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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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It was a rare occasion for Off to have a day off, so it was even rarer for him to agree to babysit his cute niece. Nirin was happily playing with her toys in front of the sofa, some random cartoon playing on the TV while Off was trying to make some decent breakfasts for them. He doesn't remember when he cooked because it was always Gun cooking for him. Now he was staring at the thing that was supposed to be pancakes but turned out as a brown mass of something indigestible. He sighs, throwing it into the garbage. Picking up his phone, he dialled the shorter man's number. It didn't take much time for Gun to answer, and after a small explanation and soft weeping coming from the background, the other actor gladly agreed to come to help. 

Off was bouncing Nirin up and down, trying to calm her down when he heard the knocking. He hurried to the door, opening them only to reveal the exhausted-looking Gun. The moment the taller spotted dark circles under the younger eyes, he wanted to kick himself. The poor man looked like a zombie. 

"Can I come inside?" Gun softly spoke up, the tiredness evident in his voice. Off nodded, stepping aside, letting his boyfriend in. 

"I am sorry, Gun. I forgot you had a schedule till late." Off apologized, kissing Gun's pale cheek. 

"It's alright, Papii. I am happy to help. And I can sleep later." Gun smiled, returning the kiss and taking the sobbing child from his arms.

"What would my favourite baby want to eat?" Gun asked, packing Nirin's chubby cheeks. The small girl giggled.

"Pancakes." She mumbled as Gun took her to the kitchen. 

"Pancakes than." 

Off observed his two favourite people interact, and his heart jumped in happiness. One day, they will have their own small family, and he couldn't wait for it to happen.