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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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"Fuck, this is creepy, Khai." Bone grimaced as he roamed through the photos his friend spread in front of him. 

"Right. I will kill whoever did this." Khai growled, shoving the particular photo of his half-naked lover aside. 

"Did Third saw this?" Two asked, making a disgusted face before he faced the taller man. 

"Not yet."  

"You need to tell him as soon as possible." Bone pointed out. 

"But I must say, he looks cute in most of the photos." Two pondered. 

"I know. That's why it's creepier." Khai sigh. His eyes lingered on the photo where his boyfriend seemed like he was sleeping under the big tree. He couldn't remember they ever went to a place like this together, and the thought of Third going anywhere without him, being so vulnerable, made him sick in the stomach. Some of the pictures looked like they were taken long before they even met. Third's stalker must have been around for a while, and Khai felt like a failure of a boyfriend he didn't notice a thing. 

The front door of their shared apartment opened, revealing Third's smiling face. 

"I am home." He announced, making his way to the couch, plopping himself down next to his boyfriend. His eyes involuntary slide to the coffee table and the bunch of photos on it. His face scrunched.

"Why did you open it without me?" Third whined, pouting. 

"I wanted to show you this myself." He added, sulking. The room fell into silence. The three friends looked at each other, not knowing what to say. 

"You knew about this?" Two bravely asked. 

"Of course. I asked mom to send them." Third rolled his eyes, taking one of his photos, shoving it to Khai. It was him, in the pool, pouting. 

"You said you wanted to see how I looked like before we met." He almost whispered, looking away from Khai as his cheeks turned deep pink. 

"You remember?" Khai asked, surprised. Third nodded shyly in response. Khai felt like an idiot. How could he accuse his future mother-in-law of being a stalker?