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Fallofxianle’s one shot/ requests (with long-ass tags)

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The sheer hurt of it all could have torn him into pieces.

Phupha was a chief, a friend to those in the village, someone who was strong.

Someone who could protect.

But how could he be that, how could he claim that, when he’d let the person loved get away.

It was probably that moment, the moment when Longtae had ran to him, loud and terrified, saying Tian was in trouble, that he’d been truly aware of his feelings.

Or maybe it had been before then, and he was just too scared to admit it.

Maybe it was before, when he’d looked at the tea packet with the teacher’s name on it, and some overwhelmingly warm feelings squeezed at his heart.

Or maybe it was after Longtae had come back, when him and Tian had gotten closer.

Or maybe it was when Tian smiled one of his dazzling smiles and asked him to fly kites with him.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was even further, it was back at that very first moment when they had crossed just briefly on his way out, and his heart had skipped a beat for a reason he didn’t quite understand, when Tian hadn’t even been known to be Tian.

When he was nothing more than a figure out of the corner of his eye.

So maybe that was why he felt this way-

Why he was so beside himself, desperate to get his love back.

Why he was there, waiting outside a hospital door for the rich moron that stole his heart.

The hospital was bland and empty, and all sounds seemed to fade into the background as he stared at the bland white walls.

He’d never liked hospitals, especially not in this current situation.

He’d tailed the car he knew belonged to Sakda and his men, who’d apparently been the ones to find and take Tian, according to the brief rundown he’d received.

There was no time to waste, and in the end he managed to get the volunteer teacher out and back to safety, though they were both worse for wear.

His eyes stung, but he willed back the tears.

There was no use crying, not yet, not until he knew Tian was okay.

Distantly, he heard one of the nurses ask about his wounds, and then felt a stinging sensation on his knuckles.

They were bleeding from all the fighting, he supposed, but it did not hurt as much as it would have had he been in the right mindset to feel it.

He’d wondered, briefly, how mad Teerayut, Tian’s father, would be when he found out, before deciding he really didn’t care.

Him being alive was all that mattered.

But in the darkness of the plain, pale hospital, his mind wandered to the worst kinds of cenerios.

What if Tian blamed him?

What if he hated him?

What if he feared for his safety and left?

He couldn’t stay forever, not really, but the idea of it being because of his negligence left a bitter taste in his mouth.

He heard a sound, a faint click of the door closing next to him, though it sounded muffled like all things had.

“You can see him now, but he hasn’t woken up yet.” The doctor stated, voice sounding as if it were underwater, and Phupha felt relief flood through him but he had to go in to be sure.

Tian’s unconscious figure, shivering slightly in his sleep, bandages covering certain parts of his body-

The image made his heart finally break under the force of his feelings.

He sat down in the plastic chair next to the hospital bed,

Ignoring how small and uncomfortable it was, and slowly took the sleeping man’s hand in his own.

It rested over his heart, a heart that was beating steadily, a chest that was rising and falling as it should.

He was alive.

He was here, he was breathing, he was alive .

And that was all that mattered.



Tian blinked awake, the light above him too bright making him recoil slightly.

Slowly but surely, his conscience came, and he tried to discern where he was and how he got there.

He remembered bits and pieces, really.

He remembered being roughed up, a searing pain at his side and his leg, as he crumpled to the ground due to the force of everything.

He remembered Sakda, smiling yet cold, as he blinked away bouts of black.


He remembered hearing a crash, a lot of loud noises, and his eyes fell closed.

Only to then be woken by hard shaking, someone yelling his name.

The face that came into view was blurry and unfocused, but he felt the magnitude of the persons worry all the same.

He could feel that presence, warm and familiar, and in the back of his mind he recognized the scent as he was cradled in gentle arms.

When he slipped under again, he felt content.

Warm and safe.

He felt the same presence again, a warm hand intertwined with his own, a head resting near his.

When he was able to wake his mind completely, the thought crossed that Phupha, the man who just saved him- no, the idiot that rushed into some place where he could have been killed, was sleeping restlessly in a hospital chair just to keep him close.

He felt his heartbeat quicken, and realized that he’d the chief been awake, he would have felt it too.

“Hey, chief.” He cooed, shaking the man gently with the arm not occupied.

He stirred, before shooting awake once he realized what was going on.

“Tian.” He said with such breathlessness it made the rich boy feel weak, “You’re…”

And as he watched this man, a man who did so much, a man who’d always done so much, he felt a wave of emotion pass through him.

“Marry me.” He blurted like an idiot, but even in his surprise Phupha made no attempts to move away.

“Well, they weren’t lying when they said you had a concussion.” The chief laughed, though his eyes were soft and sad, and there were dried tear stains on his cheeks.

Tian looked as far away as he could when laying faced towards the other man.

“I want to.” He blurted again, “I mean- one day- It’s- never mind.”

He watched the chief smile at him.

“Okay.” He replied simply, “but you have to heal first.”

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy when the topic of his injuries were brought up.

“Chief, I-“

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” The volunteer teacher gaped, “What are you sorry for? You saved my life!”

“What are you sorry for? It’s my fault I didn’t protect you!” The man on the chair shot back.

They both paused, before giggling.

“Tian, I… I’m really glad you’re okay.”

The rich boy nodded.

“Of course I’m okay,” he replied, “It’d take a whole lot more than that to kill me.”

And Phupha just shook his head while looking down, the relieved smile never fading from his face as joy flickered in his eyes.

It was this moment that the door burst open, bursting their small little bubble with it.

“Tian, my baby! His mother cried, rushing forward while Phupha dropped his hand like it was burning.

The looked up, as if they had been caught doing something they weren’t supposed to.

It wasn’t a nice feeling.

Tian wanted nothing more than to shout out to the whole world how much he cared for this one man.

And silly enough, maybe even childishly, his concussed mind decided to do just that.

“I’m so glad you're okay!” His mother sobbed, pushing past the chief.

“I’m okay- and in love.” He replied with a sigh and a sappy smile.

The chief made a choking noise that his brain compared to a dying whale, and his mother gasped like she was scandalized.

“What?” She questioned, “I-in love? In love?!” 

She looked like he was about to pass out, and as much as it worried him he had to admit it was rather funny.

Phupha coughed into his hand, “Ahem. Please excuse him, he’s got a concussion so he’s probably going to say some odd things.”

Tian frowned, frowned because he would not, did not , pout.

“I’m not being ‘odd’” he replied, “I really do love you. Well, maybe really, really, really close to it anyways.”

His mother gasped again, gaze shifting back and forth from the chief to her son.

“You- you- you-“

He noticed that Phupha’s ears were red.

“If you need a minute I’ll- I’ll wait outside.” He replied, slowly inching out of the hospital room.

The door closed, and Tian felt a little more lonely.

“You…” she trailed, still utterly bewildered.

She looked like that one cat that made the ‘pop’ noise he’d seen, courtesy of Tul.

This made Tian laugh.

“I’m glad you're okay.” She stated simply, reaching out to grasp her son's hand, tears falling, “You have no idea how worried I was.”

The weight in his hand felt different, felt a little less fitting but still slightly comforting.

“I know.”


He realized, a little while later after his mind cleared up more, what he’d actually done.

He felt incredibly bad for his mother, yet nice all the same, because Phupha had never once denied it.

He’d accepted his love, and the fact that they’d woken up together again was answer enough of how the chief himself felt.

It was nice, the feeling that maybe he wasn’t in this alone.

That maybe, just maybe, Phupha felt this way too.

A cling snapped him out of his daze.

“Tea,” Phupha explained, because no matter how Nam bugged him he wasn’t going to leave Tian’s side unless it was absolutely necessary, “from the villagers. Longtae stopped by, but you were asleep.”

Tian hummed, accepting the drink that felt warm against his palms, yet cold in comparison to a certain person’s hand.

“You were stupid, you know.”

He paused.

“Me?” Tian questioned, “I was stupid? You broke in when you could have gotten captured with me! I swear, you were ready to fistfight god if you had to.”

“If the time came.” The chief mumbled under his breath, making Tian choke on his drink, “But you sacrificed yourself so that Longtae could escape.”

“Of course I did,” Tian replied, “someone needed to get help. Plus, it was me they were really after.”

Phupha sighed as he set the drink down, and slowly interlocked their fingers again.

“So do I.” He stated, to the injured man’s confusion.

Noticing his scrunched up face, he smiled a little.

“You said you loved me,” he explained, making Tian flush, “and I you.”

This time, his hand felt even warmer, that warmth spreading to his heart and eventually to his bright smile.

“Thank you.”

And it was more than just for that.

It was for everything and nothing all at once.

The hospital was silent, but their heartbeat’s were not.

They thumped together, perhaps not as singular but as two parts of one whole, even if his heart had a different owner previously.

Tian’s eyes slipped closed due to the rhythm, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care if the drink got cold.

In the quiet of the hospital room, it felt nice, one of many close moments to come.