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October With Offgun Couples 👻

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Khai groaned as he woke up in the hospital. The lights were all too bright and he was starving. The smiling faces of Two and Bone looking down at him didn’t make him feel any better.

“Welcome back to the world,” Two patted his shoulder. “How are you feeling?”

“How do you think I feel?” Khai pouted and tried to sit up, but his whole body ached.

Bone laughed, “Next time you should be more careful on your motorcycle.”

His motorcycle? That’s not why he was in the hospital was it? He didn’t remember a motorcycle accident. He remembered being attacked by something, a sharp pain on his neck. Maybe he was mugged. How was Chawee involved?

“You two leave him alone.”

Khai perked up at the voice of his best friend. He craned his neck to see Third closing the door behind him. Before he could greet him, Khai smelled something amazing. He felt the hunger in him grow. Third went over the bed and started to unpack the bag.

“It’s good to see you awake,” Third glanced at him briefly, “I bought this for those idiots, but you probably need it more.”

As he watched Third opening a few boxes of rice and steak, his mouth watered. Had the hospital not fed him for days? Or at least used an IV? The hunger was overwhelming, especially when Third sat down on the edge to divide the food between them.

“Good, I’m starving,” Khai admitted, trying to be patient.

His friends continued to mock him until Third finally shooed them out of the room so Khai could eat in peace. But even after finishing the food, he felt hungry, plus the delicious fragrance hadn’t faded even though the containers were empty.

Third eventually sighed and got up. “I’m going to go to class now, don’t stress yourself out so you can leave the hospital soon, okay?”

“You’re going to leave me here to suffer,” Khai complained.

“Don’t be dramatic, you’re fine. If you need help you can call a nurse. I’m not missing class for you,” Third said as he headed out the door, the intoxicating smell disappearing with him.

What the hell is happening to me?

Khai slept most of the day, only waking up when his senses were overtaken by hunger again. He blinked open his eyes and saw Third sitting in one of the visitor chairs with his laptop. The same smell as earlier hit him like a truck.

“Are you doing your homework?” Khai asked to get his attention.

“Yeah,” Third responded without even looking up.

“Thiiiiiirrrrrrd,” Khai whined, this time actually getting the attention he wanted, “I’m so hungry, do you have any snacks?”

“How are you hungry?” Third closed his laptop and stood next to the hospital bed, “The nurses said you probably wouldn't want to eat anymore today. Do you feel sick?”

He reached out his hand to feel Khai’s forehead. The smell was stronger than ever. Khai’s eyes were locked on Third’s wrist, which looked perfectly… biteable?

“What the hell?” Khai exclaimed in response to his own thoughts.

“What, I can't take your temperature?” Third scoffed and removed his hand. Khai wanted to grab his hand back, bring it even closer to his face, close enough to bite—

“Third!” He shouted, “Why don’t you head home, I feel like sleeping some more.”

What is wrong with me??? Why am I thinking like I’m a vampire or something?