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Kinktober 2021 (mom please never see this)

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“I guess I just thought… you’d be more…” Zhao-Zi stuttered, face growing hot out of embarrassment, “kinky?”

Jack burst out in laughter.

“Hey!” Zhao-Zi shouted, blushing even harder, “Don’t just make fun of me!”

His idiot boyfriend smiled that same dopey smile that made the officer's heart beat faster.

“I didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff.” He winked, earning a shove at his shoulder.

“Well- I just- I don’t know-”

Before he could say anything else, he was cut off by a kiss.

“I could show you how kinky I can be, if you’d like.” His boyfriend offered with that token grin when they parted.

Zhao-zi nodded hesitantly.

“But we do have to talk about it.”

“I know…” he trailed, still blushing like crazy, “Safe words and uh- stuff, right?” 

“Ah, you did your research huh?” Jack teased.

“Well, of course I did!” The shorter exclaimed, catching his partner off-guard, “How… how else would I know?”

Jack smiled, “Then, do you want to try? We need to make one up, first.”

“Well… i-isn’t there that one green, yellow, red thing?” the poor ‘innocent’ officer practically whispered.

“I guess we could do that, but if we need something to stop everything in the moment, let’s have it be…”

“Alligator?” Zhao-zi suggested.

His boyfriend bit back a laugh, “Yeah, that doesn’t sound very sexy, does it?”

The officer rolled his eyes, “N-now- are we going to eat or what? We can’t just… just go to bed on an empty stomach.”

“Of course!”

Being with Jack was nice.

No, screw nice, wonderful .

The ability to go home after a long day at work only to see food on the table was a blessing in itself.

But feeling Jack's stares, seeing his sappy smile while he watched him eat food…

It was the most wonderful thing of all.

Before, he’d come home to hear the sounds of the radio playing old music, or the tv tuned in on some 60’s television.

He’d enjoyed it, had smiled every time he heard it and waved to his grandma before working on the dinner she was too ill to make, silently missing the company of her soft voice in the kitchen telling him what to do.

He missed her a lot, once she was gone.

But he remembered her wise words and kept the fortune in the back of his head.

He never expected that person to be a gangster-

Let alone a fit, red-headed, idiot gangster!

Though, he did have to admit, two out of the three main traits weren’t all that bad…

Who would be against having an unfairly attractive house-boyfriend?

Certainly not Zhao Zi.

Now, he would come home from work to faint sounds from the kitchen, or that same idiot waiting by the door for his welcome kiss.

It was adorably endearing.

That night, just like any night, had consisted of the same welcome kiss, and banter, and another tasty dinner made by his talent of a partner.

Only, the anticipation and edge was what was to come lingered in his mind so prominently that even delicious food couldn’t bury it.

They could do things.

Like- like really embarrassing things.

Things that Zhao Zi had wanted for a very long time, but never knew how to go about them.

He’d done a lot of research, yes.


More than enough, actually.

He could still remember that day where he was still so confused, so he googled some tests about it and, well the results were- 


Jack smiled, inching closer to his lover.

“You’ve had dinner, so how about,” he licked his lips, Zhao Zi’s gaze following his tongue, “dessert?”

“Oh my god.” His partner whined, “You’re- you’re so cheesy!”

Jack laughed, that quiet, teasing kind of laugh that had no sound, but you could tell it was there anyways.

“Love, can I kiss you?”

Zhao Zi nodded much more eagerly than he would ever admit.

Their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Who needs formality or coaxing for someone who’s body you know better than your own?

But for some reason, this all felt so… so new .

It was different from those other times, where Jack would do as he pleased and it was always simple and soft.

They had more experience sure, but considering what they had talked about earlier, the officer wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

It was unventured territory.

Like unveiling something secret, something maybe just a little more intimate or a little more personal.

Perhaps it had to do with the trust of everything.

Knowing that this person was willing to do the things he’d only ever really thought of in his head, that he’d always been too scared or too embarrassed to ask of anyone else.

Eager hands found their way to his waist, and suddenly he was a lot less interested in the sappy aspect of things.

They broke apart once more for air, and when he was stopped from another kiss Zhao Zi whined.

“Shhhh.” Jack cooed, “I need to know how you're feeling.”

“Green!” Zhao Zi replied, because obviously he was enjoying it.

“You sure?” His lover cocked a brow, “I thought you’d be more nervous, all things considered.”

“Well…” the officer trailed, not missing how Jack’s gaze shifted down when he bit his lip, “I- I guess I am. A little.”

The ex-gang member smiled, giving him a quick peck on the cheek, “Then tell me, baby, what kinds of things did you look up?”

Zhao Zi blushed, afterting his partners gaze.

“W-well..” he stuttered shyly, “I thought- maybe- it’s just-“

A hand cupped his cheek, “Woah woah, calm down. It’s okay.”

He took a deep breath.

“Well I… I was looking up stuff and- and I saw…” he swallowed hard, “Ikindamaybesortaboughtsomestuff?”

Jack blinked.

“You… ‘bought some stuff’” he echoed.

Zhao Zi looked to the side.

“I… Well, I tried… some things when you weren’t home last week, but it wasn’t the same as when you’re with me.” He admitted.

“God,” the ex-con sighed breathily, lifting his partner's chin so that they were making eye contact, “do you know how hot that is?”

He blushed even brighter.


He was again caught up in a seething kiss, pushed until he was pressed against the table.

Jack wasted no time in deepening it, letting his tongue slip into the shorter’s mouth with practically no retaliation.

This was okay.

This was nice, familiar territory.

But still, Zhao Zi’s mind was in embarrassed shambles while his body hummed at the idea of what was to come.

He tugged on his partners soft, red hair in the way he knew he liked-

And if the moan and suddenly increased urgency to their kiss was anything to go by, he liked it a lot.

“I want to fuck you right here just thinking about it.” His lover panted, face resting in the crook of his neck as they took a moment just to breathe, the feeling of the warm air causing him to surprise a shiver.

“But,” he drew the word out, obviously pleased with the way his partner writhed underneath him, “I think you have some ideas we need to try out, no?”

Zhao Zi nodded after a bit of hesitation as Jack kissed his way up his neck.

“I- I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t mind that.” He stuttered, biting his lip again to suppress the small noises he kept making.

He could feel Jack’s smile widen, before he bit down hard in the area he always did, making his partner keen.

“It would be- Ah!”

He continued, leaving a trail of hickies that would be incredibly embarrassing to explain at work the next day, but in the moment the officer didn’t mind.

He’d probably have to ask Yi Qi with concealer help again.

(It was still incredibly worth it, especially when he saw his partner’s pride filled gaze lingering on the marks in the morning.)

He felt hands wandering, running up and down his sides as they always did.

Jack broke the kiss to help tug Zhao-Zi’s sweater vest over his head, and he, in turn, used the time to untie the cooking apron his idiot lover had forgotten to take off before they pounced on each other again.

“Bedroom.” Zhao-Zi demanded, though it was only a murmur on their lips.

Who was Jack to be told twice?

They stumbled their way up the steps- maybe taking a little too long to make out pressed against the wall- before their shirts had both discarded somewhere along the way to the room.

It was fine.

They’d make their way to the laundry in the morning.

And how could either of them care when they were pressed up against one another?

The door was slammed shut, Zhao-Zi’s back pressed up against it.

“Baby,” Jack called, nipping at his lover’s jaw, “what did you get.”

The officer, of course, shivered in anticipation.

“Just some… things.” He replied, “I didn’t want to do rope because- well- it’d feel like something that could happen to me on the job.”

The house-boyfriend gave him a kiss on the corner of his mouth as if silently urging him to keep going.

“So I…” he tilted his head to the side, not only out of shyness but also to give his boyfriend better access.

“I got a v-vibrator and a-” he flushed, the blush spreading down his freshly marked neck.


The man holding him up stilled.

Having been with Zhao-Zi for so long, he could obviously understand him even in his gibberish moments, which made the officer even more embarrassed.

“You- you what ?” He gaped, momentarily stunned.

“I know you heard- mfmh!” 

And suddenly he was being kissed feverantly, hard-on pressing against his lover’s thigh before he was lifted and dropped haphazardly on their bed. 

“Baby, baby, that’s- you-” Jack stuttered, voice sounding utterly wrecked despite barely doing anything.

Zhao-Zi had never seen this before.

He’d seen him desperate, yes, but to see how much this effected him-

It was like a completely different level.

“…why?” He finally managed to get out, his voice sounding breathy.

“B-because!” the officer stuttered, “Using an actual one sounded scary, and at first I didn’t like it but… I found this and I thought I’d give it a try.”

Jack breathed in deep.


As if trying to control himself.

It was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

“Li-An.” He stated, his voice so clearly needy that poor Zhao-Zi could’ve cum right there, “Li-An. Where’s you put it?”

He could feel his heartbeat pick up.

“I-it’s in the closet. By my old CD’s.” He stated, watching his boyfriend wasting no time in retrieving it.

For the minute or so he was left alone, he felt a twinge of worry.

He didn’t want to disappoint his boyfriend.

And he didn’t even know what to expect.

“So.” He heard Jack say softly as he climbed back over top of Zhao-Zi, his leg slotted in between his own as the cold feeling of the knife pressed against his arm, “It’s… metal?”

The officer hesitantly nodded.

“Yes, it’s edges are dull though! So it’s not- It’s not harmful.”

He could see his lover’s chest move up and down faster.

He could feel his irregular breathing.

“Can I,” he took another deep breath, as if trying to steady himself, “can I use it?”

“Yes!” Zhao-Zi responded a whole lot faster than necessary, “Yes.”

Jack’s knee was then pressed harder against his groin, making him moan before he could stop himself.

Yeah, coherent thoughts?

Out the window.

His lover bent, trailing kisses all the way down his chest, leaving no part of him untouched.

The knife too dragged against his skin, the cold of the metal against the heat of it making his back arch.

“Ngh! J-jack…” he panted, pressing harder against his knee.

He ran his hands down his lover’s back, up and down before tugging on his hair to get him up.

“Babe?” The ex-con asked, “How are you?”

“Green.” He panted, whining at the way the knife was pressing into his skin, “Can I touch you?”

Despite knowing very well that he could, he asked every time, without fail.

Perhaps he was just in awe of being allowed to do this.

Of being allowed to be as greedy and needy as he wanted.

“Of course.” Jack smiled, letting his partner flip their position.

Zhao-Zi mirrored what his partner did, mapping every inch of the body he knew so well with kisses and marks.

Every know and again, he would come across a scar, and hesitate before Jack would nod to let him know it was okay- 

That he was okay.

He would take his time in those spots, as if one day he’d be able to erase the marks for good.

That wasn’t going to happen, obviously, but the hands tangled in his hair and the beautiful sounds coming out of his partner were enough to let him know it was appreciated.

“Baby.” The man underneath him panted, looking up at him in such a hot way that-


The rest of their clothes needed to go .

Right now.

He wasn’t sure if he said something as dumb as that, or if his boyfriend was just a mind-reader, but before he knew it his pants were being flung across the room.

“Li-An, you’re so pretty.” Jack sighed, making the complemented officer look away, “Let me…?”

He nodded eagerly, judgement too cloudy to care about anything other than Jack and finding relief.

He was glad it was both, as he was pressed into the mattress.

His boyfriend treaded tenderly, leaving soft nips and little kisses along his thighs, making sure to drag the knife along them in a way that had him shaking.

“Jack, J-Jack, Ah-” he cried, “I want…”

“I know.” The ex-con replied sweetly, the sound of a bottle uncapping echoing through the bedroom as Zhao-Zi tossed his boxer briefs who knows where.

“Are you ready baby?” He asked, to which his partner responded with an eager whine.

“Yes, I’m ready, I’m so ready.”

Jack chuckled lightly, “Okay.”

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“You can do this!”


Pi sighed, bracing himself in front of the library door.


He’d never thought that, out of anyone, the person he’d be nervously packing around outside a building trying to work up the courage to go inside would be Mork.

They had been rivals at first-

Or at least, Pi believed them to be so.


When he’d obsessed over crushed on Mueang Nan, he’d assumed that they would be destined to fight against each other.


But standing there outside of an almost empty library on a Sunday afternoon trying to calm the unnatural beating of his heart seemed to suggest otherwise.


He’d tried to avoid it, yes.


He’d done everything he could to push that idiot medical student away, to create distance and remind both Mork and himself that they barely knew each other.


That they were reaching for the same goal, and only one of them would obtain it.


But then Mork had gone and confessed-


Laid his heart out, open and bare, even as Pi tried desperately to run from it.


He’d told himself he wouldn’t get lost.


He wouldn’t fall for this trick, and he wouldn’t play this game.


And yet here he was, in front of that library, glancing worriedly at his watch that reminded him he was late.


Oh, how the turn tables.

Tables turn?



Pi couldn’t find it in himself to care.


Not when he had bigger things problems, like figuring out why the hell he had come in the first place.


Well, he was there, right?


Might as well make the most of it.


With a final deep breath, he steeled his nerves, and pushed the door open.


He saw the man who had been plaguing his thoughts concentrating cutely on his textbook.


He inched closer, slowly, not at all taking in the view of his now-friends concentrated face or the way his tongue jutted out ever so slightly.


Not at all.


okay, maybe that was a lie, sue him.


Who was going to call him out?


The brain police?


”I can feel you staring.” The medical student stated, snapping Pi out of his daze.


”I-I wasn’t staring!” He defended, “You just... look funny.”


Mork rolled his eyes, textbook not completely covering his smile.


”Sit down already,” gestured to the seat beside him, “you’ve kept me waiting long enough.”


Pi scoffed, slipping into the seat.


”Now, the main parts of the human digestive system…”

The gentle hum of the air conditioning, the sound of pages turning, and Mork’s soft voice wandered through the empty building.


Pi sat, one arm used as a rest for his head, the other tapping a pencil on the desk rhythmically


As much as he loved his major, he couldn’t help but wish studying could be easier.


Really, how much did one person need to know about this sort of stuff?


It seemed like a lot, judging by the thickness of the book and the fact that they had only gotten a few pages in.


It might’ve been better had it just been Pi alone, like normal.


Because instead of being able to concentrate on the contents at hand call the could thing about as how nice Mork’s voice sounded and how soft his lips looked and would it be weird if he tried to touch them to find out if they were?


Would it be weirder to say he might want to feel those lips against his own?


No, no.


He needed to stop thinking before things got out of hand.


“This isn’t working,” he sighed as he got up, chair pushed back scratching gently on the carpet, “I’m going to find a different book.”


Pi got up haphazardly, ignoring Mork’s questioning gaze, and wandered to a random section to take a breather.


This was fine.


Everything was fine.


He’d find a book, go back, and pretend everything was the same as it always was because that what it was supposed to be.


It was not supposed to be like this, and he was not supposed to feel like this.


That’s just not how things are, no matter how much he wondered if Mork’s hands would feel nice against his skin, the rough skin- so dry, does he even know what lotion is- feeling odd as he titled Pi’s chin to make him look into his eyes.




Not going there!


Not going there.


He hit his head with whatever hardcover book he had absentmindedly grabbed off the shelf.


Just stop thinking, and everything would be fine.


He noticed the familiar figure walking towards the isle-


Or not.




Nothing was fine.


”What’s taking you so long?” Mork asked, casting a pointed glare at the book in his hands.


Pi could feel the blush rising to his face, and averted his eyes.


”I’m not taking long, it was just hard to find!” He exclaimed because that was completely true and not made up on the spot whatsoever.


Man, he was getting good at lying!


The other medical student tilted his head.


”You look warm,” he stated, “and you’re sweating more than normal. Plus you won’t look me in the eyes and you’re speech is faster and higher pitched.”


No shit, Sherlock!


You don’t have to point it out!


”You’re showing early signs of arousal.” He stated in such a sure, loud tone that it made Pi blush brighter.


”Shut up!” He whisper-yelled, “We’re in public.”


Mork, of course, took this as a challenge.


”Could it be… this is because of me?” He smirked mischievously, “I suppose I should make it up to you.”


”You-“ Pi’s breath hitched, “What do you mean ‘make it up to you’? Are you crazy?!”


Mork smiled, stepping closer until his crush’s back his the wall of books, “Well, I’m up for it, as long as you’re quiet.”


Pi hesitated.


He should not hesitate.


He should be pushing that idiot away, running as far as he can as fast as possible and never talking to him again.


But the urge to feel those lips against his own, those lips on him in other places, lingered.


The want to hear what noises he’d make, what he’d let slip when they needed to be silent, what the adrenaline of doing something so out in the open and vulnerable was insatiable.


So he hesitated.


And it seemed that he had already given Mork and answer just with that.


He stood closer still, loomed like some sort of drama protagonist.


“So, what do you think?”


Not trusting his own voice, but not willing to back down, he nodded.




He felt light kisses trailing from under his ear to the edge of his jaw, his breathing picking up speed despite his best efforts.


A look, just a single lock of eyes.


A question.

Daring him to keep going, to let this get out of hand.


So he did.


For once, just this once, he let himself go.


Those lips, those annoying, godforsaken, teasingly perfect lips finally made their way up.


“What?” Mork smiled, lips oh so close to his own, to the point where he could feel his breath against them, “You have to tell me what you want.”


Looked to the side, still never making eye contact, “…kiss me.”


”What? I couldn’t hear you?” His voice, soft and tantalizing, was so close Pi felt like he was melting.


”K-kiss me already, damnit!” He demanded, changing a glance in Mork’s directing only to find his eyes never leaving his face.


Like taking him apart.


”Well, when you ask so nicely, of course.” Mork teased, moving closer to muffle his friend? Lover? Friend with befit?’s words.


His lips felt exactly as he had imagined-


No scratch that, more wonderful than he could’ve ever believe.


It was intoxicating, how well they fit together.


How nice he tasted.


Mork kissed just like you’d expect him to kiss.


Passive but not pliant.


Not taking to much yet making sure he stayed in control.


In other words, he took his time.


He made it feel like he had all the time in the world when they were practically making out in a public library.

A teasing lick, simple and soft and inquisitive, gliding against his bottom lip.


Mork responded with a soft groan and oh, oh he want to hear that again.


So he repeated the action.


Again, again, and a third time for good measure, until the man looming over him finally parted his lips.


He explored hungrily, chasing for the taste he craved too much after a small dose.


He was being greedy, but when it was just the two of them together in that moment who was he to care?


Hands found their way to his hair, tugging at the soft locks subconsciously.


More of those soft, pleased noises could be heard, and Pi smiled, before their kiss was suddenly cut short.


It took an embarrassingly long moment for him to register the needy whine that stemmed from loss of contact to be his own.


”I want…” Mork huffed a little, clearly out of breath, his cheeks flushed the most beautiful, most attractive shade of red Pi had ever seen, “I want to touch you. Can I?”


“Yes,” he agreed, “but only if I can too.”


They returned to what they had been doing eagerly, only know they dared to let their hands wander.


He trailed one down the length of the medical student’s back, scraping ever so slightly against the fabric of his white uniform shirt.


Mork kisses with more fever, more intensity, so he considered it effective and stayed content with his win.


This, in turn, lead to Mork moving that hands that had been resting by both sides of his head down, further and further just barely ghosting him until he reached his belt loops and used them to pull them closer, bodies flush against one another.


Amazing was one of the only words he could think to describe it.


Pi had never been one well-versed, not language wise.


He’d never understood why people described kissing as feeing fireworks.


It wasn’t as if he’d had any experience in that department, but even now he didn’t feel like that.


It felt… nice, yes.


That part was obvious, just as his apparent natural skill was obvious as well.


But he wouldn’t describe it as fireworks.


It felt like sinking, being pulled under the waves of a big, large ocean, without really meaning to.


Yet, instead of resisting, instead of protecting his life at all costs, he let himself drown in the pleasure of the pull and the arousing edge of the pain it caused.


He felt more kisses pressing against his jaw, littering everywhere, teeth grazing his skin every so often but not leaving any evidence behind.


A specific kiss, on an odd spot on his neck, made him moan so loud and so abruptly that he barely had time to cover his mouth.


When Mork continued to suck on it, to kiss that spot and writhe in the triumph of his reactions, he instinctually rocked his hips forward to chase some friction.


Fuck…” they groaned in unison, the sudden feeling against their clothed erections foreign yet not unwelcome.


He stilled, realizing they were going into even further, even more intimate territory.


His eyes opened, and so did Mork’s, their gazes catching before Pi repeated the action and that same wave of relief came crashing down.


Pi managed to keep his eyes open, though half-lidded, and the image of Mork’s eyes fluttering shut as his head tipped back in pleasure, bottom lip caught in his teeth as he bit down to stifle his noises would replay in his mind any time it could.


He did it again, and then again, their foreheads falling to press together as their shaky breaths and quiet, hushed moans mixed together.


At the rate they were going, a worried thought flashed before his mind- he couldn’t just come in his pants!


That would be embarrassing and a very hard stain to pass off.


Still, when Mork started to rock into it as well, mirroring his motions, he found it was a lot easier not to care.


”Mork…” he panted, voice quiet and breathy, “fuck, Mork.”


”Pi!” The other man whined back, a faint beeping noise echoing in the distance, “God, Pi… Pi…”



What was that?


He didn’t care enough though, and instead focused on kissing whatever skin he could come in contact with.


”Mork, Mork, you’re so amazing, mork.” He cried, pressing harder against him.


The beeping noise got louder, louder, and louder still, until suddenly-


Pi woke with a gasp, covered in sweat and sporting a wonderful problem under the blankets.


The early morning light glittered through the window, his alarm set to 8:30 ringing loudly to remind him of his wake up time.


He sat there, up in bed staring at the empty wall of his dorm, trying to calm down his heavy, arousal-induced breathing.




This was a problem.


A big problem.


Chapter Text

Wad wasn’t the kind of person to take more than the bare minimum.

He’d grown wary, over time, to all types of people.

Especially seniors.

Sure, he’d made progress.

He’d made friends- hell, he’d even gotten a boyfriend!

But old habits die hard, and in Wad’s case it meant that he’d still be hesitant.

Call it abandonment issues or whatever the fuck.

But Prem seemed not to mind.

In fact, he was incredibly understanding.

He was willing to be there, willing to understand, even if they struggled sometimes.

Sure they both had tempers and literally hated each other at the beginning, but that had been years ago.

Now, they’d grown close.

They’d grown to trust each other, to care for each other, to love each other.

It was all so new-

So confusing.

But they tried their best to navigate it.


When he’d first started wanting more, started being asked for more, stared doing more, he’d been worried.

He didn’t want to fuck it up.

He didn’t want to ruin this.

But Prem never once made him feel judged, or worthless, or bad at it.

So he tried, and he took what was presented to him and the unspoken agreement that Prem would have to lead the way when they began floated through the air every time they did this.

The heat of it was so much.

The kisses.

 The touches.

It was so much, the way Prem called his name.

Chanted it as if it were the only word he could remember.

The heat of it was so much.

But that’s the fun in it, no?

“Wad, wad, fuck , wad!”

Every hitch of breath, every little whine as he edged closer and closer, lingering on the point of no return.

It was tantalizing, and it was easy to get lost in the enjoyment of things.

The pure ecstasy in which the power he held gave him, in which he could have such a man- no, this man moaning and writhing and begging for him, was easy to get lost in.

It made his mind go fuzzy, yet made him think of so many things all the same.

He wanted to know, wanted to feel, all of him.

Wanted to map and claim and mark every bit of skin he came across.

And he was encouraged to do so.

He was encouraged to keep going, to continue to stretch what he was doing out until his lover could barely take it anymore.

When he lost himself, he no longer had to think about anything other than the sounds Prem made and the warm skin underneath his hands wherever he touched.

He didn’t have to think about anything, at all.

Not only that, he didn’t have to worry about drifting off too far.

Because the hands in his hair, around is neck, on his shoulders- 

They continued to ground him, no matter how much they continued to move.

No matter how much they continued to silently plead for more.

Wad would give it, yes, he’d give just enough to have his lover at his loudest.

To have his lover just barely in the safe zone.

To have his lover just barely hanging on.

And then he’d stop, as he’d done before, and wait as Prem laid there, aching, still painfully hard, whining and complaining loudly.

Perhaps it was mean, evil even, to enjoy such a thing.

To enjoy the way his toes curled and uncurled.

To enjoy the way he clutched at the sheets and came apart, until there was nothing left in his mind other than heady pleasure that was clearly visible in every reaction Wad was able to draw from him.

Perhaps it was mean, to enjoy basking in the effects he had on Prem, physical effects.

Yes, maybe it was.

But then that meant Wad was mean, possibly one of the crulest people to exist.

He thrived in it.

He thrived in the attention.

He thrived in the pleads and begs for more.

Pleas for better.

Pleas for anything as long as it was him that was doing it.

So call him mean.

He didn’t mind.

“Wad…!” Prem groaned, the name stretched out breathily after teetering so close to the edge only to get pulled back again.

“What? Complaining?” He asked softly, pressing a kiss to the inside of his partner’s thigh, “You’re doing well.”

He felt him shake underneath him.

“You’re doing so well.”

It worked like this.

They worked like this.

Yes, been worried, scared even, the first time Prem had brought it up.

He was supposedly the more experienced of them, having been two years old, but still he assured Wad it was all new to him as well.

He felt pride in knowing that he was Prem’s first, yet still rather guilty knowing he couldn’t be the same.

But his boyfriend assured him it was fine.

Assured him that he didn’t care.

Assured him that it didn’t matter.

Assured him until he listened, and he learned.

Until doing things like this had become the norm.

Wad had gotten more daring, yes.

He pushed more.

He teased more.

He drew it out, painfully long, as he took in every reaction.

And, in one case, he had even left Prem like that without any release and forbade his lover from touching himself.

It was…

Incredibly arousing.

Oddly so.

But it seemed to be the same for his partner, so he didn’t think it was a bad thing.

Not when he seemed to enjoy it.

He’d asked Prem, after the first time they did it, what he’d thought.

He’d looked him dead in the eyes, and without of a hint of embarrassment, said, “I want you to fuck me every day .”

He wasn’t sure as to whether that was true or not, but it did serve to boost his confidence nonetheless.

It was just like Prem, to say things like that.

Sure, he was loud and bad at controlling his emotions, but underneath it all he was incredibly stupid.

Adorably so, not in the way that makes you want to choke someone out.

Okay, well, maybe he did want to choke him, but like…

In a romantic way.

In a kinky way.

Not in the way that you’d rock someone’s shit in a Denny’s parking lot at 2 in the morning.

No, he would not comment further on the story.

Why would he when there were much more important things to focus on?

He trailed up, ignoring his partner’s attempts to keep him where he was, kissing along the way.

He smiled, kissing him again.

“Love, what do you want me to do?”

Wad purposefully moved his fingers, causing his partner to moan loudly.

“I- I want you…” Prem panted, “I want y-you on me. Or in me. Just fucking do something .”

“Of course.”

The heat of it was so much.

The kisses.

 The touches.

It was so much, the way Prem called his name.

Chanted it as if it were the only word he could remember.

The heat of it was so much.

But that’s the fun in it, no?

And he’d be damned if he wasn’t having fun.

Chapter Text

Meen was not hot.





But hot would never be an adjective that would describe him.

He was Meen for fucks sake.

Adorable, sweet, kissable, amazing, lovable, cute, funny, wonderful Meen.

Who was, in no way, hot.

Until, of course, he was, and it defied all laws of logic in the existence of ever.

Okay, maybe Duean was reacting a little bit more than he should, but it wasn’t his fault.

It was that jacket.

That damn jacket.

That annoying, that aggravating, that evil jacket.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” His boyfriend asked innocently, sweetly, cutely, his eyes following Duean’s gaze.

“Ah, this? I knew it was a little overboard but I didn’t know it was that bad…” he sighed, lip jutting out in that little pout that was, frankly, too adorable to exist.

Duean shook his head quickly.

“No, no! It doesn’t look bad.” He reassured.

“Then,” Meen lights up, an unusual smile- no, it couldn’t be, a smirk ?- lighting up his face, “you think I look good?”

Duean almost died.

And it wasn’t even just one time!

No, every once and a while when they were alone, Meen would break out that damned leather jacket that fit his body in all the right ways, the one that was the literal bane of the poor fifth year’s existence.

“Duean… Duean!” Meen exclaimed, “Are you paying attention?”

The fifth year tilted his head, still engrossed in the way the leather stuck to his boyfriends frame just so .

“You’re supposed to be helping me with flash cards.” He huffed.

“Sorry, sorry.” Replied Duean, just barely able to tear away his gaze.

“Where were we?”

As much as he appreciated the view, because his boyfriend looked really really nice in it, he did not appreciate the whole rethinking life itself that came with it.

Because Meen wasn’t hot.

He couldn’t be.

And Duean did not think about how hot he was, especially in that jacket, and how hot he’d look underneath him or on top of him or any way that involved them together doing something… unholy.

He just didn’t.

He couldn’t!

Meen was so young, and so sweet, and it was just wrong .

There’s no way someone like that- 

Someone that innocent could look that attractive.

So he wasn’t.

It was fine.

“Uh… earth to Duean? You okay?” Jeans waved a hand in front of his friend's face.

Said idiot blinked, snapping out of his daze.

“Of course!” He exclaimed.

“…you sure?” Asked Koh.

“Of course!” He repeated, like a liar, taking another sip of his drink.

His gaze drifted over to the non-alcoholic beverage beside him, and he could only sigh.

Where was he?

Meen was supposed to be there ten minutes ago.

It wasn’t like him to be late.

As if the gods had taken pity on such a sad, life-skill lacking man, he heard the calm inducing voice of his sweet boyfriend.

“Sorry I’m late!” He apologized, like a pure angel.

Only, the kitty gang had gone quiet, staring at the man who had just arrived, Yok even choking on his drink.

As Duean turned to look in confusion, Meen smiled awkwardly.

“If it’s about my outfit, Phi’s, I apologize. I was running late and well… it was the only jacket I could find.”

Of course.

Of course.

Of fucking course!

Why would the gods take pity on him?

No, they’d only furthered their torture of the idiot by sending him in that.

That damned jacket once again. 

Call him a horny bastard, but Duean was a simple touch-craving man.

Yes, he was a simple touch-craving man and that leather did nothing to help him keep his cool.

Not to mention it was his first time seeing Meen like that in public.

This was a catastrophe!

“Oh, you already got my drink!” his lover smiled, in that same adorable way he always did, the way that left poor life skill-less Duean breathless.

He nodded, “It’s the kind you like, right?”

“Yes! Thank you for remembering.” Meen patted his head as if he were some dog waiting for a reward.

In all honesty, it wasn’t that far-fetched of an analogy.

Still, Duean felt content in not being a complete failure as a boyfriend, and it served to let him forget about the current issue-

At least for a few moments.

“Wow, who knew you owned something like this?” Koh teased, like an idiot, as all kitty gang members were.

Meen smiled politely.

“Well, I wasn’t the one who bought it.” 

The rest of the table perked up.

“It was a gag gift,” he explained, “my friend from highschool gave it to me for graduation.”

The kitty gang had to try very hard to stifle their laughter.

“Well, it's not bad, that’s for sure!” Yok exclaimed, adding fuel to the flame, “Right Duean?”

“Huh?” Duean, who had been elbowed, focused his attention away from the fuzzy feelings of doing something right, and then he remembered what was going on.


There was still the whole jacket problem.

“Yeah…” he agreed, a little more breathless than he wanted to sound.

Meen seemed to calculate something.

He seemed to understand something.

He seemed to realize something.

It was not a good thing.

“Well,” interjected the youngest, stretching in a seemingly normal, seemingly innocent way, “traffic was really bad. I hope it won’t be the same going back.”

Duean stared a little more than he wanted.

Perhaps he should’ve stopped at one glass.


And then suddenly the conversation was changed, and broke off, leaving Duean to stand alone.

To watch.

To see every little movement of his boyfriend in that leather jacket, that tight leather jacket, that evil leather jacket.

To see him talk, to smile, to lick his lips when he felt them getting dry in a way that should not be hot because Meen was not hot-


Maybe he was.

Maybe Meen was hot.

Was hot, incredibly so, incredibly unfairly so.

The realization he’d been trying to put off for over a month hit Duean like a brick.

If that brick was a giant, intoxicating wave of need .

It was not a good thing.

Not at all.

Especially when he couldn’t- shouldn’t- feel that way.

Not now.

Not then.

“Yes, yes!” Meen agreed to whatever James had said, an arm trailing gently down Duean’s thigh as he spoke.


“I think that wasn’t very fair of her.” He commented, most likely about the story, fingers coercing until it was too much and Duean just had to part his legs.

He seemed to shine a little, perhaps even humming in happiness as his hand traveled further, ghosting touches over the fabric cover sensitive skin.


Oh .

So this wasn’t the gods being evil.

This wasn’t some annoying, unfair accident.

It was on purpose.

He was doing it on purpose.

The knowledge was enough to shift the poor fifth year’s world view more than even the jacket ever had.

He wanted Duean to feel that way.

But why?

They’d done it yes, they weren’t children.

But it had only been once, and it had been very basic.

Very vanilla.

Yet Meen was testing.

Testing boundaries, testing him, testing how much he got affected from a simple article of clothing and few light touches.

Oh that was just unfair .

His eyes glanced to the clock.


It wouldn’t be too rude to bail now, right?

It was just…

They were in public.

With his friends.

And Duean didn’t know how much he’d be able to handle before things got to be too much.

He rested his own hand over Meen’s, a gentle plea for him to stop, which he complied with immediately.

As James continued his epic reenactment of an equally epic story, the sweet boy cast an apologetic glance at his lover.

The fifth year squeezed his hand.



Or he hoped so, anyways.

‘Later’ he mouthed when no one was paying attention, because even if the bar was loud he was too embarrassed to get caught.

He wasn’t ashamed, not at all, but he couldn’t quite help the twinge of embarrassment that came with remembering that he was doing things with someone four years younger than him.

Not to mention his friends would be ruthless with their teasing, so he preferred to avoid it altogether.

A muttered, half-hearted excuse bubbled out of him when there came a point to interject, and the two of them were off.

The car ride was silent, a thick blanket of sexual tension enveloping the car as both of them sat there, the only sound that of their slightly sped up, anticipatory breathing.

They barely made it past the door before they were on each other, Duean mumbling something about his parents being gone for the weekend that merely got muffled against their lips.

Passionate, hungry kisses were shared and Duean knew that there was no way to stop himself now.

Meen was not hot.





But hot would never be an adjective that would describe him.

He was Meen for fucks sake.

Adorable, sweet, kissable, amazing, lovable, cute, funny, wonderful Meen.

Who was, in no way, hot.

Until, of course, he was, and it defied all laws of logic in the existence of ever.

Because instead of being not hot he was hot.

He was demanding, even slightly possessive in bed.

Constantly touching, constantly kissing, constantly claiming and marking in all the right ways.

Ways that made Duean moan his name exactly like he knew Meen liked it.

He didn’t know why-

Why he was such a natural talent, why he was so fucking hot, why that leather looked so nice on him when he was wearing nothing but it.

It was a little embarrassing, asking him to keep it on, but his mind was foggy with the urge to do something, and if the way Meen’s dick twitched beneath Duean’s hand was anything to go by, it seemed the idea was arousing to him as well.

God, that damned leather jacket was going to be the death of him.

But it suited him so well, looked so nice when he was flushed and panting and just as desperate as Duean.

Yeah, he’d have to ask Meen to wear it more often.

Chapter Text

Jiang Yuelou sat at his desk, fingers tapping on the wood rhythmically.








One could tell, if they were even outside of the office, that he was deep in thought.


Waiting for someone, something, anything-


Or at least, that was what it seemed.


“Eh, what’s got him so antsy?” Sun Yong Ren questioned, voice slightly above a whisper.


“Hell if I know. Aren’t we supposed to be on a break after solving that big case?” Replied Song Rong, glancing at their boss through the blinds of his office.


He continued to tap away, slowly, the wheels of his thought process turning so rapidly it was visible.


And then, with a sigh, he stood.


The two idiots scrambled away from the door, worried they’d be caught by another one of their bosses angry episodes.


(Which was pretty much every day, when they thought about it.)


At the same time, a doctor was standing outside of the police station, glancing at his wrist watch.


“He should be here.” He huffed, glancing back at the guards by the door, “Why can’t you let me in?”


“Dr. Chen, you know how it is. We’re not allowed without clearance.” One of the guards replied.


The other guard turned to the first, confused.


“You two know each other?” He whispered.


“Not really,” the other replied, “he comes by regularly for Jonah Yuelou.”


The doors opened loudly, the exact man they were talking about walking through.


Speak of the devil and he shall appear as they say.


Upon seeing the doctor, his usually stormy exterior brightened up significantly.


“Chen Yuzhi.” He called, his frown more like a half-smile, “You’re late.”


“You don’t mind do you?” His ‘friend’ asked in response, the atmosphere keeping its cheer.


“I suppose not,” Yuelou replied, “I don’t know why they don’t let you in.”


“They’re not allowed to let me in if I don’t have clearance, which I need from someone working. You know that.” Yuzhi quoted from memory.


“Yeah yeah, come here already.”


The walk to his office was a silent one, most of the other police officers being too busy or too used to it to care.


Song Rong and Sun Yong Ren both waved to the doctor, the reason their boss was so antsy being solved in a heartbeat.


It was obvious how much Jiang Yuelou cared for the man.


After everything the two of them had been through together this far, was it really that much of a shock?


They’d seen how their boss was while looking for Keying, and when Yuzhi was arrested.


It was as if a switch flipped whenever he was there.


Sure, the officer was still an impulsive, anger-prone, asshole, but he was significantly better when Yuzhi was around, like a bad puppy that misbehaved less with its owner.


They watched with intrigue through the blinds as the two chatted, not daring to disturb the peace that enveloped the office.


In the room their boss had sat anxiously waiting only a few moments prior, he now rested with a rare smile.


“What’s he saying?” Asking Song Rong.


“I can’t make out much,” Yong Ren replied, “something about… a cat?”


“A cat?” His co-worker echoed, “What the heck?”


“I have no idea. Oh shi- we still have to close that dispute!”


As the pair of idiots ran around trying to get their work done, their boss sat leisurely next to his neighbor.


“Xiao Bai is sneaking off to your house more and more.” Yuelou chuckled.


“Yes,” Said Yuzhi with a smile, “It’s nice to have the company when I come home. I didn’t mean to steal your cat, though.”


“It’s fine,” he replied, relaxing on the couch and propping up his feet, “I understand why he’d want to be with you.”


The man beside him blushed.


“You… thank you?” He turned his head and coughed to his embarrassment, “I suppose you’ll have to come by more often.”


Chen licked his lips, noticing that they felt a lot drier and wow did Jiang Yuelou’s shirt always fit that tightly on him-


Maybe it wasn’t his lips that were dry, but his mouth that felt that way.


Still, he didn’t just miss the gaze that followed every motion he made.


“It’s rare that Dr. Chen would request to meet me. Is there something I can help you with?” The officer asked, not beating around the bush.


The doctor caught his- dry- bottom lip between his teeth.


“I was merely wondering,” he started, voice cautious like he was treading lightly, “if you had enough time to meet me like this, if you could entertain me some more?”


He knew Yuelou paid attention to body language, and also knew all the signs as to what he was implying where there as well.


It didn’t stop the thrill he got when the officer scooted closer, teetering on an edge that was close to dangerous for being at the place they were.


“My, my Dr. Chen,” his voice was airy, teasing, “are you asking what I think you are?”


The man beside him inhaled unsteadily as he continued to inch closer, closer, and closer still, crowing into his space until their breaths were mixing.


“It depends,” he swallowed, “It depends on what you think I’m asking.”


Instead of a reply, he received a deep, passionate kiss.


It was harsh and demanding, intense with pressure as he continued to demand more.


It was just as one could expect Jiangxi Yuelou to kiss.


Chen Yuzhi responded as best he could, maneuvering ever so slightly so that their foreheads wouldn’t bang against each other.


A strong bite to his bottom lip, the sting of pain soothed by a protruding tongue, had him moaning as the kiss deepened.


It was only then, when he was practically in his lover’s lap, that his mind decided to wonder if any prying eyes could see them should they so desire.


Perhaps he was selfish, but he wanted to keep that side of the officer all to himself.


He broke the kiss, despite Yuelou’s attempts to keep it going, but couldn’t escape as easy as he’d hoped.


“Where are you going?” The usually anger-prone man asked, nipping again at his lips in a way that made the doctor want to abandon everything and just beg for it right then and there, “If you go I might have to… hold it against you.”


He didn’t directly say ‘punish’, but the implication was there and it only served as more fuel to go and close the blinds.


Despite the cries of protest, he did just that, climbing back into his lovers lap as quickly as he could, where Yuelou held him there possessively.


“I see. You wanted to make things private, hm?” A kiss ghosted against the very corner of his jaw near his ear, the warm exhale’s of the officer making him shiver, “It’s too bad you’re still in trouble.”


Chen shifted, pushing closer.


“Have I… been bad?” He asked finally, making sure to flash the puppy eyes he knew could make Yuelou melt, “I don’t want to be bad.”


His lover sighed, the feeling near his sensitive skin lighting it up with goosebumps, “If you do exactly what I tell you, I might think about forgiving you.”


The doctor nodded eagerly.


“Then, on your knees on the floor.”


He scrambled to do what he was told, the floor of the office feeling cold despite him still wearing pants.


It was so much, so daring, doing something when there were so many people outside.


It didn’t stop his already half-hard dick to twitch at the thought, though.


The thought of everyone knowing just how much he belonged to Yuelou.


His lover pressed his foot forward, tilting his jaw and forcing him to look into his eyes.


“I think you know what to do.”


Yuzhi hesitated, “This…”


“I cleaned them before, if that’s what you’re wondering.” The officer replied, and Chen almost groaned at the implication that he had been expecting thisc “You know what to say, yes?”


“Of course, sir.” He responded, breathing uneven as he pressed the first soft kiss against the leather.


They were nice boots, practical and seemingly very new.


He appreciated them when Jiang Yuelou was wearing them, yes, but in this situation they seemed a whole lot nicer.


“S-sir.” He whimpered when his lover raised his foot higher, making it more difficult for him to do what was asked without struggling to breath.


“What? Get on with it.” His lover’s tone of voice made it sound like he had all the time in the world, like he was merely allowing Yuzhi this experience.


It was hot, almost painfully so.


“Yes…” he responded, continuing to trail his tongue, the lean leather leaving an odd taste in his mouth as he felt himself getting even harder.


He could tell the same thing was happening with Jiang even if he couldn’t see it, since the sound of his sped up breathing was enough of a clue.


“You’re doing well, so well.” He praised, “I guess you can have a small reward, but you’re not forgiven just yet.”


Yuzhi nodded again, as much as he could at least.


“I want- I want to look.” He managed to croak out.


“Of course.”


He dropped his leg, allowing for Chen to look up at him through his eyelashes.


Even if he had his worries about doing such a thing in public, in Yuelou’s workplace no less, he had to admit that seeing his flushed face while he looked down at him, breathing hard and heavy while his dick strained uncomfortably in the confines of his pants…


It was undeniably the most sexy thing Chen Yuzhi had ever seen.


He squirmed a little, legs and knees feeling a little fuzzy from resting his weight on them so long.


“Now,” Jiang Yuelou instructed, “Unbuckle my belt, and I’ll help you tie your hands.”


Never mind.


There was no way to be nervous after that.

Chapter Text

Dai Ou Wen had never been the kind of person to branch out.

He tended to take what he could, whatever was given to him, no questions asked.

That was just how love happened when it came to his relationships.

But then there was Mark.

He was demanding, yes, but he also knew how to ask.

How to ask for more, to make sure he was okay.

He’d even convinced Ou Wen to ask for things himself .

He never asked for things.

He was so used to doing whatever he could to please the other party that he’d forgotten about his own tastes entirely.

Which brought him to that day.

That day, where Mark was supposed to be out on a work trip, and wouldn’t get home for many hours.

That day, where a package had shown up containing some very simple things.

Things that he would likely be too scared to tell anyone he owned ever, even if he trusted Mark Lee more than the universe itself.

Because asking for things so new.

Too new, in fact, that he had no idea to go about it.

Let alone to bring the kinds of thing he’d always wanted to try up.

He knew he had to work on it, had to build up the confidence and the courage that everyone assumed he possessed.

He’d molded himself to fit what he craved desperately to have as his outside exterior, perhaps to make up for the lack thereof when it really came down to it.

Which was why we was there.

Huffing into the pillows, unable to see what he was doing because of a blindfold but knowing something was going right because fuck did it feel nice.

He was actually incredibly glad Mark wouldn’t be home for a while.

He doubted he’d ever be able to like down if he ever heard the obscene way he was moaning.

It was actually rather embarrassing, but he was too busy prepping himself to care.

The brand new lube he’d bought laid next to him on the bed, the smell of strawberry still lingering from the lid which was uncapped.

Perhaps it was not only the scene in which this probably was, or how much he enjoyed it, but instead that he kept repeating his lover’s name.

He felt guilty, wrong even, to be chanting a mantra of Mark, mark, mark, as he worked himself open on the sheets of their shared bed.

Perhaps it was because he was there to see, wasn’t there to hear and make sure Ou Wen felt worthy or at least was too preoccupied with the smell of his cologne to think about it.

That familiar scent of pumpkin still lingered on the bedding that he was pressed to close against, making it feel as though he were a little closer.

It was dangerous, the thought of Mark being the one to do this to him, the idea of finally getting to live out his wildest fantasies.

Sure, they weren’t exactly vanilla, but for someone with self-confidence lower than a nerdy freshman in a school notorious for it’s amazing football team it wasn’t all that easy to just say what he wanted.

Could anyone just casually mention, ‘Hey so uh- can you maybe choke me and fuck me so hard I can’t think while I also can’t see? Thanks, love you lots’.

Still, the image lingered, and he liked it a bit too much, even if he didn’t want to admit that.

It was all too much.

It was too much, yet not enough, and he chased the feeling of his fingers that were roughly spreading himself apart.

Rutted into the friction of his hand that wasn’t occupied.

His lips had seen better days, bitten so harshly when he tried to keep himself silent out of embarrassment.

It didn’t work, obviously, so he tried his best to muffle himself with the pillows out of courtesy for their neighbors.

Their .

It was still so odd, referring to things in the plural form, even after dating for so long.

Hell, they weren’t just dating, they were fucking engaged!

It made his head spin and his heart swell and his throat clog up with all the emotions he wished he could put into words.

There was no way to describe the sheer amount of love, of care, of genuine compassion he held for that man.

The man who was going to be his life partner, who was willing to work through any challenge if it meant their hands could remain laced together when they walked to the store and the whispered I love you’s when they went to bed wouldn’t fade.

It was unreal.

It was so unreal, how much his heart simply shined whenever he overheard Mark’s name.

Whenever he listened to the playback of his voice while checking his messages, hearing him laugh mid-sentence at whatever cheesy words he’d been spewing.

Whenever he kissed him, whether it was deep, long, and passionate or soft and chastise.

As much as he adored them both, with his current predicament and aching hardness he really wished if he could feel one of the deeper ones.

He’d take whatever he could get, of course, because he wasn’t prude.

But at the current moment, whatever he could get was nothing, because Mark wasn’t home and all he had was the ghost of the many touches they’d shared.

It was only two days.

Only one night- almost two since he’d be back some time at two in the morning- of tossing and turning as he waited for the empty space beside him to be filled by that wonderful warm presence.

It was only one night that he would have to fall asleep cold and lonely, the sound of recorded messages playing throughout the room.

It didn’t stop him from longing, though, no matter how silly it was.

When had he grown so attached?

He’d never been like that towards anyone else.

Perhaps that was just a part of Mark’s charms.

“Fuck- fuck- Ah!” He moaned, back arching as he pressed his fingers deeper, spread his legs wider.

It wasn’t as good as he’d dreamed, not when the fingers were his, but it served as a good enough fuel towards his imagination.

“You couldn’t even wait for me to get home?” A voice echoed through the room, shattering that sense of ‘well, it’s okay since he’s not here’ that came with being alone.

Being unheard.

“Mark? When- when did you come back?!” He questioned, hating how his dick twitched in his hand at the humiliation of being caught like that.

“Not too long ago,” the hair stylist replied, voice deeper than normal.

Ou Wen wanted nothing more than to bury himself into the ground, even if he couldn’t see anything.


But his voice, it was rough.

Like he… like Mark enjoyed finding him like this.

Like he found it arousing.

“God, Ou Wen, you have no idea how hot you look.” He groaned, his voice sounding almost like a sigh, “I can’t believe you were doing this without me.”

“I-I’m sorry.” He apologized.

The ‘love expert’ had paused what he was doing, yes, but never moved from his position, so when he shifted just slightly he felt his fingers press against his prostate again, and let out an involuntary moan.

Fuck .” Mark said simply, breathless, and wait a minute was he enjoying this, “Can- can I join you?”

With a bit of nervous hesitation, Ou Wen nodded.


The sound of things getting thrown places, which took a minute to register in his hazy brain as probably being Mark’s clothes, and suddenly the mattress beside him was dipping.

“Baby, I know you’re probably embarrassed, but do you want to keep going?” Mark, the ever caring boyfriend asked.

Who was he to not want to keep going?

The knowledge that Mark was sitting there, watching as he touched himself, observing every single thing he did to himself-

It was better than anything his mind could have cooked up.

Slowly, as if worried he was going to break the moment they were having, he rocked his fingers again.

“Ah- Mark, mark.” He panted, back arching once more.

The man he kept crying for was sitting beside him, and Ou Wen guessed he was feeling breathless.

“Have you- have you been thinking of me this whole time?” He asked, voice barely above a whisper, hands trailing the line of his back that only served to make Ou Wen louder.

“Yes.” He nodded, “You. Only you.”

Mark inhaled sharply.


He did so at once, despite whining at the loss of stimulation and the ache of his hard cock.

Mark flipped him, kissing him hungrily.

“Is that why you’re wearing the blindfold?” He questioned between kisses.

“Mn.” The Love Is Science employee replied with an affirmative nod.

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck . Dai Ou Wen. You really don’t know how goddamn hot you are.” His praise continued as he left mark after mark across his lover’s open skin, “What else have you been hiding? When did you even get this stuff?”

Ou Wen rocked his hips forward, groaning and tilting his head back when his dick came in contact with Mark’s still confined by the thin fabric of his boxers.

Fabric that was soon flung across the room.

“Just today.” He explained, “It came today. I didn’t know you’d be home so soon.”

The hairdresser continued to kiss him senseless, drawing out even more noises.

“We were faster than we thought. Came back early.” He searched around for the lube, and Ou Wen could hear his breath catch again when he happened across the label.

“What do you want me to do, baby?” He asked, leaning to peck his boyfriend’s cheek.

“I want you in me .”

“Say no more.”

Chapter Text

  It shouldn’t be a surprise, really.

Not after being together so long.

Not after feeling those hands intertwined with his own, or hearing the sound of his voice, low and rough and needy, whispering in his ear.

But still, it came as one.

It came as too much of a surprise, really, so much so that he’d been ready to take Pure right then and there.

All for more explanation, if you will.

You see, Folk was a simple man.

A simple man who’d been together with his wonderful, amazing, loveable partner for over 2 years.

A simple man who felt himself melt at even the tiniest of smiles, or the too quiet sounds of oncoming laughter.

And he’d still not been prepared when Pure walked out of the bedroom sleepily, hands rubbing at his eyes that were still filled with that post-sleep, just woke up haze.

It was adorable.

But what took his breath away the most was the shirt he adorned, fitting decently at the arms but way too long and too baggy to be one of his own.

At first he was confused, too enthralled and captivated by his lover’s natural cuteness during the morning.

And then the realization dawned on him, hard and fast, so fast in fact that he almost dropped the remote on his foot.

“Fuck!” He yelped, moving away just in time.

“Well… that’s a way to say good morning.” Replied his lover with his groggy, newly awoke kind of voice that always made poor Folk’s heart beat faster.

Of course, his eyes wandered despite himself, and then he was hit with the knowledge that the sleeves were also much too long for Pure, and covered a large portion of his hands.

He felt like he was going to burst, keeping all of the emotions that swelled deep in his heart after over two years of knowing such a man.

It might be funny to some, how long it took for this sight to be beheld, but you can’t exactly blame them.

Pure just had a knack for remembering his own clothes and finding where they were even when flung half-way across the room.

So for him to do this, to willingly choose to wear his own clothing because he could have just as easily found his own-

It was a lot.

It was more than a lot, it was a fuck ton of a lot.

He swallowed, mouth suddenly feeling very dry, and willed himself to turn away.

“Sorry,” he patted the side of the couch next to him as an offering, “come watch something with me?”

His lover padded over, and Folk tried not to think about how lovely he looked and how much he wanted nothing more than to take him on the couch.

He really did try, but it seemed his brain would not cooperate.

Instead, it was merely stuck.

Or more accurately, bouncing all over the place with ideas and images that Folk never thought he’d ever be able to think up.

Sure, they weren’t vanilla.

They were far from it, in fact, what with Pure’s extensive knowledge on all things sexual and all.

He tried his best not to let the sting of knowing he’d never be the one to teach his lover anything get to him, and instead focused on the head resting on his shoulder and just how nice it felt.

Still, he’d never thought that seeing Pure like this, so fragile and beautiful and amazing, in a thin long-sleeve shirt that belonged to him would cause so much to change.

If he were a computer, perhaps this kind of sight would equate to a virus.

He’d also be overheating, but considering how much he was probably blushing, it seemed both versions of himself were able to do so.

“Haah…” Pure sighed, tugging on Folk’s arm in order to become the center of his attention once more.

Like he wasn’t the center of it always, even during times where he had been far away and should’ve been out of sight, out of mind, but Folk’s mind was a filthy haven of worship for this idiot man.

He smiled up at him with the same adorable, sweet smile he always had that made the poor dentistry student want to protect him from the cold, hard truth of the world and wreck him all the same.

It was exhilarating, and it was easy, getting lost in the sight of that beautiful smile.

Pure always seemed to wear it, always seemed to indulge his desires whenever he felt like he particularly needed it and even when he didn’t but was still pleasantly accepting the view. 

How could anyone not accept such a view, as shining and wonderful and beautiful as it was?

A part of him, the selfish part of him, wanted to hide him from the world and keep him solely to himself.

But what kind of earth could function without its sun, bright and shining and beautiful in its grandeur?

So he’d deal and he’d allow.

He’d share what he needed to and keep certain parts, certain aspects, to himself.

Such as this part.

Just like this aspect.

“I don’t want to watch this.” He complained.

Folk cocked a brow.

“Then what do you want to watch?” He questioned, using the remote that had thankfully not caused him an injury to flip through the different channels.

Oh god, what if it had?

That’d have been an embarrassing story.

Well, at least he’d be more fun at parties.

“Hmm…” his boyfriend hummed, hand trailing dangerously up his leg, sliding in the space between the two of them, “I was thinking something a little more exciting. You know babe, something more?”

Folk wasn’t an idiot.

He understood flirting when he saw it, and especially when he experienced it thanks to the exact idiot speaking.

Sometimes he was just too dumb or too cheesy, and they’d laugh and trade soft kisses and keep doing whatever it was they were doing.

And other times, times like this, he’d be caught off guard.

He’d stumble and blush and Pure would cheer because he’d been successful and that was how it always went.

“Something more?” Folk repeated, like a question, in order to share that the implications of the sentence had been seen, “What might you have in mind, sunshine?”

He called him sunshine because that was what he was.

To folk, he was the brightest ray of sunshine, the biggest star in his small little galaxy, in his small little universe.

Pure let him, because he was good like that.

Incredibly good.

Too good.

He was so-

So caring.

So feeling.

So loving.

The idea that someone had done something, had broken his heart, had spurred him down that dark path that eventually led to the two of them ending up together both brought forth immense sadness and made his blood boil.

How dare someone hurt him?

How could someone hurt him?

Pure, who was just as good as his name but maybe not as innocent?

“Something like…” he tapped his fingers to his chin in mock thought, still hung up on the excuse that nothing was any different than any other time they watched TV, “you?”

Folk smiled, trying his best to hide it.

His boyfriend was so cute .

Too cute, too adorable, and too goddamn seductive.

He really wanted to focus on the new episode of his favorite show, but how could he when Pure was teasing so nicely, so well?

“Unless you want to watch me, of course.” Pure added.

And yep, that was all he needed.

Fuck this, fuck watching TV, fuck Pure.


Because where this was going, that was what he was bound to do.

What way, what position, that was entirely up to his lover.

That was one of the many things they had agreed upon, from the start.

Folk, having the lesser of knowledge, had been eager to be shown the ropes.

But when they’d first tried it, letting Folk be the one to do things, it…

Well, certain things were discovered.

Certain things being how fast Pure came, loud and needy, curling around the fingers inside him as Folk watched with awe.

He started to realize how much Pure enjoyed seeing-

Their height difference.

It was a little odd at first.

Maybe even slightly intimidating, the idea of towering over the person he loved so dearly.

But when it made him whine so pretty, when he looked so needy and desperate pinned with his wrists flat above his head on the wall, all those thoughts abandoned him.

He looked so hot, so attractive, so beautiful like that, coming with a desperate whine while bucking his hips forward to chase whatever friction he could receive.

Thus, they started playing around with it more and more, and discovering more and more little by little.

Just like then, just like before, and probably like in the future.

“You look so hot in my clothes,” Folk admitted, voice sounding labored and breathless, “I want to fuck you till you scream. While still wearing the shirt.”

He felt his lover’s dick twitch in his palm.

“Please, fuck , please.” Pure begged, a drawn out whine as his back arched and his eyes fluttered closed in a way that was both captivating and stunning, a way that only fueled his partner’s arousal.

So, Folk did.

He did exactly that.

Because when Pure asks, he delivers.

And he be damned if he didn’t want to do so just as bad.

Chapter Text

When it happened it was an accident.

A series of coincidences, of things all building up the pressure until he finally cracked.

Han Joo Won had a carefully crafted image.

A mask, if you will, that he wore every day until it became a part of himself.

A mask of indifference, a mask that hid all emotion until it got rid of them completely.

But then he had met Lee Dongsik.

And then everything had changed, changed so quickly and so fast, so fast that the inspector could barely keep up with it.

He’d got caught up in everything, in the rush and the hurt and the anger and the feelings .

He’d never felt more of anything than chasing after this man, this man who was his partner, this man who he’d started to want nothing more than to shove against the nearest wall and shut him up in ways too vulgar for you to hear of.

It was wrong of him, incredibly so, but that was what this whole thing was right?


It was wrong for that mask to slip.

For it to crack.

For someone like that, so easily deflective, who seemed to be three steps ahead always, to exist.

And one day it had all came to a head.

One day he’d slipped up, when it all became too much and a chunk of his mask chipped and crumbled, and he’d been left to deal with the aftermath.

But this is not about what came after.

This is not about the complications and the heart break, nor is it about the stress or the love that grew from the ashes of a well-crafted tragedy.

No, this is about that time, that time he’d snapped, and how it had happened.

“Well, well. Seems like you’re a little more riled up than usual, inspector Han.” Dongsik had teased, the words rolling off his tongue in a way that seemed so incredibly effortless.

It infuriated him.

It also made him want to know the taste of that tongue, how it would feel on his own, how it would feel against his skin despite how dirty and germ-inducing it was.

He pretended that the second feeling, one that flashed to the front of his mind before being hurried deep inside of him, did not exist.

He would never think too much about those thoughts- couldn’t, if he wanted to keep some semblance of sanity.

His toes curled in his boots despite this.

“Just drive.” He demanded, attempting to brush past the older idiot in front of him.

A hand on his shoulder stilled him, the warm presence keeping him in place as willed his breath not to hitch.

He inhaled a strong scent of cigarettes and what seemed to be a cheap gas station shampoo.

He pretended not to notice.

He pretended not to want with a deep passion to smell the scent even closer, to live in a moment where it could linger on his clothes, on his sheets, on him -

Deep eyes bore into his own.

It felt like being taken apart.

It should have felt worse than it did, and even if Joo Won knew why it was another thing he pretended not to notice.

“Well, Joo Won-ah, that’s not a very kind way to treat your partner is it?” He cocked a brow, his normal sly smile on his face as his head tilted to the side ever so slightly.

It’s just teasing.

Playful teasing meant to ruffle his feathers even more.

Meant to dig under his skin and scoop up any reactions it could receive.

Despite the clear thoughts in mind, his mouth did not heed the warnings.

His heart did not stop it’s beating from getting faster.

“I have never been a kind person.”

He made no attempt to move.

His partner made no attempt to yield.

They were stuck in a statemate, eyes locked on eyes, drowning in the overwhelming presence of each other.

The tension, thick and crushing as it always was, should not have felt different.

But perhaps it was the atmosphere.

Perhaps it was the humidity.

Perhaps it was the case.

The case that was leading nowhere, the proof of the man in front of him that should exist not being there.

Perhaps it had been that day, long and taxing, waking up at the crack of dawn to insistent dreams following an exact scenario like that one, working hard only to them have to go back out again.

Whatever it was…

He broke.

Broke his code, broke his mask, broke that little bubble of space that kept them at a distance, that kept them from making a move and fucking their entire dynamic up.

Whatever snarky words Dongsik had gathered up to retort drowned, muffled against Joo Won’s hungry lips.

He wanted, he wanted, he craved.

He craved this for god knows how long, and it was happening, it was finally, finally happening.

The realization of what he had done, the realization that he had just kissed a man, this man, a man he suspected was a murder and had accused him of being one, his partner, dawned on him in horrifying clarity as soon as the deed had been carried out.

This was not some dream, some fantasy his head played out that he ended up getting off to in the shower, guilt and shame hiding in a corner of his heart as he came to the image of someone like that.

No, this was real.

Real life, physically happening, about to shift their dynamic in a million different ways.

This was in manyang, completely in the open, in front of a fucking police station.

He hated the thrill that racked up his spine in place of all the other, better things he could have felt.

Dongsik was stuck still, silent, and for a dreadful yet understanding moment he believed he was about to be shoved away and possibly get something filed against him for workplace harassment.

It wouldn’t be too bad.

At least he wouldn’t get hit or something, because even if he was a murder suspect that didn’t seem very much his style.

More shockingly, instead of what the inspector had in mind, he kissed back.

He seemed to boot up, seemed to ignite like a flame, kissing back with an equal passion.

Their lips danced against one another, kissing and kissing and kissing until they were flush against each other, stumbling backwards onto the patrol car that was parked under a tree.

Away from people, from prying eyes, in a spot where no one would be able to see what was going on.

The realization made his stomach flip.

It was a lot more than he anticipated, actually kissing Lee Dongsik.

He should never have found that out in the first place, should never have wanted it in the first place, but the truth that it was even better was still in the back of his mind nonetheless.

Suddenly, all too quickly, he realized that if his partner wasn’t going to do it, he should be the one to pull away and move on.

He should stop and pretend it never happened even if it did and even if he’d never live it down.

But then those beautiful, soft, intoxicating lips parted, a silent plea for more, and then all self control flew out the window.

They were breathing heavily when Joo Won pulled back, startled at the new feeling.

The sight before him was a lot to handle; 

Dongsik standing by the car, lips more red than normal and glossier with a spit he realized was probably his own, his eyelids fluttering open when he realized that they weren’t continuing.

And that whine, that sweet, sweet, beautiful whine he had made when the inspector pulled back.

It made him drive right in instead of pushing away as he should’ve.

The forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest, right?

No wonder it felt so good.

No wonder he was kissing like he was starving.

No wonder he was chasing that dizzying taste that was so incredibly Dongsik, tongue invading his mouth and worries about the closeness or the zero amount of cleanliness completely wiped from his mind.

As they- he realized very crudely- made out, they continued backwards as his hands curled around wrists.

The confined until the car was about to get the way, and then for some reason he decided to roughly shove his partner against it.

The strangled noise that Joo Won realized a few seconds later after the initial haze was rewarding enough for a century, and since he had already taken so much he might as well try to hear it some more.

So he let his hands wander, one trailing down his sides and waist until they came to rest at his hips and push them down harshly on the car, while the other stayed in place holding his hands above his head.

“Joo Won-Ah-” he gasped, head falling back and hitting the car as well, and if he hadn’t been so affected and so desperate for the roughness his partner might have taken a second to worry if he was okay.

Well, it seemed like this was a turn of events.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t the best idea.

But, to be fair, had any of their ideas been good and well-thought out?

Zhan Yao doubted it.

He’d known Bai Yutang since they were kids, so really, could not doubt it?

The man had the brains of a five year old from the very beginning.

He had no idea what he’d signed up for when they first met-

Years of constant rivalry, pushing to do better.

And somewhere along the way the heat of desire ignited, the passion of longing and love began.

He’d escaped it, for a while, but then the S.C.I. was created and all of it became much more than he could handle.

Maybe it was the rush of the rivalry that caused that low curl of heat in his stomach.

Maybe it was the subtleties, the natural protectiveness and instinctual back-and-forth, that made his heart ache just so whenever that idiot white mouse was in danger.

Maybe it was those eyes, dark and deep and beautiful, eyes that drew him in every time, the unspoken challenge of wondering who will look away first was too addictive to turn away from.

Something about that gaze, that piercing gaze, made him feel stripped bare even with multiple layers on.

He felt seen, seen as no one could ever have seen him before, in a way that should feel bad but it’s Yutang so how could it feel bad?

Because the reality was that no matter how idiotic his mouse was, he was also both incredibly brave and willing to sacrifice himself to keep other people safe.

And that was the problem, was it not?

That the thought of it made his heart squeeze, made him want nothing more than to tackle the idiot and kiss him long and deep until he understood just how much that scared him.

He could get mad at Yutang.

Why make him feel that way?

Why be so selfless despite acting like the complete opposite?

Why have those beautiful eyes, that wondrous smile, that alluring voice?

Why make him feel in a way he’d never felt for anyone else?

“Dr. Zhan,”  Bai Yutang called, voice mixed with it’s normal dose of tease, “could you explain that using real words?”

The psychologist glared at him from across the conference table they always used for team meetings.

“What I mean is that, if presented with the correct factors, it very well could have been the father.” He explained, saying each word carefully.

“No way! He’s the least likely person in the entire case, I’ve already triple checked that.” 

Internally, Zhan Yao sighed.

This was going to be another dumb argument, wasn’t it?

“Which is why we should be keeping an eye on him! The least suspicious person is one of the most suspicious.” He argued back.

“I’ve already checked multiple times. He’s busy planning his daughter’s funeral and trying to pay off medical expenses, do you really think he could have killed multiple women?” The S.C.I. leader asked.

The rest of the team watched quietly, daring to whisper to each other occasionally.

“Still, he was one of the only people who would’ve had access to the storage closet during the time of each murder.” The psychologist continued.

With annoyance, he licked his dry-feeling lips, biting down on them just slightly as he thought of a way to convince his rival-turned-friend.

Yutang turned away, coughing into his hand, “Fine then. Ma Han, keep an eye on him.”

No more fighting?

No more arguing?


It was an odd, one time occurrence.

It had to be.

Zhan Yao had known this idiot for a long, long time and that was one of the first times he’d willingly conceded.

It felt wrong almost, to win that easy, to have his way without so much pushing.

But everything seemed to be normal.

He tried not to notice the way his ‘rival’s eyes continued to linger on his lips.

He did not let himself get foolish ideas as to why.

This was forbidden territory.

He was a detective, a functional adult man.

He could not spend his time fantasizing about things that could never come to pass.

But then there was another time.

It was outside of work, for once, and they had met purely by accident.

“Kitty, do you really have to follow me all the time?” Yutang whined, leaning on the Ferris wheel cart’s wall.

Zhan Yao, seated across from him, rolled his eyes.

“I should be the one saying that.” he shot back, “Really, I can’t go anywhere without you tailing behind me.”

“That’s not true! It’s you who always ends up where I’m going.” His rival-turned-friend huffed.

“That sounds like an excuse to me.” Zhan quipped, “We’re here now, in any case. Just enjoy the view.”

With that, silence creeped into the atmosphere, dissolving the rest of their conversation.

He watched as Yutang leaned back a little more in his seat, eyes looking through the window intently.

He looked a little more vulnerable, like that.

Zhan Yao could see a multitude of different emotions flash through his eyes that continued to roam the scenery from so high up.

Only then did he realize how thin the shirt Bai Yutang was wearing actually was, how much bigger and more comfortable it was than his other clothes.

How it was much looser, showing a lot more of the delicate skin of his neck.

Suddenly, their compartment felt much, much smaller.

His throat felt much, much dryer.

And then the officer looked back at him, expression much softer than normal, and it made the poor psychologist’s heart squeeze.

His eyes flitted to lips so much closer to his than normal.

What would it be like, what would it feel like, if they were on his own?

He swallowed, ignoring his mind that seemed to scream about those eyes tracking the bob of his throat, a senseless voice telling him that maybe, just maybe, Yutang might want him too.

And before he could say anything, do anything, the S.C.I. leader looked away.

He forced himself to know that his ears weren’t pink with embarrassment.

It was simply the lighting of the Ferris wheel cabin.

It happened more often after that, conversations and natural squabbling eventually breaking off by Yutang making some sort of excuse to run away, ears having that same shade of red.

His mind, a traitorous being, kept at its selfish whispers.

‘He finds you attractive ’ his brain supplied, when Jiang Ling had made some off-hand comment about him being even more attractive in light colors.

All because the idiot mouse had gone and replied, without thinking, “Of course he does, he looks good in everything.”

He wants to keep you for himself ’ it had said, of its own volition.

It had been when they were together in Yutang’s apartment, him parading the psychologist with questions when he mentioned he’d already had dinner with someone else.

He wants you ’ it had repeated, chanted like a mantra, repeated like an echo as he tried to fall back asleep after waking up from a dream that left him hot and bothered.

It was hard.

Too hard, in fact, as the feelings began to be too much.

The pressure began to build until he was crushed under the weight of it.

Those beautiful eyes were on him now- had been all day- as intoxicating and maddening as always.

Zhan sat, feeling glued to the seat in the chair of Yutang’s office, pretending he was still reading after skimming over the same page for the eighth time.

He would look up, from time to time, when he knew the S.C.I. Leader wasn’t paying attention.

But he had to stop once his gaze stayed fixed upon him as if he were the only person in the world.

It was almost terrifying, how half an hour had gone by and yet he never tried to speak.

The sound of the page flipping cut through the silence of the office, but it did not break, nor did his childhood friend’s gaze shift.

He just sat there.


As if daring Zhan Yao to make the next move.

So, he did.

“Mouse, is there a reason you’re ogling me in broad daylight?” He questioned, willing himself not to look up and find out what those eyes looked like when Yutang heard his voice.

Said S.C.I. Leader rolled his eyes, scoffing.

“You wish,” he replied, yet his gaze failed to waver still, “cat, do you really think I can’t see what you’re doing?”

“What am I doing?” Zhan asked innocently, the words falling upon his ears and feeling a little louder than normal in the near-silent office.

Finally, finally, he gave up the fight and allowed himself to look-

Just as that gaze sharpened into a glare, the image making his heart quicken its pace.

“Don’t act like you don’t know.” Bai Yutang huffed, leaning forward even more in the seat, dark eyes attempting to burn a hole in his head or something, “You’ve been doing it for weeks.”

“It? What are you talking about?” Asked the psychologist, shutting the book after a long time of not paying attention to it.

“Teasing me.” He stated, as if that did something other than make everything even more confusing.

Zhan Yao paused.

“Teasing you? I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about, Detective Bai Yutang.” The name rolled off of his tongue, the teasing hint to it apparent, even if he truthfully didn’t understand what the other man meant.

He was allowed to have fun, no?

“Just like that!” Yutang exclaimed, “You’ve done it again, and again, and again , and I’ve had it. I’ve had it- trying to stop myself, trying to keep myself in check despite everything you’ve been doing.”

The words made his childhood friend tilt his head in a worried confusion as Yutang drew nearer.

“You keep licking your lips. All the time. And swallowing like some sort of starved animal! Not to mention chewing your pen, running your hands through your hair, sighing and tilting your head back like that- and looking effortlessly… hot while doing it.”


Oh that was a lot.

That was a lot different than he’d anticipated.

He leaned in, closer still, so close that the breath of the words could be felt by the psychologist, so close that he could look right into those dark eyes, “You can punch me if you hate it.”

And that was all the warning he got before Bai Yutang was kissing him, hard.

Pressing him against the chair while doing so, abandoning all self-control, tongue already teasing his bottom lip.

That was all it took for Zhan Yao to snap as well.

It was something so long in the making though, was it not?

As he kissed back with equal fervour, hands tangling themselves in the S.C.I. leader’s hair, wet open-kisses being shared, it felt as though they had been made to fit against each other.

Call him a sap.

He’d been waiting fourteen years for the moment, he could take a goddamn second to be sappy.

When they broke apart, his eyes fluttered open, revealing a flushed Bai Yutang still pinning him to the seat, panting heavily and brushing away the string of saliva from their not-so-innocent kisses.

He had half the mind to realize that that was no level of appropriateness, during work hours and in his office of all places or times.

Too bad that wasn’t the mind that was being cared for.

“Mouse…” Zhan Yao trailed, as wordless as he was breathless.

“Cat. Cat I- I-” he leaned forward, pressing his face between the crook of his neck, as if the psychologist were someone he wanted to be close to just as much, “You kissed back.”

“I did.” 

“So then you-”

“I do.”

And it was as simple as that.

Before he knew it, he was melting into another searing kiss, pressed even closer to the man that was practically on top of him in his lap, and rational thought was of a completely different dimension.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea.

But sometimes the best things come from the worst start, so who was to say?

Chapter Text

It was entirely Urabe’s fault.

Everything was happening because of his idiotic idea of buying stockings as a gag gift.

What? It was funny! ” He’d said when Adachi glared at him.

They’d been a present for his twenty ninety birthday, and they’d since been forgotten.

However, what Adachi didn’t realize was that he was going to have a boyfriend- Kurosawa Yuichi, his boyfriend - nor did he realize that boyfriend was going to need to look in his closet one day, and coincidentally discover the bag with the unused gift sitting at the bottom of said closet.

It was utterly mortifying, and he’d wished the ground could have swallowed him whole.

Or maybe he didn’t, because then he wouldn’t have witnessed what came next.

“These- what are these?” He’d asked, breathless, when he’d pulled them out of the bag.

“…stockings. Urabe got them for me, a-as a joke of course! He wouldn’t return them.” The office worker explained, gaze traveling to the floor with embarrassment and mixed in a little shame.

He should have just tossed them.

However, when he chanced a glance up, he noticed that wait- wait, was his boyfriend blushing ?

His perfect, not-so-perfect, shining, popular boyfriend was blushing?

It wasn’t as if he’d never done it before, but it could never stop being adorable.

Not for as long as Adachi Kiyoshi lived to see it.

“I see.” He replied, pretending he didn’t sound winded, nor that his voice might’ve been just a slight bit higher, as he put the clothes back on the floor of the closet.

His gaze lingered as the two of them left, and Adachi’s eyes followed it as he stared at the closet one more time.

He had hoped, internally, that it would only be a one-time thing.

That the amazing Kurosawa wouldn’t think anything of it, and things would go back to normal.

However, life never seemed to follow his plans, did it?

And so, a month later, his 31st birthday rolled around.

Had it really been a whole year since the Yuichi fiasco happened?

Since his life had changed so much? 

He could barely remember what it was like before, yet it felt only a few days ago all the same.

Somehow, news of asshole Urabe’s old gift had reached the ears of the lovely Fujisaki.

She was never one to pry or play tricks, but in a funny sporadic moment while shopping, she happened to find a pair of stockings that she felt would look just wonderful on his co-worker turned friend.

Okay, maybe that was a little awkward.

But sue her if you must, she just happened to take note of his unfairly nice legs.

It’s not a crime right?

And then those had wound up on his desk that morning.

Poor Adachi.

There was no escape from embarrassment was there?

And to make matters worse, Kurosawa had been paying attention the whole time.

Even more so after opening the gift.

He’d gotten flustered, blushing furiously as Urabe laughed loudly beside him, and Fujisaki stifled her own chuckles as she apologized and said he could do whatever he wanted with them.

I won’t be offended. ” She explained, “ No need to keep them if you don’t want to.

He had nodded, not trusting his own voice, cheeks flushed a light crimson color.

Kurosawa observed silently from across the office.

And, even later, when the whole thing had passed and work had continued as normal, the office worker still felt his boyfriends gaze on him.

Eyes continued to focus on him, following him through the day.

Even when they ate lunch together like always, there was something off about the way Kurosawa looked.

Nerves beat down of Adachi’s resolve minute by minute, but then he watched his boyfriend lick his lips in slow striped and it finally dawned on him.

He didn’t hate him or think it was weird.

He liked it.

Liked the idea of Adachi in stockings, liked it so much it distracted him, it made the star worker lose focus.

A flair of heat ignited in his lower stomach, and he tried his best to get through the rest of the day without accidentally typing his boyfriend’s name in the middle of writing his documents.

As they walked home together, shoulders pressed together to hide their intertwined hands, he felt the gift adding an extra weight to his bag.

He could see Kurosawa’s eyes flitting to it every now and again too, so they seemed to be on a similar wavelength.

So, perhaps the matter of obtaining it was a little embarrassing.

At least that night, they might truly be put to use.


It turned out, putting them into use was much less hard of a thought than it was of an action.

They’d been close, the crushing sexual tension being almost suffocating at times and especially after dinner.

Kurosawa had whined, something about wanting to take care of him completely, and that he’d listen no matter the request.

Still, he’d somehow managed to squeeze his way into the bathroom to get the dreadful yet oddly arousing garments on, while his boyfriend waited patiently in the bedroom.

Calming his nerves, however, was a whole different story.

Come on, you can do this!

Your boyfriend wouldn’t judge you, even if he didn’t like something.

He carefully steeled himself while staring at his reflection in the mirror, before taking one final deep and shaky breath, making his way to their shared bedroom.

“Kiyoshi, are you alright?” Kurosawa started when he heard the door open, “We don’t have to-”

He cut his own sentence off, falling into a dead silence at the sight of his boyfriend at the door.

Adachi tilted his head to the side, blushing.

“I-it’s probably weird, I’m sorry.” He apologized, attempting to back away.

“Kiyoshi.” His boyfriend called while stepping forward, making him pause, “So you- you knew…?”

He nodded once, a very small nod.

“I didn’t know but, well, I had a hunch?” He explained, looking up with a small, nervous smile.

“God,” The overachiever groaned, “you have no idea how hot you look right now.”

Adachi squeaked, the comment catching him off-guard but not making him feel unpleasant.

In fact, it was quite the opposite.

“You said you’d follow my lead, right?” He asked finally, during a step closer to his still mid-surprise boyfriend, “Then… kiss me.”

And he did.

Kissed him softly, slowly and fleeting, lighter than a feather in the way it seemed only Kurosawa knew how to do.

The way that erupted so many feelings, made him want to laugh or cry or keep kissing for the rest of eternity.

And then it became more, his head tilted back, his lips parted of their own volition.

His boyfriend took it as a sign, and invitation if you will, and Adachi was not dissatisfied.

Their tongues moved together nicely, in a way they’d done so many times before but he could never get enough of.

And before he knew if they were stumbling backwards into the bed, him practically getting pulled on top of his lover.

Legs clothed by the stockings bracketed Kurosawa’s legs in between them, and it seemed as if his partner was not complaining.

They continued, passionate and loving, until Adachi pulled away and tilted his head further, a silent plea for more.

Kurosawa indulged him, of course, because he always did.

It was thrilling, the attention and the love he received from such a wonderful, talented person.

Adachi bathed in it, keened when a tongue lapped at the new love bites blooming on his neck almost apologetically.

He moaned into the feeling, pressing closer to his lover.

Perhaps, even if it were embarrassing, it was certainly not a bad experience.

Not to mention how much Kurosawa enjoyed it.

Best birthday gifts ever .

Chapter Text

He could feel his heart beat heavily, fast in his chest.

His breathing was labored, gaze hazy and unfocused, voice deeper.

He felt hot, hot all around, hot at his cheeks, hot in that clothes that needed to go.

Shi Lei wanted, no he needed, more.

The man on top of him smiled, “What was that?”

Of course, even in a situation like this, his boyfriend would stay ever clear.

As if he wasn’t affected at all.

It shouldn’t have been as hot as it was-

but then again maybe the poor manager was too out of it to think of something he did as not hot.

“I want- I- Yuzhen-” he panted, arching into the mouth leaving wet kisses and newly forming hickies along his neck.

Those would be difficult to cover, wouldn’t they?

But in the moment, he couldn’t find it in himself to care.

Instead, he pulled at the hair one of his hands was clinging to.

“Now, Lei-Lei, you need to use your words.” He, of course, used that moment to trail his hands further, traveling underneath his sweater to map out the warm skin there, “I can’t do what you want unless you tell me.”

Shi Lei whined again, writhing at the attention, but turned his head away in embarrassment.

“I want- Ah- I want you-” he stuttered, words muffled as he threw his shirt across the room, “I want more. More, please?”

And when he asked so nicely, who was Jin Yuzhen to deny?

He continued his pursuit, licking stripes across the other man’s chest as his boyfriend quivered underneath him.

“What do you want?”

“You- just, fuck, anything-” Lei moaned, any former reservations finally abandoned in favor of his aching arousal.

Yuzhen shifted at that, their hips pushing together so dangerously close it hurt.

“You’re doing so well.” He praised openly, “Thank you. For letting me.”

His boyfriend shook his head.

“You don’t need to thank me,” he replied, though his voice sounded winded, “I want you.”

He watched Jin Yuzhen, the man he’d hated once upon a time, got to know, and then fell in love with, shudder.

No matter how many times they did this, no matter how long they were together, it seemed he could never quite let himself believe he could want, and he was wanted in return. 

Shi Lei wanted to make it known how much he wanted this, how he craved it desperately, how he was only like this for Yuzhen and Yuzhen only.

Perhaps it was a little silly.

But when they did this, when they let themselves go until it was only the two of them and their neediness, it made him dizzy with affection.

It made his heart feel full, even if his mind was clouded with lust and eight stories away.

Perhaps it was because of his love.

His love for this man that ran so, so deep, deeper than he’d ever felt love before.

It had been a mess at the beginning-

They’d both had things to deal with, things that had to be dealt with so that they could really love.

But in the end, luck has been kind to the both of them, and they’d made their way in life together ever since.

It had been sheer luck, a wonderful series of actions and effects that lead them to falling in love.

In a way, it was rather poetic.

Something about seeing this person, noticing and challenging them and their flaws from the very beginning, yet still falling for each other anyways, was a pretty wonderful thing.

Hadn’t there been many wonderful things that both came from and related to Jin Yuzhen?

There were too many to count, if he were to be honest.

As they grew closer, more confident in themselves, more confident in their relationships, the unlikely duo worked wonders together.

It was no surprise they managed to get through everything together, even if they still squabbled.

Because, at the end of the day, they loved each other, and they were so understanding of one another the fluff could cause cavities.

By their fourth month together, Bai Xiao Qian was asking when the marriage was going to be announced.

He’d laughed at her then, still too new to everything to even begin to wonder about that.

Yet here, whining and writhing and begging underneath him, Shi Lei’s mind wandered and reached the decision that if it was going to happen, it was going to happen damn soon.

He was competitive, after all.

His boyfriend had been the one to officially get them together, to make them real.

So obviously, he had to be the one to pop to question to even out the scores.

Yes, he’d have to think about that during a time when he was truly in the correct mind.

But that was not this particular situation.

A nibble of the skin against his Adam’s apple had his hips rolling for the first thrust.

A wave of pleasure shot through him, merrily released from the aching pain of his hard-on, and from his boyfriend's expression he had clearly experienced the same thing.

So, he did it again.



With a groan, his head tipped back against the pillows, revealing even more unmarked skin against his neck that Yuzhen gladly took advantage of.

Not that Shi Lei was complaining.

How could he, when the sensations made him cry out loudly, when the rising pressure had finally been given some form of release.

He felt his boyfriend shaking slightly, and worried for a second that he’d overstepped some unspoken boundary.

But instead, Shi Lei found him pushing into the thrusts.

Rolling their hips together in a concentrated motion.

Slowly grinding, goading reactions and watching happily at the payback.

Shi Lei surged upwards, claiming his partner’s mouth again.

“Harder.” He panted in Yuzhen’s ear, “Harder, please .”

And his boyfriend granted the wish because of course he did.

He always did.

He increased the pressure, spending up as they rutted against each other in records abandonment.

And then he felt it pause, felt the waves hault, cried loudly for something, something, anything else that might help.

Then, clothes were being taken off, and then suddenly their hips were thrusting forward again, naked dicks rubbing against each other in a way that created a tantalizingly beautiful image.

It was so, so much.

So wonderful, so perfect, so shameless and yet controlled all the same.

He felt gone, completely and utterly surrendered, especially after an eager hand joined the fray.

Angling their frantinc thrusts.

Helping, hurting, helping.

It was amazing-

No, it was better than amazing.

“Yuzhen- ah- Yuzhen!” He cried again, the name a breathless cry as tears pricked in his eyes.

The pool of arousal building in his lower stomach became so, so much harder to handle, especially when the man growlers back.

“Shi Lei, my darling Shi Lei, my sun.” He too panted the words, left mostly speechless as their breaths melded together due to their close proximity.

It was his downfall every time, those damn pet names.

It felt so wonderful, so vulnerable, and all he had to hear was those words in a teasing way by a certain someone before he was coming in stripes with barely any realization.

Yuzhen came a not more than few moments later, using his partner’s load to help his hand slide more smoothly in a way that made the curtains of arousal slowly start to draw once more.

He willed them back as his boyfriend collapsed next to him, spent, sleepy at the late hour.

“That was…” he trailed.

“Amazing.” his partner finished.

He knew, in a minute, someone would have to get up so they could clean the mess.

He knew that they would cuddle their  cares aways, safe and content under the blankets.

And it was nice.

Because they were together, even after anything.


He could feel his heart beat slow to a calm, resting just like the man beside him, and allowed his eyes to close for a few seconds to blissful relaxation.


Yeah, they’d clean it in a minute.


he could savor the now, just this once.

Chapter Text

There were times when it felt like all was worthless-

He had to admit that.

He was only human, after all, and when it got hard there were bound to be times where giving up sounded better.



But for one reason or another, he managed to push on.

Managed not to crack under the pressure of being a lone shark, of being stuck in a job that left him feeling more hopeless than ever.

It didn’t help that he hadn’t ever gotten a college degree, so it wasn’t as if he could just leave any time he wanted.

And then, one day, another day of darkness, a silly debtor who shined brighter than any star he’d ever seen had stumbled into view.

Song Shi-On, was his name.

They’d met in an unusual circumstance, and later he realized it wasn’t the first time they’d passed each other.

Lady Luck had a silly way of messing with people, didnt she?

So it ended up like this.

It was his final job, or it should have been.

But for some reason he found himself slipping, found his guard was cracking and Shi-On had found every crack and crevice he could to creep in.

His heart and his mind were both dangerous places, kept guarded and safe, yet this silly ballerino had danced his way around every blockade.

Ironic, wasn’t it?

For a man who spent his whole life running away from dreams and a man who spent every fiber of his being trying to achieve them to find a sort of solitude in one another.

Had been dazzled by the man, by his beauty and his talent and his purity.

Before he realized it, he’d fallen.

Fallen harder than he could have ever imagined, in a way that made it so, so painful to leave.

But they’d worked out, in the end.

He’d finally come back to the only person and the only place that ever felt like home.

Nowadays there was some unspoken agreement to wear red during important moments.

Red like the ribbon that bound them together.

It was heartwarming, watching his dark clothes that started in the corner slowly mix in with his lover’s more colorful ones.

Their contrasts were beautiful, in more ways than just that.

They bickered over groceries, TV shows, and shampoo usage, but in the end they always broke out in smiles and laughter.

It was nice, so nice.

But it didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous.

It didn’t mean that those times where he felt worthless disappeared completely.

And sometimes he needed reassurance.

That everything was okay.

That he was loved.

And for some silly reason his boyfriend was more than happy to do that.

Hand rested at his cheek, rubbing gental circled with his thumb.

Reassuring, just as he needed.

He could feel his tears, small and wet, dripping slowly down his face as Shi-On peppered it with kisses.

“Beautiful.” He whispered, and it made his heart clench even if he couldn’t completely believe it, “So, so perfect.”

He did not complain when his lover moved lower, capturing his lips with his own.

“Amazing.” He mumbled in between, pecking until he could see the kiss-bruised sight reflected in his eyes.

He moved down still, nipping at his jaw, his neck, until he pressed a long one to his Adam’s apple.

“Precious. So precious.”

It did not stop, and he slid further and further down.

Hong Seok shook with the emotion of it all, but he did not try to stop him.

A tongue licked a strip before Shi-On bit down on his collar bone.

“Magnificent.” He commented, voice hot on his lover’s skin.


Slowly, he inched a hand underneath his shirt, and worked the buttons open with the other one, continuing his trail after each one unhooked.





He shuddered at the confidence of each word.

How could someone like that, someone like him care this much for what- a former loan shark?

It was shocking, and still so hard to believe.

Even after everything.

The ballerino raised his head slowly, looking up and all too sweet.

It made his heart skip a beat.

“Can I…?” Shi-On trailed, glaze lowering to his lover’s belt.

Jin Hong Seok never realized how lucky he was.

Okay, that might be a lie, he realized it all the time.

But some moments made it more apparent than others.

Moments like this, so open and vulnerable.

He never thought he’d ever come to trust someone so much.

He’d never believed he’d love someone quite like this.

The question made his stomach do flips.

“Yes.” He said, heaving slightly, voice sounding more wrecked than he thought possible, “Please?”

He could hear clearly as it was undone and slid off, as his pants were unzipped tantalizing slowly and were eventually thrown, unceremoniously, on the ground far away.

“You’re so fucking beauteous.” He muttered, kissing up his thigh.

Hong Seok moaned breathlessly, but even in his gaze couldn’t resist such a moment.

“How long did you spend on google?” He asked, though it sounded a lot less like a tewse when his breath hitched and he let out a few ‘ ah- more ’s inbetween.

Shi-on smiled, and then started giggling, which made his lover arch at the feeling but laugh back all the same.

“A while.” He replied, leaning up to peck his lips before dropping down once more, “Only the best for you, my love.”

And the words made him shiver even more, because part of him didn’t doubt it.

It made him feel special.

Like he was someone worth putting in effort for.

He was in love, no doubt about it.

No matter how you phrased it, the end result was the same.

But the most shocking part was not that.

Not when it was Song Shi-On.

A wonderful, beautiful man who’d all but trapped his heart.

A man who deserved all the love in the world and then even more.

No, the most shocking part was not the gravity of his feelings, nor the impact that they have had.

Instead, it was that those feelings were reciprocated.

That he could go to grocery stores with him, watch TV with him, and even share a shower.

It was how much luck a man who’d been accustomed to misfortune gained, all starting by a simple bus trip.

“Magnificent. You’re the hottest man I’ve ever met. So, so divine.”

As the night dragged on, and the feelings poured out, his heart felt fuller than it ever had before.

For once, he might forget about his worries, forget about his worth and his cares, and simply get lost in the moment.

And he knew, knew with such certainty, that Shi-On would be there to bring him back once it was done.

Chapter Text

He’d felt it-

That searing hot gaze.

That anger, that frustration, and the hint of something he couldn’t quite place.

He’d assumed they would continue like that forever.

Two people destined to clash, destined to push the limits of what was okay.

He did not think it would be in different cases, though.

He did not think that it would be the polar opposite of before.

Because before, it was anger and annoyance and the kind of frustration you feel for someone who gets on your nerves.

He could sense that much, and was proud about it.

Held his head higher because of it, even if his collar was being grabbed or he was forced to do squats.

But now-

Now it was different.

Now, instead of opposing strangers, they were as close knit as two people could be.

Now, instead of those bad kinds of emotions they morphed into something good .

Something that made his toes curl, that quickened his breath, that made him look forward to the punishments because they entailed so much pleasure with the pain.

He was heady sometimes, with the rush of it.

Kongpob had never been one to gloat.

Never one to flex when he got to have something and other people didn’t.

But this…

This was different.

He got this man, this adorable hazer, who loved pink milk and comics and superheroes.

He got him all to himself, and he wasn’t going to share that with anyone.

There were times when he worried, of course.

There were times, there still were times, where he couldn’t quite believe how lucky he’d gotten.

So he tended to flaunt it whenever Arthit allowed him to.

But it seemed he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed this, nor was he the one in control all the time.

No, he was not in control, and he was not against that.

Not when he got to feel those eyes boring into his skin, tracing the line of his figure up and down with a half-lidded gaze.

It was incredible, and sparked something from deep within him he’d never thought possible.

But there were so many things that he never thought possible, and Arthit tended to defy every one of them.

His heart was so full of love, too full of it sometimes.

It was too big, too much to ignore, and it always bubbled out of his lips during the most random of moments.

But he noticed that his boyfriend didn’t mind it, so it seemed like that wasn’t a bad thing.

That he was going a good job.

All he wanted was to please him-

Make his lover happy.

Whether it was innocent things or not so innocent things, it went either way.

“P’Arthit.” He said, voice breathless, “You’re home?”

He felt guilty, just a little.

Okay, maybe a lot.

But he was understandably needy, so could you really blame him for striving for a release?

His boyfriend’s stare was enough to make his cock throb in his- unzipped- pants.

Yeah, this was embarrassing.

But it seemed that Arthit was taking things differently, because instead of shying away or yelling at him as Kongpob had expected, he’d instead stalked closer.

“Are you- are you wearing a… choker?” the senior choked out, breathless.

How ironic.

However, that was not the current problem, for it was instead the words he spoke.

Kongpob flushed, gaze down cast as he turned his head away.

“Y-yeah.” He stuttered out eventually, heaving, “I bought it today and I couldn’t stop thinking of you, but I thought you’d fallen asleep at your dorm again so I-“

He was cut of by a searing kiss.

His boyfriend preferred to express his emotions through them, rather than actually saying what was on his mind.

Some kind of anxiety had with that, he supposed.

So he didn’t ask questions, and didn’t push him away.

He leaned into it instead, savoring the pressure and the taste of pink milk and a hint of the strawberry toothpaste Arthit kept in their bathroom.

(“It bought the wrong kind on accident.” He’d lied for the eight time, still keen on pretending like he didn’t hate using mint, and Kongpob too pretended not to notice his reuse of the same excuse.)

He heard a thump, probably Arthit dropping his bag, but luckily there was nothing else so the contents hadn’t spilled across the floor.

It would be a pain to pick up, that was for sure.

His boyfriend deepened the kiss, their tongues sliding together in an obscenely practiced manner, because they had done it so many times before.

The wonders of dating a long time, he supposed.

He heard Arthit kick off his shoes, saw them drop to the floor when his eyes fluttered open, before he was roughly shoved back.

“You’re- so… hot.” He watched Arthit say the words with embarrassment, and longed to make him understand that anything he had to say was completely welcomed.

Instead he listened, and let his boyfriend kiss him again, hands moving into untie his tie and slowly work at the buttons of his shirt.

The actions were rushed yet slow, taking time and care yet desperately searching for more in each other.

He knew it was silly, to feel so happy over something like frenzied fucking, but it just went to show how long and far they’d come together.

No longer were they feuding senior and junior.

Instead they were partners, heard and seen and so utterly in love.

Call him silly.

People say that university love doesn’t last that much, but Kongpob begged to differ.

It was too good, too perfect.

He would never pass this man up.

Never in a million years would he think of letting go.

Two legs bracketed his own, forcing his thighs closer together.

And then he was tugged up hard by the chain, forced into a sitting position.

He smiled as Arthit gave him one final open-mouth peck on the lips, before pressing their foreheads together.

“You started without me, did you?” The senior asked.

After a beat Kongpob nodded.

“That wasn’t very nice, was it, 0062?”

The words made his partner laugh a little, breathless, and Arthit smiled too.

“I’m glad you finally joined.” He replied, and went in for the kiss this time, loving every bit of it.

He’d felt it-

That searing hot gaze.

That anger, that frustration, and the hint of something he couldn’t quite place.

He’d assumed they would continue like that forever.

Two people destined to clash, destined to push the limits of what was okay.

But here they were.

And despite everything, Kongpob believed there was no better person to fall for.

Chapter Text

Whatever this was, well…

It hadn’t exactly been the intention.

No matter how giddy and shameless Sang Ha was- and trust me, he was very - he wouldn’t purposely do something in the middle of a gathering.

A gathering to celebrate his boyfriends win no less!

He still couldn’t quite believe he could say, er well, think that.

They’d been dating for a while, yes, they weren’t some awkward new couple anymore.

It made him brighten up with joy every time he thought about it.

After pining for his highschool days, he’d finally managed to confess his feelings.

And just that, just staying by his side, it would have been enough.

But then Jin Won returned those feelings.

And then everything got even better.

In a way, he knew that just staying to the side would have been difficult.

He’d been prepared for rejection, prepared for so many different outcomes.

Yet, he would never have guessed that those feelings, the ones warm and fuzzy and all kinds of pleasant that carried him through a hard time, would be returned.

It was nice to be on equal footing.

He enjoyed being his boyfriend's pacemaker.

Afterall, the only experience he’d had with running was studies and milk runs.

But running next to Jin Wonz

Running with Jin Won.

There was something about it.

Competing against him with smiles and laughter and proud, soft kisses.

It was nice.

It was so nice that sometimes he felt like he was going to burst.

But was that really a bad thing?

He had never been happier than when he started in the same college.

Admittedly, he had kind of, sort of, gotten just a tiny bit jealous of Hyo Ri.

In all fairness, he wasn’t a possessive or jealous person normally!

He’d been fine with their friendship, considering they’d known each other longer and she was a part of their team.

However, he had not expected to walk into his lover’s apartment to see her leaning in to kiss him.

It was a shocking scenario, and he had felt his heart break into a million pieces.

There was nothing he could do.

If he loved someone else.

But then both of them jumped apart, and Jin Won explained that he was helping her with her lines for a charity play.

He’d felt numb, the answer a little foggy, and then he was being shown a script, and then he realized he’d been crying.

That he’d been crying and so had Jin Won.

He’d felt a little colder, that night, when he slept alone.

He’d actually taken time to read the script though, in the morning, and realized how much of idiot he was.

She was that close because she was supposed to be a doctor in the play

The fake stethoscope she was wearing should have been a clear indication, but he’d been completely blinded by his own hurt.

Looking back on it, he was incredibly embarrassed to even think his boyfriend was cheating.

He was an awkward, shy, easily flustered guy, and he was terrible at keeping secrets.

Not to mention that the charity Hyo Ri had acted in the play for, despite not being an actor, was for her girlfriend.

They laughed about it now, just the three of them, and he marveled at his boyfriends handsome smile.

It was a lot nicer, and it just went to show how strong his feelings were towards this person.

So, whatever this was, well…

It hadn’t exactly been the intention.

“Hyung,” One of the university track team members had called, “Come play with us!”

Sang Ha glanced at his lover and, okay, maybe the worry’s as obvious.

Just a little.

“I don’t mind.” He said softly, reassuring.

“Ah, you brought Sang Ha with you too?” One of the track juniors noted, “For rivals you’re really close.”

Jin Won said nothing as he sat down, whereas Sang Ha smiled.

“We’re on the same team. There’s nothing wrong with friendly competition, what’s this about rivals?” Hyo Ri chided, jabbing the side of whoever it was that spoke.

“Well, now that everyone’s here, let’s play!” A louder, spunkier junior girl exclaimed to the rest of the tables cheers.

“We’ll be playing never have I ever. The rules are simple: take a shot if you’ve done something. And if you don’t want to answer, you’ll face the ultimate consequence.”

Sang Ha tilted his head as a bunch of Ooo’s echoed across the group.

“Cleaning out the storage closet.”

A team member Sang Ha remembered was the same age as Jin Won spoke up, “Never have I ever? What are we, teenagers?”

The girl rolled her eyes.

“Daehyun quit your whining. Everyone, let’s make sure tonight is an awesome night. For Jin Won-Oppa and Sang Ha-Oppa!” She exclaimed, causing some cheers.

He noticed his boyfriend turn away, probably too embarrassed to look at the table.

Jin Won certainly had his fill of eccentric juniors, but it seemed this year they were going even more over the top.

Sang Ha smiled at his boyfriend, putting a hand on his thigh as a gentle gesture.

He did not expect, however, for his lover to practically squeak and immediately sit up straight.

It was adorable, but he was glad everyone had been busy listening to the female junior.

He doubted Jin Won would ever be able to face them again if someone noticed.

He locked their eyes, asking a silent question.

‘What was that?’

And then his boyfriend hurriedly looked away, which meant a very clear ‘nothing’.

“Alright, the first one to ask a question will be me.” The woman declared, and their table developed into quieter voices as they waited.

“Never have I ever… lied to skip practice!”

A few people took sips, and Sang Ha smiled when he saw his boyfriend not even move an inch toward his glass.

Such a devoted athlete.

“Looks like it’s my turn,” the man who’d complained before smiled, “never have I ever been a virgin!”

Some people rolled their eyes, others coughed a little.

“Who’s the teenager now?” The girl questioned, causing laughter as two or three people took a drink.

One of them, the one Sang Ha recognized had called them over, choked on his drink before whispering to someone.

“Can you believe it? Jin Won-Hyung didn’t take a drink.” He whispered to the guy sitting next to him.

“Of course he didn’t,” the other man replied, “he’s rich and a star player. Women would kill for a chance with him!”

“Alright, alright, it’s my turn.” Said Hyo Ri.

Oh no.

Oh no.

Oh n-

“Never have I ever broken a coat rack because I made out with someone in the storage closet before practice!”

Damn it.

He could see Jin Won flush bright red at the implication, yet hilariously enough, multiple people ended up drinking.

A surprisingly large amount, actually, so much so that he almost got off scot free.

“Wow, our star runner is fooling around before practice? How ironic.” The same senior from before teased, making Jin Won look down to avoid the gaze of the rest of the table.

“Yah, Daehyun-ah, practice harder and then maybe I’ll let it slide.” Retorted Hyo Ri, and then the game was back up and running.

Sang Ha did not miss his boyfriends embarrassment, however, nor his eyes that seemed to be distant as if he were remembering something.

So, of course, this was his time to tease.

“Joo Won- hyung ,” said Sang Ha with a smile on his face, “could it be? You’re embarrassed?”

He rolled his eyes.

“You’ll get us caught.” He mouthed before taking another shot.

Something about a certain amount of races won, perhaps.

The ex-pacer wasn’t paying attention, too busy milking whatever reaction he could from his lover.

“What?” He asked with puppy dog eyes, sliding his hand back over his boyfriend's thigh with a smaller reaction this time, “I’m not doing anything.”

“…idiot.” He mouthed again, albeit a less strong reaction.

Sang Ha smiled, victorious, and removed his hand, making the star runner snap his head to look at him in confusion.


His cheeky grin let Jin Won know he’d been planning on that, but he hoped that perhaps the beautiful faint blush on his cheeks were because of more than the soju.

Which, luckily, he was correct.

A little too correct.

“Wait you’re-“ he gasped, voice still a whisper.

“I told you. We would get caught.” He replied curtly.

Sang Ha bit back a giggle.


Well, being with Jin Won was definitely the best.

Chapter Text

King was a morning person.


He loved mornings.


They were always so nice!


You can get up, drink warm drinks, water your hundred or so plants, go for a walk, or so much more.


He had always been a morning person, since he was a little kid.


He was the kind of person that would wake his own parents up so they could get ready to take him to school.


It was rather funny, looking back.


He also did remember their schedules, so he’d know exactly what time to wake them up so they’d have enough time to get ready first.


So yes, he generally enjoyed mornings.


Even if those were mornings after exams, where all he wished to do was sleep and sleep and sleep, King made sure to stick to his schedule.


And the Ram came around, and suddenly mornings were even better.


He like waking up to cool the both of them some awesome breakfast.


He liked teaching his boyfriend his plants names, even if he only remembered about half of them.


He liked listening to his voice, groggily and clouded as he rubbed his eyes sleepily, trying his best to respond however it was needed.


But most importantly, he loved how he looked when he slept.


Not in a creepy way of course.


He’d just found himself starting to stay in bed more, stay in bed later.


Stay in bed contently, watching the rise and fall of his lover’s chest and the sudden movement and fluttering going on when his eyes were closed.


It was beautiful.


It painted a lovely picture, so beautiful and stunning and otherworldly.


His face was smooth, no sign of the stress that sometimes plagued him due to family or the normal neutral face you could tell was mainly displeased.


No, his sleeping face was different.


Amazing even.


He looked so content, so peaceful.


It was a nice change in pace.


They’d spent a lot of time together.


Too much time, according to both of their friend groups, who went out to investigate things.


Turns out, someone who doesn’t like talking tends to get along with someone who has just about everything to say.


They were a walking, talking, functional copy of some sort of silly romance trope.


It was hard, at first, getting Ram to open up.


Someone so guarded, so defensive, ready to jump at the slightest mistake.


But King continued, tried his best, and eventually they’d trusted each other more than anyone else in the world.


He loved the sound of Ram’s voice, loved knowing that he earned his right to hear it, that he heard it more than anyone else.


It was a melody he never wanted to end.


One that signified the bond, the trust, the love that they shared.


But there were also times where he was content, comforted even, with silence.


Like that morning, a morning like any other, a morning where the light gold sun casted its glow on his lover's sleeping face, making him seem like some sort of fairytale character rather than a real person.


It was amazing.






He’d never seen such a wonderful image in his life, the image of his boyfriend sleeping.


Well, to be honest, every image of Ram was the most wonderful thing he’d seen in his life.m


Ram just waking up.


Ram at school.


Ram smiling.


Ram swimming (oh how it haunted his mind).


Ram stealing his largest sweater.


Ram on top of him.


Ram underneath him.


Ram anywhere as long as he was near, as long as they were touching, as long as they could keep the friction going-


He shook his head lightly to snap himself out of his thoughts, trying his best not to disturb the sleeping beauty.


He can’t have inappropriate thoughts first thing in the morning!


It was embarrassing.


Not to mention that the object of his love and those thoughts was lying only a few inches away, their fingers tangled together.


With a sigh and some light, light shuffling, he got more
comfortable, and coincidentally a closer view of his lover.


He could see his boyfriends eyelashes, the way they fell and casted just the slightest bit of a shadow that served to make him look even sweeter.


He could feel his breathing, rhythmic and quiet and calming.


He could watch his chest rise and fall even better, could even feel it when he was pressed closer into him.


He wondered how nice it would be, tasting those lips first thing in the morning.


Feeling the way his eyes fluttered open, at first confused before he melted happily into the embrace.


How they were barely wearing anything.


That he could feel the warmth of the skin of his neck, and wondered how it would taste or how the rest of his skin would taste.


And Ram would endure it.


The wake up call, the confusion.


He would oblige happily, in fact.


He might mumble something between there lips, something about how silly King was for not just waking him up the old fashion way.


But why would King do things the old fashioned way?


That sounds very, very boring.


Yet, a part of him always made him stop himself.


The part of him that always made rational decisions, the one that is scared of hurting the person he loved so much.


So instead he layed, content and warm in their shared bed.


He would have to get up soon, he knew that much.


But he smiled widely.


He’d have to water his plants, all of them, individually.


To make sure they got the right kind of feeding.


He’d have to make breakfast since he know Ram hated to tell you but loved to eat your cooking.


His hand reached out, trailed along the edge of his partner’s jaw.


Traced the lines of his face that were soft and handsome.


He stirred, but did not fully wake.


Not until King pressed a tiny, small peck on his cheeks.


He watched his lover shift in the bed, eyebrows furrowing and lines returning, being the soft and silent atmosphere to more of a close.


He blinked awake, slowly, as if registering what happened.


Finally, he took a deep breath.


“You missed.”


And Ram, always one for actions and not words, decided the best way to speak longer than those two words was to kiss him instead.

Chapter Text

There was a rush that came, he supposed, in not knowing who it was.

The room was dim, too dim.

So dim, in fact, that neither of them would know who each other was.

It was an agreement.

Something easier than no-strings-attached, because who could fall in love with someone who doesn’t have a face?

Simple enough.

It had started through tinder.

It wasn’t as if Thara was desperate for things like that, but he’d been lonely and his cousin’s friends jokingly set up the account.

And then someone actually decided to message him.

The account, similarly, had no clear image of a face.

Most people would see that as a bright red flag, clear as day.

Most people, but they shared that in common, so it seemed as though this person was rather secretive as well.

He remembered the very day they’d first started chatting.

The stranger had started off with a simple ‘hey there’.

Not exactly the best conversation starter, but he’d supposed it would do.

It wasn’t long before he texted back.

A quick, ‘hello’ and a sticker before he had to go about his work day.

By the time lunch break rolled around he’d received another message.

‘Nice to meet you, handsome’ the stranger has said.

Not very smooth either.

He pretended he was uninterested for no one in particular.

He still typed a reply.

And then, they started more conversation.

More and more, discovering certain things and eventually sending pictures.

But never with their faces, as they were both agreeable that it wasn’t needed.

Weeks went by, three to be exact, before the stranger suddenly spurred it on him.

‘Do you want to meet? I’ve been dying for you to do what you said. Address is xxx, let me know whenever you’re free’.

It had made his heart suddenly stop, and he practically spit out his coffee.

(He ended up having to change to his spare coat, sun or he’d stained the pristine white.)

It took a full day for him to reply, having a restless sleep as all different types of scenarios plagued his mind.

It was stupid, to meet at some random place he’d never been to before to sleep with a guy who’s face he’d never seen.

It was stupid.

And he was stupid.

So there he was, standing outside the door that he’d just opened, staring into the dark hotel room.

It made sense that it wasn’t the stranger’s actual address, for safety, but he still felt as if he might wake up in a tub of ice with his kidneys gone or something.

A noise snapped him out of his trance-

It was the sound of someone, presumably the person who’d invited him over, shuffling on the bed.

“You can come in, you know.” The drawled, a pleasantly deep tone that caused his breath to catch.

“Right.” Thara replied, “You’re not going to kill me, right?”

Even without seeing his face, he could tell the man was displeased.

“No, I’m not going to kill you.” He responded in a flat tone, “I’d much rather have your cock in me.”

The words, as well as the nonchalance made his heart pound.

“Oh-” he gasped, breathless, “oh.”

“So, gekodad, as much as I love your username it doesn’t exactly fit the… current predicament.”

“Are you asking my name?” Questioned Thara.

“Not exactly,” the stranger replied, “what do you want to be called? Doesn’t have to be a name- anything’s fine by me. Whatever kinky stuff you’re into, I guess.”

Thara gulped, blushing before he could reel it in.

“Then, could you call me uh… sir?” He muttered after a moment of embarrassed hesitation.

“Of course, sir.” The other man said, teasingly, making poor Thara’s stomach flip-flop.

“Oh wow.” He gasped, “You weren’t kidding.”

“Nope. Now, most people call me fox, but you can call me whatever.” The stranger used that moment to tug his new sex-partner closer, near the side of the bed, where Thara noticed with a sudden clarity that he wasn’t wearing anything.

“You- I-” it was as if his brain had short-circuited for a moment, before finally, in a small voice, he spoke up.

“I should call you pretty boy.” He whispered, more as a joke to himself than an actual request.

But he noticed that the stranger shuddered at the words, and realized a very, very good thing.

“You like that?” He asked, taking his time to tease just as the other man had, “You like getting told how handsome you are, pretty boy?”

Hands were wrapping around his neck quickly, and with a hushed voice that he noticed had a hint of embarrassment, the stranger replied, “I do, sir. I like it a lot.”

“You’re so hot,” Thara sighed, without thinking, and loved how the stranger squirmed at the praise, “can I kiss you?”

The man nodded, so he did.

It was a searing kiss, one stemming from pent-up sexual desire and the ability to finally live out a fantasy.

It was rushed, heated, open-mouthed and just the way Thara liked it.

No one ever thought he’d be a person to enjoy things rough, especially not with how sweet he acted.

Even he hadn't expected himself to love it so much, but everyone experiments at some point, and he realized that was how he liked it best.

Hard, rough, and long.

He likes watching his partners beg underneath him, whether that be romantic or just sexual partners.

It was wonderful, and just the thought of that happening with this person, to have someone who didn’t even know his name crying and moaning for his dick.

He let out an involuntary shudder.

“Sir. Sir .” Panted the stranger, the pretty stranger, the handsome stranger, as he kissed down his neck, still not Able to his face yet.

“So wonderful, so amazing, my pretty boy.” He continued his praise, kissing up and down, from his jaw to his collarbone, “Am I allowed to leave marks?”

“It’s fine,” he replied, “I don’t mind.”

Thara smiled, leaving a hickey at the corner where his neck met his shoulder, basking in the groans and pleas for more he received.

“I’ve been wanting this for so long, so long.” The stranger moaned, arching into the feeling of hands tracing along his chest.

“You drove me crazy.” Thara replied, “All of those provocative pictures while I was working? Really?”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Every time I touched myself, I couldn’t help it.” He said, moaning loudly and tugging at his hookup’s hair.


Maybe no-strings-attached wasn’t too bad.

Chapter Text

They’d been discovered as an accident.


A mistake.


A mere coincidence.


That coincidence being, the whole manyang crew had somehow decided to go to a bar instead of Jaeyi’s for a change.


Not only that, but a specific bar in general.


The bar he and Dongsik were at.


The one they were being not so subtle with each other in.


It was a strange predicament to say the least.


Not to mention completely unexpected.


They’d both texted the group chat with one excuse or the other when they’d been invited for another of the usual hangouts.


Joo Won was busy, therefore he hadn’t wanted to spend a night where he had no work the next day biting his tongue so as to not accidentally call his partner either Jagiya or Hyung.


Dongsik seemed to share the sentiment, so they’d made plans to go somewhere that they could just be without having to worry about other things.


Not exactly the most proper place for a date, but hey, you can’t exactly blame the poor touch-starved dumbasses.


Luckily enough, there was an area not too far from Manyang and not to close to Seoul that was a known place for gay couples to mingle.


It seemed, however, that the rest of their Manyang friends had no idea about that tiny bit of information.


It was annoying yes, but more pressingly, not a good thing.


It wouldn’t exactly be easy to explain why they'd bailed and showed up here today in a way that didn’t sound like complete bull.


Not to mention they were pressed very close together, both panting hard from kissing, so that evidence was already pretty damning.


Case and point;


They need to go.




He didn’t know where, and he didn’t know how considering that their friend’s were lingering about close to the entrance but he knew they had to go somewhere before they were caught.


Before Dongsik could go back in for another needy kiss, Joo Won stopped him.


“Jagiya,” he called in the way he knew his lover liked, “there are people here.”


He watched his partner pour cutely.


Gosh, sometimes he questioned who was younger.


“It’s not like we know anyone here!” He replied, tilting his head before realizing, “…oh- dammit!”


With a regrettable sigh, as if making the biggest sacrifice of the century, Joo Won clambered out of Dongsik’s lap.


“Don’t worry, we’ll continue this later.” He drawled, voice deep and close to his partner’s ear, “I won’t let you get away that easy.”


He watched as Dongsik shivered, and then smiled one of his signature sappy smiles.


“I can’t wait.” He said, the excitement, the love, and the lust all bottled up in the small three word sentence.


And then the poor senior inspector felt his heart melt, like it did every time that idiot smiled at him.


“You’re going to be the death of me…” Joo Won muttered under his breath, trying to hide his smile with his hand.


It seemed the gods were against them though, before it was at that moment they heard a familiar voice through the loud crowd and music.


“Wait a minute, is that Joo Won-Hyung?”


The voice was unmistakably Ji Hoon’s, causing worry to flood all the way to his heart.


“Don’t worry,” Dongsik said with a much more teasing smile, “follow my lead.”


And Joo Won didn't need to be told twice, so despite being a little started he kissed back when he felt lips pressing against his in another open-mouthed kiss.


Melted into it, in fact, because he loved the wonderful taste of the man that was Lee Dongsik.


They stayed like that for a while, and he could only faintly hear a voice mumble “Must have been my imagination”.


If he were in a state that wasn’t horny and clouded by alcohol he may have taken a moment to appreciate how well Dongsik had shielded both of them from view.


But he was in that exact state, when phrased lightly, so instead he simply took control of the kiss, making it more demanding, licking into his partner’s mouth to draw some beautiful muffled noises.


God, how much of a slut was his lover?


To be able to do that…


He felt a rush of arousal coupled with a light sting of jealousy.


That was no good.


He’d have to remind Dongsik exactly who he was dating now, even if he wasn’t at all deserving of it.


Blame it on the alcohol in his system.


Had it been a few years before, Han Joo Won would never have even dreamed of going near a bar, and even if it were for an investigation he would complain a lot in his head and try not to touch anything.


However, times change.


People grow.


And he was able to get better, a lot better, a shocking amount better.


It wasn’t perfect, not yet and maybe not ever, but he’d come a long way from the guy who’d glared at mud in displeasure and discomfort, the constant words of dirty and worries of uncleanliness gnawing at the back of his head like a constant aching drum.


He heard his partner’s grown when he grabbed his collar and pushed him roughly, closer to the wall.


They’d been together a long while, though, so he understood that it was not of pain but instead of arousal.


They’d had plenty of experience with that kink, afterall.


(The shattered pot and broken picture frame will forever remain in good shape in his heart.)


He loved this, loved kissing, love chasing after the taste of ramen, mint, and a hint of whatever Dongsik had been drinking.


Chasing until he could chase no more, until they were so close together that he could do nothing but press as hard as he could, desperately trying to go further, as if wanting to devour him whole.


He loved how good it was, loved more than that how much Dongsik loved it, loved that he couldn’t make the same noise with something occupying his mouth, loved the image of him gasping for air when they parted.


But all good things come to an end, he supposed.


Or maybe just a stop.


But still.


It was probably silly, idiotic even, to get so lost in a kiss that he hadn’t realized the eyes practically boring into the back of his head, nor that his ID had fallen on the floor for anyone with eyes to see.


How he didn’t notice Ji Hwa see it and gasp a little, growing deeply as she walked over the chastise him about leaving them for a hookup before he got close enough to realize just who he was with.


They broke apart, foreheads pressed together, eyes closed, breathing mixing.


Their friend stood a few feet away, gaping, as the rest of her party noticed her absence and looked over with confused expressions.


Dongsik was the first to notice, but didn’t say anything.


Simply licked his lips and pressed a few quick pecks to Joo Won’s lips, who smiled giddily at the silly display of soft affection.


Until he saw her reflection in his lover’s eyes, and immediately whipped his head around.




But she sighed instead.


“Save it.” She replied, “I’m more upset that you didn’t tell us the truth about why you weren’t coming than not telling us about you two.”


She crossed her arms, though, looking like a skeptical mother, “And that is?”


“Nothing,” Dongsik replied, “just this kid being young is all.”


Joo Won felt his heart shatter, eyes growing wide and throat feeling tight.


He then rolled his eyes, lacing their hands together.


“God, Jihwa-ya, what do you think we are? We’re partners.”


And then the realization made everything slide back into place.


He let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding, and Dongsik cupped his face.


“Were you worried?” He asked, tilting the senior inspector’s head, worry evident on his face and in his tone.


“I’m alright, Jagiya.” Joo Won replied, truthfully, with a satisfied smile at being able to say that without worry.


Their friend scoffed.


“Come on, I know you two are on a date but you owe us!” She exclaimed, ushering them up from their seats, “Have your fun time later and in private, hooligans.”


“Yah, I’m not a hooligan! At least crazy sounds refined.” His partner huffed.


Joo Won simply smiled.


Maybe getting caught wasn’t all that bad?

Chapter Text

To say this was the best would be an understatement.

Too many nights of having a bed that was too squeaky.

Too long living in a place where there were so many nody people just waiting to see what their chief was getting up to.

It was wonderful, to just have a weekend to themselves.

Away from it all.

In a corner of a busy city at the top floor of a hotel.

With a bed that didn’t shake like it was trying to recreate a thunderstorm.

It was a great change of pace.

Tian knew he had to do something for their anniversary, and that seemed like the best option.

As much as they loved it in the village, they had to get away at least once.

Because really, who could withstand rarely ever being able to spend some… quality time with your boyfriend?

Especially your unfairly hot boyfriend who you’re undoubtedly smitten over.

Which was exactly Tian’s conditions all the time.

There had been many occasions where he’d just wanted to be shoved against a wall or shove his attractive asshole of a lover against any nearby surface.

Either would suffice.

And either they did.

But it was never quite the same.

He’d made it a task, the next time Phupha was away he’d build them a new one.

Got to put those old studies to use somehow, right?

But for now he was content just being in the moment.

A moment where they had a room all to themselves, away from prying eyes and insistent whispers.

It had taken a little time for everyone in village to come to terms with their relationship, the kids being the first and the most open, but the elders respected it and it didn’t go against their religion.

Luckily enough.

So in the end, everything had been alright.

He’d been worried, and he knew his partner was too, even if he didn’t say it out loud.

That didn’t mean they still weren’t teased relentlessly.

And by Yod and Rang specifically.

It was actually kind of embarrassing, how many creative innuendos they’d come up with.

It was harmless fun, and the teacher didn’t mind it, but sometimes he wished they could just have some time together without all of the jokes.

So here they were.

Spending the night at a hotel.



For the first time in forever.

It is rather obvious where this is going, no?

Tian smiled, propping his face up with one hand as his partner gave him a sweet kiss.

“Mm…” he sighed, taking everything in as his eyes slipped closed, “you still taste like mint.”

At this, Phupha laughed, and then he laughed too because why not.

“Do I?” His lover asked, and Tian could still smell the scent of his aftershave and toothpaste lingering.

“You do.” He stated with surety, “I’ll help you fix that.”

So he pulled him closer, pressing their lips together more hungrily with a demanding open-mouth kiss.

Phupha responded with equal enthusiasm, maneuvering away from the desk’s edge so that neither of them would get hurt.

It made Tian smile more, wider, and think about how wrong his boyfriend was.

A tongue licking its way into his mouth quickly snapped him out of it, of course.

“Phupha.” Tian sighed, “I missed this.”

His lover nodded.

“I did too.” He replied, “Looks like we need to make up lost time?”

His boyfriend laughed, but nodded still.

“Yes,” he replied a little breathless, “it’s a good thing we have two whole days to get to work.”

A shared moment where nothing more than bring grins were shared before Phupha slowly moved, closer, pressing a kiss to his temple.

A hand made its way to his waist, another curling gently as his nape, making Tian smile more as their bodies pressed even closer.

They share another kiss then, one long and passion filled, completely entranced by one another.

The best company is by someone whom you love as they say.

Even though no one probably said that.

The hand on his waist curled tighter then, clutching closer to the fabric of his lover’s thin nighttime pants.

Tian trailed a hand up his lover’s jaw as well.

“Phupha, chief, don’t you think you’re acting a little more bold today? A little more daring when it’s just us, huh.” He teased, leaning closer to cause a harsher reaction.

Instead, Phupha looked at him and grinned.

“I don’t know.” He replied, “Maybe I’m just glad I get to keep you all to myself.”

He watched with a knot in his throat, a little embarrassed at the honest words, until Tian fully cupped his jaw.

“Chief.” He said, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Every syllable was punctuated by a kiss.

“I want to keep you to myself as well.” Tian smiled, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Phupha replied as their lips crashed against each other once more, dancing, entrawling, and intoxicating.

Tian liked to teach, especially with his skill set and everything that happened there.

But maybe he liked moments like these, so open and honest with each other, the most.

The kisses trailed from mouths and wandered onwards, from Tian’s cheeks to his nose and down further, all the way down his neck.

It was nice, comforting even.

Phupha always had a way of being comforting, no matter the situation.

Tian just felt so at ease around the man.

It felt natural, kissing, hugging, snuggling in their sleep.

It was the happiest he’d ever been.

The time he spent away was worth it for that.

Getting to teach the kids properly.

Getting to stay with the love of his life.

He knew his family wasn’t exactly happy, but his father seemed to come to terms with the fact that he wouldn’t be able to stop Tian from this.

He’d even said that they could disown him if they so choose, so it was obvious how far he’d go.

He was willing to abandon a life of luxury, the life he’d known before, all for this small village.

He was glad to have come in the first place.

Even more glad to come back.

Now, he spent his days teaching the children whatever they wanted to know.

Spending lots of time in nature, learning to build things, and researching crafts.

Coming back from a long day filled with happy memories, drifting off into a content sleep knowing he had the person he loved right by his side, one arm wrapped around him in a protective manner.

He sighed happily once more, relaxing into the sheets of the hotel bed.

“Reminiscing?” Phupha questioned.

Tian shook his head.

“No,” he said, “not really. I’m just happy.”

The man on top of him laughed a bit.

“I’m happy as well.” He stated, “So, so happy.”

Tian nodded.

It was nice to just spend some time together. 

To say this was the best would be an understatement.


Chapter Text

Getting stuck there wasn’t his intention, as cliché as that sounded.


Well, most of it was cliché anyway.


Could anyone get trapped in a storage closet with their partner who just so happened to be teasing them relentlessly all day, leaving them super pent up and needing release, and not be cliché?


Who the fuck even cared.


Their whole dynamic was cliché, with the silly enemies to allies to lovers thing they had going on.


He did have to admit that it was rather ironic, though.


Ending up with someone who he’d assumed he’d put behind bars.


He did, but it didn’t feel the same.


No more sweet taste of victory but instead the sour taste of a fate that was bittersweet.


The same man who he’d helped take down his father.


The world was full of clichés, as it turned out.


For example, the cliché that happened on his first day back at the station after over a year, where he’d walked up the steps to hear the familiar sounds of angry, distressed women.


Or the cliché of him confessing on a beach, the weather rather warm and humid, the scent of the ocean wafting through the breeze, the salt sitting in his hair, and the sand in between his feet and his flip-flops.


Those were only a few of the many clichés of his lifetime, both happy and sad.


He was glad that the sad ones didn’t happen much any longer.


There would be certain moments where one of them would break down.


The pressure of everything getting to be too much, and then they’d curl up together and drink tea and sit warm and content and safe, just the two of them.


It was a sad kind of cliché.


Yet it enclosed so many happy feelings.


So many feelings of the comfort and joy and love that came from being so close and so content during a nice night after feeling so bad beforehand.


It happened a decent amount during the early months of their relationship, but it had slowly thinned out.


Now they cuddled simply for the sake of the cuddling.


For the feeling of warmth and the happiness that came with it.


He reveled still in the fact that he was the only one who got Dongsik like this.


Lee Dongsik, the kindest of souls, the most caring and loving and funny people he’d ever met.


Lee Dongsik who he’d fallen so deeply for.


Who he’d been with and loved and had been loved by for so long.


The cliché moments weren’t all that innocent, though.


Sometimes they’d be a little more on the dirty side.


Like how Dongsik tended to cry during sex.


Not bad tears, as worried as Joo Won had been when they’d first started exploring that aspect of their lives together.


He’d come to like those tears, the way they made his lovers gaze even more clouded as he moaned loudly at the feeling of whatever it was they were doing.


It became a beautiful sight, a cliché sight.


Or how they would always draw the blinds and turn the lights down low before they got too hot and heavy with each other.


Something about the scenery just felt right, made everything even better.


He’d heard way too many songs about it that he’d gotten embarrassed.


Dongsik assured him it wasn’t that bad, and that he enjoyed Joo Won’s level of care about their privacy.


Or maybe it was even more cliché that he’d wanted nothing more than to abandon any semblance of pride or privacy and just take him right there in the substation.


Right there in that same blue uniform that fit him in all the right places.


Or all the wrong places when it came to poor Joo Won’s sanity.


He couldn’t say he minded the view however, so he was content at watching his partner maneuver in the right material and just hoped no one noticed when he acted just slightly differently.


Dongsik had caught on to his love for his uniform they day before, apparently, because it seemed he took ever available moment just to tease Joo Won about what he wanted but couldn’t have just yet.


It was basically painful having to sit through that all day.


Perhaps it was just straight up torture if you were to ask someone.


He’d done good at ‘keeping it in his pants’, as some reffeded to it, throughout the day.


It only ever became a major major problem when they’d been asked to go get something from the storage closet.


The closet in itself wasn’t bad, nor was the content inside.


However, it was basically impossible to navigate through everything.


It took what felt like a million years just to figure out where one item was.


It was also old, and when it opened it opened with a creak, and the space inside was so limited and so cluttered it was hard to fit two people inside.


They managed to, of course, and even located all of the items quickly.


But when it came time to actually leave, Joo Won took one pull of the door knob and the whole thing came off.


Not to mention they didn’t have service.


So in the end, they just had to stay there, pressed against one another more than usual by the things in the closet, to the point where he could count Dongsik’s eyelashes if he really wanted to.


“Well, this is a problem.” Stated his partner, like an idiot.


“Obviously,” Joo Won replied, noticing how they were so close and the breath that came with him speaking made Dongsik break out in goosebumps, “we’re stuck. No one will help either.”


“Seems like everyone went home.” Dongsik sighed, “Looks like it’s just you and me for a while, love.”


The senior inspector rolled his eyes.


“We better get out of this soon. I can’t stand being so close for so long.” He huffed just to fill the impending silence.


Dongsik laughed.


“What, you hate me that much?” He questioned, “You had no problem with proximity back when we first met.”


Joo Won flushed, embarrassed, and hoped the room was dark enough to where his partner couldn’t see.


“Well now it’s… different.” He replied finally, turning and hoping by some miracle an officer would pass by the door.


He had no such luck, however, and he was instead subjected to Dongsik’s knowing smirk.


“Aw, is the strong-willed senior inspector Han embarrassed?” He asked, voice filled with tease, “I didn’t know I was that attractive up close.”


There were so many things wrong.


For starters, they were trapped in a storage closet and they needed to pay attention in case someone passed.


Not to mention that they were at work in a literal police substation.


But it seemed Joo Won had stopped making rational decisions some time ago.


So instead he moved a bit, shifting his weight, and ended up with both hands on either side of his partner, one leg bent pressing between his two.


“Do you really want to start this, Jagiya?” He asked, lowering his voice to whisper in his lover's ear in a way he knew would make the other man shiver.


“What do you think?” He replied, but Joo Won could tell his tactic had worked.


“I think,” the senior inspector responded, pressing light kisses against the sensitive skin near his ear, “you really want this. Really really want this. Maybe you even fantasized about it?”


Dongsik’s head tilted a little, and more than giving better access it was a quiet answer.




“So you did.” He smiled at it, knowing they’d come a long way for that kind of trust, “You’re such a filthy whore.”


He watched Dongsik muffle a moan, leaning back against the shelves that he was being pressed against in a quiet sigh.


Joo Won continued to leave kisses and light nips at his jawline, only traveling down further slightly.


He loved the way Dongsik writhed at the feelings, at the sensations, knowing it was him causing all of it.


“Baby-” he gasped, making Joo Won’s stomach do flips at how breathy it sounded, “Kiss me? Please?”


He complained eagerly, surging up to meet Dongsik’s lips that tasted of mint chapstick and the fish noodle soup he’d made them both for lunch.


Because yes, he made both of them lunch, since Dongsik sucked at taking care of himself.


“Jagiya,” he mumbled between their kisses, “are you really okay with this?”


Dongsik nodded without hesitation.


“I’d ask you the same question.” He replied, making Joo Won blush a bit.


“Why ask when you already know the answer?” The senior inspector trailed.


“I want to hear it from you.” Dongsik replied.


“…I’ve wanted this for longer than you might’ve thought.”


He smiled like an idiot, pressing another few open-mouthed kisses to his partner, “Trust me, baby, so have I.”

Chapter Text

The night was still young, street lamps just barely turned off, clock ticking slowly.


The room was dark, and outside was not much lighter, so there was not much one person could see.

They would be able to see someone close, though, while laying near the simply lit candle by the bedside.

Fighter could make out the outline of his lover, the hours of the evening still early.

He felt everything all at once.

Pleasure came in waves, and he was gasping, leaning back against the headboard of their shared king-sized bed, trying to savor the moment.

The sensations were so much .

The feeling of his lovers moans a lovely rhythm against his cock, the wet heat of his mouth too amazing to focus on anything else.

In his haze, he barely realized that the one moaning and shouting ‘Tutor- Tutor- fuck , Tutor, you’re amazing-‘ lewdly was him.

Listen, Fighter wasn’t some silly virgin- 

He wasn’t an amateur, he’d been around the block.

Tapped more than a few people up on more than a few occasions.

But those had all been flings, hushed and fleeting, kept on the down low and faded to a distant memory where he couldn’t quite picture the face of whatever woman it had been.

But Tutor was different.

Tutor wasn’t just some fling , he was his boyfriend.

He had a boyfriend, an amazing boyfriend, a boyfriend who gave the best blowjobs in the entire fucking universe.

It took a little time, a little practice, but he’d been skilled even as an amateur.

It was in his character, he supposed.

The man could ace anything he put his mind to.

Where before he would have rolled his eyes, and maybe let out a couple profanities for good measure, all he could think about was how full his heart felt.

That, and how he was happy to cheer his lover on no matter what it was he was trying to accomplish.

Perhaps that was why this was so different.

Fighter was exactly that.

A fighter.

A ‘bad boy’, in a way.

One that women flocked to.

One who’d never really had a serious relationship.

His heart had been waiting for the right one, the perfect one, and it wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Not unless it was Tutor.

He’d grown overly fond of his not-really-girlfriends best friend, and after some trial and error they finally made it work as a couple.

Together was a word he’d never really come across in his life.

After all, he’d spent most of it alone, only ever opting for a small yet tight-knit group of friends.

He preferred it that way, so that there would be less drama and less people to deal with in general.

There was less keeping tabs on friends that way.

But now he used the word together frequently.

‘Oh, yeah, me and Tutor did that together.’

‘Really? We were there together as well!’

‘Ah, I didn’t do it alone. We did it. Together.’

It worked its way into his sentences, wormed its way into his life, and defied every attempt at stopping it.

He found himself looking forward to the word.

To such a simple thing like using together in a sentence.

But it was a sentence regarding Tutor, so maybe that was different.

He was growing rather sappy, was he not?

The feeling of a wet tongue tracing along his dick snapped him out of his daze.

He hadn’t realized he’d started crying until then, but the tears weren’t bad.

He knew how to tell the difference of tears from pain versus tears of pleasure, now.

Tutor smiled around him, and looked up through his eyelashes, and it took poor Fighter scrounging up every ounce of self control in his body not to come right then and there.

God, his boyfriend was so handsome .

The thought was dizzying, as was the pressure and the undeniable need for release.



Tonight was a night where tutor was in charge, he knew that much, seeing as he’d lost any semblance of control the minute his boyfriend had graced his Adam’s apple with a light hickey that he’d have to cover with a turtleneck in the morning.

He couldn’t find it in himself to care, though, with how pleasant of a feeling it was.

He felt his release building, his groans growing louder, pace growing more frantic.

He couldn’t help himself, and accidentally snapped his hips forward, bucking into the warm sensation around his cock.

Tutor made a gagging noise, and momentarily he worried that he’d hurt him.

But then he moaned loudly, a beautiful sensual sound that was muffled by his length in his boyfriend’s mouth, sliding in and out so beautifully.

He found himself moving as his lover did with reckless abandon, the tip of his cock hitting the back of Tutor’s throat and making arousal course through him more and more, until he was spilling into the mouth around him.

He came with a gasp and no other warning, but Tutor seemed to have anticipated it, because he swallowed his load completely and let go with a lewd ‘pop’.

“So,” Tutor took his chance to tease, “you came rather quickly.”

“It wasn’t that quick!” Fighter defended, though it was weak and gravely to his own ears.

He’d sounded so worn out, panting heavily, chest heaving, after a single orgasm.

“If that’s the case, want to go again?” His boyfriend challenged, a humorous yet loving hint in his eyes that made fighter melt.

“Is that even a question?” He asked instead, and pulled his lover into a kiss, finding the taste of himself rather odd and maybe a little unhygienic, but it did not deter him.

“I want to be in you.” Tutor sighed, and it made Fighter’s stomach do flips, made his heart speed up.

“Then hurry up. You know the drawer.” He replied, kissing him once more.

He let it linger as his boyfriend slipped away.

Yes, this was a lot different than any of those other times.

Because out of all those other times, the happiest he’d ever been and ever would be was with Tutor.

Chapter Text

Tang Yi had seen many people in formal clothing.

He’d seen enough dresses, vests, suits, ties, and bow ties for life of him.

Too many button ups to count.

He was refined, and had to look presentable as a mob boss, after all.

He also had a suit shop, so that certainly helped.

He had also seen Meng Shaofei in formal wear before.

He’d always seemed so stiff and awkward that it was kind of funny.

Shaofei had always been a more normal, everyday use kind of civilian wear leaning person.

He didn’t mind that.

He found it interesting, in fact, rather cute, and definitely comical.

But this…

This was something he couldn’t have cooked up even in his wildest of fantasies.

“So? What do you think?” His lover, his idiot of a lover, asked, tilting his head to one side as he did so.

It exposed more of his neck, beautiful and unmarked.

This was so incredibly unfair.

He cursed the gods, the word, the universe, everyone for this.

What the fuck was Shaofei doing here, in front of him, with a good fitting button up that highlighted his muscles and accentuated all of his good features?

What happened to his adorable officer?

When had he become so damn attractive?

Okay, so maybe he’d been attractive all along.

Tang Yi understood that much.

It had been obvious since even before they’d started to be intimate how attractive Shaofei was.

But he wasn’t hot, not necessarily.

He was more cute, lean, handsome, and attractive, but never…


Never hot in the sense that it left Tang Go’s throat dry on sight, made him want to take the other man right there and have him beging his name immediately.

At least not until then.

Standing in their shared home.

Fifteen minutes away from an event with Shaofei’s coworkers.

“Is it really that bad?” He questioned, due to receiving silence at his appearance, “I don’t think it does.”

Tang Yi shook his head.

“No, no, it just…” he trailed, suddenly finding it very difficult to talk as his eyes wandered down, “It’s nice.”

“Nice?” His idiot officer echoed, “Then you don’t think it’s actually good!”

“Of course it’s good.”

“If it was you would have said so.”

“Don’t be like this.”

“What am I being like?

Shaofei pouted a little, tugging at his tie to make it a little looser.

“My friends did it. Nothing special, but it’s not bad either. At least to me.” He explained.

Tang Yi nodded, not really paying attention.

“Now tell me, what was your real first impression?” The persistent officer questioned.

His boyfriend sighed.

“You want me to be honest?” He asked, moving to crowd into Shaofei’s taste to give him a taste of teasing, “I want you so bad it hurts.”

He watched his partner do a double take, eyes wide, before swelling harshly.

“The event doesn’t start for another two hours, so…” he replied, “I checked the time and got it wrong.”

Wait, what? 

Oh, that bastard.

He’d probably planned it all along.

He kissing Shaofei, softly at first to ease him into it, before deepening it into a harsh kiss.

One that left both of them panting and bruised at the lips, yet clingy and desperate for more.

There’s always a sweet side to pain, and sometimes it can overrule the pain.

Other times the lines blur.

But in the end, he knows they love each other and would never intentionally try to hurt one another.

So he was happy to do things like this.

Especially since he got such a beautiful view out of it.

Shaofei, eyes closed, cheeks flushed a deep pink, sighing a refreshed sigh as if he were breathing again for the first time.

It was incredibly handsome.

He loved seeing his partner in those states of arousal, no matter how early on.

He loved knowing of the effects he had on this man.

On the man he loved with all his heart.

Shaofei’s lips were red and glossy, and he leaned back in slowly to savor the view one last time before his eyes too slipped to a close.

Their tongues danced together, and if it were a different time he would have smiled.

But he was unfairly aroused, and wanted some payback.

Plus, he wanted to see how wrecked his boyfriend would look in those clothes that framed his body so wonderfully.

He wanted to know who bought them for him.

He wasn’t sure if he wanted to slap them or wanted to thank them.

It was cold, especially for an afternoon, but it did not matter.

They wanted each other up through actions and words.

Shared body warmth as they pressed closer and close into one another.

It was amazing.

Everything, from the setting to the feeling of silk beneath his hands, to his boyfriend yielding so beautifully to his greedy requests.

He loved it.

Loved getting to do as he pleased, to do whatever he wanted.

It was nice.

Liberating even.

His lips trailed down, down the red and glossy lips, down his warm cheek, down his jaw, all the way to his neck.

He licked and kissed, making sure not to mark the skin above the shirt despite wanting so badly.

He knew it would be embarrassing and hard to hide.

Not to mention, what if they took pictures!

But Shaofei didn’t seem to mind much, and let his hands wander against the broad back of his lover as the kisses continued to pour.

He smiled, finally, and Tang Yi could feel it against his head, against his hair.

A soft kiss joined that feeling.

“Someones eager.” He laughed, but did not move away.

Instead he shifted further to make more room for kissing.

“I am.” Tang Yi replied with a matching smile, “for you, and only you.”

Shaofei laughed more, but did not deny anything.

Instead, he just pressed another kiss against Tang Yi’s head as his breathing became more erratic.

More affected.

Which Tang Yi  loved.

He loved how sensitive his partner was.

Loved how much he felt, how much he cared.

“Then show me how eager you are.”

And that was that.

Chapter Text

This was new.

He hadn’t thought, only a little over a year or so prior, that he’d feel something new.

It felt as if his whole life came crashing down when he’d heard the news about his injury, and how he couldn’t keep playing.

It had felt like everything was over.

But the world continued, and he lived on.

Lived on so well, in fact, that he’d gone and found something new.

Well, not something, but instead someone .

A certain someone who waltzed into his life and his heart, tearing everything he’d known before into tiny little shreds.

Shreds that were a fraction of what they were before.

Just like him.

There were a lot of things similar, yet not the same.

Where he once woke up and fussed over his sister, he found himself dozing off again more often, the beeping of his alarm fading into the background until the warm person he cuddled against finally shut it off.

Where he once stood longingly at the sidelines, constantly hoping for a breakthrough in his knee’s condition, praying for some miracle to befall him so that he could go back to the court and do what he loved, he found himself smiling and cheering widely, congratulating his new someone with a warm smile.

Where he once felt lonely, never quite understanding why his friends wanted girlfriends and why he’d never gotten one despite longing to comfort of someone else, he now had someone by his side who was willing to support him in  any way.

He hadn’t understood the feeling of love until it slapped him hard in the face, hadn’t realized it until he’d taken a look at his broken pieces and realized that the stomach-flip he’d felt way back when he’d first been lept over, one that continued after they’d gotten to know each other, was something more than just an odd happenstance.

Now love was a part of everything.

It followed him around, trialing, sprinkling itself into his life in little bits and pieces and until he was full of it.

Full of reminders, full of happiness, full of everything that came with this broad thing called love.

Qui Zixuan had thought, before, that he could never like such a person.

A person like that person.

A person like that new someone.

But feelings change, as feelings do, and suddenly he was face to face with everything confusing he’d tried to ignore since day one.

In the end, everything worked out.

He ended up with more kisses in between the volleyball net, as embarrassing and cliché as that might have been.

But that was just who Xia Yu Hao was.

He was embarrassing.

He was cliché.

And he found himself loving every little bit of it.

Yu Hao was, funnily, the more responsible of them in certain ways.

He always made sure Zixuan wouldn’t be late, no matter if that meant doing things for him as he slept away.

Which was rather sweet since the manager knew how much his boyfriend loved to sleep in.

He put in so much extra care, so much extra love, and it made poor Zixuan’s heart swell every moment of it.

His sister had complained once, loudly, as he rested his head in Yu Hao’s lap, that they were way too lovey-dovey.

But Zixuan didn’t think so.

He always limited his affection while around people, especially in public, no matter how much he wanted to stop and just let every single person know just who Yu Hao was dating.

He never let himself, never gave in to the urge, because he knew it would be way too embarrassing.

So perhaps his sister was just mean.

He’d delt with her being sappy and in love so many times that she owed him the benefit of the doubt.

Warm water dripped down his back, trailing down his sides and drenching his hair.

That, mixed with a hand running rhythmically through the strands, was enough to divert his attention back to the matter at hand.

He smiled a small smile, unable to help himself, and enjoyed how Yu Hao seemed to brighten up even more than before after seeing the gesture returned.

The volleyball player gave him a soft peck of the lips, and he could feel water dripping down his face, back pressed against the side of the shower.

“Love…” he started, already knowing it would be a losing battle, “you have school in the morning.”

“Nope!” His boyfriend piped cheerily, “Did you forget? It’s a holiday.”

Zixuan smiled a little more, happier knowing he wasn’t going to get in the way of his schooling.

“Now will you kiss me properly?”

When asked, he shall receive, and receive he did, cheerfully.

He could feel the water dripping down him still, could feel the dampness of his lover’s skin, noticed the steam that was rising as his eyes slipped closed.

He savored the feeling of his tongue in Yu Hao’s mouth, their kiss growing increasingly more heated by the minute, cheering at himself for every reaction he got.

He loved it, loved this, loved being able to be close in a way he’d never been close to anyone before.

It felt right.

Sharing these things with Yu Hao of all people.

He’d heard on many occasions that highschool romance doesn’t last.

Eventually the spell of immaturity will fade and they’d both move on.

He’d been so afraid of that, still was, and it only grew each passing day.

It grew the same way his feelings grew, gnawing away at his resolve deep down in his heart.

He couldn’t bare the thought of losing the man he loved, this silly new someone, a someone who wasn’t so new anymore.

He wanted them to be together.

At least as long as possible.

He could only hope they wouldn’t end up as another part of a dumb and scary statistic.

But in moments like these, quiet warm and away from everyone and everything, just the two of them close together and content in each other’s arms, content with kissing until the sun set, made him forget about things as stupid as statistics.

Because statistics did not define his feelings.

And his feelings were exactly that-


His and his alone.

No one else could dictate that.

His hand wandered further, sliding down warm skin, pressing further against his lover.

“Have I shown you yet?” He asked with a coy smile.

Yu Hao hummed in thought before replying, “I might need a more thorough demonstration.”

And that Zixuan did, saying a simple phrase with a smile right before.

“I’d be happy to.”

Chapter Text

He felt warm even if the air in the room was chilly.

Of course it was chilly-

There was a fan buzzing relentlessly not too far away, the noise a constant even in the silence of the room.

In fact, the only other noises besides it were the sounds of two people’s breathing, labored and hard, as their ‘battle’ came to a stand still.

Han Tae Joo was splayed out on top of Kang Gook, hands on either side of the man’s head, legs bracketing his legs as his knees pressed against Kang Gook’s hips.

It was a rather awkward position to be in.

If it had been really long before, he probably wouldn’t have batted an eye at their closeness.

If it had just been before, he’d debate internally as to why it made his heart flutter when they happened to be in this proximity.

But this was now.

And this now was a whole lot different than any of the befores he’d experienced.

It was still rather difficult to believe that.

Han Tae Joo was the epitome of self righteousness.

Always thinking of himself above others, always doing things without worrying about the implications.

But he still had worries too, even if it was less often.

He’d humbled the more he grew.

In all honesty, he’d worried more than once about whether or not Kang Gook would even remember him, let alone still have feelings for him.

He’d been away for so long.

No matter if he told him to wait, could anyone be alone that long?

Even for his love, it seemed like a stretch.

However, Tae Joo’s feelings remained as strong as a flame.

Even if it started to fizzle or simmer out, a memory would pop into his mind unannounced, or he’d randomly notice something that reminded him of that guy, and it would add more wood just like that.

The feelings that were etched deep into his heart without him even realizing it were what kept him going throughout his time in England.

It was odd, being in a foreign country, but he made it work.

Besides, the schooling was good enough.

He longed to see Kang Gook every second of every day, though.

Kang Gook was more than just someone he had feelings for.

He was someone Tae Joo trusted completely.

He was Tae Joo’s closest friend, his confidant.

To lose that was like a punch in the gut.

It felt like falling endlessly into a dark pit, and hoping blindly that someone would catch him at the bottom.

And someone did.

That someone was Kang Gook, and he was caught the day he came back to Korea.

They hadn’t changed much, not really, but they were different all the same.

To see the face he’d longed to see for years on end came with a relief that crashed in waves.

It made his heart feel all kinds of weird, made his eyes sting as he choked back the tears of raw emotion, made him want nothing more than to sink into Kang Gook’s arms and stay there forever, just the two of them.

It had been a while since that day.

Not super long, no, but a while.

He knew his father was angry that he’d come back for Kang Gook, knew he wanted him to take over the TB group and thought that his relationship was a disgrace.

But none of that mattered anymore.

He could care less about the opinion of someone who treated his lover that poorly.

He’d become the successor he was meant to be, and he’d be together with Kang Gook while he did it.

There was no need to complicate things by forcing his feelings to dissipate.

Life had never felt nicer than when he came back.

It was like a puzzle piece sliding into place, really.

He finally felt at home with the man he could now call his boyfriend.

(Well, him, Choi Hye Mi, and Hye Mi’s mother, since they all lived together while Tae Joo looked to secure an apartment for them to live on their own.)

Time had done things to them, and they were more grown, more experienced, more mature.

But it seemed some things stayed the same as they laid there on the floor, panting.

For a moment, all was still, and they just stayed in the position they fell in with their foreheads pressed together.

He could see Kang Gook’s face closely, then.

Could notice the beauty of his eyes, how the hazel color seemed to have specks of grey in it, how he himself could be seen in their reflection.

His lover was beautiful.

That was all there was to it, and he couldn’t have been happier.

He didn’t realize he’d broken out into a grin until he saw it in his reflection.

This time, the man underneath him spoke first.

“Tae Joo-yah, are you giving up?” He asked simply.

Said TB group successor shook his head, the motion rubbing their noses together which made him smile more.

“I’m never one to admit defeat.” He replied.

Instead of continuing to fight, he leaned in dangerously close, close enough that he could feel his lover’s breath hitch, close enough that their lips were barely centimeters away.

“We’re in public.” Kang Gook stated, a feeble attempt to deny the inevitable.

Tae Joo chuckled, watching how the man beneath him reacted.

“Does that matter?” He retaliated, “No one’s here.”

He moved one of his lands to trail along his lover’s jaw, “It’ll be alright, love.”

He felt Kang Gook relax, watched as his eyes fluttered closed slowly, and finally they kissed.

It was warm, soft, building up in its intensity.

He’d wanted to do this for so long.

He had fantasized about all the different things he could have done during their man fights before during his time away.

But this…

This was better than any dream, any story, any fabrication made up in his mind.

Because Kang Gook was responding, was following his lead, was touching and exploring and letting him do the same.

Because he was pressing harder, kissing harder, slipping his tongue between their mouths despite initially being against the whole thing.

Tae Joo kissed back with equal fervor, and when they finally pulled back for air, he felt his heart stop at the sight  before him.

Kang Gook.

The love of his life.

Underneath him, panting not just from their exercise but from their kiss, face flushed with a blush that went all the way to his ears and stretched down his neck, eyes fluttering open as slowly as they closed as if he couldn’t believe they’d stopped.

So he did the only thing he possibly could.

Han Tae Joo pushed himself closer, and chased those beautiful lips again.

Chapter Text

There were times when Fei Sheng Zhe had never been more grateful that the office’s windows were distorted, so that students or passerbys couldn’t see inside.

That in itself might not be too bad, but the reason for his gratitude was a whole lot less innocent.

A little over two years ago, he would have laughed at the idea of doing something inappropriate on school grounds, especially with a teacher.

But danger is always a thrilling aspect to things, especially the danger of being caught, and when you haven’t seen your boyfriend in what felt like forever, you might end up doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

For example, making out on the couch that you’d say on for much more appropriate things before.

For another example, fucking on the desk you’d passed a bajillion times before, and would probably pass even more with a new memeory in your head.

For another example, getting pressed against the bookshelf you were supposed to be organizing, as a deep voice whispered teases into your ear, and you just couldn’t help yourself.

The ‘you’ in all of these examples was Sheng Zhe and they were all, embarrassingly, true stories.

He was a man of many adventurous stories as of late.

Doing those things in a place where they could be walked in on stemmed from more than one thing, of course.

For starters, You-You wouldn’t accidentally walk in on them because they left the door open if they were in a different place.

Yes, that had happened, no he did not want to elaborate further.

Plus, he wouldn’t have to worry about his mother dropping by for a ‘surprise visit’ only to walk in to him sitting on the kitchen counter with his boyfriend’s tongue down his throat.

Yes, that also happened, and it was probably the worst situation he had ever been in and ever would be in for his entire life.

So perhaps that convenience was part of the reason.

There was a level of adrenaline that came with not wanting to be caught, too, one they couldn’t get at home or in a hotel room.

So maybe it had to do with the sort of dangerous elements as well.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was because of a certain thing he undeniably loved but could never admit ever.

That completely hypothetical thing that only hypothetically existed was the inability to talk.

Sure, he could say things or not say things just fine.

But there was something about Yi Jie shushing him, about him telling him to be quiet, about him praising him when he managed to keep his noises muffled and under control.

He didn’t know what.

Just that there was something .

Something about it that made his dick twitch in his pants at the thought.

Which brings us to the current predicament.

The current predicament in which he was trying not to be caught, lest he suffer the shame and embarrassment of everything.

“You always come so much faster here.” Shi Yi Jie commented offhandedly, as if he were reading a newspaper and not what he was really saying.

Fei Sheng Zhe looked to the side, pretending a blush wasn’t growing vibrantly pink on his cheeks, “I do not.”

His lover shook his head.

“That’s not true. You get so much more worked up. I wonder why?” 

He gulped, worried he might be exposed.

He just had to keep denying and it’d be dropped, right?

But he had the most persistent boyfriend in all of human fucking history.

“It is true,” he glared, “don’t lie to yourself.”

His boyfriend smiled with a hint of mischief.

“Then… should we put this empty room to use?”

Hesitantly, Sheng Zhe nodded.

His lips were then caught swiftly, and he was pushed slightly into the leather of the couch.

He didn’t mind it, of course, and the kiss wasn’t painful.

His lover was strong, demanding, nipping at his bottom lip to make him gasp, and soothing the sting with his tongue before it made its way into the rest of his mouth.

He felt everything growing hot, his body lighting up like a match that finally sparked, needing more, more, more.

He didn’t realize he was that desperate until Yi Jie moved his hand to cup his jaw and forcefully tilt his head, making him comply with a loud moan.

“No, no, you know the rules. You have to be quiet.” His boyfriend chastised, nipping at the sensitive skin of his ear, making Fei Sheng Zhe choke back a whine.

He nodded instead of speaking to signify he heard it, purposely shifting closer to press them together.

The bells seemed to go off in his lover’s head though, which was never a good sign.

“Wait…” Yi Jie paused, “Do you like that? Being told not to talk?”

He felt his heart stop, and prepared to be chastised for real this time, but instead he was met with the image of a surprised lecturer as he opened his eyes.

“Yes.” He finally stated, albeit quietly, “I-I do.”

His boyfriend inhaled sharply, “That’s so hot.”

He left more kisses, struggling with the buttons of his lover’s shirt, “You’re so, so hot.”

Sheng Zhe bit his lip to stop himself from groaning at both the praise and sudden attention.

“Do you even know how adorable you are?” He sighed, “What am I going to do with you?”

The student decided that the best way to distract him was by kissing him again, and it seemed to do a pretty damn good job, because it seemed his boyfriend was much more preoccupied with pulling him into his lap than focusing on what they’d been talking about.

As they sat, kissing and touching and caressing, he shifted experimentally, and keened at the feeling of their clothed dicks pressing against each other.

It was so good, but he couldn’t make noises or speak, so he instead showcased the emotions by kissing more frantically, touching more places, pushing down to rub them against each other harder.

Harder until both of them were silently gasping, and Yi Jie threw his head back against the leather of the couch.


He had never been more grateful that the office’s windows were distorted.

Chapter Text

He never thought he’d be there, two years ago.

Two years ago, he would have laughed in someone’s face if they said he’d end up living with a rich young master who couldn’t handle alcohol.

He’d laugh and then go back home to help his mom.

 But, well…

It was his reality.

And it wasn’t unpleasant, not one bit.

Sure, Jungcheng was a little overbearing at times, and had a terrible habit of spending more money than he should.

Sure, he was needy and wanted constant attention when he was home.

Sure, he’d shown up at his college multiple times with the excuse of his brother needing something, and then all but forced him to have lunch with him, which had gained him some gossip.

But these weren’t really bad traits, and he didn’t mind spending more time together even if it brought with a silent swarm of observers.

They could observe all they wanted, he didn’t care, and it seemed that Jungcheng didn’t either.

So, even if he hadn’t thought he’d end up like that, it wasn’t really a bad thing.

He’d come to really enjoy life with the silly, impulsive half-Korean.

He’d hated him, at first.

Well, that was a lie.

At first first Lin Xun just thought that he was some kind of odd, ill-tempered idol.

He had the face for it, after all.

They’d been strangers and nothing more, two people unlikely to cross paths again.

Until, of course, they did.

It was a very unlikely situation.

He’d been kidnapped, for fucks sake!

Kidnapped by the idiot pretty boy he’d saved.

What a blow to his pride, and right after his mother had died, at that.

He had been so frustrated.

Tried his best to escape, to go back home and make everything go back to normal.

He’d almost managed it, too.

If only the door had been unlocked.

He would have gotten away.


It wasn’t of course, and then he’d been tripped and hit the floor.

And then, laying there in a mix of agony and self-pity, Jungcheng had lifted his head with a strength he hadn’t thought he could’ve possessed, and spouted some nonsense about ‘being too weak’ or something to that effect.

Lin Xun didn’t know the details.

He’d been too wrapped up in the fact that, wow, okay, this was really happening.

Wow, okay, looks like this pretty boy was into being rough.

Wow, okay, the situation couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Then, of course, it did.

And now he was stuck with the idiot for the rest of his life.

Which should be much more of a pain than it was, but then again, a lot had happened after that night.

Because yes, the pretty boy was into being rough, it was just the other way around-

He pretended not to think about the implications.

Well, to hurry away from that, let us tune in to his current situation.

A predicament, if you will.

A predicament in which he was attending a very, very, very tense family gathering.

Honestly, family should be in air-quotes, since it felt more like a war was about to start.

How he’d been roped into going, he didn’t know.

Well, he did, but he wouldn’t admit that Jungcheng could persuade him like that.

(“Please?” His boyfriend had begged, lip jutting out in the cute pouty way that made his heart flutter and made him realize just how far he’d fallen, “I don’t want to be without you that long.”

‘That long’ would be three days at most.

However, Lin Xun was a weak man, and relented with a final sigh and an equally simple, “Fine. It’s better than being cooped up here, I guess.”

And if he was peppered with happy kisses because of that, well, maybe that had been the reason all along.

Or maybe it was the bright, shining smile that was clear in his view when his lover pulled back, one that made his knees weak, one that accentuated all of his handsome features and melted both Jungcheng’s unaffected exterior and his own heart.

He’d never say.)

He watched as Yuan Wei Zhi continued to glance at him, jaw set, when he thought he wasn’t paying attention.

The other Yuan siblings were looking at their brother like he was an alien, eyes asking a clear question.

What the hell are you thinking?

His lover didn’t pay any kind to them, however, and exchanged words with one of the plethora of old- and probably equally rich- people with a practiced ease.

He looked really cool, doing that.

It was funny, really, how he could seem so professional when Lin Xun knew he was anything but.

He was probably swooning.

God, screw Yuan Jungcheng and his swoonable professionalism.

“And who is this?” Asked one of the older ladies, eyes flitting to him with a disdain that made him shift his weight subconsciously.

He wasn’t the type of guy to let other people’s opinions get in the way, but it didn’t mean he was going to throw himself at every available awkward situation.

“Ah, this is Lin Xun,” Jungcheng explained as the aforementioned plus one took a sip of his drink, “my fiancé.”

Lin Xun almost choked, but had swallowed a few lucky seconds before catastrophe struck.

“Your… fiancé? Oh, Yuan Jungcheng, my dear Zhi Zi , you must be joking.”

His lover- and unknown fiancé- didn’t seem deterred, however, and kept with that same lax professional aura.

“I’m afraid I’m not joking. Why, is it a problem?” He asked, smiling the same as always, yet using a tone that clearly put his aunt in her place.

Lin Xun laughed awkwardly.

“Ahem, uh, Jungcheng, I think someone’s calling for you.” 

And with that, he quickly dragged him out and into the hallway of the high-end building.

His lover followed along, of course, because he always did.

In any other situation he might’ve smiled about it.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asked, exasperated, once he knew there was no one around.

His partner flashed an innocent expression, “I’m not doing anything.”

This liar!

“‘My fiancé.’ ‘Why, is it a problem?’ Yuan Jungcheng, were you trying to make her mad?!” He crossed his arms, still huffing and puffing.

Then, his lover had the audacity to smile.

“She’s always been condescending towards us. Think of it as… a little payback.” He explained.

“I want no part in your payback.” Lin Xun replied, turning to face away from him and instead at the empty hallway.

The first Yuan son sighed fondly, “ Tianxin , don’t be like that. When you get angry you puff your cheeks out, it’s way too cute!”

It only made him grumble and turn away further.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow.” 

Lin Xun licked his lips, them feeling dry, and noticed how his lover’s gaze tracked his every movement.


Oh that bastard .

But first thing was first, he had something else to deal with.

“You told her I was your fiancé.” He stated.

“Well, yes, I did.” Jungcheng replied as if he were talking about an article in the news and not marriage.

“And did you maybe think to propose before you went around saying that?” 

His partner blinked.

“Oh.” He said, “You’re right. Marry me?”

God, this idiot was hopeless.

“You!” Lin Xun finally looked at him, and a wrong decision it was, because his lover’s grin grew wider.

“So then you will? Good.”

But god, so was he.

They were just a perfect duo of helpless idiots, no?

“You’re ridiculous…” he sighed, “I wouldn’t have expected anything else though.”

“It could have been worse,” Jungcheng replied, “I could have bought you a restaurant and asked you to marry me when we ate there.”

Okay, well, he did have a point.

“Don’t tell me you considered that!” The soon-to-graduate student gasped.

“Only once,” his partner replied, “I knew you’d be livid if I did. Well- you wouldn’t say no, though.”

He was right.

“Like hell I wouldn’t! I would have walked out and never came back.”

“No you wouldn’t have.”

He felt giddy with happiness.

He’d known he was going to ask- or thought he would at least ask , anyway, instead of just telling people.

Jungcheng wasn’t the best at keeping secrets and Lin Xun had seen the ring the day his lover bought it.

Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he’d been thrilled.

It was dumb.

He was dumb.

“Don't be so tired about that, bendan .” He said finally, “Are we going back inside or what?”

And of course, his lover decided to be even more dumb.

“I don’t know! I mean, you agreed to marrying me. Doesn’t this call for a little celebration?” He winked, and it only proved what he’d thought.

“You didn’t even want to go to this stupid thing!” Lin Xun exclaimed, “You just came to tell people we’re engaged!”

“That’s not true!” His newfound fiancé replied, holding a hand over this heart as if he were wounded, “I also wanted to cross something off my bucket list.”

Lin Xun looked thoroughly unconvinced.

“And what it that?” He asked with a glare that screamed ‘don’t you dare test me’.

“I’ve never given head in a public bathroom before.” Jungcheng replied nonchalantly in the middle of a hallway in an expensive hotel, which had his partner choking on air.

“I- You- What?!” Lin Xun spluttered.

Ugh, why did he have to go and get so comfortable with things regarding sex?

He still remembered the morning after that night he got drunk, when he’d been all loud and obviously embarrassed.

It was hilarious and maybe a little endearing.

And maybe part of him wished something had happened, as wrong as it would have been, and even if he’d never want to take advantage of Jungcheng like that.

But look at him now.

Way to go… character development?

He didn’t even know what to call it.

Perhaps his lover's sluttiness had leveled up some.

“So, want to try?” He wiggled his eyebrows which only made him look like an idiot, and served to make Lin Xun laugh and roll his eyes.

He nodded regardless, and was then eagerly dragged to the nearest one.

By the time the door had shut they were on each other, mouths and tongues sliding together wetly.

He knew this, new it well, new it like the back of his hand.

Knew to press him against the wall just so, to move his hands just so to hit all of the places that made his lover shiver.

Knew how to move his own body, how to press into the movements against his skin to ease Jungcheng’s hands away from where they were bunched in the fabric of his shirt until he knew they were free to travel.

He loved the way his partner’s head tilted back, hitting roughly against the hard panel of the stall, biting his lip to prevent himself from being too loud.

His hands found their way to his buttons, before his wrist was grabbed with a sudden force that made Lin Xun think back to that first night in his lover’s apartment.

“What is it?” He asked, voice concerned and a little rough from the kissing, admiring his work as Jungcheng’s eyes fluttered open again.

The first Yuan son shook his head, pulling his lover’s hand away from his shirt.

“Don’t-” he paused to catch his breath, “Just… let me. Let me take care of you.”

It made his stomach flip, the pure love and devotion dripping from the words and swarming in his lover’s eyes.

He smiled, large and bright, and nodded.

“Alright then, give me a show.”

They both laughed a little, and then Jungcheng slowly pushed back until he was the one against the wall.

He took his time, undoing his tie, slipping off his jacket, unbuttoning his buttons.

Every so often his breath would hitch.

It would hitch like he was trying to push back to urge to repeat the previous motion that had brushed against a sensitive spot, and it made Lin Cun want nothing more than to fuck him and be fucked into the mattress back at home.

The clothes fell to the floor, and he had half the mind to realize how dirty this probably was even if it was a five star hotel.

But then Jungcheng reached his pants, slowly reaching the zipper, his eyes shutting as a small, accidental moan left his mouth from the contact.

He could see the rise and fall of his chest getting faster, how it was flushed, how his mouth fell open when he finally slid his pants down and let his hand linger over the wet spot of his boxer-briefs.

Lin Xun could have came just by the image.

With a final fleeting touch, his lover dropped to his knees, whispering, “I’m almost undressed, now you” and then his brain had short circuited.

“B-bendan, what are you-” his voice was heavy, panting, and he tried to control his volume when his lover slid down his boxers.

“Let me?” Juncheng had asked with those adorable puppy eyes, basically begging to take his cock in his mouth, and god was Lin Xun a weak man.

(Well, maybe being weak for once was okay.

He did get an amazing blow job out of it.)


“Where do you think they went?” Yuan Jun Ping wondered, taking a sip of one of the drinks offered at the expansive snack table.

Yuan Jun Dao, standing beside him, shrugged.

“I don’t know, I thought they’d be back earlier after Lin Xun dragged Jungcheng-gege out.” He replied.

“Ah,” his brother nodded, “so they’re ditching?”

Jun Dao nodded as well.

“I’m ditching too.”

“Yeah, so I am I.”

Chapter Text

Shi Guang has had some wild ideas.

That was just apart of his character, a part of him as a person.

But this?

This was too much, even for this idiot.

“Strip Weichi?” Yu Liang echoed after finding his voice again, shock most likely painting his features from the way his friend slumped slightly.

“Yeah, strip Weichi!” He exclaimed excitedly, staring at him like a child waiting to receive praise.

Then again, what could he have expected?

This was his idiot, after all.

“…And you think this is a good idea why?” The 4-dan player questioned.

“Well, Xu-ge said we need to strengthen our skills as a team, right? I asked Hong He and he suggested it.”


Of course he did.

“Do you even know what it is?”

Shi Guang gasped, offended, “Of course I do! Well, kinda. Sorta. Maybe a little?”

He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?” He asked finally.

“Nope!” His pair go partner shook his head, “Come on, please?”

Why would he even plead?

It’s obvious that Yu Liang would do it, especially with those weaponized puppy dog eyes.

So, with a sigh, he sat down at the board.

Shi Guang made that satisfied, cheeky grin he made whenever he got his way and the Wei Da GC member realized that oh, he’d fallen way too hard.

“How do you think it’s played?” He inquired as he set down his first piece, “Don’t pout, I want to know.”

“Well, I guess it’s something like strip poker?” His rival replied, “I’m not really sure.”

The 4-Dan shook his head, “How about this. Every two points we score on each other, we have to take off one thing?”

“Yeah. That works! Ah, I get why Hong He suggested this now.” He clapped like he realized something.

If he really did, Yu Liang didn’t know what it was.

He was pretty sure his pair go partner’s old roommate had suggested as a joke, born of unpure thoughts.

He didn’t say anything.

He didn’t have to, because Shi Guang continued, and he instead took a sip of his water.

“Being naked means we’ll grow closer!” He choked on his drink.

Of course, he was an idiot, so the one-dan professional didn’t bat an eye of his partner’s coughing.

“Y’know, bonds and stuff! If we’ve seen that much of each other trust should come easier. Man, maybe we should try bathing together too...” he trailed, making his pair go partner choke for the second time.

He tried his best, taking a deep breath and trying so hard not to think about how Shi Guang’s too button was open, or how he was focusing so intently and his eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, or how he kept setting his lips while he tried to focus, or how those lips would feel so much better on his own-

“Liang-ge, are you even trying?” His pair go partner catechized, “If you don’t pay attention you’re going to end up with nothing on when we’re done!”

He shook his head, trying to disperse his thoughts.

God, for someone with no experience he sure had an imagination.

Maybe he should quit go and become an erotic book author instead?

No, that was a stupid idea.

It seemed his pair go partner was rubbing off on him.

“I’m just out of it.” He replied, “It’s no big deal.”

“What, are you that shy?” The one-dan teased, “Come on, it’s not like I haven’t seen you come out of the shower. It’s no different.”

Yu Liang looked down, pretending to be concentrating hard on the board, but new his ears were probably red.

Thankfully, Shi Guang was dense, so he probably didn’t notice.

If he did he’d just pass it off in some manner and maybe only tease him a little.

In the end, he was beaten badly.

Embarrassingly badly, but that wasn’t the main problem.

The main problem was what was to come next.

“Well~” his pair go partner singsonged, “I think you should go first!”

The four-dan swallowed dry, “Fine- since you won.”

He took off his jacket, draping it on the empty chair beside them, and smiled awkwardly.

Then, he took a steadying breath, praying that his partner didn’t notice his reservation and put two-and-two together, and slowly fumbled with the buttons of his shirt.

He couldn’t look up.

Too embarrassed, or maybe a little worried about what he’d find.

But he felt eyes watching his every move the same way they tracked him on the Go board.

When he finally finished with the buttons, he let out a shaky exhale, and finally changed a look up.

When he did, he saw the one-dan staring at him with parted lips, as if transfixed by something about him.

“I-” he started, but was cut off when the older spoke.

“Your blush.” His voice sounded dry.



“It- it goes all the way…”

He didn’t need to explain further, because Yu Liang was already blushing even brighter.

“I guess it does.” He tried to hide his mortification as he slowly slid the shirt down his arms.

It dropped to the floor, feeling as loud as the fast beating of heart.

“Yu Liang.” The professional player sounded odd, chest rising and falling as he was breathing heavily, and for a fleeting second he thought that maybe he might be just as affected as he was.

But that was a stupid thought.

He wouldn’t like him like that.

He might not judge him, not with his character, but he would never return those feelings.

He would never have that same magnitude of feeling, that same stuttering, heart-fluttering, nervousness that came with the feelings of love.

It was silly, to go and fall in love.

To fall in love with a man, in China at that.

But it was Shi Guang.

For some reason, he felt that Shi Guang would be the only person he’d ever have been able to love.

In this lifetime or any other.

Everything about them just felt right.

He hoped that their pair go playing would get to be that way as well.

They didn’t have the magnitude of trust where they’d know everything exactly.

One where there was no need to find the truth because there were no secrets.

But he felt, deep in his heart, that even if he never got the answers for every secret, he’d still love this man with all his heart.

He still would trust him as he trusted himself.

Of course he did.

He wouldn’t request Shi Guang anything he couldn’t do himself.

“Yes?” He replied, fully preparing to be confronted or even kicked out.

What he got instead was completely different.

“I really want to kiss you.” His pair go partner blurted out.

In the middle of his living room.

In the middle of his house.

His empty house.

Where it was just the two of them.

He noticed Shi Guang cringe at his words.

Did he not mean them?

Was it an accident?

“I mean- it’s- I’m sorry- you probably hate me know I-“


No no no.

Oh hell to the no.

So he kissed him instead of saying the words he needed to say, hoping that all his feelings could be relayed through the clumpy pressure of his lips.

He’d never thought about kissing anyone, nor that it would feel that good.

He’d heard about it before.

Read about it maybe a few times on the off chance he was reading something not about Weiqi.

But no one had ever described it quite how it felt.

At first, it had been subtle.

The pressure had been decent, just lips pressing together as kisses usually were, and he’d been enthralled just at the idea that he! Was! Kissing! Shi! Guang!

Everything was different though, the moment his partner finally responded, finally pressed back with the same urgency, sliding their lips together and making it even better .

The moved closer, and in the fervor he wasn’t exactly sure where to put his hands but hey, it seemed he wasn’t the only new one to this either, and then they were stumbling backwards until he was pressing him against the Go table.

“This is probably disrespectful.” Shi Guang panted when they parted at last.

“Yeah… probably.”

But in the moment Yu Liang decided he didn’t care, for once, and went back to doing what felt like the most amazing thing he’d ever done.

It felt better than even his biggest win at a tournament.

As he moved closer, crowding into his partner's space, the aforementioned one-dan let out a tiny moan, and his lips parted as they continued to kiss, and it was probably then that his brain short-circuited.

He didn’t know exactly what to do, nor where this was headed, and they’d probably clacked teeth twice, but it was too intoxicated to stop.

He felt like he was on cloud nine- no, fuck that, cloud ten.

Shi Guang seemed to be embarrassed, however, and parted after that noise.

“I- uh-” he stuttered, as if searching for an excuse.

Yu Liang gave him a few pecks, once to shut him up, and then twice for good measure.

“It’s alright.” He whispered on his lips as he pulled away again, “We can stop. I got carried away, I’m sorry.”

Shi Guang shook his head immediately, and all he could think was ‘god, how cute’.

“No, I’ve just- never done this before. With anyone.” He looked down at his feet.

“Neither have I,” Yu Liang replied, “You’re not alone.”

“Really?!” Shi Guang gaped as if it were impossible, which made his stomach do flips, “But you… you’re so good at it?”

His pair go partner laughed.

“So are you.” He sighed, “I want to hear you like that again.”

He blushed brightly again, realizing he’d said the second thought aloud, and buried his face in the crook of the other man’s neck.

“Thanks.” Just the tone of voice and he could tell the one-dan was smiling, “You- uh- probably can. If you do that again.”

Yu Liang tilted his head to the side, “Do what?”

At the same time, he accidentally pressed his knee further against his partner’s confined erection, making him bite his lip as to not be too loud.

The four-dan gasped, partially in wonder and partially in arousal, and wondered what it would be like to kiss him that way.

Don’t people in movies sometimes open-mouth kiss?

He’d seen it before, but he’d never found interest in it.

Too much tongue.

It looked like it’d be messy.

And then he was hit with the astounding revelation that he was allowed to try.

He could kiss him to see what it was like.

It filled him to the brim with a bunch of fuzzy emotions, and he smiled as he pulled Shi Guang in again.

Their mouths slid together again, into sync messily, and slowly he slid his tongue in the other’s mouth like he’d seen before.

And Shi Guang had pressed back, pressed close, moaning louder into it and he realized that he was probably pressing even more into his knee when his back arched against the playing table.

It painted a beautiful picture, when he opened his eyes, and then his mind wandered to all the other places he could kiss as well.

So he did.

And it was very, very well received.

Perhaps strip Go hadn’t been such a dumb idea after all.

Chapter Text

He’d known a lot of things to describe Bai Chi.

There were lots of words!







But there were certain words that just never fell together when it came to him.




That just-

It just didn’t work.

Not for his Bai Chi.

The man who let Libson lay on his bed at night because he ‘looked too sad’ in his kennel.

The man who woke up early just to make him breakfast before he had to hurry to work.

The man who stayed up just to wait for him when he didn’t come home, sometimes falling asleep at the table or couch by the door just to make sure he’d get to see him before the real morning.

The day that his love and those words crossed paths, however, had been of a complete accident.

It started like this:

He’d gone to pay a visit to the S.C.I.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

He’d drop by occasionally, usually on the days where Bai Chi stayed the longest and he didn’t have a show to cure his loneliness.

He stayed under the guise of consultancy, since he was rather smart and had actually pointed out some valuable things a few times, so no one had questioned it.

Bai Chi was, of course, visibly annoyed.

He tried his best to ignore the magician.

The first time, he’d worried he’d overstepped and that his companion really had gone back to the way they were before, but he quickly realized that it was just a front.

He’d been happy after that, especially when Bai Chi player told him he didn’t mind if he came again some time.

So it’d happened, and he’d shown up until it became something expected.

So why was this any different?

Well, it turned out they were celebrating a job well done, without the party-pooping bosses to get in the way.

Which was great for Zhao Zhen, because that meant they were all drinking and too busy to pay their diligent Bai Chi much attention.

Or so he thought.

“Bai Chi!” Man Han exclaimed loudly, “I’ve always wanted to ask you how you got that watch.”

The other tipsy workers tuned in to the conversation.

“My watch?” He echoed, looking down at his wrist, “Whay about it?” 

“You do know that’s a limited edition, right? There’s only like two of them in the wo~rld.” Jiang Ling stretched out the character for world as she lazily draped herself over her coworker.

Bai Chi gasped, turning to his roommate (friend? Childhood friend? Something different?), “It is? Why didn’t you tell me!”

Zhao Zhen smiled at him, trying his best to conceal the bit of guilt he felt for omitting the truth.

“It really wasn’t that hard to get it.” He said, not denying its rarity.

They were correct after all.

It mean, they were detectives for a reason.

They probably had a betting pool for how he’d gotten it.

And maybe how long it’d take him to realize it’s value, too.

He knew at least Bai Yutang had to have noticed it, but he hadn’t pointed it out?

Considering he was so oblivious, he doubted it was because he knew who it was from.

The S.C.I. Officer didn’t seem convinced, however.

He seemed the opposite, in fact.

“I told you not to get me anything I wouldn’t have been able to buy!” He huffed, eyebrows furrowed in anger, cheeks flushed by the practically two sips of alcohol he’d had.

“I know…” he paused, thinking for a moment, “but it was a special occasion.”

Of course the gossip mongers of the office wanted to hear even in their drunken state, so they listened with open ears to the bickering.

“I told you! You should take it back, I can’t wear it now-” he moved to take off the watch, but Zhao Zhen grabbed his wrist to stop him.

“It’s too late now,” he said, “and besides. It suits you.”

His roommate huffed once more, shaking the hold and then reversing it, and the magician smiled knowing he’d gotten better at it.

He seemed to remember where they were, however, and tugged at the wrist he was holding to drag him along, whispering, “We’ll talk about this at home.”

Zhao Zhen nodded, unused to the assertiveness, nodded and allowed himself to be pulled along.

“I’m clocking out now, I’ll see you all tomorrow!”

Then he waved his goodbye hurriedly as they walked through the door.

He stayed silent, glaring and pouting all the way until they got to their shared house.

It wasn’t too far, not much further than Bai Chi’s former residence, but it’s a shock he managed it nonetheless.

It isn’t until they get inside that he realized something was… different.

Where normally, his friend would pout and puff out his cheeks cutely, sometimes even stick his tongue out at him if he was really mad, he now only has those same furrowed eyebrows.

It made him feel odd.


Wrong, even.

He shuddered and pretended that the other’s piercing glare wasn’t affecting him.

“I’m mad.” He stated simply.

All Zhao Zhen did was listen.

“I’m mad, and I’m angry, and you’re stupid, and I hate you!”

Ouch, talk about a blow where it hurts.

Looks like his plant to take things further wouldn’t work out.

But he kept speaking.

“I hate you! And I hate that I want to pin you to a wall- or anything, really- and kiss you ‘till you shut up for good.”




That’s one way to confess.

His… his something huffed again, and plopped on the couch angrily.

Maybe he’d drunk more than the magician had thought. 

He worried, in the back of his mind, what had made him do that.

Nothing bad had happened, right?

He’d make sure anyone who tried to hurt his Bai Chi learned their lesson.

He walked to the couch, closer and closer until their knees were touching.

“Well, why not?” He asked, adorned with his signature smirk, “Maybe you should do what you’d always wanted to.”

The officer tilted his head, contemplative, “Maybe I will!”

But before he could do anything, Zhao Zhen stopped him.

“Only once you’re sober.” He said.

“Sober? I am sober! I only had a sip, not a drop more.” The other stated, “I swear. They wouldn’t let me have any more after last time.”

Zhao Zhen stared at him skeptically.

“This isn’t something we should rush into…”

But Bai Chi pulled him closer, closer until he could feel his breath on his face.

“I promise,” he said, “I promise that I’m not drunk. I only had a sip so I could have the courage.”

“‘The courage’?” The magician repeated.

“To do this.”

And with a tug, he’s suddenly been kissing the man he’d been dreaming about kissing for months.

It feels a lot like drowning.

Drowning in feelings.

Drowning in the loss of air after the wind is knocked out of him.

Drowning in the smell, the feelings, the taste that was all so incredibly Bai Chi that he could get drunk off it.

He doesn’t mind the drowning.

Not at all.

He’d thought about it before, yes.

About how Bai Chi would kiss.

He’d assumed it would be a little shy, a little reservant, just like the rest of him.

He was wrong.

It was rare for Zhao Zhen to be wrong, but he wasn’t complaining.

Bai Chi slid against him perfectly, matching his moves, picking up the pace.

He pressed hard, kissed demandingly, and it took all of his resolve not to let his knees give out.

It was a precise mess.

Just like Bai Chi himself, and he couldn’t the happier.

They broke apart, panting, a string of saliva still connecting them.

It was gross, but in a sense made him feel more connected.

Made him happy.

Especially seeing the effect the kiss had on the officer, getting to know that he liked it just as much.

It was a great feeling, one airy and light, and he pressed closer into Bai Chi’s lap that he’d fallen into during their kisses.

His hands slipped under fabric, caressing and exploring, until he felt the S.C.I. Officer’s hand messing experimentally with the zipper of his pants.

“Trust me?”

Zhao Zhen couldn’t say otherwise.

“Of course.”

Chapter Text

How it was he’d found out had been rather funny, in a way.

He’d meant to do nothing more than motivate his lovely boyfriend since he’d finally gotten out of a stuck spot.

However, he didn’t realize just how much singing a simple praise or two affected him.

“You did well.”  he stated with a smile.

“Of course I did well,” laughed the man sitting at his desk, “I’m the mighty Xiao Licheng! Of course I did well.”

Teng Muren shook his head, “Not the gift. You finally managed to break through the wall that’s been separating us. You did amazing. Really.”

He watched his overconfident boyfriend cast his glance in  another place for a second after he was done speaking.

“T-Thank you.” He said, and his lover almost missed the stutter of his voice and the sudden rosiness of his cheeks.

The moment of shyness from his lover had replayed in his time and time again afterwards.

It was just odd.

Sure, Teng Muren wasn’t the kind of person to give out compliments willy-nilly.

But he wasn’t like a brick wall or something!

It wasn’t the first time he’d praised Licheng, and it obviously wasn’t going to be the last.

He knew when something commemorable happened, and he wouldn’t just ignore it.

Even when they were friends he praised him.

It had been fine then, so why was now any different?

The worried thoughts swarmed his mind, making him have a difficult time focusing.

It was even effecting his overall performance.

Was that his lover’s plan all along?

Damn that bastard!

He whispered that much to himself, before sighing and shutting off his computer.

There was no use for it staying on if all it was going to do was sit and share an unmoving screen.

He figured he should take his lunch break, maybe get Licheng to join him so he could feel more at ease.

It was probably for the best.

Maybe nothing had happened, and he was so stressed that his mind just made it up?

It wasn’t particularly unfathomable.

“Do you know where Ah-Cheng is?” He asked as he scanned the room, nothing that most people had disappeared from their desks.

Xingsi tilted his head, contemplative, “I’m not sure. He didn’t come by to beg for you to come out like he normally does.”

Muren sighed, more of a huff than an actual one, “Alright. Thanks.”

It took a while to search, and as he did he watched the rest of the workers slowly trickle out for their breaks.

But still, his boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

“Do you know where he went?” He asked Mei Fang, who didn’t need to hear twice to know who he was talking about.

“I think he just went to talk to Ye Xingsi?” Recounted the girl, making him groan.

Of course he did.

Today was not a good day to play a cat-and-mouse game!

“Thank you.” He said politely, and then he was off.

He hurried and opened the door as fast as he could, catching his lover right as he was leaving.

“Ah-Cheng!” He exclaimed, a not so pleasant look on his face.

Licheng paused like a deer caught in headlights.

“It’s-” he started, but Muren cut him off.

“You're avoiding me.” He noted, “And now you’re going to tell me what’s going on, or I’ll make you.”

The sales division managed swallowed, averting his gaze.

“I have something I have to do. You know me, I’m way too popular!” He tried to play it off with a charming yet unconfident smile, but was unable to push past the man in the doorway.

Said man grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him over to the storage closet, and poor Xingsi sat in his desk blinking and trying to process everything until the door shut with a click.

“So?” Asked Muren expectantly, arms crossed.

“So what? Nothings wrong, tianxin .” Assured his boyfriend, but he could tell it was false.

“You’ve been acting weird.” He replied, “Ever since I praised you that one ti-”

“It’s not because of that!”

A silence stretched across the room, and he could hear the soft buzz of the air conditioning through the closets door.

“It’s… not that…”

“But if it’s not that, what is it?” 

Licheng paused, eyes flicking all around the room.

“It’s- well- it’s-”

“If something’s wrong, just tell me.” He cut in.

The room went silent once more.

It was then he realized that they were in the storage closet of an empty room- well, empty minus one person.

“I- I-”

The silence stretched on.

“IfinditreallynicewhenyoupraisemebutIdontknowifit’sweird? Likereally,reallyniceandyouprobablythinkI’mcrazy-”

“Slow down you buffoon,” chided Muren, “You what?”

“I find it really nice.” His partner explained, “When you praise me.”

He cocked a brow, “Really nice?”


He hit his bottom lip slightly as he tried to think, leaving marks that slowly faded in the light-pink tint.

“Really nice. Too nice. And I didn’t know if you’d think it was weird or something.”


That’s was this was about?

His boyfriend ignored him for two days over his goddamn kinky ass?

He almost said that much aloud, but refrained just barely.

“So, you like me telling you how amazing you are?” He teased, “How handsome and perfect you are?”

He did not expect, however, for his boyfriend to inhale sharply, a soft blush blooming on his cheeks as he stuttered out a “yes”.

Well, okay.

This was going somewhere a lot different than he’d first thought.

He wasn’t exactly complaining, though.

“You’re cute,” he whispered, completely genuine, and moved closer into the small space to that they were only inches apart, “You’re not hiding anything else, right? You know it’s okay.”

Hesitantly, his lover nodded.

“I know,” he sighed, “I’m sorry.”

“Good boy.” He replied absentmindedly, meaning it more as a joke than something real, but didn’t miss the way his lover shuddered.

“We’re in public.” Muren then added.

“I know, we should…” his boyfriend replied.

“It doesn’t matter.” The other manager cut in, “We’ll just have to make it quick. You can do that, my handsome qinaide .” 

He whispered the words softly, sensually, and watched as Licheng leaned forward into his space.

They kissed after what felt like an eternity, but it was entirely worth it.

It felt a little like dying.

Like dying, and being reborn with the sole purpose of kissing this one man who’d stolen his heart.

And the more they did it the more he could breath, the more he could feel, the more he could like.

He whispered praises.

Mumbled against those gorgeous lips.

Soft and sweet, slow and steady.

Yet fast and efficient at the same time.

It was much their style, no?

“I’m sorry TengTeng.” Licheng said again, panting, for good measure.

Muren smiled.

“Then kiss me again.”

Chapter Text

“It’s- not what it looks like…?”

Obviously, that wasn’t true.

Yet, to be caught like this was embarrassing.

He’d planned the perfect afternoon!

His partners were going on a date night and would be home until the next morning.

Alright, check.

There was plenty of food in the fridge, and he knew there was a bottle of wine somewhere that wouldn’t be missed.

Double check.

Zol had a school project, and wouldn’t be back home until after their parents got home, maybe even later.

Triple check!

Too long had they spent apart, having been able to relieve themselves at Saifah’s place or in certain secluded spots in school for a short period of time.

But it was different this time!

Or well, it was supposed to.

It had been planned that way, but fate’s a bitch and in Zon’s case it was even bitchier.

Thanks, writer gods.

(He still wasn’t completely convinced he wasn’t in Zol’s novel, and probably wouldn’t even be.

Saifah was just too good to be true.)

No one in the house but them, a nice atmosphere…

You could tell where it had been headed before it had even started.

It didn’t take long, barely a drink in, for them to start getting busy.

They’d gone too long without each other due to exams.

But they were over, then, so it truly was only the two of them, not a care in the world.

Mouths sliding together beautifully, warm and hot and wet and oh so pleasant.

Hands had been wandering, starting around his neck and ending up on warm skin under his shirt, brushing over his nipples because of course Saifah knew they were sensitive, brushing over them in a way that made him moan into the kiss.

His own hands had made their traverse, and one had been left to rest tangled in Saifah’s hair while the other helped him slide his shirt down his arms to get it out of the way.

He was eager, allowing his lover to explore his mouth with his tongue, letting him touch and feel and caress every inch of him.

He just wanted something, anything, after waiting so long.

And he’d done a damn good job of making sure that would happen, too!

He wished it didn’t have to be like this, but he knew his parents and himself well.

If he suddenly decided to move, they’d most certainly know something was up.

They’d prod at him until he’d crack and as much as he loved his parents he didn’t want to have to come out to them just yet.

He knew it was only a matter of time, and it wouldn’t be long, but he just wasn’t ready then.

So, just bring Saifah over!

They knew him.

It wouldn’t be a problem.

Except it was a problem, and for two reasons.

For one, Zol would be constantly bugging them.

Like insistently pestering them.

It would be super annoying to deal with.

Second, he was very loud in bed.

It was embarrassing to admit, yes, but it was true.

Regrettably so.

Saifah loved it, yes, but it also meant the noises were impossible to hide and impossible to play off.

You can’t exactly scream someone’s name and ‘god, fuck me harder’ and pass it off as playing Mario cart to your parents.

Well, you could, but it would be very very difficult and you’d have to have very naive parents

So they just had to be like that for the time being.

Stuck in Saifah’s room 99% of the time, and as awesome as it was, it just became slightly repetitive.

He’d have to look online for good places for the two of them to live once he was ready.

Later maybe?

A wet sensation on his neck and teeth scraping his skin brought him back to the moment with a groan.

He pushed up into his boyfriend’s hand, which had made a home there after a while.

“Saifah…” he panted, “Make sure they can’t be seen.”

The taller chuckled against his skin, making him feel goosebumps rising.

“Of course, my prince.” He whispered, kissing a light trail that had him blushing into the couch cushion.

“We should mo-”

“I forgot my-” Zol yelled, loud in the nearly empty house, before stopping dead in her tracks, “…textbook.”

There was a moment of silence.

Like the calm before the storm.

No one spoke, nothing happened.

A gasp resounded through the living room.

“You two- you! Right by the door?” She gaped.

Both of them felt shy, and hid a little from her view.

“Hurry up and get out!” Zon exclaimed, hiding embarrassment by nuzzling his face in the crook of Saifah’s neck.

It was safe.




“Yes, sorry, sorry.” He apologized, rushing to her room.

Zon sighed, and then deflated.

“God, she ruined everything!” Zon groaned.

“No she didn’t,” replied Saifah, “It’s alright love.”

Zon smiled.



his lover really was the best.

“Yeah.”  He said, “It’ll be fine.”

It didn’t take long for her to leaving, muttered excuses half baked as she tried her best to escape as quickly as possible.

It was obvious she’d planned to catch them doing something, yet hadn’t expected anything that unholy.

So, no one said anything about it, and so she got let off the hook.

“I’ll uh…” she paused, watching the two of them, “I’ll see you. When I’m back.”

Slowly, she disappeared through the doorway.

“Next time, remember to lock the door!” She shouted from the hallway, hoping the walls were thin enough.

They were, but she was too lazy to actually find that out.



especially on her way to a study group.



How boring.

Once they knew the cost was clear, they both laughed.

“Now,” said Saifah, “where were we?”

Chapter Text

“Ou Wen!” 

His fiancé’s loud voice echoed through the mostly empty house.

The sunset had faded and the stars had come out, the night stretching into its late hours.

He hadn’t meant to come home so late.

Long work hours were to blame, but he felt bad for it anyway.

Mark was understanding even if he was needy, so it wasn’t like he was going to hold it against him.

Well, unless he wanted to be the big spoon that night.

He came up running, jumping into the arms of Dai Ou Wen.

Said Love is Science employee stumbled back a bit as he caught him in his arms.

“Welcome home! I missed you.” Mark mumbled into his neck as he clung to him.

Ou Wen laughed a little as his lover trailed light kisses against the junction of his shoulder, “Long day?”

“Totally!” He groaned, letting himself get carried to the couch, and continued to cling even after his fiancé sat down, “We didn't even get to eat lunch together.”

He pressed a soft kiss to the hairdresser's head, “I know. I missed you too.”

They sat there, then, in a content silence.

The clock, which had been added there by Mark, continued ticking in a constant rhythm.

Mark never moved.

Instead, he inhaled and then sighed as if there was nowhere else he’d rather be.

“It’s late. Are you ready for bed?” He asked as his lover nuzzled closer still.

“Mm… I’m not tired,” the other replied, “I just want to be with you.”

He could understand the sentiment.

There were many times, just like then, where he wanted nothing more than to scoop the idiot into his arms and never let go.

The fit so well together.

The warmth of Mark surrounding him and seeping deep into his heart.

The feeling of being together, of being close, of just having that person near him as the smell of pumpkin and hairspray invaded his lungs.

It made him feel nice.



So he understood that urge, especially during a time where they could finally enact it.

Besides, he wasn’t complaining.

He was more than content like this, even if the couch was cramped and he was sitting against it odd to support the weight of the grown man acting like a koala.

“Was work hard today?” He asked finally.

The koala shook his head, his hair getting ruffled by the gesture.

“Hm… then something else is ‘up’?” Ou Wen took a moment to weigh the options, wondering what might’ve happened.

Surely nothing too bad, right?

It made him worried.

Well, granted, he always worried over his idiot of a lover.

But this was different!

If something happened and he was too busy to comfort Mark he’d feel bad for weeks.

“Nothin’s up.” He slurred, “I just missed you a lot.”

Ou Wen smiled.

“Really?” He asked, unconvinced.

“Really.” Mark nodded, pushing away to see his lover’s face clearer, “ Really really.”

The Love is Science employee paused.

“…Are you wearing my shirt?”

His partner averted his gaze, eyes darting across the room.

“Well- I told you I missed you, didn’t I?” He shot back.

Ou Wen laughed, “You just wanted to steal my clothes again.”

Mark gasped as if he were wronged.

“I did not!” He exclaimed, “I wasn’t even planning on it. I was just going through the closet and it… smelled like you…”

He got quieter as he spoke, a faint blush dusting from his cheeks to the tips of his ears that was illuminated by the moon's soft glow from the window.

Dai Ou Wen felt his heart stop.

“I-I know it’s weird, but, I just missed you a lot and really it’s your fault because you took so long getting home-” Mark blabbered on as he always did even when he wasn’t embarrassed.

“Lee Mark.”

He could tell his voice was a little shaky, but damn, how could he just say that?


His lover tilted his head to the side like he was oh so innocent.

Ou Wen broke.

“You’re an idiot.”

He surged forward, not like he had to go far with Malf all but clinging to him, and caught the man in a searing kiss.

Unlike the soft atmosphere before, he was demanding, taking what he could and then some.

Mark responded as he always did, eagerly welcoming the force, lips sliding against his as he tried to match the pressure with a moan.

He knew the idiot liked it rough, and also knew he loved when he took control, just as he liked having all the control.

Which mods he was in depended on the day.

It was just one of those things that they learned through doing instead of thinking.

He liked the idea that no one else got to kiss him this way anymore.

No one but him.

The hairstylist continued with small, lewd noises against his mouth, and he could feel it as he explored his mouth with his tongue.

It seemed like it was one of those days where he grew pliant, willing to receive whatever he was given and be thankful for it.

Ou Wen would give him plenty.

How could he not, when he had to go and say things that sounded way more hot than they should?

He didn’t even know how they made it to the bedroom, because even if it was only a short distance away his mind was filled with the intoxicating taste of his lover and Mark, mark, mark .

But by some miracle they made it, stumbling through the doorway before he finally pushed his lover against the bed.

He relaxed into it, sighing, and just as Ou Wen was about to go back to it he spoke.

“Mm… It smells nice. Like you.”


Fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck again just to be safe.

“God, Mark, you can’t just-” he gasped, “You can’t just say stuff like that.”

“Why not?” The idiot voodoo stylist opened his eyes, half-lidded with arousal, “I like it. It makes me feel like I belong to you.”

Ou Wen groaned, hiding how affected he was by kissing along Mark’s neck.

“That’s what I mean.” He whined.

“I don’t mind if you want to think that way, you know.” Said the dumb idiot dunce and every other word with the same meaning, “I want you to fuck me so bad it hurts, Baobei. I want to know who I belong to.”

And god was really not on his side ever was he?

Because he sent him a bastard hell bent on making him use every ounce of effort he could muster not to come by words alone.

Ou Wen bit down hard against the spot where his shoulder and neck met, licking over the bite once it was done and basking in the way his fiancé moaned.

“You want it so bad? Then get your pants off already, I’m fucking you in my shirt.”

Chapter Text

The stars surrounded them.

It was a night with a clear sky, no longer clouded by pollution the way it was in places that had so many people living there.

Han Joo Won rarely ever paid attention to the stars.

There was no need to when he could see pictures whenever he wanted.

Even in England, they hadn’t been that clear.

He was much too busy throughout his life to give them a second thought.

In a way, his life was a lot like the sky.

The busier it was, the more clouded the view became.

Yet, in places where society had made peace with nature, in a place like the one he was at now, you could see a glittering view.

Dongsik was one of the first people to take the time and find that clearer view, might even be the only one able to see it in it’s exact clarity.

The sun was a star as well.

To most people, it feels wrong, but classification wise it was what it was.

No one could change that.

And his sun was no different.

His sun, with its brightness and its beauty, its blinging smiles and trust that ran deeper than any knife could cut.

His sun was not afraid of the night sky, however.

That was the biggest difference, stark in contrast of everything that happened in the world.

Joo Won was probably the moon in that case.

He obtained his glow from the sun, was given a chance and a reason to shine.

He would shine bright for this man.

This man who deserved whatever he could he given and then even more.

A man who had seen everything, all of the bits and pieces that made him ugly, clear front and center.

A man who’d seen all that, went to prison, came back, and never looked away.

His heart ached.

It ached for the sun that he couldn’t see for so long.

Ached because once he’d seen it, once he’d finally seen it, he’d hesitated.

Ached because it felt wrong to be loved by the person his world revolved around.

It was wrong, maybe, to hold him up like that so high.

But there was no way not to.

Not when he was so perfect.

Granted, perfection did not exist.

Not even in the man who outshined any star, sun or otherwise.

But he was the closest to perfect he could get.

Joo Won loved him all the same.

The late night air was cold but not crisp.

Soft and sweet and filled with all the thing he wanted to say but kept hidden between thinly sealed lips.

It was silent as the sun and the moon stared into the night sky.

The waves crashed in front of them, and Joo Won could feel his feet getting wet.

The water was cold, not freezing yet still chilling.

He didn’t really mind.

His attention was utterly captivated by the private detective who sat before him, features illuminated by the glow of the moon that sparkled across the seemingly endless expanse of sea before them.

Dongsik stared off into the distance, focused on the stars, and either didn’t notice or didn’t mind the gaze that was fixed unyielding to his view.

He moved, just slightly, body shifting the wet sand, and it was only then that his ex-partner decided to speak.

“Are you okay?” He asked, and it meant a million different things.

Are you okay with how everything turned out?

Are you okay with me leaving the station, leaving your side as a partner for the second time?

Are you okay to stay out here in the cold?

Are you okay to stay with me?

He settled on one in specifics.

“I’m okay,” he replied as one of the larger waves crashed and the shape of his hand was imprinted into the damp sand as he raised it, “I’ve never been better.”

Dongsik nodded as if what he said couldn’t have been an answer to so many things.

He hummed in the dark of the night, the soft melody carried away by the wind and the waves.

But the night was never truly dark, was it?

Not with the twinkling specks in the sky.

Not with the moon carrying the essence of the sun with it, until they were able to meet again.

This time, it was the senior inspector who spoke to break the silence.

“I think you know what I want to tell you.” He said as if it wasn’t vague.

Dongsik treated it the same way.

“I do,” he replied, and Joo Won thought in the back of his mind that maybe he really did, “but I think you should still tell me.”

In the late hours of evening, the sounds of birds could no longer be heard.

The calls echoed distantly in his mind, filling the quiet that stretched on without them.

“You might not like it.” He responded, lowering his hand once more to lean back and bask in the wind that caused him to break out in goosebumps.

Nights were always colder.

“If it’s you, I don’t think I won’t like anything.” The detective stated.

The certainty made him shiver.

Or maybe it was still the wind.

He sighed, drawing his legs closer together, “I don’t think words can describe it.”

“The don’t use them,” Dongsik replied, “I know what you want. Just ask.”

He swallowed.

His throat bobbed.

He hesitated.

He heard the waves crash again.

“Kiss me.” He requested under the pale moonlight, “Please.”

And that was it, wasn’t it?

Because before he knew it, lips were meeting his own, and then he was melting into a puddle on the sand.

They were in public.

Well, it wasn’t a well known beach and it was the middle of the night, but they were still out in the open.

Not to mention it was illegal.

But in the quiet moments like this, swept away by the sensations and the overwhelming power to their feelings, none of that really mattered.

The sun and the moon, two opposites that seemed to clash, worked together this time in a beautiful harmony.

Lips on lips.

Bodies against bodies.

He threw caution to the wind and chased the sensations.

One hand was tangled in Dongsik’s all too soft locks of hair.

The other rested against his lover’s heart, feeling every beat.

He smiled into the kiss, and pressed closer so he could finally feel like he was breathing again even as he lost air.

“Do you want more?”

“God, please . You have no idea how long I’ve needed it.”

“I have a hunch about it.”

“Shut up and mark me until I’m yours.”

“As the prince commands.”

The stars surrounded them.

It was a night with a clear sky, no longer clouded by pollution the way it was in places that had so many people living there.

It was a nice night.