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October Offgun Drabbles and Short stories Collection

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In the end, Rome agreed to P’Picks proposition.  It was clear that between the two of them, Rome would benefit more.  All he needs to do is to become P’Pick’s pretend boyfriend to spite his parents. In exchange, P’Pick will protect him from bullies whom Rome seemed to always attract.

It had been a week since they started their façade.  It created quite a buzz in school when they arrived together holding hands.  Porsche had his mouth agape, and Emma couldn’t utter a word. The two decided to keep their arrangement to themselves.  As much as they trust both Porsche and Emma, they just don’t want to involve them in any issue that may arise in the future.

He thought it would be easy.  But every time they are together, Rome kept feeling awkward around P’Pick.  The man was just too cold and reserved.  As a result, he would try to bring along Emma and Porsche every time he hangs out with Pick.  At least the two can keep him company instead of just P’Pick and him in total silence.

He is now on his way back to his dorm and P’Pick insisted to drive him home.  It had been their routine for the past week.  Rome kept on fidgeting in his seat.  He was contemplating whether to ask Pick to escort him to the exhibit that their faculty is organizing.  His classmates, including Emma, was expecting him to bring his ‘boyfriend’.

Pick noticed Rome’s nervous movements and asked him what’s wrong.

“Is there something you want to tell me Rome? You kept on wriggling around.”

“Uhm, P’Pick would you like to go with Rome in the Communication Arts exhibit at the end of the month?” Rome asked hesitantly.

Pick looked at him but did not gave a reply. Rome deflated.  He expected that this will happen.  But still, he is disappointed that P’Pick rejected his offer.  Aside from his friends expecting him to come, Rome genuinely wanted P’Pick to be there.  Bizarre as it may sound, but he feels at ease with P’Pick’s company.  Yes, the silence was awkward, but P’Pick doesn’t need words to show that he cares for Rome.  And Rome liked that P’Pick is a man of action.

They arrived at Rome’s dormitory. Before he got off the car, Rome tried convincing Pick once again.

“I really liked you to be there P’. You see, Rome’s photos are included in the display, so it is a special day for me.”

Rome was unconsciously batting his eyelashes as he spoke. And just like that, Pick found himself agreeing to attend the event.  Rome beamed and hugged Pick on impulse. The latter stiffened, but he did not turn Rome away. He just awkwardly patted his back until Rome broke the hug.

“Thank you  P’Pick! I promised you’ll enjoy the exhibit.  Bye, bye na! Thanks for dropping me off.  Take care,” said Rome as he got off his car. Pick just nodded.

“What the heck just happened?” Pick wondered out loud on his way back.