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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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It took him months to find a perfect body for his lover. The boy it belonged to was cute and petite like his baby. Thawin found out his name, address, and college he was attending. It wasn't hard to follow the guy and made their first meeting look like an accident. A typical cafe love story. So cliche it made Thawin cringe. The guy was happy, though. Letting him sit with him, buy him a cup of a cappuccino. 

Thawin made sure to meet the body donor at least twice a week. The perfect constellation for  Punn's soul to possess him was around the corner. He made a mistake. His overexcitement scared the poor boy. Thawin was too demanding, too touchy, not wanting to let the chosen one go. Slapping his hands away, the younger made a beeline to his car, leaving an angry man behind. He drove away from there as fast as he could. 

He didn't give Thawin a choice. 

The tall man takes in a deep breath, closing his eyes and imagining the car with the boy inside. The huge smile crept on his face before his body disappeared in thin air. 

"Why did you leave so soon?" His voice coming from the backseat startled the driver. The car swayed on the empty road, and with the sound of the screeching breaks, it stopped in the middle of a silent city.