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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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How many times has he switched bodies? Punn stopped counting. His current one was getting resistant, stoping to accept his spirit. He had to find something new and soon. Forced to be separate from his beloved Thawin, he had to fend for himself for a while. Punn still remembers how happy he was when his soulmate appeared before him in a fresh body. He took him to their new house, making sure Punn had everything he wanted. The only thing missing was a donor for his unstable soul. 

And Thawin tried. Punn wasn't anticipating a miracle. They were lucky that at least his love obtained the perfect match. He could live a long time by switching between different bodies. It wasn't easy, nor it was comfortable, but he would do it for Thawin. 

"I find it. Love, I find the perfect match for you." Thawin burst into the bedroom, jumping on the bed, taking the tired man in his embrace. Punn smiled. Maybe they get finally lucky.