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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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The lights went out, making the whole house turn in pitch black. The candle flames flickered in the slight breeze. The silence in the villa got cut with muffled voices. 

"Are you all ready?" The tiny voice asked excitedly. 

"Why the candles can't stay lit up?" Someone groaned. 

"Do we need to do this?" The other person added annoyingly. 

"We do." The soft voice answered. 

"This is weird." The other human in the room spoke up. 

"It should look like this, you idiot." The smack echoed through the silence, followed by the soft thud, making everyone in the room gasp. 

The figure passed before the window, hesitantly making its way inside the building. 

"T-Rex?" The scared Maetee mumbled as he tried to look around in the darkness. 

"Teedo? Teedet? Maitee? Watee?" The terrified man tried to call out all of his friends' names but to no avail. Maetee arrived in the kitchen, his breath hitched, spotting all the Tees standing in a circle, observing the burning candle on the floor. Seance was the first thing coming to his mind. He quickly shook his head, dismissing the stupid thought. 

"Hey." He tried to bring attention to himself and sound as confident as he could. First to react was the smallest of them. 

"Maetee." He cried out, tears streaming down his pretty face. 

"Why are you crying?" Maetee felt like his heart got subbed, seeing his tiny boyfriend like this. The room suddenly lit up, revealing annoyed Watee, sighing Maitee, guilty-looking Teedo and pouting Teedet. Maetee stepped closer to the shorter boy, embracing him in the tight hug. He glanced at the floor, spotting the ruined cake. It wasn't hard to figure out what happened.