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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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It was close to midnight, and Thawin checked the star's constellation once more. He hummed in satisfaction. He went to their bedroom, smiling as he spotted his beloved Punn naping on the king-sized bed. 

"It's time to wake up, darling." He whispered, kissing his other half's forehead. 

"Is it ready?" Punn asked, blinking away the sleepiness. 

"Sure, let's go." Thawin helped the younger one to stand up, leading him to the winter garden. Green plants swayed in the light breeze which was coming inside through the open glass roof. Punn loved to relax here with the coffee and book. And now, this place would help him to be with Thawin forever. 

The small spot for furniture got replaced with the lit-up candle circle. In the middle of it was lying the unconscious body of the young boy. He was pretty, and Punn almost thought he saw himself in the mirror. Thawin helped him lay down next to him, kissing his lips tenderly before standing up. 

The tall man looked up at the sky, confirming the star's positions, and started to recite the spell. The clock announced midnight. The whole room temperature dropped, and the sudden gust of wind extinguished the candles. Thawin's breath hitched as the bright light surrounded the two lying bodies. The time seemed to stop before the light disappeared and the candles lit up again. 

"Love?" Thawin whispered into the silence in anticipation. One of the bodies stirred, making Thawin grin. 

"Punn?" Thawin spoke up again, kneeling beside the boy. The smaller one's eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the surrounding. 

"Thawin?" Punn smiled as he spotted his boyfriend's face. 

"The ritual worked." Thawin laughed, tracing his fingers down the Punn's new face.