re older.” Sunny muttered, leaning back. “I could talk to Hawks and get you ungrounded, If you want.” Sunny offered suddenly, as if relenting from her previous bullying.

“Nah, one weekend at the number two heroes place won’t kill me. It might actually be good for training.” You shrugged, and glanced over at Shoto, who sat alone in a corner, reading. “I just hope Shoto isn’t mean or anything.” You whispered.

“If he gives you any trouble I’ll blow his face off.” Katsuki swore, twiddling with the bracelet around his wrist.

“That’s a bit excessive.” You giggled. “If anything, he can’t be meaner than you two, at least.” You gestured at Katsuki and Sunny with a laugh.

Chapter Text

“Do you need to pick anything up from your house?” Todoroki asked slowly, still staring down at the floor. Instead of looking up at you.

“Uh no, I already packed my bag and just brought it to school to make it easy.” You shrugged, swaying back and forth on your feet as the both of you waited for the bus. “Uhm… So- your dad’s number two huh? I feel like we should be friends because-”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He deadpanned.

“Oh… can I ask why?” You hummed, hoping he would look you in the eye to talk to you. “If it’s because of the battle trials I’m really sorry for ruining your plans and stuff- but we were told to try our best to win and I didn’t want my partner to get graded poorly so I kind of just took a ‘leap of faith’ you know?” You watched the muscle in his jaw jump as he inhaled sharply, taking in your words.

“Do you not realize that we are in competition? There can only be one number one hero.” His voice was even and calm, but you got the feeling that he meant it to be hurtful.

You lived with Katsuki for two years though, you could handle a little hurtful.

“Well… I don’t mind. I don’t really want to be number one anyway, I wouldn’t mind being the LAST hero in the order, actually. As long as I’m helping people.” You offered him a kind smile, and he finally looked up, eyes not quite meeting yours as he stared at your mouth instead.

“You’re not very smart.” He stated plainly, and turned toward the street, still waiting for the bus. “How long have you and Bakugo been dating?”

You sputtered, laughing loudly and clutching your stomach. “I’m not dating Kaachan.” You giggled, trying to catch your breath. “Where would you even get that idea?”

“He threatened to castrate me if I bothered you.” Shoto tilted his head. “He refers to you as ‘his girl’. If you’re not dating you should probably tell him that.”

“Nah- that’s just the way Kaachan is. He actually hates me, just a little bit less than he hates everyone else.” You parroted what he’d said to Izuku a few days before, twiddling with the bracelet Katsuki had made. “And I’m not stupid. Not really. People think I don’t notice how mean they are, but most of the time I actually just want to keep the peace. I grew up knowing I can be given away at any time, so I try my best to make people like me. Sometimes that just means letting them act the way they will.”

Shoto paused for several long moments in deep contemplation before he tilted his head toward you again, regarding you carefully.

You didn’t seem like a person who had ever been unwanted.

You were a healing type- those were rare and incredibly sought after. You were coming to his house because of a lack of discipline- which didn’t at all align with the revelation you’d just given him about the content of your character. But, you had been adopted. By Hawks of all people, someone Shoto personally knew was not known for his seriousness.

None of this made sense to him at all.

“That seems unfair to you, though. Why would you even want to stay with people you have to suffer for?” Shoto decided to ask, ignoring all of the other questions swimming in his mind.

“I think sometimes… if you know it’s gonna hurt either way, you pick the kind of pain you’re used to.” You shrugged, hiking your book bag higher up your shoulder. “Human beings are inherently scared of the unknown.” Your breath hitched as you pointed, a smile still on your face. “The bus is here!” You reached behind you, grasping Shoto’s hand to pull him toward the opening doors of the vehicle.

Shoto let you pull him, too deep in his own thoughts to even attempt to deny you.

He’d written you off as a bubblegum pink airhead before- too sweet for your own good, too dumb to understand the evil of the world.

But you knew. You knew how dark it was here and you were determined to be a light all your own anyway.

And that was almost more stupid than not knowing how it was in the first place.

You didn’t let go of Shoto’s hand until you were both safely stood on the bus, side by side, holding on to the stabilizing poles. Shoto stared at your face in the reflection of the bus window, a realization bubbling up in his chest.

You were pretty. Very pretty. Maybe that’s why Bakugo liked you so much, because you weren’t very smart. Well, you WERE sort of smart- you just lacked all forms of common sense, and Bakugo really seemed like a no-nonsense kind of guy.

Shoto watched as your face quickly shifted into one of intense discomfort, and you moved forward, around the pole, closer to him. His eyebrows scrunched together for a fraction of a moment until he realized why you had such a sudden change in demeanor.

A man, with blonde hair and pink eyes, had slid up behind you. His front was pressed far too tightly to your back, a hand on your hip.

There was plenty of room for him to stand literally anywhere else, so it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was doing.

And you weren’t saying anything.

You’d gone pale, and quiet, but you weren’t saying or DOING anything- why not?!

Ah. This was why you were friends with Bakugo. He kept creeps like this away.

Shoto looked around the bus, finding that there wasn’t anyone here capable of arresting the groper- meaning he would have to handle it himself.

Shoto moved to Confront the man, just as the bus doors opened.

There was a flash of yellow, and the man was suddenly knocked on his ass, clutching at his nose, groaning.

“Damn it Lucky. Why didn’t you rock his shit?!” The girl growled, gripping onto the man’s shirt, glaring down at him.

“Sosaki? Where did you come from?” You questioned, confused as to the sudden appearance of your friend.

“I was skating to the mall and I heard- what this mother fucker was planning.” She raised her fist again, but Shoto stopped her. Attention had been drawn to the group now, whispers going around.

“Someone call the police please, this man was molesting this girl.” Shoto announced, only to get smacked upside the head by Sunny.

“Way to be tactful, Todoroki.” She rolled her eyes, and stepped over the guy on the ground, looking at you. “You good?” Her hand rested on your shoulder. You nodded, still in shock. Two questions floated around in your mind then.

What the hell just happened.


Why was Sunny Sosaki rollerskating to the shopping mall in a bright yellow sundress?

Chapter Text

“Well, I can charge him for disorderly conduct and indecent activity, but what you think was going to happen is inadmissible, miss.” The officer shook his head at Sunny, who gritted her teeth.

“Okay, but he has priors. Including a restraining order and aggravated assault charge as well as a sexual assault charge from his ex girlfriend. His name is Hisoka Attatakai and he’s a danger to society- you can’t just let him off with a slap on the wrist and a fine!” Sosaki growled back at the officer, and shook her head. “Call my mom. Mandalay. She’ll back me up. My quirk-”

“It doesn’t matter if your quirk lets you read the guy’s MIND, miss Sosaki. It’s inadmissible as evidence unless you have a valid hero license. The most we can do is take statements and check the cameras.” The second officer tried to reason with Sosaki, but she just seemed to be getting more and more pissed as time wore on.

“What if you call our parents? My father is Endeavor, the number Two pro- Her father is Hawks.” Shoto pointed at you, also looking increasingly more frustrated. The police were really doing nothing but serving to anger your friends. Once again, you would have to play mediator soon, before one of them set something on fire. (Your money was on Sunny)

“Sorry, but there’s really nothing they could do either since neither of them were there when the incident occured.” The officer hummed, and sighed. “We will have to call them though, since there was a physical altercation that you were involved with.”

“Well, actually- Hawks heard the whole interaction. I keep A GPS tracker on me at all times since I was attacked by a slime villain a year ago. I’m sure he’ll be willing to corroborate.” You offered, remembering that Hawks could, in fact, hear through the feather that you kept around your wrist. He was probably already on his way to the police station anyway.

“Well, that should help quite a bit actually.” The officer nodded, and Sosaki scoffed.

“Someone might as well be useful around here.” She muttered, crossing her arms over her chest, glaring at the cop. “Fucking pigs.” She growled after he walked away. “Not one of them has ever been helpful. Sons of bitches like him put my dad in jail over some rich asshole running into the middle of the road and getting hit like a fucking idiot. Fuck Twelve man.” She ranted under her breath, practically shaking with rage.

“Hey- It’s not really his fault. The law is pretty unhelpful, but he isn’t the one who wrote it.” You defended, but she scoffed.

“He’s fudged paperwork for his buddy who ran a red light, he can fudge paperwork to put that pervert in prison.” She griped, and shook her head. “Fucker’ll get his comeuppance either way. Even if the cops won’t do anything, Papa Bird definitely will.” Her head hiked, pointing behind her.

And then there was Hawks, Fuming- though he didn’t look that way to you. No, he LOOKED calm, relaxed, as easy-going as ever. A warm smile on his face just like he always had. It was only on the inside where the fire burned, where he’s planned murder, where he’d debated torture.

He’d heard the entire exchange. He’d heard your heart speed up, and he’d heard Sunny explain exactly what the bastard had planned. He’d heard the cops be entirely unhelpful and unsupportive, and he’d heard Shoto Todoroki be an awkwardly helpless sap the entire time.

Keigo Takami didn’t wake up this morning thinking he would have to commit another murder on yoru behalf- in fact, he’d been specifically told by Rin to lay low for a few days since his most recent spree had drawn a little too much attention from the press and there was now a theory that there was a serial killer on the loose.

This would be a fucking problem, but it wouldn’t stop him from killing any bastard who dared lay a finger on you.

There was another problem- Sunny. Why did that kid always seem to know something he didn’t? Even with the ability to look into the future, she shouldn’t have been able to know what ‘Hawks’ was planning. He would never get caught, and even if he did, some poor idiot the Commission found would take the fall for him in a heartbeat before it ever hit press.

Unless she was assuming based entirely on the relationship the two of you had that Hawks would somehow rectify the situation, perhaps by falsifying evidence or charges. It would almost make sense that she knew Heroes tended to do that if they knew for sure someone was dangerous and needed to be off the streets, her mom was A hero after all.

He wouldn’t tell YOU about this surprisingly common practice, however. It was in all technicality corrupt- but that’s just the way things were. The entire system was corrupt, you either dealt with it or you dealt in it, or it would deal with you. Keigo had played this game long enough to know you never needed to be one who knew how fucked hero work could be. Due to the nature of your public image and ‘known quirk’, you could remain sheltered as a rescue hero.

As long as Keigo lived and breathed, he would shelter you from the world in any way he could. Because he knew what happened to kids that weren’t. He knew what happened to him.

And Bastards like Hisoka Attatakai were fucking up his ability to shelter you from the evils of the world, and he would have to pay fucking dearly for it.

“Hey Ducky, What’s going on kiddo?” He asked smoothly, ruffling your hair with his huge hand.

“I maybe got into a little trouble with the law.” You wrinkled your nose, tilting your head. Good- you didn’t seem to be scared at all. Keigo could work with that.

“I’ll take care of it, You all already made statements yeah?” Keigo asked, a warm hand resting between your shoulder blades. You and the other kids nodded, and Keigo nodded along with you. “Alright, well, Endeavor is waiting in the hall to take Lucky and Todoroki back to his, Sosaki, I’ll drop you off at your dad’s.” Keigo pulled out his wallet, and handed the girl a five-dollar bill. “Go ahead and grab a soda and snack while I talk to the nice policemen, okay kiddo?” Keigo nodded at the girl, who, for whatever reason, decided to do exactly as he said.

Chapter Text

Katsuki Bakugo had never actively contemplated suicide- even though he sometimes joked about it.

He wondered then, sitting at his kitchen table across from his mother who was holding a banana with a condom rolled over it, If it would be possible to blast himself in the head big enough to kill him instantly.

“Katsuki! Are you listening?! This is important! You have to PINCH the tip to make sure the reservoir has room. Otherwise it’ll spill out over the sides or break.” Mitsuki Bakugo held up the banana, slowly pulling the latex ring down the peel of the yellow fruit.

“I don’t need to know this…” Katsuki’s entire face was beet red, his leg would not stop shaking under the table, and he’d effectively bitten all of his nails down to the nubs. “I’m not… doing it.” He wrinkled his nose, shaking his head.

“I should hope not, considering you refuse to even say the WORD sex.” Mitsuki scoffed, rolling her eyes. “But it’s time you learn how to do it SAFELY, before you go and do it STUPIDLY. I mean, honestly Katsuki, Aftershave? Why would YOU need to buy aftershave? And don’t think I didn’t find that cute little love letter in your notebook-“

“OI! That’s a HUGE invasion of privacy!” Katsuki protested, eyes wide. “You hag! Who told you to go through my stuff?!”

“I’m your mother! You don’t get privacy until you move out.” Mitsuki smirked, waving the phallic fruit in her son’s face. “And it’s not like I didn’t know you had a thing for (Y/N) anyway, why do you think your father and I didn’t adopt her? We would have TRADED you for a kid like that, given the chance.” She pinched his cheek with the opposite hand.

Katsuki was fucking FUMING.

“It’s none of your business! I don’t have a crush on Lucky!” Katsuki denied in a scream, but everyone who heard him (including Katsuki himself) knew damn well he was lying.

“First of all, it IS my business, as your mother, to meddle in every single thing you do to keep you safe, and secondly, you want her so bad it makes you look stupid.” Mitsuki smacked him on the top of the head with the condom-clad banana. “Now shut up, open another condom and show me that you were paying attention.

“I already KNOW how condoms work!” Katsuki grunted, gripping onto the banana and exploding it in his hand.

Surprisingly, the condom held up pretty well.

“How the hell do you know that?” Mitsuki raised an eyebrow, and Katsuki looked down and away.

“I read the damn package. And I have the internet.” Katsuki seethed. “I need to know other stuff! Like how do I fuckin’ get her to LIKE me? I ain’t gonna NEED a damn condom if she won’t date me!” Katsuki’s outburst prompted Mitsuki to pause. Slowly, she folded her hands on the table, eyebrows drawn tightly together- her facial expression was clear.

She was trying to hold back laughter.

“Okay… so, the fact that you think you need to date a girl to get into her pants is adorable- but it’s even cuter that you think you have to TRY at all considering you inherited MY looks. Don’t chase her, she’ll chase YOU.” Mitsuki ruffled her son’s hair, a smile on her face.

“You’re not getting it. I don’t want to… I don’t want to do any of this-“ he gestured to the box of condoms on the table- “with Lucky! I just want to like… be around her! Buy her stuff! Give her flowers and shit! But I can’t fuckin’ do that because I’m a dumbass!” Tears began to break in the corner of the boy’s eyes, and his mother froze.

All of her laughter, her teasing, it was gone then.

She hadn’t seen him this upset in years.

“Jeeze kid… you really are serious about her then, huh?” Mitsuki asked, completely rhetorically. Truth be told, she was also not the best at handling her son’s emotions. “Have you tried just telling her how you feel?”

“Kinda? But she’s really dense. I planned on asking her out to a date this weekend but she got grounded.” Katsuki propped his elbows on the table and hung his head in his hands. “Problem is I’m also really dense and I dunno how to say it without scarin’ her or confusin’ her.”

“Lucky isn’t scared easily, Katsuki, as long as you keep your usual dick personality at bay, you won’t have problems with that. You just gotta be careful and be direct. Tell her how you feel and try not to bitch out.” Mitsuki’s smirk replaced itself after the tears were safely tucked back into their ducts.

“I ain’t gonna bitch out.” Katsuki scoffed, crossing his arms and looking down at the floor. “But what do I do if she turns me down?!”

“Do what I did with your father and follow her around until you grow on her. Like a tumor.” She teased, and laughed to herself. “No, but seriously, just keep trying. You’re a cute kid with a stupid-awesome quirk, and you’re smart. Not to mention, you’re a BAKUGO. Trust fund kids don’t have worries.” She pinched his cheek, and stood. “Now, show me that you read the package right.”

And while Katsuki Bakugo was having the most embarrassing, suicidal thought inducing time of his life, Izuku Midoriya was having a goddamn anxiety attack.

Three years. For three goddamn years Izuku Midoriya knew where you were, what you were doing, who you were with.

But not now. Right now you were in a place he had no cameras, no microphones- you were somewhere he could not reach. That was un-fucking-exceptable.

So, Izuku did what any rational person would do.

He told his mom he was spending the night with Kaachan, tracked your phone through Snapchat, and took an Uber to the Todoroki residence.

And even though it was going to be a long, cold night- he only needed to be there long enough to sneak in and leave a walkie- talkie.

Chapter Text

It had been several months since All For One had taken you and your brother, and things were not looking good for Jiko.

His skin was yellow, pallid. His hair had lost its luster, his eyes had grown dull. Jiko spent most of his time sleeping, he’d grown thin from napping through meals.

Tomura, to his own shock and chagrin, found himself feeling more and more guilty as time went on.

Even though you, in contrast, thrived. Master had hired a nutritionist to tailor your meals, you and Tomura were allowed to play on the roof of the building in the sun, you were given toys and books and games, you were learning how to write and spell and do math.

You even seemed happy, most of the time.

Not right now, though.

You sat at your brothers side, brushing his stringy, unwashed hair from his face as you wiped at his skin with a damp cloth. It was strange to Tomura, your incessant mothering of the boy- especially since you were the younger sibling, and you were only four. You tried to wake him up for every meal, you made sure to wash his face every night before bedtime, you were incessant about brushing his hair and making sure he changed pajamas.

Tomura was jealous of how much care Jiko got. You never washed HIS face, even if you sometimes combed his hair if he feigned enough difficulty.

“He’s asleep, princess, just leave him alone.” Tomura grunted, fingers working quickly over his controller. This level of Rayman was looking particularly difficult. He would need his player two soon.

“Jiko’s just getting sicker and sicker. We gotta get a doctor.” You sat back on your heels, eyes watery as you stared down at your unconscious brother. “You gotta stop wishin’ he was asleep… he’s so skinny.”

“He’s annoying and I don’t like him.” Tomura reminded you for the upteenth time. Glancing over at you. “It would be better to just give him to a doctor and get rid of him.”

“Would he… would he get better if he went away?” You asked, your voice cracked ever so slightly as you asked. Tomura felt his heart crack right along with it- but he couldn’t give in. Tomura was never too good at sharing.

“He would. I can tell Master to drop him off at a hospital tomorrow. We don’t need him anyway.” Tomura reminded you, and patted the spot beside him on the bean bad chair. “Come over here and help me finish this level.”

“Do you promise he’ll be okay?” You asked, not moving from your spot. Tomura sighed. His patience was wearing thin.

“I wish that the second your brother leaves this base he’ll be in perfect health for the rest of his life.” Tomura declared, and patted the bean bag again. “There, now c’mon- you can even be the blue frog.” Tomura tried to tempt you, you slowly stood, and sniffed. Damn it. You were crying again.

Wishes tended to go wonky if you were unhappy. They would still be granted, but they would take longer, have more negative side effects, go more by the letter than the intent of the wish.

It’s why your diet consisted only of foods you enjoyed- mostly candies and sweets with nutrients packed in to keep you healthy. You were given almost anything you asked for. Master spared no expense to keep you happy, and Tomura endured every one of your annoying little ‘isms’ to ensure your smile.

If you were happy, everyone was happy.

You plopped down, right next to Tomura, and shoved your face into his shirt, wettening it with your tears.


Tomura sighed, pausing his game and putting the controller down to wrap his arms around you. This was always so new to him. Hugs. They still felt awkward four months later. His parents and sister never hugged, but you seemed to need them constantly just to survive. You really were a needy little thing. It was very lucky that Tomura liked you.

It was even luckier that he secretly liked your hugs, very, very much.

“I’m sorry.” Tomura whispered. This was his fault. He knew it. He knew these tears, your worries were his fault. Because he was selfish and jealous and he refused to share.

He just had a very difficult time feeling guilty enough to care. Things would go his way, like they always had. He would be rid of Jiko, this time tomorrow, and he would have all of your hugs to himself.

“Megumi, it’s better this way. He just gets in the way here. He’ll be happier somewhere else.” Tomura murmured, patting your back as he spoke. You nodded in understanding, hiccuping out small sobs between bated breaths.

“I’m gonna miss him.” You mumbled. “I never didn’t have bubbie before. He’s my big brother. He was there when I was borned!”

“I’ll be your big brother. And I’ll never, ever leave.” Tomura swore. “Because you and me actually need each other. Jiko never needed you. You never needed him. You’re supposed to be my little sister, okay?” Tomura waited for you to pull back to wipe away more of your tears. “It’s just you and me. How it’s supposed to be.” He nodded, and you nodded right along with him.

“You promise?” You asked, and Tomura nodded, drawing an ‘x’ over his chest with his pointer and middle finger.

“Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.” Tomura swore, and nodded. “I’ll take care of you, princess.” He promised.

And he would. He would take care of you. Better than your stupid parents and brother had. Better than his stupid parents and sister had cared for him. Because he could give you a better family. Master could be your dad. Kurogiri was kind of like a mom. This time, he would be the older sibling. He would do a much better job than Hana did. He wouldn’t blame you for stuff he did, and he would protect you from dad.

And you would love him, and he would love you. And it would be enough.

He hoped that would be enough.

Chapter Text

It was only a matter of time. Tomura knew it. Tomura knew damn well that after Jiko left, he would have to dedicate a lot more time to keeping you entertained- especially around bedtime and in the early morning. You woke up at the crack of dawn, and you fought bedtime tooth and nail no matter how late Tomura pushed it.

What was with your hatred of sleep?!

“Another one!” You begged, pointing at the top shelf of the bookcase, at the chapter books. “A bigger one- lord of the rings or The Princess Bride!” You demanded, and Tomura fought to keep his temper in check.

“We’re not reading an entire Tolkien novel before bed, Princess.” Tomura tried to keep his tone neutral. “You need to go to bed or you’re going to be too tired to train tomorrow.”

“But I’m not even tired!” You griped, crossing your arms. It had been by miracle alone that you agreed to even put on your pajamas earlier- Kurogiri seemed to have a stroke of genius with the princess-gowns he’d brought home. Tomura usually preferred to sleep in pajama pants alone, but whatever kept you happy was worth it’s weight in gold in his book.

“You’re tired.” Tomura rolled his eyes. “You’re barely keeping your eyes open.” Tomura stated, and glanced over at his desk. “Do you want me to brush your hair again? I know you liked it when Jiko-“

Oh. One look at your face and Tomura knew mentioning HIS name was a terrible idea. He’d never seen you like this. You looked…

You looked so goddamn sad.

“That wasn’t even his NAME.” You mumbled angrily under your breath, tears welling up in the corners of your eyes. “I don’t even remember his real name. And now he’s gone and I’m never gonna see him again and-“ your voice cracked, you drew your knees up to your chest, hugging your legs.


“Can I tell you a secret?” Tomura asked lowly, even Master wasn’t allowed to hear this. You hiccuped, and nodded, watery eyes meeting his. “My names not Tomura.” He whispered, and swallowed. “But I don’t remember my name anymore either.” He sighed, and shook his head.

“You don’t?” You questioned, your tears slowly drying. You were easy to upset, but you were even easier to distract.

“Mhm. You wanna know how I got here?” Tomura pressed, and you nodded again.

“You said you killed your family.” You reminded him, and he shrugged.

“I did. I was only a year or two older than you. My quirk had just come in- it was so random. The first thing that I killed was my dog, Mon. I was on time out- my dog was comforting me because I was crying and then… poof. He was all dust and blood and guts. There were peices of him EVERYWHERE.” He shuddered. You leaned forward, pressing the side of your face into his chest and wrapping your arms around him in a hug.

After everything he’d done, you were trying to comfort him.

And that, right there, was why he couldn’t ever let you go.

“I screamed. I was so scared- I thought a villain was attacking or something. My sister came out- I reached for her and… and then what happened to Mon happened to her too. I wasn’t as smart as I am now back then- I didn’t realize I was the one who’d done it. So when my mom came to save me…” Tomura trailed off, and cleared his throat.

“When my dad came out… he knew it was me. He knew what I was, what I’d done. He hit me with something- I don’t remember what. It gave me these,” Tomura’s fingers trailed over the scars on his lip and eye. “I… I knew then what I’d done. I knew I could do it again. He wasn’t an accident.” Tomura’s jaw tightened, and he looked down, to see you staring up at him.

But you didn’t look afraid of him. No. You still looked so goddamn sad. You were sad for him, because you cared about him, his feelings. You really were too damn good for your own good.

“I ended up dusting my entire house, with my grandparents inside. I walked around for a while, slept behind a dumpster for a few days before Master found me and took me in.” Tomura paused for a moment, debating if the next bit was safe for you to know.”

“My family weren’t the last people I killed.” He admitted, and looked down at you again, trying to gauge your reaction. You didn’t seem disturbed, you looked worried. Worried for Tomura. He knew there was a reason he liked you.

“A pair of kids that were picking on me were the first of the strangers. I killed them indiscriminately while wearing the embalmed hands of my dead family.”

Why weren’t you screaming? Why didn’t you run away from him? Didn’t you see what a terrible, horrifying monster he was?!

“After that, it was a kid named Hitomi. She had the ability to absorb energy. She was an accident. I didn’t think my quirk would work on her. I was around seven. She was nine. She was meant to be my friend, before you.” Tomura scratched at his neck, but you reached up, grabbing his hand and holding it. You always did that.

How could you care for him, now that you knew how tainted he was?

“Mori, age five. He healed at an accelerated rate. Dead in a couple of days after I tried to give him a hug. Mai, fifteen, she had a hardening quirk it didn’t matter. Lee, eight, immunity to everything but me. Kaoru, he was only four, he had forcefeilds. I was so careful not to touch him until he pissed me off and then…” Tomura cut himself off again, and shook his head. Your hand came up, wiping at his face. He hadn’t even realized he was crying.

“‘S okay, Tomu.” You hummed, eyes heavily lidded. You were seconds from falling asleep. “You can’t hurt me.” You reminded him, and leaned up, giving him a soft kiss on his cheek before snuggling back into your blankets, promptly falling asleep.

Chapter Text

Tomura Shigaraki was never particularly big on hugs. He didn’t like to hold hands BEFORE killing his entire family, and he had a cold chill wash up his back now from the idea of it every time you reached for him-

But he wouldn’t change your clinginess for the world.

Even if you never slept in your own goddamn bed anymore and your stupid princess dresses aggravated his eczema.

Even if you were constantly boiling him alive with your obnoxious body heat.

Even if your hands were always mysteriously sticky and gross.

Because your hugs were the most comfort he’d felt in his entire life, and you were the only one he could trust to hold his hand.

So, it was a common occurrence to find the two of you in front of his TV, playing some video game with you in his lap, his arms wrapped around you to hold his controlled as you rested your arms over his, holding your own controller. It was comfortable that way, familiar after months and months of routine.

Kurogiri stood nearby, watching carefully as the two of you did not speak, working so perfectly in tandem, a delicate dance of mutual understanding and respect.

Just as Master All For One wanted.

“Have you given any thought to what you might like for dinner, Tomura and Megumi?” The specter asked carefully, and watched as your heads snapped to look at him in perfect synchronization. It was if you were one living being, United in thought and movement.

“Megumi wants mochi.” Tomura stated, facing back to the TV. “Get the red bean kind and the strawberry so she can get some fruit in. Katsudon for me double serving. She’ll probably steal some of mine anyway.” Tomura’s instructions were precise, planned, as if you’d already discussed this earlier.

Except Kurogiri knew with great certainty that you hadn’t. His entire day was filled with nothing but monitoring you two. It was his ONLY objective, to monitor and protect you two until you were old enough to fulfill your purposes.

The only problem now was, Tomura seemed dependent on your happiness. You were never told no. Ever. It was a sin, in this house, to make you frown. Many disintegrated doors, chairs, tables, caregivers- threats and curses were thrown at Kurogiri like it was his job to catch them- but that was even worse.

To cause Tomura’s anger in front of you was an act of war.

Because nothing ever made you quite as upset as if you thought someone else was upset.

There was always a strange, deathly quiet after those storms. Where you’d hold on to Tomura, he’d have to swear up and down that he was okay, that he wasn’t scared or angry- but you’d know if he was lying.

And he was always lying.

On those days, Tomura would refuse to leave his room. Your room. There was no training on those days. He would curse at Master Shigaraki himself if the man showed his face anywhere near you- especially since you were so afraid of him.

And that’s why All For One knew you’d eventually have to go.

It would be a difficult job. To kill you would ruin all of the plans he had for you, and he couldn’t simply poison you enough to make you sick, because Tomura would wish it better. He couldn’t take Tomura’s ability to wish away without damaging plans- and that was assuming he would ever be able to get you separated from Tomura in order to make the wish.

He slept wrapped around you like a vice for fuckssake.

It would be a delicate maneuver. It would take time. It would take manipulation.

For the time being though, you were almost good for Tomura. You gave him something to fight for, something to hold on to. Tomura cared about one single thing in this world, and it was you.

You could get away with crimes worse than murder, and Tomura would praise you for your misbehavior, because in his eyes you could do no wrong. You’d broken figurines, stained graphic novels, even shattered a TV once, and Tomura always forgave you. He always prioritized your happiness over his own. It was unhealthy, sure, but All For One could honestly not care less about Tomura’s mental health.

To be honest, the more unhinged he grew to be, the better for All For One’s plans. And taking you away from Tomura was bound to unbalance the boy even more.

Everything goes according to plan with the Rube Goldberg quirk that The Centuries old villain stole from your mother.

So, it was fine, that it seemed that Tomura now had an uncanny ability to read your mind and tell your future, Kurogiri surmised as he watched you steal spoonful after spoonful of rice and pork from Tomura’s plate. Tomura, who had never been good at sharing, even seemed to portion out “your half” to make sure you got enough meat and vegetables.

Kurogiri had never seen this boy think of someone other than himself, so to see this kind of care and foresight was… jarring to say the least.

But, it also meant growth in his ability to PLAN. His strategic mind had begun to expand beyond playing video games and making theories about the next releases of comics.

And as he watched Tomura wipe sauce from the corner of your mouth with a napkin, Kurogiri knew. He knew he could not allow One For All to stand in the way of Tomura’s progress. You were the key to unlocking this boy’s true potential- even if you were also the catalyst to all of his worst behaviors.

“You gotta eat the onions too. They’re good for you.” You pushed some of the vegetables back to Tomura’s side of the bowl, and he grimaced, but gathered the offending food onto his spoon. Kurogiri watched as the boy shoveled the vegetables into his mouth, knowing that even nine months earlier the kid would have committed a murder before doing so.

“There. I ate mine, so you have to drink actual water. You’re not getting juice until that cup’s empty.” Tomura bartered, a serious tone coloring his voice.

Kurogiri watched on in silence, as he always did, wondering how you taught this little psychopath how to care. Wondering if you could teach his master as well.