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October Offgun Drabbles and Short stories Collection

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Gun’s first day at Safehouse was great.  His fear of being out of place were quickly erased when he found out that the younger boys he was with were actually very sweet and easy going.  Night came by quickly and Gun found it hard to sleep.  He did almost everything just to tire himself out, hoping that he might fall asleep immediately due to exhaustion but still, to no avail.

Gun sighed, he was left with no choice.  There was only one sure way of making him sleep.  This is actually how he falls asleep every night, but he was embarrassed to do it especially since he is not in bed alone.  Khaotung was lying in bed beside him, who thankfully is asleep already.

He picked up his phone and started to compose a message, but it was interrupted by an incoming request for a video call.

“Papii!” Gun was just about to ask Off to call him but he beat him to it.

“Nong, you can’t sleep right” Off said teasingly.

Gun nodded as he laid on the bed, wrapped in his comfort blanket looking adorable as always.

Off continued talking to Gun. Telling him how his day went, Gun in turn, updated Off about his experience in the Safehouse.  Eventually, Gun can feel his eyes getting heavy, drowsiness is slowly creeping in.  The sound of Off’s voice sounds like a lullaby.  A few more minutes and only his slow and even breathing can be heard by the other person on the line.

Off smiled as he stared at Gun’s sleeping face on the screen of his phone.  His work here is done.  Putting Gun to sleep, mission accomplished.  He knows that Gun was nervous and maybe shy to do their nightly ritual of video calling each other since there are other people around.  That was why he initiated the call.

To be honest, he hesitated to call Gun at first.  But he knows for a fact that he needed it just as much as Gun.  He can’t sleep without seeing the adorable face of his boyfriend, so unless they are sleeping on the same bed, this ritual will continue.